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Here are my answers to the latest set of questions posted. No name was listed above them.

What is the longest time you held in your poo and how good was the relief?

I was 11 and our 5th grade classes took a field trip to a history museum and zoo on the other side of our county. It was going to be an hour-long bus ride. We left school at 8 a.m. but our group of buses literally had to come to a full stop and probably an hour-long wait on the small two-lane highway because of a really bad accident. I've always pood at mid morning and as we sat, I started feeling desperate. Two guys behind me were joking about possibly weeing out the window. I got to thinking about how immature they were and that helped me forget about the cramped pain I was feeling in my gut. Luckily, I was able to fart without problems--luckily the bus windows were open. One of our teachers offered another girl the trash can to wee in and I think they cleared the back seat off for her to do in with some privacy. I was too timid to announce my need. The buses were directed around the accident before long and I held on. Our driver was talking on the radio and then he announced that we would be stopping for a emergency bathroom break. Several cheered. The break was in a park and it was a small set of bathrooms in one building near a picnic/baseball area. They normally don't, but this time the driver came around an opened the back door and that helped us get off the bus faster and I literally ran ahead of the others. Luckily, ours was the first of the buses to arrive. I ran into the girls room, ran through the opening for the first stall, yanked my shorts and undees down as I threw myself up and onto the seat. I think I was still sliding onto the cold seat when my usual soft poo blasted out in probably no more than three seconds. I was SOO relieved and started to cry as I reached for the toilet paper roll. I stood, flushed, and when the cycle was done, sat back down for my wipe. I remembered that I didn't take enough time because I had a large skidmark in my undees when I got home that night. Mom mentioned it to me, but I didn't care.

What was the worse condition you have found in a public bathroom?

Five toilets, each with wee splashed on the seat. I remember talking with Miranda who was riding her bike with me that day about whether it was a mother of young boys who didn't require them to lift the seat before they went or whether it was from really bad hover pissers.

What foods give you the runs and how bad?

Squash, especially. Lots of raw vegetables also.

What foods make you constipated and how bad?

Pudding. It makes my poos much harder and that makes them tougher to release.

How smelly was your smelliest poo?

When I'm constipated and its been a couple of days and I'm pooing at home (usually Saturday or Sunday) I open the window as soon as I sit down and I leave it open. My sister Sonya Sue's poos are just as bad but she won't admit it. Also, she doesn't like the window being open because some bugs come in through the screen.

Do you enjoy having to take a dump?

It beats the alternative: constipation, especially when I'm away from home.

Male biker

Outdoor pooping

This summer I went for a quite long biking trip alone. Around 2000 km, lasting for 35 days. Mostly I slept in a tent in the wilderness along my route. Nearly every day I had to open my bowels somewhere in nature. Mostly no problem at all as I was alone and nobody else around. Some nights other persons were camping nearby and one of those mornings I happened to see a woman (also a biker) squatting in the bushes to relieve herself. Another time a female jogger just came by (on a path behind me which I had not discovered) when I was squatting with shorts at my knees. Oh sorry she just said and disappeared as quickly as she came.


To bloated Butt

Hey bloated butt I've read some of you're posts and I struggle with constipation a lot. I stop up toilets daily unless I'm home or the toilet has a powerful flush. What's worst story you have where you really stunk up the bathroom and stopped up the toilet?


To Brianna

I am so sorry! I hope everything went well with your client...warm thoughts, well wishes and prayers are with you!



Bloated Butt

To Linda:, and answer to survey

I read your post about the rude clerk giving you laxatives and your horrible experience at the doctor's. Poor thing! That's terrible! Dont they realize that you're already pretty miserable, they don't need to make it worse by humiliating you. When I'm constipated, i need everyone to be sensitive. I dont want people acting like I'm so gross because I'm having trouble pooping. I need to be treated delicately, LOL! What you need is for everyone to be gentle with you. I dont want anyone pushing on my bloated stomach, I want a nice belly rub!

Here's my answers to survey questions that were posted earlier:
"Q: What was the longest time you held in your poo and how good was the relief?"

I tend to go every two to three days, sometimes four. That's normal for me. But the longest was over a week, I think it was 9 days. I was constipated! My stomach looked pregnant and I felt so heavy and gassy! I did finally manage to go, but it took me two or three BMs to get it all out. All of them were massive! I did feel a LOT lighter, though.

"Q: What was the most relieving dump you have taken?"

Probably the one I just described, about being constipated for over a week. But all my dumps feel really nice. I tend to have really large BMs. My anus always gets stretched really wide and it feels so nice to get it all out. When I need to go, its always really urgent because I have so much in me. And then I plonk my big round butt on the toilet and "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh" hahahahah

"Q: What was the worse condition you have found a public bathroom?"

I almost never use the public restroom. Recently i've been using it more, but always just at my local mall. They have nice bathrooms. I've never really encountered anything too gross.

"Q: What foods if any give you the runs and how bad? "

I never get the runs. I always have large, solid movements. If I eat something spicy or whatever, it just gives me gas more than anything. Maybe I'll have a slightly softer BM, but its never liquid. My BMs are almost always pretty firm, though.

"Q: What foods if any make you constipated and how bad?"

CHEESE! If I eat too much cheese, its like my butt is plugged up with a cork. And everything just piles up inside of me as I continue to eat, until the "cork" pops out and "Aaaaaaaaaah".

"Q: How smelly was your smelliest poo?"

I stink up the bathroom pretty much every BM I have. I hate to admit it but I find it really satisfying when I completely stink up my bathroom. Especially when my boyfriend's not home and I don't have to be embaressed, I can just let it all out without feeling ashamed. Otherwise I have to tell him not to go in there!

"Q: Do you enjoy really having to take a dump?"

This is my secret pleasure. I NEVER tell anyone this except online. I LOVE the feeling of needing a large BM. I like the fullness and heaviness. It feels so nice, I can't describe it. I guess its how my body is wired. I like to enjoy the feeling of needing to have a massive BM for as long as I can, then finally I get to go and "HNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHH!!", pushing out some massive logs from my huge round butt, followed by "Ooooooooooooh aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!" Everything is so sensual and nice. But I'd die if anyone knew I enjoy this!!!!


Q1:Has your Farts ever lead to you pooping
Q2:Ever pooped with a sibling

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Post Title (optional) Answers to questions

Q: What was the longest time you held in your poo and how good was the relief?

Q: What was the most relieving dump you have taken? In 2009, my Mum and I went on a big holiday to Canada and the US. We flew from Sydney to Vancouver and it was a non-stop flight for 14 hours (no stop overs). When we got to Vancouver, it was around 9 am. We got through customs and by the time we found the bus, that took us to our hotel, it was almost midday. I hadn't pooped since leaving Sydney and I did a MASSIVE poo in the hotel toilet. It must have been about 20 inches long, all coiled around like a big snake. It was thick too. It only took 10 minutes to get it all out (I wasn't suffering with bad constipation back then) and it felt soooooooooooo good!!

