To Bridget: Hi there! I agree with Movie Fan, there are more movies with men shitting than movies with women. I'll give you two examples: "Dumb and Dumber" and "Lethal Weapon 3". There's also another I don't remember exactly the name, but I think is "An Innocent Man" with Tom Seleck. There's also a mexican movie called "Bathroom Intimacy" (Intimidades de un cuarto de Baņo in Spanish) It's an experimental movie that is hard to find even in Mexico, this movie is like a theatre play. The director set the camera behind the bathroom mirror, just in front of toilet, so you see two women and a man peeing and another man shitting. That's an interesting movie, unfortunately as i said before, it is hard to find.

In response to jim -- the movie is titled " Personal Best " and stars among others Mariel Hemingway as an athlete and Scott Glenn as a coach. In addition to the farting and pee assisting it also includes a lesbian love scene featuring Hemingway.

Traveler (change of handle)
With a name like "Tom," there are bound to be duplicates. There's the Tom who posted on Saturday about his adventures after eating baked beans. Then there's Thom from the U.K. (I think). So I'm changing from Tom back to my original handle, "Traveler." Terrific posts here of late. Crimson, I, too, would like to see a series on toilets of the world. I'm just recovering from a summer cold that turned into a bacterial ear infection. Nasty! I'm on Doxycycline, an antibiotic, with one week down, one to go. Antibiotics cause diarrhea in some people but the effect on me has been nice. On some days I have a bit of a rumbling ???? and a strong urge to poop, followed by a big motion of several smooth jobbies, shorter than usual for me but as soft as ever. (Our U.K. friends here have won me over to "motion" and "jobbie," though I think I'll leave "loo" to you.) Coprologist, can you please explain how and why antibiotics affect the lower GI tract? Yes, I know they destroy all! the bacteria, but the specifics? There's an old-time, country grange fair and encampment on near hear right now. It's said to be the last of its kind (the encampment part) in the U.S. I enjoyed the crowds on the midway, the farm animals, and walking through the rows of tents and camping vans. But I also liked - surprise! - visiting the sanitary facilities. There were buildings with shallow pit toilets built of a low cinder block wall topped by plywood into which holes were cut and seats affixed. These were partitioned. There were also more modern composting type toilets, also partitioned. In both cases, the "men's" had wall-hung urinals without water. Only the wash sinks had running water. These places were surprisingly odor-free - or maybe it was just my cold. But outside each toilet building was a row of porta-potties, usually about six. In other places they were just two abreast. As I was about to enter one of these, I heard a young girl about to go into the one on my right say, "Eewwwwww!" I glanced over and said, "Here, you can use this one," and then I swapped with her. I don't know about the porta-potties where you are, but most U.S. models have vents on the sides near the top, so I decided to have a bit of fun by striking up a conversation with her. "Now I know why you didn't want to use this one," I said. "It's stinky!" Was it ever. But then when I heard her grunting I said, "But now you're stinking up that one, too, aren't you?" "Well, only a little bit," she replied. Kids can be so blase about it all. Later in the day while peeing in a porta-potty I again heard the straining sounds of "Unnnnuh... Unnnnuh." So I waited to leave until the door on the 'porta' next to mine opened, then I stepped out in unison with its occupant, discovering a gangly but pretty woman of about 19. "Well, I guess we both feel better after that, don't we?" Her initial look of surprise quickly changed to a sheepish smile of agreement. Such fun at the fair!

