Single Mom

Peeing on the bed

As my name implies, I am a single mom. I am 34 years old and live in Indianapolis. I have two girls: Lexie (12) and Emma (8). In our house, we have 4 bedrooms. My bedroom, a room that is shared between Lexie and Emma, a spare bedroom that is used for guests, and another spare bedroom. The second spare bed is never used because it is worn out and I have been letting Lexie and Emma relieve themselves on it. Just yesterday, they asked me if they could pee on the bed, and I told them yes. They both peed for most of a minute, making huge wet spots. Right after they were done, Emma said, "I need to poop." I said, "Okay, but we can't do it very often." Then she began to push. A turd about 6 inches long came out of her butt, followed by another one about 4 inches, then she was done. Then without asking, Lexie began to push and a huge turd began to come out. It was about a foot long and 2 inches wide. Then a stream of brown liquid shot two feet out of her butt and then it turned to mush and formed a huge pile. Then she was done. It took quite a while to clean up the mess.


Pooing in park pool

This past weekend I was babysitting Gylea. She's 8 and very impatient with some things like using a bathroom away from home. This is the 10th time I've babysat her and like four or five of those times we've left home she's had a hard time going to the bathroom. She's very impatient and nervous when she sits down on the toilet and the fact that most of the time that there's a line waiting for the stalls doesn't help. It just makes her more uneasy.

Yesterday was the first time I've taken her swimming. We went to a theme park beach. We wore our street clothes when riding the bus and then changed in the bathhouse. At that point, I usually take a stall and go in and pee and I require the child to do it too. My mom agrees with that and that's the way I was raised. Well yesterday Gylea didn't want to do it. Finally, she found that I wasn't going to take her out to the beach until she did. Only then, she plopped herself down on the stool, but I don't think she was even seated for 5 seconds. Then she demanded that I get her swim suit bottom tied, because she was too frustrated to do it. After about a half hour in the shallow end of the water after she was swimming pretty well and moving toward more of the other swimmers, I noticed about 8 or 9 air bubbles blasting out of her butt. I asked her to stop and talk to me. I asked if she had to poo. She said yes but that it didn't matter. Now she had no problem untying her suit and within 2 or 3 seconds she had her feet placed in the sand, and she like stooped over and blasted out two good-sized logs. I told her that it was gross and that she should follow me back to the bathhouse and use the toilet. I think she also weed, but it was hard to tell by the color of the water she was in.

About 10 minutes later we went back to our place on the beach. Just as we were laying our beach blankets out, a really big pool lifeguard walked up to us and yelled at us. She said I was a rotten role model by allowing Gylea to do what she did and that we are kicked out for a month. She took us back to the bathhouse, waited while we changed into our street clothing. By the time we got back to my house, my mom had also received a robo-call from the park's management. Even though Gylea's mom pays well, I don't know if I'll be babysitting her again.


Pool Incident

Hey all! We all know the jokes about people peeing in the pool but this weekend I got a good laugh at a friend of mine who didn't pee in the pool but got very close. A small group of us were swimming at my apartment and we hadn't been down there but maybe 20 minutes when one of the girls said she really had to pee. I of course gave her a hard time asking why she didn't go when she was hogging my bathroom to get ready. Not much was said about it after that until she got still and drifted away from everybody,I just figured she was going in the pool and swam over to make a big deal about the water being warm over there. Oddly it wasn't but she was cross legged and whining about how she was gonna pop. I suggested doing what everyone else does and popping a squat in the corner of the gazebo but she said we'd all be able to see. Then I told her my apartment was unlocked and she could always run back there or go pee in the bushes beside the pool. She fiddled around for a while and then convinced another girl to go back to the apartment with her so she could go. As she was swimming to the ladder she kept saying that it wasn't going to matter because as soon as she started walking she was going to pee everywhere. She wasn't too far off. She grabbed her towel and wrapped up and had to wait on the other girl to get ready (she was definitely taking her time and I was appreciative.) Eventually they headed out but almost before that could get to the gate of the pool there was a trickle and then a gush and it was all over. I couldn't help but laugh when she turned around and jumped back in before she was even done peeing. Why not just go in the pool to begin with. That brings me to the question, how many of you would pee in the pool rather than get out? I know I've done it my share of times but being a guy I usually just find a tree near by if there's no one around.


to: PottyAngle

Given your profession as a domestic care nurse I'd love to hear your opinion on something. A while back I was in the hospital for some MAJOR surgery on my neck. They put me in a drug induced coma for 21 days. When came to I was major constipated and needed to poop BAD. The only way they would let me poop was to sit on a bed side commode while THREE nurses stood around and watched. Do you think this was appropriate behavior. I really WANTED some privacy and there was NONE!!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lauren first welcome back I look forward to hearing more of your car peeing stories.

