two diarrhea accidents

I'm Shannon, i'm 22...a friend told me about this site after a recent incident that I wanna share. I am pretty regular and don't have a lot of poop related drama. I mean like everyone else I've had moments where I needed to go so bad that I was worried I wouldn't make it. I remember when I was 17 I walked home from school one afternoon and I had this building urge to go. It got so bad that my stomach and my buttocks actually hurt. I felt it starting to try and push its way out into my pants before I made it to my house and I actually started crying as I walked home because I was convinced that I was going go have an accident. But I didn't give up, I held on for the dear life of my undies and somehow made it home in time. When I got to the bathroom I pooped a little after I pulled my jeans down and my panties were still on, but I had my cheeks clenched and was still holding it back as best I could and if just kind of smooshed between my cheeks and didn't really get on my panties. I got them down and plopped down on the toilet and had the most relieving dump of my life! I was so glad I made it because my brother who is only a year younger than me had gotten home before me because he had 3 of his friends over and one had a a car, and one of which was in my grade and we hung out occassionally and had many common friends. It was embarrassing enough that they saw me come in with a tear streaked faced and make a desperate dash for the bathroom, I can't imagine how I would never felt if when I came in I pooped my pants in front of them.

That was the closest i ever came to an accident. I've never had any major issues with constipation either and I don't get diarrhea a whole lot...but I must have eaten something that disagreed with me because I wound up with a pretty bad stomach ache a couple times this week and I had not one, but two accidents... the first one was pretty interesting. My stomach felt a little off Tuesday night and I just generally didn't feel well. I didn't feel like i had to go to the bathroom though. I decided to take a hot bath because they usually relax me when I don't feel well, so indeed a bath, got undressed and got in and started to relax...I must have been in for like 5 mins when it very suddenly went from super relaxing to a horrible, horrible moment. As I was sitting there in the tub, I felt my stomach just gurgle and groan and violently rumble and cramp up, and before I could even move I started having the bath.... it made the loudest noise from like farting rapidly against the porcelain and the after like amplified it, and I could just see the water turning brown and cloudy really fast. I was HORRIFIED! I stood up and was trying to stop the flow but it kept coming and could hear it splashing into the tub behind was mostly liquid with a little but of solidity to it. As soon as I stopped going I climbed out and got on the toilet for the next wave...I sat there pooping liquid into the toilet while dripping wet and staring st my cloudy brown poopy bath water, and I just started bawling. My best friend with whom I share an apartment knocked on the door and asked what was wrong. I was too embarrassed to tell her so I just said I wasn't feeling good and I was just really uncomfortable but I'll be OK. She just said OK and left. I am somewhat of a cry baby and I've cried about lesser things than pooping myself in the bath, so she wasn't too concerned. I sat there and tried to calm down, but I was so overwhelmed by the mess in the tub. Once I felt like I was OK to get off the toilet I reached into the gross water in the tub and unplugged the drain pretty much all the brown water just drained normally just leaving a slight layer of residue around the tub that i rinsed off with the showerhead then wiped down with tub cleaner and rinsed again. So it wasn't as bad as I thought...then i of course showered myself, got dressed and took some pepto and went to bed.

I made it through the night OK with the pepto. Wednesday morning I felt fine. Despite my bath pooping incident, I wasn't concerned about the diarrhea anymore and figured it was just a random thing. Mistake...

Perhaps the pepto was just very effective and fooled me into thinking I was OK... I went out with my friend/roommate to get some supplies for school, we're both going into our last year old college. We were at staples and we were in the aisle with all the packs of pens and pencils when I guess the pepto had worn off...same thing as when I was in the tub... a slight,dull ache quickly turned into a violent rumbly gurgling belly and I cramped up and felt incredible pressure in my butt. I immediately clenched my cheeks for the dear life of my undies, and I winced or groaned loudly or something. I put my hand on my stomach and struggled to put down the packs of pens in my other hand and my friend looked at me and saw my face, and was like "omg are you OK?" All I could say was "I gotta go to the bathroom!" And then started to cry. I didn't even make one step before I started pooping my pants. It was hot and watery and came out really fast... I felt the warmth spread across my butt and up toward my back before also spreading over my crotch and into the front of my pants and down my inner thighs. I was wearing Navy blue Capri length leggings that were really tight so I guess that aided the spreading... I also had on these light purple and white striped panties that are made with this super thin fabric so they don't show panty line (innate thongs with a passion) so basically I wasn't exactly dressed properly for pooping my pants. Due to the pants and under west situation and the wetness of my load it didn't take long before it soaked all the wah through. My friend was covering her mouth with shock and was like "Shannon!!! Oh honey are you OK??" I kept crying and shook my head no. She then said "ummm did you pee or poop? It looks like you peed your pants but it seems like..." I just shook my head at her and she stopped talking about it. I never stopped crying as we left the store. We walked by some strangers and I heard my friend tell them i was sick. I heard a lady say "oohh, poor thing...". Anyway I had to sit on bags in the car. I had stopped crying but was like sniffling and hyper ventilating like a little kid for most of the ride. My friend was very sweet to me though and kept rubbing my shoulder as we drove. When I got home I stood on top of a trash bag and stripped my messy leggings and panties off directly into the bag then took a long shower. When I got out I was going to throw the bag out, but I really like those panties and those leggings so I rinsed them off in the sink as best I could then put them in the wash. I took some more pepto and laid down. My friend checked on me and tried to comfort me, and I wound up telling her about the tub incident. She was sympathetic but also told me both accidents are kinda funny and that i should be able to laugh at myself. I definitely found nothing funny about either, but she said later looking back on it I might. She then told me about this place and said sharing here might make me feel better faster.


