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1. What do you do to stall yourself in the bathroom?

At home: I do admit I waste time on the toilet. I seldom read anything of substance because I don't always stop in my room to get it before seating myself. I poo fast, and will empty my bowels softly and usually within 30 seconds of being seated. Often, I will get off the stool, look at the load in the bowl, and then flush before seating myself again for wiping. Weeing I spend more time on. Sometimes one of my sisters will throw the door open and interrupt me with a question or strip to use the tub/shower directly in front of the toilet. So we make small talk and that adds to my time on the toilet. Sometimes I find it amusing to just sit and listen to the noise of the water running. A couple of times, I've even heard a fart blast through the water and shower curtain.

Away from home: If it's during a study hall or class period, I probably do stall a little. At school and at the park or mall, if the stall has a door, I find it interesting to sometimes read the graffiti on the inside of the door or the side stall panels. My poo comes out fast and the size of the toilets and seats are not that comfortable for me because I'm only 3'4" and most of the time my feet our off the floor when I'm seated. I start pulling the pre-cut squares of toilet paper down from the dispenser as soon as I'm seated. About half the stalls are doorless (and more doors are removed during the school year as vandalism is done and as smoking happens) so I like to get off the stool and start with my 3 or 4 (at the most!) wipes ASAP. That's because there's usually a line waiting (sometimes angry). Sometimes, right after school me and one or two others might spend more time in the bathroom because we've got about 30 minutes until our bus comes.

2. If so, is there any physical indication you do at the end of a pooping session?

AT HOME: We have a scented spray on top of the toilet tank which I use. If one of my sisters is in the shower, I may have to flush twice or even three times to fully get my poo down the drain. This is because of lower water pressure. Its worse with my Mom when she has one of her PP (plunger poos). Often she will take a celebrity magazine in and might spend an additional five or 10 minutes on the toilet reading.

AWAY FROM HOME: I've pretty much described it above. Often the school toilets are jammed with poo and other debris and my goal is to just sit and rid myself of my poo. Between classes, the emphasis is on seeing how many of us get onto the toilet during each class break. It's not unusual for a stall to open, a student plops herself quickly down on the seat, but before she can start her wee/poo, the 1-minute warning bell rings and she literally has to stop, get up and run for her class. A few times that has driven me to tears because I have 45 minutes of discomfort ahead of me.


Big pile of mushy crap

I took a dump earlier after a strong urge (drank 2 large cups of coffee last night each with a dose of laxative in them for a good clean out). Well I got a strong urge and hurried to the bathroom where I pulled down my pj pants and undies and sat. It only took a minute before a bunch of crackling noises started and what felt like a rope of shit came out. A bit of Frrrrt farting and I was done. I wiped my vagina and my butt (very messy!), pulled up my clothes and stood up and checked out what I did. There was a pile of a bunch of mushy shit in the toilet. It looked like a bunch of mud in a giant pile. I've been pooping really well lately. Always soft, easy to pass logs or just piles of what looks like mud. Haven't had a hard poop in a long time luckily. Been eating well (as healthy as possible) with plenty of water and coffee (I'm a coffee a holic lol. Drinking 3-4 large cups a day to keep my poo soft). And of course my stool softeners and gentle laxative (Lax a Day or Restoralax. If you have to use a laxative, go for this. The medical name is Polyethylene Glycol. It's VERY gentle and won't cause cramps or diarrhea. Just a big soft movement within 2 days. Just mix it in your coffee, tea, juice or water and drink plenty of water).

mini survey:

1) what do you guys to stall yourself in the bathroom (example) play on your phones or text, think to yourself, etc
I think, read comics, newspaper, magazine or books. I cannot do it at school.

2) if so, is there any physical indication you guys do at an end of a pooping session (example) take a deep breath, wiggle your toes, etc.
I open my legs to reach for toilet paper and to look in the bowl.

Jase: I am in 7th grade. I used school toilets with no stall doors, even no stalls, latrines and squat toilets. That was in Cambodia. In Phillipines, the school toilets had stalls but no doors for us boys. We always had our pants around our ankles and everything exposed to each other. We do not like to hold our bowels.

mini survey:

1) what do you guys to stall yourself in the bathroom (example) play on your phones or text, think to yourself, etc
I think, read comics, newspaper, magazine or books. I cannot do it at school.

2) if so, is there any physical indication you guys do at an end of a pooping session (example) take a deep breath, wiggle your toes, etc.
I open my legs to reach for toilet paper and to look in the bowl.

Jase: I am in 7th grade. I used school toilets with no stall doors, even no stalls, latrines and squat toilets. That was in Cambodia. In Phillipines, the school toilets had stalls but no doors for us boys. We always had our pants around our ankles and everything exposed to each other. We do not like to hold our bowels.

I did in HS out of need and got used to it. I did not use the regular girls toilet. I used an unused male teacher or girls bathroom or in they girls gym bathroom. I ran the AV squad. So, I had keys. See my earlier posts. I had some good ones. I only urinated with the girls. I did not move my bowels unless I was in private or with another girl in gym. In fact, I did with a two boys, one whom was my cousin.

Brandon T

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To: Marissa first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a pretty nasty but also good dump and I look forward to reading anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Abby as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story about you drunken pooping accident it sounds like that was a very bad night.

To: Jessica (AZ) great pee story.

To: Victoria great story about your outdoor poop it sounds like it was a really good one and a refreshing one as well and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee great story.

To: Jenny great story it sounds like you and that other girl both had really great poops and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie thats good that your diarrhea is over.

To: ItsNotImportant first welcome to the site and great story.

To: Little Mandi great story.

To: Megan great story.

To: Bella Jean great story it sounds like you had a really good clean out poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tlana great story.

To: Lilly great pooping story.

To: Emma B great accident story it sounds like you had a pretty rough day.

To: Jasmin K im not really sure I just know unlike laxative which can be unprodectbile stool softners just make your poop softer not turn it liquid so it should just feel like a normal urge to poop maybe a litlle stronger hopefully they help if you do try them.

About an hour ago I heard a girl fart and posibly poop at the bookstore judging by how much toilet paper she used she may have pooped ome.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Marrissa, just wanted to say I loved your post and how descriptive it was, please keep posting!


