These last two days ive actually woken up with a dry pullup. As far as i can remember, this has never happened before in my whole 23 years. This would b exciting for me except ive woke up having to go pee so bad that i just cant make it to the toilet. This morning i woke up just starting to dribble. I grabbed my crotch and tried to run to the bathroom. I barely got my pullup half down. the wetness indicators were slightly faded from my dribbles. I barely pulled my pullup halfway down and i just couldnt hold my pee anymore. I lost it and started peeing hard down my legs. I got some in my pullup and on my pajama pants but most ran down my legs and went all over the floor. Yesterday, i woke up dry too but i totally flooded my pullup halfway down the hall to the bathroom. Three days ago, i woke up with my pullup VERY swollen and soaked thru. Sometimes i pee at night more than once and my pullup cant hold it all. My pajamas and sheets were soaked. My mom said i need to start wearing a depends diaper to bed instead of my regular daytime pullups cuz depends diapers hold more. Becuz ive been wetting more heavy at night lately, i had to go get tested for diabetes again (twice a year) even though im pretty thin. The sugar tests say im totally fine which makes me happy cuz i hate shots and needles. im having a pretty hard time today. 3 accidents today, and i just realized my pullup is wet again. gotta go.


powerful flush

I'm back again, I posted a long time ago. I'm the English teacher from Japan who doesn't like people knocking on the door when I'm doing motions even though this is seen as normal in Japan.

I read a post on this forum written by another Japanese woman, her name Kotono or Kotone, she complained that in England loo flushes are not powerful and big motions like hers can't go down.

I see her point because in the college where I teach the loos have very powerful flushes. I did an interesting motion recently. It came out really slowly, but very steadily. Perhaps I didn't push so hard. It took about 10 minutes to come out. When it finally stopped, I looked into the loo, and I found it had broken into maybe 8 large turds about 5 inches long and some small pieces. Some of the turds were floating and some were at the bottom, thats is why I couldn't count exactly.

I thought I'd better to flush. So I did, and it ALL went down! Wow, what a powerful flush. I sat down again and after a few minutes I did some more, not a lot.

I love doing motions.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Hi. Does anyone ever get bumpy knoby long turds?


Port-a-Potties Don't Work For Me

Port-a-Potties don't work for me. Each summer when me and my friends are out at parades, fairs, park concerts and other outdoor events, port-a-potties are often the only option because no traditional bathrooms are available. It happened again just yesterday. Me and Lorenz and Noah walked about a mile down to our city's weeklong Freedom Days carnival where there was an afternoon parade, carnival games, and an evening concert followed by fireworks. I weed before I left home at noon but all that we drank in the hot conditions throughout the afternoon had us in line for the unisex port-a-potties about 4 p.m. There must have been about 50 of the toilets. Each of them was located front and back with another one which helped keep the lines down to fewer people for each one. I was getting kind of desperate but we were in one of the smallest lines with Noah and Lorenz in the line in front of me and about five in front of them. I was amused by the fact that one of the users would hurry in and the door would open again in like 30 or 45 seconds. Another user--sometimes a little kid--would be in there for 4 or 5 minutes and the mom would rap on the door and plead with them to hurry up. In the line to our right we heard a mom yelling at the kid that she was about the "burst" and that they would be going home if she didn't come out at once.

Because of the pain I was in, Noah and Lorenz let me go in front of them. Finally, the door opened and a girl about my age came out, blinded by the sunlight and stumbling. I was thankful because I was hopeful that would mean I would be getting a dry seat. Wrong! There was no light, now fan, and the seat was a little higher than I normally have (remember I'm 3' 4") and to my discomfort I could tell I was sitting in something moist. I slid myself to the front of the toilet a little more, got down and repositioned myself twice, but the sweat was overcoming me. I got a very small wee stream started, but I don't think it lasted even 30 seconds as I sat melting and staring at a maintenance 800 phone number on the inside door a couple of inches from my face. Twice later I went back as the evening came on. Each time I left in pain knowing that I had not completely drained my bladder. Of course, the boys had no problem, although Noah had to crap, but decided to hold it until he got home.

After the fireworks at about 10 p.m. we started our walk back home. I was still somewhat in pain and as we were walking through a subdivision, Noah jumped over a sewer that we built into a curb and since it was dark and no one else was around it gave me an idea. I could sit on the curb and wee directly down into the sewer. Noah and Lorenz urged me to try it. It worked great. With my underwear and shorts at mid-thigh, my stream gained strength and I weed for more than two minutes. I was getting pierced with some tiny rocks and I think sand on my butt, but I felt great. I dared Noah to take my seat when I was done and do his crap. But he refused. Another time, I guess.


