Potty Apps

It has been... oh... probably three years since I have posted anything on this site - and I feel it is time to add my 2 with a question.

I was just rummaging around the Android App marketplace and I found a few to help track your poo habits. You know... dates, times, colours, amounts, types (logs, 'marbles', ropes, et cetera...)

-Are there any people here that use these apps to monitor what you do when you poo-poo? If so, is it:

a) Because you have a medical issue (IBS, for example) you need to keep track of.

b) Like keeping track of the amount of exercise and calories. i.e. Yet another good way to keep track of your overall health.

c) Fun to keep track of. Perhaps even to help you remember what you did so you can post it here on The Toilet.




The ultimate bowl movement

I had a dare, if I won I'd get 15 bucks. I had to eat Indian food, take laxatives, stool softener, prune juice, coffee, fiber bars and put Vaseline in my ass hole. Well all i had 2 do was take all that and stay on the toilet for at least 30 minutes 2 win. Well we started and a friend was at the front door. It was T.J. I tried explaining nicely and walking away but whps wouldn't listen. And oh I forgot to menchion, I was wearing white pants. Well bbbbbbbrrrrrrr was what was heard. Ill let u figure out the rest for yourselves.


Diarrhea explosion on Tuesday night

Hi all. I've been constipated for about a week so I've been doing everything possible to try to stimulate my bowels including drinking plenty of water (with lemon in it), exercising when I can and drinking lots of coffee (which usually stimulates my bowels because I drink a lot of it) with the Lax-A-Day powder in it. Well after a few nights of doing this, it worked alright! I've been ripping some really rank farts that lingered and stunk up the whole room so I knew something eventually was going to happen.

And at bedtime I kept farting those same disgusting farts that were lingering. I still had gas but I felt a lot of pressure down there so I thought it would be smarter to go to the toilet. And good thing I did! As soon as I pulled down my pj pants and underwear and sat down this HUGE explosion of diarrhea came out! Good thing I didn't relax and fart in bed otherwise that mess would have been everywhere in my pants, underwear and the bed. The whole explosion took maybe a minute but cleaning up after it took about 15 minutes because I had to take a shower afterwards and flush the toilet etc.

I did a smaller poop earlier before bed too. 3 squiggly pieces and a small pile of what looked like cartoon poop.

I'm not even close to being empty but at least I finally did *something*


Outside pooping

Does anyone have any stories about going to the potty outside like during boy scouts or something, when they are younger?

I can remember when i was in cub scouts, on one outing i went to go to the bathroom to go pee, so we walked into this outhouse thing and i went in, the outhouse had a urinal and two metal looking toilets that u use to poop on, so i walked in for a tinkle and i saw one of the kids from my troop sitting there on the metal toilet taking a shit, and he got so embarrassed! I went along with my pee and left him to his business. I have more good stories from when i was a little bit younger! I'm a 18 year old boy right now


Too Independent For a 5-Year-Old

I got to thinking the other day while I was trying to prevent Philippe, the 7-year-old I babysit, from making a mess while on the toilet at the baseball stadium, about a situation I got in trouble for when I was 5 and in like my first month of school. I was out with my grandma and she was running low on gas for the car and we stopped at this large truck stop. I think it was on a weekend and the place was really busy and she was messing with the pump and it wouldn't work because something was wrong with her credit card. So she went inside to talk to the clerk. She was gone a while and I got bored and decided I wanted to go in and wee. I unbuckled my seat belt, ran in and could see Grams was stuck in a real mess of a line. I saw the bathroom symbol on a door and a woman coming out so I ran down the aisle. There must have been like 10 stalls and they all had their doors open. I ran down to the very end one. It took me two or three times to jump myself up onto the seat. I realized then I had a dress on so I pulled the back part out from under me, kicked my legs out and slid my underwear down. My wee stream started pretty much right away and I knew Grams would be proud of me for not waiting until the last minute (she used the word emergency)and for me doing it on my own. As I sat I heard some lady slam the entry door open to the room and yell out my name like three times. She was obviously mad, then I heard Grams come in and yell out my name a couple times too. I guess it took me a few seconds to answer, but Grams came running down and practically broke into my cubicle (I don't remember if I had time to even open it for her) and I could tell she was mad. She used some swear words I had never heard before as she was catching her breath and she told the other lady to cancel the call to 911. But as she calmed down and I got off the stool and showed her the wee in the bowl, she seemed to come out of her trance. Then she reached down and hugged me. I could tell she was still upset though because she didn't make me flush. That was something she always did because she wanted me to get practice with putting more weight of my arm on the flusher. Because of my small size, it had always been a problem for me. Then Grams told me to turn around and face the door. She tore off three lines of toilet paper and spread them over the seat just before she sat down to take a very fast poo. I could tell she was starting to calm down as she sat because she dropped her poo so fast. Then she said something about me scaring the **** out of her. She stood and wiped fast. Then she told me to go around the side of the toilet and flush the toilet. I put extra weight with both of my arms on the flusher then it worked. Grams asked me to wash my hands while she washed hers. I was surprised that once we got into the car and continued our trip, Grams didn't yell at me. She didn't even mention it.

