Standing Mess

Hi everybody i have a short story to post. I was at Mexican Restaurant 2 days ago with my friend from my first Post it was pretty late and there werent too many people in the Restaurant. I drank a big coke with my manue, but before i finished i needed to go to the Toilet probably because i had two cocktails before. (btw im not an alcoholic it just so happens that my most interesting stories happen while i had some drink, it gives me the creativity :))) so i told Klavdjia i needed to pee we finished eating and left for the toilet. There were four stalls i asked her if she wanted to have some fun she asked me what i meant, so i remindended her about the gas station. She decided to go along with me we went in the first stall, she asked me what i planed so i told her i would pee try peeing standing up, im quiet good at it since ive done it many times in the shower and also used urinalss a couple of times. So i stood infront of the toilet and pushed but instead of pee a loud fart came out. Klavdjia laughed and it stank real bad, after another push my stream without missing i went in the toilet directly but after a couple seconds i decided to gave some fun, so i turned to my left and peed at the wall i tried to go really high but didnt make it higher than my waist, the last couple seconds i peed all over the toiletpaper roll at the wall to complete my mess. Klavdjia called me a pig but wasnt too disgusted, while i was pulling my pants up she said she wanted to pee in the sink but didnt go probably because she was scared that somebody could come in and see her. So she decided to pee standing up as i did in the same stall. Well she started peeing but her stream didnt go forward but right down on her pants, so she sprayed all over the floor the toilet seat her pants and shoes, i was laughing at her she asked me to get toiletpaper from the other stall clean herself, well i defenitly won that round. She had to go home with the messed up pants but it wasnt visible too much, if that wasnt enough for that night Klavdjia got the farts in the train they were silent but deadly hahahah so she got her revange on my for making fun about her. It was a very funy evening im sure we'll come up with a new idea soon.

messy day to all of you :o)


Pee and poop outside

Hello people. I am a long time reader, but this is my first post. I am a 22 year old girl who loves doing pee and poop holding experiments and other funny toilet stuff, which often involve me becoming desperate. Here's a story of what happened about a month back.

I was really desperate to poop because I hadn't gone in 3 days. I woke up in the morning with a strong urge, but didn't give in. I also needed to release my morning pee, but didn't give in to that one as well. I made some breakfast and ate it and then, I REALLY need to poop. It was painful to hold it in any more. I decided to take a walk outside.

I started jogging to help m to hold it in and soon reached a park close to my home. There were some people there jogging as well and I joined them. My desperation was in control now because I was in motion, but I still needed to release stuff from both my holes. And then I felt some farts coming, so I let go, but my poop started to push out with one of them! Then I decided I couldn't hold on any more. I made a beeline for the restrooms, which were at the other end of the park. It was sheer torture but I managed to reach the restroom in time. But before I could sit on the toilet, my bowels exploded and my panties filled up with a lot of poo. Oh my god, I had just pooped my pants. I quickly took off my panties and unloaded some more poo into the toilet. But I decided to keep holding my pee. I put a finger over my pussy so that pee wouldn't leak put and finished my poop. Since I wasn't carrying any bad and didn't want to wear the soiled panties, I just left them in the toilet and came out pantyless. I was wearing tights.

I went back my house and found my roommate awake. She was just enter the toilet when I arrived. I started a conversation with her so that she couldn't enter the bathroom and slowly led her away from the bathroom. Then I challenged her to pee outside the house. She accepted my challenge, but said it would have to be done soon since she needed to release 9 hours of pent-up pee. I said OK and we walked to the parking lot behind our house. There we sat between a couple of cars, removed our bottoms (panties as well in her case) and let go. I was done in about 25 seconds, but my roommate was ejecting a lot of pee. Her stream was thick and furious and she looked really happy letting all that out. Finally she was done and we both walked back to the house with nice and empty bladders :-)


Pooped at the store

Hello. This is my first post here. I'm a 16 year old girl, from the Midwest US. I have kind of long hair, it's brown with pink highlights, and I have blue eyes. I'm about 5 foot 3 inches tall.

Anyway, story time now. I was out shopping earlier today, about an hour ago, and I started to have to pee, so I went to the bathroom. It was a one occupant at a time bathroom, so I closed and locked the door. I pulled down my jeans and red thong and sat on the toilet. I peed and then I felt some gas building up. let out a strong fart and I felt a bit better. After letting out another fart that was a bit longer, I needed to poop.

I didn't poop yesterday, so I knew this would be a good, big one. I farted a few more times and then a short turd came out and made a plink sound. I gave a small push and felt my next turd moving out. I could hear it crackling constantly as it came out, too. Already, it was really starting to stink. The fan had come on automatically with the lights, but it wasn't helping that much.

Another few short turds came out and plopped into the bowl, then a big piece with a loud splash. I pushed and blasted a loud fart and then a turd crackled out. It was followed immediately by a long zipper-like fart. I let out two more crackling turds. I got hit with a bad stomach cramp then, and rubbed my stomach. I farted a bunch of times and bombed the toilet with several turds that made plops. I ended that wave with a big loud fart.

I had pooped quite a bit I felt and really really stunk up the bathroom, but I felt like maybe I wasn't quite done. I gave some pushes and got out one last pretty long turd and blasted two more farts. Then I started wiping myself. They had terrible toilet paper though, and I had to wipe a ton before I felt clean. Then I stood up, pulled up my thong and jeans, and flushed the toilet, then I washed my hands and left the bathroom. I felt much better, but hoped no one wanted to use that bathroom for quite a while as I had left it stinking something awful.