Q: What was the worse condition you have found a public bathroom?

When I was about 5 or 6, my parents owned a yacht and I remember we all went out on the yacht for a sail (my siblings, myself and my parents). We got back into the harbour around 5 pm and before we got back in the car, I needed to use the public toilets. My mum came with me and we found a disgusting sight. Someone had smeared lots of poo all over one of the toilets, all over the door, all over the sink and all over the floor. It looked as if they had an accident but they didn't have any toilet paper. So they decided to wipe it everywhere instead. It was absolutely disgusting!! I can't remember where I did my wee, maybe I went outside?? Because I doubt my mum would have let me go in a toilet like that!

Q: What foods if any give you the runs and how bad?

No food really gives me the runs because I'm constipated so much!

Q: What foods if any make you constipated and how bad?

Chocolate and cheese constipates me like there is no tomorrow!!

Q: How smelly was your smelliest poo?

Most of my poos are very smelly.

Q: Do you enjoy really having to take a dump?

When I'm not constipated, I do enjoy having to take a dump, if I don't have to work hard at it and it doesn't take long.


Post Title (optional) To Dominic

When you need to go to the doctor, does he/she ever ask you about your constipation?? This happened to me a while ago, I posted about it on the weekend. My doctor asked about my hemarrhoids and before I knew it, she was examining my anus!! It was so humiliating, I just wanted to sink into the bed and disappear! Or have you ever been chastised by a pharmacy employee about why you were buying laxatives??

Dude in distress

Linda and Dominic

I feel your pain. Last week I became very constipated. It had been four days, and I could feel the poo right above my anus. After pushing and straining for nearly 45 minutes- and nothing. I couldn't get get it to budge. My anus was stretched open and the rock hard tip was poking out. Nothing was working. I got up and tried again while standing. I pushed while bracing myself against the sink. Several hard pebbles fell out- but I spent roughly 2 hours with about an inch of poo sticking out, it was nearly three inches wide. Finally after lots of rocking back and forth, and using my fingers to push against my anus and perineum- it came out! I grunted so loudly- I am sure the neighbors heard.


huge desperate poo at ATS euromaster...

Hey everyone.
this morning i had to take my car to ATS & whilst i was waiting i was getting rather desperate for a poo.
so i went, shut the door, pulled my black trousers down & purple knickers & released...
loudly... plop!..plop!..plop-plop-plop!...plop-plop-plop...plop-plop...plop-plop-plop...PLOP!! I was done. Wiping 4 times & flushing, washing hands of course & exitting to a bunch of customers staring at me. I soon shut the door due to the horrific smell.
more soon, J x


Post Title (optional)The diet of big shit

I wonder why women consume much meat generally produce huge shit, I have friends and family that are proof of that. The women in this site confirm this or is it just me

Victoria F/Korean Girl, I enjoy your stories. Being a guy, I almost never hear a woman talking about a dump and the fact that your stories are usually about taking a dump in a public bathroom, I enjoy them. It sounds like neither of you are shy and neither are some of your co-workers.

Being a guy, I have never been shy about taking a dump in a public bathroom. I'm not shy about passing gas or having someone hear noises of my poo hitting the water in the toilet. The only time I get embarrassed is when I leave a bad smell, which fortunately for me is probably less than 5% of the time. What do you think it is that make some women shy about going #2 in a public bathroom?


Reply to Pooperlady

Thanks for your reply. I admit I'm probably in the same view as you. But then I did have to poo in a not so busy public bathroom today. I suppose I didn't have time to get embarrased as I was bursting! 3 farts and 4 large plops later I felt a whole lot better, wiped by bum and left the bathroom.


My other accident

It's Brandi again. Still 24, haha. If I'm here and posting I may as well tell this one too.

When I was 17 I went to the mall with my two best friends. We wound up in Forever21 trying on clothes and then started trying on really stupid, ugly stuff. All three of us were in one dressing room trying these hidous things on and laughing. I put on a pair of bright pink shorts and some really bad top and we were all laughing at our stuff and suddenly I feel like I'm about to pee and I try to stop but I couldn't and suddenly my crotch gets all wet and I shrieked and grabbed myself and my friend Jessica grabbed herself and said "I peed a little!" and I said "Me too!" and that made us laugh harder and that made me pee some more and then some woman from the store banged on the door and told us to keep it down. So I'm standing there with a softball sized wet spot on the pink store shorts and Jessica has a smaller wet spot on some other store shorts. So we take them off and take off our wet panties and put our own shorts back on and sneak out and run to the nearest mall bathroom to finish peeing and had to go commando the rest of the night. It was a fun night lol

Ashley G.

mom of 2 teen girls

Jess & Big Mom

I've lurked here for a few years but never felt compelled to post until now after having read your posts. I also have 2 daughters, "Heidi" 15 and "Brooke" 13. Both are active and play soccer. They also have big appetites and poop big too. I think its the age combined with their activity. Now i have a story about each of them.

Heidi and I were at Wal-Mart doing some shopping when she had just turned 14 and she says "I have to go poop." I had to pee myself so we went to the back of the store to the family bathroom since its cleaner. We went in locked the door behind us. Heidi told me to go first since she said she'd take a few minutes to poop. So I did my pee, wiped and flushed. Heidi then took her position on the toilet. She peed a strong stream. She then let loud fart. We both giggled. We just talked as she proceeded to poop over the next few minutes. I heard a couple loud plops along the way. Finally she started to wipe and stood up. We both looked in the bowl. I was shocked at what i saw. 2 long logs in the hole peeking up out of the water and another one probably 5" floating on top. I asked if she always pooped like that...she said "sure all the time, sometimes more than this"

Then about 3 months ago I was showering and Brooke knocks on the door and says "can I come in and take a poop" I said "sure honey" as my water was running i couldn't hear anything. When she was done she said "I'll just close the lid and you can flush the toilet after you're done" When i got out I lifted the lid and saw a single 9-10" log and a couple of chunks. I just shook my head and laughed to myself..When I got out and peeked in Brooke's room I said "feel better now?". She just smiled and said "yeah it was pretty big wasn't it" We both laughed.

That's all for now.


Working Late Accident

I work the night desk at a chain hotel. I was working on the daily books when a late night check-in arrived. I had just been getting ready to take a break for a visit to the bathroom, but had to handle the desk first.

As I was trying to get them checked in my need kept getting worse and worse. Topping that off my bladder was close to bursting as well. The check-in just dragged on, and when salvation seemed in sight, there was a problem with their credit card.