Woke up with diarrhea-massive dump

Hi all. I posted yesterday about taking a massive dump after a few days of not doing anything substantial. Well around 10:30 this morning I was woken up with the strong urge to go diarrhea. I would have ignored it and gone back to sleep but I didn't want to wake up with a nasty mess in my pants and underwear so I got up and ran downstairs to the bathroom. Was trying really hard to clench my muscles to hold it while grabbing the Garfield comic and pulling down my clothes. Almost lost it but somehow managed to get my clothes down and sat on the toilet. Then a big explosion with tons of farts and splattering: FPPPPPPTTTTTTSPLUTSPLUTSPLUTFPPPPPPPTTTT! It was over within a minute or so but it was a nasty, noisy explosion. I wiped my vagina first after I was done because I knew this would require a lot of toilet paper to get clean and I didn't want to clog the toilet. Instead of a bunch of liquid and chunks like I expected to see in the toilet I saw brown liquid then a HUGE pile of crap on top like cow shit. The bathroom really stunk too. I flushed down the load of poop first then went to work on the wiping job. Once I was done I flushed all the toilet paper down and went back to bed. Whew. Closest I've come to shitting my pants in a long time. And I knew if I did my pants and underwear would have been destroyed.


At Work Today

Well today someone told me that the Men's room needs assistance. I cheeked the two stalls And in the big stall I saw this large turd in the toilet. I started working the crane so it would flush and go down and it wouldn't go anywhere. I found the plunger and it the turd didn't do anything but break up. The water in the toilet would only rise now and almost go out in the floor. So a Woman co worker went to see if she can get it, and see all that brown water in the toilet up to the seat. She managed to get it all down.

Bloated Butt

Pooping Outside

Hey everyone. I know its been a while but I've been super busy lately. But I've got an experience that i'd like to share.

My friend Alicia, who is a total health and exercise nut, finally managed to get me to go jogging with her one day. I personally hate exercise! I'm just not built for it! Alicia is taller and she's way more athletic and toned. I'm shorter and curvier and have tiny shoulders, huge wide hips and a huge butt. I don't have a single athletic bone in my body. But she kept saying that we'd just go to this park near her house and that nobody would even be there, and that it's going to be so nice. So finally I said okay.

It was on Monday that we went (August 11). It was sort of rainy and overcast so nobody was there, just like Alicia said. I hadn't pooped for four days before that day, I think it was on the previous Thursday that I had a BM. So I definitely felt an urge to go but I figured I could hold it until we were done. I was wearing just a white t-shirt and some jogging shorts that I had but never wore before because I NEVER go jogging. So they looked new even though I've had them for a couple of years LOL!

Anyway, we get to the park and get out of the car, and already I'm starting to pass gas. I'm really nervous because I'm dreading this, and I think it was causing my bowels to act up even more. Alicia says that we'll just jog for a minute, then walk, then jog, then walk, because she knows I'm a beginner. So we start jogging and for the first minute I'm doing okay. Then we walk and I'm thinking "This isn't so bad". Then we jog again for another minute, and by now I'm really panting. Alicia is hardly breathing at all. Then we walk again and I'm just counting the seconds until Alicia tells me to jog again, and my heart is pounding. Meanwhile I'm feeling a huge load inside my bowels, and it feels like I've got a huge potato lodged up my rectum.

Then Alicia tells me to start jogging again, but I'm still tired! But I start jogging anyway. By now I'm really uncomfortable! I need to poop really bad and I feel like I'm about to collapse from exhaustion! Plus I'm not wearing a sports bra, so everything is flopping around. The jogging shorts feel really tight on my butt and hips, too. I can feel my big round butt jiggling and bouncing.

I stop running after about twenty seconds and gasp "Sorry" to Alicia. I'm panting and sweating!

Alicia stops jogging, and of course she's not breathing hard at all! "It's okay. We'll let you catch your breath."

We walk for a bit more, and the urge to poop keeps building. By now I feel like I'm going to lay a huge brown egg right in my underwear. I'm clenching my huge buttcheeks and passing these SBDs. Alicia notices me walking kinda funny and asks what's wrong.

"I need to use the toilet..." I confess.

"Oh no!" she says, laughing. "There's no public toilets around here! Is it an emergency?"

I stop walking and let loose a big loud fart. I can feel the tip of a huge thick firm log just barely poke out, and I have to pause and suck it back in. "Yes it is!"

By now we've come up to a short bridge that goes over a creek, and there are handrails that go up to my chest.

"Just go out here. There's nobody around." said Alicia.

"I'm not pooping out here!"

"We haven't seen anyone the entire time" she says. She put her hand on the rail and said, "Here, sit on this rail and poop into the creek."

I look around, and she's right, we were the only ones out there that day. The only other sounds was the breeze going through the trees, and water in the creek, and some birds. Everything was wet because of the recent rain we've been having, and it looked like it was going to start raining again.

"I just don't know..." I say quietly.

"We'll leave after this, I swear", she said. My butt feels like it has a torpedo about to shoot out of it, so I relent. I go over to the rail, my heart pounding.