Mutial Dump

When I was 8 or 9 my best friend was Ricky who lived right next door. He had a large backyard that we always played in. At the back of the yard there were some large bushes. Sometimes when we were out playing we would both have to go pee about the same time. So we would go down behind the bushes. Sometimes we had peeing contests to see who could pee the longest. One day after doing our peeing we both had to take a dump. Normally we would go home and do that but on this day we decided to do it right there back in the bushes. We both took off our shorts and under ware as we did not want to get anything on them. Then we both squatted down beside each other and did our business. After wards we were comparing our dumps. As I recall his was a soft pile of poo while mine took alittle longer to come out was two medium size logs. As we stood there admiring our need Ricky's sister who was several years younger suddenly appeared and saw what we had just done. She had apparently seen us go behind the bushes and when did not come right out she had decided to see what we were doing. She said she was going to tell on us and she must told her Mom who told my Mom as we both got in trouble and were told not to do that again and I don't think we did. Although we still did our peeing contests as that was quick and left no evidence.


Long time reader first time poster

Hi everyone. This is my first time posting, but I have been reading The Toilet forum for quite sometime. I wish I had a story to share, but unfortunately I seem to never have any interesting bathroom related stories to tell lol. Haha hopefully someday. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for posting and I like reading everyone's posts.

Megan- I really enjoy your stories about being out shopping or eating or at school and then desperately needing to poo. Please keep posting. Do you ever have a odorless poo or is always at least some smell? Also it seems in a lot of your stories you need a poo after eating. Does eating usually trigger a poop for you? Do certain foods make you produce big or smellier dumps?

nes: In 1st grade, I brought home a girl, Gloria. She and I were busting for making #2. We took off our coats, went to the bathroom. I lifted my navy dress, white slip and pulled down my white Nazareth panties to my ankle and sat on the bowl. I stomach was full to the brim and I pushed out 3 large dark brown logs, 12 inches each. Oh, the pain as they evacuated. Gloria and I talked as I strained through the whole thing. I was always scared to make #2 at school. The pieces hit the water hard. THe pressure forced out a short pee. We talked, comparing ourselves and giggling. I took paper to wipe myself good. When I stood up, Gloria said, "You made a big boo-boo. I am next" She had already had up her brown dress, white slip, her white nylon panty and brown panty hose in her hands. So, I got to see her. I fixed my clothes and flushed the bowl 2x. Two pieces broke and missed the drain. Then, Gloria sat on the throne, her dress and slip bunched at her waist and her panty and hose at her knees. She said, "My boo-boo feels like a hard rock." It is one long piece." I heard a loud plop and then she farted loud. We talked about school, the boys, girls, teachers. I was fixing my dress, and underwear. I did not want to show my slip and my panties were wedged, so I had to reached under my clothes. Gloria said, "I have to pee" and she did- a long one. She then said, "I have to wipe my pussy first." I gave her paper. She opened her legs, wiped her pussy, then took another strand and wiped her behind the same way. She stood up and showed this light brown monster. It was a good 16 inches and 3 inches thick. She then fixed her layers of clothing and underwear and flushed the toilet. We had a loud jet flush. I would keep her company at school when she had a bowel movement.

Tlana: I like theater toilets. They are my favortite, clean plenty of light. My mother and Nana made me put paper on the seat. I always wipe the seat.

Someone named drew asked about seeing other guys using the toilet. This reminded me of the experiences I had at work. I used to work at a home depot where the men's toilets had no doors on the stalls. The other guys I worked with didn't seem to mind much. Almost everyday, after lunch,you could go in the bathroom and there would be several guys hunkered down on the john moving their bowels. They would just smile at you as you walked by. Every now and then you'd see a guy who would look down and couldn't look you in the eyes because he was embarrassed by what he was doing. I even had a conversation one time with this young guy.He was Mexican and didn't speak English well but we had a brief conversation while both of us were on the john. Just talking like friends and neither of us embarrassed by the grunting and farting noises we were making. It was like a brotherhood in the bathroom. Another time,that same guy I was talking to, his father ran into the bathroom once while I was washing my hands at the sink. The guy had to go really bad and didn't care who saw him. He just plopped down on the toilet in full view of me and started to let loose. It was a really noisy and smelly one too and he was a big guy! But we also had a nice conversation about how relieved he was to get all that out of him. So I have had many experiences with other guys on the toilet.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Maddie first welcome to the site and it sounds you had a pretty rough day.

To: Elisabeth great story it sounds like you had a great poop.

To: Onthetoiletgal great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

S & A
Well this story is about an awkward public bathroom incident I had with this cute girl about a year ago.

