today & two weeks ago

one question for the site: in reading the backlogs I keep seeing a line of question marks and realized the website censors a pretty cute word for one's guts/midsection, starts with a t. whadda y'all got against tummies? (if that's too off-topic, mods feel free to delete this paragraph)

anyhow, I'm Kye (she/her) and I'm back on this site I guess...first event I've got happened today so I'll recount while it's fresh:
I woke up knowing/dreading that I'd be busy with yardwork until the summer rains came in, but I accepted it. While I was brushing my teeth I could hear my stomach growling over the sink faucet, but I only had to pee, go figure. I had a breakfast of leftover pizza, coffee, and my adhd meds. I knew the latter two could cause trouble together but hey, I had to get out the door early. I waited half an hour to see if I'd be able to go before getting started, but nah. Nothin but growing pressure and a double-stimulant heart rate.Out of foresight, I folded a line of toilet paper into my pocket. The dock runs through a long patch of wetland before reaching the water, and my job of staining it started at the water's edge. Didn't want to make a 200-yard dash back inside when the Uh-Oh hit.

And hit it did. I was on my knees moving leaves out of the way of the stain sponge when the pre-poo gas began. It all felt pretty small and only slightly wet, so I continued working, listening to a new deep house album with my headphones. But 10 minutes later, when the farting got loud enough I could hear it and made the song sound like acid house (hehe) I knew it was time. I fumbled with undoing my cutoffs for a moment and risked that the biggest pressure I'd felt yet was only a fart. It was, but just barely. I unzipped, dropped my shorts, and hung my ass over the dock in a spot that trees blocked my sight of the river and of my house. Out came sputtery farts and nothing but mushy loose stool. I barely pushed except to expel the gas, the shit just fell out of my butt to the driftwood below. After a 90-second wave, the farts went back to dry and I felt done, if still gassy. I used three quarters of the bath tissue I'd brought cleaning up, and then cackled when I noticed my shit was nearly the same shade as the deck stain. I re-clothed and tossed the paper into the water, a wad of it on dry land could be noticed.

Maybe forty-five minutes later, I was still hard at work, rank with sweat and about ready to call it in. With no warning my guts squelched and a heavy pressure returned. This time, I couldn't hold it till I was squatting, my bottoms were just off my bottom when the first jet of it left me. If the last time was mush, this was just water. The whole movement spat out quickly and quietly, besides a thick fart bubble at the very end. I looked behind me at the damage and realized I'd unloaded all over a patch of elephant ear plants. I dry heaved a little seeing it pooled up in the leaves. The biggest surprise was that I had more than enough left to wipe myself, I guess it left with enough force that there wasn't a mess (on me).

If I had to guess, poop one was just from coffee, since it was so, uh, noisy. Poop two was what the coffee left behind, double diarrhea'd by the meds. I feel great now though (even better knowing the afternoon storm rinsed off those poor plants) and pretty much emptied. Maybe I'll mix that combo again once a week or so.

Second story isn't about my butt & guts, but the butt and guts of my pall August (they/their). I was in their city for 10 days. I'd visited August the day I arrived. It was day 4 and they text me "help,come over". I tried to get more of a reason on the cab ride over but they didn't respond, nor respond when I knocked on the door of their place. It was unlocked though, so I entered concerned. "August?" I heard a weak groan from the bedroom. There lay August, black-dyed pixie cut a ruffled mess, looking like absolute hell. "I took a cab to the hospital yesterday, I could barely stand up. The fever I had then is down, but, Kye? Would you stay here with me?" Just their luck I was in town, I'm known among my friends as the doting type, a caregiver.

I texted to cancel some plans for that night and assumed nurse duty. I brought August water and realized their main symptom besides general aches when they stumbled all clumsy to the bathroom after not moving since I'd been there. I knocked on the door but it was ajar enough to open. August has six inches on me but they were slumped on that toilet lower than I'd sit. I wondered why piss would smell so fetid until I realized it wasn't pissing I was hearing. "Oh geez I'm sorry I'll just go" "Nah it's fine, stay please." August mumbled, sounding pained. Their cheeks flushed red to hint they didn't want me there, but did need me there. I offered the big glass of ice water once the pooping sounds stopped. "I think you need this now even more. Please stay hydrated, hon." August gulped it down. "Sorry to get like this during your vacation, Kye. But no one else I'd be comfy helping with," [grimace] " in town. Nothing stays in my body right now, I'm like a poop geyser." I assured them it was fine, and it really was. Taking care of friends fulfills me.

That evening, I went to a megaplex-drugstore-thing to get groceries and supplies. Along with recovery foods and meds for the fever and the diarrhea, I bought a bedpan just in case. When August saw the obvious pink plastic mass, they protested that walking to the bathroom worked just fine. But day 6, the fever returned and they were couch-ridden. From the kitchen, I heard a hazy, meandering plea. "Uh...Kye? I need you to, I mean, I need to...could you..." I cut off their floundering while their shorts were still clean. "August, can you walk?" "No." "August, is it 'time' again?" "Y-yes." "I'm bringing in the bedpan and washcloths." August thanked me, but sounded defeated. As I placed the damp 'splashguard' towels above and below their rump, I assured them I thought of this no differently than any other sickness assistance. Same as the groceries, same as doing laundry, same as taking temperature. I think they felt a little better hearing that. With the pan in place, I rolled them back. "Should I leave for your privacy?" August glared. "I can't sit up, you're gonna see more than I will when you carry it off, and you've probably heard every sound my ass can produce this weekend. Don't bother." I pulled up an ottoman beside the couch. I heard a pee stream begin. "Sorry I snapped, I'm worn down and techy and embarrassed about all of this." I stayed encouraging, and they seemed alright then.

