Fecal leakage accident

I haven't posted here in a while because my BMs haven't been great. Been suffering from constipation for a while despite healthy diet, lots of water and exercise. I still do have to rely on my stool softener and laxative though.

Something happened tonight that hasn't happened since February and it disturbs me. We just got back from the mall and I had a small urge to poop but nothing horrible so I used the computer for a while. My intention was to poop and then shower. I felt fine, no cramps or anything and no intensifying need to go. But when I went for my shower, as I was pulling my (WHITE) underwear down I noticed everywhere was brown! I thought at first maybe my period started early so I took some toilet paper and wiped. Nope, overpowering smell of poop! The poop had gone up my vagina and everywhere and I didn't even know I had gone! No feeling, no smell, nothing! Embarrassing to say the least. I had my shower feeling embarrassed and confused then got dressed and tossed the undies in the bathroom garbage.


What come in will come out

Hey everyone, hope all is well. To Mina cool story I like sit bare bottom also , well I have story like to share if that's okay . Woke up Sunday morning around 6ish went in the bathroom to my surprise Marcus was in there already but taking a dump I said mmmm I clean up later but what you want for breakfast , he said oatmeal in a strain voice , I said now honey you shouldn't be struggling on toilet on how many fiber meals I fix , he said I know but Saturday after the game they had some burgers and fries and he went smashing and ate too many ,I said to bad but I don't wanna add to your misery by putting more food in your belly , so I took off my bed robe and step in the shower , he said please I'm sorry , I said ya but I took hours to learn that recipe and google it did serverl taste tests but yet I hear you not hungry yet okay but gave you a chance to be , but now I find out why oh you going learn don't hurt my feelings he said babe I'm really sorry and I said plus you didn't put it away let it spoil and he said sorry then he start pooping plop plop, after my shower I had to pee before church and he got ready stay tune for part 2


What come in will come out

Hey everyone, hope all is well. To Mina cool story I like sit bare bottom also , well I have story like to share if that's okay . Woke up Sunday morning around 6ish went in the bathroom to my surprise Marcus was in there already but taking a dump I said mmmm I clean up later but what you want for breakfast , he said oatmeal in a strain voice , I said now honey you shouldn't be struggling on toilet on how many fiber meals I fix , he said I know but Saturday after the game they had some burgers and fries and he went smashing and ate too many ,I said to bad but I don't wanna add to your misery by putting more food in your belly , so I took off my bed robe and step in the shower , he said please I'm sorry , I said ya but I took hours to learn that recipe and google it did serverl taste tests but yet I hear you not hungry yet okay but gave you a chance to be , but now I find out why oh you going learn don't hurt my feelings he said babe I'm really sorry and I said plus you didn't put it away let it spoil and he said sorry then he start pooping plop plop, after my shower I had to pee before church and he got ready stay tune for part 2


To Alexandra

Oh My Aleaxandra! Phew what a hot mess. Hey please take comfort in the fact that you are far from alone when it comes to accidents like this. There are very few of us that have not had something like this happen to them. having read posts on here for over 10 years, it is much more common than you may think and I have even had this sort of thing happen to me too and have shared the stories on previous pages. the common thread is that we always thing this would never happen to me always someone else. truth be told it is not uncommon and again you are not alone. read my post on page 1576 if it is any consolation to you. Have a great day! ps welcome to the club ( and this site)


For Dude in Distress

That sounds like quite the ordeal you have been having. Do you take laxatives or stool softeners? After 4 days maybe a suppository or enema would be better then straining like that honey. How old are you?? Do you have a gf or wife that could help??

Thursday, October 16, 2014


the loudest desperate ploppy poo ever! in mates loo.

Hi everyone.
last night i was at my mates house & we watched the soaps & drank wine.
i needed a poo pretty much as soon as i got there, but held it.
getting more desperate i went around 9pm.
her loo was opposite the living room where she was.
i entered pulled my leggings & knicks down & sat down little did i know how loud these plops were gonna be & how the further i was getting on with plopping the faster they came out & i couldn't do anything to control it.
plop..plop..plop-plop-plip-plop-plop-plip-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop...whoa! That was embarrassingly loud & she must have heard me!! I wiped 5 times. The first wipe absolutely covering the loo paper with my poo! I was so messy.
i flushed & washed my hands going back to my friend who didn't say a thing. But with her sofa near the door & the loo opposite whilst leaving the living room door open so without a doubt she heard... well we all poo don't we ;)
More soon
Love J xx


Wait and see!

Hi its John B.

Its Thursday October 16 and tonight we've got piri piri chicken and rice for dinner.

If either my wife or I have any untoward effects in the bowel department then I'll let you know!

By the way how's Jemma? Not having too difficult a time in "Ceramicsville I trust and keep well poppet! The same goes to you too Megan.

Take care x

John B.

ps Brandon T a couple of good catches recently fella!

John- Yes, there really is no need to be embarrassed even in a unisex toilet situation, but a lot of people will still feel awkward going in for a poo with the opposite sex. I have to say I would too even though I'm not easily embarrassed by this topic in general! You're right, though, that it could be safer, especially for kids, and a bit less awkward for dads with daughters and mothers with sons who have to take them into their toilets with them.

Catherine- Sounds like quite an embarrassing situation with JJ! I think a lot of people have had experiences with young kids in other cubicles making comments about them- I know I have, a few times. It's awkward but after all they're just kids and it's difficult for them to know what's ok and what's not if they're really young. We just have to laugh I suppose!

Kate- Welcome to the site! I'm sorry to hear about your embarrassing story, but after all I'm sure you weren't the only woman in the queue who needed to go number two! It can be embarrassing sometimes, especially if someone needs to use the toilet after you and they can smell it, but there's a good chance the woman who went in after you had to do the same thing! Hope to hear more from you in the future.

