Karen (Redhead's best friend)

Intro and story

Hello, I heard about this site from my best friend who's nickname is Redhead who had posted on here a few days ago. Anyways, I was shocked when I first heard about this site even existing in the first place from her.

So anywho, I wanted to write what just happened yesterday.

Last night, she complained about being bloated and was having a hard time passing stool again for the past few days, so I asked if she needed an enema again, which she replied yes to. But this time we did it with another approach, a few days ago we went to the pharmacy to buy a few random over the counter stuffs because we were coming down with a cold. While we were there, we saw this toilet chair, which is basically a toilet seat with a removable bucket and 4 metal legs built below it. We discussed it and decided to buy it while we were there. When we brought it over into the bathtub, we took the bucket off and she just sat on it so her butt was exposed. I started to administer the warm water enema for her and she gave her around 2 quarts this time, as opposed to the 1.5 quarts she did last time. I suggested that she should hold it in for 20 minutes or so the enema would have time to work for her system.

To help us, I used a digital stopwatch timer to see how much more time she needed to hold it. As soon as I was done, I pressed the stopwatch and let it count. While she sat there, she told me the urge was so bad that it was so difficult to hold it. Even while she sat there with her buttcheeks clamped up as hard as she could, just sitting there made the whole thing that much harder. I tried to keep her mind off of it by chatting with her, but then after roughly 7 or so minutes had passed, a small amount of water started to leak out of her. She leaned in while pressing on her stomach, she said she was having trouble holding it. I told her it's not time yet, she then replied that she don't think she's going to make it to the full 20. I decided to tell her that she could let it go if the urge was too strong. It didn't take her too long until she gave into the urge. She immediately lifted her legs up to the sides of the tub and spread her butt cheeks while relaxing herself.

She said she is still trying to hold it, but then a few more squirts of watery poop came out, a small amount of soft poop squirted out of her. She then let out a groan while a massive wave of forceful watery poop started shooting out of her uncontrollably. She responded that she just couldn't hold it in anymore, and I reassured her that it's okay, at least it's coming out. While the massive wave of poop came out, I jokingly said to her: "Damn girl, you sure have to go". She chuckled and said whatever and that it's such a great relief anyways. While she continued, we chatted a little more to help her relax and after 10 minutes had passed, she was finally finished. As a joke, I decided to turn the shower on while she was still sitting down. She screamed as she got showered by the sudden cold water and told me to leave while she laughed.

Bloated Butt

Answering Linda's questions:

Hello everyone! I havent posted in a while, been very busy! But I just dropped in and noticed Linda had some questions for constipated folks and I thought I'd answer:

"To Bloated Butt, Jasmin K, Dude in Distress, Dominic and anyone else that gets badly constipated like me:

Does anyone ever manually assist you when your having a hard time with pooping?"

I posted two stories of someone "manually assisting" me. Once was when my boyfriend did it, another was when my friend Alicia did it. Both times I basically lied on the bed, naked from the waist down, and they used KY jelly to lube up my anus. Both times I had a huuuuuuuuuge log just sitting right in there, and I felt like I was about to lay a big Easter egg. It was too big to come out on its own unless I pushed really hard, otherwise it was just barely poking out. Thats usually the case with my turds. To be honest I love that feeling.

Anyway, they would use their finger to massage my "backdoor", and they couldn't help but push against my immense log, pushing it back up into me a little bit. Then when they removed their finger the poop would sink back down and start poking at my anus again. The urge to poop kept building and building, there was so much pressure in my butt, I couldn't help but "Ooooooh" and "Aaaaaaah" trying to hold it all in. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and begged to be allowed to poop.

"Does anyone ever watch you while your pooping and let you know how much poop is sticking out of your anus?"

Both my boyfriend and Alicia have done this. I like to have company when I poop, both because I take so long doing it and also because I have a difficult time and like someone to comfort me. They've massaged my stomach, rubbed my thighs and hips, butt, etc. Alicia confessed that she actually enjoys accompanying me. My boyfriend is sweet but I think he mostly does it out of obligation LOL

"Do you ever walk around your house with poo sticking out of your anus, when you are trying to push a hard turd out? (like I have to)"

Yes, I've had to do this once when I left the toilet paper in the kitchen. I had a massive thick wide log sticking halfway out, and had to waddle down the hall to get the TP so that I could grab the turd and jiggle it a little LOL!!!

