hello, my first post, I had read a post a mother (Jill) had posted about her kids having big poops, and it reminds me of my own girls, so I've thought I'd tell about time when I'd been a bit surprised at the size, even though I knew they had big ones it's still surprising when I see it.

I have 5 daughters the oldest is 16, then have a 12, 7 year old twins and the youngest is 5. they all have a good appetite, and as far as I know never have problems going.

anyways I was at the mall with my 16 y/o I'll call Milly and one of the 7 year old's I'll call Mia.

and while there Milly asked me to come with her to the restrooms cause she had to poop, so we went to the restrooms, there was 4 stalls and one was out of order, and there was 2 girls lined up at of the 3 working stalls, we go in line at one of the far end stall that no one was waiting at, after a min or so the stall next to us open and a girl about 13 came out and in went the girl waiting, then a few moments later, a girl around 14 came out and Milly said "come on" so I went in with her Mia followed in behind me

could tell the girl before as had taken a poo, there was skid marks in the toilet too, Milly used some wipes on the seat and thew it in the trash, I had asked why she wanted me to come in with her and she she told me she wanted company, anyways, Milly had lowered her panties and lifted the back of her skirt as she sat down, after a small bit I heard her peeing then after a while that dies off and then I hear a big fart and hear Mia giggling, then a crackling sound for a while then a floomp sound, then she wiped herself and then stands up and we look in the toilet and see a single long log that stretched out from the hole all the way out of the water, she flushed it leaving skid marks, then I told her I had to pee, so I lowered my shorts and panties and peed and wipe and as I flush Mia says "I had have go too", so then she pulls down her skirt shorts and panties and gets on the toilet, her feet don't reach the floor, I hear her start peeing, then I hear her small fart 4 or 5 times while she pees, then her pee dies off then I hear a big fart then hear crackling for a bit then hear a plop then I heard more crackling for a bit longing then hear another plop, then I hear her peeing again for a little bit, then she slides off the toilet and we look in the toilet and there 2 logs floating in the water both at least longer the 5" and about 2" thick and then Mia starts wiping herself then flushes and as she goes to pull up her clothes I hear her fart again and she says wait, and she gets back on the toilet and her more crackling for while then she get off the toilet again and I see another log about 10" long just as thick as the last ones floating in the water curled a bit, she says "that feels better" and giggles, and wipes then flushes and well leave stall and was hands and leave.

really it still surprises me every time, especially Mia, for how little she is, if I didn't know better I wouldn't think it would be hers.

well there ya go, I might tell more if people want, but only if I get asked to.



Hi everyone,

Just a quick question for all us poopers. Do you get embarrassed by the noise of your plops if you have to go for a poo in a busy public toilet?
I usually have to go for a poo on the way to work or as soon as I get there so I have to go for a poo in a public loo the majority of the time whether it's the train station or a coffee shop. I used to get embarrassed but not really anymore. Four or five loud heavy plops and splashes and 15 mins later, as my poos are usually massive and I'm done!:-)


John - Buddy Dumping

I was just thinking about the logistics of having somewhat sit between your legs on the toilet, like John described his girlfriend doing. What do you do with your penis? It seems like if she poos while on there, you would get crap on your junk. Do you hold it out of the way? I suppose if you are close enough, you could lift it up and onto her lower back. Hmmm.

Bloated Butt

To Linda:

Thank you for enjoying my post about pooping outside! I NEVER do stuff like that, at least not outside of my own backyard. I was able to do it because i knew the place was deserted. Plus i've been getting braver after using public restrooms more often. Finally it just seemed exciting and daring to do something like that!

It didn't take too long to poop, once i was sitting on the railing. Gravity did half the work. Plus I was so nervous and excited and it helped push things along. Over all it probably took me ten minutes to get most of it out. My turds were pretty massive, though. They splashed really loud when they hit the creek. I did try to look at them but could barely see them because the water runs kinda fast in that creek.

I did have a smaller BM the next day but it was uneventful compared to what I did.

Anyway, I read your post and loved it! I love chocolate too. I have a major sweet tooth. I also love cheese. Now THAT plugs me up! If I eat too much cheese I can't poop at all. It's like I've got a cork in my butt and everything keeps piling up inside of me. Do you have difficulty moving when you get really constipated? I imagine you waddling around with a bloated stomach. I feel completely helpless when I'm bloated. Do you pass a lot of gas? I get really flatulent when I need to poop LOL. I just lie around, helpless and gassy, LOL.

I do occassionally walk around when I'm trying to go on the toilet, if I'm having difficulty. It really helps loosen things up. I'll post more later about that, plus i'll post about when I used the public restroom again. Please post more about your own experiences, Linda!

Anatomy student

I just took the biggest dump ever

So I just got out of the bathroom and omg my anus is on fire.
We've been working overnight to prep and take inventory and I have lived on a diet of Monster energy drinks, candy, and little Caeser's pizza. On top of all that, I've been working like a mule and sweating all my water out. Over the last 72 hours I'd had about 8 hours of sleep. Another factor was the probiotic enema I had after taking some antibiotics, so my bowels got a fresh start. All this added up and I hadn't pooped good in a few days. I had a terrible pain in my belly, so I went and sat on the throne.
I pushed a few times but nothing was happening. Then after 2 minutes, I felt this movement and proceeded to push out a long thick log which is unusual for me. Then I had a bunch of soft muddy crap. I looked at my creation and it made like an island where it all piled up. I feel so much better now.

Karen C.

To Brandon

Hi Brandon,

Looking forward to my next post? Well I'm not, heehee! Hershey squirts and stomach cramps suck!!

I think I just had a stomach bug because my friend Penny was sick the next night when I had just started feeling better. She called the other day and said she had diarrhea all night but she didn't throw up like I did. As you know, I felt better after threw up at the casino so I didn't really have much diarrhea to report (sorry, I know right). I think I had a stomach virus because none of ate exactly the same thing, yet two of us got sick.

