Ashley G.
Jessi- your story reminded me of the time about a year ago when I had gotten up before Kayla and Natalie and went to pee. I lifted the seat and was "greeted" with a 10 inch curved poo floating and 3-4 thick logs down in the hole. It took 2 flushes to go down. Awhile later Kayla gets up and says "sorry about my massive load in the toilet, I didn't want to wake you up trying to flush it."

She then explained she had the urge to go before she had gone to bed but it went away and she thought she'd be good til morning.

Chole- enjoyed the story of you and your sister


Pants down situation

Last week at my school I witnessed a pants-down situation that must have been really embarrassing for this girl who had a Santa Cap on, a performance blouse and name tag that said Neicy. I walked into the largest of the girls bathrooms after I finished my after school tutoring assignment. This is the bathroom I've written about that has toilet paper rolls all along one wall when you walk in, you pull the paper off, and then take it to your stall. We all know it sucks but that's because of a lot of vandalism last year that included taking lighters to toilet paper rolls in the stalls and some other pranks that included throwing rolls into the bowls and clogging them.

Well I walked around the wall of the main entrance and entered the bathroom to find Neicy kind of hopping like a chicken toward the toilet paper rolls with her black performance pants and undees down. As I helped her pull toilet paper off the rolls, I could smell poo on her butt and it seemed like she had a really messy poo but of course there was no toilet paper in the stall. She was sort of in a panic because she had excused herself from where her choral group picture was being taken because she need to wee. Well she had seated herself and after her wee, she let off some gas that lead to her unexpected poo. I helped her walk back faster to her toilet, where she seated herself and started the cleaing job. I took the toilet to the left, and as I was weeing and she was cleaning, she told me her music class group was going to a senior center to perform a Christmas medley. I tried to calm her down a bit by telling her I don't wipe after I wee but I can understand the situation she was in when she pooed.

And as she ran out of the room I wished her well. I noticed, however that she hadn't flushed or washed her hands.


Odd illness

About a week and a half ago, I got up fairly early (as usual) and stood at the toilet to pee. I had to pass gas also, and so I did--but my bottom felt wet. I thought it most odd, but I used some toilet paper to check, and sure enough: the tp came back with a big wet spot, clear liquid, not brown. At that point I thought it was an isolated incident; but not so. That day I ended up going to the toilet to sit and try to poop nine times! Some of them I actually did get some soft poop out, along with much gas and some clear liquid; but it was going to be hard to go out anywhere, such as running errands, if every time I felt like passing gas I would get liquid and a little poop also. After another day of that, I went to my doctor, who gave me some tests (drawing blood) and, finding that the tests showed an infection, prescribed an antibiotic for me. Fortunately, I had to take those pills for only a week, because antibiotics usually lead to diarrhea after a while. I see now, checking my records (I do keep track of my bowel movements), this started on Dec 11; since then I have had 40 (forty) movements! The medicine did stop the clear liquid anal leaks in a few days, but then the antibiotic took over with soft stools, more frequent than usual. I took my last antibiotic yesterday morning, so I hope for more normal movements soon. The doctor said that this illness was likely not contagious, so I didn't have to worry much about giving it to anyone else; but in any case, I haven't been in crowds much and, since my wife's death in September, I have been home alone most of the time. I am now waiting for my first b.m. of this day (Saturday, Dec 20) to see if things have improved. I would not have written here if this had been an ordinary diarrhea illness, but it was not. I have had actual diarrhea only once in the whole course of this illness; the odd part was the clear liquid that escaped when I passed gas. Anyone out there have anything similar?

To unnamed poster

Nice stories, how old are you, you seem a bit accident prone

Ashley G.
Natalie's friend "Ally" slept over last night. She's 13 also but looks 16 like Nat. Anyway, as i was showering, Ally knocks and asks if she can goto the bathroom. "Sure sweetie, just don't flush because its makes the shower ice cold" I replied. "Ok, but i gotta go #2" I say "It's fine, Natalie and Kayla have both pooped while im in here, no biggie".

She must have thought I could hear her because she said "sorry about that" a couple times. After maybe 5 minutes she said,"thanks and sorry about the smell" I just giggled and said don't worry hon.

When I got out of the shower I looked into the bowl and saw 4 poos altogether, including a 10 inch curved piece and a 6 inch thick poo floating on top the rest thick large looking poos at the bottom.

After I was dressed i whispered to Ally "I bet it felt good getting rid of all that" she nodded and said "I hope I didn't block your toilet cuz sometimes I do at home. We both giggle. She's such a sweetie like my girls


Prune Juice Blowout

Hey everyone! So. Three weeks ago I posted a story about how I was having uncontrollable diarrhea, but then was extremely constipated after. Here's how that went.

Two Tuesdays ago I decided to drink prune juice to alleviate my constipation. I downed about half of the bottle. I was cramping and having gas for four hours that night. Every now and again I'd feel a slight gurgle and rush of water through my chillin to my rectum, but nothing that could make the dam burst. I decided to go for a walk to pass some tine and build up some urgency. I walked 2 miles from my home when suddenly I felt my belly tighten and then relax and loose poo move to my hole. I rushed to a nearby forest, pulled my pants and undies down, and squatted.

Hot, wet, diarrhea poured out of me. My shit was the consistency and color of chocolate pudding. I had three waves of diarrhea in that spot before I felt less full and bursting. I cleaned up with nature's TP, and began waking home. About ten minutes from my house I felt another urge to have diarrhea, so I picked up the pace. I can hold my diarrhea pretty well, but only for about 20 minutes--a little less when I'm active--and I didn't want to chance it. About five minutes from home and unexpectedly, a major diarrhea cramp hit, and I bent over double in pain. I was afraid I wouldn't make it home, but luckily I did without losing it in my panties. I ran to the toilet and had bubbly diarrhea that was so loose I thought I was peeing out the wrong end. I drank a glass of water after this attack, but it ran right through me-the diarrhea was back less than ten minutes later. Basically, I knew I would be having runny, urgent diarrhea all night. I was in my bathroom that whole night and even lost my bowels twice--once out of nowhere and the other in the store when I was waiting for the toilet. The next morning, I was still having loose shits, so I called off work and had diarrhea that Wednesday too.

If you ever need the juice, let's go.

