Miss Catherine, Do You Have to Poo Poo Too?

I have a funny story that happened Sunday at church that I think many of you could appreciate!

Since moving back to my small southern town a couple of years ago, I've gotten back involved in my home church - the town's First United Methodist Church. I volunteer as a preschool Sunday School teacher. It's fun and rewarding since I'm almost 34, single and have no children. We have about 5-7 children each year, ranging from ages 3 to pre-K (about 5 years old, I think). As you know I am very regular and go to the bathroom at predictable times. As I have shared with you before, when I get irregular (at least what's irregular for me) exciting things happen, like accidents, using public restrooms, clogging toilets, etc.

Well, Sunday was one of those days. I had a pretty normal bowel movement Saturday morning. That evening, my parents and I went to a wedding for one of my pharmacy techs. She is a really neat story, by the way. She was raised in an awful situation and with the help of friends, church and community worked hard to make something of her life. She met this great guy a couple of years ago and here they are married. Well, the wedding was an evening wedding and during my normal evening poop schedule. I ate lots of food at the wedding - you know, the cheeses, and other rich finger foods, along with cake and Champaign! While I felt bloated I didn't have to poop that night. I woke up Sunday morning feeling bloated. I went through my routine, thinking it would get my bowels going. I had my cereal, but did not eat my normal breakfast as my parents wanted to go out before church. I got ready and we went and ate breakfast at this local diner near my pharmacy. I thought I might go at the restaurant, but that didn't happen either.

I was full on sausage, eggs, grits, wheat toast and coffee! And, I was headed to church. Being a small town First Methodist means that the facility is old. The toilets are not the industrial toilets with the powerful flushes. I was hoping that I would make it home to poop after church.

Well, I started feeling the urge not long after Sunday School started. My stomach was heavy, and began to cramp. About half way through the class time I felt that familiar feeling at the back door. I knew that I would have to go between Sunday School and the worship service. So, as soon as the last parents came to get the kids, I knew I had a good ten minutes, which should have been plenty of time. I really had to go at this point. I walked in the women's bathroom and saw just ahead of me one of the moms - Erin - bringing her 6 year old daughter, Emma, and her 3 year old son, whose in my class, whose name is JJ. JJ is an adorable little boy with a cotton-top head and blue eyes. He melts your heart when you see him but he is one of those children who will say anything!

Erin said that they were making a quick stop before church. There were three stalls and Erin instructed Emma to take one. She opened the door and JJ said, "Hey, Miss Catherine! I have to poo poo." Erin corrected her son and said that it was not polite to talk about going to the potty to others. Then she apologized and said that they had just completed toilet training and JJ was proud of himself. Of course I said that it was OK, as I opened a stall on the end. I really had to go at this point, and though I was polite, I hoped the small talk would end.

Then JJ said, "Miss Catherine, do you have to poo poo too?"

I immediately felt my face flush, but I smiled. "Yes, Miss Catherine has to use the bathroom too." Erin immediately told JJ to hush. I heard Emma giggle from her stall. She had already finished and was making her way to the sink. Erin apologized and I told her not to worry.

I closed the stall and proceeded to lower slacks and panties and situated myself on the toilet seat.

I began to pee. All the coffee had to go first, but the urge to poop was strong. I heard JJ going - a couple of plops and then peeing. Erin asked, "OK, honey, are you finished?" He said yes and then remarked, "Mommy, I have a little booty and I made a little poo poo." She said, "Yes, JJ, I see that" in a tone that hinted that she hoped he changed the subject. I had not begun my bowel movement at that point.

The poop began to crown and I could tell this was going to be large, long and thick. I wish that I could have been in my own home to enjoy this, rather than at church. I relaxed and allowed nature to happen. The poop was really thick and every thing started off slow and proceeded with a little crackling, but was not a noisy dump at all. I could tell that it was a larger than normal bowel movement, and I glanced in the bowl to see that the head missed the toilet hole and the beast curved from one end of the to the front, making a backwards letter J. I knew then that this poop would not flush. A strong poop odor filled the restroom.

"Ewww!!! Miss Catherine did a big poo poo!!" I heard JJ from the stall while Erin continued to wipe him. Emma giggled. My heart dropped into my stomach and my cheeks flushed. But I kept my composure. Erin was shaken too. She was more stern with JJ and told him that it was not polite to talk about other people who were using the bathroom. She gave the spill that everyone "poo poo's" and then began to profusely apologize.

Though she could not see me, I smiled and said that it was OK, that I loved JJ and not to worry. Then she said, "JJ, honey, go to the sink with Emma and wash your hands. Mommy has to Tee Tee." I thought to my self, please go on so that I could finish pooping with some dignity. JJ exited the stall and I heard Erin get herself situated to do her business. In the meantime, my stomach was not feeling well. Even after releasing that behemoth turd, I still felt bloated and crampy. It was not near that time of the month, so I thought I might be in here a while.

Erin passed a little gas as she began to pee and JJ said, "Mommy, you tooted!" She responded, "JJ, that's enough!" As if I did not to call any attention to myself, my bowels felt like they were about to empty again and I gave a little push. I trumpeted a loud fart. I could not believe this was happening. JJ said, "Miss Catherine, you tooted too! Your toot was loud. Is that because you have a big booty? Mommy has a little booty." I could not believe that this was happening. Erin said, "JJ, not another word!" I thought I should say something, at least to let Erin know that I was not mad. So I said, "JJ, Miss Catherine has an upset stomach."

She finished, flushed and began to get her clothes back together. JJ again said, "Miss Catherine, does your big booty make big poo poo's too?" Yes, at 6'1'' and 185 lbs, I have a pretty big, but firm and fit butt. I guess he noticed in class, as my slacks seemed to show off my curves. I imagine JJ was associating the size of my butt with the size of my output. Then he said, "Mommy does little poo poo's. She has a little booty."

At that Erin said, "Catherine, I am so sorry." I told her not to worry about it and that JJ was just being a kid. However, my dignity was gone. With all my might I held everything in until they left. When the door closed I farted again and then pooped a lot of soft serve on top of my beastly creation. The bathroom smelled horrible. I did not try to flush the toilet, as there was no plunger. I heard the organ begin in the sanctuary and thought that I would be late for the worship service. I took a chance and left my stall and went to the other to clean up. That I could flush. Then, I came back and took a quick pic with my cell phone!

I arrived in church late. My mom whispered to me, asking where I was and I told her that I had to use the bathroom, that my stomach was a little upset, but I'm OK now.