"Help me climb up onto this", I say, lowering my jogging shorts to mid-thigh. Alicia lifts me up and seats me on top of the wooden railing, with my huge soft round butt hanging over the side and spreading out as I settle down onto the firm wood. Alicia's head comes up to my chest, and she has both hands on my wide hips. My hands are on her shoulders.

"Oh God, please don't let me fall!" I say nervously. It wasn't a steep drop but I did NOT want to fall and get wet.

"I've got you, sweetie" she says. She looks up at me expectantly, "Just poop."

My heart is pounding. I'm all sweaty, and I can feel the breeze against my exposed butt and hips. I've got goosebumps. I've got to poop so bad, but I'm petrified! I've never done anything like this before! And I keep feeling like I'm going to fall.

"I'm scared".

"I'm not going to let you fall. Nobody's around. Just push!"

I start pushing slightly and I feel my anus bulge out. I squeeze Alicia's shoulders and grunt a little. She presses her fingers into my hips and sides of my butt starts rubbing them.

"Is that supposed to help me poop?" I ask, smiling.

"Is it working?"

I nod and go "Mm-hmm". I keep pushing and my massive log starts coming out a little more. I squeeze her shoulders harder as I push, but its so wide and firm that it only comes out a little bit. I was already tired and out of breath from jogging, but now I'm panting again because of this huge poop.

I stop pushing and catch my breath. I'm dripping with sweat. I lean down until my face is next to Alicia's. "I'm so tired..."

"C'mon, honey. We'll stop after this, okay?" said Alicia. She moves her hands towards my immense pillowy buttcheeks and starts squeezing them.

"Okay..." I say and start pushing again. The log comes out some more, and I guess because I was so nervous, it actually comes a little easier now. It starts coming out faster, widening as it does so. I feel my anus stretch as it comes out, like I'm pushing out a massive thick potato. I close my eyes and moan, because it felt so good to push this huge poop out. I can feel the heavy weight of it as it starts to hang low from my butthole, exposed to the open air. Then it comes all the way out and falls down into the creek with a loud splash. The relief was amazing!

"Bet that feels good, huh?" said Alicia.

I nod but immediately I feel another huge pressure building up in my butt. I fart loudly and push some more, and start plopping out more poop. Alicia spreads my voluptuous buttcheeks wide apart, squeezing them, and it helps me poop some more. It feels heavenly! I grunt as I push it all out. "Oh god this feels goooooooood...." I moan softly. I lean forward and put all of my weight on her shoulders.

Finally its all out of me. I feel kind of dizzy because of all the exertion. "I'm done" I say weakly.

"There's no toilet paper, sorry." said Alicia. She lowers me back down. "Wow, you feel a lot lighter", she says, laughing.

"Shush...". I pull my underwear and jogging shorts back up. "Oh god my underwear is going to have stains on them."

"Let's go back to the car" said Alicia, and starts walking back the way we came. I asked her to carry me because I was so tired.

"I'm not carrying you!"

"Please? I'm so tired. I can barely walk", and it was true. My legs felt like jello! And then I added, "I'm pooped."

She finally gave in and gave me a piggy-back ride. We must've looked funny if anyone saw us, but nobody was around! I thanked her so much as she carried me back. Its a good thing we left when we did because it was actually starting to rain again. We reached her car and got in just as it started to pour.

"Phew! I'm pooped!" I exclaimed as she started up the car.

"Yeah I know, you keep saying that".

Alicia drove me home and then I went in and took a long hot shower and put my clothes in the wash. My boyfriend asked how our jog went and I told him I never wanted to do that again. I felt so tired and worn out! I was actually a little sore the next day (Tuesday). Alicia called me later and asked me if I wanted to jog again, and I said "No way, let's go get something to eat instead". I love food.

Anyway, that's what's happened recently. Hope you all enjoyed it. One final thing: RIP to Robin Williams. That was so sad :(

I saw something the other day that might amuse you all.I was driving along a busy main road in a built up area of town,Along the road were small shops you know, convenience stores,hairdressers and so on.
Coming out of one of the convenience store was a young guy aged about 20.He was carrying two plastic shopping bags with handles.He had obviously been in the store for some groceries.The guy was dressed in shorts,light blue ones with a thin white stripe down each side, you know like soccer shorts and a trakkie top.As traffic slowed i got nearer to him as he went towards the kerb.Suddenly he started to shake his left leg like he was doing the hokey cokey or something and a round turd light brown in colour dropped out on the flags.Then he started to shake his right leg and a similar size round turd dropped out of that leg and rolled a bit before it stopped.His friend who was with him appeared oblivious to what had happened as he was concentrating on the traffic as he was about to cross the road.I never saw anything like it in my life.
It made me wonder what the damage was in his pants.Then i thought he must have been wearing boxer shorts with wide legs and it just dropped straight down each leg without much sticking to them.
But the accident could have been much worse especially if it had dropped in his shopping bag i thought, as each bag was about level with the bottom of his shorts.Imagine having to sort that lot out if the turd had fallen amongst his spuds.That would have been a surprise for him when he got home and started to empty his shopping.