Victoria B- Yes, I've had that problem more than a few times, and in fact that's what my story today is going to be about since it happened to me recently!

I was shopping yesterday, and while I was in a cafe for lunch the food made me need to have a poo. I went to the loos at the back of the cafe. There were two cubicles and one was occupied, so I went into the other and sat down with my skirt and red knickers at my feet. I made the mistake of not checking for paper before I started to let my poo out! I did a wee first, which was what my neighbour was doing too. She also passed a fart while she was sitting on the loo, which made me think maybe she was going to do a poo, but she didn't and left a minute later.

I started to do mine, pushing out a fairly long and soft turd, followed by a fart and a smaller piece. There was a bit of a smell and someone came in and went into the other cubicle. I saw her jeans and purple knickers appear at her feet. We both pushed out a turd so I knew she was doing a poo. I pushed out another piece. Someone else came in then and stood waiting. I heard one more plop from the other cubicle and then she quickly wiped and flushed, having only been on the loo for a couple of minutes and doing a pretty quick bowel movement. She was replaced by the person waiting. I sat her shorts appear at her ankles as she sat and started to do a wee after a minute.

I was done so I reached for the paper, only to realise there was none! I was stuck and my bottom needed a good wipe, so I knocked quietly on the wall, feeling embarrassed about being caught in this situation! I said, 'Excuse me, is there any paper in yours?' I heard the sound of her checking the dispenser and she said, 'yes there is, do you need some?' I said, 'yes please, sorry, but there's none in mine.' She said,'ok sure, I'll pass it under.' I heard her tear off some paper and her hand appeared under the cubicle wall as I heard her finish her wee. I took it and thanked her. I think she assumed I had only done a wee and only needed to wipe my vagina because she only gave me a little, enough for that job but not to wipe my bum. I wiped my front with it and then said, 'sorry, I need a bit more than that, I need to wipe my bum.' She said, 'Oh! I'm sorry, hang on a second.' I heard her wipe herself and then tear off some more and she passed it to me. This time there was a lot more. I thanked her and wiped as she left before following, feeling better and a little embarrassed1


memory from school days - desperate to poo in class!!

So when i was at school many moons ago, i remember a day i was desperate to poo as soon as school started.
now these were the days that girls pooing in school was giggled about & often many girls would not poo at our school. Especially the popular ones like me!
School started @ 8.50am & i felt the urge to go about 9.15am.
i held on to it.
later, i was getting really desperate.
& PE was the next lesson after break.
desperate, i tried to forget about it whilst clenching my buttocks in my tiny blue gym shorts, but soon tiny farts were escaping, i decided i would go at lunch after PE.
i soon changed my mind. I couldn't possibly - the girls would come with me. (these were the days before i knew i had IBS)
eating lunch whilst holding my desperate poo in, i managed, & then it was maths.
i was making it pretty obvious i needed a poo keep lifting my bum off the seat & clenching.
then my friend Claire next to me said "Jemma do u need a poo?" I couldn't deny it "desperately!! Got such a ???? ache!" I replied "just go now ask the teacher" she said, so i did. "Hurry up!" The teacher said.
i ran down the stairs & round the corners to the loos.
empty!! Thank god.
i pulled my black trousers & knickers down & sat, immediately letting out my desperate loose plops in the school loos, there were lots of runny plops, can't remember how many but i remember how after i flushed the loo was covered in pebble dashes & skid marks. But i also know i felt much better afterwards.
More soon J xx


Wednesday Replies

Alexandra. I read the account of your supermarket accident with interest and I was sorry your son wasn't very sympathetic but I think you can safely put that down to his youth and immaturity. Please don't beat yourself up about it though. If you've read through these forums you'll have already discovered that nobody's ever to old to have an accident. For what it's worth I suspect most adults have accidents at least occasionally although few care to admit it - for entirely understandable reasons. I'm 51 and if my memory serves me correctly I last shit myself when I was 47. What I fully expected to be a fart turned out to be rather more. In Britain, on my side of the pond, there is a widely used expression "shit happens" and, of course, it's true.

Victoria B. Thanks for sharing your toilet roll experience which I read with considerable interest. You had a stroke of luck in remembering the toilet paper. I fully expected your account to end by you saying you'd forgotten it! Although I'm a bachelor and alone most of the time - except when my GF comes to stay - I like to keep well stocked on toilet paper and buy fresh packs in long before I need them. Along with tissues and kitchen roll I tend to get through it faster than I expect. My usual practice is to buy the big packs containing 9 rolls at a time if I possibly can.

Keith Van man and the mid 60's gent from the North of England (my stomping ground). I certainly share your interest and have had much pleasure over the years from overhearing ladies doing their #1s and #2s, although opportunities tend by their nature to rare and unexpected pleasures.


This is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me. I actually partially did a poo in my pants.

to fill you in, last Monday I had to go to the doctors. It turned out that I had some kind of respiratory infection. The doctor gave medicine of some sort to take and I had to have a couple of days off work.

The medicine didn't have any real effect on me however I did notice one thing. While I was off work and I sat on the toilet for a pee, more often than not either a wet fart or a squirt of liquid poo would fire from my bum into the loo.

Anyway on Saturday it was my friend Sophie's birthday who I wrote about previously. Us and a group of around 10 other girls were going into town to go clubbing and celebrate. All weekend I was determined that I was going to be well enough to go.

Saturday came. I was feeling a lot better however I still had to finish my medicine which I had to take 3 times a day. I had one of my little pee/poos at around 3 0'clock in the afternoon however I was definitely feeling well enough to go out. I had picked out a short grey dress and decided I would put a pair of tights on underneath seeing as I was still technically recovering from an illness.

