Hello again...(Been away on business). Tony - Excellent idea. The standard tests for toilets and plumbing systems are rather abstract, and although easily arranged and replicated in the lab, we all know that a session in the bathroom doesn't always go as 'smoothly' as a well run lab! My aim was for fittings to cope with Janet on her period and myself sharing one flush. Quite a challenge. Fittings were marked with points for four criteria, as were various 'waste matters'. It was then easy to gauge (75% certainty) whether a given load would go down a given system. As you can imagine, we had a few sticky moments sussing out the numbers! Our attributes were: Amorphous material (poo, soft tp, absorbent wadding/fill) on the A-scale; Tensile material (moist tp/wipes, towel lining, knickers) on B-scale, Impermeable material (diaper backing, individual pad wrappers) on C; and rigid material (plastic applicators, test wands) on D. The ratios of A,B,C, and D tell the usefulness of the pan or pipes in the real world. Don't worry, I don't always do simultaneous equations every time I sit on the toilet! To give a feel for the numbers, Janet's full-monty session (seat cover, anti splash paper, 3 days constipation, 6 tissue wads and 4 baby wipes, maxi pad, wrapper and paper) was worth about 110A:75B:20C. Some of the ladies here talk about dropping 40A out of their bottoms alone! **** Whoever asked about flushing diapers; there are ways of getting them down most kinds of pan, just depends on your patience, but avoid flushing the liner or the backing down vac-flush, chemical recircs, sea toilets and macerators under 3/4 H.P. It's more the pipework you need to consider. At home, I can flush Toddler Pull-Ups in two flushes, maybe one (with a plunger), but they will always block the interceptor 80 feet down the sewer. At my previous address, you could put adult diapers down with no worries in the world. More info soon, watch this space. **** An incident from my school days: About 50 kids (age 9ish) on a coach, coming home from a day's outing. I was at the front when a lady teacher came up and spoke to the driver. Two teachers conferred, spoke to the driver again, and a sick-bag was got from the medical kit. Somewhere I picked up "She doesn't"..."going to be sick". Hmmm. Even at that tender age I had developed a scary sixth sense for these things. I knew what was happening, and I heard kids being ushered around at the back of the coach to free up the back seat. I thought for one moment we were going to pull over (I'm not sure why we didn't), but I was unable to get my way to the back by the time the 'indiscretion' occurred. The teacher returned, and said 'she's only been sick a tiny bit, she'll need a wee when we stop next'. There was more than a tiny bit in the bag, much too heavy to be tissue. It's still a guess, but when we got back to school, the teachers discussed whether the bag would flush down the Ladies', and whether they would have to tear it up first. Oh yes, re: non-stinky poos. I know a girl who can do a good healthy load, flush it, and leave NO trace. I've even sniffed in the pan within 30 seconds of her leaving. I couldn't get anything! Crimson.

Saturday, September 05, 1998

Sorry I havent had a chance to post having been on holiday then away on business and training courses for the last few weeks. I have enjoyed the recent posts especially Nicola's as she seems to be an uninhibited girl with a genuine enjoyment for her natural functions as I have myself. I agree to a point about her comments and Crimson's about the really big jobbies being seen stuck in the pans in the ladies toilets rather than the mens. I have often wondered if this is due to the different shape and length of the female rectum compared to the male, allowing fatter stools to accumulate than in the narrower male back passage. The point about drink is possibly true, I hardly drink myself and do jobbies as big and solid as some reported by the likes of Nicola and Moira (and being a friend of the latter I have actually seen her doing her whoppers). Certainly sport and exercise help keep the bowels working properly and in the gym I use I have seen some real prize winning turds both in the gents toilets and the ladies when I have gone in there when the gents are occupied, nobody seems to mind in such circumstances and I have also seen women using the gents toilets at the gym. The tales about panties and underpants being flushed down the toilet and causing a blockage reminds me of a strange event in the boys toilet at my school when I was about 16 or so. I had gone in for a pee when one of the lads came out of a cubicle saying that the pan was blocked up with a piece of cloth. One of the other boys got the caretaker who removed the offending item with a long rod but when he examined the cause of the obstruction it turned out to be a pair of navy blue GIRLS knickers not boys underpants which in those days were almost always plain white cotton Y-Fronts. We were intrigued. Had a girl been taken short, soiled her panties and had to use the Boys toilets in the emergency or did one of the boys secretly wear GIRLS knickers instead of boys underpants and had an accident in them, dumping them as he could hardly take them back home to be washed by his mother. We never did find and answer to this puzzle. I love Crimson's posts about toilet technicalities. On holiday in Germany I used one of the wash down pans with the platform and the exit at the front. It was strange to drop a couple of big fat jobbies without any "Ker-sploonk!" sounds but this was compensated by being able to see the whole motion lying on the platform before flushing it away. I would say that not being covered in water as soon as it drops in to the pan as with British Toilets the smell is a lot stronger. On this subject I was amused to see that the British Standards test for a toilet pan is to flush some little plastic spheres the size of golf balls. No wonder our toilet pans cannot cope with the size and length of jobbies passed by some who post here. I would have thought a more realistic test would have been to use bread dough, or putty or clay moulded into turd shapes. Crimson's observations on this would be of interest and perhaps this is a career opportunity for some of the people who post here who d! o such really huge jobbies. I can just see Moira, Donna, Nicola, Anne and others in brown uniforms as toilet pan testers. "The Panbusters" -who ya gonna call?

