Abby C

Walked in on

Hi, today I had a bad urge to go #2
I walked in the first stall I sat down with my skinny jeans and undies at my ankles.
I accidentally forgot to close the door. I pushed very hard and liquid poop squirted into the toilet. I was on the toilet for another 15 minutes.
The bowl was filled completely to the top.
So I flushed and got up on my toes and took my pants and panties off in school!!!
While I was pushing somebody walked in on me while a turd was hanging on my hole.
She said sorry and closed the door.
I pushed hard and in one push the bowl had filled to the top
I wiped put my pants and panties back on and left.
Bye Abby C xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Reply to Abbie & Author of "Question for Jade"

Abbie - Hi, I'm glad you like my posts; I love yours. Yeah I certainly did avoid a major accident the other week didn't I lol. It would have been a very messy situation if I hadn't made it in time judging by the skidmark in my knickers as it had the consistency of chocolate spread lol; it felt amazing coming out though!!!
Sorry to hear that you pood yourself a few years ago as that must have been embarrassing in that situation!!!
Did you have diarrhea at the time or was it just a firm one that wanted out at the wrong time?
Was it a 'full on' accident or were you able to hold some in to release in the toilet?
Did you tell your friend you were desperate for a poo? If I was in that situation I would of no matter how embarrassing it is lol.
I'm lucky as I haven't had an accident yet (A part from when I was very young obviously lol) but I'm 17 so I know that will change at some point and don't worry I'll share the embarrassing story with you and the fellow Toiletstoolers haha. I've had a few close calls like the other week, the odd skidmark here and there and I've had to cut short a fart as poo started to emerge but I'm yet to load my knickers thank god lol.
I'm glad you agree with me about loving the feeling of a good poo and hearing others and it sounds like the 3 of you had some massive poos at the shops the other day judging by the straining you were all doing haha and I bet the relief was immense. Take care and I look forward to you're posts

To the author of "Question for Jade", Hi I've been very lucky with my toilet habits as I haven't had to pop a squat anywhere or had an accident; touch wood that continues lol. I'm only 17 so I know luck won't stay on my side forever and whenever something like that happens you'll all know about it haha. Take care.


To Robby, Brianna and Jessica!

Robby: "Trumpeting my good health?" No pun intended there, my friend? Haha!

Brianna: Thank you for your kind words. Since I am singly, I wear Hanes Her Way white cotton underwear. I mean, why waste money on lingerie when you have no one in your life who would appreciate them? The amount of poop may have been a little more than a tablespoon, but the stain would not have come out. I didn't want to bother with them! But yes, it would have been disastrous to have had that bowel movement in my panties!

I am thankful you made it to the bathroom and didn't give up! I am like you, once you've had an accident, there is a fear that you will have another one soon. Thankful you are OK and always great to hear from you!

Jessica: Thank you for your comment to all the girls. Would love to hear from you!

Love to all!


Natalie x

To Anna, my gym relief!

Hey Anna I really enjoyed your post about having to go at the gym, reminded me of a situation I was in a few weeks ago at my gym. I had a big meal the night before and all that workout for some reason just makes your bowels more relax I guess, thus making it harder to hold in unwanted dumps. And trust me this was unwanted for a good reason...

I am quite a regular girl but for some reason a few days before that gym day I was a little overdue. The food baby from the night before helped big time though, I just wish I was at home. I remember feeling it just after I started my workout, 20 min run on the treadmill. Had about 10 mins to go when I realized my butt was feeling sweaty, not just from running but from holding in a monster. I farted several times whilst running just to relieve the pressure. Soon as I finished I paced quickly to the changing rooms. Just my luck though, all three stalls were taken. A waited for 30 seconds patiently, I didn't think anyone was coming out anytime soon and I didn't want to waste time, I didn't have much. So I thought I would deal with the pooping after my full workout. Determined to finish I just had to get through rowing, curls and squats. Rowing kinda sucked cause it was churning my stomach making it harder to hold. The curls wasn't bad but then again, any workout makes you sweat. Sweaty bum = less control. By now I was farting up a storm too. I just needed to do squats, which I know was gonna suck, but I'm a little OCD when it comes to completing a workout. Just a little after 20 and god knows how many stinky farts later I remember my control slipped.. A loud wet fart pushed through mid squat and I started to crown, badly. I waddled to the toilets once more praying for a vacant. There were two! Oh I also did a really embarrassing fart on my way to the changing rooms. Again it just pushed through and I couldn't stop it. By then I remember walking into the toilet feeling that oh too familiar feeling. A little bit of poo was between my bikini briefs and my bum. I pulled them down and sure enough, a fairly big stain. No time to worry about that though, I checked for tp and I had the green light. A huge smooth wide log rushed out of me. Was so wide and quick that I audibly moaned (to add to my embarrassment) after the trouble maker, I just let fly two more turds with a couple of farts. I was no longer sweating from the workout, I was sweating from the shit I just took lol. So I wiped, took about 8 I remember then I flushed and once again just like the train but a little less gross, the water arose. Did not go down at all. Why do I keep breaking toilets!!! I remember waiting after I finished in the stall, waiting for the coast to be clear so I can hide from embarrassment of breaking yet
another toilet!