I'd like to do that more though. I'd like to sashay around my house while naked, swinging my big wide hips, my huge round soft butt jiggling with every step. I'd be too afraid of my BF coming home early, though! You're much braver than I am! Maybe I'll surprise him one day...

"Do you get liquid poo leaking out when your constipated? And do you ever find dried up poo in your knickers?"

No, I never get that. My poops are always huge, and thats what makes them difficult. They're never rock hard or dry anything. And i've never had a problem with incontinence.

"Do you take most of your clothes off when you are having a long pooping session (like me)?"

Yes, a few times. Even when I'm not naked, I often get "skimpy" when I'm about to poop. Usually I'm just wearing a T-shirt and panties.

"Are any of you badly constipated right now???"

Well, I had a pretty epic poop earlier today. It took me almost 20 minutes just to push out a gigantic log that must've been wider than a coke can! But thats not too different from normal for me! Hope you're pooping better soon, Linda. I love reading your stories. I love imaginign you waddling around your house with a thick heavy turd filling your anus, if I may be so candid ;). What would you do if your housemate suddenly walked in on you? You're very daring!

Bob in Chicago

Lucky Andrew

You were lucky that you were wearing briefs. Boxers would have let it run down your legs into your shoes.

Well I can feel the coffee I'm drinking doing its job.
Within the next 20 or so minutes I'll be heading to the bathroom to poop :)

Crystal and Deiese

What come in will come out

Hey everyone just going share a story or two hehe.

Yesterday Deiese and I went to a all can you eat Burger place where you can choose what kind of you want from ????, soy, turkey, beef, steak, and. all can you eat side, like many types of fries, tator tots, hash brown, different kind of onion rings, but any how we get there, I choose a steak burger and ???? burger tator tots, so waiting on food, I decide to go ladies, walk in 6-10 stalls look to be taken boy was it strong poop odor, so I took the 7th stall undid my shorts pulled them to my ankles and pulled my panties to knees, sat on toilet, start peeing, felt good about it wiped flush toilet pulled my clothes back up, left out of there after I wash my hands came out got my food. Joined eating with Deiese,afterward eating feeling misable but cute, Deiese excuse herself to go bathroom I waited for her while I talk with Marcus, 25 minutes Deiese came out said she had take a good crap it bed 2days, I just shook my head, drove to Mike house to drop her back off and I went skateboarding with Marcus


Constipated again

Hello everybody. Been kinda constipated over the last while so I haven't had anything going on with my bowels or on the pooping front. My husband had to buy me the Lax-A-Day today to help me and I am still on the stool softeners. I'm going to start drinking more water and continue drinking more coffee since that seems to stimulate my bowels. Lax-A-Day (or some other brand called Restoralax) help soften and restore your bowels by keeping water in the stool. It does not give you cramps, diarrhea or any of the nasty symptoms other laxatives would. But it does give you a nice soft poop within 2 to 4 days. So if you *have* to use a laxative go for this. It is much gentler than Ex Lax or the irritating stimulants that cause cramps, diarrhea, possible accidents and just destroy your bowels. Look for the medical name on the label called polyethelyne glycol. It is a powder that you can put into any drink including coffee or tea. It won't alter the taste.

And knowing my bowels I know it will probably produce a HUGE amount of crap!

Maddie Star

Laxative revenge

My ex boyfriend was caught cheating on me and we broke up about a few weeks ago. I haven't forgiven him for what he had done because we've been together since high school. We're both in our late 20's now.

Anyways, I remembered that he planned a cross country trip with his friends and he had departed a couple days ago. He left his car behind by his apartment building where I can get to and luckily it's at where no one usually go to anyways except him. As dim witted as he were, he forgot to ask for his spare key back from me when we broke up, so I still had access to his car.

