Naughty piss II

Sorry guys i got on the wrong button and sent the story eventho it wasnt finished.

Well as i wrote before i squatted on the couch and pissed backwards all over his couch and the carpet. My friend Emma was afraid that we would get caught but i thought that my victim was in a deep sleep :-)
So after about 20 seconds of peeing and a hissing fart at the end i was finished so i decided to wipe myself withe the couch pillow. I would have loved to poop but at this point i just couldnt. On my way back i had so many great i deas where i could have peed instead of the carpet but all in all i think it was a good decision. So after i finished i told emma that she should help me but she is shy and she said she wants to leave as quick as possible. So we left in the car Emma told me that i was crazy and that we could get in real trouble for this and that she would never pick me up again after this but i still enjoyed my adventure a lot :-)


Morning poo at college

After reading about a few people on the site having their morning poo at school/college/work I thought I'd try it myself. I thought it might help boost my confidence and make me less shy about using public bathrooms, and if not I still start the day feeling relieved so it's a win-win situation. The toilets I usually use don't have doors. Almost every bathroom is like this except for one which doesn't even have stalls. Just a line of toilets with toilet roll on top of the tank.

I arrived at college early to give myself plenty of time, having no idea just how long I'd need. I had a wee when I woke up but nothing else. I headed to the bathroom and found a few girls in there but it wasn't busy at all so I didn't mind. I went into the stall at the end, pulled down my skinny jeans and black thong just enough to go and sat on the toilet. I pulled out my phone and played Candy Crush, just like I do every morning at home.

After about 30 seconds I felt my poo coming out, I just relaxed and let things happen at their own pace. I had plenty of time. It slowly crept out which felt quite nice and then broke off with a quiet "plunk". I had a wee and stayed seated, I knew there was more to come. Sure enough a few seconds later another piece started coming out, much smaller this time. It quickly broke off and fell into the water, followed by three more. I wee'd a little more while getting some toilet roll and began wiping. I wiped my behind three times and my front once before flushing and standing up, redressing at the same time. I buttoned my jeans, washed my hands and left the bathroom feeling like a million bucks! I was so so so so so happy with myself!


Toilet Clogger

Hi everyone! I did a poop near the end of this week that was a little big. There was one long thick peice, and a couple of smaller ones. The poop got stuck at the entrance of the drain, but wouldn't budge. My brother was told about my situation, and I think he was the one who fixed it. Although I had a big one this one day, most of my poops this week have been average sizes. Also, sorry about double posting my last post! This week has been great concerning entertainment as well. I've been playing a game with my graduation Furby called Furby Says. I'd have to say I'm really into it now, and enjoy the challenges!


To Tiana

I also have difficulties going for a wee in a public bathroom. I'd lock the door behind me, pull down my knickers and sit down. Then I'd wait, and wait...and wait. Unless I'm absolutely on the edge of wetting myself I just can't let go. I'm often sat from anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute before I start going, but when you do it's the best feeling in the world. I get jealous hearing the girls in the stalls next to me sit down and start their stream almost straight away. Then there's me next to them desperately trying to go. Once I start I'm fine, even if it's just a little trickle.

I think if you keep trying you'll get used to things and they may become a little easier. Good luck!



Hey everyone!

Maria: Can you tell us more about your wedding and honeymoon poops? They sound very interesting!

Natalie x

Poo poo train

So I had a little trouble on the train the other day...

