Ashley G - I'm glad you liking the stories, I'd to hear more about your girls too, and your in luck as I have a story of my two oldest girls this time.

Anyways was out shopping with Milly and Misty, my 16 and 12 year old.
we been out for a long time, it was starting to get late and we was loading the car about to go home, when Milly said she had to go, and Misty said "Me too", so I said "Yeah it would probably be a good idea for us to go to the restroom before we head for home" so we went back in to the restrooms, a couple of the stalls was locked out of order, and there was a few others in waiting for stalls, so when one of the stalls opened up and two girls around 13 and 6 came out we all went in to it, the girls in the stall before us had a poo and didn't flush, the there was big thick poo about 5" long and then there was a thinner real long poo curled around floating in the water,

both of my girls go "ewww" then I flush it and then Milly wipes off the seat with her wipes and tosses it in the toilet she then pulls down her clothes and sits down I hear her pee for awhile then that dies down and I hear this long airy fart then hear abit of crackling for bit then a floomp sound then I hear more crackling sounds, then Misty says "you bout done yet?, I can't hold it much longer" she was standing there with legs crossed tightly squirming a small bit, then Milly says "yeah, sorry, just bit more" then small bit later I hear a plop and then Misty says "I really can't hold it any longer" and Milly says "well I'm done, I just have to wipe" as she grabbing t the toilet paper and Misty says "just let me sit down, you can wipe while I'm going" and Milly says "ok fine, if you have to go that bad" as she gets up, I look in the toilet while Misty is working on undoing and pulling down her clothes, there was a big long poo coming out of the drain hole all the way out of the water and curled a small bit to the side and then another poo about 5 or 6 inches long laying next to it, then Misty sits down with her legs apart to let Milly toss the tp into toilet, I say "should probably go ahead and flush it" and hit the flush, Misty instantly begins to pee full force as she sits, I could see poo hanging down a bit between her legs as she peed, Milly wiped a few times tossing the tp between Misty's legs as she did so, after a while Misty's pee died down, and I could hear cracking as her poo began to move, it looked big too, then I heard a big plop and then I heard a big long fart more crackling and another big plop then more crackling, and more farts and then some more crackling then more farts, then I heard another plop. and some more farts then she stood up and began to wipe I looked in the toilet and saw 2 big thick poos about 4 or 5 inches long each by the drain hole, and then 2 long floating poos curled around about 8 inches long each, then and one more floating poo about 4 inches long. I asked Misty "you feel better now?" and she giggled and said "yeah, it's just been a few days, though I do still feel pretty gassy" and she farts and giggles more and says "all the gas must had been blocked up by my poo" and farts again, she flushed and got her clothes fixed back up, and I took a quick pee and wiped then we left, and Misty actually farted alot on the way home too,

anyway when we got home and got everything unloaded, I had gone to the bathroom and was about to take a shower, when Milly came in, and says "oh sorry didn't know you was in here, mind if i use the toilet real quick?" I tell her "fine with me, I was just about to take a shower." she says "thanks, to tell you the truth, I didn't really get completely done before, but well Misty really had to go and all" as she's pulling down her clothes and siting down, while I was get ready for my shower, I heard her pee a small bit then I heard her fart and a bit of crackling and had gotten her phone out doing something on it but then I got in the shower and couldn't hear anything else over the water, the after some time latter I hear her tell me, "you can flush the toilet when you get out, or do you just want me to flush it now?" I said "it's fine I can do it later, hope ya feel better now", she said "ok, yeah lots" with a giggle and leaves, then some time later I get out and before I flush I saw 2 poos about 7 or 8 inches long laying across the drain hole.

while I finishing up drying my hair and stuff Mia came in to use the bathroom, I heard her pee some and some farts but I was done then and told her bye and left her, so I dunno if she pooped or just farted some, or how much longer she was in there.

well thats it, and to be honest out of all my girls I think Misty does the most, I don't even know how many times she's clogged the toilet, lol

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Hi again everyone!

Today I was at work with Lis. After we ate lunch, we both needed to have a poo but we were pretty busy at the library. Neither of us said we needed to, but I could tell from experience that Lis was holding a poo in as well. Since we were busy we kept working, and my poo was getting urgent. Since I strongly suspected Lis had to go too I was reluctant to go in case she was desperate.

