Answer for Jade and bike race story

to Jade: yes, that often happens to me. It's the worst to have to wait in front of a a row of cubicles and listening to a bunch of women doing their business while needing to go real bad. For me that makes it worse, both for a pee and a number two. I actually have a sort of similar story about this from last summer. It's also an outhouse story, so... yeah!

to Jessica: again, I am so happy you like my stories. I liked yours as well. I live in a house with four other girls, so I know exactly what it is like when you need the toilet badly and they just won't hurry up.

to Kaylee: also loved your story and I can really relate. It must have been so embarrassing for you at the store. If I had to admit to a cute guy that I needed an urgent number two, or worse that I had bad diarrhea, I think I would just die of embarrassment. So happy the guy was so sweet about it.

Ok, here is the story. This summer I went up north with some girlfriends to ride in a mountain bike race. It's a relay race so we were all part of the same team, each riding several laps. It's also a pretty laid back and fun event, so we decided to all dress up as a team. We had found a bunch of shiny silvery spandex stuff and decided to dress up in a kind of space theme. So all throughout the race I was wearing skintight silver spandex pants and a silver top. We were also wearing wigs, mine was bright pink. I had just finished one of my laps and was all sweaty and pretty cold, so I got a large coffee. Maybe I drank it too quickly, but all of a sudden I got really bad stomach cramps and I realized I needed the toilet real soon. The organizers had gotten lots of porta-potties but they had put them up on the road, way out of the way from where the changing area was. I didn't want to walk all the way up to the road, plus they were really gross and I didn't want to use them, especially not for a number two. Luckily I had noticed that as part of the facilities around the changing area there was an old outhouse just a couple steps into the wood. I had seen people using it before and so that's where I headed. Walking there I had to clench my buttcheeks real tight. Not only was I still cramping, but now a big load was knocking on my backdoor. Just before I got there I saw another girl heading there, too. She was a short blonde in black bike shorts and part of a group of girls from Quebec that had travelled all the way to the race. We had briefly chatted before. I noticed she was carrying a roll of toilet paper. Unfortunately, she got there before me and had already locked herself in when I made it to the outhouse. I could hear her pee loudly into the pit under the toilet seat. I was really hoping that she would have to pee only, as I was getting pretty desperate. But when she was done peeing she remained seated. I knew she was probably there for a poo as well and after only a few seconds I could hear a pretty loud fart from within the outhouse. Then the blonde girl started to poo. I could hear her strain and then she dropped two logs. Hearing her on the toilet really did make me have to go even more. I was crossing my legs and clenching my bum, bobbing up and down. I also had one hand on my ????. Luckily nobody was around, since it would have been so obvious to them that I was really desperate for a big poo. I had to keep listening to the girl straining and dropping more poops, all the time trying to hold mine in desperately. It was pretty bad. I also let a bunch of farts slip out, but it didn't really help. After what seemed like forever, I could finally hear her start tearing paper of the roll. I was so happy she only wiped twice and then started to unlock the door. I stepped aside and we briefly smiled at each other as she held the door open for me. I turned around, locked the door as quickly as I could, pulled down my silver spandex and pink undies and plopped my bum on the outhouse seat. I relaxed and blasted a huge fart into the pit below the seat. Then a big turd came crackling out of my bumhole. The relief I felt was so great, I let out a big moan. My first turd dropped and was immediately followed by the next one. My stomach was still cramping and I let out five or six turds and a lot of farts before I felt a bit better. I sighed and felt so happy I had made it alright. I remained seated for another ten minutes or so, peeing and dropping a few more smaller poops. Then I felt I was done. I ripped of a bunch of toilet paper to wipe my front and my poopy bum. When I was done I pulled my pants back up and left the outhouse. I was also pretty relieved that there was nobody waiting. I had been pretty loud and that would have been embarrassing. I joined my girlfriends again and for the rest of the race my ???? felt much better.

To Everybody:
Sorry sorry sorry, Mina is very careless girl. In Maho story I didn't look at spell checker carefully, I found bad changes when I read story. So here are corrections.

1. I wrote, Kaho's story, it should be Maho's story.

2. I wrote, Maho just very much, it should be, Maho vexed very much.

3. I wrote, Maho realized, it should be, Maho relaxed.

I am very chagrined by my such mistakes. I try to be careful as much as I can. That is promise. Please don't angry with me.

To Shelbi:
Best things you eat is vegetables, lots of vegetables, if you want to do very satisfying motions like I do and my friends too. And not so much meat is best. Rice is good.
I read somewhere, before World War Second, people live in Japan did motions three times more than people live in Europe. Because they ate so much vegetables. Now they eat more meat, so narrowing gap. I eat meat too, but not so much. I like vegetables. I read somewhere on this site too, vegetarian does very big motions, I don't surprise. Because I do same.