So I was playing soccer in this big local park with some friends when I suddenly got the urge to poop. I HATE going in public and really shy when someone else is in the bathroom. I knew that this park has doorless stalls so I wanted to hold it until I got home. After five minutes I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold 3 days worth of poop so I told my friends I was going home. As I was leaving I knew there was no way I could hold it and that's when I remembered there's a bathroom building around the baseball fields that is empty during the day. Since there was no one there I decided to risk my chance and go there. I was 50 feet away when I saw this really cute girl named Alyssa that was in TWO of ny classes. She was this really shy girl that rarely talk but was one of the prettiest girl in my class. She had her long brown hair in a ponytail and was wearing tight yoga pants and a white top. Well she looked like she was in a hurry and made a turn towards the bathrooms. This is when it started getting awkward. As soon as I walked into the bathroom I saw Alyssa with her eyes closes and I heard her big slapsh. That's when she opened her eyes and saw me standing there. I was shocked to see such a pretty girl with her pink thong and yoga pants to her knees. She rushed to cover her girl part and said "Omg this is so embarrassing. I'm so sorry sam (my name) I was starting to go in my panties and the womens room was locked so I had no choice." She began to cry and that's when I gave her a hug and told her not to worry. Well she was still crying her eyes out while she finished her business. As soon as she finished I helped her clean her pink thong and helped her pull her clothes up and hugged her. I had completely forgot about my need to go by seeing this beautiful girl on the toilet. Since I was wearing shorts she noticed that I was getting excited by this and laughed. That's when my urge to poop came back so I let her watch since it was only fair. When I was done she hugged me and we kissed. Now almost one year later Alyssa and I are now dating. We still laugh about how this bathroom visit led us to actually talk and start a relationship.

Well that's all for now so cya


morning surprise

I'm 27 years old and woke up to something interesting the other morning... something smelled funny in my room, and when I sat up to investigate, I felt a warm squishy feeling on my butt. I thought to myself "did I..." and I lifted the blanket, parted my knees and looked down...and sure enough, I totally crapped my undies in bed! It wasn't diarrhea, I wasn't drinking the night before, I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary... I just kind of took a dump while sleeping! Weird! I wasn't too upset about it because I live alone currently... I probably would've been mortified if it happened when my ex lived here with me. But instead I was just kind of weirded out a little intrigued. It's like a mystery of sorts lol. Trying to imagine how or why it happened... if i had to poop bad enough to the point where it was gonna happen in my panties why wouldn't I have woken up?

Either way, I carefully slipped out of bed trying not to make more of a mess of the sheets then there already was. The good news is I was wearing cotton panties with pretty good butt coverage and the load, while big, was solid so it mostly stayed in my panties, just a little bit got on the sheets. The bad news is they were white of course lol. So the stain was pretty brutal. When I was done cleaning myself up I started to make an attempt to scrape the poop out of my panties so then I could hand wash them, but I found it a bit overwhelming and decided to just throw them away...besides it seemed there was little hope of getting the stain out entirely and I don't necessarily need a pair of undies hanging around that I obviously pooped in!

Anyway, so that was an interesting morning. First time as an adult that I've ever pooped my pants. Pretty harmless first accident I think! I could have pooped myself under much more embarrassing circumstances.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Zip - on this forum you have made some very sensible contributions and pieces of advice, and thanks for your reply to my piece about small girls in the men's public loos. There is a problem of course for men with small girls. (A lot of trouble can be avoided if they are told to 'go' at home before going out, and also if the men do the same.)

I've never had anybody telling me off if they open the door and find me ensconced. I've had some experiences of people bursting in on me and saying 'sorry', and one boy in an English youth hostel without a lock saying 'Oh you gave me a shock', but nothing more aggressive than that. Youth hostels which I used a lot when I was a student, often had doors without locks, as did many English schools, one of which was used in London during the Summer holidays near to Victoria railway station. I stayed a week in that hostel, and naturally, there were many hostellers from abroad, and there were many 'sightings' of me by other guys, and by me of them. (The toilets at my schools were rather like this. In 13 years - from aged 5 to 18 - I don't think I sat on a school toilet as many as 10 times, though I used the urinals at least 3 times a day.

In another youth hostel, just after I had graduated from university, I stayed in a hostel where there was a 'glory hole' in the wall. There were 2 cubicles, and a boy of about 14 or 15 was sitting in one of them. I recognized him by his trousers, and had gone a walk with him the previous evening. He was a 'posh boy', but very pleasant, and was a pupil in a good English independent school. I decided to leave the toilets until he came out. Perhaps I should have stayed and chatted to him; some posh schools often had very small doors, as I discovered when I went to a conference once during their summer holidays. That boy probably had stopped being self-conscious through his time at school.

Nowadays, youth hostels have to keep to a strict standard on toilet and shower arrangements.

Some transport cafes and truck stops in the UK have no locks on the toilet doors. Those who have 'burst in on me' have been very apologetic; one guy apologized when he opened the door, and afterwards when I came out, he said 'Sorry for seeing you on the toilet'. I said to him 'No problem - it's something we all do'. He went in himself then.

Then in another transport cafe with no locks, I burst in on a young boy, probably 8 or 9, because his legs didn't touch the floor. Again I said 'Sorry', and he said 'It's OK'. As it was school holidays, he was with his dad, as I noticed when I went into the cafe for a cuppa. The dad should probably have stayed outside the cubicle while he went in. The toilet block was separate from the cafe, and anybody could have gone in.

Hope these comments help some people.


Post Title (optional)To Emma b

Emma you are not alone ,I too am a poo holder. I do understand that holding your poo for extended periods of time may be enjoyable. However as you have realised it does come with consequences. I too am a victime of my own enjoyment.

