I have started eating jalapeno bread, and it has been cleaning out my bowels nicely. It started this morning. I farted at 7 something this morning, and had semisoft poop come from my colon before 8 Am. I have gone nearly 5 times today! All my poops today have been semisoft, somewhat messy, and easy to expel. I haven't been constipated or anything, but I just picked out the jalapeno bread just to try it. It's not just jalapeno bread, but corn bread. I've written in my journal today )I love to write), watched TV,etc. I hope you're having a great weekend.

Steven A

To Jessica and Bella Jean

Jessica: Well, I would like you 2 to stay together and I think that you should forgive him this time, but if he makes you really mad again, then you may need to break up with him if you can't get over of what he did to you. I personally would've not looked at you at all while you were pooping in the shrubbery. I would've gave you complete privacy and I would also have the patience to wait for you until you were done pooping.

Bella Jean: You did nothing wrong. I think she just assumed that you were done pooping since she might have seen you stand up. I hope that you can get over the embarrassment someday so everytime when you walk past the supermarket restrooms, you won't be reminded of your embarrassing experience.

I hope everyone has a nice day and I will post again soon.


Myyra's accident

Myyra, one of my older sisters, texted me last week that she had an accident at her high school (she's in 9th grade) and that she had weed her underwear. She had gone to the bathroom at both the beginning and the end of her lunch hour, waited for a cubicle to open, but once she got herself seated on the toilet, she was unable to get her pee stream started. This has happened to her a couple of times in recent years, but in the past it was because she was using a door less stall. She, as well as myself and others, do this when the door less stall is open and there's a line for the other toilets. Well, just before 6th hour started, Myyra was in pain pretty bad and she walked to the other side of the school where there are more toilets available and the lines are less long. She had a nice new dress on (which I had loaned her money for from my babysitting)and she went into a cubicle, but the door latch broke off in her hand. So she hikes her dress up, pulls down her underwear, and seats herself on the toilet.

Two girls barged in on her and one of them was real critical of her and said that when she doesn't hear noise of something going into the bowl, she gets impatient. To that Myyra said her bladder was in pain and that she wanted to wee as much as anyone else. The longer she sat, she saw more eyeballs in the crack and that this like totally freaks her out. So Myyra angrily gets up without producing anything for the bowl, and pretends to be washing her hands, when the 6th hour tardy bell rings. Myyra knows she's late to her class, but since she's taking a tardy anyway, she waits for the bathroom to clear and she selects another stall, but before she can get the door latched, the pain and a few trickles of wee in her undees quickly become a faucet before she can pull her undees down and seat herself. She took so long in cleaning herself and the seat off, and throwing away her underwear that mom finally got to the office with new underwear, but also an attitude that what happened to Myyra could be called bullying.

Bloated Butt

To Linda:

I'm glad you're pooping better. Unfortunately i'm quite constipated at the moment. It's Sunday as I type this, and the last time I pooped was on Monday. Almost an entire week! I've tried to go but, like you, my poop is too wide to get it out. I get tired of pushing and end up giving up. I kept trying to go yesterday and Friday but only got a few bits out. Fortunately I don't have hemeroids but my stomach is so bloated. I had my boyfriend give me a stomach massage today and he remarked on how bloated I was. My stomach also keeps rumbling with gas, and I keep passing gas. I feel pregnant!

I don't know what happened. I haven't eaten any differently. It's just all of a sudden I'm having unusually massive logs. I feel like my butt is full of potatoes, all lodged up there. Sorry to be explicit but uuugggghhhhhh.... I've been drinking more water and loading up on vegetables. Hope I can plop something out soon.


At school

Hi im lily, im 11 yrs old. I was at school in class and i needed to poop and my teacher said wait until recess so i waited and i could finally go poop. So i walked in and the bathroom was empty because i was the only one in the school right now so i went in and the toilet was all clean so i locked the door and undid my pants and panties and sat down and another kid came in, it was a 3 grader she sat down and had a big grunt and
Was having a messy dump and i puled my butcheeks apart and had 3 good poops. I wiped my bum pulled up my pants and left

Have a good day love lily (:


What come in will come out

hi everyone

to Jenny, do you think that taco bell is make to cause people to poop, cause when I used eat them. but everywhere time I would eat it them, I find myself on the toilet pooping.

Saturday I went to Marcus grandparents homegoing service, it was very sad time for the family, but also happy with some laughing moments, so afterwards the church sever us dinner, after sitting awhile talking meeting my new family, I knew my body was telling me time to go bathroom now, so I went in bathroom went into stall, hurry unbuckled my dress slacks let them fall to my feet hurried pushed my panties to ankles and place my butt on seat very fast my hole open up with wet juicy farts, then like thick pudding start coming out my hole, grabbing my stomach leaning forward, hear door open up hearing some of his cousins talk coming in talking about random stuff and then about me hearing one said shhh someone in here taking a blank noways gross, they sounded like around our age, so feeling nowhere done more pudding poop start flowing out of me, then his mom came in asking have they seen me Marcus looking for me, they said no, so she said if you see her tell Marcus looking for her, so one them fart at the sink she said excuse me other one like don't tell me you need to blank, yea but I can't it's gross, but whomever already in here probably had no choice, so the cousins each take a stall lower their slacks to ankles and panties also, so my stomach feeling empty feeling nomore to poop looked at my watch 20 minutes, start wipping took 6 wipes, pulled up my clothing went wash my hands but hands but came back to flush and told them in Spanish nice to be future cousins with ya, they was omg moment went wash my hands and on way out turned off lights and told them in English not cool to use profanity especially in the house of God, end up meeting up with Marcus told him about what happened he like wow, sorry what happen so he wanted show me old family pictures how his family come out of New Oleans, met so many people I ever met, so later on that night Marcus spent the night at my house in my room while I slept on sofa in my room, yes I have sofa in my room two master bedrooms, so during the night, I had pee twice and pooped once, so that's all