I've just had alovely dump, but I washed my hands carefully and left, so that was O.K

Heart2 Heart
I've always been curious as to where my fetish for soiling myself comes from; I still haven't worked it out properly, but more and more I can't help thinking that my early experiences with accidents in the classroom contributed a great deal. I've been reading this board for a couple of years now, and it's begun to occur to me that absolutely nobody has mentioned the kind of thing I used to go through. I'm beginning to think that I had a very unusual grounding in this. Basically, when I was six or seven, we had a teacher who made us take off our wet or dirty pants right in front of the whole class. This was in the north of England in '66 or '67. I had a horrible experience once when I was queueing at the teacher's desk to have my work marked. I was desperate to pee, but for some reason decided I would wait till I got to the front of the queue before asking permission to go. I did get to the front, but the moment I did, I started wetting my knickers. The teacher heard the hissing sound, looked down at the stream coming from under my dress and said, "what have you done," in a resigned tone. I replied, "I've wet, Miss". I then started to blather on about how I'd better go to the toilet and mop myself up, because I had a terrible secret. Some time before I'd got up to go to the desk, I'd pooed my pants, and had avoided discovery so far. I can't remember, but I suppose I was hoping to survive until break and then deal with it in the toilets. Looking back, I must have just been very embarrassed about asking permission, especially as I'd got a bit of a reputation as a wetter, although I must admit I sometimes deliberately messed my pants on the way home as a way of feeling sorry for myself and getting attention from my mum, so maybe I'd done it deliberately. I know I did poo my pants many times in class without getting caught, and I think it was a combination of genuinely needing to go, mixed with knowing I'd quite enjoy the sensation when it happened. Anyway, I was desperate not to have to take my knickers off in front of everyone, but she brushed aside my suggestions of cleaning up and told me to take my knickers off. All this happened in near silence as the whole of my class leaned forward to see. So I had to take my knickers off, and of course it was horribly embarrassing. Bits splatted onto the floor, and my teacher made the most of this development, sighing with disgust at the sight of my pants and the mess on the floor. To cut a long story short, she made me wear a spare pair of knickers she kept in her cupboard without wiping my bottom, and got a senior girl to walk me home. My point isn't so much to recount the accident but more a question. Did anyone else get treated in this way? Mine wasn't a one-off incident with this teacher, either. I remember there was a girl on her first day at our school. She wet herself in class, and had to go to the front, to this teacher, who made her turn her back and remove her pants. So we all saw her wet pants and her bottom. Not a very pleasant start to that girl's first day at her new school. There was one boy who often messed his pants, but he never had to go through all that because he took the simple expedient of sneaking out of the classroom and back home. Whenever Mark was missing, we knew he'd pooed his pants. I only heard of a similar situation once (although I don't ask people very often!), where a friend of mine had wet her pants at school, and the teacher had held them up for the whole class to see. It does make me wonder how many others in my class became accident fans, though. I'd be very interested in knowing whether it was common practice at that time, or did we just have a peculiarly horrible teacher?

To BrentC: I don't know of any friends having problems with constipation. I've never talked about constipation with anyone. I have taken a suppository and a laxitive(pill) for constipation. Never had to resorted to an enema.

London Poster
I am male, live in the UK, 20 yrs old, slim, 120lbs. Being reading this site for ages, but never posted until today. Today, I really needed the bathroom - I was at home, my girlfriend was also around. I went in to the bathroom, left the door slightly open. Pulled down my trousers and undies and sat down. I farted a few times and pushed hard and at the end of the 3rd fart which went for about 6 seconds, I dropped 5 large logs - one after the other. Ker-plunk, Ker-plunk, Ker-plunk, Ker-plunk, Ker-plunk....I continued to fart whilst they were coming out, which really helped them slide out. I pushed hard again and could not feel anything else, the only thing I felt was turned on. My g/f put her head 'round the door and asked if I was finished. I said "just". She said "I can't wait"..she came over to the toilet and said "move back". I spread me legs as wide as I could and moved right back on the seat to give her room to get as much of her bum on as possible, so that she could go. I say "boy, this is a squeeze!". She is also 20, 130lbs, short and a cute ass. She sat down, her ass pressed against my hard penis. I heard her pushing, I put my hand around her stomach and farted twice. Like me she dropped a good few logs. She farted again and a shoot full of small bits came out and splattered everywhere. The water splashed up and hit my cock too. We were both sooo turned on, we went to the bedroom and made love!.