Okay, so that's my first story. Hope it was good. Bye, everyone.

first of all, thanks especially to blind guy and slice for being so sweet and supportive. u guys r great. blind guy, i used to wear Attends pullups but was having to many soak-thru accidents especially at night. now i wear the depends at night and ill have to get back to u on my new daytime brand. it was recommended by a friend of my mom and she gave my mom a big clear plastic bag of them. i dont know the brand yet but theyre great. they seem thinner so they dont show thru my pants but they have yet to leak! so awesome. ill let u know the brand when i find out :)


Questions for Abby C & Chloe B

Chloe B:

I enjoyed your story about your dump at school. You said you covered the seat with toilet paper? Do you do that at each time you use a toilet at school? Did your mom or someone else teach you to do that? Do you ever have trouble keeping the sheets of toilet paper on the stool because I would think they could easily slip or blow off before you sit on them? Do your friends cover the seats too at school?

Abby C:

I enjoyed your story about going to the bathroom at school. You said you put a seat cover down on the toilet before you seat yourself. Does the school provide the covers or do you or your mother buy them? How easy are they to use? Do your friends use them too?

still doing pretty good staying dry. its been 3 solid days before today without a day accident. a couple close calls but i made it in time. and yes, blind guy recommended i do try to pat myself on the back when im successful :) today though i had two accidents. i got home from work at 2 as usual (i work pt). i was so tired as id been pretty stressed out at work with some crazy clients we get sometimes. i fell asleep on the floor in the living room . when my mom got home from work, she woke me up. i felt so fuzzy and it took me a few minutes to realize i was just finishing a big pee. my pullup was swollen and squished between my legs. i went to get changed and i realized i didnt have anymore pullups in my drawer. i know my mom keeps a spare stack in her room but i felt too ashamed to tell her i needed a change. shes been so proud of how good ive been doing staying dry. i was scared to do it but i decided to wear panties til bedtime til i got the nerve to talk to my mom. id been staying dry mostly. i thought id b fine. we had dinner and later, we sat down to watch a show. i suddenly realized i had to pee. BAD! sometimes this happens where i dont even feel the need to pee til im about to go in my pants. then its so sudden i cant help it. this horrible suddenness only happens sometimes but its awful and i hate it. the urge hit me so hard out of nowhere. i pressed hard on my vagina and i started crying. i tried to get down the hall but i barely got out of the living room before i lost it in my pants. i just stood there in the hall with warm piss pouring down my legs and splashing on the hardwood floor. my mom came in from the kitchen to see why i was crying. becuz i was so upset, she helped me get changed into a pullup and dry pants and socks. rough day. :/


Advice for Scarlet

Hey Scarlet,

It sounds like you have crappy situation(literally). I would be pretty pissed off too. I have a few ideas you could try. You could take a poop in the toilet and leave it for who ever is doing it. Maybe eat something that will make it stink bad then rub some of yours on the seat and see how they like using a dirty toilet. It kind of depends on your comfort level with that idea though lol. You could also get creative and maybe bring in a plunger and a few cleaning supplies then leave a note and instructions on how to use them on the toilet. You could title the instructions 'How to use a plunger for dummies' or something like that. You could also plant a camera in the bathroom to try and catch who ever is the culprit and then confront them about it. Hope this helps!

Mr. Clogs

Reply to Scarlet

After reading your latest post, this seems to be a chronic problem at your workplace. If it was me, I might have to work some place else. This is no way to work. You can bring it up to your bosses attention, but it seems like nothing is being done. You could report this to the board of health, but that would make the situation for you worse. However here's some alternatives for you to work around this issue. If you have like a dollar store or discount store that carries large plastic cups or water bottles that can hold about 32 oz or more, grab a couple and keep them in your desk drawer where you keep your personal stuff in. So all you have to do is take it and use it to do your business in and pour it out and wash it in the bathroom sink. Now to poop, you can possibly do a #2 in it but would be a challenge to clean, so poop into the garbage basket with it lined with a grocery or small waste bin bags in, tie up the bag and dump it in the dumpster outside. Key is be discrete. If you're alone, then you're okay. I hope this helps and hopefully your boss looks into getting that plumbing taken care of because that's not good.

Well that's my reply, you all have a good day.

Mr. Clogs

Abby C

Pooping at the mall 2

Hi, today i was with my friend at the mall. I'll tell you the story. So I was in the clothing store getting changed in the dressing room and my friend told me she needed to drop some turds. So we both went to the bathroom there were 16 stalls in the bathroom and all of them were taken except for the last one. So we both went in and i watched her poop and i couldn't hold mine. So i sat down also our butts were both on the toilet seat touching together. Our poops started going in she was all done but i was still pooping we were in there for another 15 minutes. I had finished i, flushed, pulled up my panties my jeans and we left. Later on we were eating and i needed to poop again so i told her i needed to poop and we left for the bathrooms these stalls had no doors on them. So i pooped, wiped and left with my friend. Byby abby c xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