After a bit she confirmed what I thought by saying, 'I'm need to go to the loo, I hope things quiet down soon.' I told her I needed to pay a visit too after eating. She said, 'So we both need to do a poo then!' I nodded. We had to keep holding our loads for a while as more customers were coming in. I could tell Lis was struggling a bit to wait and I guessed it was getting urgent for her. I told her she could go and I would manage for a bit while she did her poo. She went quickly to the loo and I told her to be as quick as she could since I had to go too.

After a little over 5 minutes she came back and said she would manage while I went. I headed to the loo and went in, pulling down my skirt and red knickers. I could smell her poo quite strongly and quickly added to the smell with a fart before pushing out two soft logs. Another couple followed, along with another fart, and then I was done, so I wiped, flushed, washed my hands and returned to work, with both of us feeling much better!

Hi everyone. This is my first time posting. I Stumbled across this site a while ago and never had anything to post until now. I went Black Friday shopping this year for the first time ever. I wanted to surprise my boyfriend with a new tv so I got the store pretty early to wait in line. By the time the store opened and I was let in I had to pee pretty badly but didn't have time to stop in the bathroom. I had to rush and get a tv before the rest of the crowd. I was able to grab one but then had to wait in another line to check out. This one was even longer and at this point I was desperate for a pee. I tried to stand as normal as possible but kept crossing my legs and I think it was obvious I was bursting. Finally it was my turn and I checked out. I realized I couldn't stop in the bathroom with this huge tv in my cart and would have to put it in my car first. There was no way it would fit in a shall and I wasn't leaving it unattended. I walked to my car having to stop every couple minutes to grab myself. I knew I was about to pee my pants. My bladder felt heavy and I had already spurted a few times. I loaded my stuff up and realized there was no way I would make it back to the store. I was seconds away from peeing. Here I was doing a full on pee pee dance in the parking lot, wasting precious time trying to decide what to do. I didn't want to pee my pants because I had more shopping to do and there were too many people around to just go by my car. That's when the idea came to me. I grabbed a plastic bag from my other purchase and laid it on the seat in my car. I then sat on it and shut my car door, then pulled down my pants so my bare butt was sitting in the opening of the bag. I was worried about it leaking but at this point I was too desperate to care. Despite the fact I was seconds away from losing it I could not go at first. I've never peed anywhere but I toilet before and my body knew this was wrong. I put a little pressure on my bladder and a squirt came out. It went into the bag without leaking. Another push and another squirt. After doing this a few times, the flood gates opened. I peed so much I was worried the bag would overflow. When I was done I carefully pulled it out from under me. The bag was full of warm golden pee but it held it all. I was very happy I didn't get any on my car or me. I tied the bag up to throw away later and pulled my pants up then went on my way.

Retail pee/poop

Does anyone in retail have any stories of someone peeing or pooping in a fitting room or the like? Do any of you do it or have your kids do it?

Ashley G
Steve w- Actually yes both of my kids know that I come here and that I've posted. They think this site is funny, my 13 year old especially. I'm not sure if its appropriate for them to post themselves since their teens....maybe some feedback from other moms could help me decide.

Jessi. .another nice story. Would like to hear more about your older girls.

Ashley G


Job Fright

Things have remained kind of tight with my family this year because of the bad economy. My parents as well as my older sister Sonya Sue have been trying to get extra hours in at work so that all the bills can get paid. Well Sonya Sue heard from some of her drama club friends that a large regional mall on the other side of our city is hiring a few dozen extra students for the Christmas season. So on Black Friday (something I didn't pay much attention to until this year) I got up at 4 a.m. and at 6 a.m. caught the first bus to the mall. I thought the ride would be about an hour long, but the bus went through some neighborhoods in a twisted way and at 7 a.m. the driver actually pulled up to the stop in front of a large gas station where she parked the bus, pulled on her emergency brake and shut the bus off. I was in the first seat immediately behind her and she called in on her phone that she was taking her break. I was surprised by this all. I could see her walk by the pumps, go into the building, and disappear into a side room that an a neon arrow was pointed toward. I concluded that it must be a bathroom. She got back onto the bus, holding a large mug of coffee and some type of pastry. After she called her manager back on her phone, just before she started up the ignition, there was a pretty loud 10 to 15 second blast just a bit quieter than fireworks coming through the screen the separated her and me and two other riders who were at the back of the bus. She apologized to me, said he had taken one of her two daily dumps and that almost every day, she has extra gas when she gets off the stool. I told her not to worry about it, that it sometimes happens to me at school. Turned out that she graduated from my school like 18 or 19 years ago.

