Update and after 3 Christmas' poop

So it's been a while since I've posted. Been busy with grad school and moving into my new Apt! At last I love solo and am free of roommates!

So over the holidays I tend to pig out and this holiday was no different. On Christmas I went to 3 different houses and ate 3 plates of food each. I first was invited to my best friends families house. When there I stuffed myself with 3 plates, you name it I had it. My friend at one point whispered "Bri you are going to blow it up later" I looked at her and said "girl I know" we laughed. After that house I went to my cousin on my dads side of the family. I didn't stay there long but I had 3 plates there. After that I went to my parents where we hosted our own party. I had another 3 plates.
When I returned home on Sunday I unpacked and went to the gym. After my workout on my way home I felt my stomach shift. I could feel this post holiday poop needed to be released. I knew there were few toilets out there that could handle what I was about to birth. When I got home to my new apartment, I found a plastic bag and opened it in front of the toilet. I promptly squatted and prepped myself. I could feel this mass shift, then with one good push it began to move. It came for some time before it landed with a huge thud. I gasped im pain as a huge fart escaped quickly followed by another log. This one was. Slightly bigger and needed a slight push. After that one dropped another one, slightly shorter came out. After one last fart, I was done. I looked at my creation. The first log was a foot and a half long dark brown until the middle where it got lighter, the second was about a foot long lighter brown, the final log was about 8 inches long same color as the 2nd log, all three were about an inch in width. The smell was unbearable...i was impressed that I made these. I tied bag up and tossed them in another bag and tossed the bags in the dumpster.

To Victoria B. Glad to see your back! I saw the plunger story that's hilarious! Bummer you forgot the nut-poo story

To Sheena B. Sounds like you are a big dumper! What's your worst smelling and most embarrassing story?

To Lynn: that's a whole lot of poop! Holidays seem to affect everyone's bowels!

Happy pooping guys!

So I read this site sometimes but never really have any good stories to tell because I just never have any good experiences I suppose like most of you seem to. However just an hour ago I got back from hanging out with family friends and something did happen. I am a male by the way. So we get there and hangout and have dinner and such before I go on the couch and watch and play some of their new video games with them on the Nintendo. The family here has 3 daughter 2 of which are there and a son. One daughter is my age and another 3 years younger and the son 6 years younger than myself. I'm talking a lot but this gets somewhere ha ha. Boy these girls with their leggings on and the most perfect round bottoms you can imagine. So the son, the youngest daughter and myself were playing for awhile on some game and it goes on for awhile each time and she started to seem uncomfortable and was saying it would be her last game. She was kind curled up and I could hear her stomach growling and being upset. In a more intense part of the game she had lent forward a bit and a fart came out and she quickly moved back but let another big fart out in that action. She pressed her butt right against the couch and sorta stopped playing for a sec and she was just looking down, embarrassed and I think holding back going to the bathroom. I've never been around for anything like this ever let alone what happens later. So the game eventually ends and I relax on the couch and hardly notice she slipped off and quite awhile later she is back and I think nothing of it as I'm just observing the son playing on his own now. I get up to go take a pee and when I get in and look in the toilet I step back. Probably the biggest amount of poo I have ever seen inside. I hear about stuff like this on the site but never would I dream of seeing. One massive log that was like as thick as the hole to go down and fairly long as it was in the hole and came up too. Along with that several smaller pieces of poo all around it. I thought who didn't flush and knew that it had to have been her. I just said "wow". I'm not sure if it just didn't flush or what you would think she would want this gone. I did my business and tried flushing but it didn't so I plunged all that poo down. I washed my hand in the mirror, looked at myself, "wow" I said again. I never thought I'd see that. I came back to the couch and couldn't keep my eyes off her now at least when she wasn't looking. Probably felt loads better now that probably weighed a lot. I don't know if a big butt has anything to do with it but when she was playing and moving those hips I knew what had just come from that thing.

Little Mandi
I think I cut the inside of my butt somehow.
Today I went to the gym and of course I was drinking a lot of water which naturally means I had to pee. I took one of the stalls and went pee but when I wiped I saw the toilet paper was streaked with blood a little bit. I thought maybe I had gotten my period so I took another piece of toilet paper and just wiped down there. Nothing. I was so confused. I took one more piece of toilet paper and wiped my butt and there was a little blood again. So I figured out the blood was coming from my butt. I was so confused my this cause it was random. I did go poop this morning but I didnt force it out or anything. I never force it out or even push hard cause I dont ever wanna get hemeroids or anything like that. when I wiped there wasnt even blood on the toilet paper and it didnt even hurt coming out. I was weirded out by this but I just let it go and went back to my workout.



Battle shits

When me and my friend Ashley went to the mall to have a hugest meal I never have.When we were shopping both of us had the urge to use the bathroom asap. We ask a person the works at the mall to tell us we're the bathroom were. When he told us we're it was we rushed our way to the bathroom. When we got there, nobody was in there. So me and Ashley chose to sit next to each other. The ashley had this huge fart, then I decided to play battleshits with her. We went back and forth. One of was farting and shitting. It took us between 5-10 minutes to finish.when we were done we look at each other toilets to see who won. I won just by a little bit. That was the greatest shit I ever took in my whole life


Me & Jade and the Santa Line

Many of my babysitting customers refer me to other families. Sometimes they make arrangements weeks in advance. Others are like emergencies and they need me right away. Such was the case recently. One our last day of school before vacation, I had just finished with my after-school tutoring and I was on a 3rd floor stool weeing when I checked my phone and found a message. I called this mom, who was worried that her daughter Jade, 5, wouldn't get to see Santa unless I could take her down to the mall the next day. While I told her I had a jobs for the next several nights, daytime wouldn't be a problem. She paid me $25 for the job, plus gave me the necessary $10 for the picture on Santa's lap.