However, that was not the end of the story. As we were leaving and shaking the minister's hand, we just happened to follow right behind Erin, her husband John, and Emma and JJ. Our minister is very personable makes it a point to speak to all the children and of course, JJ had to share that he learned to use the potty. This is where my heart sank, "Pastor Dan," JJ said as he gave me a hug, "this is my teacher, Miss Catherine. We did a poo poo at the same time!"

I did not know what to do. It was awkward. I could tell the minister was embarrassed, John was embarrassed. My parents looked away. Erin looked at me and said that she was so sorry. Of course, JJ was just innocent in all this. I said, "JJ, I'm proud of you for learning to use the potty and I can't wait to see you next Sunday!"

However, when we got in the car, I began to cry a little. My mother was very sympathetic and a little angry. I told her that it was OK, I just needed a few minutes to compose myself.

On Monday, Erin called and apologized. I told her that I thought that JJ did not know that he was being rude, but that he was "on the subject" because he had just been potty trained. She then explained that she would let him go to the bathroom with her while she was toilet training and said that she thought he saw her poops that way. She just continued to apologize and I told her that she had nothing to worry about and that I really appreciated her phone call. We laughed about it and ended the conversation cordially.

I will never forget that as long as I live. At least it was a really good bowel movement. I just hope that I can keep myself together in front of everyone next Sunday. In fact, the minister is one of my customers and I saw him this week at the pharmacy. I think we both worked through some awkwardness to exchange pleasantries.

Well, I hope that you all enjoyed my story! I am really enjoying everyone's posts and hope that you all are well.

Love to all!




What come in will come out

Hi everyone yup it's me again with another story. This part 2 , well after making it to my evening class , while taking notes my stomach felt like it did earlier , I said oh no not again , to myself , I grab my book bag , and speed walk out of class walk down to hall to the library dash in the ladies restroom before the janitor come cause he always mops super wet cause it's uncomfortable getting my feet smelling like bleach , so anyway I took stall number 1 and hang up back pack , locked stall door , pulled down my jeans to ankles and sat on toilet , began passing heavy gas then hole opens up like 50 pellets start firing out while farting, rubbing my stomach it stop close my hole , begin to wipe and here come cleaning guy asking anyone in here I said me about done flush toilet pull up my jeans . Exit the stall wash my hands and told him it's all yours he said thanks , then I forgot my back pack and he was cleaning the sinks I said excuse me forgot my back pack hehe , then made it back in library looked at the time saw I been gone quite sometime so I decide to stay in library , catch up on some extra study for my other classes , then the stomach pain hit me again race back to bathroom with back pack in hand and book in other he said back again I said yes sorry but I really needs to go or I have a accident he said almost finish I said please can't hold on much longer he said geez you chick so impaient I said nothing like that he came out , I ran in the 1st pulled jeans down to ankles quickly sat down warm gooey poop start coming out, forgot to close the door , janitor guy came back and said miss he said he forgot something , I said sorry be here awhile he said please he needs it to clean the men I said sorry no, then he start cussing at me calling me rude and stuff I said hey listen you know the rules men can't be in bathroom in public violation of privacy he said well you violating my health but stinking awfully rooten, so I said I'm about done flush the toilet , and I begin roll off tp to wipe then done . Got up pull up my jeans came wash my hands , got my stuff before I forget and him waiting said something I don't want to repeat but came back to dorm after 10 that night told Marcus all what happen , he said I should report him , I said I know but not worth it so late that night I took a bath to soak my sore weak bottom , today so far I feel okay plus it's still early

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby C great story it sounds like you and the rest of the cheerleaders all had good poops and great story about your poop at school it sounds like that teacher was pretty desperate and just made in time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenna great peeing stories.

To: Nicole great story about your big poop it sounds like you really had to go pretty bad and a lot to from the sound of it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Korean Girl great story hope you have a great poop.

To: John B great story I bet your wife felt pretty good afterwards.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

accident prone fiance

Hello everyone. It's been awhile. I used to post about my accident prone girlfriend but as you probably figured out from the title we got engaged! Yep I asked her about a month ago and surprisingly she didn't have an accident in her pants when I did! I kid. But anyway, she's been doing pretty well lately sticking to her new bathroom routine. She used alarms on her phone for about a week but stopped doing that, basically she just got herself in a rhythm with going to the bathroom before she leaves her office and not always trying to make it home, and she's been better about going when she feels the urge and not procrastinating. So thankfully she's avoided further humiliating moments at work.

However she has not remained accident free. On Sunday she had an accident for the first time since she wet the bed from being stressed about what was happening at work. We went to her aunt and uncle's house in the afternoon because we were returning two window ac units that they loaned us for the summer and we stayed for lunch. afterwards we did some grocery shopping and headed home. In the car on the way back she was obviously uncomfortable and looked nervous. I figured she had to go to the bathroom. It was confirmed after a little bit when she sighed heavily then groaned a little and said "my belly is rumbly..." I've learned that that is the code for "I have to poop really bad." I asked her "are you gonna make it home?" She sat perfectly still and didn't say anything for a few seconds then semi-confidently said "yeah...yeah I can hold it."

We made it to the house and she was on the brink. She had farted two or three times and taken more deep breaths just as we pulled up. We got out of the car and I just went into my usual post-grocery shopping routine and swung around to the back of the car to get groceries out. I had collected two or three bags when I heard her about "babe! I need the keys!" I looked up to see her at the door standing rigidly with her hand pressed on her butt and a look of extreme desperation on her face. I said "oh ****, sorry!" And I put the bags down real quick and scrambled to get the keys back out of my pocket and ran up towards the door. I got there and she was now slightly hunched forward and she didn't reach out for the keys.she still had a hand on her butt and her face was turning bright red and then she started to smile awkwardly. She shook her head at me and then I could hear some farting and crackling and I knew she was pooping her pants. She sighed heavily again and finally reached for the keys and just said "'s too late." I said "sorry babe" and she just unlocked the front door and waddled in. She had gray leggings on and she had a bulge on her butt the size of a potato with a few little wet brown marks on it and a brown streak going up to her back. It was a pretty significant accident, and so she was in the bathroom for quite some time. I got all the groceries put away before she even came out lol. Anyway, when I went in the bathroom later her leggings and some sky blue panties were draped over the side of the tub completely damp from being hand washed. She did a nice job as the panties looked nice and clean. You couldn't even tell she had an accident in them.

Mr. Clogs

Reply to Scarlet

Thank you Scarlet for the reply, I hope our suggestions would work out and at least the plumbing too. LOL! Keep us posted on some work time bathroom stories using the cup. All the best Scarlet! Take care.