To All Readers: This is an old family remedy consisting of 4 key ingredients to feel better faster when you get a ???? bug.

1. Garlic= kills the germs that make you sick. Must be RAW galic cloves. I eat two or three cloves when I feel something coming on. Also great for knocking out the common cold gets rid of it almost overnite.

2. Saltines= soaks up the stomach acid and bile so it has someplace to go to thus you won't feel like puking every 15 minutes. After you eat the crackers you might throw up once or twice more because they're now soaked with acid and bule, but then afterward you start to feel better.

3. Gingerale, Sprite or 7-UP= the first thing I reach for when my stomach first starts feeling queasy. Helps settle the stomach and sometimes keeps me from throwing up.

4. Parmesan cheese= Replenishes stomach enzymes immediately and makes the nausea vanish. Must be the solid block kind not the grated kind. I like the extra sharp. Useful after you've mostly stopped throwing up when you feel you can keep a little snack down yet your stomach still feels kinda pukey. Cheese is super for stopping diarrhea. Parmesan puts back the enzymes you've lost from your instestines from diarrhea and/or vomiting. I like thin slices of it on saltines or with breadsticks, in fact during my pregnancies parmesan cheese slices on crackers with gingerale was the only thing I was able to keep down at times. Now when I'm sick with any kind of stomach ailment I eat only that for a whole day with the aforementioned sodas, and I take a lot of naps; usually I start feeling better around sundown. I leave my parmesan out at room temperature to make it easier to slice without crumbling, don't worry, it'll keep, I munch on it slowly in small quantities all day. Crush a few cloves of garlic and use that as a topping for the parmesan over crackers; add a dab of dijon mustard if you wish to add more flavor.

HINT: If you don't like parmesan cheese (my sons don't), most everyone will eat mild cheddar cheese and it will also stop the diarrhea, then just eat some yogurt to put back the stomach enzymes.

Don't forget fresh air and some light exercise like gardening or simply going for a walk or going for a bike ride, and be sure to wear loose clothing until you feel better. Even just walking around and browsing at the mall with a friend is better than sitting around the house. It's important to keep your blood moving to keep your immune system strong and blood circulating to remove the toxins from your body.


Post Title (optional) To Dominic and Jasmin K

To Dominic: I don't mind if you answer my questions. I've been much better with my constipation, apart from around my birthday, when I was badly constipated. I ate way too much chocolate and I really paid for it. You asked if I still sometimes have to dig poo out of my butt. I don't have to do that very often at all but sometimes I do feel inside my anus to feel how much poo is in there - and how high up it is. This week, I'm constipated again :( How about you, have you been very constipated lately??

To Jasmin K: Yes, I agree that I will probably always be prone to constipation, no matter how hard I try to stick to a strict diet. Even if I don't eat cheese and chocolate, I still get constipated. Like this week, I haven't eaten any of the food that constipates me and yet, I'm constipated again. Its just a part of life for me. I've been that way since I was young. When I was about 6, I was very constipated for over a year. I think you will also agree with me about that, I'm sure you also get backed up, even when you don't eat bad food. People who never get constipated are so lucky, I wish I like that. I hate being constipated and I'm sure you do too. But some people who never get constipated find it hard to understand that its 'not easy' to stop getting so backed up or that we don't try anything to help. Any good constipation stories lately??

Well after a couple of weeks of being on a winning streak with my poos, now I'm constipated again. I've been doing a poo every day but since Sunday, I've had to spend at least an hour and a half on the toilet each night (2 hours last night and almost 2 hours tonight) So for 5 nights in a row, I've been having a very hard time on the toilet. Its been a real struggle for me and even though I'm not completely constipated, its been horrendous. Luckily, my housemate has been working the night shift for the last couple of weeks (including this week) so I've been able to strain and grunt loudly on my own toilet at home. I've been feeling very backed up, with liquid poo leaking into my knickers and a bloated stomach. I feel really miserable, lethargic and my bowels are literally 'full of crap'. I absolutely HATE having liquid poo leaking out of my anus uncontrollably. Today was quite bad, when I went to the toilet for a wee at work, my knickers were covered in dried up poo!! It was awful! I could feel it between my butt cheeks too.

Last night, I was having a particularly hard time and I spent half an hour, pushing and straining, only to get a couple of inches of poo sticking out. I had to give up - I tried to suck the poo back into my anus but it was stuck. I didn't want to resort to breaking the poo off so I had to get up off the toilet and walk around my house for a while. I had no clothes on, apart from my bra. My big, white, bear bottom was in full view, with rock hard poo hanging out of me. I had to waddle around because the poo was so wide and it stretched my anus apart - and my butt cheeks. I spent 20 minutes walking around and feeling very uncomfortable. It felt like I had a huge egg stuck in my anus. I was doing lots of grunting while I walked around too. I went back to my room and grabbed my phone. Then I sort of squatted over the toilet bowl, pushing and straining and I held my phone near my anus so I could film the poo coming out. I pushed and strained for 10 minutes but the poo was still stuck. So I watched the video on my phone. I could see my anus contracting, with the poo sticking out. My hemarrhoids were bulging because I was pushing and straining too hard. The poo looked massive!! I was able to get a few more inches to stick out. But after 20 minutes of this, I needed a rest. I got up and walked into my bathroom, with a huge brown monkey tail between my legs. I had managed to push out about 6 inches by now but the poo was still stuck in my anus. I looked at my progress in the mirror - I could see the big poo hanging out and it was as wide as a coke can. I got in the bath and squatted. Then I grunted loudly 'HHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!"
The poo moved down very slowly and finally, after 2 hours, it came out and fell into the bath. I had to get a bucket and put the poo in there, then I took it to the toilet and flushed it. The poo was 12 inches long!!

