Toilet Terrorism?

This past week the administrators of my high school really cracked down on students using the restrooms. Before school, they stood in the bathrooms, yelled at students spending too much time in a stall, about not flushing (actually grabbed them and pointed them back in to flush), not washing their hands, and those coming in with coffee and soda had to take their drinks back outside before being allowed in. This especially caused some arguments. Also, several students got busted because they couldn't find or show their ID card. These caused some arguments and one girl was taken to the office by two of the security matrons. She was ordered off the stool because the warning bell for 1st hour rang and they didn't hear any noise or movement from her. She got into a terrible argument with them when they took her out of the room.

I was next in line for her stall. If that hadn't happened, I don't think I would have been allowed to stay. I had been in an unusually large crowd for that time of morning. I think band practice had just let out. I had my toilet paper from the rolls in the entryway in my left hand, and as I took my backpack off, unbuckled my jeans, and placed my butt up onto the already warm seat. I poo at the same time every morning. A couple of small fart burps and my soft poo clears and splashes into the bowl. Sometimes in one larger piece; other times in two or three smaller ones. Most of the time, especially if I haven't weed at home since before going to bed, I also wee since I drink a lot of liquid during the school day. However, after my fast poo, I was having difficulty getting my wee stream going and after a few trickles there was a fist slammed into my door and one of the PE teachers was yelling for us to get to first hour. I was so surprised by that even though I know I was close to the bell. I took it wrong and started to cry as I sat giving my pee one more try. Finally, I got down off the stool, did my usual three wipes, and quickly pulled up my jeans, buckled them and made a run for 1st hour. The yelling got worse as I heard other girls also being yelled at and a second teacher came in the other door and was saying that all of about 10 or 15 of us were going to be late. My class is somewhat close by so I figured I was still OK. I threw the door back and started to make a run for it, but noticed their was nothing on my back. I grabbed my backpack and hurt my left shoulder a little as I flung it. I started the run a second time and the PE teacher grabbed me and pointed me back into the stall with some sarcastic question about forgetting something. Then I saw the problem so I want along side of the toilet and quickly flushed it. Because of my smaller size, I'm 3'5", I had to use both arms and hands to get it to flush, and then the bell rang and I almost wet my pants. Then I went outside and started my run again, only to be stopped by the PE teacher. She pointed me to the sinks with a smirk on her face. I so had to hold my tears back. I quickly washed my hands and as I was drying them the teacher asked for my student ID card.

When I picked my ID card up in the office from the vice principal after school I was much calmer because both Miranda and Lorenz and I had talked about it at lunch and in study hall. However, I was assigned a 4-hour Saturday School on a weekend when I'm supposed to be caring for two kids. Sonya Sue said she'd help out. And me 2nd hour teacher gave me permission to leave class to finally do my wee because it was giving me more pain. I sat right down and don't think I was on the toilet for more than a minute and I completely emptied my bladder. But there were no teachers around hassling the three or four of us using the bathroom.

To Robby: OMG yes that would be terrible. I'm sure it's happened to a bride before. Hopefully she was wearing a dress with a lot of layers so it didn't show and she played it cool and didn't let on that she'd had an accident. Your mention of it being on camera got me thinking of another possibility- if you were on live TV or something. Reminds me of that viral video of a European woman interviewing a guy and she has diarrhea in her white pants in the middle of it and runs off. If you're a reporter on the news, someone on a talk show, performing or something, playing a sport on live TV and you pooped your pants basically in front of the world? I couldn't imagine!

To Catherine: oh man! I'm glad you made it to the toilet before having a major accident. It sounds like that would have been a really big mess if you hadn't made it! I'm sorry you went enough to need to throw your panties away tough. I know that feeling of your face getting flushed and hot all too well now after my recent two incidents lol. Anyway I hope your stomach is okay and you don't have anymore close calls or worse. BTW, at least there wouldn't have been any witnesses again if you didn't make it, lucky.

I didn't exactly have a close call yesterday, I think I'm just paranoid now. I had to poop fairly badly as I arrived home from work. I was trying to carry all my stuff inside at once- my purse, computer bag, lunch bag, and a bag with a bunch of other paperwork. I got the front door and had a difficult time fumbling around to get my key in the lock. During that time I started panicking! I mean the pressure was mounting but i wasn't turtle heading, my brain just immediately went "omg I'm gonna poop my pants again" as I struggled to get in the door. But then I just focussed, got inside, put my stuff down and made it to the toilet with no issues, panties perfectly clean. It's funny how just having one accident can cause such a fear of it happening again!


To Beth

I can understand your issue. I know the idea is embarrassing, but talk to the nurses before you go into surgery. I'm sure there are other women out there who are dealing with the same thing. There are several things to consider. First, they do make female urinals which may help, and you can solve the volume issues by going more often. Second, they can put down extra bed pads for anything missing the receptacle. Third, they may have some sort of shield or guide that can keep the voiding inside the bedpan. It really is a good idea to talk to the nurses about it and like I said, don't be embarrassed to talk to them. Nurses can be amazingly resourceful when they need to, and this is likely something that they will already have solutions to. Good luck with the surgery.


Peeing too hard

To Jenna: You are not the only one missing the toilet happens to. If I am bursting and just let it flow without leaning forward slightly I end up peeing over the rim, instead of normally just under the rim, and splashing my pants and underwear. Do you ever have trouble if you squat to pee outside? I have trouble with splattering and splashing far ahead of my feet. Have to watch what is in front of me.



