Sister Bonding

So this is when i was 8.So i was having a normal day,with family.So i went to go check up on My little Sister who i found in the corner,try to poop in her panties.[she is 6] she was scared to use the bathroom.She cried when she saw me and i comferted her.So she sat next to me.i walked her to the bathroom.So then we closed the door i sat down while we were in the bathroom.We joked around and laughed because i Farted a Few Times.Then she said she had to go.She kept her pants on.I said it wasalright we'll hide it from mommy.So then as we waited.She felt a cramp.She pulled off her pants hooding her stomach while she was in her panties.She Farted Alot.She Bent down and squatted. (I Saw her Buttcrack) Then she said ''here it comes''.So then i look at her.I see A bulge in her panties get big.[For a 5 year old thats a large poop] She contiued with a giant bulge in her underwear.Afterwards.we were in the room.Then she sticks her naked butt near my face and farts. the end

Abby C

Poop at school 2

Hi, today at school I took a messy poop in the new bathrooms. I'll tell you the story. I was in period 4 (art) and i felt the urge to drop a few turds on the potty. So i asked my teacher after period 5 (free library) started. I walked into the new bathroom on the top floor there was only one stall left after the girl in that stall came out but i didnt hear her flush i walked in the stall and there were piles of poop in the bowl and there was also poop all over the seat and the toilet wouldnt flush so i locked the door lifted up the seat squatted over the bowl and started pushing turds shot out of my bum and when i was done i missed the toilet and my poop was all over the floor i ran out of the bathroom and the principal was coming and i heard her go in and say what the f*** happened in here. And i heard every girl in that bathroom except for me got detention. Byby abby c xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox

Friday, October 03, 2014


Thanks for info John

John - interesting that you would just move your penis over and lay it on the side of her butt when you are both pooping on the toilet at the same time. I think I would have an erection the entire time. I have a buddy that I could probably ask to do this with, but he isn't a little guy and I definitely wouldn't want him to poop on me!

At Home Depot yesterday, a guy was waiting for my stall. When I came out and he went in, I paid attention to see if he was going to put down paper or wipe the seat. He didn't. I find it a bit insulting if someone does that right after I come out. It is just my bare skin on there! Lol!

Chloe B.

School dump

I'm 14, female, about 5'5 and I have blonde hair and I weigh about 130Lbs. Anyways one day I was in class and I felt the urge to take a dump and I knew if I didn't get to a toilet fast It wouldn't be good. So I got up and asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom and she said yes. As I walk into the bathroom I can hear two other girls pooping and talking. I took the third stall from the door next to one of the girls. I covered the toilet with paper then sat down. The girl next to me was having a really big poop. She must've eaten something that didn't agree with her. As I let out my first log I let out a HUGE FART. The two girls were both talking about how their stomachs were so upset and the one next the girl next me said "man everyone must be having the shits today!" I let out 3 more turds and then farted. The girl next to me let out a fast and then started to wipe. I also started so wipe as I felt so much better! The girl next to the girl that was wiping was having trouble and grunting. As I flushed I left a huge skid mark! As I washed my hands this freshman comes ruining in and starts having HORRIBLE diareaha. And the bathroom smelled so bad! I'm new to the website but would love to hear more! Anybody have any camp stories? I'll post mine later on this week! Happy pooping!

My wife shared an incredible story with me recently about her coworker. My wife works at the local hospital and her coworker is a nurse there. She is in her 30's and has a good figure from what I was told. So apparently this nurse became quite constipated and did not use the bathroom for 2 or 3 weeks. Her bowels became so backed up that it actually backed up into her stomach. This made it appear as though she was pregnant due to the extreme bloating. All the normal over-the-counter remedies did not help. Naturally this caused her to become very ill and she said she could actually taste her feces because it was trying to come up her esophagus. At that point, she went to the ER and if I understand the story correctly, they administered something to get things moving. Whatever it was apparently worked. They had her use one of those porta-seats with a bucket underneath (I imagine for fear of breaking any standard toilet) and for close to 2 hours, sat on that seat and did nothing but poop. By the time the whole ordeal was over, the entire bucket was full of several pounds worth of feces.

I thought this story was a little bogus, except my wife saw her condition prior to visiting the ER. I did some research, out of curiosity, on my own and apparently this is very possible and somewhat more common than one would think. Anyone in the medical field that posts here ever see a case like this? I really found it rather fascinating that the human body can retain so much waste.


Replies - John B & Natalie x

Hi John B. Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed a good poo after getting home from work the other day. Usually I enjoy a good poo at work just before coming home or when I've got back and had my tea - which invariably tends to get things moving! I remember Tony & Theresa well - although others used it I think it was Tony who really coined use of the word "jobbie" amongst Brit posters on here.

