To Brandon T - Thanks I'm glad to hear that.

Ok well I thought I'd tell about a little something I had mentioned in my last post, so anyway I have to admit I do get embarrassed about doing a poo away from home, so I usually only go poo at home, though I'll go poo else where if I have too but I prefer at home if I can help it.

anyways it's just a short silly embarrassing story.

when I was around 10 I was over at a friends I had stayed over and of course I was bit embarrassed to go poo there mostly because their bathroom had no lock, I didn't want to get walked in on going poo hehe, so I'd only pee and hold my poo, anyways I'd done a small poo, Thursday morning, though I usually go before bed if I need to. so on Friday I went to my friends an stayed the weekend until Sunday to get picked up at 4, on Sunday around 3, I had gone to the toilet to pee, and as I was sitting there peeing, I could feel my poo slightly poking out but I knew I could hold it until I got home, as I was getting some toilet paper to wipe my front, I sneezed causing me to weaken my hold and push a tiny bit and my poo come out a enough to not go back in, after a bit I remembered my friend's two brothers had left a bit earlier with their dad to go shop fishing stuff in the town over and wasn't to be back late like 7 or 8, so I tell myself surely there no reason to worry now and do just go, so I just let go, and out it came starting to widen me open, but then stopped, so I pushed and it widen me open more but I quickly stopped it as it hurt and it retreats back in a bit, I tell myself to just push and bare it, so I take a breath and push and out it came starting to widen me open again wider and wider then it just rockets out into the water splashing me and stop I pushing then another poo instantly pokes out, curious I spread my legs and look down and see a really thick very short poo in the water,
my next poo was still a little thick but not like the first at all, embarrassed to say it felt good to just let it slowly work it self out by it self, so I had just kinda leaned back and was just resting with my head back, then for one of my if not the most embarrassing moments, all of a sudden my friend is is peering down at me and says "fall asleep?" I wasn't asleep but thats when I realized it at some point I had relaxed and I had all laid back and had my legs wide open a thick long poo hanging down coming out of me and had been spacing off in my own little world. I immediately snapped up into a upright sitting position and had closed my legs, and blurted out "NO!" I was so embarrassed! and she then giggled and said "are you sure?" and I embarrassingly told her "I um was just uhh.. spacing out" by that time I had noticed she was pressing her hand into her front and she started laughing saying "don't make me laugh, or I'll pee myself", I giggled a bit, seeing her trying to hold herself while laughing, then I saw her pull her panties down and she sat down on the on the edge of the tub a began peeing. and I hear her say "I would've asked for the toilet but with that tail of yours I doubt I'd get it" and laughs mores. then she's like "sorry, so was it just feeling good coming out or something" she said with a bit of a giggle I just kinda give a nod, and she just "don't worry about it, it sometimes feels good for me too" but then starts laughing again as she says "but I've never got caught on the toilet like that" then I'd felt it drop and a long not loud but not quite fart echos out, then felt another poo just a little less thick just flow out and plop then plop, plop, plop, buch of little poo came out then more pee drained out of me, I felt empty, and great, I guess I looked it as she said with a laugh "you sure look relived" as she was trowing away some toilet paper she had used in the trash. I wiped up and then went to another room while she told her mom about the toilet. I kinda listened in though, I heard her say "mom, she too embarrassed to tell you but Kayla used toilet and is too afraid to flush it thinking it might overflow" and then I hear "well she probably used to much toilet paper" then a bit quieter "no I think she was just constipated" I was feeling really embarrassed. they was saying something else but they got to quite to hear from the other room.
before I left my friend told me, she kinda had to go too.


Giant mushy shits

On Wednesday I did a giant mushy crap that looked like a huge, wide slug and I got the urge again earlier. Went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants and undies, sat and relaxed. And within a minute a GIANT soft crap came out. I knew it had to be a lot since I usually do huge poops. I seem to shit as much as a cow-no kidding. I'm 190 ish lbs and 5'11" but have a smallish butt and a big ???? that is shrinking as I'm trying to lose weight. I don't eat a lot during the day but I do massive craps. I drink lots of water and coffee though and take my stool softener & laxative (Lax-A-Day or Restoralax) daily and it helps keep my BMs nice and soft. After today's poop I took a shower.


"The Accident"

Let's be honest- I don't LIKE pooping. I have been a reader here off and on for a couple years, full disclosure I found it once when goofing around with an old friend because we were discussing how much we enjoy peeing after having held it in for a really long time and we were trying to research if there was a term for the love of the feeling of peeing when you've had to go really bad. After that I have just been interested in some of the pee stories but haven't had anything notable to share other than the fact that I like that feeling I described. Pooping though? I see it as a chore. I actually get annoyed when I need to go. I feel like it's time taken out of my day and I rarely find the feeling of going to be as relieving and satisfying as a much needed pee. So to that end it pains me to say that my first legitimately interesting bathroom experience that I feel is worthy of posting is poop related...terribly, embarrassingly poop related.

First a bit about me. My name is Brianna, i'm a 29yo white brunette with brown eyes...i wouldn't say i'm heavy but i'm not definitely not skinny lol...I'm curvy I guess is how we'll put it. I get my fair share of glances and compliments from the gentleman about what I've got going on in both the front and the back lol...but anyway other than the basics of my appearance, I'm a real estate agent. In my second year actually. It's been a struggle to get my legs under me but this summer I've started having a little bit of consistent success. As a result I've been super busy lately. I do multiple showings every day it seems and that's just the half of needless to say it can be hard to find a good time to take a dump during the day sometimes, especially since I view it as such an inconvenience to do it. Therefore I tend to ignore any such need for as long as is physically possible. For the most part I always just hold it until I get home in the evenings and occasionally by that time..I won't lie, there have been some really close calls...I'm talking I got to the toilet and got my pants down just in the nick of time to avoid total disaster... but other times I know I won't make it that far and have to bite the bullet and *GASP* poop away from home, either at my office or a public place or, worst case scenario, a house I'm showing.

yesterday I had 4 showings scheduled which I'd say is an average day lately. Three of them were with the same couple wanting to see three houses. They are a young couple and I'd say "spoiled" and have been difficult to work with, they're very nit-picky and judgemental and are difficult to please. They seem to refuse to compromise on anything and whine every time I show something that isn't their absolute perfect dream house. So needless to say I was pretty stressed out before our 3 showings and was pretty busy all morning getting everything prepared and finishing other tasks and doing the showing I had before them. I met up with them and of course it was more of the same with the first showing...unimpressed by everything yet they loved to just stand around and criticize and then discuss everything they would need to do to make the house acceptable for them with no intention of actually buying it and doing those things; ie: wasting everyone's time. It was by the end of this first showing that I first started feeling like I needed to go to the bathroom. But I wasn't concerned.

The second showing was actually decent. The only problem was that since they liked the house and were actually showing decent interest, and I only call it a problem due to my bodily need, they spent a much longer time there than even when they just want to criticize and hate on a place. There was a window while we were there when I really should have just left them alone to look around and discuss it and I could have snuck off and quickly used the toilet, but it wasn't that intense of an urge yet and I figured I would be fine until I got back to my office after the third showing. So, I kept holding it in.