Today I did very very nice motion. I took about 10 minutes and opened my bottom three times and big one came out every time and broke up into some pieces. But I don't know if all same shape like Maho said. All three times same comfortable feeling. I get up very early on work days, then if I want to do motion I can stay on the loo long long time. I feel good.

Again big sorry to everyone. But even if you angry, I don't leave this site, because I love. (If you say to me, get out of this site, I get out.) And now my lovely friends and me, we are much closer than before. When we are together, always warm and warm and more warm. thank you toiletstool.

Love from crazy silly stupid Mina. (not dirty Korean. very clean Korean!!)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Post Title (optional) To Lurenia

It sounds like you have a hemarrhoid. I've had it like that before, when it doesn't hurt to poop and the poop isn't black but there is blood in the toilet. And no blood on the toilet paper either. I went to the doctor about it and she told me I had piles (hamarrhoids) As I'm constipated all the time, I my hemarrhoids often flare up and bleed. In fact, just in the last week or so, I've got a painful one sticking out of the back of my anus. It hurts and its itchy. Last night I dropped a big load (which took a very long time) and there was blood in the toilet. I bought some nappy rash cream (or diaper cream as its called in the US) so I'm going to try that tonight. I read online that it helps with hemarrhoids.

Anatomy student

To Lurenia

Red blood in the toilet is usually from anal fissures (where either friction or thickness tears small contusions on the delicate epithelium of your anus) and can be helped with some antibiotic ointment after a good wash in the shower. Try to avoid soaping the tears, as this will burn. Make sure your ointment is safe for use on mucos membranes. Black stool is oxidized blood that comes from inside your digestive tract and requires medical attention.


Reply to Jade

Hi its John B.

As a bloke I feel compelled to respond about guys stinking up the bog. My poos do smell as do everyone's but I wouldn't say mine are particularly toxic, for want of a better word, unless of course I've been on the beer and curry the night before then it does with a vengeance!

However if you read my post on page 2026 then you will read of a toxic power packed session done by my sister in law and trust me that wasn't a one off occurrence. My wife too is also up there with the best of them in the pungency stakes. So my answer to you Jade is that you girlies are more than a match for us mere males in the number 2 stakes both in output and odour, lol.

Happy poos and plops and keep the posts coming.

A special hi to you Jemma and do tell me how long is your loo a "total exclusion zone" after one of your epic performances ? Lol. Take care my dear xx

Best wishes to all and looking forward to some or the upcoming Thanksgiving post poop tales from our friends Stateside.


John B x


Question & Comments to John H & Jemma

Does anyone else find they get more desperate when hearing others on the loo?

John H - Hi, yeah pooing is great isn't it lol. I'm happy to answer any questions you have as it's good to be honest isn't it and everyone does it so it's nice to be able to share experiences. Sorry to hear you've sharted a few times but everyone has had the experience of thinking it's a fart but in fact its poo. I'm yet to have actually sharted but I have had a few occasions when I've had to cut short a fart as poo started to emerge so had to run to the loo lol, I'm sure at some point I'll will load my pants because of it though haha.
I prefer to take my time when pooing and I love to let my body relax and allow it to slide out by logs themselves although I do push sometimes as I don't always have time to sit and wait for nature to take its course.
I like listening to other girls but I'm still yet to hear a male on the toilet but hopefully one day I'll get the chance as I think it would be pretty cool as I reckon they produce some massive smelly poos lol.
Hope you don't mind answering some questions, I've put my answers with them as well in case your wondering lol.
On average how big and smelly would you say your poo's are? I would say mine are fairly big. On a scale of 1-10 I would say about 6 although 7 or 8 if I've held on for a day or two. I would say the same for the smell as well as it's not too bad compared to others I've smelt but if I hold it in for a few days then it does get pretty toxic haha.
What's your favourite type of poo? Mine would be a nice firm log but don't mind the odd diarrhea/mushy poo now and again as it clears out the system. Take care.

Jemma - hi, sounds like you had two good clear outs and it's lucky you didn't poo yourself by the sounds of it. I don't know about you but I don't mind having a loose and watery poo now and again as I feel like it clears me out. Hope you're feeling better now though, take care


to Brandon and Natalie and story from school Friday morning

To: Brandon T thanks, so glad you like my stories. Yes, it was a big relief to have my poop after the gym and I bet the other girl felt much the same.

To: Natalie x I loved your story about your big poo at the gym. Sorry to hear about your fart during squats. I had something similar happen to me a couple of weeks ago when I was rowing. So embarrassing. I also loved your story about having to go on the train. Our trains don't have toilets, but I have been in a similar situation on a plane before.

