My little brothers poop session

I was looking after my 4 year old brother at home.i was watching a movie then my little brother came up to me saying he needs the potty. I said to him do u need to do a poo or wee. He wanted to do a poo I grabbed him and sat him down on his potty. He started straight away 3 long poops


Twenty something wetter and survey response

First off I started bedwetting in my twenties. I'm 30 now. It's quite alright and something I've just dealt with. The doctor said it's stress induced incontinence. I've had a few day accidents in my day, but nothing too embarrassing. I'll be honest, after a couple years of walking up wet, I got the nerve to wear Depends to bed. I'm married and my wife is totally fine with everything. Hey, it happens, right? Anyway, I saw that a few talked about wetting in your twenties, so I thought I'd share that that's me. And I also saw this survey I felt compelled to answer.

1. Have you ever peed your pants in front of a girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse? What happened?

Yes. I really had to go in the car stuck in traffic with no bathroom in sight. I couldn't hold it any longer and made a puddle on the seat. She was sympathetic and I cleaned it up of course once we go home.

2. Have you ever pooped your pants in front of your S.O? What happened?

Not my current wife, but a GF years ago. I was about 21 and we were making out on the beach at night. I had to go from the dinner we just had and she said to hold it. So I did. Big mistake. Few minutes later I couldn't hold it it was so bad and I went in my pants. So embarrassed. She wasn't too happy and took off. We didn't really do well after that.

3. Has your current/previous S.O. ever peed their pants in front of you? What happened, and how did you react?


4. Has your current/a previous S.O. ever pooped their pants in front of you? What happened, how did you react?


I read some posts about man's girlfriend who wipes from back to front after doing motions. I can't find now, reading English takes me long time and I didn't see number. But you (the man) said your girlfriend always does motions after come home from work.

When I was little, my mother said, never wipe from back to front. Always put hand behind your bottom like man does. Because if bacteria from motions get into vagina, it can be serious kidney disease and big fever. Actually I had once, maybe I was seven years old. So now I always wipe bottom only and then take paper away. And wipe vagina with separate paper.

My friend Kazuko surprised very much when I tell her. Her mother says, woman and man never do things same way, it is immoral. But I think health is more important. So please tell your girlfriend wipe bottom from behind. I don't want that she catch disease. You don't want either I think. Sometimes on this site man wipes girlfriend's bottom, wife's bottom. Maybe good idea, you can wipe very clean.

Good luck, from Mina

Monday, December 15, 2014


To Jasmin K

If you are that badly constipated, you should try citrate of magnesia. You put 1/3 cup of powder into 4 cups of water and drink it in the evening, then once again in the morning. It will make everything softer and easier to pass. Just be sure to stay close to toilet or wear something protective.


To Curious

Charlotte in Geordie Shore wets her bed regularly. She's a 24 year old girl wjo could better wear some protection.

Dude in distress

Very constipated again!

After 3 days of being unable to poop- I decided I was gonna get it out no matter what. I pushed and strained as hard as I could. I managed to get several pebbles out- but rectum was still so full and uncomfortable. After several attempts- I managed to make some progress.. It took nearly and hour and a half to get it all out- but what really helped me was changing positions. I rocked back and forth and it really helped . Does anyone ele do that?


Toilet Time

Hey everyone. Always loved the site, never actually posted. Got a thing for lovely girls going potty, I love pooping, doing it, watching it, hearing about it. So here I am with some stories of my own finally.

My girlfriend and I are really close and she knows full well of my enjoyment of hers and my own voiding of the bowels. We are both healthy poopers and love the feeling of a nice and full dump. She on the other hand, has no interest in watching me but we sit in the bathroom together all the time anyway as for the most part we end up having to potty at the same time. We have fun, and she loves being watched because it makes her feel attractive and wanted in a way that's completely new to her.

Just for a visual referrence she's 5'6" and I'm 6'. We both have brown hair, her's being in a pixie cut, mine just sort of long and messy most of the time. In our 20s, and white with celtic backgrounds. I keep myself fit at 185 lbs muscle and she is a healthy 170 with her weight being all in her gorgeous hips and butt.

Ok so I started taking fiber capsules a month ago and the first time pooping after a couple days on them was so satisfying. I work early mornings some days, like at 6 to 2 in the afternoon. I was doing my normal routine and my boss was there that morning doing some extra work so she was running around. Right around 10 I started getting that familiar feeling I've grown to love of a nice, solid poop sliding into the rectum just pushing on the anus wanting out. I held it in because I was still busy setting up the day and besides my boss was still there. The pressure became more intense with every minute and I had to squeeze pretty tight to keep it from coming out. At 11:15 she finally left and at the time then it wasn't urgent, but I definetly felt a big load in the lower portion of my abdomen. I continued to work more, and slowly it grew to be unbearable. It was at the point of stop and hit the toilet now or else. I had to go so badly, turning the corner I was already unbuckling my pants. I was lucky to be the only person at work then. I closed and locked the door, pulled my jeans down and sat. I didn't have to push, it sure didn't need it. The moment I had been down I relaxed a little and a huge poop started slowly sliding out. It was so thick, and so long. About 8" out it broke but it was still crackling it's way out. The second half slowed down and with another 6 inches it tapered off and plopped into the water. The whole experience was body tingling good. I had never taken such an epic poop before. There was still more so I pushed a little. A long and healthy, ripping fart came out, followed by a smaller, yet still sizeable piece. Another three plops after that one decreasing in size and I was finally finished. I was still in a pleasure shock from the first poop. I felt so light, and good. It was quite the relief. So I wiped and went back to work, the next day at the same time I had to go again, it turned out being a lot like what I just described. It seems these capsules are working wonders for both me and my mate, as she has been taking larger poops as well.

