Odd places!

Hi everyone! Been awhile since I've been here....but I like to poop in random places with my girlfriends. Would love to hear other stories if anyone has any!

My girlfriend had stayed the night the other day since we were drinking. When we woke up, we both had to go pretty bad. I sat on the edge of the bed when she came in and ask where we would go. I had to pee first URGENTLY. we both decided to pull our shorts down and sit on the carpet floor first and release. I let go and sighed, feeling the warm sensation puddle puddle between my legs and the carpet. I looked at my friend and she had a large puddle beneath her as well. After we finished peeing we stood up. I had been thinking about it for awhile, but I decided to go outside on my deck since it was a nice warm morning. We walked outside, my friend looking desperate since she didn't know where yet. I really couldn't hold it longer, I did a very high squat and hung my butt over my flower pot that had some dirt in it. Without even pushing, soft poo fell from my butt and made a splat as it landed in the dirt. I moaned with pleasure, it felt so good. I farted and some more wet poop poured out of my but and onto the pile below. Some more pee dribbled out, splashing the poop below.

"Ok, I HAVE TO GO NOW!" My friend said looking extremely desperate. She was out of time and stood there, spread her legs slightl and let it go. "Just let it go," I encouraged her. I continued to fart with little bits of chunky wet poop falling out of my butt.. She moaned, and a long, soft poop grew from her. She was facing me, but then turned her behind towards me so I could see it. A long soft poop was growning, then broke off and hit the deck. She bent over and some soft serve fell from her, making a thud sound as it hit the deck. She looked relieved.

It was a nice day. One other quick story, I woke up about 2 hours ago and had to go. I decided to go in my plastic empty laundry basket that was next to my bed. I bent over with my hands on the bed, butt over the laundry basket, and pushed out a soft load with pee into the basket. It felt soooooo good to get that out. Share your odd stories with me!

jessica (az)

nasty stomach ache and friends at the park

1st story
so one morning with a terrible stomach ache. i quickly got out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. luckily everybody was asleep, because whoever of my parents wakes up first takes the bathroom for a long time. if my dad wakes up first he takes the master room bathroom, so then my mom would take the other taking her forever dumps, vice versa. so i quickly and quietly closed the door, pulled my pajama shorts to my ankles and sat down on the toilet. immediately i started pooping and farting. i was pooping a bunch of semi-smooth small poops. after awhile my stomach calmed down and i got up, but before i was able to wipe, my stomach gurgled and quickly sat down. i started pooping some more, but this time it was mushy and smelly. so as i was uncomfortably wiggling my toes on the bathroom mat and taking a miserable dump, i heard a knocking on the door, i asked who is it. it was my mom and she said that she desperately needed the toilet and that my dad took the other one. i told her that i was having a stomach ache and it would be for awhile. she then said that she can wait a little while longer. after a bit my stomach calmed down again, but i sat on the toilet still to make sure that i still had more. sure enough i did, so i grabbed the edge of the toilet seat and lifted myself a little and blasted more mushy poops. i sighed, got up, flushed and wiped. i left the bathroom with a nasty stench left behind. when i got out of the bathroom my mom rushed to the bathroom with both her hands on her butt. as she closed the door, i decided to be a little devious and have a listening ear. all i could hear is a long, but audible moan and a large splash, also a sigh of relief. seemed like my mom had to take a big poo.