We picked up several others as we got closer to the mall. As for me, I felt a wee coming on because I had not tried to go before leaving home. So I was hoping the rest of the ride would be faster. After we got to the mall and I got off, I had to really move my short legs through the crowded jams of the mall until I found the sign and arrow showing the management office downstairs. With my purse over my left shoulder, I pushed open the restroom door and found myself in a smaller bathroom with two toilet stalls--neither had a door--and two sinks plus an area for changing diapers on a child. The first toilet had its seat down and I quickly pulled my pant suit down and seated myself on the black "throne" (what Sonya Sue calls it). As usual, I was in pain but unable to immediately get my stream going, although I tried not to get too frustrated. I looked at my phone and it was now 8:29 and I wanted to get done and into the interview line before 9. Just then, a lady about 10 years older than me came running in, turned into my cubicle and for a second I was worried she was going to sit on my lap because she was moving so fast and she had yanked her jeans and green undees down to her knees before she saw me seat.

She said some sort of apology that I didn't catch and then turned around, went on the other side of the metal wall, and I heard her drop the seat and then with a thud her butt was on it ans she was blasting away. The noise, splashing and stench convinced me that she was dumping a bucket of diarrhea. She just started talking to me and that was kind of scary. Said her name was Violet (I've never known anyone with that name before), she has a 5-year-old daughter who she loves, a boyfriend she left because he gave her an STD, how she needs a part-time job bad and how conflict and nervousness causes her to have diarrhea. All I could do was tell her I was sorry, and I concluded that if I didn't get my wee going like fast I was going to be gagging with the odor. Luckily, she wiped fast, flushed and ran out without washing her hands. I gave up on the weeing, and walked up one level to the next set of restrooms. It was exactly the same, but witin like 10 seconds of me seating myself my stream started and I got my much needed relief. As I was washing my hands, another girl about my age, came running in, planted herself on the seat I had just used, and started blasting out her daily dump. I quickly got out of the restroom and went to the management office level where I filled out my on-line application did a short interview.

I'm #48 on a waiting list and while I was waiting on the bus bench I texted Lorenz about my experiences. He thinks I'm going to eventually agree with him that public bathrooms really suck and that they should be avoided at all cost.

Hello everyone. I had a couple of great poops recently I wanted to share with everyone. The first one was on Friday. I didn't go at my usual time, and instead the urge came as I was getting ready for bed. It was a strong urge, so I quickly got myself on the toilet. I started pooping right away and read my magazine while I was going.

I passed three logs, one fat and shaped like the letter U. It was the color and consistency of peanut butter, and somewhere between ten inches and a foot long. The other two turds were skinnier and shorter, one five inches long, the other two inches, and both the same peanut butter color. I needed to wipe a lot to get clean after that poop.

The other poop I want to share was on Saturday morning. It was closer to my usual time, though still earlier, around 10:30AM. This time the urge was less intense, and I finished what I was doing before finding my way to the bathroom. I read for a good while before my poop came out.

When it was coming out, it felt like it was all one long turd, but when I looked in the toilet after finishing, it had actually broken up into four smaller pieces. Each one was smaller than the last, ranging in length from about six inches down to just an inch.

Okay, that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed. Bye.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Grace first welcome to the site and great peeing story and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Tlana great story as always.

To: Jemma as always another great desperate poop story.

To: DonK great catch.

To: Jessi great story about your daughter and niece it sounds like the both had good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Brianna it sounds like you had a rough night.

To: Mina that's good that your starting to feel better and remember you have a good number of friends on here.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: An Interesting Phone Call great story.

To: Annie hopefully your diarrhea is over with soon.

To: Abby great story I bet you felt amazing after that big poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you and Kim both had good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tlana great story as always.

To: Abbey great story I bet you and all those other felt good after your poops.

To: Carolyn first welcome to the site and great poop story it sounds like you had a good one and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Shay it sounds like had quite a night I look forward to reading the conclusion.

To: Vikings Fan great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Constipation/Hemorrhoids + response to Linda

Hey Linda, sorry you've been constipated. Saw your post about hemorrhoids--I've had the same type recently--the type that protrude out. It actually wasn't really too painful, but a few times I sat down the wrong way and it was pretty bad. Those are the times I really need cream. Have your hemorrhoids gotten any better? Thankfully I don't seem to get the internal ones.

