Walked In Upon

Hi everyone! I've walked in on other girls while they sat on the toilet at work. The door would get shut quik before I had a chance to step in. Usually, I try to avoid this, but people can be sneaky on the loo, you know. Some of the guys like to talk in the bathroom at work. Once, my ???? felt upset at work. I felt the need to throw up while shredding paper. I turned the machine off, and luckily made it in time. My friend Otis goes to the bathroom to cough (I guess he's always got flehm in his throat even if he vocally doesn't sound like it). One day, a strange thing happened that I don't remember happening before. On one occasion when I felt indigestion, and thought I might throw up, my face felt full to some degree (I guess you get flushed if you have that I-think-i'm-gonna-puke look). Today was a great dump. I had 3 hot dogs for lunch. After a while of sitting on the couch, the urge came. The dump was solid, semi-smelly, and came out mostly in one peice. This morning, I also went. The first drop made a low thud in the toilet, and the second smaller poo came out without a sound. Both times I went I didn't need to wipe much.


Post Title (optional) To Dominic

You are so lucky to be so close to your twin brother. Its great that you are open about bathroom habits, particularly constipation issues. Does your brother get as constipated as you? Or is yours worse than his? I wish I had someone to help me during my very difficult dumps (which is every time I poop lately) because its so hard for me. I had such a terrible time on the toilet this morning, it was worse than ever - I had to break a turd off and I even had liquid poo come out into my knickers and that hasn't happened to me for many years!! It was so BAD!!!!

What was the worst constipation you ever had??? For me, its been at its worst over the last few months. I've never been so constipated in my life. Today was probably one of the worst pooping sessions I've had in a very long time too.

Jas and others: I was a Scout overseas. I just joined them here in the States. I have no stories yet. I have a meeting Sat. I might get lucky.

Tlana: I was in 3rd grade when I was asked to take a 1st grade boy to the bathroom. He was a very shy orphan and afraid to talk. So, the teacher asked me to take him. He liked me. I held his hand and walked him to the boys toilet. He looked at both the toilet and urinal. I asked him what he wanted. He held the front and the back of his pants. He pulled me to a toilet, undid his red short pants and soft yellow and pink cotton cartoon boxer briefs to below his knees, lifted the toilet seat and squatted over the bowl. With his legs spread, he held down his pipe and peed while he farted and pushed out two long thick brown logs about 12 inches each. He peed a long time. Then, he farted again and pushed out 3 more small pieces. He remained squatted until he pointed to the toilet paper. I gave him to wipe his penis, then two more wads to wipe himself. I made sure that he wiped clean. He pulled up his underwear, then his shorts and fixed himself. I told him to flush. He would not. I flushed for him and he started screaming and crying. The noise scared him. I took him outside and consoled him and returned him to class. He teacher said that he liked the latrine because it did not flush. His home had an outhouse.


Post Title (optional) Constipated in public toilet!

I'm sitting on the toilet, at some public toilets near my house. I'm very constipated, as usual and I've already spent 45 minutes pushing and striaing with all my might! Now I'm having a rest and I've got 3 inches of dry, rock hard poo sticking out of my anus. I can hear people walking past with their shopping trolleys (there is a supermarket here too) but so far, nobody else has come into these toilets. I did lots of loud grunting and heavy breathing and I just started grunting again.

Wait, now someone has come in! They went into the toilet next to me. I don't like these toilets much because there are only 3 cubicles in here. I wanted to try them out though. The person just did a wee. And now they are doing a poo! I just heard a plop go into the toilet. I wonder of they are constipated too? I need to concentrate on getting this monster turd out so I will come back later and let you all know how I went.


What come in will come out

hi all

part 2 after driving Marcus back home

I asked him do he mind if I stay awhile, he said no please stay you soon my wife I need you badly, so pull in drive way, Marcus get out, hurry unlock the door, open the door,quickly run into the bathroom I follow after, shortly I get there he already sitting on toilet, what he call it having mud butt, I said sorry about to walk out he said stay, I said but okay, he said earlier I'm sorry but you sounded cute pooping when I called earlier, I laugh and said ya threw tp at him, he start laughing, I came over gave him a giant hug told him we going get through this together, he start passing gas, I said awe Mr stinky butt, he said ya, more poop pour into the toilet , so after five waves, I said won't be enough toilet paper wipe all that, he said true, so he walked over the tub I took the shower head and turn it warm setting and spray his butt clean, afterwards we got out the tub, he dried my feet off first then, I dried his butt off, he took off everything and put on his boxers back on, walked with him to his bedroom, he climbed into his bed laying on top of it I lay there with him til he fell asleep, when he did I got up hours later made him dinner and eating dinner with him, before going bed in the guess room I end up taking a normal poop, and calling it a night