korean girl

odd bathroom and new story

I was a few hours away from my city with two friends. We were going to go biking on some trails. There was a small store where we parked our car but none of us had to use the bathroom. We rode bikes for an hour then I need to use the bathroom. We found a rest stop and I went to the single toilet women's bathroom. I saw that the toilet was odd. It had no flusher and no bottom just a VERY large hole. It was so big it was black and too dark to see. It smelled like a port a potty but not as bad. Half as bad. I sat on the toilet pulling down my bike shorts and thong. I just needed to pee. My friends decided to pee too. They thought toilet was odd too. We rode for a few more hours when I and one of my friends needed to poo. We were near a rest area so we went to it but it had no bathroom only benches and water fountain. We refilled our water bottles and tried to find another rest stop. My urge was getting worse to bad to wait. My friend really needed to go too. We found some bushes and trees a short walk off the trail. My friend went first. After a few minutes she came out saying how good she felt and where she went. I went into the small wooded area. I saw my friend's dump and she had done three logs all about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide that looked too hard to pass that fast she must have really needed to go. I crouched behind some bushes. I had never pooped outside before so I was very nervous!!!! I pulled my bike shorts and thong down just enough to pee and take my dump. I started letting out a soft poo just as my clothes left my butt. It easily slid out and felt very good. I had some mushy diarrhea that burned. I used a pack of tissues to wipe. I then peed and my pee formed a puddle mainly behind me. I looked and my dump was 6 inches long and an inch wide with thick gloppy diarrhea on the middle. I went back to my friends and said I felt so much better.


Natalie x / train poop

I enjoyed your story as I also have a fairly long commute on the rails each day. One of my biggest fears is going through what you did in a completely inadequate train head. The only time that I absolutely had to make use of it was to vomit my guts up due to the flu or something and I deliberately sat close to the facility as I was pretty sure I was going to need it. On the trains I take there is a head in every other car and normally I will only get in the one without as the odor in the ones with can be just ferocious.

Steve A

Past 2 Games, Farting Survey

Hey, I haven't posted for awhile. I have been busy with school and stuff, but I'm back now.

So, when we came back after our first long trip game, I went to the doors that were unlocked after the last game to get past the gate, but they were all locked this time. I checked them before we left, and they were locked. 2 girls went to the restrooms with me when we got back to the high school because they had to pee really bad. I went to see if someone unlocked them after we came back, but no one did. The girls said it wasn't a big deal if the doors were locked and the gate was down, that they would just go at home.

After our 2nd and final long trip game, we had to put away some parka jackets that we brought just in case if it would've rained. We all had to put them back downstairs in storage where we keep band equipment, uniforms, etc. when we got back to the high school. Everyone was tried after the long trip and I went to the restrooms and surprisingly, there was no gate blocking the hallway and no one really desperate to use the restrooms after a long trip like that. There were only a couple of people that used the restrooms after this trip unlike the last time during my freshman year where there was a line of about 10 - 12 people waiting to use the 2 single restrooms near the band room after that long trip.

Farting Survey:

1) How often do you fart? It depends for me. Some days I'm gassy from the foods that I eat and some days I'm not too gassy.

2) Are they more often loud or silent? Both

3) What foods make you gassy? Fiber One Bars/Cereal, Beans, Some foods that I eat may cause it.

4) Are they usually smelly or odorless? Both

5) How long on average are they? Between 1-5 seconds

6) How long was your longest fart? 5 seconds

7) Do you enjoy your own farts? I guess

8) Who (if anyone) do you fart around? Girls, and sometimes if it's dark during a sleepover and if I have to fart, I will fart because they might not know who it is.

9) What are there reactions? Laughing, Ignoring It, Speechless, Eww/Gross, and one time a girl said, "Nice One" after I farted near her.

10) Describe a memorable/worst fart story. I have a 2 memorable farting stories:

1st Story: One time in school, I was walking up the stairs with a girl and it was only just the 2 of us. I had to fart really bad so I did. It was so big and loud that I left her speechless. She didn't know me and I didn't know her, so no one knew about it except for the 2 of us. True skill on my part.

This huge fart happened 2 other times to 2 different girls, one at school and one at work both while walking up the stairs. But only one girl reacted to it saying "OMG what did you eat?"

2nd Story: One time at a sleepover retreat at my church, the guys slept downstairs in the youth center while the girls slept upstairs in a room. It was dark, but I think everyone was awake. I had to fart so I did. I wasn't really as big and loud like the one in my 1st story, but it was audible and mostly everyone laughed and asked who it was. They said it was me and I didn't say anything, but I didn't care.

Comment on what you think about my stories.


In the woods

My girlfriend and I were having a long nude walk through a forest trail near our house after a rainstorm so we could splash and slide around in the mud. At one point we were taking turns ripping farts and I had to pee so I just let it out then and there. On the way back we both had to poop so we sat over a log and let it out.
Very fun walk. :)

I'm a guy and one time I had diarrhea and it smelled bad.



First use of Suite Toilet: FAIL

So college Sophomore year I lived with my two bestfriends from High school. Now both of them knew of my large smelly dumps so I never worried about them commenting on the smell of them. However what they didn't know about was the size of my dumps. Generally because I learned how not to stop up the toilets at their houses when I visited or slept over. However whenever I am in a new setting I have to test the toilet to see if it can handle my poops or not.

So about 3 days after moving into the suite I had to poop, and thus test the strength of the toilets flush. My best friend Ashley's room was next to the bathroom, while Jazmine's connected to the bathroom through a door in her room (needless to say they always knew when someone blew up the bathroom). I was reviewing a class syllabus since classes had not started yet when I felt a gurgle in my stomach. I let out a huge fart that really stunk. After several of those I felt the strong urge to poop, it was Sunday and my last poop was Wednesday at home. I got up and walked to the bathroom. Both my friends had their doors open as we kept an open door policy. I told Jazmine she may want to close the door as I was about to blow the bathroom up. She laughed as she got up and closed the door. After getting settled on the toilet and pulling down my jeans and panties I began to push. The first turd was a least a 9 inches long, normally I'd flush that and keep popping but I had to test this toilet. My next poop was about 8 inches. By now the bathroom smelled really bad, I pushed out one more 6 foot log followed by a thunderous fart (Jazmine shouted "I heard that"). After wiping I looked and saw my dump. Three dark brown logs that smelled horrible, sat there all coming up out the water. As I said in my first post I eat a lot and since I go every four days it's massive, this was a normal poop to me. I tried to flush it and of course it got stopped up trying to inhale the first turd.