The trip to the 3rd showing was rough. It was the middle of the afternoon and traffic was getting heavy, and my GPS was being difficult so it took a long time to get there. The couple actually beat me there in their car and were seeming kind of impatient waiting for me to get there and let them in. By the time I finally made it, I was actually starting to get a little concerned that I wasn't going go be able to hold it until I got back to my office. As I began showing them around the house I was having a hard time focussing because in my head I was trying to think of what nearby businesses I saw coming in that I would find to be an acceptable place to run in and use the bathroom after the showing. Going at the house wasn't an option because the water was off so there would be no ability to flush the toilet and wash my hands...but honestly, even if the plumbing was functional, I would do everything in my power to avoid excusing myself during a showing to use the toilet in a house that I was trying to get someone to buy...not for a #2 anyway...embarrassing.

It was rough though. During the showing I found myself having to try pretty hard not to fart. Two times it was so bad I actually straggled as we moved from room to room and let some gas go as we were leaving one room figuring it would stay behind and they would spend enough time in the next room before going back that it would go unnoticed... but they were definitely what I've heard referred to as "pre-pooping farts" and I was beginning to feel pretty desperate...

By the time we were moving onto the second floor I was actually legitimately scared that I might have an accident in my pants... keep in mind...I've made it to age 29, and that has never happened to me since I got out of diapers. Not once (not a number 2 anyway). That's how badly I needed to go. I was almost in full panic mode and I didn't know what to do... I was clearly rushing them and they were resistant and just continued going at their own pace. I debated whether I should just excuse myself and run downstairs and use an unflushable toilet anyway, or if I should just say I needed to get going and let them lock up when they were done (totally unethical)...I even thought of pretending to get a phone call and running outside for a second and finding a freaking bush! But I left my phone in my car and couldn't think on the fly of how to make that excuse work...I started to just subtly take deep breaths and keep telling myself "just hang on've got're 29 freaking years can hold it. We're ALMOST DONE HERE..."

I was showing them the master bedroom. That's got real. I had already been on the brink for a little while...but as we were in there, it very suddenly became much more it was ready to come out...I squeezed my cheeks together harder than I ever thought I would need tried to come out and I fought with every muscle I could to keep it in. I did keep it in at first, but not without just a slightly, slightly noisy fart escaping. I immediately turned bright red even I though it didn't seem like they heard it....but I was frozen. My body was so tense I felt like I couldn't breathe or talk. I tried to take a step backwards toward the corner of the room but the cramp in my stomach and the pressure in my butt was too intense. I literally just stood there like a statue with my face burning red, not speaking, as they discussed the room between themselves. After a minute they must have sensed something was wrong... the woman said "are you alright?" I tried to smile and casually say yes. But as I was, things were FAR from alright....

It started coming out...literally as they were both looking right at me and I was fake smiling and nodding 'yes I'm alright'. I tried to stop it but I just...I could NOT hold it anymore... it was coming out then whether I wanted it to or not. It felt hot and was coming out pretty slowly but steadily filling in the back of my beige bikini panties and forming a bulge in my light gray dress slacks. Luckily it was coming out may have been the one thing that went my way in that moment...i pooped a good half of a load into my pants before I was finally able to stop it from coming out. Once I did, I still really needed to go, but control had been restored for the moment. They seemed like they still sensed something was wrong but didn't know the nature of what my problem was and they just said "OK" and kept looking around. I finally took a step back toward the corner trying to get away before the smell hit the air. The load squished around against my butt a little when I just felt like I had shoved a soft, damp heating pad down the back of my panties...or almost like soft serve ice cream, but hot...that's the best I can describe it. I did my best to just keep my legs pressed together and keep my back to the corner of the room and not poop anymore. it was level of focus you need to experience to understand. I wasn't panicking or breaking down or crying, I just went into survival mode like someone in imminent became all about "just get these people out of here before they realize that I just crapped in my pants."

I stood calmly in that corner and just casually called out to them "I'll leave you alone while you check out the last two rooms, I'm late for a conference call so i'm gonna pop out to my car, think it over and email me your thoughts tonight or tomorrow!" They just said "uh OK thanks" and kept looking around. Meanwhile I remained in that corner trying to build up the nerve to walk and get the hell out of there...but before that happened I of course started going again and finished completely pooping myself. Again, couldn't hold it...I don't mean I finished going in my pants just because! When it was all said and done I could feel that the load was pretty heavy and had spread up the back of my panties towards the small of my back and it also felt like it overflowed from the leg holes a little and was actually in my dress pants. This was a major dump, folks...oh, and when the smell hit was intense. It was all i could do to pray they didn't walk back into that room and smell it. I waited until I could hear them deep in discussion in another room, and made my move... I grabbed onto my pants on the front of my thighs and pulled them forward as if to form a seal against the back of my legs to prevent any of the mess from going down my legs and getting on the floor, and I waddled all the way down the stairs and out the front door and straight to my car. I must have been a site to see if anyone saw me walking like that... I was so happy to reach my car and get out of public view that I didn't even mentally prepare myself for the moment of sitting down in my filled pants. So that was very special.... I felt that hot soft-serve spread in every direction.... it was almost as unpleasant as the initial moment of losing control. Sitting there like that, it just felt like a hot, sticky, wet wedgie. It was quite uncomfortable. And as you can imagine my car smelled to high heaven as soon as I got made me gag even though it was my own smell...

I had to just sit there, in my messy pants, in my hot smelly car, pretending to be on the phone waiting for my clients to leave. When they finally did I waved awkwardly and they both made funny, almost nervous faces at me...I waited for them to drive away and I just sat there with my eyes closed tightly as I thought with horror that they definitely knew that I'd accidentally pooped my pants in the house. Once I was sure they were gone I did another crazy poopy-pants waddle up to the front door to lock up, then waddled on back to the car. I was supposed to go back to my office but I called to say I was just gonna finish up at home after a long day out. Then just to add insult to injury...I got lost going home. Very lost. I was trying to find my way and had to stop twice to screw around with my GPS, and I cried SO much from just wanting to get home and change my underwear and being so frustrated that it was taking so long. I guess I also cried because by then the shame and humiliation of my accident really hit me, and I was just in disbelief. I also kept overanalyzing my clients actions and expressions and I convinced myself that there was definitely no way they didn't notice their realtor totally crapped her pants while showing them a house. I mean the fact that they sensed something was wrong and asked me, then I never moved from where I was standing while they could see me, then told them I was leaving by shouting it from another room, then most definitely left a lingering poop odor behind when i left the house,then awkwardly waved goodbye from sitting inside my car on a summer day all pretty much points to one conclusion. They MUST know what I did...SO EMBARRASSING! They have not yet contacted me and I'll be honest I'm kind of praying they don't... I don't think I can even face them again let alone try and sell them something. How can they take me seriously when I freaking POOPED MY PANTS while showing them a house!?!?

Anyway, when I finally got home it took me a good 5 mins just to carefully remove my slacks... got in the shower with my panties still on...the cleanup process was an experience all its own.... I hand washed the panties pretty well in the shower then put them straight in the laundry with my slacks... once I was done and in clean clothes I curled up in a ball on my couch and binge watched shows on Netflix trying to take my mind off of my accident....what an ordeal.

