Hey folks, my last post was 2346 in the thread that goes back to the beginning from there. Many of my experiences span a good amount of time since I have been self employed for years, but this happened today in the AM. I was told of a farm that was pick your own blueberries about 20 miles away from where I live, so I got there about 9 AM.when I arrived there were about ten cars parked and women of various age picking berries. On the way in I noticed a sign for the bathrooms and an arrow pointing the way, I almost went over to take a look because it was time to go, (been dropping more loads than normal) must be all the greens lately, but I decided to go right into the fields and check them out. Nice big berries I was picking , walking all around trying the different varieties. There were two lady's and some young children having fun talking about finding the mother load of berries, so I walked over that way and commented on the kids having fun and started picking in the same area. We chatted for a bit and then I walked through the patch from the back where the kids and the women were that I spoke to toward the front. By that time I had about two pounds or so, and I was getting close to the sign that pointed to the bathroom. Not to far behind me was one of the women that was in the back picking berries
That I spoke to for a minute or two and asked if I knew if there were any bathrooms. I said that I saw an arrow when I came in and it was up ahead, and that I was looking for them too, so we started talking again and walked a bit more and saw the sign pointing around the corner. I asked her what her name was, she said Jennifer, so I introduced myself and as we turned the corner we saw the facilities. It was a small building made out of wood with two doors like an outhouse, but with running water and conventional toilets and sinks, both were private but side by side under one roof. Jennifer was freindly, looked to be in her 40's, but I spoke first and said "hmmm, doesn't look so private" she smiled and agreed, and I offered to let her use one while I waited even though there were two doors. She said don't be silly, I will be a bit, blueberries and coffee you know! I said I don't drink coffee but it was that time for me too! She looked like a farm girl, medium build, brown hair cowgirl boots, not a beauty queen but personable. At that point I said you pick, I went in the left, she went in the right, as we were going in I chuckled to break any potential embarrassment, that we also might have found the mother load! She laughed and said, just not as sweet! I cracked up and went in as did she. Man was there no privacy. The toilet on my side was next to the wall with the sink on the left looking into the room. From the sound of her pulling paper off of the roll(probably wiping the seat as was I) it sounded like the toilets were side by side. As she pulled paper and I did the same I said(sorta to myself) wow there is not even a fan. She must have thought I was speaking to her because she replied, nope, it was like there was no wall even there, I said please excuse me in advance but there might be funny sounds. She said that happens in bathrooms! I laughed and said ok! I undid my built, you could here her slip down her pants and so down as did I. I started peeing after I sat down, after she sat down she pulled some paper and blew her nose, at the same time I heard a big fart, then she peed to, by this time my pee was done and I was holding my gas back, but it was now or never, but I tried to regulate it which made it into a few farts like one after another! I then decided to make small talk since there was no privacy and asked her if those kids were her's, she said no, then I heard 3 plops and she said it was her first time here with a friend. At that point she farted avian and dropped another couple of logs. I said it was my first time too, then I left a long solid piece that fell into the bowl quietly, and a small fart, and she commented how nice the farm was, I replied, the toilets too!, I farted again, and pooped a bit more, Jennifer laughed, at that point I was done, so I pulled paper 3 times, folded and wiped, flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and said goodbye( actually I said well that was interesting)then I said goodbye, she said yes, and said she was going to pick more berries. I said have fun, and thanks for being cool with the toilet thing, she laughed and said, you too,then I proceeded to walk to the front to checkout. It will be interesting if I see her again sometime before the season is over. Till next time...Steve


Worst that could happen

Earlier this week, my science test was interrupted when the fire alarm went off. Me and my lab partner Monique were herded outside by our teacher. We both had dresses on and we sat carefully on a curb in the parking lot. We're in 8th grade and a month away from being promoted to high school. But we both found it amusing that behind us was a group of about five really immature boys. One of them was talking loudly about his crap being interrupted when the alarm went off and one of the security guards literally yanked him off the toilet when he didn't move fast enough to get off the stool. He was telling his friends he had at least one log in his pants now and he was about ready to blast out another.