30-sometning male

@ Jasmin K

I've read this page for a while, and reading your posts I was just wondering..
Why aren't you taking, of doing something to make pooping a bit easier for you?
I don't think it's healthy at all to be straining as much and as long as you do.

And it seems to damage your bowel and/or anus as well, since you often talk about bleeding after straining for a long period.

Are you affraid to do something against your constipation, or do you somehow take some enjoyment into pushing and straining for longer periods?

I hope you don't think I'm rude for asking this, since I don't want to be, but I'm just really curious.
But feel free not to answer if it's none of my business. ;-)

Thanks in advance..


Coffee Poop

My morning coffee made me have a nice soft poop :)
Shortly after finishing my cup, I felt the urge to go, so I headed to the toilet. I gave a few little pushes and my butt opened up nice and poop the consistency of soft serve ice cream came out. I looked between my legs to see how much had come out. It was a fair sized pile that filled the hole. I sat on the toilet for about 6 more minutes just to make sure I was empty. I was, so I wiped and was done!

I feel like there will be more later, though!

Hi, I'm Jenny. I'm 21, white, brunette. this is my first story here.

It was a hot day and i was at the mall when i had the urge to poop. I found the nearest bathroom and was followed in by a cute blonde girl about 18 wearing a cute pair of bright pink jean shorts that i really wanted. i complimented her on them and she smiled and thanked me shyly. when we entered the bathroom there were three stalls with one occupied by someone with her jeans and red panties around her ankles. i went into the stall next to hers and the pink shorts girl went next to me. i dropped my jean shorts and thong to my ankles and the cute girl did the same with those pink shorts and black panties down at her sneakers. the other girl dropped a turd into the toilet and i heard her starting to wipe her butt as pink shorts girl and i peed. immediately after she was done peeing, pink shorts girl farted softly. i heard her poop out a couple turds as the other girl flushed and left. i started pooping too, making loud plops into the bowl. pink shorts farted a couple more times and i heard her crackling out more poo. i finished myself off with a toot and began wiping my butt as she did a quiet sigh and did a long, but soft fart. she dropped one last turd and began to wipe. then we both grabbed our shorts, pulled them up and flushed. she smiled at me, slightly embarassed looking, as we washed our hands and left. i looked in her stall before i left and saw she left some skid marks.

Several years ago, I was dating a girl named Sophie. We've since broken up, but I'll always have fond, toilet-related memories of her. She was a warm, outgoing woman, who was not shy about much of anything. She'd fart freely, no matter who was around to hear, and wouldn't hesitate to announce when she needed to poop. She had a few boundaries though, as I never got to see in the act, but she would call me in after to see her "masterpieces". And masterpieces they were, indeed.

Which brings me to a great story involving her. We were on a romantic weekend getaway, staying at her family's vacation house in Germany. It was a long drive, several hours, but well worth it once we got there. Anyway, it was Saturday evening and we had just returned from being out pretty much all day. Sophie said, "I need to take a major shit. I've been holding it in almost all day!"

She went straight to the bathroom and I headed for the bedroom to wait for her. She was in there for about twenty-five minutes before she came out. The first words out of her mouth were, "I just deposited a huge turd. You gotta come and see this monster." Well, she didn't need to tell me twice. We went back to the bathroom together and the toilet lid was down. She opened it to let me see.

We were in Germany, so this was, of course, a shelf toilet, so there was no water and I could see every inch of this beauty of a turd. It was thick and very long. It ran from the middle back of the pan to the front, then curved around in a big circle, and then doubled back so the other end was very close to where it began. I'd seen her do big turds before, but I think this was her best production, by far. I asked her, "How can a slim girl like you could make a turd like that?" and she responded, "I didn't shit for several days to save up a big turd just for you. Plus I really stuffed myself at a buffet on Wednesday. I ate so much I'm sure they thought they would have to go out of business!"

I wished we had a ruler or something to really measure it. I used the best thing I had available to estimate it's size - toilet paper. It was a fourth of a square thick. The length was more difficult to measure, because it was not a straight line, but I came up with somewhere around 9 and a half squares long. After measuring, I flushed the toilet and sent her magnificent creation to the sewer.

