Bill F
Hey everyone, I'm back! Haven't posted at all recently, because I haven't had anything interesting to share until today. I've been visiting the site all the time, however. To those who are new here, my old posts are from page 2294 to page 2356. I have two new stories to tell today, but first, a little update: My sister, Sam, is 10 years old, turning 11 in August. I'm now 18, and finally finished high school. Unfortunately, Anna and I have broken up, so no more stories with her.

Yesterday, we flew out for our yearly two month summer vacation with our grandparents. The flight lasted about 4 hours, including stops. It was a smaller plane, the kind with two seats in each row. I got the aisle seat, and my sister Sam got the window seat. Sam was asleep for most of the first leg, but she woke up soon after we took off again. She started to fidget quite a bit, but still looked pretty tired. I said "I told you not to drink the whole water bottle before we got on the plane." She then shook her head, and showed me "number 2" with her fingers. I said "Well, the seatbelt sign is still on, so you'll just have to hold it." Still in her groggy mood, she just pouted and sat on her hands.
(Usually Sam farts when she has to poop, but if she's in public, she'll hold it in)

Eventually, the plane stopped climbing and the seatbelt light turned off. Immediately, she took off her seatbelt and got up. As she was shuffling past me, she accidentally farted in my lap! She stopped for a second, then she said "Oh god, almost lost it there." I could see the look of horror on her face when she saw the line for the only lavatory on the plane. She must have stood in line for 10 minutes, most of the time with her legs crossed and one hand holding her butt. She finally walked into the lavatory, but I wasn't sure whether she made it or not.

After about 5 minutes, she finally left the lavatory, and shuffled past me into her seat. I asked her "Did you make it?" She said "Yeah, mostly." "What do you mean, 'mostly'?" "Well I lost a little bit in my pants, but I cleaned up as best as I could with the toilet paper. I peed myself a little bit, too." She still seemed pretty tired, and obviously a little bit upset over her kind-of accident. I said "Well at least you didn't lose it completely..." Then I noticed a smell. "Did you just fart, already?" She said "No, I couldn't clean up completely, that's probably what you're smelling." She fell asleep after that, leaving me stuck with a lingering smell of poop that would last the whole flight, during most of which she was asleep. Lucky me... :( (her luck seemed a lot worse than mine, all things considered... haha)
I'm not sure if Sam told mom at all, but she'll find out eventually when she does laundry. Unless Sam threw them out, which is, knowing Sam, entirely possible! haha

Now for the second story, which happened earlier today. I went to the local outlet mall to get a few things at the dollar store. I noticed as I was browsing that there was a guy who looked to be 16, with who I guess was his sister. She looked around 6 years old. She was throwing a little tantrum, as kids will do when they can't get candy, but she was also walking a little weird, sort of bent over and limping. At first I thought it was part of the tantrum, but she was also holding her stomach occasionally. Then the mom came around and found out what was going on. At this point, the girl had started crying as well.

The mom said "Sweetie, do you have to go to the bathroom?" And the girl cried and said "Yes, I have to go right now!" She sat down on the floor and continued crying. I suddenly recognized the guy from last summer, and introduced myself. (Turns out he recognized me, too) I pointed looked at his sister and said "Stomach problems, huh?" He said "You don't know the half of it. She hasn't gone in three days." I then told him about my sister and what happened yesterday. Then the mom picked up the little one, who was still crying. She said "It hurts, mommy!" I said to the guy "Ok, my sister never had it that bad. Is this a regular thing?" He said "Once every three weeks or so. But this is a pretty bad one." We both had gotten everything we needed, so we went to the checkout. By this point, his sister had stopped crying.
(Not going to give real names, so I'll call the 16 year old Jake and his sister Melanie)

When we got to the checkout, which was empty except for us, Melanie farted twice. Jake said "Excuse you!" And she started laughing, then suddenly stopped, winced, and started crying again. She said "Mommy, I can't hold it anymore! It's coming out!" Her mom slowly put her down, and she got into a half-crouched, half-standing position. Her face had a look of concentration, and she started pushing uncontrollably. Her pants then tented outwards really fast (she was essentially wearing pyjamas) and quickly went from yellow to brown. She farted a few more times, and then stopped. Her mom just said "Oh dear... Well, at least you didn't get any on the floor." Surprisingly, Melanie stopped crying, and didn't seem very upset about her accident. I had bought all my things, and before I said bye, Jake gave me his number so we could chat.

I went to the bathroom for a quick pee, when the door burst open. Surprise surprise, it was Jake, with Melanie! Holding her stomach, she dashed into the closest stall and sat down with what sounded like moments to spare. I lost count of how many farts and splashes I heard coming from her. Jake said from outside the stall "I thought you were done!" Melanie said "I let what I couldn't hold, so I wouldn't get any on the floor!" As I was washing my hands, I told him "Hey if you're ever busy, I could babysit her if you want." He said "I do have to work on weekdays... You sure you're up for it? She's a lot of kid to handle, as you could see from the store." I said "After almost 11 years with Sam, yeah. I think so." He said "Well I'll ask my mom and text you if we can arrange anything." Then I left, with Melanie still pooping her guts out.

Later, Jake texted me that his mom said it was ok for me to babysit Melanie whenever I was available. He also said that Melanie ended up clogging the toilet and that they had to throw the pants out when they got home.

See ya next time!

The Nile

Nervous and looking for advice

Hi everyone!
I have posted here a couple times but probably lurked since about 2011 or 12.
I am a boy and now 17, I really enjoy pooing, and probably go nearly every day most of the time. But I pretty much only ever go at home, I would very rarely go in public, only if it was an emergency like diarrhea. And sometimes I need to poo at school, but I always hold it, it has become a habit that I always wait until I get home. I feel like I'm embarrassed or nervous to poo at school, probably because I'm afraid of people hearing and making comments or if I take too long and my friends know I pooed when I come back from the toilet (and pooing at school is kinda thought of as weird in my group). Haha I know it's probably a bit silly to think like that but I do and I would love some advice on how to get more confident or any helpful ideas would be appreciated.
:) thanks


Hi :)

Hi, my name's Thibault--I'm French-American and I'm 14. I've read this site for a while but always been too shy to post anything. I know how taboo it is to talk about this stuff but I've always wanted to talk about it :P Especially with my friends, I wish they would talk about it.

So basically, like, I sometimes look forward to using the bathroom at school because of what I might overhear--one time I was in the bathroom at the sink and my friend Tim walked in and said hi to me and then went in the stall. I wasn't trying to listen, but not long afterward, I heard loud farting and plopping into the toilet and I thought that was awesome. I couldn't stay but what I heard of that was really cool and that's something I like to hear (you know, without spying on people).