Reading people's stories here did nothing to prepare me for that experience...I can't literally not think of a more embarrassing thing to do than to poop in my pants, as an adult woman in a professional setting in front of clients who were around my own age. Unreal!


To Christa:

Hang in there! If the bowel problems continue, you may want to get checked out to make sure there's nothing medical going on. You might also want to try going a longer stretch of staying dry WITH protection on. It sounds however, like you had a bit of sensory overload which why you had the bladder accident. Don't let it get you down. Having an accident from time to time is only a set back, it is NOT failure.


Party pooper lol :D

Last Saturday my friend Eliza's cousin was getting married so she invited me to go to the party with her family as she didn't want to be alone. About half way through the party as we were dancing I felt the urge to poop. I hadn't gone in two days so sadly I knew it would take me a while. I told Eliza that I had to use the restroom and she said she also had to go so we walked off to find the restrooms. The party was at a nice ballroom so we had to go upstairs were the bathrooms were. As we were going towards the stairs a girl about 20ish wearing a tight blue dress was desperatly walking towards the direction of the bathroom. When me and Eliza walked into the bathroom, we saw it was very small yet it had 5 tiny stalls. The first was being used by a mother with a daughter, the 2nd had barley been occupied by the girl in the blue dress ao I took the 3rd stall and Eliza took the 4th. I was wearing a black dress so I quickly lowered my hot pink bikini panties to my ankles and sat down. The girl in the 2nd stall stall had her light blue thong at her ankles and was peeing fiercely. Eliza was wearing a pink dress and had her black bikini panties with pink polka dots at her ankles as well. I then starting to push as my poop felt hard and dry so I knew it would take forever to push. After about a minute a little turd had finally came out with a loud plop but I still felt the need to go so I continued pushing. The girl in the blue dress had left and Eliza was still quite. We were the only two in the bathroom so I asked her what was wrong. She told me she's kinda shy about pooping in public and has a hard time going even if she's bursting. I was going to say something but that's when another person entered the bathroom. She took the 2nd stall and quickly lowered her white bikini panties to her shin level and peed fiercely. She quickly wiped and left and I then told Eliza to just relax and let it go. After a couple of minutes I had only produced some little balls and Eliza still made no noise. I started to push harder and I felt a big hard and dry turd poking out. I pushed harder and it started to move faster until it got stuck half way through. The door opened and two girls about my age who's voices I recognized from the table next to us entered the bathroom. One of them said she had to poop so bad and the other replied that so did she and tHat she was about to shit her panties. The one who replied took the 2nd stall and lowered her black lacy thong to her ankles and started pooping. Her friend took the first stall and started pooping as well. I was still pushing and I finally felt the turd leave my body and make a loud splash. It felt so good so I wiped and pulled up my hot pink panties and went to wash my hands. I stayed at the sinks to wait for Eliza to finish eventhough she still made no noise and was in there for about 10 minutes. I looked around the bathroom and the girl in the 1st stall was still pooping and had her pink and white striped panties at her ankles while the girl in the 2nd stall was standing and wiping. After a couple of minutes the two girls finished and left leaving Eliza and I alone again. I asked her how she was doing and she said she was finally pooping a long turd. So I waited. Another woman about 30 came in and took the 1st stall and lowered her lavender panties to the floor and started to poop. That's when a plop sound came from Eliza's stall and she started to wipe. Then she pulled up her black with pink polka dots panties and came out. When then left the other women to finish and returned to the party 15 minutes later. Well that's all so now so bye :)


Great poo this morning

Hi again. I had to poo quite badly this morning. I went to the loo, lowered my pants and sat down. I was farting a lot and then I began to poo. It all came out in one very long piece. Then I only had to wipe once. It was one of those perfect poos which are not too hard, nor too soft, and require very little wiping. They almost never happen, though.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mina as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and it sounds like you were pretty desperate to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan great pooping story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


blondiemaja Re suppositories

The problem with solid suppositories is that if they wind up IN the poop when you push them up your bottom they don't melt and there for don't do you any good. I've been using the liquid supps by fleet and they REALLY get you going!!!-- JW


For Dude in Distress

YES! Manual assisting definitely helps me when I'm almost impacted. Sometimes I will do it bracing against the tub like you do and sometimes I bend over and shove a finger up there while flexing my anal muscles rapidly, basically jackhammering my ass with my finger. Sometimes I have to use something small like the handle of a toothbrush to rotate around and get things moving. I kid you not, one time I was squatting and pressing my feet against the wall behind the toilet bearing down so hard I broke through the drywall behind the toilet just as I passed a six or seven inch long and three or four inch wide turd out of me and into the toilet bowl. I had to end up giving myself an enema after that too because there was still about an inch or two of constipation behind that enormous rock!


To Yui

Well done Yui. You are a Japanese girl in high school? You worried about your English, and it's true that you made some mistakes, but your story was easy to read and easy to understand. You can be confident about your English composition! As you practise more, you will make fewer mistakes, and one day your english will be excellent. Gambatte kudasai.

I hope you won't have diarrhea like that again. Don't drink anything that tastes strange! I also hope that you are now completely better.

By the way I think your friend is a very nice girl and you are very lucky to have her.

Good luck.


Thursday, August 07, 2014


To Steve A and Jemma

Steve A - It's probably best not to take it personally if people don't comment on or ask questions about your posts. It doesn't mean they don't appreciate them; I reckon there are many who visit the site and enjoy the stories but decide not to post a story or comment on one they've read.
I sometimes thank people and ask questions about posts that I find particularly interesting e.g. I recently thanked Emma b for her post about the "car poo" and I asked some questions. Hopefully she'll respond. However, I don't take it personally if people don't respond but it's nice if they do. It may be the case that they prefer not to or don't have the time and intend to come back to comment/answer questions but they forget. Another possibility is that they just don't see a post; some posters or visitors visit less frequently and some may only visit or post once.

Jemma - loved your post about your multiple poos during your day out at the beach. Glad you were able to find loos to use and I hope you had a fun day despite your belly being upset.



Hi its John B.

Thanks for your reply. Normally I'd eat a chicken Madras but for some inexplicable reason opted for the phall! I suppose if I ate those more often then my digestive system would build up some sort of tolerance! So you're a Korma girl then? That's pretty creamy and together with the coconut probably causes your stools to differ from the norm!

Liked your last post and do you know that even at my venerable age even I feel somewhat reticent about farting loudly in a public loo even more so if the adjacent cubicle is occupied. No doubt some psychologist type person could explain the reason why!

Anyway Megan and others here happy what's left of the summer No 2ing and as for me I'm off to Ireland on Friday (8th) with my wife and mother to visit the outlaws, lol, and no doubt poo wise there maybe subtle or indeed dramatic bowel changes vis a vis drinking Guinness and the extra large portions of food they generously serve over there!

Where I'm staying the internet connection is a bit hit and miss so I'll probably post again towards the tail end of the month!

Take care one and all.

John B x

In my earlier post my comments re the curry were meant to have been addressed to Megan which wasn't apparent so sorry for any confusion!

John B

Tech Guy

Pooping in the forest with my 'Aunt' Linda

I am please to hear that Brandon T liked my post on Page 2396 about the time when I was 9 and I went to stay with my Mum's friend Linda and her husband Chris while Mum was in hospital.