To Movie Fan, Steve and Bridget: Each of you mentioned movies with male dumping scenes. While you named a couple, there are actually several more. Here are the ones that I have seen:

(1) Kiss Me Guido - Main character on the toilet
(2) Basketball Diaries - Marky Mark on the toilet stinking
(3) Nightmare on Elm St. 4 - A guy named Rick on the toilet
(4) American Strays - Luke Perry shown reading on the toilet
(5) Threesome - Stephen Baldwin shown reading on the toilet
(6) Threesome - Josh Charles shown reading on the toilet
(7) Spring Break - Main character lets 'em rip on the toilet
(8) Gremlins - Some random dude shown on the toilet
(9) Airborne - Shane McDermott shown reading on the toilet
(10) Friday 13th ? - Some random dude is show in the outhouse
(11) Growing Pains - One show implies Kirk Cameron on the toilet
(12) Saved By The Bell - Mario Lopez shown coming out of stall
There are also several internet sites that have pictures of guys sitting on the toilet. For some reason, most of these pictures are found on fraternity sites or on the homepages of bands. If you guys know of other movies or web sites, let us know.

Has anyone had any experiences with self-flushing toilets? Urinals that flush as you walk away from them have been installed in some shopping mall restrooms, but the only place that I have come across toilets that do the same thing has been in some of the buildings I visited yesterday at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. (to U.S. readers it is an exposition and to U.K. readers just imagine the Ideal Home Exhibition and Hampstead Heath Funfair rolled into one.) Some of the toilets at the CNE were renovated a couple of years ago and self-flushing models were installed. When you have finished doing your business and stand up, a 'motion' detector (sorry, I just couldn't resist the pun!) is triggered and the toilet flushes automatically. The problem I have found is that they are very sensitive and the slightest movement made while sitting on the toilet (eg: looking around to see what you have done or during wiping) will result in an unwanted flush. Invariably when you stand up to leave and want the thing to flush, nothing happens! There is a small button you can press to get a flush. As luck would have it, while I was there yesterday I had to take a major dump and used one of these toilets. I dropped a massive load, which as I turned around to admire, was quickly flushed away leaving me to witness some awesome skidmarks. The toilet flushed at least twice more while I was wiping. I suppose this prevents the toilets from getting blocked, but it is also an incredible waste of water. There was nothing left to flush as I left, but the action of walking out of the stall triggered it once again. Although there were many guys dropping their loads at the same time, the constant flushing sound made it impossible to hear any good dumps, which was a pity as there was a teenager on one side of me and a guy in his early twenties on the other, my favourite dumping 'buddies'. Are these toilets going to become more commonplace?

To jim, the actress who lets that small squeaker go is Mariel Hemmingway, (at an early age),I don't recall the names of the others. I have knid of a funny toilet story for you all. I was at work today and after my morning coffee, I had to go off to the loo feeling very full and ready to go. I sat down and prompty pushed out a fair sized turd, I rarely fart or make any noise while crapping, and this time was no different. I always wipe from back to front, no real reason, just figured I'd better stick to some rituals. So I wiped and on the third wipe, I mistakenly "flung" the wad of dirty TP forward, between my legs,and it landed, shit side down, in my pulled down underpants. I sat there, stunned, not really knowing what to do. I gingerly picked up the piece of TP, and sure enough, there was a big brown stain on the inside of my Calvin's. What the f???!?!!! Right then, of course, someone else comes in, and I'm mortified that they would see my "dirty" underwear, so I did what any normal person would do at that moment. I started laughing. The guy who had come into the restroom beat a hasty retreat, probably thinking I was a lunatic, and I was able to then remove my underwear and stash them in my car. What a day. Please, please tell me some of you have done this before! Just goes to show there's more than one way to have a pooping accident.