I went to my room to get plunger which I had forgetten to put in the bathroom when I was unpacking. I heard Ashley's door open while I was digging around. Suddenly I hear a "daaaaamn" come from the bathroom. When I got back with them plunger Ashley and Jazmine were standing over the bowl looking at my poop. Jazmine said "my god Bria what did you eat!?" Ashley laughed and said "you stopped and blew up the toilet!" Needless to say I was embarrassed, so I told them "this is normal to me, I pooped like this at yall houses all the only i always knew how to avoid clogging the toilets." Shocked they laughed called me a stank booty and went to the living room. I plunged the toilet several times and after two flushes cleared the bowl.

I put the plunger down, sprayed the fabreeze and washed my hands before joining them. Needless to say I learned that sadly our suite bathroom couldn't handle my dumps in one shot. Hope you all enjoyed!


New Regimen For Constipation

My family are genetically once a week poopers and have been for a couple of generations I think. Recently, my doctor suggested that we try to poop for 30 minutes every morning to try and get in the habit and eventually poop at least once a day, which is the goal he wants to set for us. We are also supposed to take a Psyllium supplement. My room is right across from the only bathroom so there's really not a lot of privacy for me or anyone else while trying to poop. My mom has changed this goal so it's a little more realistic for us, especially starting out: 30 minutes before school and an hour for "big poop day" because although most of us can do pellets after trying before school, most of us can still only realistically poop once a week. This goes for my sisters, my girl cousin, my aunt, and definitely my boy cousin, who sometimes can't poop for 10 days sometimes. When I'm constipated, I get stomaches, and this week I couldn't poop on Sunday, which is supposed to be my big poop day. My mom and I are usually pretty similar when it comes to bowel habits and I think maybe she missed her poop day too this week. When we haven't pooped in 8 days, sometimes we get a suppository to help. So, I have to go to my mom and tell her I've been having a really hard time trying to have a bm, but she pretty much always knows already when we've been having issues. My mom and my aunt and my grandma are more open about it from raising two generations of constipated kids.


crackling out my plops at cinema....

Hi everyone
especially John B & Brandon T.
today me my hubby & my 2 besties Chloe & Shana,
Went to the cinema.
approx half hour into film i began to feel the need for my urgent poo coming on.
i held it for around 45 mins when i decided to go.
entering the empty ladies loos i took a cubicle, pulled my mini skirt & knickers down
& sat down.
my plops began crackling out of my bum, *craaaaackle...plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop....craaaaackle plop-plop-plop...crackle.... plop-plop...plop. i was done. Wiped 4 x & flushed. Washed hands & went back to film.
More soon love J x

Dude in distress

Linda- Extreme constipation

Linda- I feel your pain. Long story short- 45 min of straining and finally I had an inch of dry, HARD turd poking out. I pushed and strained with all of my force. It wouldn't move. I spent roughly 6 hours with a massive turd lodged in my anus I squatted down and used my fingers to press against the sides of my anus and perineum. FINALLY managed to get it out.


Post Title (optional) To Extreme Constipation

I remember having 'sit times' when I was constipated as a child. When I was around 6 or 7, I suffered with horrible constipation. My Mum used to make me sit on the toilet 'until something came out'. Most of the time, I couldn't get anything out so she would make soap enemas and stick them up my butt. I also remember getting liquid poo coming out into my knickers. Did this happen to you? I can remember my mum taking me to the doctor when I was very constipated and the doctor could see beads of liquid poo all over my bottom.

I got constipated a lot as a teenager too. As an adult, I'm constipated most of the time. Over the last couple of years, its got really bad but the last few months haven't been as bad because I have been trying to stick to a strict diet. However, I've become a bit lazy lately and for the last couple of weeks, I've been extremely constipated.

Please share some of you stories with us!!

Been loving the stories so far; any more constipation stories?


finally continuing from my last post

Hi, sorry to leave you guys hanging last time. I don't find a lot of time to write these days. Anyway, we left off after I had just pooped a little in my pants at work and needed to go more but i was waiting for a client to arrive. Well I realized that the only thing that was going to happen if I just stayed in the office was that I would end up just having another full blown accident in my pants in front of clients, because I had to go badly enough that I wouldn't be able to hold it in for even a quick meeting. So I decided to swallow my pride and let one of the other ladies in my office know that i was heading to the ladies room and to let me clients be seated if they arrived while I was gone and tell them I'd be right back. Walking there, I could feel a sticky mess squishing between my cheeks, and i felt really vulnerable like everyone around could tell. I had beige slacks on and I was just praying that they didn't stain all the way through... I was actually really desperate as I got to the bathroom and there was a moment where I was practically panicking that I was gonna completely crap my pants just before reaching the toilet, I was "prairie dogging" as some would say. I was in total disbelief that it was happening again in such a short time frame after I'd never done it in my life...but I fought it and fought it. I felt some coming out as I was standing at the toilet undoing my pants, but I clenched as hard as I could and anything that came out just squished between my cheeks with what already came out when I "sharted." I pulled my pants and panties down quickly and turned and dropped down onto the toilet and immediately started pushing out a big, soft load. When I pulled my panties down I actually felt them tug away from my butt a little from being stuck to the poop. As I sat there relieving myself I tore off a big wad of tp and began to wipe the small mess out of my panties, which were light pink. The mess was a small blob of soft lightish brown poop that was about the size of a plum. In the past I'm sure I would have been devastated by that, but after the major accident I had a couple months ago, this was nothing... but I suppose it was more substantial than a shart. Anyway, I wiped out all the solid remnants of my accident and then wiped myself, which was no easy task since I was pretty messy. It took a lot of paper. I was finally done and my panties were of course stained, but luckily it didn't show on the outside of my pants. I pulled my panties and pants back up, thoroughly washed my hands and returned to my office where my clients were waiting....the meeting went well and there was no indication that my little accident was apparent. So a crisis like the day I was showing that house and completely lost it was averted. Phew!

