First I just wanted to say that the Jess that posted about the camping story isn't me, I'm was the mom about her twins, I'm gonna go by Jessi from now on so my name isn't so common on here.

ok now, I had my niece Lia for last weekend, she's my sisters little girl, she's 3 and a few months, and is still being potty trained, she hasn't quite got number 2 down, she'll go number 2 if she already on the potty but if not she just goes in her pull up or diaper or the floor if she don't have any bottoms on

well when she came to me and said "havta go peepee" I take her to the bathroom and help her with her clothes and her pull-up and she then sits down on the potty chair, she likes to take her sweet time and she'll just sit there not doing anything for the longest time, besides hum, and talk to herself or some toy she may have while playing with it or something. so was just sitting on the edge of the tub waiting on her to do what her needed to do, when Mika comes and knocks and asks "can I come in and poo?" I tell her "sure, come in, I'm just waiting on Lia" so she says thanks as comes in and comes over to the toilet near the tub, I tell her "don't worry about flushing, I'll do it when I take care of the potty chair" Mika tells me "OK" and pulls down her panties and lifts up her dress as she climbs up on the toilet, her panties falling to the floor under her hanging feet in the process then I hear Lia say "Strawberry Shortcake!" or well that was what she tried to say, she can't pronounce it right, and was pointing at Mika's panties, and it made me laugh a bit, and said "yeah, Mika has strawberry shortcake panties" then I hear Mika giggling as she begins to pee, and lets out a couple of little farts, then I heard another louder longer fart but it was Lia and see her look down at her lap as she goes "emmmmmmm, poopoo" as she starts pushing, I hear her pee a little every time she pushes, then heard her poo hit the bottom, and then she stands up and looks into the potty chair and giggles then she sits back down on the potty and goes back to playing with her toy, by this time Mika is done peeing and just sitting there, until I hear her let out another fart then a bit later I hear a plop as her poo drops into the water then another a bit later and and see her trying to push more out, then I hear Lia begin peeing and hear her fart again, and Mika hops off holding her dress up, and I glance over into the toilet and see 2 poos down in the drain hole, I ask her, "you done?" and she says "I think so" I tell her as I giggle a bit "if your not sure, I can let you play on my phone if you want to sit longer" and she goes "umm, ok" as she hops back on the toilet and I hand her my cell phone, then I ask "Lia you done yet?" and she goes "uh un, I peepee more" and hear her fart and hear a crackling, then it drop and Lia says "peepe" as she pees on and off some more I hear Mika fart a few times, then hear a slow crackling echo from the toilet then I hear Lia getting up and looking in the potty chair then she comes over to us, I grab some tp and wipe her and when done she goes over beside Mika saying "what playing?" Mika says "Hay Day" Lia says "me see" so Mika holds the phone so Lia could see while Mika played, in the potty chair there was 2 small poos, one a little bigger than the other and a lot of pee and the tp I used on her, Lia not wanting to come to me so I can put her bottoms back on while watching Mika play, so I just sit back down on the edge of the tub for them to finish, after a small bit Mika hops off and I look down into the toilet and see a long poo bout 10" floating curled around in the water then as Mika is getting tp I hear her fart and she gets back on and says "I have to go a little more" and giggles, and farts a bit more and goes back to playing, I tell them I'll be right back, and go to get Lia some new pull ups, when I get back Mika is giving Lia the phone and hoping off the toilet and goes for the tp again, Lia walks over by the other end of the room and I look into to the toilet and see another 4" poo floating in water then I pick up the potty chair and empty it into the toilet as Mika wipes, then as Mika is putting her panties back on I flush the toilet, then I look over to Lia and I see her playing pushing stuff on my phone and she's squatting with a big poo poking out and I hear her going "ehhhhhhhhh" and it falling out, I sigh "Lia!" and Mika just giggles and goes eww, so I had more to clean up and her to talk to and stuff.


this one is on me...

I had another accident. At first I couldn't believe it, but when I thought about it I guess I kind of set myself up for it. After a huge thanksgiving meal, dessert, and a LOT of beer and some wine, I should have been expecting a poop emergency would strike at some point. Well I woke up this morning and I was really groggy, hungover, and I could feel a dull need to poop looming in my stomach. I knew I should get up and go, but I just didn't want to get out of bed. I laid there drifting back off to sleep and was half unconscious, when suddenly the dull ache went from 0-60 in just a second and a full blown storm was brewing in my bowels. It was like someone reached inside me and grabbed my bowels and twisted. I groaned out load involuntarily that's how intense it was. I climbed out of bed and rushed for the door, clenching my cheeks and holding my stomach, but it was no use. As I reached the door a fart forced it's way past my clenched grip and brought a hot glob of poop into my panties with it. After that there was no stopping it. I made it a couple more steps down the hallway before I completely lost it and started rapidly filling my panties with wet, heavy poop. By the time I reached the bathroom, my panties were fully loaded...sagging down from my butt from the weight and it also went up the front a little. Some was starting to slide down the inside of my left leg tooo but I quickly tore off some to and wadded it up to stop that. I still had to go and I carefully but quickly lowered my heavy panties to the floor and sat down to finish the epic dump, and just sit there stunned. The mess was severe...on me, on the toilet seat, the floor by the toilet and of course my panties. I took the liner out of the waste basket and carefully scooped up the messy panties and just tied the bag shut. It was too big of a mess to even attempt to save them...they were mostly white anyway. I then used most of the tp roll wiping myself down before getting in the shower, and when I got out I washed off the toilet seat and the flor and sprayed tons of air freshener... then when in was all cleaned up I went downstairs and made a thanksgiving leftovers sandwich LOL!

anyway as bad of an accident as it was I'm not too shaken by cause I was at home alone (luckily- I almost spent the night at my sister's. So glad I didn't wake up at her house and then mess myself like that omg) but also becauae I brought it on myself by trying to go back to sleep instead of the bathroom.