Poo at Lucy's

Hi everyone, I have a new story to share, I'll start it after a few comments.
Megan- good story- sounds like Lis was pretty desperate. I'm looking forward to your next post.
Natasha- glad your finding it easier to poo now than you were.
Emma B- sorry to hear you pooed your knickers at work, that must have been really awkward. I'm looking forward to any more stories you have to share.
Jas K- glad to hear your constipations a bit better than it was. If you end up having to go back on the loo at lunch because you weren't able to have a successful poo before school starts how long do you usually sit for? If you decide to use stool softeners I hope they do the trick and make things easier for you.
Tiana- Sorry to hear about your friend Miranda, I really feel for her. It must be really hard if she gets in trouble at home for not having had a poo at school, and its bad that her mum embarrasses her in front of her friends by talking about it. She's lucky to have you as a supportive friend, maybe it would be best to convince her that she'd be better off trying to have poo in the morning at the same time as you rather than holding it and ending up constipated. When I was at school I and quite a few of my friends suffered with constipation as well, I don't think being forced to use the loo at set times really helps. In my experience I often ended up wanting a poo at some point during morning lessons, I guess I could have asked to be excused from class to use the loo but a lot of teachers wouldn't let you out and anyway I was always too embarrassed, I've always taken a while to have a poo and I didn't want to be out of lessons too long and risk getting told off or being made fun of by other people in my class. The trouble was I got used to holding it just like Miranda, and then quite often the urge went away for a while and that made me more constipated, as when I did get round to going it might well have been several days since I last went. I would do my best to go for a poo at lunchtime especially if I'd been feeling the urge during the morning, but some days I had so much on I had no choice but to hold it in all day, which didn't help my constipation. Plus sometimes my poo would start to poke out and by the time I got home I'd have really bad skidmarks in my knickers. Also when I was constipated I found it embarrassing to have a poo at school as I would have to strain and push hard to get my poo to come which meant I couldn't help panting and grunting, although luckily I sometimes heard other girls doing the same which made it less awkward. To be honest I don't think school does your bowels any good at all, if I was giving advice to anyone I would say go for a poo as soon as you get the urge, try not to worry too much if the toilet is dirty or not that private and ignore anyone who comments that you've been gone a long time, that is if your teacher will let you out of class.
Anyway, on to my latest story which happened yesterday afternoon. I was out shopping with my friend Lucy, we got fed up about half three and so we caught the bus back to Lucy's house. As we were walking along after getting off the bus I could feel an urge for a poo building steadily, I realised I hadn't been for three days so I knew it would be a bad idea to put it off. When we got back the house was empty, Lucy's parents were at work and her sister was round a friend's house. By now my poo was moving closer and closer to my bum, so I said "I'm really bursting for the loo, I'll have to go as soon as we get in!" and Lucy said "What do you need, I'm getting desperate for a wee, I don't think I can wait long either!"
" Well I want a poo so I might be a while, if you just need a wee you can go first," I said.
"Thanks," said Lucy, as we walked up the stairs, "I'll be as quick as I can." As we walked into the bathroom Lucy went over to the loo and lifted her dress, she was wearing yellow flowery knickers which looked very tight. She blushed as she eased them down to her knees and said "Sorry about these pants, I know there really grim, I couldn't find any others this morning when I was getting dressed." As Lucy sat on the loo and started to wee a fierce stream I sat on the bathroom floor and said "Don't worry mine aren't much better, I've got a massive wedgie. I really need to do some washing when I get back home so I've got some decent clean underwear!" Lucy was still weeing as she said "Yeah, I know what you mean, I'll have to put a load on in a sec." Her stream died down and she took some loo paper and wiped her front, I said "Just in time, its just starting to poke out in my pants." I couldn't help squirming and jiggling as I pulled down my blue skirt and pale green knickers, as soon as they were down I sat on the loo and felt a log coming out slowly. It was knobbly and getting fatter, so I knew I was going to have to start straining. I looked at my knickers and saw I had a massive skidmark. Lucy went over to the dirty clothes hamper and started to rummage through it, taking out her socks and pants and putting them on the bathroom floor. I bore down hard and couldn't help grunting, once I'd caught my breath I said "Sorry, I think I'm going to have a hard time with this one," and Lucy said "I'm pretty constipated too at the moment, in fact I haven't been for a poo in three days so I should try to go when you're done." She walked out, saying, "I'll be back as soon as I've put this load on," and she went downstairs with a large pile of her socks and pants. I kept straining and could feel myself starting to go red, after about 5 minutes I'd pushed a few inches of the log out but it had got stuck and I could feel there was a lot more to come. Just then Lucy came back into the bathroom, I felt rather embarrassed as I knew I'd gone red from straining. "I'm sorry, its taking me longer than I thought," I panted as I continued to push hard, luckily just then I felt the widest part suddenly come out and the log started moving again, as Lucy sat down on the floor it moved faster and faster until it splashed down into the bowl. "Wow, that sounded big," said Lucy as I felt another log starting to poke out. "Yes, and I'm not done yet," I said, as I started to bear down again. Luckily this log wasn't as big so I only had to push for a couple of minutes before it fell and made a loud plop. I felt empty but I needed a wee so a strong stream started up and went on for a while, when I was finished took some toilet paper and wiped my bottom. I was clean after a couple of wipes so I pulled up my pants and skirt and flushed. Lucy said "I guess I should try to go now." Once again she lifted her dress, dropped her knickers and sat on the loo. She started to push and did some loud farts and she also weed a bit every so often, after about 5 minutes of panting and grunting she'd gone red in the face and she said, "Its coming but its going to take me ages yet!!" Lucy continued to strain and her grunts got louder, she moaned "Oh god this turds gigantic, its really stretching my bum, I'm in agony!" She reached round behind herself and pulled her bum cheeks apart, I have to do that sometimes if I'm trying to pass a log that's even thicker than normal, and she went up on tiptoes and bore down hard. After a few more pushes like that she relaxed a bit and pushed her hair out of her eyes, she was bright red and I could see sweat on her forehead. Shortly after the log splashed down into the loo and then Lucy's belly contracted and I heard some mushy poo falling into the bowl. She took some toilet paper and wiped her bum, she said "My bum's really sore but I'm glad I've got rid of that massive turd, it was giving me a massive belly ache!" When Lucy was done wiping she pulled up her pants, let down her dress and flushed. We went back into her room and Lucy said "I need to change my knickers, I weed in them a bit I was so desperate! Are you OK Abs or do you need to borrow some clean ones?"
"Yeah, if you've got any that would be great," I said. Lucy went over to her underwear drawer and opened it, she took out 2 pairs of pink flowery pants and passed one pair over to me. We quickly changed our knickers and then lazed about in Lucy's room. I hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!!