Steve, I just watched "Kiss Me Guido". The scene where Frankie the main character, played by Nick Scotti, sits on the toilet is awesome. Pity it only lasts a few seconds and there were no sound effects, unlike the later scene where the father is on the toilet.

Ive enjoyed the recent posts and both myself and Lauren can agree about the really big jobbies often seen in the toilet pans in women's changing rooms at sports facilities. Although I am quite ???? I am fit and active and play sports myself and I certainly have contributed my fair share of big logs in such circumstances. I agree that exercise is a good cure for constipation. Lauren and I recently bought an exercise bicycle and we have both found that a session of say 10 minutes on this will get things moving when we are constipated. I suppose its the action of cycling with the legs moving and abdominal organs being stimulated which helps but we have each been able to pass a nice big firm motion after using the exercise bike when beforehand we had sat on the pan and strained but passed nothing or only a few hard cannonballs. Like many of the correspondents here we never use laxatives but find diet and drinking more water usually keeps our motions just right, that is large, ! long, fat and solid, firm to easy, a pleasure and not a pain to pass. Recently it has been public holiday (Bank Holiday) in Britain and we both went camping. We dont like camp sites tending instead to just pitch our tent in a field. This of course means that there are no toilet facilities which as you know doesnt bother us at all. We found a nice little spot behind some bushes and used this as our dumping ground, (it was well away from any water sources so quite safe from the health point of view). Lauren and I both contributed our big jobbies but an amusing thing happened. On the last day we both went to the dumping ground. Our jobbies of the previous day were there but so were a couple of others, not as large as ours but still a reasonable size. We knew WE hadn't done them so assumed that 2 other male campers nearby had selected this spot for their own dumps. We found it interesting to see their jobbies , but of course neither of us was interested in the blokes themselves. (As I suppose readers have gathered we are a Lesbian couple.) I have also experienced the compacted jobbie effect that Anne mentioned if I have had to hold it in for a length of time. One one occasion it had compressed down to about 8 inches long but was so fat it felt like I was trying to pass a milk bottle! My ring sure throbbed after that, so I usually try to go when I feel the need. Crimson's mentioning of sitting down to pee although he is a bloke seems very sensible to me. My friend George (Moira's husband) does so and I know a couple of other men who do. It gives them privacy using a cubicle (stall) with a door of course, and is to my mind more hygenic. It also avoids accidents in their panties if they also start to do a motion as sometimes happens when one starts to pee. I would imagine the bladder is emptied more fully too. Many men also suffer from a nervious stricture and cant pee if another man is present, sitting to pee in a cubicle is a sure way to get round this problem and of course in this position they dont splash their clothing with urine as they can do if using a urinal Yeuch! Finally, this morning I did a big easy motion which curved right round in a circle in the toilet pan with the ends almost touching . Straightened out I estimate it would have been about 14 inches long, and it was about 2 1/4 inches thick and smooth. Obviously it didnt make any noise when it came out as it didnt plunge into the water. Lauren found it very amusing . Its still lying there as it didnt flush away so we will have to throw a few buckets of water down the pan to shift it later. I can agree with other readers, softer motions smell more than firmer ones as this one, while solid and formed was smooth and easy and had a more powerful odor than the harder nobbily big 12 inch long carrot shaped jobbie I did the previous day. Lots of love to you all from Donna and Lauren.