What come in will come out

Hey everyone, hope all doing good

Something happen to me yesterday that I would like to share

So yesterday afternoon I went swimming, so while swimming I got a slight urger to head for the bathroom, so I got out the pool, dry off really good and the urge goes away, so feeling kinda odd so I lay across the towel, so few minutes go by it come back, so I hurry speed walk to the bathroom, open up pool bathroom door up, and walk few steps and go sit on the toilet, start feeling poop coming out and my maid comes in hands me my cellphone and tell me it's emergency, so I answer phone while pooping, it's Marcus on the on phone crying and I try calming him down, so eventually I do so I told him give me 15 minutes need finish in bathroom and put some clothes on, Ihe said I thought you was already, I said ya I'm just went swimming without this time and now I'm dropping poop in the toilet sorry, so I put him on speaker 5 minutes. later so I could wipe, afterwards I go get dress washing my hands too, so still on speaker walk upstairs to my bedroom, go to the panties drawer and slip some on, and go to my closet pick out a nice knee length Demi skirt put that on, slide into my heel less flats, put on a football Jersey on, hurry out the house, go pick up Marcus and get to the emergency room hearing upon arrival his grandparents has pass away their injuries was too much, so watching him breakdown tore me up so bad, that I got liquid poop feeling so I had to run to the ladies, so, I get there, take end stall, hurry pull everything down and quickly sit on toilet and quickly waves of hot poop start oozing out of me, I quick call his mom tell her I be out asap told her why I ran off, she understood, so after 2 waves, I wipe 6 times, flush pull up my clothing exit stall wash my hands, rejoin Marcus, that's all right now

Phoebe, that was a nice story about helping Justin out in his time of desperation.
But what did you do with the bag afterwards? I could imagine you forgetting about it until the next day...

I've been working in some remote areas the past few weeks and that has meant plenty of outdoor peeing and the occasional outdoor dump.
The first week I was down here, I was eating a good breakfast and a good lunch. Normally I need a poo between 5 and 30 mins after breakfast but that didn't happen. Even after lunch at a pub in the nearest village (no alcohol on duty!) I didn't need a poo. But about 2pm almost every day that week I felt the need.
Luckily there was a wooded area nearby - but the trees were evenly spaced in a grid pattern and there was a public footpath through it.
A little further in I found a small group of bushes arranged in a semi circle with the open end facing away from the footpath.
Most of my dumps started with a Halley's Comet piece then some soft stuff.
My co-worker (who i hadn't even met before) also needed a dump on that first day. When he returned he said he had found a place to "go" but someone had already used it. From the description, that would be me. But being the only suitable place he had to use it anyway.
When I went for a dump the next day, I found he had dumped on top of my pile and put his paper behind and to the right, just like I had.
His logs were better formed than mine, but total amount about the same.
So over the course of that week we added to the same pile but some heavy rain overnight on Wednesday had pretty much made everything disappear when I paid my Thursday visit.

The next weeks my pattern returned to normal, after breakfast. But I did have an emergency this week.
Mid morning I could feel my stomach gurgling. I tried to let out a fart but got that sensation that it wasn't going to be a fart. I had arrived at this remote place awaiting a team of workers. I had some toilet roll (I always carry some!) but nowhere to "go".
All I could do was open the sliding door of my van furthest from the track in case the others turned up.
Luckily there was undergrowth about a foot deep adjacent so I put my feet on the van step and hung my bum out over the undergrowth.
Not a moment too soon! It all came out assisted by the gas pressure - and the need to be done before the others arrived.
The poo sort of hid itself but I put my used tp in an empty foam drink cup and put the lid on to put in a bin later.
Just as I had pulled my jeans up, the others arrived.

Thunder boxes are boring. There's just something about going outdoors!


To Linda

I have constipated since childhood, the last ten years or so it has gotten worse as I am on antidepressants. I go to the bathroom every four or five days, sometimes I last a whole week without going.
When I go I switch off my telephone and mobile, and never answer the door, nobody can disturb me when i am taking care of my business.
Two days ago I had a really tough pooping sessions. After straining for forty minutes I managed to get out four inches of a really fat knobby turd, but at that point it got stuck.and despite my desperate efforts it was not coming out anymore. My butthole was on fire, so I took some toilet paper and broke off the turd from my anus. I know it is gross but i did not have any other chance. Has anybody else been forced to do the same some time?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie as always another great set of stories it sounds like you had a really great poop that really cleaned you out and it sounds like you made a very good choice not to fart in bed and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Crystal as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha great story it sounds like you just made it in time to the toilet and it sounds like had to go alot to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lurking Dave great story.

To: Linda great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Saturday, May 03, 2014


Post Title (optional) Constipated on a public toilet (cont)

Before I continue on with my story from this morning I just wanted to add something else:

To 30-something male: I saw you were quite concerned about Jasmin K. being so constipated all the time. You asked why she doesn't do something to help her to poop more easily. Well as you would already know, I'm pretty much constipated all the time and its been extremely difficult for me lately. I've always suffered with constipation but recently, its become so bad that I've been taking 2 hours to do a poo. In fact, I haven't had a normal, soft dump for the last few months. Its easy for someone who doesn't get constipated, to think that people like us (who are always constipated) can try things to make it a bit easier. But I know for me, I have to stick to a very strict routine of healthy eating. Its hard to do that when I finish work late each day, every other week. The only time I can stick to a strict routine is on the weekend and by then, I'm already constipated anyway. I don't like taking laxatives or using suppositories to help me go either. There are quite a few of us on here that are constipated all the time and I'm sure they would agree with me that its easier said that done, to stop doing so much straining - and to stop getting so constipated altogether.