As I kept working the card machine, I felt a quick squirt of piss burst into my panties. When I focused on stopping the flow, my bowels started their release. I kept fighting both ends, all while trying to get the card machine working. They couldn't see below my blouse from their viewpoint, but I glanced down and saw the wet spot on my crotch keep growing little by little.

Finally the card went through and I got them on their way to a room. As soon as it was clear, I started hobbling towards the bathroom. I just made it into the bathroom when my body finally gave up. I watched in the mirror as the wet spot on my gray slacks expanded while my bladder emptied itself. I could sense my movement rapidly approaching, and quickly kicked off my shoes and started getting my drenched slacks down while I headed for the toilet. With my pants around my ankles, I felt my control fail and looked back in the mirror to see my panties bulge out as my bowels totally emptied.

I was wearing a pair of Jockey no vpl panties, and it looked like there was a grapefruit in them. I slipped them off, dumped the mess in the toilet, then threw them away. It took me 20 minutes using the hand dryer to get my slacks reasonably dry. The rest of the night I went commando, and couldn't wait to get home and take a shower when my shift ended.


answering questions

To Tlana
1. I find it interesting that Milly has wipes with her for the seat. How did this get started? Are her school bathrooms in pretty bad shape? I know mine are.

the school bathrooms are not the best, but they are well usable, from what I know around 60% of the stalls have doors, few are clean.
though wipes are cause of me, I always have been a bit paranoid about public toilet germs and stuff like that, it's how I was raised I guess, so I'd always keep a small pack of wipes with me, and well that how had raised my daughters, I keep a stock of small pocket sized packs for them to use, and remind them alot to take them, I'm glad Milly and my 12 y/o seem to have got into the habit of using them and remind me when we are getting low too even. though I have to always remind the twins to keep a pack in their pockets, they seem to use them, so hopefully they are wiping the seats, I've recently started working on getting my 5 y/o to use them.

2. You said Milly wees first, then will do some poo. Is this normal for her or sometimes are they separate trips to the bathroom?

yeah as far as I know she usually pees first or does both at the same time if she needs to pee, though usually she'll have gone pee already and not need to.

though Mia usually always has to pee when she poops cause she'll hold off going to the bathroom until she can't wait anymore, I'm always getting on to her about putting it off.

3. Are Milly and Mia allowed to have friends with them in the stalls at school? At my school its a handbook violation and results in a Saturday school and a call home.

I'm not sure, I've never got called about it, either they just don't call and are given lunch or after school detention, or they never done it/never got caught, or something sorry I don't know.

4. You said Mia's feet don't touch the floor when she's on the toilet. This apparently hasn't been a problem for her in the past and you said she adapts pretty well. Has she ever been scared sitting on toilets that are so much larger than you have at home? Have you had to stay on her case about remembering to flush? I remember my mom did with me. I would wipe, jump down off the stool and she would call my name in kind of a fake, authoritarian voice and she wouldn't even have to finish her sentence. When I was Mia's age I would have to use both of my hands and really lean on the lever to get the flusher to work in most public places. I remember malls and stadiums were especially bad.

yeah Mia feet don't touch the floor nor does her twin, as far as I know they never been actually scared of big toilets, though they have had trouble, wiping the seats and getting on them if they are needing to go bad.
and yeah she does forget to flush a lot, she used to get away with it too cause I wouldn't think it was her by the size of what was left, hehe, but now I question her too, funny thing is either the older girls used to cover for her, or more likely thought they actually had forgot, since they tend to forget sometimes too. but yeah I'm always getting on to them when I notice them forgetting, I do notice Mia using both hands to flush sometimes.

5. It was interesting that you also took your turn to pee and wipe. What did you teach your girls about wiping and have you had to constantly remind them to wipe after they pee? Have you ever had to deal with stains in their underwear? If so, what have you said to them? My grandma has gotten on me about sometimes having stained underwear and she says I also use public bathrooms too frequently when I should go more just before we leave home.

yeah I have always taught them to wipe front to back even after peeing, (Mia usually wipes standing after getting off the toilet), and to wash hands too. though they tend to only wash hands after a poo even though I tell them to always wash hands,
and yeah they do sometimes have stains, and it always embarrasses them when I tell them they need to wipe themselves better or something, hehe

6. At what age should a child be allowed to use a public toilet on their own without a parent in there with them? Should young boys at age 4, 5 or 6 be going into a womens' bathroom when its only their mother/babysitter with them or should they be forced to use the mens room? I babysit for several families and this has come up more than once.

I'm not sure, I think it's really up to the child to be honest, if they want to go alone and can handle themselves, I say let them, but keep close, though if they can't or get picked on by others, maybe it's best you take them in your restroom, or the family/unisex restroom a very few places have.

I was going to tell a story about my 12 y/o (Mika) but I'll have to do that in the next post as I've run out of time, later


School Bathroom Toilet Paper Shortage

Friday afternoon I got a pass from my study hall teacher to use the bathroom. I had been hurting to wee since the end of lunch but both Miranda and I could see the line extending outside the bathroom and into the hallway so we knew we had to hold it for a while. Other hallways are closed off during lunch, so we get stuck hanging out and using the huge bathrooms in the main spine of the building. Anyways, I got to the bathroom and just as I was walking into the entrance I heard two guys from the boys bathroom next door yelling for someone to bring them a roll. One guy, who I didn't know was walking out with his jeans hanging low and his belt unbuckled. He told me the problem and I told him to wait right there.

These bathrooms over the summer were changed and now there are six or seven spools of toilet paper attached to the outside of the first stall as you enter and everyone has to pull off the toilet paper before they take their stall and sit down. One roll was about 2/3 gone so I was pulling it off the holder when a student teacher walked in and asked me what I was doing. She said I shouldn't be taking a roll off and she used her phone to call the office and get additional rolls for the guys. They were pretty upset when I went out and told them a custodian was coming because they needed immediate relief. He said he was willing to come in and get it; the student teacher overheard that and told him he had to wait.

I ended up pulling off a small amount of toilet paper and took the first stall. I partially latched the door (most of them are broken), hiked up my dress, pulled down my undees, and seated myself. I'm still nervous using these new bathrooms, so my stream didn't start as early as it usually does. The student teacher who is about 6' tall took the stall next to mine, and as I sat, I could see the top 1/3 of her body as she stood over the stool, pulled her pant suit bottoms down, and seated herself. Even then, I could still see her head because the partitions are so low. There were two bursts of gas and a series of splashes into the school so she was pooing. About a couple of minutes later as I was standing and straightening my dress, I heard her swear. She had obviously found she had forgotten to pull off toilet paper for herself. I had pulled off too much and I offered it to her. She stood, and I told her because of my size, I would pass it to her underneath--which I did. Now she seemed really nice and I told her I would go outside and get her some more. I got a pretty good mitt on my right hand and I handed it to her from below the stall door. She thanked me and asked me what I thought about the new bathroom setup. I told her what my older sister told me about all the vandalism that was happening, but the student teacher (she told me her name was Amber) was still upset with the new rules. I gave her my name as I was washing my hands. Then Amber reminded me to flush my toilet.

