Babysitting Twins

As I've written about before, I make some extra money babysitting for several families. One of my customers is a divorced mother who has twins. Their names are Trenton and Turner. They are 6 and will be finishing 1st grade next month. Their mom works for a restaurant and travels with a catering crew that handles weddings, company parties etc. so I have the boys pretty much every weekend this time of year. I stay at their apartment and try and take them on an activity of some sort each day. My worst problem with them came a couple of weeks before Christmas. We were sledding at the biggest park with the most awesome hill in our city. It was a mild day so we stayed out about five hours on Saturday morning. As you might imagine after he fell off the sled a few times (mostly in fun) Trenton said he had to poo. So we pulled our sleds across the park and a skating lagoon that was like about 3 blocks away to where the pavilion and toilets were.

So I waited by the mens door as Trenton and Turner went in. Last year I took them in with me, but they seemed to hate that so I let them go in alone this time. I heard a toilet seat drop and I felt good that Trenton was probably going to have a good experience. He complains about seats at his school dripping with wee pretty much every day. So he was going to have a dry seat. That's good. I heard another seat move and I assumed Turner had probably lifted it. I've tried to show them how to handle a public bathroom situation and this helped me feel better. A couple of minutes later Turner came from around the wall still pulling up his zipper, but I sent him back because I hadn't heard a flush or sink being used for handwashing. He resisted at first, but I gave him gentle shove and he knew I meant business. I heard him tell his brother to shut up about something and then I heard him make several attempts at flushing the toilet. I forget whether it was 5th or 6th that finally worked and I felt good when he came running back out. Just as I saw him emerge (and was about to send him back to wash his hands), Trenton cried out for me. I immediately brushed by Turner to find myself walking in a flood of water coming from the second of the 2 stalls. Trenton was on the stool and he was stuck with his feet raised while the water was rapidly running under him from the overflowing toilet next to him. There was a log almost the size of a flashlight that was sliding along in front of the flood and other crap still in the stool.

Luckily the flood was slowing down when I picked Trenton up off the stool and carried him out of the bathroom and into the nearby entrance to the womens side. I placed him on the first toilet and watched him because he was shaking out of fear pretty badly. Luckily he dropped the last of his poo pretty quickly and I stayed with him as he wiped and pulled his underwear and jeans up. He had some trouble with the zipper which I was OK about helping him with. I insisted that he flush and then we went over to the basin where he washed his hands. Trenton at first blamed Turner, but as his brother explained it, the bowl was filled with poo from probably several people who hadn't flushed. With such a load, there was no way it was all going to clear the drain.

I made the boys wait for me then when I went into the first stall and I did my second wee of the day. When I'm cold and physically active, the needs of my bladder need more frequent attention.

Mr. Clogs


Annie: Thanks for responding to the question about the smell after pooping in your panties after scrubbing them out. I was curious if they did or not. It sucks that your favorite undies now have to used for something else. I would agree it's messy to clean up, hence why I don't do that stuff much these days. I hope that you can get back to being regular again. Thanks for the reply and happy pooping to you as well.

Ashley: I like your story about the woman at the gym pissing like a racehorse.

Victoria: Wow that's crazy about waking up for that morning piss also pooping at the park.

That's all for now, take care and happy peeing and pooping.

Mr. Clogs


Question for Victoria

Victoria your writing is excellent, I hope you'll tell us more poop stories. Do you often go three days without pooping.
Your morning routine is what caught my eye:
You wrote:
> Staggering to a seat on the toilet for my "morning" pee...[I] decided
> then to give my customary push on the other side in order to see if I
> could get a head start on the monster BM brewing in my butt.

Do you always try to poop before breakfast? I found long ago that pooping is ALWAYS easier for my after I eat something...might give it a try.

Dude in distress

To bloated butt

I sympathize with your last post . As I said it my last post- I have had to get through a entire day with a hard turd stuck poking out and stretching me open painfully. My go to remedy is squatting or walking around like Linda suggests. But when I am really stuck- I find that I need to manually get things moving. Have you had to do that? Sometimes just using my fingers to press the spot below my tail bone is enough to pass a difficule stool.

Steven A

Stomach Sickness Stories, Taco Bell And Mexican Restaurants

Hi, I have some stories from a couple of years ago when I sick mainly with diarrhea and throwing up.

I only had 2 throwing up experiences that I can remember. Both of them was when I had a stomachache before I went to bed. My first memory is when I was trying to sleep with a stomachache I had before I went to bed, I threw up a few times before I made it to the toilet. I was feeling better in the morning. The other time I had a soft type of poop-diarrhea in the morning and then later that night I had another stomachache before bed and I just went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night with the stomachache keeping me awake. I threw up beside my bed and I was better the next day.

My only diarrhea sickness is when I woke up at 6am with a strong urge to poop and I only had liquid come out of me for a couple of times during the morning. I passed a small piece around 12pm and then I felt better.

It was weird that my sickness didn't last for awhile but it's all in the past now.

For those of you that ate at Taco Bell or Mexican Restaurants before: Has the food ever gave your stomach problems before? If so, what did it do to your stomach? I never ate at Taco Bell or any Mexican Restaurant before and I want to know about some of your stories/experiences about how the food affected you before I go eat there myself. Plus, your stories will be good reads on Toilet Stool.


Post Title (optional) To Bloated Butt

Did you tell your boyfriend that you walked around the house, half naked with your bum exposed, with a turd sticking out? Did you tell him that you had trouble getting the poo out? Did he know how constipated you were?

