sometimes i wish so bad that i could have just one dry night once in awhile. ive never once been able to stay dry at night. i usually sleep 10 hours per night and i dont wake up in the middle of the night at all. as a kid, my mom used to change my diaper in the middle of the night cuz i am a heavy night wetter and she says i never once woke up. this morning, i woke up soaked as usual and id had a big poop accident too. that hasnt happened in about 2 months. im glad it doesnt happen very often cuz its really messy and hard to clean myself up. i got ready for church but i didnt realize i needed to pee and i forgot to try before leaving the house and my mom forgot to remind me (she usually does). i tried to hold it til we got to church but its an hour drive and i peed in my pullup on the way. when we got to church, my mom whispered to ask me if i needed to pee. when i said no, she asked if my pullup was dry. i lied and said yes cuz i was embarrassed. i guess my mom didnt believe me cuz my sister was told to get our seats and my mom told me to come with her to the bathroom. in the handicap, she asked to see the wetness indicator on my pullup. when i pulled up my skirt, i had peed more than i thought. the wetness indicator wasnt faded, it was gone and my pullup was sagging. my mom left me alone to change but said to try to go pee before i came out. i tried but i couldnt. by the time we got home, i had to go bad. i almost made it to the toilet but not quite. i got my pantyhose and pullup partially down but i couldnt hold on and most of my pee got on the floor and on my dress. its been a sucky day.


to Chubby Girl

I started suffering from haemorrhoids when I was your age. I went to a doctor and he gave me suppositories called "Scheriproct" which worked very well. Later my partner went to him for the same reason and he gave her "Proctosedyl". I use those now - I still need them - and they work. I'd advise you to see your doctor and perhaps she/he will prescribe them for you (you can't get them over the counter). Scheriproct may no longer exist, but Proctosedyl is still being manufactured. I would NOT recommend over-the-counter medicines. Good luck.


PS If you put a Proctosedyl into your bottom before you go to bed you will probably find yourself doing a very very comfortable motion in the morning.


The Social Occasion

A shameless shitter will poo in doorless stalls literally and figuratively. Therefore, there's no room for situational shamefulness when nature calls. However, social occasions can be very ambiguous.

Suppose you go to a formal dinner at an acquaintance's place, were there are other guests as well, who you have just met. Your acquaintance lives in a trendy but very small apartment. Suddenly you need to poop desperately. The bathroom is right next to the living room only separated by paper thin walls. You are so desperate that you quickly take a seat and explode in the toilet. Everyone in the living room can hear your farts and plops and this symphony goes on for 15 minutes. For a shameful shitter it would be unbearable. But even for a shameless shitter it could pose problems. Most probably, the guests outside listening would be very disturbed. In the worst case scenario it could shatter your reputation, and risk ruining a promotion, or even your career. It would be an extremely uncomfortable situation for most people.

Shameless shitting means it is acceptable to poop in a public bathroom even if others see, hear, or smell you. But it only distinguishes between public and private bathrooms. And some private bathrooms like the one I've just mentioned can be more problematic than public bathrooms. Because ironically they are less private for pooping than some public ones. And this is particularly relevant in formal functions


Post Title (optional) To Charlie

Just a few more questions for you, regarding your constipation issues. Have you always suffered with constipation? Do you have to stick things up your butt every time you are constipated or is it just when you are having an extra hard time?

Do you go in public toilets when you are constipated? Have you ever had anyone ask if you were okay? This happens to me sometimes. Also, have you ever been at home on the toilet, trying to do a poo and it gets stuck in your anus, with 4 or 5 inches sticking out and you suddenly had to get up off the toilet, to answer the phone or the door (and you didn't have time to finish the poo or break it off) so you had to walk around with poo between your legs?? This hasn't happened to me but I used to email someone who this DID happen to once. She had to answer the door with 6 inches of poo sticking out her butt - she put a dressing gown on to cover it up.

Do you get dried up poo in your pants, after pushing out a big hard turd? I do sometimes. Do you grunt and groan on the toilet? I have to whenever I'm constipated.

I haven't been on here for ages but if you go back through old posts, to about May/June/July (I think) you will find lots from me and I was ALWAYS constipated. For about a year and a half, it slowly got worse and over the last 6 months, I had never been so constipated in my life. But even before that, I often got backed up, probably about once a month, sometimes every couple of months and sometimes, more often than that even.

I was very constipated through most of high school and when I was a kid, I suffered with chronic constipation from around age 6-7 (for about a year). Even though I've never resorted to sticking things up my butt to get the poo out, I have dug it out with my fingers and used soap enemas. I've also resorted to breaking poo off, that was too stuck in my anus to come out properly. And I've also resorted to walking around my house, with several inches of rock hard, dry poo literally hanging out of my anus, between my legs that was stuck! I actually had to waddle around because my butt cheeks were spread apart so much from having a turd the width of a coke can, sticking out of me (I've done that many times). I had to start using public toilets to do poos because my loads were so huge and were clogging my toilet at home. If I went at home, I only did it when my house mate was away and I would have to break the poo up before flushing the toilet. I've got hemarrhoids from too much straining, do you have them too??

Sorry about all the questions, I always ask new people lots of questions, especially people who have constipation and trouble pooping.


To Jemma

Just thought I'd say that I enjoyed your recent posts - as always. Don't worry if other women give you dirty looks or ???? when they hear or smell your poop. There's no shame in pooping - everyone does it - including those who snigger etc. So keep on with the loud plops, skidmarks and stinky poops! Great live post by the way..

I have a couple of questions for you - when you get constipated does that mean for you that you don't poo for a day or two? (I seem to remember that your usual habit is to poo about 4 times a day). Also, when you get constipated do your loads get really massive i.e. is there a big "build-up"?


Saw something unusual in the men's room at the mall. There was a little girl about three years old in the men's room with her dad. That's not so unusual but what was weird is that it wasn't the child who was using the toilet. The little girl was hanging out in the stall while Dad had a bowel movement. It seemed like a really awkward situation, but I don't know what else the dad could have done.

Mr Hendrix

Foods that make you dump. Catherine's stories.

Thanks Mystery Poster for responding. I shall await and see what my girlfriend tells me next!

Question for everyone, what foods make you have the biggest dumps? Mine is probably pizza!

I'm particularly interested in Catherine's response to this question as she sounds very athletic! So her diet intrigues me. So if you're reading Catherine, I'm a big fan of your stories, Always sound so eventful and satisfying!!

