pooed in public shower

Hello, PooSlino here, back.

So I was taking a shower in a public shower she I felt a sudden and strong urge to poo. I turned off the water and began to dry off. I was too late. Poo started falling out of my butt. Then a man opened the curtian. "oh sorry I didn't know you were in th" he cut off suddenly when he saw me pooing. The other guys came over to see what was wrong. My poo was welcomed by a staring and pointing crowd.

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Friday, August 22, 2014



So for the last couple of days I have been eating pretty well. Lots of fruit and vegetables as well as protein. Not suprisingly, my poops have been well in return. I've been pooping everyday since Monday, and now it's something I look forward to now. Although I find myself eating a lot constantly now.

So I want to tell you a story about my buddy dump (that I actually enjoyed, just maybe)

I was changing for sport again as usual, after school, when my friend Chip heads to the loo. I look at the toilet stall, then clench my stomach,I knew it was time to poop.

I headed to the handicapped stall and sat down, and I saw Chip slide his shorts down as well. I heard a few low-pitched farts from him then a small plop.

Whilist hearing him poop, I decided to get finished on my own poop. One push and it was out, maybe a plop or two more but nothing else but that. It felt like I had diarrhea, and it certainly smelled like it so I turned around to see a very large turd circling the bowl. It was about an inch across but it was very long. It was like one huge turd that had been broken up but still connected. I decided to not flush my creation and just leave it for the next person to enjoy or flush.

By this time, Chip had flushed and left so I went along with my day relieved and happy!!


My Perfect Poop...What's Your Perfect Poo?

I'm sorry I've had nothing exciting to contribute lately! I've been super busy!

Today I had an awesome bowel movement. I had finished doing my hair and makeup when the urge hit. I let it build for a few minutes before I realized that I needed to get on the toilet in a hurry. When I sat down, the pressure built. I gave a slight push to get things moving. What happened next was a constant 2-inch thick log of semi-soft stool coming out effortlessly. It curled in the bowl, making a swirl. It made a strong but healthy poop smell. When I inspected the product, it was a cardboard brown colored snake, coiled on top of the hole in the toilet. I had to take a picture! Two wipes and I was clean.

That was the perfect part. It took three flushes to get it down!

I go twice a day, and I had not eaten more or less - just a normal poop on schedule that turned out to be pretty enjoyable.

Which brings me to the question - what is everyone's perfect trip to the bathroom?



Hey Tlana

in my school, we only have hand-driers to dry your hands with so I couldn't have brought her any brown paper towels.

If I had checked every single cubicle for her, I would have asked the people all ready in cubicles if they had any. if I didn't get any there then I would have asked a boy to go into the boys room for me I think.

If the worst came to the absolute worst then I would tell Clare that she may have to use either her tights or underwear which she could then just flush away.

hope that answers your question. Bye x

I have 2 stories now but will give them one at a time. One is about my fun with my friends at hot spring last week, and other is yesterday, Monday. Today is yesterday's story.

Yesterday I had to go to the loo while I was at work. I tried to go in the morning but no luck, I didn't know why as I didn't go at all on Sunday.

In the afternoon I suddenly began to feel the feeling in my butt which everyone knows. It got stronger very quickly and I knew I couldn't wait till break time. Fortunately I wasn't meeting customer or teaching class or anything such like that. So I went into loo in office. It has six stalls there, one is Japanese style where we squat, others are Western style. All empty so I took Western one.

Lucky that I took Western one. I bared my bottom quickly and sat down and immediately very very loud BRRRUPPP from my bottom. Only took one second! I weed and then did some more motions, very soft. Then I got up because smell was very strong.

Back wall of toilet bowl was completely covered with a brown puree. I did all that in one second??? If I went into Japanese loo I do it all on wall! There were some motions at bottom of toilet water but not so much.

I flushed at once, I didn't want puree to dry up and be hard to cleaning. I don't like to leave skid mark. My friend Hisae HATE skid mark! After flush I sat down again, smell was not so strong after flush but I try hard to cover top of toilet completely with my bottom, fortunately I have quite big bottom, not very big but enough to completely close up top of loo. I decided to empty my bottom completely so I stayed long time, two women came in and used other loos, one pooped I think. They didn't say "Mina are you there?" so maybe they didn't know it was me. I did many more motions until I was empty, so about 13 minutes, that's my usual time! and this time all motion dropped into water with bururururu sound, I looked and side of loo was clean. So I washed my butt and dried with hot air and then paper.

Doing motion at work is not so bad when loo is clean. I never hurry but no one complain if I take too long time. But actually in my now workplace, I've done motion only three times, I think. Each time diarrhea, and each time about 10 minutes and other women come and go while I still there doing more and more motion. Workplace loo is OK but I like home loo best.

Happy loo time to all you.


Please answer these questions about peeing.