But the best part of this story is that she had to shit again that evening about 10:30. That trip only took her a little over ten minutes, and she let me see it too. It was 3 medium-length U-shaped turds, which was a normal-sized load for her. That made me all the more impressed though, that she still had anything at all left inside her after her tremendous output earlier in the day.


treating my hubby

Hey everyone inc all new users and people who just read the posts.
so I haven't posted for a while my life is hectic & I'm going through a bit of a rough ride right now but hey life goes on.
I had 4 days of constipation, then was fine again.

my story today is of treating my hubby after a night out at the pub on saturday to being with me having s huge poo hearing all my desperate plops then benfing over snd letting him wipe my messy buttocks.

it all began with 7 hours at our local with our mates.
I needed a poo from 8pm, but decided to not poo at the pub this time & instead clench my buttocks hard & wait till we got home.
we left at 1130pm & on our walk home I told him I was dying for a huge desperate poo.
his face lit up!
"You can come in & watch & help me out" I said.
He was beyond excited.

we got home & I put my handbag down, then we went to our bathroom.
he sat on the edge of the bath whilst I pulled my knickers down & lifted up my blue dress & sat on the loo. Immediately I let loose...

plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop.....(my husband loving it)....plop....plop-plop-plop-plop-plop.......plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop -plop-plop-plop-plop-plop
empty. My husband said wow @ the amount I'd just plopped out, knowing I have big poos & saying how much he likes to watch me.
I bent over & he pulled off some loo paper to wipe my messy behind.
He wiped me 8 times, So gentle & caring with it, asking me if I had a stomach ache & me replying yes because I held it in.
he asked when he could watch me again & I said I'd hold my poo in @ work & do it when I got home... to which he was delighted.
more soon J xx


Big poop

Hi all. I don't post much on here just very occasionally. I had one poop that I have to post about today. I was at the gym on Monday morning getting dressed and stretching for my workout. I had been feeling some poop pressing against my rectum ever since I woke up.

So I went into the handicapped stall at my local athletic club and sat down on the toilet. I gave a small push to get things started and then another gentler push and I was done. I took a small pee and then wiped my butt, which was not dirty much. I was shocked when I looked into the toilet to see 14-inch long 1-inch thick log in the toilet. It was a light brown solid log with a toffee color at the tip of one end.

I very rarely produce logs this big. It was a shame to have to flush it away.

Abbie- Welcome back! I'm so glad you can start posting again; I know everyone here has missed your stories! Sounds like you had a good poo in your latest story. Hope you've had a good time traveling and I look forward to your next story!

Sandra T- Welcome to the site! Sounds like you had a good poo at the cinema and I look forward to your next story!

At the weekend I went shopping in town. After getting some lunch I needed to go find a loo because I needed to have a number two. I went to find the toilets in the shop I was in, and found the ladies had two cubicles. Taking a quick glance under the doors I could see they were both taken, with a pair of feet in front of each toilet. Being just after lunchtime the toilets seemed to be in some demand, from women who needed to make their number twos, and of course I was one of them, as were the two I was waiting for, and as was the curvy 30-something woman who entered the ladies a minute after me. 'Are you waiting?' she asked me as she saw me standing by the sinks. I said yes and we both waited for our turn on one of the toilets so we could do our business. I could tell what the other woman probably needed to do, because she absentmindedly rubbed her stomach a couple of times while we were waiting and she was standing in a similar pose to me, suggesting she was wanting to do a poo and was holding it in.

Both of the women in the toilets were also taking care of their number twos, so we had to wait for a few minutes listening to some plops before we heard the sound of toilet paper being torn off. The toilet nearest the door flushed and a woman of about 35 came out and I took her place. She washed her hands quite quickly and left as I was pulling down my jeans and pink knickers to my feet. I sat on the warm seat, noticing from the sound that the woman in the other cubicle was wiping herself. I did a short wee while she flushed the toilet and was replaced by the woman who had been waiting with me. She pulled down her trousers and I saw them appear at her feet, and then I heard her sit on the loo. I decided to wait and see if I was right about her needing to do a poo before I started to do my own, so I sat listening. I heard her shift a little to get comfortable and then her black knickers appeared around her ankles too.