Silent Spice
Ohhhh yes........I know another movie with a guy on a toilet. I think it was Police Academy 4. When one of the main guys goes to the outhouse with a comic book and the others pick up the outhouse with a crane thing and put it in the middle of the football field! The audience probably had to see his butt when he stood up! Also(not that its that important)on a few episodes of Beavis and Butthead they have to go to the bathroom. Thats all for now.

I have irritable bowel syndrome which means I have sudden, explosive, liquid poops that are often agonizinly painful for my bowel. Consequently, I have had MANY near accidents. Once, I was out in a grocery store parking lot putting my purchases in the trunk. All of a sudden, I felt the need to go. Because I usually only have about 1-2 minutes to find a toilet before I let fly, I looked around frantically and saw a fast food restaurant on the other side of the parking lot. I ran in and made a bee line to the bathroom. By that time, I was quaking trying to keep from shitting in my pants. I ripped my pants down and starting shitting hot, fiery, liquid poop before I even got completely on the seat. Just as I started to poop, I heard a splash. I wondered what the noise was but by that time I was gushing and groaning in my usual "poop agony". Well, after I was done, I realized the noise I had heard was my car keys. They had fallen out of my pants pocket when I yanked my pants down. Of course, the keys fell right in the john and I had just shit all over them!!! OOOOOhhhh, I had to reach in that horrid toilet bowel and retrieve my keys!! You can bet I washed my hand and wrist about a BILLION times that evening.

Hi everyone! It's me - Nicky - again. I have only limited access to this page on the computer at home - my Dad is really cool about everything like this, but my Mum is really uptight - like if she hears you fart in the garden it's a mega-issue. Dad always had to change my younger brother's nappies - mine too I guess that many years ago like in about 1985! Yes Aaron - my shits really come out dead easily! I'm one of those guys that gets very suspicious of all the grunting and other suggestive masturbatory noises coming from the cubicles at school (allowing 1 or 2 minutes for genuine waste elimination!!!). Seriously though, I do know some of the boarders at school sometimes find it impossible to produce anything more than a few rabbit pellets!! (I've watched them). I'm pretty regular like I go every morning between 7 & 9 a.m. - sometimes when I get up, sometimes after breakfast or on the way to school or at school in term. Quite often I have a supplementary performance in the evening or after school - not every day though. Like I said in my first post I prefer to empty my bowels out of doors - easy round here - we OWN 2 fields and some woodland - 'cos you can really examine what you have produced if it's there on the ground and the stink is a more natural sort smell of too! Anyway, wherever, usually in the morning I just feel this increasing pressure as it starts its journey from my gut to the wide open air, and if I have time I go off and squat in the wood or the field and then immediately I feel my anus open wide, I fart, and my waste just flows out of me, getting quicker and quicker until it finishes with a sort of explosion - then my bladder empties in a superb pungent smelling golden arch and I can turn around and have a good look ! at my pile while I wipe myself with grass or maybe a bit of paper if I remember - not too fussy about wiping - most of my friends at school and in Scouts don't worry about the odd few skidmarks!! Usually I see a vaguely turd shaped starting piece right on the ground covered by a large quantity of soft thick shapeless poo - very full of fibres and stuff (as well as what I talked about last time). My mate Josh always calls them "Nicky's cow pats"!! - a fairly good description as it does look a bit like that! He usually goes in the mornings too - and when I see him going he nearly always produces long thick torpedoes although like me, his arse just sort of opens up and this 'torpedo flows out and lands on the ground (or in the pan if I'm with him indoors) in one long piece. Constipation is not normally a problem for me - but on the very odd occasion when I've really wanted to go and couldn't make anything come out, I dip my fingers in clothes washing liquid or detergent, and insert finger into the anal opening, rub around a few times, and by the time I get to a suitable tree or bush I'm ready to explode as normal - although the (clean!?) shit is usually in more traditional turd shape - like Josh's torpedoes. I guess its a cross between a home made suppository (Diskputers note! - you are making home made suppositories yourself!!) and a sort of dry enema thing? Anyway, I must close now. More stories to post. Will discuss diarrhoea with Andy (Hi Andy!) next post!