I woke up feeling full and knew a big one was coming my way, just what time precisely was unsure. I don't mind doing a poo at work if I really need one but I forgot about the journey. I didn't have time to sit on the toilet before I left anyway so the situation was quite inevitable. I left home to commute after having breakfast and a large coffee (probably didn't help) It's what I usually have but I should of skipped the coffee on this occasion. Anyway on the way to the station again I only felt a full-ish feeling, no real need. It was only when I was waiting for the train itself my insides started to gurgle. The farts I was letting go were disgusting, most of them were quiet, but all of them were wet. It got to a point where if I farted more then I would of messed myself so I held back from then on, for a little anyway. My train was arriving in 12 minutes when I debated about going to the ladies for my poo. But knew this one would be huge and messy, I could feel it. I didn't think I would be done and out in that time so I figured I'd wait and just hold on for the half hour journey. Well that didn't happen! As I sat I really needed to fart, it wasn't a full cabin but it wasn't exactly empty either. I let a sly quiet wet poot into the chair and boy did it stink. A few people looked but I just kept my head on my phone. I was texting my boyfriend saying how badly I needed the loo. Needless to say he found it very amusing. Texting him wasn't helping though, I thought it would take my mind off it but he just kept asking about how bad my need was. I think he got a bit excited when I told him I was about to shit myself royally. By the second it was growing. I remember the train only just started moving and my stomach shifted and again I had to fart, but this time I held it in. My boyfriend just said to go on the train, I really didn't want to but by now my butt felt squidgy, you know it's gonna be bad when you can feel that. I had to take action and swallow my pride. I got up clutching my stomach, moaning under my breathe about the whole situation I was in. I walked in to the toilet thinking I wouldn't even use this to pee let alone to do a big poo. I took my skirt off and tights whilst farting, because now of course it was appropriate! Took off my thong and sat down on the cold seat. But I had yet another problem, I could clearly hear conversations of people in the cabin, thus them gonna be able to hear me unloading this beast. I was sweating and partly shaking in desperation. I had a plan, I was trying to make as little noise as possible but it was hard. My stomach really hurt and the cramps would just push more and more pressure to my butt. I was seated for about a full minute before I just decided to get it over with and relax. I tried relaxing slowly but there was no stopping the forceful blow. PARRRRRRRRRP PIIRR POOOOOOEEWW! The very moment I relaxed my muscles, sloppy poo loudly rushed out. I squealed a little bit as a cramp hit me and two huge firm logs rushed out. After it was back to non solid, it was coming out in rapid succession and boy did it smell bad! I sat there after the main wave, just woftin in the huge shit I just took. Was hard to breathe! Before I decided to start wiping I felt a little bit still in me, so I pushed and sure enough I farted out some more mushy poo. I just remember it smelling so bad and the farting was really loud and embarrassing but the relief got to me. I even did loud embarrassing sighs a few times. I sat there thinking I want to die because when I walk out everyone will look at me. I looked down at the puddle of mud and a clear explosion from the damage of the sides and I almost gagged. Yuck! Then when I flushed and it started to all come up, it got to the rim and didn't go down!!! My heart was pounding. I still needed to wipe my very messy butt. I ended using only about 6 scrunches of tp (not enough) and just throwing them in to the muddy water filled bowl! After that I put my thong, tights and skirt back on. I closed the lid and winced one more time at the smell whilst washing my hands. I then took a deep breath and walked out and walked to the other side of the train with my head down! It was so shameful but at least I didn't shit myself which would not of been pretty. I spent around 20 minutes in that toilet, I do not wish to do that again at all!

After I got off the poor train that I destroyed I texted my boyfriend saying that; 'that is the last time we have tacos
for dinner and drink wine. All aboard the poo poo train!'

Worst dump I have even taken traveling to this date!

Natalie x

Monday, September 29, 2014

Abbie- Great post, I enjoyed your latest story with your friends!

kmd- Yes, I had pooed the day before I had to go outside, but I ate quite a bit. I went for another poo later that night at home too. I don't think any more would have come out if I had stayed squatting, except perhaps a fart or two.

Tlana- Sounds like a very interesting setup in your school toilets. It's a little awkward having to take the paper before you go in I would think, especially if you are needing a poo and don't know how much you will need. But like you said, if it reduces vandalism it will please the administration.

Yesterday I went out shopping. While I was out I needed to do a poo. The urge came on quite strongly so I made my way to the toilets in the shop I was in. There were two cubicles and both of them were in use, but although there were only two loos there was quite a large space between them and the door, with the sinks off to one side. I looked under the doors to check and I saw feet in front of both toilets, one pair with jeans bunched up and the other with leggings that looked to be pulled down about halfway. There was a fairly strong smell of poo so I knew that one, or maybe both, of them were doing their number twos as well and that I might have to wait to take care of mine, which was annoying because it was getting urgent.

