something that's tough to forget

I imagine accidents are pretty memorable incidents for people, as they can be very shocking and embarrassing. But even if you yourself aren't the one who does it, being with another person when they have an accident can be oretty uncomfortable too and a confusing and awkward situation to deal with.

When I was in college there was this girl who was on the same degree path as me and so we had at least one or two classes together like every semester. She was pretty cute and we worked together on group projects a couple times before we both seemed to chalk up the nerve to start outwardly flirting with one another and I finally asked her if she wanted t hang out. So we started hanging out a bit, and it was really nice. But things kind of came to a screeching halt after only maybe the 4th time we hung out because, well...she had an accident in front of me and it proved too awkward for us both to get past, which I find to be a shame looking back. But the circumstances of it might explain why...she came to my apartment so we could work on researching together for our papers for none of our classes. We were focussing on related topics so kind of made it a team thing and were able to share a lot of resources and also find stuff useful to the other as we did our own searching. We must have honestly worked for like an hour before we decided to watch some funny videos instead on my laptop. I don't know how it happened but she eventually wound up sitting in my bed with me like up by the pillows and we were shoulder to shoulder. I remember feeling her hair against my neck and my cheek she was so close. We hadn't made out or been intimate at all yet so that contact was kind of intense and I was wondering if I should make a nice but feared going too fast. I eventually just kind of shifted myself and put my arm behind her back band kind of got closer, and she went "mmmm" like in a comfortable way and she started snuggling her head on my shoulder. I just sat there enjoying the closeness and i was gently rubbing her arm up and down and just holding her. Before anything progressed from there though, she dozed off. And so I just held her there and enjoyed it.

That's when it got weird.

Not too long after, I heard something which sounded like a small fart. I wasn't too sure, and so I just kept listening, and a minute later I again I heard the definite sound of a muffled fart, followed by a series of short rapid fire farts that sounded wet. I was pretty surprised that she was suddenly so gassy but I didn't let it bother me, and I couldn't smell them anyway. They stopped, and I didn't think much of it. I just kept holding her as she slept against my shoulder. But maybe a mknufet or two later, I could hear a very faint kind of sounded like the noise rice krispies cereal makes after your pour the milk on. I wasn't sure what it was at first, but a few seconds later I heard her fart again, and then I could smell had a pungent, heavy odor. I tried to ignore it. But after a few minutes the smell didn't go away at all. And the little muffled farts and the crackling and popping noises continued. That's when it became quite clear to me that this girl I was trying to woo was sitting in my bed with me asleep on my shoulder... and she was pooping her pants.

I didn't know what to do. I was just sitting perfectly still unsure of how to act. But after a minute I realized I needed her to wake up and realize what was going on. I didn't blatantly nudge her but I just kinda shifted my shoulder around until she woke up. As soon as she did she was staring off into space with this deer in headlights look. She slowly lifted her head away from me and kept sitting there perfectly still. I saw her cheeks and for head start to flush. She looked at me and I didn't known what thebhell to do so I just said "are you OK?" And she started breathing a little heavy. She covered her face with her hands and mumbled "I'm sorry... don't freak out..." I said "huh?" And she let our a deep sigh. She remained quiet for a minute then said "um. I don't know why. But I think I went to the bathroom in my pants..." as soon as she said it her voice weakened then she started to cry. I honestly don't remember what or if in said anything. I just remember sitting there frozen and clueless. She kept crying and carefully got out of bed. She got up and started gingerly walking around my apartment getting here stuff while in tears. She had light blue jeans on and it was TOTALLY obvious that she had pooped in them, she had a bulge on her butt the size of a smooshed softball. It must have been a pretty big, soft load. She just cried more and apologized and tried to explain that she didn't know why it happened, and in just said I knew it was an accident. She left without saying anything else, and she never spoke to me after that other than basic interactions with class. I didn't talk to her either but i always wanted her to know that wasn't freaked our or disgusted by what happened, it was just obviously pretty surprising. But I never has the nerve to say anything because I feared it would embarrass her even more of I brought it up in any way. So i just let it go. Today I kind of regret letting us drift apart over her accident. I was enjoying getting to know her...despite the fact that she pooped her pants in my bed.

