Steven A

Memorable Story From This School Year

Hey everyone, I posted an earlier story from this school year that you may find interesting. I copied and pasted the story from an old page on Toilet Stool:

"I had to go poop at school, so I went poop before I went swimming for gym. It was a single log that was a little over a foot long, and maybe 2-4 inches in diameter. Well, I decided to leave it there for someone to notice after swimming. So, when we all went to the locker room to change, someone went into my stall and they something like, "Someone SH*TED in here and its huge!" And people went to see it and they asked if it was me and I tried to deny it, but they found out it was me because I was late for attendance and they were all sitting and waiting to swim while the teacher was talking to them when I came up to swim. Some people said that it was funny and awesome what I did and some people were surprised and asked, "Did that come out of you?!?" One person took a picture of it and said, "I'm instagramming this SH*T!" (no pun intended), I also got a few high fives. haha, what a funny day..."

I hope you enjoyed my story. It was clearly a memorable day for me.

Dude in distress

To Linda

Your difficult constipation and intense effort it takes you to poo is incredible! If someone offered to help you poo and manually assist you- would you welcome the help? I often wish someone would help me to pass the difficult rock hard movements that barely poke out -and remain stretching me wide open until I manage to push it out or use my fingers to press down on my anus- and force it to pass. I grunt and strain loudly. I also squat with my thighs spread and pull my cheeks apart. i find that I get the most help (when desperate) by pressing the perineum and against the spot below my tailbone. What helps you the most? I

korean girl

Question and old story

Hello everyone!! I have a question for you all. Can you post more stories about getting the runs from certain food? This almost never happens to me and I'm amazed it happens to so many other people. This has only happened to me once. I ate this Chinese food that had lots of peppers but it was not spicy. I do not like very spicy food but it didn't taste spicy so I ate it. I was very hungry and ate more. The next day I was out of the house and got a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. The only place to go was a McDonald's near by. I went inside and employees were everywhere so there was no way I could sneak in the bathroom without buying anything. I waited in line as the urge got worse. I ordered a soda really quick and quickly walked to the bathroom. All but one stall had someone in it. I took the stall and sat down. Then some very oily mushy poop came out. It made some noise but I did not really think about it. I looked in the bowl and it was mainly what looked like oil. There was also lots of bits of the peppers.

I am a twihard

being a woman...

I had an urge to poop, and tried to go. Guess what it was? A freaking period cramp. Fml.

I back for another good story well her it is me and my boyfriend was going muding so any way I ate some pizza earlyer but it didn't agree with me so I told we need to stop he said why I said I had to drop a deuce really bad so he stoped and I got out and went behind a bush and drop my jeans and pantys then I pushed the first turd came out it was 12" long then I let two big long Nasty long farts then second turd came out when it came out it smelled like something dead and the last one came out it was 10" long after that I felt a lot of relief my boy friend came and said what did u eat I said I have poop in a week


Rec League Accident

Figured I'd share the story about the accident I had last week and see if anyone else has had a similar mishap!

I play in a co-ed kickball league on Wednesday nights. At the beginning of the game I felt a small urge, but figured it would hold till after the game. Well, I was on base late in the game when my bowels began sounding the warning bell they needed to be evacuated. Unfortunately, I had to get off the bases first!

Running to third just helped work my movement to the on deck circle, and while I was running home I was clenching as best I could. I bee-lined through the dugout and headed for the field bathrooms about 150 yards away. I got within 30 feet, and couldn't hold it anymore. A huge, solid load went right into my shorts. I was wearing running style shorts that were tight, so the bulge became very apparent. But between the built in panty in the shorts and my Victoria's Secret string bikinis, the load was fully contained. I lost a little pee in the process, but only had a wet spot just a bit bigger than a quarter.

I slowly walked back to my car, feeling the load moving snugly against my cheeks, and waved one of the other girls over to get me my keys and phone off the bench. She asked me why and I just turned around so she could see the bulge.

Sitting down in my car was the worst, I felt the load get squeezed all over my panties and even into my crotch. When I got home I looked in the mirror and there was still a huge bulge on my butt. The cleanup was not fun, thankfully my panties were a dark blue so the stain rinsed out, and my shorts didn't show any signs of damage.

Anyone else have this happen to them?!

Bloated Butt

To Zodiac

I'm glad you enjoyed my post! Yes I felt way lighter, more like 20 pounds lighter, LOL! My stomach was way flatter, too. Normally I poop every couple of days, sometimes up to three days between bowel movements. My bowel movements are always large. And occasionally I can go 4 or 5 days without pooping. But an entire week is brutal. I felt like I was going to pop! I could just imagine myself getting more and more bloated, heavier and heavier, fuller and fuller, gassier and gassier until KA-BOOM! LOL

I've clogged our toilet a few times because my turds are so huge, and there's always a lot of them. When that happens, I have to sheepishly tell my BF to unclog it. But that doesn't happen too often, though. Our toilet is really good like that. But its part of the reason why I never use public restrooms, because Im embarressed. The only place I poop outside of our home is at my friend Alicia's house.

