accident prone girlfriend continued

I am back. As I said I will share some of my girl's wetting stories and also she had a new accident this week.

I shared with you the two pee accidents she's had since we've been together. Other than those, as far as wetting goes, it's really just leaks and dribbles that occur from laughing hard which I understand is not terribly uncommon for women. Occasionally it'll be bad enough that she legitimately needs to change her pants but usually she'll just say something like "omg I just peed a little" but just go about her day like nothing happened. One time though we were at the grocery store and as we were walking towards the check out I was carrying a mesh bag full of lemons and limes that for some reason I didn't put in the basket. Well the bag tore and I dropped lemons and limes all over the busy check out area and they of course rolled away in all directions. So I turn to pick them up and I turn and see my girl crouched down covering her face with one hand and holding herself with the other as she laughs hysterically at me. She was laughing so much it was absurd. She just couldn't get over the fact that it wouldn't have happened if I wasn't randomly carrying the bag instead of having it in the basket. Anyway, her laughing scene, while onlookers found it delightfully amusing, was embarrassing to me since I guess I was the one she was laughing I scrambled to gather the fallen fruit then I made her get off the ground and tried getting her to calm herself and then we stood and sort of giggled quietly together in the line. She got quiet at one point and tried to make a serious face but was still containing the giggles, and she just said "I peed kind of a lot" and then laughed some more. I looked down and couldn't tell looking at the front of her jeans butt I had her turn around and sure enough there was a dark blue stain about the size of a CD between her thighs and wrapping up onto her butt. She suddenly seemed concerned and said "is it bad? I fell pretty wet" and I said "I mean it could be worse but yeah you can tell you peed by looking." She tried futily to pull her shirt down to cover the wet stain on her butt but then just commanded me to stay right behind her and block anyone's view of her butt until we left the store. That was the closest she had to a full wetting accident from laughter that I witnessed personally.

As for her wetting stories from the past, she says it has been more of a consistent part of her life than the pooping which only recently became a regular problem. She was a nightly bedwetter until she was 12 and then continued to be an occasional bedwetter through her teens. She estimated that from 13-19 she probably wet her bed at least two nights a month. As a result she very rarely went to anyone's house to sleep over. She said her only really embarrassing bedwetting accident happened at 17, she was at her aunt's house for thanksgiving and was sleeping on the living room couch while they were there and one of those nights happened to be a wet right. She said she was mortified that she peed on her aunt's couch and when she woke up she was crying as she tried to clean the cushion, not even worrying about her wet pajamas and panties. Her aunt came out and saw her and was sympathetic but also kind of upset about the couch cushion.

Aside from bedwetting she recalled a memorable moment when she was 11 or 12 when she peed her pants at the bank with her mom. They were waiting in mind for a teller and she really had to go, and once if started she couldn't stop and soaked her jeans and left a stain on the carpet. Her never went back to that branch location haha. She had two accidents in school (not including her 2nd grade poop accident which she admitted that she also peed her pants at that time). She did it in 6th grade during a math test. She said the worst part was they had hard chairs and a tile floor so when she peed her pants it was splashing all loud on the floor as it ran off her chair and some flowed back down the aisle behind her and a kid's back pack got wet from her pee puddle. Then in 10th grade she was at an assembly and was right in the center of the row in the auditorium so when she had to pee she was trying to hold it in so as not to squeeze by a bunch of people and cause a distraction and possibly get in trouble in the middle of the assembly. But of course she couldn't hold it and wound up peeing her pants in her seat. She said they were cushioned seats and it absorbed the pee so at least it didn't splash and make a puddle on the floor, so she was good until the end of the assembly just sitting in her wetness, but of course at the end when she got up everyone could see her butt was soaked and she cried and walked straight to the nurse. The nurse was at a loss for what to do for her because she never dealt with that in high school, and just told her to call her parents and go home and "don't sit on anything".

College brought on the years of her being kind of a party girl and says "knowing me I probably peed my pants every single night of college and had no idea." So we'll move on. I imagine she was exaggerating anyway but who really knows with her? Anyway, as an adult out of college, besides the laugh induced accidents and the two she had while I've known her, her only other memorable pee accident she could think of was in her car coming home from work one time. She just remembers feeling like she had to pee so bad that her back hurt and then losing control and she swears she was peeing in her pants for "like 5 straight minutes". She said it was so much that even though she was sitting when it happened her pants still got wet most of the way down her legs. She had to get her car seat professionally cleaned and when she took it in she said she left her car windows open and some vandal peed through her window to be a jerk but it was obvious the guy didn't believe her haha.

That about wraps up my girlfriend's history of accidents. From now on I'll just let you know when something new happens- for instance she pooped her pants on Monday at work. She woke up late and didn't go in the morning so she needed to go at work. She got too busy and put it off as usual. she's an administrative trainer at her office and so she was in the middle of a training session with a group of 6 new hires and couldn't leave. She finally reached the point where she was too desperate to go to keep waiting so she just set her trainees up "observing" other employees for a littke bit and acted like it was a normal part of the training, then tried making it to the ladies room but it was too late, she crapped her pants in the hallway outside the bathroom. She called me from the bathroom stall to tell me it happened and needed to be talked through her dilemma. I j just reminded her that she had extra panties in her bag that i told her to start carrying and that calmed her. She surveyed the damage and determined her slacks were stain free and then she discarded her loaded panties, cleaned up as much as she could, then later got her bag and went back to the bathroom to clean up more with wipes and put on the clean panties. Finished her day like a champ.


Using the "douchette"

So I've recently purchased a Squatty Potty, which allows me to squat to dump. I don't need to squat on the rim anymore and I can have my feet completely down. It is great.

Now I've started to use a "hand held bidet" which is basically a squirt hose attached to the water supply. I really like the way it leaves me clean! I can aim the stream directly into my anus, washing away any remnants. Love it!