Anne's post reminded me that I haven't spoken of chemical toilets yet. There are many different sorts, each with their own foibles, but the one I'm about to describe will be known to older UK readers. The Elsan Tank Model, introduced during WW2, is a particular arrangement which went out of use during the 70's; I used a few when I was very young. Intended for larger premises without water supply, groups of up to 4 pans are served by a tank beneath the floor. The pans are enamelled steel 'bottomless buckets' with seats, but no flushing equipment, placed in ordinary stalls. The special feature of these is the anti-splash plate; a hemicylinder of stainless steel at the bottom of the pan. The plate is hinged and connected to the toilet lid, being raised by lifting the lid and submerged into the tank when the lid is lowered. Maybe someone will remember trying to hold the lid open and lift a dress at the same time, or sitting with the lid pressing against your back. The plates made a delightful and unique sound when girls piddled on them, and a resounding clang when they dropped heavy poos. The first time I saw one of these was at a fair, where I went into the Ladies' with my mum (I seem to have done that a lot!). I went first, did my No.2, and the lid closed when I got up. I remember listening to the sound of women tinkling in the other stalls, and the struggles of a woman trying to keep the lid open while holding her little girl out for a wee. Then my mum did a messy one, and I remember looking between her legs at the splat she'd made on the plate. When she'd finished, I opened the lid again and found lots of her poo still stuck to the plate, and waggled the lid up and down to wash it off. Those were the days! Another visit to the same toilet gave me an early glimpse of a woman's personal-waste-disposal-requirements, a subject which was to become a major study area in my life. The lid was already raised as the plate was hooked in a pair of tights. Inside the tights were knickers with a saturated sanitary towel still in place; they hadn't even got stained blue by the chemical. I knew about menstruation, but it was the first time I saw the extent of the issue. That is one thing many chemical toilets have in common - you can put what you like down them without fear of blockage at the time, but whoever has to empty them gets to deal with it, cf. Anne's post. Anne was lucky, she only needed to give it a quick prod. I have some horror stories on that subject. I've been regular and unexciting on the loo recently. A couple of average poos every day. It was a bit yucky on saturday, and I used lots of wet wipes and stuff and ended up having to get the plunger. I've been making a lot of water, though (I drink loads, but I'm not diabetic) and having to tiddle rather often. My bladder does over a litre easily, so you can imagine the amout of wee I do in a day! BTW, have I mentioned that I always sit or squat for my wee, except in a men's bathroom? I just prefer it; seems more civilised, relaxing, (feminine?). Crimson.

Tuesday, September 01, 1998

Crimson mentions that there are at least 20 different types of toilet in use today. I suspect that this does not include the multitude of different style of urinal. These vary from a long flat vertical slate wall with a gutter running along the floor to many styles of individual wall mounted basins. I have a book which explains some of the differences in toilet facilities worldwide. In case others are interested, it is called "Going Abroad - The Bathroom Survival Guide" by Eva Newman.

I was working in a grocery store stocking the shelves one day, when a bad attack of gas hit me. (You know the kind, beer farts, pickled egg, freshly opened bag of lay's barbequed tater chips). Well I was sitting on a milk crate, stocking shelves, and letting a few eek out, and there were these good looking women strolling up and down the isles(and giving me nasty looks as they walked by). Well I could'nt stand it , I went over to the meat counter and let off THE NASTIEST FART I'VE LET TO DATE. Not long after, a lady came by, looked at the meat and smelled my handywork and ran out of the store with her hands over her mouth.