I really don't like to poop in public bathrooms. It's very embarrassing for me. However, I have a memorable story about a time I had to. I was at college, and my morning dump came on pretty would have been hard to wait until I got home later that day. I walked across campus, letting out some silent farts, and as I walked, the tip of my turd started to poke out of my butthole. I found a quiet building with an empty bathroom with two stalls. I went into the larger one, sat down, and relaxed. I let out a long airy fart, and then my turd started to come out. I closed my eyes and moaned softly (it felt pretty good) and then suddenly, to my horror, I heard footsteps that sounded like they were approaching. Sure enough, the bathroom door opened, and someone went in the other stall. I froze, mid-dump, with my turd a couple of inches out. The other girl peed quickly, and I waited for her to leave, but there was just silence. Suddenly, she farted loudly and I heard several plops of what sounded like very loose poop. Since it was obvious she was going to be here awhile, and I was still sitting with a turd partway out, I decided to finish---maybe I could be quiet. I relaxed again, and my turd started to inch out. It was very long and thick, and I grunted softly a couple of times to help it along. There was silence from the other stall, then a second round of loose poop and farting. My turd kept coming out and then fell with a quiet splash that I hoped the other pooper didn't hear. I had more in me so I pushed again, just as it got quiet in the other stall. Suddenly, to my embarrassment, a huge fart echoed through the bathroom. There was no way the other pooper had not heard that, and I knew she knew by now what I was doing. She started with a third and final round of messy poop, as I pushed out an identical turd to the first one: very long and thick. I moaned softly as it came out. When it was about halfway out, it got stuck, and I had to push harder to get it moving again. The other pooper had gone silent and was apparently just listening to me. After about 20 seconds of mostly quiet pushing, it fell with a loud plop, and I let out an embarrassing but involuntary sigh of relief...that turd was huge. After that I wiped quickly and left before the other pooper came out of her stall----I didn't want to be seen.


Post Title (optional)early morning slime

I pushed my scumturd a little earlier than usual this morning but whatever. I was a little more vocal with this particular dump because it was so knoby and bumpy. It did hurt a little coming out but it was so slimey and wet that it kinda slid out. I felt myself about to grease a fart so I let loose. Pfffffttttttt. Oh god ugghh!!!! Than some warm loose scum began to get dumped from my fart hole into the crapper. Splat splat ugghh!! Crackle snap crack crack. I was like oh shit uggghhhh. I wiped and was done. I flushed it all into the neighborhood sewer.


Fart Suvery

1) How often do you fart? Id say i fart about 50 times a day
2) Are they more often loud or silent? Usualy they are loud because i force them out
3) What foods make you gassy? vegetables
4) Are they usually smelly or odorless? mostly they are smelly
5) How long on average are they? 2-3 seconds id say
6) How long was your longest fart? (Take a guess if you don't know) maybe about 5-t seconds
7) Do you enjoy your own farts? i like to fart arround my friends to get on teir nerves
8) Who (if anyone) do you fart around? i fart arround my family and arround my female friends
9) What are there reactions? some of my friends find it funny others dont like that makes it even funnier to me
10) Describe a memorable/worst fart story. once we were on a school trip when we were abou 15 and me and 2 other girls visited the guys in their room, so there was this one guy i didnt like and i was always a bit of a tomboy so when i needed to fart i asked my friend if i should let it rip in his face, since she didnt like him either she said yes. so i went down to his bed pulled my shorts down it was pretty dark so i didnt mind, and i pushed very hard there was this huge fart blown right in his face it was horrbile and pretty wet he woke up immediatly and was very angry afterwards, me and my friends left the room afterwards but the boys told us the fart was still in the room for another 5 minutes.

any other girls with similar stories?


Letting loose in mother nature

Hey everybody, I'm off-and-on poster Shelly. If you're curious about me, please read some of my older posts around the 2000 page area.

Anyways, the reason I was inspired to post again is something I witnessed last month while jogging in the woods one early evening. I ran into this girl named Nicole, who I've talked to a few times after meeting her from my friends, but haven't gotten too close to yet. (For those curious about her, she's 23, curvy figure, and gorgeous reddish brown hair.) We talked for a few minutes, then decided to jog together and get to know each other there. After about 15 minutes, Nicole started to tense up and feel a bit nervous. I asked her what was wrong. She replied, "I have to take a huge poop and we're too far in to go back." I told her to just go out here instead of miserably holding it in for the disgusting porta potties. She inclined and starting walking away the path into some thicker trees. She started to look nervous and eventually had to yell out for me to come here.

Nicole wanted me to come over. I couldn't believe that a girl that I was just acquainted with not too long ago is asking me to come over to keep her company while she pooped. My heart was racing while I speed walked over. She said that she'd like me to make sure she was okay from any unwanted visitors since she hates going to the bathroom outdoors alone and is fairly open about her body functions around other girls (why not?). Right afterwards, she whipped her jogging shorts and thong off and put them on a bush. She then squatted into position and started to let out a stream of pee. I looked at her puddle of urine below her and was astonished to see it fairly clear, since she likes to keep herself hydrated while jogging.