Now to my story. I had brought a large coffee to my french class on Friday morning. By the end of the lecture, it had done its work and I needed to go to the washroom pretty urgently. I had a quick chat with my friend Vanessa about some homework in the hallway after class, but then had to excuse myself. I told her I needed to go to the toilet and said bye. As I walked down the hall, another girl from my class headed for the washroom. She is a chubby blonde with freckles and curly hair. This morning she was wearing orange winter boots and a pair of tight jeans that really showed of her ample bum. When I entered the toilet, she was already in the stall at the end. I took one of the middle stalls, leaving one empty between the two of us. I put my jacket on the hook and my bag on the floor. Then I pulled down my jeans and white thong and sat on the toilet. I relaxed and my pee started to splatter loudly into the water. It was such a relief. The other girl was peeing as well. After a while we were both done and there was silence. I could hear her seat creaking as she shifted around a bit. A long but pretty quiet fart came from her stall. I leaned forward and my first log started to crackle out of my rear. It made a big splash and immediately a second one started to come out. The chubby blonde had a loud wet fart and started to quickly drop a number of poops, one after the other. My second log broke off and plopped into the toilet. The other girl kept dropping poops. By now I could smell what she was doing and, phew, it stunk so bad. She must have really needed to go and was stinking up the toilet badly now. I pushed out one more poop and then started to wipe. I pulled off about five or six sheets and wiped front and back carefully. Meanwhile, the other girl dropped two more logs and then started to work the toilet roll. I quickly pulled up my pants, gathered my stuff and started to wash my hands. She was still wiping as I hurried out of the washrooms. I held the door open for a couple of girls and was glad to be out of there, since I didn't want any of the blame for the smell in the room. I joined my friend again down the hall and felt much better for the rest of the morning.


More from me

Robby: I know it was pretty much an accident. If the car seat hadn't of stopped it I totally would have lost it all in my panties. I was just trying to be silly and make myself feel better about being 27 and almost totally soiling myself. :)

Brandon T asked for more stories, so...

I'm a little accident prone. I guess I don't like "wasting time" going to the bathroom so I tend to hold it longer than I should and that leads to a lot of close calls, small accidents, and full blown accidents sometimes. Aside from the potty training years I frequently had damp panties from ages 4-10 and some bigger accidents. Like I remember laughing too hard after having been holding at a girl scout meeting and completely wetting my shorts in my seat and one of the moms had to help me clean up. I was like 8 or 9 I think.

I remember a school trip in middle school when I was around 12 when i held it too long and on the bus ride back to school I leaked enough to leave a wet spot in my crotch and butt - not huge, but noticable - and a lot of kids saw and laughed at me.

When I was 14 I was at the grocery store with my mom but I don't like public bathrooms so i was gonna hold it but before we were done I started leaking a little and tried to hide it but a few minutes later we were in the frozen section and it was cold and I guess that made me lose it and I suddenly completely peed my jeans all down my legs and left a puddle right there in the aisle. I was soaked. That one was embarassing and my mom was royally pissed.

I remember in high school I was 15 and at lunch and my friends and I were laughing and I couldn't stop and peed pretty bad in my panties and skirt and had a big round wet spot on the back of my skirt and had to change into gym clothes in the nurses office after a friend had to go get my gym clothes from my locker.

That's all I have time for now. Bye!

I'm sorry I am taking long time to post story about Kaho which I promised. I am busy very very much now, as soon as I have time I will post.


Matthew C.

Just took a dump

Hi, it's me again. I am going to be a semi-regular poster here from now on, to let you all know.
Tonight I just took a big dump. I had eaten a big dinner and drank a small bottle of eggnog, so I knew I would need to go pretty soon. I'd also been loading up on fiber for the past couple days. While I was sitting at the computer, that familiar feeling hit my gut. I let out a couple of farts to relieve the pressure, but my stomach was telling me "go now!" and I figured there was no point delaying it, so I headed to the bathroom. I locked the door and sat down on the toilet with my jeans at my knees. For a couple of minutes, I just sat there grunting and rubbing my stomach. I got results pretty quick, though, and a huge turd quickly worked its way out of my butt. It landed in the toilet hard and splashed me a bit, which was a bit of a wake-up call. I wiped five times, pulled up my jeans, and took a look at my handiwork. It was about 12 inches long and about as thick as my wrist. I flushed the toilet, and surprisingly, it went down completely. It did smell a bit in the bathroom, but that's someone else's problem!


Food that makes you poop?

Can anyone suggest foods that make you produce a lot of waste? I want to have a nice long satisfying poop so I can start the day feeling empty and relieved.

Thanks, Shelbi.

I thought I was busy but I seem to have bit of time now so here is Maho's story!

She had a bit same experience with me. When she drinking coffee in tearoom near her office some girls at next table began to talk about Korean people in loud voice and they said many bad things. Compare with before Japanese don't say so many bad things about Koreans, but they do sometimes, like Kiwa. Anyway Maho was just very much, and she texted me, so I said, come to my house and stay night.