Beth, could you use a paper cup over you vaginal area to redirect the stream into the pan.
I've had back surgery myself...I strongly recommend an enema before the operation, it will make the first poop after the operation a lot easier because you will not be holding so much poop while the anesthesia wears of and you can't/won't go.

Anatomy student

Advice for Linda

Constipation is rough. Purgative laxatives can lead to even lazier bowels due to desensitization. Caffeine is also a purgative laxative. Try drinking at least 2 bottles of water daily, cutting back on caffeine, and less bulk forming fiber and more meat. Since meat is broken down for the most part, there will be less mass in your colon. This causes me to have rather sticky poos, but I eat almost only meat.
If you have a big one that is dry, it is sucking any moisture up in your bowels. Try a glycerine enema. They only use an ounce or so of fluid and it lubes up your rectum allowing much easier passage. I dated a girl with the same issue and enemas were her escape.


last week at school

Jessica: Thanks so much, I am glad you liked my story.

Today I want to share a story from school last week. I was in class this morning and felt a need to poop. By the end of the class I was already a bit uncomfortable and knew I needed to go real soon. After class I headed to the closest washrooms right away. Just before I got there, a fairly audible fart escaped my rear end. I blushed and quickly looked around. Luckily nobody at all had been close by. I entered the washroom, which has only two stalls and was empty. It looked and smelled really clean. I took the right stall, quickly locked the door behind me and placed my bag on the floor. Then I pulled my tight jeans and my green panties down to my ankles and placed my butt on the toilet seat. I immediately started to pee. Then, a big poo started to slide out of my bumhole. It was pretty long and dropped into to toilet with a big splash, followed by a short fart. I let out a small sigh. Right away a second poop came slowly crackling out of my rear end and at this moment somebody else entered the washroom. She immediately entered the other stall, pulled down her pants and panties, sat on the toilet and started a loud pee. My log dropped into the toilet with another splash. My neighbour finished her pee and sat there silently for a while. Maybe she wasn't sure she was done or thought she needed a poo as well. I pushed out one final log and a fairly loud fart slipped out, which embarrassed me a bit, with the girl right in the next stall. At that time we were both pulling toilet paper from the roll. I carefully wiped front and back, pulled up my panties and pants and joined the other girl at the sinks. She was a blonde girl from one of my classes, but I don't know her name. She smiled real sweetly and I smiled back, but with a blush. I still find it a bit embarrassing, having to poop in public. And the washroom didn't smell that nice anymore, which was all my doing. But oh well, I went back to my next class and felt much better.

Donnie C.

To Beth

I think you can request a bedpan that has a projection on the front end, that channels the fluid downward into the pan.


To Steve A.

Thank you for your post. I was in London and Wales for about 2 years as a teenager. No, I didn't have problems with toilet habits. I'm not very regular, that's reason maybe. People are all different each other and your relative might not be like me at all. I don't remember well about jet lag. I think I got very sleepy in evening the first day or two, then I accustomed. Coming back Japan, I had no problem, I think.

I hope your relative has good time in your country, and you have good time with her.


Karen C. again

Diarrhea from Food Poisoning? Reaction to Supplements, ect??

Hi friends. Hi Brandon!. I'm sick with diarrhea right now, it started yesterday afternoon at around 1:30. I had to leave work early. I drive a truck for a cement delivery company.

The night before that I took some creatine hydrochloride, the first time I ever tried it; its the fast acting version of creatine that goes straight to the muscles you've been working after a workout and ????s them up by drawing water into the muscles and makes them bigger and firm (I'm trying to build up the muscles in my hips, bust, glutes, calves and thighs).

Long story short, at around 6pm I went to the gym and I drank a dose of the creatine before my workout, then I drank another dose after the workout. I ate a protein bar, too. Then my brother picked me up and we drove into LA to Norm's restaurant for dinner (he had coupons and it was his idea) and I ordered a 12 oz ribeye steak (came with four shrimp and three chicken tenders), salad, and a baked potato heavy on the bacon bits, cheese, and lots of sour cream. I drank iced tea with the meal. I ate most of it except for the chicken tenders which I didn't care for so my brother ate 'em. On the way home we stopped for a milkshake and onion rings, I got a large vanilla with Heath toffee.

I got home at around 10 pm, showered, and went to bed. I woke up at 2:30 with a stomach ache and soon felt like I had to go to the bathroom. I started having massive explosive diarrhea every ten minutes for like half an hour. Had to clean up my toilet as there was brown splashes on the underside of the toilet seat and all over the rim and some of it was on the outside of the bowl. When the diarrhea stopped I turned on the tv and got comfy on the sofa watching old reruns. Later I put on a heavy robe and sat outside a while for fresh air, then around 6 in the morning started feeling nauseous again so I drove to a convenience store for a bottle of gingerale and some Immodium for the diarrhea. I threw up in the parking lot beside my car before I left; it tasted like the steak sauce I'd eaten hours earlier, yuck! Sat outside in my backyard a while watching the sun rise and sipping my gingerale, thought of calling in sick but I felt better by 7am so I went in. Made three deliveries, had to stop at a McDonald's during the first run to have diarrhea, ordered a plain english muffin with just cheese and a Sprite and that seemed to help. Took some more Immodium.

