An accident I witnessed.

I've never posted here before, but I've always enjoyed coming here from time to time to enjoy the stories. In particular I've always enjoyed stories involving wetting accidents. Until recently though, I've never been in a situation to see one happen. That changed this past Valentine's day when my girlfriend and I went out for a couple drinks after work. Unfortunately for us, we met each other at work, which adds to the complexity of our relationship and also limits the amount of alone time we have together since our manager put us on opposite shifts when he found out we were dating. When I'm working, she's off, and when I'm off, she's working. There is only one day of the week in which we work the same shift, and it so happened to fall on Valentines day.

We finished up our work, and first went back to her place to drop her car off. From there we took a cab into downtown to have a couple of drinks. And when I say "a couple", I mean a couple. Between us we didn't have much cash at the moment (we even planned to walk back to my place rather than spend money on another cab), and she had to work the next day. But, as fate would have it, as we were nearly at the end of our second drink and intending to leave soon, two of our mutual friends showed up. We were still a very new couple at the time. Ya know how it is at first, everybody is all happy for you and wants to congratulate you on finding each other, so it is not surprising that one of the offered to buy another round of drinks. One round turned into two, and then the other friend bought a third. Of course, this was paced out over a few hours (we're not TOTAL alcoholics), but nevertheless by the time we were through that third free round (on top of the two we had already had), we were both quite jolly.

My girlfriend is really way above me in the looks department, I keep asking her what she's thinking allowing herself to be seen with a chud like me. More important is how well we get along and how comfortable we are around each other. She's really quite shy with the rest of the world, but with me, she's very, very open. On this particular night, the mood, the drinks, whatever it was, we were very much enjoying each other's company. She was acting particularly bubbly, as she tends to do after a few drinks, and I was cracking jokes that she seemed to find particularly tickling. All in all, it was turning out to be a great night. In the end what was originally intended to be a couple drinks lasted until the bar closed. Afterward we began our walk back to my place.

We were walking along shoulder to shoulder, occasionally bumping into each other on purpose playfully and bantering back and forth. Upon one of my wise-cracks that made her laugh particularly hard, she stopped walking and crossed her legs for a few seconds. After her laughter tapered off a bit she said through giggles, "Don't make me laugh! I need to go to the bathroom!"

I responded, "Well, why didn't you go before we left the bar?"

"I did earlier, but I didn't have to when we left." She said.

I shook my head jokingly and said, "Tisk, tisk, tisk..."

She said something along the lines of, "shut up," and we continued walking.

As we kept going, we got back to regular conversation and soon we were back to bantering and joking about. I'd say it was another five or ten minutes before she seemed to go quiet. After a few moments of silence I asked if she was okay, and she said she was fine, she just really had to pee. We were only maybe half way to my house at this point, so after a few more seconds of awkward silence I asked, "So uh... you gonna be alright baby? We've still got a little ways, ya know."

I honestly expected her to say she was fine, even if she wasn't. We were open, but I still figured she would try to play it off. But instead she drew a long breath in through her teeth and said, "Yeah, I know..." she bit her lip and finished, "I'll be okay... I think."

I didn't want to make her any more uncomfortable than she already was, so I just said, "Well, we'll hurry up a bit." and picked up my step. She did likewise and there was nothing said for a while.

As we kept walking and the minutes passed, she began to walk more rigidly, and soon I noticed her breathing was becoming more deliberate and she was starting to sweat. Once again, I didn't want to embarrass her, so I didn't say anything. After a few more minutes of silence I finally decided it wouldn't be entirely inappropriate for me to ask if she was okay. So I did.

At first she didn't answer at all. Then finally she kind of mumbled something that I didn't catch. I asked her what she said and she spoke up, clearly embarrassed, "I... I don't know."

I put an arm around her shoulders as she walked and gave them a little squeeze of reassurance.

"We're not far now. Maybe another ten minutes and we'll be at my place. You can use my bathroom."

Again she didn't reply at first, there was a long pause and she finally replied, "Yeah, sure," and sped up her pace again. A couple minutes later we came across a short alley that went back between a couple of houses. Unfortunately it was a very well lit alley. Even so, she stopped for a second and considered it. I told her I'd stand guard for her while she went back there if she wanted, and she considered it. I think she was going to go for it until we heard laughing voices from inside one of the houses that lined the alley and she lost her nerve. She crossed her legs and bobbed up and down a couple times as she made a fake pouty crying sound, then she just said, "Lets go," and started back up the way we were going.