I'm always gassy. Like, almost constantly. It gets worse depending on what I eat, but even at my "least gassy", I drop at least a few really loud gassy farts every day. Its worse when I first wake up, when I've eaten a heavy meal and am starting to digest it, and when I really need to poop. Also when I eat lots of fiber.

What about you? Tell us about YOUR pooping and farting! Are you male or female? Please respond!

To Linda:

I'm sorry to hear you're having so much trouble! Its terrible to be that constipated! Your stomach must be so bloated and heavy! Its amazing you can even walk! Do you get gassy like me? I bet you'd love nothing more than to just lay a big brown egg and get it all out of you. Does anyone at your workplace ever notice your condition?

At work today I needed to take a dump a couple hours into my shift. I headed to the men's room and the weekend cleaning guy was in the processs of cleaning the sink area which are located across from the five stalls. He is a very friendly guy and we began to chat as I paused outside one of the stalls so the was no mistake as to what I was going to do. I said well I've got some work to do here,entered the stall and dropped my pants all while the conversation continued. I released a huge fart that ended the conversation. As I let the crap out which turned out to be a vey long log the cleaning guy started the conversation once again. I responded though my voice had a different sound as the crap exited. Finally the crap stopped and I released a huge pee. As I began the paperwork he left the room to get more supply's and he re-entered the restroom as I was leaving. Overall it was an enjoyable dump.

yolo: See my early posts. I had them in school, playground, and at Girl Scout camp.


To Ashley

Thank you for answering all of our Q's and please continue to post any more stories you have!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jess first welcome to the site and great story I look forward to reading more of them thanks.

To: Ashley great story about your big poop I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to.

To: Linda great story.

About 2 hours ago I was at the bookstore when a woman went in to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and instantly let out go size blast of diarrhea and then a little later another woman went in and sat on the toilet and a few seconds later she also let out a good size blast of diarrhea and both of these women I have heard poop before and posted about it here so 2 great catches today.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


the tale of my much needed poo after zumba....


yesterday I had my zumba class (friday eve) & I thought I just had wind.
I had a few smelly farts in the car before I went but thought nothing of it.
Half way through the class I realised I was desperate for a poo poo.

The class finished and I raced to the loos.
pulling down my black lycra training pants, I plonked my fat juicy butt down & let out
10 medium sized light brown logs all in quick succession.
I sighed as I then relaxed & let loose my final 7 plops one after the other.
wiped 5x & flushed, leaving skids everywhere & washing my hands to leave.
that was a good cleanout...
.J xx


To Ashley

Thanks for the cool story, it was just the sort of response I was hoping for. Sounds like it was a really big satisfying poop.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Mystery Poster

To People With Constipation Problems

Your constipation problems have been bothering me for quite awhile now and it makes me feel bad that you suffer so badly from this problem. So, I came up with 3 possible solutions that may help you out in the future:

1. Stool Softeners: I recommend that you try stool softeners because Annie on here says it works well for her, and maybe a little too well her her at times. Once you go on this, this will hopefully help you with your constipation. Ask your doctor first before you buy them yourself to see if you can use them.

2. Home Remedies: On Google, there are many web pages on how to help cure your constipation problems only at home without laxatives, medicines, or an enema. Just search up on Google: "constipation home remedies" and this should help you.

3. Eat Fiber Cereal, Fiber Bars, or any food high in Fiber: This will obviously help you with your constipation.

I hope you will find my advice helpful and I also hope that this will help you with your constipation. Good Luck to all of you who have constipation problems and give me feedback on how it goes.



Well after that difficult pooping session on Thursday, I'm badly CONSTIPATED again - its back with a vengeance!! I didn't do a poo at all yesterday but I was able to drop a load this morning (its Saturday today). Even though I only went one day without pooping, somehow I got exceptionally constipated - as you would all know, I get very constipated very quickly. Anyway, I had a really terrible time on the toilet, here is the story:

My housemate went away yesterday, as I mentioned in my last post. She told me she would be away until Sunday. This meant I had the whole house to myself so I could do a poo at home. I smeared lots of KY jelly onto my anus and even stuck my finger up there, to lubricate the inside of my anus.