After 30 seconds another woman came into the loos. She was about 30 and shapely with brown hair. 'Are you waiting?' she asked me, since I was standing by the sinks and not right in front of the doors. I said yes and that both toilets were occupied. She joined the 'queue' behind me. The way I was standing might have told a very keen observer that I was waiting to do a poo, and that it was urgent. I noticed the other woman seemed to be standing in a similar way so I surmised that maybe she was waiting to make a number two as well. She didn't confirm that part, but she did confirm the second part when she said to me, 'They're always busy when it's urgent, aren't they?'

I agreed with her, wondering if she was only talking about herself or if she had noticed that I was in a similar situation. Mine was getting more pressing and I guessed hers was too. There were some plops and a couple of farts from the cubicles while we waited our turn. After a few minutes one of the cubicles opened up, and I replaced the woman who had come out. I pulled down my skirt and pink knickers to my feet and sat on the seat which was nice and warm. I began with a short wee as my neighbour wiped. She left and the woman who was waiting with me went in. I heard her pull down her trousers and knickers. Looking under the cubicle I saw that her underwear was pink too!

I had a log coming out of my bum when I heard her sit. After a couple of seconds she did a fart, having obviously been holding it and unwilling to let it out while we were waiting. Now I knew she, like me, needed a poo, and I heard a piece coming out of her bum, making a quiet crackling sound. Both of our logs dropped into the toilet at almost the same time as we started to get the relief we needed! Mine 'splashed down' first, though. I heard another small plop from her, maybe the rest of her log that had broken off.

I was a little surprised, but quite pleased, when she spoke up, saying; 'Ah, relief!' with a chuckle. I laughed and said, 'Yeah, that's better already. 'Nothing worse than having to queue when you're already desperate, is there?' she said. 'I know how you feel,' I replied. We both had another turd coming out by now and I heard hers plop into the loo. It's quite rare for me to come across someone who doesn't mind talking to a stranger while they are on the loo. Normally unless it's a friend I don't often talk to anyone, but since we were both doing the same thing and had both been in the same situation I felt quite relaxed in doing so. She said, 'I came in here because I thought these toilets wouldn't be busy.' My second turd dropped and I said, 'We must be part of the after lunch rush,' since we and the other women all needed to poo. She said, 'We must be. I know I am. Lunch always makes me need to go.' I said, 'It has the same effect on me.' I farted and released two smaller pieces. I heard another plop from her and then she started to wee. I started to push out a final piece as she wiped. I heard her pull up her knickers and trousers and say, 'Enjoy the rest of your day!' I said, 'Thanks, you too!' and she flushed and went to wash her hands. I dropped my final log and wiped. She was gone when I left, but I saw her looking around the shop after. No doubt we both felt much relieved- I know I did!


To John B

Hi John & all,
my hubby first started accompanying me when he told me of his intrigue at how often i go & how desperate i i asked him to join me & ever since then he loves to hear me plopping.
any other questions or possible stories u would like to hear from me if it applies i'd be grateful to help
J x


Post Title (optional) To Robert

You are right, there are quite a few of us on here who get very constipated all the time, including me and I know my diet isn't the best. I do try to eat healthy food but I still get constipated a lot. I've always been prone to it, even as a kid, when I ate lots of healthy food, I still got constipated.

Chocolate and cheese make me very constipated. If I eat lots of healthy food but also eat a lot of cheese or chocolate (or both) I get badly constipated. I can't eat a lot of chili or curry either because it makes me constipated too. So I try not to eat it at all.

I'm guessing that you have never been constipated before. I know it must sound so simple for people like yourself, who don't get constipated, for people like me to eat lots of fibre and my constipation will instantly go away. Its not that easy. I have tried lots of things to help and the only thing that helps is sticking to a VERY VERY strict diet. Even then, I still get constipated a bit. I'm not as constipated as I was earlier in the year (as I've been trying to stick to a strict diet) but it hasn't completely gone away either.

I'm sure others will agree with me, that it is easier said than done, to get rid of bad constipation. Some people are just prone to it, while others are not.