Last Saturday morning I got out of bed , knowing I needed the toilet pretty bad . I had slept in a little and was behind schedule a little . I quickly put on an old pair of sport shorts that fit me very snuggly and a tank top. I was on the front porch watering some plants when my across the road neighbor spotted me and walked across the road.At this stage I was getting pretty desperate to poo and I had to clench my cheeks. Well Lisa ,my neighbor is a really lovely person ,could not ask for a better neighbor .However she chose the wrong time to visit. I thought I am going to have a real battle with my bowels so I don't have an accident. These shorts will not hold alot besides they are very comfy but old. Also I am very hairy to the point where I have a treasure trail up to my navel which is obvious in these shorts.

So here I am chatting to Lisa, who has no idea that I am really desperate to poo. Standing there with my cheeks clamped shut must have sparked some interest. Finally Lisa asked if I was okay,she noticed I'd been standing like a statue for 5 minutes. I told Lisa I was absolutely desp to poo and was just trying to finish the watering when she called over. Lisa said for me to go to the toilet and she would do the watering. Handed her the watering can and walked stiff legged and clenched to the toilet. Reached the kitchen when I could feel my cheeks part and this humungous turtlehead made its way into my shorts. I made it to the toilet just in enough time to pull down my shorts and do the rest in the bowl. Luckily it was very hard so I just picked the lump out of my shorts Had I held much longer I would have completely shit myself in front of Lisa. Returning to the porch Lisa asked if I was okay , I said yes I am now and laughed . Just wonder how much she guessed because she said I know how u feel when you are that desperate. I said Oh yeah ?

Then she told me of a story which I shall post later but very soon

Emma b

Driving lesson pee

My best friend and workmate, Claire lives opposite me so travel to work together in her car as I don't drive yet. I'm taking lessons and she lets me drive her car with L plates to get some pre test practice. Anyway we'd been driving for about two hours and we both had to pee so I pulled into a pub car park and we ordered two cokes and went to the ladies for a much needed wee. I was dying to go and kept going for ages and the relief was wonderful. I flushed and washed my hands while Claire stayed on the toilet. She was pooing and by the sound of it she had to go a lot. I went back to the bar and collected our drinks and took them to a table. Claire came back ten minutes later and whispered that she felt a lot better for that as she'd been holding it all day. When I asked her why she didn't go at work she said she liked to be desperate but loved the relief of it when she went to the toilet.

Desperate girl

I was out shopping this evening when I had to pee so I went to customer toilets and as I went in there was a girl of about 17 in front of me who looked like she was really desperate and the whiff of farts confirmed my suspicions. She took the cubicle next to mine and seconds later she was dropping lots of small turds into the water. I counted ten plops and then she peed a before she dropped another six turds. When she came out, I was washing my hands and she washed her hands next to me. She remarked that she felt a lot better and she'd been waiting all day for that.

Pooing in public toilets

I still feel slightly embarrassed having a poo away from my own toilet but I tell myself "Everyone poops and why should it matter where you are?" I must admit if I can hold it, I wait untill I get home but if really have to I go I will use a public toilet. To be honest I actually enjoy it when I'm not at home and I'm busting for a poo. The feeling of having to hold it and then using a public toilet when I absolutely have to go is like the forbidden fruit. It feels like I'm doing something wrong and the relief is so good it turns me on.


For Dude In Distress.

WOW Dude In Distress. I thought I was the only person who'd ever been that constipated before!! I have broken three towel racks that I can remember from using them as leverage when I needed to strain and bent quite a few of the metal rails in public toilets when I've had to use them to strain out a BIG turd. What I have to do more often than not when I'm that constipated, is just squat and strain a lot to get it started, then pass a little bit, and give myself an enema or two to get the rest of it out.


My Poop At Summer Arts Academy Camp

Hi! My name is Maddie ????, and I wear glasses. I'm a bit over weight for my age but it is not that bad. When I was at Summer Arts Academy everyone there were extremely mean. My teacher Ms. ????was so mean that the wouldn't let me go to the restroom to go poop. As I was working on my stuffie monster I farted and evryne starts to laugh at me. Then liquid poop starts dripping down my pants. No one new I pooped though. When I got home and went into the bathroom liquid poop starts to explode out of my butt. By the way my camp was hosted at ????.

Love Ya, And Happy Pooping!,

Maddy ???? <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Brandon T

cooments & stuff

To: Tlana great story.

To: Abby great story it sounds like you really had to poop bad and it sounds like it was a pretty good one to and I bet you felt good after to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kaitlyn K first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a 12-24 hour stomach bug and your friend handled the situation very well and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Beth great story about your weekly poops it sounds like you went through a variety of different poops and it sounds like most of them were pretty good and I look forward to reading your next stories thanks.

To: Megan great poop story.

To: Natasha great story it sounds like had a good poop.