To Crimson: Yes I am a regular commuter into London, and I usually use the train loo for a pee, both morning and evening. Occasionally, when I can get away early, I like to hold on to my after lunch poo until I am on the train. For some reason, I get a real thrill from doing my poos on the train rather than the loos at work. Most of the trains I travel on are fairly old, and quite often the loo doesn't flush. When I am going in for a poo I usually check this out before I sit down, but I have been known to forget! I did once notice a guy go into the loo after I had been for a poo. I just felt sorry for him having to put up with my stink!
To Nicola:
Glad to see another sportswoman here. I don't think I can include as many sports as you, but I do quite a lot of dancing as well. Some of the dancers in my group can produce whoppers as well as me. I guess some of the men who write to this page would be amazed at some of the poos that get left in womens changing room loos. My husband is often in awe of my movements - and he says so when he gets to unblock the loo!

To Crimson: What is the best toilet for dealing with bulky items like children's diapers and the Pull-Ups type diapers?
(Sounds like you're the expert)

Randi P.
Hormones might the reason that women's poop doesn't stink the way men's does. I know that before I got on hormones(I'm a pre-op TS m-f) that when I went into the restroom to poop that the women and girls's said that it really stank. After I started taking the hormones I haven't heard anything from the women about my poop stinking. It's just a thought anyway. Is there any doctors out there?

I'm very interested in your discussions about movies containing toilet scenes. I remember another movie (which is called "Dateline Trouble") that shows a very cute girl sitting on the toilet. Unfortunately the scene is rather short and you cannot say if the girl is pooping or just peeing. Anyway, I also have a question that concerns movies with toilet scenes: Does anyone of you know movies that show a girl sitting on the toilet AND straining? Or maybe movies with acustic references to this? (Excuse my bad English)

Movie Fan
Hey Dice. You asked about the pee/poop scenes in some of the movies that were on my list. In "Patch of Blue", the main character is a blind girl who gets a diarrhea attack from drinking too much pineapple juice while she's in the park at night waiting for her stepfather to come pick her up. She goes behind a tree to shit and the camera focuses in on the empty pineapple drink container, just in case there's any doubt about what her problem is. She has another attack the next day, but this time she's with a friend who leads her to the ladies room. In "Homage", a young woman is in her bathroom taking a mid-morning crap when the handy man who has been spying on her climbs up a ladder outside and begins working on the window. She asks him to turn away and not look, and he complains that if she had gotten up earlier she wouldn't have to take a dump so late in the morning. In "Sticky Fingers" you get a legs only view of Helen Slater peeing in a restroom while talking to her friend. In "The Rachel Papers", you get a rather poor side angle view of Rachel using the toilet to pee while her boyfriend walks in on her. There are also a couple of scenes with the boyfriend on the pot. In "Empire Records" there's a really phony scene near the end of the movie where a young woman uses the toilet to pee while talking with her girlfriend. This scene is really funny, because the camera is viewing her from the front as she pulls her pants down to sit on the john, but if you watch closely you can see she doesn't actually pull her pants all the way down on one side. It would be impossible for anyone to actually pee like that. When she's done, she grabs some toilet paper and makes a pretend wipe but again it's real phony and you can see all she does is wave the paper through the air. "When the Party Over" is Sandra Bullock's first movie, and there's a scene where she and a couple of her friends take turns peeing. "Senseless" is a movie about a man (Marlon Wayans) who participates in an experiment which heightens all his senses. There's a scene where a woman goes into a restroom to poop and he can hear and smell it from outside the room. "Operation Condor" has a scene where a woman rushes to a bathroom and pees a whole bunch. I haven't seen "Wild Reivers" or "Choir Boys", but I've been told they both have scenes showing someone going to the bathroom (don't know if it's pee or poo). I thought of another movie with a female bathroom scene. In "Copycat", Sigorney Weaver is in a bathroom stall and she's carefully putting toilet paper on the seat in preparation for sitting down, probably to poop (I don't know if she'd do such a meticulous job with the paper just to pee). She starts to lift up her dress and pull down her panties to sit when she's attacked by a serial killer who tries to strangle her. Now it's your turn, Dice. Can you describe the farting scenes in "Date with an Angel", "Fatal Instinct", "Cave Girl", "Party Animal" and "Zapped"? I haven't seen any of them. In fact, I haven't seen any movies where a female farts. Also, there are apparently two different versions of "Fatal Instinct". One is a comedy and the other is a drama. Which one are you talking about? Finally, if you know of any other movies or TV shows with females pooping, please post!