It feel so liberating, walking around the house when I'm constipated, almost naked, with a turd sticking out! I only do it if I know my house mate won't be home for a very long time, like when she goes away for the weekend. Sometimes she goes away for 3 nights (to visit her family, who live 5 hours drive away) and she always lets me know when she is leaving to come home (so then I know I have at least 5 hours of freedom lol!) I know for sure that she is going away to visit her family this weekend so I will have the entire house free on Saturday and Sunday. And I will probably still be constipated then too.

I'm STILL constipated!! I haven't done a poo since Saturday and its now Tuesday night. So I've gone 3 days without doing a poo at all. I've tried a few times to do a poo tonight but I can't get anything out. If I can't get a poo out tomorrow, that will be 4 days of constipation for me. I don't like going longer than 4 days. I will have to go to bed feeling very uncomfortable, lethargic, bloated and full of poo.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Victoria first welcome to the site and great story about your unplaned outdoor poop it sounds like you realy had to go prety badly and alot to from the sound of it and I bet you felt pretty good once you were done and probaly a little refreshed as well and please post anymore stories you may have thansk.

To: Ashley first welcome to the site and great pooping story and it sounds like your gonna have some god stories to tell and I look forward to reading them all thanks.

To: Chrissy first welcome to the site and great accident story it sounds like ou were pretty desperate and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Crystal great story.

To: Bloated Butt as always another great story I bet you felt really great after getting all that poop out from not going for so long.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

do you prefer old style toilet which logs flomp in or newer ones
do you ever get backsplash ?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jasmin K

Answers and constipation

To 30 something male

Answers to your questions

I cant say Ive ever tried an Enema and I really dont think I will.
I prefer to strain it out I dont fance having lots of liquid inside as well as loads of poo.

I am very soon 16. And yes I have gone to the toilet several times in front of someone of the opposite sex.

To all

My good run of going every morning seemed to end after a really good poo at school on Friday morning. I went on the toilet and sat down straining and after some 10 minutes I felt something moving and soon after and several pushes a large hard log started pushing my bum hole wide open, and after the thiskest part was through the rest slid out.I hadnt managed a good poo over the weekend, just a few little pebbles each time I tried. Monday morning is never an easy poo,my bum got really sore on saturday evening and I ended up with a couple of bulging lumps that would not go back up inside. I went to a party saturday evening and each time I went for a pee I noticed they were still sticking out, although that didnt stop me from having a great time. When I went on the toilet on Sunday morning they were still bulging and sore. I really needed to poo so I strained and strained and managed a few hard pebbles and a small log of pebbles about 4 inches but quite fat. On Monday at School I was still sore from straining to poo on saturday and sunday. The hard poo inside didnt want to budge, I couldnt even get the tip to emerge, all that happened with each hard strain was my bum just bulged further down. Even using my fingers to pull my bum open as I strained. After 40 minutes on the toilet I had managed to drop a couple of little hard pebbles. I went back at lunch and really strained hard for 20 minutes and only a couple more pebbles, I had an hour on the toilet at home but had to get off because my mum came in and said it was time for my younger sister to have her evening sit on the toilet.
I managed a few pebbles at school this morning but I can feel there is a large solid log in there which as soon as I get home I will be on the toilet with high shoes and will be getting that out no matter what..

Will update soon

Jas K


Recently, I had to travel from Ipswich (Eastern England) up to the north of England. I was in an an overnight accommodation without breakfast (I made my own - high fibre cereal and an apple, and a cup of strong coffee.) On getting up, I went into my bathroom, sat on the toilet, to see if I could do anything apart from my first 'pee' of the day. Only a few 'rude noises'! It was 5 o'clock in the morning, too early for me to produce anything solid out of my rear. So I had my breakfast, and tried again, because I like to shower AFTER a 'number 2', and wash anything remaining out of my bottom. After packing my case, I had my shower and washed my hair, got dressed and took my luggage to the car.

I knew that I was likely to 'have the urge' later on - well, I hoped I would, and that there would be a suitable opportunity to relieve myself. (I don't like going a whole day without a 'number 2', which can happen if I put it off.)

Well, the journey on the motorways was horrendous, with tremendous hold-ups, and I just hoped there would be somewhere to stop, if only a secluded spinney. Sure enough, there WERE stirrings in my nether regions, and I came to a transport cafe, just off the motorway. I assumed (wrongly) that there would be supplies of toilet paper. There were 3 cubicles in the men's room, the first one I went into DID have paper, but there was no lock on the door. So I went in the other two, with locks, but no paper. Then another guy went into the one with paper, so I wondered what to do. I do carry tissues with me, but left them in my car, assuming that there would be plentiful supplies.

I thought that I wouldn't 'make it' by returning to the car. I decided that as a makeshift measure that I would try to separate the cardboard on to empty toilet rolls, to do a temporary wipe. I had some clean underpants in my car, which I could change into if necessary.

I just made it! As soon as my bottom was bare, I sat down, and pushed my underpants and trousers down to my ankles. My dumping had already started. I pushed my penis inside the toilet, because it was ready to make its own contribution to the proceedings.