-Mr. Clogs.


work accident

I was trying to get the vacuum out of the cleaning closet but i tripped and fell backwards apparently the suddeness of it made me shit my pants because when i landed on my ass there was a squishy feeling. My face flushed as i realized what had happened. All of the sudden i felt a warm trickle running through my crotch and i realized i was pissing myself too. I sat there stunned in complete humiliation before i came to my senses and waddled to the bathroom. I couldn't save my panties so i threw them out and took out the trash. Unfortunately I still had to finish my shift (thankfully i was almost done) when i got home I peeled my cold wet jeans down still smelled a little like poop and jumped in the shower. The hot water felt good on my inner thighs (they were a little chafed from the wet denim against my bare skin)


What come in will come out

Hello all hope all is well. I have exciting story to share but anywho I was at my dad company I invited my new friend to come with so turns out my dad know her dad cause they did some business together but anyhow so we have lunch with him asking him questions on business cause I been thinking about opening up a non profit day care for those in need and those work with me will reap the rewards of giving there time, so my friend on board so after awhile I was feeling time to go she asked me where bathroom at I said I show you , so I said brace yourself smiling, so I take her to the crapper room , she said mmm I think this is the men's I said no unisex , so I said it's up to you, so I walked over to the toilet lid pulled down my panties from my skirt to ankles and sat down she said okay forget it she sat next to me pulling her pants and panties to ankles , so one of the guys came in greeted me sat too down from me so I introduced my friend to him cause he been in my dad company long time , I just promoted him lead Forman over some of my dads out of town trips so he travels with us . She was so nervous and asked if Marcus knows about this like ya he don't care cause he know my body condition , so as I'm finishing up pooping my friend said sorry just not used to this setting I said I know sorry to just how I was raised , so I wiped few times and get off and pull up my panties and go wash my hands , later on that night I cooked dinner and baked a pie.bye for now


back in the saddle

I posted earlier about dumps I took at my college, but nothing interesting happened since then, until yesterday. Right before macro-econ class was about to start, I felt a huge urge to poop. Not caring about being late, since the teacher doesn't take attendance and doesn't know anyone's name, I headed for the ladies room on that floor. There are four stalls, and the ones on the two ends were taken. The girl in the one closest to the door was definitely pooping, although I didn't hear any turds falling out of her tush, she was farting a lot, mostly wet diarrhea-like ones. I took the stall next to her as the girl in the other end stall left and started to wash her hands. As I settled myself down for what was going to be a nice big dump, the girl next to me let out what sounded like a thundering load of diarrhea, punctuated by two loud farts. I decided to not be shy, and said to her in a sarcastically questioning voice "Stomachache?" She said, "Yeah, kind of. Do you have to take a dump too?" I said, "Yeah, really badly." She chuckled as I farted loudly myself, then pushed out what seemed like an interminably long soft coil of poop, with another zipper-like fart at the end. It really stunk in that ladies room, trust me. The girl next door said, "You sure weren't lying!" I said, "There's more where that came from!" I had been a little constipated, but I had drunk some pineapple juice and eaten bran cereal that morning; it seemed to be helping me out. For the next few minutes, the two of us just sat there, conversing a little bit, farting, and dropping turds periodically. As the other chick was starting to wipe, I was hit by a sudden stomach cramp, farted a really long loud fart, and then pumped out a smelly load of soft serve poop. The chick next door said "Do you need some Imodium? I've got some here." I said "Thanks but actually I'm done now." As I myself started to wipe, the chick said "You must have filled the whole toilet there, that took like 10 minutes." I said "Want to take a look?" hoping I wouldn't gross her out, which I didn't. She said "only if you see what I did!" I said "Let me wipe first, in case someone opens the door, I don't want to be either seen with my pants down like this or have poop in my panties. She said "sure." It took about five wipes, which I tried to place in the toilet to not obscure the load, which consisted of a huge about 1.5 foot long log, some other big chunks, and a pile of mushy poop. We exchanged stalls, and I saw her load: Mostly liquidy diarrhea, with a few solid pieces inside the muck. It sure stunk worse than mine, but I was too polite to say so. All I said was "Why are you offering me the Imodium, looks like you need it more!" The other chick, who I saw the face of now (she was a little overweight, African-American light skinned, with short black hair), said "I have a ton of this at home, I have mild IBS-D." I said I was sorry and that I hoped she would get over it. I also told her I have a second cousin with Crohn's disease, which is probably worse than IBS-D. We flushed each other's toilets, washed our hands, exited the ladies room, and went to our respective classes. Sure was an interesting way to begin the Wednesday.

Crystal or Maria

What come in will come out

I know in past I would post as Crystal to clairfy I'm the same person just Maria is my first name and Crystal is my mom middle name she gave me I have a double middle name , but anyway past summer story , It was a hot summer day I went to water park with Mike and Diesse so got ready that afternoon shirt on shorts under it swim suit and wore some sandals and hair in a ponytail , so I picked up Diesse first cause she had a confession to make so she told me and it really surprise me much but at same time made me sad so I took her to drug store and bought her some Enamas met up with Mike and I slapped him on sight he got upset asked why then I told him pig , so she and I went to ladies restroom I took her in stall with me lubed her really good and let her go in privacy knowing she was in great pain hearing her moan in misery I took a stall next to hers and just peed after 20 mins she finally got started but after 45 mins we all end up having fun , I still talk with them back home but not as much well got to go me still sleepy

Caregiver Teacher
Ever since I watched an episode of Extreme Cheapskates, where Ben Livingston of Austin, Texas, artist, had came up with the idea of using a kitchen sink sprayer as a sprayer for cleaning his nether regions & naughty bits.....I had contemplated such, but wondered if it could be improved upon somewhat. Then, while researching/searching for a comfortable butt cushion for my age 81 ill mom to use on her bedside commode(another story that----anyone have any ideas/or suggestions?? When she uses it, she says that the lid cuts into her help please suggestions???). So anyways, regarding improving upon the kitchen sprayer idea?? I encountered this today, much in the same abrupt, free style boolean search fashion in which I encountered your website:

An affordable, aftermarket add-on bidet! I had assumed always, wrongly that they only came built into fancy, costly commodes.

