Bloated Butt

Laying a HUGE Egg

To Zodiac:

I am very gassy, especially after I eat a lot. And yes, I've had to lay down and pass gas for hours.

I'm very shy about pooping with others around. Only with my boyfriend and my friend Alicia am I comfortable. But if I did poop at other peoples houses, they would certainly complain about my stinking up the place! Have you ever clogged someone else's toilet? And has anyone ever watched you poop?

To Linda:

I would be interested in pooping in a public toilet, but I'm very poop-shy. I just get nervous thinking about all the grunting and groaning I would be doing, with strangers all around me. Plus I fart a lot, which is embarressing. Perhaps I'll work up the courage and try it some day and post about it. :)

Has anyone ever asked you if you were alright while you were pooping in a public toilet? And are you ever embarressed when you leave the stall and other people can see you and know you were dropping a huge load? That's what I'd be embarressed about. I don't think I could look anyone in the face if they had just heard me plopping and farting!

To everyone else:

I have another poop story to tell. This happened earlier today, Friday the 30th. My boyfriend was at work and I was all by myself again. The last time I had pooped was on Monday, so it had been several days building up. Again I was wearing nothing but a t-shirt and underwear, occassionally pushing out huge loud farts throughout the day. The pressure and urge to poop was seriously getting to me and I finally broke down and decided it was time to plop it all out.

Leaving the bathroom door open, I slipped off my underwear but left the t-shirt on, and plonked my butt down on the toilet. I just sat there for a few minutes, pooting, feeling a massive heavy lump right in my anus. I started pushing and it sloooooooowly peaked out, but I had to keep stopping to catch my breath. When I did, it would recede back inside of me a little. My bowels rumbled with gas and days of poop that were inside of me. I sighed a little and kept trying to push, but inevitably I would have to stop and rest, and the massive log would go back in.

I decided to try walking around again, so I got off the toilet and stood in front of the mirror. I turned around and looked at my massive round butt, grabbed my jiggling buttcheeks and spread them wide. Bending over, I looked behind me at the bathroom mirror, but the bathroom counter was too high. So I sat on the very edge of the counter, my huge soft butt and wide hips spreading out over the surface of the counter, my feet dangling just over the floor. Looking behind me, I had a perfect view of my gigantic rear end. I have a very soft and curvy figure. My hips are so much wider than my shoulders that if I leaned forward enough, my upper torso would disappear behind my butt and hips!

Anyway, I reached behind me again with both arms and grabbed a handful of buttcheek with each hand, and pulled them apart again. I could now directly look at my anus. I could see the tip of a massive brown log, just barely poking out. The urge to poop was tremendous, and I guess sitting like this one the counter was making me want to poop even more, so I started pushing gently. As I did, I watched as the log got bigger, spreading my anus wide and resembling a big potato that had been jammed in my butt! I paused and caught my breath, and to my delight it didn't go back in. I relaxed and it just sat there, too wide and thick to come out any further without pushing. God, it felt so huge! I couldn't help but think that it looked like massive brown egg that I was trying to lay. I dont know how big it was but it looked as wide as a Coke can!

I let go of one buttcheek and got some toilet paper. Carefully covering one finger with TP, I reached behind and started poking at my "egg". It felt firm, almost like clay. It wasn't rock-hard but it was definitely dense and heavy, and there was no way I was going to pinch it off. I gently started pushing on it to see if I could force it back up, and I managed to push it a little way but there was so much pressure behind it! It felt like this one big egg was plugging up my butt and holding back an avalanche! My bowels rumbled and I paused to look at my stomach. I looked three months pregnant! I definitely felt like a chicken that was full of eggs!

I started pushing again and really bore down, but the "egg" only came out a little further. My grunts and groans echoed in the bathroom, and I'm sure if anyone were home they would've heard me from across the house! After a couple more futile pushes, I decided to get off the bathroom counter and waddle out into our living room. I seriously had to waddle with this big egg plugging me up, my bloated belly sticking out all heavy and full. I paced back and forth, slowly. I could feel my big round soft buttcheeks squishing around the massive firm lump. I felt so helpless, and it was getting late. I knew my BF would be coming home soon and the last thing I wanted him to see was me in this state!

I grabbed my huge butt and pushed as I waddled, and I could feel the lump in my butt getting bigger. It was stretching me so wide at this point! I felt like it might split me apart, and i actually got kind of scared by how big it was. I returned to the bathroom and carefully got back onto the counter, in between the two sinks. I looked at how my "egg" was progressing and actually gasped out loud.