The pee trailed off and August, still blushing, seemed better, keeping eye contact with me when they tensed up to start pooping, and even while we both heard the quick wet splats from the far end of the couch. I knew they'd survive the illness, but I could now feel hope they'd make it through any percieved humiliation too. I kept the conversation away from you're-shitting-right-now. The noises stopped but August didn't relax, and looked strained. "This is really tough without sitting. Can you uh, push?" I obliged, circling both my palms around the navel. Some crackle resumed, but August asked me to push on more of it at once, so grinning a bit, I sat on them. This brought out a loud blast of a fart, echoing in the bedpan. I turned to congratulate such a huge toot, but August was crying, face in hands. "Don't make jokes! This is terrible, gross." I wasn't joking, I was impressed. But that's not what they wanted to hear at the moment. I felt some fart pressure in my own bum. I decided to chance the gambit that solidarity could assuage them. I slid off of them and the couch, bent forward a bit, and farted on them. The first part of the trump stopped midway. I think they heard it but didn't realize it was me. I pushed out the rest and wonder of wonders, I kept going until the high note turned to a wet gurgle across three seconds. Who knows if any fart would have sufficed, but that one brought a laugh. Still half-crying but smiling, August pushed me away. "Oh my god, did you really? Augh, why's it smell better than mine?" After that happened, the mood stayed casual. August finished up, still gassy but only bashful about it, not sad. I took the bedpan away and cleaned them off with an improvised 'sponge bath' using the rest of the wet wipes. The embarrassment barrier was gone, and that night the fever broke.

Day 7, at breakfast, I tried to hiss out my morning gas but ended up squeaking, which started a brief volley of farts from August trying to one-up me. I can't lie, they beat me, but I'll never know if they shit themselves to do it, they scarfed down the eggs and toast and disappeared to the show. Nothing else of note happened, except on day 9. August, all better, challenged that I ought to down some milk-of-magnesia and use the bedpan in front of them, "So we're even." I did it, heh, but somehow that feels more personal than me shitting off my dock. It was closure for a friend who'd been through hell. But eh, if anyone cares to read it, I'll type it up next time if I'm not too blush.



Painful Poop

The other night, I was awakened from a sound sleep by a terrible pain in my lower gut. I really didn't want to get up, but this was an emergency. I went to the guest bathroom so as not to waken up BF by using the bathroom attached to our bedroom.
I plopped down on the toilet expecting everything to woosh out. It really hurt. I pushed a little and... and...
The pain subsided a little bit, so I got up and walked around the living room a little to see I could encourage some action. Ah-ha. The pain and the pressure returned. So I hurried back to the bathroom. I pushed and I moaned out loud in pain. and... and... again, nothing.
I pushed and I strained. Nothing.
ZIP: I thought of your squat toilet, but I mentioned after a sports injury year ago, my right knee isn't strong enough hold me in a squatting position.
So again I walked, again I tried and the 3rd time a huge explosion of gas escaped. It didn't smell terrible, but I could feel how big it was. A little poop followed, but that was all. The pain was gone but I could still feel the pressure.
So I got up and I walked around and went back into the bathroom, pushed a little, moaned a lot and... and... and...
The fourth time was the charm, as they say. I unloaded like a California mud slide. Relief!
And my darn BF just slept through it all.

mystery poster

To Annie

Well, was it a small amount of mucus in your stool or a lot? If it's just a little bit and if it was just a one time thing, , then I'd not worry about it, unless if it's a big amount or if there's a little bit in your stool the many more times you go poop, then I'd contact your doctor. Mucus in your stools doesn't sound healthy to me and I hope to no one else.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


giving Rosie a treat.... & hubby later on...

Hey peeps!
So yesterday i was round my bff Rosie's house for a coffee.
2 hrs in to it, i needed a poo.
2.5hrs in to it i was desperate!
Clenching my butt cheeks hard & fidgeting on her sofa whilst she was talking to me she knew i needed a poo poo.
she asked if i was ok.
i said of course.
& we continued talking for another 15 odd minutes.
me getting more desperate & letting out a few stinkers here & there.
Jemma! Rosie said, do u need a poo?...
Desperately i finally said.
can i come? She asked
You want to come with me whilst i have a big poo?
Yeah i find it intriguing she said.
well, i'm really very desperate & i've got a bad ???? ache so it will be a huge poo, the plops wont gross you out? No?
I said.
no! She said
i want to know how desperate you are...
ok then if your sure, come on or there will be a mountain of plops on your carpet!