Shortly after her pee, Nicole arched her butt up a bit in a hover position for plenty of landing room. Her anus opened up to let out the beginnings of a knobbly turd. She pushed a tiny bit in order to get it going, but the rest just slid out and made a thud, breaking off after about a foot. I was feeling a heavy rush watching her just pointing her butt out in front of me and making a mess. She opened up again and let out another thick turd, but this was softer and slid out of her hole after about 15 seconds. She was definitely having an easier time pooping, since not even shortly after that, a few more smaller but still thick turds made their way onto the pile. She then said with a tone of relief in her voice "I think that's it...". And now she had to wipe, which meant that I had to find her some leaves so she could clean her butt. She took the leaves and wiped the moisture off her vagina, then started to drag the leaves across her thick butt to wipe all of that poop off. After using all of the leaves just for safe measure, she grabbed her clothes and put them back on. She sure left an impressive pile, and told me that she hadn't gone yesterday, which may have explained the slight push.

Unfortunately, I didn't have to poop at the time, but since we practically bonded during our jog, I felt a slight need to pee, so I whipped my shorts and panties down and did a good stream on the ground in front of her. I felt aroused exposing my lower half in front of her like that. I quickly pulled my shorts and panties up without wiping and told her "It's getting darker. Want to stop by my place?". She said yes and we went back to my condo to stay for a fun night to get to know each other.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Vanessa first welcome to the site and great story I bet whoever went in that bathroom next was pretty shocked and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Annie as always another great story and its good that your feeling better and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Marrissa grweat story about your big poop.

To: Jessica (AZ) I hope you feel better stomach bugs suck a lot.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Today was a public holiday in Japan and I didn't need to hurry to get to work. So I sat down on the loo in my flat to enjoy a restful bm. It didn't take long to start coming out but I decided let it come out slowly to enjoy feel, I got this idea from posts on this forum.
It came out slowly but hurt a bit because I felt it very fat. And very long too. I let it out slowly, maybe took 2 minutes to come out. And then it suddenly get faster and PLOP!! Big big BIG noise. Like made of metal! I stood up to see it, it was fat but actually not so long as I think, maybe 13 centimeter. Then I sat down quickly again as next motion wanted to come out and I couldn't do this one slowly, it was five motions and they were big but didn't make noise of first one.
Then I stayed on the loo and relax and thought of many things, after about 5 minutes start to feel motion again so flush because I hate to clog toilet, just after flush three motions came out with plop sound quite big but not so big as first one. Then I opened my bottom many times just little because I like feel of that, but no more motion, well very little one at end. My bottom feels very good when panties down and sitting on toilet, even I finished motions I want to stay little more time.

I hope no more crying on loo because of pain, I hope everyone my friends on forum have happy motion feels good. Good luck all of you.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014



Hi its John B.

Adrian its good to hear from you again. When I first discovered this site, over three years ago now, I went back to the earlier posts tq get the hang of this place! Your posts were the ones I particularly liked and I seem to remember that you had a particular rapport with a lady who went by the name of Ann (bus driver)I believe. Anyway it was your posts that gave me the inspiration to start posting!

A big hello to Jemma and Megan and to all fellow posters.

Take care my cyber friends x


To Zip- Buddy Dumping

Hey there! To answer your question regarding what I do with my penis- I just move it to the side so it rests against the side of her butt out of the way. Not foolproof as it has gotten a bit messy before. We both don't have to be going at the same time either.

So this is my first post on this website. I just wanted to say I'm an every other day pooper-I know it isn't to healthy, but I can't change my body habits.

Here are my last two major dumps. On Friday night, I ate a huge dinner over at my grandparents. By the time the last course was cleaned up (fish, vegetable-chicken soup, and chicken and rice) i really had to shit. The last time I'd gone was Thursday night, but even though I usually need to poop every other day, if I eat enough, I have to go the next day as well. We had company over for dinner, a client of my grandfather's, and my grandmother wouldn't let me be excused from the table.

Finally, after half an hour, they left and i rushed upstairs to take my crap. Once in, I let out tons of short logs (no longer than 3-4 inches) that were really smelly. I was in there for about 20 minutes (the book was to good) before I was done, and the whole time I was pushing out these little logs.

I couldn't crap for the next few days. I'd be able to only poop out a few little balls, even though I felt like I really had to go, I felt all full.

Finally today, Tuesday, I was able to go right after dinner. It was a very liquid shit, with little chunks. It came out in two waves, and boy did it smell. I felt so good afterwards, and it was so clean, I only had to wipe once, then once again to check (even though nothing was on the tissue)

Are there any other females out there who get really runny poop (almost diarrhea) when on their periods? I do and my name for it is the period shits. The above two stories though, are period shits.


Business Trip

I just found this site because of what happened to me tonight. I'm female, 30 years old, and just got a new job and am on my first business trip. Close enough to drive instead of flying so after work today I drove 3 hours to the hotel after stopping for a quick dinner. I also had a big bottle of water on the way down. I had to pee pretty bad but I wanted to get to the hotel before too late and then when i got here I kind of forgot how bad I needed to pee because I was too preoccupied with checking in and then had to drag my bags from the car up to my room and this place is huge and its a long walk and it finally hit me how bad i needed to pee on my way back in with my last load of bags and clothes.