I hope everyone in the US had a nice holiday!

Steve A

To Ashley G

Do your daughters know that you post on Toilet Stool about them? If not, will you ever tell them about this site so that they can post stories as well, if they want to?

I hope they're not mad at you for posting stories about them if you tell them that you do, but I hope that they wouldn't mind you doing so.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: An Interesting Phone Call great story.

To: Annie hopefully your diarrhea is over with soon.

To: Abby great story I bet you felt amazing after that big poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you and Kim both had good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tlana great story as always.

To: Abbey great story I bet you and all those other felt good after your poops.

To: Carolyn first welcome to the site and great poop story it sounds like you had a good one and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Shay it sounds like had quite a night I look forward to reading the conclusion.

To: Vikings Fan great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Quick gift for girlfriend

Hey everyone!

While my girlfriend was in the shower this morning, I slid in and had a quick poop. One very thick, long, clean log with a decent amount of smell to it. I didn't flush. She hasn't seen the little present I left her yet, but I can't wait to see the reaction when she does. I don't think she ever even knew I was in the bathroom. Cheers!

To Winnie the Poo and John B: Thank you for kind words. I'm still not very good, but it is getting better a bit. I didn't tell my family as my mother would be worry, she lives very far from me. But my friends really help me so much, especially Hisae because like me she doesn't live with parents. But Kazuko and Maho are wonderful too. Without them I maybe be dead now.

Anyway, bit better. I had very bad headache because of depression. Hisae said, perhaps if you go to loo it get better, so I went into loo and Hisae curled up at my feet. And I found I wanted to go, and a lot, Hisae said she heard 8 big plops, I didn't count, but I know I did little ones too.
And Hisae was right, I felt better. After last big plop, I said Hisae, can I relax here bit? and she said of course, do I get out? I said no, stay with me if you don't mind. So she stay and hold my hand and say nice things. She never get angry even I can't feel better even if she does everything. After I get off the loo, Hisae said, go on bed and face down, and she sat on me and massaged my back and bottom and shoulders.

Last night Hisae went back home as her flat all dirty and she needed to clean, so Maho stayed with me, and when I went to bed she caressed my hair long time and gave me little kiss. So next morning when she went to loo I gave her little kiss on knee. That time she did only one motion and not so big, but she tried to do more, but not lucky.

I think I am getting better. I can go to work, but not so long time. Boss is nice and says, work at your own pace Mina. I went to loo once at work last week, and did lot of motions and stayed long time because it was a diarrhoea, but boss only smile.

Soon I give you nice story, maybe. I'm getting better. And I love people on this site too, so makes me feel better writing.

I try to get better soon.


Saturday, November 29, 2014

an interesting phone call

today I was giving some of my closer friends a call to say happy thanksgiving. I called my one friend who lives on the other side of the country and it was only about 9 am there. She's 32 and has always been a sweet , well mannered and kind of shy girl, but among friends she has a pretty goofy sense of humor and with me in particular she isn't afraid to make poop jokes because she knows of my interest in the subject. Anyway, when I called her she seemed distracted and uncomfortable and I apologized thinking I'd woken her up. She said I didn't and then jus said happy Thanksgiving. I could tell something was wrong because she is always very bubbly and cheery when i call her but she definitely seemed off. I asked her again what was wrong and she said "full disclosure?...I'm at my aunt's for Thanksgiving. She has one bathroom. My cousin is taking a shower and getting dressed right now... and I really really have to poop." I laughed briefly then turned sympathetic, and I said "well you can call me back later when your situation is resolved." She said no and told me she answered because she thought talking would keep her distracted and be able to hold it more, because she had just been waiting for her cousin to come out and kept thinking about her need to go and thinking about it was making her have to go worse. She said I should just keep her distracted until her cousin got out of the bathroom and then she's go. So I kept talking about random things and occasionally asked her how she was. She said "I'm struggling here!" And another time said "I might use the trash can." I kept talking and I would here distressed sighs every now and then and I might have even heard her farting a few times. Finally she got really agitated and started cursing and complaining about her cousin, then said "she's gonna make me have my morning poop in my underwear, that's how bad I need the bathroom right now, omg" she then urged me to keep talking about other stuff and then I could hear her breathing become kind of labored, then she groaned quietly. I stopped talking and just listened as she remained silent except for little sighs here and there. After a moment I said "are you still there?" She hesitated then sheepishly mumbled "....yeah, I'm here..." I said "how are you holding up?" Again she stayed quiet for a moment then said "well, my cousin still hasn't come out of the bathroom, but it doesn't matter now because I just pooped myself..." I asked her if she was serious and she mumbled "yeah unfortunately." I said "what are you gonna do?" She said "just hope none of my cousins or my aunt come to the room and when my cousin finally gets out of the bathroom hopefully I can sneak in there unseen before someone else goes in." I asked if she wanted me to stay on the phone and she said if I didn't kind she still needed the distraction, but now from having a load in her underwear. I talked to her for about five more minutes before she abruptly stopped me and said her cousin was out and that she had to go clean herself up.

I'd say it was a pretty interesting start to the holiday, listening to my friend soil herself while we were on the phone then continue talking to her as she had a mess in her underwear.