But even though I kinda like using the bathroom at school, I still get a little nervous when someone else comes in, like they'll make a comment on what they hear or smell lol. One time I was pooing at school and someone came in to pee in the stall next to me and they must've smelled it--it was obvious and they probably heard me grunt too. But I was almost done, so I wiped and got out and they were there at the sinks and it was one of my closest friends--it was so weird knowing that he had been right next to me while I was pooing--kind of embarrassing, but kinda cool that he didn't seem to mind.

Anyway, those are just a couple stories I had. I think I'll think of more in the future :)



Sean: I have used one, but drat the luck, I shared it with another girl. I did share the bus term bathroom with a girl/boy. We only had to pee. I hope I meet him again.

Bloated Butt

To Linda:

I've been pooping fine lately, thank you for asking. Yesterday I had a very pleasant BM after three days of not going. That's about normal for me, though. I was laying on my boyfriend and mine's bed and reading a book, when I started getting really flatulent. I'm always kinda gassy but it flares up when I need to poop really bad. I had been feeling the urge to poop for a while now but frankly I was enjoying the feeling of having a huge firm lump right inside of my butt. But now it was starting to get downright overpowering, and it was forcing a lot of farts out of me! Every couple of seconds I'd tilt my wide hips, push my big round butt out, and gently drop a big loud fart.

Eventually I broke down and went to the bathroom, removed my underwear while leaving my t-shirt on, and plonked my big soft round butt on the toilet. My hips and sides of my butt flared out over the sides of the porcelain, and I always have to adjust myself a little to get comfy. Then I relaxed and let out a couple more farts, and then the tip of a massive firm log started to poke out. It was too big and wide to come out on its own, so I just sighed and let it sink down onto my anus. Then I sort of sucked it back up and let it sink down again. I kept doing this over and over, and the pressure to poop got bigger and bigger. After a couple of minutes it got so bad that I just HAD to bear down.

I put my hands on my stomach and leaned forward a bit, pushing. The log slowly started coming out, stretching my butt really wide. I felt like I was pushing a warm lump of firm clay as thick as a Coke can out of my butt! I stopped pushing and the poop stopped coming out, completely plugged my butt up. I leaned back and massaged my stomach, then put my hands on my hips and arched my back, pushing my chest out. I started massaging my massive soft buttcheeks and gently pulling them apart, then pushed on my poop some more.

"HHHHNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!" I grunted as I tried to lay this huge stinky brown egg. With a lot of pushing it finally plopped out with a loud splash. I farted a couple of times and then started pooping some more. I kept massaging and squeezing my massive squishy rear end while I pooped and farted, sighing in relief. I finally finished, then wiped and flushed and washed my hands. The bathroom completely stank by this point, but to be honest I love stinking up the bathroom. Its so satisfying for some reason. Its embarresssing when people are around, but when its just me, I just love my own stink LOL!! I didn't even bother spraying any air freshner or turning on the little fan thingy! I just sashayed out of the bathroom leaving the door open, letting the stink cloud waft out. LOL!!

I'm so sorry to hear about your own constipation problems, though, Linda! I appreciate your stories but you always sound like you're having such a miserable time! And the liquid poop leaking out sounds awful! What a mess!! You poor thing. I hope and pray you get better and start having my pleasurable BMs. Seriously, BMs are so nice and sensual when everything goes well. Pooping is sort of a secret pleasure of mine, LOL!! Hope you feel better soon!!

Bloated Butt

To Hugelogs

I loved your story! You're a lot like me in this regard. I tend to have the exact same experience when I get plugged up. I like to grab my buttcheeks when I'm trying to push things out. It helps a little bit but usually my BM is still too wide. Even when I'm regular my poop is too big to come out without some pushing.

Please post some more!


My First Post

Hello everyone! I'm an avid reader of the site and have been for a couple of years. I always have a good time reading all the stories on here. I'm a 19 year old male. A couple of years ago, I finally met a girl who allows me to watch her, and I hope to post some stories about it in the future!

I'll tell you all about my favorite personal story. My current girlfriend, whom we'll call Kim, took laxatives one night before we went to bed as she was feeling kind of constapated and wanted to resolve the issue, with hopes that she would be able to poop before leaving to work in the morning. When we woke up, she had to go, but not as bad as she had thought she would have to. We went into the bathroom and she started farting a little bit as she sat down on the toilet, and began pooping small sounding turds. She only was on the toilet for a couple of minutes when she said that she felt like she was done. We both found it kind of strange that she didn't really have to go as bad as we'd thought she'd have to, but we didn't really think much of it either. There were a couple of soft looking small turds in the toilet when she was done, then I drove her out to her work site.

As we came close to approaching her work place, Kim started complaining that her stomach was starting to hurt and cramp up, and she knew that she was going to have to go again, but this time badly. Kim is pretty poop shy and HATES using public washrooms. She will only ever use one if it's an absolute emergency. This was all happening early in the morning, so it was still pretty dark outside. What I did was I found an empty parking lot to a sports arena about 2 minutes away from where Kim worked, and I told her that she could stick her bum out of the car while I held her up so she can poop before having to go to work. She was pretty reluctant and unsure about it, but she was getting desperate and didn't have much of a choice. I parked my car and got outside, while Kim pulled her pants down and stuck her butt out of the car. I held her up from under her arms and told her to let it rip, and did she ever.

She let out a huge fart at first, and then right after, a big stream of diarrhea shot out and splattered all over the pavement, and just missed pooping on my foot (which would have sucked seeing as how I was wearing sandals at the time). She pooped a little bit more diarrhea, and then said she was done, it all mostly came out at once, so it took only a minute or two for her to be finished. Kim wiped up with Subway napkins I had in my car, threw them down on her pile of poop, and I dropped her off at work exactly on time.

That was about a year ago, and it really is one of my favorite personal pooping stories! I have many more stories about me and Kim, and I will being sharing more soon. I hope you guys liked it!

Emma b

Thunderstorm poo

Me and Claire were walking in the woods today when she said she had to take a dump really bad. The sky was turning black and I heard distant thunder so I said we should get out of the woods asap. In the space of two minutes it got dark as the storm clouds moved in. The air smelled of ozone and it got very windy. Claire said she really had to go and if she waited any longer she'd be crapping her pants. I told her it was too dangerous to be in the woods during a thunder storm and we needed to get away from the trees. Claire was holding her bum in desperation and it was clear she was about to poo herself so I told her to be quick because I didn't want to risk getting struck by lightning. Claire pulled her jeans and knickers down right on the path just as the wind dropped and there was a bright flash that lit the whole woods up and a huge earth shattering bang, followed by another flash and another terrifying bang as a tree got struck by lightning. I was s@#ng myself and Claire looked terrified. She pulled everything back up in a bunch just as it started raining. The heavens opened up and we got soaked. The lightning seamed to move away as quickly as it came but the rain got heavier. Claire looked relieved and so was I and I suggested it would be safe for her to poo now. She looked embarrassed and told me she didn't need to any more and I realised why when she turned round to show me the brown patch in the back of her jeans. She said she'd wet herself too but we were soaked by the rain so it didn't notice. I knew there was a stream running through the woods, so we headed over to it so Claire could wash her bum off and rinse out her clothes but when she took her knickers off it was obvious they couldn't be saved. Her jeans weren't so bad and she rinsed them in the stream and put them back on without her knickers. We left the scene dripping wet but it was so hot we weren't cold and it was nice to cool off.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Latest story