That was a long time ago but I still keep in touch with Linda although I don't often see her. Claire got married and moved away then Chris and Linda split up so now Linda lives alone. A few weeks ago, Linda phoned my wife Julie and asked if she could 'borrow' Tech Guy as her computer wouldn't start up. She was very worried in case she had lost all her photos from the hard disk as she didn't have a backup.

Linda invited Julie and I to go and stay with her one summer weekend but Julie preferred to stay at home. A few days before the weekend, I held my poo and made myself constipated so that I could ask Linda for a remedy. I left home early Saturday morning and arrived at Linda's house about 10 a.m. Linda was so pleased to see me. I took a bottle of her favourite wine and a box of her favourite chocolates for her. Linda's computer needed a major rebuild but I had taken some spare parts and I managed to get it working. This took most of Saturday morning and fortunately, all the photos were still on the hard disc. Linda was delighted that she hadn't lost anything and she didn't need to buy a new computer.

Linda showed me the photos of her last holiday with Chris before they split up. They hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu in Peru. On one photo, Linda said, "Oops! You weren't supposed to see that one!" It was a photo of her squatting in some bushes somewhere with her jeans and panties around her knees but she wasn't revealing much as she was quite well hidden in the bushes. "I had diarrhea all the way!" she explained. Chris took the photo as joke and he used to tease her as she always had 'the runs' when they went abroad on holiday.

The photo had helped to 'break the ice' and it got us talking about toilet matters. I said that I had the opposite problem and I had been constipated for the past three days. We ate lunch then for dessert, Linda served me with a large dish of fresh plums from the garden followed by rhubarb crumble made with fresh rhubarb from the garden. She said that should help with my constipation and rhubarb is a good natural laxative. I said I remembered that from when I was 9 but it worked a bit too well then.

Then Linda got out a pack of brown granules and mixed these with her yoghurt. I asked her what they were for and Linda explained that she recently had surgery for Haemorrhoids. I asked her what they were and she explained that they are swollen veins in the lower part of the rectum and the anus. I asked her what causes them, what her symptoms were and what medication she used. Linda asked me if I really wanted to know all about her back passage and her bowels I said I would like her to tell me everything.

Linda she said that her Haemorrhoids started when she was pregnant with Claire then they got worse due to constipation and straining to go to the toilet. She said she suffered discomfort and pain, especially after a bowel movement then she whispered, "I used to put suppositories up my bottom to ease the pain!" She said that nowadays, she eats plenty of fruit, fibre and fibre supplements and drinks plenty of water to make her stools soft and easy to pass without straining.

Linda said that she finally plucked up the courage to have surgery recently. She knew that it would be painful for the first few weeks but she thought it would be worthwhile in the long run. I asked her to tell me all about it. She said that before going to the hospital, she had to take some bowel preparation liquid to clear everything out of her digestive system prior to surgery. I asked her what effect it had and she whispered, "Completely liquid diarrhea, like peeing out of my bum!"

Linda explained that she had stitches in her back passage and after her operation, she was dreading opening her bowels for the first time as she knew it would be painful. She said that she was given some pain killers but these are known to cause constipation so she was also prescribed the dark brown laxative granules.

I asked her how the granules work and Linda explained that they have two main ingredients. One is a natural plant fibre that swells and absorbs water. It increases the bulk of her stools and it makes them softer so that they pass through her bowel more easily. It also contains a stimulant laxative that makes her intestinal muscles contract more often and more strongly, pushing her soft faeces along her bowel for evacuation.

I asked her what effect it has on her and she said that when the stimulant laxative starts to work, she gets a feeling like mild period pains. Then a hour or two later, she has a sudden and urgent need to go the the toilet to pass a soft and loose bowel motion. Linda said that she also has to drink a lot of fluids with the laxative granules so she also has to wee a lot.

After lunch, Linda said that she needed to go for "a long sit on the toilet" so I could guess that she needed to do a poo. The toilet was next to the bedroom where the computer was and there was a gap under the bathroom door, so I could could her her doing a really soft poo.

On Saturday evening, Linda cooked a nice meal and we drank the bottle of wine between us. For dessert, we both had a large helping of rhubarb crumble and custard then Linda had yoghurt with her laxative granules mixed in. She said that should work really well in the morning.

we sat down on the sofa together and snuggled up together for a heart-to-heart chat. The wine had made Linda quite talkative and uninhibited. Although it had been six months since Chris left her, she was still very upset and in tears at times. I thought that she needed a hug so I put my arm round her. She said that I was such a good friend and she hugged me but she didn't want me to get the wrong idea. Linda explained that then I came to stay with her when I was 9, she felt maternal about me and she wished that she had a son like me. She said that Mum named Linda and Chris in her will to adopt me if Mum died before I was 18. I said I never knew that but it was so sweet of her and she deserved lots of hugs, in a maternal sort of way. I said that I never had any other sort of feelings about her and then we spent the rest of the evening hugging each other.

Linda said this was the first time I had stayed at her house since that time when I was 9 years old. Linda asked me if I remembered what happened and I said that I did. I said that I remembered her inserting a laxative suppository and it felt rather nice. I said that I also remembered that Claire and I ate too much fresh fruit from the garden and we both had 'the runs' when we went to the beach.

I said that I really enjoyed going to the toilet with Claire among the rocks and I really liked to watch Claire's poo coming out of her bum. This gave me a life-long interest in women going to the toilet, especially for a 'number two'. Linda asked me what if I remembered what happened in the car on the way home. I said that I had a poo accident in my pants and I remembered Linda cleaning my bum for me. I said that was rather nice and no-one has ever done that since then but I wished someone would.

Then I asked Linda if she and Chris used to go to the toilet together. She said that they used to go backpacking together and they camped in some remote places. She said that they used to dig a hole for a toilet and Chris liked to watch her squat and do her poo. Then they would bury it when they had finished. I asked her if Chris ever wiped her bum for her and Linda said that he liked to do that sometimes. I said that Chris and I obviously had similar interests but Chris was lucky to have an understanding wife like Linda who was so open about going to the toilet. I said that I wished that my wife Julie was like that as she won't even allow me into the bathroom when she is on the toilet.

The next morning, I got up early just before 7 a.m. and went for a long soak in the bathtub. I heard Linda's alarm go off and a few minutes later, Linda tapped on the door and opened it slightly. She asked if I was going to be much longer as she needed to do a loose poo. I said that she could come into the bathroom so she sat on the toilet with her nightdress covering everything. Then I heard the sound of her semi solid poo pouring into the toilet bowl. I said that her bowels sounded really loose this morning and she said she had 'the runs' because she took a dose of laxative granules as well as eating rhubarb crumble.

Linda wiped herself then went to get dressed and prepare breakfast. At breakfast, Linda took her usual dose of laxative granules mixed with yoghurt. She served me a large dish of fresh plums from the garden and the final portion of yesterday's rhubarb crumble. Linda asked me if I would like to go for a cycle ride on the trails in the nearby forest. Linda said that before going out, she needed another long sit on the toilet. She advised me to do the same as there were were no toilets at the forest but she would take a toilet roll for emergencies. After I came out of the toilet, she asked, "Has all that fruit worked? Have you opened your bowels yet?" I said that I hadn't so far.