So I posted a few hours ago about me being very constipated and trying to go in a public toilet. I was having a rest, wit h 3 inches of dry, rock hard poop sticking out of my butt, when I typed my last post. It took me 45 minutes just to get that amount to stick out.

I had to use a public toilet because my housemate decided not to go away this weekend (she told me she was going away on Friday and not coming back till late on Sunday night) So she was home and I needed to spend a long time on the toilet so I couldn't go at home. I've been constipated all this week. I've been able to do a poo each day but its been taking me at least an hour to get my loads out.

Anyway, back to my story: I was just starting to grunt again, after having a 10 minute rest. I sat on the toilet grunting loudly, when someone else came in!! She surely heard me because I was so loud - and I was really going for it like there was no tomorrow! I stopped making a noise so I could listen in to what she was doing. She did a big wee and at the same time, I heard her anus crackling and she did some farts. Then there was silence for a minute and I heard a plop go into the toilet. I heard some heavy breathing for about 5 minutes but no more plops. Maybe she was also constipated?? Then I heard the toilet paper rustling as she wiped her butt. She flushed, washed her hands and left. While I was listening to all of that, I still continued to push and strain. My anus was being stretched apart by my gigantic turd and it burnt too. This wasn't helping my hemarrhoids either.

After that, I got going again - "Hhhhmmmmgggghhhh!! Arrggghhhhh!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!" and lots of heavy breathing. I pushed and strained with all my force, closed my eyes, screwed up my face and clenched my fists. I dug my toes into the floor. This was helping slightly and the turd moved out about another inch. Then it got stuck. I tried EVERYTHING to get it to come out but it wouldn't budge. I leaned right forward and strained, then I leaned back as far as I could but that didn't do anything either. I stood up and squatted slightly for at least 15 minutes - it didn't help. I got back on the toilet and put both feet up on the bowl, so I was squatting over the bowl. This did help a bit and as I pushed hard, the turd slowly inched its way out. I needed another rest so I put my feet back on the floor and reached down to feel my progress. I felt my anus and it was stretched apart so wide by the poo, that my hemarrhoids were bulging out. The turd was extremely dry, rock hard and as wide as a coke can. By now, about 6 inches were sticking out. And I had been at this for well over an hour - I checked my phone and it was 10.45 am (I got on the toilet at 9.30 am) so I had been in there for an hour and 15 minutes. And I still had quite a while to go too.

I rested for about 10 minutes and then got back into it. I grunted loudly "Hhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!, arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!" I pushed and pushed and pushed like I had never pushed before. I did some more loud grunting "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGMMMMMMMMMMMM!!" I got so loud that time and I surprised myself as how loud I got! I reached down and felt the turd again with my hand. I pushed down around each side of my anus with my fingers and strained at the same time. It helped the poo come out a bit further so I kept straining. But of course, when I stopped straining, the poo went back in a bit. Then I massaged my back a bit and rubbed my stomach. It felt bloated and I was literally full of poo. I did some more grunting "HHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!! COME OUT!! COME OUT!!! I said loudly.

I was extremely constipated!!!!!

Then, to my horror, someone came in and said "Oh"

"Is anyone in here? I'm the cleaner and I need to clean these toilets"

I was doing some loud, heavy breathing so she surely heard me and probably heard me grunting too.

"Oh dear" she said, so I knew she had heard me.

"I need to clean these toilets"

I didn't know what to do! I had 6 or 7 inches of thick, rock hard poo sticking out of me and I still needed another 30 minutes (at least) to get my poo out!! I pushed and strained hard, hoping it would just come out but it didn't (I was silly to think it would come out that easily) so I said

"I haven't finished"

She said "Okay, I will come back in 5 minutes"

This was like my worst nightmare. There was no way I could finish my dump in 5 minutes so there was only one thing to do - break my poo off. So I got lots of tp and reached down to break it off. It was so thick and dry that I couldn't break it at first. But I had to do it so I twisted my hand and the poo broke and I dropped it into the toilet. I was still full of poo, the turd was sitting just above my anus and it felt hard and sharp. My anus was burning and sore. I had an even greater urge to push and strain but instead, I wiped my butt as quickly as I could. I knew I didn't clean all the poo away properly but I pulled my pants up and got out of there before the cleaner came back. I think it took me nearly 2 hours just to get 6 inches of poo out!! I couldn't believe how extremely constipated I was!! It was horrendous!!