I haven't been to this website in several years - In fact, my last posts were on pg. 1025 I think. I have decided to share a couple more of my stories and will see if there is any interest in more of my stories (true adventure stories!). I distinctly remember one snowy day going out to play with my friends. I was about 7 years old. I got dressed for cold weather with 'long' underwear over my regular underwear, old blue jeans, flannel shirt, snow pants, shoes, overboots and overcoat. Shortly after getting ready I went with my friends to the sledding hill. Before too long I had gotten thirsty and decided to eat some snow. In the back of my mind I knew that this was a mistake and could/would lead to needing a bathroom on "short notice". Pretty soon my mistake was more obvious and I knew that a fast trip home would be in order. As soon as I took stock on how I was bundled up I knew that running home would be a useless exercise. I recall grabbing another handful of snow and putting it in my mouth and thinking "I am going to wet my pants anyway so I'll just eat some more snow to quench my thirst". Waiting for my next trip down the sledding hill I could feel my bladder starting to let go a little bit. As soon as I got on the sled and my friend pushed me I could definitely feel that I was now wetting my pants. It actually felt kind of good (and warm) as I peed. However, after 10/15 minutes I began to get cold. When I got home I began to undo my winter garb. As soon as my mother helped me get my snowpants off she commented that wet pants was a common ailment of winter play. I was surprised that she wasn't even mad since she usually told me that I was too old to be wetting myself at age 7.


Public toilet survey

Hi everyone, i've been a reader for a while but never posted, but I thought I would reply to the survey. I'm 21 from the UK.

If you enter a public bathroom and all the toilets are available, how do you choose the one you are going to use?

h) if there's a door and latch that works
f) if there is toilet paper available
b) end stall

Most important is the door lock. The most embarrassing thing ever to me is someone seeing me while i'm on the toilet, or even worse pushing the door open on me while i'm trying to let one out. This is the main thing that makes me embarrassed to use public toilets, because it's happened to me quite a few times. Normally I try and hold it in these days, and i've only ever had an accident once or twice because of it, but I used to be too young to hold it for long and had to use them. Responses from being walked in on have ranged from awkward apologies to being laughed at, which is silly really; you obviously must need a poo as well if you're pushing on the door to get in, why are you making fun of me for it?

Toilet paper is important because I normally wipe the seat down if I have to use a public toilet. I don't layer it, mostly because normally when i'm on a public toilet i'm only using it because i'm a bit desperate. And picking the end stall is preferred, but it's not as important as the other two to me.

Most of the guys I hear in public toilets don't really seem to care, they just seem to come in and do their business. I've heard one guy farting while he put toilet paper on the seat once before. I never really walked in on anybody because I wont push a door unless it's actually open because its kinda obvious someone's inside if it's closed, you would think.

I still hate public toilets though.


What come in will come out

hi everyone

part 2

So while Marcus slept in my room, I was having the most stomach knotting upset affect, so going in details about the poop, so I get off the sofa put on my robe was bit chilly slide into my house shoes, made myself in bathroom, took robe off and quickly pull down my bed shorts and hop on the toilet, as soon butt made contact, hole unleashed back to back waves of hott gooey smelly poop, was holding my stomach moaning and groaning was misable happy it was coming out, start sweating, got up for a second to release my hair but couldn't had to sit back down was hit with another storming poop, burning splatters some on the seat oh man I'm in trouble, but grabbed some tp wiped off the seat after finishing wave 3, so was relaxing some, spread my legs apart exshased, then waves 4and5 show no mercy tried closing my hole but 5 was no match I gave in, so looking at my cell 45 minutes of misery, so I was finally done for that hour I had to cloth wash my butt, went back laying down about go to sleep, some wet farting happened ran back in bathroom knocking over things, just a mess, pulled down the shorts like a fire hose went off, but more to come just need lay down sleepy


Permanent stain in underwear :(

Well I tried pooping my panties the other day but for some reason that and the panty peeing stories didn't make it to the site. I tried to make it as non-graphic and PG as I could. Anyway, as a result of my panty pooping experiment (which wasn't as much fun as I thought) my underwear is now permanently stained despite scrubbing them out before washing them :( They were cute too. Purple panties with polka dots on them now with a brown stain in the seat going up the back of them. Ugh. Guess those will be period panties from now on. Won't be trying that one again. Now if my BMs solidify I might reconsider it. Yech. Did not enjoy that or the cleanup. Now panty peeing on the other hand I do enjoy and am doing that as frequently as I can.

Haven't pooped for a couple of days (since Friday or Saturday) but I have a feeling I will have gas and diarrhea tomorrow since we had fried chicken for dinner tonight. Last Sunday we had fried chicken and I had diarrhea that night then the next morning I kept ripping loud long farts and then had a mushy BM. I miss my semi-solid poops. Not the ones that hurt but the satisfying long ones I used to have.


to Bella Jean; to finish pooping

Indeed, the lady who spoke to you was very rude. It is not uncommon to have what seems like a good-sized, normal bowel movement and then discover that you were not done, so you have to push out some more. I call that having a two-impulse, or two-wave, b.m. I do that usually about twice a month. I can't predict it, but I always wait a minute or two just to be sure I'm done. Very rarely, I get more than two waves of poop at a single sitting, so I have learned not to wipe until I'm pretty sure I'm finished.