Jade's mom dropped us off at the mall at 8 a.m. so she could work a double shift that day. Once we got inside, I could feel my morning poo coming on, but I didn't want to waste time with that and then be farther back in the line. We didn't have to walk far to find the line. It didn't help that they had a radio station remote broadcasting and were giving a car away. A security guard issued us a plastic card with a number on it; our number was #137. Around the corner of some stores we could hear some cheering and Jade tugged on my coat to tell me that Santa probably just came. She was encouraged, but my gut was really acting up and I worried with every fart there was going to be an accident. My poos are large, but soft and come pretty much at the same time every morning (usually right after I arrive at school on school days). Weekends are no different. Jade was asking me several questions and about an hour into our wait, she asked me about if I had to do a Number 2. I was honest with her and told her I did. She told me she sometimes has compacting (I took that to mean constipation) and that her mom gives her something to make her go. I tried to get my mind off my problem, but Jade kept talking about it. Finally, the guard called out #40 and our group was allowed to go into the final hallway and we could see the stage on which Santa sat. Jade asked me how I was doing and said she could smell my poo. We rehearsed what she was going to ask Santa for and I tried to keep the conversation focused on that. I told her she should narrow down all the things she wanted to three, and hoped that would keep her mind busy and not drawing more attention to my problem. Finally, we got to the stage, Jade was led up to Saanta by a guard, while I paid for the picture. We had waited in line for more than two hours and I don't think she was on Santa's lap for a minute. They directed me to the back of the stage where she would come off and I saw Jade walking toward me with her candy cane. There were three steps down and she started running toward me. Jade missed the first step and fell toward me. In order to catch her, I dropped to my knees. That was a big mistake because the dam holding my poo broke and clogged my undees and black jeans.

It was obvious from the smell what happened and I told Jade we needed to get to the bathroom fast. I was worried that the bathrooms while large, would be packed and that we would have to go into another line. We walked through a crowd for like two blocks and went to the lower level where there were less people. Because the bathroom was like a dozen stalls, I took Jade into the handicapped one because we would have more space. Luckily there was a hook for my coat. I pulled my jeans and undees down and seated myself on the toilet. Jade noticed there was poo smeared over my inner thighs. So I asked Jade to go outside and see if there were some brown paper towels by the sink. I told her to pull down about 10. And we needed them all, including one to clean off the smears my butt was making on the toilet seat. I took off my jeans and had Jade hold them. Luckily, there was no major damage to them other then a couple of smears I took off by having Jade wet down a couple of the towels. I weed a little as I sat and Jade snickered as she heard my "tinkle." I carefully took off my formerly white undees and folded them to hold in the soft poo. I was going to show Jade how to use both hands to carry them over to the trash, but I laid them on the floor, just hoping that I would not make the mistake of stepping on them. I must have used three towels as I sat and cleaned myself. A security matron walked through and saw the mess on the floor. She knocked on the door to check on me, I told Jade to open it, and the lady who was very sympathetic went and brought a special garbage bag in and had me toss my loaded undees and the towels in. Then she said she would take them outside to a special dumpster. She came back with a special gift certificate for us to use at the food court. When the toilet on the right side of ours opened, I told Jade to use it and at least try to go because I didn't want another accident to happen. She got up on the stool, and I could see her feet swinging as she tinkled for about 30 seconds.

We both washed our hands at the same time. I washed up for about five minutes because of what I knew I had on my hands. With no underwear on, my jeans seemed very rough against me. Then we had to walk back and pick up the Santa picture. After that we had lunch at the food court. Then Jade said she had to poo. She got up on the toilet, did a dump the size of a banana, and was very efficient with her wiping, although she missed the toilet once with the toilet paper she used. Then I asked Jade to get back up on the stool and try to wee. Then she did for like 15 seconds.

Need to go

Work poop

I went to the mens room today at work and a coworker from a different department was washing his hands. We said hi and I proceeded to take a stall and drop my pants as I did that my coworker continued to talk to me as I sat down farted and began to poop. He said that working was just what he wanted to do on his birthday! So I said "Oh it your birthday" well have a happy birthday! He said thanks and wished me a Happy new year! I thought that it was funny to wish him a happy birthday while I was dropping a load! If its not bad enough to work on his birthday having me wish him happy birthday while dropping a load probably did not improve his day!

I like pee in public bathrooms

I always find a public bathroom that I can lock the door and pee on the toilet paper and all over the seat and back of the tank and leave a nice puddle on the floor for everybody to see what I did. Sometimes the toilet paper is inside those stupid plastic covers that I can't get to. So I just unroll the roll onto the floor in a nice pile, and pee on the pile to make sure it gets soaked.



Seeing my Girlfriend on the toilet

I'm male, 18, and a senior in High School.

Ever since I was young, I've always been curious about the bathroom habits of girls. I know full well that, in most of society, seeing somebody other than yourself, especially the opposite gender, use the toilet is weird, gross, or simply downright nasty. "Who wants to see that?" people will always say.

For me, using the toilet is all natural, no matter what. Although my own curiosity can be overwhelming at times, I've learned to respect and honor peoples' wishes for privacy when they ask for it. Very rarely am I lucky enough to meet someone who's comfortable enough to tell me they're going, leave the bathroom door open, or even allow me to come in while they go pee or poop. This occasion, however, was one of those rare occurances, and I'm hopeful there are more to come.

My girlfriend, a 15 year old High School sophomore, isn't at all shy about letting me know when she has to pee or poop, and she'll fart in front of me and laugh like a little kid. When she does eventually go to the bathroom, her door slides open and shut, and she sometimes leaves it open just a crack, allowing me to get a peek at her. She has told me that she's comfortable enough for me to have the mental knowledge that she's going, but the auditory knowledge. In other words, she doesn't want me to hear her pee or poop. I have stressed to her over and over again that it's not a big deal and that we all have to go at some point. Me, or anyone else hearing you go isn't going to destroy your reputation. She just kind of giggles and tells me that she doesn't want me to hear her go, as If it's my desire to (wink wink)

Today, we were having a conversation about using the bathroom. I asked her what she'd do if she was going, and my phone was left in the bathroom, and I needed it. She told me that she'd be okay with me coming in while she was on the toilet and getting it.