I walked back to my car. As I was getting in my car, I felt a warm, gooey sensation in my knickers. As if this nightmare couldn't get any worse, I now had liquid poo leaking into my knickers because I was so constipated!!!!!!! This hasn't happened to me for many, many years!!!
I got into my car and when I sat down, I felt the liquid poo squishing onto my butt. I could feel my knickers sticking to my butt too. It was awful!! I drove around for a while, not knowing what to do. My housemate was home and I was sure the liquid poo had stained the back of my pants. I couldn't go home like that!! Plus I still needed to get the rest of my load out.

I decided to go to a park near my place and use the public toilets there. There were 6 cubicles in the toilet block, so I went into the last one. I locked the door and carefully pulled my pants down. My knickers were stained with liquid poo and it had stained the back of my jeans too. There wasn't as much poo as I thought but still, it was a terrible sight! The poo was smeared all over my big bottom and I was a mess!! I tried to clean some of it off with tp. Then I sat on the toilet to finish my ordeal. This time, I didn't have to push for long before the turd started to stick out. But I had to really push and strain hard because my anus kept trying to suck the turd back in. Finally, after 20 minutes, I was able to push a 6 inch turd out. So including the other 6 inch turd I pushed out at the other public toilet, it was 12 inches in total. My anus was so sore after that!! I had to pull my pants up, that were covered in poo. I drove home and my housemate was out - thankfully I was able to get inside, without anyone seeing my stained pants!! I got a message from my housemate not long after that, telling me that she HAD decided to go away for the night and she wouldn't be back till Monday morning!! I was SO pleased!!


Latest update

Hi everyone, sorry its been a while since my last post, I've got a new story to share which I'll get to in a minute after some comments.
Megan- thanks for your kind comments, I enjoy your stories too!
Naomi- I think what you did was far better than wetting yourself, I certainly can't think of anything better I could have done in your place. I guess it was lucky you were wearing a skirt and you managed to take your tights and pants off in time before going out to the garden. As you said, at least you didn't need a poo!
Jasmin K- sorry to hear your constipations so bad again. I agree that a change in routine can mess up your bowels and hopefully now your back at school and able to get back into your routine of trying to have a poo before class things will gradually improve. As I mentioned in other posts I had the same routine as you when I was at school, I would always go on the loo first thing and try for a poo before lessons started, if its any consolation I would always struggle to go when I'd gone back to school after the hols as well. Its good that you're able to go with a friend and get cubicles next to each other, at least that way when you're sat there straining you know you're not the only one. My experience of using the loo before school was that most other girls going at that time wanted a poo as well which made it less awkward, it was quite common to hear straining and grunting sounds too which made me feel better, I guess like me they wanted to do their best to have a poo so they wouldn't end up desperate and uncomfy later on once lessons had started. If you can't poo before school do you usually try again at lunch or wait till you get home? Again, on days when I hadn't been able to poo before school I would always go back and try again at lunchtime, I never got enough time at morning break. Although not as many girls pooed during lunch break I was hardly ever the only one so I never felt too embarrassed about it, in any case it was impossible to disguise anything in our school loos as the cubicles were paper thin and the partitions really high off the ground.
On to my story now, yesterday I went shopping with my friend Beth who's a couple of years younger than me, her sister Ellie is my age and was in the same year as me at school but she's gone to stay with some other friends so I invited Beth to go shopping and then stay the night at my house. I met Beth as she was coming out of school and we went into town. We went round the shops and bought quite a lot, mostly pretty boring stuff I have to admit, I bought a skirt, socks, and tee-shirts and Beth got leggings, some school shirts and underwear. After we'd got everything we needed we went to a café before catching the bus back and ate loads of cake!! As we were sitting on the bus I got a tight feeling in my belly and realised a poo was on the way, I started to squirm a bit in my seat and Beth said "Are you OK?" and I said, "Yes, I just need a poo, I'm going to have to go as soon as we're back." I spent the next few minutes getting more and more desperate, when it came to our stop I shuffled awkwardly to the front of the bus as I was having to clench my bum really hard to stop the poo from poking out into my pants. Luckily the bus was pretty quiet, I would have been embarrassed about walking funny if there had been loads of people on it! On the way to my house I was doing my best to walk normally but it was a struggle, Beth was looking at me with concern and I said "Sorry about this, I'm absolutely bursting, I really need to get on the loo soon!!" Despite my best efforts to clench my bum I could feel the tip of my poo starting to come out and I knew it was only a matter of time before I ended up with dirty knickers. Typically I'd run out of decent underwear so I was wearing pants which were too small and they were stuck up my bum. As we got to my front door I could feel I was starting to lose the battle, by now I could feel that about an inch of the log was already in my knickers and I was having to resist a massive urge to push. I got the door unlocked after what seemed like an age and went upstairs as fast as my delicate state would allow me to. As soon as I got into my bedroom I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor, as I went into my ensuite I dropped my green pants and crashed down onto the toilet, my bottom made a loud slapping noise but I was too desperate to care. Beth followed me in and sat cross leged on the floor. I unclenched my bum and felt the log slide out another inch or so before it got really fat and stopped. I looked at my pants and saw I had a massive skidmark, fortunately they were round my thighs so I didn't think Beth could see. Just then I realised that Beth was starting to squirm so I said "Are you OK?" and she said, "Yeah but I think I'm gonna need a poo soon as well," so I said, "This ones going to be a monster but I'll do my best to be quick." I knew then I'd have to start pushing so I took a deep breath and bore down. I did a few really hard pushes which made me feel a bit dizzy and it was really embarrassing because I couldn't help grunting and panting after each one, I could only hope Beth would struggle too when it came to her turn and then it would be a bit less embarrassing. I was fairly confident of that, we have had quite a few shared toilet experiences in the past and I know that Beth is quite similar to me in that she usually only has a poo every three or four days and normally has to strain quite a bit when she does go. As I was straining Beth shifted position and brought her knees up, I could see her pants as she was wearing her school skirt but no tights. They were pale yellow with pink and blue flowers, I hoped her poo wouldn't poke out and make them dirty so I did my best to hurry up. I finally managed to get my poo to drop after another five minutes of straining, by now Beth was squirming around and sitting on her heel so I could tell she was getting pretty desperate. As it splashed down into the bowl I sighed with releaf but I could feel another log starting to come, I said "I'm not done yet but I'm going as fast as I can, I'm really sorry I can tell your bursting!!" This log was coming a bit faster but I could feel it was still going to take me a while to pass it. Just then Beth stood up and unzipped her skirt, she said "Sorry but I'm going to have to sort myself out, these pants are giving me a wedgie and my poo's starting to poke out. As she took her skirt off I could see what she meant, her pants were rather tight and wedged up her bum pretty badly. She pulled them down until the top of her bum was showing. Just then my second log dropped with an embarrassingly loud plop and I started to wee. "I'm nearly done, I'm just having a quick wee," I said. After I'd weed I flushed and said, "I'll wipe standing up so you can get on the loo." Beth had already dropped her pants, she smiled thankfully at me and sat on the loo, moaning with relief as she did so. I took some loo paper and wiped my bottom while I saw Beth starting to push, she went on like this for a few minutes just like I had done and ended up making some grunts as well. After I'd finished wiping my bum I took my pants off and put them in the washing hamper, I went back into my bedroom naked from the waist down. As I opened my underwear drawer I heard a loud plop and sigh of relief from Beth but she stayed sitting so I guess she had more to do. I cursed silently as I saw I had no clean underwear left so I had to put my skirt back on without any pants, I said to Beth "I'm just going to go downstairs to put a load of washing on." I could see that Beth was still straining hard and had gone red in the face, she nodded as I took the lid off the washing hamper and grabbed an armful of dirty washing. Just as I was going out of the bathroom I heard a loud grunt and then shortly after another plop, Beth said, "Sorry I couldn't talk just then, I was pushing too hard!" and I said "No worries, I'll see you in a sec." I went downstairs, loaded the washing machine, set it going and came back up. Beth was wiping her bottom by now and when she was done she flushed and then took off her pants just like I had. "I need to change these, I guess its lucky I bought some new ones when we were out shopping," she said. She looked in one of her shopping bags and pulled out a pack of pants, she opened it and took out a pale blue pair with purple spots which she quickly pulled on before getting changed into some leggings and a tee-shirt. I finally managed to put clean pants on a couple of hours later after the load had finished in the machine and I'd put them in the dryer! Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!!