The only problem is that I am pretty sure I have to remove all my clothes from my waist down to really be sure they stay dry. I've tried squirting from behind and from the front and my briefs got wet. Maybe I need to do it just one way. Or maybe I need to get off the squatty potty to wash up. Either way, I will probably install a hook to hang my clothes on while dumping. Only two people have seen the squatty potty, none the squirt hose., so no comments yet. Too bad I can't post a video here for you all to check out how it works!

Gotta go now and drop a deuce!


Question for Kayla

Neat story Kayla!! Did your babysitter ever deal with your constipation after that? I had a baby sitter when I was a kid and one time when she was sitting me for a long weekend I got so constipated that she had to give me an enema. She was in college and studying to be a nurse at the time so giving me an enema was no big deal for her. But she did is so well that it felt better than my Mom's enemas. But I never told my Mom that because I thought she'd be mad!!-- JW


Massive soft dump

Hi. Haven't done a GOOD poop in a couple of days. I've done little piles but nothing substantial. Had to go for a medical appointment (neurologist appointment) at the hospital early this morning and didn't get a chance to eat until lunch. My husband and I went to Wendy's since we were both hungry and ate our meals. Shortly afterwards I started getting an urge to "go" but I willed myself to hold it because I knew the cheap crap toilet paper wouldn't get me clean (knowing my super soft messy craps). So I managed to somehow hold it until I got home. I was scared I would lose it in my capri yoga pants though especially since they're light gray and you can see the panty lines. I know it would show everything if I pooped my pants. Luckily I held it until I got home, where I did a small pile of soft serve type poop in the toilet and had to take a shower to get clean. Luckily no skidmarks in my white underwear. Fortunately I have good control on my bowels.

Then nothing else until about 10 minutes ago when I got a REALLY strong urge to take a dump. My husband was in the bathroom and I was having a hard time holding it and kept grunting and groaning, willing myself to hold back this HUGE load of soft poop that threatened to erupt into my underwear and pajama pants. It was SO hard to hold! Somehow I managed though. I don't really know how. Finally my husband came out of the bathroom and must have heard my groaning because he asked what was wrong. I told him I had to take a major shit so he was like go! I was closing my water bottle, going to put on my slippers etc and he said what are you doing? Go!

So I did. Rushed to the bathroom, grabbed the Garfield comic, quickly pulled down my pants and undies and sat to release this monster load. And was it ever a monster! Only took about a minute to come out. But it felt huge. Painless though, nice and soft due to the laxative, stool softener and all the water I take. I wiped my vagina and wiped my butt once because I knew it was going to require a shower anyway. It was GIANT. Just a huge pile, like a big bucket of mud poured in the toilet! Guess that's what happens when you don't do a decent poop for a few days. There was a lot of it and my stomach is much softer. Feels like I lost 10 lbs! (Pushing 200 lbs :( ). Opened the door with my pants around my ankles and called my husband over to show him. He came over reluctantly, looked then looked at me with disbelief. He said "Keep your stink to yourself." (LOL). Flushed the toilet twice. Once to get rid of the poop then again to get rid of the skidmarks. Then pulled off my clothes to shower (again). I feel a lot better now to say the least. LOL! My husband said the smell probably spread all the way around the house ;) My farts have been pretty nasty lately too. Whoops. LOL.

Steve A

Shart Accident

Well, I had a small shart accident today and it all started at work and ended at home. I got the urge to go poop at work a little while after I got there, so I went and it was small but I felt done. So, after I went to the bathroom, I got an urge to fart but I couldn't let it out because people were around me (I'm a bus person at a retirement home) and it wasn't bothering me at that time. But as time passed, the urge started to get bigger and I decided to wait until I was done just to see how loud and long it would be. (I only worked 4 hours today). The urge never went away, which was good. It was kinda difficult to hold in, but when it was time to leave, I left and I had to walk up some stairs to the exit, but one of my worker friends just happened to leave just as the same time as me, and she was a girl. So, as I was walking up the stairs with just me and my worker friend, I just couldn't handle holding it in anymore. I let it go. It was pretty big just as I expected it to be and she just thought it was funny. But, it was dry and not wet. So, as I was walking to the break room to pick up my stuff, I got another urge to fart, so I let that one go. It was silent but it felt weird. I went into the bathroom to check myself and sure enough, there was a small wet spot on my boxers. I felt a small urge to poop/fart, so I sat down on the toilet and I just farted. My mom then picked me up from work and when I got home, I felt another urge but this time, I farted and pooped and the pile was a little bit bigger than what I did at work. I feel better now and no one ever found out about my small shart accident. I hope you enjoy my story and I will post again soon.

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Bursting for a poo

Hello. I'm a girl, 19, from the UK. Today I went round a friend's house. In the evening, before I left, I had a need to wee and thought I might need a poo as well. I used the loo and weed, then I tried to do a poo. After a while with nothing coming, I gave up, wiped, and flushed. I figured I'd have a real need later on and go then.

I left my friend's and walked to the train station to head back to my house. At the station, I began feeling a renewed need to poo. I was tempted to use the loo at the station, but it was getting late and I didn't want to wait for the next train to come, so I decided I could just hold it and go at home.

Well, I couldn't hold it after all. My need grew stronger the whole ride and I was absolutely bursting by the time I arrived at the station. I live only about five minutes walk from the station, but there was no way I was going to make even that short time. I went to the station's loo and paid the 20p.

The one good thing I can say about train station loos is that because you have to pay to get in, they're usually quite clean and stocked with plenty of loo roll. One of the cubicles was in use, and I went to the one furthest from the entrance. I sat down and started pooing right away.

I did two logs that came out very quickly and made loud plops when they hit the water. Then, after a short time, I passed another log with a quieter plop. I was done then and wiped my bum, flushed and washed my hands. I left the station and began my walk home feeling so much better.