Woe is me with my public shits at the moment!

Natalie x

John H

Post Title (optional) Comments and responses

Hi all.
Some comments for todays post.

@Oldpoop, I am really sorry to hear about your loss. Loosing somebody close to you is never easy and I hope that you know everyone here is thinking of you as you have been posting here for a very long time.

@John B, I remember you posted a short wile back that you had some interesting stories relating to your wife.
I for one would like to hear about them.
Thanks and keep up the good posts.

@Steve A, thanks for your comments about toilet matters in books. I will try look up those you mentioned.
Regarding your question about the comfort level in a relationship, I think this is a very interesting question.
I am sure that people will have different opinions as to when the best time to approach bathroom matters with there other half is.
I would try and do it earlier rather than later as everyone uses the bathroom and nobody should feel that they have to hold anything in for fear of putting the other person off.
Once a relationship gets to the stage where the people involved decide to move in together then if they have been hiding anything to do with the toilet it will come out quickly as they will be spending a lot more time together from this point on.

@Jade, Thanks so much for responding to my questions.
It sure is best to be honest haha, thats why I like this site as everyone can share experiences with each other.
Like you I have enjoyed pooling for years, almost as long as I can remember.
there are a few reasons for this but like you I became more interested in poop matters when I was around 10 or 11 so just a little younger than you.
I like to hold my poo sometimes and I have shared a story about one example here in the past. I can try and find what page its on if you would like to read it?
I don't hold my poo to often but when I do I can hold it for around the same amount of time as you. I find it hard to hold after three days and normally don't let it past that long before I have to release it on the toilet.
Good that your period doesn't cause any trouble with your poos and I hope you manage to hear some toilet action in your work soon lol.

I have sharted myself several times over the years but I have not accidentally ever had a full on poo escape, though there has been some close calls.
When you are pooping do you push it out or do you prefer to relax and let the logs slide out slowly? I prefer to let my body relax and allow the logs to come out themselves though I do push sometimes.
Do you like to listen to other girls on the toilet or do you also like to listen to men dropping some logs when you get the chance?
take care.

@donk, another great catch. Keep them coming.

to those who wondered about the worst situation to have an accident, I would agree that a weeding day accident would be particularly bad. I also think that someone having an accident on a bus journey would be very upsetting as the person who had the accident would have to sit in their messy clothes for the rest of the journey with everyone around them aware of what has happened.

Thats all for now, take care all,
John H.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby C great desperate poop story.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you and that other woman both had great poops at the gym and it sounds like she was pretty desperate and just made it in time and great story about your poop school and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen C I hope you feel better soon.

To: Abbie great story it sounds like you all had good poops and I bet you all felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan great story about you pooping and peeing on the floor.

To: Maggie Darlene first welcome to the site and great story I look forward to reading anymore you have thanks.

To: Mariah great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


latest loo visits 2 stories.

Was trying on clothes in new look today when i suddenly got the urge for a massive poo!
i let slip a "silent but violent" that stank of gas!
i put my clothes back on & hurried over to debenhams with the nearest loos.
up the escalators to the top floor, desperate &
Clenching my butt.
i finally got there, & took the last free cubicle of 3.
Pulling my jeans & pink knicks down,
I plopped my butt on the seat & immediately let loose. Wet slimy thin logs 1 after the other, that all fell extremely quickly (3 plops a second kind of poo) 14 all together. Was done in like 1 minute lol,i was so extremely desperate, Wiped 8 times & flushed leaving loads of skid marks & a stench!! Washed my hands & cont'd shopping.... i was then desperate for another poo as i got to my car in the multi storey car park.
my luck i was stuck in traffic, i eventually got home 40mins later bursting for another huge desperate poo.
i parked up got to my front door clenching my butt so hard & chucked my shopping in the kitchen & ran to the loo. This time i had 16 small nugget sized plops. Loose & watery.
i wiped 5 times & flushed, cleaned my loo with bleach & washed my hands.
love as always, J xx

Abby C

Big Poop

Hi, today I was in 6B. And I had a massive urge to go poop. I walked in the girls room when somebody was pooping. I put the toilet seat down and sat down. I had pushed very hard when diaheria squirted out. I wiped and pulled up my panties and pants and left. Bye abby c xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox.