Natalie. I read your story with interest. It may be that the wine and tacos had an effect on your bowels which necessitated the train poo. Alcohol kills cells and that can cause a bad smell when pooing. Ask any guy who's gone the morning after a couple of pints of lager! It may be that the tacos helped to get things moving and it's perfectly possible your bowels decided to rid themselves of some old waste which hadn't previously been flushed out. That would add to the smell too. However I'd say that although it was inconvenient, what happened to you was good rather than bad because it got your system flushed out. I'm sure you're not the first person to have an experience like it and I'm equally certain you'll not be the last!

Extreme Constipation

To shadow

I have had awful constipation all my life, so bad and consistent in fact that my parents had me do 'sit times' from the time I was a toddler until the time I was a preteen (sit times were doubly humiliating for me - not only did I have my parents watching over my bowel habits like a hawk, but when I was being forced to sit on the toilet until something came out, the door would more often than not be open to the comings and goings of others).

The longest I've ever gone without pooing has been two weeks, so yes, I wouldn't doubt three weeks is possible, and that it would cause pain and send someone to the emergency room!

My two week adventure didn't end in me pooing in a bucket in an emergency room, thank god! It ended in a library bathroom, where I had to remove my clothes and sit naked in the stall turning red to push it all out. When I flushed the toilet, the gargantuan poo didn't even budge.


Post Title (optional) Constipation session in public toilet

I've been constipated again this week. I tried for a poo yesterday (Thursday) but I couldn't get anything out. So I had to go to bed full of poo, feeling miserable and bloated. My anus was sore too, from all of the pushing and straining I had done on the toilet. My hemarrhoids have been sore and bleeding this week, from too much straining.

I went to work today, feeling very heavy, my stomach was rock hard and I had liquid poo leaking out. I had to wear a sanitary pad so I didn't dirty my knickers. I'm not sure how I managed to get through the day but I did. I'm so glad that I finished work early because I needed to spend a long time on the toilet, to do a poo!! I went to a public toilet because I was scared my poo would clog my toilet at home. Plus I haven't used a public toilet in a while and I quite enjoy going in them. I sort of get a thrill out of it too, knowing that other people can hear me.

So I drove to my favorite public toilets at a shopping centre, not too far away from my house. I made my way into the toilets and chose one right at the back (there are about 20 toilet cubicles in the block). Some other toilets were occupied so I knew other people would definitely hear me grunting. I locked the door and took my pants off completely. I left my shirt on and sat on the toilet. I got to work straight way, pushing and straining with all my might, to get things moving. I did lots of heavy breathing and I had to work very hard to get my anus to open up. I had been constipated for 3 days so I had a huge amount of poo, that had built up in my rectum. After 15 minutes, I felt my anus opening up. I strained hard to get it to open up a bit more. Then I grunted "Hmmmmmmmmmgggggggggghhhhhhhh!" It was quite loud but I didn't care. I pushed, strained and grunted "Hmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggghhhhhhhhh!" and this helped the tip of the turd to start sticking out. But after another 15 minutes of hard work, it got stuck in my anus. I reached down to feel my progress and I felt about 2 inches of poo sticking out. It was dry and hard. For the next 20 minutes, I pushed, strained and grunted like there was no tomorrow. I heard several people coming into the toilet block and they surely heard me. I had now been on the toilet for almost an hour by then and I still only had 2 inches of poo sticking out of me!!!!!!!!!

I relaxed a bit and amazingly, my anus didn't suck the poo back in. I needed to get this turd out and I was getting desperate! I reached down and pushed down on the outside of my anus with 2 fingers. Then I strained at the same time. The turd stuck out a bit more but it really hurt and it was massive. I was doing lots of loud, heavy breathing. I pushed and strained with all my might and the poo slowly came out a bit more. I stood up, clenched my fists and grunted "Uggghhhhhhhhhh!!" Then I sat back down on the toilet and continued straining "UGGGGGGGGHHHHH!! NNNNNNNNNNNNNN, HHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHH!!" This was a terrible pooping session!! I was having an extremely difficult time! I was so constipated!! Then, after about an hour and a half, just when I thought the poo would never come out, it came out!!! It was about 12 inches long and very wide!!

To Bloated Butt, Jasmin K, Dominic, Dude in Distress (and any others who get constipated) how have your poos been lately??

Abby C

Embarassing story

Hi, today i wanted to share a story about pooping in preschool.: So once i was in preschool and i needed to poop and my teacher wouldnt let me go so i pooped my pants and she brought me too the bathroom in our classroom and she took off all my clothes so i was naked.byby abby c xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Abby C

Poop at home

Hi, today at home i was watching my 3yr old brother while my mom was going to be at the store for 3 hrs. So while i was watching my show when i was looking for my brother
And i needed to poop so i went to the bathroom and there was my brother pooping on his potty trainer i sat down grunting and 11 massive turds came out and when i was wiping that wasnt it i pushed and three other turds came out i wiped and was finished my brother already finished i looked at his and there was so much poop in his potty trainer there was like 4 mountains of poop. Love Abby C. Xoxoxoxoxo