Mucousy diarrhea in the morning

Hi all. No more sharting accidents since the one on Sunday but I've been waking up with very URGENT diarrhea every morning around 10 am. Forget using an alarm clock. My body wakes me up for me! And I have such a strong urge to go it's a struggle to walk as fast as I can to the toilet with a tight grip on my bowels. I've made it each time, fortunately. But this morning I had to go so bad I nearly shit the bed because my husband was in the bathroom pooping. So I had to slowly sit up and hold my bum with my hand. As soon as he was out of the bathroom I half walked half ran to the toilet, pulled everything down and sat, grabbing the Garfield comic just in time. BOOM! Noisy explosive diarrhea once again like I've had for the past several mornings. There was a tiny wet brown streak on my underwear so something must have leaked out. It seems to be a pattern these days. I have thought it may be too much coffee and Coke irritating my bowels so I've been cutting back to one or two cups a day as opposed to 3 or 4 and one can of Coke instead of 2 or 3. Been drinking lots of water and watching what I eat so I don't aggravate it. Each time I go though, there's mucus and stomach pain! I don't use my laxative anymore as I've had the same results every morning so I don't think I need to aggravate my bowels more. Rarely does the diarrhea happen more than once but I'm doing this to be safe. Also been careful not to fart unless I'm on the toilet as I've had 2 sharting accidents in the last few weeks. The one on Sunday was a full blown accident Brandon T. The load wasn't huge but nothing else but a couple of flakes came out when I sat on the toilet. The mess wasn't pleasant to clean either. I'm not vomiting or otherwise sick but this isn't normal for me. For the past couple of weeks this has been happening though and I'd like to know why.

Any idea, anyone? If someone could shed some light on this I'd appreciate it. I don't like waking up feeling like I'm going to explode in my pants. Any advice or information would be appreciated. Thank you!


work dump

well I got up this morning and no water so I would have to wait until I get till work well I got there and my stomach was cramping me well finally it was break time and I run to bathroom I got sat down drop my jeans and pushed and grunted then the first monster turd came out then a loud fart slid out then the next two monster turds came out then the last one came out it was painful I really had to push hard it was 17"long 4"wide after all that I wipe and pulled up my jeans

Need to go

Another gym shit

I live in the northeast and the fall leaf cleanup never ends! The other morning I got up early to clean my gutters and do one final round of leaf cleanup prior to an impending snow storm. I completed the tasks and headed to the gym for a workout. Since I had a layer of grime on my body from the yard work I decided to take a shit and shower before my workout. I got to the locker room and stripped and grabbed a towel. I headed to the wet area of the gym and put my towel on the hooks near the showers and took a left to go to the toilet area. I was nude at this point and as I reached the toilet area and was entering a stall.I ran into a buddy of mine who was dressed in workout cloths headed for a piss. We stopped briefly to say hi and make some small talk. As we talked he kind of was reaching in his pants began taking his dick out and headed to the urinals. I entered my stall immediately sat down and let out a fart, began pissing, and dropping my load! All the while we continued talking! He finished and sad have a good one and left. I finished up took my shower. Then had a nice intense workout! It was a unexpected but enjoyable experience!

Ashley G.
Brian w.- Yes I've heard both girls poop. Natalie is more audible with her "splashes" in the bowl, but Kayla is noisier with her farting.

No new stories to post today..hope to have something this weekend after today's Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Ashley G.

To Jasmine K

Anatomy Student

Hey, sorry to hear about your predicament. I'd like to reccomend you stop taking all forms of opiates. Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Codine, Percocet, Darvocet ect. They cause constipation. They literally stop your bowels by numbing the receptors that trigger peristalsis. Imodium is an opiate, it does the same thing without the mental effects.
Try a suppository or glycerine enema. They lubricate the dry poop and really help.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


to Jemma and library poop story

to Jemma: just wanted to say I really love your stories!

Here is my story. Yesterday afternoon I was studying at the library with my friend Danielle. After about an hour or so I really started to need a poo. I didn't want to go there and tried to hold it in so I could go at home later. But after another half hour or so, my ???? started to really hurt. I had to clench my bumcheeks to hold my load in and even let a silent fart slip out. It smelled and I think Danielle noticed, but she didn't say anything. After that I decided I had to go in the library after all. I told her I had to go to the toilet and would be back soon.

When I got there, another girl entered the washroom pretty much at the same time. Her name is Kimberley and she works at the library full time, so I think she is probably in her late twenties or so. I have talked to her a couple of times when I needed help doing some research and she is really nice. I said hello as I held the door open for her and we both smiled. Kim is a bit more curvy but also really cute with pale skin and long brown hair. Even though it is totally winter here now, she was wearing a flowery dress and sandals. I found it quite cold in the library, having worn a thick sweater all day. But some people never seem to be cold at all. We had to wait, since both cubicles were taken. Someone was peeing really noisily in one of them. Kim was bobbing up and down a bit, but didn't really look like she minded the wait too much. I started to play with my phone and after about a minute or so, both cubicles became free and the two of us went in. I put my bag on the floor and pulled down my jeans and black thong. I sat down on the toilet and immediately started to pee. Meanwhile I heard the rustling of Kim pulling up her dress. She also plopped her bum on the seat and started to pee. I noticed that she had bunched up her white stockings at her feet, but couldn't see her undies. When we were done peeing, there was a moment of silence. I think we were both waiting to see if the other girl might leave. Kim didn't leave though, so I figured she probably also had to do a poo and that I might as well have mine, too. I started to push and strain a bit. Meanwhile, a small, really ladylike fart came from Kim's cubicle. Then we both started to poo, with turds crackling out of both our bums at the same time. Kim's splashed into her toilet just as my first turd broke off as well. I pushed out another poo which was followed by a really loud, embarrassing fart, which slipped out into my toilet. Upps. Kim dropped what sounded like two more smaller turds with a little bit of straining and then started to tear of some toilet paper. By now there was a strong smell of poo in the room. I let out one more final turd and then I felt really empty. I only had to wipe twice, but Kim used lots more paper. Then I pulled up my pants, flushed the toilet and went out to wash my hands. Kim had also flushed her toilet and we smiled at each other again at the sinks. I was blushing a bit, because of my embarrassing fart. She then held the door open for me and we both went back to work. Danielle went to the washroom just a couple minutes later, but she was back in only a few minutes. We stayed a couple more hours after that, but I didn't need to go any more at all.