I decided to walk around for a while, to get things moving. Of course I had already taken my pants off so my big white, jiggling naked bottom was exposed. I kept my bra on, as usual. I walked around the house for about 10 minutes and then I started getting a slight urge to poop. I did lots of farts and they really stunk! Then I turned the TV on (there was some British show on) and stood still in front of it, while I concentrated on pushing and straining. I had to really work hard, just to get the poo to work its way down towards my anus. I knew I was in for an extremely difficult pooping session because this first part was taking a lot longer. I pushed and strained for 15 minutes and then I walked around a bit more. Walking around helped a bit but not much. Then I stood in front of the TV again.

After 30 minutes, I could feel an enormous,rock hard turd sitting just above the top of my butt hole but it hadn't started to stick out yet. I squatted on the floor and bore down. This turd was massive and it felt much bigger than the last time I pooped (after being constipated for 4 days). My anus was burning and my hemarrhoids were bulging out more than usual. I had to keep pushing and straining with all my might and after 40 minutes, the turd finally started to poke out of my anus. I needed a rest so I stood up and walked to the toilet. I sat on the toilet and rested for several minutes. I reached down and felt my anus with my fingers. About 2 inches of poo was sticking out. It felt dry and sharp in my anus. My anus was stretched apart as wide as it could go and my hemarrhoids were bleeding. The turd was very thick and it felt as dry as sandpaper. I don't know why my poos get SO dry - its the worst part about being constipated for me!!

I needed to get back into this awful pooping session, even though I didn't know how I would get this massive turd out. So I bore down as hard as I could and pushed and strained with all my force. The poo was stuck in my anus (I really hate that about my constipation!!) as usual but with lots of excessive straining, it slowly came out a few more inches. I was still sitting on the toilet at this stage and an hour had easily passed by. I had to do lots of loud grunting "PUUSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! By now, the poo was sticking out about 5 inches. I had to get off the toilet and walk around for a while. My big naked bottom was in full view (luckily nobody was home) with a huge turd sticking out. I had to waddle around because the poo was pushing my butt cheeks apart. If anyone had seen me, they would have got a terrible shock!! I couldn't believe how constipated I was!! I felt very uncomfortable!! I walked into the bathroom and tried to have a look at the poo between my legs. I could just see the turd hanging there - it was HUGE!!!! I looked at the clock - I had been trying to get this poo out for an hour and a half!!!!!!!!!!

I was in a terrible state and so desperate to get this poo out!! I needed to get it out, no matter what!! I reached down and felt my anus with my fingers. I pushed down on my anus and strained at the same time. It hurt and my anus was on fire!! I didn't really help me either.

Then I did something that I've never done before - I decided to go outside to finish off my dump! I hid behind the shed, where nobody could see me. It felt SO good, squatting there, with my naked bottom fully exposed!! I could feel the cool air on my butt too. The squatting helped me a bit and I was able to push and strain hard for at least 20 minutes. Then my legs got sore so I had to stand up. I was sure the turd was out about 8 inches now. I decided to stay standing up because I knew this turd would be very long. I looked down and I could see a huge monkey tail between my legs!! It was the width of a coke can!! It was dark brown and rock hard. I felt it and it was so dry!! I grunted again "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM, NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!" I didn't care if anyone heard me!

I really had to bear down in the final stages of my dump, I screwed up my face, closed my eyes and clenched my fists. I even stomped my feet on the ground because I was getting anxious - I didn't think the poo would come out!! Finally, after more than 2 hours, the poo came out in one, big mass. It was close to 18 inches long!!!

I'm having a rest now and my anus is so sore from all of the straining!!!

your name: Linda

Post Title (optional) To Jasmin K and Bloated Butt

To Jasmin K: You have mentioned that you often try for a poo each day, even if you don't get the urge to go. Do you find that it helps you to be less constipated? If you didn't try each day for a poo, do you think you would be even more constipated? Do you ever walk around the house, naked, when you are constipated like me, with a turd sticking out? Do you go on school trips, like for weekends or several days? What do you do about your constipation themselves?

To Bloated Butt: You should definitely try walking around your house again, when you are constipated, with a turd sticking out. Does your boyfriend ever work late or go away on weekends? Or is there any times when he isn't home for several hours? That is the best time to do it. My housemate often goes away for weekends, so I'm lucky that way. As I'm always constipated, I always need to drop a load when she is away. Plus, I think you would also love having a constipation session in a public toilet.


Toilet Diaries From Work

Hello ,
I'm Diane I have posted on here periodically, albeit not for a while. I work at a Hospital as a domestic services team leader. Like every body in the public sector we have undergone a massive change, I have moved my office and share it with a lady called Helen who is 55y/old, who is a plus size or fuller figure, we get on ok, I have been there for about 6 months. Located in the same building are a team of social workers and education welfare people, most of these teams are ladies. So as you can imagine this has created some busy toilets. As the hospital stands on 64 acre site, fortunately we are near some visitors toilets, the ones which are near by have 4 lav's unlike where I used to be only 2.