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tlana great story.

To: Victoria great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet you felt great afterwards.

To: PottyAngel first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had an interesting time with that experiment and please anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Crystal great story as always.

To: Natasha great poop story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Jasmin K

Replies Constipation and updates

Hi All

Unfortunatly my last post didnt seem to make it onto the forum, never mind I have re done a shortened version below.

In my last post I said I was gonna get that stuck poo out when I got home after school on Friday wanting to start the half term holiday empty.

Whe I got in I put on some high heels tgo raise my legs, went to the toilet hitched up my school skirt and sat down, I pushed a little to see what was there, and then strained really hard. It was a large hard piece that on my previous try on the toilet at lunch I had done a few rock hard pebbles that had seemed to break of this harder mass which as I pushed was stretching my bum down and making it really swell in big lumps. I kept straining and pebbles dropped and after a good hour a log that was like all little bits stuck together dropped. By this time my bum was really bleeding. I decided I had done enough and would try again on saturday.
Saturday Morning I had a similar result to friday evening. I wanted to get empty as I was supposed to go out on the Saturday evening. All I was getting was little pebbles but could feel the hard mass inside. Saturday evening I tried again before going out and with the aid of some massaging done by the guy I was going out with who is familier with my constipation I got a log out that was fat and knobbly and hard and really stretched me coming out which had taken about an hour. I still felt really bloated and knew there was more so I strained again holding my bulging and swollen bum hole open and up to stop it bulging downwards as It seems that when I push down and strain when it bulges right down I dont squeeze the poo along as much hence I used 2 fingers of each hand to hold my bum open and also push it back up. I strained really hard and long several times and felt like another poo was coming. My piles were sticking out and bleeding and then with another hard push and strain I felt the inside of my bum come out. This happens when I have a hard piece stuck further up inside. I kept straining, producing a forcefull jet of pee which squirted over the the toilet onto the floor. I strained really hard and concentrated the effort right into my bum and felt a big hard piece move down inside me.
As I strained the pipe like bit that was sticking out my bum felt like it was out about 3 inches then as I puushed some pebbles of poo came out of in and splashed into the water. I strained again and felt it swell as a large log started to come out, it really hurt it felt like it was tearing. I took a deep breath and really really strained and a huge log, knobbly like chunks and pebbles of poo stuck together finally splashed into the water, I stood to check again, It was about 8 inches and fat. Another strain and another log splashed into the water, this was was like one solid piece. Re seated I strained again and it was just like mucous and blood that sprayed out, I tried again and the same mucous and blood. I got off the toilet and waddled to the mirror and turned round so I could see my bum and looked at the piece of pinky red pipe which was shrinking back up inside me just leaving some lumps round my bum hole still bulging down. My bum was extremely sore and hurt to walk. I said to him I would rather not go out ( unusuall for me but I did want to have another try later to make sure I was empty.
So far since then Ive done a poo every morning, Ive stayed there untill I have, which has taken 10 minutes on the Sunday morning, my bum was still bleeding from Saturday evenings poo and Monday morning,
1/2 an hour on Tuesday which made it really sore as it was a hard log and had to really strain hard to make it come down and come out. Wednesday was the worst in total it took an hour and half, it took an hour before the poo came into my bum by which time the inside was poking out again and then half an hour to get it out and then about an hour this morning to do 2 big logs one knobbly and 1 more formed but hard which laft me with really big bulging piles.

Sorry to read that you are so constipated again - I do fully understand what you go through.
To answer your questions regarding trying to go every day
Yes I try to go every day even when I dont feel that there is anything there and I just sit on the toilet straining as If I were straining against a really hard stuck log and it often brings a poo down and I can do it. At school as time is limited I dont always get to stay there untill I do it, those days a go back at lunch and at home in the evening. If I dont poo every day or should I say dont make myself poo every day then I get really constipated as by the second day its got really big and rock hard. In the effort to produce each morning I strain really really hard, often making it bleed before any poo comes out and on occasions pushing the inside pipe out.
On school trips I just had to manage as best I could,getting into the washrooms / toilets early to try to get at least 1/2 hour on the toilet. I also had plenty of spare knickers and when younger when it was more than a couple of days I had pads and special pants to cope with any soiling leakage etc. These trips resulted in coming home very
constipated. My best friend had similar problems and we were usually on the same trips so helped eachother. I know that lots of the girls on the trips got constipated, many witheld not wanting to have to go infront of others, I admit to being like that in younger days. It was also different in that my Mum wasnt there to make me go to the toilet so sometimes in younger days I didnt bother but sort of in teens I tried to follow the same routien as I would normally do.

