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Going in reverse

I tried an experiment in the bathroom today. I returned home from class literally full of crap and so I went to my favorite room in the house to empty myself out. I was in the process of getting undressed when an idea struck me: why not switch things up and try out a new pooping position? I kicked my grey khakis all the way off, threw my red and white checked undies on top, and then proceeded to sit down on the toilet so I was facing the tank with my thighs straddling the seat. My lovely beige toilet (cannot wait to see that thing replaced) has one of those elongated bowls designed, I imagine, to better accommodate those with penises when they need to sit so I had more enough leg room to ensure that what came out of my butt landed in the bowl. I pushed out three medium-size logs, flushed, and then took care of the paperwork. Everything went down for once. I got dressed, washed my hands and went about my day. Has anyone else tried this? I certainly enjoyed it ;)

Thursday, September 04, 2014


Home Pooper

Learning to poop in public restrooms

Hi everyone! First time poster here. I'm a 22 year old male and I wanted to share some trouble I'm having pooping in public restrooms. It's not so much that I'm afraid to poop in public restrooms or anything like that - my problem is that I never physically have to go when I'm not home. I can be gone for days and never have an urge to poop, but when I get home, I have to go. It's like my body never tells me that it has to go when I'm not home. I want to try to change this as I feel it can keep me more regular and give me a better metabolism, as opposed to mixing the schedule up (I work different times during the day and do different things throughout the week).

I think a lot of the problem comes from the fact that throughout my life, I've next-to-never pooped in a public restroom. I know I've never pooped at school in middle or high school, and it's been extremely rare that I've pooped at work (they've all been emergencies when I was feeling sick). I think my body just isn't familiar with public restrooms or really "knows" that they're an option, so my body holds back.

To try and fix this, I've been trying to get some more exposure to public toilets lately. A while back, I decided to wait at home until I had to poop and then I was going to go out and intentionally go in a public restroom, to get some experience. I figured the local library would be a good place to start since it's close and I figured it'd be clean. So one night, I waited until I could poop (not an emergency or anything, but I could tell if I pushed that I would be able to go). I drove up to the library and walked in, but on the door to the men's room was a sign saying out of order. I was a little disappointed partly because it ruined my plan, but also because that implies that the men's room is a single toilet in a room, and I am really looking more for restrooms with stalls.

I decided to make an impromptu plan B and drove up to Target to use the bathroom there. Upon getting to Target, I walked in the store and headed left where the men's room was. I walked in and saw two stalls (one handicapped, one regular) and a urinal. I decided to take the handicapped (I know this might seem rude if a handicapped person entered, but I'm "learning"). I walked in the stall and locked the door. I checked to make sure the stall had toilet paper (I've read enough stories here on ToiletStool that I already know to check for toilet paper before I poop). There were two rolls on the wall - one was almost out, but the other seemed brand new (it had that end of the roll that is "stuck" to the layer behind it and you have to pull it off). Target didn't offer any paper seat covers and the toilet was clean (no urine or anything on the seat), so I pulled my pants to my ankles and sat on the toilet (not being experienced with public toilets, I wasn't sure if I'd prefer having paper on the seat or not). I started peeing and when I was done peeing, I pushed out my poop (I always pee before I poop). I was glad that I wasn't too embarrassed to go; I was worried that because I wasn't familiar with public toilets that I would be too uncomfortable, freeze up and not be able to poop, but that wasn't the case. It was an okay load; definitely not my biggest, and it only had a mild stink, but like I said, I didn't really "have" to go, I just "could". After I pushed out my log of poop, I decided to wait for a bit, just to see if I could manage to get more poop out, and also just getting familiar with the feeling of sitting on a public toilet. I was on the toilet for maybe a total of 15 minutes. While I was there, a guy did come in and use the urinal (which was good, because I want to get experience pooping with others coming and going from the restroom). Although, because of the way the stalls were laid out, and because my poop wasn't too stinky, he may not have known I was even in there unless he deliberately looked under the stalls to see my pants around my feet. After the 15 minutes or so, I got up and wiped. I was worried that I might have problems with the toilet paper since I've read about how bad public restroom toilet paper stinks (it's so thin) but I didn't have any issue getting myself clean. I flushed the toilet (it was a manual flush toilet), left the stall, washed my hands, and then left the restroom (and store).