So I hatched a bit of a plan. I went to the bathroom, left my phone in there when I was done, and waited for her to go. Once she was in and seated (I could see through the crack in the door) I asked, "Is my phone in there?" she said, "Yes, you can come in and get it. I can't find the toilet paper!" I walked in and there she was, shorts and thong at her knees, sitting on the toilet. She didn't seem bothered by the fact that I was in there, probably as she was finished peeing. It turns out she had used the last of the toilet paper. So I went upstairs and found her a role and brought it to her. I retrieved my phone as she began to wipe and left.

As I was walking away, I looked back at her and realized that she had left the door wide open. She still sat there, and was just putting her used toilet paper in the toilet. She smiled at me as she pulled up her thong and shorts and began to wash her hands.

I walked back into the living room and waited for her. She came out and cuddled me like normal. I asked her if she felt uncomfortable while I was in there. She said that she didn't, and promised me she was being truthful about that.

She and I have seen each other without clothes on many times. To me, there's no difference between her being pantyless in bed versus on the toilet. For whatever reason though, society says that one is okay and one isn't.

Is there any way I can convince her to let me come in while she goes? This is not a sexual fantasy by any means, but simply a curiosity thing and a desire for comfort between the two of us regarding the laws of nature. I'd love to be at the point with her where we can go together and have it be a normal, non-weird, non-sexual, non-taboo thing.

Answer to woman/girl on forum.

Do you go often toilet using tights, pantyhose whit pantyliner on underwear? How you poop while you are wearing in that way?
So, this one its a weird one, since I was child I was curious how woman in late fifties and early sixties did for sit in toilet and piss and poop using pettycoats, how somebody ask to my question?

Thank you. Merry Christmas.

Mike H. AU

Hi everyone, and Merry Christmas to you all! Hope you've all been having a great holiday season and some interesting toilet experiences to go with it!

My first post Christmas poo this year came on Boxing Day. I had been feeling full overnight after eating a lot, and after lunch on Boxing Day I felt my bowels moving. I could tell it was going to be a big one so I went to the toilet and sat down with my skirt and knickers at my feet. After a few seconds I felt a log start to come out of my bum. It was thick but quite soft and it made a big plop. I pushed out another one, and then two more came out quite quickly. After a couple of minutes I managed to release two more, and I was done. I looked in the bowl before wiping, and it was full of my big turds! I flushed before wiping just to be safe, and I felt a lot lighter afterwards!

European Defecation

In 2009 I went on a Europe trip through school. We had a lay-over in Heathrow Airport. By the time we landed I had been on the plane 7 hours. The whole time on the plane I had indigestion but couldn't actually pass the demon that was festering in my colon. I dealt with it for the about 4 hours on this plane. I'm convinced it was the pressure difference on the plane that messed with me.

So by the time we had landed I was actually having intestinal pains. I have never needed to find a bathroom so bad in my life, and we still had to get to our terminal because I had to stick with the group. I had to go through the airport for 45 minutes, claiming luggage, and going through security. Finally it was time. We had a bathroom break and I went as fast as I could while clenching my ass hard enough to create diamonds. I burst into the ladies' room and got into the first stall. I didn't both with laying down TP on the seat. I estimated I was about 5 seconds from filling my pants.

What happened next I could not believe. It sounded like a shot gun blast. I exploded the demon out of my ass creating a torrent of shit that coated inside of this innocent European toilet bowl. The relief was immense. I could hear my friend snicker in the next stall over while she was peeing. She quipped "knowing Heathrow, you probably are doing these toilets a favor." It wasn't so funny when the smell hit, but I was so thankful to be rid of this demon I didn't care.

It was the most relieving poop of my life. I only wished it was recorded.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Joane first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop.

To: Blueboy great story.

About an hour ago while I was at the bookstore a woman went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet and began to pee and the I heard a plop then wiped and flushed but the flush didn't do a good job and there was a medium sized log and a small chunk of poop left in the toilet so another good catch.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


In a store Parking lot.

I was at a little grocery store and there was 3 girls around 14 to 15 in front of me. They where wearing those long blue jean like skirts. They were acting a little silly, but I paid no attention to them. When they where leaving I thought I heard one of them Fart, and they all started laughing. The clerk rolled her eyes. Then I saw one of them at the edge of the lot when I was leaving, One was squatting down and her dress was pulled up to her knee. No one in the store could see them, there was no one in the lot but me. Then they saw me and the one got up. It was in the night time. It looked like they were trying to hide something. They left the lot, and I drove up to where the one was squatting and saw something on what I thought it was. It was a turd and it had some undigested food in it like some vegetable in it. I went up the road and they where walking they turned around and saw my car and looked, I just went on without making eye contact.


Biggest fears

Funny story about my friend Anna that i just found out today. We were talking about weird stuff that we're afraid of and she at one point said that every once in a while as she's sitting on the toilet pooping she has a random moment of fear/panic where she is afraid she's really just dreaming that she's on the toilet and that she's actually pooping her pants in her sleep. I thought it was so funny and bizarre and I kept making her explain why she would get such an idea, and finally she admitted to me that a couple years ago when she was like 16, her and her parents went to visit relatives for a few days and on the long drive home she was asleep in the car. She had a really lucid dream about sitting on the toilet pooping. Then her mom woke her up and asked her if she was ok because the car stunk, and her mom thought she was gassy, but she was really pooping herself. She couldn't stop it and kept filling her underwear and shorts until she had to admit that she had an accident to her parents. She said she was so embarrassed even though it was just her parents, so that's why now she sometimes gets scared that she's only dreaming about being on the toilet while really pooping her underwear. Oh, she also mentioned that in the dream she was having when she pooped her pants in the car, even though her pants/underwear were off in the dream and she was sitting on the toilet, it felt in the dream like the poop was squishing against her butt as it came out like she was going in her pants.