I did, but I still think the whole thing with the new bathroom rules sucks.


oops....not again

Hi...I'm the brianna who posted a few weeks ago with my humiliating recount of how I recently pooped in my pants while showing a house to a client. It was easily one of the most embarassing moments of my adult life and I still can't believe it happened but I have pretty much gotten over it as I mentioned, it had never happened to me before so it was a first time experience.

Well...I just did it again. At work, again. Sort of... I guess you can say I "sharted" but it's borderline.... somewhere between a shart and a full on pooping it's enough that I definitely need to go change my underwear! I am sitting at my desk in the office waiting for a client to come in so I can't leave!!! I was just sitting here printing some stuff out and decided to "let one go" while no one was nearby and the noisy printer would mask the I did...but out came what felt like a big spoonful of hot mashed potatoes. I can just fell it all sticky between my cheeks and squishing against my panties. I can't smell anything yet so hopefully it won't smell when my client comes in...I'm kind of panicking a little. Oh god, now I actually am feeling like I'm going to poop more...i have to go, I will report back...

I mentioned that I last had a dump on wednesday but if you think that was big, todays was even bigger. It's now tuesday so that's nearly six days. I went to school busting to go and as I walked I felt the biggest urge to empty my bowels ever. Seriously, I was about to poo myself in a big way and I was fighting my bowels to keep control. I knew had to get to school quickly or my knickers would end up being my toilet! But running just made it worse and even walking at any sort of speed was a challenge. I got about half way to school when the urge to go got so bad I couldn't hold it. My anus opened against my will and I clenched really tightly but the poo kept moving and it was painfull to try holding it. When the first turd was out it must have been about six inches long but it relieved the pressure just enough to regain control. I was still desperate though and walking to school with a six inch poo in my knickers felt so dirty even though it didn't notice under my skirt. When I got to school I went straight to the toilets and emptied the turd from my knickers into the toilet and sat down to finish what I'd started. My knickers weren't marked as the poo was so hard and dry but that meant I was constipated. I had to push really hard to get it moving but when it did it felt so good. I did about five lumps and it it took a while to get it all out. When I did the relief was heaven. I wiped my bum but really I didn't need to. When I flushed it left two big turds floating in the water so I just walked out and left them.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jennifer T great story it sounds like you a major cleanout I bet you felt pretty great afterwards and very empty as well and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Korean Girl as always another great story it sounds like you both had really great poops and I bet she felt pretty great after getting that big poop out of her and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story about your big poop.

To: Jennifer great story about you pooping on that boat it sounds like had a really great poop and great story about your corny poop.

To: Victoria F great set of stories.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

korean girl


No new stories so I will make a survey.


To Jennifer T re 36 feet

That sounds Like a truly epic movement. If Nate is worth keeping he'll just quietly revel in your unique fragrance.

Q: What was the longest time you held in your poo and how good was the relief?

Q: What was the most relieving dump you have taken?

Q: What was the worse condition you have found a public bathroom?

Q: What foods if any give you the runs and how bad?

Q: What foods if any make you constipated and how bad?

Q: How smelly was your smelliest poo?

Q: Do you enjoy really having to take a dump?



My name is Brandi. I'm 24 and just graduated college a couple years ago, working in a real job now for the first time. Today leaving work I had to pee before I left but thought I'd just go at my appartment but I kept having to go worse and caught some traffic lights and was about to wet myself in my car. I finally got to the appartment and ran up the stairs, holding myself under my skirt, then I dropped the keys at the door and when I squatted down to pick them up I felt a big squirt of pee go into my panties and I stopped and stood up and got the keys in the lock, dancing and crossing my legs, and finally got the door unlocked but it was too late. I lost it. Pee splattered down my legs and all over the welcome matt for like a minute before I was done. My panties were soaked and I had pee all down my legs. I opened the door and went inside and my friend/roommate Megan was there. She didn't notice at first but then I just told her I flat out pissed myself right outside the door. She thought it was hilarious. I went to shower and change.

Little Mandi

Poop problems

Hello all. I haven't been on here in foreverrrrr!
Everything was going normal for a while but now
I'm starting to have a hard time going poop.
The past two times I've went have been
really hard and painful.
Today I almost was gonna take a laxative.
I had been out for the day and I felt that
all so familiar feeling in my butt. I knew at
some point in the day I was gonna have to
poop. When I got home sure enough I did.
I went upstairs and sat on the toilet let out
an airy fart then have my usual first push.
I knew right away this was gonna be a struggle.
I pushed again and got out a small ball but the big
log wasn't moving. Sometimes if I squat or
lift my legs up it gets things moving for me. This time
still nothing. I gave up and went around the corner
and bought a bottle of milk of magnesia. When I got home
I had to pee. I went up with the bottle of milk of magnesia
started to read the box. I figured let me try one more time
To go. All I got out was 5 small balls and not the big log.
I opened the bottle to take it when I felt like I could go.
I sat back down and have a huge push and out came the log.
Idk why I keep getting constipated again. I eat
a lot of fruit and vegetables and meat. I was
Debating taking the laxative anyway but I don't think
That's a good idea.


To the 15 yr old girl

Thanks for sharing your story about having to poop outside. Please try not to feel embarrassed about having a huge dump outside. You did nothing wrong; in fact you did the right thing by pulling your knickers down and relieving yourself. You badly needed to poo and tried your best to find some privacy in the woods. It wasn't your fault some people saw you and even if they did there is nothing to be ashamed of; if they tease you about it then just ignore them. If you have an urgent need to have a dump when outside then I would encourage you to do so rather than poo in your knickers. Other situations in future where you might need to poop outside include hikes and long road trips in rural areas. Feel free to share other stories with us.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014



Hey, Linda, yeah actually I have been quite constipated lately. I did something like what you did. I was on the toilet the other day pushing for like 20 minutes when it was sticking out of my butt and wouldn't move anymore. I didn't want to take up any more time since my brother needed the bathroom, so I just stepped out and went back to my room, with it stuck in my butt, walking weirdly so no one would notice (it probably stained my underwear a bit, but I didn't really care). It definitely felt like there was an egg in my anus lol. Either way, after my brother got out, I went back in and squatted and held onto the bathtub and pushed as hard as i could until I was red in the face and finally managed to make it move enough to the point where I could grab it and pull the rest out. That was a very difficult poop lol