Finally we were getting close, but I could tell she was really starting to struggle. She had to stop every once in a while to cross her legs, and this was only slowing down her eventual relief. My own bladder was starting to send me signals, but clearly not as badly as hers. We were walking again when she made a sudden stop, crossed her legs and bent over at the waist. She stayed in this position for a second or two and then did something I had never thought she would do in front of me, she grabbed her crotch with one hand and gave it a squeeze. After a few seconds like that, she looked at me and I could see panic in her eyes for the first time. She said, "Baby?" like she would have on any normal day just to get my attention.

"Yeah?" I said.

She gave herself another squeeze and said, "I... this is embarrassing... I don't know if I can do this."

"Do what?" I replied, playing dumb a little.

She uncrossed her legs and tried to stand normal, but she was still visibly shifting her weight from foot to foot as she spoke, "I don't know if I can make it the rest of the way. I haven't had to go this bad in soooo long..." She took a couple steps forward, then a couple steps backward again and recrossed her legs, "God this is embarrassing. Baby, I don't know what to do."

Looking at her and seeing her like this stirred mixed feelings. I felt worry for her plight and sympathy, but at the same time some small part of me found seeing her in this situation incredibly cute. This is in part due to a strange little quirk I've always kinda had on the subject, but also it was because I find everything she does to be cute. I admitted to her later that the whole thing made me find her more adorable than ever.

"Well, we aren't getting any closer just standing here. We should keep moving. We're not far now, it's just around the block like maybe a half a mile. Lets just keep walking, we'll get there." I said.

But she still didn't move, instead she looked at me with pleading eyes and said, "I don't know if I can make it much further..."

Not knowing what to say, I shrugged my shoulders. She let out an exasperated sigh and started to try to walk again, only her walk was very rigid and very slow. She kept her knees pretty much locked and took pretty small steps even though she was trying to go as fast as possible. We kept on like this for maybe fifty feet. Then she stopped again, crossed her legs very tightly and froze. After a second I saw her body shiver for a second, and she began to wriggle her butt around pretty frantically. I heard her say, "????..." under her breath.

"Are you okay, babe?" I asked, "Come on, we're almost there. It's not far."

When she looked up at me this time there was tears in her eyes, "I don't know what to do. I have to go so bad... I can't hold it anymore, oh god oh god..." After she said this she went into a full on pee pee dance. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs and pretty much marching in place.

"Come on baby, lets go," I said trying to be as supportive as I could, "we don't have much choice anyway."

She began to walk/squirm in the direction we wanted to go and I followed directly behind her. We only made it another fifteen or twenty feet before she stopped again marched in place in a little circle until she was facing me again and crossed her legs, bending over at the hips and pressing a hand into her crotch, all the while wriggling around like crazy. She drew in a sharp breath and said, "Oh no... oh shit..."

Her body went tense again and she shook all over. At this point it was hard for me to believe I was seeing this. It seemed... surreal... if that makes any sense. Sure, you hear about people in this situation, but how often does one find one's self with an adult who's on the verge of peeing in her pants? The strangeness of the situation seemed to set in on me all at once, and somehow, it only added to how cute it was.

She uncrossed her legs and looked down toward her crotch. Of course, my eyes followed and as she removed her hand I could see that a small wet spot had formed in the crotch of her jeans. Nothing huge, you would have been hard pressed to notice it if you didn't know to look, but sure enough it was there. She recrossed her legs and put her hand back in her crotch. She looked back up at me and whimpered.

"It's alright, baby," I said, "We're almost home. Come on, we'll make it."

She didn't reply at first, she just stood there with her legs crossed up, holding herself. Then she suddenly uncrossed her legs again and recrossed them the opposite way, in between leg crosses her hand left her crotch for a second and I saw that the spot had gotten bigger. My heart was quite honestly pounding at this point, I can't imagine how her's felt. She shook all over as she tensed her muscles again to try and keep control, she stood there and shook for a second or two and then whispered, "Oh god I can't hold it..."

"Yes you can," I said, "Come on, you're gonna be okay."

She just shook her head and said, "I... I can't..."

She made one final valiant effort by crossing her legs as tightly as she could and holding her crotch for all she was worth, but it was no good. At first she seemed to spasm a couple times. Then she shook all over and I saw a wet spot spread out from under her hand. She removed her hand, revealing a shiny wet spot about as big around as a dinner plate on the crotch of her jeans. Her hands went to her hips and she took a couple steps in place before she totally lost it started full on peeing her pants.

Now I don't know how many of you have every actually seen a full grown adult wet themselves from holding it too long, but wow... Talk about a lot of urine...