To kmd

Hi kmd,

Thanks for your kind comments, they touched me. To answer your question, no, I didn't hear Lena go after I was done, as I went straight to my room to go back to my book. In fact, I almost never hear Lena poop, she's a quick and silent pooper, and I am almost never at home when she has to go. Lena works as a web designer from home, so I almost always get up before her and leave to university before she stands up. However, I sometimes witness her pooping on weekends. She leaves usually quite a pungent smell and some skidmarks sometimes. Rarely, she takes a book, a magazine or a text with her, so it's pretty obvious what she is going to do.

When I have to poop, I feel some fullness in my rectum and I fart a lot. And no, I was not out of farts when I finally could relieve myself because the more I fart and wait before going to the loo, the more gas I produce! I don't know why this pre-poop fart happen, but I'm obviously not the only one who experience this. Does anybody have the explanation?

And I don't think Lena's need was so urgent, I think she was rather teasing me. But as I didn't ask, Ill never find it out.

I have some more stories to tell but no time right now, I am very busy.
Take care, love,

Blind Guy

Checking up on Christa

Greetings. It's been a while since we've heard from Christa, so I hope you are reading this and doing well. Please keep us updated either way, as I'm anxious to see how you are progressing. I do hope things are looking up for you. I'm always here if you want me. Have a pleasant holiday season.


Dear Mina

I hope you will soon be feeling better, dear. Perhaps some holiday time with family and friends will cheer you up. I know I speak for many on this site when I say I love you and care for you. You are a valued member of this community!


Final Bike Ride of Season

This past weekend Miranda and her cousin, Jerika, who is a freshman in college and home on fall break, went out on what will probably our final bike ride of the season. Our rides go from 4 to sometimes 6 hours or more and this time we started near Miranda's house in the country and rode to a state park where we had a break and lunch before riding back home.

Jerika, who plays three sports is in terrific shape, and makes Miranda and me look pretty lame. She's 6' something so she can stand and take command of her bike by peddling pretty fast. I'm only 3'5" so I have to work harder, although Miranda and her dad don't like to hear my complaints and say I'm getting more exercise. About two hours into our ride we entered the state park through a rocky path and as we got closer to the restrooms and campgrounds both Jerika and I were looking froward to weeing. Miranda had to poo and Jerika called her something like The Dumpster. Then Miranda shot back with something pretty obscene. We finally left the road and walked our bikes through a shortcut up to the restroom building. It was really old and there were four toilets connected to the wall. Each toilet was without a door and the metal partition was only half high so although so I could see much of Jerika even when she sat down with a thud on the toilet next to mine. Miranda took the toilet right inside the entrance, after she looked at the one to my left which had what looked like pee splashed on the seat. Miranda started to drop her logs immediately and I could hear them splash into the water. I asked her how many days it had been since she pooed and she said three days earlier at school. Then I remembered that I was with her then. I don't think I had been seated 5 minutes but I was getting frustrated at not being able to get my pee stream started. The seat was cracked in two places and in addition to being a little cold, it was also a little higher than I have at home or use at school. My left knee was starting to be a little sore and as I checked it out. I thought about how I would have no problem keeping up with Jerika or Miranda in the fast pooing department (I can actually beat them and they know it!) but I get embarassed and frustrated in public when I need to pee.

Just then this girl who seemed to be about 8 or 9 came running in. Jerika said "taken" when the walked to the front of her stall, then the girl put her hands partly over her eyes as she walked by me, and turned into the toilet just to my left. It seemed like she used her hands to boost herself up onto the seat after I saw her jeans and underwear drop to the floor. Her left shoe seemed to get tangled up in the leg of her jeans just as I heard a little screech as her butt connected with the seat. What I was hearing was pretty interesting. I could her her breathing and pushing. Then she would step down off the toilet just as I would hear a splash in the bowl. She would turn completely around and look in at what she had done and then get back up on the seat and a minute or so later it would start up again. I counted seven times before I noticed Jerika and Miranda were done and at the sinks washing their hands. Not only was I surprised at that, but my wee was pouring between my legs with pretty good force. Yeh!!! Jerika said something about that, but I couldn't catch what it was, but Miranda nudged Jerika and said at least I wasn't smelling the whole campground up like she was.

I heard the girl next to me laugh a little at that one. I got down, flushed, and washed my hands. As the three of us went through the doorway and got back on our bikes, a lady who was having a cigarette around the other side of the building called to us and asked if her daughter was in there and done yet. I said I thought she was getting close. I asked Miranda if she thought its common for people to stay on the toilet longer after they poo compared to when they wee.

Neither Miranda or Jerika knew the answer.