In her bathroom i pulled my short black mini skirt & black knickers down, & plonked my butt on her seat.
immediately my plops fell out... ploop-plop-ploop-ploop-ploop-ploop-ploop-plop-plop-plop.... bloody hell you were desperate Jem! Said Rosie. The bathroom stank of bad eggs!!
there's more to come i said as i rubbed my ????
and then another ploop-ploop-ploop-ploop-ploop fell.
you done now Jem?
yeah think so i said.
i felt a bit better after this so i started to wipe.
looked in her loo & her loo was filled with my poo light brown mushy plops.
Rosie was impressed.
i flushed but because her flush is weak it took more than 1 flush. Another flush later & all the mushy poo went, but left skids everywhere! Washed my hands & Rose said she loved it. I stayed at Rosies for another 2 hrs & went home. When i got home after an hour drive instead of 15 mins because of a car accident causing tailbacks on the A road i had to go on, i was desperate for another poo. My hubby greeted me & was in a randy mood, kissing each other i told him i was desperate for a poo & he asked if he could listen, if you must i said.
again pulling my black miniskirt & black knickers down i sat my big cheeks down & immediately it was plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop....plip.....plip....plop!! Wiping & flushing i washed my hands. Exiting hubby said hearing me poo really turned him on as usual & you can guess what happened next ;) ...
More soon love J xx


Holiday Update

Hi its John B.

Just an update on my holiday no 2s. I have been pooping at a phenomenal rate twice and sometimes three times a day! All well formed solid logs. The first session at my usual time of 9.30 is producing about 4/5 turds of about 8". The second session has usually been within one hour of lunch (shades of you Megan) and sometimes a third session around eightish! All solid with a minimal amount of wiping. My wife's output has been similarly prolific too!

In the cottage we've rented it has a rather old fashioned toilet pan which affords a great kersplunkability!

Will post again soon when circumstances permit. Hope you liked my update?

Take care all

John B

Mystery Poster

People With Constipation Problems, Please Read, Funny Ending

For those of you who struggle with constipation, Have you ever tried to get help with your constipation, if not, I would strongly recommend if you do so, especially Jasmin K with her piles. Your stories on here are mostly about how much you struggle going poop, but you seem to never get help. You may have some good days, but you mostly have bad days. I understand if you tried to get help in the past many times before and it didn't work for you or if you have chronic constipation, but if you only got help once or never got help, then you need to get help. I'm not trying to be mean, but it sounds like you dread going poop almost everytime you try to go. Please, take my advise, get help, change your diet, and then you will no longer dread going poop and you will be happier with your bowel health. Fiber One Products work great and taste great, from my experience. I know that you can change your bowel health if it's possible you for to do so. I hope/wish that you will no longer suffer from this evil, dreadful constipation.

Good Luck to all of you who are sufferers of constipation who can get the help that they need and can change their diets...

May the regularity be with you. (Pun Intended)

Crimson Flash

Good poop

After having usual poops for a while I finally just took a good poop. After a slight push to get things started, it all came out on its own and I could tell it was a lot. When I looked there were 3 6" logs, 1 4" log, and several 3" and smaller pieces, all firm. Big poops like this are rare for me so I wish it would have stayed together as one long snake because it would have been two feet long.


Pooping contest with my friend

My friend Kelly and I have always loved to poop. We love the feeling of going, but also the feeling of not going. Holding my poop back for days and days and then finally doing a huge load is amazing. Sometimes, Kelly and I have pooping contests, to see who can do the biggest load.

We had one yesterday, in fact. I'd lost the last several contests and so I was trying to eat tons of high-fiber foods to be able to win. Over four days, I ate two full boxes of bran cereal and tons and tons of fruits and vegetables.

The day of the contest arrived and Kelly and I met up at her house. She had two newspapers unfolded on the floor for us to go on. We took off our pants and squatted over our papers. "Ready, Set, Go!" she said, and the contest was on.

Kelly started pooping first and I was only farting a bit. Then I felt everything ready to come out. Once I started pooping, it just keep coming and coming. Log after log came out and I wasn't sure if I'd ever stop.

When we were both finished, we compared our piles. I had produced a huge pile made up of tons of small logs. Kelly's pile was also huge, but hers was clearly only two or three fat, long logs. It was difficult to say who had won. We needed to actually measure the piles to find out whose was bigger. In the end, it turned out I had won, but not by much. It was our closest contest we ever remember having.

Brandon T

Tales From The Bookstore

About 30 minutes ago while I was at the bookstore a girl went in to the bathroom and began to pee and when she finished she stayed on the toilet I then heard 3 or 4 quick kind of loud farts then a couple seconds of silence then one final fart then she began to wipe and then flush.


Mushy crap

I mentioned yesterday that I've had the runs for the past couple of days. I had diarrhea shortly after I got up and just before I went out but as the day went on my poop became less watery and more mushy. I've also noticed mucus in my poop and I dunno why.