Then I had my first experience in my life of wiping my bottom with thin cardboard. It was cleaner than I anticipated. I flushed twice, and fortunately the toilet wasn't blocked. I made myself look respectable, and exited the cubicle. Fortunately, the one which had toilet paper was now vacant, and I was able to do a thorough wipe. My underpants were OK. There was hot water and soap, so I was able to have a thorough wash of my hands, and use the hand-dryer, and continue my journey.


poo at work today...

so today at work I had a bit of a dodgy stomach thanks to the curry we had yesterday evening.
I was busy with clients & couldn't get much time to myself.
it was about 8am my urge came on strongly & I just couldn't get away until 11.40, thankfully my next client wasn't until 12 so I had enough time... & boy did I need it!!!

I legged it up to the loos & sort of ran in the nearest cubicle. Having been clenching my buttocks tightly all morning I was still clenching as I took my grey mini pencil skirt, black tights & pink knickers down & plonked my fat butt on the seat.
without any effort my poos just slid out of me straight away...
plop - plop-plop-plop-plop-plop... (I sighed relief)..... plop-plop-plop-plop.....plop-plop .....plop- plop-plop-plop-plop-plop..... plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop I was done.
I wiped 8 times & flushed as usual leaving a ton of skids everywhere.
pulling my clothes back up and washing my hands, ready 4 my next client.

My next poo was needed about an hour before leaving so I held it in until I got home & dropped my load in the comfort of my own home.
more soon J xx


Post Title (optional) To Bloated Butt

I LOVED LOVED LOVED your story!!!!!!!!!!! It was absolutely fantastic reading it and I loved your descriptions!! You were extremely constipated!! I could just imagine you waddling around your house, with a few inches of poo sticking out of your anus. This does help me to get my poo out and I have to do it every time I poop at home. How long did it take for you to get your load out?

I'm back to being badly constipated again. Its Monday night and I haven't done a poo since Saturday (and I doubt I will get any poo out tonight) I had a very difficult time on the toilet on Saturday afternoon (after having 2 days of constipation). I didn't have to use a public toilet either because my house mate went away for the weekend. I took the advice of a few people on here and bought so KY jelly, so I could lubricate my anus (in the hope that it would make things a bit easier for me). I took my pants off so I was just wearing a t-shirt. I smeared some KY on my anus and then walked around my lounge room, gently pushing and straining at the same time. I decided to keep walking around for a while, instead of sitting on the toilet. After about 10 minutes, I had to stand still so I could concentrate on pushing. I started to bear down and my anus crackled as it opened up. I could feel a huge log working its way down and really stretching my anus apart to its limits.

I stood in the same position for 20 minutes, pushing and straining with all my might. I closed my eyes, screwed up my face and clenched my fists. My anus was burning as the poo started to emerge. I had to work hard and strain continuously to keep the turd moving. Eventually, I managed to get 3 inches of poo to stick out and then it got stuck. For the next 15 minutes, I did absolutely everything I could to coax the huge turd out. Including very loud grunting and groaning "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH, NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" I was also squatting by then too. It didn't help one bit!!!!!!!! I was extremely constipated!!!!!!!

I had been at this for almost an hour and the poo was only poking out 3 inches!! I was in a terrible state and I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to suck it back in but I also didn't want to break it off. So I walked around for 10 minutes with 3 inches of poo stuck in my anus. The turd was gigantic, probably the width of a coke can. I really needed to get this demon out so I got back into it. I bore down with all my might and grunted: "PUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH, HHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!" I felt the poo move down a bit more and it slowly started coming out a bit further. I had to keep grunting so my anus wouldn't suck the poo back in. Then, I got on the toilet and pushed and strained like there was no tomorrow. I needed a rest, so I reached down and felt my anus - now there was about 5 inches sticking out. I pushed down on each side of my anus with my fingers and strained at the same time. This helped a bit. Then I had to keep straining hard and with one final push, the big turd came out!!! This was followed by lots of rock hard pebbles, that were easy to get out. It took me an hour and 15 minutes to get my load out. I felt so much better!!!

But now I'm constipated again!!! I really hope I can do a poo tomorrow because I haven't been since Saturday!


Poop in the Park

Today, I took my first ever crap in a public, non-enclosed, place. It wasn't what I intended and it was embarrassing. In search of release, I looked online and found this site; it seems as good a place as any to talk about these sorts of things. I'm a college student in the Upper Midwest with curly brown hair and glasses, about 5'7". My search for a cure for a well-deserved hangover resulted in this story and me having a large BM on a log.

Like I alluded to earlier, I had quite a bit to drink last night. Boxed wine was on sale and the stakes were raised. Going halfsies on a box with my roommate was, in retrospect, not a good decision, however brilliant it seemed at the time. Eventually pulling myself up from the couch to my bedroom, I passed out, knowing that tomorrow was going to be rough. In the back of my mind, I remembered that I hadn't pooped for the last three days...

I woke up as wrecked as I had imagined at about 12:30. Staggering to a seat on the toilet for my "morning" pee was a battle that took roughly fifteen minutes to prepare for, getting me perilously close to peeing my pants. Taking my thong down, I planted my bare cheeks on the frigid seat, took a deep breath, and let my pee go. My thoughts during the pee were less concerned with the virtually threadbare roll of toilet paper that ominously greeted me from the paper holder and more focused on the apparent spinning of the bathroom walls. I eventually finished going and decided then to give my customary push on the other side in order to see if I could get a head start on the monster BM brewing in my butt. However, I was greeted only by a few farts and was soon forced to wipe up and flush.