She has always been a loud farter. I can be in the kitchen, with the bathroom being on the other side of one wall. She always farts when she pees, so I'll be making our coffee in the morning sometimes and she gets up and goes pee. Through the wall I can hear her massive gas blowing out her backside, it's so adorable. She always has the kind of farts that make the heavy rips. They shake the floor when you're in the potty with her, not even kidding. I love her so much. Even when she farts off the toilet, just standing around or sitting out in the front room when we are watching our children her farts are full and sound thick. Having to flop out of her voluptuous rear I can see why. The last time she pooped was today, and she always just sits and let's it come of it's own accord so sometimes it takes a while. We had just fed our children and they were watching some tv so we snuck off to the toilet so she could poop. She sat down and had her pee. A minute later I could smell her poop, and as soon as I noticed it I heard a gentle plop into the water. We read a lot on our phones, and especially when she sits down to potty because of the nature of her toilet time preferrences. So we were both just sitting there, reading. The smell grew slightly stronger as time passed, and I stretched my hand out to caress the side of her thigh. I told her she was beautiful, and shortly after that I saw her ???? tuck in and her feet poke up so she was on her toes. I knew she was pushing out another piece, it must have needed a small push, so I watched more intently. A small crackle sounded out and then another plop into the toilet. This one a bit louder than the first. Seconds later I hear another quick plop and she sighed as it passed through her anus. A minute later after double checking the emptiness of her bowels she put her phone down and pulled some toilet paper. We use wet wipes for cleanliness, and keep them in a drawer near the toilet. I pulled one out as she was wiping up the pee. She looked at me and I held it close to my chest and looked at her with puppydog eyes. She rolled her eyes and asked me why I wanted to wipe her. I said I love taking care of her and it's my favorite thing to do when she takes a big poop. She smiled at me and said, "fine". She stood up and took a step to the side and bent over. I got a good look in the toilet as I gently wiped her butthole. There were three pieces total, two of which were 6" each, not too thick, and one little one. It took four wipes, and she was clean. She pulled up her pants and we made our departure. I wasn't quite ready to leave the divine aroma she had left behind, but we had more important things to do. Kissing her and rubbing my hands up and down her sides and butt, I showed her my appreciation for letting me be a part of her lovely pooping experience.

Anyway that's about it for now. Thanks for listening and I'm sure I'll return with better stories from the past, and present. Bye!

Hi everyone! A few comments first:

To School Teacher Kaylee, Sonya Sue and Steve A: Interesting to hear about your different schools and their similar toilet notebooks. It brings back some memories for me! My primary school (elementary for our American friends!) had a similar system. The teacher had a booklet with a page for every day. If you needed to go to the toilet during class, you could go up to the teacher and ask them for permission. If they decided it was ok for you to go, they would give you the book and you would write in your name, the time, and why you needed to visit the loo- number one, number two, feeling sick etc. Of course when you went to write your details in you would see everyone else who had been before you and what they went to do. I remember that I would need to go for a wee early in the day quite often. I was a little shy back then but I would be ok with writing number 1 in the book. Sometimes I was the first name in the book on that day! Through the day I'd usually make my toilet visits during breaks and lunch, but sometimes I needed to go for a wee again during class, and sometimes I would need to have a poo. I'd try and wait for a break or until the end of school for that because I was a bit embarrassed about having to write that down. Sometimes I had to go during class though. I remember one time I had to have a poo so badly I couldn't wait. I went to the teacher and she said I could go and gave me the book. When I was writing '1:30, Megan, #2,' or whatever the details were, into the book, I saw that perhaps 10 of the other entries for that day were for poos, split about even between boys and girls. That made me feel a bit more relaxed about having to write it in when I need to go, and certainly helped me become more open to doing my business in public!

At the weekend I went Christmas shopping. I took the bus into town, and by the time I got there I had a strong need to do a wee. I knew I had to head straight to a toilet, so I went into the shopping centre and up to the loos. There was no queue and I found a free cubicle and went in, quickly sitting on the seat and weeing strongly. When I was done I wiped and headed out to do some shopping.
After I ate some lunch, I soon got another urge, this time for a number two. Soon it became quite strong. I headed back to the toilets that were nearby. I was shocked when I saw the queue- it was out of the door and then some! There must have been 25 women waiting in line, including those already inside the room, with about 15 of them outside. Some of them looked bored, some impatient, and some quite desperate. I joined the queue, hoping it would move quite quickly as my need for a poo was getting stronger! Ahead of me was a mother of about 40 and her daughter who was about 12. In front of her was a brunette woman of about 30, and in front of her was a short blonde girl of about my age. The line continued around the corner to the door and then inside and it was moving, albeit slowly. From my visit earlier in the day I knew there were five cubicles inside, not a huge amount but enough for a bit of a turnover rate. Being after lunch I assumed quite a high proportion of the women waiting were like me and needed to have a poo, which explained the slow movement of the queue.

From the way they were standing I guessed that the blonde and the brunette ahead of me both fell into this category and were holding in poos. The 12 year old did too, since I overheard her talking to her mother. 'Mum, how long do we have to wait?' she asked. 'It looks like it will be a while,' she replied. 'I could wait until we get home, shall we just go?' The daughter shook her head. 'No, I really need to have a poo!' The line moved slowly and after maybe 15 minutes I was in the room with just the blonde, the brunette and the mother and daughter in front of me. The blonde and brunette got a toilet fairly quickly and I heard them start to poo. The daughter went in when one opened up, and I heard her quickly sit and then fart as some poo came out. After another minute the mother got a cubicle, and then a minute later so did I. I quickly sat down and most of my poo came out in one go as it was quite soft and urgent! I pushed out a couple more logs and did a quick wee before I was done. I wiped, flushed, and left. The queue was still almost as long as it had been when I had arrived!

Sheena B
Hello friends. This is Sheena B. I'm 15,blonde at 5'3". Recently my family and I went to this great Italian Restaurant for dinner. After I had my massive spaghetti and meatballs meal I had to take a massive shit. So I rushed to the ladies room,tore down my pants and panties and sat on the bowl.I then ripped a great booming fart as a huge, solid log started to come out of my ass. I pushed harder as my log grew larger and larger and anus expanded wider. Soon I had a monstrous torpedo sticking out of my ass. This was the kind of log that was growing so large you were worried if the poor bowl could swallow it all. I then squeezed mightily as "BOOM!" I exploded my titanic sausage into the bowl. My log was so enormous and fat it could not be flushed. So I left my log there for others to see how fantastic it was with no toilet paper blocking it's view. As I threw the used toilet paper in the basket outside. Wow! I really filled the bowl with gigantic female shit! I then rejoined my family. I love slamming my giant logs out of my ass. It feels wonderful. Hoped you enjoyed my story. Happy Holidays everyone !

To kaylee-Hello. I enjoy your stories. keep them going.

To Jasmine K- Hello. I enjoy your stories. Sorry about problem with your Hemorrhoids.

To Brandon T- Hello. Thanks for your nice comments on my post. Plus thanks for sharing your post too.


More from me

Brandon T asked if I had more stories. I guess it felt kind of good to talk about the last accident I had, so maybe telling others will be good, too. So this one took place last year when I was 29. My hubby and I had left our son with my parents so we could have a relaxing night out. We went to dinner and I had to go but held it and then to a movie and held it. I really needed to go but after the movie the lines were crazy long so I said I'd wait until we got home. So we drove home and its getting really bad. He offered to stop at a gas station but those are gross. I sat cross legged in my seat, clenching for all I was worth to try not to soil myself. We made it home and I jumped out of the car and ran into the house already prarie dogging. I made it into the kitchen before the urge hit me so strong all I could do was stop in my tracks and blush as I filled my panties with a solid load of poop. My husband came in as I was finishing and asked if I was ok. I said no, I didn't make it. He said it was ok and offered to help me clean up. I said ok. So we carefully walked to the bathroom and he helped me out of my skirt and panties and then ran the shower for me. He's great about my accidents, so that's good.