I showered and stuck on my dress with black tights and heels before going to the train station to meet the girls. Only 2 of us were wearing tights under our dresses.

We went into the club and were sitting in a booth. The night was going brilliantly. We had all had a couple of vodkas and things. It had come to the time of night when I had to take my medicine pill. I quietly took a pill out of my clutch and swallowed it with a drink of vodka.

It was half an hour later. I was sitting nice and relaxed with my legs very slightly apart as they were under the table. Steph across from me said something funny to which I pushed out a laugh. As I was laughing, I my bum quite simply did a poo. It could have kept pouring out for ages but I held it after the first bout. It didn't make a noise and wasn't total liquid. It was just a runny dollop of poo.

I felt like breaking down on the spot and crying. Instead though I got up and pushed out past the two girls sitting next to me. I tried to remain as straight as possible on my walk to the ladies hoping that my tights would prevent the poo from falling down my legs.

I had began to cry due to the embarrassment and was in tears as I walked into the toilets. The toilet attendant looked at me funnily. I ran into the first cubicle of seven and ripped my tights and soiled underwear right down to my ankles rather than my knees before sitting on the loo. Before my bum had even sat on the seat, streams of slimy poo jumped into the water. I got my bum and legs sat on the seat and just sat there in total disgust at myself and what I had done. Poo just kept filing its way out of my bum and the smell was appalling, especially for someone like me who usually does fairly small poos.

The poo was spluttering and splashing. Not only that but my bum kept farting as it came out and it wasn't in my control to choose when I let it out so I couldn't hold it in at all when anyone came into the bathroom.

The toilet attendant lady knocked on the door and said "are you all right in there dear?". I was sitting there sort of sobbing and muttered "yeah" back to her. She must have been well aware that I was having a bad poo and maybe even that I had poo'd my pants.

other girls were now coming into the toilets as well. A couple of girls made noises like "pfffftttt". some just sighed heavily and others just sat and exhaled breath. 2 girls in heels came in and both went into their cubicles. one of them said to the other "is that you havin' a crap?" to which she replied "ehm no, it's coming from down there. when they had washed their hands, they were both sniffing and giggling outside my cubicle before they left.

Finally after one more belching fart, the poo stopped for the time being. It was then that I looked down to my ankles and properly inspected my garment situation. The rear end of my pants were caked with poo as the piece that popped out had spread all over my 'cheeks. It was coated thick so I knew that a little may have seeped through on to my tights. I took off my heels to remove my pants. i took them off and sat them aside. as predicted, tiny little 'skidmarks' of poo had got out from under my pants onto my tights. however, i could only notice this by shining my phone light on them and it wasn't really noticeable ordinarily. it was only around the rear of the crotch of my tights that had a little poo on them. I decided that i would obviously ditch the pants, pull up my tights, pull down my dress and go home. i could have thrown away my tights too but i didn't want to go home commando and they were one of my best dressy pairs of tights to be honest.

I started to pull off toilet paper. As i did so, the toilet attendant came and said "these might be useful" and handed me 3 wet wiped under the door. I sobbingly said "thank you so much" she then said "are you sure you're okay in there darling? do you need anything else?" I leaned forward and slowly opened the cubicle door slightly. she would only have been able to see my left leg and my face. I looked at her and said slowly "eh I don't think I'll be able to wear my underw.." Her face melted a little as she said "aww have we had a little accident?" I sniffed and said yes. she then recalled "now you had a pair of tights on when you came in here, what state are they in?" i told her that they were ok and she then suggested what i was going to do anyway and told me to go home, go to the toilet and go straight to bed. She then said "now you clean yourself up with those wipes before they dry out. If it was a pair of tights you were needing I could have sent out for a pair from the shop across the road but I can't get a pair of pants from anywhere I'm afraid"

I set about wiping my bum. it was so hard because i had to wipe all the poo that had smeared over my bumcheeks. the three wet wipes came in very handy but i could have been doing with some more! After literally about 20 pieces of toilet paper, my bum was mostly clean. I did my front once and tried to scrape a little off my tights before leaving.

I went out of my cubicle and the attendant said "lovely, with the tights on you couldn't even tell" I just didn't have that confidence anymore that a girl should have in a dress and heels and was feeling pretty bad. I felt so terrible for the woman because there was lots of skidmarks down my toilet bowl never mind the horrible aroma that had filled the room. I was holding my pants in my right hand. without even looking at them, the woman held a bag open for me to put them in to, tied it and asked if i wanted to take them or if she could bin them. obviously i chose to let her dispose of them.

I washed my hands, gave her 5 for everything she had done, thanked her again and left. i didn't even go and see the girls. I was so down that i just left and went to the train station as i would text Sophie in the morning saying i had an upset ????.

when i was 10, my mom finally got my out of dayrime diapers (except for special events). i wore thick cotton training panties for about 4 years after cuz i still had so many accidents and it helped soak up some of the wetness anyway. i remember one time especially, i was about 11 or 12, we were in church. i barely realized i needed the toilet. at that time, i still didnt understand and unless my mom took me to the toilet, i almost never tried to go on my own even though i hated being wet or messy. i felt to shy to tell my mom (sometimes still do but not near as often anymore). i tried to hold but while we were standing and singing, i knew i had to both pee and poop pretty bad. i was squirming and trying to hold. my mom whispered "chris, do u have to potty?" i shook my head no. she asked "are u sure?" i nodded yes. she then told me not to touch my privates in public if i didnt need the toilet. i was squirming and trying not to touch myself. suddenly i started to poop in my panties. i froze and just stood filling my panties with tihick poop. i was scared. it was coming fast and seemed like it wasnt going to stop. while i was still pooping i suddenly felt like something warm and wet was running in my pants. i looked down and saw the pee cascading from under my skirt, turning my white tights yellow and wet. my sister looked down at that moment. "mom, christas peeing in her tights!" my mom walked me back to the bathroom. it was bad enough that i had wet but my mom was most upset at the poop. i hadnt had a poop accident in almost 6 months and this was such a big messy one. luckily i didnt have another for almost a year.