Also, does anyone's bm have a particular shape or consistency?!

Peace and love to all.



Monday, September 08, 2014


To Megan

Hi Megan - great account about your outdoor poo. Letting out the "pre-pooping" farts probably bought you a bit of time while you were finding a suitable spot to poo. It was good that you were able to find somewhere reasonably private to get some much-needed relief and I was pleased that you had the confidence to poo outside. It's something I've done a good few times when there hasn't been a loo to use and I had a big urge.

I have a few questions. Did you poo the day beforehand or not? (Just thinking that if not maybe there was more of a build-up). Also, you mentioned that you didn't feel empty. Did it feel as though you could have remained squatting and let out more poo? If so, did you poo later that day when you got to a loo?

I also agree that there is no harm in doing a poo in a loo that is already clogged even if it is full of loo roll. I do voluntary work at the weekends which involves cleaning toilets. In the ladies loo the toilets doesn't flush well at all (the plumbing is old) and the toilets clog easily. Quite often a woman will come in and poo on top of the accumulated loo roll etc. I see nothing wrong with this - in my opinion it's more important that they relieve the pressure in their bums . I'd rather that than them avoid pooping. Even if the loo ends up blocked with poo it's easy for me to sort out.

Anyway, I'm glad you were able to poo outside and get relief. Look forward to more of your stories (as always) and perhaps you can answer my questions.



Latest news

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I'll get on to my latest story after a couple of comments.
Natasha- glad all is going well for you at uni and good story about when you used the loo after your lecture, I hope you stay constipation free. I'm starting at uni soon as well.
Megan- great story about how you had to go for a poo outside, it sounded like you went from a slight need to being really desperate in a short time! I know that feeling of battling to keep my poo in and having to clench my bum to stop a log from coming out so I would have done the same as you, definitely better than walking home with a load in your knickers!
Now on to my story, last week me, Lucy and Katie made the most of the warm weather and went on a camping trip together. We had a fab time, the only trouble was all three of us got constipated while we were there which was annoying. When we got back on Friday we stayed round Katie's house for the night, we woke up late on Saturday morning and as soon as I got out of bed I was bursting for a wee, so I went into Katie's ensuite and hitched up my nightie, I pulled my orange spotty pants down and sat on the loo and started to wee a loud stream. As I was weeing I felt some rumblings in my belly, it had been feeling tight and uncomfortable for a couple of days. I took a deep breath and did some hard pushes but I only managed to do a few farts. When I was finished I took some toilet paper and wiped myself before pulling up my pants. Suddenly Lucy burst into the bathroom, saying "Hurry up, I'm nearly weeing my knickers!!" She quickly lifted her nightie and dropped her yellow flowery pants, she waddled over to the toilet with her pants round her thighs and plonked herself down heavily onto the seat and I heard her moaning with relief as she started to wee heavily. I saw a damp patch in her pants and realised she hadn't been having me on about how desperate she was, I know if I get really desperate to have a wee I sometimes can't help letting a spurt go into my pants so I had every sympathy. I went back into Katie's room, it seemed that she was bursting too as she was sitting on her bed holding herself and saying "I'm dying for a wee too, I hope Lucy isn't too much longer!!" Just then Lucy came back into the bedroom and Katie shot off into the bathroom, through the open door I saw her hitching up her nightie, dropping her pink and blue stripey pants and crashing down onto the seat just like me and Lucy had! Her wee started to splash noisily down into the bowl and it went on for a long time before dribbling to a stop. Just like I'd done she stayed sitting for a while and did some loud farts before wiping and flushing. We went downstairs and ate some breakfast and then went back up to Katie's room to get dressed. I think eating must have got my bowels moving, because as I was rummaging around in my rucksack trying to find some clean pants I started to feel a massive urge for a poo. Just then Lucy rubbed her belly, she had just put on a clean pair of white pants and was about to take her nightie off. "I'm desperate for a poo now," she said, "You might as well come in with me, I think its going to be a struggle, I haven't been for ages!"
"I'm getting quite desperate too," I said, and Lucy said "Well I'll try my best to be as fast as I can, but I can't promise anything." By now I'd found some clean pants but figured there wasn't any point putting them on, if my poo ended up poking out I'd only get them dirty and I didn't have any other clean ones left after our trip. "That makes three of us then, I'm going to have to go before too long," said Katie. She had taken clean socks and pants out of her drawer but she said "Theres no point changing my knickers yet, if my poo starts to come out they'll only get dirty" and I said "Yes, I'm not bothering to change mine either, I'll do it after I've had a poo!" By now Lucy was on the loo with her pants at her knees, we went in and sat cross legged on the floor. She had already gone red from straining so we tried to have a chat to take her mind off it. Lucy must have pushed hard for over 10 minutes, she said "Its really wide and I think its got stuck, sorry I'm really going to have to grunt this one out," and she pushed for as long and as hard as she could, ending with a grunt each time. Fortunately that seemed to do the job and shortly after I heard a splash and Lucy relaxed. She said "I'm nearly done," and shortly after did a few more pieces that plopped loudly into the bowl, she then took some toilet paper and wiped her bottom and finally pulled her knickers up and flushed. Katie was looking really desperate, she said "Do you mind if I go next, its starting to poke out in my knickers and I don't think I can hold it much longer!" I was feeling quite desperate but mine wasn't poking out yet so I said "Yeah I think I can wait a bit longer, go for it!" Katie pulled her pants down and sat on the loo, she relaxed for a bit and then I realised she was starting to bear down, each time she took a deep breath and held it as she pushed so I knew that she must be struggling with a massive poo as well. After a few minutes of straining and going red Katie did an extra hard push and grunted loudly, and shortly after I heard a plop. By now I was really having to clench my bum, the tip of a gigantic log was determined to start coming out and I was having to work really hard to keep it in. I shifted position so I was sitting on my heel, I think Katie realised I was getting more and more desperate because she said, "Sorry, I'm nearly done, I'll be as fast as I can," I saw that she was pushing again so I knew there must be more to come. Shortly after Katie made a few more plops and then started to rip off toilet paper, she usually wipes her bum standing up anyway so I got up as she stood up and started to wipe, she said "I'd better flush this away otherwise if you go on top it'll never go down!" She quickly pulled the flush then carried on wiping her bottom. Without the pressure of my heel I could feel the log starting to poke out so I quickly hiked up my nightie, dropped my pants and sat on the loo, I relaxed all the muscles of my clenched bum and moaned a little with relief, the log started to come out slowly but once the tip was out it stopped and I knew I would have to start pushing. I took a deep breath and bore down hard, I felt the log coming out a bit more but when I stopped pushing it got sucked back up my bum again. I really hate it when that happens, I guess I should be used to it because its something I get quite a lot when I'm constipated. It was worst when it used to happen at school though, quite often I would need a poo urgently by lunchtime if I hadn't been able to go before class, and by then it was probably starting to poke out into my knickers. Sometimes when I was actually on the toilet trying to go my poo would come out a bit but then get sucked back up my bum when I tried to push the rest of it out, I then had no choice but to strain really hard which was kind of embarrassing in the school loos, I was worried about the other girls who were on the loo at the same time as me hearing the panting and grunting noises I was making, though luckily sometimes I heard similar noises coming from other cubicles which made it a bit less awkward!! Anyway, back to the story, I reached round and pulled my bum cheeks apart which can help if I'm having that problem, and the other thing I do is to push for as long as I can and try to pause as little as possible in between pushes until the log is so far out that it can't get sucked back up. I tried both of those, along with a lot of panting and grunting, and luckily it did the job, after a few minutes I relaxed and felt a rod of rock hard poo sticking out but by now it was too fat to get sucked back up which was a relief. I took a breather for a few seconds and then started to bear down again, by now Katie and Lucy were in the other room getting dressed. After an eye watering push and a loud grunt I felt the log getting narrower and moving faster, and it splashed down into the toilet shortly after. I still had more inside me, I realised it was about five days since I'd last been for a poo so no wonder it was a struggle. I felt another log starting to make its way out, it was still massive but felt a bit softer so I was hoping it wouldn't be so bad. I started to push and it eased its way out slowly, stretching my bumhole which was already stinging from passing my first rock hard log. After a couple of minutes of pushing I felt it speed up and drop into the bowl, and almost at once I felt a third log on its way. This one came out a lot faster, and it broke off as it did so making three sharp plops. I pushed a bit more to make sure there was no more, and realised I was done. I took some toilet paper and wiped my sore bum, and then flushed and pulled up my knickers before going back into the bedroom to get dressed. Hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!