2nd story
it was an incredibly hot day today, 120 degrees!, but me and my friends, Amy and Nicole, went out for a stroll in the park wearing lightest clothes possible. after awhile Amy and i got hungry, Nicole said she ate before she arrived. we found a food truck, so Amy and i ordered some food, Nicole just got a pepsi. I ordered just one pizza i wasn't really that hungry, unlike Amy though she ordered a large cheeseburger. we all ate and chatted for a good 15 minutes and started our regular walk. about some time it started to sunset, but still bright. we decided that we should all go home. Amy interrupted and said that she had to use the bathroom. there wasn't really a proper bathroom near us other than a rank port-a-potty, but she didn't want to go there. we started walking to find the nearest bathroom. we found one near a playground. we finally arrived and Amy headed to the bathroom, Nicole also entered, she said she had to go pee. i waited a minute beside the bathroom in a shady tree and Nicole came out, but not Amy, it was clear what she was doing in there, some time passed Nicole and i were lying down on the tree barefoot and relaxing. i checked my phone and Amy was in there nearly 12 minutes. i got up, slipped my feet into my platform flip-flops and told Nicole that i'm checking up on Amy. i entered and there was 4 stalls, first one not having a door. i've got to say these were some weird stalls, because they were up so high, and the toilets were also high as i can see Amy's feet slightly hanging from the toilet. as i was walking up to her she was playing with her flip-flops with her toes. i knocked on the door and asked if she was ok. she told me she had a big poop hanging in her. i told her if i could open the door. she accepted and i noticed she had her arms wrapped around her stomach and leaning back. i told her to lean forward. due to the high toilet she was tip toeing. i then told her to push. she dug her toes into her flip-flops pushed really hard and the water splashed. she said that she felt so much better. i got out of her stall to let her wipe and told Nicole to get up and that Amy was now done and we all went home.


Alisha has to go

Hello my name is Doug and im 18 years old. Im a big fan of car mom and toilet car and i have similar stories to tell. I work at walmart and drive there everyday. One of my coworkers is a girl named Alisha. She is tall with an average sized butt and boobs amd she is blonde. She is 20 years old. I started giving her a ride to and from work as she lives a couple houses down.

About two weeks after she started riding with me something big happened. We both got off at 11pm that night. The girls bathroom was closed that evening for maintenence. We walked out to my car amd Alisha said she had to pee pretty bad. We got in and i started my car. She was fidgeting alot and she said she had held it for 4 hours already. All the nearby stores were closed and she said she could make it to her house. We live 25 minutes away, and not 5 minutes later she was going to burst.

"Doug im about to pee my pants!" She yelled. Up to now i thought what would car mom do. So i then asked her "Alisha, if you want you can go in the seat."
"What? Wont that make a mess?" "Yeah but you really have to go. Its ok ill clean it."
"I dont know....are you sure? gonna do it, ok?"
"Yeah. Its fine."
So she climbed in the back so i didnt see her, even though she was behind the passenger seat. I heard her unzip her pants and take them off. She tossed them in the front. i turned the lights on in the car so she could see. I turned to see how she was gonna go as we where at a stoplight. I saw her about to pull down her panties. "Ugh...i dont care if you see me....i have to pee!!!!". She pulled down her panties and immediatly starting peeing. Alisha was sitting in the seat normally but with her legs spread slightly. I saw the urine spray out between her legs into the seat and floor. She closed her eyes and sighed as she peed. I pulled the car over into a nearby empty parking lot so noone would see. Alisha then farted several timed. The car reeked of pee and gas. After at least a minute her stream died down but she farted more. Her face turned red.
"Alisha are you pooping?" I asked. "...uhhhggg....yeah" she said, eyes still closed. She lifted her butt off the seat as a thick brown turd slid out. The smell was overpowering. She pushed out another then said she was done

So Alisha was done going. She half stood in the backseat becuase she didnt want to sit in her poop. The car was full of the smell of her turds so i rolled the windows down. I looked back at her mess and she said to hand her her clothes. She



Once I was at school with a slight stomachache, and there was an assembly. I realized I had to poop, but was too shy to leave. I tried so hard to hold it, but suddenly...BLURT. Diarrhea squirted out my skirt and onto my feet. Stopping was not an option, said my butt, and the smell was so bad that I actually started throwing up. I got sent to the nurse, and when I went home I kept pooping all over the place at night. It was so nasty and embarrassing...


To Christa:

Hey Christa, you should be wearing heavier protection at night as most people who wet the bed, do so multiple times during the night. That's why the lighter stuff that you use for daytime don't work well at night as they just don't hold enough. That's a good thing to know as there might be times during the day when you may not be able to change as frequently where the heavier ones may come in handy. Hang in there and stay upbeat about all of this.


powerful flush

I'm back again, I posted a long time ago. I'm the English teacher from Japan who doesn't like people knocking on the door when I'm doing motions even though this is seen as normal in Japan.

I read a post on this forum written by another Japanese woman, her name Kotono or Kotone, she complained that in England loo flushes are not powerful and big motions like hers can't go down.