Giant dump

Hi all. Haven't posted here in about a week because I've had nothing substantial going on with my bowels lately. I've had tiny poops or small bouts of the runs but nothing substantial. No *good* poops in about 4-5 days so my stomach has been more swollen than normal. Not constipated per se since I have been going (soft poops) but nothing major at all. Until now. I felt a major urge about 10 minutes ago that made me run to the bathroom because I had to go so bad and I knew it was going to be big since I haven't done a good poop in days despite a good diet, plenty of exercise, lots of water and coffee and the stool softeners and laxative taken each day. I had to hurry and try to pull my pants and underwear down, quickly grab the Garfield comic and sit before I lost control. I got my butt on the toilet just in time. And my god, did I ever shit! What felt like a painful, hard poop (though it was soft as usual) came out just like that, within a minute. What a relief! It felt like I lost 10 lbs. It was a GIANT, wide pile of crap all curled up on itself twice! Had to have been at least 5 lbs worth of crap considering how many days I haven't gone properly. Man! I wiped my vagina first and threw it in the bowl with the giant shit pile. I flushed first before I started wiping with the amount of toilet paper I needed. Took a lot of wiping before I was clean enough to pull up my white stripey underwear without getting skidmarks in them. Then I flushed twice more. Once to get all the toilet paper down then again to get rid of the huge amount of shit left behind by my huge soft shit. I feel a lot better but my stomach probably still has more in there because it still feels a bit hard. Maybe another good shit is brewing in there. I'll keep up the water and coffee drinking and see how it goes.

Happy pooping! I know mine has been. And my farts have been really nasty as usual, stinking up the entire room. PU lol. Luckily no "sharts" though.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Korean Girl as always another great set of stories it sounds like you had a major cleanout and luckily you made it to the toilet in time and great live post to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stephanie great set of stories it sounds like the 3 of you all really had to poop pretty badly and great story about your big poop later on and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Angela first welcome to the site and great set of stories it sounds like in your first you were kind of desperate and that was a nasty thing for your brother to do and I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

To: Barefootergirl great farting story it sounds like you both had a lot of fun.

To: Accident Prone Girlfriend as always another great set of stories.

To: Violet first welcome to the site and great story.

To: Kye great set of stories it sounds like you an interesting few days and I bet August was really thankful to you to.

To: Jemma great set of stories it sounds like you gave them really great and also pretty desperate shows.

Well that all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Saturday, August 16, 2014


I returned to school after summer on Wednesday. Because im 17 and in my final year of school, I now have quite a few free periods.

Well, on the first day back, I was sitting in the social area with my friends and my best friend Clare who I've written about on here before. at around 12 o'clock, Clare got up and said she was going to the loo before walking across the hall into the girls bathroom. Some of the group had just been 10 minutes ago and I was needing a pee and thought I would wait until lunch because frankly I was being too lazy to get up!

10 minutes after Clare went to the toilet my mobile phone rang. I looked at the screen and saw it was Clare. I answered it and heard Clare's voice echoing in the bathroom, she said "Lara, don't announce this to the girls but can you come to the toilet?" I sort of laughed and asked her what she was on about before she answered with "im having a poo and I need toilet roll, can you be a gem and bring me some?" I laughed and told her I'd be right over, I just told the other girls that it was my little brother on the phone and I was going for a pee.

I walked over to the toilets and went in. I saw that 3 cubicles were occupied. I went into the first cubicle on my left and rolled off lots and lots of loo roll and took it with me. I then had to find what cubicle Clare was in. I kneeled down on the floor and looked under the lines of cubicles. On the right hand side I saw a girl in a pair of trousers and another in a pair of tights. on the left hand row, I saw another pair of tights and I knew that this was Clare due to how they were sitting and the shape of the calves. she was in the furthest away cubicle.

As soon as I got to her cubicle, Clare opened the door and gestured me to come in. Her skirt was rolled up and her tights and white pants at her knees. there was definitely a smell of poo inside the cubicle. I gave her the toilet roll and stood in front of her, she thanked me and looked so relieved. I asked her if she was finished with her poo as she was just peeing now to which she replied "no im gonna push quickly". suddenly she put her hands on her thighs and made a strained face which then relaxed when a gassy lump of poo popped out of her bum into the pan.

She now began to pull bits off the loo roll and lean on her left thigh to wipe her bum. she said that she just came in, sat down and started doing the toilet before she realised there was no toilet roll. she wiped her bum 7 times and her front once. She then stood up to sort her knickers and tights and skirt.

She offered me the pan to sit on and I elected just to pee on top of her mess rather than flush. I was wearing a skirt and knee socks to I just reached up my skirt to pull my white pants to my knees before placing my bum on the loo.

I let my bladder flow and my pee came out fast. this stream went for about 40 seconds and in-between times, a big airy fart came out. As we were talking Clare asked "when was your last poo?" I answered truthfully with "last night before I went to bed, when was yours before that one?" she replied with "ehm..before football training on Monday night".

I finished my pee and wiped before flushing the toilet and washing our hands.


Holiday Update

Hi its John B.

Just an update on my holiday no 2s. I have been pooping at a phenomenal rate twice and sometimes three times a day! All well formed solid logs. The first session at my usual time of 9.30 is producing about 4/5 turds of about 8". The second session has usually been within one hour of lunch (shades of you Megan) and sometimes a third session around eightish! All solid with a minimal amount of wiping. My wife's output has been similarly prolific too!

In the cottage we've rented it has a rather old fashioned toilet pan which affords a great kersplunkability!

Will post again soon when circumstances permit. Hope you liked my update?

Take care all

John B

Yesterday I went shopping in town. While I was out looking around I needed to go for my number two. I made my way to the toilets in the shopping centre and went in. It smelled like they had just been cleaned. I was not the only woman taking advantage of the newly clean loos, either. Two of the three cubicles were already occupied and I took the third, in between the others. The toilet was sparkling clean! I pulled down my skirt and green knickers to my feet and took a seat. I could hear a couple of plops from the other cubicles that told me both of their occupants were doing poos, taking advantage of the clean toilets. I could see both of them had their trousers at their feet.