She came soon and sat down. I gave her tea. She drank little, and then she started to cry and tell me what she heard. I won't go into detail. But she asked me, "does this happen to you too Mina?" So I told her about Kiwa and how her horrible words gave me a terrible diarrhoea. She was so so angry. " I want to scratch Kiwa's face." I didn't tell her then that God punished Kiwa with even more terrible diarrhoea than my one.

I said to her, "but there are nice Japanese too. You love Hisae and Kazuko and they love you." Then she began cry more loudly! I said, did I hurt you Maho? She said, no no, and took my hand. And she said, "I am so sorry to Kazuko and Hisae, I thought bad things about them." And cry louder and louder and louder. I hugged and hugged her. And said, I go to bathroom and run hot bath. And I went. When I came back, Maho was drinking more tea. I thought, good sign. But then she said in little voice, sorry Hisae, sorry Kazuko…. I went up to her and gave her little kiss on her top of head. I wondered if I should do, but anyway I did, and Maho was not angry even in Japan kiss is only for girlfriend or boyfriend.

Then she said, Mina I want the loo. So I said, go ahead. Maho went in. She didn't come out quickly so I thought, motions. No problem! But then I heard loud crying voice so I ran to loo and opened door. "Maho are you in pain?" "Not pain, just I feel so sad!"

I said, can I come in? I remember Kazuko was happy when I stayed by her while she did violent motions. Maho said, come in. I sat down same position as with Kazuko and took Maho's hand. She gave squeeze, then she gave harder squeeze and leaned forward. Maybe I shouldn't look, but I looked just little bit, and very fat long motion slowly coming out of Maho's beautiful little bottom. PLOP, into my loo. I looked at Maho's face, she gave me little smile, and squeezed my hand and leaned forward and once again PLOP.

Then she realized, I said, are you finished? She said no. So I said, take your time, I can stay here if you like. Maho said, please stay here, if you go away I cry again. When she said that I began to cry. We always crying! Maho said, No no Mina, don't cry. But I cry. Suddenly long po-po-po-po-po noise in my loo. Maho said, is it koro-koro unko? that is like motions of a rabbit. I looked, and many brown marbles floating in water above two monster motions at bottom of water. So I said yes, but I was still crying, and Maho leaned over and kissed me top of head just like I did. I smiled to her and flushed the loo. I sat down again on floor and Maho caressed my hair. She is so sweet!

Then she said, I soon finish, the motion is coming faster. And she squeezed my hand hard and Plop, Plop, Plop, Plop, Plop. Five big ones, so I flushed again for her. She said, just little more maybe. So I waited, and soon more small plops and then finished. I sat down to do wee.

Then we took bath. I said, do you want together, like with Kazuko? She said yes. Of course bit of squash, but Maho is little bit slimmer than Kazuko, so no problem. She said, scrub my back and bottom like you did to Kazuko. So of course I did. And she said, feels good! I don't worry so much about Japanese bad words now. I have courage.

Maho then scrubbed my back and bottom. Felt good! I was feeling, I don't want to do motions now, but in the morning I probably want, so I hope Maho comes into loo and hold my hand. Actually I had little urge, but not strong. I thought, I'll wait until morning. Maho also poured water over my head to rinse my hair.

After bath we cooked a little dinner, egg on rice, it called tamago domburi in Japanese, and salad. And we drank beer. Maho likes beer very much, and also whisky and wine! We talked many things, and Maho began to think, not need to worry about what bad Japanese say, because good Japanese say different things. I said to Maho, we are lucky because we love two of best wonderful Japanese women. She said she never think bad things about them again.

Then we watched TV, and went to bed because I get up early when I have to go to work.

Next morning after breakfast I said to Maho, come into loo with me. She said OK, and sat in same position. It's good position! My motions little bit hard, so I leaned forward, and Maho looked. She said, "Mina your motions are all exactly same size and same shape!" "What?" We laughed. I was so happy that Maho could laugh again. She flushed the loo for me.

After I did more motions I asked her, "all same shape?" She looked in the loo and said, no, zannen. Zannen means what a pity. She said, "Mina, you always do a lot and lot of motions!" I said, "I know". And I did two more motions. Then finished. Maho didn't need to do. She doesn't go so often.

I think I don't want to do this every time but it's nice to do sometimes. I hope we can do again, and Maho can do with Hisae or Kazuko. It's good feeling doing private thing together. But not every time. Maho thinks same thing.

Later we told Hisae and Kazuko about all this and they said, we are Japanese but we love love love Korean Maho and Korean Mina. And never never NEVER dirty. So don't listen stupid people, Kazuko also said.

I'm sleepy now so I stop story. I go to bed and dream about my lovely friends. I hope everyone have happy time in loo and everywhere other place. I wish good luck to Beth, Christy and all others who have a worry.

