First Post In A While...

I honestly have not posted in here since page 2166, I believe. I used to post the stories with my really cool Aunt and myself on our episodes together but I've been reading from time to time. We still do it as she farts around me and even takes a dump around me as I see the results from it. She'll see mine as well. I have a few female friends that do it around me that joke with me and also have a girlfriend now that does it around me and she's open with it after she found out about me. That story is for next time. Lucky thing for me is that I've convinced them all to text me pics from time to time. It's so hot when a women releases their farts and dumps to me. I have old stories from the past couple of years and current.

Of course Christmas dinner was at my home. That morning, my girlfriend and I were on the phone talking when she told me it was time to go. As usual,she would fart over the phone. She tried twice but they were small pops. She said she couldn't do anymore because her shit was at the "back door", lol! She finally went while on the phone with me and texted me a pic. There was a 4 inch piece and a few small pebbles. Later that night, my Aunt was at the party and we have a "system" when people are around. We both went upstairs to the living room and she went into the main bathroom and dropped a simple 7 inch one and didn't flush. I went in behind her and saw it. The smell wasn't too bad. I took a leak myself and flushed it down. I went back downstairs and she told me she was feeling loose as she played cards with other family members.

I like a lot of the stories around here. Any more stories of women farting loudly on purpose in others presence. Love those! Ashley G., your stories of your daughter and her friends are great. You ever fart in their presence or take a shit while they're in the shower for payback? LOL! Lynn, I did a few poops that were shaped like an alphabet. I did a huge coiled "C" and my GF saw it. She laughed and said I need to be beat for it. Sheena B - Your stories remind me so much of the old "Kim & Scott" posts from the 400-800 area that I used to read on here about 13 years ago. She always called her productions "torpedoes" and say "Whammo". She also pulled out the measuring tape and measured her logs exactly as you talk about in your posts. Just so familiar and like a mirror image.



Hi,I am 14.Just before bed on Christmas night,I really needed a poo.I went into the bathroom,pulled down my trousers and pants and sat down.The poo started to come out of my bum slowly at first,then as I pushed down it squeezed out more quickly then fell out my bum into the toilet.I did a couple of smaller ones before standing up to see what I'd done.It was quite a lot.I wiped carefully using several sheets of toilet roll,then pulled up my pants and trousers.I flushed everything away,then washed my hands.Then I went to bed.
Hoped you liked hearing about my Christmas poo.I haven't done another one since then,so maybe today I will.Bye and thanks for reading this.


Post-Christmas poop

I haven't posted here in almost two years, but I just had to post about my huge poops I did today (Friday). I eat a lot normally, and hadn't taken a dump since Monday night. On top of that, our family had two absolutely HUGE meals, one on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas Day. I ate a ton of everything at both meals. I've pooped three times today, and I also went last night a bit after eating. Each time it was a big poop too. I'll describe them each.

After the meal, I was super stuffed and about comatose. I was farting a lot and eventually realized I needed to poop. I went to the bathroom and pooped. It was one huge, thick log, shaped like an upside down 'J'. It went the whole length of the bowl, curling back on itself and reached halfway to where it started. I felt somewhat better after getting that out of me, but was still full from the meal.

Then this morning, I woke up feeling the need to take a dump again. I pushed out three long turds. The first curled around the back of the bowl, and the other two were resting in the drain. One of them was so long it poked out of the water.

Later on about 10, I had to go again. That time, I did one long turd. One was skinny but really long. It took up almost all of the space in the toilet, and was shaped like an 'S'. But after I was done looking at it, I felt more coming. I sat back down and pushed out a very thick turd. It was on top of my other turd, and 'U' shaped. I wiped up and had to flush three times to get both of the turds to go down. I was afraid I had clogged the toilet.

Finally, about an hour ago, I felt the urge to take a dump. I could barely believe I still had more poop in me. I had a ton of turds this last time. Two thick turds came out at first, but then it was about ten to fifteen shorter ones that came out rapid fire. The toilet was a mess, turds floating everywhere and I could barely see my two thicker ones down below. It took a lot of wiping to get clean, and then two flushes to clear the bowl.

I really don't think I'll have to go any more today. Even with everything I ate, I just can't imagine pooping anymore. But, I'll be sure to report back on the off chance I do go again.

Sheena B

Answers for Steve A

Hello Steve A. First thanks for describing yourself. As for me I am a 15 years old female in high school. Long blonde hair, 5'3". I am a Blonde Beach Bunny type. I love going to the beach and gymnastics.

1. Do I always have turds that Big?

Answer-yes. Ever since I was a little girl my logs have been very big. My logs are now often 12-22 inches long and very thick. They grow even bigger when I eat Total bran cereal. I love squeezing them out.

2. What does my family think about my poops?
Answer-I sometimes have monster logs in front of my older brother Jeffrey. He loves them. My parents know I push out monster logs and are supportive and help me flush them down sometimes.

3.Have I told my friends about my poop or keep it a secret?

Answer- I have logs in front of my boyfriend Mike and a few girlfriends from school like my friend Donna. They love the huge size and thickness of my logs !!