So, yeah, that's my story. Hope you enjoyed it. Bye!



Hi its John B

Dominic our question has been kindly answered by Oldpoop and when you think about it, it certainly does make sense. Thanks Oldpoop!

On the subject of arse wiping I recently joined a forum on a social networking site which is all about growing up in the town I originally came from. Indeed I've renewed acquaintance with two people I knew in primary (grade) school.

That forum got me thinking about the loo paper we had to endure in the swinging sixties, brands such as Izal and Bronco come to mind! They made great home made kazoos but the purpose for which they were manufactured wasn't as they would say today "not fit for purpose". It was difficult enough for us blokes but for women at their " certain times of the month" must have been a nightmare.

Does anyone here, male or female, have any reminiscences of using said toilet paper? If so please let us know.

I look forward to your replies.

Take care all, John B

hello my name is Kayla I've never posted here before but I kinda thought I tell about something when I was younger

some years ago when I was 6 I had a babysitter because my sis was staying over at a friends house and my parents had work, and I wanted go with my sis so I thought if my babysitter didn't want to watch me I'd get to go to my sis, so I thought I'd go poo on the floor and she'd quit(well I was 6 so I thought it would work)

well when the babysitter first got there I didn't need to poo so every now and then I'd push while playing trying to get something coming, but it wasn't working, so I started trying pushing harder, and I all of a sudden I peed a tiny bit in my panties, then I got an urge to pee so I ran to the bathroom and dropped my panties to the floor and got on the toilet with my dress pulled up and peed after words I sat there for I while pushing until I farted a couple of times then I started to feel the need to poo so I stopped pushing and got off the toilet and walked out not thinking about putting my panties back on, I went back to playing, I could feel the need getting stronger, I waited longer, and longer feeling too nervous and scared to do it, I was trying to tell myself to do it, until I had decided not do it after all, but by that time I had to go poo very bad I was trying to hold it in when I started sneezing about 4 or 5 times and poo pushed it's way out so there I was standing with poo poking out of my butt under my dress and slowly it was coming out more and more every step i took until I just squatted down and pushed as I had given up trying to make to toilet, and all of a sudden it got stuck and stopped coming out so well not thinking I just pushed hard and harder until I let out a thick painful poo, my babysitter caught me just as I was standing up, (or maybe she was waiting until I was done but I not sure about that lol), but for some reason, she didn't seem effected by it, just clean it up and gave me a bath even put something on my butt hole that make quit hurting as bad and put me to bed as it was actually way pass my bed time somehow, though before I went to sleep she told me "don't worry it'd be our secret that you tried to gross me out", and sure enough she never told anyone as far as I know, or at least I never got in trouble. but from then on I liked having her babysit me she was always fun.

btw a couple of years later I don't remember what brought it up but we was talking alone and she told me that my poo looked absolutely huge compared to my size. and she had been told I was pretty constipated and she had like heard me talking to myself about it and decided to just let me do it and let me stay up pass my bed time just so I could do my plan, she told me I talked to myself pretty much the whole time and I never realized she was listening to me the whole time too.


Almost an accident

I seem to have caught a little something over the weekend and had diarrhea Saturday night into Sunday morning it was bad awful stomach pains and straight liquid out of my bum. I was finally able to fart Sunday afternoon and not worry that I was going to poop my pants while farting. I did not poop at all yesterday...or this morning, but got out of work a little early and took my toddler with me to the grocery store and while there I bent to pick something up and had to quickly clench my cheeks closed because a big poop was wanting out. I got home and got set up and got down doggy style and pushed and out came a poop about 4 inches long and then more came another 4 inches or so. I actually feel lighter now. It was nice after the diarrhea of the weekend to unload a good load!

had an experience last week that brought back some great memories. was taking a hike in the woods with my 5 year old nephew. Told him Uncle Teddy had to use the bathroom He said I could pee anywhereout there since no one was around. I told him didn't have to pee, I had to do a big long poo poo. Told him to stay there whileIwent behind some bushes and pooped. I'll admit I didkindof want him to see along turd coming out of his uncles' hairybutt, but Iwentbehind a tree anyway.I had some tissue with me. I pulled my pants downandsaid, "It's comin, Benny,it's comin, it's gonna be a big one. Iguess he couldn'tstand the curiosity andcame around the tree andsaw is big tall uncle who hadjust shita whopper of a poop.I enjoyed as he watchedme wipe. Nothing like someshit bonding between a big loving uncle and hiscute nephew.

So, a couple days ago I woke up at about 2:00 am feeling really sick. My stomach felt like it was about to explode. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom, intending to try to take a dump. As I got to the toilet, however, I started heaving. I bent over the toilet and puked up everything I'd eaten that day. Then I couldn't hold it any longer: poop squirted out of my pajamas and splatted onto the floor. Keep in mind I was half-asleep, so I wasn't thinking well - when I was done, I went back to bed without doing anything else. An hour or so later, I woke up again to let loose a flood of diarrhea. It was bright orange, and the sight of it made me puke again, all over myself. My room smelled so awful.

korean girl

two new stories

I have two new stories!!!

First story. I was at a restaurant with some friends. We had just ordered and I got the urge to go poop. I told them I was going to head to the bathroom and one of my friends needed to go too. When we got inside there was 4 stalls on one wall all vacant. We took the middle two and I was closest to the door. My friend and I peed then I let her know I needed to do more and she said she had to also. I started pushing and I could tell this would be hard to get out. As I was working on mine I could hear my friend take her dump. She had three plops all within 30 seconds and started wiping. Mine was still crowning. She went to wash her hands and said to not be long and left. I was now alone taking my crap. I pushed and it hurt a bit then a few minutes later was done. I looked and it was a rock hard shit that was 5" long and 3" wide.

