Hi everyone. Monica, I am also LI, and liked reading your post. Welcome to the group, my friend. "Hi" also to Blake; I'm like you that, not only am I LI, but my bladder/bowels tend to loosen up when I know I'm near a toilet, which is the perfect lead-in to today's post. I've had only one *near-accident* since I posted last, about a month ago. I treated myself to some pizza; actually, Alex, Steph, Laura, and I went out for pizza, and of course I had to have some. It was oily "Greek-style" pizza, which can really do a job on some people, even if they're not LI. Anyway, after I went home that evening, I fell asleep and went to bed. I woke up around 3:00 (in the morning) and had pains in my stomach. I felt as if I had to let out a big fart, but I didn't dare, so I walked to the bathroom. I was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts (my usual "pajamas"); I already felt my bowels rumbling as I pulled down my shorts and underpants. I exploded, and yes, it sounded like an "explosion," a bunch of watery crap into the toilet just as I plopped my butt onto the toilet. I continued sitting there peeing (Blake, I'm like you and some of my other friends, and, I assume, most people, that I always pee when doing the "other") and letting out smaller and firmer waves of diahhrea. I got up about 10 minutes later and the toilet was full of brown water and a bunch of little jobbies. I understand many people have "green" poop when they have the runs, but mine are usually brown, regardless. I wiped five times and then flushed. Another story. My older sister, Briana, with whom I'm very close, had to go to the bathroom "really badly" while I was in the shower. I told her she could come in and she did. We started talking as I washed my hair and she peed. I was waiting for her to get up and wipe herself, but I knew then she didn't only have to pee. I didn't hear her "plop" anything, but I smelled her poop as I rinsed my hair. "Can you smell anything?," she asked. I said "yes, but don't worry about it." She apologized for stinking up the room, but I told her not to worry about it and told her that her worst is not as bad as my regular. She kind of giggled and then changed the subject. I finished showering but she was still on the toilet. I told her I would wait in the shower until she finished. She told me I could come out if I wanted to, unless I didn't want her to see me naked. I was worried about seeing her seated on the toilet and she was worried about seeing me naked coming out of the s! hower. I dried myself off with the towel and came out. "Old-timers" will know that we often went to the bathroom together when we were kids (I'm now 20, she's almost 23) and also changed in front of each other when we were younger, but that is now a rarity. Anyhow, I put on my bra and a pair of underpants as she got off the toilet to wipe. We continued chatting as she finished up her "duty." She thanked me for letting her come in- I resisted the temptation to peek over at her jobbies (Briana is also close to Alex, Laura, and Steph, but has no idea of our interest or this site- I don't think she would be interested, either) and give a clandestine report to my friends. Lots of love to everyone :-) Your friend, Jodi

Alex; relax and enjoy... squatting isn't that bad (actually it's great fun). You don't have to get your poos in the hole; if you wee first they will slip down the slope smoothly enough, if you don't, well, they tend to get stuck until you flush, but what the hell! Thinking of poo sticking, there's a crazy type of pan in Russia which is halfway between a wash-out and a wash-down. Under the seat is a 45 degree ramp from the back down to the trap at the front. If you drop a sticky load into a dry pan, it slides down slowly and messily leaving awesome smears! A similar but less extreme version can be found in Europe, in the form of a wash-down designed to replace wash-outs without moving the plumbing. Due to the difference in soil pipe position, the water spot is well forwards to get the back of the trap in, so unless you perch on the very edge of the seat (a german girlfriend used to do this) you always mess up the little ramp at the back. It's amazing how many kinds of toilet there are (I count 20 main types in use today), and the regional and national differences. Here we all are in an international forum, yet how many US people know that NO UK toilet has a flapper valve in the flush tank (forbidden by regulations)? How many UK people know that many older US syphonic pans used a massive 7 gallon flush? Maybe I should do a regular post on toilets of the world?

Randi P.
Tis is one thing that I did that I kinda wished that I hadn't. I was taking a shower in the women's dressing room at the gym and needed to poop so I just stood there and let it fall out of my bottom. It was solid and dark brown. I finished my shower( after cleaning my anus real good),and then left. Do any women ever do that or find where other women have done that in shower rooms?

To MovieFan: In "Mixed Nuts" (starring Steve Martin) there is a scene when a character called Mrs. Munchnik pees...