4.Do I ever get constipated?
Answer- yes but only when I have too much sweets and candy. Then it goes away when I stop. I have diarrhea once in awhile but pretty rarely.

5.How often do I poop?

Answer- I usually have two monster logs in one day. I am lucky my logs are not only enormous and fat but solid too. It's sooo pleasurable to squeeze them out.

6.During Halloween do I use other peoples bathroom?
Answer- I have before. One time a kindly elderly lady let me use her bathroom and I quickly deposited a monster log with plenty of piss in it. I managed to flush it all down though.

7.Would I let someone use my bathroom?
Answer- yes. Surely a friend or a repair man. You have to watch out for strangers though. Can't just let anybody in your home.

8-9.would I use bathroom with no stalls or no privacy at all in case of emergency?

Answer-yes I would if I really had to go. I have family members and friends watching me dump often anyway. I am not shy.

10.In public bathroom and your gender Bathroom is closed would you use other in case of emergency?

Answer-Yes and I have. Sometimes not even in an emergency. I have here and there sneaked into the boy's or men's bathroom on purpose and had a monster dump there. Making sure I moan and groan so they know I am a female dumping there. I am nice but not shy. The males are always surprised to see a female walk out leaving an unbelievably enormous log there for them to marvel over. Thanks for questions Steve. bye now.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Abby C

Pooping with Riley again

Hi, its been a while since i posted. But today i have a new story about me and Riley having poos. Today, i was in science class and Riley was my science partner. And i felt an urge go on that was so big because i literally hadn't pooped in about a week. A few minutes later i felt like i was about to poop myself. So i asked my teacher if i could go, she said it was fine, i walked down the hall to the girls restroom and 2 girls were in there laughing on the toilets talking to each other, so i took the first stall. I pulled my jeans and underwear to my ankles and sat down. I waited for 2 minutes and pushed when a turd splashed against the water covering my booty in water, and another, and another, and another. Then some girl came into the second stall. She pulled her sweatpants and panties to her ankles. She farted, pooped, farted, pooped, farted, and pooped continuously . I realized that it was Riley but didn't want to say anything because i'm shy about pooping in front of her. I wiped about 7 times. And then i flushed and pulled up my jeans and panties, and then washed my hands, and left. Byebye everybody, Abby C


Christmas toilet time

Hey, long time lurker first time poster I thought I should share this festive tale.

To start with Im 22 slim brunette with a large bum :(
And this year the lead up to Christmas I would spend with my family and my BF his with me visiting him on Christmas day.
For a while now I have known that my BF finds it a real turn on to see me on the loo naturally I figured that would be one of his christmas presents :)
So I had my last poo late on the night of the 22nd figuring I could hold out till the 25th to ensure it was gonna be a heavy load. I wont bore you with the details but there was no point really commenting on the 23rd and 24th, however, Christmas morning I was very ready to use the toilet immediately, I just had to hold out till mid day at least...
I couldn't hold my morning piss however, I got up and made my way to the bathroom only to find the door locked. My brothers girlfriend had beaten me to it :( it was agony to hear her relieve herself on the toilet with a hissing piss followed by the plopping sounds of her dropping some logs. All causing my crouch to become very wet which really wasnt helping my need to go!
Finally after 8 mins she came out leaving a ripe smell in the bathroom, no that I minded but it was evident she had a great dump in here, which was exactly what my body was telling me to do as well.
It really was one of the toughest wee's in my life not to release my desperately needed dump at the same time.
But I got though it and text my boyfriend to start teasing him about the dump I needed bad.
After exchanging presents with the fam the stomach cramps and pressure in my bum was telling me to get a toilet under my arse ASAP!!!
My BF text me saying his family had just gone to the pub for a few drinks so it was just him the throne was ready for me to use. I wasted no time in making my way to his.
I pulled up on their drive and knocked on the big wooden door to this parents house. Whilst waiting for him to answer I was doing a poo dance on the porch, my BF opened the door to which I rushed pass him, telling him of how desperate I was for this poo.
I bolted to the prestine white bathroom that I was soon to seriously unload in, my BF came in the door and closed it watching me take my seat on the toilet. My legs and bum had been aching from holding this dump back and finally I was seated on a toilet ready to relieve myself.
I started with a huge fart that smelled like rotting filled the room very quickly, my BF very much enjoying the raunchy smell in there.
He requested though that now I was sat on the loo with my red lace knickers round my ankles with my jeans that I still held it. Needless to say I couldnt last long I begged him to let me go but before he would allow me to go a loud stinky fart heralded the start of this desperately needed dump instantly I moaned aloud in sheer relief and pleasure as I dropped the first huge turd of many plop after plop the feeling sure made up for the agonising wait. My BF certainly thought so, I spent a good amount of time in the bathroom stinking it up tbh I had to it ws greatlyly relieving, needless to say after I was done we didnt join my BF's family for a while ;)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year folks!