Lately I've been trying to get over my shyness of farting in public and I took a huge step recently.
So I was feeling very gassy the other day at a Walmart with my equally gassy girlfriend.
Unlike my girlfriend, I'm pretty shy about farting in public so every time I'd let one rip she'd fake a little sigh of relief, taking the bullet for me.
After about a half hour of us gassy girls ripping constant farts with her taking all the credit, I feel a huge one coming on.
I lift my leg and squeeze out loud, bubbly, incredibly stinky fart that lasts almost 10 seconds. Before my girlfriend responds I let out a sigh of relief and say "That one was all mine.".
For the rest of our time in the store I proudly let my farts loose, making the most of how gassy I was that day. :)

Steve A

Comment, Story, Question, Upcoming Stories

Hey, I was busy with band camp and stuff and I'm okay with the commenting issue. I understand that people comment and some people don't but I just wanted people to know that I didn't leave for good. Plus, I might have some silent fans out there that and I hope that they will post on here someday.

At band camp at my high school, there are 2 single restrooms and they are gender separated at the end of the hallway to the band room. Mostly all of the band students use the main restrooms near the cafeteria at the other end of the hallway. Only the girls' single restroom was open with the lock sticking out to keep it open. The boys' restroom was locked because the lock wasn't sticking out to keep it open. Everyday, I'd use the girls' restroom for privacy since it had only one toilet and because it was the only one open. I had to poop everyday during the week during my break in the morning and I'd leave it unflushed so the girls that would use the single restroom would see my log or more in there. I'd put the TP near the top of the toilet, but still in the bowl, so they would see my poop. I know this might be weird for some of you, but I always wonder, what do the girls that saw my poop think of this?

Question: Do you ever see unflushed toilets in public, at home, or ever at someone else's house and what would your reaction be depending on the size of it?

Since it's almost the beginning of another school year for me and for some of you :( hopefully there will be more bathroom stories/experiences to share on here :) I'm going to Kennywood next week, so I hope to have a story/experience to share with all of you. Plus, I have 8 or 9 games to go to, plus band festivals. Some are home games and some are away games. I hope to have some stories/experiences from there as well. I will post again after Kennywood next week.


Rhino poop

So my name is Michael and I'm 17 years old. I live in the United States. A couple (hundred, ten, not sure it's been a while since I've written, and I haven't just because but I've had a ton of great poops since then.) pages back I wrote about how I didn't poop for a while I was moving houses, and then when I finally went, it was huge and clogged the toilet the last day I was at the house.

Well I'm here with another sort of story/advice.

So the problem is, I'm not eating much nor am I active, yet I'm having these giant thick poops. I mean I'm not starving myself, but I'm not eating like I usually do like when I have sports later in the school year (Which is coming up so I'll be back with more interesting stories).

Today, I had this banquet thing I had to go to and I hadn't pooped in 2 days, I've been infrequent because school has just let in and so summer has messed up my schedule, I had work yesterday but I didn't feel like going because I didn't have a clear urge.

So I was at the banquet, and I felt my belly rumbling and I didn't want to go because we were waiting for the people to get there, but when they weren't showing up a few seconds later I decided to walk briskly to the loo.
When I got there, I was greeted by two stalls, one of them was an unusually stall small, but the toilet looked promising so I went in. When I turned around to lock the door my stomach gurgled, and I had a clutch of pain and a hissing fart came out with it as a gift.
I don't wipe the seat, I usually just sit down, so I pulled my pants and briefs down (boxers don't have a lot of fabric, so when I pee it leaks through into my pants when I wear them) and heard my butt thud on the toilet. The toilet creaked in reaction to me sitting (I'm mixed black/white and quite thin, so I don't have a lot of meat on me, which might explain my appetite.) and I began to lean forward and push.

Suprisignly I didn't have to push much at all and it didn't feel big, it felt like a normal bowel movement. One soft push, and a FLOOMP into the bowl, I felt more so I pushed again and had another FLOOMP!

Oddly enough, the first thing I noticed is was how bad it smelled, the paint was peeling off the walls, I could barely breathe. My poops usually smell, but not that bad. I was VERY relieved though, my whole body had relaxed and I was less tense. I grabbed paper to wipe (I stand to wipe because sitting for me is too messy, plus I don't want poop on the toilet seat nor on my man parts.)

and I stood up to wipe. Before I flushed I turned around to see 2 very big turds nestled next to each other in the bowl. I'm not exaggerating, they were slightly smaller than beer cans. I gasped, then wiped then put my toilet paper in the bowl. I didn't want to flush my monster shit but I did, and it somewhat went down... a tear of the paper anyways. So I just turned out and left.

After the banquet which was about 2 hours long, I walked back to the bathroom. As I opened the door the bathroom reeked of poop, which I assumed was mine. I went to go for a quick pee at the urinal, washed my hands then went to go to get paper from the stall I crapped in. I was greeted by the same two huge turds, that were much bigger because they had absorbed water. The smell was so bad you could smell it from outside the hall, and I could hear some men and women complaining about it. The hole of the toilet was quite big so I figured it was my turd. I just washed my hands again and left the bathroom hoping someone would see my big crap and admire it.