Hi everyone sorry its been ages since my last post, I have a new story to share from yesterday. I'd met up with my friend Beth after she'd finished school, she was going to have tea with me and stay the night at my house. As we were walking along she suddenly said "I'm bursting for a poo, I've been holding it since lunch and I really really need to go!"
I said "We're nearly back, you just need to hang on a few minutes more," and Beth nodded and bit her bottom lip. We got to my front door and as I looked for my keys I saw Beth starting to squirm and jiggle, I know that feeling all too well when your clenching your bum trying desperately to stop a log from poking out into your pants so I got the door open as quickly as I could and we rushed upstairs to my room. It was a real mess in there, I'm ashamed to admit that when I get undressed I have a bad habit of leaving my clothes on my bedroom floor, so there were several pairs of dirty pants there, some of them had skidmarks which was embarrassing. I picked them up and put them in my washing hamper as Beth started to unzip her skirt, she managed to get the zip down about half way when it got caught somehow, she said "Its typical, the zip would get stuck when I'm desperate!!" She grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled hard and luckily it came off, taking her yellow spotty pants down with it. She waddled into my ensuite with her pants round her thighs, I followed her in and sat on the edge of the bath. She flopped onto the toilet moaning with relief as she did so. She started to bear down, she did some hard pushes which made her grunt and go red in the face but luckily she didn't have to strain for too long before I heard a log plop into the bowl and she sighed with releaf. I saw that her pants had a big skidmark in them which made me feel better about her seeing mine earlier. "I need to do a bit more," she panted, as she started to push again. A few minutes later she made another loud plop and then said she was done and started to wipe her bottom, by now I was feeling quite desperate for a wee so I said "I need a wee now" and so just as Beth flushed and pulled her pants up I started to drop my white shorts and pink and blue flowery pants. I had a wee which went on for quite a while and then I wiped and pulled my pants and shorts up. We went back into my room and Beth said, "I just need to get changed a sec." She unzipped her bag and took out some green and red stripey pants, a white tee-shirt and blue denim shorts. She took off her dirty pants and put the clean ones on, they looked a bit tight and she must have caught me looking because she blushed and said "Sorry about these knickers, I know they're like way too small, I couldn't find any other clean ones when I was getting dressed this morning." We spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden and then came in for tea. After we'd eaten and gone back outside again for a bit we went back up to my room to get ready for bed. I took off my shorts and top and sat on my bed wearing just my bra and pants, I could feel I was starting to need a poo so I said to Beth "I think I want a poo now" and went into the bathroom. Beth undressed to her bra and pants too and followed me in as I dropped my pants and sat on the loo. I needed another wee by then so I did that first, once my stream had died down I started to concentrate on my poo, as I pushed I could feel something moving down inside me and quite soon I could feel the tip of a log coming out of my bum. I continued to strain and the log moved out slowly, getting fatter as it came and needing more effort to keep it moving. I did some really long and hard pushes and ended up grunting too, it was good I could keep chatting to Beth to keep my mind off it but I couldn't keep talking while I strained so it was a bit of a weird conversation! After a few minutes I could feel a hard knobbly poo hanging out of my bum and nearly ready to drop, I jiggled about on the loo and said "Its almost out, I can't quite get it to drop," and suddenly it fell into the bowl with a splash. Like Beth I could feel I had a lot more to come so I stayed sitting, my next log was smoother but really thick and it was really stretching my bumhole, I had no choice but to literally grunt it out and eventually that one too sploshed into the bowl. I looked between my legs as I was getting some loo paper and I saw a mountain of poo, luckily once I'd finished wiping my bum and I'd flushed it did all go down, somehow!
I pulled up my pants and washed my hands and we went back into my room, its been so hot recently that I've been sleeping in just my pants so I took off my bra and got into bed. Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!!


Post Title (optional) To Hugelogs and Jasmin K

To Hugelogs: I haven't seen you on here before. Do you get constipated like that all the time?? I can't stand prune juice but I know it does help with pooping. Maybe I should try it because I'm constipated all the time.

To Jasmin K: I've never tried stool softeners before. I hope they help with your constipation. You mentioned that you were on the road to constipation again. How did you go with getting your poos out?? You also asked me why my Mum only noticed that I was constipated as a kid, after I hadn't done a poo for 2 or 3 days. Most of the time, she would make sure I did a poo every day, especially when I suffered with bad constipation as a kid. But sometimes, she wouldn't notice and I wouldn't tell her when I was backed up because I hated her knowing. I hated having to sit on the toilet until I got the poos out. Did your Mum encourage you to grunt when you were constipated as a kid?? My Mum told me it would help get the poos out.

I'm EXTREMELY constipated again!!! All last week, I had a terrible time, only pooping out a few rock hard, dry pebbles on Monday and Tuesday. Then I was completely constipated for 3 days, I couldn't get any poo out, no matter how hard I pushed and strained. I just got back from the public toilets, where I had a VERY difficult pooping session. It was absolutely horrendous!! Here is the story:

I got up early because I couldn't sleep. I was so full of poo that my stomach was bloated and I was so uncomfortable all night. I didn't sleep very well, being so badly constipated and I felt miserable. I drove to my favorite public toilets, which are in a small shopping centre and part of a cinema complex.

It was around 10 am when I got there and there weren't many people around. I made my way to the toilets and I decided to use the disabled toilet. Some disabled toilets were recently added and they were separate to the normal ones. So I went in and locked the door. It was great because it was like my own private toilet. There were hand rails in there and a big mirror, plus a lot more room which I was happy about. I took all my clothes off, apart from my bra. I stood next to the mirror to start off and my big bear bottom was in full view, jiggling as I moved into a comfortable position. I started pushing straight away, even though I wasn't getting any urges to poop. My anus was sore from being so constipated and my hemarrhoids were starting to bulge out. I spread my butt cheeks apart with my hands and tried to have a look at my anus. I couldn't see any poo yet but it was bulging out.

I looked at myself in the mirror and pushed with all my might. The look on my face was priceless - I was concentrating very hard on trying to get my poos moving. I pushed and strained with all my force and finally, after 30 minutes, my anus began to open up, as the poo moved down and stretched it apart. I heard it crackling and I did lots of loud farts. I was doing lots of loud, heavy breathing too. I continued to push and strain, while still looking at myself in the mirror. By this stage, my face was red and I was sweating, even though its winter here. The poo moved down very slowly, stretching my anus apart way too much. It was burning like fire and it hurt like hell. I was sure the poo had glass and razor blades in it, it was so dry!