Last Saturday I met up with my cousin Connor for a pub lunch while his girlfriend took her Nan shopping in town. Luke was supposed to be with us as well but had been called into work earlier on which was unfortunate. Anyhow we both had an enjoyable meal and a couple of beers along with it. As were finishing up eating I could feel a shit coming on, quite rapidly in fact, and deciding that sooner would be better than later I said to Connor that I was off the to the toilet and that I might just be a couple of minutes, assuming he would get my gist. There were two (clean) stalls in the toilets and taking the nearest one I had a pleasant shit dropping off a few good sized turds before cleaning up and re-joining Connor at the table about ten minutes later.

Connor smiled as I sat down and almost immediately said 'Good shit then Gary?, hey do you remember that day when we were about 17 or 18 and I came over with mum and we went swimming and then was I busting for a shit on the way back to your house. Honestly Gary I don't think I've ever come as close to shitting my kecks '. 'Yeah I do, quite clearly now you come to mention it Connor, seems like you haven't forgotten either', I replied with a laugh.

What happened was - A couple of Saturday's before Christmas that year Connor and his mum drove over to see us. The main purpose of the visit was for our mum's to go Christmas shopping at the big shopping centre just outside of town which also made a good opportunity to spend some time with Connor who I hadn't seen since the summer.

Connor and I had already arranged to go swimming in the morning so mum dropped us off at the Leisure Centre on the way and we spent best part of a couple of hours swimming and larking around in the pool. Eventually we'd had enough of the water and after getting showered and dried off grabbed a sandwich and took a bus into the city centre. We spent a while looking round the shops and I picked up a computer game that I'd had on order, then we went for a large burger and a drink. After we'd finished eating we went into the toilets and had a pee before leaving. I really needed to have a shit as well but the toilets were filthy so I decided I would hold it until we got home as the journey only took about half an hour. We soon caught a bus and I suppose we were about halfway there when Connor let off a bad smelling fart. I ignored it at first but then he let go another one which was just as bad so I told him that he stank. Sorry Gary I need to go for a shit he half whispered. As it happens so do I Connor, but at least I'm not stinking the bus out I retorted. Connor didn't reply first off but a few minutes later said 'How much further Gary, I'm getting a bit desperate, I haven't been to the toilet for about three days and it's really pushing to come out, I should have gone at that Burger place but the toilets were disgusting.' 'We're nearly there Connor and the house is only two minutes' walk from the bus stop, in fact we'd better get ready to get off.' I replied, a bit more sympathetically.

I was in bad need of the toilet as well by then and to be quite honest I was quite relieved when we finally got off the bus and began the short walk home. There was no sign of mum's car and Dad was working away so with the keys ready in my hand I quickly let us into the house. Once inside, we took off our coats, kicked off our shoes and Connor immediately started heading up the stairs towards the bathroom. It was obvious from the way he was acting that he was pretty desperate and I had already decided to let him go to the toilet first even though I was really having to hold it in by then and had got the pre shits farts something rotten. I quickly emptied my rucksack in the hall and dumped our swimming trunks and towels off by the washing machine in the kitchen. Then grabbing my newly acquired game went upstairs myself only to find the bathroom door wide open and a now grinning Connor sat on the toilet with his jeans and boxers firmly around his ankles and a very strong smell of poo in the air.

I mumbled an apology for encroaching on his privacy but with a sigh, more out of relief I think, he said 'I'm not bothered Gary I've just done a huge turd and here comes the rest', as he let off a deep slow fart and judging by the ensuing crackling noises began letting go a load more turds. 'That was a close one Gary I honestly didn't think I was going to make it as we were getting off the bus'. 'I'll leave you too it Connor' I said. 'You're Ok Gary; you can stay if you want unless your embarrassed or something, anyway you want the toilet as well don't you?' 'Yeah I do' I replied as another fart slipped out of my bum. Briefly I tried to sit on the side of the bath while he finished but I soon decided that it wasn't a very good idea and maybe sensing my discomfort Connor said with a grin 'I think I'm done Gary, time to look at the damage I reckon' and with that he stood up. Curled up the front of the pan was a good sturdy 15inch turd with one end up the u bend and piled on top were a load more softer looking turds some of which were well out of the water. 'Wow Connor, now there's a shit I could be really truly proud of' I remarked thinking back to the times when Luke and I had enjoyed taking a shit together on our camping trips (see post on page 1841). 'Well now you know how desperate I was Gary, thing is though I keep having massive shits like this, like about 3 weeks ago one lunchtime at college, then another time after college before I went home'. 'Lucky you' I said, as I let off another fart. 'Anyway I enjoy a good healthy shit and sometimes I get pretty desperate as well, sort of like right now '!

Connor took the hint and grabbing some paper off the roll started wiping up. Once done he flushed the toilet which for a moment it looked like it might back up because the level rose for a few seconds but then thankfully cleared with a loud whoosh leaving some hefty skid marks on the bottom of the bowl.

I already had my belt unbuckled, and as Connor moved out of the way of the toilet pulling up his boxers and jeans at the same time I was quickly dropping mine and getting on seat. With my bum cheeks now slightly spread I couldn't hold things back any longer and a long soft turd just came sliding out crackling loudly all the way until it eventually broke off only to be followed by another which was just as long and made nearly as much noise. I paused for a minute even though I could feel there was a load more to come out, then giving a little push I dropped another long turd and then a couple of small ones. I waited a moment then deciding I was done I stood up. The three long turds were sort of coiled around in the pan with the smaller two just laid on top. 'Connor stared into the pan for a moment then said with a grin 'Looks like you can be proud of that one as well', which I was.

I wiped up, flushed the toilet then put a brush around the bowl to get rid of the remains of the evidence and opened the window wide to try and get rid of the stink before our mums came back. After that we went to my bedroom and on the computer to try out the new game. Nothing more was said about it until Connor mentioned it the other day although I had told Luke about it after we'd met up with Connor on another occasion.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lindsey first welcome to the site I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

To: Jessi great story it sounds like Misty had good poop during the night and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Gary yep I have and I have seen plenty of skidmarks varying in size and amount and also unflushed or not fully flushed loads some were pretty impressive and packed punch stink wise but it didn't bother me one bit and great story about Mara's poops.

To: Chloe B it sounds like you and Nicole both had a rough day luckily you both made it the toilet in time and avoided having accidents and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jessica great story.