What come in will come out

Hello again just here with a story , well today heading back from home home back to campus I start feeling the need to go bathroom, so pull over to nearest exit pulled into nearest food place happened be Taco Bell so I walk in towards the bathrooms smelling some poop stinch and took the first stall locked it and start pulling up my skirt and lowered my panties and took a seat on the cold seat let go a gush of pee wiped and flush and wash my hands exited it on way out I ordered a breakfast burrito and drove for 5 minutes to a Mcdonalds ordered oatmeal and apples and apple juice so after eating my breakfast knowing I had to grocery shop stop into Walmart , but I knew that breakfast already in the work stop in restroom , took the second stall cause seems like one the female workers already using first stall just saw kaki pants and undies and tennis shoes to ankles so I open second stall lock it lower my skirt and panties to ankles and sit on toilet shortly upon sitting start passing wind and start my pooping before I knew it was like water puring out of me and notice my neighbor still sitting and after few waves I was done so I thought be nice asked her if she was okay she said no she can't go so I told her maybe I can help so she open the stall door to my surprise it was a girl I was teammates with back in the day we just talked away while then one moment later hear a plop she said wow I just pooped I said I know that's key don't be so focus on it just relax mind helps one go she said thanks so we exchange numbers going hang out maybe next week so bye for now


To Christa:

Hey Christa, sounds pretty good! Remember that the times you don't make it are just a set back, NOT a failure. Remember to give yourself that pat on the back when you do get it right. Keep up the good work! :-)


An Accident

Yesterday at school after the dismissal bell rang I immediately stopped by the restroom as I do each day because I take a precautionary wee since the bus is not always on time and the ride takes up to an hour to complete. There's no worse feeling than being stuck in traffic on a bus and your bladder is close to bursting. It was a little unusual because all the stalls were taken. This girl Danetta, who is in my last class, was next in line for one stall so I took the one next to her. She was standing moving her feet and had her right hand over her stomach. She said she doesn't like to poo at school and holds it until she gets home, but since she was feeling worse she was going to make an exception. Since she was holding so much in, she said she didn't eat lunch because she didn't want to excite her stomach and bowels any more. My stall door opened and a girl came rushing out and I told Danetta she could have it. She had come in with me through the west entrance to the restroom so she hadn't stopped on the other entrance to pull of toilet paper to wipe with. I don't worry about wiping after most wees, but I invited Danetta to go in before me. She said "Oh, my, "thank you" and partially embraced me as she slipped through the doorway and into the stall. She hiked her loose-fitting blue dress up and then stopped in her tracks. Since she hadn't fully closed the privacy door, I asked her what was wrong. She said she was going to be sick but wasn't about to put her butt down on the toilet she because she always lines paper over it before she sits. I was astounded! I knew she would need some to wipe herself with so I went down to the end of the row of toilets and tore off a good amount of toilet paper from one of the seven rolls mounted against the outside panel of the first stall.

When I got back to Danetta I could see she had had an accident. She hadn't seated herself of course, but there was diarrhea splashes on the white floor and it was running down her left leg and onto her sock and sneakers. She stood there in like shock and there was an instant rumbling in her gut that was pretty loud and I pretty much shoved her down onto the seat. There was no time to cover it for her and immediately there was a huge blast into the bowl, that caused me to on to the side of the toilet and yank up her dress, the back of which she was somewhat sitting on because I didn't want it to get soiled. She started to tell me she was nauseated and then she threw her face and hair into her lap as another blast of diarrhea splashed into the bowl. She was crying and said something about her butt burning up. Things stabilized a bit and I had her stand up. I walked around to the other side and flushed the toilet. All of the water was dark brown and because there were some splashes on the back of the seat, I knew there was probably some too on the back of her dress. Because I was concerned about another round coming, I told Danetta to remain seated, but to start cleaning herself up. Luckily the other girls had left the line and I went down to the end of the room, picked a partial roll of toilet paper off the holder, and went back in to help Danetta clean.

I first started by cleaning the diarrhea of the floor because her shoes were already in it. As she sat, I slid off her undees, and as I did I could see and feel the damage. I took them outside to the big trashcan and threw them in. As she started wiping between her legs, I had her slide forward on the toilet so that I could clean up more of the splashes beside her. She continued to cry, although not as bad as before, as I gave her more toilet paper (she used up the entire roll and when she walked out to the sink she started to cry more, because she had diarrhea and its smell on both hands). I noticed the toilet paper in the bowl was stacked almost to the seat level and I didn't want to chance a clog by flushing it. I walked around to the next stall which was vacant and quickly seated myself for my delayed wee. After placing my butt on the warm seat, my stream started faster than usual and I was done within a minute. I pulled up my undees and jeans and reached back and flushed. As I opened the door, Danetta was waiting. She immediately went in, then remembered she needed toilet paper which she went and got. Then she carefully covered the seat, and sat. Her stream started slow, but was continuous as she thanked me several times for helping her. I told her I would have to make a run for my bus and luckily, it was just ready to pull away from the curb when I got there.