To: JJ great story about seeing your friend poop it sounds like she really had to go alot and I bet she felt good after and I look forward to reading anymore stories about her that may come.

To: Emma B that teacher shoudve been more understanding.

To: Annie great story about your big poop I bet you felt great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nes first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop outside I bet you felt pretty good and refreshed when you were done and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Elisabeth great story about your big poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Victoria - Glad to hear you enjoyed my post. I've enjoyed reading yours as well, particularly your most recent one about your five day hold. It's lucky you had such a great "toilet partner", as it were.

As for my own story, I was entertaining some friends yesterday evening. I started to feel a need to take a dump, but I decided to hold it, because I always take a long time to poop and I didn't want to disappear from my own party for that long. Plus, I knew it was getting late and everyone would be going home within an hour or two.

Well, it turned out to be closer to two hours and I was starting to have to go quite badly. But eventually, everyone had left and I was free to go to the bathroom and take as long as I needed. I sat down and started playing around on my phone. Despite needing to go quite badly earlier, once I was on the toilet, nothing was coming.

After several minutes, my first turd crowned. I pushed it and four others out before flushing and then resuming my dump. The second half was six more good-sized turds, and then I was done. I wiped myself very thoroughly and flushed a second time. After washing my hands, I noted that I had been in the bathroom nearly forty five minutes. Definitely glad I waited until after the party to take my dump.

Esteban-I agree that it can be somewhat rude when the guys freak out because they caught a glimpse of you taking a dump. I had one guy yell at me to make sure the door is locked because he accidentally walked in on me. I just yelled back that the lock is broken.

I also had a guy needing paper in front of my stall. He asked if he could have some and I said help yourself. He came into my stall and took some paper. Easy!

John on the John - I agree with you about having little girls in the men's restroom when there are no locks or doors especially. Several years ago I was taking a dump in the restroom with no doors when a man came in with a small girl. He went to the urinal and she stood a few feet behind him. The entire time, she was just staring at me sitting there with my jeans and briefs at my ankles, cock hanging into the bowl. He should have taken her into the handicapped stall, so he could have a pee, and she would just stand behind him. It was a bit odd.

This weekend, I was visiting a buddy and we were playing around with the FaceTime app on our iPads. I went into the bathroom and took a dump while talking to him on the app. He mostly saw my face as I unloaded, but he could also hear the plops. He saw a bit more when I had to put the ipad down so I could wipe. He saw as I was standing there cleaning up, as well as when I stepped back into my briefs and shorts. He just shook his head when I came out, like I was crazy.


last weekend when I was off work, I took my little cousin Liam to play tennis.

It started to rain so we temporarily came inside until it dried up. We had planned to sit in the clubhouse but old people were having some sort of bowling reception in there. so we decided just to sit in the main corridor and wait.

I was wearing my short, white tennis skirt and liam had shorts with sports leggings on underneath. due to being sweaty, wet and shivering a slight need to sit on the toilet for a poo while I had this free-time arose.

I said to Liam "I'm away into the ladies for a while". he stared at me and said "oh you're going to take ages to poo and leave me here on my own". I asked him how he knew I was going for a poo and he replied with "if you were going for a pee you would just have said what you needed".

liam was saying that he was desperate for a pee and would like to try for a poo. I knew he was hinting to come with me into the ladies. I decided to allow him as he brings some company when you're on the toilet.

we went and took one of the 2 cubicles. we went in and closed the door. we elected that Liam would stand up and do his pee in the pan first then I would sit down then he would sit down.

Liam aligned himself with the loo and reached down his shorts, leggings and boxers to reach his willy. he pulled it out, aimed it into the loo and did a long stream of pee. he shook it and squeezed it before putting it back in his shorts. I was so jealous of how quickly and effortlessly he can pee and just bring his organ out rather than having to pull all your clothes down and sit down. I told him this and he said "it'd be so annoying having to sit down to do a pee, how can you sit on the toilet and not let poo come out?"

I pulled down my tennis underwear along with my normal pants to my knees(they slid down to my ankles though). I then made sure my skirt wasn't in the way of my bum and sat my thighs on the seat.

Liam was stood right in front of me. it was only a small cubicle so his legs were about 1cm away from mine when I was sitting down. We didn't talk too much as we do usually try to give each other some peace when we're actually doing the toilet.

as I sat down, I adjusted myself and started to pee 5 seconds after. the pee made a little hissing noise as it didn't quite hit the water. when this finished, Liam said "do you still need to poo yeah?" I just nodded with a smile. we were still making slight eye contact when I made a face and allowed a loud, farty, gassy piece of poo to fire out of my bum. it was one of those ones that you just wouldn't do if the bathroom was busy!

within the next couple of minutes, my bum crackled 4 times and little lumps fell right into the water. Liam had bent down by this time and was squatting he said "watching this poo fall out of you it making me need one a little bit now. at his height he had an optimum view of my peeing-part and between my legs right into the pan. I didn't really mind though as he had seen me waist-down before and I had seen him too.

after one little bullet and a wet fart, I pulled off a piece of loo roll to wipe. I leaned over on to my left thigh and tilted my bum up. I wiped 4 times and then did my front once thoroughly. when I began to pull up my pants, Liam said "is your bum totally clean after just 4 wipes?" to prove it was I quickly pulled off a square of loo roll which I massaged inside my bum cheeks. I pulled it out and showed this to him with a smile on my face as it was virtually empty despite having a bummy smell to it.

