Miranda's enema fight

My friend Miranda every few months will have trouble with constipation. It starts out slowly and after six days or so she gets bloated and doesn't really have much energy and if she still can't poo after drinking lots of water and soda like Dr. Pepper, she tells her mother and it can end up with her being given an enemy by her mother. Her mom buys the enema kits about three at a time and always has one she can pull out when the "dead line" comes. That's usually toward the end of the day. Miranda really hates it, but her mom makes her strip, and after a rubber mat is laid over the middle of her bed, her mom makes Miranda lay on her stomach and then her mom puts a schringe with a really mean looking tip into her butt and squeezes away until it's empty. Within minutes, Miranda runs for the stool and within a minute or so blasts away until she's totally cleaned out. She says its so gross so he tries to go on her own before going to her mom for the enema.

This last happened the first week of school last September. Miranda just had a hard time getting adjusted back to the bathrooms at school, about half the toilets don't have privacy doors, there's hardly enough time to get a stall, have a poo, wash your hands and then get to class during passing periods. I've also written about the very butt-unfriendly toilet paper that we are forced to use and how filthy some of the stools are, sometimes even before lunch hour. Although I have my poo pretty much every morning at school during 1st hour study hall, sometimes (actually pretty often) Miranda will try to hold it. If it gets uncomfortable for her, she'll try to go at lunch and sometimes before 6th hour. On the day I remember, we left our last class and went into the nearest bathroom right after school before boarding our bus. Two stalls were available. One was open without a door and the other had a door. I told Miranda she could take the doored stall because she would be seated longer. I just had to wee. Miranda changed position several times and had her knees pretty much against the stall partitions as he pushed and pushed. I saw her jeans drop from her knees all the way to the floor as she continued to sit and push for at least 10 minutes.

One small poo piece the size of a fingernail came out and hit the water. That was encouraging for her. She confirmed it with a quick slip of toilet paper that she inspected and pushed under the panel for me to see. But we had to get outside before our bus left. We got off the bus at our regular stop, and she wanted to walk in the other direction about two blocks to Wal Mart where she was going to try again. I went with her for support, but she got discouraged again after sitting and pushing with no results. We walked another two blocks toward her house and she begged me to go with her again a couple of blocks out of our way to a park where she would make one last try. I went with her, but after about 10 minutes on the toilet, nothing had happened. I walked her to her house and wished her well. She texted me an hour later saying it was all over with, all of her guts were sore, and that her mom had to use a clothing hanger to unclog the stool. Worse yet, her mother yelled a her for not going at school earlier in the week when she first got the feeling she needed to go. And her mom will often ask her when she comes home from school about her "BM" that day. She is so embarrassed when she has friends with her and she's asked that question.


At School 2

Hey guys, its me again. I hope you guys liked my last post. Today I was at recess playing with my 2 friends, and I had the urge to take a poop. So I told my friends I needed to take a #2 and
they said ok, one of my friends, megan said she'll come with me. So we got into the school
and we went to the girls room and the girl janitor was in the first stall on the toilet
and another girl was in there. The girl janitor left the bathroom so there were enough stalls
for us. So I went into the second stall while megan went into the first. I locked the stall door
pulled down my tight pink jean shorts and my red hanes panties and sat on the toilet.
My feet were 2 inches off the floor the girl in the #3 stall had cute pink under armor shorts
with barbie panties. Megan had started to grunt and I heard a "plop!" Bye I also play ches

Steven A

To Jase Plus Description Of Me

To Jase: I go poop at school everytime I have to go. My school bathrooms are usually clean, but occasionally I find pee on the seats or an unflushed toilet. I just wipe of the seat with toilet paper or flush the toilet when the last person didn't flush.

I'll give a description of myself since I forgot to say it on my first post. I'm 16, Male, with dark brown hair, average weight, not skinny or fat. I'm an athletic type of person. I found this site by an accident, (Pun Intended), and I'm glad that I found this site. I was on a similar site before I found Toilet Stool called "Poop Report", but they had mostly pooping stories and didn't have a wide range of other bathroom related stories on there.

Well, I hope everyone on here has a great summer with more bathroom related stories/memories from the 4th Of July picnics/cookouts, amusement parks, vacations, etc. I also hope to have my share of stories as well.

Anonymous College Guy
@Jase, I was the same exact way as you back in high school. I think almost everyone was afraid to poop considering the stalls were always empty, or I just never paid attention.

I seldomly even took a leak unless it was during classes when the urinals would be empty... Yup, I was a shy guy.

Fast forward a couple years now, and I actually prefer to poop and pee in public restrooms! If you're planning on going to college, I think you'll find everyone is so much more laid back about taking dumps. Throughout my 4 semesters I've witnessed literally hundreds of guys shamelessly crapping in stalls next to me, even guys I knew. It just isn't as big of a deal after high school and as men you start responding right when 'nature calls'.