I did a short wee and then joined in, pushing out a soft turd of my own. After a minute someone came in and stood waiting. I made another plop in the toilet, and my neighbours both did the same. The woman waiting seemed a bit impatient that we were all going poo, tutting a little- I guessed she needed the loo badly. After a couple of minutes someone else came in and joined the queue. The woman to my left wiped and flushed, being replaced by the woman waiting. I heard her quickly sit and start to wee strongly- no wonder she had been impatient, she must have had a full bladder and been holding her wee.

She finished a minute later and was replaced by the other woman who was waiting. I saw her trousers and red knickers appear at her feet as she sat down. Like me she was taking advantage of the clean toilets to take care of her poo. I heard two plops from her as I made another one of my own. I needed to do a fart- before I could let it out, the new arrival did a quite loud fart of her own! I did mine and all three of us unloaded a turd each. I did another, and so did the woman to my left, and then I was done. I wiped my bum, flushed, pulled up my skirt and left the other two women to their number twos!

korean girl

new story and live post

I have a new story. I was at my house when I got a strong urge to take a dump. I went to my bathroom and pulled my pajama bottoms and panties down and sat on the toilet. I immediately started having diarrhea that made lots of plopping sounds. It was over within five seconds. I wiped and was done, or so I thought. 15 minutes later I got another urge this time much stronger I went to the toilet only to shit out some oily type stuff. Very small amount. Wiped and was done. Or so I thought. 5 minutes later got the strongest urge went to bathroom and started having loud apple sauce texture diarrhea. I t was loud and had lots of gas too. It stopped then I let out a long fart that had lots of shit in it. I felt like a lot came out but when I looked didn't look like much. I wiped and flushed. When I flushed it pushed my pile and I saw that I actually did shit a large amount. That was a few days ago tho now I have a feeling to go. Thought I would try live post. Just sat down with laptop on lap. Letting out a long airy fart. Another one and another. I feel my poo coming out. Feels good and is soft don't have to push. I can hear it making crackling sounds and three small plops. Done going to push was able to get a few small pieces out. Now peeing. Looked and toilet has small pieces of shit at bottom. Smells.

Catherine: thank you, I appreciate your sympathy and words of encouragement. I'm certainly not going to let it prevent me from moving on with my career. I agree that those two clients of mine definitely knew what happened... I did everything I could to hide my accident from them but there is only so much you can do in that situation. Confirmation that they know what happened is that I still haven't heard back from them...the professional thing for me to do would be to reach out to them and ask if they had any interest in any of the places we looked at, but personally I would be fine with never having to see or talk to them embarrassed!

Jemma: while I appreciate your admiration, I definitely wouldn't say I had the courage to let go in public like that, lol! I fought it as hard as I could. I was trying to NOT let go in public, but I simply couldn't hold it in anymore. I also can hold it in for a pretty long time. I usually do. It may not seem so from the story but I had been needing to go pretty badly for a few hours prior to my accident.

Anyway, as horrific of an experience as it was, life moves on as normal afterwards obviously...and at least no one I see often or who is a part of my life knows about it (well except my sister because I told her what happened lol. We're close though, but more on my sister in a minute). I think the only lasting effects have been each morning when I've woken up, I have this total feeling of peace like it's a brand new day until at some point during the morning I remember "oh yeah, I pooped my pants in front of some clients the other day" and a wave of anxiety and discomfort washes over my body. It's almost like I feel tainted now. Its like a different world to me now and life will never be the same haha, I used to live in a world where having an accident like that was never a concern. But now that it happened, it's like I've crossed over and now I keep consciously thinking throughout the day "oh god I hope I don't need to go to the bathroom at an inconvenient time at all today...I might poop in my pants..." it's crazy how just one experience can make you think like that. But I suppose the further I get away from it the less I'll have that anxiety.

About my sister, she's 3 years younger than me and is slimmer with lighter hair. Her name is Allison. Anyway when I told her what happened she was equally amused and sympathetic, and was very sweet and reassuring to me and said it coukdt happen to anyone. Then she confessed to her own accident story! She told me during midterms in her 3rd year in college, she had to poop during her abnormal psych exam. It was a long exam and when it was over she really was desperate to go. She made the I'll fated decision to try and make it back to her dorm which was a pretty good walk. From the building she had the exam in. Needless to say she was about a half block from her dorm when she couldn't hold it anymore and wound up pooping her pants walking down the sidewalk. She said she just sagged her back pack down to cover her butt and powered forward to her room, stating st the ground the whole time and didn't make eye contact with anyone she passed. Luckily she lived alone that year. She said it was solid but a lot, and on her walk back it squished and spread all over and it was very hard to clean up. She didn't think anyone ever knew about it and hadn't planned on telling a soul until I shared my accident with her. It made me feel a little better. She said she had the same thing where after it happened she would randomly think of it from time to time and just be like "oh god! I DID that??"