Constipated and clogging the toilet

Just thought I'd tell a recent constipation story I had.

I haven't clogged the toilet in a while but it finally happened yesterday afternoon.

As someone who gets constipated really easily, I usually try not and eat too much fast food, but unfortunately I ended up going out for fast food the day prior and I had a lot of it; I kind of knew afterward that I was going to end up paying for that, especially since I hadn't even pooped that day.

The next day toward the afternoon, I started having some cramps and I knew that I was going to have to poop eventually. My mom made me do a sit time on the toilet in the morning and that just caused me to fart, but nothing else.I tried a lot of pushing, even resorting to squatting on the floor a little bit, but nothing.

Later on I finally felt what seemed like a strong urge. I went onto the toilet and pushed for a while with no luck, but after almost 10 minutes on the toilet, I started feeling something moving down there and I wasn't about give up. I started pushing really hard and spreading apart my buttcheeks to see if it would force out. It took several rounds of that before the massive lumpy turd started poking out. I was sweating at that point and feeling pretty wiped out, but I had to keep going. I was pushing on my stomach and leaning forward on the toilet really far and grunting loud enough that my brother had to ask if I was alright.

After like over a half hour on the toilet, it was finally out. It was HUGE. Really think, pretty long, and it smelled terrible. My hole was so sore I didn't even want to wipe it, but I did and when I flushed, the freakin toilet clogged. It took several minutes of plunging before it went down.

Can't believe that something that big came out of me without an enema or suppository. Definitely one of my biggest and most difficult -_-

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Emma b

I pood at work today

I had a poo at work today. My friend Claire who I work with convinced me it was stupid holding my poo just because it was in a public toilet. I was busting to go and as luck would have it Claire had to go as well. She asked me to hold the fort while she went to the toilet and after ten minutes she still wasn't back. It crossed my mind she must be pooping which surprised me as she was at work. Anyway another five minutes later she came back with a satisfied smile on her face. She told me quite openly that she'd had a really big crap and that she felt much better for it. She also said she did four turds but one hadn't flushed properly. I decided to bite the bullet and told her I was going for a poo and she took over no my till. I went into toilet at the back of the shop and saw Claire's unflushed poo in the toilet. It was huge and there were some big skid marks all go the bottom of the pan. I sat down the the toilet and the seat was really warm from Claire's bum sitting on it. As soon as I relaxed a ton of mushy poo covered Claire's poo and filled the toilet. The relief was incredible and I was so glad I didn't try to hold it because I'm not sure if I could've made it untill I got home.


HARY STILIST RELEASES HER FARTS in doing hair. tolerated it

hello I am back

recently, a hair stylist took a very nice dump a hair salon in a mall. I can definitely say there was only bathroom but was very excellent quality. pictures, marble floor and wall, excellent clean toilet, giant mirror, fragrance, towel, and plenty of soaps. She was young and about early 30s, red hair, red makeup, wearing red boots, very short pants, and a white shirt with heart and glitter on it. very decent type and looks like she work out often and was kinda tall. She was also wearing a moderate fragrance like cherry blossom.

I had an appointment to come and get my hair done and was scheduled. I was getting colored hair red too like her. It was time for me to get my hair done and it takes her about 40 minutes to an hour to do my hair. i have a lot, about 3-4 tubes of hair coloring, and had to be mixed. She does a good job and been in hair for like 8 years. She is my regular stylist and always go to this one. Its a good thing I am bi-sexual and she knew such because others probably getting their hair done would have a outburst if the had to seal with gas and farts. It was about 2 others getting their hair done. I was a distance in spot where she begain working on hair away from other stylist. she was smiling, talkative, friendly and so forth. It had been about a month and half since I last seen her because colored hair last some time and i keep in shape. We began talking about various things and was at times a little chatter.

About 5 minutes in, I noticed some stinky farts given off. They were silent farts but stinky. We kept talking and smiled. she was working up close and boy her gas was stinky. The cherry blossom perfume and even the fragrance she had in her hair did not neutralize the farts. I kept talking to her and asked what did she eat today. She was specific and said he had some vitamins, fiber cereal, Starbucks coffee,and types of food like mashed potatoes, steak and fish at restaurant, brown sugar baked beans, dessert like apple cobbler night before. then she mentioned her herbal supplements,protein powder, vitamin water, and others. She was descriptive and describe how good it was. But her gas did not stop. I did not say anything because was nice and did not mind. i had the thought maybe she need to go to the bathroom. About half way through after she had soaked all the hair coloring in, message in hair, put little plastic over, she just had to step away.

I had to sit about 10 minutes and thats how long she was in bathroom. The bathroom is is only 2 feet from where I sit. I heard her sit, a very loud fart, pee, and diarrhea like plops. The door was cracked a little. Man, i can tell she really had to do some business because there was like 5 to 6 toilet tissue wipes and i heard the toilet flush toilet. She did fragrance the bathroom and of of course herself. She came back out and now i had to ask her, did you feel good, I know you took a dump. She said said rather in conversational tone she did take gassy, watery, explosive, and sticky dump. She even mentioned her skids and how after 2 flushes they did not go away. But the wipes were easier after effects of vitamin c she tooks and made wiping not as messy. However, despite the dump, she had were releasing gas off and on and still stinky during hair. The area was a little smelly too and was not sprayed until after was done. Her farts was stinky and hang and up close. I could tolerate though and its goo I am bi. not sure if all others would do so. I DID GO IN CHECK THE TOILET AFTER DONE and there was skids in it. heavy and thick and did not flush away. like an explosive dump and a little gassy despite the fragrance. netherless, was not upset or embarrassed by her gas at me and she did a good job


Much needed releif!