I'd say I learned a few important things from this experience, 1- be more careful with farts, 2- don't be afraid to excuse myself for the bathroom and 3- the incident over the summer was not an anomaly, accidents can happen any time and I need to be prepared! Never thought it would be a concern at my age, but such is life...

Thanks for responses and support from Catherine and Brandon T and everyone else! I'll be sure to share any other experiences soon.


Weeing for England

This morning I popped into the gents in a local town only to find a cyclist, in full cycling gear, standing at the urinal and peeing copiously. I stood next to him and did what I thought was quite a substantial pee (30 to 40 seconds long). However the cyclist was still going strong several seconds after I'd finished and I got the distinct impression he was weeing for England! A little later I'm sure I saw him sat outside a local coffee shop, refilling his bladder. I got the distinct impression that either he needed to drink plenty in order to stay hydrated - hence the heavy peeing session - or else he'd set out that morning on a full bladder without relieving himself.

Abby C

Poop at school 3 with friends

Hi, today i was eating lunch with my 6 friends Megan, Kate, Ashley, Morgan, Jess, Tori.
We were all eating lunch at our table. And we all needed to go. So the 6 of us went to the girls faculty only 6 kids were aloud in at a time. So i locked the door we all took one stall i took the last. We were all grunting i heard tori next to me drop a giant log. I couldn't drop my turds. So i took off my briefs and skirt and shoes and stood up on the seat so my feet were on the seat so i pushed and pooped. We were only waiting for Kate to come and she did but her pants and panties were at her ankles so i saw her vagina and there was a urinal in the girls faculty and she asked us if she should poop in it we all said yes she farted and poop was all over the urinal. By by Abby c :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxo


need advice in the office

hey guys! I used to post here regularly about 10 years ago but sort of went silent, I still read but rarely have stories because I work mostly alone now and not much happens. However, recently, I've run into what's becoming a regular situation and need your advice!

It started a year ago. I work in a private office out in the country with two guys, one is the owner, the other is usually out on service calls. They work outdoors, but I'm the secretary. It's a tiny office in a shop, with a single person bathroom. I'm normally the only person who uses it, being the only one there all day. As I said, a year ago, somebody clogged the toilet and I had no bathroom all day (Story on page 2313). When I told my boss, he acted like it happens all the time, no big deal, no apology. It was very difficult to get through that day, but it was one time, so I just shrugged it off.

Fast forward to last week. Once again, I'm left alone. Once again, no one bothered to tell me the toilet was clogged. Once again, I had to go. I went to the bathroom, and just as before, the water was low and there was poop in the toilet. I sighed, disgusted and annoyed. I, once again, decided to hold it all day. But that only lasted an hour, and I just HAD to pee. Finally, I decided I'd just pee, toss the paper in the trash, and not flush. It wouldn't be obvious I had gone at all. So I went to the bathroom, sat down....and my body betrayed me. My period started right then. So now, I had to deal with a broken toilet....or an office looking like a murder scene. I opted for fighting the damn toilet again. This time, I did manage to unclog it without an overflow, but it took about an hour. This was frustrating enough. Oh and not only is the toilet clogged, but there's poop smeared on the seat, I'm not sure how that happens, it almost looks like whoever is doing it is sitting too far back on the seat when they go.

I thought maybe it was just once in awhile thing....but then this week, it happened AGAIN! This time, the lid was down to hide the mess, and I did manage to hold it til I got home, but this is getting ridiculous. It's an unfit working condition to have no available restroom. Telling my boss about the problem didn't fix anything. I don't want to clean my co-worker's poop, and I shouldn't have to. There aren't even proper cleaning supplies for the toilet, floor or anything. What should I do?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Chloe B first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you and those other girls all really had to poop and it sounds like that one girl just made it in time and I bet you all felt pretty good afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Shadow wow I bet that nurse felt beyond amazing once she was done.

To: Sister Bonding great story.

To: Abby C great of stories.

To: Maria great story it sounds like had a kind of rough time but at least you were able to help that other girl out with her trouble and also made a new friend in the process.

To: Tlana great story you were a true friend to your Danetta in her time of need.

To: Enna it sounds like you had a pretty rough day but at least you know how well those bars work.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Mr. Clogs

Creative way to wipe

When desperate times call for desperate measures yesterday being Wednesday was that day. I had to take a dump and there was no toilet paper in the bathroom. So I took an old wash cloth and use warm water and some of my urine to help wipe. Warm water to dampen the wash cloth and the urine to help clean up some of the funk. I haven't posted here in while so here's a latest post from me. Well you all have a good one and happy peeing and pooping.

--Mr. Clogs

Chole B.

