An accident.

Well, I've had quite a few accidents myself in my twenty-four years, but it's not every day you get lucky enough to see it happen to somebody else.

Let me just start by saying, last night was pretty kick-ass. I'm not a huge partier, but when I do go out, I go ALL out. And last night, I needed it. I got together with my four closest friends. Chloe, Hannah, Cleatra, and Jane met me at the bar. We were all dolled up, ready for one of our famous and fabulous girls' nights out, which would, of course, include terrifying amounts of unhealthy food that could only be washed down by several rounds of adult beverages. We kicked off the night at our favorite Mexican restaurant (best Margaritas ever!), and then (safely) made our rounds from there. Anyway, we were all pretty okay by the time we decided to call it a night, but Hannah, who is generally the most alcohol-tolerant of our little group, was totally out of it, hardly able to walk. My house is really close to where we were downtown, so with the help of my friends, I walked Hannah to my place, where the rest of the girls got cabs home. By the time everyone else had cleared out, Hannah was passed out on my bedroom floor. I threw a blanket over her and laid a pillow down next to her head, and got in my own bed. Early this morning, I awoke to my alarm clock. I stretched and sat up and heard Hannah murmuring from the floor. "What time is it?" She asked. I told her it was six, and that I had to be at work by eight. She sat up, rubbing her eyes. "Oh God, I think I'm going to--" literally, that was all she got out. before she puked on my carpet. I asked her if she was okay. "Obviously not!" she cried,and then after re-composing herself, "Dude, I'm so sorry about your floor. I'll clean it up. Exactly how much did I drink last night?" I waved her away. I'm in training to be a nurse, so it's really not a big deal. I grabbed the stuff to clean the carpet while I informed her that, while I'd lost track of exactly how much she'd drank, I'd cut her off after she finished the rest of the bottle. "One margarita and a bottle of wine?" She scoffed, "Big deal." I just smirked and told her, "no, hon. one margarita, god knows what else, and you finished off most of our bottle of tequila." she stared at me. "Tequila? You let me drink tequila? You know what that sh*t does to me, Ella!" to be fair, I had tried to stop her before. and I tried to tell her that, holding up my hands in defense. "Hey, dude, I tried to-" but then I heard this awful gurgling noise - I don't know how else to explain it - come from Hannah's stomach, and then she covered her mouth and kind of bent forward. "Are you okay?" I asked. she just screamed, "Bathroom!" and shuffled past me to where my bedroom joined the master bathroom. but suddenly, right in front of the archway to the bathroom, she froze. She was still wearing the tight white pants she'd had on the night before. I watched her clench to no avail as the seat of her white pants filled with diarrhea. I could hear the crackling sound as the mushy poop pushed its way out, flowing into her pants. As soon as she finished pooping, it must've dawned on Hannah what she'd just done. her hand flew to her butt, attempting to cover the mess, and she shuffled again to the bathroom. I heard her sniffling, and followed her in. "Hannah, did you just--?" I couldn't help myself, I was in disbelief. But her sobbing grew louder, and I felt bad. "Hey, don't worry about it, dude. Sh*t happens. Literally." I couldn't help but laugh at my stupid pun, which of course, only made Hannah more upset (I promise I wasn't trying to be a b*tch, I was trying to lighten the mood, and tried to explain this to her). "Look, girl, you've gotta be able to laugh at yourself sometimes. Sh*t really does happen. It's not like I've never done it." She finally looked at me. "You have?" she asked, as if that somehow made her situation the tiniest bit better. I nodded. She seemed to regain some composure. I told her I'd leave while she cleaned up and that she could borrow some of my clothes to wear home. "Ella," she said firmly. "No one, and I mean NO ONE hears about this. Ever. Got it?"

So, that's why I'm here. I had to tell this story!
And before you all go on thinking I'm insensitive for telling this story against her will, Hannah's the type of person who, after the embarrassment blows over, will tell all three of our other friends about this wonderful night herself. But I had to share it today, with someone, because it was such a rare and, I'll admit, exciting, moment for me to witness another person have an accident. It's only happened a few other times before. Does anyone else feel this way upon witnessing someone else pee or poop their pants? Or am I just weird?

Hey. I'm new here. My first post is going to be a live one, posted from the toilet to "The Toilet", lol. I have to take a dump really bad right now. It's Sunday night, and the last time I pooped was Wednesday afternoon. I learned a technique from someone on this site a while back about how to make a nest of toilet paper at the back of the toilet to prevent your turds from disappearing around the bend.

Anyway, I'm super desperate, so on with the show. Okay, I'm sitting on the toilet now. The turd is exiting my butthole. It's a real big one, stretching it a lot. It's somewhat dry, but not too hard to push out. It's coming out quickly too. It just hit the toilet bowl and is still growing. Coming out even faster now than it was. Okay, it broke off. BRAAAAAAAAAP. Oh wow, that was a really loud fart.