That's not to say there aren't shy adult poopers.

I'm really pumped now about going back to school, my favorite pastime on campus is to relax a good 30 mins while taking a big dump. I especially love the urgency and how desperate I become when that urge hits, making me frantically walk to the nearest toilet. It's kinda funny too when you see a guy doing the same thing on the way to a bathroom, seeing who can reach the door sooner.

A favorite moment of mine is stinking up the toilet/stall, washing my hands, and watching a guy hesitantly take that same stall trying not to breathe in my scent. Another one is walking into a stall with an unflushed toilet and pooping on top of the stranger's turd to compare. One time I found an unflushed toilet with layers of the seat protector already on, so I didn't have to prepare anything. I just plopped my butt right where the previous guy was, how nice of him! ;)

Well, I should have some new stories soon once the semester starts up. As always though please keep the posts coming dudes! I always appreciate a good dump story by fellow guys, even if you're just a one-time lurker.

Take care

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mina great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and it sounds like that sneeze helped get things started and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie it sounds like you may have an stomach bug or food poisoning but only causing you diarrhea hopefully you feel better soon.

To: Natasha thats good your not having any pooping trouble.

To: Karen great story it sounds like you had a major cleanout your body mustve wanted to get rid of as much it could and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

PS. I love this site

Dude in distress

To Linda-

Wow really had a hard time. How awful for you to have to break the turd off- and leave the rest stuck inside. Next time please try this- I can assure you it has helped me with the most difficult turds that felt like I would never be able to push them out . First relax and try to sit or squat in a comfortable position. Or you can even stand. Next- while you push, use 2 or 3 fingers to push against your perineum. It will still hurt a bit- and it will take some effort- but it will really help you get it out so you don't have to break it off. It's no fun to be stuck like that!

Dude in distress

To Linda and everyone else who struggles to poop

I managed to make it a full week with easy bms- but on Thursday I couldn't go. On Friday- still nothing. By Saturday- the. Huge rock hard turd in my rectum was very uncomfortable. I applied some Vaseline with my finger and I could feel the sharp turd just inside my anus. I knew it had to come out so I sat on the toilet and pushed gently at first. It wouldn't move- and. I could tell it was huge. I got up and braced myself against the bathroom counter with my hands while kind of squatting down and leaning forward. I gritted my teeth and strained hard. After a few more minutes of this I felt the tip poking out. While leaning forward against the bathroom counter I could see my face in the mirror. I was bright red and starting to sweat. I grunted loudly as I pushed and finally the turd poked out. I was grunting and whispering "come on come on!" As soon as I stopped pushing to catch my breath- the turd slipped back in. I strained again- this time squatting down and using my hands to pull apart my cheeks. This time it poked out further! But when I had to stop and catch my breath- it went back in a little bit. I felt it with my fingers and it was still sticking out about a half an inch. I kept at this for another half hour and finally managed to push it out about 2 inches. I used 2 fingers to press the sides of my anus while pushing as hard as I could and finally I managed to push the "plug" out. The rest of the turd came easily. My anus was extremely puffy afterwards and I was exhausted!

Monday, June 09, 2014

The Urq
Hi guys

I've been reading this forum for years but never had any thing relevant to post. I don't even know if this is particularly interesting but thought I'd share it!

I was on a date last night and we went to the cinema to see a film. I'd powered my way thru a large soft drink during the film, so by the time we were leaving, I had to pee. With so many people leaving st the same time, there was already a big queue do thought I'd be OK til later. Drove my date home and dropped her off. The urge to piss was getting pretty serious now, but it's all good, she lives just found the corner from s large supermarket! I drive over there and shit! Its closed! Sunday night do everything closes early_! I'm getting desperate now, its another half hour home! Do I decide to go in an empty drinks bottle I have in the car. It's quite a small opening so I'll have to be careful! In a dark corner of the car park, I move my seat back for more room and get my penis out, carefully placing it in the opening and slowly let out a trickle of pee. As I relax the pressure builds and my penis starts to bulge. I msnsge to say 'oh fu...' Before the pressure causes my penis to leap free from the bottle, spraying piss over my dashboard, steering wheel, door and windscreen, and as I try and stop, it dribbles on my seat, jeans and boxers! Idrive hhome in my pissy clothes and stick them straight in the wash and shower myself. Just hope I cleaned the car up enough!

Cheers guys, keep up the good work!


To Annie

Hey Annie, no fun! Look back 2 to 4 days to see if there's something new that you have ate or drank. This may be the source of your problem. Hope all is well with you and that you feel better soon. Be sure to replace the fluids you are losing from this as it's easy to become dehydrated. The best thing is probably plain water.