To Megan / bathroom floor

Sounds like you were having some fun and I have to assume that you live alone. You must have been pretty committed to the project to stop yourself with your finger before getting in position. I would just be worried about dropping my iphone. Thanks for the play by play coverage.

to Brianna

I actually just saw that vid of the reporter splatting in her pants. I am thinking that it may have been staged as live broadcasts are typically done on a delay so to catch any sort of unexpected occurrence. It could be the uncut version got out but it's hard to tell if it's real since she seems so composed right up to the point of "no way am I getting out of this without a bath, a change of clothes, and a really uncomfortable conversation with the network and my agent".


this morning at the gym

Hi, it's Anna and here is another story. It happened this morning. I was up early and at the gym before class. When I work out, I always wear yoga pants and baggy t-shirts so I feel a little less self conscious about my curves. Today I brought a grey shirt that says 'I love nerds'. Anyway, when I got to the gym I already needed the bathroom, but it wasn't too bad. I didn't feel like going then and started work>ing out. It got worse quickly though. I was doing seated flys and I really had to clench my bumcheeks during. At the same time, there was this brunette girl working out with her trainer at the next machine over. I've only seen her once or twice so far. She has these really nice and super tanned legs which I have noticed before. She also has a really cool ankle tattoo, a dragon drawn in red and blue ink. This morning she was wearing a purple top which was showing lots of cleavage, almost too much for the gym maybe, I don't know. I was worried I would let a fart slip out in front of her and her trainer, who is a really cute guy. But thankfully nothing happened. In the end I did some running on the treadmill until I was pretty sweaty and exhausted. When I got back to the locker room I needed the toilet quite badly. I headed straight to the washroom, which is through a glass door from the lockers. It was busy in there with girls doing their makeup and whatnot. All the stalls but two were taken and it already smelled pretty bad, so it was obvious what some of the women in the stalls were doing. I grabbed one of the remaining stalls, locked the door and pulled down my yoga pants and black string. I plopped my sweaty bum on the seat and started to pee right away. Then someone entered the last empty stall to my right. I could see the dragon tattoo on her ankle, so I knew it was the brunette with the purple top. She pulled down her little blue shorts, quickly sat on the toilet and started to pee as well. I was done peeing and rested my elbows on my bare legs. Immediately a big turd slid out of my rear end, followed by a blasting fart. The brunette then farted as well and I could hear poop plopping into her toilet. I dropped another turd from my bottom and so did she. We sat for a bit and then she let out a long wet fart followed by a series of plops. She must have really needed to go during her workout. I pushed out one more poop while the girl with the tattoo had some more wet farts and plops. After that, I felt I was done and started to pull of some toilet paper to wipe. I had to pull of five or six sheets to get everything nice and clean. I pulled up my string and yoga pants, left the stall and went to the sink to wash my hands. The girl with the tattoo was still pooping and another fart echoed from her stall as I left for the showers. I saw her later in the locker room and she looked really relieved. I felt much better too, got dressed and hurried of to my first class.

Karen C.

Diarrhea getting better now

I went to urgent care this morning. They took a stool sample and to make a long story short, there's nothing to worry about. No e.coli or anything like that from the rare steak, and I don't have a stomach virus, the doc just said it was probably a side effect of the creatine supplement and/or the Uristat.

They gave me a prescription for phenergan suppositories to help with the nausea and something stronger for my UTI and just recommended Pepto Bismol for the diarrhea. On the upside, I didn't have to go in to work. Other than that, they just said to let the diarrhea run it's course, and warm water enemas twice a day to clean out my colon.