I smiled and told Monique (who also thought these boys were obnoxious)that more than two years ago when I was starting 6th grade that I had three bladder infections in one year. My mom and I both thought my first one was being interrupted frequently at school when I was on the toilet weeing. The first time, like with this boy recently, I had just sat down on a door less toilet and started my wee. The alarm went off and this teacher walked through and yelled at everyone to get out now! I guess I was somewhat startled, so I sat too long. This vice principal came into my stall, pulled me off the toilet by my shoulders, and started pulling my jeans up for me as she shoved me, and a bunch of others, out the door into the hall. One of the girls had her underwear still down at ankle level, so she was tripping along as she was being shoved. About 15 minutes later after we got the permission to go back into the building, I stopped in the nearest restroom, took a doored stall, and placed myself back on the seat. I must have sat for at least 5 minutes, with my bladder burning, (I had bought a small coffee that morning when I got off the bus), before I stopped crying and composed myself. I got permission from my history teacher two hours later and I went in and tried again. This time I emptied my bladder, although I had been in an increasing amount of pain.

Monique convinced me that the teachers are told to be mean in order to get everyone out of the building as fast a possible. The attitude of the boys turned us both off. But we feel there will always be interruptions in public toilets. It sucks tough to be on the toilet when the alarm goes off.


To Phoebe

Sounds like you got treated to quite the show by your own Don Draper. Was he as well endowed as Jon Hamm is rumored to be; if I may ask? I hope you guys had a good time together afterwards.

I also enjoyed your intestinal massage story, I'm glad you were fortunate enough to witness those events and thankful that you shared them with us. I look forward to hearing more from you. I also would like to share another experience of my own but will have to wait until I get the time to write it all down.


24 year old girl survey

Hey all sorry it's been forever since my last (and only) post on here. It seems I can never get a moment to myself. Anyway here is my response to the survey.

1. Are you circumcised? Yes

2.) Are you from the USA? Yes

3.) What types of underwear do you wear? Briefs or commando

4.) Do you usually stand to pee? Yes

5.) Did you having peeing contests with other boys when you were a kid? No

6.) Do you use urinals? Yes


What come in will come out

hi everyone

part 3

After running from the dog, I ran in bathroom washed my feet, afterwards went to the bathroom lifted up my skirt lower my panties pee a good stream while sitting on toilet,after got up pull up my clothing, wash my hands, and start help house cleaning with his mom, though they can hire people to do for them for everything but, I like the working mentality, but anyways as we was cleaning my mother in law asks do you care about getting your feet dirty, my father in law heard and said leave my daughter alone she has great looking feet, so I said thanks dad, so after few hours of sweating and hungry, Marcus made me a fruit salad so before hand I told him I need to poop, he said okay, so I told him come here, he said what, I said I want you come in, so I took him in bathroom with me, so I took off my skirt and walked over toilet and turn to him I'm sorry scared, he said him too, so he walks out and I took off my panties off and sat on toilet crying, he said what's wrong I want you come back so he came back and I started pooping, he came over me a hug and kiss me, rubbing my leggs, after 15 minutes I was done he came out so I can wipe, afterwards I wash my hands and flush toilet, put some shorts on, came out. we went outside ate lunch, afterwards he said it was werid being in there I agree that we will give each other privacy in that area. cause some experiments not all that

Thursday, May 08, 2014


Megan's Misery

Hi its John B.

I "tuned into" here first thing this morning and was amazed to see that a post i'd submitted at 8.00pm last night had been included but hey that's not the reason for this post!

Megan, you're getting a tad accident prone my dear! That's the second time in a relatively short while that a similar fate has befallen you; embarrassing for you no doubt but makes great reading for this forum and at the end of the day no great harm was done. I shall be looking at all tall, leggy redheaded 20 something females in future wondering if its you, lol.

On a serious note, how are the job stakes going, I liked your tales from the library and the inclusion of your colleague Lis.

Take care Megan and everyone else on this forum and i'll be back soon, hopefully, with some more comments and observations.


John B

To Mina

Sounds like you had a pretty satisfying BM in the library loo. It's always worth staying on when you think you've finished your business and you have time. There could always be more motions in your bottom and it's relaxing either way. By the way, what is a wash let? Is it something you use to clean yourself after going?


my desperate poo in public loo today

today I was in town shoppin with my sister.
2hrs flew by when I realised I needed a poo.
I held it for about 40 mins when suddenly my stomach churned
& I knew I couldn't hold it much longer.
I dashed to the public loos about 3 roads away & joined the queue of 3 women.
holding on to it was tough as I was so desperate...
2 mins later (though it seemed like forever) I got a cubicle, throwing my tracksuit bottoms down to my ankles & white knickers to follow, I fell on the seat & immediately let loose, as loud as ever my poos plopped in to the loo.
7 to begin with, then a pause whilst I sighed relief, followed by another 7 to follow.
curly & light brown medium sized loose plops covered the water - I noticed as I stood up to wipe my messy butt, wiping 6 times, flushing, pulling my knickers & tracksuit up & leaving skids & a horrific smell - a gassy smell, & exitting to wash my little hands.
was I embarrassed? No - everyone poos!!
More soon. J x


