closet poop

Koreangirl...don't be afraid! If you dont mind cleaning up. I do live on my own so I dont mind doing these things...its a thrill! Just try it once, itll be fun, I promise :)

Last night I decided to try some different places....although I am running out of idea. Suggestions please! I felt some minor cramping in my stomach and knew pretty quickly I would have to release. Earlier that day I had been cleaning mycloset and had a bunch of old clothes i planned on tossing. I went back to my closet and decided to pee on them i pulled my pants off and got naked from the waist down. I did a high squat over the clothes and let my pee hiss and splatter on the clothes below me. I didnt plan on it, but a soft piece of poo accidently slipped from my butt. I lowered to floor and got down on all fours and relaxed, letting logs plop from my butt. I always moan when I poop, it feels so good! I pushed a little more, looking between my legs as the pile grew taller. Alittle more pee dribbled out and I was done. Easy cleanup, I was throwing th clothes away anyhow!


2 year old regressing?

A couple of things to report here. Had an explosion of diarrhea the other day that simply splashed into the toilet. No farts or anything, just poured out of me. Haven't had much else go on bowel wise. Just some mushy poop and REALLY foul gas that still stinks 10-15 mins afterwards.

My friend told me that her son is going back to NOT pooping in the potty again. He was in underwear full time but now is in underwear part time, diapers the other 50%. Yesterday they just got back from a water park so he was wearing a diaper when she mentioned he doesn't poop in the potty anymore, that he will pee in the potty but ask for a diaper when he needs to poop. Almost right on cue, he started standing kind of stiffly and walking funny so we both knew he was pooping. We both asked him if he was going poo poo and he lied and said no and started backing away from us. I made a game out of it, checking his Cabbage Patch doll's diaper and said "Nope, it's clean. Do you need a diaper change?" Both his mom and I could smell it so his dad took him upstairs for a bath. Any clue why he won't use the potty?

Emma b

Pood in my bin

I was 12 at the time and after a week of holding it I got home from school bursting for a poo. I knew it would block the toilet so I went to the bathroom and had a wee but held my poo which wasn't easy seeing as I was about to poo myself. I took a toilet roll to my room and closed the door which I never do normally. I squatted over my bin and pushed out the biggest poo I'd ever done and it was so relieving. I wiped my bum and threw the paper in the bin and tied the bag up and took it out for the dustmen. Later that evening my mum was tidying up and she found the toilet roll in my room and the bin bag was missing. She asked me what I'd been up to and my face burned red as I realised I was busted. I told her I did it to avoid the toilet getting blocked and she thought it was hilarious. She said I was silly resorting to that and next time to just poo a bit at a time and flush in between. That's what she did. I thought, eew! Too much information.


To Korean Girl

My grossest dump ever….?
I think I was 11 and walking across the woods towards my home. I needed a poo and there was a tree with an inviting branch, so I dropped my shorts and underwear and sat on the branch. I immediately dropped 4 large turds and they were almost white! I felt shocked….but another turd dropped out quickly and it was even bigger and just as white. That made me panic and I decided to hold the rest in hoping that with time it would change color. I can't remember whether it did or not. But now I regret not finishing the motion there and then. I feel that I would have dropped at least a dozen large white turds if I had stayed longer….


Hey. I'm a 13 year old boy. Yesterday afternoon, I was in my room when I heard my sister Sophie and her friend come up the stairs and enter the bathroom that's just on the other side of a paper-thin wall from my room. I heard someone sit down on the toilet and begin peeing. It was a very strong stream that kept going and going.

After a bit, Sophie said, "Hurry up. I really gotta go." Her friend was still peeing and replied, "I'm going as fast as I can. But I was holding it in all day." The pee stream started to die down but didn't fully stop for probably another thirty seconds at least.

I kept listening as her friend finally finished peeing and stood up, letting my sister sit down. She too started peeing a gusher, but it shortly followed by a big splash. A few more heavy splashes came, then she was done peeing, and several more plops came after. Then she began wiping herself.

She flushed and both of them washed their hands and left the bathroom. I waited until I heard them go into my sister's room and headed to the bathroom. Immediately upon entering I was hit by a strong earthy poop smell. I lifted the toilet lid to take in the full experience and noticed a thick brown streak down the center of the toilet.