Home Alone:

I was 6 years old.My Parents Left for 10 minutes Trusting me.[Yeah ik] To behave.I didnt.I messed up the house.Afterwards,I was laying on my Bed,I Got up And Farted.Then i Felt a urge to Poop.[my parents are gone so why not] I Didnt go to the bathroom.Instead i decided to stand there and poop. [its been 20mins they aint back] So im standing then i feel it again so i squatted cause it hurted.I feel the Poop go Into my Panties.After that my panties were filled.So after that i walked around trying to find some new panties.I couldnt find any.[it got me worried so i took mine off and Flushed them down the Toilet].So after that i was in the house in pajamas just without panties.[For that entire moment my butt was firing Fart after Fart] So then i hear keys jangle which scared me.[i hid under the covers it stunk because i kept farting] Afterwards my mom dropped a bag asking me to pick it up[when i did my buttcrack was showing] she asked my was i wearing any panties i said yes. [When i went back to my room.] (Safe and Sound)


First Sunday after the Poo Poo!

I have a slightly humorous update from my bathroom incident last Sunday!

Today, when I got to church I went by the restroom before Sunday School - the same one that I used for the "poo poo" last Sunday. I opened the stall and there was a brand new plunger! In fact, since I was early and no one else was there, peaked in the other two stalls and they had plungers as well!

I guess someone got the message!

So, I found a blank envelope, pulled out a $100 bill, and wrote on it "Thanks for the plungers!" and left it anonymously in the offering plate during worship!

After last Sunday I have been regular all week - two bowel movements daily!

I hope that every one is well!



Brandon T

tales from the bookstore

About 2 hours ago I was at the bookstore when I saw a woman go into the bathroom first she lined the seat with toilet paper then I heard her sit down then a loud fart followed by another kinda loud one then what sounded like her peeing but it may have been diarrhea cause later it sounded like she peed she also farted a couple more times they were kinda loud then she wiped and flushed then a few minutes later another girl went in and let off a muffled fart and she may have pooped im not sure so a good catch


Urgency in Georiga

This week I'm in Georgia visiting my aunt and we were on our way back from eating lunch when I suddenly had to poop badly but we were still not almost home and than I see us pass by the turn off for the house and we went to the local publix grocery store instead, well I thought I was gona die I had to go so bad but luckily we arrived at the store and i bolted strait at the restroom and it was sweet relief. It was the in the top 4 most urgent poop needs of my life.
Just thought i would share that with you.

I haven't had good story for long time, sorry to all you. Every time I go to loo, I do same quantity of motions, very boring. But today a bit different.

Because on Saturday, I ate and ate and ate. I don't know the reason why but sometimes can't stop eating. And yesterday I walked a lot. Today I stayed in my flat because of public holiday and typhoon. I feeling heavy all day because I ate too much but I didn't feel like doing motion. However about an hour ago, it's Monday evening now, suddenly I felt maybe I can go, so I bared my bottom and sat down on loo.

But for more than five minutes nothing happened. I didn't want to move, it felt comfy on the loo. I like sitting on the loo with bare bottom! So I stayed. And then suddenly I felt urge, I learned that word on this site. I sat there and waited, urge getting stronger, then finally I push, and my bottom open wide and wider and very very good feeling, the motion was a bit hard but not so painful, came out slowly but not stopping, then there was heavy plop sound in loo, but motion still coming, in the end I heard seven heavy plops then some little ones. I felt not so heavy in my stomach now, but not sure. I looked in loo and there was all light brown and not much water I saw, so I flushed, and then began to feel heavy in my stomach again so put my bare bottom back on the loo. And five more minutes nothing happened and then urge again and exactly same feeling and I push and it came slowly out and this time six heavy plops and very strong smell. Then lighter plop sounds, little ones and softer and softer and finally feel like diarrhea but quite comfy, just soft brown mushy coming out of my bottom medium speed. I thought, so much motions, I clog loo, but when I look it was about same as before. So I flushed again. Then I sat down again, but I finished maybe, only little pieces come out. I felt sad, I wanted to do more big motion, but I'm empty now maybe.

I scared of getting fat, but I love to eat. So happy I can do lot and lot of motions! I'm not thin, maybe medium size. About average for Korean woman.

I wish to every one comfy motion and no pain.


still been doing really good getting to the toilet in time most of the time. this last week i only had one day accident. i stupidly waited too late as i didnt think i needed to go that bad and i was too interested in what i was doing. suddenly i made a pretty big dribble in my pullup and then i felt how bad i had to go. i pressed hard on my vagina trying not to pee anymore as i tried to get to the toilet. i got into the bathroom but as i tried to get my pants and my pullup down i lost control and peed all over! i peed in my pullup, on my pants and down my legs all over the floor and my socks. as i was trying to get my wet clothes and mop up my pee on the floor, i heard my sister on the phone across the hall. "and ur other daughter just peed her pants again. STILL not potty trained." she was talking to our dad. he left when i was five and my sister was a baby cuz he wanted to put me in a home for the disabled and my mom wouldnt let him. i havent seen him since. i barely remember him. when him and my mom divorced, he got joint custody of my sister but he didnt want me at all. and yes, i know why. :( i try to work hard at being as normal as possible but rejectiom hurts so much. its times like this that i wish so bad i didnt have autism.


accident in public

Well I turned 40 two days ago and then today for the first time as an adult i experienced the shame and humiliation of failing to make it to the bathroom in time. And it was in a crowded public place...and in front of my 12 year old son...needless to say I'm feeling pretty awesome about myself right now!