I heard nothing more for a few seconds and I assumed she was perhaps embarrassed or shy about having to poo with me in the next cubicle and was waiting for me to leave, but I was wrong, because after another couple of seconds she released a quiet fart and I heard a turd crackling out of her and falling with a plop into the bowl. A second plop followed a few seconds later, and I joined in by releasing my first turd. As I did my second and she did her third someone else entered the room and stood waiting. There were another two quick plops from her and then I heard a tinkling as she began to have a wee. I did another turd as she started to wipe, and she left as I pushed out my fourth. The woman waiting went in and sat down. I pushed out my final turd as I heard a plop from her; another one wanting a number two! I wiped and left feeling better, as did all the other women who were in there, I'm sure!

Dude in distress

Constipated again

To Linda and Gio and everyone else- my constipation has also gotten worse recently.. I also recently had yet another HARD poo that took tons off effort. It had been about 3 days and I could feel it inside my anus ready to come out. I sat on the toilet and tried leaning back and bending over and pushing as hard as I could. The tip poked out but every time I stopped to catch my breath, it went back in. Finally I squatted on the floor and used my hands to pull apart my cheeks while I strained and cursed. I lifted my junk and looked down and could see my anus bulging out each time I strained. I needed a break but I was stuck with about an inch of poo sticking out. I laid down in bed for a while to rest (poo still sticking out and stretching me uncomfortably) finally I managed to get the whole thing out by squatting down and using my fingers to press around my anus while I grunted and strained. Whew! I had to catch my breath after.

One day last week at Keesha's house, she was farting in the afternoon. We had been eating still the leftovers and many other things. We were in the kitchen playing chess. The farts were hard, but they did not smell, despite the potato salad with hard-boiled eggs. She said, "I cannot take this no more", got up, undid the drawstring on her blue-grey sweatpants as she walked to the bathroom. She closed the door, lifted the toilet seat lid, slid down her pants and panties and sat on the toilet. I heard 3 hard dry farts, then 4 logs plop/splash into the water. She was quiet until she called me. "Yan would you get me a roll of toilet paper from the linen closet and a magazine?" I said, "Sure, Keesha." I got both, knocked on the door which she swung wide-open. Her pants and pink Hanes Her Way full-cut panty were at her ankles. I gave them to her and she thanked me. I heard her pee and then another fart and a plop. I called to her, "It was your turn to take a dooker!" She opened the door, with her legs open and said, "It was the gas that was hurting me." Then, she rolled off paper to wipe herself. She wiped real good. She pulled up her pink panties on her smooth dark backside, then her slacks and flushed the bowl. She asked, "Did you ever see a girl use the toilet?" I said. "Yes, my female cousins, Ann and Grace." She washed her hands and we resumed our chess. I like staying at her house.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sandra T first welcome to the site and great story it sounds you had 2 desperate poops the 2nd one a bit more then the 1st and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Kelly great story.

To: Karen (Red heads best friend) first welcome to the the site and great story you helping her poop it sounds like that enema did its job pretty well giving her a good cleanout and I bet she fel pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to hearing anymore stories you have thanks.

To: Crystal and Deiese as always another great story.

To: Maddie Star great story about you revenge poop.

To: Bianca great story.

To: Onthetoiletgal great story it sounds like you guys had alot fun.

Here are 2 stories first one happened on sunday I was at the bookstore and a lady went into the bathroom and began to to pee then no sound then a bunch of farting which ended with a burst of poop fueled by a fart and yesterday I saw a womans poop in the toilet she didnt flush it was a skinny log.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Trapped in an elevator

Hi! This is Phoebe the masseuse :) I haven't posted in a long time! Something happened to me the other day that I felt I must share with you all. Yes, it's a trapped in elevator story ;) So I was seeing a client in his office with my portable table. I'm getting lots of corporate work these days and it's great because these buildings really are impressive and I have a thing for businessmen (cheeky smile). I was leaving in the elevator and as the doors were closing I heard a mans voice say hold the doors' and someone slipped into the elevator beside me. I took a look at him as he pressed the button to his floor. Wow he was handsome. A real Don Draper type in his corporate suit n tie. He looked very muscular under his suit jacket. It was only us in the elevator. I thought id try to start a conversation so I said 'long day huh?' And he smiled at me and said 'yeah it really was'. Just before he turned away again I thought I saw a pained look on his face. Before I could say anything else the elevator jerked and stopped. I waited for the doors to open but nothing happened and then I saw that the buttons were flashing between two floors! The guy swore and pressed the communication button. 'Whats going on? I have to get home' he said. The voice that came through explained that it was a technical fault and to just sit tight, it wouldn't take more than twenty minutes. I looked at the guy and shrugged. 'Looks like your days getting even longer!' I said. He looked pretty angry, so I thought I would try to calm him down some. 'My name is Phoebe' I said 'I was just working with the CEO up there. I'm freelance masseuse. What do you do here?' 'Accounts' he said, frowning. Then he sighed and said 'sorry to be rude. My name is Justin.' 'Thats ok!' I smiled 'it's a stressful situation.' 'You have no idea' Justin grumbled. I decided not to say anything more and just wait. I took out my phone and started playing a game with the sound turned off. I didn't want to stress Justin out more than he already was. It was very silent in the elevator and I noticed that Justin was breathing quite hard. Then I heard another noise. Justin's belly gave a loud, deep rumble. I giggled. 'Hungry?' I asked. 'Quite the opposite' he answered, grimacing. Oh no, poor thing, I thought. He needs to use the toilet. I hoped it wasn't urgent. It soon became clear that it certainly was.