I can feel the beginning of the next one almost ready. It's even thicker than my first. This kind of hurts a little, it's stretching my butthole so much. But it also feels good. It came out very quickly, but was not very long. It's already broken off. I know there's more poop that needs out, but nothing's coming yet.

I waited a few minutes and now I feel a renewed urge. I'm still sitting on the toilet. This turd is skinny. It's barely moving though. Just inching out of my body. It's been a while of this turd coming out and it's only now touching the bowl. Still continuing to come out more and more though. I don't know how long this turd is, but it still hasn't snapped off. Even more of this turd is coming out. Okay, finally, it's all out.

I passed two short banana-like turds one after the other. They came out so quickly I had no time to type anything about them. I feel like I'm fully emptied now. So, time to look at my productions. As I was hoping, I pooped a ton. I wanted to do a big load for my first post here.

The long skinny turd formed a big circle around the rim of the toilet bowl. It went around almost two whole times. No wonder it felt like I was pooping out that turd forever. There's another thick turd shaped almost like the letter J, and the banana shaped turds are just sideways on top of it.

Well, that's all for this post I think. I'll send this off, then wipe and flush.

From Amsterdam
I was waiting at the platform at a railway station earlier today. A train was standing at the opposite track. Suddenly I saw that one of the toilets was flushing. It was those old toilets with direct outlet onto the track. When the flushing was finished I saw a huge amount of poop and paper lying on the rail. Just afterwards a woman was leaving the toilet and went into the passenger cabin. She had some kind of a uniform, possibly air stewardess. I guess that whe did not realize that her wast was let out for everyone to see.

Drew L
I have a female friend who is good friend who is more than just friends but not quite a girlfriend. The subject of being in the bathroom when some one else was going to the bathroom came up in a few conversations before and she is not uptight about it.

I had gone to her place because I wanted to talk.....I wasn't having a good day and talking to her helped. We were in her back room that had an adjacent bathroom and after A while I could not ignore the growing discomfort of needing to take a shit coming on. I got up and went into the bathroom leaving the door open and said I needed to use the bathroom, dropped my pants and sat down in full view of her. She didn't mind, but was busy moving in and out of view a few times as I took my dump and we still were talking. I was only half done and went to get the TP roll which was sitting in a mostly open partition and I accidentally fumbled it. It fell just out of reach on the floor towards the door in front of me so I asked her to get it which she did and handed to me as I finished. She went to what she was doing. Later I called her just to be sure things were OK about me taking a shit in front of her. She said it didn't bother her but I wonder if it caught her off guard and she really did need some things done. She may have been trying to give me some privacy, but I told her it was just fine and that I didn't mind and she could have stood there the whole time talking to me watching me. I will try this again soon. I do like the idea of doing this and enjoy it! I don't think she would mind if I came in with her, but will ask.

I had one girl friend a few years ago that loved taking a shit in front of me and watching me taking a shit. Other ones didn't mind and some were uptight about it though I don't quite understand why.

Hi everyone. Ok so i though I would tell u all about my last mommy dump.a large long brown smelly slimey scum log sloooowly crackled and farted its way out of my sewer this morning. With my 2 little daughters banging on the door telling me to hurry up. I knew they had to get ready for school so I grunted out one last small bumpy turd with some slime squirted on top. I wiped and flushed. Thats all for now I guess.....


Question for Abbie

Abbie: I just love you stories and was hoping you could tell us about the biggest poo you've done? It seems like you regularly have pretty massive ones.

Steven A

Bathroom Survey An Update

Hey everyone, I thought of this "Would You Rather" Bathroom Survey today and I think it's a pretty good one.

1. Would you rather: only have to pee OR only have to poop for the rest of your life?

2. Would you rather: have diarrhea OR constipation?

3. Would you rather: go to the bathroom in the woods OR knock on a random person's door to ask them if you can use their bathroom if you had to pee/poop and your house was too far away since you were on a walk and you knew you couldn't make it back to your house? (I think that more people would want to use someone else's bathroom to poop instead of going outside, if they had nothing to wipe with).

4. Would you rather: use a bathroom without doors & stalls OR use a bathroom with doors & stalls in case of a bathroom emergency?

5. In school during class, you have to go pee or poop really bad but your teacher won't let anyone use the bathroom no matter what the reason is and you don't think you can make it for the entire class period. Would you rather: try to sneak out of class without getting caught/just get up and leave OR try your best to hold it during class.

I hope you like my survey.