Comments and 1 post

To Abby C: Hi Abby C, I just love your and am looking forward to your next post

To Jemma: What a great post of you pooping twice

Hopefully you guys have more posts on the way!!!!
Now onto the story:

So I had been holding in a poo since gym which was 1 class ago and I hadn't pooped in about 3 days. I asked my art teacher to go. She said that it was okay. I went to the closest girls room. 3 stalls had been taken, so i took the 2nd stall in the middle which had no door. So i walked in, pulled my sweat pants down to my ankles. Then somebody came in and two minutes later 20 people were in line. The first 4 people could see me on the seat pooping with my sweats at my ankles and pink hearted undies at my thighs. I made a push and a big fat log made a loud splash. I started to wipe and felt more poop in me. So i started to push again and the first girl in line said "Seriously, how the hell are all of you taking a shit and not out yet, well actually it's sort of weird that your stall doesn't have a door, so it makes it easier for me to see your vagina!!". I finished with 8 fat logs about 6 inches wide, and 12 inches long. Have a nice day everyone, bye!

Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I am 22 years old, quite tall (6 foot 2), have brunette hair and blue eyes. I poop once every day, occasionally twice in a day, almost always shortly after eating lunch. I switched to being a vegetarian a few years ago and it made a big difference in my pooping. My logs became a bit bigger and firmer, but more importantly, more regular and easier to pass.

I came home from class today and ate lunch and, as usual, a half hour later I felt my body telling me I needed to poop. I went to the bathroom, lowered my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. I grabbed the magazine and relaxed, letting my body do its thing. I peed first and soon my first turd was poking out. I continued to read and passed three logs before I felt like I was done.

I stood up to examine my creation and saw my three logs, one a very light brown, almost like sand, and the other two somewhat darker brown. Each one was about five or six inches long. I wiped my butt four times, with the paper being clean on the final pass, then I flushed the toilet and washed my hands.

Okay, that's all for this post. Hope you enjoyed. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the United States, too. Bye.


Sick to my Stomach

Hey guys, it's Shay. I haven't posted in a while, but I think this is definitely cause for me to post.

On Wednesday, I was at home watching TV when I felt my stomach start gurgling. I had been gassy all that week, so I passed a few farts thinking I'd be fine. My stomach kept cramping up though and getting worse. I was holding my stomach and moaning as cramps rolled through my intestines. This went on for about half an hour when suddenly I felt a surge of liquid jet through my bowels and RIGHT after that the oh too familiar urge to shit diarrhea IMMEDIATELY. I ran to the toilet and barely made it before, mushy, runny, golden brown diarrhea oozed out of me and into the pot. I sat on the toilet for about 10 minutes with continuous diarrhea before I felt done. I wiped and moved on, but I was very full and bloated, and I also felt a bit nauseous. Fifteen minutes later I was back on the pot with more sludge diarrhea shit, more urgent than the last wave and with more cramps. I held my stomach and groaned as I released my diarrhea. This went on at least every half hour for the rest of that day--I would go to the restroom with diarrhea and cramps, leave still feeling like I was full and about to burst, and come back very shortly afterwards.

By nighttime, I was exhausted. I had decided to finally call it a night and went to my room. I was bending down in my closet to get my pajamas when out of the blue, my stomach cramped and diarrhea ran into my panties and jeans. I clenched my butt together, grabbed my pjs and waddled to the bathroom where I had my worst bout of diarrhea yet. Diarrhea bubbled in my stomach and then on its way out of my ass. I was on the throne for half an hour with cramps, nausea, and dark brown poo. After a long clean up, I grabbed some water and went to bed.

I woke up two hours later to a wet feeling around my anus--I had sharted! I accidentally let out some diarrhea in my sweatpants while I was sleeping. I ran to the toilet and let out watery poo, and this happened every fifteen minutes for the next two hours. In total, I had probably had 25 total episodes of diarrhea that day. So as you can guess, I was drained the next morning. Luckily, I didn't have to work the next day so I could stay home and rest.

I didn't shit that whole day Thursday. Or Friday. Or Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. This morning I woke up so full and bloated and miserable that I decided I needed to get something to make me shit. I drove to an out of the way supermarket and picked up a gallon of prune juice. All day, I ate a ton of food. Biscuits, rice, chicken, popcorn, pizza. I wanted to completely load up before I blew out everything. By 11:00PM I felt miserably full, so I decided it was time to fix that. I drank half of the bottle of prune juice.

Right now, I've only gone to the bathroom once. That shit was solid, but very loose. My stomach is gurgling and cramping and I can feel the hard mass in my abdomen being turned to diarrhea. As I type this, I've felt shit move into my rectum several times, but I'm holding out for a big blowout of wet, loose diarrhea. I don't feel too good, so I can't wait to tell you all about how my night went and all of my shits!

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New Sister In Law...

My girlfriend told me about this site and it is very interesting so I thought I'd give it a try. We are a family of Hunters and my brother brought my soon to be sister in law on the family deer hunt this year. She looks like me..5'5 140ish...blonde..we get along great :-).So we get up very early, make breakfast and my brother asks me to take her out to the stand we have set up for her. Its about a mile into the woods. About halfway there she turns to me and says if she has to fart so she tries and immediately tenses...she looks and me with the most embarrassed face saying breakfast didn't agree with her and she had to have a poo. I had to stay with her because she didn't know where the stand was...

So I found a own tree just off the path where she could do her thing. She peels down her orange bibs, hangs her butt over the down tree and let's loose. Poor thing had one flow of diarrhea with a few very wet farts to follow, she apologized many times because it seemed she couldn't stop farting. I sat over and had a quick pee with a semi long fart as well...All in all we kept it between us and got some good bonding time out of it ha ha. Any similar stories? :-)

Brian w
This question is for Ashley G who has the 15 and 13 year old daughter. Have you heard both of your daughters go poop? Which one makes the bigger splash in the toilet water?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ashley G great story it sounds like Kayla had a good poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie it was lucky you were awake enough to recognize that you had to poop urgently instead letting off a fart lazily while half asleep which would've been a disaster and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sophia W great story it sounds like that bathroom was pretty busy and it sounds like there were some good poops going on and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina I hope you feel better soon I always enjoy reading your great stories.