The wet spot went all shiny again and started spreading really fast down both her legs. I just stood there and looked on in shock. It seemed like there was no way this was actually happening. She peed and peed for what seemed like forever, saying, "Oh god," over and over again. I could even HEAR the hissing sound of her peeing. By the time she stopped peeing, her jeans were thoroughly soaked from crotch to ankles. There was ever a sizable puddle on the sidewalk where she was standing.

She stood there for a moment, visibly shaking. Finally she looked at me with tears in her eyes and started to tell me how sorry she was and how embarrassed she was and how this had NEVER happened to her before and how she couldn't believe it and finally how gross she must seem to me. I could clearly tell she was very upset and worried about how I would react. I couldn't outright tell her that I thought it was cute and maybe even a little attractive... then SHE'D think I was the one who was gross. But I certainly didn't want her worried about what I thought of her. So, I cut her off in mid sentence by stepping up to her (I remember my shoes making a quiet splashing noise when I stepped in her puddle) and hugging her close.

I whispered in her ear, "It's okay, really, baby. Don't worry about it. It doesn't matter, okay?"

She put her hands on my shoulders/chest pulled back just far enough to make eye contact with me, I saw she still had tears in her eyes. "But... I..." she started.

I cut her off one more time, "No... I don't care, I love you. It could happen to anybody."

She let out a short sob that sounded to me like a mixture of embarrassment and relief that I wasn't being a dick about it. She wiped her eyes with her clean hand (the other she'd been holding herself with when she lost it), looked at me again, and kind of laughed. I pulled her close again, hugged her reassuringly, then gave her a quick kiss. She looked down for a second then looked back into my eyes and said, "Thanks," and after a pause she added in a whisper, "I love you."

We stared at each other for a second until reality came back in. I released our hug and tried to lighten the mood.

"Well, do you feel better at least?" I asked lightheartedly.

"Yeah, better. Still have to go a little though." She replied blushing.

I was astounded that she had anything left in the tank. I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Well... damage is done..."

After giving me an incredulous look, she seemed to see my point. She shrugged her shoulders and said, "Yeah, I guess..." and looked down at her pants again. She exhaled slowly and peed the last of what she had in her already wet pants. It wasn't much. Her crotch and inner thighs went shiny again in the light of the street lights and a couple of drops fell to the sidewalk. When she was finished, I took off my hoodie I was wearing and had her tie it around her waist. Really it did little to hide the massive accident she had just had, but being nearly 2:30 AM I figured it'd have to suffice.

When we got back to my place, we went into the bathroom to get her cleaned up. In the full light, I was amazed how soaked she was. Her crotch was soaked as well as both inner legs, and when she turned away to turn on the shower I saw that the bottom half of her butt was also soaked with the wetness reaching higher up where her butt crack (for lack of a more classy term) was. The reality that my girlfriend had literally just peed her pants in front of me finally began to set in. When she took her jeans off, her panties had gone partially see through and were clearly soaked. Her shoes and socks were even soaked. I reassured her that I didn't mind what had happened and that I loved her. We took a shower and went to bed. And, of course, I gave her to kind of attention she deserved that night in bed.

Since this happened we are closer than ever. She shares any and all things with me, no matter how uncomfortable they would seem. She even told me about the only other time she wet herself as an adult back when she was 21. Perhaps (with her permission) I'll tell that story another time.

Also for the record, she knows I'm telling this story here. So no worries there. Hence why there's no names mentioned here.

Anyway, there's my story. Hope you all enjoyed it. Sorry for the extreme length. I can go on and on about almost anything it seems...