Second story. I was at Target and got a strong urge to take a dump. It was pretty strong and I got misplaced where I was. When I eventually found the bathroom I was very desperate. I quickly went in and all but two stalls were being renovated or something. They all had locked doors. The two stalls were taken. I could hear the two women having troubles while pooping. Both were making little grunts and sounds. I held my stomach and moved my feet trying to not go in my panties. Eventually a woman about between 25 and 30 walked out and left without washing her hands. I went into the stall and saw the huge crap she had taken. It had to be a foot long and I could tell would not flush. So I waited for the other to open. A girl about 18 or 19 walked in and looked more desperate then me. She ran in the stall and said "EEEW" and walked out. She asked me if I was waiting for the other stall and I said yes. She looked pained at my answer. The woman in the stall was making lots of very tiny tiny plops but was still not coming out. My poop was getting more desperate. In around 40 seconds the 18 or 19 girl said I can't wait anymore and ran into the clogged stall. She immediately started having what sounded like pure liquid diarrhea. While she was finishing the other stall finally opened. I went in and saw she left lots of rabbit like poops. I flushed and sat down. I quickly let out 4 really soft poops, farted, let out about five more, farted, let out another, and was done. I looked and they all had mashed together in the toilet. The other girl flushed and left. I wiped and flushed. Before washing my hands I quickly glanced in the other stall out of curiosity. She did have pure liquid diarrhea!! It also smelled really strong from her diarrhea and the other girls crap not being able to be flushed.

That is all for now!!


to John about asymmetrical poop on anus

If your turds are thick and firm, they will open your anus to a round shape while exiting, and you will not notice any more poop on one side than the other. However, if your poop is a bit softer, your anus may open in a somewhat non-symmetrical way, as I have verified for myself by watching my own bowel movements in a mirror occasionally. Not only will a softer movement deposit more poop on the inside of your butt-cheeks, it can do so in a non-symmetrical way, depending on the shape your anus assumed while pushing it out. This one-sided emergence seems perfectly normal, as does its absence when you have a firm, thick stool.



@John B

I notice that the right side of my buttcrack is messier often too lol, wonder if it has to do with the angle that the turd comes out at, no idea :P

@Dude in Distress - Love your stories, I'm often as constipated as you are, though I guess I use enemas and suppositories more than you do. Do you ever use enemas and suppositories? Or do you just try and push it out on your own?


Commenting on stories - Steve A

Hey Steve A. I know exactly what you mean. I rarely get any comments on my stories, too. And some of the stories from other posters that get tons of comments don't interest me in the slightest.

Rest assured, that there are people out there that like your stories. I have actually had people on other sites ask me if I'm the "Zip" from toiletstool because they are huge fans of mine! I didn't know I had fans! I'm also one who doesn't comment on stories very often. I find that this site is a good place to put your stories. Do it for yourself. Everyone has a unique writing style and there are people out there who like yours. They just might not comment.

I recently purchased a squatty potty, which is great, and I don't always have to take off my pants and briefs when dumping now. Yesterday I got myself one of those hand held bidets. It is a hose with a nozzle for squirting off my butt after a dump. I hope to try it this morning. I like to stay clean, and let's hope this does a good job!

Mr. Clogs


Tina: I enjoyed your kitchen and car post with your friend. Thanks for sharing.

blondiemaja: First of hello and I really enjoying your posts. You asked on previous posts if people squat. Only on those "rare" occasions that I do to help "relive" myself. I find that helps to eliminate your bowels better. I probably need to the next time. Since my bathroom is small, it's really hard for me to do so. Have you squatted over a container to poo in? Do you pee while you poop, if so do you pee on the floor, on the pile of poop, or in a cup? Anyways great posts and keep them coming. Hope you find some relief with those pebble poops. Take care.

Emma b: Interesting post about you and Clair having to take a dump in the back of the car.

Steve A: I know what you mean, I feel your pain. Me I just post what's relevant and keep it moving. If you comment on my post that's fine, if not it's cool. Most of the feedback I get is from men and occasionally women. Keep the posts coming and don't get discouraged.

Tlana: Nice post with the Tennis lady.

That's all the comments for now and happy peeing and pooping everyone.

Take care!

--Mr. Clogs


The Alps

To Amelie and Martine. Last week I spent a lot of time walking in the Alps. I had to squat in nature to take care of business a couple of times. ButI hope that nobody saw me. I saw a biker make a roadside squat while his girl friend stood waiting for him on the road. Some years back while hiking with a friend and his family I saw his mother taking a dump. In fact I accidentally walked straight in on her. I guess we both were embarrassed because she was squatting with shorts down and naked hips and bum.

Dude in Distress, we have some similar constipation experiences. I've had to clean up several big constipated dumps from my bathroom floor, my bathtub, my bedroom floor, etc because I had to use drastic maneuvers to get the constipated stuff out. I remember one time several years ago, I had everyone in my apartment building knocking on my door making sure I was okay because I was screaming and straining so loud with constipation that they could hear me from two, three, four apartments away!

I have a handful of really bad episodes every year, but for the most part, usually just an enema or two will get me going. Do you ever use enemas?



Hi its John B

In response to Steve A's post don't feel too bad about a lack of feedback to your posts. I don't contribute that regularly to the forum but sometimes my posts get a response sometimes not.

I just feel glad I've made a contribution here and added something to this eclectic mix of experiences and stories. I don't take a non-response to heart its just one of those things.

There you go Steve A, I've responded to you and I hope that you will continue to contribute!

Take care all. Regards John B.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


my bad belly/multiple poos on day out at beach...

Hey everyone!