I don't quite know how to start this, well here goes it is a kind of questionnaire, which I would like some feed back and views on please. Helen my office colleague, is not very regular for her # 2's normally every other day at various times, myself I go after lunch normally some where between 13:15 - 14:45. Helen and I are both smokers so we tend to chat alot while outside when we have a cigarette break. I have had the feeling for a while that we have a similar interest in listening in the ladies and observant of who goes and when. Does any other ladies reading this have a colleague that shares the same interests.

One morning recently Helen sent a message to my PC inviting me to the visitors Ladies, I let Helen leave first and quickly followed . I was about 10 paces behind Helen she entered first , I followed shortly afterwards, as it happened there was only the 2 of us. Helen went into to number 3 and I went into number 4 I stood listening to Helen rustling her undies, I said to Helen I think only need a pee, Helen replied oh I need a bit more than that!! and laughed , as she sat on she grunted and sighed a couple of times, then followed to loud Kersplunk Kersplunk and oh, I was peeing Helen went phew and then a loud 3rd plop followed I could hear the splash a long loud pee followed , Helen said there is more to come , 4 more loud splashes followed. I could hear her rolling off TP , she stood and begna wiping her self, she asked if I had dome my #2's , replying no it normally happens in the afternoon, I asked if she wanted to come and chat and listen , oh yes please was the reply, as she carried wiping . The smell facotr was a good 8 out of 10. we both flushed and went to was our hands , Helen had a lovely smile, and nudged with her elbow.

more later I look forward to anybody comments and feed back

Anatomy student

New evidence about constipation

I read the other day that increasing fiber intake can actually worsen constipation. Also, low fat, low sodium diets can cause dry poop. Plenty of water (not tea, coffee, or soda) and a balanced diet is the way to stay regular. Rice is a soulble fiber, and holds poop together and increases the amount of water in the poop.
Women have a longer large intestine than men due to the fact that they have a uterus. The longer bowel means their poop stays in there longer. This coupled with low fat diets, which takes away a natural lubricant, and holding in a poop until you are home, are the big reasons women get constipated.
I urge you to try a suppository or stool softener. Even an enema could help.


To Bloated Butt

Wow amazing story! Sounds like you were 10 pounds lighter after that dump aha. How long do you usually go between loads and how big are they usually? Do you ever worry the toilet might not be able to handle your huge loads? Also are you usually really gassy? Sounds like you were farting up a storm in your story lol


Hidden Bathroom

It's been a while, I think my posts are more sporadic than some of your bowels. I definitely have a story for you today though. The last few days I've been feeling kinda blah, a little nauseous, a little bloated, very strange. So yesterday I was doing a ballgame for work and afterwards went to a local burger joint and stuffed myself. I had tried to poop a couple of times before lunch but with no luck. Once I was done with lunch I headed over to the mall and did a little shopping, all the walking around must have stirred my system because I had a AAA need to take a dump. I'm not very familiar with that mall's layout so I had to find a map and start hunting for a toilet. I thought it would be pretty obvious but as I passes the area I expected it to be in I started to wonder. By this point I was really getting needy and could feel a hefty crap pushing for the exit. I pulled out my phone and downloaded the mall app to get the map in my phone as I continued to clench and search. I figured out where I needed to go and headed back to the toilets which were stuck between two shops and labeled "main office." I was in a pretty big hurry as I already had a pretty substantial turtle head. Finally I found the office and bolted for the stalls, seated myself, and unloaded a one footer that was hard and the tapered to clay like. I pushed I but more and got two more smaller poos out while I tried to get the skiddie out of my boxers. All in all I give that poo a 9 out of 10 for urgency and relief.


To JW et al.

Thank you for the warm welcome! To answer your questions:

Two to three days between BMs is about average for me. Like Korean Girl (good début post by the way), I'm a terrible toilet clogger with hours behind the plunger to my credit or lack thereof. Pooping so much used to make me feel ashamed of my body but I've learned to embrace it while dreaming of one day owning a toilet with a flush powerful enough to handle my logs.

I normally get up and head to the bathroom to pee right away. I do push then, but I honestly push almost whenever the water in the bowl is reflecting my bare bum, just in case.. I get up from the toilet without wiping, shower, and then eat breakfast. Sometimes I'll go for a second sit, but alas, more pragmatic concerns often rear their ugly heads.