I think I had a case of food poisoning recently, It all started one morning when I had some things to do. I started with juice and corn flakes and off I went feeling fine. I was still a little hungry so I drove thru a fast food restaurant and grabbed a breakfast sandwich. It had a weird taste, I remember thinking later but I was in a hurry eating as I drove. About 30 or 40 minutes later my stomach started to feel a little upset. But I did not think much about it and pushed on. within an hour I started feeling a little sick to my stomach and it was getting increasing worse. As I came out of a store I decided that maybe I should forget the rest of the tasks and go home. Then as I walked ac cross the parking lot to my car a wave of nauseous came over me and I thought I might vomit. I leaned over and gagged a couple of times but nothing came up. Now I was sort of afraid to get in the car because I did not want to get sick in the car. So I just stood there for a few moments trying to decide what I should do. When another wave came over me this time much stronger and this time I vomited a brownish substance. The first time just a little came up but but a second heave brought much more and looked a little lumpy. I waited a few moments and no more came up and I was feeling a little better so I decided to try to drive home..about 15 minutes away. I made it home without incident but as I pulled in the driveway I had a weird feeling in my stomach that told me I was about to vomit again. I got out of my car and walked quickly toward the house when I had a sharp stomach cramp and immediately knew that my bowels were about to release. Getting into the house I rushed to the nearest bathroom grabbing a pan to barf in as I passed thru the kitchen. Reaching the bathroom I dropped my pants and lunged to the toilet. As my bottom hit the seat I exploded with a huge wet mushy poop. And at almost the same time vomit poured out of my mouth only partially making the pan I was holding. I had several sharp cramps followed by a gush of liquid poo. I must have been going from both ends for at least 10 minutes. Then I went to lay down but within only a few minutes I was back in the bathroom for more of the same from both ends. This happened once or twice more before I fell into a deep sleep. When I awoke several hours later I felt weak and my stomach felt stretched out of shape from all the vomiting but other wise I felt o k. I never was as sick as that before and thinking back I'll bet it was food poisoning from that sandwich I had that morning.


More stories

So I just realized I posted my first story as Meredith but said my name was Linda in the story. My name is Linda, Meredith is my middle name, and I was going to post under Meredith and force of habit had me type Linda. But I see there's another Linda anyway so that works!

Anyway, I have some more stories I guess I'll share.

Another time later in college i was out with some girlfriends at a bar having a fun night out and I laughed too hard and wet my panties under a very short, tight skirt and had some pee dribbling down my legs, but none of them noticed and I don't think anyone else saw either.

After college I had moved away and got a job so I went home for Christmas (I was 24, I think) and brought my then boyfriend, now husband, home with me for the first time. It was Christmas dinner with me, him, my parents, my sister and her boyfriend, and my aunt and uncle and their two sons who had girlfriends there as well. We had finished eating and were just sitting around the table talking and joking and somebody told a funny story and I started laughing and I tried really hard not to and held myself and everything but I kept laughing and soon I couldn't help it and started to full-on pee my jeans there under the table. My face turned beet red and I could hear the hissing sound and then the splatters on the floor. My mom and sister knew right away. At almost the same time they both said, "Linda, are you peeing!?" I just nodded my head and kept laughing until I was empty and my jeans were soaked and there was a puddle on the floor. At least everyone thought it was funny and laughed instead of making fun of me (too much, haha). I had to get up from the table and everyone could see my soaked jeans and then go clean up and change. I only got a little good-natured ribbing but it was still quite embarassing. That was the first time my husband for sure saw me pee my pants.

30 something male

@ Jessica

I think you should not make that much of an issue out of it.

So he saw you pooping.
So what?
If you're entering a relationship, you're going to see each other's less sunny side anyway.

I really don't get it when people, while sharing the same bed, and seeínt each other top to toe, make a big issue out of pooping.

Come on, we all do it.
People that get mad or shy because they have been seen, only add to the taboo, and therefore the attraction.

(Something with forbidden fruits.)


Post Title phoebe--tender story

phoebe, your story of helping the businessman "take a shit" in the elevator was touching. how many of us, would not like to be treated sweetly, even if teasingly, while taking a shit? how ot find it?

To : Jessica

Hi Jessica

I would stay with him.
It must of been tough for him to look away.
You had a nice date and he still wants to be with after seeing you poop outside. He probably feels closer to you.
Guys don't often get to see girls they are dating poop but know they do it and it makes guys want to see it. He got to see food go into during your romantic picnic and see food come out of you after you body converted it to poop. Sound like a nice date as long as he didn't find what you did disgusting.


Mushy poop

This afternoon shortly after getting up, I was having lunch (a Vietnamese sub sandwich and a cup of coffee). Well I ate about half my sandwich when I felt a strong urge for a poop. Quickly went to the bathroom, pulled down my panties and pj pants and sat on the toilet. It took no effort for it to come out. A bunch of mushy stuff came out and it took only about a minute to finish. I guess the fried chicken from last night upset my stomach. I wiped my vagina and stood up to wipe my bum and to check out what I did. It was a messy wiping job but it didn't need a shower. Pulled up my clothes and checked what I did. There was a log about a foot long with a pile of mushy stuff at the end of it and another larger pile of mushy stuff next to it. No diarrhea or gas like last weekend when we had fried chicken. Last Sunday and Monday I was ripping massive long loud farts and I had diarrhea on Sunday night and Monday morning.