I think what happens is this: We all eat more than one meal per day, so the indigestible parts of each meal are slowly working through our intestines. Let's say that yesterday's breakfast "leftovers" are entering your rectum, with yesterday's lunch "leftovers" close behind, but not quite there. You feel the need to go, sit on the toilet, and have a bowel movement; that's yesterday's breakfast coming through. While that's happening, and while you are feeling satisfied that you have had a pretty good poop, yesterday's lunch enters your rectum and lets you know it's time to let that out, too. So you have a second wave of poop, likely about as big as the first. While it may more often happen that these impulses combine into one, giving you one big bowel movement with no pause, occasionally you may have a movement that comes out in separate parts, as separate meals supply separate portions of poop. Nothing to be ashamed of, or surprised at; just be prepared to sit and wait to be sure nothing new comes into your rectum. Be thankful you are having a good healthy poop, even if it is in separate waves or impulses!

Monday, May 12, 2014

yesterday at the mall i had some Taco Bell and about a half hour later i really had to let loose so i sped off to the nearest bathroom. when i went in there were three stalls all empty so i took the middle one, my favorite. i dropped my jeans and thong to my ankles and as soon as i sat down i farted and released some loose poo. after a little while of that two other girls eventually walked in and occupied the stalls on either side of me. i looked under the partitions as i pooped and saw the girl on my left's plaid blue shorts and pink undies fall down to her converse'd feet and on the other side a pair of cute flowered panties (she must have been wearing a skirt or dress) down around that girl's ankles. both girls started to pee as i continued farting and pooping then plaid shorts did a soft fart. i heard her poop start crackling out as flowered undies made a squirty poo sound. i noticed her cute little panties had a brown stain in them, so she must've almost not made it. plaid shorts started dropping some turds and doing cute little farts while flowered panties did more squirty poo and i finished off my loose stuff. plaid shorts did one last toot then i heard her grab some toilet paper and wipe her butthole. i did the same while poor flowered undies continued her loud poo. me and plaid shorts pulled up our clothes, flushed and got out to wash our hands. plaid shorts girl was an adorable black haired girl about 18 with a cute butt. she smiled at me as we left flowered panties who moaned a little as she squirted some more.

Bella Jean, you shouldn't feel bad at all about finishing your poo. When, I get a secondary cramp or feeling to go more after I've thought I was done, it is sometimes very urgent and actually much more difficult to hold than before I start going at all and based on how you described having to drop another pile of mushy poop, you were probably in a similar situation.

I actually thought the other woman was very rude. It was okay that she knocked on the door as she thought you were done and maybe taking your time without realizing there was a line, but once she knew you weren't finished or heard you going, she should have apologized to you, instead of commenting rudely. People have to go to the bathroom and sometimes we can't help the smell or noises that accompany it. The way I look it at it is the other ladies were waiting for relief, but you hadn't experienced your relief yet and shouldn't worry about them until you're finished. Now I have been in situations where I'm having a very difficult poop to push out and if I know others are waiting, I will sometimes finish prematurely, but that's an entirely different situation.

I enjoy reading the stories from Megan, Jemma, and Abbie (just to name a few). They are well written about their bathroom experiences, though I often feel bad for Jemma suffering through her IBS.

hi everybody!!

i am considering peeing in the car. i plan on doing it in the backseat. i dont want to use protection or anything on the seat, i just want to pee directly into the cushion. any advice on how to do this? (sitting position etc.) i want most of the pee to go right into the cushion, not spread across the surface so much. i want it to be a little more decreet. i read that leaning forward helps and also putting your knees together more. i dont really want my mom to know ive done this. i just want to secretly pee into the seat of the car. so please any advice would be greatly appreciated.

thank u all so much!!


To Ms Bella Jean

I'm very furious to that woman who said "gross" to you. If I were in line behind her I hit her many times.

I like to stay on the loo until finish my motion completely, but when I am in a public loo and there is a line outside I would not stay until my motion is finish, I would come out as soon as I can, except if it is urgent. And your motion was very urgent. You couldn't come off the loo! Not your fault. That lady , no that ???? never has really urgent motion? I can't believe…. If I say a such thing to my friend Kazuko who did big, long smelly liquid motion in my loo take 15 minutes, I hate myself forever.

And you said, your body betrayed you, but our bodies betray us often. My body betrayed me in the woods once, I said, when I was hiking, I did a diarrhea like the motion of a cow, but I know it couldn't help. Don't feel bad about it any more.

Motions are never gross. Motions are normal. That woman is horrid woman. I'm sure many people on this site understand you well, so don't worry any more. And maybe other women in the line think so too.



To Jessica

I know you probably don't want to take advice from some random person on the internet but just know that maybe he just likes poop/pee. He sounds like a really good boyfriend just remember to lock the door when you go to the bathroom. Sorry if this isn't that good advice.


Diarrhea on Saturday and mushy log on Friday

I've been suffering diarrhea today :( I had a bit of a stomach ache after lunch but I figured it might have been gas so I pushed but it wasn't a fart! I almost shit my pants instead! So I quickly clamped my butt cheeks closed and raced to the bathroom where I pulled down my undies, PJ pants and sat on the toilet and absolutely EXPLODED in the toilet. I checked my underwear and they were OK. Phew. Then about 20 minutes later I had another explosion. It was like I was peeing out of my butt. I hope there's not too much more of this today. Good thing I have no plans to go out.

I pooped yesterday too. I got a strong urge to go sometime after lunch and almost went in my pants because I had to go so bad. I debated whether or not to just let it go and try the panty pooping thing again but I decided against it, pulled down my pants and undies and sat on the toilet instead. Within a minute a big mushy log came out. After wiping I checked what I did. There was a soft log, about 1 1/2 to 2 feet long. So far so good. I'd rather this than being constipated.


To Bella Jean

Hi! I read your post and am so sorry that you had that experience. Yes, it is bad enough when our "bowels betray us" as you put it. However, it's even worse when you have a rude patron commenting on how you are using the toilet. She should have known that you had more business to attend to and left you alone. Maybe she needed to go badly as well.

However, you did nothing wrong and you have every right to finish using the bathroom. Hope you are feeling well!