Caught on the Toilet

Megan- It sounds like you had another satisfying dump, can't wait to hear more. Do your turds usually slid out pretty easily? Do you ever have turds that hurt a little bit as they are coming out?

Hi all, I finally have a toilet related story to share. This past Monday I woke up and shortly after eating breakfast I had to take a dump. I went to the bathroom and since my roommate was not home I left the bathroom door open. Well I had forgotten that my landlord was going to be coming by that morning to fix the washing machine. It just so happens that our washer and dryer is in a closet right next to the bathroom (Horrible luck). I did not her my landlord knock due to the fact that the bathroom is on the other side of the apartment. So I sat down peed a little bit and had just started to push out a big log. I heard the landlord announce himself and I froze. I have a somewhat large bathroom and the toilet is on the opposite side from the door. Definitely not within reach of the toilet. I couldn't get up off the toilet cause I had a big turd hanging half way out of my ass. My landlord comes around the corner before I could say anything and sees me sitting on the toilet. I sat there with a 'deer in the headlights' look for a bit. He turns away and starts apologizing up and down and then leaves saying he'll come back later on. I then finish my dump and flush. Later on when he came to work on the washer it was a little awkward. Hopefully I'll have more stories to share in the future. Thanks for reading.


30 something male

@ Jasmin K

I would really advise you to try these stool softeners very soon.

Although I might get a bit excited sometimes when it comes to stories from girls/women straining when pooping, I think you might run into medical trouble if you don't do anything about this.
And I don't think that would be to anyones benefit.

I think something should be done now you're still young, and relatively healthy, I guess.

I recall one story in which you said that some red tube-like piece of tissue came out of your anus, which retracted when you were finished, is that correct? Tell me if I'm wrong.

I think you are developing a proneness towards a "rectal prolapse". (Google is your best friend)
After all those years of straining so hard you're almost litterally pushing your guts out when you're trying to poop.

Now, don;t be affraid, I've never heard of cases in which the entire itestines came out, but there might well come a point when this red piece of tissue won't retract anymore, when you're finished pooping.
And than you'll be in need of surgery to correct the weaknesses in the tissue in your anal area.

So please, why won't you make it a bit easier on yourself, and avoid mmedical procedures that you shouldn't need?

I wish you health, Jasmin K..

Btw: What is your weight? Are you heavy built, of slim?
Remember that overweight might be a contributing factor when it comes to (chronical) constipation.


the other day i was shopping and i felt the urge to poop. i went into the girl's room and i saw there were four stalls. i went in the second stall, closed the door, undid my belt and dropped my jeans and pink undies to my ankles. i noticed that the toilets were kind of small and the partitions under the stalls were pretty high, so one could easily see a person's ass sitting on the toilet if they wished. i didnt mind so i sat down and began peeing then i farted. then someone came in. she took the stall at the far end. i was a bit upset because i hoped she would come sit by me! i could hear her drop her shorts and sit on the toilet then i remembered the high partitions! i looked under the stall sneakily and sure as i thought, i got a great view of her long legs with her jean shorts and purple undies down at her cute Osiris shoes and the side of her butt all the way from my stall! she looked great sitting there, then i heard her start peeing. i decided then was a good time to start crapping, so i pushed out a couple turds which made loud splashes into the tiny toilet. i looked under the stall again and saw the girl was still sitting there so i guessed she needed to poop too. she had great squishy-looking thighs and thin calves, it was a great body structure. her legs were also really long so she almost looked like she was squatting sitting on that tiny toilet, with her knees up a bit. then to my delight i heard a couple of rapid plops from her. she started tapping her foot and she scratched her ankle. i felt so lucky to be watching this beauty making on the crapper. then i heard a loud fart that cut out really quick as i assumed she stopped it in embarrassment. i could just imagine her face getting red, so i quick tooted myself to make her feel better. i think it might have helped because i heard more poop drop into her toilet. i also finished up my crap as i heard the girl grab some toilet paper and wipe her butt. i decided to do the same then we both pulled up our clothes and flushed. we met at the sinks and i said hi and she said hi back. i felt so excited about watching that beauty poop and i really wish i could have gotten her number.