Btw. She told me about this fear after I said I have a big fear of pooping my pants in public. It has never happened to me thankfully, but I peed in my pants once and that was mortifying enough so I don't ever want to experience a public poop accident! I was at a party and I had to pee very badly, but it was at someone's house with only one bathroom. There were a few people waiting to get in and whoever was already in there was taking forever. A bounced around and squeezed my legs together and squirmed and held my crotch all I could until it was too late, i couldn't hold it in and I wet my pants. Not just like a little leak, a full bladder worth of pee came out in my pants and soaked them down to my shoes. I left the party humiliated! Later I found out that the bathroom was closed so long because there were two idiots in there smoking pot and I was soooo mad! But at least I didn't have to poop. I just feel like it would be way more embarrassing to do.

Yesterday I was out doing some shopping in the post-Christmas sales, and I ended up using a toilet with not much privacy!

While I was out I went into a cafe-slash-bar type place and ate some lunch, which started me needing to do a poo. By the time I was done it was quite a strong urge, and I needed to do a wee as well, so I paid and went to the toilets which were at the back. I went into the ladies room and I was surprised to see that there were four cubicles, two on either side of the room, but none of them had doors, and the dividers between them were pretty low and short. Anyone walking in or waiting for a seat would be able to see pretty much everything of anyone using the two toilets nearest the door, and from the waist up anyone using one of the others. Sitting down on one of the toilets you could see the head and shoulders of anyone using a toilet next to you, and again pretty much everything of anyone using a toilet on the other side of the room. I concluded that perhaps it was because in the evenings the place was used as a bar and so maybe it was something to do with that, to help with vandalism or safety, if someone passed out in one of the cubicles or something. I was surprised to say the least, and embarrassed about using them, but more than a little excited about the idea of getting to see other women on the toilet!

As I walked in, there was a girl of about 14 sitting on the toilet furthest from the door, in the far corner, and diagonally opposite from her, a woman of about 35 was sitting on the toilet closest to the door, with her jeans and blue knickers pulled down to mid thigh. They both looked up at me as I walked in, probably wanting to see my reaction to the arrangements! After sizing up the situation I headed to the toilet opposite the 14 year old, which put me next to the other woman who was to my left. The girl opposite smiled at me a little and I smiled back. I noticed she had her jeans and white knickers pulled down to just above her knees. I pulled my jeans and green knickers to the same spot as I sat down. I could hear wee coming from both of them, but no sign that either of them needed to do number 2, so I was a little hesitant about letting mine out. I started to wee as well but decided to hold my poo until either I was alone or until someone else was needing one. After about a minute the 14 year old wiped herself and finished up, flushing and going to wash her hands. As she left the other woman finished her wee, and then a woman with about the same shade of red hair as me came in. She was in her mid 20s and took the toilet opposite the other woman, pulling down her skirt and pink knickers to just below her knees as she sat. I pulled my jeans and knickers down almost to my feet, since I much prefer to sit like that when doing a poo as it gives me more freedom of movement.

The woman next to me was done and she flushed, washed her hands and left as the new arrival began to do a wee. I was done with mine, and sat holding in my poo, which was pressing on my anus by now. Another woman came in, a brunette who was in her early 30s. She glanced around for a free cubicle but didn't seem too surprised so I guessed she might have been there before. She walked over and went into the one opposite me. I watched her pull down her trousers and black knickers, giving me a view of her bum before she turned and sat, lowering them to just above her feet like I had so I thought she might be wanting to have a poo. I could obviously see her bare legs as she sat, and her hips. I could see between her legs for a moment as she sat before she sat with her knees together. She sat, like me, with her hands in her lap, but I could still see some of her bush and I knew when she looked at me she would see mine too!

She began to do a wee as the blonde woman finished hers, but she remained seated so I guessed she might need a poo. Sure enough I heard a plop come from her toilet as the woman opposite me finished her wee. She too remained seated. I started to relax a bit and let my poo start to come out, and I could tell that the woman opposite me looked to be doing the same. I let one out with a plop, and I heard a plop from her too. The blonde woman farted and then we all let out another log almost at the same time! I farted too, and the blonde woman began to wipe. I pushed out another log and she stood up. The woman opposite me did another one too as the blonde flushed and went to wash her hands. I was done, so I wiped too, and did the same, leaving the other woman still going. As I left I heard her tearing off some paper. It was a very interesting toilet break, and despite a bit of embarrassment, just like my previous visits to doorless toilets in a park, I would love to go back there and try it out again, hopefully soon!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A quick survey

How many times a day do you pee?
How long do you take to pee?
Longest you have peed for?
How long can you hold your pee in for?
Do you pee dance?
Worse you have ever needed to pee?
How often do you poop?
Do you fart alot when you poop?
How long can you hold your poop in for?
Worse you have ever needed to poop?
Do you hate friend or family seeing you on the toilet?
For females do you get annoyed if the toilet seat is left up and why?


Post Title (optional) Constipated on Christmas day : (

I've been SO constipated lately!! I ended up being very constipated for 7 days!!!!!! I was so backed up that it lasted over Christmas day and I couldn't get any poo out until Dec 26th. I had a marathon session on the toilet and I spent most of the day struggling and straining, to get a monsterous load of poo to come out.

This is just a quick post as I need to get ready to go out soon but I will come back tomoroow and post the full story. I had a terrible time on the toilet and it was extremely difficult!


Quick Reply

Hi its John B.

Just a quick hi to Abbie on your recent post. I know there was no header but your style is so unmistakable, inasmuch as its so descriptive it had to be you. Glad both you and Lucy felt relieved after your respective number 2s!

Happy New Year to you, Jemma x, Megan, Adrian, John H and indeed every one both old and new to this site and readers too!

Take care

John B. x

Jasmin K

Christmas constipation season

Hi All

Just to say I had mega constipation over the christmas holidays, I managed a decent poo yesterday which took the best part of 2 hours to get it all out and I am just writing this whilst I am having a rest of the toilet today, Ive already been on it for an hour and a half, and now am sat in my room, feeling very sore and full and will go and try again in about 1 hour or so when my younger sister gets off the toilet.