I see her point because in the college where I teach the loos have very powerful flushes. I did an interesting motion recently. It came out really slowly, but very steadily. Perhaps I didn't push so hard. It took about 10 minutes to come out. When it finally stopped, I looked into the loo, and I found it had broken into maybe 8 large turds about 5 inches long and some small pieces. Some of the turds were floating and some were at the bottom, thats is why I couldn't count exactly.

I thought I'd better to flush. So I did, and it ALL went down! Wow, what a powerful flush. I sat down again and after a few minutes I did some more, not a lot.

I love doing motions.

Love your post about using the porta potty korean girl what did the turd land in when it drop out? Did the porta potty have the blue chemicals in it or was you able to see all the turd?

korean girl

response to john h

I have accidentally let some pee out into my panties multiple times. It happens when I am out all day and all the toilets are too messy or too crowded. I am good at holding it but sometimes on the way home I may accidentally pee a little bit in my panties. It is always a small amount and only I notice. I never tell anyone that it happened. Rarely pee dribbles into my panties if I quickly go to the bathroom and do not fully empty my bladder. I'll pull my panties up then feel some go down my leg. But is always small amount.

Tlana: My mother and Nana were OCD's.

Dave: Only a pig would do that in a dressing room.

Vanessa: I went to summer school in 10th gr. See my earlier posts. I was developing into a woman then. I shared a few toilet experiences with other girls. It was an old HS with no stall doors.

Onthetoiletgal: I was a college teen, 18. I took my kid cousin, a recent 6 year old orphan. His father died tragically and the kid was just all too pieces day and night. He cried morning, noon and night for months. I took him to summer school many days to watch me play tennis and racquetball. He seemed happy with me. One Tuesday after lunch, Wayne held his stomach with tears in his eyes. "Althea, take me to the toilet. My stomach hurts. I have to make cocky doo-doo." I took him to the girls toilet, parked him in the wheelchair stall, where he slid down his brown elastic waist shorts and yellow printed bikini to his ankles, not before I wiped the seat, but it was clean. He sat on the bowl. It was not to high. He just opened his legs, held down his meat and evacuated lots of loose yellow pieces that floated on the water. There were some splatters and farts. Then I noticed meat getting hard. "I have to make pee-pee, Althea." He held it down and let out a strong pee. After that, he evacuated some more loose pieces. That was from his dry cereal, fruits and tea and then our ham and cheese sandwiches. He felt better and I gave him toilet paper. In fact, I wiped him good. He complained that his rectum itched. He wiped his penis, pulled up his pants and underwear and flushed.

Then, I lifted my navy tennis skirt. I wore two panties-the regular girls Carters under my light blue cheerleader briefs. Pulled them down to my ankles, sat on the bowl and evacuated all my plum chunks that I ate early. Splats all over the place. I stinked the place good. Then, I peed a little, and farted out all my gas. My stomach cramped. I pushed until all the gas has subsided and I pushed out more chunks and dark water. I did not have to pee. I reached for toilet paper with Wayne's help, opened my legs and I wiped myself from the front, then bent over and did the same from the back. I used three good wads. I stood up and looked. Wayne said, "You and I had a belly." I flushed the bowl, took him to wash our hands and returned to lessons. I gave him comics to read.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Korean Girl great story about your giant poop it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt great afterwards to since the beast of a poop was out of you and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Vanessa first welcome to the site and great story please post anymore you may have thanks.

To: Shy Girl Angela great story it sounds like you and those other 2 girls had really great poops I bet you all felt good afterwards to.

To: Lori first welcome to the site and great story.

To: Krista thats good about waking up dry.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Jasmin K

Constipation and Answers

Ive not posted fro a while, holidays and sorting school/college/job issues out.

Ok so first to answer some posts.