Punk Rock Girl: Great post as always! Was it one of those situations where you couldn't turn back after entering the porta potty? I can't trying to dump while holding the door shut would be very comfortable. But hey, if you've gotta go, you've gotta go! :) Looking forward to seeing more of your posts, you're one of my favorite posters on this site.

Megan: Sounds like you really had to go! I'm glad McDonalds didn't give you any hassle, a corporation as big as them sure wouldn't be missing out on any significant profit allowing you to see through to poo. :) Looking forward to more of your posts!

Today I took a huge, refreshing morning dump. I woke up feeling pressure in my rear, so I made my way to the bathroom, and sat on the toilet. I immidiately blast a loud, long fart, simultaneously blasting the bowl with loose poo. It only took one push to get everything moving. A long, smooth log ejected easily from my butt, finally breaking off after curling around the bowl a couple of times. Relieved, I stood and wiped three times, feeling nice and empty, ready to start the day!

That's all for now,

Happy pooping everyone! :)

Marrissa: only when I take pysllium.
Cady: that would be when I would leave assembly. I would not care.
Shy Girl Angela: I hate to #2 at school. I never did until a GED test and then in college. Many walk in on me it does not bother me in church, theaters, dept. stores, college, parks, libraries. My bowels are always soft and loose. I talked to girls of all ages while on public toilets.

Cady, you had a nasty virus.
Frank: When I was a girl in Barbados and Haiti, I used to have pee contests with boys and girls outdoors or in indoor toilets. If I wore a dress, I wore no slip or panties. I had them here in the US, at camp and in parks. I could squat and pee with the best of them.

Shy Girl Angela

Trying to poop in public

In my last post I told the story of ny first public poop. So since I'm starting college in a year I decided I need to get over my shyness of going in public. On tuesday I decided to go in public again so I went to a bookstore about 10 minutes from my house. It was not to hot nor cold so I decided to wear turquoise skinny jeans and a plain white v neck t-shirt. As soon I got there I went directly to the womens bathroom. When I walked in, there was an older looking lady washing her hands and someone with white vans and her dark blue jeans and purple underwear at her ankles in the first stall. There were 5 stalls in the bathroom and 3 were taken. The first stall, the third and the end stall. I decided to take the second stall and quickly entered. I quickly lowered my jeans and my white thong to mt knees and seated myself. By the smell of the bathroom the women in the stalls next to me were depositing a #2 to the toilet. The lady in the third stall flushed and pulled up her clothes as well as the one in the end stall. I started to pee hoping that these ladies would leave as I felt shy. The two people left so it left me alone with the girl in the first stall. I started to push out my poop while the girl next to me made no noise. I knew that she was shy like me as well and didn't want anyone to hear her go. After a minute my poop dropped and made a loud sound. I was so embarrassed but it helped ease the tension as the girl next to me also dropped some poop. I still felt more in me so I decided to continue sitting. A couple minutes later another women entered the bathroom and took the third stall (the one to my right). I then saw her blue shorts and black panties at her ankles and I heard her fiercely pee. I knew I wouldnt be able to produce more so I started to wipe and so did my neighbors. The girl in the first stall pulled up her dark blue jeans and purple panties and I finished wiping. As I exited the stall I saw the dark jean girl washing her hands at the sink and that's when I recognized her. She was a brunette girl about 5 foot 4 inches who most guys though was hot.She's in my grade but I never really talk to her as she is in the popular crowd. We both felt pretty embarrassed knowing that we had poop next to each other but we said nothing and continued with our day. As I was leaving I saw her rejoin her boyfriend and I went to start my walk home. Well that's it for now and hopefully I can have more stories about pooping In public.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Punk Rock Girl great story as always.

To: Korean it sound like ate something with a lot of food coloring in it blue to be precise that's the most logical answer and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tlana great story it sounds like that was a pretty busy bathroom and I bet all the girls and women who were pooping had good poops and you did to.

To: Jemma as always another great story about your desperate poops it sounds like you just made the first time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma B great story it sounds like you had a really good cleanout and felt amazing afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan great poop story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Kelly Re: morning surprise

Interesting story, I wonder if you had a dream about pooping and it just manifested.