Update: My bowels have been great up until Friday morning when I woke up with an urgent need to poop. So, I got up out of bed and when I sat down on the toilet I had some diarrhea and when it was over I tried to go back to sleep. 2 hours later, I got up for good and I had to go again. It was the same thing for like 4-5 times that day. One of my movements was a blob of clear liquid with little color specks in it. I went a couple of more times throughout the rest of the day and before I went to sleep on Friday night. I felt weak & tried around afternoon/early evening. When I woke up this morning, I went like 3 times after I woke up. That was my last straw, I took some Anti-Diarrheal medicine and so far, nothing happened yet. I hope this doesn't constipate me but I'll find out in a day or two. Some great new stories and new posters here, keep the stories coming and tell more people about this site like your friends, family, and relatives and I will try to do the same. I will post again soon.

Crimson Flash

Park poop

I haven't been on this site much lately but was catching up reading and still have to say great stories everyone. Today I thought I'd post a recent poop report. I set out for a walk at a local park on a weekend afternoon. I had a mild urge to poop earlier in the day but by now the urge was strong and was getting uncomfortable walking on the trail. I don't mind peeing in the woods which I've posted about here before, but haven't pooped outside in many years and didn't want to be seen (great story Drew L, btw). So I made my way to the park bathrooms. I've been here many times but never used the toilets here before. I went in and took the first stall and pulled my pants and boxers down and sat. The toilet was lower than any I've ever sat on. After some hissing gas escaped, I started pooping and was done within a minute. I stood to look and saw 4 approximately 5 to 6 inch soft logs on the bottom. I wiped more than a few times, flushed, and continued on feeling great.

If I get a chance I might also stop by and post about the biggest poop I did this year so far, a thick 12 inch log.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Jasmin K



Just thought I would write whilst a have a bit of free time whilst everyone else is out visiting my Aunty. I elected not to go as there are not enough seats in the car and my mum would have had to make 2 trips.

Ok Replies and comments first


When I go back at lunchtime its usually for about 20 minutes max, the toilets are usually quite busy and you have to wait for an empty cubicle.
Often there are other girls who are struggling to poo at lunch time so any noises made are not that noticible and quite often they are in the same position as me having not managed earlier in the morning.
There are never concerns about being heard straining on a morning, most of the cubicles have those sort of noises coming from them. I know many girls in my school who are routene morning pooers and dont worry about being heard straining and grunting, the main concern being making a poo or getting a constipated one out.


I know first hand about being asked about BMs by parents and asked if you have been at school, having to describe it and getting into trouble for not doing a poo - my mum always seemed to know if I lied about it. At home she would check what I had done in the toilet and if it wasnt enough I had to stay there untill I did enough. If I couldnt do any I got into serious trouble. If I did go at school when I was younger I had to tell her.
Perhaps your friend Miranda is made to go and its when she hasnt done any on a morning her mum wants to know if she has done a poo in the day. Perhaps doing it somewhere on the way home gets her out of having her mum look at what she done in the toilet.
When my younger sister poos at school I have to check it and then tell mum that shes done it.

Ok so onto my post

I am still managing to go each day,avoiding getting constipated on a couple of days its taken 3 sits on the toilet to get it out especially when its little hard pebbles and small chunks, pushing down so hard my bum bulges down and swells and it feels like a huge log and all that drops is a tiny hard pebble, sometimes like a peanut sise piece. Most days I manage to get a good amount out on the toilet at school when I arrive in the morning. I cant believe that doing these little pebbles can make my bum so sore, they feel like something sharp as they come out. Its not too bad if I get a lot of that like mucous jelly stuff coming out first but that only happens if I have to strain for ages before the first bits come out,Ive had that 3 days this week where ive got to school no feeling of the need to poo, got in a cubicle pulled my skirt up and knickers down and sat and started straining hard sometimes I break wind and the mucous stuff comes out but often my bum starts to bleed first. I check with TP and sometimes there is blood and the mucous and other just the yellowy mucous. On those 3 days Ive only managed a few pebbles before classes start and then Ive gone back at lunch for another try and only done a few pebbles. On those days its been in the evening before going out that Ive been able to get the rest out at home but that taken more than an hour to do a decent amount of pebbles, I had already got dressed in what I was wearing to go out, which was hold up stockings up to just below my tight leather look pvc short shorts and short belly show top. I unbuttoned the shorts and took the right off, I wasnt wearing any knickers I dont like them under shorts and these shorts dont show any unfortunate stains which is good in that I dont need to wear a pad - they are really tight and it shows, and I can just use folded toilet paper then take it out later in the toilet wherever we go. These shorts are my favourite choice when I go out and my bum is still bleeding or the inside is sticking out. When I looked in the toilet I thought huh it looks like a rabbits been there.
I did have a real good poo today,there were actually 2 logs, 1 was made of lumps and pebbles, it took me 20 minutes to get it moving down into my bum and about 1/2 an hour to get it out. I checked it was like 2 inches fat and about 8 inch long, couldnt see it all properly as the water was blood red. As it came out it seemd to get stuck in my rather swollen and bulging bum which made it harder to force it out. I thought that there might be more to come out so I sat down again and kept straining, I decided to stay there untill I did some more. After another 20 minutes straining really hard I I felt something coming down inside so I strained really hard and felt my bum swell as another poo moved into my bum, I strained really hard and pulled my bum open and a few pebbles droped plip plip plip into the water as I kept straining I felt something more solid and a log started to come out, it only took a few hard pushes and it splashed into the water.This log was firm but slightly softer at the end and in 1 solid piece about 6 inches in length and again about 2 inches at the start but only 1 or so at the end.