Emma B

Accident at work

I've always loved a good poo, especially when I've had to hold it all day while I've been out somewhere. I don't like pooing in public toilets so I wait untill I get home even if I'm desperate.
I work part time in a staff shop and mostly alone and one morning I got up late for work and had to quickly get dressed and rush off to catch my bus. I had a wee and brushed my teeth but there wasn't time to have a poo as well. I left the house busting to go but figured my shift was only five hours long and I could wait untill I got home and go then. I saw the bus coming and ran to the bus stop but I didn't have to as the driver saw me and pulled up next to me. I got on and thanked her and took a seat by the doors. Twenty minutes later I was at my stop and I got off. It was a short walk to the shop and I arrived just in time but dying for a poo. I was worried because I knew I wouldn't get home for nearly six hours and I was already dying to go. Anyway I served customers while I struggled to control my bowels and after two hours I was bursting. My boss could tell something was wrong and she asked if I was ok. I told her I was fine but I wasn't. I badly needed to poo but I didn't want him to know that. I think he guessed I needed the toilet and let me take a break so I could go. I walked quickly towards the toilets trying not to make it obvious I was desperate and entered a cubicle. There were a l few office girls go there and I sat down and had a wee but I couldn't poo with them there in spite being desperate to go. I thought if waited a while they would leave and I could poo without anyone knowing but they kept chatting away and I knew I coucet spend too long in there or they'd work out I was doing a number two. I left and went back to work still desperate for that poo. Lunch time was busy and I couldn't keep up with everything because I had to focus hard on not pooing myself. After an hour it went quiet but the urge to poo was unbearable. I was on my own and incredibly desperate for a poo but I couldn't even ask my boss to cover the counter for me so I could have an emergency toilet break. I had two hours untill my shift ended and I was struggling to keep control of my bowels. No one was go the shop and I was tempted to run to the toilet and have a crafty poo but I was afraid my boss would return and fire of for leaving the shop unattended. I struggled for an hour before I couldn't take it any more and relaxed. I felt my anus open up and I was too desperate to do anything about it. A huge soft poo filled my knickers and the relief was amazing. I still had some more to come but didn't want to make a mess in my jeans so I held it back. I had control now and kept working with a smelly load in my knickers. A few customers came in and one woman mentioned the smell but she thought it was the drains and I let her believe it. The boss came and he noticed the smell. I felt my face getting red as I told him it was probably the drains. He wasn't convinced and said it smelled like someonoe had s@#t themselves! I was so embarrassed and with tears in my eyes I admitted it was me. He told me not to worry and sent me home early to spare me any more embarrassment.
I left the shop and decided to walk home rather than take the bus as I knew everyone on the bus would know what I'd done. I got home in about an hour with a sticky smelly bum and undressed to my knickers and peeled then away from my bum. I had to throw themt in the toilet and flushed them down as they were beyond saving. Then I took a shower to clean the mess off my bum and the top me my legs. Once clean, I still had to poo so I sat on the toilet to finish what i'd started in my knickers.

Jasmin K

Constipation and others


Hi Brandon T, I dont think Ive ever had stool softeners but from what you have said I am thinking I might try them, I know from a very awkward discussion with my Mum that my older sister had had them prescribed when she was younger like 9-10ish because she was has chronic Constipation and split her splits bum hole open when she did a hard poo.
Can I ask when do you take stool softeners, do you sort of need to predict when you will need them like its getting harder to poo or can you take them after it has gotten hard and wont come out?

Hi All
I am pleased to say that since my last bad constipation episode things have been quite good, My poo is never soft but its been like a solid lumpy piece and a few pebbles. Ive managed to go each morning, taking about 10 minutes of straining hard with nothing coming out to get things moving and then once I can feel it coming about 10 minutes for it to get it all out, and then another 5 minutes to make sure there is no more. On a couple of occasions I went back at lunch as I didnt think I had really done enough on the morning and managed to do some more.
I am thinking about the stool softners Brandon mentioned as it often really hurts when it comes out, not sure if thats because my poo is solid or because when Im straining to make my poo come I strain really hard and my bum bleeds before any poo is anywhere near coming out and it really stings when it starts to stretch my bum coming out.

Jas K

How many people in high school poop at school, i try to avoid the bathrooms at school and im even a guy, but does anybody have any stories about going at school?


Pooped in urinal once!

Once in high school, after lunch, I had to poo. So i went to the bathrooms, but all the stalls were full. I really had to poo and couldn't wait. I sat down on the urinal, and had an explosive poo, which soon filled up the urinal. People were staring and pointing. After the crowd died down, I went to a stall to wipe my butt. There was no toilet paper. So with a poopy butt, I went off to class. Soon word spread that I was the urinal-pooper. Embarrassing...