Love from Mina

Was on the train this evening and sat next to the train toilet. A pretty girl in her twenty's walked in and shut the door. She was pretty, big green eyes and frizzy brunette hair, and she was curvy - not skinny but not large either. She locked the door and she was in there for ages and ages. Couldn't hear anything over the train noise though. After about ten minutes I heard the door unlock and she walked out and hurried away. There was a strong smell of perfume where she'd tried to mask it but underneath it you could still pick up a distinctive poop smell.

Abby C


To Tlana: Exactly how big is that bathroom from your post on 2421?

To Linda: Are you still really constipated now?

I hope you guys have more posts on the way

Bye, Abby C


my road trip through bathroom mysteries

One day after going on a little road trip wit my buddies we stopped at a Mexican restraunt, I have a bean burrito with rice on the side and sour cream it was good that I ate the whole thing! We got back on the road and that's when my stomach disagreed. We were 4 hours out from Palm springs where we were planning to go only we were in the middle of a country land area, I held it in and waited for about ten minutes until it really hit plus I had to pee! I asked my friend who was apparently in a bad mood that day to pull over by a tree or something to do my business but he didn't want to he said it would waste time and he was the one driving anyways so I couldn't control the car so after about a short minute of arguing I knew it was coming and it was either going to be in my pants or somewhere else I tried to think quickly and soon something hit me! There was no sight of a body or any cars behind us so I quickly pulled my pants down not caring if my friends see me naked rolled down the window and squared on the glass with just my *** sticking out of the car and exploded just in time I sharted through brown liquid coming out onto the cracked paved road, I couldn't stop so after about 10 minutes of clearing out I got back in the car stuck my willy out and had a nice pee as I watched a waves line of pee down the road, I was satisfied finally after that I got down on the floor of the car in the middle and rubbed my *** my friend was mad but hey it was his fault he didn't stop after getting must of the poop of the carpet was a lite brown and it started to smell so we all plugged our noses while my friend cussed me out on how gross I was and that it was his car while I grinned, I about an hour later we stopped finally for dinner at an American food place this time I was holding in more liquid poo I ran is as my 3 friends walked, I asked a lady where the bathrooms were when I got in but tried to casually so she didn't know I was desperate now my worst nightmare was coming when she said they had no bathrooms so I just nodded and said anywhere where there are any bathrooms he hole crossing my fingers she thought for a moment as my friends came in and finally said I don't think so in frustration I gulped and said ok I will be right back I forgot something in the car the lady probably knew what I was doing and probably my friends to so I went through the doors and raced around the restraunt to find a large trash can I went behind the trash can squared and squeezed out liquid fast after I was done I found a few leafs off a tree and wiped after I was done I peed over my poop as the air filled with a gross pungent smell as I walked in we ordered and I enjoyed a burger with nothing on it that would make my Poo worse after leaving about 15 more minutes on the road we decided to stop at a motel because we cou ldn't stand the smell of my poo on the floor of the car that smelled and we were tired when getting out there was some poo on the side of the door from early but I just left it there after getting a room I wAtched tv got up one time to go to Pooafter taking pepto I went to bed and after waking up I s*** myself so I got up and cleaned myself but the funny thing is I just threw my underwear out a bathroom window into and alley so it wouldn't smell and I wouldn't get embarrassed so after waking up the next morning we checked out and was back on the road my friend was in a better mood that day so when I said I had to go he would pull over and I would go in some grass or squat on a tree and the nice thing was I could just scrape my butt in the grass or wipe with some fresh leafs. We got back into the country area We were just about 1 and a half and hour away from Palm Springs! But I did have to poop and pee and everyone else had to also poo and pee so we stopped near a non busy bridge I had an idea I had seen something called a cannon ball dookie on a show before so I always wanted to try it so I didnt want to miss the opportunity so I took all my clothes off accept for my underwear while a car passes then took my underwear off I wasn't embaresssed that my friends were laughing at me standing the nude on a road they waited to do there bussnuiss as they watched me go to one near side of the bridge with my a** touching a side of the bridge I looked for cars there was none in sight so I started to run as my penis wobbled around which my friends kept yelling at me and jumped over the metal fence to the bridge formed a cannon ball and sharted out a liquid below me but I was not done so I held onto a rock and finished a nice poo as I watched a stream or green and brown roll down the stream which was kind of cool but I still had diarrhea do that took away the mood I just rubbed my hand against my ass and cleaned the remained of the poo off then I got up onto the highest rock and pissed down onto the stream about 9 feet after that I let out a loud scream I went back to the road to see my friends squaring and standing over the bridge doing there bussnuiss into the water one of my friends dropped a log that splashed a lot and watched it float away after we were done I left all of my clothes off along with one of my friends who were sitting Next to me as we both watched and played with our penis the only thing that's bad was I accidently sharted a little when I was sitting and the seat got a little brown stain on it but I didn't tell anyone but I admited I just farted whe finally go to Palm springs after a few bathroom breaks outside on the way but otherwise while I was there I still had diarrhea so I had to go hide and poo plus pee like always in some public places such as:
1 poop then pee off the balcony of the hotel 12 floor(couldn't make it to the bathroom plus it was fun)
2 both many times in an alley or on a building
3 poo under a Bridge
4 pee on a tree by a children's park
5 pee on a statue
6 poo and pee in the bushes