What come in will come out

hello everyone

hopefully everyone good

Yesterday I had movie date night with Marcus,
we was watching that Wolverine movie the newest one's, so during the movie I had to poop cause the fruit tray I help consume hehe, Marcus stop the movie told me go ahead don't want you be all misable, I said okay thanks got out of the bed , went into bathroom, left door open , went over toilet pulled down my panties at ankles, sat down, start farting and tooting, wet farting start peeing from both privates, Marcus came in knelt down and kissed me asked me if I'm feeling better yes I said, then mushy poop start coming out, so I told him I need to wipe so he went by tp and took roll hands it to me kiss me see you soon before he left he said I repect that even you on toilet you make sure nothing being expose, I said awe thanks, so he left out, I wiped good 6 times flush wash my hands pulled up my panties rejoined him watching movie, I text Deiese how Marcus handed me the tp and how gentleman he like, she said I really should give myself that job cause he really desvere it, I said sorry but I don't want that job, she said okay though but I. trying help, I said what's Mike doing, she said taking a crap, I said okay I'm out, she said ok but don't be affaid to get it down,

I have been walking a very popular pilgrim trail for over one month. Just finished a few days back. We had access to toilet where we stayed during night. But often along the trail we just had to go in the bushes if we had to go to toilet. Just had to find a bush or a stone to hide behind, pull down and squat and let loose. Nobody spoke about it but I guess that most of us did. At least I occasionally saw others hide to squat. I felt it a bit embarrassing because it could easily happen that somebody else came around because there were no doors to lock.


Some Accidents in School

Well one time in the first grade I always Farted all the time when the teacher left the class room. All the kids got a kick out of it. And Then one time the teacher left the room I always farted some more and the class clown said I better go to the bathroom and check my pants. well later that day when the teacher left I wasn't doing nothing and one girl was taking names Another girl raised her hand and said JASON JUST LET ANOTHER TOOT!
Later that year the kids got tired of it and didn't think it was funny anymore. Then A few days before the last day of school I had to do No.2 And I thought I would wait until I got home but then I farted and it made me fell a lot better. But when I got home I smelled something and I went in the bathroom and realized that a fart wasn't the only thing that came out.

But one time during that school year During class We smelled this awful smell and I looked on the desk beside me and saw something like melted Hershey kisses on a desk. It was some girl sitting in front of the desk that did it. We never knew how or saw her do it.
And one time during that year us boys would have a Pow wow in the bathroom and one stall was half open and some boy I never seen before was on the toilet. He was wearing black suite and black hat wearing glasses, and he had a bottle of prescription pills in the floor next to the toilet. He looked straight at me with his head resting on his hands and elbows in his lap. And one boy goes EWWW THERE IS SOMEBODY IN THERE!



In Japan, there are many loos which have a kind of shower which washes your bottom etc after you have used the loo. You push button for "bottom" or "bidet" and water washes you.

One thing is funny, wash let sometimes massage my bottom, and after I use I suddenly decide to do another motion. My friend Maho is often constipate, and she use wash let to make her bottom open.


30 something male

@ Jasmin K

Thanks for anwering me.

But you don;t have to use laxatives.
You could also use an enema.

Btw: What is your age?

And have you even gone to the toilet in front of someone of the opposite seks?

Thank you..

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Christa great story and good job with avoiding having accidents for the most part.

To: Bella Jean first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough day and that lady shouldnt have been so rude perhaps karma will get her and the same will happen to her like it did to you and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Kylie first welcome back and great story.

To: Jasmin K as always another great story and thats good that your doing better with your costipation and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jessica great story it sounds like you were really desperate and really had to go alot to and it sounds likes Peter is interested in it and that cna be taken good or bad depending how you see it if hes the one then you just took a big step in your relationship involuntary as it was.

To: Merideth first welcome to the site and great set of stories I look forward to reading more of them thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story about you and your friends.

To: Crystal great story.

To: Jemma as always another great desperate poop story it sounds like you had a pretty great poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


What come in will come out

hey everyone

quick response

to Bella Jean there no need to be embarrassed at all cause few months ago I dealt with nasty attitude people, I wrote about it on here one page,

to Jessica I totally understand I be mad too cause that was very important to you cause what would happen someone else saw you know, that wasn't cool at all of him

now got a funny thing happened to me today

I went to the university school I'm going to attend at this fall, well anyway I went to the library, to do some study done cause I have one last test to get my GED, so having my laptop bookbag, putting in work, so I felt the need for a pee, so got up took my stuff with me in bathroom, enter in one the stalls hung up my backpack, latch the door, pulled down my shorts and panties to ankles and sat on cold seat open my laptop again to finish reading, so while peeing, some farting start happen wasn't planning on pooping but oh well I stayed seated, than my hole open up like missles was firing out,
still reading, felt some more stomach gurgle mushy poop start coming out, so I flush the toilet, finished reading, end text up texting my person going give me the test I will be leaving library shortly ,put my laptop away, took some tp start wipping really good and Marcus calls while I'm wipping, I answer put him on speaker he tells me about the burial aggrainments and asking what I'm up too, Just told him wipping my butt end up having unexpected bowelmovement, so I flush toilet again, feeling kinda dirty pull out spray and spray my butt and pulled up my shorts and panties, took my bookbag off latch place laptop in it, left out of bathroom took Marcus off speaker put in earpiece instead, made my test in time cause I realize I was in bathroom for 35 minutes to do all that, so next step is marriage for me and college life


Post Title (optional) To JW

You asked why I break a poo off, instead of just pulling it out. I get so constipated that my poos get so gigantic and dry that they are too hard to pull out. If you read my previous posts, you will see how badly constipated I get.