Brittany D

no one told me you might poop yourself when you're pregnant!

Hello everyone... I have never posted here but I am spreading the word about something I have unfortunately found out about being pregnant and I am upset that no one warned me!

I'm 28 and i have long brown hair, green eyes, and I'm normally curvy but more so now because I'm pregnant for the first time. I'm in my second trimester. On all the pregnancy/baby forums there have been warnings and discussions about how peeing your pants a lot or a little is sort of inevitable. All my girlfriends and relatives who have been pregnant before told me as well, and I think it's also basically common knowledge.

When I first found out I was pregnant, like 5-6 weeks along, I had an accident on my way home from work. A messy, smelly accident. I just had the worst stomach ache as I was driving, and I couldn't make it to my house in time and had a big wet dump in my panties while standing in my driveway. It surprised me because well, it's not something that I typically do lol. Luckily I was home alone and I was able to go inside and rinse my panties out and take a shower without anyone ever knowing. I just figured it had been something I ate and it didn't happen again so I didn't worry about it.

Jump ahead to the week of Thanksgiving. By now my belly is getting big and I'm going through all the wonderful experiences of pregnancy. Random crying, gassiness, wetting myself a little anytime I sneeze or laugh. But still not at all concerned that I might poop in my pants!!! I went to the grocery store to get the stuff I needed to make a couple dishes I'd be bringing to my mom's for Thanksgiving. As I was shopping, I got a horrible stomach ache again... it felt a lot like the one in the car several months back. To make matters worse, baby now is starting to move around and the added pressure from that made if a lot worse. I froze in the middle of the aisle and tried to think where the bathroom was. I turned toward the front of the store and decided that it was hopeless, and I just abandoned my cart and waddled for the exit as fast as possible because I KNEW I was gonna poop my pants. It was that urgent. I knew trying to find the bathroom would just result in me messing all over myself in a store crowded with Thanksgiving shoppers. I got 3 steps out the front door when hot, squishy poop bubbled out into my panties and stretchy maternity pants with each step. It felt like I had a big damp heating pad on my butt. I pooped continuously all the way to the car which luckily was pretty close. I was just relieved that I made it out of the store in time and no one noticed... anyone who saw me waddling knew it was because I'm pregnant and not because I was also pooping in my pants. I did some soul searching as I drove home lol...I had to seriously ask myself "Brittany how did you just poop your pants for the second time this year at age" AGAIN I didn't even consider my pregnancy was the direct cause. Just chalked it up to something I ate again... I mean I have been eating a lot of different things since I'm pregant...seemed plausible. Again I arrived home and no one was there so I was able to rinse out my panties and pants and then shower without being "caught". I again told no one what happened.

Things became clear to me yesterday about what was going on. I had another bad accident...this time there were witnesses. The ensuing discussions led to my revelation in the title of this post. I was at work. I work in an office for a logistics company. We had our holiday party yesterday and I was standing with 4 or 5 coworkers talking when that same ominous stomach ache returned. I felt a wave of terror wash over me and quickly excused myself. I waddled halfway to the bathroom but the pressure was too much.. I had to stop walking. I turned around so my back was to the wall and avoided making eye contact with anyone and had that same exact hot poop eruption into my panties like at the grocery store. I just stood there frozen and trying to act casual and keep my back to the wall so no one could see the mess I had made. I have been wearing black maternity leggings almost exclusively during pregnancy...but of course the day I take a wet dump in my pants at work, I was wearing light gray ones. I could tell just from how it felt that the accident would be visible on the outside of my I was trying to discreetly pull my shirt down as far as possible to cover my butt completely. After a minute or so of standing there helplessly with a mess in my pants not knowing what to do with myself, a couple of my friends came to talk to me. I couldn't even speak when they approached me. I just turned red and when I could tell by the looks on their faces that they could smell my accident, I just started bawling. That was the worst because it obviously drew attention to me. I sobbingly explained to my friends that i couldn't make it to the bathroom fast enough and i had an accident. They were very sympathetic and helped me to the bathroom, but sure enough since i started bawling and drew the attention to myself, it didn't take long before everyone knew I pooped my pants. It was equally embarrassing that I was also just standing there and not doing anything about it like a little kid lol. Anyway, both of my friends were very reassuring and tried comforting me and helped me get cleaned up, then one of them walked with me to my car. That's when the thought was first put in my head. I mentioned how mortified I was that I did it in front of everyone at work and she said "no one is gonna hold it against you they know it's because you're pregnant and these things happen." I remember thinking "that's a good excuse but still embarrassing" then it really hit me. I was like wait..IS this happening because I'm pregnant???

I drove home and showered and put clean clothes on. Then I got down to business...I called my mom. My older sister. My friends who have had babies. I told them ALL what happened to me, all three accidents...then I demanded the truth about pregnant pants pooping. Was it real?

They all said yes.

Neither of them admitted to doing it more than once like me..and a couple only copped to sharting their underwear. But they all agreed that the possibility of pooping your pants when you're pregnant is common. The one comparable story to mine that I got was my friend told me her sister was pregnant with her 3rd kid and when she was waiting in her car for her other kids to get off the bus from school, she pooped herself really bad and then her kids called her out on it when they got in the car.

Needless to say I was pretty relieved that I had something to which to attribute my sudden tendency to poop my pants. But at the same time I felt lied too! All the warnings about peeing yourself, throwing up in public, lactating through your shirt, pooping during labor..but no one ever warned me that I might poop myself...let alone that I might poop myself multiple times! Was I just na´ve?

Anyway ladies, if you didn't you do. Be prepared. Pregnancy... so beautiful and yet so gross.

Brittany D.


Seat smelled of poop

I had a girlfriend who operated a day care center.
She had three "work study students" who were college aged.
The seat reportedly smelled of poop after those three had sat in that chair to input data into the computer.
This happened more than once.
I asked if she noticed any obvious signs her work study students had crapped their pants and she said she didn't notice.

What do y'all think was going on then? Based on this "group mind" experience here at ToiletStool ?