I was visiting my friend this weekend and had to take a bus to meet her. Normally this wouldn't be a problem. 20 minute journey. Except I woke up late and barely had enough time to get myself dressed and presentable. I hadn't gone to the toilet. Things went from bad to worse, there was a new driver who was unfamiliar with the route so the 20 minute ride took close to an hour. By this point I really needed to go to the toilet. I climbed off the bus and ran to the toilets, they were the kind which you need to pay for. I didn't really want to pay but I was bursting and the nearest bathroom was a five minute walk away, I wouldn't make it. There was no discrete places to squat either. I paid the 30P and quickly went inside, there was about 20 stalls in an L shape with a row of sinks against one wall so it was more like a U. I took the first empty stall I saw and slammed the door behind me, locking it. I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them to my knees along with my underwear, as soon as the clothes were clear I started peeing, I wasn't even fully seated. The instant my ass hit the seat I closed my eyes and let out a loud sigh, completely lost in the sheer relief I was experiencing, it felt so amazing sitting there emptying my bladder. But the noise, oh the noise. Because I was so full my pee was coming out with a lot of pressure and directly hitting the water, the sound echoed through the room and I'm sure everyone could hear, I wouldn't be surprised if I was heard outside too. I didn't care though, I was in my own little world and the pee falling from between my legs felt incredible, I wish I could share it with you guys. Alas all good things come to an end and after about 40 seconds it died down to a dribble, with a final squirt I had peed my last.

I had paid so I could spend as much time as I liked in here, I might as well make the most of it. This was also a great opportunity to build my confidence. I shuffled back on the seat slightly and made myself comfortable, trying to relax. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt my stomach gurgle, and something move deep inside of me, I needed to go. I sat there for a couple of minutes, just letting out light airy farts and enjoying the activity in my guts when I felt gentle pressure against my hole, it was showtime. I pushed a little and felt myself opening up as my poo slowly eased it's way out. Each time I pushed it would creep out about an inch, but stop straight after, I had to keep pushing. I pushed a few more times and after a few seconds it broke off and fell into the water, quickly followed by the other half. I knew I had more so I leaned forward slightly and pushed again. Sure enough, another piece started coming out, this time much easier. Once it was moving I could relax and let things happen in their own time. After about fifteen seconds it broke off but I still wasn't done. I managed to push out another two smaller pieces. I gathered some toilet roll and wiped my front once, and then wiped my behind four times. I flushed, stood up and got dressed before leaving to wash my hands and carry on with my day, feeling MUCH more relieved!

I never posted here before but I thought I would share my personal morning dump story. My fat white butt was on the bowl this morning after a long night of drinking and eating at the bar. As I was sitting I could feel this large pile of warm,soft,slimey,crap leave my large intestine and settle in my shit pipe. I could feel the dried strands of crust crackle apart as my log hole opened up and I spewed this brown, greasy,slimey, smelly oily shit all over the bowl. It came out with greasy crackly farts too. I easily must have pushed out a cup full of greasy oily slimey brown smelly warm liquid. I wiped my slimey butt and left the bathroom stinky as hell as I went to go talk to my daughter's teacher about her grades.

I can't believe what crawls out of my dump hole sometimes. I turned to look at what I squirted in the bowl the other day. Oh my god let me tell you. Warm soft slimey brown oil. It comes out like hot brown gravy. Holy shit. Oh god my slime is so nasty. Jesus christ my crap is always so oily and slimey and scum. Sometimes I have wet greasy brown fat logs with peanuts all in them but lately its been all soft serve shit scum grease. Oh well. I'll post more low life shit for all of you as I poop more bye!

Hi. I enjoy reading these stories so I would like to add one about me. A few days ago I was just lying around the house in my pj's ripping some nasty wet farts when I felt a large pile of warm crap squeeze its way into my fart hole. I walked over to the toilet and put my big buns on the cold seat. I felt my shit hole spread open and all this hot watery diarreah fart out of me. It was followed by a big brown turd with warm mushy crap at the end of it. It smelled awful. I wiped and flushed and had to hurry to meet the other parents at the bus stop to pick up our kids. Well I will post more if they are interesting. Bye..


Night dump

I back for a story well here it is I had just got from work and my stomach was rolling but I tryed to hold my farts in front my boss but when he was gone I let them rip but by the end of day I had drop a deuce badly so I got home and toilet wasn't fixed yet so I had to do the next best thing use the trash can I drop 4 monster size turds they were 10" long after they came out I let a fart then I felt better then I wiped


Memories at the Y

Bob near Chicago reminded me of the time of my youth in Indiana. I was a swimmer on the YMCA swim team, and we practiced every week day. The team was all boys, and we did not wear suits during practice. In the locker room was a single toilet, up against a wall but out in the open; we all used it at need. I remember once having to poop on that toilet, having a nice large bowel movement, when a teammate came up and said he'd like to go as soon as I was done. He saw me on the pot, likely could see and surely could hear my turds dropping in. I wiped and stood up, and we both looked quickly at my poop before flushing it down. Then he sat down--we were conversing at the time, I forget about what--and I could see between his legs as his turd, a long thick smooth one over a foot long, came easily out. He wiped and stood, and we both admired his single long turd. Then we washed hands, went back to the lockers, and put on our clothes to go home. It was a memorable experience for me because we saw each other on the pot and then each other's poop; but it was really commonplace, a normal part of life in those days.


Survey Answers

Thought I'd reply to Jessica from Arizona's two-question survey in the bit of spare time I have this morning.

1) What do you guys do to stall yourself in the bathroom? (example) play on your phones or text, think to yourself, etc.

First of all, thank you for the toenail idea in your story! I might have to do a little painting the next time I'm stuck on the pot and can't go :P I like to relax and let my mind wander, take advantage of the privacy offered by the bathroom by daydreaming on the toilet until things are in motion again, so to speak. Sometimes I'll play with my pulled-down panties by gently snapping the waistband against my calves. Adjusting my position on the seat itself is another helpful distraction. I like to sit pretty far back and appreciate the feel of the cold seat lid on my back on a hot summer day. If I'm at home I'll sometimes just take my shirt off and go wearing only a bra, leaning against the lid and the toilet tank. Adjusting my butt cheeks by leaning on one cheek, pulling the other one more open, switching to do the first cheek, and then going for a push definitely helps for pooping too-it opens your bum and makes it easier to get rid of however many days' worth of poop you've been holding :)

2)Is there any physical indication you guys do at the end of a pooping session? (example) take a deep breath, wiggle your toes, etc.

If I'm using a public bathroom and other stalls are occupied I'll finish my poop by taking a deep breath and slowly sighing it out. In a more private setting (or if I'm in public and certain that all the other stalls are empty), that sigh often turns into a moan ;) Either way, my next move is always to stand up and check how big my BM was. If there are several large logs I more often than not flush the poop and paper in separate turns in order to [try] to avoid clogs. If what I pooped out looks like a strong candidate for a logjam I find the plunger before I even think of flushing. When things are fine and clogging isn't a worry, I sit back down and wipe by going between my legs. Once the wiping is done, I stand up, get dressed, pull the flusher handle down, and watch the turds and poopy paper on their way down the bowl!