Dude in distress

To bloated butt-

Have you tried some lubricant like Vaseline or KY jelly? I once had to make it through an entire day with a rock sold piece of hard poop lodged in my anus and poking out. I finally used some lube and my fingers (while squatting and straining until it felt like I was giving birth) and managed to pass a coke-can sized turd that had been stuck for nearly 4 days. It took a good 2 hours of pushing, cursing, grunting, and more cursing! I had to rest after the tremendous effort- but it worked!

Today was really hard. I literally had four accidents today. One was even poop and I almost never poop my pants. I don't know why I always think I can hold on because when im in the middle of doing something, I dont always want to stop and try to go when my watch alarm goes off. I woke up this morning and I'd obviously peed more than once during the night cuz my pullup was had leaked all over my pajamas and sheet. That happens occasionally but not very often. I always have to go pee when I wake up so I go right away and change out of my pullup. This morning, I had to go so bad I didn't make it to the toilet. I got about half way down the stairs, with my already soggy pullup sagging between my legs and I totally lost it. I leaked right through my pullup again. My pajamas pants were soaked and so were my socks and the carpet. I just couldn't hold it. My mom came in from the kitchen and saw. She was very understanding, she usually is, and told me to take a shower and get changed while she cleaned where I'd peed on the carpet. After breakfast, I went to my job interview. I worked parttime during high school but Ive taken time off work for college. Now im looking for another parttime job. When I got there, I had to pee a little bit but not much so I was sure I could hold it. I did good on the interview and the interviewer even said Im alot more personable than she'd expected (she knows im autistic). But by the time, we were done with the interview I had to go bad and I'd dribbled a bit in my panties. I was trying so hard not to hold with my hand, and it was almost impossible. When we were done, I was almost crying and asked where the bathroom was. It was at the end of the hall and I didn't even make it to the door before I started to leak bad. I grabbed my vagina and pressed in hard but I couldn't hold it in. I was forced to squat and pee my pants just a few feet from the bathroom door. I was so upset, I just squatted there, soaking my pants and the carpet. After alot of my pee was already out, I ran into the bathroom, hoping to get some in the toilet, but I accidentally finished on the floor. I changed into my spare pants and pullup and cleaned up the bathroom floor. I don't know if anyone saw me, but im not sure. I hope no one noticed that wet spot on the carpet. Now im scared I wont get the job and I really wanted it. I was supposed to go to the grocery store for my mom but I was too upset to handle it. I just sat in my car and rocked for about 2 hours until I calmed myself down enough to drive home. Traffic was kinda heavy on the way home and I had another accident in my pullup. By the time I was about half an hour from home, I definitely had to poop, but since I seldom have problems with poop, I thought I'd be fine til I got home. I got almost home and then got behind a car accident that had cars backed up for a couple miles.We sat in traffic for nearly an hour. I kept trying to hold my poop but it wasn't staying in and finally I filled my pullup. It wasn't diahrrea but it was really soft and sticky and there was alot of it. I peed a little while my poop kept coming out. I had to sit in warm poop until I got home which took about half an hour after that. When I went inside, I went right upstairs and showered and changed. It was a mess. That night while we were watching TV after dinner, my mom came downstairs and asked me about my pullup and change of clothes I always carry in my backpack. I told her I had had an accident after my interview and needed it. She asked me if I'd had any more accidents today besides the one early this morning. I said no. I didn't want to tell her I'd pooped my pants. Its been over a year since that's happened, but later that night, she was emptying the waste baskets and I'd tucked my pooped-in pullup under other trash in my bedroom trashcan and when she was emptying the wastebaskets, some trash accidentally fell on the floor and she found it. She was surprised that I'd pooped my pants, but when I told her about the car accident, she understood, but she was upset with me for lying to her. She sat me down to talk and asked me if I thought I should go back to pullups only for a few days again. I said no that I promised I'd do better. But later that evening, I had to pee. I thought I could wait til the end of the TV show, but I couldn't. I tried to hold and rock a little to keep it in. My mom saw I was kind of doing the potty dance and told me to go the bathroom right away. I said its ok, I can wait but she said no, you go now. I ran down the hall, but my sister was in the bathroom and I had to wait. I dribbled in my panties and then held very hard with my hand, but she took so long I soaked my pants. My mom was upset and said that if I had gone when my watch went off I wouldn't have had an accident. Then she told me she had to insist that I wear a pullup during the day for awhile again. I think I just peed my pullup. Yeah im wet. Im going to go change before bed. later