I saw what looked like a big brown ball of clay, thicker than a coke can and wider than a potato, with my anus wrapped tightly around it. When I just sat there, relaxed and without pushing, it also just sat there and didn't move. It was simply too big and too wide to come out on its own. I got some more TP and started prodding it again, and doing so triggered an explosion of sensations around my anus and further up into my bowels. It felt incredible, like the most intense urge to poop anyone has ever felt. I wanted to poop so badly! I grabbed the "egg" with my TP-covered hand and started jiggling it back and forth, trying to loosen it up, while the urge to grunt and push out a massive mountain of poop just kept growing and growing. To be honest it felt kind of good, and I closed my eyes and sighed softly to myself as I yearned to lay this egg. It was slowly started to come out.

This went on for maybe a couple of minutes when suddenly I heard the front door open and slam shut! My boyfriend was home! My eyes shot open and I quickly (as quickly as I could, anyway) scooted off the counter and plonked down onto the toilet, just as I heard my BF throw his keys down somewhere and call my name. I yelled back that I was on the toilet. I heard him come down the hall and he poked his head in and asked if I was okay, and I said "yep, just finishing up". He said okay and went back out to the living room, and I got down to business.

Giving one tremendous effort, I managed to slowly push out the huge "egg" and my eyes widened as it started sliding out, stretching my poor butthole one last time, and I gasped as I felt it fall out and my butthole retracted back to its original size, like a rubberband that had been stretched and then let go. The gigantic brown egg plopped loudly with a heavy splash in the water beneath me, and I had only a second of silence before it was followed by a sputtering explosive burst of flatulence. I sighed as I farted loudly, and I knew my boyfriend had heard it. I do this all the time and he knows it. I then began to poop at my leisure, pushing out more turds and occassionally farting and sighing with pleasure. The relief was incredible! After a few minutes I felt 20 pounds lighter and cleaned myself up. Flushing my load down, I washed my hands and sprayed some air freshner before joining my BF out in the living room.


Another big messy poop

Earlier today I did a big messy pile of poop. Sometime after lunch I didn't even have the chance to finish my coffee when I got the urge to go. I went to the bathroom and pulled down my pants & underwear and reached behind me for the Garfield comic book as usual even though I don't really need it. These days my poops are soft, big, messy and come out quickly. And this one did too. After yesterday's "shit burrito" as my husband nicknamed it (LOL), this one wasn't as big though still fairly large. It came out within a minute. I wiped my vagina only because I knew this one was going to be a messy one and toilet paper wasn't going to get me clean.

It was a big pile of crap all coiled up. I would guess it was about 2 feet long if you unraveled it. Quite a lot after yesterday's 3 footer. When I flushed it left a lot of skidmarks. I had to scrub the bowl with some cleaner and the toilet brush then shower to clean up. So far I've been on a good streak with my bowels. Pun intended LOL. The water and a long walk every day seem to help.

jessica (az)

I'm Back (i guess <3)

some probably might remember me, but i stopped coming here because of school work. the second semester seems to be the hardest, but school has recently ended and i'm going to be a senior next year yey, but now i have summer anyways i'll try to be as active as possible, but for now i have a story

Not to long ago i had the strangest poops yet. i was hungry, but i had to poop at the same time. i decided to go to the bathroom anyways. i sat down on the toilet with the door open (yay nobody was home) and pulled my yoga pants to my ankles. i waited for five minutes and i decided to stall and repaint my toenails. mid painting my toenails, a huge poop was rushing down to my bum. i stopped and wrapped my arms around my stomach and grunted. soon after a big splash hit the toilet bowl and my stomach just sucked in feeling really empty. i sighed, wiggled my toes on the soft mat, got up and wiped. i looked down and the poop was 4 in. no way that was going down easy. when i left the bathroom i felt incredibly hungry. yay for snacks.

mini survey:

1) what do you guys to stall yourself in the bathroom (example) play on your phones or text, think to yourself, etc

2) if so, is there any physical indication you guys do at an end of a pooping session (example) take a deep breath, wiggle your toes, etc.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Single Mom first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like both your dauthers had really great poops on your bed it sounds like Lexie had a good cleanout poop from the amount you described and please post anymore stories you ay have thanks.

To: Freeman great story.

To: Jasmin K it sounds like you had a really rough time and have you ever tried using stool softeners they may help unlike laxatives they dont make you go they just make it easier for you.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Underwear Skidmarks X3

On the Saturday before Christmas break this year, I didn't have a babysitting job so I took up an offer from my sister Sonya Sue, who's in high school and on the drama team that competes in an annual 1-act play contest that's held 4 hours away from our city on a college campus. The group had to load at her school at 4 a.m. and the large van and utility trailer attached had to leave right on time and Sonya Sue asked me and my friend Noah to come along and help with the set up and take down of the set.