Hi. This is my first post here, and I'm curious to see how this turns out. Let me start by saying that this was the most embarrassing moment in my life. I'm 5'3, blonde hair, blue eyes. Very athletic and I'm just over 105lbs. I was 17 at the time and at my first high
school party with some friends, and it was a bigger gathering than I had thought it was going to be. I started out drinking a few beers, just because it was really mu first time actually drinking. The night was going pretty good lol. A couple hours went by that time I was very drunk, more than I wanted to be. I went upstairs from the basement to use the toilet but there was a few people already waiting so I struck some conversation while I was waiting. Little did any of us know that there was a couple in the bathroom having sex while the rest of us were getting more and more urgent to use the restroom. I figured I could just pop a squat outside to empty my bladder but my stomach began to gurgle and burn, but quickly went away so I shrugged it off and continued to wait. About 20 minutes later I felt a rush of hot liquid mush shoot to my butt, and I suddenly absolutely needed to get in that bathroom. I began to rub my stomach and lean on the wall to get some kind of relief from the torrent of diarrhea that was begging to come out and ruin my life. I went back downstairs, tightly clenching my cheeks together and trying to look as normal as I could in spite of my situation. I went to a guy who had a car and could run me to a gas station or a McDonald's, anything that had a toilet that I could explode in. He barely agreed to take me even though I offered him some food. The pressure in my bowels was so much I could barely get back up the stairs, and I knew the skinny jeans, and the panties I was wearing would only exploit the mess if I had lost control right there. When he found his keys we made our way to the door, he opened it for me and as soon as I got on the porch and ye door closed, I could take no more. The fast food mixed with the alcohol emptied my bladder and bowels in a violent explosion. It started when I involuntarily sharted, it was a deep, bubbly spurt of poop that sounded like it clapped my cheeks together. I froze and let loose, erupting with a long, low, gurgling explosion of diarrhea for seriously 10 seconds. 10 seconds of bubbly, pudding like diarrhea filling my jeans, and if that wasn't bad enough I began to empty my bladder and was pissing myself, while a volcano of hot diarrhea was filling my jeans. I about died. He looked at me and just walked back inside to drink and I was mortified. By then I just started pushing the rest of the mess out of my aching bowels, packing my jeans and panties to the max. I was crying and started walking home when another wave of poop forced it's way out, just 2 blocks from my house. I snuck into my room and threw my jeans and panties in a dumpster and vowed to never speak of this accident again. But word spread fast around the school about the blonde sophomore on the volleyball team, couldn't handle her alcohol and shit herself......

jessica (az)

long pee

I woke up this morning to really have to pee. when i sat down i was hoping to end shortly, but it took longer than expected. It felt like i was sitting there for 45 seconds and it never take me a long time to pee.


Experiment in creative pooping

Reading through the posts on this site has inspired me to become a bit more adventurous with my love of pooping. I decided yesterday that I enjoyed my hungover poop in the park enough to want to go in open air again, this time deliberately. I got to carry out my secret plan within a matter of hours.

I had some problems getting to sleep last night. It seemed like I'd never be able to leave the "spin cycle" of tossing and turning that I'd somehow landed in. Eventually, I decided to do something about it and take a walk. I added a pair of plaid shorts to the same old t-shirt and thong (a black number from my namesake with a lace waistband over a cotton back and crotch) I was wearing in bed and set off to a nearby trail to burn off some energy.

The trail was gorgeous, dark and wooded with mystery at every turn, not a soul around. As Beethoven's "Moonlight" sonata ran through my head I was reminded of the Vienna woods that inspired his magnificent composition. On a less lofty note, I also began to feel the need for a BM as I walked. I decided to stop at the McDonald's not too far from the end of the trail to get food and take care the pressure that was mounting on my back door. I at first jokingly imagined taking care of my impending number 2 right along the trail. It was a crazy idea that I could temporarily put aside, but never fully dismiss. As I reached my destination, the possibility of pooping sans potty became increasingly appealing.

But it wasn't until I was ordering that I definitively committed to opting out of relieving myself on the familiar comfort offered by the porcelain throne. A mischievous grin unfolded on my face as I ordered, squinting due to having forgotten to put on my glasses. I paid and eventually got my food, becoming more and more aware of the turd that would soon be exiting my behind. Taking my leave with an enthusiastic "Have a good night!" I headed back to the trail and got ready to go, releasing gas several times.

I found myself in the odd dilemma posed by not wanting to get caught while at the same time maintaining an interest in seeing the results of my labors. I waited until I was ready to go and, deciding to err on the side of caution, headed for a particularly dark spot under a group of trees. This was it, the moment I was waiting for.

I set the bag of food down, undid the string on my shorts and pulled them and my thong down to calf level. Strange how exhibitionism still inspired that bit of modesty (I'm normally a pants and panties at ankle-level kind of pooper, both private and public. I pee with them at my knees in both settings). Bare bottomed at long last, I began real pushing on the log between my buns for the first time, enjoying the smooth feeling of a wide, firm log passing through my anus and out into the cool night air. As my turd got further along, I gradually squatted into a more comfortable pooping position. With an unrestrained sigh of relief, I finished that particular piece, noting that it smelled even in open air. Farting, I released my bladder and had a pee while waiting to see if there was more action to come on my flip side. It seemed that my first turd did indeed have company. I got back into my squat and pooped it, moaning in a mix of relief and pleasure after hearing the turd fall with a thud next to the first, bigger log.

It was only then that I began to lament my choice of undies. A thong and an unwiped bum are not a good combination and I thought about trying to find some leaves to at least somewhat clean myself up before I again would have access to toilet paper. It was too dark to trust the leaves though and I found myself forced to improvise. At last a solution came: hooking my thong over my right butt cheek, I pulled my shorts up, grabbed my food and hoped that my dirty rear wouldn't make too big a mess before it could be wiped into submission. Not bothering to tie the string on my shorts, I walked home, again enjoying the sights of the empty trail. Arriving at my house, I went into the bathroom to be greeted by the pleasant sight of a full roll of toilet paper, dutifully hanging across its grey tube in the white plastic holder. I got undressed and wiped myself, happy to see that the mess had been no bigger than if it had been from a normal, seated poop. Chucking the used paper into a toilet happy to have been spared the rest of the load, I flushed and finally ate my now almost cold food. Some sensations are more enjoyable than others...