Aren't we all loving the hot muggy weather

well, on Saturday (26th) my husband & i decided to go to the beach.
i had a huge poo before at home before we got the train but on the train i realised i needed to go again & i was desperate!!
Fidgetting around in my seat my hubby realised i needed a poo.
he told me to go on the train & he was right i had no choice.
i took the small claustrophobic cubicle & wiped the seat with loo roll, & pulled my white shorts & knickers down to my ankles. Sat down & immediately without even trying soft loose poo fell in to the loo with a crackle whilst it all continued out of my bum.All came out as one massive loose watery log that piled up on top of each other.
Unfortunately it was one of those poos that required 10 tonne of loo paper to get myself clean... and i used it all!!!

anyway about half hour later we arrived at our destination. Me still feeling a bit squiffy, hubby massaging my peachy bum as we waited to get off the train. We walked along the beach, & then went to the amusements. There, realised i needed another huge desperate poo, but i decided to try & hold it best i could - but that didn't work, hubby knew again (like he always knows without fail) that i had a ???? ache & was dying for another poo.
he said "baby, why do it to yourself, i know how desperate you are for another big poo, we'll find the public loos!! It's alright, don't worry my baby" (he's so sweet yet strangely he made me more desperate by saying this & as he was clutching my peachy bum i suddenly had to clench really badly as i was about to poo myself & he knew it, he then massaged my bum again whilst kissing my ear (he loves it when i am desperate for a poo.

So we left the amusements, & along the road were the loos. Hubby grabbed me whilst putting his firm hand on my big ready to explode bum & gave me a snog before i went in told me how much he loved me before slapping my bum hard (he left a little red mark bless him) & in i went.
busy cubicles, the last 1 was empty.
checking for loo roll, & found there was only a bit (12 squares! I knew i had to try & have a not very messy poo poo but no such luck.
as soon as i took my shorts & knickers down, & started to squat, my plops plopped loudly in to the loo. Not as watery as before but still very loose.
As soon as i sat down 12 plops fell out my peachy bum in to the water, then i sighed initial relief. Clutching my achey ???? i had another 8 loose plops that all curled round in to the loo on top of each other. I wiped best i could, but didn't feel clean.
The other cubicles were taken & my poo poo stank!! Flushing i left skids everywhere!!

Washed my hands & left, on my way out hubby greeted me with another pat on my bum followed by a lovely bum massage, he then grabbed my chin to face him for another snog bless him & on we went
"Feel better now my baby?" He said
"No going to need another 1 soon i reckon, let's go shall we" i replied.

we had some lunch though i didn't eat a lot.
after lunch & about hour & half after my last desperate poo i needed another 1.
Again i tried to hold it in but i was really really bustin for a poo & my hubby again knew too.
this time we were miles away from the public loos but a pub was opposite so we went in there.
hubby got a coke & waited for me, again giving my bum a lovely massage & pat before heading off for another 1.
This time my poo was much firmer though still lots of it.
i took my stuff down, & as soon as i sat down, 16 plops fell one after the other. I pushed out as much as i could with this ???? ache.
flushing and again leaving lots of skids i washed my hands & we left.
no more poos needed & on the train on the way home hubby was saying how gutted he was he couldn't join me & listen to me pooing desperate big poo poos like he does & so loves at home.
anyway, more soon.


Gigantismic poop

Hi all.

Last night, I got home, and flew into my pyjamas, and ran to the toilet.
As soon as I'd landed on the excretion catcher, I think I'd done the hugest pooh of all time hahahaha
It felt nearly as big as a 2.25 liter water bottle.
When it hit the water, I'm actually quite surprised that I didn't create a magnitude 9.4 earthquake, that's how loud it was hahahahaha
Anyway, that's my latest story

Hi everyone. I've not much new to report right now. Things as far as the loo goes are good, which is nice. Now that school is done, I have time to relax before I start uni in the fall. I'm doing a poo currently almost every day or sometimes I'll go two days between poos. But seeing as there's not much happening, I'll likely not post for a while. I hope that I'll have more stories to share later on.


kitchen and car

Hello everyone! Hope youre all well. The other day I was rushing home from work, and ended up having to poo on my kitchen floor. Not the oddest of places I suppose. I was waiting for my friend to come over for our wine night and then we could go together. But that day my stomach felt off. I was rushing home so I could be here in case I had to go. I was in my kitchen, opening a wine bottle, when the urge to poo and pee was just getting too strong. I crossed my legs...but it wasnt helping. Pee startred to trickle out of my crotch, so i gave ip and started to undo my pants....and just in time too. Pee started flooding and hissing out of me. I pulled my pants off and leaned my back against the counter and let it all go. I grunted, and soft poo slid out of my butt. I spread my legs further and squatted a little. I looked down and watched piece after piece of poo come from between my legs and pile up on the floor below me. It felt so good, i closed my eyes and just felt relief to finally have it out of me.

Awhile later my friend finally showed up. Since my stomach was off i didnt think my night of pooing would be done yet, my stomach wad gurgling again. She had to go, but wanted to go in her car. We went out to her car....thankfully it was dark. We both got in the backseat. She pulled her shorts off and sat her butt down, immediatrly releasing a flood of pee into the seat. She lifterd her butt off the seat and moaned. I could see a log growing from her butt. It got longer and started to coil, then broke off. "This might not work...." she said. She put her foot on the wet seat and then manuvered herself so her butt wad hanging over the floor of hr backseat, and let it rip. She farted and multiple logs of poop fell from her onto the floor.

My stomach felt gurgly again. "If you have to go, just go." She said. I explained that my stools were too loose to.go would be too hard to clean. She finished up and said " Go in my trunk". Great idea! She pulled her shorts back on and we went outside to the back of her car. I pullednoff my shorts and hung my butt into her trunk. Immediately again the poo slid out, making a loose watery pile. I moaned again just feeling the poo release from my butt. Some more pee trickled out. It all felt so good. More later!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Blondiemaja first welcome to the site and great story I look forward to reading anymore you may have thanks.