Nothing to worry about. Phenegran suppositories are great stuff, I don't feel like vomiting every fifteen minutes anymore now, yay;

on the downside, my period started today, three days earlier than normal so I wasn't prepared for it, it caught me by surprise on the boat. Since I had the day off, I had set out my trot lines and later in the late afternoon my neighbor's teenaged son accompanied me to check them late afternoon today, I asked him to, I let him drive the boat. Lost my temper with him a few times but I apologized so it's all good. I feel so bad about that. I felt so bad about yelling at him that I started crying. I hugged him and kissed him and apologized to him, he's only sixteen so I had a long talk with him about the birds and the bees, etc, like an older sister might. I know he saw the huge red spot in the crotch of my jeans, no sense trying to hide the obvious so I explained it all to him so now he understands all about girls and that special time once a month (later I called his mom and let her know about our talk, and she was cool with that, I was so relieved that she wasn't angry). He's a really nice boy and reminds me of my oldest son. I let him drive my pickup home from the river because i was feeling tired and sleepy and still a little sick to my stomach; I dozed off a while. We had bagged several large catfish, and at home he helped me clean 'em, I put a good forty plus pounds worth of filets in my deep freezer, and I fried about fifteen pounds worth of crispy ???? catfish with hush puppies and home fries of which he took the most home for supper (his mom and I are good friends), and I also made a batch of my award winning coleslaw to go along with it. After that I cleaned up the kitchen, ate my catfish dinner and went to bed. I'm feeling a lot better now. Still a little nauseous, had another bout of diarrhea about an hour after supper, but for the most part I feel fine.

Karen C.


Bad diarrhea this morning and more poop later

Hi all. Haven't needed to go much this week as I've had no urge. But this morning after I had breakfast (Quaker Maple Brown Sugar oatmeal) I immediately had a sudden urge to go diarrhea. This oatmeal used to affect me as a child too giving me diarrhea making me struggle to pull my winter jacket, snow pants (the stupid overall type ones!), etc off to make it to the school toilet in time and explode in the toilet. Well this morning was like that. I felt like Finch from American Pie, having to go so bad and knowing I had to move quick to save my other pair of white underwear and pull my pj pants down with them. Sat on the toilet and KABOOM! Instant explosion! In fact exploded so bad some of it splashed up on the toilet seat. Whoops! It took about 5 minutes of farting, splashing and plopping before I was done. Better a messy toilet seat than messy pants and underwear! With just seconds to spare too!

Then later after lunch I had an urge again but this time it was several soft logs. Felt good to rid my bowels of all that poop. I know it wasn't everything but it was a lot. There were 3 or 4 medium soft logs in there. Haven't gone any more today so guess I'm done today. I had bad gas last night, farting like crazy in bed (had baked beans with dinner). I felt like a balloon deflating lol.

Happy pooping hopefully!


To Maggie Darlene

Welcome to the forum! First, I am thankful that you found a restroom to take care of business just in time. More than that, though, thank you for sharing a little about yourself and about your work with disabled girls. It's great that you find such work rewarding and fulfilling. Would love to hear more from you!



Question for Jade

You say you've been desperate a lot, have you ever had to squat somewhere because you couldn't make it to the toilet in time?

Steve A

Weird Bathroom Dream And The "Comfort Level"

Hey everyone, so my dream was about my school.

My school was having a dinner open for all the students and teachers after school on a Friday. Everyone was eating and having a good time. I was invited to eat in the kitchen with the main chef. He gave me the same food, but it wasn't the food outside of the kitchen, but it was the same food he gave to everyone else. But, awhile after the dinner, people started to get sick and there were lines of people waiting for the bathrooms and eveyone was having diarrhea. But, I was the only one not infected. So, the main chef who I ate with said to me that he gave me food that didn't make me get sick, but he gave everyone else food that made them sick. I was confused at first and I asked him why he did that and he said it was funny to see people suffering in line waiting to use the bathroom. He also said that he didn't want me to get sick because he thought that I was a cool guy. He announced that he was the main chef outloud so that people can hear him. I didn't want people to turn against me that thought that I was in with the main chef since I was not waiting in line and not showing any sick signs, so I left and went home.

The "Comfort Level" of a relationship in my opinion is when you're comfortable with farting, pooping, and burping around your boyfriend or girlfriend.

So, my question to everyone is: When is it an appropriate time to pass that Comfort Level with you BF or GF?

Once you pass the Comfort Level, you have no more pressure/stress in a relationship. But, if you breakup after you have passed the Comfort Level, it's devastating because you have to do it again if you get another BF or GF and who knows how long it could take you 2 to pass the Comfort Level with your BF or GF.


Post Title (optional) To Anatomy Student

I have read that enemas are hard to use for people who get very constipated like me. I read about that ages ago, someone who was very constipated tried to use one and her stool was so big that she couldn't fit the enema nozzle in (or something like that). So she couldn't use it. If that is true, I wouldn't have much luck using one either.

If you only eat mostly meat, how are you not constipated all the time? You need more fibre in your diet. I know I'm the last person who should be recommending (as I'm always constipated) that but its true.