Sunday, August 30, 1998

Hi Diskputers I'm hiting the board pretty late, so by now there may already be several responses to your question "what is a suppository", but I've enjoyed some of your posts and would like to answer you anyway. Basically a suppository is a small cylindrical piece of glycerin; about the width of a pencil and maybe 2-3 inches long. The glycerin is a medium which can contain medications. When used as a remedy for constipation, the suppository is inserted through the anus where-upon it melts from body temperature, allowing the medications contained within to function. Perhaps you've never received one; except maybe as a very young child where you don't remember. If your Mom ever gave you one, she probably had you lie belly down across her lap. Most moms or Nurses "prep" their patients by a soothing back and leg rub to get you to relax. Then' ever so gently and with the assistance of a lubricant like K-Y jelly she would insert the suppository into your rectum. Some people (we're talking basically kids here) report that they enjoyed the procedure; others not. I'm sure that it has a lot to do with the skill and gentleness of the "administrator". This bring back any memories? Gary

Movie Fan
Thanks to all for adding to my list of movies with female bathroom scenes. Based on the input I've gotten, I've updated the list as follows: Movies with female poop scenes:
Patch of Blue
Once Upon a Time in America
Kindergarten Cop
Caged Heat

Movies with female pee scenes:
Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down
Point of No return
Love Crimes
The Rachel Papers
Sticky Fingers
Empire Records
When the Party's Over
Operation Condor

Movies with females using the toilet, but it's not established whether they're pooping or peeing:
Psycho 3
The Drifter
Groove Tube
Three for the Road
Rumble in the Bronx

Other movies that may have female bathroom scenes, but I'm not sure:

Leaving Las Vegas (I think this is a pee scene)
Once Upon a Time
Wild Reivers
Choir Boys

Winter Kills
The Man Who Fell to Earth
It still amazes me how very few movies there are with female poop scenes. There are six such movies on my list, but in a couple of these the poop reference is indirect (In Kindergarten Cop, for example, in the scene where she rushes to the gas station bathroom, we assume she's going to poop, but it may just be to vomit). Isn't it funny how movie makers think nothing of having explicit scenes where women are shown being attacked, raped, tortured, blood and guts spilling out, etc., but the simple act of defecation is rarely shown or referenced. Something else I thought about is I can't think of any movies at all which depict women farting. Men have certainly been shown farting in movies (Jim Carrey, for example), but can anyone think of a movie where a woman farts? Thanks again for the input. If anyone has any more examples, please post them. I am especially interested in movies with female poop scenes, because these are just so rare. Out of the thousands of movies we've all seen, there must be more than five or six with references to women pooping...

Trevor C.
To BrentC:I haven't had castor oil before,but after I heard your experiences,I think castor oil will give me very strong side effects because of its strong stimulativeness!I have used Bisacodyl suppository (it is made in Taiwan,and it doesn't have an English name ,its Chinese name translate to English is called "HappyDown") several times before,I usually hold it about 10 minutes then I go to the bathroom,but there is one occasion, I hold it about 45 minutes.After I poop ,it still gave me very strong cramp,pain in my belly and my stomach,then I vomit four times!I don't know why it gave me so strong side effects,but I know I won't use it again!

To Aaron and Nicky and other teenage readers: Im a 17 year old male I want to answer Aarons questions because we are not all that far a part In age wise. I some times get constipated, It's been a while. Do you ever get constipated? Do you ever have Diarrhea? Thursday night for dinner I had a tomato sandwich with mayo on It and corn on the cob. I was watching t.v and I fell a sleep with the t.v on and I woke up at 2am with cramps and then I had a load of diarrhea. I was at work tonight and the assistant manager came over to me and told me how long It took him to shit. I was disapointed he told me about this while working In a resturant.