1. When you pee, does it come out in a trickle, spray, or stream?

2. If so, how strong of a stream or spray?

3. Have you ever peed squatting or standing?

4. If so, how far did your pee travel?

5. Do you push your pee out or let gravity do the work?

6. Does you pee make a hissing or whistling sound as it comes out?

7. If so, was it loudest as a child, preteen, teen, or adult?

8. Was your pee stream or spray strongest as a child, preteen, teen, or adult?

Thanks for your time.

Hey y'all it's me again :) I have two stories to post but I might only post one now and one tomarrow since it's kinda late here.

So this one time when I was younger ( I think I was like 8 ) my family was going on vacation it was about a 9 hour drive from where I live to the beach. About half way through My oldest brother Ethan who was I believe 13 at the time started saying he felt sick and there was no wear to pull over so we couldn't stop. About ten minutes later my brother just exploded vomit every where it was orange and white he got on the back of the seats and on my little brother ( who was like 4 ) who was sitting in between him and my other brother ( me and my other older brother where sitting in the seats in thw back of them ) My mom handed him a bag to finish pukinh and as he was vomiting there was this loud fart and he popped his pants it smelled horrible in that car. He was wearing basketball shorts and boxers so the poop came through on his seat . He had to sit in his poopy pants and vomit for like a hour till we found somewhere to pull over where he countined to have diarrhea. We had to stop about six more times for him to vomit and have diarrhea. Needless to say out car never smelled or looked the same ever again.


to Shannon

Hi, reader here that never posts. I have actually been meaning to bring this up but Shannon's story finally gave me the proper inspiration to take a moment to share. I just first wanted to say that sounds really rough and embarrassing, but the fact that it happened with your friend there and that it was a freak uncontrollable thing makes it that you really have no choice but to just try and see the humor in it. I mean what can you do? You got diarrhea and your body didn't give you much warning! In the future you and your friend can look back on it as a crazy situation that was kinda funny.

One of my very good friends had the same thing happen to her. We were out for dinner with a group one night and sitting in a booth. She was sitting on the inside and out of now where she just blurted out "IGOTTAGOTOTHEBATHROOM..." and had this total panic dead serious look on her face. She started flailing her hands around and saying "move! Move!" So she could get out of the booth, but she wound up completely pooping her panties with wet diarrhea at the table. She had a dress on and when she finally got out of the booth and made a dash for the bathroom there was just streams of liquid poop running down her legs. She did this in front of a whole group of her friends and then had to walk through a Friday night restaurant crowd to the bathroom literally dripping poop. So you know it could be worse Shannon!

But I tell this story because the way she handled it was admirable and I love her for it. She group texted everyone from the bathroom and it just said "OMG. SOMEONE ASK AN EMPLOYEE IF THEY HAVE A HOSE OUT BACK THEN YOU GUYS HAVE TO DECIDE WHO IS GONNA HOSE ME DOWN!" we all laughed really hard and it eased our concern for her because we knew that while she was definitely extremely embarrassed she was still trying to make light of the situation. She disposed of her panties in the ladies room and wiped herself down and when she came out she was bright red but actually apologized to people who she had walked past and apologized to some of the was funny to watch her just owning it rather than trying to hide in shame.

Needless to say there are some lasting jokes from the incident. And we tell the story to other friends all the time. The main running joke among the group of us from that evening is that whenever someone is gonna go to the bathroom we say "IGOTTAGOTOTHEBATHROOM" all fast and panicky and start telling people to move. The other thing is now she hates the word "leak" or any variation of it. It's funny. If the word comes up in anyway casually, like "it rained so hard last night my kitchen ceiling was leaking" or whatever she goes "i hate that word don't say it! It always just makes me think of poop leaking out of my panties!" Which, let's be honest, is a pretty hilarious reaction for someone to have to a common word.

american academic

the best restroom on campus is history now

My university started classes this week. As I typically do, I spent some time in a few buildings that I know have unisex restrooms, especially multi-stall ones. Yeah, there are a few of those on my campus, and I love them.

But constant construction and renovation is the nature of any major university or college campus. And as I was headed to where I expected a multi-stall unisex restroom, I was disappointed to find that they had changed it into a more standard single-user restroom. It used to have two toilets in stalls w/ doors, and a urinal, along with two sinks, but also the entrance door to the restroom had a lock for those who preferred not to have company in the adjacent stall. It now looks just like any other single-user unisex restroom, with one urinal, toilet, sink, no stalls, so the main door lock is the only thing giving privacy... gone are the days of two or three strangers of different sexes using that restroom together.

Oh well. The memories of using that restroom alongside a member of the opposite sex are all that remain. Some of them I'll never forget. I even made a new friend or two in there.

Let's hope the remaining multi-stall unisex restrooms never get changed.