Friday, September 12, 2014


More Responses to More Questions

Steve A's survey

1) Running out of toilet paper in public or home bathroom? Yes, its happened to me more so in public places than at home. Once about two years ago I was at the Grayhound terminal waiting for my aunt's bus to arrive. I had a large messy poo at 6 a.m. I found all four stalls were without toilet paper but if I hadn't sat and pooed right then I would have messed my pants. On the side of the stall, there was a newspaper open to the want adds page. I tore it up in like six pieces and used it. It was coarse but worked OK.
2) Porta-potties? Yes I've used them but they seem to be higher than the traditional public toilet stool. Being only 3'5" I don't have too much comfort on them, but the job gets done.
3) Park bathrooms? Yes I use them quite a bit, especially during summer months. Often with the kids I'm babysitting. Very few have much privacy but they do the job. Sometimes dirty, but it beats holding it!
4) Store bathrooms? Don't use them that much. My sister used them all the time with her recent summer job. They can get dirty however if they a not regularly checked.
5) School bathrooms? Use them three to five times a day. One poo in the morning after I get to school and a wee every two to three hours. I always wee after school before my bus starts its round-about route home.
6) Gas stations? I'm too young to drive yet but my friend Miranda and I and some of the kids I babysit use them with me when we are out riding our bikes. Some are dirty and have a lot of clutter in the trash can. This past summer I noticed a schringe among the trash in the can. But I got my wee in and that was the goal.
Sports stadiums? Use one every two or three months. Can be dirty especially with the heavily-used, clogged toilets. Lines are long and people are sometimes rude, but I sit down and get up and wipe and leave ASAP. Biggest problem is moms with little boys who don't lift the seats before their sons wee. But I'd rather sit in some splashes of wee than completely fill my jeans or shorts with you know what.
I poo: once a day
I pee: 4 to 5 times a day
Constipating foods I avoid: Mom makes a lot of pudding and that's about the only thing that constipates me.

For John's question:

Yes, I've buddy dumped frequently. Often with one of my friends and since I'm the smallest I sit in front of her on the toilet. When I've been out with younger babysitting kids, I've also done it because they are often scared to sit on such a big public toilet seat. Obviously, they sit between my legs and I help them pull off the toilet paper and wipe if they have pooed.


response - to "Just a Husband"

you seem to have handled that situation so sweetly, that's how I would hope to see anyone treat their spouse in any embarrassing or upsetting situation.



Hey Linda, how have you been? Been pretty constipated lately? I haven't seen you around lately, but I thought maybe it'd be okay if I addressed a few questions you addressed to someone else.

I know those questions were meant for Charlie, but I wanted to share my answers as well, hope that isn't bothersome:

Normally I don't stick anything up my butt and I try to push it out on my own, but if it's been too long, then I'll resort to a suppository or enema. Don't really have any other choice then.

I use public toilets sometimes, and like you, I've been asked if I was okay. I usually just brush it off because it makes me really embarrassed if someone asks. So I kinda of ignore and say "yeah...I'm fine..." between heavy grunting.

I've never answered the door or anything with poop stuck in my anus, but I have gotten in stuck, gotten up, and given up for a while because it just wasn't moving, so I walked around the house with poop stuck in my anus. My brother has done this too when he's constipated. We're both constipated a lot of the time.

I often get dried up poo in my pants--sometimes it just seems to get on my buttcheeks and then it gets in my pants. And I always grunt and groan and make a lot of noise. Luckily my family is used to that by now lol.

You said you had to dig it out sometimes in high school--do you still do that sometimes?

To Linda

Yes, I record myself while pooing regularly. Usually I just film myself on the toilet, but yesterday for the first time I squatted over the floor and filmed the poo coming out of my bum. That was interesting to watch!



John, you asked a question about buddy dumping on the same toilet. I have done that with my brother just for fun. We'e sat on the same toilet when we had to poop and just gone at the same time. It was actually really cool and I kinda wish I could do it again some time lol. Awesome that you got to do it with a girlfriend--wish I could do that!


Strange Dream

I had a really weird dream the other night... Me and my brother, who is ten, are waiting for a bus. I'm showing off my bus bracelet, which apparently lets me get on any bus... Anyway, my brother forgot his bracelet, so we go back to our house, but inside it's a library. I go to get a book, and when I return, he is standing in the main hallway, pants half down, peeing in his underwear. Everyone is starting at him. Then I woke up.


To Violet

Hi Violet - I don't know if you visit this board frequently but I hope you will see my post and it will be of help. I read your post about your co-worker Jenny on page 2401 with interest and have been considering a suitable response. She is certainly exhibiting some very unusual behaviour - some might describe it as disinhibited. Has she been behaving strangely in other ways? I think this is a matter that has to be handled sensitively. Perhaps some gentle probing as to why she feels the need to behave like this? Is there a "gain" for her? Perhaps she has experienced some psychological trauma that is causing her to regress to a child-like state in terms of her toilet behaviours?

I am wondering if she is experiencing some psychological disturbance. Perhaps a psychological assessment might be helpful? Does your firm have an occupational health dept? They might be able to help. When I was a medical student studying anatomy in my first and second years of medical school I remember reading that disease affecting the frontal lobes of the brain can cause disinhibited behaviours such as what you have described. I am not suggesting this is a diagnosis but your co-worker may have a medical problem.

Anyway I hope things work out. It would be interesting to hear what transpires but that's up to you.

Hi everybody, I have been looking at this site for years and want to thank everybody for their posts. It's refreshing to know other people out there aren't afraid to talk about pooping. I have a question-

Have any of you ever video taped yourselves pooping?

I have and it was weird but cool watching it come out.

Happy Pooping!