Thats all for now, will see if this one gets through.



Response to Kristy's Gma

First off let me say hello and welcome to the site. For everyone that may not remember me, I'm Lauren and I used to post on and off. I'm a mom to four girls, all of whom I let pee in the car. I stopped posting because it seemed like more stories were geared towards poop and I didn't want to bore anyone with tales of my kids peeing (we never had exciting stories like car mom did.) I didn't stop reading the site though and I just came across the post from Kristy's Gma. My girls are all around your granddaughters age and I would like to make "pee friends" as you called it and exchange stories. How we, I do have a problem with something you said. You said it was hot when your granddaughter pees in your car. I'm hoping I read that differently than you intended. I let my girls pee in the car mostly out of convienene(it's not easy stopping for potty breaks with four kids) and also because they enjoy it so much. I do not however think it is "hot" and have a real issue with that word being associated with anything a seven year old does.


Stinky farts and pretty big load of poop

I did finally poop out quite a bit today. I've been farting some pretty gross wettish farts that stink like eggs (and still am) but finally pooped earlier. My husband and I had been out taking a long walk and I guess that combined with lunch from the mall's food court triggered my bowels. I had a hard time holding it when we were walking home. I debated just letting it go in my grey sweatpants but I knew it was going to be huge and probably really messy so I decided not to. But I knew I was turtleheading and needed to get home soon. Soon after getting home, I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants & undies and reached behind me for the Garfield comic. Then I pushed slightly. I thought it was going to be a big hard poop because it felt that way but it came out really easily so I guess not. But there was a lot of it which explains the bloating in my stomach. I was done within a couple of minutes. I wiped my vagina and saw there was some poop in there so I knew this was going to be a messy cleanup. I walked to the bathroom door with my pants around my ankles and opened the bathroom door to tell my husband "Take a look at this!"

It was a fat soft turd kind of curled in on itself and had to have been about 3 feet long. The bathroom stunk badly too. When my husband looked at it he looked at me and back at it and said "No way. That has to be fake! That couldn't have come from you!" Well it did! And I've always been notorious for my giant poops. Even as a little kid! He thought it wouldn't flush but it did luckily. It left a bunch of skidmarks in the bowl though. My husband left me alone after that to shower and put my clothes back on. I got on the scale afterwards and discovered I lost 5 lbs! My stomach feels better but there's still more that wants out. It's not rock hard anymore though. I think the lemon water, stool softener and exercise has helped.

Mr. C
This is my first post. But first, let me tell you a little about me. I live in the southeast region of the United States. I am male, 22, have blonde hair, weigh 160lb, and I am 5 ft 11in. The other day I was at my friend "Taylor's" house. We were watching a movie when I got the urge to poop. I usually hate having to poop at someone else's house so I tried to hold it. I sat on the couch for the next 30 min constantly squeezing my butt cheeks together. Finally, I could not hold it anymore and told Taylor I was heading to the bathroom. She asked if she should pause the movie. I replied with, " No keep watching." Honestly I just didn't want her to hear any plops or anything. I walked down the hall into the bathroom. I shut the door and dropped my pants and boxers to my ankles. After sitting on the toilet, the first piece slid out. It felt really good being able to release that log after holding it in for so long. I love that feeling. I felt one more log inside of me and started pushing it out. It slid right out and I looked at my poo. I had one log about 14 in long and 2.5 inches wide and another log 5 in long and 2 in wide. I started to wipe. It took 6 wipes to get clean. I flushed the toilet, pulled up my pants, and washed my hands. I looked at my cell phone. I was in the bathroom for 7 min. I felt so embarrassed because she had to know why I was in there. If the time didn't tell her, I'm sure the smell would. I walked back into the room. She asked, "Feel better?" I turned a little red and said, "much."

I love reading the stories by the females. Keep them coming.
Hope y'all enjoy mine some.

Thanks for reading,

The Juiceman
Christa, don't feel bad about wearing pullups. They make them in adult sizes for a reason!