Hi hope your coping with your constipation and managing to go.
I read in one of your posts that your mum only noticed you were constipated after 2 or 3 days, Did she not check what you had done each day? When I was younger my mum checked every time I was on the toilet how much I had done. There was a morning routiene every morning, Breakfast, teeth/shower if needed,dress - school uniform / home clothes dependent on day etc then taken to the bathroom mum would lift my skirt (or undo and pull down shorts/jeans if non school day)then pull my knickers down and get me sat on the toilet and then she would sit on the edge of the bath and tell me to try hard, bear down into your bum, strain hard/strain harder etc occasionally checking under me to see if I was straining and if a poo was coming. If i did it and it was enough I could get off but when it wouldnt come I was there for about 40 minutes before school. If I hadnt done it or hadnt done enough I had to go back in the evening. It also didnt count if I did it at school, I still had to sit on the toilet in the evening untill I did a poo and got into trouble if I couldnt so I always used to hold it at school in those days, well up till I was 12 ish anyway. In junior /middle school if I had done a poo at home but needed to poo again or had ???? ache I went and did it /tried to do it at school if i knew I wouldnt have to go again in the evening. In secondary school I got bullied in the toilets when I first started at school and didnt then poo at school untill I was 12 1/2 -13 yrs when I started doing what I do now and go at school each morning rather than at home. I never thought anything about being made to go at home as when I was much younger (pre school)I remember seeing my older sister being made to go on the toilet each morning as my younger sister saw me doing. She was being potty trained and was on her potty whilst I was on the toilet.
Linda if I got to three days and hadnt done a poo in that evening I got into serious trouble then on the 4th day I was kept off school with a '???? ache' and had to keep going on the toilet untill I did it. I had colouring books etc to keep me amused when I was younger and books to read when older or electronic games to play etc.
I am not overweight but just get constipated alot. When I am constipated I get a swollen ????.

Hi - I wasnt told to grunt but was told to strain hard, I suppose I did make noises whilst strsining but never really worried about being heard.

30 something male
Ive not tried the softeners yet,probably a good idea to as ive got really bad piles at the moment although I am not actually constipated, I am pooing every day a mix of pebbles and hard lumpy logs which is taking me about 20-25 minutes of straining to get moving then about 10-15 minutes to get it all out.If I do it will be during the holidays in the next week before I start my summer job.

I am avoiding constipation in the sense of not being able to do anything at the moment although sometimes its not been easy getting it out - been every day for the last 3 weeks or so. I dont have the full feeling of needing to poo on a morning but I know there must be something there so I just go on the toilet and sit there straining as ive said in my reply to 30 something male, and makeing a decent ampunt of poo.
The last time I was badly constipated I think was due to changes in lifestyle for a few days. My best frien and I went to visit with some lads we knew off a travelling fair and stayed with them. my friend and I had both tried to have a really good poo before travelling to meet them neither of us doing more than a few pebbles. I think that and a bad diet of sweets, fizzy drinks and junk food and being on the rides all day and evening just made us really constipated,and using porta loos type toilets didnt help, neither of us could do anything except a little pee. On the second day I had bad ???? ache and mentioned it to one of the lads sisters. She said that there were some public toilets about 5 minutes form the site and said she was going there later. We went on the rides that afternoon and later my friend said that she though she had dirtied her knickers some soft poo had leaked out. Lucky for her she was wearing knickers under her denim shorts. I had on Black shiney shorts and was aware that my swollen bum was pressing on them making it quite uncomfy to sit although after a walk around and burger and candy floss we had another 2 rides before returning to the caravan. His sister was there and the 3 of us walked to the public toilets and took a cubicle each. I undid and pulled down my shorts and sat down taking from my bag some soft toilet paper and got comfy on the seat which was much better than the caravan porta loos. I noticed a stain in my shorts from my bum which I wiped it was a mix of that jelly like bum juice and the cream I had put on my piles earlier. I could hear farting and straining from the other cubicles and I joined in. I bore down and strained as hard as I could and although my bum swelled nothing moved. I kept doing this for about 20 minutes and nothing. I heard a plip and my friend said thats 1 piece out. I tried again, pulling my bum cheeks apart and pulling my bum open and pushed as hard as I could and breaking wind. The other girl from the fair said have either of you done it yet, we both said no, she said that it usually took her a couple of hours to do it adding that she was rock hard at the moment. we all kept straining and farting and the occasional plip of a hard pebble dropping in the water. The fair girl said did either of us want any numbing cream if we were sore. Yes please so she passed it under the cubicle to my friend who opened it and used it then passed it under the cubicl to me. I used my index finger to apply it to my swollen anus and piles and also up inside before passing it back. It really worked my bum was like tingling and not stinging or sore. I strained really hard and kept straining makeing my arse bleed and the inside push out. I sat up straight and really pushed hard into my bum resulting in several little plips in the water. I heard a splash from my friend who announced she had done a log and was trying for another. I strained again and more pebbles followed by the tip of a log which was stretching my bum but not causing any pain. I checked with my finger and it was out below my protruding bum tube about 6 inches. It felt solid but knobbly like pebbles stuck together. I manipulated it with my finger whilst straining and it splashed down making a solid thud and splash in the water. I asked my friend if she had finshed and she relied she had one stuck. A couple of other people came in and 1 took the remaining cubicle. The girl from the fair made an enourmous grrrrrunt sound followed by a little plip and then she said its on its way. I did another couple of chunks then someone in the que said hurry up theres other waiting to which the fair girl replied- you have to wait and shere the end one were all constipated here,I be at least another 1/2 hour. I looked at my watch we had already been there for 2 hours. My friend announced she was just getting the leftovers out, I strained and dropped a log and then tried hard again and dropped a few chunks again. I wiped and was just about to pull my shorts up and felt a bit more so re sat and pushed out another sausage sised log and another and another re wiped and pulled up my shorts. My mate flushed and left the cubicle and told the girl from the fair we had finshed. She opened her door and we chatted as she dropped a log that must have been 2 1/2 inches fat and about a foot long. She announced that was what had taken an hour and 1/2 to get out from it starting to emerge.
We got back to their caravan and made some tea and relaxed, The effect of the cream was wearing off and I went to check if I was still bleeding, luckilly no so i removed the paper but was extremly sore and swollen, I aksed to borrow more cream and the girl came in and handed it to me, i applied some and pulled my shorts up although my bulging bum was pressing against them, thankfully nothing comes through them. My friend went to check but she was still blleding as she had a split in her bum, The fair girl offerd her the cream which she appied and then wore a sanitary towel which was actually visible in her shorts
Later my friend and I went back on the rides feeling much better. WLater when the effect of the creame wore off It was a case of gritting your teeth to sit on the rides