Sonya Sue

Privacy & School Bathrooms

Back in 7th grade, especially in science class because we had to do our lab work in groups of 2, several of my teachers were like Teacher Kaylee had a clipboard out and one had it on the bulletin board where we had to sign out for the bathroom. Yes, it can give a running record of how much class time a student is missing, but when any member of the class can read it (and especially whether you did a #1 or #2)and later in the day students in the last class are provided a lot of reading material, well that gets into privacy.

I remember being 11 and in science and needing to crap 4 out of 5 times a week in 1st hour. Because I was taller and a little more physically developed than some of the other girls, two really immature boys working together right by the front door would watch the list and act up based on it. Our teacher would be all over the room answering questions, leading demonstrations, pour chemicals, so she couldn't watch what they were doing. I tried to avoid the 1st hour situation by trying to have my crap before school, but the toilets were jam packed before school. I remember seeing one girl getting sick and hurling on a crowd because all the stalls were taken and nobody would move for her to use the sink. So I decided to hold my crap until we had lab work and then I signed out. I don't think I was ever gone more than 10 minutes but when I opened the door and recorded my time on the sheet, these two boys would make explosion gestures with their hands or jump around with their hands at their crotch. Once when I was signing out, and my back was to them, one of the boys called me "Shittin' Sonya", but because the substitute was in back of the room, she didn't hear anything but laughter.

Finally, one day when my friend Shannon heard them hassling me as I walked by, she turned and boldly flipped them off. Unfortunately, the teacher saw it and Shannon was sent to the office. Fortunately, however, it allowed me to tell my side to the counselor and the teacher changed the sheet so we could just write "bathroom" next to our signature. In talking with my mother--which I found very embarrassing--the counselor asked about the availability of using the bathroom at home, despite our larger family. But it does work since I wake up earlier and at least 4 days a week, I crap at home. Even now that I'm in high school, the bathrooms are inadequate and not that easy to use. Try having to pull off your toilet paper FIRST at the entrance to the bathroom from a group of rolls, and then waiting for a stall to open, and then hoping you have enough toilet paper to clean yourself. It doesn't make sense, but neither does all the vandalism last year and the several fires that were set in the stalls.

Hi, this is my first post! Im Tina, I'm 23 years old i have blonde hair, i have 3 children. The twins are 6 years old, and they're names are Julie and Mia, and then my oldest, Sarah, is 9 years old. Anyways, onto the 2 stories that i have to share today.

1. So a few weeks ago Mia was playing with her best friend, Lea, and I had both made them lunches and when they finished Lea asked me "Can i use your bathroom please?" I told her the bathroom was down the hall on the right. So she ran down the hall went into the bathroom without closing the door and i heard her pull down her pants, put down the toilet seat, and sit down. Mia had already left which i didn't even notice. Lea called me and asked me if i could help her. I went into the bathroom and she was sitting down with her pants and underwear at her ankles. I asked her what was wrong. Lea said she tried to push but her poop wasn't coming out of her cheeks. I told her to push down on her thighs while pushing, she tried and she started farting and logs started splashing against the water and it sounded like plip, pleep, plop each time. There was no toilet paper so i went to the closet to get her some tp. She wiped and left the bathroom. I looked in the bowl and there were about 16 logs and liquid poop all over the sides of the bowl and the water was brown.

2. Today was Sarah's cheerleading practice and while she was practicing, i realized i really had to go i looked around the gym for a girls room. I saw one and walked in. There were 4 toilets but there were no stalls. I sat down on the second toilet and a fierce stream of pee flowed out. Another cheerleader walked in the bathroom and took the first toilet and sat on the right side of the toilet so i could see her bum in full view liquid diaherria started coming out of the cheerleaders anus. I had a log come out of my bum, so i wiped and flushed and then went back to watching Sarah practice

Thank you for listening to the stories. Byebye :)


Tutor assistant poops

Tlana gave a story of her teaching assitant pooping from some time ago and I thought I'd share mine because it resonated with me.

This happened about 1.5 years ago in a tuition centre. I arrived about 15 minutes early so I had to wait outside the room for my tuition to begin. There was a pretty tuition teacher assistant who walked about and to the bathroom just adjacent to the room. She used to teach me. She graduated from high school with stellar results and was working part time to earn some pocket money. She was bespectacled and cute wearing a black cardigan and jeans with a white undershirt.

I was sitting about only 1 metre away from the door so I could hear everything. I could hear her pull down her jeans, use toilet paper to clean the seat, the "thud sound" of her sitting on the bowl. Then, the sound of pee splashing in the toilet became apparent. After that, I heard about 2-3 plops. It got me really excited and it was etched in my memory.

School Teacher Kaylee

To: WinnieThePooh

Hi, WinnieThePooh, about the bathroom pass thing, they are in Kindergarten. They are both boys and girls. I usually have them write out a bathroom pass because I just want to know how long they're in there taking either a pee or a poop. And if they're in there for a long time say like 10-15 minutes, then I'll ask them whats wrong and why there for so long.
Thank you for asking me. Byebye

Steve A

Girls Restroom Flood At School And To School Teacher Kaylee

The other day, my teacher came back from the girls restroom and she said that there was a mini flood in there. She said that there was like 2 inches of water and that she got her shoes and socks wet. The janitors were on lunch break and they eventually got it cleaned up. I never saw or heard of a flooded restroom ever at school before, but you would assume that it would be the guys restroom that would be flooded, but it was the girls one. What a rare experience...

To School Teacher Kaylee: That sounds interesting. They don't have the part where you put down the #1 or #2 at my school, but they do have everything else. You would think that some of your students would be embarrassed about putting down if they have to go #2, especially girls. It's an invasion to some of your students bathroom privacy, but overall, it's not a bad idea in my opinion.

Did you ever talk to your students about your special bathroom notebook?

If so, what did they think/say about it?


My morning shit.

Hi my names Abby, I'm 13 and go to middle school and I just found this site it looks pretty cool so I guess I'll post a story from today. Anyways today I woke up for school and got myself ready. I didn't feel the need to poop right away so I just went straight to school. On the bus ride to school I farted a couple times, they smelled bad, I hope nobody knew it was me. When I finally got to school I could feel a turd creeping up on me and pressing against my asshole. I went straight into the girls bathroom, it was pretty packed in there, there was one free stall right at the end so I went in there and locked the door. To my surprise I found a massive unflushed turd in there, I guess some girl was too scared to flush encase she blocked the toilet or something. I didn't want to block the toilet either so I just sat down without flushing because I had to go really badly by now. I pulled my panties down and sat on the seat, I relaxed and started pissing and shitting, I could hear my piss and turds landing on top of the other girls turds, it was pretty gross. After I was done I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped a couple times, my hole was really dirty I cleaned it the best I could but its hard with cheap toilet paper so it was probably still a little bit dirty but oh well I don't mind. Anyways I pulled my panties and pants back up and had a look at my work, that toilet was completely destroyed with both of our shits clogging it up. I wouldn't dare flush it, too risky. I exited the stall and ran out of there fast encase someone else went in and saw what I did, I forgot to wash my hands but oh well, yolo haha. Well that's it, hope you all enjoyed!