I was at a friends house after school, and we were talking and playing video games
when i got the urge to do a poo. I started walking to the toilet and he asked me
where i was going.
"I need to do a poo"
"Oh OK"
So i went into his toilet and sat down. I started pushing out a thick log which
took a bit of time to get out. I finally pooped it out with a *PLOP* noise.
I started to play games on my phone to pass time. He must have heard the games on my phone, and asked me something, but it was muffled because of the door so i opened the door and asked him what he said:
He said "Are you seriously playing games while pooping?"
"Yea, to pass the time"
He laughed and shook his head. I continued to push out a few medium sized logs
about 5". I left the door open this whole time and he said
"Dude, it stinks out here, what did you eat?"
"I'm not sure, but i agree it does smell bad"
I wiped my butt while he spoke to me and he saw my butt and paper with poo on it.
I stood up and fixed my clothes. He wanted to inspect my poo, so i let him.
"Nice poo dude, but i can do better!"
"Oh really?"
"Yea, i don't need a poo now but when i do ill show you!"
I flushed and we played more games.

The End

Bloated Butt

To Linda:

I'm so glad you enjoyed my story! No, I did not tell my boyfriend what I did. I'd die if he knew! He knew I was very constipated, though. Each day I'd have him massage my swollen stomach, but it didn't work.

But rest assured I will definitely be using this method more often and will definitely be posting about it! It really did feel incredible and thrilling. Imagine if burglars broke into your home while you were waddling around like that. I thought about that as I was pacing back and forth.

To Robby:

I usually eat a lot anyways. I probably overeat since I like to eat until I'm very full and bloated. I just love food! And it definitely builds up inside of me and gives me massive bowel movements. But I've never deliberately tried to overeat so that I'll poop big, it just happens.


First Post! :)

Hey all, I'm here as a long-time up lurker and first time poster (how original, I know :P). My name is Jess, I'm 19 years old, and I live in Ohio. I'm Japanese American (Both of my parents are native Japanese but I have lived in the US my entire life.) and am currently attending college to get my degree in Journalism (it connects strongly with my love of writing). I'm 5'3" and weigh 105 or so pounds (I don't weigh myself lol), and have shoulder-length black hair. As for body type, I try to stay in shape and ran track in high school, so I have a rather athletic build, but I notice I am slightly curvier than most women of my ethnicity that I meet.

As far as interests, I love what everyone else here loves: going to the bathroom. I have lurked on this site for around 4 years, but have never gathered enough courage to post about anything. I am absolutely in love with the ritual that is pooping at the end of a long day, which is practically when I always poop like clockwork. The only exceptions are when I'm sick or when I'm constipated, neither of which happen all too often, thankfully.

I have done what many on this site have done since I have been lurking and experimented with my bodily functions, learning and enjoying things like how much I could hold, how long I could do it, and finding new and interesting places to do said acts in. I have on multiple occasions pooped along running trails out of sheer desperation, and done other strange acts in the heat of desperation such as peeing in alleyways, a movie theater, in a potted plant at the mall, you name it. As for messing, I have done what a select few have done and curiously attempted to mess myself on purpose, to (what surprised me) pleasant results.

I don't particularly mind pooping my pants, as weird as it sounds. I am one of those people who, whilemy random stints of holding in experimentation may tell you otherwise, advocate strongly going when you have to go. It's not worth it to me to hold in a day or two's worth of poop after I've been constipated as it knocks on my back door, even if there is no bathroom around.

Well, I guess that's enough starter info, I'll get back to all of you when I draft up some of my past experiences into an easier to read format :)

Lucas J
So hi again. I have a story to tell it's a bout a accident aty brothers birthday party at chuckie cheese .
Ok so this happend back in February my brother was Turing 7 and he wanted to have his birthday at chuckie cheese so we get there and all of my brothers friends where there and they were all playing games and I was sitting back at the table with my one sister( She is 14 btw I'm the oldest out of seven 3 boys and 4 girls) and her friend . So anyways we had gotten pizza from there and even though I felt sick all day I ate a piece beacuse I was hungry so after a while of sitting there talking with my sister my stomach started feeling very sick so I went off to the bathroom at first I thought I had to puke so I went into the stall and stood in front of the toliet but then I felt the urge to poop so I sat down and I pushed at first I farted really loudly but nothing came out so I just sat there then pushed again and a tiny bit of liquid poop came out I still felt sick but the urge to poop had passed so I got up and went back to the table and my little brother was there and told me to come play a game with him so I did he wanted to play the game where you throw the balls ( I believe it's called skee ball ) so anyways we started playing and I bent over to roll the ball and I farted and a bunch of mushy poop started coming out I don't think anyone noticed but it was still horrible it started comming down my legs so I quickly made my way to the bathroom my boxers where completely ruined so I took them off I cleaned my legs off as best as I could and put my jeans back on and through my boxers out I tried to go more but I couldn't so I went back told my mom I didn't feel good and was going to go ( since I had my car ) she told me to also take my sister and her friend home as she wasn't feeling good either. So me and my sister and her friend left and on the way I felt like I had to puke so I pulled over cuz there was no where to stop so I pulled over on the edge of the rode by so trees and I puked. A lot t was mostly vbile with some red ( beacuse of the pizza) so I get back in the car and my sister says she doesn't feel good and barfs all over the back of my car then she farts and at that point I knew she had shit her pants so she started crying and I'm trying not to puke again cuz of the smell and I end up vomiting all over my self and my poor sisters friend was sitting in horror ( she never said a word though ). After that me and my sister and the rest of my family where sick it must have been a bug