Hi guys. Crimson, thank you for your tip about the "funnels," and thanks to Sara and Jill for your comments about the French squat toilets. Sorry I didn't mention this in yesterday's post. Steph told me about the "lady-J" funnel and I'm thinking of ordering it. I don't know if I could poop into a little hole, but if I have to pee using the funnel (when I have to pee, I have to pee!!!!!), I will do so. Steph, who's more familiar with Europe (and its toilets) than I am, has assured me that sit-down toilets are now (almost) the norm, so hopefully I won't have any problems when I go over there. Hi Blake; I'm glad to hear you had only one accident over the summer. I'm over at Steph's house (no, we haven't buddy dumped, or even buddy peed, yet), so I'll hand the keyboard over to here. Luv, Alex :)

To Some Girl: Great story! 4 cups is definitely an incredible feat at any age, let alone only 11 years old. If I might ask, how old are you now? And have you had any other desperate experiences in your late teen/early adult years? I can only imagine the amount you must be capable of producing now, considering the torrent you produced at only 11 years. Please write more! Thankx

Hi guys! Paul, AWESOME post about your dumps after eating at the Indian resturant!!! I often eat Indian food, and *pay for it* afterwards. Although my shitting after eating Indian (or other spicy foods) isn't as extreme as you described, I have felt a "burning sensation" in my butt-hole as I let out the previous night's meal (I usually eat Indian food in the evening and dump it out the next morning). I usually don't moan or make noises when I'm on the toilet (except when I'm really constipated), but nobody would want to be in the bathroom after I take one of those shits :) Nicola, I'm a vegetarian (have been for over 5 years) and I'm often irregular. I remember, when I was a kid, that I often had the runs after eating meat (especially fast food, i.e. McDonalds or Wendy's)- some of my friends, and some who've posted on here, often have the runs after eating meat. Well, anyway, sometimes I go 2-3 times a day, sometimes I don't go for 2-3 days; I think 5 days was the record that I went without taking a dump. I never take laxatives, nor do I take anti-diahrrea medicine (Kaopectate, etc)- I just let "nature take its course." As Alex mentioned, I have been away for a few days, but I have no toilet stories to report (either about myself or others). Peace and love to all, Steph

Just a note for you girls, and some of you guys. I just saw a movie, 'Kiss Me Guido' which had two toilet scenes. The first is a main character, very nice looking. You see him cover the seat with toilet paper, pull down his underwear, and sit for a few seconds. Very nice! The second is about the same, but with this guys father, complete with sound effects. Enjoy.

Aaron: Yes I am indeedy 16 just like yoou. I don't get constipated very often. This is mostly becuase It drink at least 2 to 4 cans of Cola every day. There is one thing that annoys me. After I have a fairly soft motiom sometimes there is still a little bit still in there. However sometimes no amount of pushing will get it out. I will then put some vasoline(sp?) in a piece of tp and then stick it up my anus. I push this out and that clears out anything in my lower back passage. It should probably work for anyone.

What is a suppository?

Jeff A.
I mentioned before about a girl I knew from art school. One time when I was over at her house, she got out of bed early one morning, and I heard her go into the bathroom and lock the door. I got up to listen at the door. She would never let me see her poop, but she would fart in my presence all the time, and giggled like crazy because of it. Especially if they smelled. She was an all time giggler, with a tremendous sense of humor. (In case anybody hasn'nt read the original post, she's the one who burst into the bathroom on me with a polaroid camera and took a picture of me on the toilet.) So, as I listened, I could hear her in there grunting, and dropping sloppy turds at random. Each time she'd plop, there'd be an "oaahhhhhh." to follow. There'd be this long, wet, "splickly" sound just before a long series of plops. We'd been out drinking the night before, and I think she was paying the price. She sat in there for about 7 minutes, and I don't remember how much she did, because there'd sometimes be several plops in a row. It was a big job though. It amazed me how much she could poop, because she was such a small girl. I never got to see her doing a #2, except for a brief instant after a retalliatory strike against her for barging in on me. She pulled her shirt down to cover herself, and ordered me back out. I snapped her panties against her leg, and left. I did listen to her at the door a few times, and each time, when she came back out, it was time to open the windows! ALL of the windows! After I heard her start to wipe, I went back to bed and waited for her. She came back in after a few minutes, and saw that I was awake, and jumped in bed next to me, and said in a little girl type voice, "I went poo-poo!" I think she was proud of her dumps, because she always reported on her visits to the bathroom whenever she pooped. She wouldn't let me watch, but she'd go into great, incredible detail about the size and weight of her turds, how much she wiped, how bad it smelled, and how many she dropped. As a part time job, she worked at a hamburger place, and one night at closing when I came to pick her up, she and a few of the other girls were standing around the ladies room door laughing. I went over to see what was up, and she took me by the hand into a stall and showed me one of the longest turds I'd ever seen! It circled around the bowl, and was real thick, and perfectly cylindrical. It looked to be about 20" long. (I doubt it was that long, but that's how it looked.) The funny part was, there was no used toilet paper in there with it. She was giggling so hard, I thought she'd wet her pants. She said "It's a King Kong turd!" She pointed to one of her co-workers who was standing there watching my reaction to it, and said "Cheryl did it!" The girl smacked her in the shoulder hard and said "I DID NOT!!!" We all specualated on who could've left it, making up stories as we went along. In the end, nobody knew who laid the mystery floater. There was a guy on their shift, and he! was always teasing the girls, telling them he was going to fix them up with his sleaziest friends, and she yelled back at him at one point and said, "I'm gonna go get that big turd, and put it on a bun for ya if you don't shut up!" Sometimes on her breaks, she'd point out women customers who were still in there eating, and describe what they did in the ladies room whenever she was in there with them. She'd go into great detail about who was grunting, farting, plopping, and stinking, and took a particular joy in the women who had the "squirts" Sometimes she'd even mimic a woman's grunt sounds, complete with facial contortions,and she'd kill me! I never laughed so hard at bathroom humor!. Never in my life had I ever received so much insight as to the goings on in a women's restroom. I'm surprised that she wasn't peeking over stalls to get a full view. She even told me once, that her favorite job there was changing the towels in the men's room, because guys loved to pee right in front of her, and she could see "all kinds of thingies, in all sizes, shapes, and colors." She was hillarious. I regret that I never got to watch her go "poo-poo". My love to all, you're the best!!!