Jennifer T

all 36 feet of my Intestines pass my poo out of my body

I think all 36 feet of my Intestines evacuated I just spent 45min on the toilet blasting diahrea it just kept coming wave after wave Im sure all the contents of my Sm Intestines were shit out of me too & my apt reeks lol I saw undigested chunks of black olives green peppers in a glob of mucous I havnt eaten anything with olives or peppers for over a month so that was all stuck in my Colon over a month my bf Nates coming by anytime & OMG hes gonna smell my poo fumes !! heres a link to pic of me as you see Im not a very big girl but I make some big smells& huge turds

Just a Husband


Thanks, I guess, for the comments to my story about my wife's accident. That's the only time she's soiled herself (that I know of). She's had numerous incidences of wetting either a little or more than a little, so I guess I have some practice. Haha.

korean girl

work bathroom story

I have a new story. I was in a meeting when I got the urge to poo. I had not gone in a few days and had been drinking lots of coffee. One of my coworkers noticed me being squirmy and asked if I was alright. I whispered to her that I need the bathroom. This coworker is also my only friend in the office so far. She is a tall white girl with long blond hair and is in her mid twenties. The meeting came to an end and I immediately headed for the ladies room. My friend joined me and said she needed to poo quite badly but is good at hiding it. We went in the bathroom and I took the middle stall and she took the 4th which is next to mine. I lifted my skirt and pulled my panties and pantyhose to my knees. I could see my friend drop her pink panties to her ankles from under the stall. We both peed then I told her I came in there to do a poo too. I relaxed and it started coming out. Three soft squishy but firm logs easily came out making three splashes. I looked and I had done three four inch logs all two inches wide. I started wiping my very messy behind as my friend said she was a bit constipated and if I could stay with her because she dislikes being alone. I agreed to stay in my stall until she was done. Someone came into the bathroom and took the 5th and final stall. They peed then a few seconds later made a loud splash wiped and left. I could hear my friend grunt and her feet go on the toes of her black heels as she pushed her crap out. Then there was a splash-plop sound followed by an enormous fart and a sigh of relief. She wiped and thanked me for staying with her. She took about 15 minutes to do her poo. I flushed my toilet and my soft dump after being in water for so long left loads of skid marks in the bowl. She told me she couldn't flush hers and to see what she did. I looked and she had done a poo that was 9 inches long and tapered at the end. the first 5 inches were knobbly and three inches wide. The last four inches were more smooth. I hope I can poo with her again in the future.



Corn in poop

Hello, Jennifer (and others concerned about corn): Chances are that you chewed the corn better than you think. The outside husk of the kernel of corn is not digestible and will go through your system unchanged, but the inside of the kernel is pushed outside by chewing. The empty husk then fills up with poop as it travels through your intestines, but the husk often retains its yellow color and shows up in the turds, appearing like a whole undigested kernel. The problem is that, if you eat a lot of corn, it acts like a large infusion of fiber (which it is) and stimulates a major bowel movement. I used to get diarrhea occasionally after eating corn on the cob; I once had to stop by the side of the road at night and blast out a load of wet poop. Fortunately, my wife had some tissues along, or I would have soiled my underpants afterward. I always chew my corn carefully and as thoroughly as I can, and I nearly always "see it again" as they say when I have my b.m. the next day. Sometimes, if I've eaten quite a bit of corn, it will show up in two or even three subsequent bowel movements (I usually poop twice a day). It's not a problem unless I eat too much and get diarrhea, but that is a rare occurrence. So enjoy eating corn, chew it thoroughly, and be ready to see it again in your bowel movements.


Answering Matt's question

Matt asked if us forum posters get embarrassed by the sounds of our poo plopping in a busy public bathroom. I don't think I'd be too embarrassed if the bathroom had a whole lot of people in it, because it'd be harder to find out just who's doing the pooping. I'd be more embarrassed if there were not too many other people in the bathroom, because it'd be easier to find out who's pooping.

Hello again. I had to go into work quite early yesterday morning. I got up quietly and tried my best not to wake Anna. I had my breakfast and then was feeling the need to take a dump. I sat and read the paper and over five minutes or so effortlessly passed several big, long turds. I did the 'paperwork', so to speak, and looked in the toilet after. I had done four almost identical, dark brown, long, fairly thick logs. It was a good-sized pile, and I decided to leave it for my wife to see. I thought she'd like it. I closed the toilet lid, took my shower and left for work.

Later that evening, after I returned from work, Anna told me she had seen my "present" and enjoyed it very much, and that she had left me one as well. I was excited and I went to the bathroom to see it. There was a really long light brown curved turd, looked like a big 'C' and then two much shorter banana-like turds. (Well, like rotten, brown bananas that is, haha)

I'm a 15 year old girl and one of my greatest pleasures is to have a really big dump. I eat a lot and hold it until I'm busting to go for maximum relief. The last time I went was on wednesday and I hadn't been in four days. I went to school busting for a poo but I held it all day rather than using the toilets at school. By home time I was getting really desperate and I didn't want to risk having an accident walking home so I went into the toilets on my out. All the cubicles were vacant so I took the one by the end wall and closed the door. I took a toilet roll and hid it in my bag and walked out without using the toilet. As soon as I walked out of the gates I began to regret not having a poo go the toilet because the need to go was getting worse and I had to fight my bowels to keep control. I started walking slowly as it was easier to keep control but that would mean it would take longer to get home and time wasn't exactly on my side. I knew there were some woods nearby and headed straight for them. Ten minutes later and with my bowels about to burst I made it to the woods. I ran into the undergrowth holding my bum with both hands trying my best not to poo myself but I stumbled over a root and had to grab hold of the tree to steady myself. That caused my bowels to push against my will and I had to use every once of clenching to stop the inevitable from happening. I lifted up my skirt and and hooked my thumbs in the top of my knickers to pull them down but I heard some kids talking. I let my skirt fall back into place as one of them said, "Do you think she's having a piss or a shit."
I ran off without even looking back to see who they were and nearly lost control as I ran. When I felt sure I was safe I lowered my knickers to my thighs and leant back against a tree. I relaxed and instantly began to poo. It was fairly soft and there was a lot of it as you can imagine. The relief was pure heaven and I felt five pounds lighter. I took the toilet roll from my bag and wiped my bum but I could hear voices. It was those kids and I heard one saying, "She's had crap and it's huge." I was so embarrassed but at least it wasn't in my knickers! I ran home feeling so ashamed at being seen having a poo and not in a toilet either.


to Big Mom

when I was a teenager my poos were huge too Im almost 30 now & it seems part of my poo is big but tapers smaller I see these shows about how our Colons clog over time Im thinking of trying those herbal cleanses


for Jess

please write some more. Really good story

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Big Mom

Jess and her Daughters

Hi Jess

That's interesting about your daughters. What do you feed them all? Are they big meat eaters? I would love to hear more of your stories as I have 2 of my own which have an incredible appetite and they have the poos to match! One of them is 16 the other is 14. I witnessed first hand the older ones poo once when I was summoned from downstairs by her because she had blocked the toilet! And I tell you know that what she had left in their was enormous!! About 10 inches long an about 2 inches thick. I made her wear rubber gloves and break it up in the toilet then flush again, I asked her if she normally pooed that big and she said yes, she also said her sister does too. I just hope I never have to get a plumber out as it will cost me a pretty penny! I can't help but think it's their age which makes them eat so much, there's is nothing on them both apart from they both have butts that don't quit! They definitely don't get it from me! Are there any other moms out there with similar daughters?!