Bedpan fears (cont. and thanks)

To Oldpoop: the hospital said I would have a Foley during the surgery, but it would be removed very soon after

To Slice: thanks I may ask for a female urinal. Maybe I wasn't clear, IMHO many off my pees are above average in volume, even when I am not trying to hold it, then the urge builds quickly. I have never heard of a bedpan shield, but it sounds like it may help. Thanks for the well wishes.

To JW: Thanks for the cup idea. Similar to the other shield idea. I will consider an enema. Never tried it, but straining after surgery sounds painful, especially after not eating.

To MikeyPee: I'll surely have to try out the female urinal at home. They all look like they hold plenty and should be usable (not sure flat on my back, but that is what they are designed for).

To kmd: I was going to wait until the hospital to see how they handle it and then do the same thing at home, feel kinda funny practicing ahead of time. I don't try to go forcefully. I usually have to concentrate, not push, to get started, but when it does, it really comes out. Yeah, if I push it really shoots out, but my relaxed speed is still fast.

To all:

Thanks for all the help with my bedpan fears. I am worried more about the direction and force and the mess I might make, not the volume. Maybe I am abnormal, but I thought a lot of women pee towards the front, not down or backwards. When I think of laying down on my back that would mean up not down but maybe it doesn't work that way. I'll work with the nurses to get this done.


Pooping at work

I have to poop multiple times a day at work since I have IBS, I always have to poop every time I go to the bathroom.

Does anyone else poop every time they go to the bathroom even if just small pieces?

I have to fart all the time and it seems like I always have to fart and feel bloated at work, I often end up walking and farting a bit on the way to the bathroom and when I am at home the walking farts are often loud.

I have had both pee and poop accidents before. One time I peed my pants at 16 as I hadn't been able to go to the bathroom in 6 hours. Another time I had diarrhea and had a small accident on my way to my summer classes in college but thankfully was able to stop myself and finish in the bathroom, I ended up going commando in short basketball shorts the rest of the day.

@Maggie Darlene I have ADD, what learning disability do you have? Maggie Darlene I love how descriptive you are on you wanting peace and being able to relax in the bathroom and the staff members coming in and helping people that are more disabled than you. I especially like how descriptive you were describing using the bathroom and wiping yourself.

Y'all please tell me if you like my posts it means a lot to me to hear from y'all.


to Catherine re: update

Happy to hear you are over your temporary upset and back to trumpeting your good health. I think that running as well as other physical activity only helps keep things moving. Thanks for sharing.


hard pooop

i have been constipated for 2 weeks and now, finally i have a feeling that i have to go. i am sitting in the toilet for about 1 hours with a try to strain, grunt uhhhh my asshole is so wide open. i have my mother help me and she is supporting me. she saying that: "Strain harder" while she stick her fingers into my ass but i feel feally bad when no thing came out. wait a little a big turd hard like stone are slowly going out. ohhh my ass hurts like shit! i fart loudly and a turd poked out and my butt stretch to extreme. i cry and grunt so hard. Seeing my shit, my mother says that" this is the biggest turd i hve evber seen i don't think you can push it out without help. Wait a little i will buy some anema fleet and i have to struggle myself. i fart so much with smell and my butt feel loosen. i hve no way but to spread my butt cheek and stick my finers up my ass and try to pull the shit out a little while straining. i squat to strain but can help. i change another position. i stand up and strain about 5minutes and ahhhh the head of the shit came out more. i feel like i am giving birth. finnaly my mother came home with a bag full of enema tool because i am constpated very often. firstly, she pump oil into my ass and then an big enema fleet comes into my asshole. she pump all the water in it into me. i feel like my stomach are to explode. uhhh i am so hurt so wait a little. after 15 minutes struglling my turd are finnally become soft and i can poop. i poop for another 25 minutes and feeling quite exhausted but comfortable. bye everyone. the next time being constipated, i will continue posting here while tryng to give the shit a go.