What comes in will come out

Hey everyone long time sense I posted on here , been super busy trying balance everything out, so I'm going share a few stories , last month day after Thanksgiving , I got up early that morning cause Marcus wanted go out for breakfast , so I finally slide out the bed , by the way we are having a boy M4 , So I just slip on some jeans I wore the day before and put on a t shirt of his and wore some flip flops, bursh my teeth and afterwards went to the toilet and peed, after 5 mins just sitting on toilet doing nothing I felt my thanksgiving poop start coming I farted so loud our little puppy did little bark , and I didn't feel like pooping just yet , so I got up pull my jeans up and wash my hands , joined Marcus in car asked if I was okay yup , so we drove to the Waffle House after 20 miles , we get there I excused myself to use bathroom , knowing I could did it at home but not in mood of eating way to early , so I get in the ladies lock the door undo my jeans let them fall to my ankles and I sit on the toilet after few seconds plop plop plop plop, rubbing my stomach plop plop plop splat hissing plop plop plop, after 10 mins feeling better , I stay seated wiped many times flush toilet remained seated Marcus text me asking me if I was ok I said yes just waiting see anything come out , though lots came out already never hurts to check for more hehe especially you don't want be outside and wanting be in bed sleep . After 30 mins I got up and washed my hands pulled up my jeans flush toilet washed my hands again , so I got to the table act like no success happen, Marcus feels bad and asks for to go meal , so we get back home he said sorry I just really wanted some time with you I said it's okay we will , but later on that night I told him the truth he was hurt but laugh about it now that I pulled that off well but that's for now will try post soon



I know that feeling, the squirming is starting. Why did I have to drink down that espresso to stay up all night. WHY.

My bladder is aching, I know my bathroom isn't far, but I just really want to pee into something else then a toilet. I think ill attempt to pee into my two glass coffee holders. Its not that I'm lazy though... Just really I want to admire the liquid golden essence, before I dump it out in toilet later.

It reminds me of the time long ago, a few months back, when I had a bad UTI and was living in my ex fiancÚ's rented room. He was gone for the day, and I had drank a lot of sweet tea, ( there wasn't much else). And before I knew it, I had to PEE and BADLY. Horribly!! I had to stop and clench up knowing I wont make it without a accident for his family to witness!!

I saw a towel on the floor, And I knew it was dirty, yet clean enough , without hesitation, I pulled down my panties and held it close to me, I let go, and I let go HARD! Urine splashed me and the floor, I moaned as it flooded that towel, which was actually thick so for me to soak it, was a lot of Pee, and that wasn't even a 2 hour hold.

Now that I've imagined my past, now I need to go even worse! Bye bye for now!

Mystery Poster

Brandon T Bookstore ?'s

Brandon T:

Is the bookstore bathroom a single bathroom for everyone to use?

How often do you go to the bookstore?

Lisa A.

holiday poop

Tis the SEASON!!

I am new to this forum and would start with describing myself! I'm a brunette,about 5'7 who's kinda skinny but have somewhat of a bottom!

Anyways,for my story! After a very large christmas dinner I was playing cards and felt a large poop building in my bottom. I attempted to hold it and squirmed a bit as it tried to come out. Eventually I gave up and went into the bathroom while clenching the whole way. When I got there I instantly dropped my pants and thong and plopped my butt on the toilet! I started peeing and fated twice. Then I started pushing and a large monster started coming out. I pushed and it slowly inched its way out. I kept pushing and felt my cheeks pushing apart as the monster tried to squeeze its way out. Eventually after a bit of pushing the log fell smoothly into the toilet! I still felt more and pushed out two firm poops each about 4 inches. I farted twice and then got up and wiped. When I looked in the toilet I saw a rather large poop sitting in the bottom that was quite large yet smooth! then two smaller pieces floating near the top. I then pulled my pants up and flushed and washed my hands!

Now for some questions:
Does anyone else ever feel like after they eat more they have a much larger than normal poop? like after holiday meals?

Does the size of the bottom affect the size of the poop? I have a larger bottom and have some decently sized poops! so does a petite girl have small poops?

When you are pooping do you sit straight up or lean forward?

Does anyone else's butt hand over the sides of the toilet when sitting down?

How do you know that you have to poop?

Thanks and hope to hear from you all!


Skid marks

Can females direct their wee whilst sitting down to remove toilet skid marks? Like men can which is a nice challenge to pass the time.

Sheena B
Happy Holidays everyone. I had a fantastic Christmas with my family. I got some nice gifts and had my boyfriend over and exchanged some gifts. Afterwards we had a huge feast of Ham, chicken,macaroni and cheese, vegetables, bread, the works. When we were done I had to take one heck of monster shit and I invited my boyfriend Mike to watch, as we went upstairs to the bathroom. Inside I quickly yanked down my pants and pink thong panties and sat on the bowl. I then let rip a booming long fart as a huge, solid brown log started to come out of my ass. I squeezed harder as my log grew bigger and bigger in size. I then squeezed really hard as my log grew immense in size. "Wow ! " honey you sure know how to squeeze out some very gigantic bowel movements.' Mike said happily looking at my enormous brown log hanging out of my butt, as my log jumped bigger in size. I then took one final deep breath and pushed mightily "Bammo!" I cried as an enormous, solid brown torpedo came roaring out of my ass into the bowl landing with a huge splash. I then added much piss to it.My boyfriend and I admired my monstrosity for awhile before I wiped myself and flushed. Boy ! did that log feel fantastic coming out of my ass. Hoped you enjoyed my story. bye now.