Anne the Bus driver
Sorry I havent posted recently but I have been away driving a tour coach round Britain. This ties in nicely with some recent posts about toilets being blocked up by discarded pairs of panties and knickers. I recently drove a tour with a group of elderly people. As Donna mentioned in her recent posting, the toilets on many coaches empty into a large tank beneath the floor which is emptied at the depot into the main sewerage system. One day during the trip I was told that the toilets seemed to be backing up, so when I had got my passengers to the hotel I drove to the nearby coach depot and tried to empty the tank. Some water, paper and turds came out then the flow stopped. I could guess that there had to be a lot more in there and got one of the mechanics to pass a long flexible plastic rod up the pipe. He juggled this about for a few momemts then there was a "WHOOSH!" and a large pair of what had been white cotton women's briefs came out followed by a torrent of water, paper and turds. "That's what caused the problem!" the mechanic said as he used the rod to pick up the pair of knickers. In the seat of them there was a big squashed up turd so I assume one of the old ladies hadn't made it to the toilet in time and had an accident and had flushed her soiled underpants down the pan, not thinking that they would block up the outlet. Naturally, I said nothing, not wanting to embarras any of my passengers. I did however wonder which of them had done it. There was also on this trip an occurance of there being a really big jobbie stuck in the pan which one of the passengers must have passed. I estimate it was about 14 inches long , about 2 and a half thick at its fattest and lumpy. I had to throw 3 buckets of water down to get it to go away! As to my own motions, recently I had an interesting if painful experience. Back on driving normal Stage Carriage services round the town I was due to come off at the depot with my bus being taken over by the next driver on that route. Unfortunately, when I got to the depot he had phoned in sick and the inspector told me to take the bus to the end of its journey and back to the depot in service by which time a relief driver would take me off. Now I was needing a motion at the time but knew I could hold it in. At first it was a bit uncomfortable and I worried that I might have an accident in my panties but as I drove the need to go went away and by the time I got back to the depot about a hour later I had forgotten about needing a motion. I went home which took another hour's drive and when I got in went for a wee wee. I did my tinkle but then felt the forgotten jobbie start to push down in my back passage. It had got a good bit harder in the time I had held it back and did it hurt my ring as it stretched to let it out. It wasnt that long, about 8 inches instead of my usual 12 or so, but it had obviously got compressed by my holding it in and was over 2 and a half inches thick, slowly exuding from my bum in one big nobbily log with me going "OO! OO! UH!" to expel it, then suddenly shooting out quickly and landing in the pan with a resounding "KUR-SPLOONK!" in the process splashing my butt with water! When I looked it was very nobbily and seemed to be compacted for the first 5 inches of so then tapered off to a smooth and pointed end. Has anyone else experienced this if they have had to hold it in for a while because they couldn't go to the toilet when they felt the need to go?

Movie Fan
Bridget, thanks for your comments on "Kindergarten Cop". The scene where Pamela Reed is racing to get to the gas station restroom is certainly ambiguous as to whether she's going there to poop or throw up. From the context of the scene, it does seem like she just needs to vomit. But if that's the case, why go to such efforts to get the key to the restroom? She was outdoors. When she found the door locked, why not just vomit on the ground? She does that in another part of the movie. Why go out of her way to run into the gas station and demand the key? The fact that she went to such lengths to try to get the key makes it seem like she had problems at both ends, so to speak. Also, thanks for the info on the pee scene in "Leaving Las Vegas". I haven't seen that movie, but I had heard there was a scene with Elizabeth Shue using the toilet. I disagree with you about there not being too many movie scenes with men pooping. There are actually quite a few, going all the way ! back to Orson Welles in (I think) "Catch 22". That's one of the reasons the female pooping scenes are more interesting to me -- they're just so rare! To Giles, thanks for the info on "Mixed Nuts". That's another movie I haven't seen. To Randi, when you pooped in the shower, did you try to clean it up or did you just leave it there? I've pooped in a shower before, but I always bend down and try to break it up so it washes down the drain.