I then pulled up my actual pants before my tennis underwear and letting my skirt hang over them. I flushed away my poo and allowed liam to sit on the throne.

Liam pulled his shorts to just below his thighs. he did the same with his black sports tights and blue boxers. I kneeled down in front of him with my legs together.

I saw him trying to sit down like this and laughed while saying to him "is this your first poo with tights on then?" he nodded and smiled. before I suggested to him that he may want to pull them to his knees as I do when im wearing tights.

Liam sat his legs on the seat. he did a long pee which managed to hit the water. he then sat still for a minute before his bum rasped a juicy fart which was proceeded by a liquid of brown poo falling into the loo.

every now and then he would tense up slightly and after a fart more liquid would fall between his legs. I asked him if his stomach was okay as it smelled and looked like diahorrea. he replied by saying "my stomachs fine, it's just runny for some reason."

the farts were gradually getting smaller and soon it was time for him to wipe. As he usually does, he stood up which meant the smell from the toilet was whafting up.

he wiped his bum a total of 12 times. I was pulling off the loo roll for him and folding it. he then wiped his willy which he turned away to do. this left me with a view of his bum and visible red rings on his thighs. I had a quick inspection of his bum just to see it was 100% clean.

Liam pulled up his boxers to his waist before his tights and then pulling his shorts over the top.

we flushed our loo but there were a couple of skidmarks from us both. we washed our hands and went out to return to our game. we both moved better having had our toilet needs relieved

Wednesday, July 02, 2014


To Megan

Hi Megan, loved your recent story! I know what you mean about there not being many public toilets in London. When I visited there a couple of years ago I don't think I saw any except for at the train stations! I have a little question. Do you always need a poo after lunch (or just eating) or was it a coincidence.

Many thanks, Shelbi.


Theatre toilets & Tanner Rae

Yesterday, Miranda and I were planning to go to the movies. At almost the last minute, I got of call from a mom I've never babysat for before but I had been referred by one of the ladies in her office and she was desperate to find someone for her 5-year-old daughter Tanner Rae, because the mom's recently divorced, and she had plans for the weekend and Tanner Rae's father wouldn't take her at the last minute. So I said yes and told her about Miranda and my plans to go to the movies. She delivered Tanner Rae to my house within 15 minutes after I hung up. Miranda, who's kind of cynical and wasn't happy that we had to go to a G-rated film, said Tanner Rae's mom must have had one supper hot date.

We walked to the theatre with no time to spare. We just got done at the concession stand when the trailers began. About 15 minutes later Tanner Rae, who had drank her soda pretty fast, said she had to wee so I told her I'd take her down to the toilet. This is a 24-screen place and the restroom had at least that many stalls--more than I've seen in some time. Tanner Rae took the initiative to lead me in there so I knew she had to go bad. We waited outside a couple of stalls and when the first opened, Tanner Rae hurried in, dropped her shorts and undees instantly and slid herself onto the seat. Luckily I was there to watch the door because part of the latch had been broken off. She started her wee immediately and her legs and feet kicking from the front showed that she was not in any way shy.

As Tanner Rae did her wee I got to thinking back about nine years ago when I was in that bathroom with my grandma and had a big accident. Unlike my mom and most of my friends, grams doesn't believe in sitting butt-down on a public seat. She carefully pulls off toilet paper and lines the seat first, and while I was almost crying and telling her I was about to burst, she continued to do that. I was moving around trying to hold my wee but eventually the dam burst, into my tan shorts and down my legs and onto my feet. Grams seemed to blame me for it, although she went to the brown hand towel machine and pulled off a good amount of paper to dry me off with. She kept her word and didn't tell my mom. So I was really thankful that Tanner Rae was so independent.

Have any of you been with people like my grams that make you sit on paper? I think the idea is so lame and it just deprives future users from having toilet paper to wipe with. What ideas do you have?

nes: I had a poop buddies when I was a girl. I did not until later in jhs and high school. I could at church, playground, or at home. We never made #2 outdoors except in latrines. We peed a lot. It was fun.


Last minute dump

Well I back for another good story well here it is well our work shifts changed around well I got day shift but it was busy shift but the bad thing I hadn't dropped a deuce in a week a my stomach was rolling so any way the boss call a last min. Meeting so I had to go but by time it was over I thought I was going to crap my pants and I couldn't make it home so I went to ladies and found a empty style so I dropped my pants and pantys sat down then let a silent but deadly farts then two co worker walk in talk about something then they said what stinks then the first turd came it was 12" inches after it pass the second came out it was 10" inches I grunted some more a let a smelly mega farts off then the last turd came out it was 15"inch after all of that I whiped


To Jemma

Hi Jemma - good to hear from you again. I've missed your posts and I'm sure many others have too. Very sorry to hear you've been in hospital and I hope you make a full recovery.