I was at the super market with my son, and the whole time I felt a little uneasy. I knew after not too long that I needed to go to the bathroom I wasn't worried. But as I continued shopping my stomach started to rumble and cramp up a little, and eventually I had to go pretty badly. I tried to ignore it and keep holding on and quickly finish up my shopping. But I came to the realization after not being able to concentrate on much other than trying not to poop my pants that I wasn't going to make it home. And so I swallowed my pride and told my son to help me find that bathroom... I must have sounded desperate because he smirked and said "ya really gotta go huh?" I just nodded and anxiously headed towards the back of the store where I figured the bathrooms would be. I frantically looked up and down for a sign as I kept my cheeks clenched, holding on with all my strength. I felt my load pushing to squeeze out and I had to keep fighting it back. I was thoroughly in panic mode at this point as the prospect of messing myself became very, very real. I don't remember ever needing a toilet so badly in all my life... my son said "I think they're at the front" and he turned and headed back across an aisle. I tried to follow but about halfway down the aisle, I knew all was lost...I felt it pushing out again and this time it got further than the point where I was able to fight it back previously...I squeezed my cheeks together as hard as I could and just felt a blob of hot poop mush between them. I couldn't walk anymore while clenching like that, and so I stopped...and right in the middle of the pasta aisle, with people coming up the aisle from both ends, I began filling my panties and black stretch pants with hot, soft mush beyond my control. It was coming out slowly but steadily and spreading up my back as the load grew in my pants. It felt like I filled my underwear up with mashed potatoes or something. I just stood there and could feel my face burning red, and I stared at the ground and avoided eye contact with any of the 5 or 6 other people in the aisle. I gingerly made my way up the aisle holding tightly to my cart and feeling the hot mess squish all over my butt and thighs. I could smell the odor filling the air as I moved, and there was no way people around couldn't smell what I did. It was just like the odor the surrounds a toddler with a dirty diaper except much stronger since there was no diaper containing the load at all...just two thin layers of fabric.... one layer for the amount that I could tell had squeezed out of my panties and straight into my pants. When I got out of the aisle my son approached me and said "mom they're next to customer service over there" and pointed. I looked at him and he could clearly tell by the redness and the expression on my face that it was too late, i had already gone in my pants. He immediately turned red as well and couldn't look at me, like he was just as embarrassed being in public with his mom with a load in her pants...can't say I blame him. Anyway, I made him take the cart and follow close behind me to conceal the back of my pants as I headed for the exit, and then we ditched the cart and got the hell out of there. My son gagged a couple of times on our way to the car and I felt all the more humiliated... I asked him if it was easy to tell what happened so I had an idea of how obvious it was to others in the store...he said "yeah..." I said "can you see or just the smell?" He said "it looks obvious and you really stink mom." I wanted to die...he of course hung his head out the window for the ride home. I just apologized to him but could barely speak otherwise because I was so mortified. The cleanup process was almost as bad as the accident itself. Anyway, nice welcom to my 40s, right?

Sophia W

book fair

Hey everyone I'm Sophia and I read here sometimes and I do like your posts. I'm 14 and have a story. I was today at the book fair in Frankfurt where I had some toilet experience. We had for breakfasts. only full grain bread which tasted good but it is also. super effective. for my bowle movement. This let me poo than normaly and even faster although this is unnessecary. When we got there with my parents and my 12 years old sister, we both went straight to the first toilets near by. Before us in the line where two women and a girl a year younger than my sis. After some minutes we got different stalls and could have a good pee.
Late around 3 pm I felt the need to poop and the urge grew very quick. This time I. went alone and did not need to wait for a free stall also the bathroom looked very different to the first one. There were about 15 stalls and just the first two were taken. I took one in the middle and it was very clean. I put my jeans and my orange flowery panties down. I didn't need to push and the first very soft log found it way out. Before the second one I started peeing. The door. beside me closed and I got a neighbour. I saw her later at the sink. She has brown hair and is my age. She needed also. to poop and farted a bit. I had four very big and soft logs. the wipping was a messy .
I hope you like my story


Unintended department store poop

Hi I'm Kate, long time lurker but first time poster. I'm 27, brunette, about 5'5 and slim with big eyes. I'm normally very shy about going for a poop. I don't even like friends or family knowing that I'm going! Yesterday though I had a public toilet experience which I thought I'd share. I was out doing some early Christmas shopping. At About 1pm I stopped for some lunch, and afterwards could feel a bit of a poop urge developing. I was sure I could hold on till I got home though. About two hours later I was in this big department store, when I felt the need to pee. I went over to the ladies and found a queue of about 5 women waiting, and joined them. I still needed to poop as well but my years of poop shyness have made me an expert at peeing in public toilets while also holding a poop. The queue went down quickly, as far as I could tell everyone else was just peeing. There were four stalls and then the washbasins all against one wall, and the second stall along from the basins came free. I locked the door, hitched up my skirt, pulled down my tights and black panties and sat down. I began my "technique" so that I wouldn't poop as well, releasing my pee in short bursts then "sucking up" my poop. I only needed to do this at first and then the poop urge seemed to ease off and I thought I could continue peeing normally. But I was wrong! As I relaxed my pee stream the poop urge suddenly became very strong. Before I could hold it, a large blob of mushy feeling poop began to slide out of me. This broke off with a loud splash, and my heart seemed to stop with embarrassment as a load of smaller balls of equally mushy poop all dropped in quick succession, making splattery plops as they went. I finished this off with a loud, gassy fart. With the sudden and unexpected pooping episode over, I just sat in stunned silence for a minute. The stall now stunk like a cattle farm and the bathroom was still very busy, I could hear the sinks going on and off and both stalls either side of me still had ladies peeing in them. I nervously peeked between my legs to see the devastation. The water was filled to the edge with poise dark brown poop. I broke off some to to begin wiping. The first wipe was very messy, covering the tp with wet poop, and it took at least 12 wipes to get clean. FinallyI flushed and you my panties and tights back on. After I flushed the bowl was still covered with skid marks all over, and there was no brush to clean up with. I was still numb with embarrassment as I opened the door, and couldn't make eye contact with the young blonde woman who entered the stall as I left. I washed my hands quickly and hurried out, my pooping shame complete.