Post Title (optional) Having an easier time this week

Well after having several bouts of extreme constipation, I'm finally having an easier time pooping this week. I've been going once a day and even more though my loads are still massive, they have been easier to get out. And it's been taking me 20-30 minutes to push a load out. I know that's still a long time but for me, it's fantastic! It's much better than 1 or 2 hours, which is how long it was taking me to get a load out. I ate high fibre cereal every day this week and drank heaps of water. I also ate lots of green ????. It has helped me a lot!


To Bella Jean

Hey Bella,
I don't think you were wrong to stay in your stall and finish your poo, from what it sounded like in your story, it didn't seem like you could really help it. And I think it was a little rude of that lady to tell you to leave and then have her say you were being gross!
I don't think you should be made to feel embarrassed just for pooing, I mean that's what the toilet's there for! It's silly how some people can be. So don't let people make you feel embarrassed for something that's completely natural, you had every right to keep pooing :)

To Andrew

Have you had any other accidents since the one walking back from class? Really looking forward to more stories from you

Saturday, May 10, 2014

hi. im happy to say i went a whole week and only wet my pants twice. i had quite a few close calls, but the timer on my watch is very helpful for me to remember to try to go to the toilet every 3 hours. my mom and i had another talk and decided that even though i didnt have a perfect week, i was doing much better and it would b ok to try going back to regular underwear. this made me very happy. i did great the first day. no accidents! then yesterday, i had a pretty rough day. the stores were full and pretty loud when i went to do the errands for my mom after class. i was having a hard time and the noise and crowds were really getting to me. i suddenly realized i was flapping and stimming. it was just too hard being there. when i got to the dairy aisle, i was shaking and my head hurt. i hadnt realized i had to go pee but suddenly, i realized my panties were wet. i hadnt realized id been dribbling. all of a sudden i realized it was too late totry to get to the restroom when i suddenly leaked a few big dribbles and they dribbled down my legs. my panties were saturated and now i was peeing full stream down my pants and all over my shoes and the floor. i couldnt stop until i was done. i went to the bathroom and changed into my spare pants and the pullup i carry in my bag. i finished all the errands. i didnt realize id had another accident until i got home. my mom took the groceries to the kitchen and told me to try to go pee b4 dinner. When i pulled down my pants in the bathroom, my pullup was swollen and the wetness indicator had disappeared. i was shocked! i must have peed in my pullup on the way home. i guess its back to pullups. i appreciate the support here very much. im trying to b okay with needing pullups during the day. its not easy for me but im trying. some people assume that being autistic makes me slow or even retarded. this problem doesnt help. the doctor thinks that my autism very much contributes to my wetting, particularly my bedwetting, but i dont like feeling bad when i dont make it. doing my best

Accidents in School?

Has anybody any Pooping accident stories in School from College or High School? I haven't read about any on here in a real long time.


Question for Linda

I'm curious, you have written several times about "breaking off" a stuck turd, why don't you pull it out instead of breaking it off. I only had this done once when I was a kid. My Mother did it for me and it was literally the most amazing this I ever felt.


Please don't feel bad or embarrassed to wear diapers. I wear and use them all the time, so does my best friend too. There are many people out there with a degree of incontinence, so you are really not allone. I work in a hotel and I know that lots of guests have got issues with bladder or bowel control. It's not age related either, ofcourse it happens even more in old age people and babies, but in the age group between 20 and 40 years 1 at 4 women have got incontinence issues.

I can recommend you to wear regular adult diapers when you have heavy or severe incontinence. They really aren't noticable and you only have to change them a few times a day. For me it works out between 4-6 changes a day instead of 20 times to the toilet and many accidents. With diapers I don't have that stress anymore.

I choosed to speak about my incontinence problems with my friends. When I have an occasional diaper leakage thet help me out. I know now too, because I spoke up, that a couple of friends regularly have got bladder or bowel problems too.

So Christa, you're not alone. Incontinence and wearing diapers is actually that commen in any age, that it is actually a normal thing of the human body. Try to wear high quality diapers, they are more comfy, need less changing and are better for your skin.

Bella Jean

Embarrassing Shopping Trip

Well I'm new here but had an interesting and very embarrassing experience today.

As I was spending my morning casually strolling through the local supermarket, I suddenly felt a very strong urge to poo. I knew that I wouldn't make it home in time so I found the restrooms. It was pretty crowded but 1 stall opened up just as I walked in. I sat with my pants and panties at my knees and had 2 of those very wet and very smelly farts. I was really embarrassed because I knew that everyone probably heard and smelled them but my stomach just hurt so bad that I didn't think that I would be able to avoid having this poo. About a minute later, I had some more gas but this time I followed it up with a very large pile of poo that literally just dropped from my body and smelled awful. But I wasn't focused on the other bathroom visitors anymore and was instead focused on relieving my stomachache as I dropped more logs of poo which sounded something like PLOP-PLOP-FART-PLOP-FART-FART-PLOP for the next 5 minutes or so. When I finished with that I decided that I should probably flush the toilet before I wiped because the first pile of poo rose above the waterline and was causing quite a stink and I wanted to get rid of it. I stood to flush because I didn't want any of the dirty water to get on me and while I was standing, my pants and panties fell to my ankles. I normally pick them back up to my knees when this happens because I feel less vulnerable in that position but my stomach was still hurting really badly and I suspected that I had a 2nd wave of poo coming so I just quickly sat back down instead.

I hadn't noticed that a line had formed and after I sat down but before more poo could escape, a woman knocked on my stall door and said "Excuse me, I see that you have already flushed and are sitting back down. There are people waiting and we would appreciate it if you could leave now that you are done. There are plenty of good seats to sit on outside." Suddenly I was extremely embarrassed again and didn't know how to respond. Here I was with my pants at my ankles, my legs spread, my hands massaging my aching stomach, and feeling like my butt was going to erupt with more soft poo very shortly. So, I just said, " I'm sorry ma'am but I'm not quite done using this toilet" but before I could finish explaining my situation, I loudly dropped another pile of mushy poo. I was mortified at my body's betrayal and even more so when she responded with "that's gross!"