Bob near Chicago

No Privacy

The older wood WWII Army barracks used in the 60s had no privacy whatsoever. There were around 10 toilets in an open room, and open shower room with a trough for peeing. In that era, nude swimming for boys was common in many schools, boys clubs and the YMCA. Schools had different days for girls, who wore "tank" suits, with no girls at boys clubs or the YMCA. The movie "Full Metal Jacket" shows this latrine arrangement.


sneeze and gas

Sorry, I've been away a bit, because I had nothing interesting to tell. My visits to the loo are more or less same every time.
But this morning I had another sneezing experience. I just sat on the loo and weed and was getting ready to do the first motion when I suddenly sneezed. And immediately a very soft motion poured out of my bottom. Very very long one! I think maybe about 6 or 7 seconds, and it came out strong and fast. So of course loo was full and I flushed.
I knew there was more. With me there always is more. But I surprised, because my bottom gave out gas. Big noise and big noise, lots of gas, and again and again and again. What did I eat?
After about 20 gas noises motion came out. Not so soft this time and broke up into 4 pieces. Then a bit more gas, and one small motion, and finished. But I didn't feel perfect, and in afternoon I went into loo in workplace, and my bottom gave more gas. Now I feel OK.

Since I started looking this site I enjoy motion more than before. And my friends too I think. Because they can see I enjoy motion. Maho says that when I come out of loo after long and big motion, I always show really happy face. And Kazuko like to do motion at my place not in her own home, she says.

Thank you every one. I hope I have nice story soon, and read your lovely stories.



Persistent diarrhea

Hi all. I've been having persistent diarrhea for the past few days. At first for the first couple of days, it looked like a pile of mud and usually happened only once a day. Then today I woke up with an upset bloated stomach so my husband suggested that I sit on the toilet because we both thought it was constipation or something. Turns out most of that bloating was gas! Then came another explosion of muddy diarrhea. I was OK when we went out but I started feeling iffy again during and after lunch. No urge to go though until we got home. Then as I was eating a snack and having a soy drink a sudden urgent need for the toilet came back and I felt liquid rushing through my bowels quick! I ran for the bathroom, pulled down my sweats and underwear and my bowels let go as soon as I sat on the toilet. Watery diarrhea splashed into the toilet. It sounded like a bucket of water being poured in the toilet. It only took a minute to go and this time it was clear with a few specks of poop. I'm not sure what's going on with my bowels the past few days. I don't know whether there's something wrong or if this is a virus coming or what. I don't otherwise feel sick besides a bit of a sore stomach today. I'm afraid to fart these days. I knew if I even relaxed one muscle the last time I needed to go, my pants, underwear and chair would have been destroyed.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Hi everyone. I have time tonight to share a story. First, some good news though. I'm not constipated lately. I've done a poo at least every other day for the past two weeks. Not sure what I changed that helped, but I'm glad to be having a much easier time pooing now.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough time and still having one hopefuly your diarrhea goes away soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: John great story about seeing your girlfriend poop it sounds like she really had to go alot and I bet she felt pretty great afterwards to.

To: Crystal great story as always and im alright.

To: Linda great story.

To: Rachypoo great story about your giant poop it sounds like it was a really good and it sounds like you felt amazing afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bloated Butt as always another great story it sounds like you had really great poop and I bet you felt amazing afterwards espiacialy after getting that big poop out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jessica (AZ) asa always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and felt amazing afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tlana great story.

To: Korean great story it sounds like you and that woman both had a really good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lara great story it sounds like megan was very desperate for that poop and just made it in time.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Blowing out the pipes

Well, finally summer vacation is here so I have time to write; as you know I'm a substitute teacher. Been feeling kind of offish for the last couple of months, incomplete BM's and sluggishness and nausea etc. that goes with constipation from a steady diet of constipating processed food, of which i'm no stranger to because I used to be an over-the-road truck driver and truck stop food isn't exactly known to be conducive to bowel regularity--I could fill volumes with my accounts of gas pains and stomach cramps but maybe another time, thus, I knew what I needed to do.

Saturday I day I bought a sack of apples and a sack of oranges and dried apricots and natural popcorn for snacks and ate nothing but that until it was all gone. BM's came out solid but skinny and I still felt there was a lot more in there stuck to the walls of my colon, so time to bring out the heavy artillery.

On Monday morning when I woke up at around five I took six dulcolax and had nothing to drink except decaf coffee with creamer and cocoa powder all day, I kept the coffee coming while I caught up on my reading. Starting at around two in the afternoon the diarrhea started. At first it was really solid and filled up the bowl and I thought I was going to have to use the plunger to get it all down. Then about every twenty to thirty minutes I had to go again, we're talking explosive gassy diarrhea and I had to scrub the toilet after each time to erase all of the little black dots that had splattered all about. I began drinking only water. By six that evening I was done, passing only water with an orangey colored tint and I felt very light but weak and a little nauseated.