Oh, and here's a google page's worth, to get you, ummm, going:

Saturday, October 11, 2014


What come in will come out

Hi everyone yup it's me again with another story. This part 2 , well after making it to my evening class , while taking notes my stomach felt like it did earlier , I said oh no not again , to myself , I grab my book bag , and speed walk out of class walk down to hall to the library dash in the ladies restroom before the janitor come cause he always mops super wet cause it's uncomfortable getting my feet smelling like bleach , so anyway I took stall number 1 and hang up back pack , locked stall door , pulled down my jeans to ankles and sat on toilet , began passing heavy gas then hole opens up like 50 pellets start firing out while farting, rubbing my stomach it stop close my hole , begin to wipe and here come cleaning guy asking anyone in here I said me about done flush toilet pull up my jeans . Exit the stall wash my hands and told him it's all yours he said thanks , then I forgot my back pack and he was cleaning the sinks I said excuse me forgot my back pack hehe , then made it back in library looked at the time saw I been gone quite sometime so I decide to stay in library , catch up on some extra study for my other classes , then the stomach pain hit me again race back to bathroom with back pack in hand and book in other he said back again I said yes sorry but I really needs to go or I have a accident he said almost finish I said please can't hold on much longer he said geez you chick so impaient I said nothing like that he came out , I ran in the 1st pulled jeans down to ankles quickly sat down warm gooey poop start coming out, forgot to close the door , janitor guy came back and said miss he said he forgot something , I said sorry be here awhile he said please he needs it to clean the men I said sorry no, then he start cussing at me calling me rude and stuff I said hey listen you know the rules men can't be in bathroom in public violation of privacy he said well you violating my health but stinking awfully rooten, so I said I'm about done flush the toilet , and I begin roll off tp to wipe then done . Got up pull up my jeans came wash my hands , got my stuff before I forget and him waiting said something I don't want to repeat but came back to dorm after 10 that night told Marcus all what happen , he said I should report him , I said I know but not worth it so late that night I took a bath to soak my sore weak bottom , today so far I feel okay plus it's still early

First posting

Delighted to find this site and relieved to realise my interest is shared by so many others and shared openly.
I'm a white male, mid 60s, living in the North of England.
My inters in female urination and defecation dates from childhood, and I'll share details in a future posting.
It's only fair to provide as well as seek information in a first posting I think so here goes.As far as my own habits are concerned, I wee regularly every day, and at least once during the night.
I do leak in bed sometimes but not otherwise but did have to 're-train' my bladder after having a kidney transplant some years ago which resulted in quite frequent wettings.
I usually move my bowels every day in three early morning sessions, the first tends to consist of a small hard poo, followed by longer softer ones within an hour or so.
Since childhood I've only ever had BM accidents when in hospital, usually enema induced to relieve constipation following surgery.
If there are any ladies of more mature years, (say 40+), who contribute here, I'd love to hear from you about your toilet habits in general and any accidents in particular, but I mustn't be greedy as a newcomer. Happy to answer any questions honestly and thanks again to all of you who are willing to share a subject I thought was my secret shame alone.


Post Title (optional) To Ezra

I loved your story! Do you often have big craps like that? It sounded like you were constipated too. How many days did you go without taking a dump? I loved your descriptions, of waddling around, grunting and trying to squeeze your massive load out. I know what that is like because I'm always constipated myself. I also walk around my house with no clothes on, when I'm struggling to do a poo. I've lost count at how many times I've had to walk around with a turd sticking out of my anus, that has got stuck.

Speaking of constipation, I've been having LOTS of trouble this again this week. Its been a real struggle for me and I've had a couple of extremely difficult pooping sessions. Its been worse than ever!!

Ever since I ate all of that chocolate recently, I've been very constipated. Even though I've been eating lots of healthy food, it hasn't helped. Last weekend, I had to stay home because I was feeling so miserable. I hadn't done a poo for 3 days. I was too constipated to go anywhere. I ended up taking a laxative (a natural one called Laxette) on Friday night. Its meant to start working within 24 hours. I was getting urges to poop on Saturday morning. It really felt like I could drop a huge load so I made my way to the toilet. My stomach was gurgling too. This was definitely feeling like the laxative was working. My house mate was out for the day so I had the place to myself. I took all my clothes off and sat on the toilet. At first, nothing happened so I had to do lots of straining. I felt something moving down towards my anus and I thought YES this is it. I pushed and strained with all my might. After 5 minutes, my anus opened up and a tiny poo pebble went plip into the toilet. Then the urge went away and my anus closed up. I felt defeated. But I wasn't ready to give up yet so I pushed and strained again as hard as I could. I felt my anus opening up again and a hard turd was stretching it apart. I grunted loudly "HHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGMMMMMMMGGGGG!" and then I stood up, straining with all my force. I had a rock hard turd stuck in my anus, it was burning and it felt like razor blades in my butt. I remained standing for the next 15 por 20 minutes and then sat back down on the toilet. I reached down and felt my progress. My anus was open wide but nothing was sticking out. I stuck a finger up there and felt several rock hard turds in there. I tried to dig some out but it was like they were stuck to the inside of my anus.

I felt so miserable and so constipated!! I gave it one last try. I pushed and pushed and pushed and PUSHED!!!! I clenched my fists and screwed up my face. I closed my eyes and strained so hard that I felt light headed. After nearly 40 minutes of this, another tiny rock hard poo pebble fell into the toilet with a plip. Then I had to give up. I laid on my bed because I felt so defeated.

I had a very uncomfortable night, as I was so full of poo. My anus was so sore and I didn't sleep well. The next morning was Sunday and I was in dire need for a poo. My housemate was still away but I decided to use a public toilet anyway, just in case I clogged my toilet at home.

I drove to a different block of public toilets, in a park. There were only 4 in this toilet block but the park seemed deserted so I was hoping to have them all to myself. I went into the last toilet and locked the door. I took my pants off completely and my t-shirt so I just had my bra on. I sat on the toilet and waited. I tried to relax a bit too. I did lots of farts - they stunk to high heaven!! I now had more than 4 days worth of shit in me that needed to come out. After 20 minutes, I felt my anus start to open up and it crackled as a turd slowly moved down. I had to work very hard so that the poo wouldn't get sucked back up into my rectum. I pushed and strained with all my might and I grunted "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!" I had to keep doing this continously for 20 minutes because I was sure if I relaxed, the poo would slide back up. An hour easily passed by but by then, I had an inch of poo sticking out. I still had a LONG way to go. I stood up and placed both hands on the door in front of me. I closed my eyes and pushed like there was no tomorrow. Amazingly, this seemed to help and I felt the poo coming out a bit more. Then I needed a rest. I sat back down on the toilet. The poo was now sticking out about 3 inches and my anus didn't try to suck it back in. I reached down and felt the poo. It was so dry, like sandpaper. It was hurting my anus and burning like fire. I was sure there was glass and spikes in it. I placed two fingers on my anus and pressed down, while I strained at the same time. This made the poo come out a bit more and it stretched my anus SO wide that I thought it would burst. I looked at my phone - I had been at this for an hour and a half!