To Annie: Toddlers on Public Toilets Question

As a babysitter serving several families, I'm getting to know this one well! I've had two boys (from different families) that don't want to sit on a public toilet. I can smell their need to poo, but they deny it or want to hold it until we get home. Luke is 4 and just this past week he crapped for me at Wal-Mart. Previously, he insisted on waiting until we got back home and I was afraid he would crap his pants. I know from personal experience the Wal-Mart stools are lower than those at many other stores (I'm 3',4" so I appreciate them too!). The seats are white instead of the dreaded black and I take him to the very back of the store to a lesser-used restroom instead of the busiest one at the entrance. Another boy who's almost 4 I've been taking into single-stall bathrooms. We may walk farther but he prefers the privacy of a single toilet and being the only person (in addition to me) in the bathroom. Fast food places are the best, although they are dirtier, but if there's pee on the seat I wipe it off before he gets up on it. In the future, I'm going to have him do the seat wipe. The problem that Christian has, however, is that when he pushes out his poo, he pees into his underwear because he doesn't point his underwear into the bowl. Many of the seats don't have those front cut-outs that would help him. He's not that good with wiping, so I have to help him there. Both have to be told and reminded to flush. Then it's the same thing with washing their hands.


Woman's monster dump

Hi all, this story begins with me and a few friends heading to the beach to celebrate the start of summer.

I am a 17 year old girl, 5'10 and 150 lbs. I was with my friend Monica who is 5'9, has a very shapely body, and extremely good looking. She is coveted by almost every guy in my highschool. My other friend, Summer, is about 5'6 and not quite as attractive, but still has some very large assets.

Anyways, we arrived at the beach and immediately set up our towels in the sand and all the usual stuff. The beach was quite crowded, likely due to the start of summer. After some time playing around in the water, I needed to take a dump. I have always been fascinated by pooping an love nothing more than doing a huge load.

So I got in line at the restroom at the beach. There was a considerable line but I managed to hold it all in. Finally, as I was first in line, a stall opened up and out came the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. She was in her bikini, showing off her incredible body and showing off her very large endowments. She gave me a quick look, and I thought I heard her murmur sorry or something, but didn't think anything of it.

I quickly entered the stall, lifted the lid, and realized why she had said sorry.

Inside was the most beatiful dump I had ever seen. All the water in the bowl was completely overtaken by the sheer size of her load. There must have been at least 4 separate logs, all of which would be huge for a normal person to drop a single one. I was in shock. This absolute goddess of a women, with a body just about any woman would kill for had just completely destroyed this toilet. Just for grins, I pulled the flusher and watched as water flooded the limited space in the bowl remaining. The weight of the poop kept it from moving at all-it remained anchored to the bottom as the toilet tried hopelessly to get rid of the load.

I exited the stall into the now empty bathroom and did my poop in a different stall and left to tell my friends. They wanted to see, but by the time we got back the stall was blocked off as we watched another woman go in there with a plunger to try and battle the monster left by the lady.

What a great experience!


What come in will come out

hi everyone

just thinking back on my school days

I remember 5 years old I walked up to the teacher and tap on her and said I have to doodie, so she let me get a bathroom pass, went into the bathroom grab the stool, place in front of toilet, and took lots of tp, line the seat up, and pulled down my short pants and flowers panties and sat on toilet,

But from that point on school pooping was like pooping at home, cause most of time I be out and about, lately I been at home, if not working and church, of Chorus Marcus, so I will be posting some stories really soon

maybe about lastnight at Sophia house while visiting haha

Dutch camper
This seems to be the summer with outdoor pooping as a regular exercise. Tuesday morning in Denmark. Wednesday and Thursday in the huge forests of Sweden and today, Friday, behind some mountain bushes in Norway. Funny just to have to take the roll of toilet paper and walk away and find a suitable spot and pull down, squat and leave the hot stuff. Up to now privacy has not been a problem because there are scarcely any others than us around. Yesterday I saw another tourist (German man) walk into the forest with a roll of tp in his hands and this morning I saw a biker going away from the resting area also with a roll of tp. Conclusion: We all do.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Claire first welcome to the site nad great story it sounds like you had a really good and really easy poop I bet you felt pretty great afterwards and I look forward to reading anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Annie as always another great story.