Answering some questions

Hey there. I see that I have some questions to answer. Steven A asked, "What's your secret to pooping alot everyday? Is it the 2 bowls of Fiber Cereal or the exercising or a combination of both? Have you ever been constipated before?"

I think that it is a combination of both. The fiber does make me poop more, but exercising burns calories so I can eat more ;). And as we all know, if you eat big poop, you poop big. As for constipation, I've been constipated a few times, not pooping for a day or two. But that happens so very rarely that it's almost not worth mentioning.

Alex asked several questions, "Have you ever used one of those small scales to weigh your poop after you go? Would you consider doing that? id be very curious how heavy your poops are by the way you describe them."

I haven't ever weighed my poop. The idea does sound interesting, and I will probably try it sometime soon. I don't know if any individual poop would weigh all that much, but if you put everything I poop in a day together, I bet it would!

"Second question: When you poop, do you go as soon as you feel the urge or do you prefer to hold it for a while so you produce a bigger load?"

I usually can't hold my poop in for very long. When I first feel the urge, I know I'm going to be pooping in an hour, max - whether I'm on the toilet or not.

"Third question: When was the most urgent time in your adulthood that you had to poop? Where were you, what were you doing, that sort of thing. how long had you gone without pooping before that and how long after you went that time did you go again?"

The most urgent I can remember being to poop happened a few years ago. I had just gotten to my car after leaving work, when I felt the urge to poop. Foolishly, I ignored it rather than go back into the building. I only live about 30 minutes away, so I thought I could make it home for sure.

Well, as fate would have it, there was a huge traffic jam on the way home. I was getting more and more desperate as the drive went on. I held on with everything I had, but I finally lost it and pooped my pants when I was pulling into the driveway. So close, and yet so far away.

That was one of my normal daily poops, so I had pooped at lunch and pooped again the next morning.

"Last question: What is the longest time span you have gone without pooping?"

As I mentioned, I get constipated very rarely. There was one time I was constipated very bad and didn't go for three whole days. But I was bloated and didn't feel like eating much, so I finally did go, it wasn't actually all that big.

I also saw that Robby asked, "For the ladies on the site: Have you ever purposely overeaten just so you could enjoy a really massive poop?" The answer to that is, yes, I have done that a few times, to predictably wonderful results. I'll share a story about one memorable time.

I believe I was 16 or maybe 17, whatever. When I was in high school, I was on the girls basketball team. That basically means that although I have a big big appetite even now, teen-aged me ate way more than I do. The day of this story was a very normal Saturday. I had basketball practice that afternoon. Afterwards, the team went for pizza, but I didn't go because I knew my family was going to a buffet for dinner.

So anyway, we got to the restaurant and I went to town. I love buffet restaurants because they're the only places I can eat until I'm full and not spend a fortune. Before too long, I had eaten four plates full of food. I was feeling a poop brewing and I headed off to the bathroom. There were four stalls and only one of them was occupied. I took the one furthest from the door and sat down. I pooped a whole lot. While I was sitting there on the toilet, I started to think about how great pooping felt, and "I bet if I really stuffed myself here at the buffet I could do a real toilet buster tomorrow."

I finished up, wiped, flushed, washed my hands, and returned to the table, this time with a mission. I scarfed down four more plates piled high. My parents said something about how I must be really hungry. I said yeah and that I worked up a big appetite at basketball practice. That was true, but not the real reason for me eating so much. I couldn't eat much more though, so I had some dessert and called it good. I was all set and looking forward to a huge poop the next day.

I woke up like normal on Sunday and did my normal routine until I felt the urge for my morning poop. It was more or less the normal size. I was a bit disappointed, but knew the big one would come later, after my body had digested all the food from the buffet. The next time I felt the need to poop, it was noticeably more urgent than usual. I rushed to my en-suite bathroom and got ready. After only a few seconds, my anus opened and a solid, thick turd began to emerge. It felt somewhat like a clay brick coming out. It hurt just a little, but also felt great at the same time. It kept coming and coming, thinning out a bit about halfway through.