I had been constipated for nearly a week and wanted to use that to my advantage. I went to the pharmacy and bought some the strongest laxative they could give me without a prescription. It said it would take 4 hours to work. I really wanted this to work so I decided to take a bit more then the recommended doses and waited. After a little while, I could start to feel my stomach feeling a little funny. As soon as that happened, I decided that was time to start heading to his car. I started driving over there and while I stopped at a red light, a sudden urge came along. The pressure didn't take long before it became very desperate. The desperation had caused me to sweat because I was trying so hard not to have an accident before I got there and my aching bowels was begging me to let go. After what seemed like forever, I managed to get to his car. I quickly parked somewhere nearby and got into the backseat of his car. I quickly slid my pants and panties off and gotten into the squatting position.

This is the first time I ever taken an laxative and pooping in a car so I was squatting there for a few minutes kind of hesitated. But then my stomach started to gurgle and a small soft piece of poop started to ooze out of me that I couldn't stop. Then a couple more soon after. Then a few chunks came after that. This kept on for another minute or two, then I decided I couldn't take it anymore and needed to satisfy my bowel. Diarrhea started rushing out of me and all over the seats. I couldn't stop any of it even if I wanted to. After several minutes of chunky diarrhea rushing out, I was finally finished. I took a few napkins out and by the time I was done, I pulled my pants and panties back on and left my entire week's load in his car. I hope he enjoys my present that I left for him.



Hey Linda, nice questions. Here are my answers:

Does anyone ever manually assist you when your having a hard time with pooping? - sometimes, yes. Usually my brother. We're both constipated, so we've manually assisted each other. Sometimes that just means massaging the stomach or spreading the buttcheeks.

Does anyone ever watch you while your pooping and let you know how much poop is sticking out of your anus? - Yeah, my parents did that when I was younger and my brother has done that recently (we're really open in front of each other). He would look at my anus and tell me how much poop is coming out and whether pushing was actually doing anything

Do you ever walk around your house with poo sticking out of your anus, when you are trying to push a hard turd out? (like I have to) - Yeah sometimes I do that, not very often, but sometimes I find that walking around with hard poo sticking out can help hehe

Do you get liquid poo leaking out when your constipated? And do you ever find dried up poo in your knickers? - I used to when I was younger, not much anymore. I had encopresis and I'd get my underwear soiled from being constipated.

Do you take most of your clothes off when you are having a long pooping session (like me)? - Sometimes I do. I feel more comfortable and "free" having my clothes off lol


Stressed Bowels

Hello. Today I had a nervous stomach. My mom got a lower intestinal bug some time ago, so I must've got it. Anyway, today I was watching T.V with my graduation Furby sleeping in a basket. After watching T.V for awhile, I had lunch (3 chicken tacos). Sometime after lunch, I felt gas in my lower intestines. When I went to the bathroom, I had a semisoft BM. A small minifan was running, so it ended up circulating the poo smell around. Before washing my hands, I turned it off. At my house, I leave the bathroom door open to air it out which puts the stink in the hall, but nobody minds. I had a more runnier Bm a few minutes ago. This morning after breakfast, I had a more solid bowel movement. My poos wern't too messy today, and I ended up wiping no more then 4 times on my morning poo, and maybe around 6 times with my later ones. I hope you guys enjoy reading my posts.

Mystery Poster

Farting Challenge

Hey everyone, I have another challenge for all of you to try.

My challenge: Try not to fart all day until you go to bed. Once you wake up in the morning, don't fart until you go to sleep at night.

I hope you enjoy my challenges and I hope to see how some of you do with this one.


Post Title (optional) To Dude in Distress and Gio

To Dude in Distress: When I'm extremely constipated and desperate for a poo, I find the best thing for me to do it just to push and strain as hard as I can - if I close my eyes, screw up my face and clench my fists it seems to help a bit too. Like you, I also have to push down on my anus and strain at the same time during a very difficult pooping session.

To Gio: It sounds like your struggles with constipation are as bad as mine. Are you constipated all the time? I'm backed up most of the time, although I do have times when I can go several weeks without getting constipated. Over the last couple of years, its been really bad for me and over the last 6 months, I've been extremely constipated. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it has. Recently, its been worse than ever!!!! The last 3 or 4 times I've been constipated, it has taken me 2 hours to do a poo!! Its common for me to spend up to an hour or more on the toilet, trying to do a poo, when I'm backed up. How long does it take you?? Like you, I also have hemarrhoids from too much constipation.