To: Lainey first welcom to the site and great peeing story I look forward to reading anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story it sounds like you all had really good poops and I bet you al felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma B great story about your poop at work it sounds like you really had to go alot and I bet you and Claire both felt good after your poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: THE CURRIOUS SKIDMARKED GAL as always another great story it sounds like she really had to go pretty bad and I bet she felt pretty great afterwards to and I bet those farts felt good to her to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shelbi great story it sounds like you had a really great poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Muddy diarrhea on Friday morning

I haven't been feeling well the last couple of days (coming down with a cold or sinus infection) so I've felt pretty lousy. Went to bed early last night and woke up this morning with stomach cramps and an urgent need to shit. So I went downstairs as quickly as a sick person with sore muscles can to the bathroom. Pulled down my pj shorts and underwear and sat on the toilet and Pfffflllllrrrrt! An explosion of diarrhea came flying out. It was a short wave, only about a minute or so long but it was definitely the runs. Afterwards I wiped my vagina and bum, stood up and pulled up my clothes. Then I turned around to check what I did. It looked like a massive pile of mud in the toilet! Haven't had any other episodes today but I've had diarrhea on and off for the last week or so. I don't know if this is a pre-period thing (period is due on Tuesday) or what or if this is my body's new pattern. I dunno. It's weird.

My friend put her 2 year old son down for a nap on Thursday after a huge tantrum (my husband and I heard it from downstairs). He was being difficult and didn't want to wear a diaper to sleep. He is in underwear all day except for at nap and bedtime when he wears a diaper (he's not dry at night yet). Well needless to say he peed the bed, BIG TIME. EVERYTHING was soaked. Mattress, undies, sheets, blanket, everything! So she had to do a load of laundry needless to say! I advised her to buy a plastic/rubber mattress protector if there are any more power struggles over wearing a diaper to sleep so that the only things she needs to change are the sheets, blankets and clothes and just wipe down the mattress protector.

jessica (az)

big dump, but satisfying

It was of a long day of summer school, and i am tired. When i got home i immediately went to my room and changed into more comfortable clothes. i dressed in a tank top, and pajama shorts and just jumped on my bed and lied there and watched T.V. best and easiest relaxation <3. after awhile, i got up and got some chips, and started pigging out. for a skinny gal i shouldn't be doing this, but it's a friday, so no shame. after some time i started feeling pressure in my intestines... i had to poop. i've been constipated for 4 days. i slowly got out of bed and slipped my feet into my black flip-flops. i had my right arm wrapped around my stomach and headed to the bathroom. i shut the door (parents were here this time), pulled my pajama shorts to my ankles and sat on the toilet. i had my arms on my thighs straight across with my hands grabbing my knees, and i leaned forward a bit. the poop was slowly coming out practically turtle heading, and i sat like that for bit, hoping the poo would just slide out. i held my breath and pushed a little. it finally started coming out. it was fine at first, but then it started getting wider. when it got wider, i leaned a bit forward, but not exactly pushing hard. then i got wider and i started forming my hands into fist and dug my toes in my flip-flops, and now im really pushing. i could see veins a bit. the poo keep on going and it surprisingly started feeling orgasmic i moaned a bit, painful sure, but not in a bad way...anyways the wider it got i would slowly move my feet inward towards the toilet in tip toe formation. after awhile it started thinning out and i released my hands and toes from pressure. once it fell out it made a loud splash and i wiggled my toes ecstatically in my flip-flops and moaned. my butt hole felt so open, that i just laid back and sat on the toilet for a while. once i was done i looked down at the toilet and it was long and huge, it looked about 6 in. and it was not going the toilet whatsoever. i grabbed the plunger and broke it down, and yet i still had my pajama shorts around my ankles doing this, because i wiped at the end. when i got out of the bathroom, i was heading to my room and my mom told me "you were in that bathroom for a long time, did it feel good?" and she laughed to herself quietly. i rolled my eyes and went back to relaxing.

I haven't posted in a while because I've not any good stories to share. I can share a story from a few months ago, though. I went out one evening to the theatre to see a stage play. I started to feel a small urge for a poo slightly before the interval. But when I went to the toilets, there was a massive queue. I didn't have to go that badly and figured I could hold it until after.

By the end of the play, my need was fairly strong. The queue for the toilets was just as long as it had been before. The theatre was about a fifteen minute walk from home, and I wasn't sure if I could make it. I noticed that the queue was moving very quickly and decided to just go for a poo.

The toilet block had about ten cubicles, and so it was only a few minutes before I was at the head of the queue. Soon enough, a cubicle opened up. I began weeing then pooing a few seconds later. I passed two short logs, a longer one, and three more short logs. It was a messy poo and I had to wipe a lot to get clean. I finished, flushed, and exited my cubicle. It was taken right away by someone else.

As I was washing my hands, I saw that the queue was only about a half dozen women or so. Most people had already gone and left by then, I think.

Well, that's all for now. Maybe something interesting will happen and I'll have a story to tell. Anyway, bye everyone.