Two huge dumps in a day

So this week is my last week of summer classes, and I think the stress of finals is catching up to my stomach. Yesterday (Monday) I was taking notes in Chem class when I felt a strong urge to poop. Class wasn't nearly over, so I had to excuse myself to the hallway ladies room. There were four stalls, with the second to the left being taken by a girl who was also taking a dump and already stinking the place up. I would soon be adding my own odors to the room. I took the first stall, next to the other girl, pulled my skirt up and panties down, and immediately let out a humongously loud fart, letting the other girl know my intentions. (My dumps are usually rather gassy.) The other girl crackled out what sounded like a very long log, and tailed it off with a loud fart of her own. Then she said, "Oh, excuse me!" with a chuckle. Seizing the opportunity to talk, I said, "Don't worry, I'm doing the same thing here." She replied with "I've been here for 10 minutes with a stomachache, I hope my teacher didn't notice." I told her "Spend as much time as you want, who am I to judge. Hope you feel better," and went back to concentrating on my own dump. After I let out a few more booming farts, the last of which almost drew another laugh from my neighbor, I pooped out a series of about 4 6-inch bananas. I thought I was done and reached for the toilet paper, but then a cramp hit me and I realized I was going to spew out some diarrhea. I doubled over, let out a loud diarrhea fart, and pooped a bunch of liquid mush in the bowl. The chick next door started to wipe, I think she had to three times, before she said to herself, "I doubt this will all go down." She actually left without flushing, and as she left another girl came in. So the new girl wouldn't get mad, my old neighbor warned, "Don't go in that stall!" The new girl asked "Why not?" and my neighbor said, "Okay, a little embarassing, but I just took a huge dump in there and it'll never flush." The new girl started actually walking over to the toilet next to me, and my neighbor jokingly screamed "No, don't look! It's too embarassing!" The new girl said, "Damn, girl, you must have been holding that for days!" My neighbor said, "I took a laxative, I was constipated." The new girl said, "I'm impressed. I hope I can poop that much right now, I have to get rid of this stomachache." She went into the third stall as my neighbor said, "It's all yours." My stomach was still a little unsettled, but I thought I should go back to class, I had been out for a while. I looked in the toilet, saw a whole bunch of solid poop, some diarrhea-like liquid, and some poop-colored bits on the top. I had plenty of wiping to do, so I flushed the toilet first. While I was wiping, the new girl started pooping noisily two stalls down, with many plops and farts. It took me about 5 wipes to get all clean.

Later in the day, after my class and my workout at the University Gym, I went to Trader Joe's to stock up my fridge. As I walked in, I started to feel a little gassy again, and on the down escalator to the basement (where the groceries are) I let out a long loud fart that I hope no one heard. I realized I needed to poop again very badly. I made a beeline for the store ladies room, where one of two stalls was taken. She was probably also pooping, but I didn't hear anything out of her. I ran in to the other stall, ripped my panties down and lifted my skirt up, sat down, and immediately let out another loud, and very smelly fart. I started pushing out a huge log this time, it was certainly over a foot long. It took about 15 seconds for it to plop out of my tush into the toilet. I continued to sit there, not wanting to have to poop again later, since I knew there was more in there. The other woman was still silent next door, aside from the occasional soft grunt.

A new woman came in, and waited in front of the toilets. After waiting about 30 seconds, she began to say in a British accent, "It's very inconsiderate of you two to hog the-" before she was stopped by another loud fart from my behind. Getting that gas out was like pulling out the cork, as 3 big logs uncontrollably plopped out of me, with another involuntary fart at the end. I realized I was now done, and had no more poop left in me, although my butt was a mess. The other woman, who had been silent, finally splashed out what sounded like a huge boulder in her toilet, she must have been constipated. After four wipes, I tried to flush my large and smelly load down, but I should have learned from my old neighbor's wisdom, and it did not budge. I told the English lady so, and in anger, but nothing she could really do about, she left without waiting for the other stall. I quickly washed my hands, feeling much better, bought my groceries, and went home.

I wonder what caused me to poop so much today. I normally have a fast metabolism, but I didn't eat an abnormally large amount, and I wasn't particularly constipated! Anyhow, an intersting day on the toilet front for me, to say the least!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Hillary great story about you and Kelly's pooping contest it sounds like you both really had to poop and a lot to from the sound of it and I bet you both felt great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: BarefooterGirl great fart story it sounds like you could win some farting contests.

To: Jeamma great story about your desperate poops it sounds like you had a couple close calls and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tlana great story it sounds like you both really had to poop.

To: Annie great story as always.

To: Tiara great story it sounds like you and your sister both really had to poop.

To: Bill F as always another great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hello everyone my name is Anglea I'm 18 years old just graduated high school going into my first year of college. I have beena long time reader but never posted. But I finally decided to posti don't have a lot of stories I have maybe one or two but I do have some interesting poops sometimes.also I get diarrhea a lot so. Anyways I will give you a little description of me before I start . I have wavy hair that is light brown I have a nice butt and a fit body ( played basketball for my high school ) also I'm tall.

Ok so here it gose. The other morning I had drunk two bottles of water and ate some dried fruit I then decided to go out for a run and as I was running I bent over beacuse I got tired and need to catch my breath and when I bent over I felt liquid rush into my underwear with out any notice it just came out . I started panicking beacuse I was about 3 miles from my house and it was starting to seek throught to my pants and I felt like I had to go more. I clenched my butt and started to walk back to my house with every step the mess in my pants becoming more and more gross it felt like it had bits of corn or something in it beacuse it was poking me. I was about a mile away from my house when I felt the urge this time since it is mostly farm land around where I live there wasn't many places I could go but I found this old barn and I squated behind it and pulled my black leggings down I looked at my underwear it wasn't to bad but it looked and smelled disgusting. I then pused and it felt like watery toothpaste comming out of my butt I farted really loud and a few chunks fell after that I just squated there for awhile incase I needed to go more but I didn't and since my pants where already a mess I just pulled them up and began to walk back. When I got home I didn't have to go again or for the rest of the day but I did feel wired I don't know what made it happen . Anways needless to say I ended up tossing my underwear out .