Linda still had Chris's mountain bike for me to ride so we loaded the mountain bikes onto the cycle carrier on the car and drove to the forest. Linda packed our lunch, a garden trowel and a toilet roll into her cycle panniers but she asked if I could take the panniers on my bike to avoid extra weight on her bike.

We cycled for two hours then we sat down on a fallen log and ate a picnic lunch. After lunch, Linda said, "All this exercise is really getting my bowels working." I said that it was having the same effect on me. Linda said that she was really bursting to go to the toilet. I said that I was too.

Linda said that she she needed to go behind a bush, a really big bush. She asked me for the trowel and the toilet roll from the cycle panniers but I said that I would only let her have them on one condition, that she let me come with her and dig the hole. Linda said that she didn't have time to argue about this as she was about to poo her panties so she took me by the hand and led me into the bushes. I dug a small hole then Linda said, "Excuse me, you might like to look the other way." I said that I would like to stay with her if that was okay. She turned her back to me, took her jeans and panties down and squatted over the hole.

I saw her anus open wide and a stream of very soft poo poured out. She said that really had 'the runs' today but at least it all came out effortlessly. When she had finished, she asked me for the toilet roll. I unrolled some and said, "Shall I do that for you?" Linda stood up and bent over and let me wipe her messy bum.

"My turn now!" I said as I handed Linda the toilet roll. I squatted over the hole made a pile of soft poop on top of Linda's. She said that all the plums and rhubarb had certainly worked well for me. Then I stood up and bent over and asked Linda if she would wipe my bum for me like she did when I was 9. She tore off some toilet roll and wiped me gently. Then we put all the used toilet paper into a bag and buried the poo.

When we got back to Linda's house, we cuddled up together on the sofa and chatted. Linda said that she and her friend Paula were planning to spend a week hiking the West Highland Way in Scotland at the beginning of September. She used to do that kind of thing with Chris when she was younger and she and Paula were still quite fit but they weren't sure how many miles they could manage each day. As camping 'wild' in open country is permitted in the Scottish Highlands, they decided to camp then they could stop for the night wherever they wanted. The only problem was carrying all the camping equipment.

Linda asked me if I was interested in joining them and she said that she would like me to carry the tent and camping equipment so that she and Paula only had light backpacks. I asked her where we would go to the toilet and she said we would dig a hole and bury it, just like we did in the forest. I said that I liked that idea so we agreed to have an on-line meeting with Paula the following week.

Hi megan, i was just wondering if you have any stories from when you was back at university? i remember you talking about it a while back. whether it was in halls or your uni house. i have just finished university and have a few stories!

look forward to hear from you


Doorless stalls part 2

As I said, I've been to this park men's room before and never saw anyone there at all. A day or so ago I wrote about a man taking a dump in one of the open stalls. The next day as I walked across the lawn from the parking lot to the old green toilet building, I saw a man and his girlfriend heading generally in the same direction. It seemed to me they were heading to the picnic tables just beyond the building, and the man did motion to his girl friend to wait at one of the tables, but he doubled back to the men's room and entered ahead of me.
Again, I assumed he'd be talking a piss, but instead he was sitting in the far stall, shorts down to his ankles. I looked at him - "No doors," I said. "Guess not," he replied. With that I wiped down my toilet with my disinfectant wipes, dropped my tan shorts and my white boxer briefs to the floor and sat down.
The man finished quickly, flushed and went to the sink in front of me. I couldn't believe it. It was like a repeat of the day before. He looked at me and said "damn hot out today." He was Hispanic, tall and thin with tight fitting jeans. Then he turned to the sink and doused his head with cold water. He did this a couple of times, looked back at me, shook his hands dry and said "that's refreshing."
"Thanks for the idea,"I said. And he smiled and left.
As he did I heard footsteps approaching. This time a young guy, probably late teens, came in. He was startled when he saw me, walked past to the next stall and I could hear him hitting the side wall looking for a door.
"There's no door," he said. "What am I supposed to do?"
"Same as me," I answered. "It's no big deal."
"How can you shit in the open like that?" he asked. "Aren't you embarrassed? If my friends see me I'll die."
"You'll 'die' if you shit your pants," I said.
But he just left muttering they won't believe there's a guy there taking a dump for anyone to see. By the time I finished he was nowhere in sight. I have no idea what happened to him. But he was pretty rude to me so I don't much care.

Mr. Clogs

Reply to blondiemaja and a short post

blondiemaja: Thanks for your reply. I was curious if you used a container or not to pee and poop in while you squat or whether or not you pee first before pooping. I enjoyed the post about the baseball sized poop down there and having to squat to finish the job. Keep the posts coming.

Okay here's a quick from me that I would like to share. This past Friday I was getting ready to take a shower. If I have to do a #2, I just poop then take a shower. Since I haven't pooped in a container in so long, I would give it another shot. This time I have a glass drinking mug that holds about 26.8 oz of liquid with a handle. It has a wide mouth perfect for peeing and pooping into. I had already urinated into it that same morning and was getting ready to pour it out. Since I had to poop I put the mouth of the cup and did a semi squat since I have a small bathroom and pushed hard to get the last bit of poop from this morning. I wasn't much poop left and I felt completely empty. I dumped the poop filled cup into the toilet and washed it out in the bathroom and save for the next time. Like I said it'll be quick. LOL! Enjoy folks and happy peeing and pooping.

--Mr. Clogs

Hi everyone, I'd been feeling guilty as I haven't had any interesting thing to report for a long time. Always the same pattern every loo visit. But on Saturday I had a workplace party and I ate and ate and ate. The food was soooo good! But Sunday morning and yesterday morning, I didn't need to go to loo. Then yesterday evening I got an urgent warning and ran to loo and sat down. A big soft motion flowed out of my bottom at once. I thought, whoooo, but as I was thinking so I felt strong feeling in my bottom again only about 10 seconds after finishing first motion, and my bottom opened again at once and soft motion about three times size of first one flowed out at big speed. Wow, better to flush, but I looked first, and no water I could see. Only big brown mess. I could hear no noise at all while motions came out of me. It felt soooo good! especially second one, took bit more than five seconds I think. I washed bottom with wash let and then stayed on loo to relax. I felt comfortable, and sometimes motions came out of my bottom, but no so big ones. And some gas noise I made. After about 15 minutes I thought I am empty and I looked and loo was about half full, but I sat down again about 2 more minutes, but nothing came. so I washed bottom again and dried with paper and went out of loo.
Very stupid story, but I enjoyed that motion so much. I hate when my friend Kazuko's parents say her that women never do motion and she must hide it and eat only little. Kazuko sometimes come to my house and do motion and take long time and do very big one because she say, my house is best place to do motion and because she relax she does bigger motion than in her own house. I say to Kazuko, you can stay an hour if you like, but she say, 10 or 15 minutes is enough because she wants to talk with me and we don't like to be together in small loo room, because doing motion alone is more relaxing, but we sometimes open door for little while.
We are going to go hot spring for holiday with our friends Maho and Hisae, we hope that we can do motion at same time like last time. Before that we never talk about motions, but now sometimes, and we like it because it's important part of everyone's life, even beautiful women (and Maho is very beautiful…. but to me my friends are equally beautiful).