Any other shy poopers out there?
Hope you enjoyed my story

Kate x


Best friend story

My name is Brittany. I'm 17. My best friend and I live less than 2 miles from our high school so we can't take the bus and don't have cars so we walk. Friday after school we were walking home and my friend had to pee> She told me and you could tell from how she acted. There are really only houses around so nowhere to stop. I asked why she didnt go before we left. She just wanted to wait until home since it was so close. So we walked and she got worse. About halfway to her house she said was gonna pee her pants. I said no you're not. She asked if I dared her to do it. I laughed and said why would I do that? She said I don't know it would be funny. I said you're crazy. She said I'm gonna do it. I said you are not. She said too late. She stopped walking and looked down and then I saw her jeans turn dark and she totally peed all down her legs and just laughed the whole time. Like she was soaked front and back. Then we walked the rest of the way home and she took a quick shower and changed. She's always been a little crazy but I did't think she'd pee her pants on purpose out in public like that at our age!


Mall Rats

Three years ago, a couple of days after Christmas, me and my older sister, Myyra (she was 12, I was 11) talked our parents into letting us get out of our cramped house for a day and to let us spend our day and our Christmas money at our huge regional mall. Mom dropped us off on her way to work and dad would pick us up at 5 on his way home. This was big because we had never been allowed to go to this mall without an adult before. Grams took our side at Christmas and said it was time for us to show our responsibility. This mall is a huge place with about 500 stores and a theater that's huge with like 30 shows.

After we were dropped off we started at a donut stand at one of the food courts and after each us had downed a couple of them Myyra announced she had to poo. I figured there should be a bathroom close by because I remember we walked by a couple of them just walking in from the parking lot. About that time, Myyra found the sign and she said she hoped it wasn't too busy because she was about to mess her jeans. Of course, it was busy with like people four deep for each of about 20 stalls. Even the two handicapped ones were in use. I glanced down to the very end of the room and noticed there was only one woman waiting for the far end stall so Myyra and I hurried down there. An older lady came out, and the younger woman came in and it didn't even look like she sat down and since there was no flush, Myyra thought she only changed her pad. She opened the door, said "all yours" and Myyra asked me to come in with her to keep her company.

Myyra suggested we each take off our coats and hang them over the door so that we would have more room to ourselves. She quickly unbuttoned her jeans, slid down her blue undees, and placed her butt on the black seat. Almost immediately, there were four or five splashes into the bowl, but as she sat she warned me it could be difficult because she had not pooed since 5th hour on Friday and this was like five days later. Although she has taken milk of magnesia occasionally, she said it had been a couple of weeks since she had any. So as she sat we talked about how busy things were. I decided to try to get her attention off that and told her that the 20-ounce water bottle I was just finishing was going right through me and that after she was done, I would need to wee. I could see her gut was in pain as she doubled over and tried to push the demon out. She did some obvious things like reseat herself to be more comfortable, drop her clothing from mid-thigh all the way to to floor so she could spread her legs more as her monster was coming, but nomatter how much she pushed or did, it wouldn't clear. I was about to explode, so she got up and changed places with me. I immediately got up onto the seat which she had warmed nicely and with my feet dangling down since I'm only 3'5" I was sliding myself back a little when the dam burst with my wee which she thinks lasted almost two minutes. I immediately got up and she replaced me on the stool. I apologized for forgetting to flush, but I didn't want to do it with her seated. She stood and reached back and flushed. Then she reseated herself and started started rocking back and forth pretty hard while at the same time putting her elbows into her knees, and within a minute or so she said it was coming.

I knew she was feeling more pain and she stood a couple more times and reseated herself. She had like three farts in a row that were quite smelly and when she couldn't talk and stopped up her face, I got confident that Myyra knew what she was doing with her super pushing. Finally, she yelled out "F**k" as she raised her fist into the air and stood up to admire what had come out of her. It was the size of like two bananas together--only much wider and I knew there was no chance of flushing it. As she stood, I could hear more gas coming out of her and the smell was oppressive because a large part of it was standing straight up and out of the water. I told Myyra she had better stand to wipe because it she was seated, her wiping hand would likely get dirty by hitting the poo piece that was actually sticking out that high above the water. I opened the door to go outside as she wiped. A line had formed and an old lady gave me a really dirty look and said something about us taking much too long for a public toilet. I wanted to tell her where to go because I knew there was no time limit to wee or poo in.

After lunch, Myyra and I visited another of the bathrooms. We were next to one another in separate stalls this time. Myyra easily dropped a second "installment" (and an hour later a 3rd); I had my usual morning soft poo and I did another wee. We had a great day, although even at 5 when we were waiting for dad to come and pick us up, she was saying she was quite sore and gassy. When dad stopped to fill up the tank that evening, Myrra went in and did a 4th poo.

Victoria B.