Mr. Clogs

I peed in the trash can in my room

I was getting ready for go and work on printer at a client's site. I was getting dressed for work and I had to pee. Instead of putting a robe on and pee in the toilet, I had a trash can full of paper towels and decided to use that as the toilet. I opened the can and aimed for the trash can. It wasn't that much I had to pee so I dampened the already dried up used paper towels. I finished peeing and closed the lid, good thing the bag didn't leaked which was my biggest worry. So I finished getting dressed and went on and fixed the client's printer.

Thanks all for now and I hope you enjoy it. Have a great day and happy peeing and pooping.

--Mr. Clogs

Hi, my name is Shaun. And I'm Julie's boyfriend. The Julie who posted about taking a poop in the bathtub. Me and Julie are actually very close, sometimes we even poop together! But to clarify my girlfriend is new on these forums. So I'll suggest she just changes her forum name for no confusion. I know a lot about my girlfriends poop, how, when and what it looks like. We love to talk about poop in a funny manner. But one time, we were both at a party. And I really needed to poop badly, so I told her and she said she did to. But when we got to the bathroom. There was only one stall left. Yes... We actually has to poop together... It was horrifying yet fun! We went back to back and sat on the toilet. We started pushing at the same time and her farts were loud and smelly. Before I secretly looked behind me and saw a massive log slowly emerging out of her butt. Biggest I've ever seen! We'll call my gf jules from now on. She calls me her lucky popping charm, because whenever she can't poop, she calls me in and somehow I relax her and she can poop.
But anyway, this massive log was slipping out, and I new this was a contest now, so I pushed down on my bowels and this huge soft poop came out after a few pellets. Which is weird because my poo is normally really hard. But hers was bigger and kept coming . She was in pain and I was holding her hand so she could get through it. And then it actually touched the back of my leg... It was gross. But then it flopped to the floor. Finally it was over. It was like 20 inches big! Then as she stood up she let a huge fart go off on my leg... Wow. What an experience. Thanks

Steve A

Store Worker Bathroom Break Plus A Question

So, me and my mom were shopping in the store today and when we were in checkout line for customer service, I see this girl store worker run back to her register and she said that she was in the bathroom to her boss and I think her boss said that she was gone for 10 minutes instead of a shorter time and that she had to be quicker and not take too long for a bathroom break since she was running the register.

So, if you were a boss for a store or some other place, would you not care so much if she only took 10 minutes for a bathroom break in that situation or other situations?

Someone could have taken over her place while she was gone...

Brandon T

tales from the bookstore

About an hour ago while I was at the bookstore I saw a woman go into the bathroom she sat on the toilet and began to pee the I heard her fart and a crackling sound then a plop then she began to grunt then another plop then more grunting but no plop so im guesing it was kinda big then wiped and flushed I think she was a little bit constipated and so another good catch.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


my desperate poos at family meal out last night

Hi all
especially my friends John B kmd Jade & Brandon T

last night was a family meal out for xmas at a restaurant.
i'd not had a poo for 2 days - having IBS & just being constipated.
we met up there was 10 of us all together, & we sat down at the reserved table.
i was sat next to my husband & mother in law,
Soon i felt the urge to poo before we'd ordered the starters, within 15 minutes i had the stomach ache to go with it & i was getting more desperate. Hubby could tell as i started fidgeting & lifting my buttocks to clench. "You need to poo baby?" Hubby said i nodded, "desperate!" I said "Go on, off you go baby girl" he said whilst rubbing my bum as i got up.
thankfully i was alone.
Entering there were a couple of ladies in there doing their make up, i took a cubicle.
pulled my red short pencil skirt & black tights down & purple knickers & plopped my bum on the seat, a little effort to get them going & then it was PEEEEERRRRLLLOP,PLOP,PLOP,PLOP,PLOP.... more effort required feeling there were still more poos up there wanting out... PEEERRRRLLLOOP,PLOP,PLOP....PLOP,PLOP.....PERLOP!!
11 dark drown medium length plops.
i wiped 3 times and flushed, sprayed my perfume, & washed my hands going back to hubby & the family 6 mins later...
So starters we ordered & eaten, & mains were ordered & eaten, then i had the urge for another desperate poo.
hubby knew straight away (he could tell by my facial expression apparently) he leaned forward & rubbed my ???? whispering to me "baby you need to do another poo don't you" "yes" i whispered back "go on baby go have one i'll be here" he said as i went to get up to go again.
this time i felt more loose and desperate.
taking a cubicle & sorting out clothing again I sat down & very loose & in quick succession 12 loose light brown plops fell out of my peachy butt & boy it stank a lot worse than the last poo i had. Mushy consistency the loo was covered in skid marks & i wiped 5 times, flushed making it obvious what i'd just done, spraying more perfume & washing my hands
& going back to the fam 4 minutes later.
more soon love J xx

John H


Hi all.
Some comments for this one.
@George, hi and good to see you posting again.
Another great catch as always.
I hope you post more as I like the detail you include in your posts.
It was strange that she came back to let you know that she was going to the bathroom after getting off the phone.
Maybe she knows you like to listen.
Do you think that she may be also listening to you?
Have you over heard anyone else on the toilet?
Have you listened to your wife for example?

@Jade, shout out to you, hope all is good and that you post again soon.

That's all for now, take care all,
John H

Jasmin K

Constipation Season

Hi All

Since my last post nothing has really improved, If I can get a few pebbles or a knobbly hard log out or even both I think ive done well, at least I am getting something out most days. Since my last post Ive only had a couple of occasions where its been 2 or 3 days where I couldnt do anything.

Linda My piles (hemorrhoids) are really big and bad at the moment and stick out my arse even after I get off the toilet. Its been quite uncomfy at school these last few days sitting on hard chairs with ny arse bulging and piles sticking out and having to keep going back to the toilet at break and lunch to try to get some hard poo out
To answer your questions - Yes I always get really constipated on Holidays, I think its the different food and eating junk food that doesnt help and also not having enough time to sit on the toilet untill I do it doesnt help.
When I was with friends at the fair I did manage to do some poo but was very constipated and yes It is all junk food I eat there.
Hope your constipation is getting better.
Do you suffer worse constipation on holiday? what about over Christmas?