Ate nothing for lunch, couldn't stomach it, I just drank half a 7Up and some crackers I got from a vending machine and took some Alieve for my headache, plus some more Uristat for my UTI. Was just finishing up a delivery at around 1pm when I began to pour sweat from head to toe and I felt the rumbling in my ???? and my headache was getting worse on top of that. Wound up puking up the english muffin and coffee I'd eaten for breakfast plus the 7UP and crackers I'd just had, behind my truck as the cement was pouring and some of the lettuce from the salad and bits from last night's dinner still came up; couldn't go off and hide as I had to stay by the controls so I had no choice but to throw up right there. My puke was bright orange from the Uristat. Maybe I shouldn't have drunken that 7UP after all.

A few of the guys there laughed at me while I was throwing up and made a few jokes and made puking noises to mock me but I just laughed along with them; those macho construction guys are real assholes with their twisted sense of humor especially if you're a woman but the trick is to just go along with them to take their fun away. I told one of them he could hold my hair back for me while I vomit if he really cared, he declined and ran away, haha. Guess he didn't want to get to close to the puke; he however brought me a bottle of water to rinse my mouth and a clean rag to wipe my mouth though. I made a gesture as if I were about to steal a kiss from him with my pukey breath and he nearly tripped as he backed away, haha. Really felt like I had to take an urgent crap but I was able to control that until I got back to the shop. After I brought the truck in and parked it at the rinsing station I went into the bathroom at the shop and had another bout of explosive diarrhea and threw up again on the floor beside the toilet (it's a concrete floor with a drain so Perry the cleaning guy can just hose it down the drain when he comes in the evening, so I wasn't too worried about the mess), I think I stayed in there for nearly fifteen minutes before I came out and asked my boss for half a day sick leave plus another full day which was granted so I have today off, yay! I feel better today, the diarrhea has mostly stopped and I still feel a little sick to my stomach, but I'm much better than yesterday. I ate five pieces of Kraft singles (the only cheese I happen to have in the house for stopping diarrhea) and the rest of the gingerale and that seems to be staying down and in. I'm about to take a nap. When I wake up I'll go shopping for some real cheese and crackers or breadsticks and whatever else I feel like I might be able to keep down. Got a craving for Hostess Snowballs.

Maybe I got sick from Uristat pills. I've been taking those the last few days for a UTI; they've made me sick before in my younger days, so I don't know if it's the Uristat, or the UTI itself, or food poisoning (my steak was medium rare), or the new creatine supplement, or maybe I just picked up a stomach virus. Right now I'm treating it as though it were a stomach virus to see if I feel better tonight, if not then I might go to urgent care. I'm sipping gingerale and taking a lot of cat naps and watching my I Love Lucy DVD's. Glad the diarrhea has stopped, though.

Love you all,
Karen C.


What come in will come out

Hey guys , hey Brandon T thanks sure was hehe. To Old poop I'm so very the news you are in my thoughts and prayers. To Mina even though it happen in your past but I'm sorry you was called a dirty Korean that was uncalled for and what pain she caused your stomach . Well I have a story this past Saturday Marcus and I went back home for a break from the collage life, so after his football game , everything we wanted to take was packed up ready to go. So driving back is normally 3hrs but if I'm driving it's a different time hehe. Anyway I let him do the driving , on our way there we stop at the local best pizza place ever dined in , we got a extra large half and half pizza one part had meats and vegetables and other part just vegetables ???? to my ???? . I ate one slice of Marcus side and he ate one small piece on mine smh men but anyway. After a good hour eating and talking we made it to the beach , so by being night with the stars out we decided be a good place to relax at , grabed a blanket place it on the sand watch the stars for a bit , feeling a knock on my stomach got up Marcus asked you have to go too I said ya you also ya , so we made it to the bathrooms I said sense it just us come on in , he followed me in I took stall 1 he took stall 2 and I lowered my shorts to ankles and sat on toilet hear him pulling down his boxers and pants to his ankles and siting down after few mins I begin to fart and plop plop fart plop plop plop fart pee fart plop plop he says wow babe , I said it the meat , plop plop plop, fart , and I hear splash splash I giggle he says much better. So we begin to wipe I farted and I said oh oh a bunch poop balls start firing out of me like a magnum he start asking are you ok I said ya I meet you outside. So he flushes and leaves the stall and pulls up his clothing and washes his hands and drys them and knock on my stall I said what's up , he said he wasn't going leave me on stuck and open up my door and rubs my stomach while I kept pooping more out , I said dear you so good to me , he said babe I told you I wanted to support you much as possible , after 15 mins I was tired and sore , he wiped me and picked me up and wash my hands and carried into the passenger side and pulled up my shorts , so five miles to go he pulled over and put a blanket over my body being cold chills going through it, after we made it my dad's place and Marcus carried me up the stairs and took me in and today I went to the doctor and told him how I been feeling and told him about Saturday and asking what was last time I went told him , gave me pee test and they tested my blood well make long story short I'm 6 weeks . Don't worry Marcus know we went to doctor together


Re: Fear of Using A Bedpan


Have you considered getting a female urinal ? If you Google it
you'll see any number of retailers and they're not expensive.

They're similar to a male urinal but shaped differently for the
female anatomy.

I understand your concerns. I have cerebral palsy and was bed
bound at different times as an adolescent following surgery. I've
written about this on this forum.

Good luck with your surgery.