Thats it for now

Jas K.


Long time reader first time poster

Hi everyone. This is my first time posting, but I have been reading The Toilet forum for quite sometime. I wish I had a story to share, but unfortunately I seem to never have any interesting bathroom related stories to tell lol. Haha hopefully someday. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for posting and I like reading everyone's posts.

Megan- I really enjoy your stories about being out shopping or eating or at school and then desperately needing to poo. Please keep posting. Do you ever have a odorless poo or is always at least some smell? Also it seems in a lot of your stories you need a poo after eating. Does eating usually trigger a poop for you? Do certain foods make you produce big or smellier dumps?


Fitting Rooms?

Does anyone who works in retail have any stories where people pee or poop in the fitting rooms or has anyone ever gone to the bathroom in a fitting room?

korean girl

very big dump

I have not posted in long time but I have a good story. I had not went to the bathroom in over two weeks. After a week I knew I would clog the toilet and I hate that!! So I kept not going and I could tell I had a very large poop inside of me. Today was a 4th of July fair that happened all day. They had portopotties so I knew this would be my time to go without clogging anything. Most of them I saw had long lines and I knew I would take awhile so I tried to find different ones. I was able to find two for girls near the edge of the fair. There was no line and I went right in. Inside it was hot and smelled and the portopotty was already pretty full of toilet paper and poop. I knew I would be close to finally going and the urge got very strong. I quickly pulled my shorts and panties down to my knees and sat down. I relaxed and it did not start moving. I tried pushing and it still did not move. I decided to sit there and see what happen. In a few minutes my insides suddenly spasm and I could feel it move then it stopped. This happened a few more times and it felt good. It was now starting to come out. I tried pushing really hard and it slowly came out. It hurt as it stretched me. I kept pushing out this rock hard super wide shit then it started moving by its own. It quickly started easing out and felt amazing and i went up on my toes. Then it was over. I looked and it was 14 inches long and 3 inches wide from end to end.