Big Mom.


Questions for Jess

Thanks for your story on the mall visit. I'm small for my age (I'm 14 and only 3'5") but I, too, poo a lot more than people might expect. I poo each morning at school at about the same time and at about the same time on days when I'm at home. My poos, although large, are soft and come pretty much right after I sit down. My wees are usually quite forceful, but sometimes take a couple of minutes for me to get them started, especially if I'm forced to take a doorless stall when there's lines for all the doored ones. Here are some questions I have for you, Jess.

1. I find it interesting that Milly has wipes with her for the seat. How did this get started? Are her school bathrooms in pretty bad shape? I know mine are.

2. You said Milly wees first, then will do some poo. Is this normal for her or sometimes are they separate trips to the bathroom?

3. Are Milly and Mia allowed to have friends with them in the stalls at school? At my school its a handbook violation and results in a Saturday school and a call home.

4. You said Mia's feet don't touch the floor when she's on the toilet. This apparently hasn't been a problem for her in the past and you said she adapts pretty well. Has she ever been scared sitting on toilets that are so much larger than you have at home? Have you had to stay on her case about remembering to flush? I remember my mom did with me. I would wipe, jump down off the stool and she would call my name in kind of a fake, authoritarian voice and she wouldn't even have to finish her sentence. When I was Mia's age I would have to use both of my hands and really lean on the lever to get the flusher to work in most public places. I remember malls and stadiums were especially bad.

5. It was interesting that you also took your turn to pee and wipe. What did you teach your girls about wiping and have you had to constantly remind them to wipe after they pee? Have you ever had to deal with stains in their underwear? If so, what have you said to them? My grandma has gotten on me about sometimes having stained underwear and she says I also use public bathrooms too frequently when I should go more just before we leave home.

6. At what age should a child be allowed to use a public toilet on their own without a parent in there with them? Should young boys at age 4, 5 or 6 be going into a womens' bathroom when its only their mother/babysitter with them or should they be forced to use the mens room? I babysit for several families and this has come up more than once.

Jess, thanks for sharing your stories with us. I hope you will have more to come.


Strangest place Ive ever defecated in

I gotta share this with you guys last summer i was boating with 2 of my girlfreinds & 3 guys & all of a sudden I had to BM I ended up dropping my bikini pantys & defecating in the boats livewell in front of everyone I sat on it like a toilet,I was quite tipsy & couldnt stop giggling at the funny sounds my farts made in the livewell & by the way there were no fish in the livewell in case some of you guys were wondering lol & heres a link to a picture of me well hope you didnt laugh too hard about me poopin in front of everyone in the boat see ya guys later ....Jennifer


eating & passing corn

I ate 7ears of sweetcorn yesterday & today Ive already defecated 3 times & my turds are full of undigested corn & looks like I barely chewed any of it as it looks like its still good to eat lol but I dont recommend eating it lol well ttyl from Jenny T.



Sean: Thank you...I have seen the video. It's hilarious!!! I will order some and try it out! Oh, and, TMI :)

Mr Hendrix: I have written about myself earlier in the forum, page 1811 I think is the first one! I played sports throughout middles school and high school, and college volley ball. I am 6'1'' and weigh 185-190lbs!(I feel free to share my vitals on this forum!) I've kept my workout and cardio habits into adulthood and continue to eat well. Thanks for your interest!

There are really no stories to tell. I have two bowel movements daily (rarely a third one, rarely only once daily, very rarely miss a day - like once a year!)They all happen predictably in the morning and evening, before work and after working out.

Thanks for the responses, y'all!!!




what my poos like most the time

umm most the time even though Im a 5-7 125lb girl I pass huge turds most the time the front 4-5 in is hard nodular molded to my colons shape the last several in. get soft & mushy & are flat ribbon like I have 3 BMs a day most the time but like today Ive has 4 already from all the sweetcorn I ate yesterday & beer I drank last nite I actually got to defecate right now again so I may post how my BM was well gtg
later ....Jenny


Post Title (optional) A couple of stories from a while back

I had almost forgot about something that happened to me, when I was really suffering with bad constipation, a couple of months ago. I was having a very difficult week of pooping as I was very, very constipated. I gave in and decided to get some laxatives from the pharmacy. I've never bought laxatives for myself before (I have used them before but my Mum bought them) or any other remedy to help me poop.

I was feeling so embarrassed because I didn't want to admit to a stranger that I was extremely constipated. But I made my way to a place not far from where I live and went in. There was hardly any other customers around, which was good. The woman behind the counter didn't look very friendly and I almost ran out of the place. But I plucked up some courage and said quietly "I need to buy some laxatives". The woman looked disgusted and asked "What are they for? Constipation? Are they for yourself" I answered with a quick "Yes" and nodded my head. I thought to myself, why else would I be asking for laxatives? She still looked disgusted and she turned around to get a packet of laxatives off the shelf. She put them onto the counter and said "These are herbal ones called Laxettes but you need to eat more fibre and drink more water" she wasn't very nice about it either and her tone was so rude and abrupt. Some more people had come into the place by then and they surely heard that rude woman talking to me. It was terrible!!

I felt so embarrassed, it was like she was chastising me for being constipated. I paid for the 'laxettes' and went home. I was already feeling miserable and that woman from the pharmacy made me feel even worse.I didn't need to use the laxettes so I've still got them, in case I need them sometime down the track.

Around the same time, I had to see the doctor for something unrelated to my constipation. The place where I go has several doctors so I don't always see the same one. This particular time, I saw one that I haven't seen for a while. After the initial consultation, she just happened to read through my notes and she mentioned my hemarrhoids. She had diagnosed them and that was the first time I found out I had them. That was about 2 years ago. She asked if I was having any problems in that area but before I could answer, she asked if she could have a look!! It couldn't have been at a worse time!! I was very, very constipated and I knew my hemarrhoids had flared up again. So I reluctantly laid on the bed, on my stomach, with my bottom in full view. She had a look at my anus and I could tell she wasn't impressed by the way she sighed. She said "I can see that you have got piles again and anal fissures"

I could feel her gloved hand and fingers touching my anus as she examined me. She kept saying "Hmmmmm" in a not so pleasant tone. I knew she wasn't happy with me. Then she asked "Have you been constipated a lot lately?" I told her "Yes". Then she asked "And your constipated now aren't you?" I answered "yes" again. She said "I can tell that you have been doing too much straining" I said "yes" and I was feeling so humiliated. I hate telling people about my bad constipation, even the doctor. She said "Hmmmmm" again and then she said "You really need to stop getting so constipated and stop straining. You need to restrict your diet so that you don't eat any constipation foods, chocolate is a culprit and cheese". I just wanted to disappear at this point, she seemed quite angry.