I couldn't just stop in the lobby with nobody to watch my stuff so i took the elevator, dancing and holding myself, but I lost control for a second and wet myself a little squirt. I reached down but my crotch still felt dry - i was wearing tan shorts to be comfortable on the long drive. I made it to my floor and then its a crazy long hallway to push the cart, but the pushing made it worse and i peed a little more. I squeezed tight and walked faster, hoping it wasn't visible.

I got to my room and fumbled with the key swipe, standing with my legs crossed and wiggling, and when i got the door open and started pulling the cart in with me i peed a little more and could feel a trickle down my upper left thigh. i pulled the cart into the room finally enough so the door would shut but it was blocking the bathroom door and i had to keep pulling, and a big squirt of pee came out and i felt wetness all over my crotch and upper thighs and lower butt. I pushed past the cart and into the bathroom about to completely lose it. i had to stop and grab myself but i still lost it for a few seconds and flooded myself pretty bad before i could stop, rip my shorts and panties down, and barely got my butt over the toilet before i let go. my panties and shorts were really wet. i rinsed them in the shower and took a shower.

i don't think anybody saw me but its really embarrassing at my age. i don't normal have any incontinence problems, even after having a baby a few years ago. this was my first real big accident in years. i should have stopped to go sooner!


Diarrhoea coming...

Woken up with a bad stomach ache :(. I've been to the toilet twice but nothing will come out..I feel like I need to do some diarrhoea though! I stayed home from work cs I'm worried I'm getting sick with the runs as my girlfriend has had them for five days.

She started with an urgent runny poo after breakfast and continued to have loose bowels. I feel really gassy.

Has anyone else got diarrhoea pains today?

rob x


reply to John B :)

Hiya John B & every1.

Glad i still continue to keep you interested in my bms! :)
Mine are usually banana shaped and banana sized & light brown in colour slimy wet but firm texture, though sometimes if i have a dodgy belly they come out like bullets lol!!
The quickest i have been is 2/3 mins having a poo & longest was when i had a bad belly in Sainsbury's one day & continued pooing for approx 12/15 mins with waves of "the runs".
It's great to hear my posts keep you entertained.
if there is anything else you'd like to know please don't hesitate to ask, thanks,



I have been reading some of the posts from those of you suffer from constipation. It sounds awful and I just wonder what your daily diet consists of. To get so jammed up it seems like there must be no fiber in it at all. Even if you are not fond of fruits or vegetables there are grains and legumes that are loaded with fiber. I make a chili now and again that has many different ???? and beans and grains in it with enough meat to give it some flavor. I defy anyone to have this for dinner and not get out of bed in the morning and evacuate. In any case, even if you can only tolerate the blandest foods, try to eat a couple stalks of celery, it is almost purely fiber and perhaps can get things moving for you.


Naughty Poo

Hi everybody i've been reading on this page for a long time and i have some stories to share.
Im 5'5 foor and 135lbs i live in sweden and im in my mid twenties.

Last week i went out with my friend we went to a club and we drank a bit too much.We left arroung 3 o clock and decided to go to the gas station to buy some water but before we went inside i wanted to use the toilet because i had an urge to take a poo and i didnt feel to well, but the door to the womens restroom was locked so i told my friend Klavdjia to ask for the key of the restroom.
So after a couple minutes she came back with a bottle of water, but she said the guy at the desk wouldnt give us the key. So i decided to wait and walk back home but Klavdjia tried the other door suprise suprise the mens room wasnt locked.
So we decided to go in there it was pretty dirty it was only toilet a sink a urinal and a basket. So as a revange for not giving us the key we decided to have our revange and make a little mess in there Klavdija had to pee so she decided to do it over the floor we had seen each other peeingmany times before since we are friends since kindergarten, she sqautted down near the toilet and let it flow after about 20 seconds the white paving tiles were very wet and you could so a big river forming from underneath her. I had decide between the basket and urinal and decided to go in the urinal, my friend thought i was only gonna pee but started laughing when she saw concentrating and pushing because she knew whats gonna happen. She was already cleaned up as i released a huge fart and a mess in the unrial it was very liquid and stank very bad, i gave it another push and squirted some more liquid poo in the mens urinal. Klavdija was at the other side of the bathroom covering her nose with her sweater and laughing. After i finished my poo i released my pee on the floor right infront of the urinal, after that we wanted the leave as quick as possible.

As we left watched carefully if somebodys arround but there was nobody so we went out closed the door and left the huge mess. We walked infront of the gas station and saw the guy at the desk and waved to him as we passed by his window if he had only knew what we just did to his bathroom. Next morning i had the bigest hangover in a longtime and my headache was terrible but the night before was totally worth it.

