Success-sort of ;-)

I posted earlier about hoping to take a poop earlier since I would be spending the day at the water park with 3 kids alone and not having any luck. Well while we were there I was sure to eat foods that I knew would help move things along, but not in an urgent sense. We got home and I farted and knew I would be able to make atleast a little poop. I got set up in our bedroom (the most private and less likely to be interupted spot in our house since our nephew was still here. I squatted down over the paper towel and with lots of effort was able to push out 11 pebbles. I felt like there was more, so gave a couple more good pushes and nothing happened. I headed to the bathroom with my rolled up paper towel so I could dump my pebbles down the toilet and the urge struck again-I squatted down on the floor and was able to push out 7 more pebbles. I an really wondering what is going on since I haven't pooped a nice poop since the 2 on Wednesday (one of which was at the hotel) and that never happens. We are ordering Chinese tonight sometimes the end result of that is a big poop. Here's hoping I can take a big one soon, it's not that I am feeling full, just am usually an atleast once a day pooper.

Are there any other squatters out there? If so how do you do it? I was standing on the white part of the bowl then had a vision of falling face first off the toilet so moved to squatting over paper towel then using a bleach and water solution to clean up the floor afterwards. Thoughts? Suggestions? And no I am not interested in the squatty potty :-)


Funny Poop Story, not mine but my husbands...and a pee accid

Every Thanksgiving morning while preparing the turkey we make a big breakfast, my husband ate it...and drank a lot of orange juice. We went to his parents for dinner and started to head home he says "I think I should have shit before we left me parents" mind you it's a 4-5 minute drive to our house. We pull in the driveway and he throws the car in park and shuffles to the front door, I get the kids out of the car and inside and pretty much asleep and think he's been in there for awhile for really having to go-next thing I know he comes out and says don't go in there...he proceeds to grab a trash bag and the bleach, I let him do whatever he needs to do in there and then he comes out and says ok allset, that was bad I walked in the bathroom knew I wasn't going to make it onto the toilet, managed to get my pants down and my undies but just stood there shitting huge logs on the floor. Yup he stood there and because of having to poop so bad stood there and just let is loose. We have been married 10 years and have an open door per policy, but a closed door poop one but watching him go and letting him watch me go is starting to spark my interest, I think we are stable enough in our relationship to pass the poop barrier, just need to figure out how to approach it.
And my pee story, went to the beach yesterday with my 2 kids and my nephew, was a hike to the bathroom and the ocean water was freezing, so while the kids were exploring some rocks I stood behind a rock that went higher than my waist and just let the river flow, it was actually almost liberating. I then rinsed myself off with a bucket of water because I didn't want to smell like pee allday.
As a follow up to my hotel poop, that was Wednesday and here it is Friday and I haven't gone since then, I felt some pressure yesterday and tried to go, felt a little head trying to poke out that was hard so sucked it back in and inserted a suppository thinking it would help-was able to hold it in for about a 1/2 hour before I felt the urge so set up in the bathroom (remember i squat and watch myself, well my rectum open and close) I went and bore down and the unmelted suppository came shooting out with some brown liquid, now since I watch I could see some brown pebbles (that stunk) trying to come out, knowing the suppository did nothing I tried to lube my ass hole up a little with some Vaseline and even stuck it in a little and went back to work pushing, 1 pebble came out but I could feel more so being uncomfortable and feeling like I had marbles in my ass I went in and tried to break some free, yup 2 more pebbles. I could feel a big solid poop up there but it must not be ready...I have even tried a couple times this morning, was hoping to be able to take a big crap since off to the water park but no luck. Will post again when I finally have success, hope it's a big one.
Keep the stories coming!

Today in the Swiss Alps I saw a man squat with his shorts down at his knees.