I needed a rest so I tried to look around at my anus. I spread my butt cheeks apart and I could just see the tip of a gigantic turd sticking out. There was about an inch sticking out and it felt so hard in my anus. I grunted loudly "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH, NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, UUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Then I pushed and pushed and pushed. The poo was stuck in my anus and not budging at all. I reached down and felt my progress - still an inch of poo sticking out. I thought about giving up because I had already been at this for almost an hour. But I didn't want to give up because I was so desperate to get this load out. So I pressed down on both sides of my anus and strained at the same time. I felt the turd poke out a few more inches but as soon as I stopped strained, it went back in again. My anus was so sore!! I wet a piece of toilet paper and used it to soothe my burning anus. It helped a bit.

I bought a magazine along with me so I sat on the toilet, with an inch of poo still sticking out of my butt and started flicking through the pages. I pushed and strained as I read an article. This helped a bit so I grunted again "HHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!" Then I heard someone knocking on the door. I ignored it and kept grunting "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" After a few minutes, the knocking started again. Then I heard a voice say "Are you okay in there?"

I had about 4 inches of poo sticking out of my butt, I was in a terrible state, almost naked and extremely constipated. Of course I wasn't alright so I answered "No, I'm very constipated"

The voice didn't reply so I'm guessing they walked away. By this stage, over an hour had passed by and I was nowhere near finished. I got up off the toilet and squatted on the floor. This poo needed to come out!! I grunted again "PPPPPPPPPPPPPPUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!, NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

The poo started coming out a bit more so I pushed and strained like there was no tomorrow. Then I heard someone knocking on the toilet door again. I wished this person would just go away!! I ignored it again and continued with my ordeal. I could hear voices outside but the knocking stopped. This poo was HUGE!!!! I grunted again, very loudly "PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" This helped because a huge turd shot out of my anus. It hurt so much but at least I got it out! I still wasn't finished and I managed to push out lots of rock hard, very dry balls of poo. The last one really burnt my anus and it took forever to come out. I wiped my butt and got dressed again. It took me 2 hours and 30 minutes to do a poo!!! My anus is still sore!!

30 something male

@ Jasmin K

Thanks for your response as well..

Well, I don't know what part of you is bleeding when you have been pushing for a long time.
It might be your piles, it might be a tear in your anal muscle, of your bowel, if your stools have sharp edges, since they're hard.

And though I'd love to, ( ;-) ) I can't see you straining and pooping from over here, so your guess is as good as mine.

Maybe you can have a friend watching as you go?
Or the doctor?

not doing so good lately. a few weeks ago, i started wearing a tape type diaper at night (i forget the brand atm) and its been helpful. it hasnt leaked even when i wake up absolutely soaked. i just started a new part time job ten days ago. i like it, but im still trying to get used to it too. its not easy being around alot of people and trying to b normal and more social then im used to, but even my boss said im doing a good job and she appreciates my efforts. on the downside, ive been having alot more accidents most likely from my stress at a new situation. yesterdday was the worst since i started my job. one of the clients i was helping was mad cuz another employee had given him the wrong paperwork the other day. the employee was out yesterday so i couldnt find out what paperwork the client needed. the boss wasnt answering her phone. i tried to figure it out myself but there was nothing in the records. the client started yelling and screaming about why would they hire a "fu--ing retard" who cant do anything right. i tried to apologize and get his number so the other employee could call him back but he just screamed at me to shut the f--- up and that he'd tell my boss to fire me cuz im a freak! i tried not to but i started crying and i couldnt keep my hands still. he was screaming so loud it made my whole body hurt. i felt myself start to pee which made me cry even more. i was so scared i couldnt stop. i totally flooded my pullup and leaked some. my boss suddenly showed up and took over. when she saw the little puddle of pee between my shoes she sent me to change. she sent me home after that, saying she was sorry about how mean the client had been and to take it easy the rest of the day. i couldnt stop shaking though. by the time i got home i'd peed myself again. sometimes i can see my autism as a gift, but other times, its hard not to get really depressed and wish i was totally normal. hoping today is better.


My Sister's Job Problem

My older sister Sonya Sue got a summer job this year from her drama teacher who has an old college friend who owns a clothing boutique in the mall. The store is the only one of its type in our area so it draws really wealthy women who want and expect the very best in intimates as well as high quality clothing. I remember Sonya Sue telling our mom that many of the women carry special wallets for just credit cards and that some of them have 20 or more cards they flip out when they open the wallet.

One day last week while the owner was away at the bank my sister got a really rude customer that had about an $800 purchase in her hands when she reached the check out counter. Sonya Sue was trained to politely ask each customer if they were able to find everything before their order is rung up. Sonya Sue did and the lady, who wore the most jewelry Sonya Sue has ever seen, snapped at her that she wasn't able to use the store's bathroom. It caught my sister off-guard a bit and she smiled some and this really set the lady off. Get this! The lady was upset because the metal containers behind all three toilets were out of the ass gaskets to put over the seats before sitting down on the toilet. Sonya Sue said she was sorry to hear that, but that she had used the bathroom about 30 minutes earlier and at least it was very clean compared to what's available outside in the mall and the toilets we use at school. This only made the lady madder. She told Sonya Sue she was "insensitive" as she laid her purchase on the counter and walked out without paying. She also said she was going to complain to the manager.

Me, Sonya Sue and our friends don't worry about sitting butt-down on toilets away from home and we never have. We feel this lady is unrealistic, but hope that she isn't successful in getting Sonya Sue fired.


Lovely Public Restroom Experience!

Just last week I have experienced the most awesome public restroom scenario....Here goes:

Was with a close buddy of mine and as we pulled in to a major shopping outlet in a suburb of a major US city and shop for some provisions for a party that we were hosting, as we pulled into the parking area I out loud Noted that I needed to Take A shit and soon! My bud reinforced the fact that there was a Nice Restroom in the store and should do my business while he started the shopping and meet up when I was done. As we entered the store I made my way to the Restrooms and got there to find that the Mens room was closed and that they made the women's restroom a bathroom a "unisex" bathroom until further notice..Desperate and nearing crapping myself, I went into The restroom to find it empty, took the first of four stalls, Dropped My shorts to my ankles and undies to just below My Knees and just when I Got comfy on the toilet, I hear someone come in to the bathroom and Stop in front of my stall...from what I can see...she is a Blondie woman about my age(late 30's or so) took the stall right next to me dropped her blue and white shorts and White panties to her ankles and Immediately let out a torrent of pee as I began dropping My load with a crackle and as I Farted, I heard a groan as she dropped her massive turd into the bowl with a splash. as she farted,I dropped my second load and began to pee as she let out a soft Sigh as I heard her start to grab the TP as i finished my pee I grabbed some Tp as well,got up to wipe and noticed She was doing the same as My undies fell to my ankles and saw that she could clearly see what undies I was wearing as we both cleaned up and flushed simultaneously,left our stalls, as we approached the sinks to wash...we both just kind of looked at each other as the restroom kind of stunk and by the body language....we both were equally as guilty of what we did as we simultaneously sighed in relief. we exited the restroom. I found my buddy. finished our shopping and at the checkout, I noticed the Blonde that I just Had the synchronized pottie experience with....With her husband and kid...she saw me as they went to leave and gave me a Smile and a Wink like no other.