Hi all long time lurker first time poster.. Im 28 male from Australia n i realy enjoy reading the storys on here.. To Victoria b , Linda and Megan ur storys are tops.. i work in a mine underground so thats where i have most of my poos.. most are thick and long i like the feeling of it stretching my anus as it comes out and the feeling of being full before it happens... Sorry this post itsnt about a certan poo in particular i just wanted to put myself out there to c if anyone was interested in hearing more... And im a little nervous lol.. Hope to chat/post soon :)


Post Title (optiona] constipation

This is my and first post;we are both in our late 50s now but would like to tell you about my habits when i was a teenager.I hated going to the loo because i did not think it was very nice or grown up thing to do.For the first 2 to 3 days it did not bother me to much just an urge in the morning and then a big one after work.On the 4 or 5 day i really needed to go badly but i reasoned my bowels would stretch and hold my constipation.I would go to bed with a very full rectum and hope the need would ease. It usually would.By day 6 to 7 i was so so constipated i would sit on the loo with a urgent call to stool for ages trying to go.Usually my mother would call out from the other side of the door asking if i was in trouble with my bowels again.I would grunt out something like - my back passage is solid and i hate going to the loo it hurts badly.She would come in to help me go while scolding me for getting in this state.I would then convenience myself that i could last out and hold it for longer.Trying to standing up then my mother would see that i had not been at all;then she would make me sit there holding my hand while i strained and strained.My back would arch with effort while my anus stretched to the limit.Usually only one very hard stool would come with the next one staying inside me.


Buddy Dumping Question

How many of you have buddy dumped with someone else while on the same toilet? Whether you were both pooping or just one of you, what are your experiences? Also what position did you sit? I've done it before with my girlfriend where she sits between my legs in front of me on the toilet. I'm just intrigued if anyone else does this sort of thing.

Victoria B.

Awesome story! By the way, I noticed a few pages ago, you mentioned you crapped in the shower once. Can you elaborate on that experience?

The Nile

To Victoria B-pooing in reverse

Hey! I'm 17, a boy and I have tried pooing in reverse too, a few times before! In fact, I did so on Friday morning and thought it was pretty funny reading your story the morning after. Well I had just got out of the shower (getting ready for school etc) and I needed to poo, and just for something interesting I decided to do the Same thing as you; sat on the toilet facing the tank, having just got out of the shower I didn't have pants in the way either. I also have one of those toilets with the sort of longer flatish bit at the front of the bowl, so when I sat my bum was directly over that. So I pushed and my poo came out really easily, it wasn't completely solid but not quite runny. And all of it landed straight on the flat bit in a pile of mush. (a bit like a big cowpat haha) I wiped, flushed but it took a couple times to go down. And that's basically it!
Hope you found it interesting, would be lovely for a comment or feedback or something.

Chubby girl


I am 26 and suffering from a bout of hemorrhoids. They burn up my hiney hole but the itching is tormenting me. I can't concentrate or get school work or work done. I squirm and know I walk funny. I'm so embarrassed.


My New School & Its Depressing Bathrooms

I started high school this past week. After 3 yrs. of toilets 1/2thdoorless and all of them with the pre-cut toilet paper squares that you pull out of a little container in each stall) had me hopeful that my sister Sonya Sue was right and that the high school bathrooms were a little better. Wrong!

She's starting 10th grade and was surprised to find that all three bathrooms (one on each floor) in the main spine of the school and the ones most used by the almost 3,000 students were changed this summer. She has friends on Student Council who have told her that the bathrooms were so badly vandalized and misused last year that the administration had to spent something like $20,000 repairing them and fixing things up. When you walk into the girls bathroom on each floor, the 15 or so toilets backed against each wall remain. They have these old black seats that are shaped like pears with old and stained and cracked bowls under them. The cubicle partitions are made of old-time marble and are only half as high as what I had in my previous school. And here's what is so different--there are holes in each partition where the toilet paper holders use to be attached. The toilet paper has been removed. So when you walk into the bathroom, right by the sinks and mirrors on the outside of the first partition on both sides of the room, there are six or seven rolls of toilet paper mounted to the marble so we have to pull our toilet paper off BEFORE we take a stall. It's so different and stupid, but Sonya Sue said its easier for teachers (instead of monitoring a study hall or the cafeteria some are assigned to "potty patrol") to watch over the situation and get extra toilet paper out of the supply closet, etc. Sonya Sue says the only other change made is that each stall door has been replaced and the new "door" on each stall covers only about a third of the opening and between the hinges and partition there's an inch that a teacher can use to look in on us. So much for privacy!