After another few minutes there was another rumble. This one was even louder. Justin put a hand on his stomach and groaned. I put my phone away and reached out to rub his shoulder. 'Its ok' I said 'it won't be much longer.' He looked at me thankfully. 'I really hope not' he said. His belly grumbled again and he closed his eyes. 'Im so sorry Phoebe' he moaned 'but I really need to fart.' 'Hey, I understand' I said softly, continuing to rub his shoulders. 'Go ahead. I don't mind'. He grunted softly and bent forward slightly. A deep fart rumbled out of him and he went red. 'Im sorry. I'm really embarrassed' he said. 'I couldn't avoid that.' 'Its ok! Anything to let off some pressure right?' I giggled. I thought i should make light of the situation and it seemed to help as Justin definitely seemed more relaxed. Maybe in his situation that wasn't a good thing ;)

Sure enough the noises from his stomach started again. Justin was allowing his desperation to show now that I knew what was up with him. He gritted his teeth and held his stomach. He was clearly clenching the cheeks of his ass together. Another fart slipped out. 'Sorry. I'm so sorry' he muttered. 'Oh god. This is really bad. I need to go. I need a toilet.'
'This is the worst timing for you' I said sympathetically. 'Do you think you can hold it?' The loud fart that he let out just then kinda answered my question. I could tell by the smell that it wouldn't be long before something solid came out.
'Listen' I said 'This is a last resort but I have a plastic bag that I keep my massage oil bottles in to stop them leaking. If you really can't hold it you could go into it and close it up. It's zip lock so nobody would know. Plus it's air conditioned in here.'
Justin looked at me with disgust. 'I don't want you to see me do that' he said. 'Id rather take my chances.'
'Ok. Don't worry It's there if you need it' I said calmingly. A minute later Justin passed the point of no return. He gasped as a forceful uncontrollable fart blasted into his suit pants. 'Oh god' he moaned 'Ok. Give me the bag'
I pulled the bag out and emptied the bottles into my purse. The bag was 2 litres capacity and very strong plastic. I was glad I could help out. Poor Justin was in serious distress. I don't think he cared if I saw him go anymore. He unbuckled his belt clumsily and unzipped his pants. His stomach rumbled as he pulled them down. His ass was firm and well worked out and he was pretty hairy. I appreciated it even though it was a bad situation! Two farts burst out of him one after another. It was starting to smell pretty bad in the elevator but i didn't mind. Justin grabbed the bag and looked me in the eyes. 'Thank you and I'm sorry about this. I really can't hold it' he said. Then he bent his knees and held the bag under himself. He groaned loudly and closed his eyes as another deep fart came out. It sounded like his hole was more relaxed now. I leaned in to put my hands on his shoulders. 'Its alright Justin. I don't mind at all. Just do what you need to do.' He looked at me and held eye contact as his expression changed and his face got red. He was pushing. He farted again. 'Goodness me your gassy' I said. Justin smiled between pushes. Making light of it definitely helped. He must have been so embarrassed poor thing. 'Yeah it's been a long time since I went to the toilet' he explained 'that always makes me... Ughhh... Fart.' I wondered how long and was kinda worried the bag wouldn't hold it all. I thought I shouldn't mention that to Justin. 'Relax honey. Let it come.' I said instead. I felt him tense. 'Mmmmfff' he grunted 'I think it's going to come out...' I heard a crackling noise coming from under him. He squatted lower. 'Ive got more gas first... Uhhnnn...' One last tight fart came out and I saw his anus bulge down with what was obviously a very very thick log. I moved on to rubbing his legs and Justin looked in my eyes as he said 'I'm going to poo now... I feel it starting to... UGHHH' the crackling got louder as a huge poo thrust out of Justin's anus. I gasped at the size of it. It moved straight down in a thick column under his sweating ass. It stank. 'Im sorry. I'm sorry. I'm UHNNN sorry about th-UGHH' Justin groaned as he relieved himself. The bag crinkled as he filled it. The first log dropped into it and Justin's hole closed. The log was almost four inches thick and as long as my forarm. 'Wow' I said 'well done honey. You must have needed that so' a loud fart cut me off and Justin held his belly and bore down. 'I can't stop' he said in a strained voice. 'Floodgates... Open' a rope of turd thundered into the bag. Justin was red faced and sweating as he grunted out his load. 'Get it all out honey' I reassured him. 'Im sorry' Justin said 'I really needed to move my bowels.' His shit was softer now. It must have been the pressure of that kept back by that first hard turd that had him so distressed. He lowered his arse to push as he pooped jet after jet of semi soft and very smelly poo into the bag. It was starting to look full. 'God this feels good' he groaned. He moved to kneel over the bag and put his hands flat on the floor in front of him. I rubbed his back as he pooped. The soft poop stopped and his anus domed again with another solid movement. 'Im gonna need to push this one' Justin muttered. His anus winked then swallowed up the turd again. He moaned in pain. 'Push honey' I encouraged him 'Bear down, come on, let it out. It needs to come out' 'I'm trying... Grrrrrnnnnn... Uhhhhhhhnnn...' Justin went red. He widened his legs and lowered his ass til it almost touched the bag. The turd crowned. 'Its coming now honey, push!' I said, giggling. It was like childbirth! ;) I saw the turd move inside the bag, sticking straight out and getting longer. Justin screwed up his face and grunted loudly and the last turd dropped into the bag.