Ok so this is another story I have from the awhile back. So I live in a family with five brothers I ave two older ones ( 21, 23) and three younger brothers ( 16, 14 , 9 ) and as guys they think poop and farts are funny also pulling pranks and me being the only girl I always seem to be the target . So anyways it was a few years ago and it was during the fall . Anyways I had gotten home from my after school activity and no one was home beacuse one of my brothers had a football game and there was a plate of chocolate chip cookies on the table and me being me I just had to take one or maybe three so I got my cookies and some milk and ate them all. I then went out with some friends and then I slept over my one friends house during the night my stomach started hurting and cramping I figured it was something I had ate and it would go away so I went back to sleep the next morning my stomach was hurting even worse and I had to go to the bathroom so I got up everyone was still sleeping and I went to the bathroom I farted a few times and then liquid was pouring out of my ass it burned so bad and my stomach was hurting so much. I was finally done I wiped and went back with my friends they where up now so we all had breakfast beacuse I was feeling better so anways after that my mom picked me up and when I got home my stomach was hurting again and I went up to my bathroom that is in my room and I let out wave after wave of diarrhea I couldn't get off the toliet for like two hours I kept flushing a lot and it stunck do bad anyways after I was done my brother was standing in my room and he made a joke about me pooping so much and then he confessed that those cookies had laxatives in them I was so mad at. Him but I didn't get a chance to yell at him beacuse I had to go the bathroom again but after that the next week I got revenge on him and he ended up shitting him self at his football practice so we where even.

Sorry if they weren't that good I promise better ones but right now I'm busy packing for college and getting things ready so after that I should have more time to write more but I just really wanted to post something :) also any request on post ??


To Brianna

Hey, it could be worse. There's a video on youtube of a woman reporter who has a major diarrhea accident on camera. You don't see much until she turns around to go into the building behind her, and that's when it happens. I posted a story a while back where I ended up having a major diarrhea accident, or at least a very soft poo in my pants. The only good thing was that I was probably never going to see the people that were anywhere around again. It actually happened twice, the second time while trying to find a bathroom and got refused at one place because of store policy and the guy was afraid of losing his job. Well it was shortly after I got back into my car and headed to the gas station that he told me about. Then I had a tangle with the attendant when someone else wanted the bathroom, and he actually had another key and apparently was planning to open the door. :-O He yelled at me for using up the toilet paper and more. And to think, I WAS going to buy more bags and toilet paper and take care of the situation.


Pooping in the woods while picking berries

This summer I have been working for some weeks with picking berries in the woods. We are a quite large group working together. Mostly students from different countries but also some local mature women. Our boss is a woman 50+. Every day we start quite early (at 7 am) and finish about 5-6 pm. During the day we have several breaks but we do not leave the woods. Already the first day I discovered that we had no access to a toilet. At lunch time I had to relieve myself and asked the boss for the toilet. She said that there were no toilets but that there was toilet paper in the lunch basket in the car and one just had to find some place to hide. At first I tried to put off the urge but during afternoon the need became so strong that I just had to go. I took some paper and went well away from the others before squatting and carrying out my duty. The first days <I wondered if I was the only one to poop in the woods. But as days went I discovered that many others did. I have seen some squatting and I have observed poop and used paper. Once I have even observed our boss squatting in the bushes with her shorts at her knees. I guess many of us do it because we start so early in the morning that it is difficult to get it done before work. But I have heard nobody comment it.


Fartsy in the bath

So I was taking a bath with my girlfriend and, as we often do, we had a very long farting contest.
Every few seconds, one of us would squeeze out a burst of bubbles, our exchange of gas went on for over an hour as we chatted and cleaned ourselves.
Before we drain the water and leave we each push as hard as possible to rip one last fart, she lets off a really nice one, mine is very long but I accidentally squirt out some diarriah and I'm so embaressed I almost started to cry.
She gave me a hug and I felt better as we got out.
As we're in the living room drying off, she notes that be both really stink after the bath and we need a shower later. :O

accident prone girlfriend continued

Back with the latest on my girl. First though wanted to say to Brianna: I'm sorry about your embarrassing pants pooping accident while working. That seems to be one of the more embarrassing possible situations, to have an accident in your pants at work. Look on the bright side though at least it was only in front of clients who you may never see again or at least eventually won't need to see anymore so you won't have to deal with that awkwardness of facing them when they know of your accident. Imagine if you made it past that showing and tried to make it back to your office, but when you got there you wound up pooping your pants in front of colleagues before reaching the bathroom! When it comes to doing that at work I think my girl has it pretty rough- she's messed in her pants in the office twice in the past year- you can read the stories in my previous posts- and now she's been upset and self conscious for days because she's afraid her coworkers are suspecting that she regularly has accidents and she feels humiliated and doesn't want to go back to work right now. The accident she had last Monday she thought she got away with, but apparently one of the girls in her office noticed her urgently hustling to the bathroom, being gone a while, then returning to her desk and getting clean panties and wipes out of her bag and then going back to the bathroom, so the lady put two and two together and figured out she had an accident. it was one of the same ladies that saw her in the hallway earlier this year when she'd pooped her pants just prior to leaving work and it was obvious and my girlfriend had to actually acknowledge the fact that she pooped herself and tried to play it off as a funny mishap. Later in the week after her more recent work-accident she overheard that woman mentioning "I think she shit her pants AGAIN the other day" but then couldn't hear anything else, but she was 99% sure they were talking about her, then later thought she heard the girl saying "she has spare underwear in her purse..."