Poo at the shops

Hi everyone, I'm back for a quick visit this weekend so thought I'd check out some recent posts.
Jade- Great story from half term when you went for a poo at the library, sounds like you only just avoided a major accident. I know its bad if you get a big skidmark and you can't change your knickers straightaway, I used to get that quite often when I was at school. I didn't mind using the school loos when I wanted a poo as a lot of other girls did as well, but I didn't like to ask to go in lessons as I always need to spend awhile on the toilet when its a poo, so some days by the time it got to lunch my poo was already poking out into my knickers and then I would end up with major marks. To answer your question I pooed myself a few years ago when I was at a sleepover round someone's house, I was dying for the loo and my friend was in the bathroom for ages as she was constipated so I ended up pooing my pants as I couldn't hold it any longer!! I know what you mean about it being a good feeling, even if sometimes I get a bit constipated and have to push hard to get my poo to come I enjoy the feeling of having a poo and hearing others going too. I look forward to any other stories you can share, present or past.
Now on to my story!! The other day I went to the shops after a lecture, I ended up behind two girls in school uniform who looked about 14 or 15. I'd been needing a wee and a poo for some time and knew I should really take care of it before walking home if I wanted my knickers to stay clean, and I became aware that the two girls in front of me were making their way to the shopping centre toilets, I overheard one of them saying " and I've been needing the loo since lunchtime as well!" I started listening more carefully and moved a bit closer to them. I then heard her friend saying, "Yeah, I'm bursting too, is it just a wee?" The first girl shook her head and her friend replied "Don't worry, I need a poo as well, I wanted to use the loo at lunch but I didn't get chance." Shortly after we got to the ladies toilets and went in, the two girls realised at that point that I was behind them. There was actually no-one else there so we all got a cubicle straight away, I was feeling pretty desperate so I locked my door, pulled down my jeans and red pants and sat on the seat. I started to wee a heavy stream and couldn't help moaning slightly as it was a relief to be on the loo!! I was next door to one of the girls, I saw her trousers and white pants under the partition. I could hear the other two girls weeing too and then we all stopped within a few seconds of each other. I could feel my first log starting to slide out slowly so I did a push to help it on its way, there was silence next door for a few seconds but then I could hear some straining sounds as my neighbour started on her poo, she had obviously worked out I was having a poo as well so felt a bit more relaxed about going. I knew I'd have to do some hard pushes as my poo was getting fatter which is pretty normal for me, so I bore down and couldn't help grunting a bit, that was a bit embarrassing but seemed to help the other girls even more as quite soon I realised we were all straining. Suddenly there were a few louder grunts next door followed by a loud plop and a sigh of relief. I could feel my log was quite close to being out so I gave a final heave and mine plopped loudly down into the bowl too. A few seconds later I heard a fainter plop which probably came from the other cubicle where my neighbours friend was. We obviously all had more to come as we stayed sitting and no-one reached for the toilet paper, I heard some more plops next door and I made some more of my own as well before I finally felt empty. I took some toilet paper and started to wipe my bottom and next door I heard toilet roll being ripped as my neighbour started to wipe too. When I'd finished wiping I pulled up my knickers and jeans and flushed the loo, the girl two cubicles away had already finished and told her friend she would wait for her outside, but the girl next door to me was still in her cubicle, she had still been plopping away as I was wiping my bum. I left my cubicle, washed my hands and went out of the loos, I saw the girls friend waiting for her but she didn't make eye contact with me as I came out. Hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!

Monday, November 10, 2014



Hi its John B.

Jemma many thanks for your description I've now got a picture of you in my minds eye and talking of which green eyes eh? Pussycat!

Seriously I really enjoy our rapport and long may it continue. My bowels have been a tad erratic this week but that may be due to having returned to work after the half term holidays! C'est la vie, merde happens lol.

Take care

John B xx


Peeing and pooping on the bathroom floor

Right now, I am kneeling on my bathroom floor, stark naked from the waist down with a puddle of pee and a pile of poop underneath me... I wanted to poop on the floor, squatting right in front of the toilet so I did but, as usual I needed to pee as well. I peed sitting on the toilet just before I pooped but was so desperate to poop that I had to stick my finger up my arse crack so poop didn't slip out. But obviously I didn't get all the pee out and I kneeled on the floor and now my vagina is feeling vary airy because my knees are open very wide. I'm getting cramp in my thigh but I don't know what to do because if I move, I'll make a bigger mess. Oh crap!


Friends Pooping

Hi everybody today my son was playing with his friend. And he told my son that he needed to #2. He went to the bathroom next to the kitchen. And he left the door open a crack. I put my ear right on the door. It sounded like he had some diaheria .


to Beth and the bedpan

It is possible you may not be using a bedpan, but have a Foley catheter installed. I hate Foleys, so I hope you actually have the bedpan; but if they put in a catheter, it can be somewhat painful to put in and it will often feel like you have to pee, when in fact your urine is going out in the tubing and is collected in the bag. Pulling the catheter out can be even worse, but the pain is usually quite brief. Let us know how it goes for you!



Just got in from my run this morning!

Yes, something must have upset my stomach because I had two more poops like this at the pharmacy yesterday. While they were not near as large the amounts as the one I described, they were soft stool and the urgency came on suddenly, just like the jog. I ate light the remainder of the day and then had a poop after supper in almost similar size and consistency to the one I had in the early morning. However, I did not feel sick. Maybe I ate something that didn't agree or maybe I had a little bug???