In saying that, I have been having lots of trouble this week : (


Reply to Adrian

Hi its John B.

It was good to read of all those names from the early days. Tony from Scotland always posted a good story and I believe his last post was on page 598 where he related the tale of his staying at an hotel where every morning after breakfast he would eavesdrop on the woman in the next room as she undertook her lavatorial needs!

As you say Adrian much missed indeed!

Take care fella and hear from you soon.

A big hello to Jemma and Megan too x x

Best wishes

John B

Matt asks (page 2408) "Do you get embarrassed by the noise of your plops if you have to go for a poo in a busy public toilet?" No, I am not embarrassed, and I like to hear them, because it shows that I am sitting in the right position over the water, and I will not have to clean the sides before I leave.

The splashing of medium sized logs is a sign to me that my digestive system is healthy.

My younger brother and I always wished that we could do our number 2s first thing in the morning, before we step into the shower, but we've never managed it until after breakfast. Then before we went to school we adjourned to the bathroom, and one cleaned his teeth, and the other sat on the toilet, then we swapped over.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Emma first welcome to the site and great story I bet you felt pretty good after that big poop and I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

To: Brian good story maybe one day things will change between you both cause it sounded like you both really liked each other.

To: Jenny great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and it sounds like that other girl was pretty desperate and just made it in time to the bathroom and I bet you both felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Marrissa great poop story.

To: Shelly great story it sounds like your friend really had to poop and a lot to I bet she felt great and refreshed afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina as always another great poop story I bet you felt pretty good after that poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: THE SHITTING GAL great story it sounds like you had some great poops I bet you felt great afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Belle first welcome to the site and great story I look forward to reading anymore you may have thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

fart luver

Fart Survey

Vanesa = such a nice story! ;)

Now my turn.

1) How often do you fart?
15-20 on a normal day, but when I have a gassy day I can fart more in one hour
2) Are they more often loud or silent?
It depends. When I want to be discreet they're SBDs, but when I do it for fun I force explosive ones.
3) What foods make you gassy?
Meat, wheat, eggs, beans, cherries, tangerines, pears
4) Are they usually smelly or odorless?
Usually mild smelly, but they can be so deadly
5) How long on average are they?
2-3 seconds
6) How long was your longest fart? (Take a guess if you don't know)
10-15 I think
7) Do you enjoy your own farts?
Yeah! I like therelief and I also like the smell
8) Who (if anyone) do you fart around?
9) What are there reactions?
SOmetimes they just ignore, sometimes they yell at meor are grossed out, but my brother (who's a great farter) usually laughs
10) Describe a memorable/worst fart story.

I have tones of stuff like this!
Once I did a silent but very deadly one in perfumes aisle at the supermarket. My brother was next to me and he quickly got a whiff of that and just walked away, because it was so foul! :D I promise, the stench was so thick and the concentrated cloud of rotten eggs smell lingered around me. I predicted that in a moment someone could cross the aisle, so I evacuated from the scene of the crime and followed my bro. When I was quite far from polluted area, I saw a lady came right there and started to sniff the testers of the perfumes. At least she was going to do this. But like in 5 seconds she put off the perfumes back on the shelf and left the area with a grimace on her face. I wonder why lol


I loved your story. Its nice that the girl who was listening to you was rewarded with a plop and sigh


What come in will come out

What was the longest time you held in your poo and how good was the relief? Q: What was the most relieving dump you have taken? Q: What was the worse condition you have found a public bathroom? Q: What foods if any give you the runs and how bad? Q: What foods if any make you constipated and how bad? Q: How smelly was your smelliest poo? Q: Do you enjoy really having to take a dump?