Happy Christmas to all friends on this forum. Most of us will eat and eat, maybe blues of after Christmas not be so bad. I have party at my house tomorrow instead of today because in Japan Christmas is work day. I hope I have good story for you, but very busy now so maybe in New Year. I hope you all have happy time! Me, still taking medicine, but only little. Nearly better!

Love from Mina (and also Kazuko, Hisae, Maho, they say yoroshiku to all you, yoroshiku is greeting word)


My leaking self

I have heavy periods but I still have to go to work. I wear the most absorbent pads I can find. I get diarrhea during my period. Since I had a rough time one time giving birth, my anal muscles leak poo when I have watery diarrhea. I can wear pads for that, but I worry I might smell. It is especially hard sometimes taking the subway home as there are no bathrooms on the train. Sometimes, I can feel myself leaking and worry that the pad won't hold it all and something will start running down my legs.
So far I haven't leaked into underwear, pantyhose, or clothes. But I am careful to wear a lot of protection.

Steve A

High School Band Stories

Hey again, it's Steve A. I posted the Intro, Comments, Survey and I have one more thing to post.

I'm in the band at my high school and next year will be my senior year.

So, our band preforms at every football game that we have during the season at halftime. I've posted stories about the long bus trips for away games and the Disney World Trip during my sophomore year.

If you want to read my stories, I listed the page number and the name that I posted my story on.

My first story on here was a long bus trip for an away football game. That story is on page 2265 listed by the name "Steven".

The Disney World Trip story is on page 2371 listed by the name "Steven A".

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jason great story about hearing Emily and Megan have major poops it sounds like they really had to go and I bet they both felt good afterwards to.

To: Ashley G great story it sounds like Kayla had a good poop and it sounds like Ally also had a great poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tlana great story.

To: Shay great story it sounds like you had a major cleanout thanks to that prune juice and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Allen great story about hearing your wifes poop.

To: Jemma as always another great desperate poop story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hi everyone, I'm back home for Christmas now, sorry I haven't got round to posting in ages! This weekend I did some Christmas shopping with my friend Lucy, we went round the shops and bought quite a bit. We'd both had a wee in the shopping centre loos but as we were waiting for the bus home I started to feel an unmistakeable urge for a poo. To be honest I'd had a few twinges earlier on, when I was on the loo having a wee I could feel a log almost poking out of my bum but I sucked it back up. I'd last had a poo three days before which was a bit of a struggle, I had to strain for some time and managed to produce a few hard lumps and get a sore bum so I thought I'd rather wait until I could use the toilet at home. I've noticed when it gets towards winter constipation starts to become more of a problem for me, I think its eating more stodgy food and taking less exercise that does it. Anyway, as we were standing there waiting for the bus I could feel a big poo trying to force my bum open, I made a face and clenched my bum cheeks together to stop it from poking out in my pants and luckily just that moment I saw the bus coming, so I knew we'd be back home in under ten minutes. We got on and went to the back, it actually wasn't too busy so I said to Lucy in a whisper, "I'm bursting for a poo, its just about to poke out into my pants!" Lucy rubbed her belly and said, "I've got bellyache, I think I ate too much earlier and these jeans are too tight!" We'd both pigged out at McDonalds at the shops which probably wasn't the best thing to do given I've been feeling constipated lately. "Yeah, I know what you mean, I ate too much as well," I agreed. When we got off the bus I did my best to walk normally but I'm not sure I managed it, during the couple of minutes walk to my house I couldn't help but let the tip come out, I knew I'd end up with skidmarks in my pants but I was feeling too desperate to care. I was visibly squirming around as I unlocked the door, everyone else was out luckily meaning it was only Lucy who could see how desperate I was for the loo. When I got the door open we quickly went upstairs to my bedroom and ensuite, by now it felt like an inch or so of the log was already out. I went into my ensuite, Lucy followed me in and sat cross legged on the floor. I quickly dropped my jeans and pink flowery pants and thudded down onto the toilet, I couldn't help moaning loudly as I finally relaxed my quivering bumhole and felt the log starting to move out slowly. I looked down at my pants and saw I had a massive mark which wasn't really a surprise, I felt a bit embarrassed about Lucy seeing but then again I know she often gets skidmarks too, we both wear white or pastel coloured pants so its easy to see any poo stains!! By now the log was getting fatter and had stopped coming out, I knew I would have to start pushing so I took a deep breath and bore down hard. I couldn't help grunting but I've done that quite a lot in front of Lucy so I wasn't too bothered, she gets constipated as well so we're both used to it! As I continued to strain Lucy said "I'm going to get ready for bed, I know its too early but its really warm in here and my jeans are digging in me so I really need to take them off!"
She went back into the bedroom, unbuttoned her jeans and eased them down, she then took off her top so she was just in her white bra and yellow pants. She turned her back to me to get her nightie out of her bag and I saw that her pants were wedged up her bum. As my first log dropped with a splash Lucy took off her bra and put on her nightie. I could feel more to come so I stayed sitting, Lucy came back into the bathroom and sat on the floor. I pushed out another couple of logs and then wiped my bottom and flushed. I went back into my bedroom naked from the waist down as I had already thrown my dirty pants in the wash. I opened my underwear drawer and took out a pair of white pants which I put on and then changed into my nightie like Lucy had. After a while of us sitting and chatting I noticed Lucy squirming around, she said "I think I need a poo now," and she went into the bathroom, lifted her nightie and pulled her pants down to her knees. She weed for a bit and then I saw her belly tense. Just like I had, she bore down and ended up grunting so at least we were quits, she said "Sorry about this, I haven't had a poo for a while, I think I'm a bit constipated!" After I few more hard pushes and grunts I heard a couple of plops and a sigh of releaf from Lucy, she quickly wiped her bum and pulled up her pants before flushing the loo. I hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!!