Summer School Story

Hi guys my name is Vanessa and I'm a 16 year old girl. I've read stories on this website for about a year now and I finally got the guts to post a story. So about two weeks ago I started taking a summer school course at a high school I didn't attend. On the first day I got there early as my parents both worked late. Since it was my first time at this school I decided to look around since I had 40 minutes to kill. As I was walking I got the urge to do a #2 since I had a big dinner last night. I found the girls bathroom and I walked in. I took the end stall and hiked up my casual blue and black dress and lowered my white panties to my ankles. Since I had time to spare I decided not to push is out as I was in no hurry. After 10 minutes the bat hroom started to get more used
so I pulled up my underwear to knee level. Another 10 minutes had passed and I had produced one long skinny turd but I still had more in me. So far girls have been only coming in to pee so I felt a little embarrassed. I took out my IPhone and realized I had been pooping for 25 minutes and that I had to hurry since I still had to look for my class. The bathroom was empty again so I started to push out a hard turd. I started to grunt since it was difficult to come out and that's when another person came in and I felt so embarrased. The girl took the stall next to me and sat down in a hurry. At first only her white shorts were visible under the space from the ceiling to the stall as she started peeing fiercely. I continued pooping and my hard turd dropped in the toilet with a loud splash that made me turn red. The girl next to my was done peeing but still sitting down and then pulled her light yellow panties down as she stretched her legs. I was done so I wiped and left the girl so she could finish her business in peace. Later that day I realized that the girl in the other stall was in my class! How wierd!

Shy Girl Angela

Pooping in public

Yesterday I had my first dump in a public restroom. I'm a 17 year girl about 5 feet and 6 inches. I work in a small store inside a mall and I was about 15 minutes away from finishing my shift when I got the urge to do a #2. I'm really shy about going anywhere from home so I wanted to hold it in. When my shift ended I knew I was going to have to use a mall bathroom or risk going in my underwear. I desperately walked into target and went to the 3rd floor bathrooms as less people would be there. As I entered the womens bathroom I was glad to see no one was there. I took the middle of the 5 stalls as it was cleaner. I locked the door and quickly lowered my black skinny jeans and light blue bikini panties. As soon as I sat down I felt my large poop come out as I haven't gone in 4 days. It came out so fast and felt so good but suddenly I heard the door opened. I stopped pushing so the lady wouldn't hear my poop drop and I decided to wait until she left to finish. She took the stall to my right and instantly I saw her hot pink lace thong around her ankles so I assumed she had a dress or skirt on . Well I was hoping she would just pee and leave as I was just too shy to go when she was there. Unfortunately I heard her plop and I realized she would be in there a while. I desperately was holding my poop in and wishing she would finish soon. I had my jeans and panties at mid thigh level so I lowered them to my knees. After five minutes I was starting to loose my battle and that's when I heard the girl drop a loud plop and start to wipe. She then pulled up her thong and began to wash her hands. Through the little crack in in the stall I saw her washing her hands. She was pretty blonde girl about 16 wearing a pretty pink dress on. As soon as she left I finished pushing out my long poop that felt so long! I then felt finished and started to wipe. I pulled up my underwear and arranged it so wouldn't get a wedgie and that's when I looked in the bowl. It was the biggest poop I had ever taken! It was about 2 feet long and really wide and curled around the bowl. I was supried I had so much in me and it didn't hurt to come out. So I pulled up my jeans and tired to flush my monster when I realized it wasn't going down :(. I quickly left the stall and went to wash my hands. But before I could I had to pee so I took the stall the cute blond had used but it was filled with poop /.- so I took the first stall and peed. As I left that stall a college age looking girl came in and went to the stall the blond had used and said ewww and then took the stall I had used to poop and screamed. I was so embarrassed but good thing she didn't suspect me lol cx. She told me some girl had left a giant turd in there and quickly took the 4th stall. I heard her pull her booty shorts and underwear down and start to pee. I then proceeded to finish washing my hands and I heard that she was also pooping. Before I left I looked under her stall and saw that she had a royal blue thong on with a light skidmark. She must of been desperate to go. As I left I wondered how so many girls aren't afraid to poop in public and I am... oh well.

Do any of you girls have stories about pooping in public? Or storied about having others enter the bathroom while you're pooping??