My first time at camp

Hey I'm back! Here's my camp story
So it was a friday and my church was having a retreat weekend thing 4 hours away in a river valley. After school my parents drove me over to the church with everything packed. As I had not been able to go to the bathroom at school that day I was really desperate to pee and poop! We then realized we were 20 minutes late and I barely made it on the bus! There wasn't any bathrooms on the bus so I had to wait FOUR MORE HOURS! as we pulled into the campsite it was late at night. The first thing everyone did was go straight towards the cabin bathrooms! As we all got in the cabins the bathrooms were arranged with two small stalls with extremely low partitions and doors! A lot of the girls only went pee an few had to poop (great) so my friend molly who is the same age as me (blonde, white, about 5'3) tells me she also has to poop badly! As the two stalls opened up we were next to each other. Now since the stall doors and partitions are so low you can see EVERYTHING the other person does. The people waiting in line could see you if the got up close too. So as I sit down I pull down my pants and yellow hanes panties to my knees and I let out a long soft log and it made a big splash! Molly let out a series of farts and had her green panties at her knees too. She let out 4 mushy turds. I continued and let out a 5 little logs at the same time. The bathroom did not smell too good! As molly began to wipe i looked over and as she flushed she got up but didn't pull her pants up all the way exposing her buttcrack right in my face! After I wiped and washed my hands we went to our bunks and began to get ready for the night and then slept. As I was one of the first ones to wake up I got to be one of the first ones to shower. I got my pink bra and some new undies to change into after I got out. As I undressed another one of my friends named jasmine was also undressing. She has brownish hair and has peared figure. Her breasts are so much bigger than most girls our age as she is a good 34D. As I showered I heared another girl come in to the bathroom I peekrd out from The curtain and since the showers looked direct at the stalls I could see her pull her panties down to her ankles and begin to poop. She only let out a few turds wiped then flushed and left. As I got out of the shower I out on my pink bra and and undies fixed my hair and make up then went out to the bunks to put on some clothes. As I walked to my bunk I was greeted by Molly who wasnt wearing a shirt and just has jeans on as she had already showered. We all got dressed then ate brekfast. After breakfast me, molly, and another girl went back to the cabins to go to the bathroom. Molly just had to pee but me and the other girl named Ashlyee had to poop. I let Molly per first and I saw ashlyee pull down her jeans and purple and orange underwear to her ankles. Molly left and I replaced her I pulled down my jesns and undies to my knees and fely my hole open as a turd came out. I looked at Ashlyn and she seemed really uncomfortable. She told me her stomach had been upset all morning and wanted to poop so badly. She was a little shy but soon after I convinced her to let it all out she let out mushy and liquid diareah that jyst kept coming and coming. While that was happening I just let out one log and farted and wiped then flushed. I stayed with ashlyn for a while then her diareah finally stopped and left her stall. As we both washed our hands two girls that looked about 11 or 12 came in. Both went I their stalls and started to poop. They both complained of the smell me and ash left behind! I could hear a crackle then the splash of poop in the water from one then the other let out a fart with 2 turds. They both giggled. We after that nothing else really happened that night. On Sunday we all left and on the way back almost all the girls who were on the trip took over a truck stop ladies restroom and almost EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US HAD TO POOP. I took a stall which was very clean for a truck stop toilet and both of my neighbors were pooping. I soon joined in and let out 2 logs about 4 in and and added some turds to the pile. My neighbor to my left was wearing sweat pants and some panties and let out a HUGE wet fart! After that we all got back to the church and and went home! Happy pooping!


Living with cousins

Hi. I was mainly raised by my mom, dad left when I was little, and we lived in a pretty small economy apartment. Between the two of us, we never closed the door on each other when we were using the toilet. There wouldn't have been much point anyway, because the bathroom was right off the living room, and had no fan or window, so when one of us pooped, the other one could hear and usually smell everything. "Stinking up the bathroom" was pretty much synonymous with "stinking up the apartment", at least for a few minutes. We'd kid each other about it if it smelled unusually bad, and it was kind of embarrassing, but was just part of life.

Well, when I was 13 we had a financial crisis and had to give up the meager apartment and the meager privacy it afforded, and move in with my mom's sister. She and her husband had three kids, Sarah, 16, Nathan, 12, and Justine, 8. I slept with Nathan and used the kids' bathroom. Mom slept in the girls' room and she also normally had to use the kids' bathroom. Going from 2 to 5 people using the bathroom was quite an adjustment. As was having conversations with anyone other than mom about peeing and pooping.

The first night we were there, Nathan went to the bathroom after dinner. We all retired to our respective rooms to do homework or wind down for bed. I had to pee pretty badly but waited for Nathan to get done. While I was waiting Sarah walked in on Nathan as he was sitting, surprising me a little. I don't remember what she went in for, but I remember she said in a teasing way "you're taking a healthy dump, aren't you?" He just grinned and said, "It stinks, don't it" without expressing any embarrassment at all. He continued pooping, wiped, washed his hands, and noticed me waiting in the hall. "You can go in, sorry about the stink."

I tried hard for awhile to poop at times when I thought I wouldn't be disturbed, or at school between breaks, but it wasn't always possible, and the cousins had no more problem barging in on me than they did on each other. That arrangement lasted for about a year and a half until mom and I got on our feet. I never did get over blushing though when one of the cousins saw me on the john. I probably said "I'm sorry about stinking up the bathroom" 200 times.