Steve A

Intro, Comments, Survey

Hey everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. I post on here regularly, but, I really have never given a more descriptive intro about myself before, so here it is:

I'm a 17 year old guy from the USA. I'm 5'7" and my weight is average/normal so I'm not too skinny or too fat. I have a big appetite. I normally poop everyday or sometimes twice a day depending on what I eat. I may sometimes skip a day or 2, but, I normally never go at least 1-2 days without pooping.

To Sonya Sue: The bathrooms in my schools were all in good condition. We've never had any problems except for the girls' high school bathroom mini flood that recently just happened. I've never seen doorless stalls before except for the one time at an away football game. I've posted stories about these 2 experiences I had.

To Sheena B: I have some questions for you if you don't mind answering them.

Did you always have turds that big throughout your life?

What does your family think about how you poop?

Have you ever told your friends about how you poop or do you keep it a secret?

Do your ever get constipated?

How often do you poop?

To School Teacher Kaylee: I think it's good that you have that extra section on your notebook if they have to go #1 or #2. It's a great way to see if your have any health problems. I might recommend this idea to some teachers if I can. What a great idea you came up with.

I have a bathroom survey for everyone on here.

1. During Halloween, if you're far away from your house or if you go to another neighborhood to Trick or Treat and you or your kids have to use the bathroom, would you ask someone to use their bathroom depending if they had to pee or poop?

2. Would you let someone use your bathroom if they knock on your door/ring the doorbell and if they really had to go?

3. Would you use a bathroom with doorless stalls in case of an emergency?

4. Would you use a bathroom without stalls/no privacy at all in case of an emergency?

5. In a public place with 2 bathrooms and the one that's your gender is closed, would you use the other one in case of an emergency?

I hope that you like my intro and survey. I will post again soon.


I will be back posting regularly soon :)

Hi everyone, Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed your post Christmas poo's :) Sorry I haven't posted in ages but like everyone been a little busy over the last few weeks running up to Christmas and during the beginning of December I came down with a stomach bug so haven't awful diarrhea which I'll post about when I've got time. I've still been reading the posts on the site so I know a few have missed my experiences so just wanted to let you know I'm well and will be posting again soon just in case you were worrying :)

Take care everyone

Sheena B
Hello Everyone & Happy Holidays ! Recently I was at my house with my boyfriend, Mike when I had to take one hell of a Monster Dump. Mike has seen me push out my monster logs before and I invited him to watch again. This time I wanted to try something different. A little experiment. As I peeled off my clothes and kneeled like a Dog on the porcelain bowl with my ass facing Mike. I wanted to push out one of my monster logs towards him as my log lands on the newspapered floor below. When I was in place I first let rip a booming long fart as a huge, solid log started to come out of my ass. I squeezed harder and harder as my log grew bigger and bigger. I then squeezed really hard as my log grew immense in size and thickness. "Wow ! honey. look at the size of that enormous beast your pushing out of you ass!" Michael said excitedly watching my log grow bigger by The second. I then squeezed mightily as "KA-BOOM !' a horse sized bowel movement came roaring out of my asshole onto the newspapered floor below. I then got out a measuring tape and measured my log at 21 inches long, 3 inches thick. Which is the size of my usual logs. My logs tend to be at least 12-22 inches long and thick. I then wiped my ass, as Mike used the newspaper to put my log into the bowl and flushed. Wow ! another satisfying dump from Sheena B. Hoped you enjoyed my story. bye now.


Post-Christmas poop

I haven't posted here in almost two years, but I just had to post about my huge poops I did today (Friday). I eat a lot normally, and hadn't taken a dump since Monday night. On top of that, our family had two absolutely HUGE meals, one on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas Day. I ate a ton of everything at both meals. I've pooped three times today, and I also went last night a bit after eating. Each time it was a big poop too. I'll describe them each.