I used to know a redneck dude whose favorite idiom for doing something pointless was that it was 'like wiping your ass before you take a crap'. I hope this doesn't upset you, but it seems like putting on a pullup after peeing in your pants is pretty similar :) It seems that you regularly go out, pee in your pants, and then change into new pants and a pullup. Wouldn't it be easier to wear a pullup when you're out? That way, when you did have an accident, you wouldn't have to bring a pair of wet smelly pants home in your backpack, you could just throw away your wet pullup and put on a dry one. If you want to practice bladder control, you could always wear panties at home - peeing in your pants (or bed) at home isn't a big deal because nobody will see you do it.



Spicy food experiment

I had some spicy food yesterday to see if I could replicate Korean Girl's last story. My results turned out to be completely different but the story is still worth mentioning.

A group of my friends were grilling out for Memorial Day. Picking up some beer and hot Italian sausage, I was ready to join them. We had a great time just hanging out, grilling, and drinking. I ended up eating all five of the Italian sausages over the course of the evening. I farted several times but none of them were of the wet variety and I went home feeling fine.

I woke up today and had my morning pee and proceeded to eat breakfast. It must have been the contents of my mason jar/coffee cup that pushed me over the edge because I was ready to poop by the time I was done eating. Since I planned on showering afterward, I chucked my clothes off in my room and went into the bathroom wearing only a towel. I hung the towel up, put the toilet seat up, and squatted over the bowl. For some reason, I've stopped bothering to sit down if I poop right before a shower and I don't really know why.

I relaxed, took a breath, and started pushing on the first log. It was about six inches long and two inches in diameter but it came out pretty easily after a few pushes. My second piece then moved into position and I got to work on it. It was about an inch and a half long and, if anything, even thicker than the first. With that, I was done pooping. Realizing that I had potentially entered the clog zone, I decided to shower before dealing with the mess I had left in the bowl. I got up from my squat and into the shower without wiping. The shower was uneventful until I remembered that I had to take care of the contents of the pot after drying off.

I used one of my tricks to avoid clogging the toilet: I broke the bigger log in half using the business end of the plunger. Everything didn't make it down on the first flush but I was encouraged to see that there was no clog so far. So I chopped up my load again and flushed a second time. Still no clog, but some of my poop decided to fight to the bitter end and stubbornly resist its fated appointment in the drain. Finally, the third flush got rid of everything with the exception of some pretty thick skid marks on the surface of the bowl. I put the plunger down, grabbed the toilet brush, and cleaned up the last of my mess. Strange how differently stomachs react to spicy food.



Somewhat constipated...I think?

Hi all. Sorry I haven't posted on here in about a week or so but not much bowel activity has been happening with me. I did a couple of piles of cartoon-like poop that looked like soft serve ice cream that were really messy and the other day I did a soft kind of coiled/curly log that was about 2 1/2 feet long. But other that that I haven't done much in the way of pooping. I've been increasing my water intake (including putting lemon in it) so I'm hoping that combined with my laxative and stool softener will help push everything else out. I've had a heavy feeling in my stomach, like I'm carrying a bowling ball in there so I know there's more in there.

30 something male

@ Jessica

Taboos have no sensible purpose.
If you still have a problem with that single time he saw you pooping, it's entirely yours, as far as I'm concerned.


Something Interesting Actually Happened!

So hi, I have been a long time lurker and now a first time poster (mainly because I haven't had anything interesting to post about.) But now I have.

So I'm an Aussie chick, twenty two and I work as a domestic care nurse. And I've been exploring my interests in toilet habits for a while now, but never really acted upon it. I've wet myself plenty of times, all within the security of my bathroom at home, and pooped a pullup once that I'd nicked from work. But it was rushed and I never really got the time to enjoy it.

However tonight I took my exploration just a step further. At work our patients use commodes to pass their BMs and this is a daily chore that we as nurses have to assist them. So I've seen it happen a hundred times before and have always been a little envious. Well tonight since my boss was flying out of the country and I was working the graveyard shift by myself I thought I might try something out.

Taking one of the mircolax enemas in the storage cupboard, I locked myself in the toilet area where we keep the commodes and our loo. I'd been constipated for a couple of days since the end of my period and having made the mistake of drinking a huge glass of milk before work (lactose intolerance FTW!) I was feeling so bloated and really need a clear out. I'd used mircolax before and this was the same as ever, just more high strung since I was so scared of getting caught. Top off, lube up and straight up the anus. I was scared it would hurt my first time using it, but it never does. Instead it's just a cold, wet feeling and the urge to poop comes immediately. Clenching as I hoped off the toilet, I ditched my pants and put the brakes on the nearest commodes. They just look like metal and plastic chairs on wheel with a hole in the centre and a bowl beneath it. Hoping up took some effort, but sitting down on that plush seat and spreading my cheeks felt so comfortable. A hundreds more comfortable then hard plastic toilet seats. Clenching for as long as I could, I kept straining my ears in case anyone entered the suite or any of patients woke up, thankfully no one did.