Working fast I handed Justin a tissue from my bag. He leaned against the wall and wiped. After he dropped the poo smeared tissue into the bag I sealed it up and sprayed perfume as he pulled up his boxers and pants and fastened his belt. I wrapped the poo filled bag in a towel and stowed it in my massage bag. Justin tried to stop me but I smiled and said 'nobody will ever know'. Sure enough after another few minutes the AC had almost completely cleared the smell of Justin's large dump from the elevator. Just in time, because soon the lights stopped flashing and the elevator jerked and began to move again. Justin took hold of my hand. He was still slightly out of breath from his ordeal and his cheeks were pink. 'I don't know how to thank you. I'm so embarrassed' he said. 'Buy me a drink?' I suggested. He looked surprised that I would still wanna see him after watching him go so publicly. Finally he smiled and said 'it would be a pleasure.' We left the elevator holding hands.

Anonymous College Guy
Hey guys, long time no see. Sorry to disappoint but I don't have any new stories as of late... Only notable thing I can think of was seeing a cholo Mexican dude and his friend walking to the stalls together in the movie theater bathroom. I was shocked they were so open about doing it together, but some guys are just like that I guess. I wanted to take the stall beside them and observe how they dump and chat, but they already saw me exiting the urinals.

@Dominic: Your post really surprised me for some reason. Have you and your bro always assisted each other by spreading the other's cheeks and watching the hole? How old are you guys? I just couldn't imagine doing that with my bro or him with me, I'd feel like it'd be considered an intimate activity. But everyone is raised different so I'm curious about how you guys do it. :)

Well after a year hiatus, I just may go back to college and take a couple classes. I've got nothing to lose and it wouldn't hurt to be productive. I'll let you know what happens, I know a few of you used to enjoy my college buddy dump experiences, I know I enjoyed writing them.



What come in will come out

Hey people,

Yes Brandon T, took few hours to clear my system,

Today I went to my Dad job , sidenote I rarely go to his job sites, so anyway I pull up, wearing sun hat and shades, tank top thigh length shorts, and 6 inch stilettos, having date with Marcus later on, so I get out the car, one the guys come open up the building door, so walking to my dad office more stares and whistling, so get to it knock on door told him I'm ready , so my dad come out gives me a hug and say to everyone get back to work instead looking at the most beautiful woman in the room my daughter I will fire you, so we left went out for Chinese very good and dad sharing with me how business going and when he gone he has it setup to go to me first but my step mother can help run the office part, I just have hands on, sign off, marketing , so after lunch went back to his work, showing me how he going send in a team. help with construction will Marcus interested, after few hours, close time get Marcus, stomach hurting, so I tell my dad he said okay hurry back, so I go to this room call toilet, it was smelling horrible like wanting to throw up, so I made it there like a square shape box but counter tops with holes in them, so I pulled down my shorts to my ankles and panties also, sit on the hole, so one the guys decide come in said sorry but he has to go pulls down his pants and boxers to ankles, sit one over from me, so warm poop start coming out of me, he start making conversation like how he struggling with his loss, trying cheer him up so a big guy came in side said sorry but, emergency hurry pulls down his pants and sit next to me, he said sorry I know you feeling my thighs, I said yes gross he said don't worry he married I said I know but still need my privacy, oh you done, yes so the guys got off for a second while I wiped and readjusted my clothing, and when I was done I told them you can go back what you doing so they scooted backwards on the holes, so came gave my dad hug and kiss, made it to the school right on time barely, so that's all Marcus wants me try playing soccer again so going have fun now