Today after work I took a huge dump. It actually started yesterday night, though. I had gotten ready for bed and was laying there when I realized I kind of had to poop. I couldn't be bothered to get out of bed and go to the bathroom, so I ignored it and went to sleep. But then this morning, my urge was nowhere to be found.

I went to work and then was driving home when the need came back, big time. I pulled into a gas station and luckily their bathroom was one where you didn't have to ask for a key. I went in, and it was filthy, but I was far too desperate to care. I plopped myself on the toilet and released my hold. My entire dump came out in one long, thick coil. That's unusual for me, I normally have several shorter pieces over many minutes.

I didn't have a chance to flush mid-way through like I always do, and so when I looked in the toilet after wiping, I saw it was hopelessly clogged with a huge turd that looked almost like a brown anaconda. I didn't feel too bad about leaving the toilet clogged though, because the bathroom was already disgusting as it was. Maybe that will force them to actually clean the bathroom, lol.

Yesterday I was in the gym. Seeing as it was quiet and the facilities are pretty good and quiet, I just decided to get changed and shower in there.

It's an open changing room, it doesn't have changing cubicles or anything. it's just benches where you get changed and there is one toilet attached on to the wall. it was in a cubicle but there was no door. I suppose it was designed for conversation maybe?

When I came back from the workout the changing rooms were empty. I took my clothes off till I was nude and walked over to the toilet for a pee.

I sat straight down on the freezing cold pan. I was desperate for this pee so it came out straight away. it was a strong stream which lasted a long time. it stopped and as usual a little fart popped out. I wiped my front, stood up and walked out.

As soon as I walked over to my bit of the bench, I heard the door open. I thought 'great'. In walked a young mum who was maybe around my age and a little boy (around 5?) in a karate suit. I was like 'butt-naked' at the time and she stopped suddenly and said "I'm so sorry do you mind if I bring him into the loo with me?" I just smiled and said "no go on". She had her hand at the side of her son's head so he didn't look at me.

The mum had blonde hair and was wearing a floaty, knee-length pink dress and had sunglasses on her head.

I assumed that it would be him that needed the loo. But they both squeezed into the cubicle and the mum went on the toilet. She reached up her dress and pulled her white thong to her ankles. her son started picking this up and saying "is this your panties?" she looked embarrassed an said yes while trying to shoosh him.

She made sure her dress was out of the way before sitting her thighs on the seat. I saw her hesitate as she felt how cold it was. her son was just watching her and when she began to pee he said "mummy youre doing a pee-pee" she was gently saying shh and nodding to him.

He was only a little boy and was watching the pee fall out of his mother into the pan. I could hear the stream hit the bowl. By this point I had put my bra and pants on. the boy tried to turn round a couple of times but was reminded by his mother to "stop looking at that lady"

The mum finished peeing and her son asked if she was finished and was holding her hand and attempting to get her to walk away. she told him that she wasn't done yet. He was looking between the gap in her thighs to see what she was going to do next and I was actually wondering myself.

I was listening fairly closely. I heard a crackle and glanced at the mothers face which looked stressed. At the same time, a little ploop came from the bowl to which the boy worriedly said "mummy why are you pooping?" the mother didn't know I was listening as closely and very quietly said to the boy "mummy just needs a little poop". I don't know what he had against her doing a poo but he started crying slightly and said loudly and shriekingly "NO not here! we still have to go to the shops!" she replied very softly with "exactly, that's why I'm doing it here so that it's done". He was grabbing her hand again and saying "no you can do it at home where there's wipes for your bum!" as he was saying this I heard a little bit more fall from her bum. she replied with "I'm a grown-up though darling, I don't need wipes to wipe my bum, I can clean all the poopoo off with toilet roll". I think she had accepted the fact that I knew she was having a poo. The boy continued sobbing and said through tear filled eyes "but your white panties will have some poopoo on them and be dirty" she shrugged this off before him saying "you're wearing a skirt and your bum will be smelly and when I'm walking with you i'll smell it from under your skirt". She then said "I promise my bum won't smell of poopoo and I won't get any on my panties, I'll wipe until my bum is spotless and you can say when it is"

He seemed satisfied with this conclusion. she said to him to keep him entertained "you can count how many poopoos I do". I knew every time she did a piece as he shouted a figure out. She must have felt fairly un-comfortable because the son had his hands on her legs and was staring between her legs waiting for some poo to drop.

