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Hi-I came across this site on accident, but am now a follower because who doesn't like to talk about poop.
When I travel I usually have a hard time going poop (so much so that I carry suppositories with me for extended trips away from home) I went away last night for the night and woke up this morning shockingly with the urge to poop (thinking it was the salad I had for dinner) I have squatted to poop ever since a year ago when I was pregnant and having a hard time pooping so I went in the bathroom and sat on the toilet and bore down to see if it was just my mind playing a trick on me or if I really had to go, yup I really had to go I could feel my shit poking it's head out, so I had to look at the logistics of the bathroom and see how I could squat to take a poop (it was a tiny bathroom) Grabbed a plastic bag out of the bottom of the trash can and laid it down on the floor and maned my position, I had to put some effort into it to get it out (I think from it going back in when I got off the toilet)but proceeded to have the biggest poop I have ever taken not at home!
Then on the drive home I got the urge again, so much so that I was worried about not making it-stopping was an option, but an annoying one since I was traveling alone with my 2 kids. We got home quickly unloaded the kids from the car and I went to evaluate again if it was my mind playing tricks on me or if I had more poop (which I didn't think was possible since the earlier one was so big...and satisfying). Yup sat down on the toilet to pee and felt it right there, so again maned my position (easier at home where I keep paper towels to put on the floor to poop on) and let out a rattlesnake sized poop!

That's all I have for now, I do have a couple of embarassing poop stories, one of which is actually about my husband pooping his pants, lol but I am out of time.

Looking forward to reading everyone's poop stories...and sharing mine.

Hotel Poop

I guess this is weird, by maybe not...I like up watch myself poop like set up my cell phone camera and just let my poop out in the squatting position (it's what works best for me) and then replay it . There is something about watching that shit leave your body that makes me feel good. Anyways staying at a hotel and the urge just struck, so went in the tiny bathroom and rigged my phone up on a folded towel and squatted in the tiny bathroom, once I made sure the angle and height of the phone camera was right I assumed my position and dropped a nice shit right there on the bathroom floor (I never leave my shits where I drop them, dumped it in the toilet) and then watched the video-that shit took some effort to come out (it was a pebble like one) but once it got moving it was coming right out.

I'll be back with more stories-want to drop my load outside and see what that looks like too.

I enjoy reading all your poop stories, keep them coming!

Brandon T

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To: Aimee first welcome to the site I look forward to reading your stories.

To: Jessica first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you were beyond desperate but at least you had a good friend there to help you out and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Annie as always another great poop story it sounds like that was a really great poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pooperlady great peeing stories.

To: Korean Girl great story it sounds like the 4 of you all really had to poop pretty bad at least you all made it in time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Accident Prone Girlfriend great set of stories.

To: Vanessa great story it sounds like and that other girl mustve felt pretty good after those big poops out and it sounds like that desperate just made it in time without having an accident and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lara great pooping story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


for Dude in Distress

Dude in Distress,

it's been a while since I've been constipated to that extreme--I usually only get to the point where an enema or two is the most extreme thing I have to do for relief. I do remember one time--its been a few years ago now--that I was in your situation of having a really hard one stuck that would not come out. I tried massaging my belly, leaning forward, grunting, holding on to the sides of the toilet and the sides of the sink to give myself leverage to push, taking breaks in between pushing. I gave up in the bathroom, went and laid down on my bed on my stomach with the turd poking out, hoping the pressure from me laying on my stomach would stimulate the muscles to help it pass. I was able to push and the part that was poking out broke loose but I was still constipated further up in my rectum and into my colon. Three Twin pack Fleet enemas, two Dulcolax suppositories, and some digging later, I was finally empty.

Was biking in the Alps this morning. Had to go to toilet and had to squat behind some roadside bushes.



Hey Linda, glad you asked.

As a matter of fact, I have been pretty constipated lately. Haven't really had a normal poop in the past couple weeks. I only go every few days lately and it's always huge. I've been doing nothing but squatting to get my poop out, because sitting on the toilet normally hasn't been working lately--I'll just end up sitting there for several minutes straining and pushing with no luck.

The last poop I had was just like that. I decided to squat and kind of hold onto to the side of the bathtub. I did several big pushes and saw my anus open a little bit (I was watching from between my legs lol), but nothing was coming out. I could feel that there was a hard mass in there, but I couldn't force it out. So I stuck a finger in there and tried to stimulate something--it seemed to work because the next huge push I did (I was grunting loud enough that my brother asked if I was okay) and I was starting to sweat, but the hard dark brown lumpy turd began to emerge.

It took several more big pushes like that over the course of over half an hour to get it all out. It was mainly just one turd with several smaller harder pieces. My anus was sore and red after that and I couldn't believe how big those turds were--almost clogged the toilet trying to get them to go down. Pooping is definitely a workout for me sometimes lol

I have always been interested in people wetting themselves. The practice, therefore, of people on a beach walking into the sea to wet themselves in their swimsuits has always fascinated me. My parents always did this when I was younger, and always told me to do so when I needed to go.