What can this Mean?

Question for all here: Are unisex public restrooms really bad For us? Are we too uptight of a society?

would love to hear your thoughts?

accident prone girlfriend

Been dating this girl for almost a year, we're in our late 20s and one of the most interesting things about her is how often she has accidents. Never known anyone her age who did it on the regular without having some kind of a health issue. She pees a little when she laughs pretty often and once in a while if she has to pee bad enough when she's laughing she'll really wet herself bad. There have been two times where she peed her pants from just needing to go so bad and couldn't hold it long enough- once when we were driving she peed her pants in my car when we were going back to my house from dinner, and we were sitting at a light maybe 2 mins from my house. She claimed it was because she was drunk but I only saw her drink 1 cocktail at the beginning of dinner...guess it was enough because she wet herself pretty bad that time. My car smelled like pee for weeks. The other non-laugh-induced peeing accident I wasn't there for. She went out of town with her sister, and they had a connecting flight coming home. The first flight was delayed so when they got to their connecting flight they had to hustle. She didn't have time to pee because of that and when her and her sister were running to the other gate,the running and carrying a heavy bag caused her to lose control of her bladder. She had to travel the rest of the way home in wet pants. Luckily she had black leggings on so it was hard to tell visually otherwise they might not have let her on the next plane. When she got home and I hugged her she was kind of leaning away from me and I asked what her problem was, and she said "my pants are still wet from peeing in them before my flight!" And told me all about it.

What really gets me though is the pooping. She's pooped her pants 4 times since I've known her and had I don't know how many close calls. She tries putting it off all the time and also tries to avoid doing it in public bathrooms, which has led to accidents. I have only witnessed 1 of them myself but she told me about the other three. The first one she told me about came up casually early when we started hanging out. I asked her how work was or something and she said "interesting" and started laughing. I told her to explain and she straight up said "I crapped in my pants as I was leaving." And she laughed more. I asked her what happened and she said she just had to go the last hour or so of her shift but felt like she could make it home. As she was heading out she was talking with two coworkers and it suddenly got bad, so she hurried to wrap up the convo then tried going to the ladies room but she couldn't hold if anymore and pooped herself on the way, so she just headed to her car to leave. Two coworkers saw and could tell what happened so she just made light of if by making fun of herself over it, but she was really embarrassed.

The next 3 have all occurred just in the last 3 months. First one she worked all day then had dinner with friends, then took them to see our new house that we moved into in the spring, then dropped them off then went the grocery store. By then she'd been like 12 hours without using gbr toilet for a dump and she was needing to go, but just wanted to finish grabbing a couplet groceries and head home and do it. She was almost done when she realized she had to go so bad that she wasn't gonna a make it home. She did a lap around the store trying to find the bathroom but couldn't, so she went to ask a cashier. She said by the time she got to the cashier to ask she knew she wasn't gonna make it, she was essentially asking where to go to clean up. The cashier told her but sure enough as she was heading that way she pooped her pants. She was wearing leggings that were tight so it made the mess smoosh up her back and come out the top of her pants a little. She called me from the store bathroom while I was at work to tell me what happened. She wasn't sure if I was almost done and could bring her a change of clothes to the store so she didn't have to walk out like that, but I still had an hour left and she didn't wanna wait so she just sucked it up and went through the check out anyway after cleaning up as best she could in the bathroom. When I got home her panties were soaking in the bathroom sink.

The next one is the one I witness because it was arguably my fault. We were getting home from shopping all day and both had to go. I didn't know she had to go so I just went into our only bathroom and sat down and started playing a game on my phone. She knocked and said "are you pooping???" I said "yup." She said "oh my god why didn't you let me go first? I have to go so bad!" I just said "sorry didn't know" and she said "well hurry I'm gonna crap my panties!"

I went as quick as I possibly could, just letting my body do it's thing. She banged on the door and whined one more time then I heard her kind of whimpering. I came out and she was standing there with an angry face. It smelled really bad in the hallway and she just waddled into the bathroom and said "thanks a lot!" And slammed the door. She left those panties soaking in the sink as well. This was less than a week after her accident at the grocery store.

Finally, the other day I got home to another pair of her panties soaking in the sink. I knew what that was all about by that point and straight up asked her "did you shit yourself against?" She frowned and said "it was the worst drive home ever! I felt like I was dying. I got stuck at every light. Then I almost made it but when I got out of the car I lost it. I was like pooping with every step as I came into the house and I couldn't stop it."

Anyway that's just her accidents that I KNOW about. I wouldn't be shocked if there have been more. Anyway, it honestly doesn't bother me. My only concern is if she like poops her pants at like a family function of mine and my family knows about it and judges her. I don't want her to feel bad and uncomfortable around them because I am planning to marry her.

I haven't posted here in quite a while but have been reading. I have been seeing this girl Allison for about 2 years. This past weekend is the first time we went away together to the beach. We stayed in a hotel a block from the beach. we stayed on the beach most of the day it was a beautiful day. when she told me we better get going and get ready for dinner , and I said yaa you're right we better, and I have to go to the bathroom she said so do I. she said you can go first because I have to shit, I said so do I. So then she said lets go together. I said how are we going to do that? she said you sit down first and I will sit on top Of you, just spread your legs and I will go thru them. I said ok but there wont be much room. she said there will be plenty of room., we are both thin. I said ok ill try it. so we got back to our hotel and as I was taking my suit off while she was also she said hurry I have to go bad its starting to come out. I sat on the bowl and she turned around to sit on top of me. There was about 2 inches of poop coming out. she sat and there wasn't that much room. I was getting aroused and trying to hold it down and I moved back as much as I could so I could shit also. I heard her poop start to crackel and coming out more , I said hold on its not going to go between my legs she said I cant hold it so I put my hand on her poo to try to stop it. luckily it was very firm. it kept on coming out more. I couldn't hold it anymore and I just said go ahead I'll spread my legs as much as I can. and she stood up a little so I could watch it come out. Her poo missed the target and landed on my crotch and just kept coming out. I said stop its landing on me. she said I cant stop She finally stopped and turned around and looked and my crotch was full of her poop she laughed and said I want to take a picture. so she got her phone and took a picture with her poop on my hand and on my crotch she promised not to show anyone. a couple of days later we tried it again and It went better. she love doing this and wants to do it all the time. That's it for now

Diarrhea in the woods

Hi the other day me and my friends where hiking in the wood. Suddenly we both had really bad cramps and had to drop a log or in our case since we had the runs a lot of mushy brown stuff lol. Before we went on the hike we made the big mistake of having Mexican for lunch before hiking with no bathroom for miles😭. So I was like I need to go now. And my friend had to go to, so we went off the trail and found a log that had fell down. So we pulled down r panties and pants and hung r butts over it and started to poop. It we really runny and it stunk. When we where finally donne we decided to head back he had to stop to poop 3 more times beafore we got back.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Tina as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop in your closet and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie great story kind of sounds like your stomach was a little upset but didn't last to long.