The longest was at my wedding and the relief was amazing
The most relieving was on honeymoon in the woods hiking my husband looking out for me and watching and laughing. what foods gives me the runs ? Taco Bell very bad . No foods make me constipated cause I generally eat lots of vegetables fruits and nuts. How bad the smellest , at Wal-Mart , and yes I love pooping its very relaxing feeling for me grab a good book and plop away


First real post

Ok so I've read a lot of different stories on here and I've decided to share some of my stories. First let me start by saying I'm 5'2 caramel complexion with a very athletic build. In HS I played sports soccer, Basketball and Track. I continued sports in college (intramural and a few traveling teams). Between those three I worked out a lot leading me to eat very large meals. I can eat a whole sub, and half a pizza before I get full. Now, as far as my bowels go. I'm not as regular as most. Regular for me is every 3-4 days. As you can imagine 3-4 with an appetite like mine means I make very big and very smelly poops. I average foot longs or slightly bigger, which subsequently has lead to me stop up A LOT of toilets. Unless the toilet has a powerful flush I'm more than likely going to stop it up.

One story I'll share is one time I was coming home from college. It was thanksgiving break, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday). I hadn't gone in about 3 days so I knew I was due a poop today or the next day. I made it through security and to my gate with no issues, however as they began boarding I felt my stomach churn and then the familiar feeling in my butt telling me I needed to poop. The urge wasn't too bad so I ignored it. I got to my window seat and got settled. As we began taxiing to the run way the urge grew a bit stronger, I figured I had to wait about 15 more minuets before we were in the air and I could use the bathroom. Then thecaptain announced that we were 7th in line to take off...I began to panic, that meant we would be sitting for awhile, and by now the flight attendants had taken their seats so no one was going anywhere. I had to battle the urge to release what I knew would be a monster for about 40 minuets until we finally took off, and of course the pressure from the take off didn't help. When we finally got high enough and we could move around the cabin, I made a beeline for the lavatory. I got in and lowered my jeans, and panties as my poop began to crown. I plopped myself down and with no effort let my poop slide out of me as I let out a sigh of relief. It landed in the toilet with a thump and the smell began to come out, and boy was it bad. I wiped twice since it was a fairly clean dump (most of mine are). I got up and looked at it. It was a foot long and some inches in length and about an inch in width. I wasn't sure if it flushed but I couldn't sit there the whole flight either. I said a silent prayer and washed as my giant snake was sucked away by the powerful flush of the bathroom toilet. I washed my hands and opened the door to see there was another woman waiting. I felt guilty as she walked in after me as knew I had just really stunk the bathroom up, but at least I was relieved!

Any other ladies out there can relate to making really big long dumps?


Hard to get my wee started at school

I started high school a month ago. As I've written about, the bathrooms have been changed: toilet paper has been removed from the individual stalls and now is available in seven large rolls mounted onto the marble partition on the first stall. You have to remember to stop and pull it off when you walk into the room from the east hallway. There's another problem and that's the large number of girls who enter the room from the west hallway. There's no large toilet paper rolls mounted there because the last of the 15 or so stalls goes right up to the wall. So those who need the toilet paper don't get the "reminder" by walking by the toilet paper rolls before they seat themselves and perhaps get their surprise.

I poo each morning at school and most of the time I'm remembering to stop and get the toilet paper. However, its later each morning and in the afternoon when I go in to wee that I'm getting frustrated. I wait patiently, I think, until a stall opens, I got in, pull my shorts and undees down, and seat myself up on the toilet. But then its hard for me to get my pee stream started. Sometimes its the eyeballs into the two holes to the next stall from that user that creep me out. A couple of days ago the seat was so loose that when I got up on it and slid myself back, I was afraid it was going to fall in. Yesterday, the lock was so loose on the door that two others who tried to come in, rammed the cheap door pretty hard and caused me to get down off the seat. One called me a "slow b***h". I ended up spending the first half of biology class in pain before I got a pass to try again. Then I was able to empty my bladder because the bathroom was only half crowded and I was able to more carefully select my stall. After school I went in an weed again. My friend Miranda was with me and she dumped the poo which she had been holding for three or four hours. However, it was messier than she expected and she didn't have enough toilet paper. She sat and waited and since I got done first, I walked down to the east end of the room and got her additional paper. I agree with her that's its difficult for us to know ahead of time how much to pull off.

But if there's less vandalism this year the administration will be happy. However, many of us hate the new situation. It is so hard to adjust to the rotten bathroom situation and rules.