I called my brother just to talk like I always do, and he wanted to take me out to dinner to which I agreed. Just he and I. No big occasion, he said I needed to eat at least something, maybe just a snack at Coco's, thought it might help settle my stomach. Ordered some cheese fries to help stop my diarrhea, then ate half a burger and a salad with iced tea, and of course no trip to Coco's would be complete without their famous onion rings so I got those to go. Then he dropped me off and I went to bed at around ten thirty after eating the onion rings for my bedtime snack the most of which I shared with my doggies. The next morning after I woke up while I was having my coffee I passed such a log, big and fat, I guess that was the rest of what must have been stuck to my colon walls finally loosened and coming out. Felt great after that. Took a shower and noticed how small my waist looked, then decided to try on a pair of slacks I haven't worn since the Christmas party. Those khakis fit so great with room to spare at the waistband that I wanted to show myself off, so I called my brother up and treated him to breakfast, just like old times. My face even looked thinner as it did years ago. I felt so good and light and energetic.

It's said that a clogged colon is a toxic colon, and the toxins make you feel depressed, etc. So in this case the cure for me was to blow out my pipes. It was as simple as that.

Mystery Poster

To Annie About Colitis

Colitis - This disease causes inflammation of the colon's inner lining and the rectal wall, which becomes red, swollen, and ulcerated.

The following foods are foods that your husband's friend can't eat without having problems:

-carbonated beverages
-dairy products, if lactose intolerant
-dried beans, peas, and legumes
-dried fruits, berries, fruits with pulp or seeds
-foods containing sulfur or sulfate
-foods high in fiber, including whole-grain products
-hot sauce, pepper
-nuts, crunchy nut butters
-products containing sorbitol (sugar-free gum and candies)
-raw vegetables
-refined sugar
-spicy foods, sauces

I just gave you some background information about this disease. You can research more about this disease if you want to learn more. I hope this information I gave you know is helpful to you.

Today, whilst I was walking home from school, an urge to poo came out of nowhere, and it felt very strong. I let off a few loud farts, which I'm glad no one was around to hear (or smell, for that matter). The need was easier to deal with after that, but I knew I'd best hurry home or I might end up pooing myself. I nearly ran the rest of the way, passing a few more nasty loud farts along the way.

I went straight to the bathroom as soon as I was home and sat down on the toilet. But, frustratingly, I had a major stomachache and knew I needed to poo, but nothing would come out. I sat for a long while and all I could do was fart. Letting them all out made my stomach stop hurting, and the urge to poo went away as well.

Earlier tonight, I felt an urge again and went back to the bathroom and that time I was able to poo. It was a tonne of short, loose pieces that smelled awful. I was glad when I had finished and could leave the bathroom.

So, that's my story for today. Bye everyone!


Upset stomach

Hi everyone. My stomach's kind of upset today. The first thing I did when I got up was sit on the toilet because my stomach hurts and doesn't feel so good. All that came out was a bunch of gas and a few small snake-like turds. Then I had lunch and a bottle of water and that seemed to propel my bowels into action. I just had diarrhea for like 10 minutes. My cat kept meowing and scratching at the shower door. I guess complaining about the smell which was pretty foul LOL. At one point she stood up on her hind legs and peeked in the toilet while I was going. I don't know why, but she has some kind of fascination with staring in the toilet whether someone's going or not. Anyway I had about 2 waves of this messy sloppy crap before I felt done. There was a huge pile of what looked like mud so I flushed that down first then wiped a bunch of times and flushed that down too. Stomach still hurts though. Wonder what's wrong.

Tinfoil Hat

To Bloated Butt

I don't think it's normal to have that kind of bowel movements so often. It may be ok for now, but when you'll get older you may experience some extra trouble due to age-related changes. It's either what you eat or how your body processes it. Either way, if i had such kind of movements too often i would start getting worried and seeking help from a doctor.

I did the same last February (went last time on Monday afternoon and held it in until Friday morning, all the while going to school and gym) and frankly it didn't plug me up that bad (it all went out with a single push in the morning and in the evening, after getting back from the gym, it came out by itself) or give me so much gas. And i ate a lot too during the week. And yes, i'm male so i guess that my colon is smaller.


Post Title (optional)girlfrend

I finally convinced my longtime girlfriend to put a ????ing dump in my bowl.she came over early that morning and we both went to the bowl together.she plopped her jiggly white round butt on the seat and started to say oh god oh god. Oh ???? oh shit. As she gets constipated sometimes. I heard loud crackling and grunting as she grunted. Oh jesus oh ???? oh shit oh shit ????. She pushed out 1 big brown slimey smelly wet log and a ????ing pile of soft creamy slime. It stink up the whole bathroom and kitchen. She flushed and we left together.