Has any of you done something similar?


i remember a about 10 years ago i was about 13-14. we went to a family meal at my aunt and uncles house. a bunch of other relatives were there as well as me, my mom and my sister who was about 9. i had a hard time all around becuz of the crowd and the noise. at the time, i wore thick cotton training panties cuz my mom was still trying hard to help me b fully trained and to only need diapers at night. it still confused me somewhat. if i had a diaper on during the day, i would tend to get lazy and just wet or mess it. i wouldnt even try to go to the toilet. when i was younger til about 15 or so, i had a habit of holding or touching myself when overstimulated. my mom had to keep reminding me not to but also chking to see if i needed to pee. twice she insisted i try cuz i kept saying no. the first time she made me try i didnt go. the second time i had dribbled quite alot in my panties. the thick crotch was pretty damp but i peed some in the toilet too. later that evening after dinner i really had to go. my mom was having a conversation and being painfully shy i tried to hold. things got too loud for me when grandpa and my uncle started arguing and debating. they both talked so loud it hurt. i started stimming and spinning round and round trying to calm myself. when my mom had finally got me to calm down i could feel that id peed my pants. my thick panties were warm and wet and sagged. my pants were dark blue so it wasnt immediately obvious but my socks were wet and the carpet was soaked. suddenly my aunt told my mom i think she had an accident. my mom felt my pants. i was soaked. she took me to the bathroom to change. my mom had tears and said chris sometimes i wish i could jist put u back in diapers and forget potty training. i felt bad but it wasnt like i did it on purpose.

P>Ashley G.
Hi! I posted a few days ago about my daughters "Heidi" & "Brooke". Now i have a story about my sister's 13 year old daughter "Natalie". Like her cousins Natalie is active and mature for her age.

So on Friday night Natalie slept over as she and the girls are close, especially Brooke. Yesterday morning as i drinking my coffee in the living room, Natalie & Brooke were in the kitchen eating breakfast talking and giggling like all kids do. Nat suddenly says "I gotta take a dump, come keep me company Brooke". Without hesitation she follows her cousin into the bathroom and they close the door. For the next several minutes i could hear talking and laughing. Finally after about 10 minutes the door opens and Brooke says "come see Nat's big poop." I got up and came in. I looked in the bowl and saw a thick coiled up snake on the bottom and a C shaped turd on top. I shook my head and laughed "must be an age thing because your cousins do the same thing"

Natalie said that was a little bigger than normal for her because she hasn't pooped since Thursday, but she poops alot almost every time she goes. I asked if her mother knew of her habits. She nodded her head and said she said she used to be the same way and occasionally still is (something i had no idea about.

Well that's all for now. .would love to hear some feedback and I'll post more if you want to hear it.

Ashley G.


Pooping well again

Hi everyone. Haven't posted here in a while since I wasn't really doing much poop wise. Maybe lack of water or something. But finally since I started back up with the water, coffee, etc I've been doing some pretty substantial, big poops again. I had the runs about a week ago when our friends' 2 year old had the stomach flu. I don't know if it was something I ate (though everything I ate my husband had too and he didn't get sick from it) or if I caught a bit of the bug too but I felt like crap. No pun intended. Then I started doing not-so-great, little poops afterwards until I started drinking lots of water, coffee, etc again and went back to my old routine. Normally halfway during my first cup of coffee I need to poop, or shortly after meals. Without the laxative too! Been eating plenty of vegetables and fruit too so that helps.

Earlier this week I did kind of a long but soft long then started doing the huge piles of shit that I'm used to doing each day. That feels good to be back to normal and getting all the crap out of my body. Without the help of medicine! Earlier I did another huge pile of crap which required a lot of toilet paper and about 4 flushes. Sometimes even at night I feel the need to go before bed and I usually wash my bum with soap and a washcloth so I don't get skidmarks in my underwear. My poops leave soooo much residue in the toilet though, hence the amount of flushing and cleaning I have to do to get it off!

To the unnamed poster: Yes, I get diarrhea usually right before and during my period.

To Jessica (AZ): I hope you feel better!

Happy pooping, hopefully!


Additional questions answered


I'm glad you liked my story on our 5th grade school field trip. Since I was the first one out when the opened the back door of the bus, I was a little scared to jump all the way down and onto the street. I remember the driver and one of the teachers were helping lift us down. Like I said I ran to the bathroom building. Other girls followed me into the bathroom which had about four stalls. On my right, while I was wiping, I heard a girl drop the seat and her wee began immediately. I had forgotten to latch my stall door, so I did it after I dropped my main blast of poo but before I flushed and started wiping. Shortly after that I remember one of the parent chaperone mothers looking in on me and telling me to hurry up because the line was long and we were obviously running late because of the accident. I remember the girl in my left and her friend who were both in the stall together trading spaces on the toilet and one telling the other she hoped she didn't get an STD from the seat. Other than that, I just wanted to get out of there and not have the line turn on me for taking too long.