Emma b

First poo at work

I had a very relieving poo at work today. I deliberately didn't go before I left the house this morning so I could go at work and not be a slave to my own toilet. I got to work with a fairly big urge to go but not desperate and decided to leave it untill lunch time as I'd have more time to enjoy the relief. By lunch time I was dying for a wee and a poo so I was looking forward to it. It was busy but there are five cubicles and one was vacant so I took it. the woman next to me was pooing and l heard her dropping several turds while I peed. I felt a little shy having a poo but hearing her go helped and I pushed hard so I couldn't chicken out when it came out. It was a big one and what a relief but it wasn't over yet. I pushed again and some softer poo came out quickly, followed by some more and then I was done. The relief was amazing and doing at work felt so good. I wiped and flushed the toilet and left the cubicle feeling very relieved and after washing my hands I had my lunch.


Post Title (optional)To Victoria and Drew L

Victoria, awesome story about your creative pooping very well written. I can relate well to walikng on wooded trails as i enjoy doing and find that the need for a bm comes on quickly and strong when deep in and far from a restroom or porta pottie. At times i have gone deep into the woods to relieve myself or would mess my shorts. I have never been caught before and always thought to myself what woul i do if i did. Most of these incidents i did not have anything to wipe with and do not trust the leaves so i had to finish the walk with messy butt and ever so look forward to that roll of tp to clean up. I will now pack something to wipe with on my trail hikes ( thanks drew)

Question: i notice alot of commoality of pepole posting about walikg trails or hiking and the sudden need for a bm and going in the woods.what do you guys think may cause this. I would value your opinions.

Btw I Am a pants/shorts to ankles and undies just below the knees when poopin in both private and in public.

Marrissa, just wanted to say I loved your post and how descriptive it was, please keep posting!

Saturday, June 14, 2014


First Post

Hi. I know this may sound cliche, but I've lurked on here for a long time and never had the guts to post- until now. I guess I'll start by describing myself. I'm a 14 year old girl, blonde hair, blue eyes, a slim body, about 5' 6" (About 168 cm). All I eat is organic, so I'm used to the same kinds of shits. Anyway, onto my story.

About 30 minutes ago, I took what I think had to have been the biggest dump I had ever taken in my life (Again, it probably sounds cliche). I hadn't shit in six days.Every day I'd eaten large meals, and haven't had the urge. I'll admit though, for the past two days, I'd had the urge. I was busy online and I kept telling myself that I would poop later. I was online, reading the latest posts here, my legs crossed, my cheeks crunched, trying to avoid the inevitable.

I got up from my chair and walked to the bathroom. Almost jumping up and down, I made sure everything in the bathroom was perfect, because I wanted this to be the most comforting thing I'd done in a while. After checking for perfection, I started up the shower as I hadn't showered in like... Three to four day. I then kicked off my shorts and panties, took off my shirt and bra, and sat myself on the toilet.

I lifted my right cheek as I sat down and without even pushing, the turd slid out. With the cheek still held up, I pushed. Nothing came out, though. I decided it was time to wipe.

The toilet paper was full of shit! The poo stuck thick on the paper. While wiping, I checked in between my legs to see what had happened. As I said earlier, it would turn out to be the biggest shit I had ever taken. It was about 2 inches wide and 9 inches long, a light brown color, all in one log. The smell wasn't that bad, believe it or not. It smelled like incense.

After wiping about 16 times, I didn't have anything left on my bum. I wiped my front and stood up, looking at what I did. I then flushed. On the way down, the log broke in to two. The entire mouth of the toilet was filled with skidmarks. I spent the next 10 minutes cleaning the toilet before I got into the shower to clean.

That's my story!
Love the site!

Drew L
I have been reading the posts on this site for about 3 weeks now and have enjoyed many of the stories I read here! Some of them remind me of experiences I have had.

I sometimes like to use public restrooms or the great out doors. I like to hike trails and view wild life. Some times nature will call when I am far from the restroom and I have to go or have an accident which for me is not an option! I really don't like the feeling of pee or a BM in my pants as I can remember from my early child hood when I had a few accidents.

One time years ago while I was out hiking for the day in a large area that had a lot of trails. Some of the time, some of the trails could have a lot of loops and in other places the trails were relatively straight. There were not a lot of people there as far as I could tell. I hardly saw anyone.

I was hiking back to the parking area and had a ways to go when I felt I need to take a shit. It had been a couple of days since my last dump. From the feel of things, I could not make it to the restrooms in the parking area, so I started to look for a good place like a log to sit over. I was in a more open part of the woods that had some small clearings, but knew the woods would get a bit thicker. I came to an area where the trail started to loop around a bit and saw two mid size logs lying down on top of each other. They were off the trail about 40- 50 feet in a partly open. I knew no one was close behind me. I found a decent place that looked like it would be fairly comfortable being the right height off the ground and nothing poking me. I carry napkins tissues for such emergencies when I go out to places like this, but they are mainly for those allergy flair ups, so I did not have to use leaves to wipe with when I got done.