Dude in distress

For Linda and everyone else who struggles

Linda- actually. I am not overweight. I have suffered from constipation most of my life and no one really knows why. I tend to go several weeks at a time with easy bms (easy meaning I only have to do about 20-30 minutes of hard pushing to get it all out. And then I have the massively hard ones that take numerous attempts to pass. That was the case last night. I hadent gone in 4 days and had already spent over an hour straining and trying to get it out. I needed to rest and the tip was poking out about an inch. I leant back against the toilet to rest- and the turd stayed put. It didn't go back in, but I wasn't sure I was gonna be able to get it out. Again I braced myself with one hand gripping the bathroom counter, and the other hand gripping the towel rack. I was leaing forward in a semi squat and I took a huge deep breath and started pushing as hard as I could. I grunted loudly as I struggled to pass this 3inch wide, HARD log. As I was leaning forward, I glanced down and I noticed my anus was bulging down SO MUCH from the massive poo I was trying to expell. After about 30 minutes of straining in this awkward semi squat while gripping the counter and towel rack- progress!! I had now managed to get about 2 inches out. But then it got stuck. I rocked back and forth. Stood up, walked, squatted, and even tried to lay down. I used my fingers to try and press down around my anus. I pulled my cheeks apart to try to help make more room to get it out.Then I tried pressing against the spot below my tailbone, above my anus. Several pebbles fell off, but the main turd remained stuck. By now my grunts sounded less like grunts from effort and more like grunts from pain and sheer desperation to get this thing out. I was nearly in tears. Finally after over 2 hours, I managed to get it out- through a combination of pushing, grunting, and manual manipulations. I was exhausted and drenched from sweat. I haven't had one that hard in quite some time! It was 3 inches wide and nearly 7inches long!

Kaitlyn K
Hey so I'm new here I'm 19 years old in college. I have been reading on here for quiet some time just never got around to posting but boy do I have a lot of stories . Just to give you a little description about my self I'm 5"4 I am a tiny bit chubby ( well to me I'm chubby but to everyone else I'm normal ). I do have a lot of stories so let me know if you want to hear them also the other day I got food poisoning so let me know if you want to hear about that but for now I would like to tel you a story about last night

Ok so last night me and a group of my friends went out for a few drinks and then we went back to this one guys house ( he is really hot ) he had a pool so we all put on our bathing suites and went swimming they guy had a few other friends over and so it was like a party. After a while of swimming my stomach felt a little funny so I got out and decide to sip on some soda that was mixed with something and as I was drinking it the guys house we where at was talking to me and before I knew we where making out ( it happened so fast and I was drunk so I don't really Remember ) so after that we decide to go further and we went up to his room and I was laying on his bed while he went to get something and my stomach was hurting so I farted and liquid poop squirted out and leaked through my bikini and onto the bed I was horrified just as I let another fart out he walked in he looked horrified also but instead of lighting or being mean he asked if I was ok and I said no my stomach hurt and I started crying and saying sorry and he kept telling me it was fine because shit happens so after sitting there crying for about five minutes I had to go again so I went to the bathroom and I let out a really loud fart and some chunks came out then this really long stream of poop came out and then another really loud fart after that I was done so I cleaned up and went back out he had cleaned up the poop and offered me a pair of his shorts ( because when I came I just had my swim suit on under my cloths ) so I took them put them on and he brought me something to drink and settle my stomach and he said that I could just lay on his bed if I didn't feel like going back down to the party so me and him laid on the bed. He was really sweet we just talked the rest of the night I didn't have to go anymore though but this morning when I got home I went again but it was more solid but I did have a stomach ache

Sorry it's not very good I have a lot more stories though also I am going out for chines tonight so I will post the aftermath of that

He I don't know if y'all Remember me but I used to post awhile back and I used to be constipated all the time well now it's the complete opposite so I would like to start doing like weekly movements where I talk about my bowl movements for everyday of the week so I will start with last Monday

Monday : woke up went to the bathroom and pooped out two big logs and some pee also came out after that had some breakfast then had to again but only got out some small turds and a few farts the rest of the day went by and no more movements

Tuesday : didn't have to go in the morning just went pee skipped breakfast and had a late lunch after lunch I felt the urge to go do I went and released some farts and a soft pile of mush fell out then some more farts . So the day went by had dinner then had to go again this time it was three really soft smooth long snakes they made a nice cream like pile in the toilet about two hours later I had to go agin this time it was just a small hard log and some liquid.