To Steph, I was interested by your information that although you are a vegetarian you sometimes get bunged up as I honestly thought that eating a diet full of vegetable matter would make the stools softer and lessening the transit time of food though the GI tract, more frequent, but I suppose your guts eventually get used to the extra fibre and roughage? I love Crimson's posts and would like him to do an article on Toilets round the world. I can certainly agree that girl athletes and sportswomen do larger poos than men. I do some whoppers myself usually at least 12 inches long and 2 inches thick or sometimes slightly fatter and I am an active sportswoman playing Field Hockey, Netball, Volleyball, and swimming, and also like a game of Tennis and play Ladies' Cricket and for a Women's Football team. I have seen some really huge jobbies in the toilets in Changing Rooms passed by my team mates and have of course contributed my own fair share of pan busting logs. None of the girls I play with seem to be in any way shy about such matters, indeed many of us are quite proud of our efforts and dont mind others seeing what we have passed. I can only agree with Jill that exercise and a healthy diet obviously helps keep the digestive system going well. I can echo Crimson's comment about the Russian Toilet attendant commenting about the to! ilets always being blocked after the women used them. One sportsground where my team plays (Field)hockey is used for other sports such as Rugby and Football and by men as well as women, so the changing rooms are used by whatever gender the players are, (not of course mixed!). I was talking to the caretaker who is also the cleaner, and he said that when the women played he always got blocked up toilet pans. I asked if this was due to them flushing sanitary towels and tampons down the pans but he replied that while this did happen it was usually due to the huge turds some of them dropped. Intrigued, I said that surely the men were just as bad but he said no and that they didnt seem to do such big solid turds possibly because they drunk so much beer and their motions were always a bit loose and easily flushed. Since I am one of the culprits in blocking his toilets I quickly changed the subject! Any other girl and woman sports types had this experience?

In response to Winterkill's question about movies with senes in them in which a woman farts, the only one I have ever seen is one titled Personal Best. Early on in the movies, the two female stars are just sort of noodling around in a pajama party sort of atmosphere when one says to the other while pointing, "Pull my finger." The finger got pulled and a fart popped. The same movie had a scene where the same girl who pulled the finger, helped and watched a guy to pee. The scene was with the guy back to to the toilet with the gal looking over his left shoulder. I would guess that this flick was done in 85 or 86. I would not be the least bit embarrassed if someone could prod my memory and fill me in with the names of the actors.

Hi Everyone.. I travel everyday from NY to NJ by train. On this particular day I had two beers before boarding the train. Now the train ride is about an hour and after 20 minutes or so my bladder was all full. It was really difficult to control but I had no option and do so. Finally my station came and to my horror the restrooms were closed. Now it was impossible for me to hold my pee. Somehow I managed to reach my car and next thing I did was emptied the two water bottles I had. I had to wait for some time till the station lot emptied and then had to pee in the bottle. Luckily I had kept one bottle as reserve and finally when it was over it was about 1.6 liters of hot pee. Luckily for me no on saw me do that. That was one experience..!!

Joe, We can't post your last one due to our policy on associating with sites that "do what they do" on usenet.

It is surprising to see how many guys posting here are constipated. I've had the problem since I was a little kid. My doctor remarked to me one time that men are never constipated, but I don't think that is true. From my experience, male teenagers are constipated a lot. I know I was. Aaron and Andy(17)-- I would be interested in hearing your views on that. Do your friends have the same kind of problem you do? Do you ever talk about it? I would also be interested in knowing what, if anything, you take for it. Have you ever had to resort to something like an enema? Carlos, we seem to have the same kind of pooping habits. Are you blocked up now? How often do you have the problem? What do you take for it? To Trevor C: Did you try castor oil? I don't recommend it. There are better laxatives which are more effective and don't wreak as much havoc with your system. Are you frequently constipated? One post suggested you may be taking laxatives for recreation. I hope not. Its much healthier not to take them unless you really need them. I don't understand why the dulcolax suppository made you so sick. Maybe you held it in too long and your system absorbed too much of the drug. To Bob: I finally pooped on Saturday. I drank three cups of black coffee and went to get a massage from a friend who is a massage therapist. I told him how backed up I was, so he concentrated on doing a deep massage of my abdomen. He moved in a clockwise motion around the area between the bottom of my rib cage and the pubic bone. This stimulated my colon a little bit and helped push the backed up poop toward my rectum. After about 30 minutes of this, he had me go sit on the toilet and push. I tried for about 5 minutes without success while he waited in the next room. He knocked and asked if he could come in. Normally, I would have said no, but because he is such a close friend, I decided that it would be OK. He asked me what kind of results I had gotten, and I told him that nothing had happened. He came and stood next to me and started to massage my abdomen again while I sat on the toilet. He told me to start pushing again. As I did, the massage got more vigorous and I felt a huge plug of hard poop press against my hole. I grunted and pushed with everything I had and managed to squeeze it out. It sounded like a brick when it hit the water. The turd was a single hard lump about 2-1/2 inches in diameter. It was such a relief to evacuate it. Over the next 10 minutes, he continued the massage and I continued to push out 3 more hard lumps. Finally, I was exhausted and wanted to quit. I did feel better and thanked him. He told me that he has had to help out clients in this way before and that it was no big deal to him. Because of the situation, I was not embarrased and would take the massage approach again. I am probably still pretty constipated and may have to clean myself out with Golytely soon (yuck). For now, I feel better.