To: Shy Girl Angela another great story it sounds like you were beyond desperate and in situations like that being poop shy can be over rode to prevent a nasty accident and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Korean Girl great story I bet you felt great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tech Guy great story.

To: Jasmin K that's good that they are helping its a lot more trustworthy then a laxative.

To: Emma B as always another great story it sounds like you just made to the toilet in time and I bet you felt good afterwards to.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping together.

To: Abby great story.

Well that all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



So I just submitted a post about a 1/2 hour ago about no such luck taking a big poop, but my luck turned around. I squatted down to clean the lint vent and the dryer and could feel some poop trying to push it's way out (I guess I just had to give up and continue on with my day to get things moving)I set up in my room in front of our closet mirror and assumed a doggy style position thinking if I could really bear down on my knees this shit would slid right out. I let my bum open and close a couple of time to be sure I could still feel it right there and low and behold I could actually see the turtle head-I knew this time I was going to be able to make it happen. I gave a good push and 2 pebbles flew out, relaxed, another push, another pebble, stayed tense and pushed hard and out come a lumpy hard poop that took some pushing and grunting, relaxed and then a snake style piece about 3 inches slid out. Have to say it took some effort to get it going on it's way out but once things got moving they moved right along.

So tried in a round about way this morning to get my husband to let him take a poop...and said he could do the same to me, he seems a little interested. When it comes down to it he is not bashful about pooping at all, he works construction and most of their worksites do not have bathrooms so he is used to popping a squat in the woods and I know that they usally all go and poop in the same area and talk while they are doing it. I don't think that letting me watch him go should be much different. I'll keep you guys posted with how it goes, when it happens.

We took a shower together last night and I peed on his feet-it was funny.

On another note, still have not taken a "good" poop since the hotel one, had those pebbles yesterday but feel like I have a good long one brewing in there. Maybe I should go walk around Target, for some reason I always have to poop when I am there...and most of the time it is while I am in the middle of the store not close to either of the bathrooms. The last time I was there I actually thought I might have an accident the urge came on so quick and strong. I could feel the turtle head poking it's way out, as I was clenching my cheeks and hustling to the bathroom I was hoping it was empty and thankfully it was, I unloaded I long snake type poop. I keep farting and feeling like it is going to happen, I will post again when it does, I feel like it's going to be an epic one.

Emma b

Car poo

I took my new car out with Claire for a drive in the country and as I was driving I felt a big urge to have a poo. I hadn't been for about three days so it was quite urgent and I told Claire I was going to have to pull over somewhere before I pood myself. She said she had to go pretty bad as well so we looked out for some bushes to go behind. We saw lots of hedges along the roadside but they were all too low or not dense enough to hide us properly. I kept on driving while we got more and more desperate for a poo and I began to wonder if we'd ever find anywhere private enough to relieve ourselves. I was really struggling to control my bowels and by the look on Claire's face I think she was in trouble too. We had to find somewhere before it was too late as I'd only just got this car and really didn't want to have it stinking of poo. Eventually, after half an hour I spotted some trees in the distance. I figured that would be the ideal place to go and five minutes later we were there. The woods were surrounded by a fence and at six foot high I knew we'd never get over it without having an accident. We got out of the car and I almost lost control as I got out. Claire looked at the fence and shook her head as she said, "No way, not happening." I agreed and we looked for a gap or a hole. Claire was holding her bum with one hand as we searched and I knew how she felt. After a while I felt my poo pushing at the exit, trying to get out but my knickers weren't going to be my toilet this time and I had to hold my bum with both hands. Claire was in a panic as she was clearly about to load her underwear. I wasn't far behind her and just when we thought it was game over I saw a break in the fence where a car had crashed though it. It was abandoned and the front was damaged but otherwise it didn't look like a writeoff. Claire suggested doing it in the car and I thought it was a great idea. We took our jeans and knickers off and sat in the back of the car and held our bums off the seat a few inches. I watched Claire's poo rush out onto the seat and there was a lot of it. The look of relief on her face was a picture and I pushed mine out afterwards. It was quite firm unlike Claires. It felt so good to feel it moving through my anus and after three days it was a big relief. Our next problem was what to wipe with but I found a T shirt under the drivers seat and handed it to Claire. She used one end of it but it was obvious her bum was too messy to wipe once and she ended up using all of it, leaving hardly any of hub for me to wipe my bum with. She said sorry but as my poo was quite dry I told her not to worry and we put our clothes back on and headed back to my car.


Unusual Observation

Hi one and all its John B with an unusual observation.

Does anyone on this forum notice when wiping their bum that one side of the bum crack is slightly messier than the other? In my case its the right hand side!

Has any one made similar observations? I look forward to your comments.

Take care, John B

Steve A
Hey, I don't mean to be rude but sometimes when I post a story, no one seems to comment on it and the other posters just seem to read it. But, when I post a survey, some people comment on it and that's good but I want people to comment on my stories. Brandon T always comments on other posters' stories, but never on mine. Almost everytime I posted a story on here, no one ever commented on it, except for a few times where 1 to 3 people did. I also posted a survey on here that never got posted and it followed all of the rules/guidelines on this website. I'm sorry if I'm complaining but I feel a left out on Toilet Stool sometimes that people don't care about my stories. I know they do, but I see people always commenting on other people's stories, but hardly never mine. Maybe my stories need to be more exciting? I try my best to have an exciting/interesting experience/story to tell, but I have never had any, yet. I assume that you will say, "Well that's too bad", "You can't tell people to comment on your stories.", but I would appreciate it if you can do something to fix my problem. If someone new joins Toilet Stool and they feel left out, then they might complain to you as well. So, if you can help me to avoid future complaints regarding to this problem, then everything will be good for me, for your company, and the other people that may feel left out on here.