Tickling Tanner Rae

Last weekend Miranda and I had other plans but we changed them when I got a call to babysit Tanner Rae. She's almost 6 and her mother had an emergency and had to go into work at the last minute. So Miranda and I decided to take Tanner Rae to the autumn fest, which is a huge citywide party and show put on at muny auditorium. There were clowns, face painting and lots of games for the kids plus a lot of people dressed up as movie and book characters and in inflated mascot costumes.

About an hour after we got there, Tanner Rae had her hand between her legs and said she had to wee. So I took her through the crowd of hundreds of kids and parents to the nearest bathroom. I remembered when we took Tanner Rae to the movies in the summer and how independent she was in getting up onto the toilet and she peed really fast and with no problem. This time Tanner Rae selected her toilet from a long row of choices because there was almost nobody in there. I got to thinking how lucky we can get because there was nothing that was going to divert or hassle her. So Tanner Rae ran into a stall, quickly dropped her sweats to her shoes, turned around and pushed herself up onto the toilet. She started kicking her legs as she sat immediately and they were hitting the door because she had not closed it. Then she quickly jumped down off the seat saying that it was "cold". I don't think she had been sitting for 5 seconds, so Miranda came up with an idea. Miranda took the stall, had some trouble pulling her tight jeans down, and with her thong at ankle level, she seated herself and in about 15 seconds I could hear a few drips and then it became louder and as Miranda sat without any movement whatsoever, she unleashed like a garden hose that lasted for more than a minute. Tanner Rae thought it was funny and kept poking me to listen. I asked Miranda if she was freezing her butt, and she said it wasn't cold for her at all. Miranda quickly wiped from the seat and then came out just as she flushed.

Tanner Rae got back up on the toilet, first rubbing her hand across the seat, and then turning and reseating herself. She had a smile on her face so I knew Miranda's body heat had done the job. However, I didn't immediately hear her pee stream start. So before I closed the door for her I moved onto the side of her stall I quickly got a memory of what my mom had sometimes done to get me started in such a situation. With my left hand on her belly and just below it and my right hand just above her butt crack, I caught her off guard with a tickle. A few seconds later there was noise coming from the bowl as her stream started and continued for about 45 seconds.

After she washed her hands and I gave her a couple of more tickles at the sink, I saw a girl about my age go into the stall and seat herself. Tanner Rae whispered to me that "she (meaning that girl) was going to have a warm seat". Two hours later both Tanner Rae and I had to revisit the bathroom--we both had to poo. We took adjacent stalls. She had four colors of paint on her face and a clown nose.


Don't trust a fart

Hi all. Got up early ish this morning and usually when that happens, within an hour of getting up I usually need the toilet quite badly. Well this morning my husband and I wanted to go to breakfast so we got dressed and left the house. As soon as we turned the corner I got stomach cramps and what I thought was an urge to fart. So I decided to relieve some pressure in my stomach and push it out. PRRRRTTTTT. I groaned "Ahhhh." But then I noticed it felt wet and I was like "Oh shit! I think I shit myself." I was debating what to do but decided to stop somewhere and use the bathroom and figure out my dilemma then. Fortunately I had black yoga pants on and a long black winter coat so no one noticed or could smell what I did. Well the urge to poop got worse and as we approached the restaurant I needed the toilet pretty bad. The restaurant didn't open until 10! And it was about 9:30 right then. So we decided to go to the coffee house a few doors down. I told my husband I needed the toilet. We ordered a coffee and tea first then I went into the bathroom after a lady finished using it (single person bathroom). I pulled down my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. My bowels exploded diarrhea and I surveyed the damage to my underwear. There was a brown stain near the corner of my pink underwear, not quite in the seat but more to the side of my undies. And it was about the size of a Canadian dollar. So not that big but enough to stain. I debated whether or not to trash my underwear and go commando or wear them anyway. I knew I only had 13 pairs left so I decided to keep and salvage them. I tried Sarah in Calgary's tactic when she has an accident and took a pad and put it in my underwear. I made sure I was done, wiped my bum and flushed the toilet. I sprayed the room freshener and washed my hands and that was that. Fortunately about an hour later we were home and I used stain remover and detergent and scrubbed my underwear. The stain came out and no one was the wiser! Phew! Closest thing I've had to a public diarrhea accident in 28 years. The moral of the story? Don't trust a fart, especially if you have diarrhea in the morning or anytime!