Yesterday at school, I went to get something to eat at the Student Center and afterward, had the urge to take a crap. Another student walked in at the same time into the bathroom and we picked our stalls which were next to each other. THe third was a handicap stall. The guy next ot me let out some good bowl resonating farts. My dump was quiet. I was going to make some comments related to voth of us shitting but someone else came into the bathroom. I was a little bit disappointed since it was quick and no chance to chat.
A few days before, I went to the library to shit but one of the stalls had TP and the other one I usually used was out. Someone came in and went into the other stall and went as far as to close the door and then left. I saw the shoes and when I was finished, I saw the guy standing nearby and as soon as I was long gone, I heard the door open into the bathroom.

Jim Hardberg
One time I was at a great camp re-union party and I was talking with this very hot girl and her freinds. One of them made a very funny remark and I was laughing so hard that I let out a huge fart and some shit squirted out into my boxer. I was so humiliated I whofted my boxers in the hot girls face and then she threw up on me because of the horrifying smell.

Friday, September 04, 1998

Just a quick reply to heart2heart. I agree with you that a lot of interest stems from early experiences. I can still reacll wetting myself in front of a teacher while she was doing my shoelaces up. I must have been about 7 at the time. I remember having to go home in a pair of shorts far too big for me. As far as I reacll nothing else like that happened to me until I was 10 or so when coming home from school I had a more solid accident and poo`d my pants about 150 yards from home ! I remember it being quite solid at the time and got away with it. Mun never found out. I got in rushed upstairs and cleaned myself up. Threw away my pants never to be discovered. Since then as I got older I used to experiment quite a bit, and I became quite daring in some of the things I did . As a teenager I used to have the occasional accidents, mainly alone but not always. Now nearly 30 I am an avid fan of waiting till I need to "go" and seeing what happens. Hope it gives you as much pleasure as it does me. Have fun all Chris

Happy Camper
I was returning with my family from an east coast vacation. We were on a jumble jet with every seat taken. In the middle of the six hour flight, I felt the need to take a dump. The problem is that when a jumble jet is completely full, there is usually at least two people waiting at each toilet. There just isn't enough of them on a plane. I didn't think I would be able to relax very well sitting on the toilet knowing that a line was forming outside. So I held it in for about 4 hours until we got home from the trip. I emptied out real good. I still have never taken a shit on a plane.

Another chapter about my wife and her pooping. I was at my desk at home a few days ago updating my weekly financial transactions in QUICKEN. My wife came in to discuss a few things, and then she announced that she had to go to the bathroom, and from the tone of her voice, I knew she meant a #2. In the past she didn't usually make an announcement when she had to go. I wanted to ask her if I could keep her company while she went, but was afraid to do that. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and I saw her head toward the master bedroom with a magazine. After a few seconds, I headed toward the bedroom just to check whether she left the bathroom door open or closed it. As most of you know, my wife has never wanted to poop in front of me and has always been adamant about her right to privacy. But lately I have noticed that she has left the door partly open. I needed assurance that she is not going to revert back to her door slamming tactics, so when I entered the bedroom, I was real excited to see that the bathroom door was open all the way, although from where I was standing, I couldn't see in. Since I was suppose to be in the other room paying the bills, I didn't want my wife to think that I had come into the bedroom just to watch her poop, so I decided to just stand in the bedroom where she couldn't see me and just listen to see if I could pick up some sound effects. To my excitement I heard about 4 distinct logs drop about five seconds apart. Many times she is a little constipated, but not this time. She was letting loose real good. I returned to my desk to finish my QUICKEN transactions. I found a credit charge receipt which I didn't know what the charge was, so I needed to ask my wife about it. Now I had a good excuse to go into the bathroom to ask her about the credit card charge. I walked to the door and there she was sitting on the toilet reading her magazine. Neither one of us acted in an unusual way. We both acted like it was business as normal, but this is new to both of us (her pooping in front of me). She had her panties and pants bunched up together above the knees. My preference is to have separation between the panties and pants. I like to see the pants down by the ankles and the panties above the knees. But I am just happy that she is getting over her shyness about this. I certainly am not going to start dictating to her how she should perform the act. As she was answering my question about the credit card charge, she started reaching for the T.P. I decided not to stay around for the Grand Finale, so I left. At least we made contact and a little conversation while she was doing her thing. That is why it was important for me to have an excuse to go in. Otherwise she would had received no credit for having left the door open if I didn't let her know that I knew. I am all happy now, cause I think she has crossed a major bridge, and hopefully will not revert back to her old habits now. I will acknowledge how I appreciate her change when I have a good chance. I will keep you all posted.