On Monday at the end of 2nd hour I sat down to wee and was literally creeped out by the eyes of otherslooking in on me between the door and the partition. It's bad enough that I'm only 3'5" and when I'm seated my feet don't reach the floor and these old-style seats are like so uncomfortable. I held my wee until after lunch and only then was I able to go. And this girl who hit the door twice with her fist thought I looked like a grade schooler and told me to go back there. I was able to hold back my tears, but as I got to thinking about it later I felt better about my not flushing for her. When I told my friend Lorenz about it after school, he said I should have crapped on the seat and quickly left and that she would probably have just thrown herself down in it without looking. As I remember it, she just brushed right by me and cursed, so I think he was right.

I just don't think it's right for the administration and teachers to punish all of us for the actions of a few. I've heard that the guys bathrooms were changed to because they also had a lot of vandalism and misuse. It just sucks.

Mark H.

Story from my office

Hi folks,

I love all kind of toilet stories and in particular the ones from the people of about my age, which is 21. I am German and work in a very small trade company: there is my boss Heinrich, who is around 50 (in a good shape, rather tall, gray hair, always wearing a suite) and our other colleague Silke, who's in her forties (relatively short brown hair, nice but not very outgoing). Our office consists of two rooms, one for Heinrich and the other one for us. There are two other doors in our office, the entrance and a very tiny toilet.

Of course, this means I can hear pretty much everything that's going on inside. Most of the time, my boss is already at work when I arrive but Silke not. The first thing she does when arriving at the office is having a much needed pee, I hear splattering in the bowl. She always wipes twice after remaining on the toilet for a relatively long time, letting her pee drip off, I guess. Usually around ten o'clock, Heinrich takes his morning crap. He is very open about it, telling us to postpone some meetings "because he has to go to the toilet urgently". He needs around five minutes and surely passes about tree logs, by the sounds. The smell can be very pungent. We never use deodorizer by the way, as those things cause cancer and should be forbidden (besides stinking more than a crap). So there is no way to hide anything. If I pee shortly after, I get to see the skidmarks he leaves: always a lot, he does not care about it apparently (I always use the brush). Silke never poops at work.

There is a lot i could tell about them, but my story is about the new internee who arrived one last Monday. Her name's Kristine, she is 19, has shoulder long blond hair, green eyes, is pretty (such a nice face!) and very shy. She got a workplace between me and Silke and is staying two weeks. Beside her shyness, the first thing I remarked are her awful eating habits: she is always eating chocolate at her desk and doesn't like vegetables. For lunch (we go to a cafeteria in our office building) she only eats meat, potatoes and pasta. And she eats a lot. I wonder how she manages to stay so thin.

Anyway, I got to hear her having some pees in our office. Every time, she came back very ashamed and blushed a little, as she knew we could hear everything. Poor little thing, if she only knew how much I like it!
On Tuesday, after lunch, I also noticed her holding her belly and looking uncomfortable. My guess was her being constipated because of all the bad food and holding it out of shame. Things seemed to get better by the end of the afternoon.

On Wednesday morning, I received a text from Silke: she was sick and would stay at home. My boss wouldn't be coming neither, as he was on business trip. So basically I would be alone with Kristine the whole day. She arrived at work a few minutes after me and I instructed her to do some paper work. As we were alone, I thought it would be nice to spend a little more relaxed day and I went out to the bakery to buy us some coffee and breakfast. As I always "have to go" after my breakfast, I also thought it may help Kristine. I chose some sweet with apricots because those fruits contain lots of fiber. I came back a few minutes later, and we enjoyed our food. It was a pleasant moment and we had a nice chat, even though it was difficult as she is reluctant to talk about herself. I hoped the coffee would kick in...

We finished and I went to the toilet. I didn't have to poo as I already went at home, but I peed and cut off the water supply of the tank of the toilet: if she did something, I wanted to see it. I flushed and came out. Observing her, I noticed she was very uncomfortable. I knew she would never relax with me being around, so I pretend I urgently had to go to the post office and that i would be back in half an hour. So I left the office but stayed right by the door, listening. For sure, in less than a minute, I heard her chair being pulled back and the the door of the toilet being slammed. Very silently, I went in again.

Indeed, she was trying to poop! I felt very excited. She was pushing softly: "Mmmhhh...", "Mmmhhh....", and then a break. The pushing resumed: "Mh, Mmmmmhhhh" and then a long, deep fart. I almost had my ear on the toilet door by the time. Then I heard "Plop", and some more pushing and shortly after an other "Plop", a little louder. It must have been the plug, as I heard a "brrt" fart followed the familiar crackling sound a big poop makes when it comes out. I barely heard it splashing so I assume it must have been a huge log. Nothing for a few seconds and then an airy fart. The next log came out, producing a short and loud but short crackling sound. She really had to go! A few seconds later, she dropped yet another log. Some farts later, she felt done and started to wipe.

I went back to my desk and pretended reading a contract. Then, I heard the flush lever being pulled, but no water flowing; yeah! She frantically tried to actuate over and over without getting it to work. She was terrified. She came out, and when she saw me, she just burst into tears. At this point, even if I was still very excited by what just happened, I felt soooo bad for being the cause of her pain. It wasn't a nice thing to do.

I asked her what happened and she managed to tell me the toilet was broken. I stood up and she let me hug her. While holding her, I told it's no big deal, such things happen from time to time and that I would fix it. As she was crying, I think she didn't realize I was also trembling as I hold her. There was a strong poop aroma in the air. I caressed her back and even gave her a big kiss on her check. The whole situation was so weired.

She calmed down and sat back to her desk. I guess she also experienced some mixed feelings. Later, I told her to call one of our client who is very talkative. This would give me some time to "fix" the toilet.