Then I heard someone go into the toilet next to mine. Surely they heard me grunting because I was so loud. I didn't care though and I grunted again "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGHHHH!!" Then I heard a voice say "Hello? Are you okay?" I had to strain for a few minutes before I could answer. Then I said "No, not really" I kept straining because by now, the poo was about half way out. The voice then asked "Are you constipated?" and I replied with "Yes, I'm extremely constipated" in a strained voice. They said "I hope you will be okay" and I said "Yes, I will be okay soon" They didn't ask me any more questions. Finally, after more than 2 hours, I was able to push out a massive load. It was easily 16 inches long. I felt SO much better after that!!!!


a few stories and comments

Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a while but I've still been reading and enjoying all your stories.

I have a few things I want to talk about.

1. Constipation: I've mentioned before, I've NEVER ever in my life been constipated so I don't really understand how it would be but I'm really feeling for some of you are suffering with it. I've for a long time been the opposite, my bms are usually too soft, and I don't have enough warning for it to be comfortable for me. I can be walking around shopping, at the beach etc and get such a sudden urge that it makes me feel sick and really embarrassed. I often take Imodium type medications to make this less likely to happen but it still happens just not as badly and not as loose. It's really frustrating and annoying. I don't know why it happens, I eat a balanced diet (probably too much chocolate and diet coke) but I've tried giving them up for a few months and that didn't change anything. Any suggestions on what I can do to have firmer bms? Unlike other people, cheese does nothing. Anything mixed together (stews etc), dairy products, chillies, curry gives me diarrhoea :(

2. This brings me to my next thing. The other day for the 2nd time in my teenage/adult life I had an accident. I was with a friend, we had chips for lunch and we were having a really fun day when suddenly I had a really bad urge to poop. It felt like really bad diarrhoea, we weren't near a toilet and I didn't want to say anything to her. I made up and excuse and told her I had to take her home because I had to go to work. On the way to drop her home I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. it was probably obvious to her. I was trying so hard to keep my bum closed but I just couldn't hold it and all of a sudden a bit of hot sticky poo went in my pants. It felt horrible but at least I had a bit of relief. I managed to get her home without her saying anything, I couldn't smell anything so I hoped she didn't. I let a little bit more out on the way home and quickly went to shower. I no longer had any need to poop even though I hadn't done much. The mess was absolutely disgusting to clean up, it was all on my butt and it was warm and messy. I hated it.

3. This is a good story that I hope people will enjoy :) I was at home, this was a perfect poop. I had been to work and had a small urge to poop, I came home and did a few jobs around the house and then decided to go to the toilet. I sat down on the toilet and didn't push at all. a big, wide poo started to crackle out of my bum, It was so thick and soooo long. It was one of those bms that gives you tingles, you know? It was just one long poop and i felt done. I stood up to look what I had produced. It was at least 2.5 inches in diameter and well over a foot long. And to make things better it went down the toilet with no problems whatsoever :)

Anyways, thanks for reading and thanks everyone for posting.


Abby C

Cheerleading at a football game

Hi, today I was at a football game for cheerleading. And when they were playing i needed to poop so i asked my coach if i could go. So i went to the restrooms in the small building beside the football field. The girls room had no stalls so when you were wiping the TP would be above the sinks. So i went in there were a few cheerleaders on the toilets and when cheerleaders go to the bathroom they have to take off their pants so i went on the last toilet i took off my cheerleading pants and sat down. I pushed and one normal size turd came out and then a large one came out so i put my cheerleading pants back to my ankles waddled over to the sinks and one piece of poop was still hanging on both of my cheeks so i sat on the sink and let that one fall in there i wiped and one cheerleader had nowhere to poop so she was pooping in the sink. Byby abby c xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


It's Been Awhile

Hey everyone! It's been forever since I posted here. Almost a year I think. As a little refresher, I'm 23, 5'8 tall with blonde hair. And I really like peeing lol. So much has happened since my last post, and I've been super busy with a lot of things, but I have more free time now and hopefully I can start regularly posting again. If anything, I have a bunch more stories to tell now lol. I can't wait to share them! Anyways, let's get right on it shall we? I'll start with two stories.

About a week ago, I was out running early in the morning at this trail that's close to my apartments. It was one of those mornings when I didn't pee when I got out of bed. Instead, I immediately got dressed in my running clothes and drank lots of water before heading out. Well, the urge to pee steadily grew as I went on my run. I was able to ignore it for the first half, but as time passed, I started to really have to pee. I had to stop a couple of times just to gather myself and not pee my pants. It was getting bad. Luckily the trail I was on ended at a public park with various amenities like bathrooms. As soon as I saw the buildings for the bathrooms, I immediately sprinted towards them.

I entered the women's restroom and it was empty. Not unusual for the early morning. It was your usual park restroom facility. Not too clean, and not too dirty either. I didn't care too much though, I had a flood ready to come out. I went straight for the first stall and closed the door. I pulled my yoga pants down then sat on the toilet. I had to adjust myself a bit to get comfortable, then finally…..fffsssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…my pee immediately came out and splashed into the toilet. I let out a heavy sigh. It felt so good. Not really surprising since I hadn't peed since the day before. My legs were also really tired from running, so it was nice to be able to sit down and rest while my pee continued to splash into the water. After about a minute long stream, the flow slowed to a dribble. I let out a couple more spurts, then I was done. I wiped, pulled my pants up, flushed and continued on my run. It was a lot easier to run on the way back since I didn't have to think about having to pee haha.

This second story happened several months ago, when I was at the library oncampus studying for a final. It was around 4 in the afternoon, and I had been at my table studying since 10 am that morning. The only times I left the table were to get two cups of coffee and a bottle of water. When 4pm rolled around, I had finished both cups of coffee and the entire bottle of water. I had been so focused that I hadn't really thought about going to the bathroom, and didn't notice just how badly I needed to go. I stopped to take a study break, and it hit me hard. What I really needed was a pee break. Now that my attention was on my full bladder, the need to go got much worse. I quickly got up and power walked to the nearest bathrooms.