To: Amber great story I bet that felt great after a big poop like that and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sheena B great story about your big poop I bet you felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Yesterday while I was at the bookstore a woman went into the bathroom and began to pee then I heard a couple of good sized plops and about an hour ago a woman went into the bathroom and I heard a big fart blast then a flush but she didn't get im guesing she was trying to avoid stinking the bathroom up she then wiped so 2 good catches.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Morning dumps

Morning, everyone. Just had quite the poop. There were three in the past two hours total thanks to a certain energy drink I partake in every now and then. The first one was a couple little pieces. I sat down and played on my phone in my den while my girlfriend naps on the couch with our son (he woke up super early, three year olds don't know how to sleep very well =P). While she was still awake she complained of ???? aches and farted pretty loudly a few times before holding our son to sleep again. I had to poop again and this time I had released a couple medium plops, feeling pretty good I wiped and went back to the den on my phone. About an hour later (just now) I had that hot feeling against my anus and I knew it was going to be a runnier dump than usual. This drink always does it for me, but it works so well in keeping me ready for action. I sat down and didn't even have to push. It all just gushed out, maybe taking 10 seconds total to finish up but I remained seated as I had to pee. Wiped, stood up and was surprised to see that the hole was blocked full of crap. I didn't feel like that much had come out but damn, it was pretty full in there.

My honey had a nice poo yesterday in the morning before I had to go to work. She took her yoga pants down and sat. A big fart barreled out of her and she sighed gently. I was caught staring at her thighs, for they hang a bit over the edge of the toilet seat, I love it. I carressed her legs and she continued to look at her facebook feed while I admired her beauty. She farted once more, this one just as loud, yet longer and tapered off in a fizzle. A minute passed and I heard a quiet, wet, crackle come from beneath, within the bowl. It was short and then a gentle plop sounded out. Following that another quiet, wet, crackle but shorter and this poo came out quicker as if they fell out one after another. One more quick, little splat and she was done. Sat for a few more minutes to make sure she was empty and wiped her beautiful, big butt.

She usually has pretty dry poops, so I relish in these soft dumps she takes, they don't happen as often as they need to. She's pretty irregular, but I'm trying to help her with it. She appreciates my care and attention to her health. We plan to get a home juicer and go on a 30 day juice diet. I can't wait for that, she's going to have a complete clean out.

However, yesterday while I was at work she was shopping at a walmart with her mom and the children. The urge to poop took hold of her once more. She texted me saying that she was trying to hold it, and had successfully done so because one restroom was closed, while the other had two out of four toilets working, and in such use that the line exceeded the doorway. Her dump receded back into her system for later purging I suppose, but she still had to pee quite badly so she waited in line. She told me some bigger gal, two women in front of her had taken a fierce poop and when she cleared the stall she apologized out loud, about how she had eaten Mexican food or some such nonsense. My baby was surprised at how clean the toilets were though and she said she wasn't going to try and poop there with a line out the door already, when she dumps she usually takes 30 minutes so public bathrooms are generally out of the question unless she's got the runs and can't hold it at all. Anyway, I'm still waiting for her to release her next dump, I'm sure it will be fantastic as she said it was hurting her at first so it must be pretty big. Have a good one, y'all.

Sunday, December 21, 2014


poo in debenhams...

Yesterday (sat 20th) my mate Stacey & I went xmas shopping finishing off in town
we got the bus the 20 miles & i felt the need for this poo. I was wearing a grey mini skirt & black tights with a black jumper. I was starting to fidget & realise how desperate i was on the bus. Clenching, & starting to sweat, i told Stace the first thing we were doing was going to debenhams loos.
we got there eventually & i was sooooo desperate.
arriving at the loos, i went in & pulled my skirt & tights down & immediately & very loudly exploded plops in to the loo. About 8 in that explosion, then a load of mushy plops that fell with a slurp rather than a defined plop fell on top of that. I had a ???? ache & waited for more. Then they came another 5 mushy wet slimy small nugget sized light brown sludgy poos on top of the rest. I wiped 6 times pulled my stuff up sprayed, flushed, washed hands and we went shopping.


Unisex bathroom

Hi everybody I'm Lindsey I have blonde hair, I'm thin, and weigh 184lbs, and I'm 24 years old. At the Christmas Tree Shop, I was shopping with my 4 kids. The oldest are my 2 twins who are 10 years old are James and Sarah. Then my youngest is Kiara, then my youngest son is Christopher. So anyways we were at the store shopping and Kiara said she needed to use the toilet and after all my kids said they needed to go. So we went to the bathrooms outside and we walked to the family restroom which had 4 stalls and 1 urinal. James, Sarah and Kiara went into the stalls when Chris went to the urinal. I looked in James' stall and he pulled down his pants to his ankles. Sarah had her sweats at her ankles and also Kiara. 20 minutes later, I looked in James' toilet and there was a pile of poop in there and so wasn't Sarah's and Kiara's. We continued shopping after that.

the other morning I had gone into the bathroom and right away I noticed the smell of poo, then I saw it, in Makayla's potty chair the was a huge thick poo, and then another poo that was really long curling around in the bin had to be over a foot long. I found out latter that Misty had gone to the bathroom half asleep in the middle of the night, and had sat down on the potty chair that was right next to the toilet.

she didn't even remember going that night but Milly said Misty had woke her up when she was leaving the room farting.


To George&Brandon+Story

George, great story about getting to smell your sister in law's crapola. Sounds like she is a healthy girl. Brandon, I like hearing about your "catches". Don't you ever go in after they are done to check out the "aftermath"? I know I would.
I would like to tell you about a girl I work with named Mara. I think you would like her. I work in an office and share a toilet with 8 women. I am the only man except for the boss who has his own bathroom. One of the women I work with is a secretary named Mara. She is in her early 30s and fairly tall. I would say about 5'10" in her heels. She has a thick solid build with big legs, behind and chest. She has long blond hair and kind of an oval face. She wears wire framed glasses. She is attractive but not in the way that wins beauty contests.
We all share one small bathroom and Mara tears it up every day between 2:00 and 2:30 in the afternoon. I always know when she is on the way to the toilet by her distinctive walk. She walks very fast and takes small steps. Our hallways are tile and her heels make a "click click" sound almost like a typewriter. She usually spends about 10 minutes doing her business and I always check it out after she is done. She always leaves behind an almost unbelievably intense fog that is usually eggy/meaty (to use George's term). The bottom of the toilet is always heavily soiled with medium brown skidmarks around the intake hole. She never forgets to flush but she is somewhat careless about making sure everything goes down. I think she puts the lid down before she flushes. On 5 or 6 occasions I have seen stools of hers that haven't made it down the toilet. They have been thick, mid brown, compact floaters of varying length that are usually pointed on one end.
I don't know what this lady eats but on a few occasions she has even outdone herself. For example, the day after Thanksgiving she got rid of something that smelled so strong I am amazed her turds didn't melt the porcelain toilet. She is very quiet and shy and I wonder what she would think if she knew how much I enjoy her daily visits. In any case I am happy I get to share a toilet with her. Lets all raise a glass to her continued "good health".