Have you always suffered with constipation?

How long do you stay constipated for? I don't normally let myself go longer than 4 days but occassionally, I can go longer. At other times, I can go every day and yet I'm still very constipated. My turds are normally around 10 - 14 inches long on average but they can get bigger. I ALWAYS have trouble with a turd getting stuck in my anus when I'm trying to push it out. Do you ever have to break a turd off that is too stuck? Sometimes I have to do that. I often have to use public toilets to do a poo because I take so long and I get so loud grunting. And because my poos are so big, they block my toilet. If my house mate isn't at home, I will go at home but I always have to break the poo up to fit down the toilet or do it in the bath (and then break it up)

And just one more question:

Have you ever been on the toilet at home, struggling with a hard poo that gets stuck in your anus, with about 2 or 3 inches sticking out and you suddenly have to get off the toilet (with the poo still sticking out) and not have time to finish or break it off (or suck it back in) because you have to answer the door/answer the phone??

Pleas share some of your stories, I would love to read them!!!!

Anatomy student

To Linda

Sorry to hear about your Hershey highway having a traffic jam. Next time, don't stand up. Lift your feet onto the seat in front of your butt with your knees to your chest. This will align the colon naturally and fight against hemmorroids.
Get some glycerine enemas. They are small enough to discretely carry in your purse and work almost instantly by living up the poop instead of dissolving it. This works great on hard large poops.


Question for Redhead.

I find it interesting that you are 25 and have had a history with enemas. I'm in my mid 60's and enemas seem to be mostly a part of my generation left behind...its unusually to here someone your age using them, in fact they seem to have become somewhat of a dirty word. Did your Mom start you one enemas and was she a nurse? Enemas were the go to thing in my house when constipated. I find them the best and easiest way to relieve my constipation.

Sister to Shannon

I'm curious as to what made you suggest an enema? They seem to be a thing of my generation (your grandparent's). I couldn't even get one in the hospital last time I needed one. I had to get the doc to order it specifically. Will your sister use it again? Will you try it?


On a Course

I was 21 and had gone on an outdoor pursuits course. Through my teens I had wet the bed quite often but had a rubber sheet so it never really mattered. I had not wet the bed for about three years and had stopped thinking about it, unit, about half way through the course I woke up one night at about three in the morning and realised I had just completed a pee in my bed.. There were about twenty other guys in the dormitory and I was horrified. It was lucky I woke because I needed a poo so threw back the sheet and got up. There were no drips on the floor, thankfully. I was wearing white soft cotton boxers under my pyjama trousers and both were sodden. There was no choice but to return to bed and hope for the best. In the morning the sheets were still really damp and in the wet warmth it felt like a saunas and smelled like a toilet. I got out carefully so as not to release the drying pee smell to the world. I was scared of showing out too much so I quickly stowed my soggy pyjama trousers back in my bed and pulled my trousers up over my wet boxers.

I knew I smelled of dried piss but I suppose no one got near enough my bottom to get a good sniff. For the rest of the week going to bed I hardly ever pulled the sheets back and slipped carefully into my little pee sticky hole. At the end of the week we had to strip our sheets from the bed and hand them in.

This incident started me off bed wetting again for the best part of a year. I grew quite used to it. If I woke up wetting I have to confess I did not always go to the toilet but let it just carry on and enjoy it.

Did other people in their twenties start bed wetting again after they thought they had got over it.

Steven A

Few Constipation Memories

I can only remember 3 times when I got constipated during my life. I have probably got constipated before, but these 3 memories are just recent. My first 2 memories are the same but have different endings.

1st/2nd Memory: I had to go poop after church but I didn't go and we had to stop at the store and I didn't say I had to poop, but I probably should have. So when I got home, I had some trouble pooping, but I managed to get it out. The 2nd time this happened, my mom had to help me use a suppository and it worked.