To Brent C........................ Yes, I too experience a burning sensation with Dulcolax suppositories but it is not all that bad really and I tolerate it as part of what it takes in order to have a movement if my constipation is in one of its' more stubborn phases. The advantage of suppositories is that you can use them and know that 20 minutes after taking one they will start to work. Laxatives taken by mouth always seem to work at the most inoportune (sp? times. And yes, I too have to strain and grunt even with a suppository. But they have always helped me to go when I absolutely couldn't do anything on my own. I probably have to resort to them about 2 or 3 times a month, and haven't used one since the instance mentioned here in a previous post. This morning after waking up and a couple cups of coffee I got on the toilet to see if I might be able to have a movement. In the course of 15 minutes of intermittant straining and grunting I did in fact have a movement of a couple of vary hard stools maybe 4 inches long and 2 in diameter, followed by several hard smaller pieces about the size of a cherry tomato. This is about average for me, and will do a movement like this every one or two days. I hope that you manage to pass your movement without needing anything to help. Let us know.

Russia, continued. Next day, the stadium was packed with female runners and gymnasts. After everyone had gone, I needed a poo and found the Zhenskee next to the girls' changing room. Typically russian, everything old, broken or just weird; 7 stalls like the ones I described yesterday, wash-out pans set into a tiled squatting platform, but this time without cubicles or doors, just curtains between the pans. Which one to use? My choices were: No.1, Broken flush tank, water trickling lazily into a pan full of newspaper and poos. No.2, Pan empty but broken; no flush. A bucket of water stood in the pan. No.3, Blocked with big jobbies, newspaper and a sanitary pad or two; water was dribbling over the rim onto the floor. No.4, full of poo and paper, with a panty liner on top; I tried the flush but the pan was already blocked. No.5, ahem. I am not usually fazed by big motions, having lived with Janet and done some whoppers myself. But this! Three firm poos, one longer than the pan and resting on the rim, lay there like giant cucumbers. I tried to visualise one of the fit, supple bodies I had seen earlier doing them. I couldn't see it. How about the tall, big framed women at reception? Nope. I couldn't imagine how anyone could have room in her bum for all that, nor the courage to drop it in front of her friends. Then I noticed that another girl had buddy dumped on top, leaving a more ladylike deposit in a heap near the front. Neither had used any paper. I looked no further, undid my jeans, squatted and strained. I was struck by the immodesty of these loos, where passers by can see not only you and your bum, but everything you've done and anything on its way! Then the unimaginable happened; a charwoman came in, and told me crossly (in russian) that I had made a mistake and was in the Ladies'. My command of the language failed as I tried to apologise, and explain that I was busy. I don't think she was listening - she couldn't have helped noticing the surreal sized pile beneath me. I think I dropped one in front of her, but I'm not sure. My head was reeling somewhat, as I would never expose myself to a stranger, and hell, did I feel exposed, despite my jeans hiding my private parts. "Humph", she commented, and moved on. I finished, didn't need wiping (luckily) and tried to flush, but the tank was dry. So I did it the russian way; got the bucket and tipped it into the pan, totally failing to shift the mess down the drain. I saw the woman, busy with a plunger in No.3. "Oonitaz zasorin?" (Blocked?) I asked, trying to regain my dignity with light conversation. "They always are after the games", she said. "The girls are the worst." So there we have it; proof that fit women do the biggest poos. Crimson.