Anatomy Student / all
No worries re the typo
I take your point about opiates/painkillers and will get off them after christmas but its sort of a vicious circle, My arse really hurts especially when a rock hard large poo or loads of pebbles are stuck right in my arse I just strain like crazy through the pain untill my poo comes out,sometimes i get real angry at it being stuck and use that anger to bear down and strain hard.The painkillers help but I dont care how bad my arse gets, I just want my poo out. I must admit I am not to worried about them making me constipated, I get constipated without them anyway so the little bit they add is off set by the pain relief I get, I am more worried about the amount of them I am taking, its a lot. I have used Immodium after Ive done a poo before going out especially if my BF is with me because sometimes I get the urge to go again after Ive got off the toilet especially if ive been straining hard for like an hour or more so I take immodium to make sure I dont need to poo when I am at a party. Ive been doing that a lot recently as been to lots of parties.
BF likes it when I have a poo stuck in my bum especially if it is just protruding a bit, he likes to cuddle me and discreatly feel it, it marks my knickers which i have to change but hey he rewards me later..
As its Christmas and I always end up very very constipated and get belly ache and a swollen constipation belly from too many chocolates, food and junk food I will carry on with them for now considering I am already constipated and do without them after christmas when my diet will improve, I know I am eating a lot of things that make me constipated but hey its christmas.
I have some glycerine suppositories but when the poo is stuck right in my arse its difficult to get them in but when i do get the poo out I put lots of pile cream inside, recently Ive used that in suppository form, unfortunatly what ever I put up inside leaks out and makes a mess in my knickers and doesnt really make things any better.

Arielle it could be you have piles (hemorrhoids)that said bleeding can occur from straining hard without having piles.

Someone- sorry I cant remenber your name - asked about older girls wetting the bed - I have done when I am like really poorly with constipation and occasionally when ive been with my boyfriends when i am constipated, one i have really likes this when it happens.

I am writing this sat on the toilet,I am ready to go out I am wearing a pair of open crotch suspender tights and boots, a short leather A line mini and tight top and will wear my purple jacket,in between writing this and putting make up on ive been straining on a huge hard log, part of which is in the water and part is poking out my arse. My BF has just arrived and is waiting for me to finish, I want to do one more piece at least. No pressure to finish - just my sister is waiting for the toilet, she had to get off it earlier so I could sit on it, she had been on it for an hour and a half. Ive just strained really hard and bf has pulled the log out as I strained. Ive wiped and put pile cream up my arse and pulled up a pair of tight shiny knickers with a pad in which will come off when we get to the party..I am please I got it all out as I had a bit of an embarrising moment at a party last weekend, I was very badly constipated and it kept poking out my bum, anyway as Ive said before this BF likes that and he doesnt mind if I get off with other guys well I had been in the bedroom and bathroom with other guys, I knew it was obvious my piles were huge and that one commented on me being constipated and asked about it, anyway he wanted to see me try to poo over him, he ended up being bled over but that was it. Unfortunatly next time I was on my back my stuck log decided to poke out about 2 inches, unfortunatly this guy wasnt happy about that and tols some others I had shit myself during ***. My BF came into the bathrom with me and I managed to get a decent log out, leaving it in the toilet for others to admire, 8 inches long and as fat as your wrist I was quite proud of it - so was he.
Got to go now
Jasmin K

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sheena B first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Karen C great story about you helping your daughter in law when she was sick.

To: George another great story about your sister in law.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Sheena B
Hello all. I am a 15 years old female in high school. Recently one weekend I woke up from bed and made myself a breakfast of total bran cereal and orange juice. After breakfast I had to take a monster dump. So I rushed upstairs to the bathroom,tore down my panties and sat on the bowl.I then let rip a booming fart as a big solid log started to come out of my ass. I squeezed really hard and looked down to see an enormous sausage sticking out of my butt. Wow ! this was one huge bowel movement! I then gave one last mighty squeeze as I slammed my log into the toilet bowl. My log was enormous, fat and stank unbelievably. But it sure felt great hammering it out of my ass. I then left my log unflushed so my older brother could see how fantastic I went when he woke up soon, since he loves to check out his sisters enormous logs. Hoped you liked my story. Bye now.


Questions for School Teacher Kaylee

First of all, welcome to the site. Thank you for an interesting post about your students recording their names, date, time and whether they are going to the restroom to do #1 or #2. What grade level are they and are they both genders? Why do they have to fill out the notebook? Is that a school policy? Or is it so you can report any problems to the parents? Or to keep them from leaving class too many times a day? It would be interesting to know the reasoning behind it.


Teachers using the bathroom

Danielle's story about her huge poo that she had to take during class was great. It wasn't clear, though, in her junior high whether she used the student or faculty bathroom. Last spring on Page #2380 I wrote about our 8th grade teaching assistant asking me for cuts in the bathroom line. We had a conversation while she was both peeing and pooping in the doorless stall, and I was surprised when she allowed me to be late to 1st hour so I could still have my poo. My friend Lorenz, when he was in 6th grade in middle school, stopped to pee on his way to the library to use a computer. He saw his social studies/English teacher on the pot pooping and he asked him to sign his pass, because he had left the classroom without getting a signature. The guy was nice about it but borrowed Lorenz's pen. I remember when Lorenz was later telling us the story about this, the boys were asking questions about boxers or briefs. The teacher was wearing briefs--something that surprised Miranda and a couple of my other friends. My friend Noah, I remember, once was weeing at the urinal next to his teacher who surprised Noah because he used both of his hands to direct his wee into the urinal. My friends and I reminded Noah not to complain because so many guys complain about the floors under the urinals and the toilet seats being wet. I once had a babysitter tell me "Aim is everything." While that's gross, it's true!

Two questions:

1) Should teachers be using the student bathrooms or should they use their own?

2) Would you be mad if you were late to class because too many teachers or other adults were hogging the bathrooms?


Reply to George

Hi its John B.

George I read your post with a wry smile. The reason? That could be me writing about my sister-in-law. How old is yours? Mine's now 64 but I've had 30 odd years of similar "enjoyment". Take care fella and look forward to further posts.

Take care one and all.

John B x

Anatomy student

To Arielle

Hey, you should go see a doctor. If the blood was red, you could have anal fissures, hemmoroids, or something minor. If the blood was black, the bleeding is deeper in your colon and not good. To be safe, see a doctor. Bowel obstruction or a twisted colon are very dangerous. Get checked to be safe.


to Arielle

Maybe time to see the doc. It seems highly unusual that an enema isn't clearing you out. You may have a blockage of some sort.