Sonya Sue

Differences in my Grade School's Bathrooms

There were quite a few differences in my grade school's bathrooms. To my way of thinking, they got progressively worse as we got older and prepared for middle school. Yet they were all in the same building, only one different floors and in different wings of the school.

In kindergarten we only went half day so there wasn't as much use of the bathroom. There was a boys and a girls toilet closet right in our room. I remember there were rules on the outside and inside of the door. The one that was most threatening to me at age 5 was that we had to flush. The toilets were small, white seated and a little lower than we had at home. But I was afraid to flush, even though it was a flusher built into the tank just like we had at home, because one time a couple of the students crapped, didn't flush and I peed on it, and the flush caused the stool to overflow to the point where I got my shorts wet. I was still seated and slow in getting my shorts up. Luckily, there was a drain under my feet to catch the water so that it didn't run out and into the classroom, because we were having nap/rest time and students were on their rugs resting near the door.

Our classrooms were at the other end of the floor for 1st, 2nd & 3rd grades and there was a separate bathroom for these grades. Even with like 10 stalls, these bathrooms were tougher to use when our class was given its 10 minute break. Some of the girls were on the stool for like all 10 minutes and that made it tougher for some of the others to get their time in on the stool. All but 2 of the cubicles had doors, but you couldn't latch them shut. There were no latches. Once a week or so I would be sitting peeing and someone would come running in, throw the door open and it would bruise my knees. Now the toilets were normal size, the seats were black and a lot bigger than necessary for the 6 or 7 year old butt to be productive on. The toilet paper was in like 3 " by 3" squares that you pulled down out of a holder. We hated those, but there were less bowl overflow problems, although often the papers were strown on the floor around the toilet. One of the biggest things I learned was to sit back on the seat as far as I could so that I wouldn't get hit as bad if the door was flung open onto me. A few of the girls in my class were adventurous, I guess, because they always took the doorless stall rather than to wait for another one to open. I remember one of my friends suggusted that I use the doorless stall too because it was cleaner. I never tried that though.

By 4th, 5th & 6th grade, we were on the top level. These bathrooms, while not any larger, were used a lot more because the art, music, and PE areas were up there so there was a lot more traffic. There was a lot more vandalism, and by my last year all but one of the doors was removed. I know when some of us complained, we were told we had to "earn them back" but no matter how hard we tried, they were never put back on the hinges. We were told the janitors found the bathrooms trashed too often, and faucets were left on and sometimes overflowed the sinks, and despite sitting without a door, a few girls did sneak in a smoke because even though the seats were larger and black, if you looked carefully ou could see burn marks on them. In some cases, these burns were like the size of a quarter and if they were in the right part of the seat, they made our sit a little more uncomfortable. I remember a couple of times I waited (in pain) for another stall to open because there was smoke and butts in front of a toilet and I didn't want to get blamed if a teacher walked in while I was using the toilet. Once when I had completed a troublesome crap that took me a few minutes to drop, my student teacher told me when I returned to class that I smelled of smoke. Of course, I didn't smoke and I denied it but it still scared me.

Of course, things didn't get any better when I got to the junior high because we still had those small pre-cut squares of toilet paper. Once or twice when I had a messy crap, it would take me 12 or 15 squares to clean myself and, even then, my hand would smell. One thing was pretty certain though. I waited until I really needed to use the bathroom and I wasn't just going in to play around or get out of a boring class because the conditions were pretty bad.

Chloe B

Mall dump with the sis

Over the weekend me and my sister decided to go to the mall for the day. We got there around lunch and ate at this Chinese food place in the food court. We shopped around for a while and as we were in a fittingroom my sis tells me her stomach is upset and that she really had to poo! We got dressed and made our way to the restrooms. She's only 12 and I'm 14 so I waited on her and watched people go into the stalls. I really didn't need to go. So she's wearing the white short shorts with sandals and she pulls her panties down to her knees and let's out a torrents of loose turds with a ton of farts! I could here her grunt and sigh the food really didn't agree with her. While she was having diareaha 2 women who looked about mid 20s came in and they took a couple stalls over and I over heared one fart and let out some logs while the other peed and washed her hands. Meanwhile my sister ( her name is Nicole) was still pooping! I asked her if she was ok and she said that she was it was just the food we had. She let out s few more darts with some liquid poop and then wiped and left her liquid poop mess unflushed. We decided to shop some more and after a while my stomach started to hurt! We were at this boutique and they had private bathrooms in the back. I told her I needed to poop so we both went in. I pulled my yoga pants and thong down to my ankles and let out a hiss of farts and mushy poop! My sister said it smelled so bad! I continued to fart and poop just kept on coming! My stomach was really upset! I had a couple more waves of mushy and wet diareaha. After it was over It took 7 wipes to get everything clean. The toilet bowel was a brown mess and the smell was just horrendous! The food we ate must've been bad!! Anyways we want home after that and told my mom that we both had diareaha and she agrees that it was the food! More stories to come! Bye!

Little Mandi
Hey guys,
I feel like I haven't been on here in years! I havent even had anything to post.
My body decided it wanted to be bi polar on me. Yesterday I was starting to feel better now today I feel like crap again. My cough is getting worse sounding and now I'm all stuffed up and sneezy.
Anyway, I'm young so of course I do stupid things sometimes. Tonight after work I decided to hang out with some co workers. They all were smoking and I decided to take a hit even though I knew I shouldnt have considering how I been coughing but me being young and stupid did it anyway and oh man did it set my cough off. I started having a huge coughing fit. I decided to just go home cause I knew it wasn't gonna stop. I was coughing so powerfully that it was making me pee. I could feel squirts coming out into my underwear. I had to stop and cross my legs before I had a full blown pee accident. Anyway, I made it to the bathroom and finished my pee in the toilet. Luckily my underwear wern't too too wet so I was able to keep them on till I got home. Note to self never go near smoke with a bad cough again. haha
Hope all is well with everyone. =)