Saturday, August 29, 1998

Hi Nicky I haven't seen posts from Diskputers in a while. I think he's 16 (like me) and lots of stuff he's posted here like being really constipated sounds like my life. I don't remember seeing your posts before. From this one, it seems like your poops are you don't have to push hard and stuff. Do you ever get constipated? I have another story to tell but I can't right now. Aaron

Paul's and Greg's tale about the "Ring of Fire" amused me. A few weeks ago myself and some of the other girls I work with had a Pizza with lots of Chillis and Jalapeno Peppers. Now it was hot at the time but the next morning I went to the toilet for a motion. What came out was solid enough, a long fat sausage shaped jobbie but DID IT BURN! It was one of those really big fat smooth ones that comes out slowly and it felt as if I was passing a red hot bar of iron. My arse surely throbbed and I expected it to sizzle when it hit the water. And did it smell! I didnt have any digestive problems though apart from the fact that I spent most of that day farting loudly and with a powerful smell so much that one of the lads said I'd have scorch marks in the seat of my knickers. I also agree with George, I dont take laxatives if I get constipated but find that drinking more water or taking more exercise usually helps. A good game of field hockey or netball normally gets things moving and I have often found that some of the other girls in the team do a good big motion after the game in the changing room toilets and I have seen some whoppers in the pans . Unlike Michael I would consider having a motion 3 times a day to be very unusual. Once a day is usually considered right but some people only go twice a week while others do have a poo 3 times daily, it depends on your system and diet. Vegetarians tend to defecate more frequently and pass looser stools than meat eaters I have been told. Sometimes I dont go for a couple of days but this doen't bother me at all.

some girl
thanx 4 the tips celeste. Here is my story : I was about 11yrs old,and I was outside in the woods playing with a friend. We had been playing for hours, and soon we both needed to go pee. I really had to go. We both had urinated standing up before so thats what we were going to do then. We kept walking trying to get to the place we usually went when we had to go. I had to go so bad by then that i was hurting, and holding myself. She was laughing,because she has more control than me. We were almost there it was a good thing because i was starting to go a little in my pants. Then i felt like i was about to explode,and i let go and it splurted out. I grabbed myself,and ran over to a tree, dropped my pants and started to pee,i was still kinda holding myself trying not to pee down into my pants. My friend came over and did the same,only she didn't hold herself. she peed about a foot in front of her, but i was peeing so hard that it went about 3ft.She finnished in about 20 seconds, i was still going. I finished about 45 seconds later. I must have peed for about a minute and a half,and i know i went at least 4 cup fulls.

having had 3 quarts of baked beans and walked 20 miles to generate some of the smellest turds this side of heaven.