To Oldpoop: My condolences on the loss of your wife. You're a long-time poster like me and I've always enjoyed your posting.


to Beth

I understand your concern. I suppose the only way you'll know where your urine will end up when you pee is by doing a "test run" i.e. buying a bedpan before your operation and giving it a go. Perhaps you could try this in the bathroom so it doesn't matter too much if your urine ends up on the floor otherwise you could put a plastic sheet under the bedsheets to protect your mattress.

If you do find your urine misses the bedpan then perhaps you could try peeing less forcefully if possible.

I have a couple of other ideas but won't post these unless you want to hear about them.

I hope your recovery post-operation goes well. Bear in mind the pain meds can make you constipated.

Saturday, November 08, 2014


to Oldpoop & John B

Hi people,
Oldpoop so sorry to hear about your loss,
Thoughts with you.

John B - i am about 5.7, size 12 (uk)
I lift my left cheek whilst leaning forward remained sat to wipe, yes.
i am brunette & have green eyes.

All the best to you all, J xx


Fear of using a bedpan

So, I came across this forum looking for information about how women use bedpans.

I am a woman in my 20's having surgery in a little over a week for a chronic back problem. The recovery isn't too bad, but it does require several days flat on my back at home and then more bedrest. The worst part of the surgery is I am worried about having to use a bedpan. I am having nightmares about peeing all over the bed (and the room and floor) and getting it in the pan. I normally pee very robustly to be polite, without trying, against the porcelain of the toilet bowl right below the rim. I believe that most women pee more downward into the water, hence the tinkle or splashing. I have no idea where the urine would end up if I peed flat on my back, but I am sure not predicting downward into the pan if you understand what I am saying. My bladder holds a big amount too - I can go an entire 8 hour shift at work with only minor discomfort, if needed - but then I pee a ridiculous amount. That will make quite the mess if I miss - especially my first pee in the morning or if I get full during a nap (or because of the pain meds).

Strangely I am only a little embarassed about #2, because that is usually only once a day and I am pretty sure gravity will get it where it needs to go.

My mother is helping out mornings, evenings, and overnight (hopefully all the #2 will happen then) and my boyfriend will be present during the day (so hopefully only pee - hope he isn't shocked by the amount - my secret will be out).

Have any other women out there used a bedpan?
Any pointers?
How does the pee get down into the pan while laying down?
Do I need to warn the nurse I pee forcefully or a lot (or is that normal business)?

Before halloween, I bought some really cute red panties to go with my costume. To my shock, after a night of gorging on candy and drinking, I woke up with a very urgent need to use the bathroom. I tried very hard to make it, but I started filling my cute lacy panties with warm shit. I was very, very mortified and I cried for twenty minutes. I still can't believe I had that bad of an accident.

Steve A

Thanksgiving/Christmas Meal Dumps

And on one extra note for the new people that have just joined Toilet Stool recently, Welcome to the site and I hope that you will enjoy everyone's stories, surveys, and comments on here.

Since Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only 2 major holidays left this year for most people, we normally post about our Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner dumps since we usually eat a lot on those days. So, our dumps could be different during those days of the year.

Will post again,

Steve A

Steve A


Old Poop: Sorry to hear about your loss. You've been on here for a long time and it's good that new people are joining and posting new stories/comments on this site to keep Toilet Stool from slowing down.

Mina: One of my Japanese relatives is coming to visit for a couple of months. The last time she has came to visit is when she was young and now she's about 19-21 years old. She might have to get used to our time zone and it may affect her bathroom habits as well. Have you ever visited/stayed at a different country for a vacation or for just visiting relatives? Did you have to get used to the new time zone and did it affect your bathroom habits?

John H: When I was young, I have read 2 books that had a toilet description in them.

Book 1: It was in the 1st book of the "Ricky Ricotta Series." (Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. The Mutant Mosquitoes from Mercury). So, Ricky was trapped in the villain's ship and his robot had to destroy the ship, but he didn't want to hurt Ricky. Ricky distracts the mosquito by requesting to use the restroom and climbing out of the restroom window. His robot fights and wins the battle.

Book 2: The 1st book of this series was in the "Junie B. Jones Series." (Junie B. Jones And The Stupid Smelly Bus). So, Junie doesn't like to ride the bus after no one on the bus would talk to her on her 1st day of school. So at the end of the day, she hides to avoid going on the bus and then falls asleep while hiding. When she wakes up, no one is there at the school. She then goes throughout the school until finally, she has to go to the bathroom. Except, she finds that all of the bathrooms in the building are locked. Junie then calls 911 on the nurse's phone saying it is a bathroom emergency since all of the bathrooms are locked. Junie then runs outside the school and sees fire trucks have pulled into the parking lot. A janitor runs after Junie and unlocks a bathroom for her. When Junie leaves the bathroom, her mom, the principal, and her teacher are waiting for her. Junie was only in Kindergarten in this 1st book.

John H, I hope this answers your question. I hope you enjoy my descriptions.

John H

Post Title (optional) toilet matters in books

Hi all.

I notice that some people here mention toilet seems that take place in films or TV programmes.
It got me thinking about toilet matters in books.
Has anyone read any books that includes a toilet description?

The only one I can think of is a short passage in Life by Keith Richards of the Roling Stones.

There is a part in the book where he talks about how all the band lived together in a house before the band was known.
They had a microphone set up in the toilet to record vocals.
When a female friend would call over and use the bathroom they would turn on their tape recorder and record the sounds from the bathroom.