Thankfully, another stall soon became empty and I was able to finish my poo, relieve my aching stomach and wipe without any more of her comments. But now I'm wondering if it was wrong of me to stay in my stall for my 2nd wave of poo? I didn't mean to make anyone feel uncomfortable. I honestly wasn't expecting to have to poo at the market or that my stomach would be hurting that badly.

I'm still extremely embarrassed by the situation but my stomach does feel much better.


Changes In My Constipated Family

I haven't posted in a long time, but there's been a lot of changes in my family lately: My aunt (my mom's sister) and my 2 cousins came to live with my family after my aunt and uncle got divorced, and it's led to huge differences in the way pooping has been discussed our household. Chronic constipation runs in my family, and we've become much more vocal about it since my extended family had to move in with us. I always knew my cousins had issues with constipation by overhearing my aunt taking about it with my grandma during holidays. It's a completely different thing to be living with these people now, and with the divorce, and new living situation, there's a number of routine changes and psychological issues that are making it harder than ever for everybody to poop.

Since my aunt moved in, my mom has become much more aware of the pooping habits of me and my sister, and she encourages us to try and poop every morning before school, and sometimes, I can get little bits of hard poop out, but on average, I can only do a big, proper poop every four or five days, because of that, I get stomachaches a lot in between poops, and when that happens, my mom tells me to go to the bathroom and try for a while.

As for the habits of the rest of my family: I already knew from my grandma that my aunt only poops once a week, and my youngest cousin is the one who has the most trouble pooping in my family, which I know from occasions at my grandma's house when he'd disappear for a long time during holidays and my aunt and uncle would discuss it with my mom and grandma.

As has been pointed out lately, some people, especially whole families, can be constipated, and not being able to do much about it because it's just how our bodies are. All of our issues have been discussed with the doctor, and he's very aware of diet and hydration and encourages us to take fiber supplements.

Answers to Linda's questions:
Usually my poops take between one hour and one hour and 30 minutes depending on how dry and hard they are, but a couple of times I have spent longer than two hours passing a really huge dry log. This includes some resting in between the heavy straining and pushing, of course.I grunt really loudly, I used to be very ashamed of it and afraid of the neighbours hearing me, but now I care less and less. Anyway, we all have to poop.
I have never done a poo at a friend's house. Don't like public toilets either. I need to poo at home. I have dug poo out of my anus for a couple of times, in cases of sheer desperation, and use a soapy water enema if my constipation lasts for a week.
When I take a dump, I turn the phone and the mobile off, and never answer the door if someone is knocking, unless it is the firemen because the building is on fire lol. Seriously, when I am taking a poo, it is all that matters to me and nobody is allow to bother :)
I've got a question for you. Imagine by chance your flatmate learns about your constipation, and she confesses to you that she is constipated too. How would you react? Would it become a regular topic in your conversations, or you would never mention it again to each other?

Jasmin K

School Toilets and constipation

Hi All

At the moment things seem a little easier regarding constipation. Since I got the really badly constipated poo out Ive managed to go each day which has taken between 10 and 40 minutes or so. I managed a really good poo at school this morning which surprised me as I had also been yesterday evening at home before going out. So yesterday I got in from school and did some homework then ate a rather large cooked dinner. After Dinner I watched TV for 1/2 hour then got ready to go out with my friends into town. Having had a decent meal I decided to try to make a poo before going out as we were going to the fair for rides and guy related fun if you know what I mean and didnt want to have that full feeling.I pulled my tight short shorts shorts down- I wasnt wearing knickers-and sat on the toilet, Strained a couple of times and phfart, after about 10 minutes of this I started to do a really hard prolonged pushes which really made my anus bulge down. I really wanted to be empty, Ive been there enough times when Ive been severely constipated, not that that stopped me having a good time,but attention from guys is much nicer if there is no rock hard poo stuck up inside you. After a few minutes of straining a log started to come out and splashed into the water, some more straining produced a few more pebble like chunks. I wiped which only took a couple of wipes but each wipe had blood on it so I put a pad in my shorts and went out.
This morning when I got into school I went to the toilet, lifted my skirt and pulled my blue bikini style knickers down. Although I was feeling tender, I had had a really good time the previous evening at the fair, I started to push. It didnt feel like I needed to poo but kept pushing, my bum started bleeding as I strained.After about 10 minutes I could feel something coming so I kept pushing. After another 10 minutes I could feel my bum start to be opened by a solid log starting to emerge. Just then my friend came into my cubicle and said in that sort of voice that says you know what I mean '' Ive done It'' I said good was it big? Yes its really stretched me and it hurts but at least for now Im not constipated, you ? Its coming I said and strained really hard and a pebble broke off into the water. Another hard push and the tip was out and then several more really hard strains a knobbly log splashed into the water. I wiped and scrunched some TP between my cheeks and pulled my knickers up and went off to lessons.

Hi Yes the toilets at my school are always quite busy on a morning,always some straining and grunting sounds - there is a lot of constipation in my school, i know several girls in my form who are at the moment and of those there are the every morning regulars who strain for that elusive morning poo.
I do go back at lunchtime when I am constipated for about 1/2 an hour.


Sorry to hear your having problems - I do know what your going through though and thanks for your words regarding the needs of constipation sufferes and those that dont suffer not understanding.
I know from what happens inthe school toilets and also the conversations that most girls prefer to strain it out rather than use laxitives/enemas. Perhaps that just round this area I dont know.
My Sister is going through a permanantly constipated phase at the moment - she has been for the last few months and has the protruding poo,some leaking and having to break it off issues, she can do a decent big poo one day and is still constipated the next time she is on the toilet.