Making some instant coffee, I threw myself on the couch with all the sincerity of a beached whale. I was going to spend this particular Saturday relaxing and recovering in a physical and emotional sense. At the same time, the prospect of a day spent shipwrecked on the couch with a pounding head didn't seem very inviting. What if I could devise an alternative cure for my hangover? Just as this bright idea finished percolating, I had the great fortune to be asked by my roommate if I wanted to join her on a bike ride to a state park about two miles from our house. My intoxication of the prior night somehow surfaced anew and I eagerly accepted the invitation. What better way to cure the poisonous touch that the evils of the college world inflicted on me than going out and being in a more natural world? What better way indeed...

So I threw on yoga pants over a pair of boyshorts and put on a sweatshirt. Though this was to be more a case of "Sleazy Rider" than anything starring Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda, I thought I was in for an adventure, a fun way to spend a day which would otherwise have been wasted by liver necessity. The ride to the park was rough, to put it mildly. Hills and inclines seemed at every turn to be conspiring against me and problems with the bike's gears prevented me from downshifting to boot. We eventually got to the park and made our way into the woods, excited to have reached our destination. Short of breath and slightly dizzy, I staked out a fallen tree for sitting down. It was while I was sitting on the tree and calmly talking to my roommate that the troubles began.

I was suddenly struck by a feeling in my stomach that I recognized from time spent face down into a toilet bowl. I began sweating bullets, a pretty reliable indicator of being sick for me. Suddenly my hands went numb and a distinctive impression of the possibility of soon dying disclosed itself from the bowels of my mind. I doubled over, hoping to quickly get everything out. I coughed and spat but nothing came out. The story was different on the other end of my body: the stomach problems that I thought heralded a vomiting session were instead cues for a now urgent number two. Deciding that it would be better to expose myself and go in the fresh air instead of my boyshorts, I stood up, took my yoga pants and boyshorts down to my calves, and squatted into pooping position.

A quick tinkle squirted from my vulva as I began pushing. My first piece was small, round and hard and I knew then that a large log was eventually going to come out now that my bum was no longer blocked by that initial "plug" of BM. I farted slightly as I pooped it and pushed out another golf ball shortly afterwards. It was time to drop a huge bomb, one which only grudgingly launched with the assistance of a groan and moan. I cycled between breathing and pushing, eventually leaning my bare thighs against the fallen tree for support. Unfortunately, all my grunting had got my roommate's attention and she walked back from wherever she had been wandering to an eyeful of a naked from the waist down roommate in a semi-squatting position with a shadow of a thick turd emerging from between two bare cheeks. She had the civility to ask if I was pooping thirty seconds before my certain two-flusher (in a normal situation) thudded down on the log.

My number two was taken care of and I quickly pulled everything up after seeing only poison ivy for wiping material in my immediate area. I could have asked Marissa, my roommate, for some leaves or something but I then realized that the situation was far more delicate than asking the next stall for a handful of paper in a public bathroom. I didn't really want to ruin my Victoria's (pure coincidence, I swear) Secret green and pink striped boyshorts, but I didn't want to even think of future BMs with a poison ivy-infected butthole. So I just yanked everything back up, hoping to get to the shower and washing machine in the not-too-distant future. After ten minutes or so of rest on different log (and an admiring glance at the log I had left on top of said log), I was ready to go. Trying not to hard to think of what my dirty bum was doing to my poor undies, I got back on my bike and rode. Getting home about twenty minutes later, I cleaned up and washed my soiled clothes. Satisfied to have gotten everything out, I went to by bedroom to lay down and think, hopefully not to dwell too hard on the fact that this whole incident had slightly turned me on. That was when I found this site and decided to work up the nerve to share my story. Hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time,

Hello everyone. I'm new here. I'll give a description of myself, starting by saying that I love going to the bathroom, specifically pooping. I mean, what's not to love? I get to be alone for a few minutes, the poop feels incredible coming out of my body, and I leave feeling empty and a bit lighter. I am in my late twenties, am 5 foot eleven, and weigh around 185 pounds. I have sandy brown hair and hazel eyes. I am athletic, and have fairly large breasts and a firm, toned, butt.

I love to eat almost as much as I love pooping, and well I guess the two go hand in hand, haha. I have to poop usually three or occasionally four times every day and it's usually a big amount. I also sometimes (though rarely) clog the toilet... and it's not because I use much toilet paper ;)

As for my daily routine, I wake up early and eat two bowls of high-fiber cereal. Then I stretch and go for a run. I then have a full breakfast when I get home. After breakfast I go for my first poop of the day and then shower. In the morning, I normally poop out four or so soft dark brown logs that come fairly quickly. It usually requires only a moderate amount of wiping, despite being soft.

I snack lightly during the day at work and then always have a large lunch. My coworkers are jealous that I can eat so much and not gain weight. My afternoon poop is not quite as scheduled, and so sometimes I go during my lunch break, but not always. This is also the poop that varies as to what comes out. I'd say most of the time it's a pile of logs like in the morning, but quite often I instead produce a few really long, but thin ropes of poop.

After work, I have another small snack before hitting the gym. I work out for about an hour and always build up a sweat. Sometimes I poop at the gym, though not every day. In any case, after working out, I've built up quite an appetite, so it's time for dinner. This is actually my biggest meal of the day.