(Steven A) - I love your stories so much, I just lurk man, I'm sorry I don't respond, it's not because I don't have time it's because I'm always afraid to post, not sure why. lol. I hope you're doing good and I like that story about you pooping during gym.
I also took your advice about the fiber bars, and YES it works, thank you so much man. When I do sport and eat them I go everyday and I do have a story in response to what happened. Although I pooped alot this last season.

Zip - Good luck with the doorless stalls, if you find anymore let us know. By the way your buddy sounds pretty fly.

Esteban - Nice story about the doorless stall, I've honestly never seen doorless stalls in my life, isn't that weird? Then again I live in a conservative part of the country so y'a know.

So here's a story about during sport season just ending and getting into summer.

Basically track had ended a couple days ago and we were doing something with the music department so we had to stay afterschool. I hadn't pooped in a day which meant it was going to be a lot, because I ate so much stuff, and it was healthy stuff. My stomach wasn't rumbling too badly, but then I got a slight urge. The band kids were changing as well, and I decided I'd go poop before all the guys would hog the single-use bathroom down the hall. (In our school there's single use bathrooms everywhere, it's insane).

There was a guy already in there, who I know for taking relatively smelly and loose dumps in places and today wasn't an exception. I saw him go in the bathroom a good 10 minutes earlier and he was still in there.

I walked briskly to the bathroom, releasing silent but deadly farts as I walked, there was nobody in the hall so I was safe. I wiggled the handle and nobody was in there so I pushed the door open, then did a 360 and turned around and locked it.

It hit me like a ton of bricks, it smelled really strongly of shit. I couldn't breathe. I peered in the toilet from the door and there was a lot of leftover poop as well as a madly skidded bowl. You would of thought someone died in here. But I had to poop, so I did.

I went to the toilet, sat down and bent forward.

This is where the fun began. It wasn't hard at all, it was just one big push. I bent forward and pushed on my toes and my poop started crackling out loudly while hissing farts came out simultaneously.

However it was a quick 30 seconds. I sat up relieved after the last bit came out. As usual, the bathroom stunk heavy of my poop.

I got up and looked at my creation, about 3 large turds about 2 inches by 6 inches, and then rest a bunch of large-medium clumps of poop as well as some soft stuff side.

If I was at home, this would never flush, even most places this would clog. I wiped and it was messy, so it took a while to get clean. By this time people were knocking on the door and I said "Occupied, Sorry". I finished wiping then looked at it again. It was quite a bit for not pooping for one day, and I was sure I wasn't constipated. I shrugged and pulled the lever, it barely went down and I heard the toilet gurgle which meant it was partially clogged. I washed my hands and left.

As I was leaving the guys outside the bathroom held their nose, and a guy went in and shut the door and said "Oh Damn it stinks in here!". I just laughed it off. Another guy asked me what I ate. I told him just a lot of normal food, especially bran cereal and wheat bread. We joked about it then I went on with my day.

Dominic - How are you? Is your constipation any better?

Dude in distress

For Charlie

I have never done anything that extreme - I don't want to further injure my anus. You must have been quite desperate!! I usually just use Vaseline and my fingers to help when I am stuck. Spreading my cheeks while pushing helps too. Last week I had an inch of rock hard poo sticking out- after 45 minutes of straining. My anus was stretched as far as it would go. I couldn't sit or squat so I hobbled over to the bathroom counter and kinda semi- squatted while bracing myself against the counter top. After 7 or 8 massive efforts to pass this thing- it started to move. I had to use several fingers to press around my anus to help it pass- it stung like crazy and I was grunting so loud- I can't believe no one heard!


To Brianna

Oh dear!

I am so sorry that this happened to you. I feel for you! At the same time IMHO, there is no way that they did not know what happened. I hope everything is OK! Please don't let an accident stop you from building a very successful career.




to Dude in Distress

Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do sometimes manually assist myself like you describe; I push around my anus and perineum and sometimes that's the only thing that really helps it come out; of course I've also had to pull out my own turd on a few occasions when it stuck for a long time to despite how much pushing I was doing.

How often do you manually assist like that?

Monday, August 11, 2014


To Brianna & my desperate poos on a day out with the girls

Hi everyone!
Brianna, wow! Read your story & i admire your courage to just let go in public like that. I have IBS but i must have strong muscles as even when i am desperate i can still hold for a long time.
my sympathy to you.

So yesterday
The girls & I went on a day out to Brighton.
we met up at 10am at our train station.

I'd already had a massive poo before we left but as someone with IBS who has many BMs a day i knew i'd need another one at some point.
Arriving at the station i paid the taxi driver & went to meet the girls.
That was when my first urge for another poo came on.
our train was in 10 minutes so i excused myself & went for this poo before we got on the train as my urge had suddenly become desperate in minutes.