I was recently at the beach with an extremely attractive female friend, who was wearing a pair of jean shorts over a pink bikini. We had been drinking all afternoon, and we were both moderately drunk. Suddenly, she exclaimed that she would wet herself if she couldn't pee right now.

She walked into the sea, still wearing her jean shorts above her bikini, before a clear look of relief appeared on her cute face. She was clearly urinating in excess of a minute.

Later, when we returned home, she (still drunkenly) giggled "I need to change, I've literally wet myself".

Does anyone have any other stories of people going in the sea to urinate, perhaps wearing something more than a conventional swimsuit?

Thursday, July 24, 2014


pooed in a toilet

So once I was at Lowe's. I had to poo. I ran to the bathroom. They were cleaning it. I ran to the bathroom exhibits, where they had bathrooms, but they weren't hooked up. They were so you could look at toilets and sinks. I started pooing in one of those toilets. It was big and loud. I was sure everybody could hear it. Then I realized: no toilet paper. I pulled up my pants and ran away with a poopy butt. I heard somebody say "Hey! Who crapped in the display toilet?". I was in the next isle... :) Terrible if I had been caught...

thanks for reading!

To Marianne. I have also pooped in the bushes at a festival those summer because toilets were dirty. Funny feeling sitting there with bare bottom. I was lucky because none of my friends came just then.


Deployment shits

Hi first time poster. I'm on a deployment right now so I've been eating a lot of mres. About an hour ago I took the most massive dump of my life. It took forever and the first half of it was just meaty farts. Glad I got that over with.


first post

I'm 30 but I still have accidents in my pants sometimes. This morning, I woke up needing to pee REALLY bad. My panties were a bit damp from dribbles. I squeezed my crotch tight with my hand and tried to get to the bathroom. Suddenly I stopped short. Too late. I looked down. The front of my light gray pajamas darkened. The wet spot grew and spread all down my pants and pooled on the floor.

Dude in distress

Extremely constipated again

Linda- I feel your pain. The worst is when you are totally stuck and DESPERATE. Things were going great for a while until a few days ago. Suddenly I was constipated again. On Sunday I was determined to get this massive poop out. I removed my clothes and hovered above the toilet (squatting or hovering seems to really help me with my difficult constipation) after about 30 minutes- the tip was poking out, and when I looked down, I could see my bottom bulging down with the strain. I squatted and pulled my cheeks apart and gave another massive push. The turd poked more but when I stopped to catch my breath- it went back in. Red in the face and starting to sweat- I stood up and tried it again while holding on to the bathroom sink.I grunted louder than ever. It sounded like "Huuuhhhhhgggrrrrrrr!!!" It poked out again and went back in. This went on for 2 hours! (With short breaks to rest and catch my breath) I was beyond the point of giving up because I had an inch of rock hard poo sticking out of my anus. I had no option other than to get it out, finally- sitting on the toilet while straining and using my fingers to press around the sides of my anus- I managed to get it all out, it was over 2inches wide at the widest part! I was exhausted! I was really starting to panic thinking I wasn't going to be able to get it out this time!


Road Trip Accident

My name is Jessica. I'm 21 and a college senior. This last week I went on a vacation with my roommate Sarah to her family's beach house. She picked me up and drove us the 5 hours to get there. Sunday night we were driving back and I kind of needed the bathroom but figured I could hold it and then fell asleep for a while. When I woke up it was like two hours later and it was around 10pm and we were still a couple of hours from my house. I also realized I really needed a bathroom. I asked Sarah if she wanted to stop or anything and she said no she was ok. I said ok. So we kept driving and my need kept getting worse. I hadn't pooped in a couple of days (I don't like unfamiliar places much) and I really needed to pee and poop really bad. Soon I had to squeeze really hard to keep the poop in and hold my fingers against my crotch to keep from peeing. I said I need a bathroom when you can stop, please. Sarah said ok and she'd look but there wasn't much on this part of the interstate. So I held it for a while and it was starting to get really bad. I was getting worried. I asked how much longer. She said she wasn't sure and asked if I was ok. I said I really needed to go. She said don't pee in my car. I said that's the least of my worries. She said well don't shit in my car either and laughed. I said I'm trying not to. She asked if I wanted her to pull over on the side of the road. I said ew, no. So we kept going. I got a huge urge to poop a little later and felt it pushing out and I had to squeeze real hard and even then I felt it start to come out and push against the car seat and that stopped it and I was able to regain control but my butt felt sticky and I knew my panties would have a skidmark in them. And focusing so much on the poop I lost a little bit of pee into my panties. I said please hurry. She asked if I was going in my pants. I said I'm about to. Then we saw an exit coming and she got off. Since it was like 11pm there wasn't much open. I pulled up my gps on my phone and found the nearest gas station was a few miles up the road so we drove that way. I was shaking and holding myself for all I was worth. Sarah kept saying don't piss in my seat - but in a funny way not being mean. We finally got to the gas station and I said you'll have to go ask for the key, I don't think I can move right now. So Sarah ran inside, got the key and brought it out to me. The bathrooms were on the side of the outside of the building. So I carefully got out of the car and grabbed the key and waddled with one hand tight in my crotch and my thighs squeezed together taking fast baby steps around the side and got to the door. I had to dance in place trying to get the key into the door. But I couldn't focus on everything and felt some pee come out. I crossed my legs and bent over and squeezed and tried the key again but I lost more pee, then some more and I felt a trickle down my thigh and then suddenly I realized I was a half second from a full on accident but I couldn't stop it and suddenly I lost it and pee started flooding into my shorts and down my legs and splashing onto the concrete and my flip flops. I just stood there looking down watching it happen in slow motion as I completely peed myself. Then the poop pushed out and in seconds I filled my panties with a huge load of shit that tented out my pants and felt hot and very heavy like a grapefruit in my shorts. I was in shock a little just standing there at the bathroom door. I finally came back to reality and opened the door and went inside and there was a mirror and I could see my shorts were soaked and the bulge in back was huge. It was completely obvious what I had done. I called Sarah on my phone. She answered and I said I need panties and shorts. She asked if I was ok. I said no. She asked if I made it. I said no, I got to the door and then completely pissed and shit myself. She said oh I'm sorry I'll be there in a minute. So I stood there in my wet and soiled clothes while she dug me new stuff out of my suitcase in the trunk. Then she knocked on the door and I opened it and she handed me my stuff and I asked if she would stay. So she came inside. I carefully lowered the shorts and tossed them into the sink. Then I had to lower the panties, which were loaded with a huge smooshed mound of crap. I didn't know I could hold that much poop haha. I dumped it into the toilet and then threw away the panties. I wiped up and Sarah passed me wet paper towels and then rinsed my shorts in the sink for me while i cleaned up and changed into the clean clothes. I tossed the wet shorts into a grocery bag to take home to wash. I made her promise to tell no one what happened.