Thats all for now, take care all,
John H.


At College

My name is Skyler. Today i left for school early. I went to the closest bathroom and went inside. I went into the first stall and started doing a poop. I started pushing and a poop slid out. Eventually the bowl had filled to the top. I'll see you later!

Winnie the Poo

To Oldpoop

So sorry for your loss. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

I don't know you, Mr Oldpoop, but I'm very sorry you had bereavement. I give my condolence and best wishes to you, and I hope you feel better soon.


Something happened to Maho, I will tell you another day because it remind me of story of more than one year before, I want to tell that story first. About this story my feelings are very complicated.

In old workplace I was working with woman named Kiwa, she is older than me little bit, maybe 2 or 3 years. She always wear long flowing dress, except once when we had big office cleaning, she came to work wearing jeans, I saw she had very very sexy bottom, quite big bottom, and she is very sexy woman generally, she has large breasts, but I don't envy.
I said to her then, jeans look good on you, she said angry voice, I don't think so, I hate, but we have office cleaning so it can't be helped.

Sometimes there was office love in that workplace. I didn't do, but I saw others do. But Kiwa really hate office love. Whenever man and woman speak in warm voice each other she always has boot face. And she gets very very angry when anyone dress in "sexually provocative " way, I heard her use this word to American on the office once.

Then next summer, I was walking with my three friends one Sunday in the shopping mall, and we met Kiwa by chance. So I said hello, and she said hello in quiet voice. I introduced my friends and told them, Kiwa works in my office. Kiwa gave little bow and walked on.

Next day, Kiwa came to me and said, "Why do you go out with such girl? She was wearing shorts, she has no morals! And you too, I don't like your wear. Don't wear such clothes to come to work." I was wearing black slacks and short-sleeved shirt, because it was summer. I think black slacks OK. I don't want to dress in flowing robe. Kiwa look like teachers in Harry Potter, but I didn't say so. Previous day, Maho had been wearing denim shorts and black tights. I think OK, but Kiwa said "sexually provocative".
Then she said, "You have no morals. We don't want such woman here. In Japan people dress properly. If you are in Japan be like Japanese, don't be like dirty Korean!" She said other many things, then she went back to her desk and work with sniff.

OK, I am not typical Japanese fairy princess. But "dirty Korean"? Why dirty? Koreans are human like Japanese. I began to feel bad and hurt my stomach. Soon I knew I must go to the loo. So I went out. Then I went to above floor, because I didn't want Kiwa follow me into loo. And I went into stall and bared my bottom and sat down. In that office quite nice loos.

I began to do soft motion, it broke into many pieces, splash splash splash into loo water. I stayed on loo, I knew motions would come out of my bottom many times, my stomach hurt. Dirty Korean, dirty Korean, those words bash and bash my stomach.

The the door opened and a woman came in. The sound of walking was very like Kiwa!! She took stall next to me and I heard the rustle of her long skirt. Yes, it must be Kiwa. She sat down on the loo. At once her bottom exploded with many sounds, fart and plop and splash and all mixture. Me I did soft motion, diarrhoea, bururururururu into loo water at same time.

Maybe Kiwa didn't know woman in stall next to her was Mina. She said nothing, but her bottom burst again and again. And I did soft motion with burururururu noise but not so big noise. I did many times so I had to flush. It was a bad diarrhoea, but Kiwa's was worse than mine. Really strong smell, (but my smell was strong too.) Kiwa's diarrhoea was terrible! I was angry with her, but also feel sorry for her. She began moan, I knew she was in a pain.

Burst, burst, burst. (K)
Bururururururu. (M)

But finally I finished and was empty, so I cleaned my bottom. Kiwa still making explosions, poor woman. But I said nothing because I didn't want her know dirty Korean was in next stall. I flushed twice and went out of stall and washed hands and left loo and went back to my desk.

Ten minutes after, Kiwa came back to desk with pale face. She said nothing to me. But later I said, "you look pale, are you OK?" She said in angry voice, "I'm OK!"

She went to the loo later and stayed quite long time and when she came back I could smell same smell just a little. I was hoping she would be better soon even she said so bad things to me.

Soon I left that job. I don't hate Kiwa, but I don't like her. I didn't tell my friends that story. Maho is Korean and she didn't need to know. But, few days ago, Maho had similar experience, and I remembered Kiwa. Maho and I talked and talked, but I tell you that part of story next time.

I don't hate Japanese. I love and love and love Kazuko and Hisae, they are Japanese. But I want Japanese not to say dirty Korean. Koreans are same as Japanese.


Matthew C.

Poop in a port-a-potty

My name's Matthew. I've been a longtime lurker, but never had anything interesting to share until now. Today I went for a walk at the park near my house. My stomach was gurgling a bit, but I ignored it. As I got to the park, I felt pressure building up in my colon and started farting. I was getting desperate until I found a port-a-potty next to the soccer field. I practically ran inside, locked it, pulled my jeans down to my knees and sat down on the seat. I immediately started letting out loose but solid shit. After about three waves of this, I was done. Let me tell you, it stunk! I grabbed some toilet paper off the roll and started wiping my butt. It took me about a dozen times to clean myself completely. I zipped up my pants, left the port-a-potty, and went home.