I undid my pants and pulled them down past my knees some, sat down and made myself comfortable. I wasn't long before I started to slowly go. Then I heard a couple of voices. I thought well I'm off the trail a ways and if I was quiet, they may not notice me....a moment later two women appeared about 15 feet directly in front of me and stopped talking when they saw me. They were surprised as was I. They didn't seem embarrassed or upset coming up me. I just sat there unashamed...nothing I could do even if I was embarrassed. I was maybe a 1/3 of the way done pushing out a monster log out at that moment. They slowed their pace as they walked around me on the trail without a word between them as they watched me intently. When they got behind me, still close, but a bit farther way, they looked at the log now half way out coming out of my ass. I just looked back at them the whole time. I was almost done when they got out of sight. They started talking but too softly for me to hear what they said as they walked on. I wiped and look at my log...a big long one and then went to where the two ladies had appeared.

I had thought I was a lot further off the trail, but I severely miscalculated where the trail was. I walked on through the winding trail and then a few more trails since I had felt a lot better. I did pass the two ladies who saw me on the way out, They just looked at me, but said nothing. I soon left and drove home.

I think they were a bit shocked and a little embarrassed, but not so much so since they obviously made an effort to get a good long look at me while I sat on the log and took my dump. I never saw them again, but I have been caught outside taking a dump other times.

DUDE IN DISTRESS - it sounds like you have an awful time going. Are you able to get some help? Like from your wife or gf? I use to help my ex boyfriend with his hard bms, and he seemed very appreciative and grateful I did. Sometimes an enema was needed, other times a good belly rub and finger in the bum to get things moving along did the trick. He liked that he was able to just lay there and relax while I did the work.


How do you get a toddler to use a public bathroom?

Hi all. A couple of months ago I mentioned that my 2 friends (also our landlords) were trying to toilet train their 2 year old son. Well it's working! He is peeing AND pooping in the potty now and is in underwear most of the day except for bed/nap time and when they go out. Problem is, he won't use a public bathroom! So he has to wear a diaper to avoid wet/messy clothes. We don't know why he won't use the public bathroom whether it's the noise factor or whether it's intimidating or what.

Is there a way to make this transition easier for him? He's doing great with potty training. He started wearing big boy underwear (NOT Pull-Ups. Real underwear) 3 days ago and has only had 3 accidents. One of them was a messy poop accident that got on the rug. Eek. So that equals one accident a day which is very good considering. But he is a very smart little boy so I have no doubt he will be trained quickly. If someone could give me some advice about this I would really appreciate it. Thank you :)

Today I did a huge poop about 2 1/2 to 3 feet long curled into itself. It went down no problem because it was so soft. Had to flush repeatedly and eventually use cleaner and the toilet brush to get rid of the skidmarks though. And of course shower to clean my messy bum. On Monday I did a log about 1 foot long and it was harder than this one. Not rock hard but not super soft either. Somewhere in the middle. And I didn't feel satisfied like I did with today's dump.

PS I wanted to say thank you to the person who gave me the info on Colitis. I really appreciate it and understand better about what my husband's friend goes through.


to Bella Jean

You ask whether you should count your second poop as a real second one or as a continuation or completion of the first. I say yes, count it separately: any time you wipe yourself and leave the bathroom, you have completed a bowel movement. The fact that you were back pooping again in five minutes doesn't change that. That second time counts as a separate movement because you wiped again for that one. If you had not gone away but had waited all that time on the toilet, and that second wave had come before you wiped, that would be all one movement; but wiping and walking away for the first one separates them into first and second movements. I keep record of mine, and that's how I count them; if I actually wipe and go away, that was a bowel movement. If I'm back for more poop five minutes later, that is a second bowel movement. I do have occasional multiple waves or impulses all in one sitting, but if I haven't wiped & left, they are all parts of the same bowel movement.

Dutch camper
On my way to camping vacation in Northern Europe. This morning at a resting area in Denmark. No toilet here. Have just been into the forest to take care of business. Had to pull down and squat in the bushes and let go. I think many campers do because I saw quite a lot of used toilet paper out there. Yesterday at a resting area in Germany I saw a woman squat in the bushes too.

Hi Megan

Pity you couldn't go to the loo at the same time as Lis and listen to each other plopping

Big Daddy Too

To Marrissa

If your poops are always as you described them in your recent post, it may be that you have fat-intolerance (steatorrhea). This can come from gallbladder problems or medications like Xenical which interfere with fat absorption.