Post Title (optional) To Bloated Butt

Yes I do have a really miserable time with my constipation. The liquid poo coming out is awful, I really hate it! I don't like getting constipated at all and I would much rather have a nice, enjoyable, satisfying poo. But lately for me, its always such hard work, trying to push the big demons out. I haven't done a poo since Saturday either so unfortunately, I'm constipated again :( I highly doubt that I will be able to poop tonight but I'm hoping for tomorrow after work. Yesterday and today, I've eaten a heap of dried fruit to help move the poos along plus lots of beans (but I made sure not to eat too many beans) I've also drank a lot more water than I normally do too. I'm hoping that all this will help me to poop a bit easier tomorrow.

I just got back from the toilet. I got the urge to poop so I gave it a try to see if I could get anything out. I managed to push out two golf ball sized poos. I know its not the entire load but at least its better than nothing. It only took 20 minutes!! I know I'm still constipated but do feel slightly less bloated now : ) I will still try tomorrow to get the rest of my load out......

It sounds like you had a really nice dump. I'm glad you are having an easy time pooping lately - I wish I could have an easy time like that.


Curly poop

Earlier this afternoon soon after my first coffee I went for a poop. Pulled down my pj pants & undies and grabbed the Garfield comic. Took only about a minute for me to go since it was soft. But I knew it had to be a lot since I haven't done a good poop in a couple of days. And I was right. There was a big curly poop. One big log that curled in on itself twice. I showed my husband and he couldn't believe it came out of me lol!

Had a minor bout of messy poop last night before bed with noisy gas but that was it. Both poops required a lot of toilet paper and a shower each.


A couple of pee stories

Hey all, I'm more of a lurker than a poster, but I've posted here before. Here are a few recent stories.

A couple of weeks ago, I came back from town. I hadn't been able to go to the bathroom all the time I was in town, so when I got off the bus going home, I looked for a place to pee. I found some bushes behind a bank building, and figured it was a private enough spot. I squatted and moved my pants and underwear forward on my legs, and began to pee. Most of the pee went into the grass okay, but a bit got on my shoe! Oops! I finished up, pulled up my pants, and walked the rest of the way home.

This morning I woke up and, as happens with everyone, I had to pee. I knew it was going to be a lot of pee, because I hadn't got up in the middle of the night to pee like I sometimes do. Instead of using the bathroom, I decided to do something a little different, and seek relief in my back garden. It was early in the morning, and the garden has a lot of plants, so I figured I wouldn't be seen - although I have to be careful, because if any next-door neighbours were outside, they'd be able to see me clearly through the fence.

I went outside and sneaked into the garden. Nobody seemed to be around. I looked around the garden for a good spot to release my full bladder. I found a small block of wood, and decided it'd be fun to wet it. I crouched over the wood, setting my feet apart, and pulled my pants and underwear forward. I then let loose with my morning urination. A pool quickly formed on the block of wood. I kept going and going! I was worried that since my wizzing was taking quite a long time, I'd have more of a chance to get caught, but I don't think anyone saw me. Finally, I finished, pulled up my pants, stood up, went inside, and washed my hands.