Her load was amazing: I removed the toilet paper with the brush and saw tree huge logs. The first one was very thick with its knobby end stuck down the drain and the other, smoother, end coming out of the water and laying on the porcelain. It was 4cm thick, for sure! The two other, 3cm thick light brown turds were laying on top of it. I'd say they were at least 25cm long, but I was too troubled, impressed, excited or whatever to reliably remember their shape and size. And this smell!

Sadly, I had to activate the flush and get rid of this wonder. The first flush took the first turd away with the pebbles, the second the remaining ones and I flushed it a third time after brushing off all the skidmarks left. Wow.

Kristine was really embarrassed, but I made my best trying to comfort her, keeping her busy and not mentioning the incident. I wonder how much time she had been holding it...

Well, nothing interesting toilet related happened from then on, but Kristine and I are getting closer. I am still feeling rather guilty, so I will never do this again, but I'll try to get her to talk about her eating and pooping habits.

Thank you everyone for your stories, I love this site. Bye!


Responses and Question for Brianna (the real estate agent)

To Sean: Thank you for your kind words! If I have anything worth sharing, I will!

To Mystery Poster: What a funny question! I bet I poop bigger and longer than many, if not most, men :) (Just having a little fun, but also serious!)

To Brianna: If you are still visiting the forum, you mentioned in passing that you came to the forum because of an interest in peeing. I am the total opposite. I hate to pee, usually because, as a pharmacist, I cannot always stop what I am doing and get to the bathroom. I may have had a few dribbles over the years, but this is very rare. While I don't have any bladder issues, I just get very uncomfortable when I have to urinate. For me, having to poop - from having to go, to actually going, and the relief following - seems to be the more preferable of the two feelings. I guess though, that's because I rarely have to defecate at an unpredictable time. Hope you are well!





Is anyone familiar with the product, Poo-pourri? I thought about stocking it in my pharmacy. Has anyone ever tried it?


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Redhead great story it sounds like that enema did a good job helping your friend Karen and I bet she felt amazing afterwards to.

To: Victoria F great story it sounds like you all had good poops.

To: Natasha great story about your desperate poop.

To: SandraSue great story.

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like you really had to go a lot and I bet you felt great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen C that's good that your feeling better stomach bugs are no fun and can strike with little or no warning you may feel fine all day then feel a strong fart come on but it turns out to be much more and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan great story about you pooping outside I bet it felt refreshing.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Cross stall conversation

Yesterday at work I needed to take my morning dump and went to the men's room. A coworker was at the sinks grooming himself. I said "hey man". I think the guy thought I was going for a pee and started making small talk. As I replied, he continued talking to me. Since I'm a shameless shitter I entered a stall. This guy has seen me shit before so I didn't care.

Since entering a stall is a way guys announce they're going to take a shit, I thought he would stop talking to me. I dropped my pants and took a seat. As my poop started to come out and I farted he continued talking to me. I felt awkward talking to him but replied casually and continued our conversation. I was turned on. It was a male bonding thing.

Another guy who I know entered the bathroom as we continued talking. I thought he might think we were weird but it was too late to stop. Eventually other men came to the bathroom and my bathroom buddy continued grooming himself and eventually left. It was a very cool experience though.

What's surprising is that the guy is a shameful shitter. I have never witnessed him taking a shit at the office. He is always afraid of germs and washing his hands frequently. He is the type of guy who won't seat in a public toilet but has no qualms about grabbing a dirty cell phone or using an ATM which has by the way more germs than a public toilet seat. What's even more surprising is that he is very sociable and extroverted which is not what one would expect about a shameful shitter. I think that by being a shameless shitter myself I kind of broke the ice and at least he doesn't seem to condemn shameless shitters like some shameful guys do. I hope I will have more opportunities to repeat the experience with him, and, who knows? Maybe one day he'll become shameless and take a dump with me. Hope you enjoyed the story.

Blind Guy

For Christa and Jenny Regarding Support, Toilet Issues and a

Greetings. I am very pleased to hear that your talk with your mother went well, as I hate doing that and always dread the possible results. Feel free to mention me to her if you like, though perhaps not how you heard of me. I'm 29, and not only autistic but totally blind. I live alone, cook my own food, do my own laundry ETC. I went to college, but cannot find a job in my field. I was recently accepted into a training program that will give me the training and qualifications I need to start and run a food or retail business. Since I can't find a job, I might as well make one myself. I live and work as independently as humanly possible, and don't let either condition stop me from living my dreams and doing my very best to achieve them. My point is that you can tell her there are people in similar or worse conditions who can live on their own, with a little more support than average maybe, and do very well for themselves. It's harder for us sometimes, but I think most of us are strong enough to handle the extra difficulties. You of all people certainly seem capable enough that I have complete confidence in you. I had a hard time with potty training and bed wetting as a child and into my adult years as well, though not quite to your level. My parents went through hell trying to toilet train me, as I was undiagnosed Aspie and also not interested in the toilet. Being that I'm a few years older than you, we didn't yet have Pull-Ups or training pants to make my parents' job easier. I suffered primary nocturnal enuresis until age 8, which started up again when I was 18. I was stil living at my parents' house, and was mortified when I was unable to keep this dreadful secret from them. I left for college shortly thereafter, and ended up sleeping on the floor because I was too afraid to ruin my mattress, which I did anyway. That was insanely embarrassing. Urologists couldn't help, and we spent 3 years looking for a solution until I found one that worked. It was during this time when I started using protection at night, and when I learned what I know about it. It seems to me, from what I've read and for whatever reason, that autistics have more trouble with toilet issues than average people. I don't know why, but I'd love to research that and see what might be the cause, whether sensory issues or focus/attention issues or communication issues or some combination of them all. Suffice it to say that while no one is going to share your exact situation, you are far from alone in your struggles. I'd definitely recommend keeping up with your doctor, maybe seeing a urologist or urogynecologist and having yourself checked out. It might be psychological, but if it's physical you want that treated. Incontinence is not a disease, but a symptom of something else. Anyway, I'm here if you want me. Very best of luck as always, and like I said, feel free to use me as an example if it will help your case with your mother or others. As for Jenny, I've also noticed that females tend to have more accidents, and I think this might have a number of factors involved. First of all, the female urethra is only a few inches long, whereas the male urethra can be up to 8. This gives males more space to keep the urine from releasing without our permission, though I'm only speculating and offering a hypothesis here. Furthermore, female pelvic design is diferent, and they tend to have more pelvic floor issues due to hormones and childbirth. Weak or torn pelvic muscles can cause bladder leakage and incontinence for various reasons, which can almost always be treated. Anyway, that's just my two cents. Great stories everybody, and thanks for putting up with me.


to Victoria; long toilets

The longer toilets have nothing to do with penises, but rather (at least in some cases) help to accommodate people who have trouble getting up from the rounded bowls. If you are old, weak from illness or accident, or for other reasons can't easily get up after sitting down, the longer bowl gives more room for places to push off from; for some, it may prevent having to use a portable commode or adding grab bars or other measures.