Ok so some replies

Thomas - thanks for your suggestion, Ive never heard of citrate of Magnesium before,can i get it over the counter in a chemist/pharmacy? If I cant get this constipation out soon I may well try it whilst I am at home.

Debbie I occasionally get leakage from my arse when I am severly constipated and after Ive got it out. I also have piles and a prolapse from straining to poo, when that is real bad I used to worry that a pad wont contain it so I took my friends advice and in that situation I now wear a pair of plastic pants over my ordinary knickers. I can wear real tight jeans or shorts or whatever and if I leak nothing comes thru.

Linda & everyone Yes I was very constipated before Christmas and nothing really changed during it, partly as we had a house full getting to spend a long time on the toilet was difficult although I did have to oportunity to spend some time chatting with my older sister who came to stay with her 2 kids. It was like going back to childhood for me except with a different situation. Me and my older half sister sat on the side of the bath chatting whilst her daughter 7yrs old was on the toilet and her son was on his potty for their routene morning and evening poos- he is 14 months and is quite good at using his potty he seems to so far have escaped the constipation trait.

I am having a concentrated effort to have a good poo this morning as its now all peacefull again at home and

Linda re chocolate, I dont stop eating eating chocolate or sweets even when my poo is really hard and I know that its made me constipated, Cheese, milk and pasta do too but I still have them cos I like them. Even when I havnt been for a few days I still eat chocolate, its sort of a comfort food and ever since I was young its one of the things I like to do on the toilet is eat sweets or chocolate. I think it stems form childhood when during the routine morning /evening sit on the toilet my mum would give chocolate for doing a poo or the strap for not being able to do any poo.If I said I cant do it or I cant do any more when told I hadnt done enough she would show the bar of chocolate and the strap whilst I was sat on the toilet and say the choice, Jasmin is yours, you know what will happen if you dont do a poo/ do more poo. When I was constipated and had been on the toilet for ages it was a sort of an incentive to stay there, she would say try really hard and when a bit splashed into the water, even just a little pebble I got another cube of chocolate or a sweet and so on. If it was a big solid log and I hadnt done any for a few days it was a usually a whole bar when the log was out.It was quite a good incentive especially when it was realy fat and was stretching my arse so wide it was really sore and stinging I would often have tears streaming down my face but seeing that bar of chocolate and knowing that if I didnt do a poo it was the strap, I would sort of ignore the pain and force as hard as I could.

Joanne yes I was spanked if I went poo in my knickers especially if I lied about it, my younger sister still does and gets spanked.

I dont have any kids myself but to answer about if someone needs to go poo whilst giving a spanking I know that my older sister has spanked her daughter whilst she (my elder sister) was actually sat on the toilet and often if she has spanked one of them in the bedroom then goes on the toilet after that sometimes.

Ok so gotta go now - back on the toilet to see if I can get a decent christmas log out.
Jas K


Me again.

Hope you enjoyed my last post about doing a poo on Christmas night.Well,last night I did another one.I was watching TV in my room when I suddenly felt the urge to go.I went through to the bathroom.Luckily no one else was in.I went in,quickly pulled down my jeans and pants and plonked myself down on the loo.I did a bit of a pee which trickled down between my legs,then farted quite loudly which made me giggle.Then I felt my poo coming out my bum.I didn't need to push or anything as it slid out easily.It was soft and mushy and made a little splashing noise as it fell into the toilet.I peed a bit more,then stood up,pulled out some toilet roll and gave my bum a good wipe.After finishing and pulling everything up,I washed my hands and flushed my poo away.Then I went back to watching TV until bedtime.Hope you enjoyed this.I am a 14 year old boy from the UK,in case you didn't know.
Bye for now.

Happy New Year to everybody. I hope only good things will happen to all you. I still busy, but hope I give you stories soon. And thank you for many lovely stories and other posts. I love it everything, my friends too.

Mina, and also Kazuko, Maho, Hisae.

Hi again everyone! Today (Monday) I went back to the cafe with the doorless cubicles since I was in town again, which I will get to in a minute. First I'm going to fill in Lisa's and Steve's surveys.

Lisa's first:

Does anyone else ever feel like after they eat more they have a much larger than normal poop? like after holiday meals? Yes, when I eat a large meal or a lot of snack foods, I definitely do a larger poo afterwards, Christmas especially!

Does the size of the bottom affect the size of the poop? Probably not directly. My bum is about average size but I do some big poos sometimes!

When you are pooping do you sit straight up or lean forward? I usually lean forward a little bit, but not that far unless I'm straining to push it out.

Does anyone else's butt hand over the sides of the toilet when sitting down? It depends on the toilet, sometimes mine does if it only has a small seat, on those metal toilets you get in nightclubs and places like that sometimes for example.

How do you know that you have to poop? My stomach hurts, and I usually feel it moving down towards the exit!

Now for Steve's:

1. During Halloween, if you're far away from your house or if you go to another neighborhood to Trick or Treat and you or your kids have to use the bathroom, would you ask someone to use their bathroom depending if they had to pee or poop? Well I don't go trick or treating myself, and I don't have kids, but if I did I might ask to let my kids go for a wee in their toilets. Not poo though!

2. Would you let someone use your bathroom if they knock on your door/ring the doorbell and if they really had to go? Not if they just randomly came to my house, unless I knew them.

3. Would you use a bathroom with doorless stalls in case of an emergency? Yes, I have done, sometimes in an emergency and sometimes not!

4. Would you use a bathroom without stalls/no privacy at all in case of an emergency? Again, I have done (see below for an example!), but they did have at least a modicum of a cubicle around them. I have used toilets with no walls at all around them at the gym and at campsites before though, and it was embarrassing but I needed to go and I wasn't the only one using them, at least!

5. In a public place with 2 bathrooms and the one that's your gender is closed, would you use the other one in case of an emergency? Yes, again I have done in the past, quite often when it's one of those single occupancy ones, and a few times in a full bathroom.
Well, as I said above I went back to the cafe I used at the weekend today since I was in town and wanted some lunch, and I definitely enjoyed my visit there before! After eating, I needed to do a wee quite urgently since my bladder was quite full, and I felt full but didn't actually need to do a poo yet, although I felt like I would soon. I decided to go do my wee and then wait for a few minutes to see if I could do anything else. I paid and went into the ladies.