Still wanting more experience and having my body learn to go when I'm away from home, I decided to try "feeling" when I had to poop when I wasn't home (not really sure how to explain this other than maybe I just don't know what it "feels like" when I have to poop other than the feeling I have at home). When I was at work a few days ago, I tried concentrating on if I could "feel" anything down there in my backside area and toward the end of my shift, I decided to go to the restroom and give it a try. It was a Sunday and most people in this building work weekdays, so not too many people were there that day, and I was alone in the restroom. The men's room in my building at work has two stalls (a handicapped and a regular) and two urinals. I don't know any handicapped men in my building so I picked the handicap stall for more room (the other stall is really tiny - you can't spread your legs too far). I checked to make sure there was toilet paper and no pee on the seat, and then pulled my pants to my ankles and took a seat. I started peeing instantly after my butt was seated, but when I was done peeing, I realized I didn't really need to poop after all (the feeling I had must have just been a gas bubble or something - again, I'm trying to "learn" feelings). Having not pooped for a day though, I decided to try anyway. I started pushing really hard in bursts (like, I'd push hard for a bit, then take a break, then push hard again). After doing this for about a minute, I did manage to poop a small turd (definitely not anything like a medium load). The toilets at work have automatic flushers so it flushed away when I bent forward to wipe and I didn't get to see it.

About a half hour later, I left work and not too long after getting home, all of a sudden I had to poop! I went in the bathroom here at home and pooped a regular size (and rather stinky compared to normal) load. I was disappointed that my body wouldn't do this at work - it wasn't that much earlier, so it's not really time the time lapse would have had a big impact.

I guess I just need more "practice" getting my body trained to poop wherever I happen to go - work, restaurants, stores, airports, mall, etc. I've been thinking about either heading up to Target again or maybe Walmart the next time I have to poop (although I'm not sure how clean Walmart's restroom will be). Has anyone else had this problem and had to "potty train" themselves? Any advice you can give? Like I said, I'm not really scared of using a public restroom (I know some people are terrified that others will hear them, or smell them and know they're pooping, judge them, insult them, etc.). I'm not really worried about that, I just don't ever have to go in public!

Thanks for reading my story!

Hello everyone. I've started at uni now. Things have been going well, both toilet wise and otherwise, in these first two weeks. I'm living with two other girls, Emma and Jade, now. We have our own rooms and a shared area, plus a bathroom, which is especially nice. It's also in a great location, being less than a five minute walk to all of my classes.

Today after a lecture I was bursting for both a wee and a poo. I found the nearest toilet block to where I was. There was a lot of cubicles and all of them were taken. But thankfully, it wasn't too long before one became available. I went in and began to wee and poo at the same time. I was not a second too soon, it seemed.

I let out four or five turds and was finished fairly quickly. I needed to wipe a bunch before I felt clean though. I flushed and exited to wash my hands, letting another girl take my cubicle. Then I left, feeling much better, to go find something to eat.

Well, that's all I have for now. Bye!


First time in School

I thought I'd post another story about myself. This is about a wetting I had when I was in the 1st grade. I remember the nun telling us on the first day of school that we would take restroom breaks right before morning recess, during lunch, and right after afternoon recess. She then told us that we were to go only at those times and no other. We were, also, not to interrupt her during class. I was in a mixed 1st and 2nd grade classroom and we would have our lesson and then "seat work". During our seat work she would be teaching the other class.

I did notice on the first few days of school that some of the kids did seem to have bathroom accidents. When this happened they were simply told to clean up their mess (if they left a puddle) and that if they wanted to wet their pants then they'd have to wear them that way the rest of the day.