Almost Stranded

Has anyone ever had the classic experience of being stuck on the toilet without any toilet paper after a pee or a poop? It's a red face-inducing memory; the feeling of relief associated with being finished turning slowly to dismay with an unsuccessful glance or grab in the direction of the paper holder. The frustration from forgetting to check the dispenser before sitting down. The furtive knock on the next stall. The panties partially down shuffle if the knock goes unanswered and so on. I nearly topped this today when my attempt to do the paperwork in the comfort of my own bathroom would have ended in vain if not for a temporarily forgotten shopping trip.

I noticed during my morning pee that the toilet paper supply in my bathroom was running low. My roommates normally leave buying it up to me (it's a responsibility I take seriously) and so I made plans to buy some when I went shopping later. I went about my day, having breakfast, showering, and heading to the library for some research. The coffee I stopped for on my way to the library must have gotten something going in my gut (I hadn't been since Wednesday night) because I began to feel pressure while doing an outline on my computer. It was manageable, nothing requiring a visit to one of the library's restrooms. A fart or two might have escaped my yoga pants but I was concentrating and didn't really notice. Satisfied with my work, I put my empty coffee cup, computer, and notes into my messenger bag and headed home.

I had an apple at home while making a shopping list. Bread, milk, eggs, razors, etc. Above them all, I wrote the words "toilet paper" in bold. Satisfied with my list, I headed to the store. By then, there was tangible pressure in my butt and I knew I'd need to take care of it sooner or later. I managed to pick everything up and get home before that time came. As I was bringing my groceries in, I noticed that a package had arrived for me in the mail. A new book! All right! I took all of my purchases from my car to the kitchen and sat down with my new discovery on the couch in my living room. Soon enough, though, more immediate concerns entered my mind. I got only five pages into the preface before I needed to plant myself on the porcelain.

Leaving the new book on the coffee table, I slowly walked to the bathroom, calm in the face of danger. I noticed that the lid was up and so I decided to sit down for my impending number two. Down went my yoga pants and red, lacy thing as I took a seat. This was gonna be good. My first turd was announced by the sharp echo of a fart in the bowl. Good thing my roommates weren't home! It came with very little pushing and felt pleasant and warm while sliding from my bum. I noticed that it was a long one when it silently broke off, implying that it had been underwater since shortly after I had started pooping it. A quick check of the bowl revealed that my suspicion was dead on; in other words, I needed to flush before returning to my BM. Taking my pink plunger (my friends' sense of humor in action), I split the log in half and flushed. It went down easily enough and so I sat back down.

It wasn't much longer before two medium-length pieces snaked out of me. Each was about half the size of my first turd and I occupied myself by gently snapping the lacy waistband of my thong against my bare calves while they took their respective leaves of me. I decided not to hurry and, once the smoke had cleared, to sit a bit further back and relax for a bit. After about five minutes, a short, round piece landed in the water with an appreciable splash and I was done.

I got up and flushed everything; a decent-sized skidmark was all that remained of my labors. It wasn't until I sat back down to wipe that I remembered that we were out of paper. A check of the bathroom cabinet turned up empty and I sat back down, sighing loudly. Then, suddenly, I remembered: I had gone to the store earlier and bought toilet paper! Triumphantly, I shuffled undies-down to the kitchen and immediately saw a twelve-pack of my preferred brand sitting on the kitchen table. Whew-just in time! I wiped and flushed before replacing the empty roll that had taunted me earlier. The book is the most likely culprit for making me temporarily forget and yet I regret nothing :P


Very bad night

Okay I'm new here I'll describe myself I'm short about 5'5 130 pounds c cup boobs with a very nice butt from what people say well here we go me and my boyfriend had been dealing with some drama from another girl trying to get between us she finally backed off and we didn't hear from her again! We went to a friends party and didn't know the girl had already been there earlier that night she knew we were coming and she had made good for the party my boyfriend didn't eat he just wasn't hungry and I wanted a snack I had about 3 brownies and a lil peice of what I thought was pudding pie after the party about 5 hours later my boyfriend says let's go to the mudhole so on the way there I feel this grumble way deep inside me (GRRRRRRRRRRSPPLLLLLLGR) I think to myself I'll be fine we get there an I'm just sitin on the truck I don't feel good so I figure I'll just rest an be fine...I was wrong I was sitting there and these really nasty wet farts stRt to escape right in my lacy pink thong I was getting worried the. I say okay baby it's time to go home )btw I can't use public bathrooms to shit ) we are 45 min from home when I get a text from the girl of chocolate ex lax boxes an that's when I knew I was I trouble I told my boyfriend to drive fast I didn't think I was gonna make it we are the interstate an my insides are just tore up Grrrrrrrruuuuuuummmppppspllpl then we are like 10 min away when *fart sppopoppppoolllllweeeee "uho baby pull over please" I couldn't believe I was about to shit on the side of the road I had no choice I was leakin into my thong I pull it down he holds my up and the wettest farts start to slip out Spppppplurrrrrtttttttttt then the flood gates open it felt like water an chilli was just pouring out of my ass it burned so bad the pile was huge an I couldn't stop I finished up threw away my panties and my ???? was tore up all night and mid through the next day needless to say she got me good and ex lax is no joke


A Re Run

One time when I was 5 or 6 this was in 86 0r 87. Me and my Family was at a State Park and They had only the toilets like port o potties but it was the ones that was mound to the ground. Me my Father and Brother was waiting to go pee. There was a Man late 50's and a boy around 8 was behind us. Some Man was in the toilet. Then he started talking, like he was assuming that some person he was with was still out there. 5 minutes later that Man came out, He was around 47 to 50. He walked out with a unfriendly look on his face, big guy in white shirt camelflouge pants.
Later we walked past that toilet, And my Mother says, SHEWW THAT BATHROOM STINKS!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Keith Van man

To the Gent mid 60's North Of England= First time here

Hello I'm Keith
I post here now and again, I think we have the same interests, like you I love listening to females using the toilet for number 1's & 2's!!! and have done from my formative years. If you look at my post on page 2403 I hope you enjoy