To: Jemma great pooping story as always.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Post Title (optional) To Jasmin K

I've read that codeine can cause constipation. I read in your post that you take that sometimes to help with your sore anus and hemarrhoids. I hope you are doing better with your constipation now, your last post was just crazy!! I know what its like to be that constipated. Do you always get much more constipated when you go on holidays or go away for a few days?? Did you manage to do a poo while you were away with friends at the fair?? I'm guessing you were very constipated the whole time. Did you eat a lot more junk food while you were away? I've also had the liquid poo lately, coming out when I'm constipated. I've had to wear sanitary pads in my knickers so I don't mess my pants.

I had a bad hemarrhoid recently, the type that stick out. It was on the outside of my anus, at the back. It got really big and very painful. I often get internal hemarrhoids and anal fissures from too much straining. Its not too bad now, still sticking out a bit but not painful.

I'm actually constipated right now : (

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ashley G.
Hi, I haven't posted in some time. I'm the mom of two teenage daughters 15 & 13. Both girls are quite active and have big appetites, so they always have big poops lol. Today I'm going to tell a story that happened on Saturday involving Kayla

I was cleaning house about to clean the bathroom when Kayla asks if she can go poop before I clean the toilet. I say "sure honey, just leave it when you're done and I"ll flush it" i proceeded to clean the shower, I can see her on the toilet playing on her phone. Since I had the water on I couldn't hear much, except for 2 echoing farts, which of course I had to giggle to her. After several minutes she wiped and left, putting down the lid. After cleaning the sink, I lifted the lid and saw 2 turds coming out of the hole and a 10" or so turd curved around the water floating on top.

Jess- enjoyed your story about your twins..our kids seem to have similar habits


Reply to Jemma

Hi its John B.

Just read your recent post and you remind me so much of my wife in the days when she used to have her periods. She never made a fuss and got on with her work, very stoic like you! Although my wife doesn't suffer from IBS like you sometimes during that time of the month her bowel habits would sometimes differ from the norm inasmuch that sometimes she would either get a bout of diarrhea or constipation, not always but occasionally. From you've written Jemma apart from dealing with the paraphernalia that goes with a period your bowel movement seemed to be much the same as you'd normally do.

Is that usually the case or do you sometimes get a flare up of your condition at this time?

Anyway Jemma thankyou for another informative story and you take care and look after yourself. Kindest regards x.

Well that's all for now guys take care and as always looking forward to each and every one of your posts.

John B x


Post Title (optional) To Jasmin K and Dude in Distress

Wow!! It sounds like you have been extremely constipated lately. I'm glad you finally got the poos out but it sounded like a real struggle for you. My hemarrhoids have been bad recently, I had a bad one that stuck out and bled every time I pooped. It was very painful too. I was very constipated when I had the hemarrhoid so I pooped even less than usual.

I was having a bit of an easier time with pooping lately but now I'm constipated again. I've been pooping out a few dry pebbles but that was about it.

To Dude in Distress: Sounds like you have had a very hard time with constipation lately too. Don't you just love it when people try to sympathize with you about being constipated and they tell you they had it bad once. You are right, if only they knew how bad it was for people like us!!! They wouldn't know what hit them if they hadd it bad all the time, like me and you. Did you end up getting that poo out that was stuck in your anus and sticking out but you couldn't suck it back in?? I hate it when that happens!

Hi everyone, my name is David. I'm 11 years old, i have dirty blonde colored hair, my height is somewhere at 5'2. A few days ago I was playing with my friends James and Lizzy outside. While I was playing with them I really needed to use the toilet. I held it in for another hour or so and i couldn't hold it anymore so I asked my friends "can I use your bathroom" and James said "okay". I walked up the deck stairs walking in through the back door. I closed the back door, walked through their kitchen to the bathroom, and went in. I shut the door behing me, locking the door, and walked to the toilet. I turned around unbuttonning my jeans, and pulled my jeans and hanes underwear to my ankles, and plopped my bum on the seat. My ankles and heels were hanging off the floor with my toes on the floor. I let a freirce stream of pee out for about 20 seconds and then the stream stopped. I pushed a little and let a out a fart. I pushed again when 4" of poop started to hang there, i pushed again and soon it became 18" and fell into the toilet with a loud splash. Soon, the water had about 6 18" logs. I was about to wipe when i noticed that there was no toilet paper. I called for James but he didn't respond, and then I called for Lizzy she came to the door and asked what I needed. I said to her " I took a poop and there is no tp, can you get some? She said sure and came in with a roll of tp. She saw me sitting there still pooping with liquid diarrea coming out of my bumhole. With a grunt i said "thaannks, ugh and then a fart which she heard she left closing the door. I wiped about 15 times. I pulled up my undies and jeans, flushed, washed my hands and left. Thanks for hearing my story everybody. Bye

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jess great story it sounds like your daughters both had good poops which happened to be at the same time luckily you were prepared and great story about your desperate poop it sounds like you and that other girl both really had to go and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Helen first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop I bet you felt pretty god afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Maria great pooping story.

To: Annie great story at least it wasn't a full blown accident and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS I love this site



After my sharting accident yesterday (Sunday Nov 23) I spent the rest of the day being careful not to fart and had to poop a few times. The first load was giant and covered the toilet from front to back. And the 2nd and third load were diarrhea. I didn't have to go again for the day but was hesitant about letting out any gas without sitting on the toilet first.