Sometime during the first couple of weeks it was my turn to have the proverbial 'accident'. I recall needing the bathroom during the lesson but I remembered that we weren't allowed to interrupt the nun during class. As I returned to my seat I knew that I was about to wet my pants. I tried to ignore my need while doing my seat work. When I realized that I couldn't hold it until recess I pulled my dress out from under my seat so I wouldn't get it wet if and when I did pee myself.

I sat at the desk doing some math problems and keeping my legs crossed in the hopes of postponing the wetting of my panties. Pretty soon I could begin to feel that I was now a little wet. I then decided to just give up and I uncrossed my legs and finished peeing at my desk. At about that time the boy sitting beside me raised his hand and said, to the teacher, "Sandy just wet her pants." The teacher handed me some paper towels and told me to clean the floor. She then said that babies who wet their pants have to wear them that way for the rest of the day.

I think by the end of that school year every kid in my class wet their pants at least once or twice - including the 'tattle-tale' who told on me. I, and several others, wet our pants much more frequently.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bianca great poop story.

To: Amy great story it sounds like you were very desperate to pee and that's the annoying part you can go from needing to go kind of bad to being unable to hold it back pretty quickly I think it has something to with how your body is positioned.

To: Some Girl great story it sounds like that girl was beyond desperate and just made it to the toilet in time.

To: Jemma great desperate poop stories it sounds like you really had to go pretty bad.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Halloween Wetting

In reading a lot of posts here I have noticed that most posts deal with "pooping" and "pooping accidents". In my own experience these have never been issues for me that I can recall. As I mentioned in a previous post I had more issues with "peeing problems" which I do vividly recall. These will be the issues of my background that I will share.

If you recall from a previous story that I wrote I had decided to try to quit wetting myself as frequently when I entered 3rd grade (age 8). Part of that story mentioned my mother's exasperation when she caught me having wet my pants after a 3-4 week dry period. She then informed me that she wasn't going to deal with any more of my pants wetting issues and that I was on my own.

I did seem to be doing better and I was trying to get on top of my own wetting. However, shortly after the front porch wetting and my mother's reaction I was getting ready to go out "trick or treating" for Halloween. It was still fairly warm out so I knew that I would only wear a light jacket over my clothes. I do recall that I had gotten ready for the Halloween activity and I was wearing a mask as my costume. I was also wearing jeans and the light jacket I mentioned.

Shortly after I started my trick or treating in the neighborhood I became aware that I hadn't used the bathroom before leaving home. At this point I knew that if I returned home I would have to stay in and wouldn't be able to get any more "treats" (candy!). I then recalled what my mother had said about not dealing with my wet pants anymore and I made a decision that I would continue trick or treating and if I did wet my pants it wouldn't be a big deal. I also thought that this might be a good way to test if my mom really meant what she had said.

After going for a few more blocks I now realized that I was going to definitely wet my pants before I got home. I continued walking and would stop occasionally to let a little pee escape. Since there were lots of kids running around I didn't want to just stop and soak my pants but I knew that nobody would notice whether or not I was wet since it was dark out. After a couple of blocks I was now very well aware that my pants were quite wet but I didn't let it bother me.

When I got home I looked down and could see that it was very obvious that I had thoroughly peed in my pants as it showed both front and back on my jeans. As I was showing my mom my candy she looked down at my jeans and remarked that I would be more comfortable if I got out of my wet pants and got into clean pajamas. She didn't scold or shame me but was simply "matter of fact". She then said "It looks like it will be a wet bed tonight for sure." I asked her why and she replied that she's noticed whenever I've wet my pants in the daytime then a wet bed always followed. Since I still wet at night 2 or 3 times a week I hadn't made that connection. When I awoke the next morning I realized that my mom was right.