Steve A's survey

1. Ran out at home, had to waddle over to the cabinet and grab a new roll. Never ran out in public, though!
2. Gas station and porta potties seem to be the worst. I hate using porta potties, but I would use them in an emergency. All the other ones I'm usually okay with using.
3. I poop either once a day, every other day, or when pretty constipated, every few days.
4. Not sure how many times I pee, but at least 5 I'd say.
5. Not really. Since I'm constipated much of the time, it seems like almost anything makes me constipated lol


Adult diapers

How many of you rely on adult diapers and why?

I'm a 33 year old woman, original from Holland, but work most of the time in London. I've been fully incontinent and relying on diapers for almost whole my life. The taboos of incontinence and and wearing diapers has to end. I like wearing them, because they make life much easier. About a third of the women of my age has got incontinence issues, so that means that bladder and bowel control issues are even more common as asthma and almost that normal as having control. Everyone can wear diapers, they are for everyone, just to make life easy.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Victoria B great pooping story.

To: Roger great story.

To: Shy Girl Angela great story it sounds like those girls had good poops.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story about you and your friends it sounds like you all had pretty good poops and I bet you all felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mark H great story it sounds like she was pretty desperate and you handled the situation very well to save her worse embarrassment.

To: Rachel first welcome to the site I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

To: Annie great story about your big poops.

To: Just A Husband you handled that situation very well.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Steve A's Survey

Survey For Everyone:

1. Have you ever ran out of toilet paper in a public bathroom stall or even at home, if so, what did you do about it? Public, home, just pull up my pants and carefully find another roll!

2. Out of these public bathrooms, what are the dirtiest/grossest bathrooms to use and would you use them in case of an emergency? I will use ANY restroom to avoid an accident! I've used all below (for peeing) and Porta Potties are the worst!

- Porta Potties
- Park Bathrooms
- Store Bathrooms
- School Bathrooms
- Gas Station Bathrooms
- Sports' Stadium Bathrooms

3. How often do you poop? Twice daily

4. How many times do you pee a day? 5-6 times, I think...

5. Do you avoid to not eat too much of a certain food that makes you constipated? Not really...I eat a high fiber diet with some vegetarian recipes, Fiber One Cereal, Yogurt, and other things for regularity and bulk to my stools.


Post Title (optional) To Charlie

It sounds like you get even more constipated than me!! Do you get that 'unfinished feeling' when you poop out a big load but you can still feel more poo in your rectum but you can't get any more out? This happens to me a bit. Whenever I'm constipated and I'm having a hard time on the toilet, the poo always gets stuck in my anus, when its a quarter of the way out or half way out. I really hate it when the poo sticks out an inch or two but gets stuck and I can't suck it back in. Sometimes I have to resort to 'breaking the poo off' if it gets so stuck that it won't budge - and nothing helps it to come out. Does that happen to you? I was also using public toilets to do a poo (when I was constipated) because my loads were so big and they clogged my toilet. Also, I share a house with someone so I didn't want my house mate hearing me grunt and groan on the toilet.

I often have to squat over the toilet, with my feet up on the toilet seat and my knees bent up, to help me poop. I also stand up a lot too, when I'm trying to do a poo. I find that helps a bit. Plus, if I'm having a particularly hard time with a poo and it gets stuck coming out, I push down around my anus with my fingers and strain at the same time. Do you ever need to do that??

How big are your poos? Mine are normally massive. The biggest ones for me are around 18-20 inches long, which isn't unusual for me. And the width of a coke can, if I've been really constipated for a few days. What is the longest time you have been constipated?? I don't like going for more than 4 days without a poo but at times, I go 5 or 6 days without doing a poo. Normally, I'm constipated for 2 or 3 days. But I can do a poo each day but still be constipated - and spend an hour on the toilet each day doing a poo. When that happens, it lasts for about a week and its awful!!!

There seems to be several people on here who suffer with bad constipation.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Anser To Question

Hi everyone, I'd like to tell you how I know when to stop wiping. I go by the moisture content of the TP. If it feels wet against my bottom, I'm dirty, and if the paper feels clean against my bottom, I'm clean. By the way, I had a relaxing poo the other day that was chunky, I leaned back on the toilet once, and it took no more than 3 minutes to complete. Here's some more stories, but first, I'd like to clarify something. When I said in a post written a long while ago that I didn't no what the bathrooms in building 500 looked like, I meant it visually. Building 500 was at the school for the blind by the way. Didn't you hate (as a child) when a diarrhea episode came on, and you lost it on the way to the loo? That has happened at the school for the blind as a youngster. I think I was in Ot class that day. I felt a rush of poo in my pants during an attempt to make it to the loo. Another story has to do with tech class at that same school when I was near the graduating age (22). once after tech, my stomach didn't agree with my breakfast, and the health centre was called. A few minutes later, a staff drove up on a golf cart to transport me to the helth centre. I didn't need to leave the cart to puke, but unfortunately had to puke during a fire drill that same day! Luckily, I too, had this second episode outside.

I wipe by feeling the texture against my skin. If the Tp feels wet,my butt is dirty. If dry, I'm clean. By the way, I'd like to clarify that when I said I didn't know what the bathrooms in building 500 at the school for the blind looked like, I meant it visually. I hated it when I had diarrhea attacks as a kid, and lost the load on the way to the bathroom at school. I'm sure all of you did! This happened once during class when I attended the school for the blind part time as a child. I think I dirtied my clothes while in OT class. I felt the dreaded rush of poop in my pants as I desperately tried to make it to the loo clean. Once after tech class (I was in a post-secondary program called the Exit program), my stomach didn't agree with my breakfast that morning outside the building. A staff called the helth centre. A few minutes later, a staff from the centre picked me up on a golf cart, and I rode there symptom-free. I unfortunately had another round of upchucking during a fire drill! Luckily, this was another episode that occurred outside.