To Catherine - worst moment

You know it has to have happened to someone and to make it even more horrifying, if it happened in the last 30 years or so there would almost have to be a video to immortalize the event.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: DonK another great catch.

To: Annie I hope you feel better soon.

To: Debbie great story.

To: Jemma as always another great poop story it sounds like you had a pretty good one and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Chirssy great poop story it sounds like you and that other woman both had great poops.

To: Maria it sounds like you were pretty desperate and just made in time and I bet that was thankful for your help and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tessa great story about your big poop it sounds like it was a good one and bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Just Got off the Toilet!

Good morning!

It's 6:48 AM Central Standard time as I write this! I almost had a disaster, that thankfully I avoided.

I always go for a run in our subdivision in the morning after yogurt, cereal and a small cup of coffee. My bowels tend to move around 7:30 or so I am never worried about having to go while I run.

However, this morning my stomach began to churn and I began having a lot of hot gas while I was running. Now, it is not uncommon for me to fart while I run. As I've reported before, they are usually the loud but not stinky kind. Well these were more silent and deadly, so I knew something was amiss, but I continued my run.

About a block from the house I felt it - I HAD TO GO TO THE BATHROOM NOW feeling! It just hit all of the sudden.

I am a good judge of the type of bowel movement that I am going to have as soon as I feel the urge to go - you know, solid or soft, large or small, as I think most of us are. I wanted to fart so bad, and needed to, but I knew that it would end in a mess. I clinched with all my might. Yet, just as I jogged into the driveway I felt a little bit escape into my panties. My face flushed hot. I still had an incredible urge to go!

I got in the house and just took off up the stairs to my suite in my parents' home.

Then, I got on the toilet and I went to the bathroom like 90 to nothing. It was not liquid diarrhea. It was like the consistency of pudding, mousse, or like a Yoplait Whip, if you know what that is. It was noisy, but no loud farts.

It smelled horrible. My panties were ruined but none escaped into my shorts. I just threw them in the garbage can next to the toilet. I continued to go for about 15 minutes and looked in the toilet to see a mountain of soft poop. Of course I took a picture! It took two flushes to get down, then I began to wipe and flush two more times. Clean up was not easy.

My stomach feels settled now, but I wanted to share with you.

I hope I am not getting sick and I don't think it was something I ate.

Hope you all are well! Time for a shower!

Love to all!



To Anna (from Canada) and Abbie

Hey folks,

Girls, I just wanted to tell you I LOVED your stories.

Anna: relieving oneself is still such a taboo that we barley notice anyone daring doing it outside of home. You described your experience at Strabucks in a perfect way, I would have liked so much to be in your shoes this morning. Please keep on posting!

Abbie: I really liked your post on page 2419 (already!) where you described how you and your flatmates share the bathroom. As I share my flat with another girl too, I also have a few (not that interesting) stories to tell, but not enough time right now. Does hearing someone go also make you ridiculously desperate? It happens to me all the time! Anyway, keep posting, I loved reading it!

And thanks to all the others poster making this site such a great place!

Love, Jess

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I am a Toastmaster
I am a Toastmaster. But, I still have to go.
Just got back from the bathroom.
!. Pulled down my pants.
2. Sat down.
3. Pushed, and pushed.
4. My hole started to open.
5. A little, tight fart.
6. My hole opened more, and a hard turd end started coming out.
7. It kept coming out.
8. It could not come out any more, just hung.
9. Squeezed.
10. A plop as it fell out.
Now I do not have to go any more.


TO Old Poop im soo sorry about you're Wife.

Im soo sorry about your wife. You are in my thoughts in Prayers. hang in there. Your wife is now an angel Remeber shes always with you. iLost My bf Kevin Suddenly in the summer of 2011 idropped him off at a lake to meet some friends and left and i never saw him again he drowned while swimming he had a heart attack while swimming. iknow how hard it is to loose a loved one. take care. again im soo sorry.


Urgent Poo at Library & Comments to Abbie, John H & Jemma

As it was half term last week I decided to catch up on a bit of coursework that needed doing. It wasn't much but thought I would rather take the time to do it now than panic when it needs handing in lol. In order for me to complete it I needed to go to the library in town to borrow a few books. I'll admit that this is the first time I've gone to the library since they moved into a new building a few years ago, so when I arrived needing a poo quite urgently I knew I would need to go in search of the loos. At this point the only thing on my mind was holding in my poo so I quickly asked a passer by "Excuse me, do you know where the toilets are?" I think she could sense that I was desperate judging by my posture and facial expression from trying to hold it in, "Yeah, there just down the corridor on the right" she quickly replied. I made my way down the corridor with my bum clenched, dying to go. I found the ladies and hurried in, 3 cubicles all empty which was a shame as I enjoy hearing others but I had a more important issue to address like trying not to fill my knickers lol. I entered a cubicle and quickly unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down along with my knickers. I instantly released two big soft logs that absolutely stank!! After the main relief came I pushed two more smaller pieces before I felt empty. Before I wiped I decided to check my pink knickers just out of curiosity and they had a a pretty big skidmark in them but at least I had made it which is the main thing lol. I decided to keep them on though as I didn't fancy going commando but I bet I smelt of poo a little bit haha. I went back feeling very relieved and quickly borrowed the books and went home to put a pair of clean knickers on.

Abbie - Hi, glad you can hear your housemates on the loo. That must be so cool as I love hearing others go. Sounds like you were pretty desperate and I'm glad it didn't end up in your pants. Don't worry about getting skidmarks as I do occasionally just like my experience from last week. Have you ever had a full accident? All the best, take care.