Outside Poop

So after yesterday's accidentally on purpose incident I decided to try something else new outside poop, we have an acre of land and my husband uses the way back of our yard as a storage area for his landscaping materials so plenty of secluded areas. The urge struck as usual shortly after getting home from work, so armed with some toilet paper I walked up the back of our land and dropped my shorts behind the loam pile, I squatted down and with minimal effort had an extremely satisfying poop. I wiped myself threw the tp in the woods and left the poop at the base of the pile, definitely think that if weather conditions allow I will be pooping outside a lot more. No mess to clean up and since I was squatting the poop just came right out so a win win situation for me..


To Brianna, Jemma and anonymous poster

Brianna - I was sorry to hear about the accident in your panties but I think it was good that you were able to share it with the people on this forum. Don't worry - I think almost everyone has had an accident at some point in their lives; if not in childhood then in adulthood. As an adult I've had a few close calls and have ended up pooping behind hedges, bushes and even walls sometimes. I hear what you're saying about finding it embarrassing to poop in certain situations especially away from home. However, it really isn't anything to be ashamed about. Even if you use the toilet in a house that you are showing then there is no shame in leaving skidmarks after flushing - even if there is lots - or a smell: both will disappear. Similarly, in the scenario that you described personally I don't think there would have any shame in pooping in a toilet bowl that was not plumbed in; after all you were desperate and needed relief.
I used to know an estate agent in her mid-twenties who was a close friend. Quite often she would get a very big and sudden urge to poo - especially if she hadn't been for a couple of days. When this happened she could only hold on for a maximum of about 20 minutes or so. When she was showing a flat or small house to clients she would wait until they had gone and then nip to the toilet and get relief. If it was a larger property and therefore a longer viewing she would show the clients the property and then invite them to have a look around by themselves while she nipped to the loo. Skidmarks or smell never worried her. She confided that on a few (rare)occasions the loo wasn't plumbed in or flushing properly and so she just bit her lip and used the loo anyway because the urge was just too strong. Typically in these scenarios she said her bowel movements were very large and bulky and often consisted of 2 or 3 big logs and a large helping of softserve. Her employer mention anything; if they had she said she would have told a white lie and said it must have been one of the clients. Sometimes she would get a big urge before/after a viewing of a more remote country property; in these situations she would pull into a layby or onto the side of the road and relieve herself behind a hedge or bush.

Jemma - loved your stories about your friend Rosie and your trip with your friends to Brighton. It seems as though Rosie enjoyed the experience and it was great you were able to share it with her. Did she get a peek into the bowl before you wiped/flushed?

Re: your trip to Brighton - try not worry about "exploding" into the loo when squatting down onto the loo seat. There's nothing to be embarrassed about and it is best to just "explode" rather than attempt control the rate at which your poo makes an exit. I had a couple of questions about your last poo in Brighton. Were the 11 banana shaped plops you dropped the size of bananas e.g. about 5 or 6 inches long? Did you run out of loo roll because there wasn't much left or was it just that your bum was very messy? Anyway I love your stories and I hope you have more.

In my last post regarding Emma b's car poo I said I would post a story about outdoor pooping (I have quite a few) and I see an anonymous poster has asked for a male story.

A few months ago I pulled into a layby for a drink and a break as I'd been on the road for about 2 hours. I parked behind a lorry - it was one of those articulated grain tippers that deliver animal feed etc. I needed a pee quite badly and so went behind some bushes and about fifty yards away I could see a man squatting behind a bush. He had his back to me so didn't spot me. I moved to a slightly different spot to give him (and me) some privacy but I made a mental note of where he was. I finished my pee and headed back to the car to have a drink and snack. After about 5 minutes the man appeared. He looked as though he was in his thirties and medium build. He climbed into the lorry cab and after a couple of minutes drove off. Another ten minutes passed and I finished off my drink. Out of curiosity I went over to where he had been. There were two dark brown turds lying on the ground - one was quite large about 11 inches long and was tapered. One end was about 2 1/2 inches thick and the narrower end was about 2 inches. Just beside it was a smaller log about 5 inches in length and an inch wide with a light blue soiled napkin on top. I looked at his creation for a few seconds and then went back to my car.


Updates and Stories

Hello everyone. Neither me or Karen (best friend) had posted on here since April I think.

Nothing really much to report. But I do have a few stories that I wanna share.

1) Last May, Karen and I was at a wild party at our friend's place and when we woke up at our place in the morning, she burst to the bathroom and slapped onto the toilet with a bit of vomit.... guess she had a bit too much to drink... but that's not the only thing though, because she managed to say that she also had to poop, but as she managed to pull her pants and panties down while she was kneeling down on the floor, she suddenly puked again.... Then all of the sudden, a violent fart suddenly came out and this thick solid poop started to poke out. She puked a couple more time in the toilet, then she managed to lift her butt onto the toilet just fast enough to let her load drop into the toilet. She continued to poop for a few more minutes, then flushed. I asked if she was alright, which she was but had a massive hangover though.

Guess that's what happens when you had one too many to drink.

2) In the beginning of June, I was constipated for almost a few days, so I decided it's probably time for an enema.