I sat down next to Miranda and she asked me where I had been the past 45 minutes. Of course, I had a lot to tell her. And Danetta was not in school today.

Abby C

My twin brother

Hi today i was getting ready for school an hour before and my twin brother whose a minute older than me came into my bedroom bathroom and closed the door and i was like what are you doing david? And he said im taking a poop and i said why cant you use the other bathroom he said because mom is taking a shower. Than he pulled his pants down to his ankles and sat on the toilet with his feet 2" off the ground. I said to him can you just get the hell out of here! And he said Hay, language! Lol i started laghing so hard. He farted and i heard 3 big plops that went like this plink plong plupe! And i said eww and then he wiped and pulled up his pants. And then i looked in the toilet and said jesus christ what the hell is that! And he said its poop, duh! I had to poop so i pulled down my pants, pooped and got on the bus. Byby xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo abby c

One time poster

Encounters in Camping

Okay, so this is my first post, but like others I've been reading for a very long time. Anyways so let's start off saying that I'm 17 years old, male, am very mature and sort of tall. (5"9)
Anyways, this story didn't happen long ago, I was camping with my dad and his gf at a very nice campground that I've been to once before. Also it's about 1 hour away from our house. So I got there and I helped set up which took around an hour. Fast foward a little and its dinner time. My dad made french fries with his fryer and had brought ribs and an ear of corn for all of us. So we ate dinner which was very good, especially the fries. After dinner I felt a small pressure in my stomach and I had knew that I had to go because I haven't gone since yesterday. Now, I am a totally scared/embarrassed of going on public toilets, and I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold it all weekend until Monday. ( it was Friday) I have gone on public toilets before but not many times. So I figured that I'd wait everybody out and stay up until around 12 to go. My dad and his gf had gone to bed quite early, arouns 9 o'clock. So as time passed, around 11 I was out by the fire, by myself and I went to get another piece of wood to add to the fire. While doing so I noticed a tiny mouse in the firewood. It was nearly the size of a quarter and jumped/hopped quite a lot. I figured that I had some time to go, so, I would watch the mouse and play with it. I would go back to the small wood pile by the end of the camper every few minutes to see the mouse. But it was dark so I had to use the flashlight on my phone. The mouse was very cute! I was texting pics of the mouse to my friends and try to get it to touch a stick I was holding. After some time it was 11:30 and the urge was sort of strong. I knew I could hold it longer and I still heard some people partying at another site not too far. I kept farting trying to relieve some pressure, which did help a little. It felt like it was going to be sticky. Because I was a cautious bathroom-goer I would check the bathroom out often. It was a small, building with two doors on each side. On the inside it was divided by a wall. One room was the men's and the other was the woman's. Inside, as soon as you walked in, to the left there was 1 stall and exactly to the right of the stall there was a shower. The stall didn't have a lock on it. Then infront of the two were 2 sinks. Also there was a small, open, path in the woods from our site to the bathroom. The only other way to it was walking on the road which curved like the letter c. Around 11:50, when I felt I should go, I heard a few people walking from their site to the bathroom. It was probably one of the partiers. I ran to the middle of the trail and heard people talking in there. I think it was two guys and one was talking about pooping. I ran back to my site and sat by the fire, waiting to hear the door open and see them turning the outer light off. 15 minutes later I tried again and made it halfway when I heard what seemed to be a really loud fart. It must have gone through the ventilation windows I said to myself. I then heard another but this one was squeakier. I ran back to the front of the path again and stared down the path, waiting. By this time I could almost feel it coming out. It didn't really feel like diarrhea, but just a little mushy. I had been farting constantly now. I decided that I wanted to listen and to see if anybody was actually in there. Just as I approached to door it opened a little. I dashed to the back of the building held my light against my chest.I clutched the wall to seem like I wasn't there. I looked frantically to see if they would see me. But no body came out as the light remained on and the door open. Suddenly a dog, golden retriever to be exact, came out and walked a little towards the path that I came down and back to the open door. It did this a few times. I was sure it saw me, but it never looked directly at me and didn't walk towards me. This scared me. I could feel my heart beating a mile per minute and I could also feel my shit. I didn't go in my pants but if I didn't make it in time then I was about to. I heard the owner come out of the bathroom. I was nervous because there was a site directly behind the bathroom house, and I thought he was from there. Luckily, he walked towards the road and called his dog away from the door. He left the door open a little and it smelt pretty bad. I sprinted back to the path and to my camper and sat in fright. He didn't see me, nor did his dog. I crept back up the path to see, and I saw him walking down a road that lead to many sites. (This was a really big campground) I finished my walk up to the bathroom and went in. The smell was gone. I went in and tried locking the outside door, just to see that the lock on that too was broken. I was really afraid that somebody was going to come, but nobody did. I went into the stall and got a bunch of tp and put it on the toilet seat. I was almost shaking from the experience. I sat down and immediately started pushing; I wanted to be really fast. I have a thing, where if I'm not at home going then I push really, really hard. Most of the time it'll hurt if I do it. So I pushed and let a decently sized poo out. It didn't smell too bad, but it hurt coming out because I wanted to be fast. I farted then a little mushy poo came out. I thought I was done, so I got up and wiped. It was one of those poos where you could keep wiping and you'd still see stuff on the tp. It was really sticky. I wiped about 6 or 7 times and then decided I wasn't done. I sat back down and pushed out a few mushy pieces. I got up and wiped about 5 more times and decided it was time to go. It was around 12:30 and still felt like staying up. I was walking around the site with my flashlight on and a nearby camper came up to our sight. He asked what I was doing. I said "I just heard a mouse.. or something"
"Oh" he replied. "Well I thought that you were getting up to go tell those people to shut the hell up. It's 12:30 in the morning! I'm all up for staying up late, but they could at least be quiet." He said. He then asked if I knew directions to there site, so I gave him directions and he went off. Withing 20 minutes they were quiet. I saw him walking back to his site and enter his camper. I still felt like I needed to wipe, but I didn't want to go back to the bathroom, so instead I got some paper towels that were outside by the grill and I wiped. I wiped maybe 4 or 5 time before I felt better. I took the towels and chucked then in the coals of the tiny fire I still had going. They burned up and I went to bed.