Shy Girl Angela

Upset stomach

As I mentioned in my other post I'm trying to get over my shyness of pooping in public so I decided to go every once in a while but this time it was different. So on Wednesday I was working from 12pm to 6pm and about at 3 I was starting to get a stomach ache and I knew I was in trouble. I tried ignoring it and eventually it went away. But 20 minutes remaining in my shift, I got the pain again and I new I was going to have a big problem. I really didn't want to have a loose poop in public since it would be super embarrassing but it seemed like I would have no choice. 20 minutes passed and I was done with work so I decided to poop in one of the malls many bathroom so I wouldn't end up going in my panties. I knew I was going to have a loose poop so I decided to go in public only if the bathroom wasn't too crowded. So I went to the closes bathroom which was in target where I had my first public poop. As I walked in I was hoping it would be empty but I was wrong. There was someone in the first stall with her dark green panties at her ankles have a smelly poop so I decided to go use a different bathroom. I then walked to a mall bathroom in a place were bot much people went. Again I hoped it would be empty but again I was wrong. There was an older women at the sinks and two stalls taken so again I left. My stomach ache was again acting up so I knew I desperately needed to find an isolated bathroom or I would poop my pants. I then remembered that Jcpenny has a bathroom on each floor and the 3rd floor has only mens clothing and furniture and the only way to get there was by going up from the 2nd floor as there were no mall entrance on the 3rd floor. I knew that not many women would use that bathroom due to the many bathroom and the location. So I quickly walked there and as I got onto the 3rd floor I saw a girl about my age (16btw) quickly walking towards the restroom and she looked desperate. I thought to myself that I should probably look for another bathroom but I felt that I couldn't hold it much longer so I follwed her. As I walked into the restroom, the girl was already seated and peeing fiercely. I thought she would be done fast so out of the 3 stalls, I took the middle one as she was using the 1st and the 3 stall was not closing correctly. I quickly lowered my pink skinny jeans along with my white and blue stripped bikini panties and sat down. The girl was now finish peeing but she still had her white thong at her ankles (she had a white dress on) she then proceeded to poop. I was now super desperate but I knew it would smell alot and I was too embarrassed to go with her in there so I held it back in. The girl then moaned and started to wipe. Then her white thong was gone and quickly flushed and went to wash her hands. She then opened the door and left the room. As soon as she left and the door closed I pushed out a ton a mushy poop. I sat there for a good 5 minutes just pushing out loose turds as my stomach kept hurting. My jeans and white and blue panties were at my thighs but I lowered them to my ankles and pushed out more waste. I then felt better but stayed seated as the door opened.someone took the first stall and pulled her skirt and black panties to her ankles and quickly took a poop. She then wiped and quickly left. I Then wiped and quickly left as well as the smell was horrible.

korean girl

reminded of old story

When reading another story on here it reminded me of old story of mine. I had not gone in a week. I was desperate to take a dump. Out of curiosity I got my camera. I hovered over the toilet while trying to film myself at the same time. I remember how hard it was to hold my shit back while trying to get the shot. When I thought I had it I let it out and a long poop easily came out with crackling sound. When I was done I looked it was about 7 inches long and 1 and a half inches wide. I watched the video and it was a very up close shot of me pooping. I was surprised I did not get poop on the camera!!! I remember trying to film again a few more time but kept missing the shot. I deleted the videos right after to not get caught.



Hey Linda, glad you asked.

As a matter of fact, I have been pretty constipated lately. Haven't really had a normal poop in the past couple weeks. I only go every few days lately and it's always huge. I've been doing nothing but squatting to get my poop out, because sitting on the toilet normally hasn't been working lately--I'll just end up sitting there for several minutes straining and pushing with no luck.

The last poop I had was just like that. I decided to squat and kind of hold onto to the side of the bathtub. I did several big pushes and saw my anus open a little bit (I was watching from between my legs lol), but nothing was coming out. I could feel that there was a hard mass in there, but I couldn't force it out. So I stuck a finger in there and tried to stimulate something--it seemed to work because the next huge push I did (I was grunting loud enough that my brother asked if I was okay) and I was starting to sweat, but the hard dark brown lumpy turd began to emerge.