Little Mandi


Hey all,
How is everyone? Everything seems to be back to normal here. I don' t know why I was getting constipated but i'm glad its over.
Heres my answers to some of the surveys I saw floating around here.

1) How often do you fart?
I don't really fart a lot. I'd guess around 10 times a day or so.

2) Are they more often loud or silent?
Most of mine are silent.

3) What foods make you gassy?
Sometimes a lot of beans make me fart.

4) Are they usually smelly or odorless?
Usually,they don't smell very bad.

5) How long on average are they?
like 2 seconds or so. They're usually short.

6) How long was your longest fart? (Take a guess if you don't know)
I don't usually have long farts but I remember this one I did on the toilet one time it had to be at least 15 seconds long.

7) Do you enjoy your own farts?
It is what it is I don't necessarily enjoy it but farting don't bother me.

8) Who (if anyone) do you fart around?
I'm extremely shy so I don't intentionally fart in front of people.

9) What are there reactions?
If I fart in front of my friends or family by accident we just laugh it don't bother us.

10) Describe a memorable/worst fart story.
I don't really have any. I do remember a time when I accidentally farted on my friend tho. Hes very open with me and always farts and burps around me and tries to get me to do it so he found it hilarious when I accidentally did. It was just funny.

Have your farts ever led to pooping?
Oh yes,quite A few times. I remember this one time when I was younger I sat down to pee when I felt like I had to fart. I pushed it out and it kept going and going and going. Turns out I really didn't fart. I was having diarrhea. I had no idea.

Have you ever pooped with a sibling?
I never poop in front of anyone. I've peed with my sister in the bathroom tho.

What is the longest time you held in your poo and how good was the relief?
I try not to hold my poop in often cause I find it harder to get out when I finally sit down but there have been times where i've held it all day.

What was the worse condition you have found in a public bathroom?
Hmm,I remember over the summer I had to use the bathroom at a marina where my friends dad kept his boat the toilet was filled to the top with toilet paper and smelled of stale pee. It was disgusting but I had to use it anyway or I was going to pee my pants. I just squated over it.

What foods give you the runs and how bad?
When I was younger spinach used to give me diarrhea but now I can eat it no problem. I have iron stomach.

What foods make you constipated and how bad?
Once in a while if I eat too much cheese I'll get a little constipated.

How smelly was your smelliest poo?
My poop is rarely extremely smelly. Usually only when I'm sick.

Do you enjoy having to take a dump?
No, I get embarrssed about it even tho I know everyone does it. lol

Ashley G.
JW- To answer your question, yes sometimes Heidi and Brooke have to grunt or push hard, especially as they "get things going". But they don't really struggle to go. If they are eating more healthy (which i try to get them to do) Its easier for them.

I don't really have any new stories to report.Both girls are keeping busy with school and volleyball.

Jess-- Do you have any new stories about your girls?

Big Mom- how does your older daughter know about her sister's bowel habits?

Ashley G

Hello everyone. I have a story from this morning. I woke up and as usual had a need to wee, but I also felt like I might be able to do a poo, if I tried. I went to the bathroom and saw Emma already waiting. See seemed quite desperate to wee. After about a minute, Emma knocked on the door. Jade said she was almost done and would be out as soon as she could.

It took maybe another minute before I heard the toilet flush, and by then Emma was bursting, squirming and doing everything she could to avoid weeing herself. Jade came out and Emma ran in, not even bothering to close the door. Her wee was very strong and she sighed when it began. She weed for quite a while too. No wonder she was so desperate.

She finished, flushed, and washed her hands, then I went in the bathroom and I did close the door, since I was going to try for a poo. I could still smell Jade's poo a little, but it was not bad. I did a short wee and gave a few pushes. I was able to push out a small log, though I knew I needed to poo more. I stayed sitting and tried some more, but nothing else would come out. I ended up having a poo again later that night and got it all out. It was three quite long ropes of poo that came out with little effort that time.

Saturday, September 27, 2014



Hi its John B.

Jemma many thanks for your full reply to my earlier questions, it was much appreciated.