The end. I have to say it was a good experience! Thanks for listening!
Also this will probably be the last time I post. I don't like posting much but just know that I'm always reading!

Blind Guy

Nice Work Christa

I'm sorry to hear you had a couple of minor setbacks, but I find that we autistics tend to think more logically, so let's choose to look at things statistically. Even with the few minor setbacks, if you average your accident frequency week by week, you seem to be having less trouble lately than in the past. If this trend continues, you're obviously doing something right. If not, the goal is to figure out why and resolve the issue. May I ask which brand of pull-on you were using and which one you switched to? I used to use those when I was experiencing issues during my college days, and found that Abri-Flex offered the best in that class. I have heard they went very much downhill lately though, which seems to be the norm for most products these days. Anyway, if I can be of assistance in any way, I'm always lurking somewhere nearby. I check at least once a day, usually twice, for new posts. Very best of luck, and have a pleasant day.


too much fiber..

Well, I ate two fiber rich granola bars today and two fiber brownies, and I guess it really worked.... which is both good and bad. id started to feel the need to go before my run today, but I don't like to use public bathrooms.: running a mile made my need worse and as I walked out to my car, I could feel my stomach start to churn. I let out some gas and figured id be okay to run to the store before heading home, so I did. I held on (barely), shifting my weight between legs a little while I was being rung up. when I loaded my groceries into the car and sat in the drivers seat, my need let up a little. so I made it home and started to cook with my roommate. I could've gone to the bathroom then, but didn't want her to know I was pooping. so I waited. we cooked for a half an hour and then ate. I started to wash the dishes and the need hit me hard then. I had to double over, but my roommate wasn't paying attention thankfully. I regained my composure and let out a little more gas and was able to finish up the dishes. as my roommate was getting ready for her night class, I sat on the couch under a blanket and hung on for dear life, waiting for her to leave so I could use the bathroom. just as I could hear her coming out of her room and heading toward the stairs, my stomach cramped and the poop threatened to escape. I clenched my butt as hard as I could, but as my roommate walked downstairs, I started to fill my pants with soft warm poop. I could hear a faint crackling sound, so I quickly coughed to cover it up. the coughing pushed out even more poop more quickly. luckily it didn't smell yet, and my roommate had no clue as she said goodbye. I dashe upstairs toward the bathroom as soon as she left, still pooping my pants the whole way. by the time I got to the bathroom, it was no use. so I came to post this story, instead. now the poop is smooshed and caked to my butt and underwear, and I have to go clean up... the worst part of having an accident.

Vanessa, love your stories - keep 'em coming! Looking forward to hearing more about your naughty antics.

Spice, your tale of shitting up the public bathroom (presumably, one of the outdoor pay toilets in the UK) was amazing. If you're still around, I hope to hear more stories about you pooping in public, as you love to do.


To Brianna, Jenny and Everyone!

Brianna: I hope that you are well! Wondering how everything went the other day! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Jenny: Welcome to the forum! Loved your story and remember my freshman year in college and adjusting to using the bathroom well!

To everyone: The posts on the forum have been really good lately! I've been super busy, but hope to respond to the surveys soon! Bye for now!



jessica (az)
ah yes I finally feel better now, my stomach is no longer upset. eventually my mom and dad got the bug from me, but I still had it the worse. It became really difficult trying to use the bathrooms, though it also seemed my dad had it the least worst of us, but again we are all better now

1) How often do you fart?
I really only fart when I'm on the toilet or when I have a stomach ache, but not much either way

2) Are they more often loud or silent?

3) What foods make you gassy?