Back here again, and sleepy. Today I was up at 4am to ride along to and then bring the family car from Sarasota. I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before either, so when we grabbed breakfast I took one of my ADHD pills so I'd stay up. From this, I immediately had to poop when we arrived and I took over the car. Deciding to do some quick thrifting too, I routed to the nearest Salvation Army, squirming and farting a little on the way. But after 10 minutes of driving there, I discovered they weren't open until 10, the number 9 on their door covered by tape. Slightly lost, I made my way back to a smaller thrift store I had seen back down the road. Lucky me, /they/ had just opened. I walked inside and sorta browsed for 30 seconds so it didn't look like I'd only dashed in to shit. Then, I found the bathroom, and dashed in to shit. Heh. Didn't feel like starting drama so far from home, especially without my driver's license (couldn't find it this morning) so I took the Men's Room. The room was a single toilet, sink, and full of assorted framed mirrors, hanging and leaning. I dropped my seersucker shorts and popped down on the toilet. The vyv made it exit easy, but there was a lot of it and it was wide, the contents of a Chinese seafood delight platter. The bathroom fan was comfortably noisy, not that it needed to be. I didn't fart at all. I finished in under two minutes, washed up, and bought two pairs of black capri pants and a gray silk shirt. The only other bathroom stop on my drive back was a pretty desperate pee break at a McDonald's, so desperate in fact that I managed to override my pee-shy, at a urinal, with someone in the stall.

Side note: my booty has been kinda tender lately. I'm gonna get a mirror and examine it for any visible irritation .


Mud-like diarrhea again

I had diarrhea yesterday shortly after getting up which was about the consistency of mud. Then I had fried chicken for dinner which I knew would trigger something because it usually upsets my stomach. I didn't have any more diarrhea yesterday but I was careful not to fart just in case. My husband had diarrhea after dinner and our friend had diarrhea during dinner. Our friend said his stomach didn't feel so well so he didn't eat much during dinner. Usually we have 3 pieces of chicken plus biscuits and fries each but my husband had 2-3 pieces of chicken, some coleslaw, some fries and a couple of biscuits, I had 2 pieces, a few fries and a couple of biscuits, and our friend had one piece of chicken, a tiny bit of coleslaw which he couldn't finish and maybe a biscuit and a few fries.

Then shortly after getting up (in the middle of lunch) I got the strong urge to go. Which I did. I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pj pants and undies and reached behind me for the Garfield comic. And relaxed for the inevitable explosion. As soon as I relaxed a noisy explosion of diarrhea flew out with lots of gas. It was over within a minute but it was loud. Fortunately so far that's the only wave of diarrhea I've had today. Lately my farts have been kind of wet. They don't leave any marks on my underwear fortunately but I'm not sure why they're wet. My husband and I usually eat healthy other than once in a while splurging on fast food or a treat. Otherwise we have a good diet. I'm in better shape bowel-wise than he is though. He is frequently constipated but that's because he doesn't drink enough water. Between the coffee, stool softeners, water, good diet and exercise my bowels have been fine. All my BMs are soft. A little too soft, but that's better that everything wants out rather than everything being hard, uncomfortable and feeling sick.

A friend of my husband and I mentioned the other day he has to watch everything he eats and drinks because he has colitis. What's colitis? He says coffee and acidic foods and drinks trigger attacks. He told me this after I offered him a coffee (being a good host). So I offered him green tea instead. He ended up having an attack before he left though in our bathroom. Poor guy. He's in relatively good shape (though he has recently had surgery on his knee from a basketball injury so he can't exercise as much as he wants or the way he wants). If someone could shine some light on this for me I would appreciate it.


What come in will come out

hi everyone

Sunday poop

Sunday I got up early around 6 to get up so I make it church
so went into bathroom took off all my clothing felt it good time to pee so I let go a good stream before I went into the shower, after done flush, went into shower, feeling good? after I went back into my room lay across my bed so I air dry after 10 minutes, I called up Marcus see if he want to me visit him or vise versa, after about 1hr got dress matching dress and heels, on my way to visit Marcus at church I picked up Sophia, so fast forward abit we make into service, and during the transition period, I went to the cafeteria, had doughnuts and coffee, afterwards finishing went back in for service, during service I felt fine so after service was completely over I brought Sophia with me over Marcus house, his parents service must let out early cause they was pulling in at same time, so I get inside take off my heels as usual, so I tell Marcus I be out in little while and slaps my backside, so I make into bathroom, lift up my dress and pull down my panties to ankles and sit and start releasing squirts of liquid poop, then like water poop start flowing out, after feeling great, wiped like 7 times, flush, get up wash back there and took off dress asked Marcus can I come out I didn't hear his voice so I went into guess aka my room I stay in, slip in there, wearing nothing but panties so went in put on some jogging pants an t shirt and rejoined Marcus and Sophia had vegetable Laguna pasta, before I took Sophia home, she had to go bathroom, so while waiting for her Marcus and I played some movie, but after 30 minutes Sophia come out and I asked her was she okay, no she said, I told Marcus hold up, so I took her in my room asked her what's wrong, she told me she may not make it back, took me to the bathroom showed me, I said well go lay down, that's all but through out the rest of yesterday I made sure Sophia was feeling okay

Monday, June 02, 2014


Post Title (optional) To Bloated Butt

Hardly anyone has ever asked me if I was okay, when I was having a hard time pooping in a public toilet, making lots of noise grunting and breathing heavily. I think maybe once someone has asked me if I was okay (they heard me grunting and straining) and I told them I was very constipated. They just said 'You poor thing' or something like that. I have heard quite a few people laughing at me and making comments though.