After the meal, I was super stuffed and about comatose. I was farting a lot and eventually realized I needed to poop. I went to the bathroom and pooped. It was one huge, thick log, shaped like an upside down 'J'. It went the whole length of the bowl, curling back on itself and reached halfway to where it started. I felt somewhat better after getting that out of me, but was still full from the meal.

Then this morning, I woke up feeling the need to take a dump again. I pushed out three long turds. The first curled around the back of the bowl, and the other two were resting in the drain. One of them was so long it poked out of the water.

Later on about 10, I had to go again. That time, I did one long turd. One was skinny but really long. It took up almost all of the space in the toilet, and was shaped like an 'S'. But after I was done looking at it, I felt more coming. I sat back down and pushed out a very thick turd. It was on top of my other turd, and 'U' shaped. I wiped up and had to flush three times to get both of the turds to go down. I was afraid I had clogged the toilet.

Finally, about an hour ago, I felt the urge to take a dump. I could barely believe I still had more poop in me. I had a ton of turds this last time. Two thick turds came out at first, but then it was about ten to fifteen shorter ones that came out rapid fire. The toilet was a mess, turds floating everywhere and I could barely see my two thicker ones down below. It took a lot of wiping to get clean, and then two flushes to clear the bowl.

I really don't think I'll have to go any more today. Even with everything I ate, I just can't imagine pooping anymore. But, I'll be sure to report back on the off chance I do go again.


Swedish mountains

Me and my cousing who was 15 at that time went hiking in the swedish mountains. It was a beautiful summer day and we had a really nice hike. He was not used to the weight of the backpack, but other than that it was a great day! We pitched the tent on the first night on the mountainside. I woke up first and was very stiff and a bit cold from sleeping on the ground with only a thin foam pad. We cooked oatmeal with lingonberries for breakfast and I had coffee. That really started up my system together with all the walking so I grabbed the toilet paper and went out of sight. There is almost no high vegetation, but lots of stone boulders and cracks and other places to hide. I removed the pants from one of my legs and then turned around to face a georgeous view of the valley below as I squatted down. It took a few minutes to get started but finally a turd slowly buy lovely moved out and dropped to the ground. After another minute or so I decided to wipe up and head back. We packed up our stuff and when we where about to leave my cousin said he would "try to use the toilet too". I didn't know how to do so I told him what I did and also to stay well away from any creeks. He came back a few minutes later and we headed out.

The second night we camped in a super nice spot, but it was almost on an triangle island with a large river on one side and two smaller outlets on the other two. Our tent was circled with water, but it was on high ground and very dry. One of the best spots I've put up that tent! I woke up before my cousin and after having waited for him to wake up for a while I made myself some coffee and went to look for a secluded spot, only to find there was none! I decided to squat so that a large boulder was between me and the tent, but exposing me to a trail running along the other side of the river. I had to really push as I wanted to go quickly. I produced a mushy pile, wiped and went back to wait for my teenage companion to wake up.

The next day we left the tent as I loved the spot and just went for a day tour. In the morning I woke up needing to go., this time before coffee. As I woke up towards the spot I saw another tent further away on the "island". Before my sleepy brain could take that in I was greeted by a young woman carrying a roll of toilet paper. "Good morning!" she said and smiled as she walked past me towards the other tent. I looked at the toilet paper in my own hand and realised she must have known what I was up to, otherwise I would have cancelled the mission. But as things was I just went on to find a good spot. On my way I looked for used tp on the ground or other traces of the girl I just met, but found none. It took a while to get started with both the new tent closeby and beeing exposed to the trail. After what felt like an eternity I could finally go. :)

Later that day we were approaching a cabin where you can rent rooms and equipment. My cousin told me he wanted to borrow their outhouse. We went to see the keeper and I told him my cousin wanted to use the outhouse, and he said that was ok. My cousin went in and I stayed and talked to the keeper and his wife. After fifteen (!) minutes my cousin came back. As we walked away from the cabin my cousin told me he felt like that king in LotR that gets a curse lifted - Very relieved!

MD Dan

Temporary Unisex and Post Holiday Relief

I hope everyone who has time off this time of year is enjoying it, I certainly have been. Today was especially eventful in the bathroom area. Nothing special has happened anytime recently and I've been wondering if I was due. Today was definitely the day.

I went out to a popular outdoor clothing and equipment store to pick up a few things I needed but didn't receive from anyone for the holiday. I usually don't buy myself anything this time of year in case someone got it for me already. I am an avid outdoorsman and frequently need replacement equipment, gear, or clothing. I typically eat very well except the past several days have been spent at other peoples' houses eating what they make, which tends to not be as healthy as what I make myself. Due to this I was slightly backed-up and hadn't had a crap in 3 days. I normally go about once a day, sometimes twice. Combined with the vast amounts of food, I was quite full and felt like a sandbag lumbering around.