It took several more big pushes like that over the course of over half an hour to get it all out. It was mainly just one turd with several smaller harder pieces. My anus was sore and red after that and I couldn't believe how big those turds were--almost clogged the toilet trying to get them to go down. Pooping is definitely a workout for me sometimes lol

Friday, July 25, 2014

Tech Guy

Poop accident while staying with Mum's friend Linda

I was an only child and my mother brought me up on her own. Once when I was 9, my mum had to go into hospital for two weeks and I went to stay with my mum's friend Linda and her husband Chris. I called them Aunt and Uncle although I knew they weren't really. Mum gave them parental responsibility for me while I was there. They had a daughter Claire who was a year older than me.

The toilet was in the bathroom and the bathroom door had no lock. The toilet was in a secluded position behind the door and rules were that when doing a wee, there was no need to close the door, just push it partly closed. If the door was closed, that meant that someone was doing a poo and was not to be disturbed.

When I was standing doing a wee, Claire liked to come in and watch. In return, Claire used to let me watch when she sat on the toilet for a wee. As she always wore a skirt, I couldn't really see anything but I longed to see more. Linda knew what we were doing but she didn't seem to mind. After breakfast, Claire used to go and sit on the toilet for a long time with the door closed but she never let me go with her. There was a gap under the door and if I listened outside the door, I could hear every sound. I could hear Claire grunting and it usually took quite a long time before I heard a 'plop', so I guessed she was a bit constipated.

I was really missing Mum and I was worried about her being in hospital but Linda was very kind to me and she treated me like her own child. I was a bit shy about doing a poo when I was away from home and Mum must have told Linda that I was prone to constipation. Each night, Linda would tuck me up in bed and give me a big hug. Then she would whisper, "Did you sit on the toilet today?" Each night, I said that I didn't and after a few days, Linda said that that I needed some laxative medicine to make me go to the toilet. I said that last time Mum gave me some laxative medicine, it made me poo my pants.

Linda said that she had something that was gentle and works quickly and she uses it for herself and for Claire occasionally if they are constipated. The next morning after breakfast, Linda told me to go and sit on the toilet and try to do a poo. About 10 minutes later, she came into the bathroom and asked if I had been successful. I said that I hadn't. Linda went and got a pack of glycerin suppositories. I said that it was too big to swallow and she whispered, "You don't swallow it, it goes up your bottom." Linda explained that it would work within about half an hour. She asked whether I would like one and I said that I would. Claire came into the bathroom and asked if she could watch. I said she could. Linda asked me to lie on my left side on the bathroom floor with my knees bent.

Linda put on a pair of gloves and then she squeezed some lubricating jelly onto her gloved finger and spread it around my bum hole. She unwrapped a suppository and pushed it gently all the way in. She explained that she needed to hold it there for five minutes to let it melt and prevent it from slipping out again. She said that she could feel that I was constipated and full of hard poo but this would soften my poo and make it come out easily. It was the first time anyone had done this but it felt rather nice. After five minutes, Linda explained removed her finger and told me to lie on the floor until I had an urgent need to poo. She sat on the floor next to me and held my hand.

After about 10 minutes, I told her I needed to poo. She told me to try and hold it until I couldn't wait any longer. After another 10 minutes, I said that I couldn't wait any longer. Then she told me to sit on the toilet. I immediately went "Ploooooot" and a load of soft poo shot out effortlessly and noisily into the toilet. "There's a good boy!" she exclaimed.

I rather enjoyed the whole experience so after that, I deliberately held my poo and each time Linda asked me if I had sat on the toilet, I could truthfully say that I hadn't. After a few days, I said that I would like her to put another suppository up my bottom. Linda explained that they were only for occasional use and the first thing I must try was to eat more fruit and fibre. The next morning at breakfast, she gave me a bowl of bran cereal with prunes.