For Linda

Hi Linda

Yes, I'm pretty much always constipated or almost constipated. On a good day when I'm almost constipated, it takes me anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to be able to go--that's when I can go on my own without having to use a laxative, enema, suppository or other manual assistance. I can remember being constipated as young as when I was three years old and as I've gotten older--I'm now in my early 30s--it's gotten progressively worse. I usually have to push really hard to even get anything out on a good day, and I have sat on the toilet for as long as three or four hours before when I was trying to go. I don't often have to resort to manual maneuvers using my fingers or other objects, but when I do, that is when everyone who knows me knows that I am REALLY packed! I'm sure you read in my post about the time I broke through the drywall behind the toilet using it for leverage when I was pushing...that was interesting!! thankfully I didn't break through the drywall into another apartment, just the drywall between my bathroom and my bedroom. Usually I use enema and suppositories for relief--sometimes it takes two or three of whichever one I'm using. In fact after I finish making this post I'm gonna do a series of enemas because its been about five days and I haven't gone at all!

Jasmin K


Its been quite a while since I posted, been a lot happening and me making a big decision, with the help !! of my parents to stay on at school and try to improve my grades, this has meant forgoing the aprenticeship at the salon, although I have a saturday/holiday job there still.


It was good to read your posts after such a long time, Sorry to read that you are still having trouble, I think though its something that will always be there, some of us are prone to constipation what ever our diet is. I know Junk foods/sweets /chocolate make me really bad, but that said whe I have a good diet I still have to strain really hard to poo. I was very constipated as a child, and yes I ate sweets and chocolate a lot, I remember being on the toilet, constipated, straining hard, sweating and also crying form the pain and being given sweets or chocolate to eat to 'distract' me. I suppose from sort of 9 years i realised that many ???? aches were after lots of sweets/chocolate etc but I still ate them whilst on the toilet.
I used to get poo on my knickers alot back then when I was constipated but not very often now, just blood if my piles are bad other natural but heavy stains.

Chubby Girl

I know what its like being at school and having Piles (hemorrhoids) and a sore bum. When Its bad I use either some cream vaseline inserted with a finger or Anusol/ preparation H which comes with a tube for inserting it.

Poo wise I was occasionally using the stool softners whilst working at the salon usually after a couple of days of doing hard rabbit pellets/pebbles. When I got ???? ache and couldnt get rid of it after a long toilet session I was taking the stool softner and after a couple of days when I go on the toilet for my morning poo I still needed to strain really hard for 10 minutes or more before they start to come out. I do 1 or 2 big fat pieces that really take a lot of straining to get out which is difficult because my bum hole is swollen from straining to make the poo come in the first place, I am sure Linda will relate to that. Ive got really bad piles (hemmis) at the moment, they have been big for the last month or so and stick out through my bum hole after Ive done a poo.
Now that I am back at school and Ive given up on the stool softners I am keeping to having my routene morning poo at school. I dont often feel the urge for doing a poo but I still go to a cubicle, hitch my skirt up, pull my knickers down and sit on the toilet and start straining and often farting a bit. These last few days its taken about 15 minutes of really hard straining to start things moving and about 10 more to get a decent amount out whic is not too bad as quite often if Ive been out the evening before I have also done a poo, or at least tried to do a poo, before going out.

Ive always been prone to constipation, I can go ok 1 day but the next I cant do anything and then its a big struggle for several days to get it out. I used to get really really bad constipation when I was younger, between ages 8-11 I was like always constipated and every morning I was made to sit on the toilet straining, my mum or older sister watching and telling me to 'try harder', If I didnt do it I had to then go on the toilet in the evening for absolutly ages, I was told to 'stay there untill I did it'. I used to sometimes try at school if I felt full in my bum I would try hard but often did nothing, I suppose it was knowing I had to do it at home in the evening I wanted to make sure that I could,but often I still didnt. I was off school ALOT sort of between ages 8- 11 due to bad ???? aches and constipation. When I didnt poo for 3 days I would have to stay home and keep trying to do it, on several occasions it was for a week or more cos even after I had done my poo if my bum was really sore like when I got piles when I was 10, I was off school with constipation for a wee, my bum was so sore I couldnt sit down I had a couple more days off untill my bum wasnt so sore. I also had a couple of long stays off school when I was 13 and was badly constipated. I had got piles and then I got constipated really bad. I was off for 10 days that time,I didnt have time to try for a good poo at home each morning due to journey to school and It was after that that I decided to go at school every morning as it was now only when I was constipated that my mum got involved.

Hope you all are pooing well

Jasmin K

Steve A

Band Festival Plus A Survey For Everyone

Well, the 2nd game of the season wasn't really eventful, but the band festival this Saturday was eventful. Near the end of the band festival when a few more bands had to perform, a guy had to pee really bad a little before and after we had performed. He finally decided to go when it got too much for him after we were done/settled. Then, during the bus ride on the way home, I had to pee really bad since the urge started to grow as the band festival was ending. I was kinda holding myself on the bus since the ride was a little uncomfortable and there was a girl sitting across from me on the bus that saw me holding and/or noticed that I had to pee, (I was sitting by myself), but I'm not sure if she said anything to anybody, but it didn't matter to me. When we got back to the school, I was heading to the bathrooms and I noticed 2 girls running to the bathrooms since they were desperate like me. As I was going, I noticed a few guys came in and when I was done, a couple more people came to the bathrooms as well. Then, I came home to write this post.

Survey For Everyone:

1. Have you ever ran out of toilet paper in a public bathroom stall or even at home, if so, what did you do about it?

2. Out of these public bathrooms, what are the dirtiest/grossest bathrooms to use and would you use them in case of an emergency?

- Porta Potties
- Park Bathrooms
- Store Bathrooms
- School Bathrooms
- Gas Station Bathrooms
- Sports' Stadium Bathrooms

3. How often do you poop?

4. How many times do you pee a day?

5. Do you avoid to not eat too much of a certain food that makes you constipated?


Post Title (optional) To Bloated Butt

I was reading through old posts last night and I found your story about pooping into the creek, while you were out jogging with Alicia. I also HATE most forms of exercise and jogging is like my worse nightmare, which is why I never do it! I do enjoy swimming and rollerblading though.