This time there was a woman of about 30 sat on the toilet furthest from the door on the same side as it, the one I had used the first time I went. She looked a little embarrassed at being caught on the loo since she had been alone in there. This meant I had little choice, without seeming odd, but to sit on the toilet nearest the door on the opposite wall to it, which was the most exposed to anyone walking in, or using the sinks, which were next to it. At this point I was slightly regretting my decision! But, I had to have a wee at least, so I went to it and pulled my skirt, tights and red knickers to just below my knees and sat down. From my seat I could see that the woman had her skirt and pink knickers just above her knees (one thing I find interesting is what other women do with their clothes when they are on the loo)! I also had a good view of the door.

I felt embarrassed but also quite free, knowing others could see me sitting with my pants down but that I would be able to see them too. I started to release my wee after a little while. I heard a few trickles of wee from the other woman too. After a minutes, just as I was finishing, a blonde woman came in. She was about my age and quite tall. She looked quite surprised at seeing me sitting on the toilet as she walked in, and at the toilet arrangements in general, but she went and sat on the one to my left, opposite the other woman. I saw her pull down her jeans and then I could see her down to her chest as she sat.

I heard her start to wee as the first woman began to wipe. I finished my wee and sat quietly to see if my bowels would need any attention. I felt pressure but nothing was ready to come out just yet so I decided to wait a few minutes. The first woman flushed and went to wash her hands, standing just to my right at the sinks, which made me feel a bit self conscious as I knew that, if she looked, she could see everything. She walked out after drying her hands, leaving me and the woman sitting to my left. She was still finishing her wee. I started to feel my poo coming, so I pulled my skirt and knickers halfway down my calves so I could relax a bit more.

A slim blonde girl of about 16 walked in then. Again she looked surprised at the arrangements. I could see her hesitate but then I guess she decided that since other girls were using them, she might as well too. She walked to the toilet opposite me and pulled down her leggings and black knickers to her knees as she sat with her hands on her thighs. She started to have a wee as the woman next to me wiped and flushed, going to wash her hands before leaving. As she did she held the door open for another woman, who was in her mid 20s and brunette. She walked in and went to sit next to the other girl, pulling down her jeans and pink knickers partway down her calves like me. She started to do a wee as the other girl finished. By now I knew I would definitely be doing a poo before I left the loos so I stayed seated quietly, as did the blonde girl, so I guessed she wanted to release a poo too. So, as it turned out, did the brunette, as I heard two quick plops from her and then she started to tear off some paper. She wiped her bum while seated and then flushed, going to wash her hands. Again I felt like I could feel her eyes on me as she did so! She left, leaving me and the blonde girl alone.

Since she was still sitting there I knew she was needing a poo, but I guessed either she was embarrassed, constipated, or waiting for it to come out like me. Since I had done nothing since she sat down I knew that she knew that I was waiting to poo as well. She started playing with her phone as she waited. After a couple of minutes I had to pass some gas, which I was rather embarrassed about the idea of since the room was silent! It had to come out though, so I tried to release it quietly, and failed! The girl looked up as she heard me fart, but then looked back down at her phone. I was about to say, 'excuse me,' but the door opened again and a girl of about 14 walked in. Her eyes were drawn first to the blonde girl who was to her right as she walked in, again she looked surprised and I saw her look at her for a few seconds, she then started walking to a toilet. She stared at me for a moment as she walked past, too, obviously surprised to see two girls sitting on the loos in full view! She took the toilet next to the blonde, and pulled her jeans and yellow knickers down almost to her feet as she sat. My poo was still not quite ready to come out, even though I gave a couple of pushes, and neither was the blonde girl's. The new arrival sat without weeing, so I guessed she might need to have a number two as well.

Either nobody wanted to be the first to start pooing, or we were all a bit constipated, because a couple of minutes passed in silence! It was clear by now that we all needed a bowel movement. By then I could feel that mine was ready to come out. Since the blonde girl had heard me fart I figured I might as well start things off, so I pushed a little and my long first log started to come out quietly, before making a plop in the water. Both the other girls looked at me as they heard the sound, which made me feel rather embarrassed again! After another minute I heard a quiet crackling from the blonde girl, and I knew her poo was starting to come out. It dropped with a plop, and I heard another one from her a few seconds later. I joined her in pushing out a second one. Another minute passed before I heard a splash from the 14 year old as she started to do her poo. The blonde girl kept playing with her phone, trying to act nonchalant as she pushed another turd out of her bum! I did the same, as did the 14 year old. The blonde girl farted as I heard another one crackling out of her. I did one more and then I was done, but I stayed seated to see what the others would do. They both pushed out a couple more apiece. I started to wipe, having to reach around behind myself while staying seated since I didn't really want to stand like I normally do. I finished and flushed. As I washed my hands the 14 year old started to wipe. I headed out and left them too it, having much enjoyed my visit again!

Some Guy


Hey, everyone!

I haven't posted in quite some toilet adventures aren't as interesting as some of yours are! But I do have an experience that I thought I would share.

Yesterday, I went to Walmart to have a picture printed from one of the insta-print kiosks. The claim ticket said my picture would be ready in five minutes. Since the photo kiosk was up at the front of the store, I decided to head over to the restroom. I didn't feel like shopping, and I felt like I needed to poop.

So, I head into the restroom and go to the stalls. Someone was pooping in the handicapped stall, so I took the regular one. I went in, shut the door, and tried to lock it. The lock didn't fit into the groove. Not only that, but there was at least a one-inch gap between the door and the side of the stall. The gap didn't bother me, but I really didn't want the door flying open as I was sitting there on the toilet. So, I took a couple minutes to play with the lock to make it work. I finally got the lock into the grove, and was confident it would stay in place.