My third (or fourth) poop, the one that comes reliably, happens about an hour after dinner, like seven pm. My body needs to make room for all that food I ate, hehe. This poop usually consists of one somewhat long thick turd. I stay seated for a short time and then follow it with some loose stringy poop. I sometimes finish it up with a thick turd, too.

I can't think of any else to say about my daily routine. I guess I'll end this post by telling you about how I almost clogged the toilet at the gym today. It probably would've been a toilet clogger, except the gym toilets have really strong flushes.

I was almost done with my workout, when I started to have to poop. I finished and went to the lockerroom. All the toilets were in use, and one other lady was waiting. She seemed to be bursting to pee. A few minutes went by before a stall opened and the lady rushed in. She pissed like a racehorse. I took her stall when she was done.

The warm toilet seat was kind of nice. I pulled down my workout shorts and got comfortable. At first, I was farting up a storm. Then I started pooping. Several short logs came out of me, splashing into the bowl quite loudly. I probably pooped out at least ten. I let out a long soft fart and then a thin ropey turd started. It was very long. Plus a nearly identical one followed it. I felt done, so I stood up to examine my creation. But then I felt a cramp and knew I had to poop some more. I quickly plopped down on the seat and let out some loose poop. A few loose turdlets later, I was done again.

I looked at my new product and thought I had probably clogged the toilet. I took a picture of my load with my phone, as I always do for 'masterpieces' that I'm proud of. I sat back down to wipe and then tried to flush. Well, surprisingly, it all went down okay. As I said, the gym toilets have powerful flushes. I then left the stall and had a shower before heading for home.

Well, that's all I have for this post. I'm going to go eat my cereal and get my day started. Bye, everyone. Enjoy your poops today!



For the ladies on the site: Have you ever purposely overeaten just so you could enjoy a really massive poop?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Crystal as always another great story it sounds like that enema cleaned you out pretty good and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tlana great story it sounds like she was really desperate and just made it and I bet she felt pretty good aftrwards to.

To: Annode great story.

Yesterday I heard a woman have diarrhea at the bookstore she went in and sat on the toilet and alomst instantly began farting and having the runs and today I heard 2 women fart while peeing so a few good catches.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


accident at work today

i just found this place and can't believe i'm actually posting but maybe it will feel good to get it off my chest. my name is chrissy, i'm 18 and in college and work part time at a fast food place as a cashier to help pay for school. this morning i overslept and was running late so i threw on my work clothes and ran out the door and sped to work and barely got there in time for my lunch shift at 10:58. we were slammed busy the whole time and i soon realized i really should have gone to the bathroom before i left home. it was starting to get really bad but my manager wouldn't let me go because we were so busy so i kept taking orders and wiggling to help hold it. after noon it was getting worse. i asked again for a break but he wouldn't let me go yet until it calmed down. i kept working but couldnt stand still, i had to keep shifting and crossing my legs when i was just standing. the moving back and forth to get food from the window helped some for a while but by 12:30 i was really desperate. i asked my manager again and told him i was going to have an accident if he didn't let me go soon. he huffed and said fine but hurry up. i hurried around from behind the counter, fighting not to grab myself and hold my crotch or butt, and went to the bathrooms. the ladies room only has two stalls and both were taken. i stood there dancing in place holding myself with my legs crossed, bending and wiggling, trying hard to hold it in. after a couple of minutes one of the ladies in a stall flushed. i could barely hold it. poop was starting to push out and i leaked a little pee in my panties. i gained control just as the stall door opened and a woman came out. i pushed past her into the stall and turned around to lock the door and just couldnt hold it any more and started peeing myself and couldnt stop as it flooded down my legs and then a giant poop filled my panties that was at least thankfully (!?) solid. i just stood there for a second stunned. then i pulled my pants down, dumped the mound of poop into the water, sat and peed a little more, wiped up as best i could and decided i had to leave. i was at least wearing black pants so it wasnt so obvious i had a full on accident when i rushed out the door and sent a text to my boss telling him i was sick and going home. i had to sit on a plastic bag to keep my seat from getting wet. then i drove home and showered and then found this place.

Brandon T

tales from the bookstore

A couple hours ago I was at the bookstore when I heard a woman say I better use the bathroom before we go so she goes in and sits on the toilet I then hear a loud wet fart burst then she peed she mustve been a little desperate then later I heard a woman pee and a single plop when she was done it mightve surprised her so 2 good catches

Brandon T

tales from the bookstore

A couple hours ago I was at the bookstore when I heard a woman say I better use the bathroom before we go so she goes in and sits on the toilet I then hear a loud wet fart burst then she peed she mustve been a little desperate then later I heard a woman pee and a single plop when she was done it mightve surprised her so 2 good catches

To: Annie

Along with your large poops, do you get very gassy too? Do you fart a lot before or during a poop? What was a time when you were the most gassy ever?
Hope you poop soon.