So that's basically what I came to write about today, my girl's latest anxiety about people at work knowing she has accidents. She said she's way too nervous now of it happening again at work and it becoming what she's known for and she's a target for ridicule. I told her "OK well stop pooping your pants at work then" and she got mad and asked me if I knew the meaning of the word accident. I told her I knew she couldn't help it both times it happened there but that she knows there are ways she needs to prevent it. I just stressed that she needs to really make sure she goes in the morning before work so it's less likely she'll need to go during the day. I even took an idea from something i read on here and I told her to set an alarm on her phone to go off every 2 hours or so that will just remind her to consciously think about whether she feels like she has to poop or not, because another big part of the problem is she ignores and forgets about mild urges because she's caught up in other things then she doesn't think of it again until it becomes very urgent and she's in danger of messing her pants. She seemed embarrassed by that idea but conceded it was probably worthwhile to do and so she set up "poop alarms" to go off during her work day. She said she felt like I was trying to potty train a toddler, and I replied that if I could successfully potty train my adult girlfriend then I'll be a pro by the time we have a baby. She laughed but also got bright red and groaned and buried her face in her arm. She said "maybe by the time I have a kid I will have stopped crapping my pants on the reg, but of course with everything giving birth does to a woman down there the pants peeing will get way worse probably." I said "well I guess that's not the worst thing as long as you get the pooping under control." She agreed and decided that she felt confident about going back to work after making a game plan to avoid pooping her pants there again.

Then something..not sure if ironic is the word..we'll just day interesting... something interesting happened. Last nigtt for the first time in a really long time she wet the bed. We werr waking up and when I got out of bed she was sitting up staring forward looking distraught. I asked what was up and she sighed and said "um, I wet myself." I just said "oh damn." She was reluctant to get up for a second and I told her she could go get in the shower and I'd strip the bed. She got up and there was a big oval shaped wet spot on the sheets that was like 2 feet from top to bottom and 1 foot across. She had light green panties on but they were all dark green on her butt and her tank top was wet halfway up her back. I didn't make a big deal out of it but she felt like trying to explain herself and told me she probably did it because she was anxious about returning to work today and in the past high anxiety caused her to bed wet. She told me the time she wet the bed sleeping on her aunt's couch it was probably because she was really anxious about possibly wetting the bed. She remembered taking a long time to fall asleep that night because she was worried about it happening even though she hadn't done it in over a month at that time. anyway, she got showered and dressed and I put the wet bedding and clothes in the wash and wished her luck for a good day at work. So far i haven't gotten any distress calls from her. she should be just leaving for lunch around now so hopefully she goes I'd she has to during the break.


My co-worker Jenny

Hi everyone. I have been a long time reader but never had anything to post before. Everyone on here is so wonderful I thought maybe you guys can help me with a problem I am having.

First, some background. My name is Violet and I am an attorney at a big law firm. Recently, my office has been under construction. This rendered an entire floor uninhabitable, so all the associates have to share offices temporarily. My office mate is named Jenny. She is new to the office and I never really interacted with her. My office is not very large, so our desks are pretty much pushed together, eliminating all privacy.

The first day of office sharing, Jenny and I were strategizing about a case when I noticed she was really fidgety, She kept bouncing around, crossing her legs, sitting on her heel, basically all the usual things people do when trying to hold their pee. It got to the point she was basically doing a full on pee dance. I thought maybe she was shy and did not want to tell me she needed a break so I told her that I needed a break and we could resume in a bit. I went downstairs to grab a cup of coffee and when I got back, Jenny was still holding her pee. I was shocked she had not went to the bathroom while I was gone. I ignored her and we continued working until she yelled she needed to take a pee and waddled out to the bathroom.

This has happened almost every day now. Jenny will clearly need to pee, will do everything possible to hold it in, and then run to the bathroom when she cannot hold it anymore. I have not said anything because I don't know what to say to a grown woman who keeps doing this. I understand people who enjoy pee holding (I am one and often hold my pee util the last minute, but not at the office, especially in front of people.)

Yesterday, it was the same thing. Jenny seemed more desperate than usual and was rocking back and forth in her chair with her legs crossed. I ignored her and sat at my desk typing some emails. All of a sudden, Jenny jumped up and said she was going to pee herself if she did not pee right then. I expected her to run to the bathroom like usual, but instead she pulled up her dress and squatted right there. She was peeing on my office carpet! She peed and peed for what felt like forever. I could hear the hissing sound and see it splattering into my carpet, leaving a huge puddle. Afterwards she casually sat back at her desk like nothing had happened. She saw me just looking at her and told me it was just pee and that the carpet would dry.

Today when I came into work, there was a huge stain and my whole office smelled like pee. I don't know what to do. I know I need to tell my boss before he sees the stain,but what an award conversation to have. I also don't know what to say to Jenny. She came in like nothing had happened and when I came back from lunch, I found her sitting on the trash can having her pee. Afterwards she left it for the cleaning lady to empty.


To Hillary

Your pooping contest sounds pretty cool. I like your high-fiber strategy.
Just wondering if you actually held it for the four days that you were eating all that stuff.

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