another, rather strange movie with a male toilet scene is "Trainspotting", where you see Ewan McGregor, playing someone just beginning to get off heroin addiction let it loose on a rather gross toilet and then proceeding to look for his suppositories in it.

Add these to the men in films list (full view, that is):
1) Death of a Soldier -- an army recruit is reading the comics in a stall that actually has a door, he just didn't close it
2) Wish Me Luck -- catch it on USA Up All Night. Guy gets drunk and burps and farts simultaneously. Luckily, he doesn't drink the gorgeous genie who's sleeping in his beer.
3) Lost Angels -- has one of the Beastie Boys in it. Extremely quick shot of 2 guys in a mental institution next to each other with no doors ..and no walls.
4) Pulp Fiction -- John Travolta (did somebody mention this?)
5) Maximum Overdrive -- very large guy smoking and reading before getting interrupted by Emilio Estevez (not below the waist)
The Friday the 13th films with toilet scenes were 1, 3 and 5. 1 had the chick who got an axe in her head, 3 had the hippie drug-addict and 5 had the Rick James wanna-be...right before he got killed. While it's not a film, I always got a kick out of the weirdo on the pan in No Doubt's "Just a Girl" video. Lasts all of half a second though!

hi everyone--and too my teenage buddys. its really nice to hear about another teenager that is constipated. I am 16 and only poop about 3 times a week. my dad is constipated too. i hate it when my mom knocks on the bathroom door and asks "how i am". most of my friends are open about pooping and it seems like they are constipated most of the time also. i never take laxatives, but my dad does, i think he has to. there are two more movies i can think of with dudes pooping that i did not see in the other list. they are: "the pest" shows john leguizamo with a major case of the squirts, he grunts and everything. also a movie with nicholas cage, where he is a body guard for the first lady, played by shirley mc claine, shows nick on the can talking on a cell phone.

BrentC Your dumps sound exactly like mine. My dumps are always hard and dry. It was great reading about your massage therapist helping you to shit. I used to have a buddy who I would dump with. His dumps were usually noisy and moderately firm. Mine were noisy and impacted. I remember one time in particular when he helped me out. I had been constipated for several days when he came by to see me. While he was there I felt a dull urge to shit, so I went in the bathroom, dropped my pants and sat my ass on the toilet. I could feel a lot of shit in my colon as I stared to push. After several minutes I hadn't done a thing. I had left the door open slightly, so he knocked and came in. He asked me how I was doing and I said "no can do. I need to shit so badly, but I am totally plugged." He leaned over me a put his hands on my buns. I said "Hey what are you doing?" He said "helping you out, my friend. Now push." He massaged my buns in a rotating motion while I strained. I let out a long dry fart - pffffffffffffffft. I felt a little movement. I told him that something was trying to pass and as I strained fiercely, he lifted up on my buns. The hardest rock you have ever seen dropped with a major splash. We kept this routine up for about 30 minutes. Each time I felt somrthing coming I would tell him and he would stop the massage and pull upward. It was great. When it was over I had dropped about 5 hard cannonballs... not much fruit for all the labor, but better than no shit at all. I could not shit tonight... just one tiny nugget. Carlos

To the person who mentioned Tom Selleck taking a crap in a movie, they are probably thinking of the scene in Mr. Baseball, when Mr. Selleck asks where the toilets are in the men's locker room so that he can take a crap...He is then shown one of the squat type toilets in the floor and makes some remark. I don't remember right off hand what the other remark was, but I know the scene was in "Mr. Baseball"...