She seemed to be doing a fairly 'girly' poo which wasn't overly loud and wasn't smelly. the one exception to this was when she farted out some air before belching out a noisy lump of poo which made a splash in the water and to which the son shouted "7". By this time I was putting my tights on. I had rolled them up so I could step into them and the boy quickly asked his mother what I was doing. She answered him with "she's putting her tights on darling". he then questioned what they were to which she replied "ladies wear them on their legs to keep them warm". having just discovered them he went on to ask his mother if she wore them. she answered with "sometimes I do. I wear my black ones to work" the reason this conversation was interesting is because it became evident that there was a hissing noise from between the mothers legs during this time and this hosiery concentration deflected his attention from her toilet habits.

She rolled some loo roll and wrapped it around her hand to wipe her bum. she did this 4 times where she took it out and looked at it herself before depositing it between her legs. she then wiped a further 6 TIMES before showing the last one to her son and it looked blank from where I was. He said "let me make sure its not dirty" she looked hesitant but she shuffled round to reveal her round, tanned, toned bottom. the boy approved and waited as her mother wiped her front.

she then pulled up her white thong and dropped her skirt before taking her son and washing her hands.


My Squatty Potty arrived

So I've been trying to squat every time I take a dump. Not always the easiest thing to do. So I ordered a squatty potty step on line and I just used it. I LIKE IT !

Although I still am quite comfortable squatting on the seat, the squatty potty makes it easier to get up there. My butt is still on the seat, though. And I find that when I squatted on the seat, I could just move my clothes out of the way a bit, with my new SP, it is probably easier if I simply remove my trousers and briefs. And shoes, of course.

No body has seen it yet. It sits tucked under the toilet so most people can still sit like usual when crapping. Someone will be by this afternoon to walk my dog, and I wonder if he will use the toilet and notice it. Maybe I will give a demonstration!

Today when I woke up I felt I REALLY had to go so I took my morning trip and took a pee. I waited for the poo, but it never came. I got up, wiped and continued my day. Around 3 hours later, I felt something HUGE inside of me. Eager to have another BM (I like them) I ran to the bathroom and sat down. I waited, but the log was stuck. I pushed and felt nothing. Frustrated, I spread my cheeks apart and pushed harder. I felt my butt becoming sore, so I stopped, and wiped. I continued my day, feeling the huge log inside of me, until I couldn't take it anymore. I waited until my parents and sisters were asleep, and sat on the toilet. I then felt a sensation in my bottom; like before you poop, your body pushing it out. I sat down and had a large fart. I felt the huge thing still inside and pressing down. I got a mirror and saw a slight bulge dropping down, and at that point I knew it would be a huge one. I grunted, "NNNGGghh..." And felt my face turn red as I strained. My body pushed it down more and I felt my anus stretch wider than it ever had. The tip of my poo was coming out! I felt it and it was hard. I look at it through the mirror, and as I did that I took a rest. The poo began slipping back inside, so I pushed again and again, praying for it to come out. I felt the head begin to come out again, and it slide out about an inch or so. I looked into a mirror and was shocked to find a HUGE log sticking out of me; probably 4 inches thick. I saw my bum hanging down and the bulge was just incredible. IDK what made it so huge but I was scared it would be too big to push out. I grunted and pushed again, "Hnnnng!" It slid out around 2 more inches and then stopped. I could felt a bigger part of it inside and I groaned at the thought. I farted and pushed as hard as I could. While I strained, the poo slid out 2 more inches. Then it stopped. I spread my cheeks further apart, and felt it was thicker inside of me. I hoped it didn't get any bigger. My anus burned and stretched as I tried pulling on the hard log. I managed to pull out the thickest part, and it dropped into the toilet. That was the most memorable shit of my life.