Happy motion time to all you and spend happy days even when not in loo.


So I posted the other day while I was waiting for a suppository to do it's job, I was able to hold it in for about 40 minutes so got into position and pushed and the unmelted suppository shot out then some liquidy yuck then I relaxed for a second and the pushed with all my might and a hard poop around 6 inches length in total came out in 2 pieces. I did not poop yesterday, but my period is also coming and that will often times mess with my gut.
Any suggestions for my hard to get out poops? My body doesn't seen to melt the suppositorys no matter how long I try to hold them in.

Rely to Christa, sorry you are back to having accidents again, have you tried adding a "booster" to your pull up like. A sanitary napkin...stick the napkin in the pull up and it will add some absorbancy.

Good luck

Dude In Distress

For Dominic and Charlie

I do enemas sometimes but once the turd is poking out- I can't get the tube past it. When it gets to that point- I try to walk around and then squat while I push. Several times I have stood up and bent over while spreading my cheeks to looking the mirror- and I was horrified by how much my anus was being stretched apart by a rock solid turd that had to be nearly 3inches wide. Which is exactly what happened the other day- I was totally stuck. An inch was poking out but it refused to move. I braced myself against the tub while squatting and straining with all my might. I grunted angrily with each effort and finally while using my fingers to press against my anus and perineum- it all came out! Do you guys find that manually assisting yourself seems to help with difficult constipation?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kayla great story you handled the situation really well.

To: Christa great story.

To: Justin it sounds like you guys learned your lesson at least you were there for each other.

To: Brianne great story I bet you felt really great once you finally pooped and hopefully you will get over your poop shyness soon.

To: Nina first welcome to the site and great story about your mega dump it sounds like you really had to go a lot and I bet who ever used that toilet next was in for a major surprise and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Blondiemaja great story.

To: Christa I hope you feel better soon.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Victoria

Yes when I am In a Bookstore for any length of time. More often than not the need to Take a Shit will come on rather Quick and find myself On the Toilet in the Bookstore Restroom. Most bookstore restrooms are well kept and clean so this really not an issue with me.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014



Hello its John B.

Thanks for your your response regarding my observations on the old style toilet paper.

Our school had LCC printed on it too but in my case stood for London County Council and also the exhortation to wash ones hands, which I'd forgotten!

Happy pooing and wiping peeps.

Take care

John B

John- Well, I suppose there is a difference between a normal chicken korma or whatever, and a phall!

At the weekend I was at an event at my local community centre. While I was there, I began getting a strong urge to use the facilities for a number two. I looked around and found the ladies and took a seat in one of the cubicles with my skirt and pink panties at my feet. My poo quickly started to come out, two soft, long turds coming out with two loud plops. Then I did a VERY loud fart, luckily nobody else was in there to hear it! After that I pushed out another two pieces before finishing and leaving feeling better!

To Brandon T - Thanks I'm glad you liked it.

To Bill F - Thanks, really glad you loved the story, btw our house is pretty much all wood flooring so it wasn't hard to clean up, though to be honest kinda embarrassed to admit it but it's not the only time iv'e had a sneeze cause me trouble, several times I've kinda had a squirt of pee on sneeze but luckily nothing ever too bad, and some times an sneeze had caused trouble with me needing to poo but most of the time I can recover and it goes back in, except for few times, like one time I was walking hurrying home, ending up hiding and squatting outside (tbh I've thought about hiding & squatting outside again sometime but always to embarrassed do it), and one time at a friends house, maybe sometime I'll post about them sometime if anyone wants me too.
Also I really liked reading your stories about your sister hope that doll house had flood insurance hehe, (I've been told I ran around nude alot too but not if i'd ever had and accident, maybe I'll ask my friend that used to be my babysitter) and the girl you babysat, her with a huge wad of toilet paper stuck in her buttcrack sounds cute and funny hehe, speaking of your sister running around nude it reminds me of one time I babysat Chloe, she a little one of my aunt. she's around 4 or 3 not too sure hehe, and she likes to run around nude(hehe who doesn't at that age) after while I notice that while she was squatted down playing with her toys that she'd sometimes press her hand onto her butt then continue playing for a small, then I saw her run into the bathroom, so I went to go follow her and help her but just has I got to the door she ran back out with a doll she had I guess left in there, she just about ran into me, Chole looked up at me and said "jessy hiding from me, I find her" and holding up her toy doll to show me then she starts to run back to her other toys and I called out to her "Chole" and she stoped and turned to looked at me and one hand went behind her and pressing into her butt as she said "what kaywa?" and I asked her "wanna try to sit on the toilet for a little bit?" and she answered "uh-un!" while shaking her head "don't haft to go!" and I tell "ok, well I think you should try anyway, come on" and she shakes her head at me, so I just pick her and tell her, "just for a little bit then I won't bother you about it, ok?" and she says "fine" so I take to into the bathroom and set her down on the toilet and she just sits there on her potty seat playing with her doll then after a couple of minutes she asks "can I go play now" and I tell her "just try for a little longer ok" and she says "fine" then a little bit later I hear her start peeing for a few seconds then stop, then just looks "Can I go play now?" and I tell her "just a bit longer" and she just whimpers and looks back to playing with her doll then a bit latter she asks again, and I tell her "fine you can go play, but first have to wipe and wash your hands" she goes "YAY!" and hops off before I can help her off, and then I look in the toilet and don't see anything, then I help wipe her and wash her hands then she runs off to play, while playing i still saw her sometimes press her hand onto her butt, after a bit I asked her if she needed to poo and she would just shake her head and say "uh-un!" and keep playing, so as the as time went by I'd ask her again a few times and got same head shake and "uh-un!" til I see her freeze and press her hand into her butt and hear a short fart then goes back to playing I ask her again "are you sure you don't need to poo?" and she says "uh-un! I don't haft to poopoo!" has she shakes her head, then she runs over and gets another toy and takes it back over and squats down at her doll house playing with it and I see stand up quickly and freeze and press her hand into her butt again the hear another short fart, then another longer fart and then I ask again but she don't say anything back then hear another fart and a huge poo starts coming out of her hanging down between her legs and drops to the floor then I see her squat down and another poo comes out and pees a lot then I take her to the bathroom and I tell her bent over so I could wipe her, and then I wipe her some then get more and then as I was wiping her some more I feel a hard poo push into the toilet paper and I stop quickly pick her up and set up on the toilet next to us, and she goes more, after I make shes done and I go to clean her up she started to cry even more than she already was, about much trouble she was afraid she was going to be in, anyways I got her to calm down by telling her that since she's usually a good girl and that this is the first time this happened, that if she helped me clean up the mess and took a time-out while I mop the floor, I wouldn't tell she had an accident on the floor.( it didn't really bother me to up the mess though I thought it be good enough punishment to have her help) and so she help me she picked up her poo with some toilet paper and then she wiped up her pee with some more toilet paper and then I had her sit in time-out while I finished up and mopped the floor,(luckily she wasn't facing her doll house or any of her toys so she didn't flood them hehe) afterwards we took a bath. when my aunt asked me how she was I told her "Well she did make a bit of a mess but she did help me clean so it was fine" hehe I'm pretty she had no idea what I actually meant by that hehe.


buddy dumping

Hi! This is PooSlino again, and today I am going to share my buddy dumping story. So my best friend is named Jake.