The Tennis Lady

On days when I don't have a babysitting job, me and my friends gather at Lorenz's house. It's bigger than ours, and because his dad owns a pool table sales and repair business, they have one of the best pool tables in their rec room. I ride my bike over. It's about a mile and a half on the other side of the city, but I've learned to cut through a large park and I save some time. Often I stop in the park to go to the bathroom and to rest a bit.

Well last week it was about 10 in the morning when I rode up to the small bathroom building. Like most places there were two separate bathrooms, and on each end there was the entrance. The ladies', however, was no bigger than my room at home and really different. Two toilets mounted on the wall--directly across from one another. No cubicles or doors--just toilets. Next to each, was a dirty sink and a hand drying machine. There was also an overloaded trash can. I take my bike in since it won't get stolen, but I felt bad when I walked in on this 20-something woman in a tennis outfit and with an equipment bag in front of her. The moment I saw her sitting on the toilet I apologized and briefly turned to wait outside, but she had a great personality, smiled and welcomed me. She said she had taken a laxative the night before and was waiting for it to work before she met her boyfriend for tennis. She said she could use the company. I told her, as I was struggling to unbutton my jeans, that I just needed to wee, and as I finally got the button threw the hole and pulled down my undees, she reached into her bag and from a little pouch pulled out a small piece of paper that she held out for me to take. I was sweating bad from head to toe because of the humidity and I thanked her, took it because I thought it was towel, and as I seated myself and was waiting for my wee to begin, I opened the towel and found it was a seat cover or gasket. She briefly laughed, but seemed surprised that I had mistaken it. Then she said she would never sit bare-butt on a public toilet and that she was surprised that I did. She said her mother taught her to use them several years ago when they were out together and that she buys the covers in packages at the drug store. I told her that me and my friends don't worry about sitting bare-butt and she said that may change as we get older. Because I look young for my age (I'm starting 9th grade and only 3'4")I think that's why she lectured me a bit as we sat. I started feeling a little guilty though as I finished my wee and then turned around and took a little toilet paper off the roll to wipe with. I stood and flushed and quickly washed my hands at the sink--although there wasn't any hot water.

I started to hear plops in the water and the lady sighed a couple of times as I was drying my hands. I looked back and told her to have a nice day as I kicked up the kick stand on my bike and took it outside. As I pedaled, I got to feeling a little guilty and embarrassed about what the lady said. But I really am not sure why.

Emma b

Desperate wee

I went out for some drinks with Claire last night to celebrate my parsing my test. We had quite a bit to drink and I we were soon in need me a wee. We went to the toilets at the pub and they were disgusting. Only one of the toilets was working and it was filthy. I couldn't use it but Claire was desperate so she held her breath and peed a long stream. When she finished she looked relieved but we both gagged at the smell as we left. I held my wee all night and after five lagers I was desperate by the time we left the pub. As we waked home I started getting more and more desperate and my bladder felt so full I thought it would burst. How I wished I'd been at the pub but I couldn't face the smell in there. I began to leak a tiny bit, and my knickert got damp. I realised I was going to wet myself any second so I ducked into a shop doorway while Claire stood as a lookout and pulled my skirt up and thong to one side and squatted. I had the most relieving wee of my life and flooded the doorway with a gallon of wee. Man it felt good and afterwards I let my skirt down and we walked away just as a police car drove slowly by. If they'd been there a moment earlier I'd have been arrested for urinating in public but I got away with it thank god.

Saw a girl having an accident

While I was out shopping this morning I noticed a young girl of about 14 with her mother and she smelled of poo quite strongly. She told her mum she was going to the toilet and ran off in the direction of the customer toilets. I saw a wet patch in the back of her jean shorts and it turned brown as she ran. She must've got a bad case of the runs to have an accident like that.


It Is A Bad Milk

Hi there My name is Yui I am a girl from Japan. I am in high school. Sorry for my bad English. I drank milk strange taste it one morning, but I was in a hurry for school, and drank anyway. I and my best friend after school was walking to my house. It started raining and suddenly, and we do not have an umbrella. She started feeling embarrassed, she said that it does not want to show through her ​​clothes her bra, then we are going to need a cover. We found a toilet in the park of the way home. Toilet of the park is very small, there is one room only. We went inside together to try to stay dry. After that, my stomach was gurgling start. I knew I had that it is a bad milk. After that, I felt that I was going to poop myself. I need to go poop, I told my friend would spoil myself. She is OK. I crouched between her legs. Lift up my skirt, and pull down the pantyhose and my panties. I started it was messy with diarrhea.It loud loud. Pbbbbbbbt it erupted from my butt. It has a strong smell, I was not able to stop. I could hear hit the floor miss toilet. However, I was not able to stop. I continued with the feces of nasty liquid. It stopped floor and door covered in light brown liquid. Also mess on shoes of friend. Poop smell bad. This was allover gross. Many of the relief. That smell that here is poor could not stay. We walking home in the rain friend angry. However, she forgave me. When we got to my house, my stomach gurgled again we. I told her that I were poo I myslef again. I ran to the bathroom. Toilet of my house, western style. Pulled the panties up my skirt down, pantyhose down. Before it was down, I started poop. I went into the panties hot liquid. Then, liquid poo got on the floor and shoes. I started sitting, but pooped on a seat. While having a liquid poo, so I hover. It splattered while make a noise, and make a big mess very. I felt I not only relief, the hurt anus and my stomach. I could not stop allover poop toilet of their own. It's no longer. It took a long time to clean up.