Anyway, obviously when the urge finally struck I wasn't going to miss out, no matter where I happened to be at the moment. Just so happened that I was checking out some clothing at the outdoor supply store. The store is not very large, you can easily see from one side to the other. I spotted the restrooms on the other side near the women's clothing section. I headed over that way and noticed a pair of girls I had seen walking around earlier. They were obviously sisters, one was about 17 and the other maybe 19. Both were very cute, with nice features and well-formed and well-toned butts. It's not that I was specifically checking them out, they were just wearing yoga pants and basically trying on clothes in the aisles so it was hard not to notice this in such an open store.

About 50 feet from them, the younger sister (both facing away from me), turned to the other girl, then motioned to the restrooms. A few feet away, she turned and cut through the clothing heading to the restroom. I didn't think much of it, kept walking behind her and made my way to the men's room door. I saw her reach the women's room door, stop, frown, turn around, turn around again, and look around like she was lost. I was confused until I reached my door and saw a sign (piece of paper) stating "We are very sorry for any inconvenience, however, due to an emergency repair situation, this restroom will serve all customers until further notice" and it had a male-female unisex symbol underneath. I thought, "well this could get interesting."

This girl obviously needed the bathroom and I was about to erupt with half a week's worth of holiday food. She saw me standing there reading the sign and walked passed me as if to just blow off her need, giving me an awkward smile. I thought, "oh well" and "thank god" at the same time. As I opened the door and walked in, I saw her quickly turn back around and almost run to the men's room. I held the door for her giving her a polite smile.

She smiled awkwardly again and said "thanks" in a barely audible voice. There were two stalls in the restroom with one urinal. The stalls were laid out in front of the entrance, with one stall being handicapped. The handicapped toilet faced the second stall, whose toilet faced the entrance. The girl froze up for a second, and finally said, "I'm sorry, do you mind if I use the bathroom while you're in here? I know this is the only one but I don't want to be weird." I told her it wasn't that weird and I didn't mind if she didn't mind. She said, "No, I don't mind at all, it's just that...I've never...I've, pooped...with a guy in the room." Her face turned bright red as soon as she said he word "pooped." It was actually kind of adorable. I told her it was perfectly okay with me and I would gladly wait outside if she wanted me to. She looked to consider the offer for a moment but then asked how bad I needed to pee. I told her I didn't need to pee and was here for the same reason she was, and that I hadn't gone in over 3 days. She said, "OH! Oh my god, no! Don't wait outside because of me! I'd feel so bad for you!" She seemed to relax a little and smiled again at me.

I smiled back and motioned for her to pick a stall, she chose the normal one, so I had the handicapped and would be facing her. She pulled her yoga pants down and sat, then I followed, pulling my jeans down and sitting. She didn't make any noise for about a minute. Neither did I, I was just waiting for things to start moving a little bit more. She said, "I know how you feel, by the way. I'm on 4 days myself." I could see her legs up to her upper calfs. "It's probably all the heavy junk we eat around this time of year," she said. I agreed with her and said I felt like a 10 pound sack was strapped to my stomach. She laughed a little and I heard her peeing for a few seconds.

My first log started coming out very slowly, then sped up the further out it came. It made a crackling noise and it got louder as it got closer to the end and floomped in the water followed by a small burst of gas. She giggled and said, "Was that success I just heard over there?" "Yep!" I replied, "How's it going over there?" "Slow" she replied. "It's moving, but it just needs to pop the cork first!" She laughed again and said, "I can't believe I'm talking about this to an attractive guy taking a dump right next to me!" I laughed and said, "just don't think about it too much." Another log crackled out of me and shot into the water with another gas burst.

My neighbor said, "I'm starting to get jealous over here, that's two for you and I'm still struggling for one." Then she said, "Oh, wait, uhhhhhhh" I saw her toes curl up as she was pushing. All of a sudden I heard a slow crackle, it stopped, then she pushed more and there was a louder crackle. She took a couple breaths, then the crackling got even louder and sped up tremendously. I heard a long log crackle out of her for about 3 seconds and then a thundering fart. "Ohhhhh goooodddddd" she moaned. "THAT was bad. I think I lost 5 pounds just now! There's no way this is going to flush!" I pushed out one more log, no gas this time. "Are you still going?? That's amazing!" She laughed another time. She said, "Wait, I don't think I'm done either. Something feels gross in my stomach." I told her I didn't normally go this much. She said she didn't either. "Uhhhh....oh man, oh man, I might be sick!" I asked if she was ok, and she just said, "Yeah, but it might get gross." I heard a gurgle from her stomach, followed promptly by river of poop falling out of her butt. A fart bubbled out of her and she sighed.

"I am SO SORRY!" she said, "I think that's all though." I told her I was glad she felt better and that being constipated for that long will certainly mess with your gut. We both cleaned up and met again outside the bathroom. We had been gone only about 6-7 minutes but it felt like hours. She just smiled again and walked back off to her sister.

Friday, December 26, 2014



Hi Jemma

Great stories especially the BBQ poo and the Debenhams poo

From your description it sounds as though the poo you had at the BBQ was quite healthy - lots of long thick soft logs or "plops" that filled up the bowl - seems as though you had a good clearout. Liked your term "skidders" for skidmarks BTW.