Karen helped me administer the enema this time like always, but this time, she suggested a interesting idea. She jokingly suggested that I should do it on the balcony with a bedpan. We laughed about it but then we thought about it, and decided that some fresh air would be nice, so we decided to try it. We went to the pharmacy to purchase one and as soon as we got back to our condo, we took what we needed out there and after a little bit, she started administering the enema for me. She had given me the typical 2L water that I normally do.

We had placed the bedpan on a chair that I could use whenever I felt ready to go. I stood close to the railings for like 10 minutes trying to hold it, and I was also trying to moving my body around, hoping it would help the enema a little. After a full 20+ minutes, the urge had gotten pretty bad, and I decided that it probably was long enough, so I went over to the bedpan and sat on it. Without much hesitation, a violent load started rushing out of me. Several more came out over the course of 10 minutes. It didn't take long before the entire balcony stank.

Karen indicated that I smell while she laughed at the stinky ol' me. After a bit, I was finally finished, and not a moment too soon because the bedpan was getting a little full. Guess I had a lot more in me then I already thought.

3) About a few days ago, I was driving back home from work and I had a very big urge to poop. I usually hate using public bathrooms because I always felt the toilets were never cleaned up properly and that we have to share it with everyone. Bad news was I haven't been able to go for almost 2 days and I had the urge to poop for almost 2 whole hours, so I was pretty desperate. I managed to make it back to my condo building, but as I was driving down to my parking spot, the urge had gotten a bit too intense for me. I accidentally let a forceful fart out, then this tick turd started poking out.

I managed to make it to my parking spot, but at that point, I don't think I would be able to make it to my condo. I sat there trying to regain control, but then another bowel movement came along and I could feel the turd trying to push outward again. At this point, I didn't care anymore, I lifted up my skirt and slid my panties down. I gotten into squatting position and I was still trying to hold on but after holding it for 2 more minutes, I couldn't hold it in anymore. As soon as it did, I immediately thought: "Uuuuggggghh here it comes....".... it came out smoothly and mostly in one long piece. Afterwards, I quickly cleaned up the mess by going up to my condo so I could grab something and come back down to contain the situation and clean up the mess as best as I could.

Anyways, that's all I have to post for now. Hope you guys enjoy it.


chili pepper poo

Hello, this is PooSlino. Today, I tell you about my terrible poo.

So me and Jake were out to dinner and I tried this chili pepper dish (bad idea) Then the next day I was at WalMart and I felt a sudden urge to poo. I ran to the bathrooms. Long line out the door! I waited, holding my buttcheks together. After what seemed like forever, I got my stall. I got in and pooed. It hurt like crazy!!

That's it for today.
Thanks for reading

P.S. Sorry I haven't posted in a while.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mystery Poster great story about you helping your friend Emily it sounds like she was pretty desperate and really had to go to at least she avoided having an accident.

To: Paul great story it sounds like Shannon really had to go pretty bad.

To: Torrance great story.

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like you were beyond desperate and just made it in the nick of time.

To: Shannon first welcome to the site and great set of stories it sounds like you had a couple of pretty rough times.

To: Bloated Butt great story about your big poop outside it sounds like it was a really good one and I bet you felt great and refreshed afterwards to.

To: Lara great story.

To: Megan as always another great pooping story.

About 2 hours ago I was at the bookstore a girl had just gone in the bathroom and I heard a quick burst of diarrhea then she wiped and flushed and the just about hour ago another girl went in and instantly starting having gassy diarrhea she farted 5 or 6 wet farts then was silence then I heard the crackling of soft poop it sounded like she was pretty desperate and I also heard my friend Emily poop between both girls it was silent but the way she hurried in to the bathroom I kinda knew she had to poop so 3 great catches today.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

charm alarm
Hey, everyone! Today, I ate Dairy Queen (and God help you if you've never heard of it, it's delicious!) and since I had a steak finger basket and some ice cream, I've been letting out the nastiest farts. They're pretty awful. I'm also pretty sure I need to go to the bathroom and it hasn't even been that long since I ate the food, so I don't know if the smell is because I'm letting out pre-poop farts or it's just because of the food. I've come to a conclusion, since my stomach doesn't often get this way: I think eating beef of any kind makes my stomach a bit upset. I'm guessing this is the case because usually the only other meal that makes my stomach iffy is tacos, which have ground beef. Steak fingers are made with beef, obviously, so maybe that's why my stomach feels so off now. Just guessing here. I'll definitely need to go soon, but I want the bathroom to myself, and my mom's taking forever in the shower! Ugh!

Anyway, thinking about this, here's a question to you fine folks out there: are there any foods that are guaranteed to set your stomach off or give you really nasty farts? Like particular foods aside from things like dairy products (which is common).

Hi all. I'm new here. I'm 24 years old and I greatly enjoy listening to the other girls at my office poop. Early in the morning is usually an excellent time for listening, as most of the girls have had their coffee and are in need of a morning dump. After lunch I usually go for a piss and I find that's also a prime listening opportunity.