taking a cubicle i pulled my red dress up & red knickers down & immediately began plopping as soon as i sat down. Plops fell out of me 1 by 1 in quick succession.
12 plops later i wiped & flushed washing my hands and going back to the girls.
on the train, and about half hour later i was desperate for another big poo!
Clenching my peachy big butt cheeks in my red dress that was hugging my bum & showing off all my curves, i was sat in our seat on the train trying to keep it all in so bad! I am not going yet i thought to mysrlf! I held all my poo in until we got to Brighton. I even decided - as not to make the girls worry about me - i'd carry on until after lunch! Big mistake that was. I was so desperate that i'd given myself a ???? ache & could only eat a few chips.
i went to the loo, Crystal & Hayley followed me.
oh no they'll hear me pooing! I thought but i was desperate and now was the time for this poo to escape! Sitting on the seat i immediately exploded in to the loo. A lot runnier than before & because i exploded i couldn't really count how many plops but i think there were about 8 but really runny
so i cleaned up embarrassed but the girls didnt say anything. Off we went to get drunk & in the 4th bar we visited i needed my next desperate poo.
i took a seat & dropped 11 less runny but very messy banana shaped plops. Wiping i ran out of loo roll before i was even clean!! & we took my messy bum back back home. Got home in the evening & had my last poo that i'd been holding in on the train along with messy bum! 12 plops & jumped in the shower to clean up.
More soon J x


Pooping contest with my friend

My friend Kelly and I have always loved to poop. We love the feeling of going, but also the feeling of not going. Holding my poop back for days and days and then finally doing a huge load is amazing. Sometimes, Kelly and I have pooping contests, to see who can do the biggest load.

We had one yesterday, in fact. I'd lost the last several contests and so I was trying to eat tons of high-fiber foods to be able to win. Over four days, I ate two full boxes of bran cereal and tons and tons of fruits and vegetables.

The day of the contest arrived and Kelly and I met up at her house. She had two newspapers unfolded on the floor for us to go on. We took off our pants and squatted over our papers. "Ready, Set, Go!" she said, and the contest was on.

Kelly started pooping first and I was only farting a bit. Then I felt everything ready to come out. Once I started pooping, it just keep coming and coming. Log after log came out and I wasn't sure if I'd ever stop.

When we were both finished, we compared our piles. I had produced a huge pile made up of tons of small logs. Kelly's pile was also huge, but hers was clearly only two or three fat, long logs. It was difficult to say who had won. We needed to actually measure the piles to find out whose was bigger. In the end, it turned out I had won, but not by much. It was our closest contest we ever remember having.


Buddy dump with Ariel

Back when I started 6th grade in middle school, me and this Ariel, who sat with me in study hall became pretty good friends. Our study hall was 1st hour, about the time I normally poo. I kinda had to go, but I had some math problems to finish first. Ariel raised her hand and got a pass from the proctor. She warned me she that she may be having a big one since this was like Friday and she hadn't gone since she was at the movies on like Saturday. I wished her well as she left. It took me like 25 minutes to finish my homework and when I did, I looked up and Ariel wasn't back yet. I watched carefully for her to come in one of the three cafeteria entrances. Still no sign of her. Then I saw her come back in and turn her pass back in. As she sat down at our table she told me she was sore. I took that as a good sign until she told me that she had sat for more than a half hour and actually had changed stools because the second was lower and more comfortable as she pushed, but despite her poo being there and painful, despite all her pushing she was unable to get it (any of it!)out. She also said she ripped her undees a little as she stretched for legs as far as she could. She also said it was rare but as she sat, both of her knees were stretched into the sides of the stall. She also said she thought she'd loosened the seat as she changed her position and became more frustrated. She said she was going to try again at lunch hour.

However, just before the end of study hall the lights for the school and entire subdivision went out. The administration kept us there for about another half hour and then dismissed us for the day. Ariel suggested we take the bus over to her apartment and hang out there. The buses came pretty fast and after we boarded for our 45 minute ride, Ariel started to look scared and said her dump was coming, and fast. When we got to her stop, I could see she was in more pain as we got off and walked about a half block to her apartment. I told her I too was feeling the need to poo and she said their apartment had only one bathroom. She said we could go together and that I could have the stool and she would sit on the edge of the bathtub right across from me and crap into the litter of her cat immediately on the side of the tub. I told her she deserved the toilet and I could take the tub and litter but she said it would be better for her to go into the litter since her crap was going to be too large to clear the toilet drain anyway.

Once we got in to her apartment, her cat Butterscotch was sleeping on the hamper and she tossed it out and closed the door behind us. Ariel seemed surprised that I did my complete poo (about 9 inches in a banana shape) in about five seconds. She ripped her jeans down, and barely seated on the edge of the blue tub, I could see her poo emerging as she continued to push and spread her legs in anticipation. The log was coming out without as much effort as I expected, probably because the tub gave her a seat (although not as comfortable as the normal way)that was only 3/4 as high as a regular toilet. Her poo was formed like a very fat snake about 2 inches wide and it scraped the side of the tub on the way down. That left a messy streak, but we were both surprised that it didn't break off, until she got off the tub and threw herself onto her knees so that more of the poo would immediately go into the litter. I stood and wiped and flushed the toilet, all while more of the poo was still pushing out. She seemed so relieved when she was on her knees and she saw the result of her effort. Her overall log was like well more than 2 feet long. She was right--it would never have flushed, and any overflow would have spilled into the lower levels of the apartment building.