Post Title (optional) To Gio

Yes, I've had to break a turd off, that was stuck in my anus. Because I'm so constipated all the time, I have no choice but to do this at times. In fact, I had to break one off on Saturday. It was horrendous! Its all in my latest post titled "Constipated in a public toilet (cont) I HATE doing it but sometimes, I can't do anything to get the turd to come out. I know it does sound disgusting but that is why this site is so good! We can explain our dumps in detail and for me, I can talk about my constipation issues freely, without any judgement.

Here are some questions for you:

How long does it take for you to do a poo? What is the longest time you have taken to do a poo?
Do you grunt loudly when you are trying to do a poo?
Have you ever been constipated at a friend's house and had to do a poo there? What was it like?
Have you ever tried digging poo out of your anus? Or used a soap enema?

Have you ever been in this situation:

Sitting on the toilet with 3 or 4 inches of rock hard, thick poo sticking out of your anus, that is stuck. Then you suddenly have to get off the toilet because someone is knocking on the door and you have to answer it? If so, did you break the poo off first and then answer the door? Or did you pull your pants up, with the turd still sticking out and then answer the door? I'm curious to know because I have only ever read about it happening to one person (on here a few years ago).


Post Title (optional) Pooping out hard chucks of poo

I've been pooping out lots of dry, rock hard chunks of poo all day. I drank lots coffee this morning and I've been to the toilet about 10 times during the day, just to squeeze out poo!! I've been pushing out 1 or 2 chunks each time and it took me 10 minutes each time, although I just spent 20 minutes on the toilet - I pushed out a 5 inch turd.

At least its been a bit easier for me today. And I've pooped out a lot, even though it was small amounts each time, it added up to a lot of poo.

To Jasmin K: I hope its been a bit easier for you to do a poo. You were so constipated!!


Don't feel bad about needing to wear a pullup/diaper if that's what's best for you to do. Don't think about it as a "baby" thing--there's a reason they make them the right size for adults! There are plenty of reasons, medical, psychological, and otherwise for teenagers and adults to need them. Just because society often stigmatizes incontinence problem doesn't make them inherently worse than any other bodily issue. Think of it this way: if you do end up needing the pullup, better for you to have it and not have a visible accident. If you don't end up needing it, no harm done UNLESS you let it get to you and hurt your self-confidence. If you wet yourself, you wet yourself--it happens to people more often than you'd think, and there's nothing *inherently* bad about it, just a social stigma. And let's face it, society has a lot of stereotypes and stigmas with no basis in reality. So don't let that make you feel bad about wearing some extra protection if it'll make your life more convenient.

If you enter a public bathroom and all the toilets are available, how do you choose the one you are going to use?

a) random
b) end stall
c) closest
d) first one my eyes see
e) if the seat is clean
f) if there is toilet paper available
g) if there's no crap or pee in the bowl
h) if there's a door and latch that works
i) if there's a dispenser for feminine products
j) if there is an ass-gasket available for the seat
k) if there's good lighting
l) the size, formation and color of the seat
m) other--explain.

For me it is not i. I am a boy. I will flush the bowl, if it was not flushed. If it is clean, I will use any of them. I always need toilet paper. Letter m, I like to sit on a public toilet with another boy in the next stall that I could talk to. I grew up with toilets no doors, stalls or seats. That does not bother me. I wipe the seat always or put paper on the seat.


Diarrhea/mushy poop and ripper farts

Hi. This morning my husband and I wanted to go out for breakfast but we had to wait for our friends/landlords to come back because they needed the air ducts cleaned and they had gone out. We share the place. Anyway we were both getting impatient, hungry and my stomach was hurting so I kept letting off these really loud ripper farts. I wasn't sure how long it would take for them to come back so I didn't want to risk going in the house and going to the bathroom but I knew I couldn't hold it that long since we had to wait and THEN walk about 5 blocks to the breakfast place. After another really loud long fart I told my husband of my dilemma and he told me to go ahead and go to the bathroom. So I did. As soon as I got downstairs, got my clothes pulled down and my butt was on the toilet I exploded a bunch of mush into the toilet. And there was a lot of it. I guess it was the fried chicken from last night since fried chicken always upsets my stomach and gives me diarrhea. That's why usually I avoid it. It tastes good but it's way too much grease. I was kind of tempted to do it in my underwear instead but it would take too long to clean up and my white underwear would have been history. Now if my poops were a bit firmer I would probably consider it :P Anyway, it was just that one explosion. Haven't had any issues since. I'm just surprised I didn't shit myself with how long and how loud I was farting.