Little did I know then that my next poop would also be unconventional. Earlier today, though, I did indeed poop in the shower. I'll write about this incident in my next post ;) Until then!


mini survey:

1) what do you guys to stall yourself in the bathroom (example) play on your phones or text, think to yourself, etc.
I review numbers on my phone, think, maybe read something, if I have it. Maybe talk to someone in the next stall.

2) if so, is there any physical indication you guys do at an end of a pooping session (example) take a deep breath, wiggle your toes, etc.
Nothing really. I may push to make sure that my bowels and bladder are empty.

When I was in second grade, we had a series of many student teachers. One the first morning for one teacher, she was new, did not know the layout. i was going to the bathroom to pee because I moved my bowels at home when I woke up. She asked, "Little girl, where is the bathroom?" So I told her that I was going there. She ran behind me in to the girls bathroom, took a stall, found it with toilet paper, unhitched her navy slacks and pink panties to her ankles, spread her legs and let out a gushing pee. She said, "Kid, you had no idea." I lifted my blue junper, white slip and pulled down my own pink panties, sat on the toilet and I peed. I just let it out. She said how she felt sorry for another little girl who peed in her pants in another class. The teacher and I took paper spread our legs and wiped ourselves. We did not even flush. We washed our hands and ran back to our classes.

i went into a public bathroom in target the other day to poop. i went into the middle stall, dropped my jean shorts and polka dot undies down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. i started to pee as a girl walked in. she took the stall to the right of mine. i looked under the stall and saw her cute neon green jean shorts and white undies drop down to her tennis shoes as she sat on the toilet. i started crapping as she peed and i heard an airy fart that went pbbbbbt. i noticed that i couldnt stop looking under the stall at her, she had great legs and her shorts were so cute that i almost wanted to ask her where she got them. i started to hear her plopping poop into the bowl and she shifted the position of her feet. i felt so sneaky, she didnt know i was checking her out. i farted softly and dropped some poop and the girl responded with a fart of her own, though not as soft. she sighed and i heard more crap come out of her. she really started to stink up the place, though i'm sure i helped contribute to that! eventually i saw her get on her tiptoes and pull off some toilet paper. i almost forgot i was done too and went to wipe as well. i noticed the girl pulled off quite a bit of paper for her bum. i flushed and walked out to wash my hands and a little bit after the girl did too. she was gorgeous and i said hi to her sort of shyly. she smiled and said hi back. she turned to leave and i followed and saw her pull a wedgie from her butt.

Bowel habits after colonoscopy

About 2-3 weeks after my colonoscopy my pooping is all weird. Started one day while t work what I thought was passing of gas was was a nearly odorless watery clear fluid that soaked past my pads and gave me a wet spot at work. Since I am in the back as a DMO operator I switched out pads as well as putting a new one on the outside of my panties to cover the wet spot and go back to work. Since then I've either had been only able to poop a little at a time or its the fluid and mucosy stuff. Usually more trips to the toilet and a lot of times I see what looks like skin in the toilet as well.
A friend told me that bowel habits could change after such procedure as I had but it's never happened before. Wondering if I should get this checked out?


Diarrhea is over

Fortunately my bout with diarrhea is over. Haven't had diarrhea since Wednesday when I had first muddy diarrhea then watery diarrhea. Thursday and today I haven't gone poop so I hope sometime this weekend I will do a nice soft BM. I am in the process of losing weight so it helps even more when I poop. Eating healthier and drinking more water and exercising more. Doing long walks every day. I hope to go back to a healthier weight by the end of the summer. I don't like my current weight or pant size :( Ironically though all my weight is in my stomach and thighs. My face and the rest of my body is normal. Anyway I am happy that the 3-4 day bout with diarrhea is over. Don't have to worry about possible accidents or sudden need for the toilet.


Re: Jase, Pooping in High School

I have a story about pooping in high school, although this happened a long time ago.

I attended a special school for disabled kids and the school covered grades K through 12. The
building was shaped like the letter H and each branch was a separate wing of the school. All
the high school and shop class rooms were in the upper right part of the H. The wing had two
pairs of boys' and girls' bathrooms, one pair at each end of the wing.

The boys' room nearest the classrooms turned into a smoking lounge (yes, disabled kids smoked), and so when I needed to have a BM, I went to the boys' room at the furthest end of the wing. However, it was a very small bathroom which had only a toilet and sink separated by a marble partition. Several high school aged boys, who had spina bifida, used this particular boys' room to change their diapers. Generally, only one person at a time could use this bathroom, even if one of the boys was changing himself and not actually using the toilet. Nevertheless, we all developed a certain etiquette among ourselves and if someone else was on the toilet or changing his diaper, then you just waited until the other person was done. So, this is where I went to poop throughout high school.

In the 10th grade, however, several of us had study hall for 2nd period and we went to the library which was located in a different part of the building. At the time I was in a wheelchair and wore full length leg braces from my hips down. One morning during study hall, I had to poop. There was a boys' room down the hall and around the corner from the library. So, without any fanfare, I wheeled myself to this bathroom. It was a bathroom that was near our lunchroom and at midmorning I knew I'd have some privacy for doing my number two. I no sooner got situated on the toilet when a classmate of mine (who was also in study hall with me) came into the bathroom. I think there were three toilets, each separated by a marble partition, but there were no doors or curtains. I was seated on the furthest toilet and pretty much out in the open. My classmate was also in a wheelchair and he wheeled himself towards me. When he saw that I was having a bowel movement, he looked at me and said, with some hint of disgust , "Oh," and he left the boys' room. At this point, I'm sure I just finished doing my business and probably left
the boys' room shortly thereafter.

As I said this happened a very long time ago and yet I still have a very strong memory of it.
The other boy and I had been friends since the first or second grade and I'm sure we encountered
each other in the bathroom many times over that period of time. Yet, then (and even now), I was
completely surprised by his reaction to finding me pooping on the toilet. I think I could have
understood his reaction if he had discovered me dealing with an accident (which were very rare),
but there was nothing out of the ordinary going on. I never asked him about this and a month or
so later he transferred to a neighborhood high school.