This morning, I was almost at work when I felt the stirrings in my stomach telling me I'd need to poop fairly soon. I arrived and headed up the floor where I work and after placing my things at my cubicle, headed off to the ladies.

I was walking a few paces behind one of my coworkers Samantha, and I was getting excited to hopefully hear her poop. She's one of my favorites to listen to. She's very beautiful, and has long flowing light brown hair and pale blue eyes. To be in the next stall listening to her poop is like heaven on earth for me.

Anyway, Samantha and I went into the bathroom and found only one of the four stalls were taken. It was unusually empty for some reason. She took the farthest stall from the door and I went in the one next to her. We both began to piss and once we finished there was silence. I definitely had to go, but not that badly, so I held off and just listened. I didn't hear her rolling off paper or anything, so I took that as a sign that she was there for the same reason as me.

I heard a faint zipper-like fart from her. A short bit later, another similar fart but a bit louder. I let out a few farts of my own then. She seemed to be concentrating on pooping, as I could hear her grunting very softly. There was a crackling sound that continued for quite a while before her turd dropped with a big splash. I couldn't hold my own poop in much longer, so I let out three turds that made smaller splashes. While I was doing that, I heard another big splash from her stall.

I felt maybe a bit more left to come, so I stayed seated. Plus, I wanted to see if Samantha had more to do as well. I let out a long quiet fart and felt a turd moving in to position. There was two small plops back to back from her, and then she began to roll off paper. My final turd was coming then, and it was a long one. It came out quickly and came to rest in the toilet bowl with almost no sound. I too started to wipe myself.

I washed my hands and left the bathroom ready to start my day. Nothing like listening to a beautiful woman take a great dump to make the rest of the day amazing.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I've never posted before but I thought I tell about something that happened a couple of days ago, btw none of the names I 'm using are real names

I'm 13 and my mom had asked her friend if they would take me to my aunts that a few states over because they was going to be going that way anyways, so me, moms friend Jessy, and her little daughter Emily I think she's 7, in a van for a real long time, we had stopped at a cheap inn during the first 2 nights, on the the 3rd night we was getting close to my aunts so we had planned to stay there, but then we got stuck in traffic, and Emily say's "I have to pee" and Jessy says, "I'm sorry but you'll just have to hold it until get out of traffic and find a place, you can hold it right?" and Emily says "I think so", then after about 20 mins still stuck in traffic, I hear Emily saying "please hurry" then Jessy tells her "sorry just hang on" all I could do is encourage her tell she could make it just a bit longer, then 10 or so more mins, Emily was saying "Pleaseeeee, I really really have to go!", I could tell we was not going to get out of traffic soon enough for to make it. and pretty sure Jessy knew that too, and Jessy asked me "hate to have to ask you but could you do could you do me a huge favor please?" I tell her "sure if there anything I can do to help", "thanks, um in our bags these some large ziplock bag, you think you could help Emily go in one, please?" I tell her "sure, leave it to me" and I get up and start looking for the bags after a small bit of looking I find it, and then I ask Emily to come to the back of the van with me and then she pulls down her panties and ask her to squat down and spread her legs a bit so I could hold the bag under her, after I had the bag opened and positioned under her, I told her "OK go pee into the bag" at first nothing then I say "It's ok just relax and let your pee out" then after a few seconds she started going, and then I realized she did not have to pee, as long poo came down into the bag, then more fell into the bag, then more and more and more, then she was done, there was alot of poo in the bag! I then helped her wipe with some napkins, and put them in the bag too. and zip it closed tight. then she gets her panties up and we sit back down, and Emily tells me "thanks that feels better" and Jessy says "thanks, I really owe you for this, so I guess there was not trouble?" I tell her "well she didn't actually have to pee, but do the other... alot" and Jessy says "oh sorry hope it didn't gross you out too much" I tell her "no it was just kinda surprising how much there was" then I hear Emily say "I was kinda too embarrassed to be the only one to poo whenever we used the bathrooms" and I said "Yeah me too kinda" then Emily says "you have to go poo too?" and I embarrassingly said "yeah kinda" and Emily then said "I can hold a bag for you too" and I hear Jessy laugh and say "go ahead looks like we'll be here awhile" and I say "No, I can hold it!" embarrassed, then Emily goes "awww I wanted to help you too" Jessy is just laughing, and I say "sorry it's just too embarrassing" and Emily says "but it's really embarrassing for me being the only one too! and I owe you too, you meanie!" and after 10 or so mins of her guilt tripping me and complaining, I give in and tell her fine lets just get it over with, so she happily go to the back van and grabs another bag as I embarrassingly lower my panties and squat down so she can hold the bag open under my butt, and she tell me to go, I was soo embarrassed, after awhile I finally started and Emily just giggles as my it comes out as one really long poo, about a 1' 1/2 and Emily saying "wow it's really long" and I wipe and zip it closed, I was so embarrassed even more so when she ran up to Jessy and said "Mommy Mommy, Lilly did a really really long poo, it was this big" and had stretched her arms out greatly exaggerating it, Jessy just bursts out laughing, and I blurt out "it wasn't that big!" as I sit back down. then she goes "oh!" then runs of and comes back and said "This Big!!" as holds up the bag to Jessy, I was so embarrassed!!!! Jessy laughs but says "go put that back, and tell Lilly sorry, your making her really embarrassed." she goes "oh!" runs back sets the it down and runs to me and says "sorry I showed your huge poo to mommy!" that just made me more embarrassed, Jessy just burst out laughing again, and I tell Emily "it's ok just go sit down, please", after awhile we finally got out of the traffic and threw away the bags in a trash can at a gas station, and a couple hours later we got to my aunts. they stayed the night, but went to their relative's house the next morning.