To Jenny

That must have been an awesome poop-I almost got jealous while reading your post! I sometimes check my stallmates out too and definitely enjoy hearing -and being heard by- other girls pooping on a public potty. Like you, I crap with my pants and undies at my ankles in case my neighbor has similar "interests" ;) Reading how you saw her pull a wedgie out from her bum (okay, I am jealous!) convinced me that it's been too long since I've had a good sit on a public toilet to take care of a number two. Time to correct that and then write about it!

See ya then :)




My first post! Yay!
I was at the park last night with my boyfriend. We had this genius plan to stay out all night until sunrise. (we are very smart 17-year-olds ;) sarcasm, of course) No one really ever comes by there so we were really letting loose, making out and drinking and all that fun stuff. Pretty soon, though, I needed to pee. I didn't want to have to go home so I held it for a while. We were climbing on an old playground set thing that had like 2 tunnel slides and some other things. I was getting sort of desperate, so I stood up off him, from where I was straddling him, and told him I needed to pee. We've been together for like 3 years so we've seen each other go before. He suggested I pee down the slide and I thought, why not? So I pulled my shorts off, along with my panties, and sat in front of the slide with my hips angled so my pee would go in the slide rather than in the gap between the slide and the play set. It took a few seconds to relax and let it out, but when it started I had a heavy stream going on for about 2 minutes. My boyfriend was behind me the whole time, kissing my neck and rubbing my back. When I was done, I shook the drips off and just crawled on top of my boyfriend ;)

Last Thursday evening, my friend and I found a great deal at a local pizza place. They had some large pizzas people ordered but never picked up. The pizzas would have been thrown out anyway, so we scored them for just 2 bucks each.

My friend and I took the pizzas back to my house. When we got there, we decided to have a contest and see who could eat the most pizza. But, neither one of us wanted to admit defeat and before we knew it, we had each scarfed down a whole pizza.

I'm sure you can see where this is going. So, on Saturday morning (well, I suppose it was technically afternoon, but I had just woken up...) I had to poop, big time. I went to the bathroom and shortly a fat log was coming out. It must have been a foot and a half long by the time it ended. But there was more to come. I crapped out over a dozen smaller turds, all a few inches long. And for the grand finale, a foot long snake.

I knew I had done a huge poop just by how empty I felt after finishing, but when I stood up to examine the load, I could barely believe I had made that. I sat back down and wiped my butt before going to find a plunger. I didn't bother even trying to flush, as there was no way my toilet would handle my massive poop.

Emma b

worlds longest poo?

My friend Claire was telling me about an article she saw on the internet about a girl who claims to have done a poo that was 26 feet long. How is that physically possible? The girl held it in for a week and used a plug to prevent any accidents. If you can believe the story she she must have been super desperate by end of that week and what a relief.

Mr. Clogs


marrissa: I enjoyed your post about your morning dump. Must of been some good food and drinks you had the night before. Keep the posts coming.

Victoria: I really enjoyed your Experiment in creative pooping. I appreciate the details of your adventure of making a trip to McDonald's and having to take a dump outside on your way back to home. Lucky the thong underwear didn't get messed up with all the poop. Take care and keep the posts coming.

jessica (az): Wow that must have been a long piss! Have you measured the quantity of your bladder?

Jenny: I enjoyed your public restroom post about you and the other girl pooping in the stall next to you.

Annie: Poor Annie, sorry to hear about your Diarrhea experience. It's great to read that it's over with. Hopefully your bowels would resume back to it's regularly scheduled program. LOL! Take care.

charm alarm: Nice post about your Taco Dinner. I happen to like Mexican food, mine don't react that way. I guess we're different, anyways keep the post coming.

Well that's all I have to comment for now. Take care and enjoy your day. Happy peeing and pooping!

--Mr. Clogs

I have been reading this website for a while and decided to tell a story that happened to me. I was about 9 or so. I was at school when one afternoon I started feeling a little sick after lunch. not really all that was just that I kept having this same burp that did not taste very good. but I made it thru classes and was going to ride my bike home. Right before classes got out I felt the need to poop but because it wasn't very strong feeling and since I was not feeling very good I decided I would go home before using the bathroom. That was not a good decision as after only peddling a couple of blocks the feeling to go poop was much stronger. So I decided I had better walk my bike so that I would be better able to control the urge to poop.Walking the bike would take me a lot longer to get home, however. It was getting desperate as the poop feeling was coming in waves and I had to squeeze my butt really tight to keep control. This happened several times in the next 2 or 3 blocks...getting harder and harder to do Then when the next poop wave came I again squeezed as hard as I could but this time it was not doing any good. As the poop slid out into my pants making a good sized bulge in my pants. There was nothing I could do but let it all come out. It was not diarrhea but it was softer and not as hard as normal. I was feeling awful and then realized as I walked along still a few blocks from home that I was going to be sick to my stomach so I stopped by a tree and waited...not long before I puked sort of a clear liquid with some brown mixed in. Then I went on home . Told my mother the whole story, got cleaned up and went to be bed early that night and felt fine the next morning.

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