4) Are they usually smelly or odorless?
they don't tend to smell

5) How long on average are they?
they are mainly quick

6) How long was your longest fart? (Take a guess if you don't know)
probably 10 seconds from an upset stomach

7) Do you enjoy your own farts?
No, not at all

8) Who (if anyone) do you fart around?
probably my friends, but either way I try not to

9) What are there reactions?
they would just question if I farted and laugh it out maybe

10) Describe a memorable/worst fart story.
the fish story I told, uh

11) Have your farts ever led to pooping?
yes usually when I'm on the toilet, never really before

12) Have you ever pooped with a sibling?
only child

13) What is the longest time you held in your poo and how good was the relief?
2 days, and it feels real good when it finally comes out, but I have the need to rest afterwards and just lay back on the toilet

14) What was the worse condition you have found in a public bathroom?
Probably one of the park bathrooms where the toilets are high up and not clean

15) What foods give you the runs and how bad?
usually spicy foods, diary, candy and coffee gives me the runs

16) What foods make you constipated and how bad?
usually dairy can also cause my constipation,but I get more of the runs from dairy

17) How smelly was your smelliest poo?
usually when I have a really smelly poop from one of the foods listed above or sick

18) Do you enjoy having to take a dump?
as long as the poop is not painful and doesn't make me sick, then yes i enjoy pooping

Abby C

Poop at school 1

Hi, today at school i was in fourth period (free library) so i went to the girls room there was only the end stall left so i took that stall. I locked the door put down the toilet put a seat cover on it. I lifted up my skirt i pulled down my panties and sat down. I pointed my vagina at the toilet and peed. I started pushing hard but only a piece of 3 centimiters so i pushed harder and i pushed so hard that i was as red as a tomatoe. The girl next to me had been farting and had been having diarea. I pushed one more time and farted and a piece of 17" long was in the toilet. And i had more and when i pushed diarea came out of my bum farting i only made one fart that went on during the "storm" it was like
phhhurpltysrthaasdct. I wiped many times and last time i pooped here somebody had their jeans and undies to their ankles and didnt pull them up until after they finished washing their hands. So i unlocked the stall shimeed to the sinks and then the girl next to me came out of the stall and said to me " you have cute and clean clean buttoces" and i said thanks in a weird way. Byby xoxoxoxoxoxo abby c


poop outside

I am 46 years old and I just pooped outside and It felt so free and wonderful I had to go so it made it easy I just squated behind an old building and pushed out a couple soft peices of poop and wiped


What come in will come out

Hey everyone , hello my friend Brandon T. Well on yesterday driving back on campus with Marcus , I knew I had to go bathroom so I told him before I cook dinner he was so cool about it a real gentleman I always wanted but anyway so , I went to our dorm room while he got the grocery , so I pull down my shorts and panties to ankles and sit on toilet , hear him come in , so I begin to fart a bit then poop some ,felt three splashes into the bowl, grab some tp and wipe my butt clean , afterwards pull up my clothes wash hands , and cooked dinner for Marcus , later on that night while watching game film with him , I pee before bed so later on today going fix him lunch after his football practice but in mean time gotta see how things are at home home til next time

Nice story! I'm always impressed with the size of your dumps! I don't know how you do it.

Your stories seem to indicate kind of an exhibitionist streak when it comes to your poops. Would you ever consider taking a dump in a stall-less bathroom? I've been to a nudist camp where there's no stall doors, walls or anything. It's kind if cool to take a shit where literally anyone can can see what you're doing.

Abby C.

Poop at school 4 times

Hi, im abby c im in 6th grade and today at school i dropped turds 3
different times!
1. This morning i was in class and i needed to drop a turd so i asked
My tracher if i could go so i went to the girls room, found a stall, pulled up my
skirt, pulled down my panties and sat down. I sat there pushing
i pointed my vagina at the toilet and pushed and then 5 big turds
came into the toilet i wiped my bumbum and went backto class.
2. I was at library in period 4 i asked my teacher if i could go. This bathroom had no
stalls so i sat down next to 5 girls they grunting and dropping turds. I started pushing and 10 massive turds were in the bowl these toilets didnt flush either so i looked at everybodys toilet everybody had big turds.
The last time was in the gym locker room i had explosive diaherria my diaherria exploded all over the bowl and i was like "oh crap". Love abby C xox

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Katie M first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day at least you avoided having any accidents and I look forward to any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Shelbi great story it sounds it sounds like you had a pretty great poop and felt pretty good afterward to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bianca great story.

To: Natalie X it sounds like you had a pretty rougfh time on that train and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great pooping story it sounds like you both had really great poops and I bet you both felt great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bria great story it sounds like you had a great poop once you were finally able to go and I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

Natasha great story.

Yesterday I heard a woman poop at the bookstore it sounds like it was a diarrhea mix she peed first then farted and some wet sounding poop came out and then I heard some spluttering crackling sound as more poop came out then she finished with a few wet farts so a good catch.

Well that's all for now.

sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Replies to Natalie x and Megan

Hi its John B.

Hello you two just read your posts and very interesting reading they made too.