Mystery Poster

To Mr Hendrix Plus A Question

Her bowel habits are like that because she's in good shape since you said she works out alot, drinks a lot of water, and eats very healthy. If you start to do what she does (work out/jogging or running if you don't, drink more water if you don't, eat the healthy foods that she eats) then you might get those big dumps like what she's telling you.

A Question For Guys: Would you be jealous if you knew that your girlfriend or any girl took bigger/longer dumps than you?

For me, it would slightly brother me, but everyones bowel habits are different and you can't do nothing about it.


Made it in the nick of time

Hey. Been having mushy poop/the runs lately. Even without the laxative! Doesn't help that I'm on my period right now either. Yesterday afternoon my husband and I went to the mall with our friend to sort out a phone thing for my husband. He got a new phone (and got a cheaper plan) and sold his old phone to his friend. Anyway we had dinner in the food court while hanging out and I started getting an "urge" but not too bad so I figured I could hold it. We browsed around the mall then decided to go to the Chinese supermarket before going home. Our friend went back home anyway so we figured why not. My need became more urgent but I knew it was going to be a messy crap and didn't want skidmarks on my underwear from the cheap crap (pun intended) toilet paper. So I waited. On the way home my husband farted a couple of times which earned him a glare from a man walking in front of us. I said "I would do that but I might shit myself so I better not." Husband said "You have to go that bad? Do you need to stop at a restaurant or something?" I said no, that I could hold it. The farther we walked the harder it was to hold it but I clenched as hard as I could. I thought about saying to hell with it and just letting go but I didn't want to deal with the mess so I didn't. We finally made it home and my husband took the groceries from me so I could go downstairs to the bathroom. I pulled down my black capri yoga pants and underwear and sat on the toilet and relaxed. A bunch of mushy crap poured out of me. Fortunately in the toilet and not in my pants. I'm sure my underwear would have been history if that happened. Let's just say I felt a lot better after that...and relieved that I could get home and get my butt on the toilet right on time. Much longer and I would have had a major mess to clean up! There was a huge mushy load in the toilet which required 3 flushes. One for the poop, and 2 for the residue on the toilet. And it required a shower.


To Christa:

Hey Christa, that's awesome! I hope that you're feeling very proud of yourself for talking to your mom. What would have been really funny, is if your mom turned around and told your sister that she had it the wrong way around, that you were going to babysit your sister. LOL Remember what I told you about people hugging you. It's okay to say politely, but firmly that it's not okay to hug you. That includes family members. Hang in there, stay strong, and keep up the good work!

Karen C.

Especially for Brandon, my recent diarrhea sickness

Hi Brandon,

Yeah, pretty rough night is right, Brandon. I didn't have enough to drink to get me sick to my stomach, I think I had just a stomach bug that's been going around lately, which is unusual for summer. It came on suddenly; when we went into the casino I felt fine then not long after I started feeling sick and the next thing I know I was throwing my guts up and having diarrhea. Once I started throwing up is when I regretted having that big shake, that big cheeseburger, and all those carbs earlier that day after my workout--I'm trying to put a few inches of firm muscle in all the right places my thighs and hips, Brandon. I've lost a lot of fat, got too skinny and now trying to put back the right kind of curves onto my figure. Dairy tastes awful coming back up, really bitter and sour and foul smelling. I feel sorry for the young boy they called to clean up where I got sick all over their carpet, and I hope he didn't get sick, too, because I have two sons of my own so I do have a soft spot for boys and I'd never let them clean up my puke.

I sure felt a lot better after I vomited and got my stomach empty, though, and better still after the diarrhea was over. I wanted to give that poor boy a handsome tip but I was told he'd gone home as his shift was over after I got done in the bathroom. I cleaned up my diarrhea in the bathroom stall as best I could before we left.

I sat up most of the night after I got home sipping gingerale outside on the patio, my mouth kept watering and I kept spitting it out onto the ground. After a nap and nicknacking on crackers, garlic, and parmesan cheese I felt lots better by the next evening. The diarrhea had finished but I still had a queasy stomach, mouth kept filling up with lots of spit and I had a headache. Sat outside on the picnic bench just spitting out the saliva and feeling sorry for myself until my friend called and suggested we go shopping to make me feel better, so I got ready, she came over, then we did.