Massive poo in front of mom

I was just hanging out at home one day when I got a severe urge to poo. I turned off the tv and made my way to the bathroom. When I got in, I opened the toilet seat and turned away from it. I pulled my sweatpants to my knees and sat down. I farted twice quite loudly and started to pee. As I was peein the poo slid into place and slightly poked out. My pee stopped and I focused on pooping. I pushed and some of it slid out, I pinched it off. Right as that happened my mom knocked on the door and said that she had to do her hair for her date with my dad. I got up and waddled to the door to unlock it. I did and my mom stepped in. "Are you pooping?" she asked. "yeah" I said as I turned and waddled back. I sat back down as she reached the sink. She opened the mirror and grabbed some of her stuff. I farted and started to push again. The second part slid out quite smoothly. It plopped into the toilet. "Nice.." my mom exclaimed. I laughed and continued to push, some more really soft poo came out and crackled out, it kept coming and coming I turned to my mom who was doing her hair and smiled as it still crackled out. It broke off with a fart that echoed and started again and stopped with a fart and again and now they were wet spurts then it stopped with a silent fart that warped into a squeaker. "How long have you been holding that " my mom said as I started to wipe.

Mr. Clogs


Bianca: Interesting way of clearing out your bowels and a tasty treat. Keep the posts coming.

Annie: Yeah that suck especially the color of your undies happens to be of a darker hue. Have you tried soaking them instead of scrubbing them? It might work and worth a try. I have tried pooping in my undies a few times and find the end product and mess to clean up. It takes a couple of washes to get the smell out. Did the smell washed out when you washed your undies that you used to poop in them? I'm not sure why your post didn't get posted but I can imagine the details. Hope all is well for you and your bowels and keep the post coming. Thanks for sharing and keep the posts coming.

--Mr. Clogs


Couple of Stories

Hello guys. It's been almost a couple weeks since I've posted here and apparently so did my best friend Karen that I've mentioned last time in my story.

Anyways I just wanted to share a story that just happened to me and her a couple days ago.

Story #1

As Karen had mentioned in her story last time, we had bought this toilet chair seat. She's been feeling pretty bloated and somewhat gassy for some reason last week. Not only that but she had been having problems passing stools for a few days. She does pass a bit out but she still felt like there was a little bit more in her but she just couldn't push anymore out no matter how hard she tried, so she decided to try out an enema. She immediately sat on the toilet seat we had gotten and after spending about 20 minutes administering the 1 liter of enema to her, she moved slightly and we used a timer to know how much time we had left before she should release the urge.

She kept getting these constant cramps and urges to release it. We chitchatted for a bit while I sat on the toilet lid so I could keep her company. After 15 minutes in, she held her lower ab for a bit and this fart started to escape out of her. A little bit of brown water came out, and a little bit more came out but with a couple of tiny pieces of soft poop as well. She then spread her legs apart a little and placed it at the side of the tub and loosen her butt apart a little. She pinched her nose together and said: "Ugh can't hold it in..... here comes the stinky".... then a wave of poop water started to pour out of her bottom and so many chunks of poop escaped along with it.

She immediately sighed of relief while that happened and apparently the 1st one was the motherboard of all her loads for the time being because a couple of small waves came out but none of them which came close to the first huge wave she had released. While she was dropping her business out, I joked that she is smelling pretty ripe right now and threaten to shoot her with the Febreeze air freshener if it gets any worse. She laughed while jokingly telling me to shut up and that she couldn't help the smell.

I tossed the roll of toilet paper at her when she requested for some and as soon as she got out of the tub, she had turned on the shower and flowed all of that down the drain. There was a couple of times when it nearly clogged the drain.

Story #2

Last night I was heading home and my bowel felt like it was having a storm in there. I've been feeling like that for nearly 3 hours already and the reason why I didn't use the washroom at work was because the facility there was disgusting to the point where I just felt it was better to hold it till I get home. As I managed to get to my building, I quickly parked at my space and made a hastily bolt to the elevator up to my condo. Sadly before I even made it to the elevator, the urge had gotten so bad that as I was in the middle of walking, this sudden sharp discomfort in my abdomen showed up as a urge showed up and it cost me to let out a little fart and this squirt of diarrhea came out into my panties. As soon as I regain control of my bowels I carefully moved to the elevator and up to my condo. The entire time I was doing that, I was hoping no one would come in and out of the elevator with me as a little bit more chunky bits of poop slowly oozed out of me again and it started to really smell. As soon as I reached my level, I bolted over to the front door and unlocked my door. I went in and went to the bathroom but Karen was in there and had locked the door.