After all of that beast was out of me, I still felt a heavy feeling in my stomach. I knew I had a lot more to poop out. But nothing was coming just yet. I stayed sitting for about five minutes or so until I felt another urge coming. I let out four long, but still thick snakes, one after the other. Then I farted really loud and again a little less loud. That was it, I felt nothing more inside of me.

I stood up to examine my incredible creation. I saw right away why I had stunk up the bathroom so much - my clay beast turd, shaped almost like a G and the four snakes coiled up on top of it. The snakes were all mostly out of the water, too. I knew for sure this was a masterpiece that would never flush. I wished that I could take a picture of it, but I didn't have a camera of my own. But, as it turned out, I've never forgotten what it looked like, so I guess I didn't need to take a picture, haha.

I wiped myself, but I was very clean. Then I thought about how to deal with this unflushable mess. This was one part I hadn't thought through when overeating. I got the plunger and worked at it and eventually got it all down after like five or six flushes.

Bye, everyone. Enjoy your poops today!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Steven A its just one unisex bathroom

To: Korean Girl first weclome to the site and great story about your big poop I bet you felt pretty great afterwards and I look forward to reading anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Jasmin K great story.

To: Jemma as always another great desperate poop story it sounds like you had a really good one and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Linda great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

Ps. I love this site


To Ashley

Wow! Your description and post sound so similar to mine!!

Would love for you to read my first post on pg. 1811 of the forum!

Friday, May 23, 2014


Post Title (optional) EXTREMELY constipated again!!!

I had to use a public toilet today because I was extremely constipated and I hadn't done a poo since Saturday. I didn't want to leave it any longer and I just HAD to get my massive load out today!! I got a few urges to poop while I was at work during the day. I couldn't go at home because my housemate was there. I sent her a message and told her I was going to a friend's place for dinner. I haven't been eating healthy food lately either and I've eaten lots of chocolate - and as you all know, chocolate makes me terribly constipated.

I finished work early and made my way to my favorite public toilets. It was almost 4 pm when I got there. I chose the toilet right at the end, at the back of the toilet block. I locked the door and took my pants off completely. I sat down and waited. I wasn't even getting the urge to poop but I was desperate to get it out!!!! I did lots of farts and some wee. I did some gentle pushing to get things moving but it didn't help much. So I relaxed and waited. After 10 minutes, I did more farts and my anus started to crackle as it opened up. I could feel a gigantic turd working its way down and stretching my anus apart. It was starting to burn but I didn't care. Then, a tiny pebble went plip into the toilet. I continued pushing and straining. I really had to bear down to get the poo to start sticking out. I pushed and pushed and pushed - and pushed as hard as I could. After 20 minutes, I could feel the poo slowly emerging out of my anus. I needed a rest so I reached down and felt my progress - my anus was stretched to its limits but only about an inch of poo was sticking out. I was hot so I took my shirt off so I was only wearing a bra.

By now, some more people had come into the toilets. I started pushing and straining like there was no tomorrow. I was doing lots of loud heavy breathing and I'm sure everyone in there could hear me. But nobody said anything. Then I had to stand up. I really bore down and started grunting "Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh" Then I did more heavy breathing. The turd got stuck in my anus so I knew I needed to work extra hard to get it to come out some more. "AAARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! PUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" That felt better and it helped the poo to move down a bit more. Then I heard some quiet laughter and I knew the other people in the toilets were probably laughing at me. I got off the toilet and stood up. I clenched my fists, closed my eyes and continued grunting loudly: "HHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! AAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

By now, I could feel about 3 or 4 inches sticking out. I reached down and felt my anus again. The turd was massive, rock hard, very dry, very thick and very stuck!!! I pushed down on my anus with my fingers and strained at the same time. It helped a bit but not much. Then I tried to stick my fingers into my anus (past the poo) to see if that would coax it out. I got a stronger urge to keep pushing so I pushed and strained with all my might. I was straining so hard that I thought my ear drums might burst! I felt the poo slide out a bit more but it felt like it was getting wider!! My anus felt like it was on fire but I had to keep going. I did some more grunting:
"HHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I was sure there were razor blades and glass stuck in my anus!! I was terribly constipated!!

I needed a rest so I sat back on the toilet. By now, an hour had easily passed by. I had a look at the time on my phone - it was now 5.45 pm. I had been at this for nearly 2 hours!!! I rested for a few minutes, I was tired and covered in sweat. I was in dire need for a poo and I was in a terrible state!!