Anatomy student

To Linda

Get yourself some fleet brand liquid glycerin suppositories. They are liquid, so you won't have to wait for it to melt. It works like butt lube to ease that turd out. Try it. My ex used to use them and her crap was the biggest I've ever seen.



Hey Linda-sorry to hear that your constipation has been so bad lately. I definitely go through periods when it's worse than usual, although lately it hasn't been as bad. I've also definitely been in the situation where I had to break a turd off or had liquid poop go into my pants from being so constipated.

My brother has never been as constipated as I get-mine has always been worse, but he still gets constipated every now and then and when he does, I usually accompany him to the bathroom (as does he when I'm constipated, which is pretty often lol)

The worst I've ever been constipated had to be a few years ago when I didn't go for a week, and then after that it was at least three days each time for almost a month. I was so constipated that I needed a big enema almost every time. I much prefer being able to go on my own.

This morning I was able to get out a small hard turd, but I know that's not it--I feel much more backed up than that and I hope I can get the rest out soon -_-

Steven A

My Church Retreat Stories Plus New Stories

I'm back from my trip and I have some stories to share with you guys.

1st Story: After I ate breakfast at the dining hall in the morning, I had to poop. So, I went into the men's bathroom with only 1 stall. There was another bathroom area, but I didn't go there for some reason. Anyway, I didn't have to wait for someone and I went in the stall and during my pooping session, a guy opened the stall door thinking no one was in there, but he was wrong. He just said "I'm sorry" and left. That's the first time I remember being walked on in public, besides my family at times.

2nd Story: When everyone and I woke up this morning, someone clogged one of the 2 toilets in the cabin most likely the night before but none of us knew who it was. It had too much paper in it, but we didn't make a big deal about it.

New Stories: I will most likely have some new stories/experiences since I might get my very 1st job in a couple of weeks and I may have some new stories about my job.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Abbie- Enjoyed your latest story, too! Sounds like you both really had to go!

Today I suffered a rather embarrassing story which I will tell you now! There was a small fair/town show on not far from me and I went to it. I had a sausage sandwich from one of the food stalls for breakfast, and it got my bowels moving and soon I needed to find and make use of the toilets. After looking round a bit longer it was starting to get urgent, so I started to look for the toilets, which I assumed would be portaloos. However, the toilets I found were a step up from them- they were those 'toilets on a truck' mobile loos, fitted onto a trailer and with actual plumbing- real sinks with running water, and real toilets to sit on! There were four cubicles inside the trailer, two of which could be seen from outside as they were in front of the door, and if you looked closely you could see the feet of whoever was using them under the small gap below the door.

I was happy that I wouldn't have to use a nasty smelly portaloo, so I joined the short queue- it was quite early and there weren't that many people there yet. Two women were waiting so I soon got my turn, and the cubicle in front of the door became free so I went in and locked it- or rather, I thought I did!

I wanted to take my time as I could feel it would be quite a big one, so I pulled my tights and pink knickers to my feet and lifted my skirt up to a comfortable position at my waist, deciding against lowering it to my feet as well since people could see under the door from outside. I sat down on the loo and emptied my bladder first. Two of the other cubicles emptied out and after a couple of minutes they were filled up again, but nobody tried my cubicle- not yet anyway! I started on the main purpose of my visit- my number two. I pushed out two sizable turds, wondering as I did if anyone could see my feet under the door and if so, if they were wondering exactly what I was using the loo for!

I pushed out another piece and was relaxing and waiting for the rest to come out when someone else entered the trailer, searching for a free cubicle. They must not have seen my feet under the door and instead relied on the lock, which obviously read as vacant since it wasn't locked properly! The door swung open as I sat there helpless, revealing me sitting there in all my glory to the woman who had opened it, another woman and a little girl who were approaching the trailer, and probably half a dozen other people who were in the right place at the right time! I quickly dropped my skirt down to try and cover my crotch, thighs and bum and preserve some of my modesty! 'Oh, I'm so sorry!' the woman said. 'I didn't think there was anyone in there!' I heard the little girl ask her mother, 'Mummy, is that lady making a poo poo too?' 'I don't know, she might be,' came the reply!