So me and Jake are taking a walk together, when I say "I have to poo". "Okay. Me too" says Jake. We walk to the tepee, and let our poo out. While we poo, we compare scores in this video game 'Traffic Racer', talk about work, and stuff. I then share my portable wet wipes with him, and then we cover up our dumps, and high five each other. "Buddy dumping!" we both say.

Thanks for reading!

montana guy

MRE stories? (Meals Ready to Eat)

Hello! I'm not a first time post here as it has been a few years since I last done so. Anyways I was wondering if there are any former U.S. (or other countries) military people that contribute on the site here and what their experiences with MRE's (someitmes called "Meals Refusing to Exit) and the constipation problems I've heard about. Also, for the same group of people, with soldiers or pilots (naval aviators) and any stories about "combat dumps". Thanks in advance!

hi. ive had almost no day accidents for two weeks now (only one full accident and a few close calls). last night, my mom asked me if i wanted to try underwear again during the day. my mom had me still pack a change of clothes and a pullup just in case and set my watch alarm to go pee every 2 hours. once around noon i almost didnt make it in time but i did. i felt really proud of myself. at almost closing time, it got very busy in the office. i did pretty good with the noise. the reminder on my watch vibrated but i was too busy at that moment and then i forgot to go later. when almost time to go home, i suddenly dribbled and noticed that i needed to pee really really bad. i knew that i wouldnt get down the hall to the bathroom in time. i dribbled again and my stomach hurt. i knew i had to try cuz i didnt have a pullup on. i pressed hard on my vagina and felt myself dribble again. i took two steps and a bit of pee dribbled down my leg. nobody was in the office cuz it was almost closing which was lucky. i couldnt move and my legs were shaking. i tried to unbutton my pants so i could try to pee in the garbage can by my desk but it was too late. i started to pee in my panties and all i could do was stand there with piss running down my pants and soaking into the carpet. when i was done going, i ran to the bathroom and put on my spare pullup and dry clothes. i feel discouraged. 2 weeks with almost no day accidents and when i try underwear again, i wet my pants. when my mom told me i should b proud for how good i did all day and we can try again another time. also, this is unusual for me but at night since my last post, ive had several poop accidents. i was so upset especially the first time. it took me so long to calm down. i woke up on saturday. i realized that my diaper was REALLY wetand was FULL of soft thick sticky poop. it was all up my butt and in my vagina. it was awful and took forever to clean up. its happened 3 times since that. ive had poop accidents at night before but very seldom. its the worst.


Girlfriend and I sick

So me and my girlfriend were on a road trip and stopped at a gas station to get sushi (bad idea I know) and about an hour later she asked to stop at a gas station so she could use the restroom. She came about 15 min later and didn't look well. She asked for some pepto and nothing else was said. A few minutes later she groaned a little and held her belly. I asked her what was wrong and she said her stomach was really upset. We pulled over on the side of the road so she could use the bathroom. Were both really comfortable with each other about pooping so I went to check on her after about 10 minutes. She was bent down holding her stomach and diarrhea kept coming. She was in so much pain and as much as I wanted to help her it really turned me on. After she was done we drove for about 2 hours while she slept. Then my stomach started acting up. It didn't really hurt it just felt weird. I stopped at a rest area and went to the bathroom with intentions of going poop but I ended up throwing up a lot. When I got back to the car she could see I wasn't well so she offered to drive. Not even half an hour later she pulled over and quickly ran around to the other side and had some more diarrhea by then my stomach was hurting pretty bad so I got out to try and relieve myself as well. We were a sight I must say... She had it coming from both ends at the same time and I had diarrhea for like 10 minutes nonstop. It was pretty painful. By the time we got to the hotel we has to get two rooms so both of us could use the bathroom at once. When I wasn't in the bathroom I was trying to comfort her and her the same with me. We stayed a few extra nights so our systems could settle down but boy did it take a while. Lesson learned never eat sushi from a gas station

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bill F great story.

To: Sara H first welcome to the site and great story please post anymore you may have thanks.

To: Accident Prone Girlfriend another great set of stories.

To: Annie great story about your giant poop it sounds like it was a really great one and it sounds like you felt amazing afterwards to.

To: Francessca first welcome to the site and great story about your poop on the train it sounds like you really had to go and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


New pooing area near my home

Hi! This is PooSlino again, and I am back for another of my poo stories.
So here's how it goes:

I ate at Taco Bell for lunch, and then I was walking home from work later on. I then had to poo. So I looked around for a place. I could not hold it long enough to get to the old truck I found in my last adventure, so I ducked behind a tree and walked in the woods. After walking for about 5 minutes, holding my hand in my butt to prevent myself from pooing my pants, I found a tepee made out of sticks. I peeked inside, and saw a soft pine needle/leaf ground inside. I pulled the vine 'door', pulled down my pants, took my hand out of my butt, and exploded. I was in there for a good 30 minutes, pooing that poo. It was awesome relief to let out that giant poo. After I finished, I covered it with leaves, wiped with some portable wet wipes, and finished my nature trail walk home.

Thanks for reading!


I Couldn't Poop For Five Days While on Vacation

When I returned home from a two-week European vacation with my (fairly) new beau, after the tales of our journey from London to Paris, the revelation that pigeon tastes actually not that bad, and the admittance that, oui, Paris women really are the most stylish femmes on the planet, my girlfriend, Lauren, asked me:

"OK, but you have to tell me: How did you… poo?"

Just so you know Lauren's not into poo, or anything. I mean, I think she composts, but she's not into scatology or those DIY fecal transplants. The reason for her inquiry into my bowel movements was in regard to a common problem that plagues many women in new relationships.

"A lot of women actually get sick during the first six weeks of the relationships because they don't poo around their partner," Lauren told me matter-of-factly, as if she had actually researched that sh**.

Now, for the life of Google, I could not verify her claim for the sake of this article, but I did find various blog posts and forums where various women commented that pooping is forbidden when it comes to dating. It seems when you're in the midst of that "Everything is perfect, I'm perfect, you're perfect" stage of a relationship, nobody poops. Or, at least, you don't want to imagine that the area you want to do dirty things to is, well, dirrrrtttty.

Prior to my vacation, I hadn't thought about the problem of pooping around a partner. Probably because it had never happened when I was around him. I think the closest I came to revealing an unpleasant bodily function around him was when I almost choked on a fishbone.

Truth be told, I was more concerned about revealing my 45-minute, five-lotions-applied-to-my-face nightly routine or that I get super hangry if I don't eat every three hours. Even though going to the bathroom is perfectly natural and habitual, it didn't even occur to me that I had to be worried about it while on our trip.

That is, until my first vacation coffee finally hit me.