I was in a morning meeting with about 12 other people in a conference room and suddenly there is this audible rumble from my gut and I feel my bowels just drop. I break into a cold sweat and I'm thinking if I move I am probably going to load up my pants right here. Fortunately this is a fairly large conference room we are in and we tend to spread out so my distress was probably not as obvious as it otherwise might have been in a smaller room. I sat there for a few minutes clenching my butt waiting for the pressure to ease up and as soon as I felt like I could move without exploding I excused myself and left the meeting for the men's room. I really can't recall any other occasion as an adult where I was in a public situation and felt like a load in my pants was imminent.

charm alarm

I love tacos, but they don't love me

Hello again! You may have forgotten me since it's been a long time since I made my first post, but I'll try to write more, promise!

Tonight, my bowels have been pretty active. I had Mexican food for dinner: ???? tacos from a local restaurant (which my mom insists are bland but i think they're spicy enough, since I'm pretty low-tolerant of spicy things). We had an errand to run afterwards, and during the car ride just a few streets to the shop we were going to, I could already feel my innards complaining about the meal. I was okay while we were shopping, though a growing feeling of discomfort crept upon me as we browsed the aisles. I knew I'd probably be in for a massive explosion once I finally made it home, but I didn't mention it to my mom.

Once we got home, I had to take our dog out for a walk, and he kept me going at a pretty fast pace as usual, which made me more wary about the impending poop storm in my body. He slowed down on the way back, thankfully. We made it back inside and I could feel the pressure in my bowels growing once I sat down in the living room to rest.

He's a new dog, so he's nervous around anyone who's not me (since I spend all my time with him), but he seemed like he was okay hanging out downstairs with my mother while she watched TV, so I snuck upstairs to use the toilet. As soon as I sat down, I felt and heard a loud rumbling from my large intestine, and I was sure that I was in for some major diarrhea, or at least a really liquid-y poop. Despite the pressure and the feeling of needing to go, I pushed and pushed and had a bit of trouble squeezing out a single small, smooth log. The dog started barking, though, so if I had anything else in me, it had to wait!

It's been about an hour or so since then, and as I'm typing this, the pressure is returning every now and then, and sometimes there's a bit more growling and rumbling, but the need to poop seems to be gone. It's just giving me a lot of awful gas. It started out just noisy and odorless but really hot, but the last burst was hot, loud, and smelly! They bubbled and popped out of my butt with the scent of rotten eggs. Hopefully my stomach is settling now and I won't have to go back to the toilet and drop a big load later.

I don't regret eating the tacos, though! Still tastier than eating microwaved food for dinner. Does anyone else have a food or food type that they love, even though it sometimes gives you pain?

So I went on a sort of road trip with my friends to the wild animal park that turned out pretty memorable. The park itself was alright, but it was the trip there that I'll never forget.

My friend and her sister went with me (both will not be named). We took my car. It was kind of a long trip, about three hours if you don't stop, and we stopped right at the beginning and had lunch at a fast food place. My friend's sister had a hamburger and a large Pepsi. My friend and I drank smaller, more sensible portions.

Anyway, we were driving down the freeway afterward and talking about random things as we went. Nothing was out of the ordinary. I was driving, my friend was in the back and her sister was in the front passenger seat. After a while we ran out of things to talk about and switched to the radio.

Finally we started getting close to the wild animal park. San Diego traffic was... well.. San Diego traffic. Before long we found ourselves dead stopped on the 15. There was some kind of construction going on ahead and it was also right around lunch time, so we weren't going anywhere fast.

After about twenty minutes of stop, drive two feet, stop, drive to feet, my friend's sister suddenly blurts out that she has to pee, as she put it, "like... REALLY bad." At this point I realized that it had been something close to two and a half hours since she had drank that huge soda. So it made total sense to me that she'd have to go. I told her I'd pull off the next exit, but the next exit was probably a mile up the freeway.

We kept inching along for a while longer, but we hadn't gone very far. We WERE moving, but from the looks of my friend's sister, it wasn't as fast as she'd have liked. She was starting to sweat and she was squirming around in her seat every so often. After a bit, she graduated to the point where she was pretty much constantly moving. She finally told us that she needed to go, "Like, now." And she asked if there was anything in the car she could go in. I had cleaned out my car before the trip, so I already knew there was nothing, but I let my friend look anyway in hopes that maybe I missed something. But there was nothing. I told her, if she really wanted, maybe I could just get over to the side of the freeway and she could squat by the car, but she seemed very embarrassed by that idea.

After a couple more minutes though, she suddenly became frantic and told me to pull over to the side "quick-quick-quick-quick!" As I tried to make my way across the three lanes of congested traffic to get to the shoulder, she started saying things like, "Oh god, hurry" and "I seriously can't wait." Meanwhile, my friend is laughing her butt off in the back seat. One lane from the slow lane, then there would be nothing between us and the shoulder... and the sister goes silent and still. My friend said "M#####a's peeing!" and her sister just said "No."

I got over to the slow lane, then off on the shoulder and stopped. My friend's sister opened the door and got out, and when she stood up, I saw her butt and back of her thighs were already wet, as was my passenger seat! Once she was standing up she didn't even get her jeans down, she completely peed her pants standing next to the car. Of course, my friend finds this hilarious. Her sister didn't.

It was bad, he jeans had a big dark stain in the crotch and down both legs, and her butt was soaked too. She ended up putting her own sweater down on the seat and sitting on it so she could get back in the car.

After that, we got off the next exit, obviously she didn't need to go anymore, but we found the nearest store and she waited in the car while we bought her some pants and underwear. She changed in the car and we went to the park. She was very embarrassed, so I tried not to talk about her accident in my car. My friend gave her a rough time about it and made her offer to pay to have my car detailed, which I declined. I think she'd been through enough. Still sucks that my seat got peed on though...

Little Mandi
Hello all,
Haven't been on here in forever. I been busy like crazy with work and running around.
Really haven't had anything interesting to post lately.
I really don't have anything good to post but I'll tell you all about last week when I had to go poop in a public bathroom for the first time in like 3-4 years.
I had just gotten off work and I decided to hit the gym. I'm trying to get back in shape as i've been slacking lately. Anyway, I get to the gym and change into my gym clothes when I feel that all so familar feeling in my stomach. Everyone knows how poop shy I am and how I would never ever go poop in a public bathroom unless I was sick and truly couldn't hold it but there was no way I was gonna get through my workout if I didn't go. I sat on the toilet and gave my first push. I grabbed my body spray and sprayed it like crazy then reached behind me and flushed the toilet to mask any smell or noise. Luckily I wasn't gassy at all but I still didn't wanna stink out the bathroom. I was done within 5 minutes as it doesn't take me long to go. I sprayed again just to be safe and went on with my workout. I coulnd't believe I actually done that but I had to.