My sister's group practiced until 11 p.m. and I fell asleep on the couch and didn't hear her come home. I just remember Mom yelling at both me and her for oversleeping at 3:30 a.m. I had to wee but just like with Sonya Sue, it was everything we could do to grab our stuff and get downstairs to our car. I remember telling Mom we had to pick up Noah who just lives a few blocks from us. She wasn't too happy about that and I didn't think of texting him. We wheeled into his driveway and there was just one light on. It was in the room just above the garage which I knew was the bathroom. The light immediately went out and Noah came out running. He got in the back seat and I texted him and asked if he had been on the toilet pooing. He said he was "about 2" and was going to have to go immediately at the high school. I told him I did too. Mom speed to get to the school and dropped us off on the service drive. She reminded us of an email that said we should enter on the loading dock door and go directly to the drama room. Sonya Sue said the security system was on and we had to stick closely together so that we didn't trip the alarm. She also said she had to crap and Mom told us "good luck with that one" and something else I didn't fully hear. Sonya Sue went over to the van in which the others were waiting and told us to run with her into the school to carry out some additional costume boxes. There was only the girl's bathroom available right across from the drama room. She ran in front of me and Noah as we were entering the school from the loading dock and Noah and I followed her around the corner and into the girls' bathroom.

As Sonya Sue opened the door to enter, it was fully dark and I remarked to Noah that this was going to be tough. Almost immediately the light sensors kicked on and we were so thankful. There were three stalls and each of us quickly took one. Unlike Sonya Sue and me, Noah was fumbling to latch his door and Sonya Sue blasted him for wasting time. She was seated first and I heard thuds, each followed by a splash. She immediately asked me in the middle stall to hand her toilet paper and I had none. Noah also said he had none and I looked and my roll was also used up. As I was pulling my jeans down (they're tighter than they should be) and I saw under the stall Noah's legs moving around a lot as he sat. He was pushing hard and finally there was an "Ahhhh" just as a series of farts and then the obvious smell as he turned and pulled his jeans and undees up. I was surprised that the high school toilets (that I will be using next year) seem a bit higher than the junior high ones I'm used to and at 3'4" when seated my feet were off the floor. Not that comfortable, but I was quickly saved when my usual soft poo eased out. I quickly jumped to the floor, pulled up my undees and jeans knowing that there was going to be a mess that I (we) would be carrying all day, but Sonya Sue and Noah had already cleared the doorway and had taken their boxes. I grabbed mine and ran to keep up with them.

Two hours into the trip several of the students needed to wee so the coach stopped at a rest area bathroom. Me and Sonya Sue both went in and weed. After she inspected the skidmarks in hers, they were so bad she took them off and threw them in the trash. Mine were bad, too, and smelling a bit but I kept them on until my midday wee when I too disposed of them. Both of us spent time cleaning our butts. I just felt a lot cleaner in doing so. As for Noah, he said his mother is use to seeing his soiled underwear because, as I've written about before, our middle school has only those pre-cut squares of toilet paper that are really difficult to use.


Hey Zip

Now I understand the sign in the men's room of a Chinese restaurant in NY: please do not stand on toilet seat.
I always assumed it was a mistranslation. I can't squat like that because of a football injury to my knee.
Really great that your buddy watched you like that!

Korean Girl

recent story

I recently took another large dump!! This time I was at the mall. I had not gone in a long time again. I got a really strong urge to go so I went to find the bathroom. It took me a long time to find them!! So many people I could not see signs!!! When I got to them there was no line and a stall just opened up. This bathroom had 8 stalls 4 on each side. Mine was in the back corner. When I entered the stall I saw that the previous lady did not flush and there was mushy poop and toilet paper in it. I felt like I was about to poop myself so I sat down without flushing. I immediately let out a long airy fart. After I heard the woman next to me start doing her business it made a slow crackling sound. I pushed and I could tell this would be very large. I started pushing very hard and the first few inches came out slow and hurt. Then the rest quickly slid out and I could feel the end touching my butt. I stood up a little and it fell in the bowl. I looked and it was 8 inches long and 3 inches wide and smooth. There were other people waiting so I decided to flush and it went all down without hassle!!


Post Title (optional) Pooping has been easier this week!!