There were fruit trees in the garden and there was a lot of ripe fruit at that time in the summer. That morning, Linda told Claire and I to go out into the garden and pick plums from the tree. She said that we could eat a few but not too many otherwise they would make us run to the toilet. When we were in the garden, Claire told me that she needed something to help her to go to the toilet as she was having difficulty but if she told her mother, Linda would put a suppository up her bottom and she didn't like that. I said that I was having difficulty too. The plums were ripe and delicious and we both ate rather too many. There was also an apple tree but the apples were small, green and sour. Linda saw us climbing the apple tree and told us not to eat the apples as they weren't ripe yet and they would give us stomach ache and make us run to the toilet. We both ate some small green apples.

Then at lunch time, Linda had cooked a rhubarb crumble with rhubarb from the garden. I hadn't tried rhubarb before but I liked it and I asked for a second helping. Linda gave me some more but she said that I shouldn't eat too much rhubarb as it would make me run to the toilet.

After lunch, Linda told Claire and me to go to the toilet as we were going out soon. We both only did a wee. Claire's family lived near the coast and it was a fine summer day so we went to the seaside for the afternoon. Their favourite place was a beach with no road to it so we had to walk there and not many people went there.

Soon, all those plums, green apples and rhubarb started to have a predictable effect on our stomachs. I whispered to Linda that I had a stomach ache, I needed to sit on the toilet and I couldn't wait. She said that I had eaten too much fruit.

Linda said that there weren't any toilets nearby but they had a special place among the rocks further along the beach for toilet emergencies. She explained that if they need to do a poo, they go and dig a shallow hole in the wet sand, bury their poo then it all gets washed away when the tide comes in. I asked Linda for some toilet paper but she said that I didn't need any as I could wash my bum in a rock pool.

Linda told Claire to show me where to go so we went off among the rocks with our buckets and spades. Claire dug the hole and she told me to do my poo into the hole. I took my swimming trunks down, squatted over the hole and a load of nearly liquid poo came pouring out. Claire said that's what happens if you eat too much fruit, especially green apples and rhubarb. Then I sat in a rock pool and washed my bum with sea water. Then it was Claire's turn. She took her one piece swimsuit right off and squatted over the hole while I sat behind her and watched her doing a very soft poo that slipped out effortlessly. Then Claire washed her bum in a rock pool and put her swimsuit back on.

On the way home in the car, Claire and I were sitting in the back and I had a stomach ache and an urgent need to poo but I tried to hold it until we got home. Claire noticed that I looked uncomfortable and whispered to me to ask if I was OK. "I need to poo and I can't wait!" I whispered to her. Claire said that we could stop the car and do it by the road side. "It's too late!" I whispered, "It's coming out in my pants!" At that moment, Linda noticed a smell and asked who needed the toilet. Linda stopped the car in a lay-by, picked up a toilet roll and led me by the hand behind the hedge. Claire said that she needed the toilet too so she came with us. Linda took my shorts and pants down and told me to squat down and do the rest of my poo onto the ground. When I had finished, she took my pooed pants right off but I was too messy at the back to clean myself properly so Linda cleaned me up with toilet paper. I rather enjoyed that. Then Linda went back to the car and brought a clean pair of Claire's panties for me to put on. She unrolled a lot of toilet roll and made a pad in the seat of the panties for me to sit on in case of any more mishaps.

We got back to the house and I spent half the evening on the toilet. As there wasn't a door lock, Claire came in and we chatted. Seeing Claire doing her poo on the beach that really got me interested in watching girls going to the toilet, especially if it's a poo. I also enjoyed it when Linda took me to the toilet behind a hedge and wiped my bum afterwards.