Emma b

About myself

Since my first post I realised I didn't mention Since my first post I realised I didn't mention anything about myself, so here goes.

I'm a 23
5' 2"
Blue eyes
55 KG

I eat loads but I poo a lot so I don't put on weight. I usually poo once a day in the mornings and sometimes again in the afternoon if I've pigged out at christmass or I'm on holiday. My poos are big and I like to take my time on the toilet which is why I don't like going in public toilets. I sometimes get constipated and I take fibre to get my bowels moving. The side effect of that is the fibre bulks up my poo and it's loose so when I go, I really go especially if it's been a few days since my last poo. It's also difficult to hold because of the laxative effect and I've had a lot of accidents as a result.


Abbie- Enjoyed your latest story, look forward to your next one!

John B- Yes, I have been quite unlucky, or more likely a little lax in making sure the door is locked and things like that! You can look at tall redheads if you like, but I'm only average height so I doubt they will be me! As for my job I am now working full time at the same library, with Lis. I have a story of one day last week.

Soon after lunch Lis obviously started needing her number two. 'Mind if I go to the loo?' she asked. I could tell she was in need of a poo because when she needs to wee she usually says she is going to 'pop' or 'nip' to the loo, or something similar. We were getting quite busy so I asked her to wait a bit before she took her toilet break. She said ok and we got back to work.

After a while I could tell that she was getting quite urgent to use the loo. Feeling a little bit naughty, I decided not to tell her I could manage on my own for a while. I wanted to see how long she would wait before she decided she absolutely had to go! Less than an hour after she first mentioned it, I could sense that she was bursting for her poo. She came over and said, 'Meg, I'm going to have to use the loo, I'm desperate!' I said, 'Oh! Of course, go. I can manage.' She walked off to the loo, coming back about ten minutes later, looking relieved! I went in and did my poo a bit later, too.




I only pooped in high school when I figured that I'd get constipated if I didn't go. Otherwise, I avoided it because I was too embarrassed to use the school bathrooms. One time I pooped at school and someone outside the stall commented on the smell...that was super embarrassing. Definitely made me never want to do it again lol


Awesome stories! Sounds like you've been really constipated. I think it's cool that you walked around with the poo sticking out...I do that sometimes when I'm really constipated. I don't mind.

Bella Jean

Unexpected Poo Today

Thanks for the support and info given after my first post. I haven't had any more unfortunate situations like that one, but today I did have another interesting experience.

I woke up and drank my coffee and ate my toast as normal then sat down for a much needed poo. I regularly have a poo in the morning so this didn't surprise me at all. I sat there for about 5 minutes as I leisurely dropped some poo and let out some gas. Once I felt done, I wiped then flushed, washed my hands, and started applying my makeup for the day. All of the sudden, I felt a very strong urge to poo again, so I dropped the makeup and went back to the toilet. As soon as I had my shorts down and was sitting on the toilet, I released a big pile of loose poo (which looked almost like a pile of oatmeal in the toilet). When that was out, I had some really smelly and very loud farts as a bunch of smaller poo pieces fell into the toilet. Once those stopped, I had another really smelly fart which normally tells me that I have more poo that needs to come out so instead of wiping, I waddled, with my shorts at my knees, to turn the bathroom fan on and then returned to the toilet. About a minute later, my stomach was really hurting so I tried to push some poo out but was not successful. Soon after though, I had a pretty explosive fart that seemed to push out a ton of the small, mushier pieces of poo. After the poo stopped, my stomach felt much better, so I waited another minute just to be sure I was finished then wiped and flushed.

Was my second trip to the toiled still considered the 2nd wave of the 1st poo session even though there was nearly 5 minutes between the two sessions? Not really sure because my normal morning poo usually consists of well formed poo and is very relaxing and it's my afternoon/evening poo that is smelly and messy, but during this 2nd trip my stomach hurt, I was very gassy, and the poo was soft and very smelly so it was nothing like my normal morning routine. Also, I didn't eat extra food the day before and I still had my afternoon poo today so I'm not sure where all of that extra poo came from. Any ideas?



admiral poop

I just got done pooping and it felt really good and I pissed too .


Squatting for my buddy

Hey Esteban! Yeah, my buddy is definitely ok with watching me take a dump. He came by about a week ago to give me a ride to the airport. He showed up a bit early and I was still getting ready. We were talking while I was getting my stuff together, and I went into the bathroom and he followed. I was gathering the last of my stuff and then said, I still gotta take a crap, but then we can go. Ok, he said. I told him I was going to take off my pants this time, to make it easier to squat on the toilet. Ever since the last time I saw him, he knows I squat every chance I get.

We just keep talking about other stuff as I undo my belt and slide my jeans off. Then I take off my orange briefs and he just says "orange today" since he knows I have a bit of an undie fetish.

I get up on the toilet and squat. I lift my dick and balls out of the way and release a very long turd. Once again, it all comes out very easily. I make a sigh and tell him that I definitely needed to drop this load before we left the house. He had kinda leaned down a bit and saw it come out and agreed that it was a lot. We keep talking as I push out a few more short turds. Then I lift my junk again and wipe from the front a few times. I wipe from the back once then get up off the toilet and stand up to use wet wipes.

After I flush, I put on my orange Fruit of the Looms, my jeans, and then wash up. And head off to the airport!

Esteban: so your injury prevents you from squatting, or just from getting up on the bowl? I tell you, squatting is a great way to eliminate. I may even purchase one of those Squatty Potties so I don't have to actually climb up on the bowl. I haven't yet because I don't know if they are high enough for me.


i pooped in lowes

So one day I was shopping at Lowes. Then I had to poo. So I looked for somebody to ask where the bathroom was. I could not find anybody. I really had to poo but nobody was there to tell me where the bathroom was and i looked but i couldn't find it and i was close to the section where they have toilets out on display but they don't acculy work. I sat down on one and pooed loudly for a long time. By some miracle, I wasn't seen, but I heard somebody shout "What the?!"

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