What come in will come out

hey all

To Brandon T. thanks and yes I'm very lucky , cause it really take a lot time and effort to help me out cause it's not easy for me cause I'm used to being so independent in when that thing happen even after having a bf before Marcus was hard, but I know Marcus is for me and you right the body does that

part 5 after recovering from the liquid poop day on Sunday, on Monday I was able go back to normal, so went for ice cream that evening with Sophia spend some great time together, good Christian girl, so while we out, I felt the need for a good poop wanting come out so I told her she said it's cool she try too, so get bathroom crowded, but one stall open, so we paper rock it out but no one one, so I say we just share, so we go in together, look at each other so I pull down my shorts and panties to ankles and she does the same so we squat over the toilet, we start farting and hearing each other cracking and our pooping start falling in the water, she said you like a big Sis to me I said you like a lil sis to me, so after 10 minutes we was done, so took me four wipe and I pull up everything wait till she done wipping, so she done we left the stall and wasj hands, as we left someone asked we were sisters we both said yes laugh about it on my way taking her home afterwards went over Marcus house, stay tune

Bloated Butt

Was able to poop

Update on my constipation: I was able to poop on Monday, the 12th. I basically kept loading up on FiberOne cereal and vegetables, and i guess it started to work because on Monday I was finally able to go. It wasn't easy, though.

My boyfriend was at work and I was all by my lonesome, so I was wearing just a white t-shirt and underwear all day. My stomach was so bloated and heavy and rumbly that I kept passing really loud farts just about every minute. It may have been all the poop that was inside me, or it may have been all the fiber I was eating. I was basically sitting on the couch and every minute I would lift one hip and BBBRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. I could feel the logs inside my bowels and there was a huge one right inside my anus, and after pushing out one big fart I felt like I could probably push it out, so I decided to waddle to our bathroom and plonk my big soft butt onto the toilet, kicking off my panties and just sitting there with a t-shirt on.

Of course I couldnt push it out at first. I gently bore down but I didn't get any better results than all the other times I had tried to poop. But I could feel the log right inside my butt and all the poop behind it, plugging me up and making me feel pregnant and heavy, and all the pressure and gassiness, and I just wanted to plop it all out so badly. I reached behind me and grabbed my huge round buttcheeks and pulled them apart, and HHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!! for several seconds. I kept doing this and I guess all the buildup and pressure was helping me, because inch by inch, the main log was poking out. I had to stop and catch my breath, then squeezed my fingers into my soft butt and grunted and groaned some more.

"Oh GodNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHH....", pant, pant, pant, "PleeeeeaaaassssssnnnnnnnnggggggghhhhhHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

But eventually I realized it was completely stuck! I had managed to push it out a couple of inches, and it literally felt like someone had stuffed a potato in my butt and left it there. I couldn't push it out any further because it was too wide, wider even than my normal poops, which are always difficult for me to push out. But I couldn't pinch it off, either. And no way was I going to push it back in. I sat and rested for a bit, my wide hips spreading over the entire toilet seat, then tried again. I pushed on my stomach, put my hands on my hips, grabbed my butt again, but it barely moved at all. God, I was so full of poop! I literally felt like crying. It's actually kind of scary when you're this bloated but can't poop.

But then I remembered Linda's stories of getting off the toilet and waddling around. So wiping the sweat off my brow with my t-shirt, I slowly and awkwardly got off the toilet. I stepped over to the bathroom mirror and looked over my shoulder at my butt to see if I could see the log poking out, but my buttcheeks were too big and round and they sort of covered it up. But I could definitely feel it! It felt so big and wide and firm, like a firm lump lodged right in my anus. I clenched my immense buttcheeks a little bit and it felt even bigger and firmer. Slowly, I waddled out of the bathroom and out to our living room. I looked out our window just in case, but my boyfriend wasn't home yet.

I sort of paced back and forth, naked from the waist down. I felt so exposed and nervous. But I also felt bloated and heavy and gassy, and I was sick of it. I had to poop so bad and I was desperate for anything that might help me push this main log out. I could feel all the weight of newer, softer poop pushing down on the log from further up inside of me, and the motion of me waddling back and forth was slowly but surely jarring the main log lose. Every now and then I'd stop and gently push, slightly crouching right there in our living room. I reached behind me and rubbed my butt a little bit. At one point I heard a door slam outside, and my heart froze. I looked out the window again and saw that it was only the next door neighbor. But it scared me enough that I decided to stop tempting fate and waddled back to the bathroom.

I plonked down again with a sigh and started pushing again. The log was coming more easily now and after a few more minutes of pushing, it slid all the way out with a heavy splash. Then followed a bunch of more poop, but it was all much easier to pass. I sat there, arms wrapped around my poor stomach, moaning and sighing as I plopped and farted all the poop out of me. I completely stank up the bathroom but frankly it felt good to let it all out like that. I rarely go a full week without pooping and I try to avoid it as much as i can!!

When I felt done, I wiped, flushed, and refreshed myself before putting my underwear on again and going back to the living room. My BF came home about twenty minutes later and I said Hey. I told him I finally pooped and he said "Good. Feel better?"

I said "Yep" and patted my now-flatter stomach. "I stunk up the bathroom, though."

He said "Oh great, I have to pee, too."

That happened on Monday. Sorry for the late update but that happens sometimes. I pooped again on Wednesday and Friday (yesterday), so I feel really good now. Nice and light, LOL! I'm glad I tried Linda's method of walking around. I think it really loosens things up, and I think being nervous helped too. I don't know what I would've done if my BF walked in on my waddling around like that!

See you all later.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Meredith great story.

To: Annie as alwasy another great pooping story it sounds like you had another great poop and I look forward to your nex post thanks.

To: Chirsta it sounds like you had a rough day but at least your doing better at avoiding accidents which is really good.

To: Elena great pooping story it sounds like you had really good one and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Redhead great set of stories it sounds like that enema really helped and it sounds like you were beyond desperate in your second story.

To: Crystal as always another great story and your lucky to have someone like marcus.