Jas X


Embarrassing picnic

I was with my boyfriend at park in a picnic , we took our lunch and decided to have it in a romantic place far away from people so we walked long distance after parking area more than 30 minutes then we chose shaded place behind great tree and we sat on the ground chatting .
We felt hungry so we started to have our lunch , it was really delicious spaghetti with sauce and steak , green salad and finally cheesecake as a desserts

after that we had a nice time when I feel a need to use toilet but I ignored that and decided to hold it

but some minutes later it was very difficult to control my bowel movement and a long fart escaped my anus ........ I was sure that my boyfriend feel what happened !!!!!!!

my face turned red and no words couldn't get out ... he neglected that as nothing happened so I tried to be normal ...
ohhhhh after two minutes anther longer horrible Stink fart passed

this time he asked me do you need to use toilet ???!!
I said " sorry honey I need to go "

I was so embarrassed but no way to deny .... he told me let's move quickly as we have long way to toilet - it was behind parking area - I agreed and return things to our bag then walked .... just we moved I felt the urge be very strong then stopped saying " I can't move "

" what shall we do " he asked

I looked around us and said " I will do it inside Shrubbery but please don't look and be there "

I let him and moved inside Shrubbery some steps then pulled down my skirt and panties then squatted

peeing come quickly as a stream and logs started to get out my anus Successively without any efforts of me

I fished every thing in less than 3 minutes as it was many logs under me swimming in my pee

ohhh Nooo I forgot toilet paper s*it !!!!

I looked around to find Peter to ask him to bring me some if had .... I was astonished as Peter was snooping on me while I was doing from near place

He got confused when he realized I know that and turned his face

I was so furious as I have not been seen by others doing that befoe even girls but I was in need to hime so much

" Peeeeeter plases I need some toilet paper or any tissues "

" ok i will search for you " then want to our bag after some minutes he returned " sorry Jessica I couldn't find any tissues "

what a bad luck I was so angry of all situation but then he said " calm down I have an idea "

he hold his newspaper and cut a paper then divided it to two parts and repeated that many times then he walked behind me and gave me papers which he cut and said " consider them as toilet paper with low quality "

I took them and asked him to get far from me he just moved some steps and stopped looking to me clearly !!!!

"move Peter move " he moved another two steps

I started to wipe my two holes using newspaper it was harder than toilet paper but it did the job

peter was watching me directly that time until finishing and got dressed

we walked together to his car with no words

finally on our way back on the car he said " sorry I was so curious I couldn't stop my self"

I didn't reply and now I am not sure I continue or break with him !!!!!

Dude in distress
To Gio- I sometimes have to break off and manually remove stuck turds that poke about about 2 inches and refuse to go back in or come out any further.

Linda- I just finished an epic pooping session that required and hour and a half of loud grunting and straining. My face was beat red and I was sweating trying to get this monster out of me. I leaned forward and spread my cheeks apart and staring and pushed like no tomorrow. After about 20 minutes of that, I squatted down and lifted my genitals and looked down- I could see my taint and my hole bulging out from the massive turd trying to come out. I had to use my fingers to help push against my anus to finally get everything out. Finally with a massive grunt and some intense straining- it came out. It took about 15 minutes to catch my breath after!


Laughing too hard

Hi, my name is Linda, I'm 29, married, mother of one toddler, normal life, etc. Except I've always had a small problem - I sometimes pee when I laugh. I've talked to doctors and do kegel exercises and all, but sometimes still have accidents. I know it is somewhat "normal" and pretty common. I found this site and thought I'd share since people seem pretty accepting here. It got somewhat worse during late pregnancy and after birth but after a year or so returned to "normal". Most of the time I manage to control the situation well enough that nothing shows and if I know I'll be somewhere funny I wear a light pad. Sometimes I haven't planned ahead and I'll leak a little and have damp panties but nothing shows to the outside world. But there have been many times in my life where I wasn't so lucky:

One of the first big laugh accidents I had was when I was around 9 and in girl scouts and we were at a meeting and I started laughing and suddenly started peeing and couldn't stop and soaked my shorts and had it splattering on the floor under my chair. That one was pretty embarassing for me.

I remember a few years later in middle school laughing too hard during lunch and letting out enough pee to have a pretty big sized wet spot on my jeans butt and legs and having to go to the school nurse to change clothes.

At a sleepover when I was 15 I laughed too hard and soaked my panties under my big t-shirt in front of five of my friends and left a big wet spot on my friends carpet we had to clean up.

When I was 18 I was out with a group of friends and after dinner we went to a movie and then stopped by wal-mart on our home for some reason. This was more my fault for not going to the bathroom before or after the movie, but we were in wal-mart walking around being stupid and laughing and try as I might I felt that familiar sensation and started leaking and then couldn't stop and just stood there laughing with my hands on my face as the pee spread down my legs of my jeans all the way and I completely wet myself. One of my other friends laughed so hard that SHE started peeing her jeans, too, but she managed to stop with only a large wet spot and not completely soaked jeans like me. We had to go to the clothes section and pick out a cheap pair of pants to buy and then go change in the bathrooms while everyone nearby could see our peed pants. Good times, lol

In college one night my roommate and I were watching a funny movie with our boyfriends over and I started laughing and coulnd't stop and suddenly felt my crotch turn warm and wet and couldn't stop until I knew I was pretty wet on my butt and thighs, but the lights were off and I was wearing black pants and we were under a blanket. I just stayed there through the movie and tried to act normal and keep my butt facing away from anyone after it was over when the boys left. After they were gone I quickly stripped down to shower and confessed to my roomie what happened and she thought it was hilarious. I think I was 20 for that one.

That's probably enough for now!


Response to mystery poster bathroom situation survey

Situation 1: I've been in this situation a few times. Depending on how desperate I am I can usually hold it til commercial break or even until the show's over.