Now, normally, in my regular morning routine, I would just go to the bathroom like a normal human being and do what I had to do. Obviously. But, there we were, together, in our hotel room. Sure, it was spacious, but when I entered the bathroom, I was immediately aware that a -- plunk! -- had the chance of being heard, and I freaked out. I didn't want him to hear THAT! Those kinds of noises are private and intimate and are not to be shared with anyone except your mom and anonymous strangers in a public washroom when you really have to go, and maybe one those scatology people if they were going to pay you in pizza. But not the guy who thinks you're beautiful and beguiling. Not him.

Sometimes, especially after that morning coffee, you've got to "Let it go! Let it goooo!"

I hovered over the toilet, and I thought. "No, this can't happen today," and it didn't. I know that was a pretty unhealthy choice of mine, resisting the call of nature and all, but I believed I was choosing dignity over dropping a deuce, and I was OK with that.

Until I had my next vacation coffee. And the next one after that. And that Greek salad. And the cheese in Paris -- OMG, the cheese! After a few days of being incommunicado with my colon, we both finally had had enough.

But I still didn't want my beau to know. Like in those old black-and-white films, I preferred to him to think that whenever I ventured into the bathroom, I was powdering my nose.

So I devised a variety of ways to poop on the DL. Firstly, I made every attempt to go whenever he was either not in the room or asleep. Those were like bonus days. The minute he would leave and/or I woke up and noticed he was still in deep slumber, I would RACE to the bathroom, drop trou and pray to the toilet gods that my bowels and I synched up. But I wasn't often that lucky. So, I had to come up with other ways to go in secret. Running the faucet was a good disguise for a while, but if it's been running for over five minutes, it's not only mighty suspicious but also a waste of water, so I couldn't use that one a lot.

I soon discovered that lining the bottom of the toilet bowl with toilet paper silenced the drop. I turned the fan on. The minute I heard TV and/or music, I was in the bathroom like a flash, hoping and praying that it was a good time to go. I even tried -- heck, I preferred -- to attempt to poo in public bathrooms. But, here's the thing: you don't tell you to poo, your poo tells you. I was at the mercy of my digestion system, and because I had interfered with its natural progression, I was, well, backed up. Stuck. Yep, I was constipated. And it suuuucked.

It's funny how life works -- the minute I was so desperate to do business out my backdoor that I wouldn't even care if the bathroom door was open (OK, maybe I would), I couldn't go -- for five days!

It wasn't until we had returned from our trip and I was at his apartment, writhing around in pain so much that he asked, "What's wrong?" when I decided to finally get real. I blurted out, "I'm constipated, OK?!" And dear reader, I can't tell you how liberating that was to say loud and proud. It was freeing to drop the pretense of being perfect and, instead, embrace being human in front of the person who you most wanted to connect with. Because, here's the thing: it's our dirty little secrets that keep us together. It's in the sharing of the Swiss Cheese sh*tshow or the Indian food farts that make us better communicators, better compadres and, yes, even better cuddlers.

After my confession, the one that I had been, literally, withholding for weeks, he simply said to me, "Relax," and then offered me a laxative.

It might be worthy of belonging on a cheap T-shirt, but the truth of the matter is, everyone poops. So, just relax.


constipated for a while

Hi! I'm PooSlino. I've been reading toiletstool for a while and posted twice but under other names. One was where I was so desperate I pooed in a urinal with everybody watching. The other I pooed in one of those toilet displays at Lowe's. But here is today's new story:

So I have been constipated for 3 WEEKS! Yesterday I woke up and tried to poo and failed. At work, I finally felt that urge to poo again. I ran to the men's room but it was full! I thought "oh no what will I do?" I ran outside and found an alley with an really old truck in it. I climb inside the back, and it is big and empty except for some crates and things. I close the doors, take the top off a crate, and let it fall. I begin by a round of machine gun pooing, then keep going for almost 2 hours!! Then finally I am done. I took out a small packet of wet wipes and wipe my butt.

Hopefully I can give a new story about my new pooing place.

Thanks for reading!

Steve A re: replies

It can be frustrating, yes, but i wouldn't take the lack of replies personally. I think just the format of the site doesn't necessarily lend itself to widespread commenting on all stories, mainly the fact that posts aren't instantly viewable. That makes it so people generally only want to make a few comments or questions before getting to their own stories when they do post. I've been a reader here since 1999. I can tell you that over all these years it's always pretty much been that way. There always seems to be a consistent core group of posters who post the most frequently and as a result tend to be the ones who give and receive most of the comments. Furthermore there are always a lot of flash in the pan type posters, ie: people who show up, make a couple posts that get a lot of attention and then vanish. Then there always seems to be one or two posters for a given period of time who develop a loyal following and sort of become toiletstool legends of sorts. It's a very interesting dynamic. Especially because I've seen the general theme of stories that command the most popularity change so many times. Sometimes everyone seems to be into discussing constipation stories. Sometimes accidents which is my personal favorite. sometimes odd places to go is the dominate theme. Sometimes stories about going in a public restroom and listening to/interacting with another while in there are all the rage. And then the cycle returns to constipation stories and so on. I have always found it very fascinating.

To sum up, keep posting what you post and about what you like to share. The more you do the more likely you'll be to get replies, especially if you reply to others. And eventually the type of stories you like to tell may just be the current hot topic and you'll have your time in the toiletstool sun. Keep posting.

Oddly enough over these 15 years i have never become a regular poster known by one handle. Mainly just a reader. I've had a variety of posters whose posts i specifically sought out to read because i liked their stories a lot. Even so i seldom posted replies to them. Certainly there are many, many, many other readers who are the same way. So definitely keep posting for yourself, but also for your silent fans.


doorless stalls not yet "renovated"

I haven't written in a while because my favorite subject, doorless stalls, have all been demolished at the beach near where I live and replaced with those single user closets. For those of you new here, using doorless stalls, with the encouragement of this forum, helped me get over my fear of public pooping after some humiliating high school experiences years ago.
But this week I've been housesitting for some friends and went to a large recreation area nearby where I remember doorless stalls from years ago. As luck would have it, the park men's room remains unchanged. In the past, I never saw anyone use the men's room. But twice this week I had encounters.
The first day, I pulled into the parking lot and as I headed across the lawn to the men's room, I saw a man approach from the side, and enter ahead of me. This men's room has two urinals to the left as you walk in followed by two doorless stalls on the left just past the urinals and two sinks directly across from the stalls.
I expected to see the man at the urinals but he was sitting in the second stall taking a dump. I looked at him and said not much privacy. He responded something about if you want privacy try the ladies', as he called it.
So I wiped down the toilet in the first stall with the disinfectant wipes I carry, dropped my shorts and my black boxer briefs and sat down to take care of business. I love sitting there in the open. Yes, you're exposed, but to me it's better than being locked into some little cubicle.
We both farted. I could hear a splash from his stall, and I was just pushing out my second log when he flushed and came out to wash his hands at the sink in front of me. I looked up at him and asked what's this about the ladies'? He finished washing and looked at me. "They've got a nicer room and they have doors," he said. I asked how he knew and he laughed and said he once went in by mistake.
He said he'd never do that again. If some guy saw him sitting on the toilet, it was better than being caught in the ladies. "You don't seem to mind," he said to me. I answered, "we're here for the same reason. What the heck."
I grabbed some TP and reached down under my balls to wipe. he wished me a good day and left.
I'll write about the second encounter tomorrow.

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