Hey guys! Long time reader, first time poster. I was wondering, does anyone know any good guy stories? I've looked and looked for some but I can't find any! Please help? (If you know any please leave the page number as well). Also, I'm thinking about posting a couple stories about my boyfriend for those girls that enjoy boy stories more ;) but I'm not sure yet. Give me some feedback! Should I or should I not? Thanks!

I have a story from many years ago. It was late November 1971, and I was just nine years old. Back then, most of my friends were other boys from the neighborhood, but our group had one girl, named Shannon. She was much more like one of us guys than the other girls, and that's why we let her be part of our group.

Anyway, the story happened on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. I don't quite recall the reason, but Shannon and I were alone that day and we were hanging around the neighborhood after school. At some point, she said she had to go number two. I just laughed and told her to go then. But she replied she had to go very bad and didn't think she could make it home.

We looked around, and there was an alleyway nearby that would afford her at least some privacy. She asked if I'd stand watch and made sure nobody saw. I told her I would. I kept my word and faced away from her, looking to see if anybody else came by. She took several minutes before she said she was finished.

She had nothing to wipe with and so just pulled up her pants and underwear. I then turned around and saw a quite large pile of six or seven dark brown turds lying on the ground. I'd probably have been impressed to see that amount of poop from a full grown adult, but from a ten year old girl - just wow!

She must have noticed me staring just a bit too long, as she blushed and said she hadn't been number two since before Thanksgiving. That explained a lot, actually. Though, I still wonder how she went over five days without pooping. Well, some mysteries will never be solved, I suppose.


New here

Wow. I love this site. I am new here and I love reading about everyone's poop experiences. I want to read some more and I am sure that I will have a great story, along with questions. I look forward to reading about a natural and beautiful bodily function that is considered taboo, but really is not.


Post Title (optional)Sammy

Hi Everyone! I'm new to this site. I've been coming here to read stories for years but never had an interesting story to share about pooping, farting and peeing until a few days ago. I've been on vacation for the past week and had a bad case of diarrhea. I had been constipated the week before and couldn't push out my crap. All of the sudden it hit me in the middle of the night. I almost crapped in my bed. That would've been really embarrassing. I mean what would the maid think? What would my family think? I'm 20 years old; I shouldn't be shitting in my bed. Anyway, I ran to the nearest bathroom in the condo trying not to wake anybody up. I went into the bathroom and locked the door, pulled my pants down and let my bowels empty. It just kept going and going, wave after wave, with a few intermittent farts in between. My farts were so loud! I hoped like hell the farts wouldn't wake anybody up. I must have been in there at least half an hour. Then I had to wipe. I used up so much toilet paper that I thought I would clog the toilet. I flushed and the toilet water kept coming up almost to the rim! Then it finally went down slowly, but surely. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. The bathroom really stunk though. It stunk so bad I nearly threw up. I weighed the pros and cons of turning on the fan. If I turned it on it might wake somebody up and he/she would discover what I did. If I didn't the smell would linger and they'd find out anyway. I decided it was worth the risk so I turned it on. When we went out for breakfast at IHOP everyone was talking about the smell in the bathroom but no one knew it was me. I hope I never have an experience like that. again. I guess it happens to everyone at least once in their lives. Till next time, Bye.