Parking lot pooping

I was once removed from a club for underage drinking and left outside while my friends were still inside. I has to go badly and squatted between a car and some bushes. After the sweet release, I cleaned up with my undershirt and waited for my friends. After their night was over, we piled into the car('93 Geo Metro). We drove for a bit, 5 grown men in a tiny car, when the car started to take on an odor that everyone else thought was dog poo, but I know my own brand and this was it. Someone had stepped in my poo and brought some along for the ride. We had a good laugh when, weeks later, I spilled the beans (see what I did there) and confessed to being the culprit behind (I did it again) the smelliest ride home.


Natalie x / train poop

I enjoyed your story as I also have a fairly long commute on the rails each day. One of my biggest fears is going through what you did in a completely inadequate train head. The only time that I absolutely had to make use of it was to vomit my guts up due to the flu or something and I deliberately sat close to the facility as I was pretty sure I was going to need it. On the trains I take there is a head in every other car and normally I will only get in the one without as the odor in the ones with can be just ferocious.


My morning poo


My boyfriend Justin was having his morning pee this morning, and I really needed to go, but his pee was pretty long, so I went into the shower. He watched me as I let a good solid stream pour through me into the shower. It came in two big waves and was a big fat stream. I watched as his young masculine body squeezed out his morning deposit. I liked seeing him let all that pee go. At the end of my pee I pooted and a polite little pile of poop fell out and landed in the shower. It was coiled up and the final pinch point sat at the top of the neat pile I had just let out. He got his last few drops out and pooted, and after he shook off, I went to the toilet and finished my runny poo. Thankfully, his poot didn't smell real bad, but my poop made up for it. My poop was mushy and stringy. He is now in here having his morning poo. It has been a big huge crackle (several turds), two-three waves of diarrhea, and then a big monster crackler. He got up and washed his hands, but then felt the need to go again, so he is back on the toilet, having some runny poo coming out. I am starting to pick up a little of his smell. His poop odor is faint but noticeable.


Survey--What goes on in the stalls adjacent to you?

I thought Chloe B's "School Dump" story was very interesting. Do all of us pay a lot of attention to what goes on in the stalls next to the one we are using? How curious are we about movement, noises, or in some cases lack of noise when someone takes a stall next to us? I think this is a great topic for a survey. I'll start.

1. In a multi-toilet bathroom, how do you select the one you will use?

I quickly look at what's available and will go directly into the closest stall to where I am. This is especially true when we're between classes at school and I have little time or I'll get a tardy charged against me.

2. Once you seat yourself on the toilet, how much do you care about the sounds you are making such as wee hitting the water, farting, or poo dropping and splashing?

I really don't care much. Though my older sister showed me that by laying toilet paper over the water in the bowl, I can cut down on the amount of noise my wee stream makes.

3. As you sit, do you pay close attention to those who take the stalls to your left and right? Do you watch their feet? Listen for noises? Carry on a conversation with them if they try to start one? Pay attention to how much wee or poo they are leaving? How much they wipe?
Whether they flush or not?

I'm usually pretty bored as I sit and try to get my wee stream started. My poos come on pretty fast right after I seat myself and they are soft so there's not much anticipation. I like to watch how fast they move in, latch the door (some forget), seat themselves and whether they wipe the seat off first, cover it with TP, or something else, and especially the movement of their feet before some noise starts. Some of the girls at school have fast blasts of farts before they dump; with others it is just a thud, thud into the water. There's been a couple of times when it seems like they wee for two minutes or more, but some just take like 10 or 15 seconds because I guess they have small bladders or are just wasting time by going in and using the toilet. Some miss when they wipe and their waded paper falls to the floor. Those are usually the ones who don't flush. Sometimes I hear a partial flush, but the whole cycle doesn't take. However, the auto-flushes as they become more common can be really mean sounding and I remember hearing one really young girl terrorized by it and calling out to her mother for help. She got off the toilet so fast that she was pretty much tripping over her jeans. A couple of weeks ago at the arena, I had a young girl hop off and then back onto the toilet again after I would hear a very small splash. She might have been constipated and she wanted to check how much poo was coming out. She left without wiping or flushing.

4. What are some of the strangest things you've observed?

Last year a girl was using the stall next to mine. It was after school and she was taking a long time. Her phone rings and it was I guess her mother who was tired of waiting in the parking lot for her. I guess her mother didn't believe her story so she lowers her arm and puts the phone down to stool level so that her mother could hear her splashes into the bowl. At that point, the phone slipped from her hand and the argument got worse.

5. Do those using a doorless stall receive attention or embarrassment?
I'm usually in that situation about once a week because only about half of the stalls at school have doors. And they fill up first. As the line gets longer, its a decision as to whether you want to risk/get a class tardy or go without lunch by waiting in line or take an open stall with no door. As I sit and the crowd grows, some of those waiting will try and start a conversation. If a friend of mine like Miranda comes in, she will stand in front of me and kind of shield me. This has been going on since grade school because some of those who seat themselves without privacy are really, really shy. Also, in the earlier years, some of the users were afraid to even latch their doors. I find that amusing now as the doors become more scarce due to vandalism and other crimes, etc.

Gender: F; Age:14

korean girl

new stories

I have not posted in long time but have new stories.

I was at work and the work day had just ended. I was with my friend from the other work story. She needed to make copies of something for the next day so I stayed with her. I then needed to go take a dump and so did she so when she was done with copies we went to the bathroom on our floor. Everyone had left the office now and we were the only people. I took the middle stall and she took the fourth. We both peed and got started on our pooping. I relaxed and a hard poo started crowning. I could hear my friend grunt and I asked if she was constipated again and she was. My poo was a few inches out now but stuck. I leaned forwards and it started sliding out and felt good. It made a splash I looked and it was 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. I wiped flushed washed my hands and stayed in the bathroom with her. She grunted and said how hard it was for 15 minutes. Then she made a splash and a sigh of relief. She wiped and exited the stall. She had me look and it was too big to flush. She had done a very knobbly poo that looked 8 inches long and three inches wide.