I told her what was happening and begged her to hurry up but after a few minutes of waiting and a couple more squirts of diarrhea later, that's when I couldn't hold my load in anymore I leaned on the door while pressing down on my stomach and as I spread my legs apart, this wave of diarrhea rushed into my panties and all over my panties and pants. Waves and waves of diarrhea continues to come and down my pants and bits of it landed on the floor. A couple minutes later, Karen came out and saw what was happening. She guilty said the bathroom is ready but I decided that since I already defecated myself, I'll just keep going until I was finished. As soon as I were, I carefully went to the shower and hosed myself off as much as I could and cleaned up the mess that was left on the floor. She decided to try and cheer me up by jokingly saying that at least this time I didn't need the enema to relief myself.


What come in will come out

hi again everyone,


Later on Sunday morning, I was having cold chills, so Marcus already up asked me if I was up to going church I said not really but I'll go, so I went got my church clothing out, skirt and top, flats so I went take a shower start feeling awful, so got out shower laid on floor. in agony so Marcus got my dad and he laid his blankets on me, so my dad carried me onto bed , so my dad told Marcus, son thanks but keep a eye on me, so Marcus come over lay beside me telling he stay with me, I said baby thanks but I need trash bag like right now don't ask why just hurry get one, so Marcus hurry run out and hurry back, I said hurry put it behind me and hold it open, okay he said so I raised up off bed holding blankets squatted over trash bag, release violent waves moaning in agony ,then felt some relief so Marcus put the bag down, I told him sorry you had to see all that, he said babe I love you I'm going be your husband I don't mind helping you out, smiling me said thanks but I need it again so he hurry raised up the bag I then I release two more waves, after being done Marcus gave me news paper so I can relax my butt on til I was ready to be wiped, so he call in my step mother, she came in told Marcus the proper way to wipe a cute butt like this, she joking said is it okay he get show your barebutt, I said not yet, okay how can you except him take care you fully when sick, I said it's not that just never told him, oh gotcha she said, so Marcus step outside, while she wiped me clean, and I was able put some panties on and long shirt on, called him back in, like you know when I told you I have different kinds of pooping moments, yea he said, well I said my ex did something to me back their out of spite of me, not lowering my head, he start tearing up saying baby I will never do that to you, I said I know just some scaring in that region that I'm scare to let you see, he said okay, so help me get out of bed feeling weak carried me downstairs and made me breakfast and Gatorade, good cook he is ate all he fixed light but 15 minutes after eating it I was this time on toilet pooping, so he asked what up next my monthly consipation, so rest of day I had liquid poop if I ate something, part 4 is none cause I can't poop at all right now, so regardless what I eat, so tomorrow is my doctor appointment enema treatments but I may let Marcus try cause he really a great guy don't want to lose him,that's all


Poop at the Festival

A few weeks back, I was at a festival at the nearby park with a buddy of mine. We walked around for a while, checking out all the booths and eating. As we made our way down to the end, I told him I had to take a dump. We walked over to the restroom with the doorless stalls. I had mentioned to him that I've been squatting on the toilet because it seems to help clean me out completely. When we got into the toilet area, it was empty, so I decided to squat.

Fortunately, there were those grab bars on the sides of the stall, so I would have some place to hold on to. It was kinda funny because I was describing to my buddy what I was doing as I was doing it. Like pulling my shorts and briefs all the way down, because otherwise the pockets flip upside down and I can lose something out of them. Then how I have to steady myself to first put one foot up and then the other.

He watched as I settled into the squat position, pulling my clothes up just a bit, so I could pee without getting wet. He watched as I unloaded a huge amount of crap. He even mentioned that it was probably 2 feet of turds! It just took opening up my sphincter, didn't even have to push. I also peed in this position, needing to hold my dick so it didn't aim towards the front of the bowl.

I started to wipe a few times, getting clean. Then I came off the bowl and finished wiping up while standing. He hung out with me the whole time, just watching and talking. Then I finished up and pulled up my red striped briefs and shorts and washed up.

As an aside: I saw a video on YouTube of a kid who was taking a dump and his friends were talking to him outside the stall. They were filming the top of his head and then his feet. But I liked that when he started to wipe, one of them asked if he stood or stayed seated and he said you gotta stand, get more leverage. So true!

to Crystal,
you may be right about Taco Bell being made to make people poop. I cant name a single time I have had taco bell without ending up on toilet with the runs later that day. have you ever tried to go in a taco bell bathroom? I did once and there was another girl in there who was just exploding on the toilet! I felt bad for her but it smelled so awful in there I feel like that scent will forever be stuck in my memory! I've learned the smell of "taco bell poop" because no matter how much I get the runs from it I can never seem to stop eating there!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bianca as always another great story and it sounds like you found a tasty way to stat regular and I look forward to your nect post thanks.