To Christa: I'm glad that you decided to tell your mom, and that she was so understanding. What your aunt was doing to you was nothing less than abuse. And I don't recall if I've said it yet but I've been meaning to: everything you go through means you're working harder at any given point than anyone else around you. You have every reason to be proud of yourself for everything you've accomplished, no matter how small it seems. (And when it comes to bathroom matters, it's no fault of yours that your body works the way it does; it's another thing you're dealing with that proves you're quite strong.)

To Jennie, and anyone else following that discussion: I don't know how anatomy affects things, but I would not be surprised to find that girls have more accidents because it's much easier for a guy to free his peeing apparatus from his clothing in a duck-behind-a-tree situation. (Unless you *always* wear dresses or skirts, in which case it's a similar matter of "get clothing out of the way and move undies aside." Women are also taught to be more modest; popping a squat is something unthinkable to most women, whipping it out is something most guys think is just something you do when you have to. Also, girls face more pressure to never be seen doing something as 'gross' as going to the bathroom where others may know about it. I've heard many a story on this side of a girl going to truly heroic measures to not use the toilet where whoever is with them would know they had to. Obviously, that logic is flawed: do you believe your date or the person whose home you are visiting believes that you are the one person in this world whose body somehow has no need to rid itself of waste? (Psst - s/he doesn't!)

However, I also expect that on this site, female wetting stories would be overrepresented. One is for societal reasons: guys are supposed to always be strong enough to never let something like that happen, if one does, "ooh, let me go tell everyone on some website all about it!" is not their first reaction. Women have told their stories and then said "getting this off my chest makes me feel better" or "can anyone else identify so I'll feel better?" That's also a no-no for us dudes. Rule number one: you cannot be weak. Period. Rule number two: Failing that, you cannot *look* weak. Period! Then you wonder why we don't live as long. The other reason is that womens' stories are simply more desired. Many posts -not all, but enough - that end saying "has anyone had X happen" specify that it's only womens' answers being sought. I know I can't remember the last time male stories were asked for specifically! Women ask if other women have had something happen to them or done something to know it's not just them, men ask women the same questions forů other reasons.

In short: (1) more desperate men are willing to duck out of sight and take care of the need than women. (2) More wet women are willing to tell the story than wet men. (3) Women are encouraged to tell their stories; men are told "no, thanks." That plays a part in the numbers you see here, to make an understatement.

To Blind Guy, and Bianca if you're still around: If you don't mind, there's a question I've long wondered about but never felt comfortable to ask: how do you know when to stop wiping?

To Accident Prone Girlfriend: I've always loved those stories and want to hear if you've got any more. It's also very heartwarming that it doesn't bother you, and to see how much you love her. I hope you live long and happy lives together (and also keep telling us her stories! And any of yours of you have them.)

To anyone and everyone: Whenever I see traffic backed up for miles, I always have one thought in mind: "Somebody had no idea they were getting into this when they drank a Big Gulp half an hour ago. Somebody who sorta had to go put off going to the bathroom because they were so sure they'd be home in ten minutes." Anybody else think like that immediately when they see a traffic jam? And more importantly, have any of you ever found yourselves in that situation, and your undies paid the price? (Dramatic close calls also quite welcome; if the accident or close call didn't happen to you but happened to someone you know, that's also great.)

Also, there have been several bedwetting stories in recent months (love those too! Even more when they involve love and understanding from the friend or partner you soaked, or when it's two with the same problem.) and I've wondered if you've ever had a sleep-wetting accident that was not in bed. Ever doze off at school/work/on a bus or train/anywhere and wake up to find you've soaked yourself?


Multiple huge mushy poops

Hi all. My poops have been going well thanks to healthy eating (for the most part), tons of water, lots of coffee (can't resist it) and taking my stool softeners and Lax a Day/Restoralax each day (polyethylene glycol). Also been taking a walk every day and that seems to be helping too. My poops have been very soft, even mushy. Very messy wiping job, but I'll take that any day over struggling to poop. I've been going basically every day and even multiple times a day lately.

The past couple of days I've done really long and mushy logs and today I've gone twice. The first time was a pretty big mushy pile. And then I had to go again about 10 minutes ago, this time more urgent. Had to quickly get my pants and underwear down and get my butt on the toilet before I exploded with a huge load. It was a huge mushy pile and a rush of diarrhea afterwards. I feel like I may have to go again a bit later. Have a bit of cramps in my stomach but not ready to go yet. I guess keeping hydrated is helping to move everything along :)

Happy pooping! I know mine has been!


Post Title (optional) Recording yourself while pooping??

Has anyone ever recorded themselves while pooping? I did this a few weeks ago, when I 'fell off the wagon' and let myself get constipated. I was at home and I had my phone in the toilet with me, so I decided to film myself pooping. I even filmed my anus while pushing and straining. I loved watching myself pooping, because I was constipated, my facial expressions were just awesome and I really had to screw up my face in contorted ways when I strained. It was also interesting watching my anus, as I pushed, I could see my anus contracting and relaxing, as I tried to get the poo out. I could even see the tip of the big poo sticking out. I couldn't film it for too long because I had to sort of squat in an awkward position so I could film my anus and it got too uncomfortable.