Then this morning I was woken up with a "gotta go NOW!" urge to go diarrhea. My stomach hurt and I knew there was no ignoring it and going back to sleep. So I ran downstairs, closed the door, got my clothes down and the Garfield comic and sat down. BOOM! An explosion of mushy/watery diarrhea came out. I had 3 waves of it before my stomach felt relatively OK again. I cleaned myself up, pulled my pants and undies up, flushed the toilet, washed my hands and went back to bed again for another 2 hours. Later my husband woke me up because he brought me pancakes from the local breakfast place so I ate them though it was after 12 by then. My stomach has been so-so all day.

What is it with my stomach and needing to go diarrhea as soon as I wake up? Anyone else get this?



Hey guys, I've been a lurker on this site for a while but have never actually posted.

I've never had it happen to me (yet), and I've always kind of been curious hearing about people having an accident in front of their S.O. Here's a survey, if you guys have anything to share.

1. Have you ever peed your pants in front of a girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse? What happened?

2. Have you ever pooped your pants in front of your S.O? What happened?

3. Has your current/previous S.O. ever peed their pants in front of you? What happened, and how did you react?

4. Has your current/a previous S.O. ever pooped their pants in front of you? What happened, how did you react?

Thanks guys!
I'm looking forward to reading more stories, and maybe sharing some of my own!

Sophia W.

Again a story from school

Today I needed to poop very uregent after my last lesson. I sat there in argony and I could not follow my teacher in the last 15 minutes. After the bell tolled, I ran to the toilets in the main floor and took the first cubic that was open. I put my red trousers and black panties down and sat on the toilet. I did not even need to push and my first log found it's way out. Then I also started a very pleasent pee. My second log was on its way and this one was much mushy than the first one. Also it smelled. I think nearly all other cubics where busy too and I could hear plops and peeing streams in all variations. Also the third log was very easy to push out. The girl beside me flushed and went out of her stall, but was immediatly replaced. For my suprise I had a forth log in me that was small and also mushy. I took a lot of toilet paper to wipe me. I stud up and put my pants back on and the I first looked in the toilet. I saw my four logs and the toilet paper but beneth was also much toilet paper and i was not sure if the toilet could handle it. I flushed and the water rised. The gir befor me used way more paper than me and now her poop was visiable. I felt how red I got in my face, although now I thing it was not my fault that the toilet got clogged. I waited till the water disaperade and opned the door. A girl, younger than me alredy waited and went in. She did not care, because I could hear her pulling the jeans down and started her poo in the filled toilet. On Saturday my sister used the toilet when I undressed me for the shower in the morning. She knocked the door and I opened and she had her hands in her croatch. So I let her in and i went in the shower. This happens very often at the weekend.

Sorry everyone, I have some stories for you but I am in a depression now and I don't have energy to tell stories well. At moment I just thinking sad things all time, and I can't be alone at night so Hisae come most nights to stay with me, she is so sweet girl. When she tired, Maho or Kazuko come. I try to get better soon. I work only six hours in a day now, my boss is kind he said I can work my pace. I hope I get better soon and can write nice stories for you, I have very good one about Hisae, she said OK to tell you.

I will be back soon.


Steve A

To JW/Bathroom Windows/Black Friday Bathroom Lines/Holiday

That condition is called: (Situs inversus) It's thought to be present in 0.01% of the population, or a 1 in 10,000 chance. It's a rare birth defect and it has been estimated to occur once in about 6-8,000 births. Anatomy Student should give more info on this topic if he has any.

In my house, my parents bedroom has a private bathroom that has a window and my grandparents bathroom has a window as well.

Does anyone one here have a bathroom with a window?

During Black Friday, everyone should be busy shopping and almost every bathroom line in evey store could be longer than normal.

Does anyone have any Black Friday Bathroom stories?

I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving and hopefully we may have some good Thanksgiving dump stories as in regards to my earlier post.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jasmin K

Constipated again

Hi All

As I said in my last post I would update about still being constipated when I got home from my few days away with friends from the fair.
It was quite late on the monday evening and although I had a full feeling I was really tired decided to leave it untill the next morning and went for a shower then got ready for bed. I wore a full cut pair of knickers to bed, I have several pairs kept for when I am very constipated, they are the old school type knickers or gym knickers,some were actually my mums but they are tight and good at holding things in place like sanitary pads etc.