blood in toilet not in stool

about a week ago I had fresh blood in the toilet but it didn't look like there was any in my stool. The stool was not black. I don't have my period anymore since I had an ablation 15 years ago. And so haven't had a period since. Two days later I did have a hard time going to the bathroom so I think the blood that day did seem to come from struggling, the blood wasn't "floating" in the water but on the stool (poo) itself Yesterday I did have some spaghetti that wasn't spicy but it KILLED my stomach for over two hours or more, I fell asleep after taking medicine to make me sleep. I was fine until after a bland dinner of pork roast, asparagus and mashed potatoes. An hour later I went to the bath room and no problems but when I wiped and stood up there was fresh blood floating in the toilet starting to seep the bottom and color all the water. The poop didn't seem to be dark or have blood in it. my bottom isn't sore. No blood was on the toilet paper at any of the three times. Help.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby C great story it sounds like you had a good poop all though a little embarrassing and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natalie X great story it sounds like you just made it to the toilet in time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma great desperate poop stories it sounds like you just made it to the toilet both times and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Friday, November 14, 2014


Upset Stomach at Work

Hey, I'm a 21 yo female with long blonde hair, blue eyes and I'm curvy (size 16 with 36E boobs).

Whilst I was at work today I started to feel a bit of discomfort in my abdomen. I had cramps and pains in my guts and I soon felt like I needed a poo. I couldn't leave the shop floor for another two hours, during which time my need to go was getting worse and I turtle headed a few times, desperately sucking it back in as I talked to customers.

At one point I had to sit on my heel to push the poo back up inside me. As soon as I was allowed to go for lunch, I rushed down to the staff toilets, clutching my rumbling stomach as I ran. I hurried into a cubicle, thankfully noticing I was the only one in at that point.

Not feeling well, I wondered if I might be about to get sick, as I tucked my skirt up and pulled my tights down quickly. I threw my round ass onto the seat and started to push. The contents of my bowels didn't take much encouragement to get rid of, as a couple of waves of loose, mushy poo slopped into the toilet bowl. It became almost runny as it rushed out of me.

I sat on the toilet for around ten minutes, still not feeling anymore empty than I did before I went to the bathroom. Eventually giving up, I stood up to inspect what I'd done. The toilet bowl was coated in a mushy golden brown substance, similar to yoghurt in consistency.

My stomach was still rumbling and the whole bathroom smelt of diarrhea. I tore off a large wad of paper and carefully wiped between my cheeks. The paper was soaked instantly with a huge mess of golden brown sludge.

It took almost five minutes to wipe my bum, and even then, I still didn't feel totally clean. Cramps tore through my bloated stomach as I pulled my tights up, skirt down and went to wash my hands. I left the toilets with one hand firmly clutching my upset stomach.

I went out into town on my lunch break. I was stood in a shop when I got a horribly urgent need to use the toilet. I was sweating and badly needed to fart to relieve some pressure but daren't in case it was more than a fart.

I rushed to the checkout to pay for the items I had selected, including a box of Imodium. I was trying not to hold my stomach too much as I noticed the hot male cashier I was about to be served by. Mortified, I placed the box of Imodium on the counter next to the other items.

As he picked it up, and noticed me fidgeting madly, he smiled. 'Not having a good day hun?' he laughed softly, popping the box of pills into a bag. 'Something like that' I gritted my teeth as another cramp ripped through my belly, making me feel like I was about to lose it in my pants.

I paid for my items and suddenly had a massively overwhelming urge to fart which I couldn't control. 'Are you okay? Do you need to use the toilet?' the hot cashier asked gently after I'd let out the most embarrassing, loud wet fart ever in front of several people.

'Umm yeah very urgently' I groaned, mortified. 'Its okay, come with me' he grabbed my hand and led me into the staff area where he checked to make sure no-one was in, then let me into the mens toilet. 'Thankyou so much' I sobbed, grabbing my stomach as I hurriedly pulled my clothes aside.

I let several waves of runny poo squirt into the toilet, much looser than last time. It was accompanied by gas and cramps which I couldn't control. After twenty minutes on the toilet, I felt well enough to go back to work, and the cashier was still stood outside waiting for me, bless him.

'Better?' he smiled. 'Umm yeah, Im so sorry about that' I laughed nervously. 'Oh dont be embarrassed hun, we all get it.. I have IBS so I feel your pain'. 'Oh really?' I was surprised. 'Yep, days like youre having today are normal for me!'.

I spent the rest of the afternoon running to the toilet at work and I think I might have a sickness bug as my stomach is still churning. The guy in the shop was so sweet, I think I might see him again :)


After my accident in my dress at my friends birthday party a couple of weeks ago, I'm pooing very differently now.

That night really had an effect on me actually. I like never 'go for a poo' anymore. Every time I do a pee I just squeeze my bum to get a bit of poo out. 9 out of 10 times I pee I go for a pee too. Even when I fart I often run to the ladies to sit down and see if I need anything.