Wednesday : I only went once it was after dinner and it was very hard and in a ball shape also it was yellow in color and had some I food in it

Thrusday : woke early with a stomach ache so I went to the bathroom pushed out two bigs logs about 8 inches each farted a little then left to have breakfast and after breakfast I really had to go when I went it was really soft mush my stomach was hurting and I still felt so I just stayed on the toilet and about ten minutes later I pushed and a loud fart came out called by little chunks of toothpaste like poop after that I felt done but my stomach hurt so bad so I called off from work and went to sit in my bath after being in the bath for about a hour I got out and decided to have a snack as I felt better no less then five minutes after I had a snack I had to go back to the bathroom and let out some foul smelling liquid poop with loud farts. After that I decided to skip lunch then about 3 in the afternoon I had to go again and I was in there for a bout a hour with bout after bout of diarrhea it was all yellow liquid. After that I didn't go again but my stomach felt a little shaky so did my husbands he ended up coming home from work ( probably something we ate )

Friday : not much just a few small turds after dinner

Saturday : once in the morning it was really soft and then again before I went to bed it was liquid again this time it was dark brown with some small chunks In it .

Sunday : didn't go at all just some really bad wet farts

Monday, June 30, 2014

Last weekend I went to London to do some sightseeing and be a tourist for the day. On the way down on the train, I needed to have a wee. Since it was only a wee I decided to go on the train, so I made my way to the loo, expecting it to be one of those ones with the big sliding automatic door. But it was just a regular toilet that you locked yourself, which made me feel a bit more secure! I pulled down my jeans and red panties and sat down to we. I felt some pressure in my bum so I thought it might be worth trying to poo since I was there, but apart from a little quiet fart nothing happened, so I went back to my seat.

It was quite hot so I was drinking quite a lot, so fairly soon I needed to empty my bladder again. There aren't many public toilets in London, certainly not that I know about, but I managed to find a small shopping arcade with some loos. I went in and found two cubicles. I saw that the one nearest the door was out of order, so I went to the other one to try the door but it said occupied. I stepped back and took a glance down and I could see that there was someone sitting on it because I could see feet, so I had to wait. I could smell poo a bit so I assumed that was what she was doing, and sure enough I heard a couple of plops come out of her as I waited. Luckily my need wasn't urgent, and nobody else came in while I waited for the woman to finish her poo. She came out and gave a little smile which I returned, going in and sitting down and quickly weeing.

Later after grabbing some lunch I found myself near Buckingham Palace. I wanted to make another toilet stop, because by now I had the urge from lunch and I needed to go find a loo so I could have my number two. At first it wasn't too bad but as I walked it got a bit worse. I didn't know of any toilets nearby and I doubted the Queen would let me in to use one of her many bathrooms! As well as needing to have a poo I also had a bit of an urge for another wee.

The nearest loos I knew of were across the river; the 'Jubiloos' on the riverfront which I have used before. You have to pay 50p to get in so you can use one of the cubicles, which is quite a lot. It's probably not worth it for just doing a wee, but if you need a poo, or have to do both, like I did, then it is worth it because you know they are there and you know they will be clean. Of course if you are desperate for either one then it is well worth paying to keep your pants dry and clean!

I decided to head there, but it was about half an hour's walk and so by the time I crossed the river and arrived outside the loos, my needs had grown in urgency and now I was wanting to have my poo quite badly. There was a bit of a queue of people waiting outside, mostly female I noticed, so the 'Jubiloos' were clearly busy! I joined the queue, waiting for my turn to get on a toilet. There are quite a few cubicles in there, I think about 10, so it moved quite quickly, and fairly soon I was walking into one of them and locking the door.

I pulled down my jeans and knickers and sat. The seat was still warm from the previous occupant, a teenage girl wearing jean shorts and tights, and there was a bit of a poo smell so I assumed she had been having a bowel movement of her own. I weed first before letting my first turd slide easily out and plop into the bowl. It was quite soft and, being quite urgent, it came out quite quickly. Two more turds followed along with a fairly loud fart. Other people came and went in the cubicles either side of me, mostly weeing, but someone on my left was having a big, quite urgent-sounding poo. I heard them coughing and it was a woman. I pushed out two more logs myself, filling the bowl and feeling much better for it! I wiped, flushed, and left feeling relieved.

Later at the station I had to go for another wee before going home, but after that I was ok. And that's my trip to London told through my toilet visits!

Hi everyone. I wanted to give a short update just to let you know I'm still around. Unfortunately, I haven't much time today. Things are crazy at school right now, as I'm very nearly at the end of my final year. I'm also back to being able to do a poo about every three days again. I suspect it's due mostly to the stress. That seems to be when I have the most problems. That being said, I've certainly been worse. There have been times in years past when I'd regularly go four or even five days without having a poo.

Before I go, I can share a quick story. A few days ago, I felt the need for a poo during lunchtime at school. I went to one of the less popular toilet blocks and got a cubicle right away. I weed a bit upon sitting down, and then started pooing. On that day, it had only been two days since my last poo, and so it was fairly easy to get started. My poo all came out in one long piece, although it still took a while as it came out so slowly. It was also a clean poo, as I only needed to wipe two times, compared with my usual five or six wipes.

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