Natalie with regard to the torrid time you had on your train commute I can only sympathise because a similar situation happened to me several years ago and in my case it was simply that the flush wasn't working at all and unfortunately I left a bowl full of turds and paper in an otherwise virgin toilet! Subsequent users must have thought I was complete oik for leaving the loo in such an unsavory state!

As for you Megan yet another entertaining post from you and I was minded of a similar occurrence a couple of years ago in a unisex facility in a cafe in Cornwall. Whilst my usual poo time is around the 9.30 mark on holidays I tend to be after lunch performer too! A woman I guess in her late 40s and I entered through the single door followed by another once almost simultaneously having gone through the second door there were two adjacent cubicles, no gap at the bottom but the dividing wall was about two feet short of the ceiling so everything could be heard. The rustling of clothing was apparent to both parties and we both proceeded to do a pee followed by what seemed to be an interminable silence as it seemed we were both reticent to take the first poo, finally I couldn't hold on any longer anI let out a fart followed by a PLOP! I muttered 1 nil and I heard a giggle from next door followed by a cascade of plops, a couple of more logs from me and I was done and started to wipe another pee from her and she wiped too. I flushed exited and went to one of the two washbasins to complete my ablutions and she came out almost immediately and did the same. I apologised for being a tad forward and she no not at all as it broke the deadlock and we would have still be sitting there. As we dried our hands and left she tapped me on the arm and said "At least it didn't go to a penalty shootout!" which I great riposte seeing that I started the football analogy.

That proved to me that unisex toilets needn't be places to be embarrassed by and anything to further the cause of equality is something to be welcomed. My personal opinion for what its worth is that children would be safer in such an environment.

I would be interested to hear of any opinions both from men and women or indeed transgender whether pro or anti.

Take care my friends and will be in touch soon!

John B x


Reply to Natalie

Hi Natalie,

In reply to your story about you having a poo on the train I feel for you! I had the same situation a few weeks ago where I really had to go for a poo on the train. But as I was sat there the electric door opened with a lady wanting the loo....the electric door had broke as she tried to frantically close it! She had to stand with her back facing me so no one could see in whilst i released one last log and plop and very quickly wiped my bum. Quite frankly the most embarrassing train journey to London ever. Luckily not a very busy train though!!

Matt x

ive been doing pretty good lately. for over a week ive been getting to the toilet in time much more often then not with only an occasional reminder. the day before yesterday though was a major off day. i was preoccupied with making breakfast and didnt even realize i needed to go badly til i started to pee in my pullup. i thought i had only needed to go a little so i could wait. i couldnt move. all i could do was stand there and wait til i finished peeing. when i was done my pullup was pretty swollen. ive started wearing a new kind of pull on diaper that absorbs more without leaking. but its still hard to tell thru my clothes that its a diaper. i like that part alot. i got changed before breakfast but later that day i touched my pullup unexpecting and it was VERY wet. i had gotten really scared earlier from the noise when the garbage truck picked up the dumpsters in front of our house. the noise made me cry and stim a little cuz it hurt but i didnt realize id had an accident too. i got changed feeling pretty discouraged cuz ive been doing so well for quite awhile. i had 2 more accidents that day. one cuz the bathroom was occupied and one cuz i stupidly ignored my watch when it vibrated. i thought i didnt need to go at all even though im supposed to at least try whenever the watch goes off. i didnt realize i needed to pee til i was wetting my pullup. yesterday though: no accidents and none so far today! :)


Post Title (optional) BAD CONSTIPATION THIS WEEK!!!

I've been SO constipated for the last week, it all started last Friday. It was my own fault because I got a bit lazy with my diet and I ate way too much chocolate. I ended up buying a huge family block of milk chocolate because it was on special at the supermarket. I knew there was a 100 % chance that I would get backed up but I ate it all anyway, in 3 days!! I tried to just eat a few pieces but because I love it so much, I ate about half a block in one night. The next day, I tried to limit myself but I ended up eating most of what was left. Then I ate the rest of it the day after. I regretted eating the whole block to myself (my housemate has gone away for a few weeks) but I couldn't do anything about it. I ate lots of high fibre food for the next couple of days, hoping that it would somehow stop the constipation - but it didn't. If anything, it made it worse!!

I started getting constipated quickly (within a day or two) of eating all that chocolate. I knew the inevitable was coming and I was really dreading the terrible time I would have, struggling to push the poo out. So all week, I've been having the worst time on the toilet, its been extremely difficult!! I've been extremely constipated!!!