Jasmin K

Replies and Stool Softners

First a couple of replies,

30 something Male and Brandon and everyone else too

Tried the stool softeners for a week now and yes they have made a slight change.
For the first couple of days it wasnt any difference but after that when I went for my routine morning poo I went in the toilet lifted my short pink summer dress and lowered my pink bikini style knickers and sat down. I didnt feel any urge to poo so started straining, peed some strong pee and kept straining. I felt my piles and bum bulge and swell but as I kept straining I could feel something coming. A couple more really hard pushes and a log started to emerge, I kept pushing and it kept coming, it was firm but in one piece and apart from the first bit it wasnt as knobbly. It felt quite fat and stretched my bum as it continued to come out it felt like about a foot long before it dropped, it was already in the water before it dropped. I wiped which was messier than I was used to, in that I mean more poo on the paper and took several wipes to get all the poo off and then a wad in between my cheeks for the blood.In total this poo took about 25 minutes. I pulled my knickers up and went to to the salon. The next day was a similar situation although the log was only like 4 inches when I checked it so I sat down again and strained really hard for about 10 minutes more to try to do more producing some liquid poo. Next day It was about the same as the previous day 1 firm solid piece which took about 20 minutes in total from sitting down to dropping in the water,but as I wasnt at the salon I decided to stay on the toilet untill I did more, I sat there straining for about another hour and produced 2 more logs, 1 about 4 inches and another a bit shorter and some really yuckky liquidy mush.
The next day when I went I couldnt get anything out I strained and strained for about 40 minutes then had to leave to get to the salon. I ate a snack bar at around 11 in the morning and this seemed to triger an undesirable reaction resulting in me having to exit quickly to the toilet. My piles were still swollen from earlier in the morning, I lowered my knickers and sat and strained and a couple of soft yuccy bits dropped, I still had that poo feeling so I held my bum open and strained really hard and dropped a small thin log. I wiped, pulled up my knickers and went back into the salon. I ended up having to go again later and again it was a small log.
Any way Ive decided that when this packet if finished, the last dose will be this Saturday evening I will stop taking them and see what happens. Ive got 1 more packet which I thought I would save untill things get really bad again. I dont want to become reliant on them. I also got some cream from the GP for my piles, I am supposed to put it on before I go for a poo if they are really sore and after every poo, but its got a really distinct smell to it and I thought people might notice. Well I was working with this other girl in the salon and when we went to lunch one day she said Ive got some of that cream for my bum too, it got a particular smell. I replied I didnt think it was that noticible to which she said yea dont worry about it me and the blonde girl are using it at the moment, are you both constipated, no she said Im definatly not as I use laxitives every day but Beth is all the time.
Anyway I will try to elaborate on that at a later date.

No I was never told to grunt, I suppose I made noises whilst straining from the action of straining. I was often told to strain harder though and like you I had to do something before I was allowed to get off the toilet. When I was younger and my Grandma was still alive we used to go to her house for Sunday dinner most weeks. Anyway we would have a huge roast lunch about 1 pm. Then after lunch we had to sit still, perhaps watch TV or read. Then she would take me and my elder sister to the bathroom, undo jeans /shorts or lift skirt and take knickers down and my sister had to sit on the toilet and me on a potty chair thing untill we did a poo. We would often protest that we had done one at home that morning but she would insist. On this particular time my sister did this log that splashed into the water but when she looked it had gone, I suppose it must have gone into the pipe without staying in the water, anyway when our gran came in she looked and told my sister she was lying about having done a poo and made her stay there untill she did another poo.My gran put this like mesh thing in the toilet bowl so whatever my sister did it wouldnt dissapear. She was there all afternoon and about 10 minutes before we were leaving she had managed to do another poo which stayed in the mesh thing till my gran saw it.

Emma b

Test drive desperation

I passed my driving test on monday so took friday off to look for a car. I found a nice looking Nissan Micra on the internet and when I got to the house where the car was being kept I met the seller by the car. I hadn't pood since sunday so I was dying to go but I didn't feel comfortable asking to use his toilet and tried to ignore it while I looked around the car. On the test drive I started to get quite desperate and couldn't help farting a few times. I was so embarrassed and opened the windows to get rid of the smell. I said I was sorry and explained I needed the toilet a bit, but it was more than just a bit! At the end of the test drive a was happy with the way the car drove and the condition was great so I decided I wanted to buy it. I told him I liked the car but I had to poo so badly I thought I was going to poo in my knickers and asked him if I could use his toilet. He looked awkward and told me he didn't live at the house and it was parked there because of parking problems where he lived. I though it a bit odd as there was an empty driveway and when I asked for the cars documents he said the logbook was missing and I'd need to get a replacement which rang an alarm bell in my head. I thought he was dodgy and decided it best not to buy the car and told him I'd let him know. I had a much bigger problem than the car right now. It a very big need to have a bowel movemet. I was struggling to hold it and the pressure was quickly getting worse. I had to go to a nearby pub and use their toilet and just about made it in time. I rushed in to find all three cubicles vacant and took the one at the far end as there was an open window that would help to get rid of the smell. I sat down and without pushing my poo came out fast. It was soft and very long and what a relief it was. Man it felt good. The wiping was bad but a least there was plenty of toilet roll which is unusuall for a pub. When I flushed it left some big skid marks behind and one very relieved me.