To: Emma B great poop story it sounds like big poops run in your family.

To: Tony great story about hearing your sister poop it sounds like she really to go and I bet she felt good afterwards to.

To: Jenny great story it sounds like you and that other girl both had great poops.

To: Shy Girl Angela great story it sounds like you and that other girl both had great poops.

To: Elisabeth great story about your big poop I bet you felt amazing afterwards to.

To: Onthetoiletgal great story as always.

To: Near Miss great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Need some help

I've always had hard pellet like poop and very rarely to I get smooth long poop which I really want. I need some food items. Don't say a high fiber diet of fruits a vegetables because I don't like em.. I've tried soynuts they barely do anything and I don't want dieherria I just want soft smooth poop and also to poop more often. I do have a tip for anyone trying to get diherria. Get a stick of butter and cut a peice off and insert it into you rear, get a medicine syringe and fill it 5 times realeasing it into you bum. Wait for awhile until you feel your ???? start to Gruggle or cramp, lay down under some paper towels, let loose, and watch your own anus become a fountain.

Jasmin K

Reply and constipation

30 something male

Thanks for your detailed response to my post. I have been to the GP and have some stool softeners, Ducolax. Turns out ive had them before when I was 9-10 and was permanantly very badly constipated but they didnt really work. I will try these this week and see how things go. I am starting a summer job in a salon this weekend so want to know if they work or cause me more probs by then like when i tried laxitives and soiled my knickers.
I will post about them when Ive tried them for a few days.

Yes you are right I have mentioned a tube like piece coming out my bum, its done it on and off for ages, i thought it was to do with piles as they sort of bulge when I strain alot and it sort of comes out if Ive been straining really hard to get a big hard piece out and after the big hard piece comes out when I carry on straining to get any more out my bum bulges down and if I push it up and or hold it open up thats often when the pipe like piece comes out then the poo comes out through that. It does come out on its own sometimes if I am straining really hard like on a morning to make a poo.
After you mentioned it I did google it and you are probably right it probably is a rectal prolapse. No one called it that before but I know my older sister had the same thing as did my mum. They both have said that I used to get that even when I was very young like still in nappies and potty training.

I dont worry about it - I just push it back up inside, it does come back out very occasionally but that only happens if Ive had to try several times to get a hard stuck poo out over a few days. That happened after that poo I talked about in my last post about being at the fair, lucky my shorts were tight and went between my bum cheeks, they help to hold it in, other than that Its a good pair of tight knickers when I wear a skirt, like in school.
Can I ask you when my bum bleeds is it the prolapse or piles that bleed, because like on a morning I go in the toilet, pull my knickers or shorts down and sit and start straining for a poo it starts to bleed as soon as I strain hard to make the poo come down before any poo comes out then other times it will only bleed when its a big hard poo.
Also I am not considered overweight I take an uk 6-8 for tight shorts,8 for jeans / mini skirts dresses and 10 for a looser fit dress/mini skirt that I wear when I am swollen with constipation. I am always on the go doing things and take exercise like always walk to school and into town. My diet consists of both good and yes some junk food and yes I love sweets and will often have a whole bag of say haribo at lunch. I know chocolate and sweets can cause constipation but I really like them - Used to get really bad on them when I was younger still didnt stop eating them though.

I am on the way to constipation again, couldnt do anything yesterday morning and tried for a good hour and again yesterday evening for over an hour. This morning Ive been on the toilet 2 times, 1st time after breakfast for 40 minutes then had to get off so my younger sister could sit on it. I sat on the side of the bath talking to her whilst she was straining to make her morning poo during which she kept farting. After 30 minutes she called to mum and said that the couldnt do anything to which she got told she had to stay there untill she did and not to flush untill mum had checked she had been. With that I went and got ready to go out, after another 30 minutes I heard mum go in a speak to her and heard my sister shout I am trying its coming and then after another 20 minutes my sister shouted Mum Ive done it ive done a big poo. My mum went and checked and said she had to try again as it wasnt enough and mum came to talk to me. After 10 mins my sister shouts mum Ive done some more. Mum got me to check and yes she had done lots. She wiped and I flushed and then lifted my skirts and sat down I tried for about 30 minutes with my little sis talking to me and I dropped a few pellets that pliped and splashed. Then mum came in and asked if I had filled in my sisters poo chart which I hadnt which my mym handed to me and I marked as 2 pieces of grade 2 and a piece of 6 inches grade 3. She has a chart for poo and for bedwetting which are seemingly linked, when she is constipated or doesnt do a poo for a couple of days she soils her knickers then the bedwetting starts.

Anyway I managed a few pebbles that splashed the water onto my bum. I will see if I can go later and will post about the stool softeners after the weekend.
Jas K

Punk Rock Girl
Nash: There were lines at each of the porta potties, and I didn't feel like finding another one. Other than the latch being gone, it was clean, I didn't even need to put paper on the seat. Holding the door shut wasn't too big a concern for me, I guess it should have been!

Howzitgoin, all!

I said to myself, Denise, the moment you post to Toiletstool, something else will happen to you and you will have to post again. I went for many months without a notable bowel-related incident, but yesterday into this morning? Sheesh.

We went to a friend's barbecue yesterday and I ate enormous portions of this watermelon/hot pepper salad. It was delicious and the peppers while hot didn't seem THAT hot. So I wake up at about 5:00 AM this morning with cramps and rushed into the bathroom. I had diarrhea that felt like battery acid.

I had to stop at a Starbucks to shit again on my way to work and I have just returned from the bathroom after having more boiling oil poop sludge ooze out of my ass. I'm in a great deal of discomfort, but I'm hoping it will pass shortly.

Oh, did I mention I'm farting like crazy as well? And every fart feels like sparks are shooting out of my bottom. Ugh. I need some Preparation H, but I can't leave work right now. My poor butt.

Oh well, that's my sad story today. I foresee a trip to the drug store and some Pepto Bismol for lunch today.




Awful Constipation + Huge poop = Not good

Hey,i'm back!