All week I've had to take mylanta tablets for acid reflux/heartburn because I ate a few too many pastries. Mylanta contains manitol, which can have a laxative effect. It definitely helped me with my constipation and as Bloated Butt mentioned, I've been able to lay some huge brown eggs!! And I've had some nice, enjoyable poops!!

I didn't take any mylanta yesterday and this morning, I had a very enjoyable poop!! I think the manitol is still working its way out of my system. I haven't taken laxatives for years because I don't like to use to stuff like that but I might start taking the natural ones. I don't want to take them all the time though.

your name Linda

Post Title To Jasmin K, Bloated Butt, Dude in Distress

Jasmin K: I had similar experiences when I went away on school trips. I would also come home very constipated because I didn't like pooping in different toilets (that weren't at my house). It was the same if I went away on holidays with my family or if I stayed at a friend's place on a weekend. I still have the same problems now when I go away on holidays. Also, my Mum always knew when I was constipated when I was a kid. Somehow, she knew when I was having trouble pooping, even though I hated telling her.

To Bloated Butt: I do get gassy when I'm constipated and I often need to use the toilet, just to pass gas! I find that it relieves the pressure because I get so full of poop. I can still walk, being so full of poop but it is a struggle at times. Nobody at work ever notices because I don't like to draw attention to it. I don't ever complain about it, even though I would like to but I'm not like that. I put on a brave face and get on with it at work.

To Dude in Distress: It sounded like you were very constipated!! I've had to 'coax' my poo out with my fingers before and its not a pleasant experience!!

Has anyone ever had to cancel a day/night out with friends because you were too constipated?? This happens to me sometimes although I try not to make a habit of it.

I was wondering if anyone had stories about trench style toilets, like Aimee talked about on page 2135, or other toilets without privacy. I'm interested in any other stories like this, with toilets without privacy, or latrines. Using the toilet is often considered a private thing, so I find it quite fascinating when facilities do not allow for privacy.

2377 was my last post, a shout out to all those new and old posters for keeping the board active! This is also a fairly recent incident going back a couple of weeks. Early on morning around 7 am I had a few blankets that were in the garage that I use for construction projects and things that I didn't want to wash in my machine, so I went down to the local laundry mat. When I got there, there was a lady, about 60's( a guess) could have been younger but looked a bit haggard, white hair, a bit over weight doing a lot of laundry. I glanced her way and said hello and started the machine and sat down at the table and read a magazine. A few minutes later she went toward the back where there was a single restroom. She stayed in there for several minutes, probably 5 maybe? I walked toward the back by the toilet to look at a few advertisements that were near the restroom door, but didn't hear anything. A few minutes later she came out, glanced my way and went to the driers. She had a few loads drying towards the back not far from the restroom. By that time I was ready to go take a crap, so as I was walking toward the bathroom, she pulled out a load from one of the dryers and dumped them on the table in front of the bathroom to fold them. It was a few minutes after she left the bathroom that I went in to take a seat. I walked by her as she folded her clothes, and she glanced my way avian, but didn't say anything, I just smiled and closed the door. There was no fan, but the room was fairly clean. I pulled down my pants and just before I sat down I noticed there was like 2 squares of toilet paper on the roll! ( like thanks a lot)! There was no paper towels either or soap, there was a sink though. The room had a smell of her movement still and a skid ark in the bowl. I grabbed my pants back up, grabbed the empty roll, and opened the door. She was right outside folding clothes, as I assumed she used what she needed and must have felt that she at least felt ok that she left something on the roll, (but come on)! So with the roll in my hand I looked right at her and said, excuse me, but I had a problem, and showed her the roll and smirked. Right away she commented that there wasn't much left, duh! She did say that she had tissues in her car and she went a got a small box and gave them to me. I said thanks you saved the day! I went back in and sat down in a hurry and the toilet made a loud sound as it was loose on the floor, none the less I started to drop a good load with some sound effects. I let out a long fart and just relaxed and let it all fall out, plop plop plop, some more farts and just sat there for a couple o minutes. After that I used a buch of tissues,( they where really tiny) wiped several times, as I used up most of them! When I came out she was still folding clothes and I apologized for using most of the box, and said the box, and commented that they were small and said thanks. I left my own scent behind and realized I didn't close the door, so I am sure she got a wiff, but she was real nice, and she said as I handed the tissues to her that you have to be carefull when you sit down because the toilet loose, ( she must be a regular) I said yes, I found that out! I said thanks again and that if I came back I would donate a roll to the bathroom! She said sometimes there's paper, sometimes not, that's why she carries tissues. ( I was thinking it might be better to carry a roll in the car if your using the bathroom to shit if your there regular. I sat down and finished my blankets while she did her stuff, I said thanks again when Ieft and she said have a nice day, a freindly lady that I shared a pooping moment with! Till next time, keep up the great posts! Best, Steve

Saturday, May 31, 2014


What come in will come out

hi everyone

Thanks Brandon T how you been?