The library bathrooms had 4 stalls, 3 were regular and 1 was handicapped. When I got in, luckily only one stall was occupied. Without missing a beat, I entered one of the middle stalls. I quickly locked the door, pulled my down my leggings to just below my knees and sat down. As soon as I was on the toilet my pee sprayed out. It was a steady thick stream that splashed into the water for a solid minute. Then it stopped for a few seconds, then started again. This time it was a trickle that went on for what felt like another minute. I sat there with my eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of relieving my bladder. Drinking nothing but coffee and water makes you pee a lot lol. As the few last drops came out, the person in the other stall left, leaving me alone in the bathroom. After sitting on the toilet for a few more minutes, I finally decided to finish up. I looked to my left…….and saw that there was no toilet paper.

I thought, awesome, this is the last thing I need. Theoretically I could have drip dried, but I didn't want to. I looked under the stall to make sure no one else was in the bathroom, the I got up off the toilet and shuffled into the next stall. The whole time my leggings were down around my knees, so I was basically walking around bottomless. That must have been a hilarious image. I got into the next stall and sat on that toilet and surprise surprise, there wasn't any toilet paper in there either! Just my luck. I quickly remembered that there was a stray roll of toilet paper on the counter where the sinks were, but I was in a middle stall and the sinks seemed miles away. If someone came into the bathroom while I was standing at the sinks with my pants down and butt exposed I'd be mortified. A little bit of pee actually came out while that though crossed my head. Great, all that drip drying for nothing. Finally after gathering up the courage, I checked if the coast was clear, pulled my leggings up about halfway up my thighs for better mobility, then got off the toilet and out of the stall. I rushed to the sinks, grabbed the roll of toilet paper and was back in the stall and sitting on the toilet in under 30 seconds. And not a moment too soon, cause I soon as I got back into the stall, two girls came into the bathroom. I tore off a length of that glorious toilet paper and wiped my vagina. I'd earned this. Afterwards, I stood up, got my clothes back on and flushed. It was only after I'd gotten back to my study table that I realized I hadn't flushed the first toilet I was on, so all my pee was still there. Oh well :)

I'm seriously glad I've found the time to start posting again. And now I'll have time to read other stories too! Until next time!


To Christa:

Hey Christa, you silly girl! "....but i felt too ashamed to tell her i needed a change......". If you can't tell your mom, who can you tell? LOL A setback like that is not going to make your mom any less proud or supportive of you. What happened at the end is proof of that. She might be more concerned about you're not being comfortable telling her that you wet your diaper and needed more, than actually wetting your pants? Just something to consider So far as that sudden urge to go, you're not alone. I read a story elsewhere from a woman who was having similar problems, and started to wear diapers because she was having trouble making it to the bathroom in time, once she realized that she needed to go. She discovered that she was gradually getting better at making it in time. She surmised that what was happening was that she was being more relaxed knowing that the protection was there. Put simply, it was the panicking that was actually causing the problem. Once she figured that out, she was able to wean herself off the diapers. Don't let the ups and downs get to you.


Comment for Zip


I sooo agree with what you said about the guy in the Home Depot bathroom. I, too, have the same opinion when I leave a stall and I hear or see the next user wipe down or spread toilet paper over the seat. And those that do the nest before seating themselves are taking that toilet paper away from how many future users that will need it to wipe. In my story last week about Danetta's accident that she wouldn't have had the accident and messed herself and the stool up if she had immediately thrown herself onto the seat rather than trying to cover it when she was sick. And then a couple of minutes of her having the diarrhea and her and me cleaning the seat, she completely covers it in order to sit down and wee and continue cleaning herself off.

Zip--how often do you see guys not wanting to sit butt-down on public seats? Do you have any more stories?


Today's poop

I woke up this morning with a major urge to poop. I quickly got dressed enough to head to the bathroom, and just hoped no one was in there. I was cutting silent smelly farts the whole way. Luckily, I didn't have to wait for the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and farted a few more times before beginning my poop.

My first turd started coming out quickly and then slowed down after a bit. It broke off with barely a plip. I let out two more smaller turds with plops, then did a loud fart. After that, I felt a wide turd come out. It was very short and fell with a loud splash. I began to pee then, and fired off three turds while I was peeing. The first turd made a big plop, the next only a little plop, and the last one was another big plop.

Another turd followed shortly and it was a long one that I could hear crackling as it came out. It was so long it didn't make any noise when it broke off. I ended with a barrage of five or six smaller turds with plips, and a silent fart. Then I wiped myself, closed the toilet lid, and got in the shower.

That's all for this story. Hope you enjoyed it. Bye, everyone.


To Christa:

Hey Christa, keep hanging in there. I don't know if you know this, but there are inserts (booster pads) that you can get to put inside the garment to increase their capacity. You can also use sanitary napkins, but be sure to cut slits in, or remove the plastic on the outside otherwise you'll have a problem. LOL What ever you have been doing seems to be working, just remember that you still have to keep doing what ever it is. Don't get to where you get so relaxed about it, that you end up taking a step or two backwards. You will have good days AND bad, and that's okay. Enjoy the good ones, and don't dwell on the bad ones.

korean girl

update and old story

I've been very gassy the past few day. I do not know why. I have not changed my diet but I have been needing to fart a lot!!! I try to only fart on the toilet so I end up holding the gas in. They have not been very smelly. Last night before I went to bed I let some gas out into the toilet. Had a lot of long airy farts. I got the urge to go number two but decided to hold it. I need to go poo now but will hold it.

Here is an old story so this post is more fun!! I was 14 at the time. I was at school and showed early for my class. I need to pee and went to the bathroom. I saw my teacher going towards the bathroom too. She was a short woman that had short curly dark blond hair and had straight bangs pinned to the side. She always wore sweaters even when it was hot. She greeted me as we entered together. There was only three stalls I took the first and she took the last. As I was peeing I could hear her start making lots of plop sounds. I remember it being 8 or 10. As I was washing my hands I heard her make 2 or 3 large splashes.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jessica first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had 2 really great poops I bet you really great once you were finally done and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Vanessa great story.

To: Shari first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a kind of rough day and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Nicole first welcome to the site and it sounds like you really had to poop a lot and I bet you felt amazing afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Abby C great pooping story it sounds like you and your friend both had good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Korean Girl great story about you and your friend pooping outside it sounds like you both had really good poops and I bet you both felt refreshed afterward and I look forward to your next psot thanks.

To: BarefooterGirl great story.

To: Bria great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma great story about your poop at the movies and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Briana great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Justin and Mr. Clogs

Thank you both so much for your suggestions. See, the thing is, I can't do anything too bold, vengeful or crude, as this job is the best paying job I've ever had, and in my area, there aren't many jobs that aren't fast food or retail, and even as a retail manager, I made less money per hour than I do now. I really need this paycheck, so quitting or doing something that would likely get me fired isn't really an option (as amusing as it might be!).