Just a Husband

Wife had an accident

KM asked about spouses/significant others having accidents and how people react. I've lurked here a bit and check posts from time to time but never shared a story. I guess I will now. I don't want to post any names, though, just in case. I'm in my early 30s, my wife is in her late 20s. We have a kid. Normal working family. Before we had our child a few years ago we were out all morning and afternoon shopping and running errands, had lunch, more shopping, etc. Near the end my wife mentioned needing to go to the bathroom but said she'd wait until we got home. One the drive home she was clearly desperate. I offered to stop. She said she'd be ok and would rather go at home. We still had five or ten minutes to go when she was really bad off and bent forward, holding herself. I said I was going to stop somewhere. She said ok. But then a few second later she gasped a little, looked down, checked herself, and told me to go home. Why? "I just peed a little. I can't go inside somewhere now!" I glanced down as she spread her thighs enough to check and I could barely see the top of a dark wet spot on her crotch. She was wearing pale tan, fairly tight fitting Capri pants, so the wet spot was obviously darker. She held on again and squeezed her legs shut and jiggled. I told her it was ok. Accidents happen. No big deal. It would be ok if zshe wet herself in the car seat We'd clean it up. She just nodded and said that wasn't all she had to do. Oh. Near the house she cursed and I looked over and when she sat up and checked the wet spot was bigger, on her upper thighs and partially up her lap. We pulled into the driveway and she threw open the door and waddle/ran/walked into the house. I was behind her. The back of her Capris had a big wet spot like a dinner plate on her butt and upper thighs. We got into the house and into the hall when she froze, bent her knees slightly, then a flood of wetness spread down her legs. She just repeated, "No, no, no, no...". The back of her legs were quickly soaked all the way down. Then she farted and the back of her pants tented outward and I could smell it and in a second or two it looked like she had a grapefruit in her pants she pooped so much. She broke down crying, hands over her face. I took her by her shoulders and tried to sooth her and walked her into the bathroom. I helped her clean up and turned on the water and helped her shower. She was very grateful and she thanked me for being so nice about her accident. She said she thought she could make it but just couldn't hold it anymore. I promised her it was ok. We dried off and she led me to our bedroom and made love to me to show her gratitude. I don't know why anybody would be mean to someone they love that has an accident.

Saturday, September 06, 2014


Train Journey

Hi all,
This is my first ever post on here! I was on a train journey from Scotland to London the other day. After about 2 hours I was in dire need of a poo. I couldn't hold it in any longer! The loo was an automatic door so I pressed the lock button, pulled my trousers and pants down, sat down and started reading my book. After a minute or so the door opened! A woman in her formal suit and black tights stood staring at me. She desperately tried to shut the door but the electrics on it had broke!
I couldn't move as my poo was on its way. She stood with her back to me, arms spread so no one could look in. I released 3 fairly large loud plops and a fart then a tiny plop to finish. I wiped, said thankyou and told me she best find somewhere else to poo!
It was an eventful train journey.


Post Title (optional) To Mystery Poster

I saw your post, advising those of us on here that suffer with constipation, on changing our diets and getting some help. As a person who really suffers with bad constipation, I can tell you that I have tried to change my diet (which I'm having success with as I changed it recently) but its not easy. I know it might sound so simple to people who never get constipated, for us to 'try to help ourselves' but its not that simple!! I have always been prone to constipation so even if I am strict with my diet, I still have trouble pooping at times. Even when I was a young child, I had a healthy diet but I still got constipated a lot.

I hate getting constipated and I hate pushing out massive loads. It hurts and it takes a very long time on the toilet.

I'm sure Jasmin K will agree with me, as I know she gets very, very constipated, just like me. You seem to be quite concerned about her but I'm sure she has tried out many different remedies to help her to poop more easily. And I'm sure she hates being constipated as much as me too.

If I remember correctly, you have expressed your concern before, for us constipation sufferers.



Hi its John B.

Megan great post and yes the weather has been rather pleasant lately!

Jemma I did pen a post for interest to you but it obviously fell foul of the moderator. I will reconfigure and try again, oh and by the way enjoyed your last couple of posts!

Take care all

John B x


Post Title (optional) To Charlie

I have spent the last hour or so reading through a heap of posts on here because I haven't been on here for so long. I was reading your post, about how you sometimes have to stick things into your anus to help dig the poo out. You must get very badly constipated, just like me. Although it sounds like yours is a bit worse than mine. I haven't resorted to sticking things into my anus, apart from a soap enema and my fingers. How long does it take you to do a poo?? For a while, it was taking me up to 2 hours to do a poo (and even longer at times) and I was getting constipated for 4 or 5 days at a time. I never had any 'relief' either, after getting the poo out, I would get constipated again straight away. So I was always constipated. My poos were very dry, rock hard and 12 inches or longer (not unusual for them to be 18-20 inches long) I was like that for about a year and a half, it was terrible but since changing my diet recently, I've been much better.

Are you always constipated??? It sounds like you have massive poos too. Do you find using enemas easy? I've only ever used laxatives a few times, never suppositories or enemas.


Post Title (optional) Haven't been on here for ages!!!

Hello everyone. I haven't been on this site for such a long time! I've been working a lot on weekends so I haven't had much free time. I'm not working at all this weekend so I've got time to catch up with everything online. To Bloated Butt, how are your poos lately? Any constipation?? Also Dude in Distress, Jasmin K and all the others who get constipated, any good stories lately?? I've missed this site!

Since I last posted on here, I've been doing much better with my constipation. I think the last time I posted on here, my constipation particularly bad and I was taking up to 2 hours or more on the toilet, to do a poo. A friend of mine told me about someone she knew, who was also getting very badly constipated all the time and dairy products were causing it. I didn't tell her about how bad my constipation was, we were talking about how lots of people are lactose intolerant. Another friend of mine can't eat any dairy because it makes her throw up. I decided to try giving up dairy products, to see if that would help me. It was a very hard choice though because I simply love cheese of any kind (and lots of it) and I was eating heaps of it (which was making me very constipated)plus I love ice cream, custard and any sort of dairy in general. I also decided to give up eating junk food, including chocolate (which I love too but it also plugs me up badly too) and eat a lot more salad, green ???? and food high in fibre. I've also been able to do poos at home a lot more too!!