@Remi: Wow that sounds really weird, I wonder how they got that color

Okay, anyways, I just had another load and thought i'd share. I just got back from my parent's house, which is by the beach so my entire family just thought they'd share a day there together, if you were wondering ^^

After around a week of not taking a dump I decided i'd try and help myself. I had some whole grain fiber filled cereal for breakfast for the next two mornings, hoping it would help. I had recently been diagnosed with constipation after not being able to go for 2 whole weeks O.O So I was really worried.

Finally, at around 3:30, I feel this urgent sensation, and I zip to the toilet and plop myself down. I push and feel this mass inside of me. My body starts naturally pushing, and I push with it. I get the feeling of urgency as I push the huge thing down more. I take out a mirror from one of the bathroom drawers as I hear my bum cracking. I look and see a tip of something brown and huge. There is a remarkable bulge at my bottom. I pushed harder, trying to move the monster down, but to no avail. My hole was getting sore and started hurting so I took a break. During this time my bum closed up and I got a good long breather. The next push helped the tip come out again. I push harder and harder, desperate to get it out. (It was a lot more comfortable to be doing this at my own house!) I let myself grunt as I gave my hardest push, "HHhhrrgghHHH!" I decided I'd help it along. I leaned back on the seat and held my thighs up as I pushed. I could see the tip between my legs without the mirror. I was already sweating and the rest still would not budge. I cursed this poop and continued to push. The poop worked it's way out a half inch, then stopped again. I took a breather again and felt the tip. It was hard, not flimsy, but not pebbly. It seemed it would not come out. I got off the toilet and let it go back in. (Stupid,I know.)

I went to bed that night, crying because I was scared it would never come out. That morning I went out and bought prune juice. I drank it with my fiber cereal. After a while, I got discouraged and went out to buy some laxatives, but my car broke down along the way. I called my sister to pick me up at the auto repair store, I felt a bulge between my buttcheeks. I groan, and quickly scoot over to one of the workers and ask him to direct me to the nearest bathroom. He points over to the shed on the left of the building. I thanked him and tried to run without the huge poop opening my ass yet. As I sat down, I felt my body pulsing, eager to get the huge log out. "HHhhurrrgghh!!" I hear myself grunt as I make a huge first push, and I saw the log stretching me into a huge circle. My bum was so sore, but I had to keep going. I grabbed my thighs and held then up, and pushed again. When the poop didn't budge, I kept my thighs up, but used my hands to force my cheeks apart and my hole open more. I was determind to get it out before my sister got here. It had been about 15 minutes since I called and it was a 30 minutes drive. I prayed to god to give me time. I forced my hole open even more as I strained. My face was turning red and everything. My huge poop began to inch it's way out and I grunted loudly, but hoped noone could hear. It's huge size had stretched me so far I thought I would tear apart. Four inches thick, just like the last huge one. I got some toilet paper on my hands and pulled it out until It dropped into the toilet. I wiped and left. It was only 10 minutes later my sis arrived. Goodluck!


To Shy Girl Angela

Hi! I am glad that you gave it a try to go in a public bathroom before college. The best thing to do to get over being poop shy is just to do it. It's easier to go where no one knows you rather than where others might know you.

Love to all!


To Jemma, Megan and Emma b

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your stories - please keep them coming. Thanks to all the other people who post too.

hi. im back. first of all, i want to say thanks for the kind and supportive advice and comments ive recieved. i dont remember all the names, but there have been several. i really appreciate the lack of judgment here. as much as i do my best, people can often still b pretty mean about it in the real world. this makes the support i get on here all the more appreciated. thx everyone.


Post Title (optional) Haven't been on here for a while......

I realised today that I haven't posted on here for ages, although I have been lurking and reading posts. I was doing better with my poos and my constipation wasn't quite as bad because I tried out a strict diet. I made sure I ate as little dairy as possible (which was hard) and I ate loads of fruit, ???? and food high in fibre. I tried to drink lots of water each day and do some exercise. I stuck it out for a couple of weeks and it really helped me. I was able to do a poo most days, although it still took me at least half an hour to push my loads out. Even so, I was a lot less constipated and it was great!! But I couldn't stick to such a strict diet and I gave up.

To Jasmin K, Bloated Butt, Dude in Distress, Dominic and anyone else who suffers with constipation, how have your poos been lately??

Now I'm very, very constipated again. On the weekend, I had such a terrible pooping session - it was worse than ever!!! I didn't do a poo for 4 days and on the 5th day of not going, I HAD to get it out. My housemate went away for the whole week, including this weekend and she only got back yesterday. So I had the whole house to myself.

I woke up on the Saturday morning, feeling bloated, lethargic, miserable and literally full of poo. My stomach was as tight as a drum and I had liquid poo coming out, which I couldn't control. I ate cereal for breakfast and had 2 big cups of coffee, to help get the poos moving. I took my pants off and I was almost completely naked, apart from my sports bra. I played some games on my computer in my bedroom for a while and I did some gentle straining at the same time. After about an hour, I was getting a slight urge to do a poo. I stood up and did lots of farts. Then I strained a bit harder and more farts came out. They stunk to high heaven - I did have 5 days worth of poo in my bowels so it didn't surprise me. I kept pushing and straining and I rubbed my stomach at the same time. I could feel the poo moving down slowly towards my anus and it felt massive. My anus crackled as the big poo came down a bit further, stretching it apart, almost beyond its limits. I stayed in the same position while I strained. By now, I had been standing in the same spot for about 45 minutes.

I clenched my fists, closed my eyes and really bore down. The huge turd moved down a bit more and my anus was burning, like it was on fire. I could feel my hemarrhoids bulging out too. I pushed and strained with all my might and I could feel the turd sitting just above my anus. I pushed and pushed and pushed!!!!! By this stage, an hour had easily passed by. I was in a terrible state, with my big bear bottom in full view and liquid poo dribbling down my legs. Luckily, I was standing on a towel. I needed to have a rest so I squatted and reached around to feel my progress - about an inch of poo was sticking out. Amazingly, my anus didn't try to suck it back in. I pushed down on my anus with my fingers and strained at the same time. I also grunted "HHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!" It seemed to help a bit because the poo started poking out a few more inches. I continued pushing, straining and grunting with all my force.

I needed another rest so I relaxed. By now, I had about 4 or 5 inches of poo sticking out. I walked out of my bedroom and into the lounge room. I turned the TV on, to distract me from the big poo that was stretching my anus apart. It hurt so much and it felt like I had razor blades in my anus. It felt like it was on fire!!! I walked into the bathroom, still naked, apart form my sports bra. I tried to have a look in the mirror, at the poo sticking out. My bottom was covered in liquid poo and I could see an enormous turd stuck in my anus. It was wider than a coke can!!! I couldn't believe the state I was in, I was a real mess!!! I walked back into the lounge room and squatted in front of the TV. I pushed and strained like there was no tomorrow!!! I felt the big poo come out a bit more and I had to stand up so it didn't hit the floor. I made my way to the toilet to finish off my job. I had a look at the clock - I had been at this for almost 2 hours!!!! I was extremely constipated!!!!!!!!!