Latest news

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with a new story from when I went to visit my cousin Amy, I went up there on Sunday morning and got back home just before lunchtime on Wednesday.
On Tuesday Amy and I went out shopping and had lunch at Pizza Hut, I really pigged out and as we were walking back to Amy's house I started to need a poo urgently, I hadn't been since Friday and knew I was a bit constipated as I had tried to go the previous evening without success. "Amy, I'm desperate for the loo, I don't think I can make it home," I said as we were walking along.
"Don't worry, theres a park along here, you can use the loo there," Amy said. "Actually I'm getting quite desperate for a wee myself!"
"Well I need both so I may be a while" I said as we turned into the park and walked towards the toilets. There must have been a school near the park as there were loads of school kids walking through, two girls who were in school uniform and looked about 14 or 15 went into the toilets just in front of us, I heard one of the girls whispering that she was bursting for a poo so at least I knew I wouldn't be alone. When we got inside we had a shock- there were four cubicles but none of them had doors!! I was too desperate to wait and it looked like the other girls were too so we all went into a cubicle- I took the far one and Amy the one next to me, the girl who'd said she wanted a poo went opposite me and her friend was opposite Amy. I could see the other girl blushing red as she hitched up her school skirt and pulled down her pink and blue flowery knickers, I unzipped my shorts and lowered them together with my purple and yellow stripey knickers and sat down. I could hear the other girl starting to have a wee and after a few seconds she farted loudly. By now I was weeing too and so was Amy and the girl opposite her, someone else farted as well. My wee stream died away and I stayed sitting, I noticed a look of relief on the other girl's face as she realised she wasn't the only one who was having a poo! I heard Amy wiping and then she flushed, she said "I'll wait for you outside Abbie" and I said "Yeah, I'll be out in a bit." I started to bear down quietly, I was trying not to look at the other girl but realised she was doing the same. I could feel a hard knobbly log making its way out slowly, I was doing my best not to grunt which was easier said than done as I was having to push quite hard! Opposite me the girl seemed to be having a bit of a hard time as well, I heard her making some grunts and then after a couple of minutes there were two loud plops, then a pause, and then a final plop, and she blushed even redder than before. I did a big push and couldn't help grunting but that did the trick, I felt the poo drop and I made a loud plop of my own as it hit the water. Opposite me the girl farted again and then made two more plops, which I matched a few seconds later after she had started to wipe her bum. I took some paper and started to wipe as well, and we were finished and pulling up our pants at more or less the same time. As the other girl smoothed her skirt down over her bum, she smiled weakly at me, and I smiled back. We washed our hands and went outside, where Amy and the girls friend (called Millie) had started up a conversation!! The girl who'd used the loo opposite me said her name was Sophie, she said she'd been wanting a poo all afternoon and had thought she could make it home in time. She said she only went for a poo at school in a desperate emergency as the school loos were so gross, and Amy and I sympathised with her.
Later that evening we ate tea and went up to Amy's room. It was really hot so I said "I'm going to have to get undressed, its too hot to wear anything more than underwear," and Amy said "Good idea, I'm boiling!" I took off my top and then undid my shorts and took them off, I could feel my pants were wedged up my bum badly and as I pulled them out Amy giggled and said "Nice wedgie Abs!", I poked my tongue out at her as I sat back on the bed wearing just my bra and pants. Amy unzipped her shorts and tugged them down, as she did so her yellow pants came down too and it was my turn to giggle as I saw her bum. She quickly pulled them back up and I said "I know its hot but theres no need to show off your bum!" Amy grinned and dropped her pants again on purpose, we collapsed into fits of giggles and I started to pull my pants down and show my bum as well!! I noticed that I had skidmarks in my pants, hardly a surprise given that I'd had a wedgie, so I said "I need to change these pants, they're dirty." Just then Amy said "I need the loo," and went into her ensuite, she pulled down her pants and sat on the toilet. As I heard her starting to wee I rummaged through my bag and found a clean pair of white knickers, I took my dirty ones off and put the clean ones on, they were massive granny pants which I was a bit embarrassed about wearing in front of Amy but I guess it was better than ones that were too small and left my bum showing. I went into the bathroom and sat on the floor, by now Amy had finished her wee, she stayed sitting so I realised it was her turn for a poo. I saw her starting to bear down and hoped she wouldn't have to strain too much to get her poo to come, luckily after a few hard pushes and some grunts she made a couple of plops and then she was done. She wiped her bottom, pulled up her pants and then flushed and washed her hands. We both went back into the bedroom, took off our bras and went to bed. Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!!