Had an accident today

I went to the beach this morning with my friend Jessica (not her real name). Torrance isn't my real name either. This is too embarrassing. I'm 21 and fit and healthy and normal and have never had an accident in my life since I was little. Well, a few little pee accident but I had never crapped myself before since I was little. Anyway, Jessica came to pick me up this morning and I had overslept a little but we got to the beach and layed out and chilled. I started to really need to go to the bathroom after we got there since I overslept but I held it cause we were in a part of the beach with no public bathrooms. I tried to ignore it but after a couple of hours it was getting bad. So I told Jessica and she said to go in the ocean and I wouldn't do that so I asked her to drive us up to the nearest gas station or something. She didn't want to but I was getting desperate and begged so she finally said ok. We walked back to her car and I was really fighting it to hold it in. I could feel it pushing out sitting in her car and almost lost it but the seat stopped it and I pulled it back in. We got to the gas station and parked and I ran in but had to wait in line for the bathroom key and was standing there cross legged and squirming. Finally I got the key and went around the building. I tried the key but it was sticking and didn't want to turn. I was about to lose it. I finally got the door to budge and it flew open and I almost fell into the bathroom and I turned and shut the door when my body gave this huge push and I kind of bent forward and held my stomach and couldnt stop as I pushed this huge solid turd into my bikini bottom. It spead out and pushed and sagged and made a really loud crackling noise as it filled my bikini. Omg it was so gross. Then I peed all down my legs and onto the floor. I just cried for a minute and then laughed. I dumped the giant mound of crap into the toilet and wiped up as best I could and then hurried back to the car and sat on my towel and told Jessica to take me home. When she asked why I had to tell her that I shit and pissed myself like a little girl in the bathroom. She laughed but was nice and took me home. God I can't believe that happened.


Questions/Comments for Lara & Megan


It was nice you were able to bring toilet paper to your friend Clare. At my middle school, we had to look carefully into the metal containers with the pre-cut squares of toilet paper. Sometimes we would put our finger up into the holder and could unjam a few pieces of the tp that had been jammed in too tight and didn't fall. Much of the time, though, I didn't look before sitting down because I didn't want to take the time and be late to my next class.

What would have happened with Clare if you would have reported to her that all the other stalls were out too? Would you have suggested using the brown paper towels at the sinks? Would you have volunteered to go to another restroom to get some for her?


It was great that you and the others were able to take advantage of the recently cleaned bathroom. However, what would you have done if the shopping centre toilets were crowded, and after waiting for one and being afraid of an accident, the door opened and you were facing a smelly, non-flushed toilet, with both wee and someone else's logs in a stopped up toilet bowl? I've been in bathrooms where the "better" option is to use a door less stall. Have/would you use one?

Steve A
So at ????, nothing interesting happened until the day was over. I did have 2 craps while I was there. The first one was an hour after noontime I think. The second one was before our marching band parade, which was 10-15 minutes before 7 pm, but me and another one of my friends were just finished getting our uniforms on for the parade. I felt better that I wasn't the only one late. Well, after our bus ride back to the high school, I was the only one besides another girl that had to use the bathroom after the trip back, weird because I would've expected more people than only just the 2 of us would have had to go to the bathroom after the trip back from Kennywood. My latest post said that the girls' and guys' bathroom closest to the band room were single bathrooms with only one toilet in each and that only the girls' bathroom was only open by the lock sticking out from keeping it locked. The guys' bathroom was locked since the lock was not sticking out to keep it open. Well, when I came out, one of the band parents was walking to the other end of the hallway and I think she heard the door close, I kept the lock sticking out, she asked me if I used the girls' room. I said I didn't, but I did, so I wouldn't get in trouble. I kept denying until she believed me and continued walking. I then went home and went to bed because I was tired after a long, fun day at Kennywood.

So, my question to you, Does it really matter if I use those restrooms since they are single restrooms if only one toilet if one is locked but the other is unlocked in certain situations? I personally don't think nothing is wrong with what I did. I know it labels which restroom is which, but other times after long trips from away games, both guys and girls shared both bathrooms and no one said or m


Replies to Torrance, Shannon, and Brianna

Torrance: I am so sorry that you had an accident so close to the toilet. I have had a "solid" accident three times. All three times I was so close to making it to the toilet after holding the poop for a long time. Why is it that when you've gone through all the effort to hold it and salvation is within reach, that you completely lose it? Welcome to the forum and I really sympathize with you about the accident.

Shannon: I am so sorry about the diarrhea accidents and hope that you are feeling better.

Brianna: I am glad that everything is OK. It's great that your sister could sympathize with you, and offer some consolation.

Question to everyone: Shannon's post made me thing of this. It seems that when we have diarrhea, some people seem to have to get to a toilet immediately and others (and I am one of them) I think that I have a few minutes. So, how long do you have when you know diarrhea is imminent? Do you have some time, or do you realize that the inevitable is going to happen?


Woke up with diarrhea-massive dump

Hi all. I posted yesterday about taking a massive dump after a few days of not doing anything substantial. Well around 10:30 this morning I was woken up with the strong urge to go diarrhea. I would have ignored it and gone back to sleep but I didn't want to wake up with a nasty mess in my pants and underwear so I got up and ran downstairs to the bathroom. Was trying really hard to clench my muscles to hold it while grabbing the Garfield comic and pulling down my clothes. Almost lost it but somehow managed to get my clothes down and sat on the toilet. Then a big explosion with tons of farts and splattering: FPPPPPPTTTTTTSPLUTSPLUTSPLUTFPPPPPPPTTTT! It was over within a minute or so but it was a nasty, noisy explosion. I wiped my vagina first after I was done because I knew this would require a lot of toilet paper to get clean and I didn't want to clog the toilet. Instead of a bunch of liquid and chunks like I expected to see in the toilet I saw brown liquid then a HUGE pile of crap on top like cow shit. The bathroom really stunk too. I flushed down the load of poop first then went to work on the wiping job. Once I was done I flushed all the toilet paper down and went back to bed. Whew. Closest I've come to shitting my pants in a long time. And I knew if I did my pants and underwear would have been destroyed.

ade comments about it.