The urge was really strong, especially with my butt cheeks spread and if I wasn't so tense I don't think I could have even needed to push, but I did a little and it all came oozing out. The mircolax enemas aren't large amount, they're more like a little bit of lube to help get things start and oh does it help. It felt so nice, I didn't even fart, the poop just came out in these oozing, soft streams and kept going. I could feel the heat coming off the nice little pile stacking up underneath me and I was worried it was going to touch my butt if I kept going, but my bladder was killing me so I released that as well. I kind of wish I hadn't since I would have liked to assess my poop without it being wet by the pee but you can't have everything. I finished pretty soon after that and had to awkwardly get off the commodes since I'd left the toilet paper on the roll by the toilet. Pitching the paper in the loo, I got the bowl out from the commodes and checked out my creation. There wasn't as much as I'd thought, (maybe it was just my dreamy imagination about having a massive movement) but there was a small pile, creamy brown and drenched in piss. I was so proud. Cleaning them off was routine, and putting it back, no one was any the wise.

I'm still really pumped about it and having got away with it as well. I'm leaving this job soon to go travelling so I might try and sneak a few more session on the commodes if I can. Might try one of the fleet enemas next time or a pull up or both.

Thanks for the great site and all the ace stories, I love checking up on here every couple of days, keep up the good work and happy pooping.


To Bloated Butt

Haha sounds like you really fill your toilet up with your dumps! Nothing feels better then letting out a huge load:)To answer your question though I'm female. Guess I should describe myself. I'm about 5'7 with a very plain Jain look, average sized but with fairly large breasts and a large bum! Like yours mine tends to jiggle A LOT. My friends have actually told me it takes a while to stop jiggling after i"ve stopped walking hahaha. Is yours like that to?

I usually take a dump every other day and its usually one really long log with a lot of mushy poop after. My friends hate when I take a huge dump at their house because it usually stinks up the whole place! haha. I'm also gassy usually. So many times I'm uncomfortable from holding in gas! How many times a day would you say you pass gas? I swear It must be 50 times a day for me sometimes! I think I'm lactose intolerant I just love dairy to much to give it up:( lol. Do you ever have those days where its really bad and you have a to lay down and just pass gas for hours?

I actually had a huge dump yesterday after I came home from work. I had been holding it all day! It shot out of my butt like a big brown torpedo lol. When I checked it out it was a little over a foot long! Felt amazing to get out haha


What come in will come out

hi everyone

woke up this evening with a bellyache, after hours before eating lunch Marcus, so anyway I got up out of bed slip on my house slippers, went to my bathroom, sat on the toilet start passing extremely wet farts, my bowels open up shortly as poop was mushing it's way out, rubbing my stomach for comfort, but more start zooming out of me moaning for relief, then let go a huge fart and a log fell in the bowl, felt few pounds lighter, wiped good 5 times, after I took a bath to feel clean, hopefully everyone doing okay,

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Korean Girl as always another great story.

To: Abby great story about your big poop outside I bet you felt pretty great afterwards.

To: kristys G-Ma first welcome to the site and I look forward to reading your stories thanks.

To: Kendra great accidnet story.

To: Jemma as always another great deseperate poop story.

To: Linda hopefuly your constipation wont last to long.

To: Diane great story about you and Helen having good poops.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Reply to Diane

Hi Diane. I enjoyed reading your account of your colleague Helen's morning poo. She sounds like the sort of lady who enjoys her poos and takes pride in them when they happen. If the smell had a rating of 8/10 I'd say that was pretty ripe.

Well, it's been a while since I last posted, and unfortunately I've not much time today. But something's better than nothing, right?

Anyway. the good news is that I seem to be on a bit of a roll with my pooing schedule. I did a poo on Friday, then again yesterday, Sunday, and today also. Earlier this afternoon, I felt the need, and it was a bit surprising as I'd just been the day before. But I went to the toilet anyway and after farting a few times, my poo came out as one long soft piece. It was the kind of poo I'd love to have all the time. Much better than struggling to get out a few hard pieces.

Alright, I have to be off now. Sorry it was so short a story. Bye!

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