Hope u enjoyed!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Emma b

Petrol station relief

My driving test is on monday so I've been practicing in Claire's car every day. We stopped for diesel this afternoon and as I was filling the car up, I noticed a young woman of about 19 filling her car at the next pump to ours. She looked anxious and worried as the fuel went in and when after her car was filled up she ran into the shop a bit oddly as if she needed the toilet really badly. When I went in to pay for our fuel, the girl was at the front of the queue and typing in her pin into the gadget. She looked very uncomfortable and was red in the face. She a
asked for the key to the toilet and the assistant handed it over. I watched as she snatched the key from him and ran off into the toilets holding her bum. I felt sorry for her being so desperate but also glad she'd made it to the toilet in time.
The queue was quite long and it took ten minutes to get served. The woman was still in the toilet when we left the pump and I decided to check the tyre pressures and levels on the car for peace of mind. It took about ten minutes or so to do all that and everything was fine, so I got in the car ready to drive off. I noticed the woman was returning to her car as I started up and she looked happy now and relaxed. I was pleased for her making it in time because I know what it's like when you're desperate to go. I bet she felt a lot better for that.

Near miss/ Right decision

I've been constipated for about four days untill this morning when I woke up with a very urgent need to empty my bowels. My stomach was churning and I ran to the toilet holding my bum. I felt so desperate I thought I was going to poo myself but I didn't. When I got to the toilet I threw my bum down onto the seat and relaxed. I released a huge and very relieving fart and peed a fair bit but no poo. I was sure some diarrhoea was on it's way so I sat on the toilet for a while untill I felt another urge to go and pushed. My bum hole opened up and a ball of poo about the size of a golf ball plopped into the water and I pushed again. I farted but no more poo came out so I gave up and wiped my bum. There was hardly anything on the paper so I flushed the toilet and got ready for work.
When I got to work I started to feel the urge to poo getting worse but I thought it was just more wind. I held it because I was at work but after half an hour it hurt too much to keep it in so I went to the toilet and I'm glad I did. I sat down and expected to be farting up a storm but it was l lot more than that. A massive amount of brown sludge poured out of me and what a relief. I stayed seated for a minute or so as I still didn't feel empty and pushed again. Another big load of mushy diarrhoea poured into the toilet and then I was finished. I felt so much better for it and five pounds lighter as well. I wiped a lot and flushed the toilet but it left some bits spattered around the pan so I used the brush to clean up and flushed again. I washed my hands and exited the toilet feeling embarrassed that by now everyone knew I was having a huge poo but at least I didn't do it go my knickers.

Blind Freak

Advice for Christa

Your mother does have a point regarding switching from Pull-Ups to diapers at night if you are a heavy nighttime wetter. You are aware of what's going on and able to change soon after any accidents during the day, which means you only need something like a Pull-on that's capable of holding one wetting. But at night you are asleep and might not be aware enough to wake up before you overload the Pull-Up and leak. First of all, even though a traditional taped diaper might be embarrassing, it's certainly better than the alternative if you aren't able to fix the wetting problem. Second, most youth and adult diapers are far more absorbent than Pull-Ups and will be far better alternatives if changing immediately, whether at night or during the day, is not an option. Not only are they thicker, but they have more padding to whick away the urine if it overwhelms one area of the absorbent padding. I would skip Depends though if I were you, and go with something a lot stronger and more reliable like Tranquility, Molicare or Abena. You might not be able to find these in stores, but you can get them on line. For better or worse, I'm giving you this advice from many years of experience during my high school and college years. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I really do hope you are able to get this issue resolved in short order. But until then, it's always best to be prepared and protected.

Steve A

I'm Back: Updates And Special Work Toilets

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted for awhile, I've been busy with work and stuff but now I got a mini vacation for 4 days and I now can catch up on all of the stories on here. Everything has been going great for my bowel habits lately. I now like to drink coffee with some sweetener and some sugar in it and it helps my bowels stay on track. I don't have any interesting bathroom related stories at the moment, but I hope to have some in the future. I may have some stories during the 1st quarter of the school year because we have some kinda far away football games to go to since everyone in the marching band at my school including me perform at halftime there. Some people, including me, had some experiences during the last 2 years during marching band season. The most memorable experience I had was posted as my very 1st post here on Toilet Stool, (My 1st story is on page 2265 if anyone wants to read my story).

At my work place, some of the toilets have an option of pushing the flush lever up for using less water to flush if you only have to pee in the toilet or pushing the flush lever down for a full regular flush. I think it's to save on water and not to be wasteful about flushing if you only have to pee, but there are urinals in the men's bathrooms but some people feel more comfortable if they use a stall, even if they only have to pee. It was interesting that the toilets at my workplace had that option. I have never seen that on a toilet flush lever before. So, that's what's going on with me now and I will post again.