I was actually not too constipated after Thanksgiving, despite eating a ton. The next day I had one of those poops where the first part was really hard and I had to push a while to get this lumpy turd out but once that came out, the rest was this big full soft log that filled up the toilet. I flushed right afterward, but still ended up needing the plunger--and this came out of someone who's barely 120 pounds lol. Felt like I lost several pounds doing that one, but I was surprised that only the first part was constipated. That's unusual for me.

Anatomy Student

Edit to my last post

I acidently put my name as the title and the title as my name. Jasmine K was whom it was intended, but I mistyped. No hard feelings Jasmine?


Post Thanksgiving dump

So as I'm sure with most people, I ate way too much this weekend. Sunday is generally my only day to sleep in, and I was looking forward to doing just that. So of course, I was awakened at 7:30 Sunday morning with a dull ache in my lower gut.

I layed in bed for awhile, tossing and turning, trying to go back to sleep, but no luck. I tried farting a few times to relieve the pressure, but I was only able to let out a couple small ones

Finally, about 8 AM, I said to hell with it and got up. I went to the bathroom, closed the door, pulled down my sweatpants, and sat down. It took only a few seconds, a nice soft smooth turd emerged from my butt. I wiped, and stood up to check out my work. A nice, smooth light brown snake like turd, coiled up in the bowl. Felt a few pounds lighter, too.

Unfortunately, after that, I was now wide awake, so there was no point going back to bed. Hope all of you had some good after Thanksgiving poops.


Having a Poo with Friends at School

It was lunchtime at school, and my friends and I were eating in the cafeteria. We were all eating our lunches when a familiar feeling I my bowels occurred. I announced to my friends that I,was going to do a poo. To my surprise, two of them joined me. We headed to The toilets. We entered the boys toilets and instantly smelled something bad. The toilets at my school don't have doors or stalls, just rows of toilets with no walls in-between. We saw a year 7 kid (we are year 9), sitting on one of the toilets, farting up a storm. He noticed us, and then kept his face down. He farted again and diarrhea exploded from his butt. I sat on the toilet next to him and my friends took the remaining two, one next to me, the other next to the kid. I decided to comfort the kid by farting myself. My friends also did the same. I dropped a 6" log that made a big *plop* noise. I then dropped another log, this time it was 4" long but 2" thick. It made a LOUD noise. I began to wipe and then got up to flush. My friend next to me was constipated and he was grunting for ages, my other friend was playing on his phone and farting away. I decided to wait outside for them. I washed my hands and left. I heard a flush from inside and the year 7 kid came out. He thanked me for not bullying him as that happens alot with the open toilets. I just said "no problem" and he left. My friends FINALLY came out and we left to hang out.


Constipated part 2

Hi i was constipated again this morning i went to the toilet sit down and relax and after 5 min it start to come down i had to push hard and it drop in the toilet.Imade a loud splash and i look in the bowl ther was a log the size of a tall can of beer in the toilet so i flush one time and i relase a load of mushy poop but i feel some wet on my butt so i chek and i had clog the toilet again so i took the plunger and make it work down.And i sat back and continue to take my poop,when my bf ask if i was done i told him that i still have a good load to release he told me to hurry up beacaus he had bad cramp and need the toilet now.i said if you can drop it quick i can give you my place for 2 min he said ok.SO I give him the toilet he sat for 45 sec drop his load and stand up wipe his ass and he said ty so i sat back and finish my duty what a stink inside the bathroom after this lol but it was due thats it for now more to come bye.

Need to go

work shit

I was at work Sunday morning and had to take a shit. I headed to the mens room and the cleaning guy was in there just starting to clean it. As I entered and washed my hands he said feel free to use the facilities. I said that I would and he immediately entered a stall and cleaned one and said that it is all set and them moved a couple of stalls down to clean them but continued the conversation with me all the while I dropped my load. The smell was more potent than usual because I was still digesting the various thanksgiving foods that i have been partaking in the last few days! Overall, it was a very enjoyable dump. I am not embarrassed to do my duty and the other guy is comfortable enough to make conversation while doing his job!


Bad Bathroom Day

I'm MikeyPee and I post here from time to time. I'm an older fellow with cerebral palsy and I
have had a longtime interest in bathroom stuff.

Over the years I have posted here I have written mostly about my "bashful" bladder issues
as I have difficulties urinating in public bathrooms. I have had this problem throughout my
lifetime. At different times I have done better with this but am by no means cured. Sometimes.
I also have trouble wiping myself after a BM (I've posted about this too) but if I take my time
I can do a good job. If anyone's interested they can use this site's search engine to read my
previous postings.