Reply to JOHN

Hey John B., that's how my girl sits on the toilet too, with her pants just slightly above her knees while reading her magazine or newspaper. Each time she poops she usually drops 2 or 3 big loads. If its 2 she will be in the bathroom for about 10 minutes. If it's 3 loads then she will be in there for a good 20 minutes. After each load, she stands up and looks at her poo and then flushes it and then sits until the next load comes out. She wipes while sitting down, she doesn't stand while wiping. When it is time to wipe though, she pulls her pants down to her ankles.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Julie great story about your big poop in the bathtub it sounds like it was a good one and I bet the warm water helped you go and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Chloe B great story it sounds like you and those other girls all had good poops and I bet you all felt good afterwards to.

To: Arielle first welcome to the site and you should go see a doctor as soon as possible it may be something serious since laxatives or enemas didn't work.

To: Sonya Sue first welcome to the site and great story I look forward to reading more of them thanks.

To: Big B great story about you helping your girlfriend poop it sounds like she really had to go a lot and I bet she felt a lot better and thankful to you for helping her afterwards.

To: Shelbi great story I bet you felt beyond amazing after that poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story I bet you felt good once you were done pooping that big load with your husbands help and it sounds like the big logs of poop were acting as a cork luckily you were able to sit right back down on the toilet.

To: Sheena B great story about your big poop I bet you felt great after that and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Carolyn it sounds like you had a major cleanout im guesing your body had a lot it wanted to get rid of and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Julie great story it sounds like you really had to go and just made to your sisters bathroom in time and I look forward to part 2 thanks.

To: Mina great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop with Hisae in the bathroom with and im glad your starting to feel batter just take your time and don't rush it and always I look forward top your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Karen C.

Daughter in law is sick; diarrhea stomach bug, my cure works

Hi friends,

I guess the stomach flu is nationwide. My youngest son and his wife came home yesterday, he's in the Air Force home on leave stationed at Warner Robins, GA. He'd had bad diarrhea a few days ago (but he feels fine now) and now my daughter in law is sick. She started throwing up at about a quarter of eleven last night. I had made pepperoni and Italian sausage lasagna for supper with spinach salad, Crispy Crowns, and fruit cocktail jello for dessert, then hot cocoa and brandied fruitcake ala mode for a bedtime snack and she's the only one who's sick so it can't be my cooking.

I was in the living room watching oldies rerun t.v. when I heard retching sounds coming from the bathroom so I went in to investigate. The poor girl was kneeling in front of the toilet and so sick that she was crying. There was some vomit on the bathroom floor as she didn't quite make it soon enough but she got most of it in the bowl; she cleaned it up later after she felt a little better before she went to bed. I've been in her shoes before; the only thing I could do was hold back her hair for her until her stomach decided to stop rebelling, then I helped her get cleaned up and I put one of my thick winter bathrobes on her and suggested we sit outside for some fresh air to make her feel better, fresh air always helps.

I still had some gingerale left over from last week when I was sick myself and begged her to sip some of it to settle her stomach, she didn't like it so I poured it over the rocks and added some juice from a jar of maraschino cherries with a dash of vodka and she loved it. She threw up a few more times outside on the grass but I insisted that she keep sipping the gingerale cherry cocktail and nibble on a dill pickle (sour pickles have the effect of stopping nausea--source: old skool knowledge and years of personal experience here from a two-time mom and chronic morning sickness sufferer; don't know WHY it works, we only know that it DOES work)and after about a half hour she stopped retching. I just held her hair and wiped her mouth each time she'd throw up, by then it was just thick slimy yellow mucous and bile. She had gas but I guess she felt too miserable to even care; I told her to just blow it all out don't be embarrassed we're all girls here so fart all you want if you need to. She chuckled.

When she felt better we went back inside and watched reruns on t.v. and I got her to wash out her mouth with baking soda and nibble on a few saltine crackers. She had a few explosive diarrhea attacks that lasted around ten minutes apiece, for the better part of an hour. I was in the bathroom with her for the first bout and it was terrible, she was nearly in tears. We watched more t.v. At around 3am I was worn out and had to get to bed so I left her on the sofa. I gave her a couple of Sominex to help her get to sleep. I guess she eventually went to bed at some point.

Before I went to work I left her a note telling her to take it easy, drink plenty of fluids, nibble on crackers, sip some juice from the pickle jar if you feel queasy, and get as much fresh air as possible and go for a walk around the block at least twice. I picked up some Pedialyte from wallyworld for her on my way home.

When I got home from work she was sitting outside surfing the internet on her phone and I learned that she's been having explosive diarrhea all day in between naps (but I give her credit for being a great housekeeper, she cleaned the bathroom after herself and did an excellent job!). My son was crashed in the living room with an old rerun of the 1998 superbowl playing on my vcr and a frozen pizza nearly burinig in the oven, I caught it just in time to avoid a fire, it was smoking. It was already ruined so it went in the trash. Laura went inside and took a nap while I fixed my son and I a couple of sandwiches.

Laura's nausea was all but gone so after she woke up at around 7pm I fixed her a nice little snack plate which she was able to keep down, unsalted saltines and whole grain cracked wheat crackers for variety with thin shaved parmesan cheese (to put digestive enzymes back in the digestive tract--I SWEAR by this) and Sprite with cherry Koolaid and lots of extra sugar. She favored the cracked whole grain wheat crackers so I ate the saltine ones. I also got her to eat a tiny bit of chicken salad on crackers with crushed garlic cloves to kill the virus, which she did. I've made another garlic lover, haha! She looked tired, sweaty, and the worse for wear, but very much improved from the evening before. She said she felt better but just washed out, tired, and bored. She said she lost two inches from her waist and that her pants were loose--been there, done that, that's why they invented safety pins haha!

I asked her if she felt well enough to go to the mall to look around; I know that always makes me feel better when I'm sick, and she agreed so that's what we did. She didn't have a diarrhea attack at the mall, so I guess my home remedy actually does work. In fact, she ate a double order of nachos with extra jalapenos, a coke, and even a churro! My son and I got the mexican rice, refried beans, and taco salads. They'll be here until after xmas day.

MOTHER AND SON PROJECT, YAY!!! I've laid out the plans to buld a turkey fryer which I'll start on tomorrow, still have lots of old plate, angle, and bar stock laying around and my old Sears craftsman arc welder and my ancient Victor torch set and oxygen and acetylene bottles (checked them and they have the pressure to do this job)which I haven't used in decades--hmmm, maybe I should tap into a long forgotten skill haha! Go into business for myself? might like it better than piloting a cement truck through busy traffic; we'll have fried turkey for our xmas dinner. Haven't really deep fried anything in decaddes so should be interesting.