During my garden piss, I'd gotten a bit of piss on my shoe, once again. Maybe I should practice more? I'm afraid of getting caught, though.

Mr. Poo

Porta-potty accident

So, I was pooing in a port-a-potty. I thougt I was done, got up, and started pooing on the floor. I was like "oops" and sat back down. I got up again, and started pooing in the urinal part... The next person coming in was like "What?"

korean girl

girls in public bathroom

Yesterday I was out shopping when I suddenly got the urge to go poo. Most of the stores around that part of town do not have bathrooms for customers. So I went to the public bathroom. This bathroom has one stall but is made like a multistall bathroom. When I opened the door I saw there was a Chinese girl that looked 18 or 19 waiting to use the toilet. She was holding her stomach and looked very desperate. There was someone else in the only stall and I did not hear any pee so I guessed they were taking a dump. I could hear them grunt a bit then a loud plop. After they wiped and flush a Mexican girl that looked 20 exited. The Chinese girl ran into the stall and seconds later she starting pooping very loudly. I heard an explosion of diarrhea followed by a very loud fart then another diarrhea explosion. I could hear her breathing heavily as she started to pee. When she stopped peeing she did a long loud fart then there was many plops going very fast. Then she started wiping flushed and exited looking away from me. I went into the stall to take my dump and it smelled VERY strong in there. The toilet was full of skid marks. I pulled my panties and jeans to my knees and sat down. I peed then got started on my poo. I started pushing and it started easily coming out and felt good. I then heard another person enter as it was coming out. The shit felt sticky and warm then it plopped into the bowl. I looked and it was 5 inches long and started at two inches wide but narrowed down at the end. It was smooth and light in color. It made me a mess and I had just enough tp to get clean. I flushed and exited. Before I could say there was no more tp a white girl ran in and started having diarrhea. It was loud but not as loud as the Chinese girl. She kept having small eruptions as if she was embarrassed and trying to make the sounds less. When she stopped I told her there was no tp and if she wanted me to get her the drying hand paper. She quietly said yes so I handed her some from under the stall and left.

accident prone girlfriend continued

Well I made a rookie mistake and left the page up after posting about my girlfriend last week. You know the page that says thank you for your post. Anyway she used the laptop later that day and saw the page and I guess just hit the back button and read what I wrote. She was pretty upset at first and "humiliated" at first that I wrote about her accidents on the internet, but I was able to ease her concerns. First of all I explained that I never said our names and highlighted the anonymity of this site. She was calmer after that. She was also a little upset though because she perceived it as me having a problem with her propensity for having accidents and i was venting about it and made her feel bad. It lead to me using the line "sweetie, I will love you no matter how many times you mess your panties" which I found to be an amusing thing to say. She couldn't help but smile but also groaned and covered her face. Anyway, she wound up reading through other posts for a while and I believe reading this page made her feel a little better about it, knowing she's not alone. So thank you for that.

To that end, I tried to convince her to share other stories of hers here but she said she doesn't like rehashing them that much so it would be hard for her. She said she only talks to me about them because well, she loves me and I'm easy to talk to. Anyway, she eventually said it was OK for me to write about it here. I told her "well I already wrote about all the accidents you've had since I've known you" and so she gave me some more stories.

First of all she told me that for some reason it's become a development of her adulthood that she poops her pants so often. She said that it was never a regular occurrence until the last few years, and she thinks its because now that she's a busy, 9-5 job working adult and spends a lot of her time busy and has less free time to just use the bathroom at her leisure, which results in her frequently procrastinating too long until it's an emergency then she doesn't make it in time. She says that it's an unconscious thing, she doesn't deliberately wait for it to be an emergency, she just stays so focussed on what she's doing then suddenly realizes how bad she has to go.

She confessed to two other pooping accidents in the time I've known her that she didn't tell me about, both involved trying to make it to the bathroom after work like her most recent accident where she was filling her panties as she walked in the house. One she said she barely made it 10 minutes into her commute and realized there was no chance of making it home, and she pulled into a shopping center to find a ladies room. She was parking her car but it was too late and she lost it in her pants. She said it felt really weird pooping her pants while sitting. She noted how "hot" it was. "Temperature wise I mean!" is what she said when she was telling me, haha! I thanked her for the clarification.

The other one was one she described as her just being stupid. As usual she needed to poop at the end of her work day but she got home in time. She got in the house and was about to go to the toilet but she foolishly decided she wanted to get out of her work clothes first so she could "relax a little better" on the toilet. So she went and changed into a t shirt and leggings then headed for the bathroom and proceeded to crap in the leggings she had just changed into while she was standing 3 feet from the toilet. She said she then just stared at herself in the mirror for a couple minutes she saying "are you kidding me?" at herself. Haha.