Once the door was locked, I pulled down my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. Being someone who was previously afraid to poop in public restrooms, I felt proud of myself that I could sit on a public toilet with a big gap like that. It really isn't that big of a deal, though. If anyone was going to see me sitting on the toilet through that gap, it would most likely be a kid...who was most likely going to do exactly what I was doing. When you gotta go, you gotta go, right?

So, as I sat there, I let some little farts. As it turned out, I didn't need to poop after all. Just fart a little. And nobody walked by my stall, so there wasn't anyone to see me or buddy dump with me. I think I will try this Walmart bathroom again sometime, and I'll hopefully poop for real and build some more confidence with public restrooms.

Happy Pooping, Everyone!


What are the odds?

It should be cold and snowy here this time of year, but today was totally sunny and 47 degrees F (8 C). So three friends and I decided to go hiking in a beautiful state park. On the way back to the car I could feel my guts rumbling. The park restrooms were all closed for the winter, so I was going to find a hidden spot in the woods but with the trees all bare, there wasn't any place where I couldn't be spotted from the parking lot. My friends were two girls and a guy, and I'm a guy. I would have peed against a tree, no problem, but I was afraid the girls (or maybe someone else) might see me squatting. I decided to hold it. Meantime, after we got going the pressure was building inside me and I told my friends about my problem. One of them said we could stop at a gas station in a nearby town.

On the way out of the park we spotted a porta-potty at one of the parking lots. I asked my friend who was driving to stop there instead. You always wonder whether the porta-johns will be clean and have paper. This one was clean, all right, but there was very little paper. I sat down as fast as I could and the poop came out of me like soft-serve ice cream. It wasn't diarrhea, but it wasn't real solid logs either. Just one huge snake of poop.

Just as I was in mid-dump, there was a knock on the door. I thought maybe one of my friends was pranking me or had to go, too, because there was no one else around but us when we pulled in. I said nicely, "Just a minute." The person outside said nothing. Just then I let out a huge, blasting fart. Whoever was outside sure heard that, I thought. Luckily, I didn't need a lot of tp to wipe with. That surprised me because I had pooped a really huge pile. Worse yet, there was already so much stuff in the tank that my poop didn't go down into the blue liquid. It just sat there on top of everything else for all the world to see.

After I got dressed and used the hand sanitizer I thought about putting some strips of tp over my poop to hide it. The weather was cool so didn't stink and there weren't any flies, but it was a really big pile of crap for someone to have to look at. But then I thought if I hide it with tp, whoever is waiting might not have enough to use.

I didn't want to keep the person outside waiting any longer, so I opened the door. There stood the fairest of maidens, in her early 20s, her red hair falling to the middle of her back in two long pigtails. She had on an oversized major league baseball t-shirt and long black pants and looked so charming in that instant. All I could do was flash her my best smile and say, "Hi!" She returned my greeting with a huge grin and a cheery "Hi!" I held the door open for her as she went in and she thanked me. I was trying to think of something apologetic to say like, "Sorry if I kept you waiting" or whatever, but all that would come out was, "It's very clean." Duh! She could see that for herself.

I guess she only had to pee because she came out pretty soon just as we were getting ready to leave, but I know she must have gotten a good look at my pile. It was impossible to miss! As she headed for her car she flashed a quick, bashful grin toward our car. That left me with no doubts. Well, at least she wasn't disgusted, I thought. But I asked myself, what are the odds that with so few people in the park and no one else around that parking lot but my friends and me, or so I thought, someone would knock on the door while I was in download mode?

Sonya Sue

Responses to Steven A's bathroom survey

1. When trick or treating away from home, a child has to use the bathroom, would you ask permission to go at a stranger's house?

No, I would never want to do that. In fact, last year that happened when my sister Tlana, who has a couple dozen baby sitting customers, needed help when several working parents couldn't get off to take their kids trick or treating. I took 4 of them out and 1 parent wanted her son to visit his grandparent's house like 6 blocks away so Tlana and I went to different neighborhoods. I had each of my group go in and a least try to to go before we left home, but after about 20 minutes after we left, Adam, said he had to poo. So our group walked over to a park where there was like a 3-staller. Luckily, it was still open. So I took Adam, into the ladies side, made sure the seat was down, and helped him take his pilgram hat and mask off so he could get his 5 year old butt onto the stool. Then I had to help him wipe. It was almost flat dark and the lights didn't work and the 3 girls waiting for us were somewhat uncooperative. It got better, though, after I bribed them with a trip to DQ later if they shaped up and were more respectful to Adam.

2. Would you let someone use your bathroom if they knocked on your door and really had to go?

Foolishly, I did back when I was like 11 and home alone. The boy was a couple of years older than me and he was walking home from the library. He came to our house because we have a Block House sign on our door because we help with the neighborhood watch program. I continued to work on my computer while he was upstairs. He thanked me and left, but I didn't check on him. Turns out that he peed over the front of the seat and had a huge crap that wouldn't flush. When my mom came home an hour later and found it, she was furious with me. She grounded me, took away my computer and TV for a week, and made me watch with her and discuss this 'stranger danger' DVD she had.

3. Would you use a doorless stall bathroom in an emergency?

This is big at my high school because almost half the stalls are doorless due to vandalism. I have used a doorless cubicle more than once to pee because I'm very fast and efficient. Crapping takes me longer and I don't feel as confident with others standing there and watching what I'm dropping. It makes me feel awkward and I don't know what to do or say. I just don't have the confidence of this one girl at school who was seated, underwear and jeans at the floor, and some girl walks in and asks her when she's going to be done. The girl extended her middle finger and the girl just swore and moved farther down the row of toilets.

4. In a public place, there's 2 bathrooms--1 for each gender. The one for your gender is closed. Would you use the other one? Yes, and I have but only in places like a gas station or convenience store where the bathrooms are like single toilet. I remember when I was like 4 or 5 and out alone with Dad. When I would have to go, a couple of times he took me into these huge mens rooms with guys on 1 side of us at a trough pissing and others seated on the toilet with their johnson in their hand. I was like so embarassed and sometimes even held off telling him I needed to use the bathroom. But he has said his bladder is small and dragging me along with him was so gross.