I did talk to my boss about the problem and he blew it off as "oh, yeah, that happens" and did nothing further about it. I think it's him doing it, because the only people that work there are him, me and one other guy. The other guy is rarely ever in the office, other than to pick up his morning work, and turn in his paperwork to me. I've never seen him go to the bathroom.

I think the cup solution just might work. I could use it in the bathroom and wash it down the sink. Poop isn't really an issue, I almost never go at work.

Thanks again, to both of you, for your suggestions!


Fart Survey

This will be fun. I love to fart!!!

Farting Survey:

1) How often do you fart? Probably an average of 12-15 times per day, though some days I pass gas more than others.

2) Are they more often loud or silent? Both. But mostly audible.

3) What foods make you gassy? I eat a high fiber diet - Fiber One cereal daily, maybe Mexican food.

4) Are they usually smelly or odorless? Mostly they are not smelly, but a few can be.

5) How long on average are they? Anywhere from one bubble to the machine gun type that last a few seconds.

6) How long was your longest fart? I don't know, but several seconds.

7) Do you enjoy your own farts? I don't know how to answer??? Let's say, I like to poot! I'm not crazy about the odor!

8) Who (if anyone) do you fart around? No one if I can help it. However, I sometimes pass gas when I pee, and that happens in a public restroom sometimes.

9) What are there reactions? Not sure!

10) Describe a memorable/worst fart story.


Huge Morning Relief

Hey everyone! So last night at around 2 or 3, I woke up and my bladder felt so full. I needed to pee. It was weird because I hardly ever have to go in the middle of the night. This time for some reason I decided to ignore it. It made falling back asleep a little difficult since my full bladder was making it super uncomfortable. Eventually I did fall asleep though. I woke up again around 7 am and my bladder was screaming in agony. I had to go even worse and I had to cross my legs as I lied in bed. I decided that I should probably get up and use the toilet. My mind was made up, but I don't know what happened next, because I rolled to my side and next thing I know I was opening my eyes and the clock said 8. An hour later. I fell asleep again! Now my bladder felt hard as a rock and it hurt to even think about it. I quickly got out of bed and stood up, but as soon as I did a spurt of pee came out. I had to double over and grab my crotch to keep from peeing anymore. Once I had gathered myself enough, I ran to my bathroom. I tore my panties down, sat on the toilet and started peeing as soon as I was sitting down. Man, it felt soooooo good to finally let it all out. My pee came out in a strong, forceful hissing stream that seemed to go on forever. I moaned loudly and hung my head down. You wouldn't believe the relief I felt as I peed haha. I wish I had gotten my phone so I could time this, but I was in a bit of a hurry. Then my stream stopped abruptly and I let out a long sigh. It felt like I was sitting there peeing for five minutes, but now that I think back to it, it probably didn't even surpass a minute. I wiped, pulled my panties up and flushed. I've learned my lesson now: when I wake up and feel like I need to pee, I should go ahead and pee lol.

Also, I saw this survey from a little while back and thought I'd give it a go.

1. When you pee, does it come out in a trickle, spray, or stream?

It depends. Lately it's been more of a loud stream that lasts for a little bit then weakens to a small trickle. It's probably because I've been drinking more liquids and holding my pee for longer. Sometimes though, it could be just a trickle.

2. If so, how strong of a stream or spray?

It can be a pretty strong stream. Like in my story above, that was probably one of the strongest pee streams I've done. My pees are usually loud and splash a lot so I'd say they're strong on average.

3. Have you ever peed squatting or standing?

I have, but I usually prefer sitting on the toilet. I've done more squatting than standing, but recently I've been more adventurous with how I pee. I have a bunch of stories coming up involving that ;)

4. If so, how far did your pee travel?

Um, I didn't really measure, but when I peed squatting I'd say my stream came out a little less than a foot in front of me.

5. Do you push your pee out or let gravity do the work?

Depends on what I feel like doing. Usually I just sit and let gravity do the work. When I have to pee really bad I sometimes push it out. The pee comes out stronger and feels so much better coming out

6. Does you pee make a hissing or whistling sound as it comes out?

Only when I really really really had to pee and I've held it all day.

7. If so, was it loudest as a child, preteen, teen, or adult?

I'd say loudest now, in my early 20's

8. Was your pee stream or spray strongest as a child, preteen, teen, or adult?

Same as above. Stronger as I got older.

Well that's all for now. Have a great day!

Abby C

Normal poop at school

Hi, today I was at school and I felt the urge to take a #2. So i asked my teacher and I went for the girls rooms. Only the middle one was left. So I took that stall there was a teacher on my left and there was an 8th grader on my right. I pushed and 2" poop splashed in the toilet. The teacher on my left was farting and dropping turds each second. I pushed another time and farted. And a 5" poop went in. I wiped my bumhole and vagina pulled up my brothers hanes that i was wearing and dropped my skirt. Byby abby c xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo

Caregiver Teacher
As a kid, I'd let out such sizeable turds, that my mom feared they'd choke the commode. She'd say they were the size of a coke bottle in circumference....and she kept an old wire coat hanger near the commode with which to cut them in half. My ex had troubles with hemorrhoids...back in the day, I'd tease him saying that when we had kids, I wished for them to be born with his brain capacity for mathematics, and my strong/flexible anus.
To this day, I'm a pushover for fart humor......and i giggle, sort of a nervous laugh actually, much of the time, when I fart. The more my ex abhored it then, or my mom abhors it now, the more tickled I get. Back in the day, it would mainly occur in the car, and at the first sign of a snicker from me, tell tale sign or no, the ex would immediately begin rolling down the vehicle windows. Previously in being roommates with my mom, and now, in being her caretaker, she get's so disgusted with me, saying, "why don't you laugh----you sound like a 5th grader, something must have crawled up in you and died". The more heck she raises, the more I snicker.

Abby C

Pooping on the port a potty

Hi, today I was with one of my friends, jason, riding our bikes around a stunt park. We were resting and he said " hay abby i need to poop real bad " i said me too. So we went to a port a potty i came in with him he pulled down his pants hanes undies and put his butt on the toilet. He grunted and i heard a plop and then pushed again i heard a flurp plupe plunk plonk plong pling. He stood up he turned his butt to me when wiping and I just love jason. His bum was so cute. Oh, getting off topic. Then i pooped. And we went back to riding. Byby abby c xoxoxoxo especially to jason

Wednesday, October 08, 2014


Wednesday replies

Jessica (Korean-American). You must have been mightily relieved by dropping those huge poos. Perhaps the size of your logs might be down to what you'd had to eat as well as missing a motion the previous day?