So, this past Saturday, I had a bad bathroom day as I had to deal with both issues. My wife and
I took a day (bus) trip to our favorite Jersey seashore community to see its Christmas displays.
We were up early and I pretty much have a bowel movement first thing in the morning. So, I
pooped, wiped myself, and then got in the tub and took a bath before getting dressed to leave.

After getting dressed we had a number of things to do before we left and we had plenty of time.
Just before we left, however, I still had to comb my hair. So, I went back upstairs, and while
combing my hair in the bathroom, I realized that I needed to poop again. I debated for a minute
as to whether I could hold it for a while or I should go now. It was almost time to leave to meet
the bus, but I decided I'd better go now. I got situated on the toilet, had a rather messy BM, and
started to wipe myself. After the first wipe, I knew that I was nowhere near clean, so I unraveled
a rather large wad of toilet paper, folded it into a thick pad, and made one more attempt to wipe.
I felt cleaner but time was marching and we needed to get going. So, I flushed everything, fixed
my clothes, and off we went.

After getting to the bus and getting underway, it was about an hour and a half ride to our destination. The first stop was a hotel where our group had lunch. I was using my wheelchair
and by this time I needed to pee. We were going to be outdoors for several hours after lunch,
it was a chilly day, and although I know where the public bathrooms are in the area where we
were going to be, I figured I'd better take care of things at the hotel. Unfortunately, the
men's room I went to wasn't very wheelchair friendly and I had a tough time just getting in
(and out) with my wheelchair.

There was a urinal and a stall, side by side, in the men's room and someone was in the stall.
I wheeled to urinal, stood up, did what I needed to do to use the urinal, and then I couldn't
urinate. My bashful bladder struck again. As soon as I thought I was ready, I knew this wasn't
going to work. My usual strategy (as I've written before), is to go to a commode and sit on
the toilet to pee. But, the stall was in use and now I became a little more unnerved by the

However, within a minute or so, the gentlemen in the stall (who was also on our trip) left, and
I was able to transfer from my wheelchair to the toilet. But, after I dropped my trousers and
began working my undershorts down, something didn't feel right and I knew what was wrong.
There was a big brown stain in my undies and I knew (but wasn't surprised) that I hadn't gotten
myself clean after my previous BM. While I wasn't happy about this, I had to deal with the
matter at hand. So, I got situated to urinate and I couldn't pee. Typically my strategy to
sit on the toilet to urinate works like a charm, but for some reason not this time. I definitely had a full bladder but it wouldn't empty right away. I think I was worried about getting back with
our group (although there was plenty of time) and I think I was also upset about my dirty underpants. I began hyperventilating a little, but fortunately I knew I had to relax. But, even after
I relaxed, still no urination. I don't know what possessed me to do this, but I began pushing (almost like grunting for a bowel movement), then I began to dribble a little. Some urine
came out, but I knew I wasn't done. I dribbled a little more, but again, I wasn't done. This
went on for a few minutes and I never developed a full blown urine stream. Finally, I reached
a point where I felt that I emptied enough and I'd be OK for a while. Fortunately, I didn't need
to use the toilet for the rest of the day until we got home

I've been retired for about three years and these problems don't manifest themselves at home. I
can't explain it, but it was a bad bathroom day.


Hate the Shart!

I was driving at the mall, looking for a parking spot, when I felt a bit of gas in my gut. I did what most of us would do, tried to let it out before I get to walking around. I tried to squeak it out, and felt a bit of liquid come out. Oh no! I think I just crapped myself!

I'm not one of those that likes that sort of thing, so I quickly clenched up and parked. I had to nonchalantly walk to the men's room while trying to keep from making more of a mess. I'm sure I looked a bit odd trying to keep my butt cheeks clenched.

I finally made it to the mall restroom and took the larger handicapped stall. Someone was taking a dump in the next stall. I quickly took off my shoes, undid my belt and dropped my jeans to the floor. Then I slowly pulled down my briefs to check out the damage.

Fortunately, it felt worse than it actually was. Just a little bit in the underwear. I sat down and crapped out whatever was still left inside me. Then I wiped down what I could with TP, then put my jeans and shoes back on. This men's room only had air hand dryers, so I took my balled up briefs and wet one side of them in the sink. I went back into the stall and dropped my jeans again and wiped up with the wet underwear. I came back out and threw them in the trash. I'm glad they were only my cheap Fruit of the Loom briefs so I didn't have to worry that I spent some good $ on them.