To: Tlana great story those girls were very rude.

To: Lilly first welcome to the sit and great poop story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and it sounds like that other girl was pretty deperate and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Crystal as always another great story it sounds like were pretty depserate to poop both times and it sounds like you had to go alot to and your 2nd time sounds it hit you really hard and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie great story it sounds like you had an interesting time pooping your panties to bad it turn out the way you wanted and it sounds like you had a relly rough saturday.

To: Jenny great story it sounds the 3 of you all had good poop and it sounds like the girl with the runs was desperate and just made it without having a full blown accident.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


shocked to be shameful

ok to christina , I am autistic as well and more recently discovered I need incontinence pads at 21. it's nothing to be ashamed of. I'll tell my story... one hot summer evening I decided to go on a walk with our dog Simon. I was fine and took a big drink of my wine cooler before the walk. not enough to say I'm drunk. I put it away and began walking... I even went before I left. But my bladder has other ideas. once I had gotten lost. I was checking my GPS. suddenly the urge hit. I tensed. the dog Simon had stopped to piss, the sight didn't help me. cars kept coming and I tried desperately to keep moving but Simon was not cooperating. in a effort to keep him from being hit by a car. I pulled the leash and he ran to the side. the sudden jerk of. his running made me lose control in my black yoga pants. I cried abit in shock. I had tena pads but figured I didn't need to go... now after the car ride of shame with my ex boyfriend to bring me home, I wear protection . it's never worth it to ignore your body's needs. much love as always. blonde beauty.


yikes this week.

So this past two weeks, ive not been able to view the forum, because my ex broke my cellphone. Imagine my embarrassment when he found I read this stuff? even post here.

Well, for 8 months, I never had a period. incidentally, it was same time I was with him. after breaking up a week ago, my period suddenly hit with a vengeance. And my bowels to say the least, reacted strangely to this. For nearly 4-5 days straight, I went poo 2-3 times a day, very unusual. Even though I stuck to my normal rather healthy diet. With plenty of fluids.

I will say it could be stress also as a factor, but I was so shocked by the sudden period, and horrible stomach flu type bowel issues, I even took a pregnancy test, Lucky me it was negative. Now on my 7th day of being single again, My bowels seem to of regulated, and im no longer at risk of pooping my panties haha, yay. And now the best thing ever is I can be here as often as I want, and not even be ashamed of it!! some people to note here,

Bella jean, Id of told that woman, okay you want the damn toilet? Take it, and Id of let go as big and bad as I needed to let it go, and not even given her the courtesy of me flushing it. Have fun woman!!!

Our bodies are sacred, and we shouldn't put them under any stress more then we already deal with on regular basis. So don't let it get you down. Next time it happens, give the people a big nasty fart on your way out, I think she will thank you. lol.

To Bloated butt, Yes even I myself, suffer with a form of mild IBS, and as much water or greens I can eat, sometimes actually can constipate me even worse.

I find its okay, to take laxatives once in awhile, to clear things out. just give your body a day or two of soup and soft foods to relax with. Laxatives as a big shock to the body.

I remember one time I was addicted to laxative usage. I had suffered a bowel blockage in my upper GI for 2 months and never had a clue despite multiple ER visits, CT scans, and the like.

Never knew, as a result, the sickness was so bad, I was terrified of another one. I used miralax everyday, I forced myself to try and poop everyday, if not more. Id eat very little, or A LOT.

Depending on what I was trying to avoid. Id be scared if I missed two days of not pooping. And id take Magnesium Citrate.

a entire bottle worth. I was prepared for the effects to hit like when I was blocked up... But when I took it last time, which was months ago, ( thank goodness :) )

It did nothing but turn to water, and left me with Green mushy shit, a vibrant green.

I was terrified , and went to ER. I was laughed at , not cruelly, but in a loving way, by a doctor who said, just eat yogurt your fine, stay away from laxatives unless you go a week or more without stool.

so I ate yogurt, it was amazing at fixing me up. Im not a massive yogurt fan, but I keep some around anytime I get harder stools that may indicate some future constipating ...

Now days, I do not fear a bowel blockage, because I can usually sense one trying to happen and head it off by eating soft or liquid food and lots of water and yogurt. Hope it helps, sorry for long post. have fun :)

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