Took some aspirin for the headache and chewed spearmint gum so I wouldnn't have to keep spitting. Went shopping. Bought a new pair of khakis with a matching blouse and a new pair of shoes, yay! Shopping always makes me happy when I'm not feeling good. Went home and colored my hair, trimmed my bangs, and had a long bath, and felt back to my old self next morning after a good night sleep. I did a series of enemas to wash out my stomach and that helped immesurably.

A few cowerkers reported similar stomach problems recently so there might be a bug going around, but I feel alot better now. I owe my friends alot for taking care of me, especially for cleaning my throwup off my shoes and staying with me through the terrible stomach cramps and diarrhea.

By the way, I ended up throwing away those shoes and slacks I'd been wearing anyway because I couldn't get the vomity smell out of the shoes, and the slacks were permantly stained with dark spots from the vomit on the bottoms that splashed. They were khaki and happended to by my favorite pair of pants, but I have a new pair I like even better and I needed a new pair of pumps anyways. Lessons learned==when you're sick wear old jeans and sneakers you don't like! Bye bye Brandon.


Hey, I posted back on page 2378 and I thought I'd make another post. For as long as I can remember, I've been embarrassed about using public toilets for anything except a quick pee. I used to hold it in a lot as a kid, and as a result when I did finally go it would be bigger and... ahem, smellier. But nobody else around me seems to be embarrassed about it like me. They go in public and don't seem to care at all.

I remember once when I was about 15 I went on a camping trip for a week, it was the first time I had been away from home for that long. I hadn't thought about it at the time, but I eventually needed to pee so I went to find the toilets. The toilets were these old outhouse things with a plastic seat and a hole at the bottom.

I didn't think it would be a big deal, but by the end of the fifth day I was starting to really need to go. It kept trying to come out and there were moments I had to sit down and feel it pressing against my pants. Eventually, I decided at lunchtime the next day that I couldn't wait any more. When all the kids went to eat, I made my way to the outhouses. Looking around and seeing nobody, I went inside one.

The smell wasn't great. Obviously other kids didn't mind using these. There wasn't much paper and there was a little stain on the back of the seat where someone must have sat too far back. I groaned and went into the other side, which was a little better. I locked the door with the flimsy little lock and, when I was sure it was closed, put some clumsy toilet paper on the seat.

I quickly pulled my pants down and sat down, the seat creaking a little bit. Immediately I farted a couple of times. I gasped as it started to crackle out. I barely even had to push. After about a minute, two pretty big ones fell into the pile below with a wet plop. I relaxed for a moment. And that's the moment the door swung open on me.

Standing there was a bit of an older kid I knew, looking a bit surprised. I clamped my hands between my legs and said about how someone was in here. He just said "oops, sorry" and shut the door. I could feel my face red. I would have left right then, but I still really needed to use the toilet. I bore down a bit and accidentally farted quite loudly again. I heard someone outside the door talking to the kid, "someone in that one as well?" To which he replied, "yeah, that Jake's having a poo." I could have died... all I could do was finish my business. I heard his friend laugh but then the kid reminded him that he needed one as well and that's why he was here. I wiped myself and stood up. You could tell which ones were mine, they were the fresher ones on the top. It smelled bad... but what could i do? There wasn't any air freshener.

I sighed and opened the door to see them still standing there. I looked away and quickly hurried past them, knowing he was about to walk in and smell what I had done. That was the first time anyone else had ever seen me on the toilet before.

Are there other guys on here who get embarrassed about doing #2 in public?