Heres a question or thought ever notice that if you know were a bthroom is or are near one you dont get desperate as fast and then the opposite when one isnt around its like your body knows when to relax and when to panic its kinda interesting.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Embaeased by Wife or Girlfriend

Question for the Guys out there:

Has your significant other ever used a single toilet restroom and taken a big smelly dump at a crowded party, restaurant, or in someone's house and another guy came in right after she finished? Were you embarrassed when the guy got a nice smell of what she did in the toilet? Worst, has a guy ever walked in on your significant other while she was taking the big one?

Crystal and Marcus

What come in will come out

hey everyone

To Brandon T, yes my friend very much so

To Jenny. unfortunately I had pooped a few times right in Taco Bell shortly after eating them, I can't hold my poop at all once I have to go I need be on toilet asap

Part 4

well I did get my enema treatments, one they had to do in the doctors office, so my doctor asks me get one done before I go home, so I kick off my flip flops and pull off my sweatpants completely, lay across the table she put gloves on, get that cool. feeling gel spreads my cheeks apart with one hand and lubes me up my hole and lubes me around the ring, after I lay back on table, she tell me I'm healing nicely not so many scars like it was, so asks me if I'm ready, I said no but got do it has to be done, tears start coming down my face, so very slowly she insterts it in me, and she told me I can have Marcus go in, I laugh I said mmmm no thanks, she said it's very common with you young people now days, but I said maybe so but take our name off that list, she said how would you like to have a job being a spokesperson on the subject, I love too when I start I asked, she said how about next week, I said perfect, but doc, I think it's time for the poop come out, she said already she hasn't used half way used the bottle up, but okay, she call in her nurse, nurse come in with a toilet one you travel with, and she finishing up so they help me on that toilet, my hole stretches wide, I start crying feeling the poop force it's way out then hit, here comes another one my hole really stretch very much more, I'm balling crying now, poop some more bigger and harder, I start feeling the liquid poop, I tell them so they give me a shot to stop, feeling tire from pooping, they help me get up, they lay me across the table and get a tray show me who came out, two 10 inch 1 inch wide the last one was 12 inch 2 inch wide, nurse wiped me clean,and doc help me put my clothing back on and wrote out the prescription so tired and weak Marcus drove me to get the stuff after leaving, and when he took me back to my place, I told him the process what to do and he did good, and help place me on the toilet and let me poop and poop, was on toilet 2 hrs cause he said I fell asleep, so help wiped me afterwards, me love this guy, told him about the job, and til my papi he said okay but after wedding he can't bail me out I said it's cool we'll survive, now back to bed I go long day ahead, loving think site

Post Title (optional)bad motel visit

one day I was traveling on business. I checked into this motel and found a restaurant nearby for dinner. I had this Italian dish and returned after eating to watch TV. I was laying on the bed when my stomach started rolling and its was not very long after that I felt the diarrhea coming. So I went to the bathroom and sure enough after sitting on the toilet for just a short time liquid poo in waves came rushing out. When I finished I flushed and went back to watching TV. After a short period of time I could hear the toilet still running so I went to check it out and found that the toilet must have been clogged as it had over flowed and all of my nasty diarrhea was all over the floor. I quickly called the front desk and told them of the clogged toilet and they sent this young girl probably in high school to clean it it up, I felt so sorry for the girl having to clean up my awful mess but there was nothing I could do. So I continued to watch TV as she worked. All at once I felt my intestines make a strange gurgling noise and I knew that I was about to have another attack of diarrhea. The girl, thank heavens, had almost finished cleaning up when I told her I was sorry but I had to use the toilet RIGHT NOW. She took one look at me and cleared out of there very fast. and I was able to make it to the toilet but now I felt nauseous as well but was able to grab the wastepaper basket before the vomit started pouring,out The first heave brought up a tanish waterery substance but the second heave brought up much more and it appeared to be chunks of my dinner. After a few minutes I was done and I was glad the toilet flushed ok this time. I had diarrhea several more times during the night but was able to get up in morning, check out and go on my way without anymore problems.


Teaching Assistant

This semester in social studies and English our class has this lady named Sue. She's a student at State who wants to be a teacher and so she's like a teaching assistant who helps our regular teacher and will also tutor us in the classroom as we need help. Well last week I went into the toilets at our wing of the building to take my morning poo before school and because my bus ride had been a little more jerky than usual, I had to wee a little too. So I went to my first hour room, put my book bag on my desk and quickly went into the bathroom. It didn't fully surprise me but each of the 12 or so toilets was in use and even two of the three door less toilets was in use. As I was walking down to the one on the opposite end of the room, Miss Sue comes running past me, says "Good morning Tlana" and then sees the corner door less stall is open. She's so nice. I couldn't believe it. She asked me permission to use it. She said she and her boyfriend had been at a party the night before and ate and drank too much. I stopped just in front of the entryway to the cubicle and told her she could go in front of me.

The seat was up and she slowly dropped it. She was asking me about my weekend as she fumbled to get her slacks down. And she seated herself slowly, but since she's a little overweight, I could hear the thud as her butt dropped onto the seat. She thanked me for letting her go first and there was almost instantly a series of about 9 or 10 plops hitting the water and at the same time she was also weeing. Her stream sounded really strong. While still seated, she pulled her black thong and slacks up from the floor to mid-thigh level and she started wiping. After about 5 or 6 wipes, Miss Sue stood and pulled down another couple of the pre-cut paper squares. I told her the TP sucks, she said she agrees, but it beats going downstairs and to the other side of the building to use the faculty bathroom. She said some of the teachers in there have to wait even longer for the toilet and that they are negative to her because she's an outsider. She told me to take my time and not worry if I was a couple of minutes late to class. I thanked her but as I took the warm seat, I could hear her run out without stopping to wash her hands.