'It's my fault!' I replied. 'I thought it was locked!' Luckily I had nothing hanging out of me so I was easily able to stand up quickly and lock it properly before sitting back down. The woman went into the cubicle furthest from me when it opened, and then the mother and daughter took the one next to me a minute later when it became free. The little girl sat on the loo and started to poo. I relaxed after my embarrassment had subsided and pushed out another two turds. The little girl said, 'mummy, that lady IS doing a poo!' She said it rather loud, which was embarrassing, but I couldn't help but smile! I did another two pieces after that before wiping and quickly leaving the area, hoping nobody saw me leave and recognised me from my seat on the throne!


Constipation Belly Ache

I was on antibiotics for 5 days, and by the 4th day i was in some serious discomfort because i hadn't pooped for 4 days. It wasn't too painful, just achy at the bottom of my belly and i was very bloated.

As soon as i got home from work, i sat on the toilet and started pushing while massaging my belly. I kept grunting because i was alone in the house.

It took me half an hour, and i was in constant discomfort but i only produced one thick hard log, then several medium sized, slightly softer turds. I've had bigger poops in one day, so I'm sure there's still more stuck in me. I'm now groaning while rubbing my ???? because I'm still badly bloated.

Big surprise yesterday. Public holiday in Japan. (a Welsh friend said, don't say national holiday like we often say here, because national is fascist word so feel bad.)

I was not happy in the morning. I wanted to do big motion after breakfast, but only small one dropped from my bottom. Two pieces and not so long or wide. I stay ten minutes, but nothing happen, so I give up. I ate a lot many days, so a bit strange, I thought.

In afternoon I went to library.When I was there, suddenly I had big feeling in my bottom. So I picked up book and put in bag and went to loo quickly. It was a nice loo. No one was there. So I sat down and opened book. After about one minute big motion started to come. It came out slowly and broke up. After about 2 minutes, other big motion.

Then no more, but I stayed on the loo after I flush. I felt good there. Then some women and girls came in and weed and two of them did motion, I think, but not so long and then I was alone again and suddenly I had same big feeling in my bottom. So I pushed, and suddenly very very big one came out. I heard seven plops, I think. Then door opened and girl came in. In Japan we can't see well outside of toilet but I think maybe 12 or 13 years old. She sat in cubicle next to me and started to do very very big soft motion, I heard bururururururururu sound of motion dropping in water,and very long, about 10 seconds maybe. Then she didn't move and I didn't move too. Because I began to do small motions, quite a lot, but little ones. I felt good and I didn't want to move, and I heard burururururu again, and then again. Not so long now. And she break wind and then again burururururu. And big big smell. Well I also made smell, so no comment.

After maybe 15 minutes she used wash let and paper and then flush twice. And washed hands and went out. I did one more motion, not so big. I also used wash let and paper. And went out of loo. I was there 30 minutes and read about 10 pages of book. Library loo is a nice place.

By the way I feel sorry for people on this site who have embarrassing accidents. We are human, so normal maybe. I touch wood, I never have, though once in hiking I did a diarrhoea in woods, my friend look out to be sure people don't come. I didn't relax then because in Japan we don't do motion except in toilet so I surprised that on this site many people do motions in sea or bucket or other funny place.

I like people on this site. happy loo time to all you



Bathroom Survey Answers

Thought I'd answer the below survey question as I'm having a slow afternoon in the office today.

Situation 1: You're sitting at home, watching T.V., and your favorite program has just come on and is well away from commercial break. You feel the desperate urge to pee. You cannot pause the show or record it or do anything else on those lines. What do you do?

I would just hold my pee in, no show is going to be too long before I can get to the loo. Maybe sit on my heel and jiggle about if I'm desperate.

Situation 2: You're in line for your favorite roller-coaster and you've been waiting for a long time and finally, you're almost there but get a sudden,desperate urge to pee/poop. What do you do?

Depends on what I need to do, as written before I like to hold onto my poo so if I had to poop I would hold it - as I would be sitting down anyhow. If I was bursting for the loo and didn't think I'd make it I would leave to que and pee.

Situation 3: You're getting dressed and are at this stage, completely naked. You feel the urge to pee come over you. You do not have time to finish getting dressed. What do you do?