I dug my toes into the floor (I had taken my shoes off too), closed my eyes, clenched my fists, screwed up my face and pushed like I had never pushed before! Finally, I felt the poo move down further and I was sure it was close to coming out. I stood up and it helped. I could feel a huge monkey tail poo between my legs! After 10 more minutes of pushing and straining, it came out!! I had a look at my poo and it was at least 16 inches long!! It was as wide as a coke can and rock solid. I spent 2 hours and 20 minutes on the toilet!!!

That pooping session was horrendous!! I was extremely, extremely, extremely constipated again!!

Brandon T

tales from the bookstore

About 4 hours ago I was at the bookstore when my friend emily went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet then I heard some quiet crackling sounds along with some muffled and kinda squeaky farts it sounded like she was having a nice soft easy poop so a good catch.

Peeing accident at the Bank

Remember one time I had a such a bad peeing accident at the bank. I had finished work & had to deposit a check & receive some of the cash back. Well, my bladder burst & I peed my pants at 43 yrs. old. Since this happened so quickly, I was caught off guard. It was embarrasing since all the tellers were women & I'm a man.

Steven A


Brandon T: Are the bookstore bathrooms unisex or is there only one bathroom?

Ashley: What's your secret to pooping alot everyday? Is it the 2 bowls of Fiber Cereal or the exercising or a combination of both? Have you ever been constipated before?

Tlana: That's gross that she didn't wash her hands after pooping. You will probably always remember her not washing her hands everyday you see her. Would you ever confront her about it?

Annie: I hope that you can poop soon and I would use flushable wipes to wipe instead of using toilet paper. This will not make you have to take a shower almost everytime you have really soft poops. I always use flushable wipes after I poop if they're available, they're not in my school. I find that they clean better than toilet paper in my opinion.

Does anyone have stories about toilets without privacy? Like latrines or toilets without doors or stalls?

korean girl

first post and more

Hello, this is my first post. As you can tell from the name I am a Korean girl. I have lived in the US all of my life though. I absolutely love pooping! I love everything about it except clogging the toilet which I hate!! I'm 19 and I have long brown hair which I put in a thick braid that stays over my shoulder hanging in front of me. I will not say my name because I would be really embarrassed if someone I knew saw me on here!! I'm ok with pooping around people but they will never know I like pooping!

Here is a story from yesterday. I was in my home and had an urge to go to the bathroom. I had not gone in around a week so i knew it would be big. When I got to the toilet I pulled down my pants and panties to my ankles. I let out a slow fart that did not make much noise. I relaxed my anus and my crap slowly started moving. After five minutes it had began to come out but only by a very small amount. I started to push and wait push and wait. Pushing it felt very hard and it stretched me very wide. It eventually came out and splashed in the bowl. I got up and looked it was around 5 inches long and 3 inches wide. I suddenly felt another urge. I quickly sat down and another quickly came out and felt really good. This one was around 6 inches long and 2 inches wide and was smooth. I was afraid all this would clog the toilet and it did. Took me a long time to get it to normal.

I see a question about girls overeating to get massive poops. I have done this before. I tried to eat four big bowls of rice everyday for a week. This is definitely over eating for me. After the week I knew my poop would be very large so I went somewhere else to poop. I chose the Target near my work. I went into the bathroom and nobody was in there. I picked the closest stall and sat down pulling my pants and panties to my knees. I pull them to knees when in stalls and to ankles when home. I peed then afterwards started on my massive crap. I pushed nonstop with some grunting as a long crap quickly came out. It felt really amazing. I caught my breath and looked at what I did. It was very long around 18 inches and coiled around the bowl. I quickly wiped and left before someone came in.



Thanks to everybody who read my story an gave me an advice

Steven A: That really what I decided to do to forgive him

?: yes he is a good one ,don't worry I lock toilet door even I am alone in home

Brandon T: Yes i was so desperate and I wouldn't imagine what happened, I am trying to forget what he did and go on

30 something male : my be I have a tabooo !!! but I don't like anybody to see me in my privacy moments , I know what you are talking about in bed but really it so embarrassing for me pooping issue !!!!
when I do no 2 when we are together I flushed more than three times, I was afraid he saw my craps

To : Jessica : Curiosity I hope that's why he did not something else


Questions for Ashley

Hi Ashley!

Have you ever used one of those small scales to weigh your poop after you go? Would you consider doing that? id be very curious how heavy your poops are by the way you describe them.

Second question: When you poop, do you go as soon as you feel the urge or do you prefer to hold it for a while so you produce a bigger load?

Third question: When was the most urgent time in your adulthood that you had to poop? Where were you, what were you doing, that sort of thing. how long had you gone without pooping before that and how long after you went that time did you go again?

Last question: What is the longest time span you have gone without pooping?

Thanks for answering my Q's and please post more stories about your poops!!


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