I taught both my sons to cut and weld at an early age, I think every young man should at least know how to use an oxyacetylene cutting torch and how to weld or braze two pieces of metal together, it's a useful life skill for guys into classic cars like my boys are and a cutting torch is the "universal key" to get supplies for survival if the zombies ever take over (yup, you guessed it, after high school I used to be a welder before I was married and I hated it with a passion, ugly burns on my forearms for one thing so I'll never model; I slaved my best years away in a steel mill and that's one of the reasons I got married!), so this will be a project that will hopefully bring us closer together like when he was a teen. Unlike me, my boys love welding and think it's enjoyable and relaxing, i guess it's a guy thing.

Well, too bad my other son couldn't come home this xmas season, he said maybe after newyears he will be able to use some leave time and we'll have a late holiday.

Well, bye for now all. Laura should be alright soon. Just wanted to use her example that might someone else reading this who might also be suffering from this 2014 stomach virus. Remember: soda to stop the feeling of throwing up, gingerale is best if you like it if not then Sprite or 7Up is good, or even Coke or Pepsi, Fresh air, garlic to kill the virus, parmesan cheese to put back the digestive enzymes in the stomach you've lost--trust me, the sooner you put back those enzymes the sooner you'll get back to normal and it makes your stomach feel better. Solid parmesan cheese is what you want, not the grated sprinkle kind as it won't work. My fave is blocks of extra sharp parmesan, not all stores carry it so you have to really look; I shave it into thin slices and put it on crackers and top with crushed fresh garlic.

If you don't like parmesan then any cheese such as mild cheddar will stop diarrhea but won't do anything for the rest of your symptoms. Better than nothing, though.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Sister in law visits....

A short story of this weekends happening. Some of you might remember me telling you about my lovely sister in law Sandra, who is very open about her toilet habits, and who without fail, always manages to have a poo when staying at our place, and the fact I always like to go in straight after her.
Well...she and her two boys stayed on Friday night/Saturday Morning after a night with my wife and daughter in London. I had to pick them up from the railway station and bring them home at about 2 in the morning. We all slept late the next morning, and I woke at about 9.30. I heard Sandra get up..I knew it was her, as she is getting over a cough and cold, and I heard her cough a little..I heard her making steps for the bathroom. I got up quickly, and listened outside. I heard her lift the lid on the toilet, and sit down heavily, simultaneously letting loose a loud, hissy wee stream, and a very loud fart. I wondered if she was going to have her morning poo, but was dissapointed to hear her flush....and then get in the shower. A little later, I went downstairs to make a cuppa, and have a look at the morning paper....Sandra soon appeared, wearing just a short bath robe, and sat down and started chatting....She then asked me what she could raid for breakfast, then paused, and said....I need the toilet first.....she headed through the living room to the downstairs loo, but before she got there, her mobile rang, and she sat down on the sofa to talk to her husband....She sat there rubbing her ???? occasionally, so I knew she needed to poo...probably quite badly. After talking for 10 minutes, I heard her say I've got to go...she came back to the kitchen...strangely I thought, to say I'll have breakfast after the toilet.
I followed a safe distance behind her, and was standing outside the downstairs loo door, just as she was locking it. Almost straight away, I heard a loud hissy wee, but no tinkling....I wondered how she was sitting..simultaneously, there was a loud, clear PERLOPPPPP!!! She stopped weeing, and I heard MNNNNFFFFF!!!!!!!! PLOP-PLOP......silence for about 10 seconds, followed by MNNNNNFFF!! Plop Plop Plop.......a few more seconds silence were followed by a conted sigh, and the sound of paper being pulled off...she wiped about 5 times and flushed.
I sat down in the living room...she came out soon after and gave me her usual post poo smile.....I told her I'd join he in a few minutes and make her a coffee. I actually needed to poo, but couldn't get to the loo quick enough for other reasons :) I wasn't disappointed....Sandra had left a strong, fruity aroma...unusual from her...she's usually more meaty.., and for once she hadn't used the air freshener. She has also left a thick poo streak above the water at the back of the pan, and several in the sounded a heavy, bulky poo, and must have been quite soft. Sandra is a very clean person in all ways, so I can never understand why she doesn't brush outr toilet, but I'm glad she doesn't :) I sat down and relaxed, and released a soft, loose-ish poo that dropped as multiple plops. I was also able to deal with another matter that had arisen, feeling a little excited after having followed Sandra....After cleaning up and washing my hands, I joined Sandra...I'm sure she knows that I enjoy her visits in more ways than one, but it's not the sort of thing I can mention in case I have it we'll just have to leave it at it is.. :)



I recently took a shower, but in one that conjoins to a bath and I really needed to take a poop, I could feel it dying to come out, but I really didn't want to get the toilet seat wet, so I put my legs over the side of the bath. And slowly pushed my poop so it would land in the bath. I started by lightly pushing, and within no effort a giant solid poop slowly and painfully dropped straight onto the floor. I actually had to drop it into the toilet! A memorable and fun poo!

Chloe B

Public poop with sisters friends

So the other day my sister was having her birthday party she was turning 11. So me being 14 I had to help out since it's just me and my mom. We took the girls to an Italian restaurant for starters and then we wanted to go to the movies after and the girls would stay the night also. So at the restaurant we asked all the girls to wash up so I had to take 6 10 and 11 years olds to the bathroom. There were 8 stalls and no one was in there I had to only pee at the time but my sister, and 3 other girls were pooping. The one next to me was making grunts and little silent farts. My sister was letting out some logs while the other girl was also letting our logs. Once I was done I got out washed up and made sure everyone was doing their business. Once everyone was out and we got our food and ate we went to the movies. So by this time I had to poop. My mom got the girls in the theater and asked if anyone needed a bathroom break. 2 girls joined me to go. As we entered not many stalls were filled. We found 3 stalls together while I took the middle. I pulled down my jeans and panties to my knees while the girls did the same. The were both wearing jeans and tennis shoes. I peed first then let out a long log with a fart! The girl on my right started to grunt followed by a plop! The one my left peed then I heard a pause followed by some crackling with 3 plops! I let out another fart with another log. It was kinda stinky. As I felt done I reached for toilet paper then I realized there wasn't any!!! I asked the girl on my right for some and shad gave me a couple wads. Then after i wiped I watched the two Gil's continue to plop more and we just made it in time for the movie! More later! Bye!

What tv show had a 24 yo peeing her bed? Whats the context?


Can't poop even after laxative or enema

My name is Arielle. I'm 18, 5'4" with brown hair and blue eyes. I usually poop at least twice a day but I haven't been able to go at all for the past few days even after taking laxatives and having an enema... I tried looking up what the problem could be and didn't find anything. Has anyone else experienced this before? If so can someone please tell me what might be wrong with me? Also my butt was bleeding just a little after the enema

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