My favorite public toilets are next to a cinema so at times there is nobody in there (which seems to be around 4 in the afternoon) but around 5 and after, there seems to be lots of people using them. I normally use those toilets when I finish work early and by the time I've finished, lots of people are in there. This might sound strange but I've found it easier 'getting away with it' when lots of people are around because its harder for them to tell 'it was me' struggling to poop. On weekends, if I need to use a public toilet, I go to some near my house. There are only 3 cubicles there so less chance of anyone hearing me or seeing me. The public toilets in the park near my house are good too.

I've only really started using public toilets for pooping in the last few years. Of course, I've used them for pooping in the past when I was constipated but not as often. In the last 2 years, my constipation has become so bad, that I've had to use public toilets for pooping almost every time I need to do a poo. I think since the beginning of this year, my constipation has been worse than ever.


Post Title (optional) Just had a very difficult poop : (

Well after having some really nice, enjoyable poops for the last couple of days, I'm back to being constipated again :( All of the manitol must have worked its way through me because this morning, I had a very difficult pooping session!! And I ate way too much chocolate yesterday - a huge family block and 3 extra large cherry ripes. I couldn't resist the temptation.............

I had a good poop yesterday morning, it still took me a long time and I ended up spending over 30 minutes on the toilet - which isn't that long for me (considering I take 2 hours or more lately) but its probably a long time for others (who don't get constipated). I still had to push and strain quite a lot but it felt great, my anus got stretched open really wide but it was pleasurable, compared to what its normally like (my hemarrhoids bulging out and bleeding, my anus burning) and the poo only got stuck briefly in my anus. My turd was around 12 inches long.

I didn't do another poo yesterday but I felt great because my stomach wasn't bloated and I was completely empty!! However, I literally became constipated over night. I woke up feeling bloated and full of poo. I could feel a big load and it felt hard and sharp in my rectum. I tried several times to go in the morning but it was hopeless. I had lunch early, around 11 am. I made sure I ate lots of salad to help get things moving. I also ate some corn and drank two cups of coffee.

My housemate went away for the weekend (its a long weekend here) to visit her family, who live in a town 5 or 6 hours drive away. I knew she would be away until Monday so I had the house to myself.

About 45 minutes later, I was getting a strong urge to go. I took my pants off completely and left my t-shirt on. I had 2 hours to get the poo out - I had planned on meeting a friend for coffee but I had plenty of time to get my entire load out - or so I thought.....

I got on the toilet, thinking I would have a relative easy time because yesterday was so good. But I was so wrong!!! I did some gentle pushing for a few minutes but then I quickly realised that I needed to work harder than that. So I really bore down and pushed with all my might, for 10 minutes. I felt the tip of my turd start to poke out a couple of inches. I thought maybe it was going to come out easily - but NO!!!! As soon as I stopped pushing, I felt the turd go back into my anus! So I bore down again, this time pushing and straining even harder than before - I screwed up my face, closed my eyes and clenched my fists. The turd stuck out a few inches so I kept bearing down for 15 minutes. I really got into it and did some loud grunting "HHHHMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, PUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH!!" I needed another rest and my anus sucked the poo back in a bit - but at least now it was sticking out about 2 inches. I rested for a few minutes, then I reached down and felt my progress - the turd was as thick as a coke can and it felt rock hard. I pushed down around my anus with my fingers and strained at the same time. The turd poked out a bit more as I pushed with my fingers. Then, as usual, it went back into my anus again, as soon as I stopped straining.

I put my feet up on the toilet seat, so I was squatting over the bowl and pushed and strained. This helped a bit and the turd poked out a few more inches. My anus wasn't co-operating though because when I relaxed to have another rest, I felt it trying to suck the poo back in!!! I reached down and touched the turd again. My anus had definitely sucked a bit of the poo back in because now it was back to only sticking out 2 inches!!!! I felt defeated and miserable!! The turd was really hurting my anus - it had caused my anus to open up very wide, my hemmarhoids were bleeding and the poo felt like sand paper in my anus!!!