No more Thai

On our first date we had a lot of thai food. She liked trying new things so she experimented with some new food. However, her bowels were in for a surprise. As we got to get ready to have some "fun" she took of her pants and revealed her pink panties. I loved her butt and boobs. She said, "I'm gonna go freshen up, I will be back in a bit." I waited patiently for her to come out of the bathroom but I knew what "freshen up" means, she was going to poop. I heard her plop her butt onto the toilet. i said "that doesn't sound like freshening up!' "Im just taking a pee." There was along silence until I heard her groan, cough trying to cover up the loud fart she made. But soon she began farting so frequently that she could not cover them. Occasionally I would hear a groan from Lizzy as she pushed out more poop. "Ok, you are definitely dropping a big one in there." "I'm so soory it just gives me horrible gas and the shits, and OH" Another fart ripped out as she said that followed by a discharge of poop. I'm going to need more toilet paper. She came to the door and opened it slightly to just show her face but I also saw her hairy vagina. "could you get me some more?" I went and got her some and when I returned she was holding her butt with her pants down in the middle of my room. She was holding her butt with her pants down and having some light farts. i held the paper and played with not giving it to her. "Please, S give me it or I'm going to shit everywhere. She was still holding butt trying not to poop everywhere. I finally gave her the paper but it was too late. She sat down on my trashcan and let out a huge fart followed by a sigh of relief. I looked at her in disgust as she spread her legs on the trashcan as she said "Oooh a second wave is coming.' It was then I realized I probably should have given her the toilet paper. "I thought you were just taking a pee!" "I lied, oh my god hot, hot, hot" She finished when liquid poop came out after a finishing fart. I handed her the toilet paper. She took it and then proceeded to wipe in front of me putting the the paper in the trash can. She turned around and faced her butt towards me. The smell was unbearable as she had her pants still around her legs. She came up to me and put her arms around me and her body was now on mine. i put my hands around her butt, "Don't put your hands there, there might be a storm still a brewing." After she said that we hugged but her stomach still gurgled intensely. "i will go pick everything up you go to bed you have seen a little much. Are you still OK with me? I nodded I had known she was comfortable after that because she ripped huge farts while cleaning up. She came to bed naked and lay comfortably. No More Thai for her.l

Crystal and Marcus

What come in will come out

Hey everyone

To Linda hope you doing better

To dude in distress hopefully you get a good bowel movement

Today during church service I had to poop twice once during morning and visit one with Marcus in afternoon at another church

So during the choir A choice I excuse myself, walked into the ladies took the 2nd stall, lower my skirt to my ankles and pulled down my panties to ankles and sat on bowl start peeing some dribble off and felt a good fart coming farted echo some, then some crackling, two logs zipped out felt pretty good, grabbed some tp wiped front to back, flush toilet got up pulled up panties and skirt, left wash my hands.

second story
I ate cold cut sandwich before meeting up Marcus
so before I caught up with him I was passing some deadly farts
and by time he came, I was feeling poop time was ahead so I told him, went inside found the ladies restroom, 5 stalls 3 was taken, so I took 4
so I pulled down my pants to ankles sat on toilet with panties still on lifted up some pulled them to ankles so hot was sweating took my bottom half of clothing off hang on rack, some poop came out slimy came out sweating from my butt and forehead, so hot and tired I stay seated, so I text Marcus bring my light weight skirt give to usher he did cause 10 minutes later she slipped it under my stall after 30 minutes I wiped and washed my hands joined Marcus inside the pastor talking, but had good day
take care all loving this site