John H - Hi, of course I don't mind answering your questions. I'm more than happy answering anything as it's better to be honest isn't it lol. I've enjoyed pooing for years, but I would say it was when I was around 12 or 13 I started to really enjoy it. Same my favourite part is releasing a thick log that feels so good on the way out then it plopping into the water. Yeah I like holding my poo in but don't do it too often and I can hold it for 2 or 3 days before I get really desperate. I don't think my period affects my poos although I do occasionally have the runs from on my period but I reckon it's what I eat as it's not all the time. No unfortunately as of yet I haven't got any stories from work. How long can you hold you poo in for? Have you ever pood yourself? All the best, take care.

Jemma - Hi, I'm so glad you and others don't think it's weird that I like the feeling of having a poo and like you said a lot of people; like yourself find it a fantastic feeling too. Yeah I'm the same with you on pooing in public as I still find it a little embarrassing but I enjoy doing it as I love hearing others. Sounds like you had a big poo after you went shopping, glad you didn't shart while queuing as that would have been embarrassing and awkward. All the best, take care.


Post Title (optional) Still constipated!!!!!

I've been having a very hard time on the toilet again this week. I'm still so constipated and I've now got a very painful hemarrhoid, which is sticking out. I haven't done a poo since Monday night and even then, it was only a few rock hard, golf ball sized poos. So I'm full of poo and feeling miserable. I've been trying each morning to do a poo and several times at night but nothing comes out.

I'm hoping to do a poo tonight. I haven't taken any sick days this week, although I wanted to, due to being so constipated. Its almost the weekend which is good.

Now I need to go to work, as usual, feeling so full of poo and extremely constipated!!

Abbie- Great story! I really enjoyed hearing about your new uni accommodation and toilet arrangements, I'm looking forward to your next post!

Jade- Yes, I find it a little embarrassing sometimes, but like you said we all do it and I don't mind it usually, and I do enjoy hearing other women going to the toilet!

kmd: If there had been only one toilet with no paper, then I would have had a dilemma! I needed to have a poo badly. If there was another toilet nearby I would have gone there, but I always carry a couple of tissues on me, so in a real emergency I would have gone in and used that toilet and then used the tissues to wipe at least a little bit!

I'll try to post another story soon. Bye for now, everyone!


Reply to Jemma

Glad you had a satisfying poo on your return from the supermarket, I guess it makes a pleasant change for you not to be cramping too much. Still a six wiper is no mean achievement though hun so well done you! From that story I deduce that you're a sit down wiper so do you raise your right or left cheek to do the cleanup?

As regards to your age I guessed you were mid/late 20s and not younger! By the way how tall are you and your body type? Me I'm quite short at 5'5", just, and weigh 11st 2lb (156 lbs). Short cropped hair and a goatee beard.

Take care Jemma and also Jade, Megan and Adrian and not to mention DonK

John B xx


Next Door Toilet

Since my downstairs toilet backs on to that in the semi next door I am able to put my ear to the wall and hear quite clearly what is happening in the downstairs toilet next door. I had noticed that the mother of the household, in her early 40s, used the downstairs toilet for her morning bowel emptying session, so I was up early and ready and waiting to listen to her.

Sure enough I heard footsteps on their stairs followed by the toilet door opening and closing. Then came the 'trademark' operation of the toilet roll holder - she always pulled the paper she would need before getting started.

On that morning there did not seem to be any degree of urgency at all, as the I heard her sit down on the seat - there was a clear creak - followed by her clearing her throat. In a little while she started to pee, and it sounded as if he she was not applying extra pressure as she sometimes seemed to, as the sound of her pee falling into the water was constant and steady. She peed for about 40 seconds, and I guessed that her bladder had not been emptied during the night.

After her pee I heard her shuffle on the seat which creaked again. With my ear hard against the wall I thought I detected the sound of air being released, but I was unsure if this was through her mouth or elsewhere...

A minute passed without further sound from next door then I heard a distinct "urgh!" followed by more silence. Time was passing now and this was unusual, since this particular lady did not usually seem to have any trouble with her morning dump which was normally a couple of rapid farts followed by the sounds of two or three turds hitting the water soon after.

On that morning, however, things were different and there was a lot of effort being expended. Clear grunts, sighs and "mmmmm" s were to be heard. There was more shuffling on the seat then a loud grunt, followed by an "ooooo" which suggested pain. Very soon after through the wall I heard a loud 'thud' as a heavy turd dropped into the water and "ahhh" and the sound of the lady breathing in and out very quickly.

It appeared that whatever she had just passed was causing the hold up since the sound came of three more turds splashing into the water, followed by the sound of the toilet paper being used. Then came the sound of the lid being closed, the toilet flushed and the door opening and closing.

When the cistern had refilled and all was quiet again I was just about to leave myself when I heard their toilet door open and close once more. I heard the toilet lid being raised and then there was an exclamation which sounded very loud: "Hey!" It was the husband, and he opened the door again and called out something which I was unable to hear.

His wife joined him as I could hear her voice but was unable to make out the words. They were both in the toilet when I heard him say "Look at that, still in the toilet!" She said, "Sorry, I thought it had flushed"

"That will never down like that" he said "it will have to be broken up"
There followed a series of splashing sounds and I imagined the toilet brush in use. "There! ", he said "next time don't do it all in one piece!"