3rd Memory: I didn't go poop for like 3-4 days and after school on Friday, I got the urge and I waited until I got home. My poop was just a big log nearly 1 ft long or a little more.

I did suffer for a period of time during last summer when I had trouble pooping but I don't suffer from constipation anymore thanks to Fiber One/Plus Bars and Fiber One Cereal. This stuff works great for me if I eat it everyday in the morning. I usually poop in the mornings and sometimes during the day and night.

My next post will probably be my Church Retreat Trip during the weekend next week and I will most likely have a story for that.


More Stories

Hi everyone, have any of you done silly stuff in the bathroom. I know as a kid, I used to flush toys down the toilet, and even stuff like lotion. I think at the YMCA when I was older (forgot the name) I threw an apple in the boys restroom just to get rid of it. On the bright side, I had fun at the Y! One of my favorite things to do was bounce a basket ball, and chase it. Me being blind, I crawled around to look for it. One day, I raced almost across the entire room on all fours after the ball as someone said something as if surprised. In school, I sometimes went under desks on all fours to look for things, and embarrassed some people I'm sure. Luckily at the Y, I didn't get hurt or worse, or thought of as weird. At the school for the blind, I stayed upstairs by the bathroom at my doorm for the longest time after someone told me to go to the bathroom before a trip. On to another story. At work, there's this guy Keith who wore a colostomy (I'm not sure he has it still). Sometimes when he was at my table, I'd hear him fart in the bag. The guys restroom at my job is often stinky! In fact, the smell can be noticed outside of it.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Jasmin K


Just to say that Ive got very constipated over the Easter break,Ive only just had a decent poo this morning which I did on the toilet at school.
I think the change in routine from having my morning poo or should I say trying for my morning poo around 8 ish each morning in school to being at home and going later due to getting up later and also having to wait on my sister getting off the toiletand she was taking ages as she is also constipated and she has to stay there untill she does something meant I wasnt going for my poo till later and on a couple of days leaving it till the evening. It began getting really difficult to poo in the week leading up to easter, probably too many sweets and chocolate, we started on easter eggs early and by easter weekend I was struggling to get even a couple of pebbles out. When I really got stuck into my easter eggs ( my sis and I get loads of chocolate and easter eggs as my Aunty works in wholesale confectionary and can buy a case load for little more than the shop price of 1 large chocolate egg so an easter egg from my aunt is a case of them) on Sunday. I already had ???? ache from eating too much chocolate on saturday and couldnt do a poo despite being on the toilet for 2 hours in the morning straining really hard and could feel a big fat monster poo stuck inside my bum which with each strain was bulging my bum hole downwards but wouldnt come but softer poo was squeezing past it and I kept wiping to get this softer poo of my swollen and sore bum hole. On Sunday it was much the same but at least a few pebble sise bits broke of the stuck monster log and splashed into the water. I made a real pig on Sunday with Easter eggs and a huge roast dinner as well. Sunday afternoon I went for another try and strained and strained to try to relieve my swollen aching belly only doing several pebbles and some softer poo which had squeezed round the hard piece which felt even bigger, making my dome out and bulge right down. It seems like when it does that there is not as much force when I strain to push the log out. I am used to my bum really hurting but wow this was really bad, even with cream on it. That evening my best friend came round and I told her that I was really badly constipated, She said that she had been untill that afternoon when she had managed to do a 10 inch solid hard log that took and hour and half to come out. We were going out but I said I wanted to try before we went so I put on a pair of high boots and she came in with me to the bathroom. She pressed on my belly as I strained and she said that she could see my bum bulging down below my cheeks. As I strained she pushed up on my bulging bum making the tip of the log emerge. I strained so hard my eyes were watering and she said its sticking out about 4 inches. When I stopped straining it went back in. My hems were bleeding and really swollen. I strained again as hard as I could and when my log was sticking out she got hold of it and broke a piece off. She showed me it was about 4 inches long, inch and a half thick and solid. I carefully wiped my sore and bleeding bum,my hems were still swollen and when I pulled my white bikini style knickers up my hems were touching the material. My friend pulled her jeans and knickers down which when I looked were quite stained with a skid mark and blood and what i knew to be anusol cream. She sat and peed into the toilet then strained and dropped a few pebbles wiped and pulled her knickers up which I then realised she also had a pair of what looked like plastic pants over her cotton knickers. I commented and she just said that it prevented anything getting to through to her jeans as her bum was really sore and leaking and she didnt want the rubbing of a pad.When we went to my room I took out a pad and pulled my knickers down to see them very blood stained. Got a fresh tight pair and put the pad in and pulled them up. She suggested I might try a pair of plastic ones but I declined. My mum used to make me wear them when I was younger and very constipated but I havnt done so since I was 12. That said my sister still does when she is soiling her knickers at school.
Back to School on Tuesday me and my best mate went for our morning poo taking adjoining cubicles. She is like me in that she goes every morning whether she needs to poo or not and strains to make herself go poo.I hitched up my mini skirt just a little so when I sat on the toilet it wouldnt be under me, pulled my white cotton bikini knickers down and sat and started to push and push for my morning poo,I could hear my mate straining and grunting and farting and I farted as well. After about 15 minutes she said to me Jas I think something is gonna come. I could here her making popping sounds and like splattering sounds with each strain and after another 10 minutes she said Jas its coming. There were a couple of plip plips then a plop and she said Jas its out. She wiped and flushed and pulled her knickers up then came into my cubicle where I was straining on a log that was half out but wouldnt go any further.I was aware the bell was soon to sound and had been there for 40 minutes she said strain hard jas ill try to get it a break it off. She squatted down and did as she said as I strained so hard I went dizzy. I couldnt do anything Wednesday not even a pebble and the same Thursday. I tried at home thursday evening and managed a few pebbles after and hour. This Morning we both had ajoing cubicles again, I raised my feet on the ledge and strained and strained and dropped a few pebbles with each push. I continued straining and a few larger chunks came out, after about 10 minutes of really hard straining and holding my bum up with 2 fingers on either side a solid log started to emerge. It was getting fatter and stretching my bum which started to bleed.As I strained more the log emerged more and finally dropped with a thud and splash. I strained again and a smaller log dropped. I kept straining to get rid of any left over bits and a few softer pieces splashed in to the water. I was wiping whe I heard a huge strain and several splashes from my mate in the next cubicle.
Hopefully my bowels will keep moving for a while now.