Punk Rock Girl

Man oh man it's been a while. Busy busy busy!

Only toilet related story of note in the past few months happened at a fair this past weekend. I was in a porta potty taking a dump. The latch to lock the door was gone, so I just held the door shut while I was crapping. Of course, the moment I took my hand off the door to roll off some TP, the door opened and this middle aged man looked me right in the eye.

Me, not being the type to get easily embarrassed, kind of just sat there like a deer in headlights. The guy said, "Oh, Jesus!" He slammed the door shut. I yelled, "Sorry, there's no lock." I don't know if he heard me.

I rolled off paper and wiped my ass with one hand while holding the door shut with the other, not as simple a task as it sounds. After pulling up my shorts and exiting, the man was still standing there waiting his turn. He mumbled an apology to me and I again said I was sorry and warned him about the missing latch. My girlfriends and I then laughed about it as we made our way through the rest of the fair.

Well that's my exciting story. Hope all is well with all of you and your bowels!



korean girl

reply to tina and question and story

@Tina those sound like exciting places to go to the bathroom!! I have never done this before. I almost took a dump on the floor once but chickened out. Maybe I will try again!!

I also have a question for everyone here!! What is the grossest dump you have ever taken??? I already posted mine here it was the oily mushy pepper pieces one. It was yucky but was exciting to have an unusual poop!! There was another gross poop I have not told about!! I ate a whole box of fruit cereal then a few days later had to go release it. I went to my bathroom and pulled my skirt up and my panties to my ankles. I started pushing out a soft sticky one. I went to wipe and was surprised my poop was blue!! It was blue!! blue!! I looked in toilet and the entire poop was blue!!

Mung Bean

Dear Christa

I haven't seen a post from you in awhile, I hope you're still around. I just wanted to let you know that there are guys out there who will cherish you regardless of your potty problems and autism. They may be hard to find, but never give up! One of the downsides of this board is that we can never meet, but I am one of those guys. Be strong!



Full-up bathroom

With all my child care work, my time is pretty fully filled between now and when I start high school next month. My dad jokes that I'm making way more money then he did in the 1970s when he was in high school and laying sod full-time in the summer.

One of my newest assignments is for Gil. He's 7 and lives in a really nice house on the other side of our city. They have their own backyard pool which really saves me since I got kicked out of our neighborhood pool and on days when Gil's parents are out of town, I ride my bike over there and spend the day and sometimes overnight if it's too dark for me to ride back home. The ride takes me about an hour and its great exercise. I'm teaching Gil to ride better, too. I start my ride over at 5:30, just as the sun comes up and stop at about halfway to have my morning poo in a large park bathroom that is larger than in my neighborhood. There are six stalls, each without a door and each set of three are directly across from one another. There are four sinks (actually three because one is partially broken off and leaking)at the far end of the room.

So I pedaled faster to get on the toilet ASAP because I was shooting off a lot of gas and knew my poo was ready. The seat for the first toilet was up and I started to drop it, only to find there was some dried poo on it. Across the aisle, the seat was down so I dropped my shorts, got up on it and seated myself. Within a couple of minutes, I heard a door slam and a woman in a brown uniform came walking in and took the stall next to mine. There was a loud blast after a couple of minutes and she apologized to me. I was surprised because she was so free with her conversation. About loading her truck with packages at 3 a.m. and having to drive to a nearby city for a day of deliveries. Then a lady about 10 years older then me came in, seemed a little awkward as she saw us, and quickly took the far stall on our side. She dropped her jeans and underwear rather slowly and then turned toward the stool and you could hear her pull off toilet paper and then wipe off the seat. What surprised me, however, is that she pulled off more and you could hear her line the seat with it. Then she sat on her ass-gasket. The delivery lady greeted her, too, and started a conversation. I had dropped two soft logs, each about six inches, and took my first wipe when two high school girls came in with backpacks, which they took off and threw up against the stall divider. They looked a bit embarrassed, but I think the conversation we had going on helped them feel more at ease. They quickly saw how the first seat was dirty, so they took the two right across from us.