Second story. I had not gone in a long time but I was not paying attention to how long. I did not want to clog the toilet up so I took some laxatives. The day I took them they did nothing. The next day I forgot I took them. I was out running errands when the laxatives made me need to go. I looked for a bathroom and found one in a Burger King. The bathroom had two stalls one was locked because wet paint. Someone was in the first and only stall. I knew I may not find another bathroom so I patiently waited. My urge to take a dump was strong and I kept shifting my weight. After 5 minutes the woman started wiped and exited the stall without flushing and went to wash her hands. She was a white girl with long wavy blonde hair she looked 18 or 19 and was wearing a pink dress. I went in the stall and was surprised too see she did a huge dump in the toilet. It was long and looked soft and made a big coiled pile that exited the water. It was light brown and had lots of corn visible in it. I did not care and I needed to go. I sat down on the warm seat and started letting out a long soft slimy shit. It made a very loud crackling sound so loud it was hearable over her washing hands. It ended with a loud fart then I had a wave over noisy diarrhea. The girl was leaving as that happened. I took a deep breath and squirted out more diarrhea. The relief from this load felt amazing. I even felt some adrenaline doing a messy poo in a clogged toilet. I looked and my poo was at the back of the toilet coiled up. It looked very soft and slimy. The diarrhea was on top of the other girl's poo and oozed down it. I quickly wiped which used the rest of the toilet paper washed my hands and left. I used laxatives and a toilet was still destroyed. Later that night when I was getting ready for bed I had to go again. I sat on my toilet and quickly let out another soft slimy poo but this one was 4 inches long and 1 inch wide. The next morning I had almost the same poop and that was it.


morning pee complete

Good morning! My morning pee is now complete. It took 1 minute and 13 seconds for the initial stream of medium yellow, foamy tinkle to pass through me. I then stood there with my eyes closed for another few seconds trying to squeeze another drop or two out. I succeeded in getting one more little squirt out, and then upon shaking off, I got one last drop which hit was surprising force. While I was trying to get the last few drops out, I had a pretty classic sounding fart leave my rear. It went Brrrr-RAHHHHHHHHHHHHH(pause)sssssssstBRIP. The fart felt so GOOOOOD!!!!!! A pretty refreshing start to my morning. I will let you know how my first poo of the day comes out. I am starting to get a little bit of gas building up in my butt.


What come in will come out

Quick background on me for those don't know me, I used to post quite often. So here some height 5'1 weight 106, black hair with pink highlights , race pure Latina blood from Mexican to Dominican . My toilet habits are very simple if I'm out in public I use the toilet even if pooping don't care anyone say just something we all do I just rather get it out the way instead holding it in , so pretty much I have pooped basically everywhere from school, church, store ,mall ,work ,outdoors, few times on self, but just saying but I just enjoy a nice peaceful poop , and I pee quite a bit , so if any one have any questions feel free to ask me


Too Big For Comfort

Okay guys so today I felt like I had to go, and sat down. All I could feel was this ENORMOUS SHIT in me. I know how people always say that, but it felt like I was going to give birth out my ass. I was on the verge of panicking. I tried pushing, "Hnnn!" but nothing moved. I decided to walk around. I stripped all of my clothes off and started walking around, trying to get it out of me. All of a sudden a cramp hits me and I topple over onto the ground. I feel it moving and my heart was racing as I felt my anus open up. 'Here goes nothing' I thought and squatted down so low I could almost feel the floor beneath my ass, "HNNNGGG!" I felt it stop moving as I started to push. Tears ran down my cheeks as I tried again, "hMMMGGGG!!" I grabbed my butt cheeks and forced them apart. I pushed again, praying that I would be able to pass the huge log inside of me. I touch my butt hole with one finger, letting go of my left cheek. I feel the hole opening up and I stick my finger in. I feel air. Nothing inside. I feel my face turning red as I try to push again, "UGHHHH!!" and I feel it moving. I feel cramps begin to come again and it slowly started coming down. I almost began to hyperventilate. I jumped onto my bed and got into a squat again. I felt it still moving down. I wanted to scream but I knew that would alert the neighbors.

After about five minutes, my hole starts growing again and I feel a bulge forming. It looks like there is a baby coming out of my butt hole. The huge lump bulged me and I opened up. It's head came out, hard and dry. I pushed harder again, "UGGHHH NGHHH!" As I pushed the cramps stopped. "HURGHHH!" It wouldn't budge. I felt fear but also got a bit turned on,and decided if I would make it through this, I might as well make it interesting. I waddled outside and into the dense woods behind it. I found a river and sat down on a rock so my butt was hanging off. I instantly let go of a huge push and loud grunt, "HMMMMGHHHHH!" I felt it move a centimeter. I pushed apart my cheeks and the cramps started again. I balanced myself into a squat on the rock and I dug my fingers into the sides of my butt hole, opening it up for the massive shit that was coming.

After 30 minutes of no progress, I was getting fed up as my face flushed. My shit was far too big. I took a deep breath and stuck a finger up my ass, pushing it back up. It lurched down and it started coming fast.I was about to tear. It was bigger than a soda can. Definitely. I used my hands to pull on it as I pushed. It got bigger. "HAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I scream as I pulled it clean out and let it drop into the river. only around 6-7 inches in length but the thickness scared me. 5 inches in girth, probably. Jesus, what a crap XD

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