Hi Aaron: Intresting story about bbq along with the cramps. I guess that most of the readers, especialy the other teens know that school Is back In session. This morning I went to school (2nd week of school). I went In the boys bathroom to blow my nose, before 1st period (My school does not have homeroom) and there was this boy In there pooping. I thought this was unusual at my school.

Joe B.
I havent used a Dulcolax suppository in many years until today. The people here got me curious to try one. I wasnt really constipated but I wanted to have a good poop, so I decided to try one. I spent the weekend out of town and as I was driving home this morning, I stopped and bought dulcolax. About an hour from home, i stopped and bought gas, and went into the rest room at the station and inserted the suppository. Then I started driving home. I already had a feeling of fullness in my bottom before I put it in. For the first ten or fifteen minutes afterwards, not much happened. Then I started to feel a mild burning inside that was so good. Then there were waves of burning and the urge to poop, but I held it back. After years of enemas, it was not much of a problem to hold it back. the urges got stronger as I neared home. Also the urge to pee became quite strong too. I'd had the suppository in an hour as I turned in the driveway. I ran in the house puled off my shoes and pants and jumped on the toilet. Immediately, I began to poop and pee at the same time. I pooped at last 3 feet in one continuous piece about 3/4 inches thick. That was quite a load. It felt so good I just screemed OHHHHHH!! as it came out. Nobody was home. This was one of the best poops ive had in a long time. Thanks Dulcolax

Aaron: How much pushing did yo have to do to aciieve that dump?

Jill, are you a regular train pooper? I've had many experiences on my regular London-Manchester run. For non-UK readers, I'd better mention that we have 2 kinds of pan in our older rolling stock. The earlier type is unusual for UK, in that the trapway leads forward to an outlet in the base (forbidden in UK buildings but standard in US), with the water spot at the very back. Thus although men seem to hit the target OK (because they tend to sit further back), girls and women tend to soil the front of the pan. These pans block quite easily. The later type is wall hung, and more conventional except for the very small outlet (to reduce water usage below 1 gal.) and so get blocked regularly. Water supply can't be taken for granted, as Jill says. I once went for a wee in the older type pan, found the flush button loose and inoperative, and returned to my seat. A tall elegant woman, 40ish, went in and did her business in a few minutes, but spent a further 5 stamping on the flush button (in the floor). She wasn't flustered when she emerged, but had lost a little of her cool; I waited a while and went back in. One perfect, firm, ladylike motion of ample size lay in the pan with a dainty wad of tissue. There was the faintest smear where she'd missed the water, but no smell. I felt that if I could fix the button, it would be a great privilege to flush her lovely jobbie away. I set to with my swiss army knife, reset the loose valve rod, pressed, and watched the paper swirl and disappear. But the poo didn't move. I had to break it in half and put paper on top to help it round the bend, but at last it went down. On impulse, I went and sat opposite her; she knew where I'd been but wouldn't have heard the flush. "I should bill BR each time I fix bits of their trains", I said, a rather obscure euphemism for "I flushed your poo for you". I couldn't gauge any reaction, even when I made eye-contact. Having 'shared' a little of her privacy already, I got bolder and added "There was something wonderful in there, though." I didn't think I needed to hint that the poo hadn't gone down smoothly. Her coolness was gone; she smiled, said "Thankyou" and changed the subject, but the knight_in_shining_armour feeling followed me all the way home. The Swissy is always at my side. Crimson.