I tried not staring at them, because I don't like to be stared at, but each dropped her jeans and thong and once seated, started to wee. I heard a couple of plops from one of the stalls too. One told the other to hurry up because they still had a mile to walk before their summer school started at 7 a.m. It seemed like one said something about not being able to be excused from class for a bathroom pass being unconstitutional. One of the girls took out a cigarette, lit it with her lighter, and flicked the ashes into the front of the toilet bowl as she sat. She said something obscene about one of the teachers or principals, but I couldn't fully catch what she said.

I was the first up. I flushed, went over and washed my hands and resumed by trip to Gils. When I bounced back onto the bike seat, my bowels sure felt better.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Tina great story it sounds like you both had great poops outside and I bet you both felt great and refreshed afterward to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jessica (AZ) great set of stories it sounds like you really had to poop and just made it in time to the toilet and it sounds like your mom must've been pretty desperate to and great story about you and your friends it sounds like Amy must've felt pretty good after getting that big poop out and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Dreet great story it sounds like you got a really great show.

To: Cady it sounds like you had a stomach bug.

To: Yukari great story about your big poop.

To: Althea great story.

To: Jasmin K great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Thursday, July 10, 2014


desperate poo at services

Friday evening me and my husband went up to Skeggy to visit family.
on the way up i suddenly felt desperate for a huge poo.
i held it in until my husband realised as he does and stopped at the services.
i was so desperate it was difficult to walk clenching my butt cheeks together. I had such a ???? ache as i was due to start my period & i always get a ???? ache before i start,
he waited outside while i joined the busy cubicles & took one, pulled my jeans & black knickers down & immediately let out 8 loud loose plops a wet fart followed by another 5 of the same. About to pull off the loo roll i then released unexpectedly another 3 runny plops. Wiped 6 times.
i was in there 10 mins all together. I flushed leaving a lot of skidmarks & a horrendous smell & washed my little hands.
On my way out my hubby asked all about it so i told him to which he patted my bum & gave it a quick massage, & we continued up to skeggy.
on arrival 2 hrs later i was desperate for another poo in which i had 16 plops all in quick succsession. I then started my period later that evening.
More soon J x

Emma b

Massive work poo

I've been constipated since monday morning and on wednesday evening I tried to go for the third time that day. I took a laxative just before I went to bed and hoped it would be working by morning. When I woke up no thursday morning I tried to go again but still no luck so I took another dose me laxative. For good measure I had a full litre carton me orange juice and a big bowl me bran flakes for breakfast. I got ready for work and left the house to walk across the road to meet Claire. She already had the L plates on the car so I drove us to work to get practice for my test on saturday. We got to work fifteen minutes later and by then I was bursting for a poo. I ran straight to the toilet and just made it in time. I exploded mushy poo into the toilet for several seconds and it felt so good but it wasn't over yet. I pushed and out came another huge load me mush and it was incredibly relieving. The wiping took a while and when I flushed there were huge skid marks left below the water. I couldn't leave it like that so I cleaned the toilet with the brush and put some domestos down. I went into the shop feeling embarrassed because everyone knew I'd done a massive poo but the relief was definitely worth it.

Justin & Shelbi- I poo once or sometimes twice a day, and almost every time it is eating lunch or dinner that triggers it for me, just because it fills me up I suppose! Justin, my poo almost always smells a little, it is very rare that it doesn't smell at all, although it's not usually particularly strong. Spicy foods like curry usually makes it smell worse, and quite often make them bigger, too!

Today it was after lunch that I needed to go, too. I grabbed a sandwich while I was out, and not long after I was wanting a toilet for an urgent poo. It wasn't long before it was really wanting to come out so I needed to find a loo as soon as possible. I knew there was a McDonalds nearby so I headed there hoping I could nip in to do my business and not get told 'customers only' by the staff!

By the time I got there I was getting desperate so I quickly walked in and headed straight for the toilets, drawing a couple of looks from one or two of the staff, but luckily none of them said anything! I went into the ladies. I took one of the two cubicles and quickly pulled my jeans and yellow knickers down as I sat.

A soft log quickly came out with a plop, followed by another and then a loud fart. I pushed out two more before I was done, feeling a lot better when I left!

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