I asked her about any memorable incidents from before her and I met, and she came up with a few. It's true that it only very recently started to occur so often. She said the first time she ever pooped her pants was at school in 2nd grade, she couldn't get the buttons undone on her pants and pooped herself. She stood in the bathroom crying until her teacher checked on her and brought her to the nurse and they called her dad. When she was in 9th grade she was riding the bus home from school and really needed to go and wound up crapping in her jeans on the bus when she was two stops from hers. She just sat frozen in her seat hoping no one would notice the smell or pin it on her, then she was too scared to walk past people getting off the bus so she stayed on until the last stop and made sure she was the last one off then she called her dad to pick her up and he was pretty mad at her. The only other poop accident she could think of was while she worked a part time job as a cashier in college. She was the only person on register for a night shift and couldn't get her manager to watch the register for her for a minute when she was desperate to go. She said if she was more direct about what she needed he probably would have covered for her but she was just saying she needed to take 5 so he didn't realize the urgency for him to come relieve her. She said "I definitely should have just said to him 'I'm about to crap my pants' because that's exactly what I did." She said she had light khakis on and that it was a "wet load" so it really showed and she was mortified but glad only her manager was there and not a lot of coworkers.

I think that concludes her pants poop history. Certainly if it happens again (which seems pretty likely) I will share. Although we discussed how if seems her accidents tend to happen at the end of her work day and decided she just needs to get in the routine of going to the bathroom at work before she goes to her car. She thinks that's a good ides but also complained that the traffic would be worse by the time she got on the road then, so I won't be shocked if she hits bad traffic just once because she went to the bathroom at work that she then skips her end of work bathroom visit to try and beat traffic a lot.

Next time I'll write about her wetting.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Marianne great story about your big poop outside.

To: Tlana great story.

To: Tony another great catch it sounds like Sophie really had to go an just made it I bet she felt good afterwards to.

To: Girl Who Poops great story about your massive poop outside it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt pretty good and refreshed after that and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bill F as always another great story.

To: Bloated Butt as always another great pooping story it sounds like you had a pretty good one and I bet you felt good afterwards.

To: Velocity great story it sounds like Kim was beyond desperate and really had to go a lot to but luckily you were there to help her out and I bet she felt good afterwards.

To: Emma B great story.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping together it sounds like you all had good poops.

To: Linda great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Deployment shits

Hi first time poster. I'm on a deployment right now so I've been eating a lot of mres. About an hour ago I took the most massive dump of my life. It took forever and the first half of it was just meaty farts. Glad I got that over with.


Doorless "stalls"