Donnie C

To Debbie

You might wanto to look into pull-up style disposable underwear. They do well at holding the moderate leakage you seem to have, contain odor well (unless you have a major blowout), and are pretty invisible under most clothing.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby C great story it sounds like you and Riley both had really good poops and from the sound of it she was pretty desperate and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Maria as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop.

To: Mystery Poster yep it is and I go to that bookstore everyday cause I help straiten books there.

To: Lisa A great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to.

To: Sheena B great story about your big poop I bet you felt amazing after getting that big poop out.

To: Mystery Poster great story about you and Lucy's big poops I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards.

To: Lynn first welcome back and great story about all your poops after Christmas it sounds like you were having a good cleanout and I bet you felt amazing afterwards and I look forward to hearing if you have to poop anymore after all that.

To: MD Dan great story it sounds like that girl was pretty desperate and I net she felt batter afterwards.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Victoria B.

Responses to Lisa A.

First of all, welcome! It's always good to see a new face here! I'll start by answering your questions:

Does anyone else ever feel like after they eat more they have a much larger than normal poop? Like after holiday meals?

Yep, that's exactly what happens to me. I end up pooping a larger version of my normal number two: a monster, followed by two smaller pieces. All are generally firm, but not to the point where pushing hurts or feels uncomfortable. It makes wiping my butt pretty easy!

Does the size of the bottom affect the size of the poop? I have a larger bottom and have some decently sized poops! So does a petite girl have small poops?

My bottom is on the round side as well and I definitely tend to have bigger than average poops. A smaller bottomed girl might or might not be different.

When you are pooping do you sit straight up or lean forward?

I like to sit as far back on the seat as I can and lean back against the upturned lid. I'll lean forward if heavier pushing is needed and also reach behind to adjust each cheek to a more open position if I'm really sitting on the struggle bowl.

Does anyone else's butt hang over the sides of the toilet when sitting down?

Some hip and cheek on either side manages to get over on most toilets for me. Newer public toilets seem to have seats that fit my bottom better though!

How do you know that you have to poop?

I can feel pressure building up inside of my butt that tends to direct me to the nearest toilet. Farting relieves some of it but I know that I'll end up going in my undies if I don't empty my bottom shortly!


Sore Butt

I have never posted here before but came across this site. I am about 5'8 with brown hair that goes to my shoulders,fit yet I have a big round bubble butt.

Recently I have had issues with my daughter pooping her pants. I don't know why. But last night she pooped her pants and lied to me. in our house,lying earns you a spanking. So after a talking to I took her to my room to warm her bottom. I sat down and while she was getting into position I started feeling a poop coming. I simply clenched and focused on the punishment I was dishing out. I started the spanking and the pain in my bottom from holding in my poop started builidng. I clenched and squirmed a little to press my bottom in the bed to keep from pooping right there. Seconds later I farted. I simply finished her spanking with a flurry of smacks to her butt and sent her to her room. I then rushed into my private bathroom and pushed out 3 huge post christmas dump logs. In the distance I could hear my daughter sniffling from her spanking. I wiped and sat for a few minutes before getting up and looking at my dump and flushing.

Quick Questions:

Has anyone ever been spanked for pooping their pants?
Has any other mothers out there felt the need to poop while discipling there children?what did you do?
Does anyone else ever look at their poops before flushing?
How long do you tend to hold your poop in for when you need to go?


The BM That Wasn't

I just wanted to share a very weird experience from last evening.

My wife, her brother and I went to the movies yesterday (Friday) afternoon. It was a late
afternoon movie and we went to dinner at a nearby restaurant afterwards. Of course,
because of the holidays, I've probably had more than my share of cookies, brownies,
candy, and the like, and I had a box of M&M's during the movie.

The restaurant was only a few minutes from the movie (they actually sit at opposite ends
of the same property) and as we left the movie theater I had very intense abdominal
pain and knew I had to get on the toilet sooner rather than later. I had already had two
bowel movements earlier in the day both of which were fairly normal.

Shortly after getting seated, I excused myself to go to the men's room. By this time the
server had already taken our drink order and I ordered nothing as I wasn't sure where
all of this abdominal distress was going. We eat at this restaurant regularly and I'm
completely familiar with the men's room. There's only one stall with a toilet and
a urinal on the wall adjacent to the stall.

I quickly entered the stall, got my clothes down as quickly as possible and I got seated
on the toilet, as I really believed that a big-time accident was imminent. Because of
my life long obsession with bathroom/toilet stuff, I keep thinking that God is going
to punish me one of these days by causing me to have an accident in the worst possible
place at the worst possible time, and certainly a BM accident at a restaurant would do it.

Once on the toilet, I expected a very messy, painful, smelly, BM to occur immediately;
I thought I was going to have full blown diarrhea. And nothing happened. I just
sat and sat and waited and nothing.

The abdominal pain had subsided, I didn't pass any gas, and the urge to poop had passed.
This left me more distressed as I was afraid that once I got back to our table I was going
to have to return to the men's room. So, I sat there a bit longer and in the meantime
two or three other fellows had used the urinal and I wasn't sure what I was going to do if
someone came in to use the toilet.

Finally, I dropped a very small stool that felt a little wet and messy but by this time my
distress had abated and this BM had no effect on how I was feeling. I was tempted not to
wipe myself as the stool was so small I figured it wouldn't matter but at the last moment,
I thought that I probably should and did.

I finally fixed my clothes, left the men's room, and rejoined the others at our table. I
was still apprehensive about eating so I just had some ginger ale, soup and a grilled cheese

The extreme distress, thankfully, never returned. But when we got home, after doing a few
things, I headed off to bed and by this time I knew I was ready to poop. I got on the toilet,
relaxed, and had a fairly normal bowel movement (no pain, no diarrhea, but fairly massive).
At this point I was totally relieved that every turned out OK. And, this morning despite
all of this, I had my normal, first thing in the morning, BM too.

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