Glad you were able to make it to the loo in Debenhams. When you're desperate it's best to just let your sphincter muscles just relax as soon as you start settling over the toilet bowl and let all the plops just rush out (as it seems you did) even if it seems like a noisy explosion. Attempting to close your anal sphincter whilst rapidly passing lots of poo can sometimes cause small tears in the anal canal. I'm guessing the bowl was quite full after the first 8 plops rushed out hence the plurp sound caused by the next batch of plops hitting the 8 plops already filling up the bowl.

Anyway great stories as always; look forward to hearing more especially post-Xmas dumps.


Post Title (optional) Badly constipated

Well I've now been very, very constipated for 5 days. I haven't done a poo since Friday and I'm feeling very heavy and overloaded with poo. I'm literally full of crap. I'm in dire need of a poo! I'm staying with my parents for Christmas and they know I'm really suffering with constipation. My Dad is also very constipated right now. I NEED to do a poo desperately!!!!! I'm hoping I can get at least some out today so I can enjoy Christmas day tomorrow. I hate being so extremely constipated like this!!

To Jasmin K: I know what you mean about eating too much food at Christmas. I have done the same and it's made me so constipated, its worse than ever!!! Are you badly constipated now too? I'm guessing that you are.

To everyone else who is badly constipated, I know how you feel and I'm dreading getting this load out, it's going to be absolutely horrendous!!!!!!!!!

Post Title (optional) To Dude in Distress

It sounds like you have been very constipated lately. I find that changing positions helps me too, while I'm struggling with a big poo. I've been extremely constipated lately too and I've had to squat over the toilet bowl quite a bit, to help me get the poo out. I've had very difficult pooping sessions and it's been worse than ever for me.

Do you get even more constipated at this time of year? I definitely do because of all the extra food, especially chocolate. As you know, it makes me so constipated but I just can't resist eating it. In the last few weeks, I've eaten way too much of it and now I'm really paying for it.

Post Title (optional) Christmas and constipation

To everyone on here who gets frequently constipated: Dude in Distress, Dominic, Bloated Butt, Jasmin K and any others, do you tend to get even more constipated around Christmas? Has it started for you already? For me, it got really bad a few weeks ago. Infact, I'm VERY cconstipated right now. I haven't done a poo since Friday night. And even that was only a few small, rock hard balls of poo. I'm hoping I can do a poo tomorrow or the next day so that I can enjoy Christmas day. Even if I can just get a small amount out, it will be better than nothing.

To Jasmin K: I know that chocolate makes you very constipated. But do you still eat it, even when you know it has constipated you? And even if you haven't done a poo for a few days?? I love chocolate so much that I still eat it when I'm constipated, even though I know it makes me so constipated. Because I think that it won't matter too much if I'm already backed up. I get constipated even when I don't eat it so it doesn't really bother me. But it makes my poos much drier and harder (and bigger) and it causes me to stay constipated for longer. And it takes me a very long time to get the poo out - 3 hours at times and lately, I've had the last bit of poo get stuck so I had to give up and come back for another sit. And then take another 30 or 40 minutes to get the last bit out.

I've been filming myself while I'm on the toilet lately too. Because I've been SO badly constipated lately and having a horrendous time pooping. I even filmed my anus as I pushed and strained. I could see it puckering out and expanding as the poo came stretched it apart. No wonder I've got hemarrhoids!!!!!

I'm not looking forward to the next few weeks either as I know I will continue to be badly constipated for a while. Or at least until after the new year.

I just had to eat some more chocolate as my Dad had a big block of rum and raisan chocolate. I had a lot too. I couldn't help myself


Family get together

Ok so i was at my grand parents for a family reunion, they just remodeled there home and it looks wonderful.

Its a real big house and down in the basement they opened up the bathroom. and turned it from a single into a double bathroom with double sinks and double toilets side by side. The master bedroom in the bazement has a entrance to go into it as well.

So after we had a huge barbeque i decided to go lay down in the down stairs bedroom, and i heard my cousins Megan and Emily coming down stairs, I went and looked thru the crack of the bathroom door and as they entered they shut the door by the main entrance. Emily is 32 the same age as me Megan just turned 30. They both stood at the sinks and looked in fhe mirror then walked in front of the toiletz and first turned ariund with there buts facing me not knowing i could see them through the door. They undid there jeans and started to pull them downdown, i saw there underwear, Emily was wearing White hanes her way briefs and Megan was wearing hanes briefz for women to juzt they were a cream tan color. The pulled there underwear down juzt pazt there knees and sat on the toilets ,they relaed for a few minutes then Megan startex to pee and Esmily let a huge blasting fart. Then they both leaned forward and together they both wemt pppppppppppfffffffffffffffffftttttttf......ppppfffffffttttttttttftffftt then a kerplunk from both sides. Then one kept farting and the other let out a bunch loose poop thsn both together they both had major blowouts.

They sat thefe then Megan leaned forward to wipe and emily pulled her pants and underwear down all the way and zpread her legs, Thsy took big wads of toilet paper and stood up to wipe then pulled up there underwear all the way that it went up there butt cracks and pullex up thwre pants washed there hands and were off.

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