By now I had been on the toilet for 45 minutes. I got off the toilet and stood up. Its winter here and my house is cold inside but I was hot and sweaty from all that straining. I walked into my lounge room, my big white, bear bottom in full view, with 2 inches of thick poo sticking out between my legs. My big bottom and wide thighs jiggled as I waddled around my lounge room. I waddled up and down the hallway and into the bathroom. I tried looking in the mirror, to see the poo sticking out but my big bottom covering it up. Amazingly, my anus co-operated as I walked around and it didn't try to suck the poo back in.

Then I waddled back into the lounge room. I put my hands up against the wall, squatted slightly and bore down. I really got going, also doing some more loud grunting "PUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH, NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" I did lots of heavy breathing too. By now, the turd had come out a few more inches. I was in a terrible state and I'm sure I looked a dreadful sight too - my bear bottom stretched apart by a massive rock hard turd, sticking out of my anus. I stayed in that position for around 20 minutes, pushing, straining, grunting and bearing down like there was no tomorrow!! I was SO constipated!!!

I needed another rest after that and I needed to sit down. So I went back to the toilet and got back on. But by now, the poo was STUCK!!!! No matter how much pushing and straining I did, it just wouldn't move AT ALL!!! So I reached down and tried to stick a couple of fingers into my anus. I tried to wriggle my finger around the turd, in the hopes that it would coax it out and loosen it up a bit. I felt lots of sticky poo around the rock hard turd. I couldn't do anything to get the poo to come out and I ended up with sticky poo all over my hand. I had to clean it off with toilet paper.

I got up off the toilet again and waddled into my lounge room. I had taken my t-shirt off at this stage too so all I was wearing was a sports bra. I waddled around the whole house and realised I had been at this for nearly 2 hours! I needed to get this turd out in the next 10 minutes because I had to have a shower to get ready to go out. I got back on the toilet and bore down like I had never bore down before!! It didn't help at all. I was desperate and I didn't know what to do. I was in distress, with 6 inches of poo hanging between my legs. I thought about what to do for a few minutes - then I decided to do something I hate doing, I had no other choice but the break the turd off.

I got lots of toilet paper and used my hand to twist the rock hard turd until it broke off. I dropped it into the toilet. I felt so uncomfortable and I still had a big brown egg stuck in my anus - or rather, a large baseball sized poo. My anus was burning and it felt like I had glass in it. I had to wipe my bottom thoroughly to clean the poo off - including a big chunk of poo that was left over from breaking the bigger piece off. It took 15 minutes to clean my bottom, then I got in the shower. I made a 'soap enema' and stuck it up my anus. I tried to stick it up as high as it would go. I still had loads of poo up there so my finger was covered in poo.

I washed myself and let the 'enema' do its thing as I showered. After 15 minutes, I got out of the shower, the 'enema' still in my anus. I went back to the toilet and tried to push some more poo out. It was hopeless because I just pushed the soap enema out!!!!!!! It didn't help me at all!!!!!!!!! I felt so miserable! I got dressed, my anus still burning and sore. I reluctantly went out, even though I didn't want to because I was so constipated but somehow, I was able to enjoy myself a bit. After having a coffee and a chat with my friend for a few hours, I was driving home, when I felt something warm and gooey in my knickers - it was liquid poo coming out because I was so backed up.

I got home, with liquid poo in my knickers. I had to clean myself up and my knickers had stuck to my bottom. It was terrible!! I can't believe I'm so constipated again and I know I shouldn't have eaten all that chocolate yesterday!!!!!!!

I've still got lots of poo inside me but I haven't had anymore urges to do a poo. I just went to the toilet for a wee and I had dried up poo in my knickers!! I also tried for a poo but nothing happened. I will report back when I'm finally able to do another poo!!

Hi everyone, I haven't posted in ages but I've still been reading all the time :) I love all your posts :)
I decided to post today because I took the biggest most amazing poop of my life and I had to tell someone.
I was at work when I started getting a slight urge to use the toilet. For those who've read my other posts I suffer from ibs but the diarrhoea only, no constipation. This urge to poo was a really good one because there was no urgency and it felt nice and firm in my bum.
I could also feel a tight feeling in my stomach.
On my way home from work I was a bit gassy and it smelt a bit. As I got close to home the urgency increased- I don't know if others experience this, it's like your brain knows you will be near a toilet soon so it starts to make your body need to go more.
Anyway, I got home and went straight to the toilet.
I didn't push at all I waited a few seconds before my bum hole started to open, because it don't usually have firm poops it stretched my hole, it felt really good. Like that pleasure/pain feeling, it forced my butt open to a very pleasant feeling and the poo started to crawl out, I was no way expecting what happened next... My bum hole just stayed open and the speed increased and I felt a GIANT poop coming out. It was over so quickly. I stood up and looked into the bowl!!! It was HUGE! I've heard of this before from other people but I couldn't believe it. The poo was at least 3 inches wide and 3 feet long. I thought it wouldn't flush. I sat down to wipe, not too messy and flushed. To my surprise it all went down. I felt so relieved :)
Hope you enjoy my story.

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