Story and reply to kmd


KMD: thank you for your insightful post. It really makes sense now you tell it. Every time I hold my poop, I have to fart a lot. I can do it modestly, and those farts
usually only have a faint smell. However, as I am quite a regular pooper, I rarely have to wait for relief.
George: I really liked your story. Keep posting!
I'll tell you a short story that happened last weekend. As I had had a harsh week, I slept late on Saturday. When I stood up, I went for a pee (always the very first
thing I do in the morning!) which was very long: the longer I sleep, the longer my morning pee. Do you also notice it? Then I made coffee. Lena and her boyfriend (let's
call him Jamie) were already cleaning up their breakfast. This is unusual as I almost always stand up before Lena, especially when Jamie is sleeping over. So I ate
toasts with jam while reading news on my phone. It felt very relaxed. I just sat there reading after I finished when my post-breakfast urge hit me. So I went to the
bathroom, locked the door, pulled my pajama and pants down to my ankles and sat on the bowl. It wasn't long before my anus opened and my first turd dropped with a

plosh. I remained seated while scrolling through some further news. I felt more poop coming, so I pushed a little and three short, soft turds escaped in a rapid

succession. Then I peed five seconds and was done. I wiped carefully my front, then my back, three times. I stood up and looked into the bowl: I think made a decent-

sized poo. I flushed and used the brush to remove the skidmarks at the back of the toilet. I was too lazy to wait for the cistern to fill up again to flush another

time so I left the bathroom.
As soon as I started doing the dishes, I heard footsteps and Jamie walked past me straight to the bathroom. I was soo embarrassed because of the smell I might have

left! For sure he knew I just had a poo. At least he didn't see how red I was. Suddenly, while washing a plate, I heard some grunting; at least he was having a poo

too! It was not the first time I witnessed him pooping, but it definitely made me feel better in this moment. Seven minutes later or so, I heard paper being pulled

from the dispenser and then the toilet was flushed. A moment later, the Jamie flushed a second time! What a beast he must have produced... He washed his hand and went back to Lena's room, smiling shyly when our eyes met. I went back to my room too. After they left the flat, I had to pee again, so I went to the bathroom and open the toilet lid. What I saw surprised me: the water was dark brown, but there was no poo in the bowl. I thought nothing of it, flushed, had my pee and flushed again. As the day went on, every time I would go to the toilet I would find brown water. Eventually, on Sunday morning the water would be clear again. Has something similar ever happened to you?

I notice that recently, there are almost only women stories. Men, where are you? Please post too! And for all the women here, please post about your boyfriends/husbands/sons.


it's been a really long time since I've posted here, but I got something to post.

it was when I was getting off work, (I work at a 24 hour convenience store) before I was leaving I had went to the rest room to pee and while I was there a girl came in and went in the first stall, she seemed to be in a hurry
then I heard her peeing loudly and sighing, I was being pretty quite so I doubt she knew I was there. I had heard her talking to herself, heard her say "oh god that was close" then I could hear phone sounds I think she was texting
she peed for a long time, I was mostly just sitting there listening, waiting for her to leave cause I'm kinda shy about going in public. after a bit I heard a loud plop then I hear her under her breath "god that felt huge"
I just kept hearing her phone for a few minutes then I heard a couple more plops over the next couple of mins then I heard the sound of her getting tp and using it, a few times then I heard her leave the stall and the sink running
then her walk out
anyways that girl didn't flush, she'd like clogged the toilet, there was like a huge poop and a real long poop and a 2 others floating, and her tp was in the small trash we keep next to each toilet, just glad I didn't have to handle it, I was pretty tired after finishing up, I went home and straight to bed.

Sheena B
Hello everyone. Not long ago I was in my last period of class in my high school when I had to take a monster dump. I had to pee real badly too. I thought I could make it past my last class, hop on the school bus and have my enormous log at home. But it was no use. I was squirming in my seat too much and before creating a very bad accident in my designer jeans, I got a bathroom pass from my teacher and rushed to the ladies room. Inside I quickly yanked down my pants and panties and sat on the bowl. I then ripped a great booming fart as a huge, solid log started to come out of my ass. I also started to piss in the bowl like a broken faucet as my log grew simply enormous. I then looked down to see a gigantic, fat stick of dynamite hanging out of my butt. "MMMM!" I moaned in pleasure as my log jumped even greater in size. I loved the fact of me enjoying the pleasure of pushing out this giant log, instead of listening to my teachers boring lecture. I then gave one last mighty squeeze "Whammo!" I cried in pleasure as I exploded my Mighty atom bomb into the bowl. My log was enormous and very fat. And Like usual my log was impossible to flush so I left it there for the poor school janitor to take care of. Whoops! sorry about that. Boy ! did I stink up that ladies room with my monster log. I then got back to my class feeling very much relieved. Hoped you enjoyed my story.Bye now.

TO Abby- Hello. I enjoyed your story titled "My Morning shit"

To John H- Hello. I enjoyed your "Spicy dump story"

To Brandon T- Hello. Thanks always for your nice comments. Your sweet. I enjoy your stories too.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby C as always another great story it sounds like you and Christine both had good poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma as always another great desperate poop story

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

I was walking around the store with my mom when I got the sudden urge to poop. We had just started shopping and I don't like using public bathrooms to poop so I decided to wait. We continued shopping and I continued holding. After about 20 minutes the urge got stronger. We were almost done shopping so again I waited. We got to checkout and the lines were very long. My mom remembered she forgot something that was across the store and asked if I would go get it as she held our spot. I said I would and made my way over. With every step my need for the toilet increased until finally I saw what my mom was talking about. I quickly snatched it off the shelf and spun back around to head to my mom. My stomach quickly protested and the need became so strong that I had to freeze and clench as hard as I could. I thought if I continued to do this the urge would go away but it only got worse. I stop there and was soon breathing heavily and shaking. I tried to take one step and with that a mushy poop forced its way out of my butt and into my pants. I was so surprised that I accidentally relaxed more and another, more watery poop made its way into my pants. My need to go was still very strong so I stayed where I was. Finally I realized I couldn't just stand there so I took another step and another watery log joined the others. Realizing there was no hope I completely relaxed and another log shot out along with some completely liquid poop. I then walked to the front of the store avoiding eye contact and just walked to my car. I texted my mom from inside the car after I had set a towel down and we immediately went home.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Post Title (optional)need to go

I had been constipated for a couple of days so I thought I should take a laxative to help the process along. It was about 5 in the afternoon when I took Milk of Magnesium which I had done several times in the past but not for about 2 years. When I had taken it before I got relief in as little as an hour. This time it did not seem to be working. About 10 I was planning to go to bed but I really wanted to go before then. So sat on the toilet and tried to get something started. Finally after a lot of pushing I got several hard pieces out but although I knew there must be alot more to come nothing did. So I finally gave up and went to bed. I must have fallen right to sleep but I had some crazy dreams about having to poop really bad in a big crowd of people and not knowing where I was or where the nearest bathroom was. Then I woke up and quickly realized that I needed a toilet RIGHT NOW. So I got up and rushed to the bathroom dropping by PJ's I lundged to the toilet just in time as a massive Daria attack hit me. After I was done I went back to bed only to have rush back in less than 20 minutes for more of the same. I made it thru the rest of the night without difficulty and really felt o k the next morning.