Yesterday went to my Papi job to run a errand for him
to be a spokesperson for him at another place he want to relanch a company business, before hand I just got home from work, but I needed to make a stop on the toilet, so I go into my bathroom in my room, lower my skirt and stockings and panties sat on toilet upon impact, a wet juicy fart happens next feel like a pellets start flying out my butt, feeling some better farted the more this time few gooey poopie start coming out, after I was done after flush 7 wipping times, wash back there and change my complete outfit, PS business meeting went well, word got back to Papi that the owner of the company was so wow about my business mentally being so young, so that's all, To dude in distress is there anything you can take to help release your bowels easy


A couple of nights ago my cousin, Megan was staying the night at my house. Megan is 16, a little taller than me, long brown hair, pretty face and a bit curvy with strong thighs.

We ordered an indian the night she arrived which we ate at around 7 o'clock.

That night, Megan slept in my bed as it's a double. We watched TV in my room for a bit but before that, we both got undressed into our underwear. I took off my jeans and top. Megan took her dress off, hung it up and slipped out of her tights. I then went for a quick pee on the toilet. I pushed my pants down to the floor, sat my legs on the seat and very quickly did a small tinkle. A smelly fart followed before I wiped myself and pulled up my pants.

Megan was standing outside the door, she closed the door behind her. I went back into my room. She was only in there for a minute so I assume she was only peeing. when she came out though, she had red marks on the top of her thighs.

We lay in bed and watched TV for a bit. Megan said sort of shyly to me "would you think I was foul if I did a fart?". I just laughed and said to her "OMG I've been holding them in so you didn't hear them, let's just both go ahead, ill open the window in the morning."

from then on, I did 3 farts before lights-out. Megan did lots though and some of them towards the end were rank! I didn't mind though because obviously she was clean and everything but it did make me think that if I was doing the volume and calibre of farts megan was doing, I would go and sit on the loo for a bit! but then again that's just me with my body, she may be completely different.

We then decided to go to sleep. just to offer I said to her "I'm not going to bother but go for a quick pee or whatever if you want". She replied sleepily with "nah I don't really need the toilet". then we took our bra's off any went to sleep. Megan did a few more farts before I dosed off.

About 3 hours later in the middle of the night, I was briefly awoken by megan hoisting herself out of the bed. she walked out of the room so I thought she would be going to the loo. I fell back to sleep for 5 mins until I was awoken by megan who was hooking her bra on with one hand between her thighs and bent over saying desperately "Lara where do you keep your loo roll?" It was at the bottom of a cupboard so I thought I would be as well getting up to get it for her. As I got out the bed, a squeaky, juicy little fart came out of her bum. She desperately hissed "lara im dying for a poo". As she walked with me to get the toilet roll, she walked with her knees bent and her bum sticking out.

I got her the roll and she said "thank you so much" before jogging into the loo. as I walked back to bed she said "no no come with me" before dragging me into the loo with her.

Megan threw her leopard print thong to her ankles before sitting her bum at the front of the toilet and letting her thighs hang off the seat rather than sitting further back as I and most other girls do. she was sitting like my little brother, Kieran would on the loo.

watery gungy poo ran out of her bum immediately. her rear end eventually calmed own a little and she confessed to me "I've been needing this for a while, I was so close to letting it out when I peed earlier which is why I didn't go for a pee again later on. I just didn't want you to see me as being some minger that comes to stay over in your house and thanks you with doing poos in your toilet". I just basically told her not to be silly.

she wiped herself a lot of times before pulling up her thong and coming

Dude in distress

ANOTHER hard one

Yesterday marked 4 days since my last bm.i tried everything to get moving again. I felt the stool sitting right above my anus but no matter how I strained it wouldn't move. I got off the toilet, took my pants off, and squatted, then I tried standing and bracing myself against the sink while I bore down. No progress after 45 minutes and my anus was sore and puffy. I rested a few moments and then squatted down and pushed with everything I had. I glanced down between my legs and saw my anus start to dome out. This was it. I kept pushing and finally I had an inch of poo emerging. Then all of a sudden- it stopped! The tip poked out and got stuck! I got up and squatted in the shower and used my fingers to help pull my anus open as I strained. Finally my 2'inch wide poop came out and landed on the shower floor. I was so relieved that I didn't care!!

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