Who knows? I feel fine this morning and my farts while running were back to the loud but not stinky kind! Haha!!! I love this site and being able to share this secret pleasure with a supportive, non-judgmental community!



PS: Robby, yes, if it happened in the last several years, I am sure the camera immortalized the event! How horrifying! I know many brides are probably nervous on their wedding day, so many may have felt the urge at the altar.

Maggie Darlene

Maggie Darlene's adventures today

Hello. I'm Maggie Darlene, a 30-something blond girl, about 5'9" tall, with a diagnosed learning disability. Might tell more about that later if this my first post is well received here. My learning disability is not enough to keep me from "passing" for "normal" in most situations and instances. [What is "normal" anyway?]

Today when I was heading home from the place where I do volunteer work, several things were different from usual, including at least three major ones. The first of those major ones was that I was leaving there with a fairly full bladder today, and expecting a rather urgent urination to come on. So as I was driving I thought I'd stop by a convenience store I knew on the way home and peepee there. This was different because normally when I leave the facility there, I empty my bladder in their bathroom on leaving, always a comfortable thing to do. The facility where my volunteer work is has probably the most comfortable I know anywhere of multi-seat bathrooms with "stalls". The facility is a place whose clients are girls mostly considered more "profoundly" disabled than I. These particular girls are generally sweet and congenial. Working with them is rewarding. It might not be too much of an exaggeration to say these girls have given me a new lease on life. They certainly minimize any awkwardness for me about using the bathroom they use. If there is one upside to their challenged lives, I think it might be that their outlook leaves little room for the kind of shame that our culture imposes with its taboos about our urinations and bowel movements. Those girls almost always smile gleefully going into or out of that bathroom or into or out of any given "stall", making it seem that to them bowel movements and urinations are as comfortable, carefree, and happy a part of life as any other. So I get a peace like I've seldom had before in how their comfort and happiness seem to "rub off on me" and I share an unabashed joy like never before in being among them and thereby distancing myself the shame that our culture would stigmatize upon us regarding things we do in such "stalls". But today I didn't use that bathroom before leaving, for reason of the third major difference of today, so that my bladder was getting full. By the way, the one thing that can most overset the peacefulness of that bathroom is when staff members of the facility come in, either to oversee the clients or to do their own "business", generally less able to attain the unabashed spirit that the clients do in their more childlike innocence. But today I didn't use that bathroom as usual, and my bladder was getting rather full. The reason I didn't is the third difference I'll get to below.

The second difference is that on leaving today, had situations been normative and I'd used that bathroom on leaving I'd have not been only urinating, but hoping for a bowel movement too. Most days I've had a bowel movement by early morning to late afternoon. When the urge for one comes on while I'm volunteering there, the peace and comfort of that bathroom extend to my bowel movements as well as my urination. So having both there is a peaceful situation indeed. But by my bathroom visit at leaving time I usually just peepee there because, as I said my bowel movements usually come earlier in the day. But today was exceptional in that in late afternoon I had not yet had a bowel movement all day. Any time I've gone that late in the day with no bowel movement, probably one of two things is on the way. Either I'm subject to a strong and rapidly onsetting urge to bowel move at most any time, or I'm descending into a substantive bout of constipation. That is why above all I'd have liked to use that bathroom on leaving today and comfortably do both things.

The third difference was that today it wasn't all peace as usual at the facility. A substantial argument had erupted between two girls, and older client (by older I mean more long-standing and not her age necessarily) and more of a newbie that I did not know too well. I knew the former one to be sweet and easygoing, so the newbie is the one I'd have more suspected of being any culprit in causing the argument. I wanted to help if I could and at least try to comfort that longstanding client with whom I sympathized. But as one arguing girl followed the other to the bathroom, the heat of the argument became focussed there, and a lot of staff members converged on the area to try to intervene or monitor the situation. As if the swarm of staff members there weren't enough to disrupt my usual comfort, one staff member told me "You can go home now", as if she cared neither for my wish to comfort that one client nor for any need I might have to either empty my own bladder or move my own bowels. Feeling shut out from any of the above, I reluctantly went to my car to drive home, with my atypical near-full bladder and my hope for a prompt visit from the bowel movement fairy. Geez - is there, even in urban legend, any recognized "bowel movement fairy"? Maybe I just made up that part. He-he!