Next morning I wore over the knee socks, school mini skirt, blouse etc, I knew when I got on the toilet it was gonna hurt some and as I already had ???? ache and a sore bum I took a couple of painkillers which usually work in by I get to school so it doesnt hurt as much when I try to poo. I have taken them quite a lot recently, codiene really helps with my ???? ache and when my bum hurts. Anyway I got to school early and took a stall, pulled my knickers down and sat on the toilet. Just then my BF texted to ask if I was at school I relied yes on the toilet.I had skipped breakfast so started to eat my bag of haribo as I strained and squirted some pee and strained again feeling the hard mass in my bum press down on my bum making it bulge downwards. As I strained I felt under me and my bum hole was bulging right down so gently inserted a finger and felt the poo right there in my bum hole but it wouldnt budge. I strained and strained making my eyes water and just managed to get a piece to poke out enought to break it off and it plipped into the water. It was a really dry piece it didnt leave a mark on my finger. I strained some more and some softer poo leaked round the hard piece and a couple of tiny pebbles splashed in gthe water. I noticed as I strained it was also making my front bit bulge as well. I squirted some more pee but as It was now time for lessons to start I wiped and gently eased the swollen piles back in and put a sanitary pad on. When I left the toilet I texted him to say I hadnt done a poo.
My arse was so full it hurt to sit down. I didnt go at break but at lunch I went to try again and managed a few pebbles.
My Boy friend ( the one where I live not the one from the fair) texted me whilst I was on the toilet asking if I was going out with him that evening, I replied saying not untill Ive got rid of this constipation. He replied saying if he can come round to my house that evening he will help me to do it so I said yes thats ok. He is very understanding of my constipation problems, will spend time with me in the bathroom and massages my ????, squeezes me round the middle in like a bear hug to help me force it out and will press up on either side of my arse hole to stop it bulging down and uses a finger to help the bits come out. I actually think he enjoys seeing me straining and he always likes to see what comes out - he is amazed at the sise in thickness of some of the logs that I do after I hav'nt been for a few days. If we are going out to say a party he will come round and sit on the side of the bath to keep me company whilst I try to have a poo, last time we were late cos it took me nearly 2 hours to finish on the toilet, the last time I had been constipated for a few days, I took some codine tablets when I started getting ready to stop my arse hurting,It took me nearly 2 hours which included sitting on the toilet, squatting on the bathroom floor, lying on my bed ( looking like I was trying to give birth, I strained so hard the inside of my arse came out and I pissed everywhere )with him pressing my ???? which got a few pebbles out and then eased the inside of my arse back in and back on the toilet to finally get a big solid hard piece and several more pebbles out, whilst he held my arse up. He then wiped me and I got off the toilet, he showed his appriciation for what I had done, but when he finished I had this full feeling in my arse like I needed another poo so I sat back down and strained and strained, all that came was my piles which were still bleeding and the inside of my arse again It felt so full I just kept straining but all that came out was lots blood, arse lube juice and squirts of pee. we had a great time at the party - he is amazing he doesnt get phazed what ever I do, including other guys, or as happened a few times wet and soiled my knickers when constipated especially after a long session on the toilet, He also wasnt phased when I took my best friends advice during the last bout of constipation and wore plastic pants to protect my jeans from stains from leaks which seem to be worse now and also from seepage as Ive had to use a lot of pile cream inside and out.
Anyway he came round again the next day when my mum went to work, asked if I had done a poo, no i replied, i tried but am constipated. He suggested that I put on the Basque which he bought me and he really tightened it and as it was colder I have a pair of open crotch tights so my legs and bum cheeks are covered but my arse and pee parts are open, I put on high heeled boots and went on the toilet. I strained really hard and with the basque holding me in really tight I felt things move inside I strained again and again and some pebbles splashed into the water and strained again to push a hard log that felt too big to go through my swollen, painfull sore arse. I strained again and felt as the log pushed into my arse one of the splits or fissures tear open again I took a couple of painkillers and rubbed some pile cream on and into my arse and went to my room with him to wait for them to work,after 20 minutes I went back on the toilet and strained so hard the pain in my arse was still bad but I just strained harder through it and a huge knobbly log pushed my arse open, wider and wider I felt my arse split again. The blood was drip drip drip as I strained hard again making my eyes water as it came through my stretched, swollen stinging arse hole. I took a breath and strained really hard again to get the fattest part of this log out. It stuck in my arse. He looked between my legs and said the end of it was actually in the water with the other end stuck in my arse I felt this monster log it was dry, lumpy and as i touched it pebbles broke off it. I strained again making a loud gnarrgh noise - it didnt budge, why wont it come out i said to him I strained again, i was geeting really angry with this stuck log and just wanted to get it out. I said i wanted my legs up more so he knelt in front of me on the floor and I put my feet, still in the boots, on his thighs. I took a deep breath and strained so hard my head was spinning, I was squirting pee everywhere due to the angle of my legs and the blood was drip drip drip from my piles and fissures. I strained again giving a mighty heave and I felt it come through my arse. It still felt like there was more so I kept straining and did a small hard log followed by some softer poo. I strained again and kept squirting or spraying soft poo, bum lube and blood into the toilet. There must have been some poo obstructing my bladder as I did a huge pee that seemed to last ages like minutes. No wonder I had been leaking pee into my knickers with that monster log stuck up inside me.
The next day at school I managed to do another log but in the last few days its becoming difficult again doing just a few pebbles.

Jasmin K


today's story.

Hi everyone.
John B - thanks for your reply & indeed you are correct, many a fair point made! Self-depricating posts though you think? Interesting you think that..

anyway, my story...

Today, whilst on my period at the mo, i went for a poo which i had been holding in for about an hour whilst dealing with a customer - obviously i couldn't just leave him waiting.
Clenching my peachy butt I walked as quickly as i could to the loos, entering I took a cubicle & pulled my short grey pencil skirt & black tights & black knickers down & plopped my butt on the seat. Without any effort my plops crackled out my butt, 5 so loose & crackly that i didn't hear the plop but i felt them break off and sloop in to the loo. Then a wet fart (meanwhile i was changing my sanitary wear) then 9 more firmer but still loose plops exploded in to the loo with loud plops, then a break as i made a sigh of relief, i was done & wiped 6 times sprayed my impulse & pulled all my garments back up.
flushing & washing my hands to leave.
I had a further 3 poos during my 9 hrs at work today.
more soon as always! X


Re Question for Emma

I wonder if you two are "mirror image" twins? It happens sometimes in twins and it means that one of you has all your organs on the opposite side of your body than what is normal. So instead of your rectum curving up to the left (as in normally does) one of your rectums might curve to the right. That may explain why the difference in bowel habits. Anatomy student would you care to comment?

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