I normally don't like going more than a few days without doing a poo. I knew it would hurt and take a very long time, so I just didn't try to poo at all. After 4 days, I decided I really needed to do a poo. I was miserable, lethargic and bloated. I had horrible liquid poo leaking into my knickers. I wasn't even getting any urges to do a poo. My housemate was away so I had the whole house to myself. I took my pants off so that I was just wearing a bra. I started walking up and down the hallway, hoping that it would help things get moving. Then I moved into the loungeroom and turned the TV on. I stood in one spot, closed my eyes, clenched my fists and pushed with all my might. I felt my anus puckering out and I did lots of farts. I continued pushing for 20 minutes and my anus finally started crackling and opening up. I could feel a HUGE turd sitting just above my anus. Then I squatted and kept pushing and straining with all my force. I grunted loudly "UGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

My poor anus puckered out even more and the huge turd was stretching it beyond its limits. I knew this wasn't good for my hemarrhoids either. After 15 minutes, my legs were getting sore so I stood up and pushed hard. I felt the turd inching its way out, ever so slowly. My anus hurt like hell and it felt like it was on fire!!! I grunted again, this time even louder "UGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! HHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!! I got so loud, I hoped the neighbours didn't hear me.

An hour easily passed by. I reached down to feel my anus and I had about 5 inches of massive turd sticking out. I wanted to have a look in the mirror so I walked into the bathroom. I could see the turd between my legs and it was gigantic!!! It felt so uncomfortable and it was very dry and scratchy too!! I stood in front of the mirror and pushed and pushed and pushed with all my might. The look on my face was one one of sheer desperation - because I was so extremely constipated and this demon poo had to come out!!!! I grunted very loudly again "UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!! HHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGHHHH!! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!"

I waddled to the toilet, with 6 or 7 inches of poo hanging between my legs. I was SO constipated and I just had my bra on. It was cold in my house so my big bear bottom was cold too. I sat on the toilet with a thud and I leant right forward. This helped because I was able to squeeze the monsterous turd all the way out. Then lots of smaller turds came out but they were much easier to push out. After that, I was finished. It took me 1 hour and 40 minutes!! My turd was about 14 inches long and as wide as a coke can, rock hard and very, very dry!! I felt so much better after that!!

Its now Thursday and I haven't done a poo since Tuesday. So I'm constipated AGAIN! I'm hoping I can get something out tonight.


Sheer Satisfaction

Hi its John B.

Got home from work via the office about ten minutes ago (10.25am) took off my hi-vis jacket straight to the loo dropped my trousers and pants sat down peed and farted. Immediately a well formed solid log of about 10" x 2" slid out without any effort from me whatsoever another fart one wipe and I was done! Oh that would always be the case but perhaps no otherwise the stories on this forum would become rather limited.

Special hellos to Jemma, Megan, Natalie x an Adrian.

Take care my special forum friends.

John B xx



I'm in walmart sitting in the toilet and I hurt sooo bad and I'm alone sooo ya I have no Idea what to do cause I'm out of toilet paper so I'm thinking byeeeee

Katie M

Diarrhea in school and in forest

Hello everyone, my name is Katie and I'm in year 8. I love chili but it does give me diarrhea every once in a while, like recently.

In the middle of science, I felt the urge to poop so asked if I could. After my teacher gave me permission, I walked to the nearby toilets, feeling the urge grow every second. I walked into the stall, closed the door and sat down, pulling down my panties. After a fart, I leaned forward as more gas and slightly liquid poop sprayed out of my butt. Looking between my legs, I could see that the water had turned brown. After 3 minutes of this, I finally wiped my extremely messy anus and stood up.

Unfortunately that wasn't the end of my diarrhea. On the way home, I was sitting in the bus, when the urge returned. Thankfully, it wasn't too strong, so I could hold it in easily. However, while walking home, the urge had become stronger, and it was starting to hurt. Thankfully, I walk home through an area that is parallel to a forest-surrounded path that hardly anyone takes. I crossed to this path and ran into an area between the trees. Pulling my panties down, I unclenched my butt cheeks. The contents of my rectum spilled out onto the dirt, with splats and gas passing through my anal sphincter. I sighed in relief as my stomach stopped hurting. After a minute, I felt much better. I wiped with some leaves, then pulled up my panties and continued home, grateful that no-one heard or saw me.

Victoria B.

Some responses

To Jenny: Nice story! For some reason it always seems that public poops come at extremes-if your BM is long and firm the lady in the next stall will be having a loose and splattery number two.
To Mina: That's exactly what I like to do when I sit down for a BM (I alternate between sitting and squatting at home). I only push when it feels like I need to and I just let things slide out otherwise. I had a poop like that last night. It came out on its own without any pushing; I sat there, thought, and occasionally gave my lowered panties a gentle snap against my calves.

It felt so good coming out; firm but not too firm and long. I gave an appreciative moan as it exited my butt and a try for more ended with a zipper fart and nothing more. I got up three minutes or so later to see what had landed in the bowl and I was impressed. My BM was at least eight inches or 20 cm long and a prime candidate for clogging the toilet if it didn't get broken up. I put the seat up and used the rubber cup of my toilet plunger to break it in half. The flush took everything down except for a sizable skid mark. I cleaned it up with the toilet brush, wiped, and flushed again. Years of being hard on plumbing have taught me well. Have you ever plunged out a stubborn clog or stopped up a toilet in an embarrassing situation?

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