So I gave up all my favorite foods (cheese, chocolate, junk food and other dairy products)to see if it would help. I know I've tried strict diets before for my constipation but I never stuck to them for too long. So since I last posted on here, I've been on my strict diet, although I have fallen off the wagon a few times. I have still had a few bouts of constipation and even though I'm eating much better food, I still have a bit of trouble pushing poo out at times. However, its nowhere near as bad as it was before and I don't need to spend as much time on the toilet doing a poo. That said, I did fall of the wagon a couple of weeks ago, when it was my birthday and I really paid for it for over a week after eating too much chocolate. Here is the story:

As you all know, I absolutely LOVE chocolate of any kind but rum and raisin would have to be my all time favorite. A good friend of mine came over to my place on my birthday and she bought me 2 blocks of rum and raisin chocolate. We ate pizza and garlic bread for lunch, then we had chocolate cake, crackers with dip, cheese, chips and chocolate cookies. After that, we sat around all afternoon, watching DVDs. For dinner that night, I ate left over pizza and then I ate a whole block of my rum and raisin chocolate to myself, in one sitting. It was all gone so quickly - seriously, I ate it all in about an hour!! I knew all this junk food would cause havoc with my bowels in no time at all and I was right. I had done a decent poo that morning (which was a Saturday) but I didn't go at all on Sunday (I've been doing a poo once a day for a while now, sometimes twice a day). I knew I was getting constipated and I didn't go at all again on Monday. I tried to go several times but nothing would come out. Tuesday was the same, no poo and I didn't go again on Wednesday. Thursday came and went and I still hadn't done a poo! I had been constipated for 5 days and I was desperate to do a poo!! I tried to go on Thursday night but it was hopeless. I also forgot to mention that even though I was extremely constipated and I knew the chocolate was the main cause of it, I still ate most of the second block of chocolate my friend gave me!! So that didn't help me at all. I was surprised that I didn't get any butt phlegm or liquid poo leaking out. I was so uncomfortable, miserable, lethargic and my stomach was bloated.

By Friday, I was EXTREMELY constipated. I finished work early and drove to my favorite public toilet. I hadn't been there for a while because I had been doing poos at home. I made my way to the toilets and chose the disabled one -there is more room in there. I took my pants and knickers off and my t-shirt so I was just wearing a bra. I knew this was going take a very long time so I sat on the toilet and relaxed. I took my phone out and played a game for a while. I wasn't even getting any urges to do a poo but I pushed and strained anyway. I could see myself in the mirror that was opposite the toilet - the look of sheer desperation on my face as I tried to push the demon poo out was priceless!! It wasn't long before I was really pushing, straining and grunting. After 30 minutes, I could feel a big poo sitting just above my anus. Even though my hemarrhoids had mostly healed, this didn't help and it undid some of the healing. So my hemarrhoids stated bulging out and my anus was burning like fire. I kept pushing, straining and grunting with all my might.

After 45 minutes, I needed a rest. I relaxed a bit and by now, about an inch of poo was poking out of me. I felt it go back into my anus so I had to keep straining to get it to stick out again. Then it got stuck. I hadn't been in a state like this for a while so it felt terrible! I pushed, strained and grunted like there was no tomorrow "UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGG! HHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGG!" It didn't help one bit!! I continued grunting loudly for the next 15 or 20 minutes. I was also doing lots of heavy breathing and snorting. I didn't care if anyone heard me. I got VERY loud too. I'm almost 100% sure people heard me because I heard toilets flushing and people washing their hands when I was resting between long grunts. After an hour and a half, I had about 4 inches of poo sticking out of me. I rested for a few minutes and I reached down to feel my progress. The poo felt so massive, it was very dry, like sandpaper and it was rock hard. My anus was on fire and now my hemarrhoids were bleeding a bit. I placed my fingers on the outside of my anus and pushed down, while straining at the same time. It hurt like hell but the poo came out a bit more. I kept doing that and it helped a bit. I kept grunting very loudly, which also seemed to help. Someone obviously heard me asked "Are you okay?" and I replied with "Not really, I'm very, very constipated". Then the woman just said "Oh, I see" and she left.

After 2 hours, I was still on the toilet!! I had about 6 inches of massive stool sticking out and I was in a terrible state! I got up off the toilet and stood in front of the mirror. I could see the big poo between my legs. I could also see my big white bottom and thighs jiggling around. I'm still a bit overweight, although I have lost some weight recently. Its mostly my bottom and thighs that are quite large but I'm naturally curvy too. If anyone had seen me in that state, they would have got a big shock! I said to myself "Here goes nothing" and pushed, strained and grunted like there was no tomorrow. I felt the poo coming out slowly and I had to work SO hard for what seemed like forever, to get the big demon to come out completely. Finally, after 2 hours and 15 minutes, it came out!! It must have been 18 inches long and the width of a coke can! My anus was still burning so I wet some tp in the sink and soothed my anus with it.

Since then, I haven't been constipated again.


Enema story

Hi guys, it's redhead again. Just want to share a quick enema story that happened yesterday.

Karen (Best friend/roommate) was getting starting to get a bit constipated, so last night, she used the enema kit we had gotten from the pharmacy a while back that I had mentioned a few months ago if any of you long time fan of this site might remember.

She decided to administer 2L this time. We had placed that toilet chair thing we also had gotten from that pharmacy in the shower because then she could just take a shower right after without having to wipe. Anyways, she stood for a bit and allowed the enema to do it's magic. After holding for several minutes, she felt enough time had passed, so she quickly sat on the toilet chair with her legs spread across the side of the tub. It's been a few months since she did this so she kinda hesitated at first, but then I heard her abdomen gurgle a little, then she said: "I can feel it coming...... uuugggghhhhhh", then massive amounts of water with a lot of chunks of solid poop shot out of her. Followed by several more sprays. I said: "Phew,.... it's getting very ripe in here", she laughed and jokingly told me to shut it.

I kept her company while she did her business and after she was done, she just got up and watered the entire thing down through the drain and showered.

Victoria F.
Hi everyone. Today at work we had a meeting that just dragged on and on and on. By the time it finally did end, I was extremely desperate to piss. And so were several other people, it seems. I rushed to the bathroom and was following two other women. I knew one of them, her name is Zoe, but not the other.

Anyway, we got to the bathroom and took three stalls. We all peed long gushers and then I heard someone rolling off paper. I was feeling like I might need to poop, so I figured I'd try and do it then rather than come back later. I reasoned Zoe was doing the same, as the other lady flushed and left her stall, but Zoe was still sitting next to me.

I pushed and gave a fart and a log that dropped with a plop to sort of "break the ice". Soon, I had another log crackling out of me. Two more farts and another plop later and I was finished, although I still hadn't heard so much as a fart from Zoe. I asked her if she was alright. She replied, with a slightly strained voice, "Yeah, I'm fine... just a bit... constipated"

I wiped thoroughly, flushed, and left the stall to wash my hands. As I was drying my hands, I heard a huge splash and a sigh. It seems that Zoe was able to get her poop out in the end.

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