On sunday my friend invited me to attend her younger sisters soccer match at a local school we used to attend soi said sure. When we got there I got the urge to poop as I had not gone in a couple of days but I decided to hold it as there were only port a potties available. Halfway through the game I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it so I decided to jist use the toilets their and my friend joined along as well as she had to go as well. It turns out that the port a potties were absolutely filthy so my friend Anna and I decided to walk a couple blocks to a local park that I've never been too. When we walked into the bathroom I was so surprised that there were 6 doorless stalls 3 on each wall with only a small divider between the toilets.Anna was also shocked but we had to go pretty badly that we decided to use them. There was only a girl that looked about 14 with her black shorts and light blue panties to her mid thigh level taking a struggling poop in the first toilet on the right side of the bathroom. So I decided to take the end toilet on the left side and Anna took the one to my left. I was wearing a yellow sundress so I quickly pulled my royal blue bikini panties to my knees and awkwardly try to push out the monster inside me. Anna immediately started pooping as soon as she lowered her yoga pants. After a minute a hard and wide turd started to come out but it was hard to get it out. I continued pushing and trying not to make noises. After a couple more pushes the poop was finally out. I still felt full so I decided to rest a little before I continued. I looked over to check on Anna and she had her black yoga pants and yellow thong at her ankles pooping away. The 14 year old still made no noise and lowered her shorts a light blue panties to the floor so she was probably constipated. Then a blonde about 20 and a Hispanic girl came into the bathroom also looking suprised to see 3 teenage girls pooping with hardly any privacy. The blonde girl walked up to the toilet across from me and lowered her blue skinny jeans and hot pink thong to her knees and started to pee. The Hispanic girl took the toilet between her friend and the 14 year old girl and lowered her pink shorts and black lacey bikini panties and peed as well. I then started to focus on my poop and it was still wasn't coming out. Anna then told me she was done so she wiped and pulled up her yellow thong and yoga pants and told me she would wait outside. I told her I would be a while so she was said okay and left. The two 20 year olds had finished peeing but only the Hispanic girl started to wipe and the blonde just looked at her feet. The Hispanic girl then pulled up her pink shorts and lacey black panties and told her friend she would met her at the tables. This only left the blonde girl , the 14 year old and I in the bathroom. I still continued pushing but nothing was coming out. The blonde girl was also struggling and the 14 year old was finally making ploping noises. After a couple of minutes I felt the tip of my poop but nothing more. The 14 year old began to wipe and pulled up her blue panties and black shorts and quickly left. The blonde still made no noise. It was clear that both her and I were badly constipated. I then pulled my royal blue panties to the floor so I could spread my legs a little to release this monster. I checked my phone and realized I had been I there for about 15 minutes so I texted Anna saying I would probably be another 15 minutes and she was fine with it. As I was pushed out the monster another women about 30ish came in lowered her red thong under her skirt and quickly peed and left. The blonde girl seemed quite frustrated as nothing was coming out. Her friend came back in and asked if she was alright and the blonde replied that she was super constipated and that it felt big. Her friend then proceeded to leave as she bumped into a girl that I recognized from school. She was a girl a year younger than me with beautiful brown hair. She looked pretty desperate as she quickly lowered her purple thong and volley ball shorts to her ankles. By the noise and smell it was obvious that she had an upset stomach. My poop was barley coming out as it felt huge and wide. I tried pushing more as I wanted to leave already. I then heard a plop from the blonde and she quickly sighed, wiped and pulled up her hot pink thong and jeans and quickly left without flushing. I then felt my poop sliding out a little faster as I continued pushing. The brown hair girl then flushed and pulled up her purple thong and shorts and left relived. For thr first time I was alone I the bathroom so I pushed harder and moaned a little as it felt so amazing to get the monster out of me. As I was alone I raised up my dress a little to see between my legs what I had produced. I was amazed to see a turd about 13 inches long and 2 inches wide and a smaller turd about 5 inches long but same length. I also wanted to get a peek at what the blonde had left but another person came in so I stayed seated and pretended I still had to poop. The person appeared to be about in her early 20's. She took the stall the girl with the stomach ache and the 14 year old had used. She then lowered her her red skinny jeans and white bikini panties with pink hearts on them to her ankles. I knew she was going to poop so I though about just leaving. I decided to wait a couple of minutes and then leave if she was not done yet. But to my surprise she quickly sat down peed and dropped a loud plop and quickly finished in about a minute. She was probably shy about using such an open toiled and waited until she really had to go so she could be quick. She then wiped, pulled up her white panties and red skinny jeans and quickly left without washing her hands nor flushing. I then quickly wiped pulled up my royal blue panties and adjusted my dress. I then flushed my monster and went to the toilet the blonde had used. It had a huge single turd bigger than mine and looked like it wouldn't flush. I then went to the stall were the girl with the cute white panties with hearts went and saw that her waste was about the same size as mine. I was surprise she pushed it out ao fast. I flushed the toilet and proceeded to wash my hands. Then a girl about my age quickly came in already unbuttoning her black skinny jeans. She took the first stall next to the sink and quickly lowered her black jeans and green panties to her knees and peed fiercely. I then ledt and called Anna to see where she was. I found her and realized I had been pooping for 25 minutes. As we walked back to the soccer field Anna had to pee so we went back to the same bathroom and I went inside as well. The girl with the green panties and black skinny jeans was still there pooping 5 minutes after I had left. I also noticed another woman in her late 20's was sitting with her pink tennis skirt and matching light pink thong on the toilet I had used. Anna quickly took the stall across from the girl with the green panties and lowered her yoga pants and yellow thong again and quickly peed. We then left and returned to her sister's game and her parents didn't ask why we were gone for almost an hour. Overall this was a pretty neat and awkward situation for two 17 year old girls. Lol :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


quick story about a poo I had in my little brothers school toilets.

A few weeks ago before summer, I was walking home from school. As usual, I needed a post-school poo and decided to do this in the primary school toilets on the way home rather than do it in my house as my little brother had his friend coming round.

I went into the girls loo's and walked through to the bit with the tiny stalls. To my extreme surprise in the third stall in, a girl from my school called Samantha was on the toilet.

to fill you in, I know Samantha and talk to her occasionally but she isn't one of my 'friends' as such. she has longish brown hair, brown eyes, is average height and a solid but in no way fat build. her legs are short but her thighs are a good size.

Anyway there I saw her hunched over her tiny loo with her skirt rolled up and her tights and white pants at her knees. she was obviously really embarrassed but smiled and said "oh hi I'm waiting for my little brother so came for a quick pee.". I replied with "I need a pee too, I'm picking Kieran up". we both shared a smile and lost eye contact. I didn't decide to tell her I was needing a poo because if she was peeing then I could go when she went.

I pulled down my tights and pink pants to my knees and made sure my skater skirt was out of the way before dropping my bum onto the tiny toilet pan.

I couldn't do a pee as I knew that a piece of poo might fall out it when I began to push my lower region (or at least a noisy fart).

I was just sitting there with my legs together and my hands on my knees. I wasn't hearing any noises from Samantha's cubicle so I assumed she may have had her pee and was thinking about wiping.

5 minutes then passed in which there was total silence from both cubicles. it was then that I began to wonder if maybe Samantha was waiting to do a poo as well.

after another couple of minutes, Samantha had done a gentle cough but still no noise from between her legs. Nothing had happened between mine either but I was getting really desperate. I had my ankles crossed and everything. by this time it was obvious that we were just waiting for each other to leave!

I decided that enough was enough of this nonsense and decided just to quickly pull up my tights and leave without making eye contact and just do my poo at home as I was absolutely desperate now.