To Debbie

Hi Debbie thanks for your feedback, I guess it was just something I enjoyed doing, especially at work.

Because i have a fairly senior role in my company (I'm a Director) and wear pretty high class business suits most days the thought of the fact I have to really go for a poo and thinking nobody realises it just does it for me.

A couple of times I think I have nearly been caught out in meetings or if someone was in my office talking to me, and I've been desperately shifting about trying to keep my butt clenched they may have figured something out lol

I've got a serious crush on one of our sales guys who is married but the feeling I have trying to hold while speaking to him such a huge rush. It's a real fine dance between how long I think I can hold and obviously trying not to fart in front of him.

A part of me would just love to do it to see what his reaction would be, but I could never dare to do that!

Are you the same Debbie?

For Jase and others

It is odd on here that there is another Jase on here. but it ends with E. Well anyway When I was around six years old I got this sender block and took it in a closed in area in my back yard and I always made a drop or two in it. And it would always attract green looking flies. And I was also in the JR boy scouts, Nothing about poops really went on until the end of our season,( It was when I was Ten) We had our Scout meetings in a Church, Well My cousin Marklee was in it too(everything I joined he had to join too)My Mother was a Den leader. Well We was all dismissed and I saw the Mens' Bathroom light kicked on and the door closed fast and I never did think anything off it. Then when me and my Mother and my Brother left, We was going down the road and My Mom said that Marklee smelled like poopy. She said that Marklee was running to the bathroom and farted on the way. I am 34 now.