These are my answer to the farting and sibling pooping questions:

1. Have your farts ever led to your pooping?

Yes. It has happened a couple of times at home and a few more times at school. I sit to wee, and because I've just eaten, I fart some and sometimes a small ball of shit will blast out. Often I'm surprised when I see it in the bowl. Then I have to wipe and that confirms that it came out of me. I remember a couple of times in 6th grade it was embarrassing because I took a stall others were avoiding because there was no toilet paper left, but I was only going to wee, but now with the poo ball I needed to wipe. Once I was already late to class so I just accepted I would be leaving a skidmark in my undees. And my mom, of course, caught it and lectured me about slowing down and taking my time when wiping.

2. Have you ever pooped with a sibling?

Yes. Frequently at home with my older sister Sonya Sue. Sometimes she'll be on the toilet struggling to go and I'll need to get on it ASAP for my poo. She gets off, takes the bathtub right across from the stool, and waits the couple of minutes it takes me to immediately drop my soft poo and wipe. Then when I'm washing my hands or showering, she's back on the toilet, often with a schoolbook or magazine. Our younger sister Shannon Rae is in 2nd grade. There have been times when she comes running in with an emergency and Sonya Sue just slides back on the seat and Shannon Rae gets the front part of the seat. She doesn't seem to care as long as she gets to wee immediately so that she doesn't have an accident. Once last month Shannon Rae walked with me three blocks to a c-store. One block away she told me she had to poo, so we walked faster to get there and the bathroom. However, the womens room was locked, the mens next door was open so I took her in there. While I was struggling with the light cord, which was tangled when I pulled it down, Shannon Rae dropped the seat, and threw herself onto it, almost forgetting to yank her undees and shorts down far enough to prevent them from being soiled. Her poo was messy, and I helped her wipe more efficiently. I also showed her where she could have done a wipe of the seat before sitting down, because it has a lot of wee on it. Then I seated myself for a wee.

So it was early this morning and I felt a massive dump coming on. I felt the caffeine from the coffee begin to make my scum log move out of my lower intestine and begin to back fill my asshole with my morning scum. As I was marching to the crapper I could feel my sewer hole opening up to accommodate my scum log. I sat down and began prairie doging my hard turd. My asshole would open up and the turd would pop out, then I would suck it back up my shit pipe to loosen it up. In, out, in, out, after about 5 minutes of prairie dogging I grunted out a long hard scum log. It was a slimey wet bumpy smelly shit log. I wiped my dump hole and flushed the shit into the sewer.


Various replies

Dominic. I've never pooped with a sibling. As regards the question about farting, I've often farted prior to pooing and I think doing smelly farts is a fairly common prequel to a good poo. If someone's farting incessantly it's a fairly reliable indication that they need to go on the toilet. Nowadays I try not to leave things until they reach that stage if at all possible - simply because my bowels aren't so trustworthy as they used to be. There have been a couple of times during adult life (both recorded in these pages I believe) when I've farted and ended up "following through" - messing myself in other words. Not a fun situation to deal with. Consequently, if I'm going to fart I like to make sure I'm sat on the toilet first nowadays if at all possible!

John B. Good to see you here. Sorry I've not posted much recently.

Roger. Although it wasn't technically a "buddy dump" as such, I'm glad you and Anna enjoyed seeing each other's "presents!" Thanks for sharing that.

This evening I fancied an easy tea and decided to get a meat pie with some chips (fries) and some curry sauce from my local fish & chip shop. I took it home and ate it. Soon afterwards I had a feeling of urgency and rushed to the bathroom toilet where I took a big, smelly, liquid, explosive poo! It's not the first time that eating chips has had that effect on me and I'm wondering whether my stomach's developed an aversion to them. The alternative explanation is that the Diet Coke I had with them might have got things moving. I'm not sure though.

Monday, September 22, 2014


To Victoria B.

Hey Victoria, I've read some of your posts and saw how you are a big pooper. I have that issue as well if not worse. What's the worst you've ever stunk up a bathroom, and what's the worst/most embarrassing toilet clog you've done?


Q1:Has your Farts ever lead to you pooping
Q2:Ever pooped with a sibling

jessica (az)


So I haven't been keeping up with this website for a while, and it's because I'm to busy now. School and the job i got put me down, so i haven't been able to actually sit down and share a story. I'm also just not in a good mood either. I have been keeping up on trying to read the stories though, that's a plus. As of now I'll try my hardest to have the time to sit down in front of my computer and share my stories.