I stood up to do this and at the exact same time, Samantha stood up! we both looked at each other with strained faces. it was obvious that we were both contemplating dropping back down onto the toilet but we decided against it.

we said absolutely nothing as we stood there nude from the waist down. we both awkwardly pulled up our underwear and tights.

we both left and made artificial small talk about peeing when waiting for our brothers even although neither of us had done a pee. we then both left full of poo and un-satisfied.


Back again!

Hi everyone its John B. I know its been sometime the reason being little of any consequence to write, that is until just now!

However before I share just a few comments on various posts which I still continue to read. Jemma, you poor love you've certainly had a torrid time of it this year and hope and pray that you've now turned a corner and your fortunes will improve. Jasmine K I can quite empathize with you in you plight as I suffered with prolapsed piles in my 20s and eventually needing surgery. Megan I'm so glad you've managed to secure full time employment at the library and hope one day you'll go out socially with Lis and regale us with a lavatorial exploit, lol. Also Megan your recounting of curries making your turds bigger and smellier a similar occurrence happens to me except in my life case its doner kebabs. My wife always knows when I've eaten one by the distinctive odour left behind and I know too! Curries on the other hand have no effect.

Now on to my story. I was dropping off the children at the third school on my schedule when I began to get the urge for a no.2. Whilst not imminent at this stage I nevertheless knew I had about an hour or so before alarm bells would begin to ring. This was my last drop off of the morning and I was just over 4 miles from home so wasn't too worried. About a mile from home I stopped off at the newsagents to buy a paper then dropped off my colleague who literally lives just around the corner from me. Got home, parked up the minibus exchanged a few pleasantries with a couple of neighbours and went indoors and straight to the kitchen and put a spoonful of coffee into a mug, filled up the kettle and switched it on.

I then went to the loo unbuckled my shorts which fell to my ankles and pulled my boxers to my knees and sat. I held my penis down and peed. Th e first log got into position and after about half a minute I felt just a slight resistance against my sphincter then it started to move with a lovely tingling sensation as it exited within the next 5 minutes I delivered another three turds and did they feel good too! I stood up to wipe and saw my production. The first was initially knobbly then smooth and a mid brown colour and I guess almost a foot long the subsequent ones were smooth and caramel coloured. Three wipes and I was done, flushed and washed my hands and straight back to the kitchen!

I'm now drinking the coffee as I write this. It wasn't a dramatic poo, no grunting, farting or straining just so satisfying and I feel so cleansed out and well. In fact it could be described as a detox!

Hope I've not bored anyone but I really wanted to share my good fortune for want of a better phrase. Take care all and enjoy the summer. John B x


Music festival

I have just been to a music festival. The toilets were porta-potties, smelling and dirty. I stayed there for four nights and the first two days I did not poop. Our tent was near the woods and I went to pee in the woods. The last days I even went to shit in the woods. Just found some suitable spot behind some trees, pulled down and squatted. The first time I did it I think I passed the biggest turd I had ever had because it was quite some days since last time I pooped. I think many of us did so because I saw fresh turds (many big ones so I guess that many of us had waited for some days) and used toilet paper. Once I also saw a man squatting with his shorts down. Funny to see an adult man squatting like a kid. When I was a scout I sometimes pooped in the woods but that is many years back. Another time was at a beach in Greece without any toilets and I had to go and then pooped just behind a stone fence. My boy friend told me that he once went for a hike in South America and then they had to poop outdoor for several days. I find pooping outdoor somewhat embarrassing but also a bit amusing because it is so unusual.


Gylea & My Memories of First Grade

This past week I had two days sitting for Gylea. She's going to be in 3rd grade this fall. You might remember what I wrote about last month--her getting us kicked out of a theme park and its swimming pool because she defied me and got us kicked out of a local swimming pool because she got caught by some high-powered binoculars that a life guard had going to the bathroom in the water.

So I took Gylea by city bus to the zoo. It's a day-long trip and her mom insisted that Gylea use the bathroom regularly and that there would be absolutely no further problems with her going to the bathroom in a public place. Both of us had to wee once the bus dropped us off so I insisted that we take adjacent stalls and get it out of the way before we started our walk. My stream started immediately after I lowered my shorts and panties and seated myself on the warm seat. A girl had just left Gylea's stall and her seat was warm too, but she's short and underveloped for her age (I'm only 3'4" and starting high school next month) but Gylea's feet didn't reach the floor and as she moved around on her seat, she told me the seat was so loose, she didn't want to fall into the bowl. I told her not to sit so far back and get her feet touching the floor while she widened the V-shaped way she was sitting. While I waited to hear the rhythm of her wee start into the bowl, my thoughts went back to our grade school and six years ago when I was her age. I too was scared of the higher and larger toilets, not having as much muscle necessary to push the lever-like flusher down, others barging into my stall because there were no doors on about a third of the stalls and those with the doors did not have latches for total privacy, and how much noise my morning craps would cause--not to mention the often lack of decent toilet paper and the fact that at least once a week my soft poos were too much for the flush cycle to handle. Eventually I found two or even three flushes were necessary and that drew attention to me.