Shy girl Angela


To Marrissa: lumpy turds

Hello, Marrissa: I think all of us have lumpy knobby turds from time to time; I know I do. When I was young, most of my bowel movements were just a single long large turd, and much of the time it was just as you describe. Nowadays my movements start out hard, thick, and lumpy; but then in mid-turd they change to smoother texture. There is a way to classify your movements, called the Bristol Stool Scale; on it my typical movement begins as a 2 (hard, lumpy) and ranges to a 4 (smooth, snake-like). Check out the Bristol Stool Scale and see how your own movements fit on it.



My name is Lori. I'm 20 and in college. I was just home studying and only my mom was home. I had to pee but was trying to finish a project. Finally i got really desperate so I got up to go pee and just when I got outside my bathroom door in the hallway I sneezed and suddenly I lost control and totally flooded my jeans. It was hot and wet and all down my legs and butt and crotch and a puddle on the floor. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. I did a little of both. My mom came around the corner and saw me and I said, "I pee sneezed." And we both started laughing. Then she grabbed herself and bent over and pushed past me into my bathroom laughing and said she was peeing her pants. She got to the toilet and pulled her pants down and peed with me standing there in my soaked jeans, both of us still laughing. She wet her panties pretty bad and had a big wet spot on her jeans on her butt and upper thighs but at least she didn't totally wet herself like I did.

It made me also think of a story from 7th grade when our teacher was mean and didn't like to let us go to the bathroom. My friend Lindsey was sitting next to me and was wiggling and told me she really needed to pee. I told her to raise her hand and ask. She didn't want to. She held it a while. Then she was getting really bad and I told her again to ask. She raised her hand and the teacher said, "Yes Lindsey?" but she pulled her hand back down and turned red and stopped shaking and I heard hissing and then dripping then splashing and I said "Are you... peeing your pants?" She just nodded and turned more red and started crying. She totally peed herself like I did today in her chair. The teacher had me take her to the nurse. There was a big puddle in her seat and under her chair.


Responses to MARISSA and CHARLIE

Marissa, those are about the only type of turds I get lol. Or at least, those are quite common for me, because sometimes they tend not to be long and they break apart as they come out, but for the most part, I often have bumby knobby long turds, even when I'm not really constipated (i.e. they can happen when I'm going every day).

Charlie, how often do you poop like that? How often do you have to use an enema in the midst of pooping?

Brandon T

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To: Tlana great story.

To: Althea great story it sounds like you both had great poops.

To: S&A great story bout seeing your friend poop and its cool it lead to her becoming your girlfriend later on.

To: Debbie great desperate poop story.

To: Emma B great pee story.

To: Desperate Girl great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Comments, Questions, etc.

John-On-the John:

In your stories about children going to the bathroom in public places, I think you're right about adults wanting "control" by watching their child who they think is constipated. When I was 5 and 6 and we were away from home, I remember Grams insisting on coming into the stall the second time to wipe me. Her first time in was to make sure the seat got papered before I sat on it.


You say that Mom and Nana made you paper the seat at the theatre before you sat down on it. Did you ever argue or question why you had to do that while your friends in adjacent cubicles were just sitting right down on the seat and not going thru that ritual? I remember asking Grams once and she got a little mad and lectured me on something about STDs.


Did your Mom make you sit and did she watch you in public toilets too?


I found your comment on the public bathroom without stalls to be quite interesting. I used one for a week at a girls scout summer camp when I was like 10. We would open a lid, sit on these gray-painted toilet boxes that were made out of wood and then pull a chain above us from the ceiling to flush with. In the largest of the restrooms, there were like 30 or 40 of us sitting down and vulnerable several times a day. I know a few of my fellow members just went out in the woods and relieved themselves. I don't think the adults liked that but they just looked the other way and didn't say anything

John H

Post Title (optional) a question for the ladies

Hi all.
Just wondering if many ladies ever dribble pee in their panties?
If so how often does it happen and how much pee escapes?
If anyone has any stories where this happened I would love for you to share them.
Where we're you when it happened? How old you were at the time? How long had you been holding your pee for? Did you keep it to yourself and how did the situation end?
Hope that the ladies on here don't mind answering these questions.
A friend of mine told me that it is common and I decided to post here about it.
Also I wondered if pregnancy, child birth and periods have an affect also?

That's all for now.
Take care all,
John H

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