Anyway, I loved you story!! I don't know if I would have felt comfortable, doing a poo outside like that, in the open where anyone could see me. Sometimes I do go outside to do a poo but not very often and when I do, I make sure I'm completely hidden behind a big tree or something. And when I have gone outside to do a poo, I'm always worried that someone will see me. I can't relax as much outside either because I have to squat and it gets too uncomfortable. And I would need to squat for a long time too. How long did it take for all of your poo to come out, while you pooped into that creek? Did you get all the load out or did you need to do more poos at home? Did you get to have a look at your turds in the creek?

At least in a public toilet, I can hide behind a closed door and take most of my clothes off. Have you tried walking around at home again, with a big turd sticking out of your anus?? I have lost count at how many times I have done that now. But lately, I've been a lot less constipated so I haven't had to do that for a while, which is fantastic for me!!! I did get extremely constipated after my birthday and I posted the story on here last night. Its up now to read, I'm sure you will love it!

It looks like a few new people have joined this site. A new person called Charlie, who also gets badly constipated - worse than me too. I'm sure he/she has lots of good constipation stories to share with us!!

Victoria B.

Shower accident

Thanks for the generous reception to my story! Someone asked about the time when I went in the shower-it was a case of a mildly upset stomach and a couple of wet farts opening the floodgates for a few pulls of soft serve. Trying to hold back just wasn't working so I sighed and squatted into a more comfortable pooping position while a bit of pee leaked out of my front. The whole thing was over in about two minutes-two minutes that I won't deny enjoying. I finished washing my curly brown hair and then dried off. Most of what had slipped out of my bum had gone down the drain but the tub still needed to be cleaned. I was in a rather impish mood and so I decided to scrub the tub in the bare. My mum (who's English; attitudes about the human body seem more relaxed in Europe in general) taught me to never feel ashamed about my body and ignore all the kids who called me "Victoria Beanpole" because of my height. I imagined myself mooning them while cleaning the tub-cheeky is as cheeky does!

Yesterday I became the victim of a toilet-related injury for the first time. Whether it was simply bad luck or karmic revenge for clogging so many toilets remains unclear. What can't be contested is that my history of lower back problems caught up with me in a most compromising position! I'll talk about that in my next post!

Hello all. I've been a lurker for some time, just reading. I saw a question from "Mystery Poster" that I'd like to answer. He/she said:

"A Question For Guys: Would you be jealous if you knew that your girlfriend or any girl took bigger/longer dumps than you?"

I don't know if jealous is exactly the right word, but yeah, kind of. My wife, Anna, can take big dumps, and I saw it as a bit of a challenge to outdo her. Now we find it exciting to watch each other go and compare our dumps afterwards. She still usually 'wins', although I can do big ones too.

I remember the first time I saw her poop. It was close to 20 years ago, we were both 16 years old, and had been dating for a while. We were walking to her house after school. The school locks their bathrooms like about the second school's out for the day, and so we both had to go, both ways, pretty bad. She wasn't sure she'd make it home, and suggested going a bit out of our way to get to the park, which was much closer to where we were at. I agreed that was a good idea.

We got to the bathrooms there and found the ladies' room was locked for some reason. That meant she had to use the mens'. And the bathroom was really just two toilets and a urinal against one wall. No stalls, no doors, no nothing. Good thing she wasn't really shy.

She sat on one toilet and I on the other. We both started to poop and I finished first. I stood up to wipe and I saw her glancing out of the corner of her eye at my two big, long, turds in the toilet. I had done my usual amount, what I felt like was a good load. She got a grin on her face, and started to wipe, but she wiped while still sitting.

Then she got up and I saw what she had one. She had produced one whopper, which looked at least a big, probably slightly bigger than both of mine put together, plus three smaller, short logs too. I found it difficult to believe that a girl had made that load, but my eyes didn't lie. She said I had done a big dump, and we should compare again. And then with a laugh, said maybe someday I'd beat her. I also laughed and said I'd like it.

And sure enough, we would go on to compare our loads many times and still do even now. I am out of time for today, but I'll share more stories, both past and present, later on.

It's me

To Chubby girl

Can you describe how bad are your hemrhoids and when did they start to occur? Also how often do you have to poop and do you tend to push when you do go? The reason I ask is because that is usually the cause for hemrhoids .. The irration and itchy might mean the toilet paper you use or the wiping method is no good. Can you describe yourself to all of us as because you said your chubby just curious of how you look .. :)