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sandra T.
Hi i am new posting, my name is Sandra and I'm 22 years old. Ive visited the site before and wanted to write about my experience today. Before i begin the story I will describe myself, I am 5'4, 123 pounds with brown long hair and brown eyes. I try to work out a lot to stay fit and most men tell me I'm attractive. Today was a fun day out with my friend Anna. It all started when i met her around mid day to go to the movies. I had been out last night and my stomach was feeling a bit crampy as it usually does after I drink the night before. Anna and me met up and drove to the place together. The movie wasn't starting till 30 minutes after we arrived so we decided to go to a coffee shop to pass time. Anna and me where sitting having some juice and coffee when i got a slight cramp and then the urge to make a poo started and after a few minutes I told Anna i was going to the restroom. When I got there, I had to wait as it was occupied and was a single serving bathroom. I waited in line and this cute brunette girl in her mid 20s joined in line, after a minute the man before me came out and i went in. I put a seat cover and pulled my pants and panties down to under my knees and sat down. I started by pushing a little bit while holding my stomach and let out a noisy fart which really got my poopies started.several soft poos ploped out of me with a lot of noisy gas while i strained. I was sure the girl could hear me out side as it was a really noisy poop and the walls where thin. The smell of my poos started getting strong and i wasn't finished yet. I stayed seated and farted some more when a bunch of pellets started coming out which made the water splash on my butt. Finally i was dune and whipped my bottom many times as it was a messy poopoo. By that time the bathroom really smelled and i flushed. All my poo went down but i left a few skid marks behind, at the end i washed my hands and came out letting the brunette use the toilet after me. I am sure she felt the smell and saw the skid marks I made which made me feel embarrassed, but I will say that now a days I'm not a girl that minds pooing in public since i use to get really constipated when i was younger by putting the urge off and i still get constipated sometimes. Anyways i got back to my friend Anna and we went to the movies. Right in the middle of the movie i started feeling another urge to go again. I decided to wait and use the bathroom after, but when we came out the place was packed so i waited till I came home after dropping Anna off at her apartment. I got home and my mom was there as I still live with her. She wanted to hear about the movie, but my need to poop was really strong so i told my mom I needed to sit on the toilet as i had a poo emergency. I took my pants off before and then went and sat on the toilet with my panties around my ankles. I left the door open so i could talk to my mom as i went. At first I felt an extremely sharp cramp which made me make a face. My mom noticed and asked if i was ok, which i responded by exploting with diarrhea. My mom said that I should drink some water and relax on the toilet for a while which i did. Nothing much happened after that and so I whipped many times again and flushed. Since then I'm feeling a slight urge to poo again so i might go back in a minute. I hope everyone enjoys my story and I'll post soon again.


Not so clean break.

The other day I was at the beach. Week me and my sis Julie built a big big sand castle with a hole in the middle. Well the are no bathrooms around and I had to shit. My sister suggested i go in the hole so I squatted down and shit crazily. Well I got up thinking hey, I made a clean getaway. When I slipped and fell on the turds. It was all over my back for everyone at the beach( although surprisingly enough there weren't many there) to see.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Charm Alarm first welcome to the site and I look forward to hearing about your poop and any other stories to thanks.

To: Enema great story it sounds like you both had fun.

To: Crystal it sounds like you had a rough day I hope it didnt last to long.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

I was off this week. I spent time with my parents and my female cousins. I went to work with my folks. They work in the same building. I spent two days with female cousins and a female baby sitter, 19 years old. She is African-American and took real good care of me. I stayed where she lives with her parents and grandparents.

Tlana: When I was 7, had no problems using the toilet alone. I am only 12.

I was at my parents' job. They work in the same bldg. in a family business on different floors. So, I took my lunch with me and heated it in the microwave. During the day, I had to use the toilet. So, I found the men's room. It had 4 stalls with door and 4 urinals. i was alone. I took a middle stall, closed the door, undid my jeans and blue and red striped bikini briefs to my ankles and sat on the bowl. I broke a hard dry squealing fart and pushed out three dark brown hard logs. They were hard and they hurt my rectum. It was lonely in there because I had no comics or anything to read. I sat there for about 15 minutes, till I grabbed toilet paper and wiped myself through the front. I pulled up my clothes and looked in the bowl. I was scared of what I saw. I did not even flush. I just got out of there.

I stayed with this African-American college girl named Keesha and her grandparents. They fed me good with Easter leftovers. I had ribs, greens, potato salad, blackeye peas, baked macaroni. I was eating all day long. About 4PM, I walked the hallway to the bathroom, closed the door, pulled down my green trousers and grey Hanes briefs to my ankles. I pushed out several soft dark brown logs and a load of thick brown mud. I was reading a comic book, my legs were slightly apart when Keesha knocked on the door. "Yan, are you in there and are you alright?" I said, "Yes, Keesha. I am moving my bowels." I opened the door and she saw my young boyhood. I was letting my penis hang down. She heard my pee running out. Keesha said, "You're taking a real dooker. I'll leave you alone." I really stinked the bathroom good. I then took paper wiped my organ pipe, then another and wiped my behind. I inspected the paper and it was wet and mushy. I had to wipe with more paper, then use another to scrub my rectum clean. I stood up, wiped one more time, pulled up my pants and underwear, zipped up my pants, fixed my belt and flushed.

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