One of the worst mornings I can remember came during 1st grade when my need to poo came right after I had boarded the school bus. I had to get special permission to leave the playground where we were forced to stay until the bell rang and we could enter. And my teacher called my mom about me being tardy, too. This didn't make much sense to me because all I did was stand in pain for 30 minutes before the bell rang for us to enter the building. Luckily, I stayed close to the entrance so I would be one of the first into the bathroom. There was a gas blast right after I seated myself and I heard laughter and something about me smelling up the room. I think I sat and cried for a few minutes before I put enough weight behind my anal push to pop my poop out. By then the door was being swung open on me and one of the older girls started saying I had fallen asleep on the toilet. Mom was mostly understanding and since then she frequently is critical of "smart" people not using their brains in making decisions and how some school rules are just outright stupid.

Gylea needed to wee twice and poo once later that day. Her poo came right after lunch, and kind of like mine are, it was soft but large. Interestingly, as she finished wiping and finally showed me her mitt of clean toilet paper, she pushed a little harder and a few heavier pieces hit the water. I had to remind her to rewipe and when she was getting frustrated at not being strong enough to flush with her hand, I showed her how to use her foot and leg to get the flush done. Of course, I had to really ride her about taking the time to wash her hands. I get the impression she doesn't otherwise do it.


To Ink: Soft Bowel Movements


While I would encourage you to try to add fruits and vegetables to your diet, I would recommend the following:

1. Metamucil - to add bulk to your stool. It is a jelling type fiber that will help everything pass smoothly and effortlessly.

2. Colace - a stool softener. At my pharmacy, we keep it behind the counter. However, it is fairly inexpensive. It does not cramp you, or make you go. But if used as directed, you should see a more of a soft stool.

Please use these only as directed and give them time. Use them for several days as directed, consistently, and it should work. They will work for almost everyone!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Christa that guy had no right to act like that he could've handled it calmly instead of being so rude.

To: Sean it sounds like that girl gave you a pretty good show and unisex bathrooms should be more common cause we our in a time where bathroom habits aren't as taboo as they once were.

To: Accident Prone Girlfriend great stories.

To: Billy great story.

To: Diarrhea In The Woods great story.

To: Jasmin K great story.

To: Punk Rock Girl it sounds like you had a rough morning and yep burning diarrhea is not fun.

To: Hugelogs great story.

To: Linda great story.

To: Pakipoop it sounds like your wife is pretty regular.

To: Annie great story about your big poop.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Hang in there things will get better. There are unfortunately tons of people like that asshole you described. They are miserable in their lives so they try to make other peoples miserable too. Just keep doing your best, because at the end of the day that's all any of us can do.


To Christa:

Christa, I know it's tough, but don't let jerks like that get to you. What he did was absolutely wrong. Does your boss know of your autism? Perhaps you could talk again to your boss and ask her if there is someone else that you could go to if she's not available in a situation like that. I would also suggest that you might want to make more frequent trips to the bathroom if possible. This will help in avoiding the leaks that come from an over full pull on. Something else you can try is to look "diaper doublers", often sold where baby diapers are sold. 2 or 3 of these inside your pull on would help increase capacity without the bulkiness of an ATN garment. BTW, you can get pull on rather than tape style ATN's Remember to give yourself a pat on the back for what you have accomplished and don't beat yourself over what didn't go right. You go girl!!!

Hey everyone. I heard Sophie taking a dump this morning. She usually uses the bathroom at about 7:30 every morning, but today she must have slept in a bit. Around 8:00, I heard footsteps walking quickly down the hall, the bathroom door slamming shut, and her throwing herself on the toilet.

Not even two seconds later, she was already going. There were like 8 small splashes, one after the other. She finished up by peeing a little. After that, I heard the toilet lid close, but no flush, and then the shower running.

Also, to Brian W, my sister Sophie is 16, almost 17 years old. And I think her friend that I mentioned in my first story is the same age, but I don't know for sure. And, yeah, I hear my sister pooping a lot. The bathroom is only separated from my bedroom by a paper-thin wall. And the toilet in the basement is pretty much only used by me and Sophie. Our parents use the bathroom attached to their master suite.

Girl who poops

Biggest poop I ever did

One time when I was 15, I hadn't pooped in close to two weeks. I think it was like eleven or twelve days. But anyway, the need came when I was away at summer camp. I knew this load I had inside me would destroy any toilet. I waited until late at night and snuck out of the cabin I was saying in. I grabbed toilet paper and headed into the woods.

I found a good secluded spot and took an absolutely massive poop. I made a huge pile of turds. Then, I thought I might be done but felt another wave coming. I moved to a different spot close by and pooped out another pile a bit bigger. When I was really done, I had left two giant piles in the woods. No one would ever believe that one could have come from me, let alone BOTH.

The next morning, I had to poop again. Having pooped so much the night before, I thought that I wasn't likely to clog the toilet with this output. So I went to the bathroom and to my surprise put out yet another big pile of turds. It was not nearly as big as either of my ones in the woods, but still a lot considering how much I had already gotten out of me earlier.

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