Hello and thanks for all of the great posts that keep this board interesting! My last post was 2383 to keep the Steve in Steve thread! This situation happened in a Golden Corral buffet a few days ago while I was traveling. I stopped in for dinner, and as soon as I finished some fried chicken, I had to go bad, like it went right threw me! I walked over to the men's room which was next to the women's room, the two doors facing one another , with a water fountain between the two. There was a lady in her mid 60s or so attractive, nicely dressed, standing between the men's room door and the water fountain. As I approached the entrance I said hello, but just got this weird look back,and she didn't say anything, so I opened the door and went in. It was a small bathroom considering the size of the restaurant as there were only two stalls side by side, a urinal next to the single stall and a sink next to that. My stomach was gurgling and I had to go bad, the first stall when you opened the door was the handicapped one that was occupied, and the door to it was ajar a bit, it also had a wheelchair in it,( at this point, if she would have been nicer when I tried to say hello, I would have went back out and asked her if she needed to go in). But I chose not to because she was such a snot. (And the fellow in the stall was pooping anyway)Anyway I had to shit badly, so I took the single stall, undid my belt, cleaned the seat , put some paper down and started to fart and fill the bowl with lose shit, man was my stomach upset for some reason. The fellow next door was having a loose movement also, sounded runny, splashing in waves also, similar to my experience. I could hear a lot of activity in the lady's room, stall doors closing, toilets flushing etc, they must have had more than two stalls over there. Anyway the men's room was tiny, once you walk in the first stall is the handicap stall and was only about 6 feet from the door, so considering I could hear the heels of women's shoes and stall doors opening and closing, assuming the lady outside was waiting for my shitting neighbor to finish,(as there was a wheelchair in the stall), that she could at least hear what was going on in the men's room as both of us were filling the bowls, and I had lots of gas, more than the other fellow and she was right outside of the door. He sounded like he had more diarrhea, and I had more gas and waves of loose shit, like fart, pause, plop,plop,plop, etc...nothing really solid, in the end both of us were busy making a mess. After a small amount of time the door to the men's room opened and a man came in, he must have had to shit too, as he came and left when he saw both stalls occupied, and or heard or smelled the action. When he left, I did a courtesy flush and one quick wipe just to dry things up back there, as I was still feeling sick and not nearly done, as the waves were coming with gaseous pauses(compared to a normal smooth log or two) fried chicken gives me the shits, never fails for some reason! ( does this happen to anyone else)?, anyway I digress,after the man that came and went, about a minute later the door opened agian, but this time instead of seeing men's shoes and pants from under my stall door, I saw women's shoes and heard her enter my neighbors stall and went into it(must have been waiting for him),anyway I said at that point "excuse me, but I am using the toilet,(at this point I was thinking that I could try and hold it while she did whatever she had to do, (maybe even wrap up even though I still had to shit badly)but as soon as I said excuse me, she shot back with an additude and said that I should have waited, and that she had to help her handicapped husband. I said sorry, but I really felt sick and had to go, and told her that she didn't say anything when I came in! She really said that with an additude , then after that she said she heard the toilet flush,(the point she was trying to make I have no idea), ( she must have been referring to my courtesy flush that I did earlier)but at that point I said to myself(the heck with her). At that point she told the man in the other stall to move up(he must have had a stroke or something because he said something that was not understandable), and she walked to the stall wall to grab toilet paper to wipe him I guess, at that point I was done holding the next wave back because of her additude(all she would have had to do was ask me if I was almost finished, and I could have have wiped and left her to do her thing and finished up in a few minutes,) but she was just bitchy, so I said sorry, but I can't hold it anymore, and let out the next wave of mushy poo, with gas, a nice splashy round! I heard her say something like Jesus, disgusting, under her breath but loud enough for me to hear it, I said sorry, but I'm not done yet, and I am on the toilet in the men's room!, she didn't say anything else at this point, and started wiping the fellow in the handicapped stall. At this point I was feeling cantankerous, and didn't feel like holding back, so I sat there and listened to her do the first wipe, then she went back to get more toilet paper for a second round, when I put on a show and pretended that there was no paper left in my stall and asked her if she could please grab some and pass it under the stall wall, she said Jesus Christ, (this time loud and clear) and threw some at my stall wall, on the floor, so I leaned over, basically got off the toilet and reached under the stall wall and pulled it in, folded it for wiping, (she gave me barely enough for one pass, (about a foot or so)but I said thank you anyway.Her job must have been messy, because she went back a third time while I wiped once with the paper she threw on the floor at me, at that point I felt another wave of mostly gas, so I let it out, with a small squirt of poo, and said in a low voice,"wow, there is another roll in this thing"! I got no response, so I pulled paper twice, cleaned up, pulled a third time, this time all good, by this time she was trying to get him off the toilet and into the chair, after a few wipes by her hand. I flushed and went to the sink to wash my hands, as did she using the sink in the handicap stall, I stayed at the sink for longer than I would normally have done, when I realized she was almost done, sure enough we had face to face contact, when she opened the stall and looked at me she looked pissed!, like she couldn't believe I was shitting while she was in there! (She walked in on me! After all it was the men's room and her man was shitting too) anyway, I opened the door for her since it opened inward, and the entrance was small considering the wheelchair, she looked right at me ,as I was holding the door standing right next to her, she had this look of disgust, and sure enough she looked right at me and said, "your disgusting", (heck, I was holding the door for them!) quickly I replied" I'm sorry, that I had to use the men's room! She responded" you could have waited", and proceeded to leave the restaurant, shaking her head. All she would have had to do was be nice went I went in instead of that face she shot me, and say something like I have to go in, could you check to see if it is ok?) I would have waited for a few minutes, but she did nothing of the sort, even after she went in after the other man that came in and left when he realized both stalls were occupied, did she ask if I was done or almost done, because she had a handicapped husband that she needed to attend to. She just barged in...anyway it looked like the husband was in bad physical shape, I would hope she could be a little more communicative if she is in that situation. It must be hard to deal with that, as it would be awkward to take him to the lady's room too, but that might be a better option if she can't communicate better. That brings to mind another story that happened during a visit to a hospital(actually two stories) that were involving a nurse and a housekeeper, where they were in a compromising situation too, but were nice and understanding that I will write about next time that happened about a year ago on two separate occasions. Until next time, keep up the good posts everyone! Best, Steve

Blind Guy

Reader Submitted Question: When to Stop Wiping

Greetings. I know when to stop wiping when the paper and skin uniformly meet. If there is something wet, sticky, slimy or not skin between the paper and my bare bottom, I've not yet wiped thoroughly. And just for kicks, I stand to pee since I am male. When the stream lows, I know where it hits based on the sound. If it hits water, the lower the tinkling tone the deeper the water. I aim for the lowest tone possible. Porcelain sounds like dripping onto, well, porcelain. There really isn't a sound like it that I can think of. Pee hitting the wall or floor also makes a pretty distinctive sound, which I quickly learned to avoid as a kid. I draw an imaginary line between the end of my penis and the target, and fire when they align. It's that simple. If you have any other questions, ask and I'll answer them.