Silent Spice
I know a few movies with guys on the toilet. On

(1)Casper:A Spiritual Beginning- the principal(Richard Mole)is sitting on the toilet
(2)Dances With Wolves-two men are squatting in the grass
(3)Friday-some guy is on the toilet
(4)A Puff Daddy video(not a movie but still someone on a toilet)-Puff Daddy is on the toilet
Thats all I can think of now

To PC and Others Yes, there really ARE women who can shit and NOT stink up a bathroom! I know for us guys that seems incredible, but it's true! I've witnessed a couple of women have good BMs over the years that did not smell at all! Very amazing, and it truly does make you wonder how their diet plays a role, as it surely must! There are women out there who are very cute and attractive, but their BMs smell like any guy! That's cool, but what you would expect! My wife for 20 plus years has NOT smelled but maybe a few times when she shits! I can't say the same, and yes, it does amaze me, but is all the more a turn-on. I have told her that if her butt and its activity was a bad thing, there would be odor, but she has barely any! It is a bit of a novelty to see her on the pot, and look and see a fairly large stool, but no odor! Even amazing, as you'd expect something in the air to testify to her efforts! Air fresheners are not needed where she is concerned....but like you PC, I go throuh! a case every other month! Hey, guys stink, and many women don't! It's that simple and I can live with that...can you?!

There has been a fair amount of talk about movies with peeing and pooping and farting lately, what I would like to ask "Movie Fan" is what are the pee/poop scenes in the following movies like (that he mentioned earlier)........ Wild Reivers, Choir Boys, Winter Kills, The Rachel Papers, Sticky Fingers, Empire Records, When the Party's Over, Operation Condor, Homage, Patch of Blue, Senseless.
Here is a list of movies with female fart scenes......... Don't be a Menace, Date with an Angel, Fatal Instinct, Cave Girl, Party Animal, Zapped. I would be grateful to know of any new female pee or poop scenes since when Patches stopped updating hers. Thanks, Dice

After eating lunch in mcDonalds, my friend and me started shopping. After an hour or so, I felt an urge to pee, but had soon forgotten about it. Another 1-2 hour passed by and I had to pee very badly, I told my friend, and she said after she tried on those pants she had picked. I wait like half an hour, till my friend had came out and I told her I can't wait much longer. She paid for the pants and then suggested that I used the bathrooms in the department stores on the forth floor. So, we went into the department store and took the escalators. On the second floors, my friend told me that she wanted to look over some tops, she said it will only take a few seconds. Well, i told her to stop looking around or I will wet myself. My friend agree and we took the elevator instead, in the elevator there were to other girls, when we went in the elevator, the other two girls pressed a button to go down to the basement before I had a chance to pressed the four button. The elevator went down, and I was very angry as i was squezzing my bladder. When the other two girls left my friend helped me pressed the four button, as the elevator was going up, I couldn't hold it anymore and let it out.

Moira, I'm sorry if I offended. I didn't tell the whole story and, out of context, it does seem very ill-mannered. There was some emotional stuff going on in that carriage, which I didn't include to avoid making the post too long. I would never deliberately embarass or distress anyone, I'm a gentle thing by nature. I guess it was a 'you had to be there' moment. On a different note, does anyone know of any articles of clothing designed with toileting-friendly features (beyond the standard openable crotch in corsetry, etc.)? Janet devised a few handy ideas, some of which really worked. Maybe I should tell more about Janet. My girlfriend (and briefly fiancee) came to London from Brooklyn N.Y. aged 17, and we were together for 3 years until her death. A lively size 16 redhead (and occasional punk), she was an aspiring theatrical costumier and lightning seamstress. We shared all our toilet needs 100%, and had many happy hours helping each other go, and inventing and testing toilets. Anyway, Janet once made a sumptuous ballgown which was just a bit too full to handle easily in a cubicle. So she added a secret flap at the back through which she could relieve herself on the toilet without having to lift the skirt. The opening was rather small (for concealment) and she found it difficult to wipe without messing up the flap. She solved this with a 'side access flap'. It was a funny sight, Janet sitting in the bathroom fully (and extravagantly) dressed, feeding wads of tp and baby wipes into her frock, but she managed to do her business without any exposure at all, the back flap and panty-girdle gusset only being open while seated. TODAY'S POO: Thick, firm and not too smelly. Just right, in fact, but I don't seem to be going as often as I would like. I prefer to do two solid sittings a day, but right now I'm only managing one very average bum-full. As I tend to sit down for my wee, I always try for a bm at the same time, and I'm often rewarded with a little something over and above my regular ones. How often do YOU try to poo (even if you don't feel the need), and how often are your efforts repaid ?? Crimson