Anyhow, on my way home I made it to that convenience store without my bladder feeling too awfully near to bursting, happily. But it was quickly acquiring a quite mighty urge as a parked my car and walked briskly toward the facility inside. That facility in question is one I'd achieved considerable comfort with, being a one-seater ladies' room. The men's room beside it I'd presumed to be also a one seater (I was about to find out). On getting outside I found out what I might call a fourth thing out of the usual today. The ladies' room had a sign on it reading "Out of order. All use men's room for now." Okay, then I can do that, I thought. Turning the door handle, I found the men's room to be open and vacant, much to the relief of my now desperate bladder. So, inside with the door locked behind me, I rapidly pulled down my pants and panties and got on the seat. An exuberant gush of my urine quickly filled my most desperate need. In the sudden sigh of relief from that, I surprised myself with a rapid spew of little farts, thinking, blessings, maybe I'm about to bowel move rather than descending into constipation. I glanced toward the wiping paper, only to see the roll almost empty. Thinking gee, before I have bowel movement I might need to find more paper, but I found none in the room. Maybe I should go out in the store and ask the clerk if he could find me more paper for the only working bathroom. Would I be brave enough to do that? I was thinking, "Should I run out into the store with my panties and pants only half up, yelling 'Is there any more wiping paper here? I could be about to have a huge messy bowel movement'" No - just kidding, I wouldn't have done it quite like that really. But in any event before I had my pants halfway up amidst preparation to go out and inquire of the clerk in what the world might accept as a manner of more decorum, I realized I was having a quick onset of that urgent need to bowel move, as I wanted, apart from the short supply or wiping paper. So making the best of things seemed to mean letting my pants and panties back down and getting my bottom back on the seat. So that I did. Only a moderately small amount of gruntful shoving then got my bowel movement underway. I felt something slithering mostly smoothly from my bottom, and finally tapping the water slightly before breaking loose from my bottom and falling in. Rejoicing at having apparently kept the constipation wolf from the door, I got up to inspect my creation in the bowl. It was about broom-handle thickness and probably a foot long or near that. "Pretty good, Maggie Darlene," I congratulated myself in a whisper. Then the sobering thought of insufficient paper gripped me again. Unless it was the simplest of wiping jobs, frugality with that meager supply of paper would have to be the oder of the day. I tore off a just barely sufficient wad for my first wipe and addressed my now mostly drip-dried front orifices, and that wet the paper with a meager amount of urine. Not having the luxury to use all new paper for the back department, I now used the slightly wet piece for my first bowel wipe. It brought back a substantive amount of the brown stuff. This is a challenge, I thought. In the rest of the wiping I would be conserving the paper to the risk of dirtying my fingers. But then I thought: The least of my worries; that's what running water and antibacterial soap are for. On emptying the roll by wiping my bowels four more times with diminishingly tiny wads, I did dirty my fingers a bit. But surprisingly the last wipe came back virtually clean, thankfully. I got up and washed my hands with pants and panties still around my ankles, so as not to get my clothing dirty. Then, on finally pulling up my panties and panties to leave, I got consternated about one aspect of being in a men's room. Most might be guessing I was having an embarrassing though of possibly some man seeing me exit, then coming in and smelling the aroma of my bowel movement. But that was little of what concerned me. Somehow I don't make a big deal of that. Gotta come to peace with the smells that I guess we all have! I even felt it a bit refreshing that for once it might be a man detecting the aroma of my bowel movement. What had me consterned though, was a man wouldn't have necessarily seen the "out of order" sign on the ladies' room. He might be just be making a b-line to the men's room and then wondering why in the blazes a girl was going out. That felt a bit awkward for me. So on buckling my belt, I paused inside the door, counted to three, thinking "Here I come, ready or not!" I then rapidly opened the door and was relieved to find nobody of either sex waiting outside.

I drove on home, happy that my day's urinations and bowel movement had turned out satisfactory after all!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mina hopefully Kiwa changes how she acts and it sounds like you had a good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Catherine great story it sounds like you just made it to the toilet with just seconds to spare and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jade great desperate poop story it sounds like you made it just in time and I bet you felt pretty god afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: DonK another great catch I bet she felt good after that poop.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


In the woods

Today I was in the woods when I needed to pee and poop. So I squatted behind a tree with my jeans and under wear at my ankles. I grunted very loudly pulling my cheeks apart. When a 2ft log came squirting out of my hole. I pushed again and 25 mins later there were 3 piles of poop. I wiped my bum with some tp that I brought along and I left that spot.


Couldn't make it

I got up to get a drink of water when my bladder felt like a sack of bricks, i started peeing in my boxers even before i made it to the toilet, I had to grab a mop to clean up my pee trail.

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