Then she told me to roll over onto my back "I need to examine your stomach" she told me. She felt my stomach with both hands, pushing down on it and I could tell by her body language that she still wasn't impressed. "I can feel some hard masses in your bowels. When was the last time you had a bowel movement?" I told her the truth "It was 4 days ago". I was feeling even more humiliated by now and then she said "You should be having at least one bowel movement a day. You need to change your diet and do more exercise" She was quite rude and she sounded disgusted that I was so constipated. I knew that I needed to eat more fibre and go on a strict diet with more exercise but its just so hard. As you all know, I get constipated so easily.

She didn't prescribe anything to help me go, just suggested that I go on a strict diet. I hated that experience! I wasn't expecting that doctor to examine my anus that day. I don't want to go to her again!!!

Victoria F.
Hi again. It's been a while since I last posted, but I'm back with a few new stories. Two days ago was an eventful day for me. I had the opportunity to listen to Samantha pooping in the morning again, and it was wonderful as always. And then towards the end of the day, I listened to another of my coworkers going. I'll start with my story about Samantha.

That morning, I had to pee quite badly upon arriving at work. I headed right to the bathroom, but found all the stalls taken. Though, at least there wasn't a line. I waited for what seemed like forever until a stall opened up, and I went right in. I sat down and relieved my throbbing bladder. Then I started to listen to see if I could hear anything good from my neighbors on either side. One was just finishing and flushed, and the lady on the other side let out a zipper-like fart and then a big plop.

I was excited and kept listening. There was three more loud plops and another fart, this one deeper and long. Then she wiped. I did the same, needing only to wipe once on my front. I flushed and went out to the sinks. I pretended to be fixing my makeup to stall a bit and see who it was who was in the stall. Imagine my delight when it turned out to be Samantha. She came to the sinks and we exchanged smiles and "good morning"s

The other story is from later that day. I had to wipe towards the end of the day, which is unusual for me. I normally only go in the morning, either at home immediately after waking, or after having my coffee, and I'll then go before beginning work. But, my body was sending me the signal that I needed to poop and I knew better than to ignore it.

When I got to the bathroom, only one stall was in use. I took the one right next to her. I peed and listened to my neighbor doing the same. She must have just gotten in the stall a few seconds before I did. She finished first and then farted several times. I was hoping I'd have a second listening experience in the same day, but no luck. She just had a lot of gas, and then wiped and flushed. I set my mind to my own need then and let out three or four big pieces that made heavy splashes. Then I wiped myself thoroughly, flushed, and washed my hands before returning to work.


Post Title (optional) To Bloated Butt

That is great that you are feeling more comfortable using public toilets now. I used to be scared of pooping in them but after I did it a few times, it was easy. It did take me a while to start grunting in public toilets though and to strip down to just my bra. But then I thought, nobody can see me and now I don't care if people hear me grunting. Plus, I had to use them because my poos were too big for my toilet at home. And I was taking so long (2 hours and longer) and I didn't want to grunt at home, where my house mate could hear me. Lately though, I've been able to have more pooping sessions at home because I've been less constipated.

Yes, I do have some difficulty moving when I'm really constipated. My stomach gets so big and bloated that my pants feel too tight. Plus it feels rock hard, like I've got a watermelon stuck in my bowels. I feel very weighed down and a lot heavier when I'm so full of poo. I feel so miserable and lethargic, like I've got no energy to do anything. I do get lots of gas too and I have to use the toilet quite often when I'm constipated, just to pass gas. It does ease some of the enormous pressure that I get from having so much poo overloading my bowels but only for a short while. And I do feel as if I waddle around when I'm backed up too. I know that I definitely waddle when I'm walking around my house with poo hanging out of my butt.

Chocolate and cheese constipates me SO much - just like you, it makes me VERY constipated and it also feels like I've got a cork stuck up my butt. But I LOVE chocolate so much - when I buy it, I always buy a huge family block and I can't help myself. I can't stop until I've eaten the entire block, normally in one sitting too. Cheese is the same, I can eat a whole heap of it quite easily and quickly.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Post Title (optional) Major constipation!!

I'm really, really constipated!! Since I last posted, I've become even more constipated. I was having trouble during the week and it has continued on, into the weekend.

On Thursday night, I went to a friend's place for dinner. We had lasagna, which had loads of cheese through it. Then the salad also had cheese in it - lots of feta cheese, which I love. I ate 2 big servings of lasagna and salad. We ended up finishing the entire salad. Then we had chocolate cake with ice cream. After that, we had hot chocolate and my friend had an expensive block of dark chocolate. I ate lots of that too. I LOVE chocolate and cheese so much and I couldn't stop myself from eating too much.

I knew this would play absolute havoc with my bowels and I was 100% sure it would constipate me. I was right. On Friday, I couldn't do a poo at all. I tried a few times before work but nothing came out. I also did some gentle pushing throughout the day to get things moving - it didn't help. I was feeling lethargic and miserable because I couldn't do a poo. I tried several times when I got home from work - still nothing.

Today was terrible! I was too miserable to go out anywhere so I stayed home. My stomach was so big and bloated. It felt rock hard too. I ate two big bowels of high fibre cereal for breakfast, hoping it would get my bowels working. After a couple of hours, I was getting a slight urge to poop. I walked around the house, doing lots of pushing, straining and grunting. Luckily, my house mate went away for the weekend, to visit her family (a few hours drive away). I sat on the toilet and did lots of fart. It didn't relieve much of the pressure in my stomach and I was feeling so heavy. I was SO constipated!! I stayed on the toilet for 30 minutes, pushing and straining hard. It didn't help at all. So I got up and got a decent sized bowl of dried fruit. I ate the whole thing and then I drank a huge glass of water.

An hour later, I tried again on the toilet. I pushed and strained with all my might. My anus crackled as it started opening up. I grunted loudly "HHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!" A few farts escaped from my anus and my stomach rumbled as the poos started moving down, ever so slowly. I kept pushing, straining, grunting and breathing heavily. After 30 minutes, I reached down to feel my anus. It was stretched open really wide but there was no poo sticking out. I stuck a finger up my anus and I felt the tip of a rock hard, dry turd up there. It was sitting just above my anus but I knew I needed to push a hell of a lot more to get this turd to stick out. I continued pushing and after 45 minutes, I had 2 inches sticking out.