This is a marvelous webpage! :-) I came upon you all by accident while surfing and I was delighted to read of so many people with the same fascination as myself, being in passing large solid turds and hearing and seeing others doing so. I am now 65 but still an active person and am lucky that my wife, Joanne, who is 60 goes along with my interests and we watch each other having a poo. We are both quite ???? and pass nice big solid ones, big jobbies as many of the regular writers to this site call them. I have been into such matters since I was a kid but really got turned on to defecation when I was evacuated as many children in Britain were at the start of WW2 in 1939 when I was 6. I was moved from London to live with a family on a farm outside Ludlow in Shropshire for a few years. They had a more open attitude towards natural functions, as most farming and country people have, and I soon got used to seeing the other kids in the family boys and girls, defecate and observing me doing so. Also like most of the posters here I enjoy the sound effects of someone having a nice big solid motion. The postings from Moira and George are particularly interesting, as they seem to be younger versions of Joanne and I, and they know a lot about this subject. Donna also has many interesting tales to tell. Like her we both have had a motion outdoors sometimes when on a walk in the countryside although we dont deliberately set out to do so. On a different tack, I was puzzled by Michael's saying that "humans should have a bowel movement 3 times a day". I would consider this unusual especially if the stools were loose. In my youth once a day was considered the norm and Joanne and I tend to do so although sometimes we do go a couple of days without . Our jobbies are usually firm to easy in consistency, about 10 to 12 inches long and 2 inches thick. Mine tend to be carrot shaped and sink but Joanne's are usually curved and float at first but sink after about 10 minutes or so. Although we didn't know the expression until we read this site, we have "buddy dumped" with each other for years. Yesterday after lunch we had a good "buddy dump" together. We often find that we need to have a motion at the same time. I suppose after 40 years people will synchronise. Anyway, we both felt the need to have a motion so we went into the toilet and I let Joanne go first, as I usually do. She sat on the pan with her skirt gathered up and her pale blue panties down at her knees. I gently rubbed her ???? as she did her wee wee then with an "OO! OO!" passed a nice big easy motion with the "crackling" sound other readers mention and which dropped into the pan with a "Ku-ploonk!". She got up and we both looked at the large fat sausage floating in the toilet. I then undid my trousers, pulled down my underpants, and with Joanne rubbing my ???? did my jobbie, which was as usual a fat carrot shaped turd which made a "Kur-sploosh! sound. After we had both had a good look at our efforts we pulled the flush but as often happens it took a good 4 flushes to get our combined load to go aw! ay. Best wishes to all of you and its not just the younger set who are into toilet fun. Pensioners such as us enjoy this too! Any other oldies out there who are into defecation?

Hi guys. Hi, Silent Spice; yes, I do remember you. I normally shit once or twice daily, but I've really been a "pooper" this week... Let me explain. I haven't eaten more than usual, or anything out of the ordinary [I'm a pretty fussy eater, so I don't like to "experiment" with new or different foods], but I've gone to the bathroom more than usual. On Monday, I went three times, once in the morning (usual for me), at lunchtime, and then around 6 pm. Each time I let out two logs and had to wipe five times. I went FIVE (caps intended) times on Tuesday, in the morning before going to work (at my summer job in NYC), again around 10 am, again at 1pm, again at 6pm, and last, but not least, at 9pm. I plopped one or two jobbies each time and had to wipe four to seven times; the one I took at 1:00 was especially "gooey." Yuck! Needless to say, my bum-crack was pretty sore from all that wiping (about 25-30 times in just over 36 hours)- I always wipe very thoroughly, as many of you already know. I didn't have to go on Wednesday morning, but I did clean my butt in the shower, as I always do. Ouch, I must have gotten a rash from all that wiping- there was some excess poop, and blood (!) on the washcloth. I pre-cleaned the soiled washcloth with shampoo (something I also always do) and threw it into the pail. I would like to add that I did have small (but still too big for me, you) skid-marks on my panties on both Tuesday and Wednesday morning. My "routine" is back to normal as of now (Friday evening)- I don't know why I shat (? - is "shat" the past tense of shit? Or is "shitted" more acceptable? Oh, the vocabulary of the bathroom :) ] so much over those couple of days. Paul, my best friend Steph (who's been away for the last few days) will love reading your post about Indian food. She has had many "hot dumps" (her words) after eating spicy, notably Indian, foods. Love to all. Alex :)

Some Guy
Movie Fan- don't forget about Operation Condor. There's a woman rushing to get to the toilet and she pees real hard. In Rumble in the Bronx a woman is on the toilet but it doesn't show which number she's doing. Maybe Jackie Chan is a female pee enthusiast, too. There is a big list of pee movies but I can't list the site here. Now I gotta see Senseless. While we're talking about toilets, there was a plumbers horror stories special on the radio a while ago. One plumber called in and told about the time a families toilet was stopped up after the teenage daughter left it. The plumber tried the plunger and even the little wire snake but he couldn't get anything out. The plumber had to remove the toilet from the floor and inside the pipes he found a carrot with a condom over it. Safe sex taken too far? Great posts Silke, Kim, Randi, Jeff and all the rest. And I took out a ruler and thought about the size of the dumps some of you claim. Donna said hers was 2-1/4 in. which seem about normal for a ???? woman, but Richard 2.5 to 3!!! inches for the miniskirt woman? She would be walking funny after that one.

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