I'd just go pee then get dressed.

Situation 4: You're in class and you feel the urge to poop and you're desperate to go. You ask your teacher to let you go but he says you can't go for another 30 minutes until class is over. What do you do?

Now while I'm well past school age I have been in this situation in Sales Meetings where I had to poo really badly. If I couldn't or didn't want to use the loo I would try and make sure I can sit down on a hard surface like the corner of a desk. A few times I have got to the point where I have been touching cloth in my knickers while giving a presentation, just hoping to finish quickly without letting people realise I have to go badly and hoping I don;t embarrass myself by farting.

Situation 5: You're staying for a sleep-over with your friend and her brother. After dinner you watch a movie or two and fall asleep. You wake up tied to a chair. Your friends put laxatives in your dinner and then tied you to the chair while you were asleep. The laxatives kick in and you desperately need to poop. What do you do?

I can hold in my poo for quite a long time, I've impressed myself actually. However I'm not sure how long I could hold on laxatives. In my experience when I take them and I have to go, I have to go real soon or I will poo in my pants. Which in this case I will likely end up doing, but they'd have to clean up as punishment!


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie as always another great poop story it sounds like you had a pretty good one and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: SC another great story about one of your girlfriends from the past.

To: Bianca great story it soudns like you had a pretty good poop.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story about you and your friends.

Well thats all for now.

Brandon T

PS. I love this site

a) random
b) end stall
c) closest
d) first one my eyes see
e) if the seat is clean
f) if there is toilet paper available
g) if there's no crap or pee in the bowl
h) if there's a door and latch that works
i) if there's a dispenser for feminine products
j) if there is an ass-gasket available for the seat
k) if there's good lighting
l) the size, formation and color of the seat
m) other--explain.

C), E), F), G), I)

C) just because I don't see the point in trailling around the whole bathroom to find a toilet cubicle if I don't have to.

E) I don't want to have to sit my naked bum on a seat covered with someones urine or poo. very important to me this one

F) obvious really. you don't want to not be able to wipe yourself and go around for the rest of the day with a wet front or even worse, a dirty bum. my pants would end up soiled which is disgusting.

G) I just find it disgusting to think that I would be sharing a toilet bowl with someone so dirty that they don't even flush the loo after doing a poo.

I)well obviously this only matters sometimes but when I am at the stage where I require a feminine product then I do look out for toilets with dispensers in them.

Crystal and Deiese

What come in will come out

Hey everyone,

This Sunday Deiese came to church with me, Marcus couldn't make it :(

So near end of service I excuse myself, I enjoy hearing my pastor speak, so Deiese said I have to go too move that butt, so we made it to the bathrooms, notice stall number 1 taken, so asked Deiese which one you want, 2 cause I have to crap, so she get in the stall and I get in mine, so I pull down my skirt to ankles and take lady product off and seat on toilet and me Deiese asked Crystal why you not wearing any panties, and I pull down my shorts and panties to my ankles, well not to be gross I just started the cycle that day but before I pick you up I had a accident and nobody can see through this skirt, so girl in stall number 1 said please be nice she couldn't help it, So Deiese said sorry didn't know, I said it's cool, so we all 3 start farting and ploping poop in the toilet, I asked girl in toilet number 1 what your name she said Sophia like wait you sang a solo not long ago, ya she said but hold time I had take a good poop, Deiese said now you pooping with healthy pooper with Crystal and gettho pooper with me, she start laughing, she said she innocent pooper, we all start laughing, so I was about down after for logs felt empty, so wipping began I flushed went to sinks check out my butt to make sure yup clean went back in stall put new product on and pull up skirt, So hearing Sophia wipping now and seeing she pull up skirt and panties she went wash her hands she love to stay and talk but her bf be waiting, I said I tell you what I drop you off over there cause I need get some panties on as soon the gettho one get done, so we waited so Deiese started wipping and flushed pulled up her panties and panties joined us at the sinks, So on our way out my Pastor came out taking with us, very down to earth like a grandfather to me, so I told him about Marcus right then he start praying for him and me, afterwards he told me keep postive so after we left the church we exchange numbers with Sophia, she said we should do it again hang out, she is 16, 5'6 115 very healthy young lady, so drop her off then Deiese then went got some panties than went over Marcus house, lay on bed with him hugging him, he smile some he got up picked me up and carried me on his shoulders to bathroom and place me in tub and he walk over toilet and pull his boxers to ankles sat on toilet so asking about service and told him about my new friend while pooping at church not to long ago, so he get up flush the toilet wash his hands, he said I couldn't show my private, I said remember time I gave you a hand, he said ya but that was his fault, so later on that afternoon we went over my pastor house for marriage classes and I pee over there and when we got back evening dinner at his Pastor house and having marriage classes. came back to Marcus house spent the night and spent time on toilet pooping before I went to sleep



Hi everyone its John B. Haven't been able to post for a while due to work pressures etc. but nothing of interest of interest to report anyway.