Then, as usual, the turd got stuck in my anus. I mean, well and truly stuck. I felt like I had a big egg stuck in my butt. No matter how hard I tried, this turd wouldn't move. I didn't want to give up but it was SO uncomfortable! I decided to have a rest so I relaxed. My anus sucked the poo back in!!! I had already been on the toilet for over an hour and I felt defeated. I gave up after that. My anus was on fire!

For the next few hours, I was sure I had a coke can stuck in my anus - a coke can with razor blades and glass in it, that was also made of sand paper. I tried several times on the toilet but I was too constipated to get any poo out.

In the afternoon, I had to lay down because I was too miserable to do anything else. I stayed in bed for a few hours, massaging my stomach, hoping it would help things along. I was so desperate to get the poos out!! Then I decided to get back on the toilet and I stuck 2 fingers into my anus. I tried to dig the poo out - at least getting some out would be better than nothing. I managed to dig out a few rock hard pebbles. It was awful and I had liquid poo coming out too. This seemed to get things moving a bit because I was able to squeeze out a short turd, that was the width of a coke can and very dry. Then, after lots more pushing, straining and grunting, I got another short turd out. I was satisfied with that. It wasn't the entire load and I still had more poo up there but I did feel much better. Jeez, I was VERY constipated!!

I WISH my 2 favorite foods wouldn't make me so constipated but I love them so much. I know I shouldn't eat them but its just so hard to resist......

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Korean Girl as always another great set of stories it sounds like in your first one that fart was just a warning one luckily the diarrhea waited until you were on the toilet to come and it sounds like you had a great poop at work as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jess first welcome to the site and great story.

Yesterday I saw a woman's poop in the toilet at the bookstore she hurried in the bathroom and then heard her grunt a few times then flush and then come out but the flush didn't do its job fully and inside the toilet were 2 good size chunks of poop so a good catch.

Well that's all for now.

sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


plops @macky dees & my daily(average)habits

Hey all
Yesterday (Friday) my mate Sonia & i went shopping & had a macky dees for lunch (mcdonalds for those who are wondering what the hell i am on about) now my IBS was bad and i had needed this poo for a good 2 hrs clenching my buttocks whilst shopping, i was wearing a mini skirt that hugged my peachy buttocks & black knickers & my bum clenching in that must've been obvious!!
in macky dees i was so desperate i went to the loo, busy, & smelling of a strange bleach, i took the remaining cubicle - a bunch of girls in there doing there make up & hair in the small enclosed space.
i pulled my skirt & knickers down & sat my peachy bum down & immediately let loose plop after plop, 12 really loose messy logs that skidmarked the pan fell in to the loo. The girls sniggering but i didnt care - they poo though they probably think there's smell of roses!
Wiping 6 times & flushing, leaving remaining tissue in the loo, i washed my hands whilst being stared at like i was an alien, & i went back out to Sonia.

My average daily habits
wee - 10 times a day (more with alcohol)
Poo - between 1 & 8 times a day depending on my IBS giving me jip!! :)

More soon as always, J. X


To "Chubby girl" and others with itchy haemorrhoids

Here are some (hopefully) helpful suggestions for those who suffer from the above.

Itching is made worse by moisture and what some might term as "faecal debris" i.e. poop remnants. So keeping the area as dry and clean as possible will help. Here are some suggestions to help with that:-

- After pooping at home gently wash your bottom with tepid i.e. warm water and pat dry with a small towel kept for that purpose. This will ensure more effective cleaning.

- If pooping in a public place try keeping some unperfumed tissues in your bag along with a little bottle of water. After pooping you can dampen the tissues with the water to get clean and then pat your bottom dry. Try to avoid vigorous wiping as this can cause or exacerbate the itching.

- Some people use wetwipes but they can contain chemicals that can actually cause or make the itch worse. Also, most of them can cause blockages of toilets and sewer systems.

- If possible at night time sleep naked from the waist down to allow air to circulate around the area.

- For washing your bottom (and if you are female - your genital area) try a soap substitute e.g. aqueous cream or E45 etc. rather than soap itself.

- If you are overweight/obese try to lose weight if possible. This will reduce moisture levels and benefit your health in other ways.

- Some people with very itchy haemorrhoids (piles) have used green tea bags (seriously!) to stop the itch and found it very useful. It needs to be green tea in bags not ordinary or loose tea. A teabag is placed in a cup of hot water for a few seconds and then removed. The teabag is then allowed to cool until it is warm (but not cold) and placed against the haemorrhoids. This is best done whilst lying sideways on your bed.

- Haemorrhoid creams can help but have to be used sparingly and only occasionally as they contain chemicals that can actually cause itching. It's probably better to use the methods described above.

- Consuming more fibre can help by softening poop by making the poo absorb and retain water. For those who want to lose weight or avoid weight gain it may be useful to eat beans or pulses e.g. lentils and chickpeas; these cause a sense of fullness and so reduce hunger drive but are low in calories.

I hope this is helpful. I'll do another seperate post with more info especially for those with painful haemorrhoids. Would be interested to know if any posters or luekers here find the above useful especially the green teabag method.


korean girl

new stories

Sorry for not posting for so long!! Here are new stories!!

I woke up in the middle of the night with pain in my stomach. Then I suddenly really needed to go poo. As I sat up I farted on accident. I only fart when I really need to poo or when I am going poo. I quickly went to the bathroom and pulled down my pajama bottoms and panties. As soon as I sat down diarrhea poured out of me making lots of pbpbpbpbp sounds in the toilet. I felt completely emptied and looked in the toilet. The water had become completely brown and there was lots of floating shit on the surface. I had no more gas or need to go that night.

I started a new job at an office. The bathroom nearest to where I work has five stalls on one wall. The bathroom in the lobby has eight stalls. Four on opposite walls. As I was driving to work I got a moderate urge to poo. After I parked I accidentally knocked some stuff out of my car. As I was crouching to pick it up it made my urge worse to the point that I became desperate. I knew I would have to use the lobby bathroom because I work on a high up floor and did not want to risk farting in the elevator. I went into the lobby bathroom and three stalls were taken. The two farthest stalls on the right side and the farthest on the left side. I decided to take the second on the left side. As I sat down one of the girls on the opposite side flushed and exited her stall. I relaxed and let my poo come out on its own. The other girl on the opposite side flushed and exited. Leaving just me and the other girl. The two that left only peed but this girl made no sound. About 30 seconds later my poo was half way out and felt nice coming out. It was soft yet firm. The other girl was still making no sound and I thought she might be holding back a poo. The rest of mine slid out and made a quiet plop. I looked and it was very smooth and five inches long and an inch and a half wide. I wiped and flushed. I went to go wash my hands and I heard the other girl give in to her desperation. She did a VERY loud fart followed by a few very fast plops. I washed my hands and left as four girls came in. I hope the one girl finished her dump or she might have to hold it awhile!!

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