Raging Urophile

Why do I not see more shitting desperation?

One of the more stressful aspects of my life is my predicable bowel habits. I am surprised that this is not a problem among the general public. It is a problem that prevents me from ever car pooling.

Unfortunately, within five to 90 minutes after breakfast or lunch, it is a virtual guarantee that I will need to take a shit

Even though I shit soon after awakening, it does not matter. I am still nearly certain to take a 2nd or 3rd shit after breakfast and lunch.

The reason i am surprised this is not a common problem is because there are so many venues with dozens, or even hundreds of men, but only a single stall,and most men take at least 10 minutes to shit.
If the venue serves food and drink, isn't it likely that three or more men would have to shit at the same time?
Is it not also likely that the waiting time would be 30 or more minutes, and the men would not be able to hold it?
Isn't it also likely that the urge to shit could easily arrive while in the car, and one could not hold it before stopping?

I therefore find it surprising that more pants, vehicles, streets, bushes, or parking lots are not full of shit.

I remember years ago when on a tour bus through Ireland, the party of 50 people would all have large breakfasts, then immediately get on the bus for a two to three hour ride with no restrooms.
Yet no one had to shit on the bus. How is this possible? Can most people hold their shit in for a couple hours? I can barely hold mine in for five minutes.

The other night I went to take a crap after a baseball game with an attendance of about 40,000. All the restrooms have only about two or three stalls, and there are only about 10 restrooms throughout the ball park, and half were being cleaned.

Yet I saw no one else going to take a shit after the game.

I can't believe that thousands of people, many stuffing themselves with food and drink, were about to sit in their cars and wait in the parking lot, without trying to take a shit first to avoid a possible accident, or an urgent need to shit in the parking lot.

What is the explanation? Can most folks just hold it? Do most folks just crap once a day, so they never worry about an untimely shit?

My inquiring mind wants to know why there are not more accidents or shitting outdoors.


Brokein toilet

I'm back for another story well my toilet was stopped up badly so I called a plumber he said hey would be a couple of days well that was a lot of help and my two best friends from collage is coming in well they arrive he had a BBQ and beer and etc so we all had use bathroom but I told them it was not working I told to grab some toilet paper and get in the truck I know we're a private area is at we got there and ever one got behind a bush and took a huge dump

Desperate poo

I was in a public toilet earlier when a kid about 10 years old burst in and ran for a cubicle. He ran into one cubicle and then ran out with his trousers and pants down into the adjacent one, picked up a toilet roll and ran back to the first - by this point he had a poo sticking out his backside - he sat down and a very loud PLOP, followed shortly by another PLOP, then a long series of runny plops and explosions followed.

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