I got on the toilet, with about 7 or 8 inches of poo sticking out. I did lots of loud grunting "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH, UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! I got very loud that time, I hoped the neighbours didn't hear me!!! But I needed to grunt that loud, to help the poo come out. Then, 10 inches of poo splashed into the toilet. I wasn't finished and I really had to bear down to get the rest of my load out. After 15 minutes, I managed to push out a smaller log, followed by several balls of poo - I lost count after 20!! After that, I was finally finished. It took 2 hours and 20 minutes for me to finish my load!!

Hi everyone! I am a new poster to this site and have enjoyed reading all these stories by other guys and girls. Its good to know that yes other people have poop that smells bad and women have big brown dumps too! Its a good place to anonymously discuss all this and relax while telling everyone about their dumps etc.

While I did come into this site while reading stories, I was very relieved to get confirmation that other men also have to hold their penises while sitting down to take a dump! For years i thought it was just me! For the longest time, that is how i have always remembered sitting. I think it was right from when my parents potty trained me, possibly? Usually, i will just by habit use my fingers to hold my penis down as soon as Ive sat to control the stream of piss downwards. I have tried to not do this and let it just hang but this can be tricky, it can spray outwards or go straight into the bowl. Often times I have to keep an eye on it to ensure the stream is straight when trying no hands.On other occasions I will just hold it under the seat lid and have it stay down that way. So as to not have a mess!

To intro myself, I am a Pakistani American born and raised here. I have lived abroad back home for a few years. We have the squat toilets there, which is like a small basin fixed into the floor. Whats interesting about this design is that you can see your poops, dumps etc all underneath your butt as you look downwards! Sometimes the poop will slowly slither into the hole at the bottom with a klupph! Sound! Sometimes it will stay there and you will have to flush it down and often times, it can leave a trail and not even go down! Also we have a bidet system or water jug which we use to wash our asses with ( many folks dont know that in many mid east or eastern cultures this is the norm).

As far as who has seen me poop and who not, I have seen my wife poop a few times and her myself. She is very pretty with light skin and long black brown hair. Her poop is usually very messy and runny, so I have no idea as to why. On other occasions its been like medium sized lighter brown turds and the one time she forgot to flush and i swear it was this massive 9 or so inch cigar looking turd and it totally floated! Usually her poops are fairly smelly followed by jets of hissing pee, typical of that wide female stream.

I do remember that when we were back home, i was at my neighbors house and we had just finished playing a board game. I went into the bathroom to try to wash my hands fir some reason when his brother came running inside. I looked back at him and noticed he was about to pull down his bottoms. I am like "hey what are you doing?" (Since seeing someone go to the loo was a cultural taboo!) and he moaned " i have to take a dump right now" and boom off came his shorts and he sat down on the squat toilet. A loud fart followed by a big blob of poop fell into the white basin below followed by a stream of piss! He laughed and said "we all have the same kind of privates so i have no issue if you see it or my poop" I chuckled not knowing what else to say and walked out.

A second story that I recall is a true one about when I was in ninth grade. My parents were away that night at a dinner gathering so I was all alone in the house. For years I had wanted to poop outside! A weird sensation came over me and i was in need of going to the bathroom as it was! I proceeded to grab my flashlight and head into the wooded area beneath our deck in the back. I got to a spot where there were some light bushes with a slight gully or trough behind it. I took off my underwear and shorts and creeped them to my knees. I pissed a bit and then let go. I dumped for about 15 mins and then wiped my anus with some leaves! The suspense of seeing what my poop looked like was outrageous!

The next morning i proceeded to head down back to where i had taken my dump! When i moved the bush, there was the pile covered by some flies! My adventure had been a success!

Anyhow that is all for now . I dont anticipate posting a lot but will be back with another story or two soon enough.

And like Korean girl said when she stated if anyone had pooped on the floor I would love to try this soon and have my wife try it as well!

I would love to hear what you think about my first posting! If any of you have not tried pooping outdoors Do it!

Brian W
This question is for 13 year old tony who posted about his sister and friend going to the bathroom. How old is your sister and her friend? Have you ever heard your sister go poop before?


Giant dump

Haven't had much going on bowel wise lately. Not constipated per say but haven't had any satisfying dumps. Just little piles of mushy poop that are really messy and require a shower. Using toilet paper just causes a really itchy bum. My stomach has been really swollen up until today and I've had really foul gas which really stinks and lingers in the room. Then shortly after I got up and had my coffee, I got a really strong urge to fart but I also needed a poop. I knew if I relaxed to fart my underwear and PJ pants would be destroyed so I went to the bathroom. Pulled down my pants and underwear, grabbed the Garfield off the counter and sat on the toilet. Didn't require any effort, just a gentle push and a HUGE soft dump came out that made me feel about 10 lbs lighter. Only took about a minute to finish. When I was done, I stood up to wipe (LOTS of toilet paper to get reasonably clean without skidmarks) and to check out my creation. GIANT, wide pile of soft serve poop. Much like cartoon poop which left skidmarks in the toilet when I flushed. Had to flush twice to get the skidmarks and all the toilet paper down (didn't want to clog the toilet). Felt better though there's still more in me. Using my stool softeners and laxative daily has helped me. First satisfying dump in days.

Dutch camper
Our camping vacation is at its end. Tomorrow we are going back home after six weeks on the road. Most nights we have been camping somewhere out in the wilderness of the mountains and forests. As I have told before we most days have been staying at places where there are no facilities at all. No shops, no showers and no toilets. But nature takes it course and when in need of a toilet we have had either to wait until passing a toilet along the road or just find a suitable place to hide somewhere outdoor. The first days I think that we all tried to postpone pooping till we found a toilet, but as days passed on that showed to be a not so appropriate strategy. It has never become an issue among us but I think that my parents as well as my sister and I mostly have used the nature when opening the bowels. I have made a mark in my notebook for every time I have taken a dump, and when I count the marks I see that I have 39 marks for outdoor and 12 marks for inside toilets during these six weeks. Some places we have been the only campers, but often there have been others at the same site, tourists going by car, bikers, hikers, all types of people: families, young and mature couples, singles. And certainly all of us have the same needs so I have seen quite a lot of others having to go to toilet outdoor too. Especially up in the mountains the possibilities to hide are scarce. You just have to duck behind a stone or down a slope. Especially in the mornings it is obvious that we all have the same needs. One morning we stayed at the same place as a big group of German youths and at one point of time there were white bare bottoms virtually behind every stone. A bit amusing when not sitting there, but I have also experienced to be walked in on when squatting. Not the funniest thing..... Well, I will always remember this summer I think.

huge log

I went for a poo whilst on holiday and when I went to use the public loo d
The previous occupant had left a huge log about 3 inches wide clogging the loo. I tried to flush no joy so I pooped on top

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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