Tlana- In a situation like you described I'm not really sure what I would pick if both options were available! I have used clogged toilets before and I have used doorless ones too. Neither are particularly pleasant! I have used doorless toilets but only when there were other doorless ones- if there was just one doorless toilet I doubt I would like using it much so I would probably just wait for another one to open or, if I was really desperate, use the clogged one. After all, it's already clogged, it doesn't matter that much if I add to it!

Today I had to do a poo outside! I had eaten quite a lot yesterday and after lunch it was a lovely sunny day so I decided to go for a walk. I walked down near a river not far away and it was lovely and warm. As I walked all the food caught up with me and I started to need to do a number two. I knew it would be big and pretty soon it was getting really urgent. Unfortunately there were no toilets around. It really wanted to come out and I knew I was in trouble, and that I would need to find a secluded spot to take care of my business before it came out in my knickers. It was quite difficult to hold it in and I could feel it trying to come out. I was letting out a few farts to relieve the pressure. I found a clump of trees, and it was pretty dark inside. But they were fairly recently planted and there was no undergrowth, so anyone walking past on the footpath could theoretically look in and see me, but I had nowhere else to go and I had to let it out right away by this point!

I ducked into the woods and went back as far as I could, standing behind one of the trees. I pulled down my shorts and pink knickers, found a good spot, and squatted down, leaning on the tree for support. Really quickly a thick turd began to slide out of me. It got longer and longer and then it broke in half as it continued coming out, the first part falling to the ground. After a few more seconds the rest dropped too. I pushed out a couple of tiny pieces, but most of what I needed to do then came out in the one big log. I decided to take the opportunity to take care of my less pressing urge for a wee as well. A couple of people walked by on the footpath but as far as I know nobody noticed me! I did my wee and stood up. I looked down at what I had done- there was a big log, quite thick and very long, but in two parts since it broke off. Together it was well over a foot long. I didn't feel empty, though. I wiped my bum with the few tissues I had in my bag before pulling up my knickers and shorts and heading back to the path, making sure nobody was looking before I rejoined it!


Nuclear Bomb

My most recent trip to the bathroom, was quite interesting. I just got home from a long hard day at work, and been holding in a big steamer all day. Forgot to poop before dinner to make extra room... Long story short excused myself from the table(With my wife and three loving children). Went in for the pre-shower dukie on the man throne. Proceeded to a fifteen minute poop fest with my Nemesis Vaping mod. After dropping the bomb proceeded to shower post wipe. Wife walks in with the towel, and clothes I forgot to grab before. Door opens I count in my head(1,2,3,4), OMG BRAD its like a nuke in here, I respond huh(playing dumb for humor). It smells like someone set off a nuclear bomb in here what the F!@# did you eat.


To Jennie and Catherine...Responses and thoughts

To Jennie, Having read posts on this site for over 10 years judging by the stories that I have read, Women/ girls tend to have more wetting accidents than their Male/ Boy counterparts However The pooping accidents are an equal opportunity experience it seems that there are just as many stories with women crapping themselves as Men shitting their pants, most of them unwanted. Me for example Have on very rare occasion wet my pants. am not as lucky with A poop accident as I have had a few since being pottie trained and in my adult life Almost all of them happened due to the fact That I Thought I could Hold it Longer than I thought that I could ( there is one story on page 1576) there are others but forget where they are.

To Catherine, Again, Your stories are very well written. Keep them coming. As for the Perfect BM experience as the need arises, Get to a restroom as soon as I can be it at home or out in public, Upon getting comfortable on the toilet, having an effortless, soft voluminous stools that leave my insides virtually empty feeling. a little gas and a Moderate stink is OK, with quality toilet paper and or baby wipes to clean up.

To Jennie

I do believe you're right. In my experience girls pee are much closer to freedom :) I've heard like I laughed so hard I peed a little and sneezed for example. For me as a guy when I really have to go it's more like a pain in my bladder but the pee is far from exit. I don't think I would be able to have an accident even if I wanted to. I also realized that girls tend to go from not needing to go to total panic in a short time, like on a car trip. Very mysterious in my opinion :)

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