Ariel took off her jeans to better clean herself and I brought her another roll of toilet paper. She used a majority of it. Especially on the side of the tub, and the top of the litter. She asked me to shoot a picture of the poo log before I picked up the bag, tied it and took it to the back of the building and tossed it high into a large dumpster. Ariel went into her room and was lying on her bed because she still had a very sore butt, but she was thankful that I put a new liner and litter down. Later we walked down to the shopping center and got a new bag of litter because we needed it. She and I weed at the mall, but that was very uneventful.


Giant mushy shits

On Wednesday I did a giant mushy crap that looked like a huge, wide slug and I got the urge again earlier. Went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants and undies, sat and relaxed. And within a minute a GIANT soft crap came out. I knew it had to be a lot since I usually do huge poops. I seem to shit as much as a cow-no kidding. I'm 190 ish lbs and 5'11" but have a smallish butt and a big ???? that is shrinking as I'm trying to lose weight. I don't eat a lot during the day but I do massive craps. I drink lots of water and coffee though and take my stool softener & laxative (Lax-A-Day or Restoralax) daily and it helps keep my BMs nice and soft. After today's poop I took a shower.


Normal day

(i was 12)So I walking in the house,No one was home.As i walked a let out A Few Bubbly Fart.Then right after,My sister Taquashia walks in yelling at me about how my farts stink.So i laughed,stuck my butt out and let out a huge Fart. Again she was mad.Then i realized i had to poop.I walked to the bathroom,My sister passed and walked in front and i walked in with her.So my brother had locked us in. Taqushia was furios. Tiara i was laughing and kept farting. Then i really had to Poop. So i pulled down my school sweat pants and panties and sat on he toilet.As soon as i did i instatlly Farted 5 times. Taqushia walked up to me and sat on my lap and Let out 2 huge soon as i yelled the Poop wasnt slowly Poking out my Buttcheeks.i pushed her and bent over.Then i lift my shirt abit and It slowly started to come out. My poops come out as logs. So as i was done i wiped my butt.Then my sister moved me then she got on the toilet.I was finished because i felt som e pressure so i sat in front and she sat on back of the The toilet was just getting filled with Logs of poop.Then i said hold up and another bubbly fart.She pooted like 3 times we both changed clothes afterwards.As i was puttin my shoe on she let out a 4 sec long bubbly fart.(i sniffed it and it smelt good so afterwards we headed back outside

Bill F
To Kayla - Again, I loved both of your stories. It seems you have an unlucky track record with sneezing and pooping, haha! At least you have hard wood flooring, that's much easier to clean up. I don't really get the point of carpet, it's so much harder to clean (as my parents would know). When I move into my own house, the first thing I'll look for is hard floors without carpet.
Speaking of new houses...
Brianna - When I read your story about pooping your pants while showing a house in front of your customers, I couldn't imagine how embarrassing that was. It also scared me a little bit, as I haven't had a real accident (number 1 or 2) since I was in diapers, so the thought of having an accident like that, in front of other people is quite terrifying.

So last Sunday, Sam asked if she could come with me when I go to babysit Melanie. She said that our mom was ok with it as long as Melanie's mom was. I asked Melanie's mom, and she said that it was ok. So on Monday, Sam tagged along while I went to babysit. The girls watched TV for most of the time. Meanwhile, I was making lunch for everyone (Mac and Cheese, my specialty! Haha) When I called everyone to eat, only Melanie showed up. She said "Sam's just in the bathroom." A few seconds later, I heard from the bathroom, "There's no toilet paper!" I walked towards the bathroom, only to find the door wide open. I couldn't smell anything, so she was probably just peeing. I said "Yes there is, check under the sink." She said "I can't just get up off the toilet and walk there!" I said "Yes you can, I'm babysitting Melanie, not you" She just grunted and slowly waddled to get more toilet paper.

Sam was at the dinner table five minutes later. And quickly scarfed everything down. Melanie, being impatient, Had already finished her food and was back to watching TV. When I finished my lunch, I took the two of them to the park. On the way there, I noticed a distinct fart smell. It didn't smell like Sam's typical farts, so I could tell that Melanie was letting off a few silent farts. They smelled so strong, that I looked to make sure that she didn't poop herself. I decided not to bring it up, as I was cutting a few silent ones myself. I'm surprised Sam didn't bring it up. Who knows, maybe she was farting too, just with no smell. (Not likely, knowing her, but possible) When we got to the park, which was mostly empty, I picked a good spot on the grass while the girls played on the swings, keeping a closer eye on Melanie, obviously.

After about an hour and a half, I noticed Melanie wasn't running around as much as usual. Then she stopped running, made sure Sam wasn't looking, at grabbed her front and butt with each hand. I called her over, and asked "To you have to go to the bathroom?" She quietly said "Yes, very badly!" I said "Number one or two?" She said "Both." I asked "Do you think you can make it home?" She said "I think so." I called Sam and said we're going home now. Sam asked why, and I said "Melanie has to use the bathroom." She said "Can't she just go behind a tree or something?" I said no, and we started walking back.