Thursday, September 03, 1998

Hi Diskputers You asked how much I had to push. Not so much that time I guess. My cramps had gotten things moving I guess and I was sort of in a hurry cause chris' Mom was out there. I could here her walk by the door a couple of times. After she walked by I pushed as hard as I could so I could finish before she'd hear me. It felt like it was slicing me as it came out. I think my friends Mom wanted to ask how I'd done...but she probably didn't cause i'd be embarassed. I have heard her ask Chris if he had to go...I think Chris is constipated a lot but we never talk about it. Aaron

Interesting posts and I sense a divide between the laxative users such as Brent C and John B and the couple of German correspondents recently, and those such as myself , Nicola and others who shun such medicines. I would agree with Brent C that using laxatives for fun ( a very weird idea to my way of thinking!) can harm the bowels as the user becomes dependent on them and cannot do a motion in the normal manner without. Also misuse can lead to malnutrition as the food travels too fat throught the system to be properly absorbed and to dehydration owing to loss of fluid. Better as Nicola says in her latest post and as echoed by Jill to take more exercise and eat a better diet. I only have constipation about the time of my period and this soon passed off, with the help of George to rub my ???? when needed, a bit like Brent C's massage I suppose. To Crimson. If you follow me into a train toilet in Britain and find one of my big jobbies stuck there, then LEAVE WELL ALONE!. I have no objection to others seeing it and, from reading these posts , I know there are plenty who do enjoy such sights. You are certainly well versed in your knowledge of toilet pans throughout the world, some of which types George and I have used ourselves, but you are not the International Toilet Police. Had you done to me what you did with the woman you mention and sat opposite her to cause her embarrasment as you did you would have got a very basic, Anglo Saxon, invitation to quit my company! Keep the Swiss Army Knife to sharpen your pencils or remove stones from horses' hooves please. Loved Anne's story about the knickers blocking the loo and then her own tale about the difficult compacted motion. I have had this experience myself when in court sitting behind Counsel in a difficult trial I could not just up and leave when I needed a motion. Like Anne, I felt the need go away and soon forgot that I had needed as I was very involved with this case. Some hours later after we had lunch we went back to the Barristers' Chambers and I suddenly felt the need to go. When I did I had a similar difficult very fat jobbie to pass as had Anne with a lot of !OO! OO! straining etc. Mine was about the same size and thickness and got stuck in the pan. I just left it, as I usually do and if others saw it they didnt comment, at least not to me. A cousin of mine who is Matron of an old people's home says that often her elderly residents will have an accident alas not an uncommon event in the old, and then flush knickers down the toilet pans. She and her staff are very sympathetic and try not to embarras their residents and have had to put up notices in the toilets telling them kindly to put any soiled underwear in the plastic buckets they have had to put in the toilets to be washed and returned to them without any comment or criticism. Perhaps if people were not so judgemental and mocking about "big accidents" in other people's pants then they wouldn't do this. Both George and I have had accidents both as kids and as adults and do not laugh at others who do. We were critical of the guest who flushed their underwear down our toilet NOT for having an accident but for not thinking about the consequencies and blocking up our drains. Had they mentioned their predicament to me I would have given them a clean pair of panties and either washed their soiled pair or let them dispose of them properly in the trash without letting anyone else know what had happened. Finally , I can certainly agree with Nicola about sportswomen doing very large jobbies as I too play a lot of sports and have seen some real whoppers in the toilet pans in the changing rooms, having done quite a few myself. Her theory that men dont do such big motions as theirs are loose and flush away easily may be true given that lots of men's team sports have a culture of heavy beer drinking and beer in large amounts can have a laxative effect especially bitter and real ale. George tends to drink only a couple of pints of lager or a few glasses of white wine and he passes turds that are every bit as big and solid as mine.

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