That Girl


The other night I was at home, bored, and felt terribly constipated, bloated, lots of gas. So I decided to get that stuff done.
Went to the toilet, but anything except gas, pushed, but nothing.
So I started with abdominal massages to help my poor colon to work, but just some gurgling and gas.
As nothing seemed to work, I got a pair of suppositories, it wasn't that hard, and then just wait..
Time passed, and I began with kind of the feeling.
So I headed to the toilet, but nothing, felt bad, but still got the urge, so this time, I headed to the garden..
It was a nice rainy night.
So, I first got my clothes off, staying with my bra, and I crouched on the cold wet grass.
I started pushing and rubbing my bloated belly for a couple minutes, then I finally got a huge mass of mushy poop out, wiped 4 times, and finally felt great.
What do you think of being an outsider?

Onthetoiletgal- I enjoyed your story! It sounds like the mother was a little embarrassed by her son, but not so much by having to use a doorless cubicle. I have found it's quite common to hear kids with their mothers talk about their toilet habits when they are in the toilet with them, and in fact that happened to me today and it's included in my story below.

Abbie- Sounds like you WERE embarrassed by having to use a doorless cubicle, though! I enjoyed your post though, as always!

Today I went shopping. While I was out I needed to go for a poo. The shop I was in had some loos so I went there. There were three cubicles in the ladies, and two were taken leaving the middle one free. I popped into it and pulled down my shorts and pink knickers and sat down. I started with a wee and peeked under the cubicle walls. To my left was a woman in a skirt with her black knickers down who was in the middle of a wee, and to my right was someone with her jeans and red knickers at her feet. She was silent but I could smell poo so I assumed that was what she was doing. The woman to my left finished and left within a minute, and as I began to poo so did the other woman, leaving me alone. I noticed there was a gap between the cubicle walls and the wall of the room, meaning you could peek through a little and see into the back of the other cubicles.

A soft turd came out quite easily and made a plop in the bowl. Another one followed a minute later, and then a small piece. As I waited for the rest of it to come out a woman entered the toilets. She took the cubicle to my left, furthest from the door. She didn't seem to be in a particular hurry to get in the cubicle. Her trousers and blue knickers appeared at her feet and she sat down, and quickly I could hear soft poo crackling out of her along with quite a loud fart and it plopped into the bowl, followed by a bit more a moment later. It sounded like she had actually been quite desperate to have her number two after all! I peeked through the gap and I could partially see her on the loo. She had black hair and looked to be about 30. I could see her bum and hips and the tops of her thighs as she sat doing her poo. She sat with her hands in her lap. It seemed to be coming out easily for her. I heard another plop and pushed out another one myself.

After a couple of minutes someone else came in, a mother and her young daughter. I heard the daughter say, 'Mummy, it smells! Why does it smell?' She checked the cubicles and they went into the other cubicle and the mother replied, 'Because it's a toilet, some ladies need to go poo here.' The girl asked, 'Do you need to go poo mummy?' and she said, 'No, I just need a wee.' Sure enough she sat down and started to wee. I looked through the gap and I could see she was also about 30 and had her skirt hitched up so she could wee.

To my left the other woman let out another turd, and I let out a quiet fart, and the girl said, 'Are the other ladies pooing now?' 'I think so, yes,' the mother replied. 'Don't talk about it though, it's rude.' She weed and they left after a couple of minutes, leaving me and the other woman still seated. We had both pushed out a couple more small pieces by then. I looked through the gap again. She was leaning forward a little and I could see a bit more of her round bum. I heard another plop but I couldn't see anything coming out. I was done so I wiped and flushed. As I washed my hands I could hear her starting to wipe. I left the toilets and a minute later I saw her walk out too. No doubt we both felt a lot better!

Dude in distress
Linda- I too have watched in the mirror as my face contorted, turned bright red while struggling to pass a constipated mass that refuses to budge. You mention that you strain and push while standing and walking around. Have you tried just squatting?

Charlie- I too have done that when I was hopelessly constipated. One time I had about an inch of poo sticking out for almost an hour. I hadn't been able to go for for 5 days. Finally I knew it had to come out. I sat on the toilet and leaned forward all the way while pushing to get what felt like a brick out of my rectum. It was huge. My anus was bulging down and I touched it with my fingers- I felt the tip sticking out. I adjusted my position so that I was now hovering in a semi squat. I used my hands to pull my cheeks open and strained while gritting my teeth. About an inch of it came out but it was totally stuck. I didn't want to breaking off because I was desperate to get it out. I rubbed some petroleum jelly around my anus and while straining, I used my fingers to push against my perineum and the spot right above my crack and below my tailbone. I couldn't do this while sitting on the toiled so when it finally came out- it was on the bathroom floor.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

One day I had been shopping and when I went to pay, there was a long queue of people waiting to go to the checkout counters.

In front of me was a pretty woman in her early to mid-40's with French manicured nails, styled hair and wearing a blue and red checked shirt with tight dark blue jeans. About 5 minutes after I got into the line, she broke wind/farted quietly a few times - and I immediately caught a whiff of it. It was very nasty and smelly (a combination of hard boiled eggs and cabbage) and she carried on doing it for the whole time that we were in the line. When it was her turn to pay I was very glad.

I hate to think what she must have eaten to make it stink so badly; it was the worst thing I have ever smelled in my life - and I am definitely not squeamish when it comes to things like that! It would have been nice if she had said "sorry" or "pardon me" afterwards, because then I (and probably others) would have had fair warning...or maybe she should have just asked somebody to watch her place in the line and then gone to the bathroom; I think that's what she may have been needing to do.

I don't have a problem with people breaking wind - it happens to everyone (myself included) every day and is a part of normal bodily processes - but sometimes it's just nasty. That incident really shocked and disgusted me and I wish it had never happened.

Like many others on this site, I really enjoy reading constipation stories, but I seem to be alone in actually enjoying being constipated myself. I love to sit on the toilet pushing and to feel my poo backed up inside me. It also gives a sense of achievement when I do eventually manage to push out a hard turd either after a long session on the toilet or if I have been completely unable to go for several days.

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