She laughed and said "I didn't!"


To Brianna and Robby - Worst moment to poop you pants

Robby: I have never been married but have been a bridesmaid for a few of my close friends. I could not imagine any situation worse than a bride having an accident at any point on her wedding day, much less at the altar. Good call!

Unfortunately, I'm sure that it has happened to someone.




The Daughter Next Door

My last post saw me building up a nice picture of the toilet habits of the family next door, simply from putting my ear to the wall separating the downstairs toilets in our houses.

I had established the mother, in her 40s, would usually pull her paper from the holder on the wall before she started to use the toilet, whereas the daughter, aged about 18, always completed her pee or poo before tugging at the paper. I could therefore easily tell which of the women was in the downstairs toilet.

Late one Sunday evening I had just been out to my car to collect something when, walking back towards my house, a semi, I saw the next door downstairs toilet light come on. I rapidly made for my own downstairs toilet and put my ear against the adjoining wall.

Whoever was in there was still raising the toilet lid when I started listening - it had a distinctive sound as it fell back against the cistern. I listened carefully but I did not hear any paper being pulled.

So thin were the walls I could hear a zip being lowered and the sound of a belt being unbuckled, followed by the sound of the toilet seat taking someone's weight.

I was holding my breath in case I missed what was to happen next. I need not have worried, because it was a long shuddering fart, followed by three smaller farts and a 'spladadadat'. A few seconds later there was another swishing fart and a gentle 'plink', then I heard pee tinkle into the water.

When the pee stopped there was the sound of movement and the a distinct 'oh hell!' - the daughters voice. Paper was immediately pulled from the holder and after a few seconds more was pulled. She evidently required a considerable amount since the paper was pulled many more times.

Suddenly a loud voice on the other side of the wall called "Mum!" and when there was evidently no reply, even louder "MUM!". This time there was a reply from outside the door because in a more normal voice the daughter said "Can you get me some more toilet paper please?" There was a reply [which I did not hear] and then "I know, but Ive used all that"

There was the sound of the door opening and I heard the mother say What's happened?"

"I've made a bit of a mess" said the daughter, "and its gone all over everywhere"

"Flush that lot away first" said the mother, "It stinks!". The toilet flushed and sadly for me drowned out any further conversation or other interesting sounds from next door. The toilet was flushed a further three times and then, after a few minutes I heard the sound of an aerosol being used.

Whereas I knew that the mother always had a poo each morning in the downstairs toilet whilst the father and daughter were getting dressed or using the upstairs bathroom, it was not proving so easy for me to determine when the daughter took her daily dump. Was this time of day, late in the evening, the usual time for her to have her poo, or was what I had just heard an 'emergency' extra session? Obviously much more research was needed!


To OldPoop

I am so sorry to hear that your wife passed away.

Love, prayers and well wishes!



To oldpoop

My condolences sweetheart, I am so sorry to hear you lost your wife. Xo


Mushy poop/upset stomach yesterday

Hi all. I had a bit of an upset stomach yesterday. Not really sure why. Didn't eat much yesterday and stomach felt a bit off. Had one really big mushy crap that covered the length and width of the toilet (not even kidding). Then a bit later I had an urgent need for the toilet again. It felt like it was going to be diarrhea but it was just mushy shit. Not quite diarrhea but not a normal dump. I dunno. Maybe my stomach just wasn't feeling so great. Felt tired and kind of blah all day too. Didn't feel very hungry either. No vomiting though my stomach felt pretty icky. Made sure to keep hydrated with lots of water though. Took a nap later in the evening too and I feel better now.

I notice I made a mistake in my last post when I was talking about my fecal leakage accidents from the winter time. I said I was going through 3 pairs of underwear throughout the week. I meant up to 3 pairs of underwear a day so needless to say laundry had to be done twice that week to make sure I had enough underwear to last the week. Like I mentioned if it kept up I wanted to get adult diapers just in case. A bulge and crinkling noises are better than ruined underwear. Luckily besides the one time recently, I haven't had any more accidents.

Happy pooping!


To WinnieThePoo, BlindGuy and Lurker Sam, and maybe others

Thank you for warm words. I never leave you and stay on this site for ever.

Love, Mina


to Christa

I have been reading your posts and I want to say to you Good Luck in the dealing with your difficulties. I shocked that some people (not on this site, thank the heaven) say not nice things to you when you have a trouble. I won't say "poor Christa" because maybe you don't want to hear, but I translated a few your posts, and my friends all say same thing. They say Good Luck to you and they are happy that Blind Guy and others give you warm advice. We are philistine, so don't understand perfectly but we know what trouble is so don't listen when anyone say bad things. People on this site love you, you are our friend.

Love from Hisae, Kazuko, Maho and Mina



When my dog Gina died, Mom threw away one of the blankets because the dog peed on it. I guess when pets (as well as people) die, they lose control of bladder, and bowel functions. If that happens to me at the point of death, I hope I don't ruin someone's blanket. If I do, I'll have no care in the world since I'll probably be in the silent stillness of death by then. Since there's no pain at the moment of death, I don't fear nonexistence at all. Anyway, here's something about pee I don't like. I don't care for coffee scented pee, but I do enjoy drinking coffee. Once while taking a urine test, I wanted to quickly leave the bathroom, because I didn't want to smell my coffee pee.

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