Now for the story, since I do have time for this occasion

Thursday night, my mom served up some fish tacos and they were great. I ate about 4 before I got full and got up from the table and left. I thanked my mom and went to my room. about a little later, I started to feel nauseous, I felt like I needed to vomit. I waited awhile to make sure, and of course I did have to vomit. I got up and quickly ran over to the bathroom with my hand over my mouth and just vomited all over inside the toilet. this happened for about a minute, then my stomach rumbled. I was going to have diarrhea. I've said I don't mind diarrhea, but not this time it hurt my stomach a lot. I quickly turned around and dropped my shorts to my ankles and grabbed hold of the toilet seat and blasted diarrhea into the bowl. As I was shitting fiercely into the toilet, until I throw up a little onto my feet. I kicked off my flip-flops and grabbed the trashcan and started vomiting into there as I was pooping. this happened for a while. My mom knocked on the door and told me if I was feeling right. When I had the time to talk I told her no quickly before I vomited again. She told me that I wasn't going to school tomorrow. When I felt "better" I walked back to my room very weakly. Every 5 to 10 minutes I had to get up and repeat the process of pooping diarrhea and vomiting in the bathroom. Even in the middle the night I had to do the process. I woke up in the morning with a nasty stomach ache and the feeling to vomit again. I spent over an hour in the bathroom just doing that. I felt weak and pale this whole day today.

I'm still sick with this bug I guess, and my mom and dad didn't seem to receive the bug, though around the afternoon, my mom said she felt she was coming up with something terrible in her stomach. As I was typing this, I had to do quick spurts to the bathroom before finishing, though I did finally stop vomiting, I just have major diarrhea. Hopefully I feel better and my mom doesn't get sick

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Korean Girl as always another great story it sounds like and that other woman both had pretty good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abby great story about your big poop outside it sounds like you were kinda desperate and I bet you felt pretty refreshed afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tlana great story.

To: Jemma as always another desperate poop story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Tlana. Great story. Did you hear anyone else doing their business when you went into the bathroom? How was it?


Anonymous Questions

Q1: Has your Farts ever lead to you pooping

Yep. There have been times where I was just farting, but then sure enough, it turned into an urge to poop. Luckily it didn&#8217;t go in my pants that time&#8230;

Q2: Ever pooped with a sibling

Yes to this as well. I&#8217;ve pooped with my brother many times. We're used to going to the bathroom together and pooping in front of each other. It just doesn't embarrass us. Also, since we both suffer from constipation, we understand that sometimes it's difficult to go.

Korean Girl, I'd like to add my name to names of people who enjoy your stories. You don't live in Korea I thinků.

Me, I don't have anything really new. Same story every time. My friends too. I wish I could have unusual motion to write aboutů. Sorry everybody.


Fart Survey

1) How often do you fart?
2) Are they more often loud or silent?
3) What foods make you gassy?
4) Are they usually smelly or odorless?
5) How long on average are they?
6) How long was your longest fart? (Take a guess if you don't know)
7) Do you enjoy your own farts?
8) Who (if anyone) do you fart around?
9) What are there reactions?
10) Describe a memorable/worst fart story.


Just polished off a load

Hi everyone!

Just had a wet, but solid poo. One neat, thick log about 10 inches long accompanied by multiple pebbles and strings. The log sat right at the toilet hole, and the smaller pieces collected at the front in a pile. The pinch point sits right above the water. The poo had a light brown color to it. The part that sits right above the water had a darker brown color to it. It sounded kind of like quick waves of diarrhea, but it was all solid. Feeling really good now. Had a short but refreshing pee sitting down. I pointed my penis straight down where I could hear the tinkling in the water, as opposed to hearing it slapping the porcelain. I think I may go drop the next one in a public toilet, so I can hear someone else poo, and they can hear me. If we are both having good poos, we may turn it into a contest. This poo I had today occurred in a single pot, park restroom. I have left the poo unflushed. With it being the weekend, it shouldn't be too long before someone gets to admire my work. Wonder who may see it? I threw the toilet paper in the other single pot restroom, so that my poo could sit there in its glory on full display. I will check later to see if someone sent it on down the hole. Keep the poo/pee stories coming. I enjoy them.


Being observed

Have you ever been seen while having a dump outside or have you ever let someone watch you?