MASSIVE soft dump

Besides that bout of diarrhea the other night I've been mainly constipated lately but I had 2 large cups of coffee early and been drinking water and I got a really strong urge earlier. Strong enough that I was squirming and struggling to hold it for the couple of minutes it takes to get to the bathroom. Well I managed to half walk, half run to the bathroom, close the door, put the toilet seat down (grrr why do men do that?! It's SO annoying), get my clothes down and plop my butt on the seat with no problem. I reached behind me for the Garfield comic and then relaxed. This MASSIVE amount of crap came out of me. It felt soft but it stretched my butthole as it came out and curled around the bowl. I knew it would be huge since I haven't gone properly for a couple of weeks. It only took about a minute and a half to finish. It took one wipe to know that this would require a shower to clean up and it would definitely need a toilet bowl scrubbing. And I was right! There was a MASSIVE amount of shit in there! It was really thick looking and about 2 1/2 to 3 feet long, like a tree branch. And it was all soft! No solid pieces at all. I was amazed at the size. I guess this is what happens when you can't go for a long time. I've had small loads of mushy poop each day but nothing big and satisfying like this one for ages! WOW is all I can say! Do I have some kind of mega bowels or something?! I've always produced giant craps, even as a really little kid! I had to flush about 3 times to try to get rid of the massive skid marks (that were like mud!) and when that didn't work, I had to use cleaner and the toilet brush to scrub the toilet bowl clean. I feel better but not completely empty. Like I said, I haven't gone for a while so there is a LOT coming out and no doubt more to come out. I'll poop my pants if I have to to get it out. But that would mean a major clean up. Still, it's been ages since I've done a panty poop and I'm tempted.

Last night I had a small load of mushy crap again before bed (been noticing I'm going 2-3 times a day. Small mushy, very messy loads of crap that require showers each and every time. Toilet paper does not even come close to cutting it). When I went before bed it came out with a loud snapping noise/fart.

I'm just glad I'm going.

Jasmin K

Constipation and replies


Just a couple of replies this time

I dont so much grunt out loud as make grrnnrrrrh sort of sound - I try to keep it quiet.

30-sometning male

Thanks for your interest and no I dont mind you asking.

Laxitives and such were never mentioned when I was growing up and I suppose I never really thought about them. I did try them once or twice when I was 13 ish, I didnt like what they did and afterwards I seemed even more constipated when I didnt use them and I didnt want to become reliant on them. I dont actually like taking anything like that. When I did try them I had been constipated for like a week, a friend, who looking back now was probably addicted to them, she used them for weight control and took them every day. suggested to try them so I got some off her, cant remember what they were now but I took them as instructed during the evening with the promise of relief the next morning. Well nothing happened - I had my usuall sit on the toilet and strained and strained and nothing, I really expected a whole load to slide out. Later that morning I really got the urge to go, luckilly the teacher was understanding and let me out of lessons and I rushed to the toilet. Whilst rushing I could feel liquid leaking into my knickers and some poo. By the time I was on the toilet the hard piece was stuck half out and I really had to strain to get it out. 3 more times that day I had to leave class urgently. 2 days later when I went for my morning poo I couldnt do anything, I again tried laxitives. The next morning tried on the toilet again and couldnt poo, mid morning, urgency etc as before.. Ive never used them since.

I admit I am supposed to follow a sort of diet - same as my sister, Mum, cousins, and not have certain things that make us really constipated. (There is a family trait with the constipation problem and certain foods, my Aunt is the only one who doesnt really suffer) This diet was never really followed, even as a child my mum would say you know that eating that will make your ???? poorly but if I wanted it I got it to eat anyway.I like / really like most of the things I shouldnt eat so I just carry on same as my Mum, Sister, cousins etc do. When I was young I remember being on the potty or potty chair in the bathroom whilst my mum sat on the toilet straining, I suppose I never though anything about doing that and just copied what she did.

And it seems to damage your bowel and/or anus as well, since you often talk about bleeding after straining for a long period.

Yes my Anus bleeds from straining, so what Im not bothered about that, It doesnt do it every time. I try to make myself do a poo every morning whether I need to poo or not, sometimes when I dont feel a poo there I strain very hard to make some come and my anus bleeds then. I want to do a poo to try not to get constipated.

I dont particularly enjoy being constipated or pushing and straining for long periods, getting constipated is something that happens and pushing and straining is how I deal with it along with trying to make myself go every day whether I need to or not. I also go on the toilet before I go out of an evening just to make sure I wont need to go when I am out, I get dressed in what I will wear out and sit on toilet straining and put on make up etc
I do find a degree of satisfaction when I make myself do a poo and satisfaction and relief when after a bout of constiptation and a lot of straining I get a big load out.

Feel free to ask what you want.

So far things in the pooing dept havent been to bad Managed a decent poo each morning this last week shorted time it took me was 10 minutes and longest was 45 minutes, that was right on the lessons bell going.
My best friend and sister are both constipated though.

More soon


Situation 1: You're sitting at home, watching T.V., and your favorite program has just come on and is well away from commercial break. You feel the desperate urge to pee. You cannot pause the show or record it or do anything else on those lines. What do you do?