Dude in distress

To Linda

Your constipation sounds awful. My has been the same lately! After 4 days of being unable to poo- I decided that no matter what, it HAD to come out. I strained and bore down as hard as I could- but after an hour, I had only managed to get the tip of the poo out. It was dry and rock hard. I tried to relax- and the poo didn't even go back in- it was literally STUCK. I stood up and pulled my cheeks apart while I pushed as hard as I could. Several pebbles broke off- but the turd wouldn't budge. Red in the face and out of breath from all the effort- I sat back against the toilet seat, feeling miserable. I tried again for another half hour, and still nothing. Finally on my 4th attempt, I managed to get it all out while straining and pressing against my anus with my fingers. Times like that- I get so desperate that I almost wish I had someone to manually assist me!


Post Title

I woke up with a bursting bladder got up holding myself to stop a leak and made it to the bathroom door. Sort of fell in only to find my mother on the loo.As she looked up she tried to raise herself of the throne groaning in pain.I could now see her hard stool in her anus so i gently put a hand on her back and re seated her.You are bursting by child she said.I got myself over the bath-sort of-and pissed and pissed til my bladder was relieved.Turning to my mum i could see plainly how constipated she was,straining to pass it. do you need help i asked? Just hold my hand will you it is so hard.We both have such constipation problems and often try to help each other when our bowl es will not move.20 minutes of effort and my mum had relieved herself.


Me and My Mom at School

For the past two days, we haven't had school. It's parent-teacher conferences. Teachers are at tables in the gym, cafeteria and rooms like that and parents go around and meet their child's teachers and get a mid-term report card. Since I didn't have anything to do yesterday, I rode with mom up to school and went around to the teachers with her. Because I'm a good student, and so is Sonya Sue, I was pretty confident there would be no problems. Besides, Mom has always threatened to take stuff away from us if our grades go down, and we know she'll follow through.

Both me and Mom took a cup of free coffee when we got into the gym. The lines for two of Sonya Sue's teachers were long, but before going to the third teacher Mom asked if the bathrooms were in the same places as when she went there (she graduated in 1989) so I walked with her just a little ways down the hall to the biggest of the bathrooms I've written about. We went in through the west entrance and she picked up her pace past three no-door stalls and quickly ducked into the first doored one. I heard the latch click and kind of a funny thud as she threw herself onto the seat. Her slacks and black underwear were at mid-leg level. Her wee stream started immediately and was pretty noisy. Within a moment or two, there was movement of her legs wider and then a series of splashes into the water. I could hear her grunt a bit and then there was a huge hit into the water. Then I heard, "Honey, please come here" and she opened the door for me.

It was like strange seeing my Mom sitting there and somewhat surprised. I don't recall seeing her going to the bathroom in a public place since Sonya Sue and I were like 4 or 5 and out with her. She pointed to the holes in the marble panels of the stall where toilet paper rolls had obviously been. She asked if the students had stolen them. I explained to her for the second or third time this year on how all 7 or 8 huge rolls of toilet paper are on the wall at the east entrance, but we didn't see them because we came in the opposite entrance. I told her it sucked, but the administration had done it because Sonya Sue said there was a lot of vandalism. I went to the other entrance and grabbed onto a roll of toilet paper. I learned the first few weeks of school for me that when I crap I don't need that many wipes. So I grab the paper, pull it straight down to the floor, and then I tear it off. So that's what I did for Mom. As Mom wiped from her seat, I asked her if she needed more, but she only used about half it it. She stood up and flushed and asked what we were doing with the extras. I told her many of the girls were hanging it over the flusher before leaving.

Just as Mom was starting to wash her hands, a science teacher came running in as fast as her heels could take her. She took the stall at the far end of the room. Luckily she had a loose-fitting dress on which she hiked up just before she seated herself for a torrential wee. I guess she didn't want to go all the way to the teachers' bathrooms in the faculty lounge. As we walked to the cafeteria to meet some of my teachers, Mom told me in the 1980s she had an accident in that bathroom when she sat in some ashes left by a smoker on the black seat. I told her some of the seats throughout the school still have a lot of marks on them and that Miranda calls them "pimples."


the prank

when I was about 18 or 19 years old me and my friends went to this party it was fun but there was the two walker brother they was butt holes but anyways the party ended around 1am and the cops came up there they said we were make to much noise and we all known were it came from so the next day we went over to walker brother place they had some cheap beer so we pour it out and pee in the bottle and put them back in the box and walk off like nothing happened so me and my friend came over to watch him drink it he had no clue


What come in will come out

Hey everyone , just like to share a story. Yesterday I was out running errands before Marcus got back from classes , so on my way to pick up something's for our dorm room to decorate stop by my in laws to pick up some moms tasty fried butter chicken that she going teach me how to cook , then out of nowhere ram like hit my stomach I knew I needed to poop quickly so I made a detour to a park near by, so I park my car at the park good nobody around this moment sped walk walked in the park ladies bathroom two open toilets both unflushed so I quickly walked over pulling my track shorts and panties to ankles and sat on the toilet cold it was . Upon sitting quickly my bowels start opening and I begin to start splattering poop out hott and really thick wetness just horrible feeling so I text moms I got into a detour I be there asap , after 10 mins I was done so I waddled to the sinks try wash my butt best way I could and it was hard cause barely any water came out so I got done hurried up got my panties up and shorts ran out to my car , made it to moms and finished what else on the listed to do and end up taking a good hot shower before he got back now time for me to get go to my evening class


Nicole / today's poop

Enjoyed your story Nicole, sounds like a nice big poop. I never heard a flush though, did you leave it for someone to find?

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