I've read in some of your previous posts that your husband sometimes accompanies you in your trips to the loo. The reason I mention this is that I do also with my wife and it all started within a month or so of us being an item well over 33 years ago now. It was because she was unwell on one particular occasion! What about you and your fella how long into your relationship were you and what brought it about?

As always Jemma I look forward to your reply and happy pooping, lol.

Are there any other readers here whose significant other accompanies them to the toilet or indeed vice versa?

Take care one and all

John B xx


Yet more replies

Emma. I was sorry to hear you'd not passed anything for 10 days and it was such a big struggle when the time to go finally came. Hopefully you're now back to functioning normally. Generally I find eating plenty of fresh friut and veg (though admittedly still less than I should), having plenty to drink and getting a decent amount of exercise helps to keep my bowels open.

John B. Thanks for your reply and for remembering me. Yes I did have quite a rapport and a correspondence with Anne the Bus Driver in the earlier days of this site. Unfortunately she mysteriously disappeared around mid 2001, never to be seen again - to the best of my knowledge anyway. It would be good if she were to drop by and give us an update. Ditto George & Moira, Tony & Theresa, Nicola and the other Brit posters from that wonderful era at the end of the last century and beginning of the present one!

THE SHITTING GAL. Thanks for recounting your experiences. I think if I'd eaten a dinner comprising fish, vegetable-chicken soup, plus and chicken and rice I'd need to poo pretty soon afterwards! They don't affect everyone - and certainly not to the same extent - but both fish and soup are known for their laxative properties. My way of de-mystifying it, at least in relation to soup, is that the hot liquid 'gets things moving' down below. That's only my theory though and certainly not one for which I can claim any scientific evidence. I'm less sure about why fish should trigger the need to 'go' but I find it sometimes happens to me when I've eaten fish & chips ('fries' across the pond) which is a favourite Friday treat for me.


new . good story

Hey my names Emma Im white 18 I have long blonde hair with pink in the tips I am thin an vary short. I have a large butt an breast green eyes an full lips. Im new but I have read alot of stuff.

Okay for my story I havnt took a shit in 10 days an I was in so much pain I was crying I was talking to my friend about it an he told me to call him we started talking an I started to whine in pain he told me to go sit on the toilet I did I pulled my panties an shorts down and sat he told me to push. I put my phone on speaker an put it on the counter beside me an held my belly tight moaning softly I was really embarrassed cause he could hear me I grab my belly an strained my belly was killing me I started to whimper he keep telling me to push harder I bit my lip an pushed so hard. Mmmmmmm. Uggggg. It hurts! I moaned tearing up fanilly it started to come out I crossed my arms over my belly grunting ughn. Ughn Mmmmmmm oh. God No it hurts I started to cry as my hole opened wider I keep hear him yelling push baby push you can do it. I started straining the monster ripping my hole open so wide I screamed in pain farted really loud it shot out into the toilet with diarrhea behind it I moaned an cried in pain my friend said I was going to be okay an keep pushing I had wave after wave of hot diarrhea. Rubbing my belly after what seemed like for ever I stopped an told him I was done am going to sleep.

I have more stories I just really need to poop right now.
Be back later


To Christa:

Christa, I don't think your mom was upset with you, but upset with the situation. I wonder if her crying was not out of frustration, but of hurting because she wanted you to have what you wanted, to be free of the diapers in the daytime, but just wasn't able to make it happen. She was hurting for you. That's the way moms are sometimes. It's obviously something that still bothers you. Have you thought about talking to her about it? You may have AS, but I think that you are much more mature at this stage in your life, and talking about it now may help. Hang in there kiddo. Try not to focus on what you can't do, but what you have achieved. Take things one step at a time and just do the best you can. Remember to give yourself that "pat on the back" for the little achievements. The times that you do make it to the bathroom in time, or the times that you are able to cope in an uncomfortable situation such as a lot of activity and or noise. It's not about whether you think you did it well, or poorly, but that you did it.


Re Ashley G Big Poops

I have a question about your daughter's (and her cousin's) big poops. Do they have to strain and push really hard to get them out? Seems like the only drawingback to big poops would be if you have to struggle with them.-- JW

when I go to the toilet my phoo is like small marbles

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