Haven't gone for a couple of days and comments

I haven't pooped since Tuesday when I had a sudden urge during lunch and needed to shit immediately. Now we're going on Thursday and I feel full but can't go yet. Am trying to drink as much water and coffee as I can. Hopefully something will come out tomorrow.

Brandon T-Thank you :) Glad you like my stories.

Mr Clogs-Unfortunately my undies are a light to medium purple colour so there is no saving them. They're permanently stained and the clean up was gross and such a pain. I didn't try soaking them first but I did put the wash on "Heavy soil" hoping that it would take out the stain. Nope. They're permanently stained unfortunately. So now they are period or laundry day undies. The rest of my underwear are good; no stains in them from my period or otherwise. Do you mean did the stain come out? You said smell. The smell did come out once I scrubbed them (with shampoo) and when they were washed. I'm not sure either why my posts didn't get posted. My bowels seem to be fine. No hard dry stool in a long time. Most of mine are mushy which is great. Never had such a good streak (no pun intended ;) ) with my bowels. Even as a child I was frequently constipated, from babyhood on. Despite a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. I hope your bowels are good too. I love your name. I used to clog the toilet constantly growing up with my MASSIVE poops. I still do now and then. My poop has always been huge too, even when I was little. I remember having an accident when I was about 4 where the poop in my (white) panties was about 2 feet long! There was no hiding that one! Happy pooping :)

Lucas J
Hey guys my name is Lucas I'm 18 years old graduating high school in a few weeks. To give you a little description of me I'm 6"1 I have a six pack ( I play both basketball and football) I have dirty blonde hair that's kinda messy I would consider myself to be kinda hot . I read on here from time to time and always said I was going to post but I never really had many stories until these past few years but I would actually like to share something that happen to me this morning it was really strange
So I had got up for school and I felt fine so I went and ate breakfast just some toast and orange juice ( like I always eat ). I went off to school so I was sitting in thrift period and my stomach was making some noises and the they stopped so it ended and I got up to leave and my I had out my one book on the floor and I bent over to pick it up and diarrhea just went into my pants it was pure liquid just like waiter it started to leak through to my pants I quickly picked up my book and practically ran to the bathroom I sat down on the stall pulling my shorts off thank good it mostly just was in my boxers it was really light brown and like tiny bits of something in it. It was so wired I didn't even feel sick or the need to poop. So anyways I still had more in me so I pushed and I farted really loud and some more came out it was kinda like watery tooth paste I listened again and only a few chi uncles came out I then wiped out my boxers and my ass iI then went back to class and was fine the rest of the day up until a few minutes ago I went again but this time it was solid just a few small pieces they were really light and greenish color I wonder what is honing I have no Idea where the diarrhea came from

I had one of the worst craps today. It wasn't diarrhea but it was one of those never ending soft shits--and the smell was awful. To make things worse I was in an airport bathroom, so everyone could hear what I was doing. I had a sudden cramp in my gut while I was waiting to board so I nearly ran to the bathroom, took a stall and sat down, doubled over and holding my churning stomach. When I was done peeing, it started. My stomach gurgled audibly as I let out a long, soft puff of gas. And then: FLOOMP FLOOMP PLOOP PFFFFFTTTT. I squeezed out a barrage of creamy soft turds in a room full of other people using the bathroom. The smell was horrible, like something rotten. My cheeks were red with embarrassment. I was far from finished, as I was hit with another cramp that made me double over. A low fart rumbled out of me, as I softly grunted and pushed out: ppppppppbbbrrrrrrrrnmmpppt--poot! Ffffflooomp--pffff--floooomp--brrt-floomp-floomp-poot. It felt like I was churning out soft-serve ice cream. Other people were pooping and peeing in the bathroom but nobody was doing what I was. I was surprised nobody said anything. Even more surprisingly after this, my stomach was still gurgling and churning after I'd done all that. I was rubbing it in circles as I kept farting: pbbbt--pppffffsssss. I doubled over again for one of the nastiest releases I'd ever had: BLAT-ssssppllltt-fffffflloooooomp-brrrrt-pppppppbt.. -grunt- fffffffflooooomp-poot-ffffffflooomp-flooomppffffft... -moannn- sssssssplurrrrrrrt-ppffff-fffffsssss-poot. What had just come out was a giant load of mushy shit, even smellier than my previous outputs. My stomach still felt uneasy, but I was done for then. I wiped my very messy ass, pulled my pants up then got up and at what I made: a big pile of soft, barely formed yellowish-brown turds, and an even bigger pile of slightly green mush that went above the water. It looked like a horse pooped in there. Right before I flushed I got a big pressure in my stomach so I pulled my pants back down and sat on the toilet. I let out a big, loud, fart: BRROOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMPPPPPPFFFFFFFSSSSSSS... SSSSS. I didn't poop anymore though. I pulled my pants up and flushed: surprisingly, it all went down, but I left skid marks in the bowl and a strong smell behind. I left the stall, washed my hands, and then went to go board the plane.

Friday, May 16, 2014

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