Steve A

Gates Blocking Off Restrooms? No Problem

After the game, we went back to our buses and we waited a while before we left to go back to our high school. I used the restroom once during the game, but then I had to go again since I drank 2 water bottles, one during the 1st half of the game and one after we performed at halftime. The bus ride was short since it was a home game. When we got back to the school, I headed toward the restrooms, but when I got there, both of the 2 single restrooms were locked near the band room. So, me and my friend plus a girl headed to the other restrooms on the other side of the hallway near the main office and the cafeteria. But, there were gates that closed off the way to the restrooms. My friend then showed me a way to get there without opening the gate. I followed him into the a room that lead us into the main office. Then, we were on the other side of the gate when we exited the main office. I never knew that way until he showed me yesterday after the game. I always used the single restrooms near the band room on that the end of the hallway. I was surprised that the rooms' doors that lead to the main office wouldn't be locked after school hours, but they weren't. Now on the next 2 Fridays, we have 2 away games that are far away, like 45 minutes to an hour depending on traffic, (going to and coming back). If the 2 single restrooms are locked and the gate is blocking off the restrooms that are near the main office after we come back from those 2 games, I can show people the secret way to the restrooms since I now know because of my friend who showed me that way. The good thing is that our band director has keys to the 2 single restrooms near the band room. Most of the students use the restrooms near the main office and cafeteria after games, but the gate is most likely down by the time we get back from those long away games. But, if our band director didn't have the keys to those 2 single restrooms and if the gate is down when we come back from the games and the room/rooms are locked and if the principal saw us on camera going through the office after hours and then decided to lock them, then we're screwed. I hope you enjoy my story.

Question to girls

Just a small question, do girls often get diarrhea on their period?

Saturday, September 20, 2014




My doctor pretty much knows all about my constipation, so yeah, he asks about it whenever I go. I&#8217;ve had my anus examined by the doctor too, so I know your embarrassment. Luckily he doesn&#8217;t seem to bug me about my constipation&#8212;he knows that I take laxatives when I have to and use enemas sometimes. Never been bothered at a pharmacy for getting laxatives or suppositories, though, luckily. Have you? Do you ever feel embarrassed buying laxatives or anything like that?

Dude in Distress:

Ouch, that sounds unpleasant. I&#8217;ve definitely grunted loud enough that I know my family has heard even if they weren&#8217;t near the bathroom. They kind of expect that kind of thing though :P

My poop today was kind of like yours, just not as long. Held onto the bathtub and started pushing out a really wide one that felt like it kept getting wider as I was pushing and grunting. My anus was stretched to the max, it felt like. It started breaking off into small pebbles as well as it was coming out. The final product rather than being a big turd like I usually have, was several small rock-hard chunks. I was definitely sore after that one&#8230;.


Reply to Jemma

Hi its John B.

Read the post about your latest gig and as always you never fail to disappoint.

I notice from your posts that you always refer to doing plops rather than logs, unlike Megan my other favourite poster who always refers to her logs!

If you don't mind indulging my curiosity Jemma what size are your plops and what would be the texture and colour? My wife almost always starts off with two or three walnut sized plops followed by a couple of logs all usually of a mid to dark brown colour. Mine is usually two or three logs of a mid brown colour!

How long do you usually spend in the loo? I'm usually 5-10 minutes and my wife 10-15 minutes although when she was younger at "that time of the month" it could be considerably longer!

If you don't feel embarrassed I await your reply and indeed anyone else who wishes to respond!

Take care

John B x

korean girl
I would like to say that people enjoying my stories makes me happy!!!

I have a new story. I was out getting lunch while at work. After eating my food I saw I still had lots of time for break. I decided to use the bathroom to kill time. The ladies room was small and had two stalls. A white girl with black bobbed hair in a pant suit that looked like she was 30 entered at the same time. We both peed and stayed. I did not have much need to go but I tried going and started pushing out small poops that did not make much sound. It sounded like the woman next to me was having a soft crackly sounding dump. It must have been coming out slowly because of how long it lasted and no loud fart or splutter sounds. I had pushed out six small poops. We both flushed at the same time and washed our hands next to each other. I took more time washing my hands and being curious I looked at her stall after she left. She left light brown skid marks in toilet.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Brandi great story.

To: Lori great accident story.

To: Ashley G it sounds like they are very healthy poopers.

To: Brianna it sounds like you had a pretty rough day.

To: Mystery Poster it sounds like your poop wanted out whether you were ready or not.

To: Little Mandi great story about your big poop I bet you felt pretty great afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Quote and question

Here is a quote from a social media sight:
"Was just taking a very stubborn shit and finally got fed up and decided to try the help work things out with a finger in the vagina trick...OH MY GOD WHY DIDNT I DO THIS YEARS AGO!"
So have any girls on this board ever tried this "trick" and does it help?


Comment for old poop

I know a year ago My Mother came to my house to fix dinner. She opened two cans of corn, well anyway later that day after she cleaned the kitchen, we let my dog in the house for a while. The next day outside I can tell that my dog got in the garbage bag and ate some of the corn.


Morning workout

I back sorry I haven't post in a while been busy well here it is me and AJ went for a morning jog so I got subcompact size glock I just started carrying about a week ago but anyway we went about a mile or so and my stomach was rumbling so I duck down behind a bushy area and dropped my pants the the first turd came out it was huge then I let a big fart then AJ ask if was ok I said yea just doing some paper work then the second turd came out it was also just as big then I wiped and we keep jogging

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