Reply to Jemma

Hi its John B.

On reading your last two posts it could almost be my wife writing. For instance the earlier post you were bunged up for a couple of days, solid motion then a few loose sessions.

Last Sunday morning, 14 December my wife had an extremely solid motion consisting in the main of three knobbly logs of about 8" long. This was after two days of not going. It took her about 20 mins to evacuate her bowels and it extremely painful for her to pass, in fact she was squeezing my hand whilst seated on the loo. The size and hardness of her turds caused her to have an anal fissure as evidenced by the blood on the paper, hardly any poo stain because the turds were so dry!

Long story short about two hours or so later she had an urgent need for another poo, this time completely different. Splat! Again later in the day another splat. This is not an unusual occurrence and she has been to the GP and given stool samples. Crohn's and IBS have been ruled out and apparently its a side effect of her diabetic medication, Metformin.

Sorry if I've bored you Jemma but I've been amazed by the similarity of your respective bowel habits. You take care poppet and in case I don't post before may I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and may your New Year be all that you want it to be xx.

A Merry Christmas to all on this forum x

Take care

John B x

So I was on the way home from dennys after having my order of chicken strips and two cups of hot chocolate. After we finished and before we paid I started to get a bit of a stomach ache
I ignored it as we started to drive the boys home. I soon realized I had to poop and actually became quite desperate very quickly. We dropped the first boy off and some pressure left when I was able to open the window and sneak out a few farts. After dropping off the second boy the pain became unbearable and I became unsure if I would make it home. We headed that way and I clenched as hard as I could. We made it to the driveway and I was in full on panic mode. My mother slowly got out of the car to unlock the door. Finally I flew to the bathroom and opened the door. I don't know if it was the sudden sense of relief or what but as I closed the door behind me a large amount of poop filled my pants. I froze but quickly started to fiddle with my belt all the while continuing to fill my underwear. I got my belt undone but at that point it seemed pointless. I relaxed my lower half, squatted slightly, and pushed. Immediately warm poop went everywhere. I didn't think there was that much but it just kept coming. The force became so strong that I actually had to sit down on the toilet with my pants still up to steady myself. I wanted to lower my jeans at this point but I knew that would cause an even bigger mess. What seemed like ages later I finally felt empty and eased my way off the seat. Something shifted inside me and suddenly there was more. I didn't know how much more my pants could take as this round too was powerful. It was powerful and there was a lot of it. I knew it had seeped out of my underwear into my jeans at this point. I knew this time I was done and decided to inspect the damage. I slowly pulled down my pants, which my poop had snuck onto, and then my underwear. My poop was almost completely liquid and had to be poured into the toilet before I could even take them off. I then took everything else off and hopped into the shower. It was a very rough night.

Home Pooper

Continuing to learn to poop in public restrooms

Hello everyone! This is my second post on this site. My first post, over on page 2406, talks about how I never have any urge or need to poop in public restrooms, and how I would like to change this in an effort to maybe make me more regular, increase my metabolism, and not go days without pooping when I'm away from home. In the past, I've gone on vacations for several days to over a week and often will go the whole trip without pooping or maybe going once, and it's not that I won't go, it's that I never feel like I need to, until I get home and have to take a massive dump. This mentality really applies anywhere outside of home; I never feel a need to go poop at stores, restaurants, etc., but I will sometimes have an immediate need to go the minute I get home. The goal is to "public potty train" myself to correct this.

In my last post I talked about two instances where I have been "teaching" myself to poop in public restrooms; once where I went at Target, and another where I went at work. I have since moved to a different building at my job, but the men's room in this building has a similar set up to the last building, consisting of two urinals and two stalls (a regular and a handicapped). Trying to give myself experience with toilets away from home, many days at work I have been stopping by the restroom to do a "daily try" where I sit on the toilet and try to poop, even if I don't feel any need to go. I will admit, I think it is starting to help. Some days, especially toward the beginning, I would be unsuccessful getting anything other than pee to come out, but my last few attempts I have been getting some poop to come out, even if it's just a small little clump and not a "regular load". I think that my repeated efforts might be teaching my body that it's okay to need to go and it's okay to be on a regular schedule, not having to work around anything.

Yesterday was my most successful poop at work yet. Shortly after lunch, I started to feel like I might need to go (which in itself is a big deal, because the whole issue to start with is that I never feel any need to go). I headed over to the restroom. I have been somewhat alternating between the handicapped and regular stall based on what I'm feeling at the time, although I have been tending to pick the regular sized stall lately because the toilet in the handicapped stall is right up against the wall where the toilet paper dispenser is, so I have to sit at a slight angle. It's not uncomfortable or anything, but the regular stall is just more "centered". Honestly, the regular stall gives me all the room I need; the handicapped stall is just a lot of empty space.

At any rate, I still will choose between the two. Yesterday I walked in and examined the stalls. The seat in the regular stall was up, and the seat in the handicapped stall was down but seemed a tad dirty; it wasn't a skidmark on it, but it had some sort of mark or dirt or something. At any rate, I walked into the regular stall and lowered the seat. This caused the automatic flusher to go off, since the seat blocks the sensor when it's up. I made sure the stall had toilet paper and when the toilet finished flushing, I sat down.

When I began to push, I let out a loud fart. I rarely fart when I poop at home, but whenever I try to go at work, it always starts with a loud fart - no idea why. I peed a bit (as I mentioned in my last post, my body always pees before I can poop) and then began to push out some poop. I was proud that it was almost a regular sized load, especially compared to how much I had been producing at work. Not bad work considering I didn't "have" to go, I just felt like I might be able to and went to try.