If I was sitting in the house myself I would just sit with my legs in some sort of strange way and sit with my hand on my crotch. If my family were in than rather than do this I would just go for a pee and ask them to tell me what's happened.

Situation 2: You're in line for your favorite roller-coaster and you've been waiting for a long time and finally, you're almost there but get a sudden,desperate urge to pee/poop. What do you do?

I pee all the time so I'd probably be needing a pee by that time anyway so I would just hold it. I have to say I think I would hold In a poo at that point as well.

Situation 3: You're getting dressed and are at this stage, completely naked. You feel the urge to pee come over you. You do not have time to finish getting dressed. What do you do?

If I was still naked then I would go for a pee. I hate when you've got your tights and everything on on a school day and then you need it, that's annoying! I would go to the toilet and take my pants and tights/socks with me and put them while I was peeing on the toilet.

Situation 4: You're in class and you feel the urge to poop and you're desperate to go. You ask your teacher to let you go but he says you can't go for another 30 minutes until class is over. What do you do?

I probably wouldn't ask the teacher because I would be away for slightly longer than I would for a pee and everyone would know I had been for a poo. But If I did I would just cross my legs and try to focus my mind on something else.

Situation 5: You're staying for a sleep-over with your friend and her brother. After dinner you watch a movie or two and fall asleep. You wake up tied to a chair. Your friends put laxatives in your dinner and then tied you to the chair while you were asleep. The laxatives kick in and you desperately need to poop. What do you do?

after a bit of fun and joking I would ask her king of seriously if she could un-tie me and let me go to the toilet. Hopefully I would be able to produce some farts which made her aware of how desperate I was.


What come in will come out

hey everyone

hope all is going well

Today in one my classes I felt I need make myself to the nearest ladies restroom, so I told my teacher I'll be back, so walk to the ladies, pick stall number 1, closed it, pulled down my shorts, place my butt on the seat, a waterfall of pee start pouring out, stayed seated little longer farting began, my hole open up felt like a skinny rope log splash in the water felt empty, rolled some tp front to back, got up pulled my shorts, went to wash my hands, forgot to flush came back to flush, and left but my time the class was almost over had go back to bathroom finish pooping thought I was done wrong few more logs came out, but to keep from being bored I was texting Marcus, so that's all right now

Steven A

Church Retreat Trip

Well, my retreat is this weekend and I'm excited to go. I hope to have some "interesting" bathroom experiences during my retreat. I'll post my story about how it went when I get back home. I hope you guys and girls are looking forward to my story/experience.




My brother and I have done that since we were little kids, yeah. I know it would seem weird to some, but well, for one, my brother and I are twins and that has made us really close. We've always shared a room, got dressed in front of each other...we've seen each other naked a lot, we're used to it and it isn't intimate in that way, and then due to sharing constipation issues and the fact that we've always been open about it, it just makes it seem "normal" for us to do that :)

Dude in Distress: I also sometimes push around my anus when I have one stuck--does that often work for you?


Pooped This Week

I've pooped more this week then usual. I've been eating oranges lately. I'm not sure why I've been pooping more. I think today I've gone 2 times. I went at work, and again at home. I didn't need to wipe much. At work, I flushed in between wipes. In the evening, I didn't need to poop anymore. It has been going great. I had 3 hot dogs for dinner. I played my Nintendo Game Cube, beat tournament mode on my Dragon Ball Z game, and played as Vegeta. I however, failed with other characters. I hope your day has also gone great! Bye!

Mr. Clogs

Like the old saying, full of crap"shit"

Well today I had two delightful dumps this morning. I got the urge after I had my coffee and some water. My bowels were moving so I made my way to the bathroom. I took off my pjs and undies off and plopped on the toilet seat and with a slight push lots of turds started filling up the once empty bowl. Once I was finished pooping, I had to pee adding on the turd filled bowl with a nice golden yellow pee. I actually felt great and was literately full of shit. I wiped and washed my hands and went back to my room. The second dump was when I was about to take a shower. I unwrapped my towel and took off my underwear again and pooped on the bowl. I thought I pooped all the turds from the coffee dump, there were some left that I haven't pooped out yet. So I filled the once clear bowl with some nice soft turds with some pee to top it off. The second round wasn't that much, but none the less I took a delightful dump.

That's all for now and have a great day and happy peeing and pooping.

--Mr. Clogs

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Hi everyone. I had a very urgent poo this afternoon. I left school and started walking home, and when I was about halfway there I felt an intense need to do a poo, with no warning. I hurried the rest of the way and ran straight to the bathroom. I got my school uniform out of the way just in time to explode on the toilet.

It was not quite diarrhoea, but there was a tonne of loose soft pieces of poo. They came out very fast too, and I was done with my poo in two minutes. Cleaning up afterward was the worst part. I wiped many times and probably used half the toilet roll, and still didn't feel totally clean.

Well, I wish I had something else to say today, but I think that's all for now. Bye!