Hermes it was good to see you posting again as was you too Abbie! another good set of stories from you and also from Jemma, you too as well Jasmin.

Hope to be posting more in the future.

Take care all.

John B


Smell Of Poop

Hi everyone, I love how my poops always smell different according to what I've eaten. I find myself sniffing the air as I poop to see what it smells like. Do any of you like the smell of your own, or someone else's poop? I also love to smell my farts. The smell I enjoy the most is the "potato chip" fart. I once ate pork chop one night, and my farts smelt like it. I also (strange as this may sound) like other odd odors as well. I love the electric motor smell you get with some items (such as toys), and plastic. This all started when I almost burnt the motor out in an old Furby I had. It had gotten warm enough that it had a chemical/plastic-type sent to it slightly. I believe one time my poop smell of cheese one time. Other times it hadn't smelled much. I've noticed that dog poop sometimes changes cent according to what they've eaten, too. I know that garlic can make you smell if you eat too much of it. I guess traces of this can be smelt in the fecal matter as well.


What come in will come out

Hi everyone

Part 2

Woke up yesterday morning, Marcus already awake laying on guess bed saying, will I go with him to his grandparents funurel I said most definitely, he said good, go get ready wanna go shopping, I said don't you have school, ya he said but it's senior skipping day, shook my head, so I got up off bed, got me some clothes out a skirt and top and matching flip flops to wear, so I go into my underwear drawer get some panties out, and went into bathroom, started bath water, took off my PJ's and sat on toilet too pee, wiped, flush, wash my hands went by sink and start brushing my teeth, Marcus knock on door tells me it raining are you sure you want to wear the outfit, I said hold on grabbed a towel wrapped it up tight around me walked out, change the shoes out for tennis shoes and socks, went back in bathroom and took a good warm bath, afterwards got dress went shopping, after went to a seafood restaurant, after about 2 headed back his place, I took off my shoes, walk to bathroom, pulled down my skirt and panties and sat on toilet, farting little bit, slowly my hole open for business and pooping begin, Marcus knock on door ask if I want to play any games when I'm done, I said ya. but come in and said are you sure, me smiling said yes, so he turn the knob, he said wait a second it's lock I'm laughing now like I know you wanna play games, he said okay just wait, so few minutes after dropping more turds in toilet,, finishing up, grab some tp wipping front to back, took 3 wipes flush toilet, and pull up clothing and wash my hands and join him in his bedroom, and go sit on his lap, facing him laughing he said that's okay you'll get it back, but this perfect position to do in, I hit his shoulder, so what game you want to play he said chess, I said okay, he then grabs mine, I said silly that's not how you play, he know just getting me back, but don't they feeling great, he said very much so but we better stop, he want to wait, I said ya, so I took off my shirt exposing my chest and he said sorry won't do it again, I say it okay, unbulked his pants push him on the bed he said okay so I get off for a second he start taking off his clothing and I start pulling down my skirt slowly, and he completely naked, I grab my phone quickly snap photos, I said got you pull up skirt back up and hurry grab my shirt and ran out, he was like o wow you little sneak, like 5 minutes later he came into guess room, we drank chocolate milk shakes together having a good laugh and he told his Butler I needed a laxative in mine cause I had hard time going, I said I hope not caused I switch cause I had more than you in my glass then you only been fair you got the most, he said he back ran into bathroom, I say sorry, all you can hear fan going, poor guy that's all, but he did prank me back I had flavor steak on my socks that his dog was ready to eat, so I took them off and dog chase me still cause it soaked into my skin



The other afternoon I stopped at a large mall right after school to get some supplies and followed a college-age woman in. There must have been all of the 15 stalls open and she stopped in the doorway of each for a moment and looked things over. All the while, I just randomly selected at stall in about the middle, saw that the seat was down, and I placed my butt on it and did about a minute-long wee. I had previously weed right after lunch and needed to go, but it wasn't an emergency. As I sat, I got to thinking about some of the reasons why we might select the stall that we do. Finally, I hard the woman select a stall down on the other end, latch the door, and I heard a thud as she placed herself on the seat. Then there was a blast and I knew she was pooing.