Monday, August 31, 1998

Hi everyone! Blake, I have had a number of accidents over the years. Most of them were relatively minor, usually just me trying to get to the bathroom with a little turd sneaking out, or something like that. I did have a somewhat traumatic accident when I was in high school. During my senior year I played volleyball. During a game against another school I felt really gassy and bloated, and my butt muscles seemed more tired than usual, so I had trouble trying to stop from shitting myself. Not too long after feeling like this, I was running after a ball and as I dove after it I let out a really loud fart and could feel a whole bunch of liquid poop squirt into my shorts. Right away I knew I was in trouble. Most of my teammates knew about my frequent trips to the toilet and could figure out what I had done by the smell. We called a timeout and my coach let me go to the lockerroom to finish up. For some reason, the assistant coach went with me to make sure I was okay. I! t was embarrassing to go to the bathroom (doorless stalls) with her watching, but I was too sick to complain. I sat there passing gas and poop for several minutes.... After discovering this site, I pay close attention to what goes on around me in the bathroom at work. I had never really noticed that the sides of the stalls were sort of higher than normal off the floor. You can see quite a ways up someones leg when they are sitting on the toilet. I will let you know if I see or hear anything good...Later

To Crimson: I see you have discovered a little fact that some of us knew all along. It is a constant source of fascination to my husband that my poos are so much larger than anything he can ever manage! Something else you noticed confirms my experience, and that is that plenty of exercise helps to provide a good healthy bowel movement. I had a particularly good and satisfying one on my train home on Friday, and it all flushed away (as we ere passing through a station). Someone commented that train loos don't flush very well, which is only partly true. Some loos have little or no water and you get nothing or just a trickle. The secret is to test the flush before you start operations, if it is no good I go in search of a better loo. For a really big load (like on Friday) I usually have to hold the flush handle down for a time, until it has all gone. Then a quick shot of the cologne spray to hide the smell!

Hi Andy(17),Nicky, Diskputers Yeah this is OK now, more teens here that before. Yes Andy I get constipated but sometimes it's my fault. Its weird I guess but I really like to wait and do big turds that feel so great cominbg out. I would never tell anyone that except here. But a couple of weeks ago I was at this barbque at my friends house. His mom had so much great food...I was sooooo full! :) But then I started having these real bad cramps. His mom suggested that I try to go to the bathroom so I did. She asked me if I was constipated but I pretended I didnt hear her. When I wa sitting there I realized that I hadn't gone in 5 days! Eventually this big hard ball came out and splashed in the water. My butt was dripping wet. I couldn't do anything more.......and the cramps went away. But about two hours later I had to go again...I think I did the biggest shit of my life. My ass was so soreAs for diareaah that doesn't happen much except like you when I eat somethins wierd. I'm feeling an urge to poop now but I'll wait until tomorrow. I'm BAD! \Aaron

Movie Fan, I think the woman in Kindergarten Cop goes to the bathroom to throw up. Then again I could be wrong. Also, there is a toilet scene in Leaving Las Vegas but the actress only pees. I agree with you that there is no shortage of scenes which depicts violence against women yet, there isn't a lot which show women doing natural functions. I can't recall scenes with women farting. While the farting seems to be reserved for guys in movies, there aren't many pooping scenes which show guys on the toilet. I think the only movie which I have seen which shows a guy on the toilet is in Basketball Diaries when Mark Whalberg is pooping in the locker room toilet and the coach opens the door of the stall. Bridget

After a long night in the beer tent, it was time to go home and we had to pee. We got to my truck and nobody was around so the three of us (guys) stood on the sidewalk and were peeing on the grass. A car was coming and the one girl that was with us said "cop" so we ended our piss and discreetly zipped up. It was a Wisconsin State trooper. He knew damn well what we were doing but fortunately he slowly drove right on by. Nobody needs a ticket and fine for public urination.

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