Lurking Dave

Coach Journey

Hello. I'm an avid lurker, although this is my first post. A little bit about me - I'm 14, 5"7 and 8 stone.
The other day, my school had a trip, which involved a 3 hour coach journey. Immediately, one of my friends started asking about the toilet situation. This caused all of us to wonder. We got to the destination without any problems or anyone using the toilet - there was one which, from what I was told, was just like an airplane toilet. When we arrived at our destination, a few people went to the toilets immediately and that was all for a while. The trip was interesting and my group had some great fun. I can hold it for a very long time, so I didn't go at all. On the way back, my friends were all messing around when someone started discussing the toilets again. Someone joked that they were just a hole in the floor, which we found hilarious. With a couple of hours left, a girl got up and waddled to the toilet holding herself. She tried to hide her face in embarrassment as we all gave her looks. She was in the toilet for about five minutes, so we all knew what she was doing. She came out holding her stomach before she bent double with cramps and ran back. At that point, there was a really strong smell from the toilets - we could smell it from the other end of the coach! When she finally came out, another girl (let's call her Lisa) rushed to take her place in the toilet. Upon opening the door, she practically gagged and ran back. Lisa was clutching her butt and moaning the whole time back and we all wondered if she was going to make it. One of my friends (male) went to use the toilets and also ran away - he said "I'd rather piss myself than use that!" After a good few delays, we finally made it back to school. Before the groups were even being dismissed, Lisa ran off - barely turning around to say goodbye. We could see out the window that she was running to the teacher's lounge and unbuttoning her trousers as she went. On the way out, we all agreed - out of curiosity - to look into the toilet, just to see what the fuss was about. I barely got a look in, but the toilet was completely clogged with a dump that I would guess was about 1 foot long and 3 inches thick. It was surrounded by stained toilet paper. We expressed our disgust openly before trudging off.

Hope you enjoyed my story, I'll post again whenever I have something to say!

Quick question for you guys - have any of you had problems with needing to go on a bus or coach? Please post responses.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Tlana great story.

To: Tia great story it sounds like that coffee did a good job of getting things moving and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenny first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you and that other girl both had pretty good poops and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards to.

To: Marcel great story.

To: Jemma as always another great story it sounds like you gave a really great show and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Meagn as always another great pooping story.

To: Yan another great story about Keesha it sounds like she was enjoying herself while giving you a great show.

To: Crystal as always another great story.

To: SC great story it sounds like Lizzy gave you a pretty great show and now she knows to avoid thai food.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Post Title (optional) Pooping each day but still constipated

I've been having lots of trouble on the toilet since the weekend. I've been doing a poo every night but I'm still constipated. Its been taking me at least an hour each night to do a poo, for about the last 5 or 6 nights. The turds have been 5 or 6 inches long each time.

I just spent at least an hour on the toilet, pushing and straining very hard to get an extremely dry and rock hard turd out. It was 6 inches long and the width of a coke can. It got stuck when I had managed to push half of it out. I had 3 inches of poo sticking out of my anus for over half an hour. I took a magazine into the toilet with me and I found that concentrating on that helped me a bit but not much. My anus was burning the whole time. I also had to do it in my toilet at home and my housemate was home so I couldn't do any grunting. I waited till she went to bed, luckily it was still early!!

Last night it was similar, it took me an hour and 15 minutes to push out a 5 inch turd, which stretched my anus beyond its limits and made my hemarrhoids bleed. Again, my housemate went to bed early and I had to use my toilet at home because I finished work too late to use a public toilet.

To Bloated Butt: I know I'm brave to be walking around my house with thick poo sticking out of me but I only do it when I know my housemate won't be home for a long time. She often goes out for the whole day most Saturdays and lately, she has been going away on the weekends, mostly just for one night but sometimes 2 nights. So then I know for sure that I can walk around naked freely!! When I know she is home, I always go to a public toilet so I can grunt loudly and take as long as I need to get my poos out. Plus we have a small house and if I'm in the lounge room, I can easily hear the front door being opened when she comes home. Luckily for me though, I haven't been caught out yet!! I hope that never happens!!! She is going away this weekend and I know I will probably be constipated and in need of a good dump so I will get the house to myself, yay!! Its not a pretty sight, me walking around my house naked (or almost naked) with a huge turd sticking out of my anus. I've got a fairly large bottom (I'm rather curvy) and big thighs. I have to waddle when I walk around the house because the turd always stretches my anus to its limits and its always wide, rock hard and dry.

To Jasmin K: It sounds like you have been extremely constipated lately. You really had a hard time on the toilet!!! Like you, my constipation was really bad at Easter because I also ate too many Easter eggs and chocolate in general. Chocolate constipates me like there is no tomorrow but I couldn't resist the temptation and I ate way too much!!! I knew it would be bad but I ate it anyway and the chocolate eggs were so ????!! Plus I love rum and raisin chocolate and I ate a big block of it to myself. I loved the descriptions you gave when you were trying so hard to get the poos out, I could just imagine you sitting there, desperate to get the poo out! Do you grunt loudly when you are struggling to get a thick turd out??

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