Hopefully my repeated efforts will reinforce to my body that it's okay to need to go at any time. I keep mentally telling myself when I'm in the restroom that I'm the only one in there (I have been the only one in there every time so far), and that the restroom is all mine to stink up - let it all out! Fart and poop my guts out! I'm hoping that this "training" will also transfer to real world scenarios such as stores, gas stations, airports, and restaurants. My body needs to learn that all it needs to do is let me know that I have to go, and I will take myself to the restroom to take care of it. I have yet to feel any
urges/need to poop outside of work (or really any "urges" to go at work) and have not pooped outside of home/work other than the time at Target that my last post talks about. Wish me luck on my continued journey to learning to poop in public restrooms! (And please share any advice you may have)

Victoria B.

School Days

Now that I'm finished with what turned out to be an extremely busy semester I can be a bit more active on here again. I've followed the new posts regularly but I just haven't had time to write about my own visits to the bathroom until now. It's good to be back!

I've been surprised to hear that so many people had the same logbook (no pun intended!) system for students needing to use the toilet during class as I did. There were three columns: name, time, and why we needed to be excused (number one, number two, feeling sick). My teachers were generally understanding and very rarely turned down a student who needed to use the restroom. There was one notable exception to the rule: the time when one of the boys in my first grade class stole the notebook! It mysteriously reappeared after a few days of reduced toilet privileges. For those days, only one student could be gone at once. This was hard on kids like me who tended to take longer to go and I do remember receiving a few angry looks that week.

I was a shy kid and I remember several close calls that resulted from my trepidation about having to write '#2' in the same row as my name. It didn't help that our bathrooms were in such a dreadful state. Doorless stalls were the norm, as were broken sinks and dryers. The seats were some of the most uncomfortable that I have ever placed my bare bottom upon. They were made of a thick, black plastic and were characterized by a design that featured no contouring to human thighs, hips, and bums whatsoever. The worst part was the toilet paper though. It was about as thin as paper could be made and almost invariably rewarded its users with some unwanted personal contact. In the long run, having to use such spartan facilities probably helped me get over my shyness. It still didn't make walking back to class with a sore butt any less awkward, though.

Does anyone else remember the state of the facilities in their elementary/primary school?

Abby C
Hi, today in World Language (Period 4) I was learning spanish and there was a girl in my class who left to go to the girls room. About 3 minutes later I had to go really bad, so I raised my hand and asked if I could go. She said I could go. I left and opened the door and headed in. The classmate was on the toilet and I took the stall next to her. Her name was Christine and she was my age. I sat down with my feet at the floor because the toilets were low and my sweat pants and underwear were at my ankles so she could see my legs. I pushed and 2 logs went in with a fart. Christine was grunting loud and farting. I tried to push again but no logs came out so I took off my pants and squatted over the bowl. Meanwhile she looked like she took off her pants also to poop. I started to wipe and so didn't she I came out of the stall and Christine was putting her pants and underwear back on so her bum was pointing at me. Well thats all for today everybody bye, Abby C


To Shelbi

Dear Shelbi,

I'm really glad that you found my advices were useful and with them you had really nice day after really nice motion. I hope that happen to you often from now. I didn't say in last mail, but yoghourt is good too if you want satisfying motion.

I surprised very much you wrote that loo is doorless. That's mean is, there is no door, and everyone who walk outside can see you sitting on the loo?? I never seen such kind of loo. Men wee standing, everyone see them, but never women, here. Toilets always have door. Which country do you live? I know that loos don't have door in China sometimes. But I think your name not Chinese.

I can do motion in front of my lovely friends but I can't do motion in front of stranger even she is woman. I think you are very very very brave person.

Love from Mina


after work desperate poo yesterday.

So at work yesterday i was really very busy dealing with clients that i just did not have the time to poo. I'd needed this poo for a good 3hrs before finallly letting it go in my loo once home from work

I have got really good bowel muscles to keep it in & i've never had an accident, yet!!
I have IBS not necessarily D or C, i just go for very urgent poos about 5 times a day approx & then get constipated for about 3 days very occassionally.
i have been tested for other stomach/bowel issues but all came back clear so it definitely is only IBS.
Anyway - this major desperate poo i had when i got home from work. Fidgeting at work, clenching my butt cheeks, & sitting uncomfortably driving home in the car, i crossed my legs as i found my door keys to open the front door (having just used my car keys to lock the car) & legged it to my downstairs loo.
chucking my skirt & tights down i sat on the seat & immediately crackled out loose slimy plops in to my loo. 10 all together, light brown/yellow, and all mushed together when i got up to look at my creation.
i decided to wipe my bum standing up for a change & rather liked it. 4 attempts to clean up, flushed, sprayed my air freshener, then i jumped in the shower.
more soon as always x

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mina great story it sounds like Hisae was very desperate luckily she had good friends with her to watch out for people coming and lucky you had wet wipes with you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Allen great story about your girlfriend pooping.

To: Megan as always another great pooping story it sounds like you and all those other women and girls all were pretty desperate and all had good poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sheena B great story about your big poop I bet you felt amazing afterwards and I bet who ever was next got a surprise and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Joy great story about your accident and how your son helped you out.

To: Brittany D first welcome to the site and great story please post anymore you may have thanks.

To: Tina first welcome to the site and great set of stories it sounds like in your first one it sounds like your daughters friend Leah really had to poop a lot and it sounds like she had a good cleanout to and in your second story it sounds like that cheerleader was pretty desperate and probably just made it in time to the toilet and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Abby first welcome to the site and great story about your morning poop it sounds like had a good one and I bet you and that other girl felt good afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Jemma great story about your desperate poops it sounds like you had a good cleanout and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

About an hour ago while I was at the bookstore a girl went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet and began pee then she got off the toilet for a second cause she forgot to lock the door then she sat back on the toilet and then I stated hearing some plops of various sizes and I think farted a couple times to so another great catch.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

John H

Spicy dump and a question

Hi all.
Had a very enjoyable dump today.
I had a large spicy curry last night and that normally leads to a good pooping session the next day and today was no different.
I felt a strong pressure building and I blasted out several long loud farts
Later we had a friend over and I decided to hold it untoil they left.
By the time they left the load was really banging on my back door.
When I sat on the toilet a soft fart came out before the crackling sound of my hole opening around the tip of my first log.
I clenched my hole and enjoyed thee feeling of the log going back in before relaxing and letting my body do its work.
I didn't push so the log moved out very slowly and I enjoyed the relief.
It was a very long log that split several times so there was lots of plopping soft farts and crackling, not to mention the strong smell that filled the room.
I pushed out some loud short farts after the first log had finaly made its way out but I knew there was more to come.
I pushed again and round two began
It was softer poo but still felt great to push out.
It felt hot as it slightly tingled my ring on the way out. I guess this was a result of the spices I hhad eaten. Does anyone else have this experience after eating spicy food?