I'm always so scared now that something like that will happen to me again. Every time I pull on a skirt and black tights my fear gets enhanced.

I'll have another pee/poo story soon. Bye x


To Linda Re: Enemas

Enemas were always the go-to method for my Mother when I was growing up. And yes, my poop would often clog up the nozzle. She often had to use her finger to push the poop out of the way before the enema would start to flow, it never stopped her though.


Thanks Anna and shared flat story

Anna: Once again, I loved your story at the gym. You have the art of giving just enough details so your story feel so real. Actually, I do not read them, I live them! Keep posting.

One story of this morning. I was in the kitchen eating my breakfast, relaxed because I did not have to go to college on this morning. I had some coffee, cereals with yogurt and orange juice while listening some music on the radio. I was about to finish when Lena, my flatmate came out of her room with her towel and headed to the bathroom. we have a single bathroom, with a bathtub/shower. So Lena was going to shower. Through the door, I could hear her getting ready to shower, cutting her nails. By then, I could slowly start feeling my morning poo ready to come out. I already knew I had a problem: Lena needs ages to shower, and my urges can get pretty urgent. Instead of knocking on the door and asking her if I could quickly use the toilet before she showers, I decided just to hold it. So I finished my breakfast and cleaned the dishes. Five minutes later, was ready to take a dump. Then I heard the toilet flushing and the shower was turned on; I had missed my chance. I went to my room, trying to forget about my urge. I sat on my bed and started reading. After a few minutes, I let out a huge, silent, airy fart. Boy did it stink! I moved my ass a little and kept on reading. The water was turned off in the shower, Lena would now apply some shampoo: I know her routine very well. By then, I started farting almost continuously. My belly felt like it was about to explode. Lena resumed showering. And I farted more and more, squirming, I really didn't know how I was going to make it. Lena had been in the shower for 25 minutes by then. I could not hold it anymore so I went to door of the bathroom, nervously walking around, to be quicker when she would come out. Doing anything else was pointless anyway as I couldn't focus on anything else. Finally, the door of the bathroom opened and I got a glance at Lena entering her room. I immediately rushed to the toilet, slammed the door closed and locked it while lowering my pants and sat on the toilet. Before I was even perfectly seated I started peeing and I could feel a log stretching my anus open. In less than three seconds the whole log was out and splashed in the bowl. I finished peeing and released a bubbly fart. Ah, it felt so good! The relief was incredible. My colon pushed another log to my rectum, I could feel my bum filling up again. I pushed gently, farted a little and dropped another log. This feeling was just so good. My whole body relaxed and a very nice warmth spread through my belly. I leaned back on the toilet seat, took a magazine lying nearby and looked at some picture. I put it back less than two minutes later, wiped four times and stood up; both of my logs were decent-sized, very smooth looking bananas, one of which left a skidmark at the back of the bowl. I flushed the toilet, closed the lid and washed my hands. I would say the whole action took less than 5 minutes. As I came out, Lena was waiting by the door. "What took you so long?", she asked me. "I have to crap urgently!" And she disappeared inside the toilet, locking herself in. I stood there, astonished: how did she dare? If she hadn't been protected by the door, I maybe could have killed her. I walked back to my room, shacking my head. Of course I wasn't really angry, it wasn't enough to get me out of the excellent mood the relief of my morning poo gave me. Anyway, this was the story. I hope you enjoyed it.
Thanks to the moderator for his job and love to all!

John H

Live poop

Hi all.
A quick live poop for today's post.
I am sitting on the toilet, leaning slightly forward with my elbows on my knees.
My legs are slightly apart with my trousers at my ankles.
I let out a short 15 second pee followed up with a short fart.
I can feel the tip of a log pushing at my hole.
There is some crackling sounds now as the log slowly moves out.

The first log stretched me nicely but was short and some soft farts came as it moved out.
Relaxing now but know there is more to come.
Pushing now there is more farts and wee followed up with some soft logs.
I think that's all for now so will wipe.
It took 4 wipes to get clean and there is a strong smell of poo in the bathroom.
Not my best poo but still nice all the same.
Take care all,
John H.



Hi its John B.

John H thanks for the shout out. I did try to post a comment but it didn't pass muster with the moderator so I'll have to rewrite it at some stage but post I will!

Jemma my dear close call there girl but made it you did. Tell me you often say you leave skiddies in the pan but I've never heard you tell of skiddies in your panties, is this more by luck than judgement?

So your local Debenhams facilities took a hammering didn't they? In our local town for a wee my wife and me would use either the mall or the Asda ones but if either of us needs a poo then we use the BHS loos which has less traffic and is spotlessly clean and that's the gents, my wife says similar regarding the ladies!

Take care Jemma and happy poos, lol x

Well that's it for now and take care each and every one of you!

John B

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