Melanie was walking faster, and holding herself with one hand. Just like on the walk up, I smelled a fart. I immediately thought it came from Melanie, but I was proven wrong by a loud fart from Sam. Sam said "I told you, this happens every time you make Mac and Cheese! Something you put in it gives me gas every time." I assured her that it wasn't just happening to her. Melanie was giggling the whole time, no doubt making it even harder to hold everything in. We finally got home, and Melanie dashed into the bathroom. Sam said "Wow, has to more badly than I thought." I said "Yea, because she was hiding it from you at the park. She's pretty self-conscious about it."

After about two minutes, during which Sam cut another loud fart, ("Damn pasta...") Melanie yelled from the bathroom "Bill! Come in here!" I said "I JUST replaced the toilet paper!" She said "It's not that.." So I went into the bathroom and said "Did you make it?" She said "Yes..." I said "So what's the problem?" She leaned over to me and said "I really have to poop!" I said "So go! Nothing you haven't done around me before." She said "Not you, Sam. I can't go poop around her." I said "Why not? She already farted in front of you. And I know you farted in front of her already. I know she doesn't mind." I patted her on the back, and she felt more confident. She gave a big push, and let out a huge fart that resounded in the toilet bowl. From the other room, I could hear Sam laughing, and she yelled "That was a good one Melanie! Even I'd have a hard time ripping something like that!" I said "See, she doesn't mind at all. She's even cheering you on!"

She grunted and pushed hard again, and soon I heard four large *plunks* in the toilet. She said "All done" and unrolled way too much toilet paper. I stopped her, and said "You don't need that much, remember what mom said." I rolled off the right amount, and she said "When I try to wipe with that much, I never get clean! I need you to wipe." I said "Fine, just this once, you need to learn how to do this yourself." I wiped her front and back, and then gave her a little bit more toilet paper and said "Here, now you check to make sure nothing's left." She wiped herself, and it came back clean. She flushed, and thankfully it didn't clog this time.

I opened the door to find Sam standing right there. She told Melanie "Now I'm the one that has to poop." She closed the door, and seconds later, we heard a loud fart from the bathroom, and Sam yelled out "See? Mine aren't as loud as yours!" She laughed, and Sam added "But mine sure don't stink that bad!" Melanie laughed even more, and then I told her "She's lying. You don't want to know how bad they smell after seafood." Sam yelled "I HEARD THAT!... But it's true." Now both of us were laughing, and Melanie was laughing so hard the she farted five or six times, like rapid-fire! By the time we stopped laughing, the room smelled pretty bad, and Melanie said "I think I peed myself a little bit." I said "Just throw the panties in the laundry, I'll take care of it. You don't still have to go, do you?" She said "No, it was just that little bit." Melanie went upstairs to change, and Sam came out of the bathroom. I said "Way to make Melanie pee her pants laughing." She said "You're the one that brought up seafood." I said "Seafood or not, I'm not going in there for a while."
After all of that the rest of the day went on pretty smoothly, mixed in with a few toots from both of them. Luckily, I didn't have any urge to go until I got home.

I'll post again soon, and read all the great stories in the meantime.

See ya next time!


Nice doorless stall story, Esteban

Esteban-I liked the story of the guys who saw you using the doorless stall. It is pretty funny to see the different reactions you get from different guys. It is so silly to get freaked out by the possibility of being seen on the toilet. For the most part, if the one shy guy would have just quickly dropped a deuce, wiped, and left, his friends would have not even known he was gone. I've seen people go in and out in under two minutes from entering to exiting the stall.

When he said his friends wouldn't believe there was a guy dumping out where anyone could see reminded me of the time I was taking a crap in a doorless stall at the park. One guy came in and said hi, and used the urinal. We exchanged a few pleasantries and he walked outside. I heard him tell a buddy of his to be sure to say good morning to the guy taking a dump in the restroom. His buddy came in and sure enough, he said good morning as he passed by my stall.

I was at the gym with a buddy of mine and we both hit the showers at the same time. He said he had to "take a poo" and went into the restroom area. I also went in about a minute later. I took the stall adjacent to his. He was done pretty quickly. We were both just in towels so there was no clothes in the way. I noticed he had a bit of a wide stance and goes up on his toes, just like me. Although I seem to keep my knees together moreso.

He finished up and I heard him try to flush, but the lever wasn't working. He tried a few times, but no good, so he left. I came out and went into his stall. I saw a good sized load there. I pushed in on the lever and WHOOSH, it went away. Nice dump.


Diarrhea today

Hi all. I took a monster dump yesterday (Thursday) but today for some odd reason I've had the runs twice. Once in the morning, right after I got up and then later in the day. I don't know whether it was because I'm at the end of my period or if I took too much laxative or what. The first time was pure liquid and the second time was more mushy. My gas has been really foul smelling too, stinking up the room every time I fart lol. Smells terrible, like rotten eggs.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kayla as always another great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and it sounds like you had to go a lot to and I bet you felt great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie great story about your big poop it sounds like it was a really good one and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Brianna great accident story it sounds like you had a pretty rough day.

To: Vanessa great story it sounds like everyone had great poops in that bathroom and I bet you all felt great afterwards to.

To: Francessca great story.

To: Tech Guy great story about your aunt Linda it sounds like she gave you some really great memories and I look forward to reading your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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