For Linda

Hi Linda

Yes, I'm pretty much always constipated or almost constipated. On a good day when I'm almost constipated, it takes me anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to be able to go--that's when I can go on my own without having to use a laxative, enema, suppository or other manual assistance. I can remember being constipated as young as when I was three years old and as I've gotten older--I'm now in my early 30s--it's gotten progressively worse. I usually have to push really hard to even get anything out on a good day, and I have sat on the toilet for as long as three or four hours before when I was trying to go. I don't often have to resort to manual maneuvers using my fingers or other objects, but when I do, that is when everyone who knows me knows that I am REALLY packed! I'm sure you read in my post about the time I broke through the drywall behind the toilet using it for leverage when I was pushing...that was interesting!! thankfully I didn't break through the drywall into another apartment, just the drywall between my bathroom and my bedroom. Usually I use enema and suppositories for relief--sometimes it takes two or three of whichever one I'm using. In fact after I finish making this post I'm gonna do a series of enemas because its been about five days and I haven't gone at all!

Shy Girl Angela

Going during school

Hey guys I haven't posted in a while so here's a story that happened on Tuesday. During 4th period I felt the need to go but since I'm really shy about pooping in public I decided to hold it. 20 minutes later I got the urge again but stronger and my stomach started to hurt. Since I had a free period I decided just to go since I would not be able to hold it. I went to this new 3 story building and went to the bathroom on the top floor since they would be more isolated. As I was walking to the bathroom I saw this freshman girl enter the bathroom. I continued walking and entered the bathroom. There were three stalls and sadly the first and end stall were taken so I had to go between two people :(. The freshman had taken the end stall but was still standing and the girl in the first stall had her yoga pants and white thong at her shin level. I then lowered my light blue skinny jeans and dark pink panties to my knees and hoped these girls would leave.I then saw that the freshman girl had lowered her gray panties to floor and sat. It felt pretty awkward since the bathroom was really small and no one had made a noise. I couldn't hold it anymore so I swallowed my pride and dropped a big poop with a loud splash. The other girls then seemed to be more relaxed and started to go as well. I looked between my legs and saw there was a huge poop but I still felt full. After a couple of minutes I still felt full but nothing was coming out. The freshman girl then wiped and pulled up her gray panties and went to wash her hands and left. That left the girl with the yoga pants and I in the bathroom. I still felt embarrassed and wanted to get out but my stomach still hurted. 5 minutes past and the other girl pulled up her thong and yoga pants and just left without making noise. I was finally alone so I decided to push a little more. But it didn't last and about a minute later two girls who's voices I recognized came in. Girl 1 told girl 2 that she had to poop really bad and girl 2 said she just had to pee. Girl 1 entered the first stall and girl 2 entered the 3rd. Immediately girl 1 left the stall and told her friend that there was a huge poop in the toilet and she didn't want to use it. The girl with the yoga pants must of known that and that is why she left so fast. Well girl 2 said she could use her stall when she was done and then pulled her blue short shorts and peach lace panties to the floor. My stomach still hurted but I couldn't push anything out. I pulled my clothes to the ground so I could push harder. Girl 2 was done so Girl 1 went into the stall and lowered her light purple panties to her ankles and within a minute finished pooping. The two girls then left and left me alone once again. I realized I was going no where and the period was about to end so I just flushed and went along with my day.


to Catherine

Yes , Poo Pourri is a product that comes in multiple varieties and scents. You spray it into the toilet just before you sit down to poop and it keeps your poop from stinking...completely. and I have put it to the test and it does work. It is not something that I would use all of the time not at home or in a public restroom that would be a waste as the product is a bit pricey however, it really comes in handy when you are a guest staying in someone's home or in a situation where there is mixed company and one bathroom.check out the YouTube video. Btw..I am sitting here on the toilet having a nice BM as I type this :)


Comments on several great posts

Nice work guys--there's been some really great posts recently.


Toilets clogging with large poos--whether at someone's home (a bigger chance of happening, I think) or in a public place, my older sister taught me something when she was babysitting for me like six years ago and I've always remembered it. Flush the large log immediately even if you must get off the toilet to do it. Then flush the next large one you drop. If your butt is really messy, you may have to flush after using the first few pieces of toilet paper. Then wipe, repeat.

Old Poop:

Thanks for explaining the larger bowls. I, too, have wondered. And being small for my age, I've had to slide myself off the seat and onto my feet more than I can remember. The seat and bowls still look pretty intimidating to a child compared to what most of us have at home. Also a few times this summer, I used the Random Old Posts navigation page and found a story by Connor on Page 1845. He had to help an old man with bad knees and legs up and off the toilet at the city library.

Victoria B.& The Nile:

That going or using the toilet in reverse idea brought back some really cloudy memories of when I was like 5 or 6. My babysitter at the time was Caitee, who was in high school, and she had me sit over the back of the toilet with my hands on the flusher when we were at the park or movies. My mom remembers too that I was scared of the larger toilets in public and afraid of using them. Like I was going to fall in, especially when the seat was not tightly fastened on.


I like the shameless and shameful shitter categories. Although I might have been shy before I started school, I learned it was just a fact of survival that I would have to poo and wee several times a day at school or elsewhere. Your co-worker seems like some of the girls and women who have expressed surprise when I sit down to relieve myself regularly at school and elsewhere. A few are even more surprised that out of desperation I will use a stall with no doors and I always sit butt-down on the seat. A few have given me that I-can't-believe-it look when they glance at me doing something that comes perfectly natural. Then as I sit I hear them go into a nearby stall, carefully pull off toilet paper and stack it on the seat, and they don't even sit down. Rather they hover over the toilet to go.


To "Just a Husband"

I think that the way you responded to your wife was awesome! I remember KM's post and I too cannot imagine someone responding ugly to their lover in such an ugly way when they are already embarrassed.

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