Please fill out this survey. I should be interesting, especially if you explain WHY you've selected what you've selected. Thanks.

If you enter a public bathroom and all the toilets are available, how do you choose the one you are going to use?

a) random
b) end stall
c) closest
d) first one my eyes see
e) if the seat is clean
f) if there is toilet paper available
g) if there's no crap or pee in the bowl
h) if there's a door and latch that works
i) if there's a dispenser for feminine products
j) if there is an ass-gasket available for the seat
k) if there's good lighting
l) the size, formation and color of the seat
m) other--explain.

As for me, the answers are a, c and d. I don't care about the ass-gaskets, but I prefer not to sit in someone's urine. A few times, however, at school that hasn't been possible and to prevent getting additional tardies, I've just seated myself and hoped for the best I'm seated for only a few seconds for a poo, before I quickly wipe. When I wee it takes me a bit longer. Now, my friend Noah, whom I've written about, absolutely hates the mostly door less stalls at school and he prefers to put TP over the seats, which he says are often dripping. But he's pretty realistic, I guess and will poo almost anywhere to prevent an accident. He also says the urinals are gross, so he tries to avoid them and use the toilets. Unlike many of his friends, however, he lifts the seat first. And he admits his aim isn't that good.


Long poop

I just went poop about 15 minutes ago. I felt a strong urge, went to the bathroom, pulled down my pj pants and undies and reached behind me for the Garfield comic. Then I relaxed as a lot of soft crap came out. It only took a minute or two for everything to come out. I wiped my vagina and wiped my butt once and knew it would be way too messy to clean up with toilet paper. And I was right. I stood up to check out what I did. There was a long poop that curled in on itself, about 2 feet long and a couple of squiggly pieces on top. When I flushed it left skidmarks. I had to strip down and shower again to clean up. It is such a pain in the ass to have to shower every time I poop but at least I'm going so that's good.



So a while back when I was in college I dated probably one of the hottest girls I had ever seen. She was a tan girl named Dom. She had the curves and was also skinny. her and i did "it"a lot. Once we had been dating for a while she became to get a little too comfortable. Now, I am pretty good at getting girls comfortable around me, as that is where most of my stories come from but this girl being so attractive in her butt and boobs, I could not see her taking a huge poop. But once again once we got comfortable she had no restraint on her asshole. One night while in bed I farted sort of softly. But she had made the remark, "I can do better." She then released a large wet and bubbly fart in the sheets that smelled extremely rancid. " That was a borderline shart." She began farting a lot when I tried to fall to sleep. "do you need to use the toilet?""Oh my god yes, I have been holding it in for so long." She plopped her butt on the seat and and farted a beginner. I just sat there for awhile staring at my ceiling while she occasionally farted and struggled and grunted. Eventually I fell asleep in the midst of her pooping. She came to the bed and said "S, I just the biggest dump of my entire life!" After that instance I had later found out that her farts smelled atrocious. She let herself go after that and ultimately led to us breaking up. During the two years we dated she farted numerous times (to the point were I would gag) she would fart in her sleep, clog the toilet more than a couple times and even shit herself once after eating a burrito. We wee in a car and she pulled down her pants let a massive fart but then her panties filled up with diarrhea. Well that is about it on Dom, thank you Brandon T for liking my many weird girlfriends.

Mr. Clogs

Like the old saying, full of crap"shit"

Well today I had two delightful dumps this morning. I got the urge after I had my coffee and some water. My bowels were moving so I made my way to the bathroom. I took off my pjs and undies off and plopped on the toilet seat and with a slight push lots of turds started filling up the once empty bowl. Once I was finished pooping, I had to pee adding on the turd filled bowl with a nice golden yellow pee. I actually felt great and was literately full of shit. I wiped and washed my hands and went back to my room. The second dump was when I was about to take a shower. I unwrapped my towel and took off my underwear again and pooped on the bowl. I thought I pooped all the turds from the coffee dump, there were some left that I haven't pooped out yet. So I filled the once clear bowl with some nice soft turds with some pee to top it off. The second round wasn't that much, but none the less I took a delightful dump.

That's all for now and have a great day and happy peeing and pooping.

--Mr. Clogs

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