I walked into Macys and bought a 4 pack of Calvin Klein briefs. They were all different shades of blue. I usually like to wait for sales when I buy my underwear, but this was an emergency and I paid full price! Back to the men's room and I put on a fresh new pair of underwear.

Monday, December 01, 2014


memory from the summer, bbq @ stacey's

This story is from July this year it was my best mate Stacey's 28th birthday & me, & 3 other friends went round her house for a bbq.
i was fine to begin with,
Then an urge to poo arrived, sadly i couldn't even fart it didn't feel safe. But there was a problem
her only loo in the house, & her flush is awful!!
Now, all my friends know about my stomach problems but i don't like advertising it.
i held it for a good 3 hours i was rather proud of myself, meanwhile fidgeting in my seat & lifting my arse to clench.
I was wearing one of my short pencil skirts & it was white so i was really hoping no skidders were to stain my white underwear.
Just over 3 hours of holding i gave up & went to her loo to unleash this desperate poo inside my peachy bum.
Entering, & shutting the door, (no lock!) I pulled my white short pencil skirt & white thong down,
I sat down, and immediately my first poo slid out my bum & plopped in to the water followed immediately by the other 10 all slimy thick light brown long loose logs that curled round each other & no water was visible as after i'd finished i got up to have a look. Leaning forward i wiped my bum 5 times. Just as i was about to bend over to grab my bag so i could get my perfume, a drunk Louisa walks in on me "pwoar, Jem! That stinks!! What you been eating?" She said "well you knew i was in here Lou ain't been at the table for 5 minutes i'll be out in a minute" i replied.
i sprayed my impulse & put my Marc Jacobs perfume on.
flushing was awful!! Only 1/2 of my load went down first time so i had to wait another few minutes whilst the water topped up again to flush again.
flushing that second time it all went leaving plenty of skidders in various places. Pulling my white thong and skirt back up over my big peachy buttocks, i nursed my ???? ache & hoped i wouldn't need another massive desperate poopoo in her rubbish loo.
washing my hands and going back to the girls.
that was definitely i load i was pleased to get rid of.
I was desperate for another massive poo about an hour before i went home that evening about 8pm (had been there since 11am) but decided i would again hold it in clenching tightly until i got home. Was obvious i needed a poo because we were sitting down drinking & i kept lifting my bum up to clench & my friends could tell i looked uncomfortable but i was not pooing again in her loo. About 8pm i called a taxi to take me home & once i got home i went to the loo & had another massive poopoo, i had such a bad ???? ache,
This poo consisted of 16 plops all in quick succession together at once then i finished off with a wet fart. Slimy loose light brown and curled round each other once again.
i wiped 8 times & bleached & sprayed air freshener.
flushed washed my hands & got in to some cosy pyjamas. More soon as always, J xx


Camp Site Toilets

Many years ago some campsite toilets were more primitive than they are today. This was a small, remote site which has a single toilet block for men and women, there were two separate doors, but inside it was one big room with a dividing wall, which did not go all the way to the ceiling, thus everything being done could be clearly heard by everyone using the block.

The mens portion had two stalls and two urinals, and I guess the women had three stalls. In the morning, first thing there were plenty of women heading for the toilet block and it was possible to sit in a stall in the mens section and hear a female enter, go into a stall, lock the door, rustle clothing and sit down.

At this time in the morning all would be ready for a good long pee, but most would also need to empty their bowels. As a result, long streams of pee could be heard splashing into the water, with varying degrees of force. Often there would be a fart, or series of farts, and the 'plish' or 'plonk' of turds landing in the water. A distinct odour would follow soon after.

Unfortunately, because of the high number of women using the facilities at this time in the morning it was not always possible to identify which woman was making particular sounds.

Later in the day, however, when only a few people remained on site a woman making her way across the field towards the toilet block was easily identifiable, and by following at a discreet distance it was possible to enter the mens toilet just as she was closing her stall door.

Just occasionally a woman would use the toilets mid afternoon to empty her bowels. Once a fair haired woman in her thirties did just that, except that emptying them was rather an ordeal for her. She was heard to sit down and there followed the sounds of extreme straining. Grunts followed grunt and loud gasps, but without the reward of even a fart.

For ten whole minutes this lady struggled before a moan was heard. I think that she had forgotten that others could hear, and that I was only a few feet away, because she gave a lingering aaaah! and then a very loud 'perlooonk', with plonk, plonk, plonk, plonk following after.
It had been a tense few minutes and, despite the discomfort of actually passing it, she must have been relieved when that first turd was finally out of her.

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