That's all for now, take care all,
John H.


To SchoolTeacherKaylee

Is the toilet visit log meant to catch skivers (kids avoiding lessons) or diagnose constipation/UTIs, or both? And if the latter, what does the nurse do?
I'm not just asking for the usual reasons. I work for the local council and I worked in a school for a few days once, when they were changing their software. It was one of those schools for ages 3 to 11 (a large diverse group), and my admin office was right next to some toilets and the school nurse's room. I never heard anything disturbing but I glanced in the nurse's room twice. Firat time I was surprised to see the cardboard hats for shit-sample collection. Second time - to my amazement - there was an infant-size pear-shaped enema sitting there.
That's something which I thought just didn't happen in modern schools (in Britain anyway).


Pooing On Poo--Is There An Alternative?

For those of us who regularly poo away from home, Abby's story is something we regularly experience. It's tough to close off a public toilet, especially during busy hours like in the early morning and someone's not always available to plunge a clogged toilet.

For example, this past summer Miranda and I went on one of our extended bike rides using trails on the other side of our city. It was about 10 a.m. and I told Miranda that after two hours I had the need to wee and she said the activity and humidity was causing her to feel a poo coming on. So we got off the trail and cut through a couple of yards to get to this small gas station we usually stop at. We went around the back to where the bathrooms were and there was a stop sign like sign on each of the doors saying that we had to go in and get the key from a manager. So Miranda went in to get the key for us. She came back kind of surprised. The old guy who we have never had trouble with before (he's actually kind of funny because he told us before that toilets clog easier today because of something president Carter did many years ago to save the amount of water used in each flush) told her the ladies toilet was clogged and that he didn't have time to fix it. She plead our case, but not before he started cursing and then luckily he gave us the key to the mens room.

So me and Miranda opened the door and she was already pulling at her shorts and ready to seat herself when I asked her to let me wee first. She said no way and seated herself for a poo. So I turned to the sink and used a paper towel to clean some of the sweat off my face. Of course, my hair was dripping too from the humidity. There was about 10 seconds patter from her pee and then I felt the front of her knees push into the back of mine and I could see in the mirror that she was spreading her legs wider and as she was sliding forward faster on the toilet as she lowered her head to her lap and was pushing much harder. Finally, she made a sound like she was picking up a heavy box, and she looked between her legs and swore with a couple of words. She said she was almost done and she pulled for the toilet paper. There was none. Then she asked me to pull down a brown paper towel for her. Of course, I had used the last one and I reached down and took it out of the trashcan and handed it to her. She stood, and bumping into me, did about four wipes using different parts of the towel. Then we switched positions and I seated myself and took my wee.

Both Miranda and I could see that the gas station had two clogged toilets. And she was right when we took the key in and laid it on the counter. There was no way we dared stop at that station on the way back from our ride.

I'm feeling better now so I hope I have energy to tell you story of Hisae's emergency, it's more than a month ago now.

We all four took day off from company to go to see red leaves in hills near our city. We chose Wednesday because on Saturday and Sunday very crowded, so we used annual leave. We were lucky to get same day.

We took cable car to top of hill. At the top not many people, but many nice trees. The man who closed door of the cable car said, on Saturday and Sunday we have to wait an hour to ride cable car.

We found a good place to eat lunch boxes. We sat down on grass and ate and talked and ate and talked. Then we walked around and took photos. And enjoyed view.

Suddenly Hisae said, is there loo near here.

We looked and found signboard with a map. It said loo was very far. Hisae said, oh dear, I have problem, I want to go very much, I think it's going to come out soon and I can't wait until I get to loo.

Maho said, you can go in bushes over there. big forest of bushes! Maybe if you go inside nobody see.

I don't know if it is legal to go to loo in bushes in Japan. People don't do that so much. But Hisae said, I must go, if not I do it all in my panties! So we all went to bushes. We went in and found open space surrounded by thick bushes, like little room. Maho said, I keep guard at entrance, Mina and Kazuko, you stay near Hisae. We said OK.

So Hisae bared her bottom and squat down. Kazuko one side of her, me other side, big bag in front, bushes behind . Very very quickly, three very long turds on the ground. Hisae really needed go. She had strong wee after motion.

I signaled to Maho, anyone coming? Maho said all clear, so I said Hisae, you can go more if you like, no one coming. Hisae nodded her head. And then lots of mushy on top of turds,all same coffee color. Kazuko said in little voice, poor Hisae, you must felt bad stomachache didn't you? Hisae said yes, very painful. But better now. But brown pile got bigger just after that.

She did little bit more and then said finish. We all carry wet wipes in bags, so plenty for Hisae to clean her bottom. We put them in plastic bag, then we can throw away them in trash can.

Hisae said sorry, but we said to her, no sorry, we love you, everyone has such kind of emergency sometimes, actually I did before and Hisae knows that. She put on jeans and we went out of bushes, Maho said very lucky, no one came near. We didn't bury motion, we thought if anyone go in there it will be with same reason, if they put foot in big brown pile they can't see, then big problem for them, better that motion is easy to see.

So we went around and enjoyed red leaves, we met a few people and said hello. Everyone is friendly when we look at red leaves, but at week-end not friendly because too many people. We said "sweet Hisae" to Hisae many times so she doesn't feel bad or shame.

In late afternoon we went down in cable car, there was loo at bottom, and trash can, so we throw away plastic bag and then all went into loo, it was non-flushing type, you just leave wee and motions and go out of loo. I went into right stall, then Hisae, then Kazuko, then Maho, four stalls adjoin. We could hear four waterfalls at same time, then I heard splat sound about seven times, I said, are you OK, Hisae said yes, just need to finish job. Kazuko and I quickly finish, Maho was bit slower, Hisae was slowest but not so long.

Hisae said, sorry, my stomach bad temper today. Maho said, not only you, I also did, but only one little one. no, quite big one, but only one. Hisae said, I'm glad it's not only me. Kazuko said to Maho, Maho I love you. I said, me too, and Hisae said, me too.

We went home to my flat and made arrangements for Maho's birthdays party, few days later, we decided to have in my flat. That is story for another day. We are all same school year, but Hisae is oldest because her BD is April. Kazuko July, Maho November, I'm baby because my BD is February. In Japan April birthday is oldest. March is youngest.

Next time I tell you macho's BD party, it was just before I started depression. I'm still taking medicine, but only little. And Shelbi, I'm very happy my advice was useful!


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