Vanessa. Thanks for sharing your experiences in the toilets at the Mexican Restaurant. However I don't think I'd personally want to leave a toilet cubicle in a mess for the next person unlucky enough to need it - or the cleaner for that matter. I lie to have bits of 'fun' but to do so at home where I clear up after myself.

Shari. Thanks for sharing your holding experiements. I think jogging - or any kind of gentle exercise including brisk walking - would certainly help to get things moving, especially if you'd not done anything for three days. You must have been glad of the park restrooms.

Linda. I hope the situation soon improves re your constipation and you're able to go more easily. Have you thought about having a spoonful of olive oil a day? It might be worth trying.


Reply to Jemma

Hi its John B.

Jemma many thanks for mentioning me in your lavatorial despatches, I am indeed privileged! What surprised me was that you only took four wipes after your session, I'd love to be a fly on the wall during one of your episodes ��.

Closer to home my wife had a bit of a torrid time over the weekend inasmuch as she was terribly constipated. She wanted me in the loo with her so she could squeeze my hand whilst she pushed. All to no avail because nothing happened after half an hour. So a mug of coffee was the order of the day after which we did a four miles stretch of the Green Chain Walk (anyone familiar with it?). During the course of the walk she developed a strong urge to urinate brought on no doubt by the coffee. She went behind some bushes jeans and panties to her knees and did a half squat and peed I gave her a tissue to wipe and she said lets get home as she could feel the tell tale signs "downstairs"!

We got home and she went straight to the loo without even taking her fleece off, again jeans and panties down this time to mid-calf as started to sit down farting as she did so. A little endearing trait of hers is that when she goes for a poo she sits down an immediately gets back up a few inches and then sits down again, I digress. After a few seconds she farted again and a cascade of pebble like turds exited her bum and she gave a sigh of relief I gave her a kiss and said well done kid and she said not finished yet! She took an intake of breath gave a small push and three large logs plopped out in quick succession. The aroma was, needless to say, quite strong but to me not unpleasant. Like you Jemma she only wiped a few times and if you get my drift we had a very pleasant rest of the afternoon!

Take care Jemma, all the best.

John B.

Hi! I'm Jessica, I'm 19, Korean-american, and it's my first time writing here. I wanted to share this story with you guys because I had a great refreshing bowel movement today.

I was watching TV around noon. I suddenly felt an urge coming but I held it in for about half an hour because I really wanted to finish watching the show. After 15 minutes little stinky pre-dump farts started coming out.

Finally, I couldn't hold it any longer, so I went to the toilet, lifted my skirt up, and dropped a log as long and thick as my forearm.
Feeling refreshed, I got off the toilet, but after 5 minutes I felt a second urge. So I went to the toilet again, let out a big trumpet fart into the toilet bowl, and dropped another long log. I had no idea I had that much poop in me. But then I hadn't pooped the day before, so.

I had an interesting experience while driving the other day. First off, I'm 28,5'9', and about 165 lbs with light brown hair. I was on my way home from work, its about a 35 minute highway commute, and as soon as I got on the highway I felt the urge to take a shit. I knew there was a rest stop shortly after I got on but thought I would just wait until I got home to go. As the rest area approached, I felt it grow a bit more urgent, and decided to pull off at the rest stop. As I exited my car, another car pulled up and a younger guy, probably about 20, with spiked blonde hair pulls up and he follows me into the bathroom. I entered the middle stall, and pulled down my jeans and green briefs down to my ankles. As I was doing this the other guy takes the stallnto my left,and begins to wipe down the seat. I could see that he was wearing orange American Eagle underwear pushed down to his ankles too. I started to push out a firm log, and farted a bit . I could hear him farting, but nothing was coming out. I felt like I had more to push out, so I began to push, and a huge gush of semi solid shit shot out of me. I heard him grunt and push out what sounded like a somewhat sloppy load of crap. Ibsat there for a few more minutes, both of us pushing out somewhat mushy shit, and we both wiped and exited outbstalls at the same time. As I was headed out I could hear his friend teasing him about taking forever in there. A few minutes later I was driving and felt some more cramps hit me, and decided that I needed to stop st the next rest stop to shit again. As I was preparing to pull in the same guy from the other rest stop speeds past me on the exit ramp and parks his CSR And makes a mad dash for the . In followed in about a minute behind, and as I got in there I could see him in the middle , pants around his ankles, but this time there was a smear of brown shit in the seat of His orange underwear. I took the stall next to him and pushed out some liquidy stuff, but nothing really as good as I was hearing from the next sounded like he was pissing from his ass. It must have lasted five minutes or so before he started to wipe and left his stall. I finished up and was washing my hands and casuallly glanced into his empty stall and saw the stained underwear in the corner. He saw me outside and gave me a sheepish look as I got back in my car. I was almost home, so I didn't get to follow him anymore, but I'm sure he had a few more close calls that day.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby C great story it sounds like you and your friends had really good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Chloe B it sounds like you and those other women all really had to poop that and I bet you all felt better afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ashlye great story.

To: Korean Girl set of stories it sounds like you had pretty good poops and your friend did as well and I loo forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ezra wow I bet you were glad to get that beast out of you after all the pain it caused you in the process.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Used a doorless stall for the first time.

So for the first time today at the fair, I pooped in a doorless stall. It was getting towards the end of the day and I needed a poop. I really like pooping in public, and decided to have guts and use the doorless bathroom. There were men walking in and out.
When I entered the room, there were just toilets on the left side, no door, just a tiny partition. There was a few men peeing on the first few.
I went to the middle toilet, and sat down, trying to cover up my privates.
A squirt of pee, and a booming fart was all I could get sitting up, so I bent over. When I farted, men looked over to my partition. In the doorway I could see men smiling at me.
Perched over and with the legs spread, A thin, but long log begin to squelch and crackle out. It made a light thud hitting the water. 2 minutes more and I was sure I was done.
I stood up with my pants all down to my ankles with my underwear inside amd with my genitals exposed to anyone in the doorway, I began to grab some tissue paper and wipe myself. As I turned around to put the paper in the bowl, I saw a long log in the bowl. Thank God these toilets were not weak.
While wiping, I saw a man usher his kid out of the room covering his eyes so he wouldn't see my manhood. What I don't understand, is that we are both men. So why should it matter?
Finally finished, I flushed the toilet and flushed the big turd down the drain, and left to wash my hands.

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