Situation 2: I try to avoid public bathrooms because I'm a huge germophobe. So I would hold it

Situation 3: I would finish getting dressed then pee

Situation 4: I had something similar happen to me a while back. I had to take a huge dump during class and I pooped myself when walking back to my dorm. Posted about it on here

5.) I would drop my pants and poop right there. Let them deal with the mess...


Latest story

Hi everyone, had some spare time today so I thought I'd post again.
Megan- sorry to hear about your embarrassment of someone walking in on you when you were having a poo, as you said at least you didn't have a log just about to drop which meant you were able to get off the toilet and shut the door. Also you can always rely on little kids to blurt out embarrassing things, I've overheard children saying similar stuff in public loos but luckily so far never about me!
Jas K- glad to hear your constipations better than it was, I hope you've been able to have a successful poo before school this last couple of days. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with laxitives, I don't blame you for not using them again if you ended up pooing your knickers a bit while you were at school, that must have been really embarrassing. Heres hoping too that your friend and sister start to find it easier to poo as well, I look forward to your next post.
Beth ended up sleeping round my house Saturday and Sunday night as well, her parents were away for the bank holiday weekend. We got up on Monday morning around 10, I was bursting for a wee so I went into my ensuite, lifted my tee-shirt and lowered my red spotty pants and sat on the loo, I started to wee and a fierce stream began fizzing and splashing into the bowl and I moaned with relief, just then Beth appeared at the door, like me she was wearing a tee-shirt and pants. She said "Oh my god, it sounds like you really needed that, the only problem is its making me need to go even more!" She was squirming a bit and holding herself as my stream started to die down, I said, "Hang on, I'm nearly done," and Beth bit her bottom lip and nodded. As my stream trickled to a stop I took some toilet paper and quickly wiped, then stood up. Beth had already pulled down her green and blue stripey pants, she quickly sat and at once the floodgates opened, by now I'd pulled up my pants and was washing my hands. Beth was still weeing although her stream had slowed a bit, it gradually started to die away and she finished with a few spurts. She wiped, pulled her pants up and then flushed. We went back into my room and I said "Shall we go down and get some breakfast, we can bring it back up here and watch telly while we eat it."
Beth said "Yeah, that's a good idea." As I walked off towards the bedroom door I noticed Beth was hesitating, she said "Are your mum and dad downstairs? I think I'd better put my leggings on if they are, this tee-shirt's so short you can see my pants!"
"No don't worry, everyones out," I said. We went downstairs and I caught a glimpse of myself as we went past the full length mirror in the hallway, I realised that Beth wasn't the only one as my pants were showing too so I just hoped no-one knocked on the door!! We quickly made some breakfast and carried it back upstairs, I turned the telly on and we watched it while we ate. After we'd finished breakfast we lazed around and watched some more telly, I was starting to get some twinges in my belly which soon turned into a definite need for a poo. I said to Beth, "I'm just going to use the toilet, I need a poo so I might be a while." Beth said, "No problem, I think I'll get dressed." I got off my bed and walked over to the bathroom, once in there I took my pants off and put them in the dirty washing hamper and then sat on the loo. I took a deep breath and started to push, back in the room I could see Beth taking off her tee-shirt and putting her white bra on, she then took off her pants and rummaged in her bag, she found some orange ones which she quickly pulled on before putting on her leggings and a white tee-shirt. I could feel I was going red in the face from straining but so far just the tip of my poo was out, and when I stopped pushing it got sucked back up. Beth came in and sat on the edge of the bath, I said "I think I'll have to try again later, its not ready to come." I took some loo roll and wiped my bum but the paper was more or less clean, then I went back into my room to get dressed. I opened my underwear drawer and took out some blue flowery pants which I pulled on underneath my tee-shirt, I then took the tee-shirt off and put a pink bra on before putting on a denim skirt and blue top. Beth and I went downstairs, there were some letters my mum had asked me to post so we walked to the post box, on the way back Beth said "Well I don't know about you but I really need a poo now, I'll have to go as soon as we get back." We got back to the house a few minutes later and I noticed Beth was jiggling around as I unlocked the door, she said "Oh god I'm bursting, its just about to come out in my pants." As soon as we were inside she dashed upstairs and when I got into the bedroom she was already on the loo, her leggings and pants at her knees. "Sorry, I suddenly got desperate out of nowhere," she panted, I could tell she was already having to push. I sat on the edge of the bath and chatted to her as she continued to do some long and hard pushes, she couldn't help grunting a few times. "Its really annoying, its stuck half way out," she said, "I'm sorry, I'm gonna really have to bear down hard." She gritted her teeth, went up on tiptoes and did a few massive pushes, luckily that seemed to do the trick, I heard a splash as her poo dropped and she moaned with relief. My own need was returning in a major way and I could feel the tip of a massive log about to poke out of my bum, I didn't want my pants to get dirty so I said "Are you going to be long only I really want a poo now?" and Beth made a couple more plops before saying "No, I'm done, I can stand up to wipe if your really bursting." I nodded gratefully as I pulled down my skirt and pants, I saw the size of Beth's load and realised I'd have to flush it away so I pressed the flush before sitting down. I felt my bum open up and the poo starting to poke out and I was overcome with a massive urge to push, so I bore down hard and couldn't help grunting as I paused to catch my breath. My eyes were watering, the log was really fat and was stretching my poor bumhole as it slid out little by little. By now Beth had finished wiping her bottom and was sitting on the edge of the bath. After another 10 minutes of pushing and straining I could feel the fattest part was through and it was sliding out faster and eventually it fell with a splash. I passed a few smaller pieces and then felt empty so I took some loo paper and wiped my bum before flushing and pulling up my pants and skirt. I hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like you really were pretty desperate and had to go alot and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards though and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan great story.

To: Mina as alwayt another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and it sounds like that other girl was pretty desperate and I bet you both good afterwards and I look forward to your enxt post thanks.

To: Crystal as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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