Monday, August 18, 2014



Hi its John B.

Just want to say to Jemma and Megan loved your recent posts as always and Jemma I'll give a fuller reply to your post on return from my hols!

Goes without saying take care all of you out there and happy toileting be it numbers 1 or 2 or even a combination of both!

Kind regards

John B

Elisabeth S.

on vacation

Hey everyone, I know my last post is ages and ages old. I'm on vacation and for my situation I think I got constipated. Normaly I poop one to three times a day and today nothing, even not with the drinking of coffee. Sure there are other here that get really constipated, but I do hope that I can poop tomorrow. Well peeing is very normal. Although I did not write, I read the post of you in a regular basis and I still like to read it.


Had an accident today

I went to the beach this morning with my friend Jessica (not her real name). Torrance isn't my real name either. This is too embarrassing. I'm 21 and fit and healthy and normal and have never had an accident in my life since I was little. Well, a few little pee accident but I had never crapped myself before since I was little. Anyway, Jessica came to pick me up this morning and I had overslept a little but we got to the beach and layed out and chilled. I started to really need to go to the bathroom after we got there since I overslept but I held it cause we were in a part of the beach with no public bathrooms. I tried to ignore it but after a couple of hours it was getting bad. So I told Jessica and she said to go in the ocean and I wouldn't do that so I asked her to drive us up to the nearest gas station or something. She didn't want to but I was getting desperate and begged so she finally said ok. We walked back to her car and I was really fighting it to hold it in. I could feel it pushing out sitting in her car and almost lost it but the seat stopped it and I pulled it back in. We got to the gas station and parked and I ran in but had to wait in line for the bathroom key and was standing there cross legged and squirming. Finally I got the key and went around the building. I tried the key but it was sticking and didn't want to turn. I was about to lose it. I finally got the door to budge and it flew open and I almost fell into the bathroom and I turned and shut the door when my body gave this huge push and I kind of bent forward and held my stomach and couldnt stop as I pushed this huge solid turd into my bikini bottom. It spead out and pushed and sagged and made a really loud crackling noise as it filled my bikini. Omg it was so gross. Then I peed all down my legs and onto the floor. I just cried for a minute and then laughed. I dumped the giant mound of crap into the toilet and wiped up as best I could and then hurried back to the car and sat on my towel and told Jessica to take me home. When she asked why I had to tell her that I shit and pissed myself like a little girl in the bathroom. She laughed but was nice and took me home. God I can't believe that happened.


Boys or Girls: Who Are the Most Messy in Bathrooms?

Me and Lorenz do much of our bike riding in the mornings, because it gets too hot and humid in the afternoons and that's when we've been having severe thunderstorms.

We had ridden about two miles and I told Lorenz I had to poo. He said he too was feeling his coming on much like when we're in school and in study hall 1st hour. I knew there was petro station just up the street so we rode up there. Their inside bathroom was labeled "staff only" and we were told to use the public one that was outside on the back side of the building. Lorenz didn't know what the symbol on the door meant and I told him it was unisex. I thought we might have to flip a coin as to which of us would go in first, but surprisingly, he said I could. I closed the door, pulled the light chain that didn't work, and then quickly pulled my jean shorts down and put myself up on the seat. It was a little higher than normal, and by pointing my toes down, I could reach tap them on the floor. I don't think I was seated for five seconds before my large log dropped, followed by two farts and then a soft mud-like deposit.

I immediately pushed down the flusher because I didn't want to smell out Lorenz. As soon as I stood and I was doing the first of about five wipes, it felt that my butt and thighs were moist, and the top of my hand also got a little wet as I wiped. I concluded that the previous user had weed over the seat. What's so hard about lifting it before you wee? Or if you don't, why not simply wipe it off before you leave the bathroom so the next user doesn't have to? When I opened the door for Lorenz, he asked if I had actually been able to poo because he said it didn't smell as bad as he expected it to. Lorenz took a lot more time in the bathroom. So much so that I went into the station and bought us a couple of water bottles. I had already drank mine, when I heard him flush and he finally came out. He said he was only able to do a part crap, but was actually lucky because the used the last of the toilet paper.

As Lorenz and I sat and rested I told him about the mess on the seat. He said that's the way it is with the guys bathrooms at school to and at other places. Then we argued over whether the guys or the girls are the worst offenders in dirtying up public bathroom.

How do you vote?

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