Anyway onto some questions


I dont remember ever trying to poo outside to avoid being made to sit on the toilet. I was made to sit on the toilet every day whether I was constipated or not untill I did something, I had to sit there straining untill I made a poo. On school mornings it was for up to an hour and again in the evening untill I did it. On non school mornings it was untill I did it. Doing it outside or for that matter in your knickers didnt work, you were punished for that by having to stay on the toilet untill you did a poo, I know this for sure as my sister did quite often, and still sometimes does, do it in her knickers and she was still made to sit on the toilet untill she did a poo. She still is made to go every day.
You soon learn to hold it untill its your time on the toilet so youve got a good chance of doing a poo.

Ive never had an enema or soapstick or anything like that since potty training. I cant remember for me but I know when my sister was being potty trained sometimes a suppository was used to make sure she went when told to on the potty. I think it was mainly if she has soiled her nappy or knickers she was given one than made to hold and then put on the potty get rid of it.
As for liquid poo, ive had softer poo leak out, a lot when I was constipated when I was younger and used to dirty my knickers at school alot like every day sometimes.
I get a liquid sort of poo when I am straining hard to try to do a poo, like on a morning at school but it doesnt leak later unless I am constipated.
As for walking around my house with a stuck poo sticking out Ive only done this to go to my room to get something such as a pair of heels then back on the toilet or when my best friend has been there to change places with her. I used to get kept of school when i was younger and very constipated and if I had to go across to the shop and had a poo sticking out my bum this was when I was like 10 or 11 years old and my mum made me wear plastic knickers so I didnt get marks anywhere. To go to the shop I wore a skirt over them.

Jasmin K


In the Car Park

The incident took place a few years ago now in The Peak District.I was with my friend Bill and our two fathers. It was a cold and wet day and as Bill and I walked ahead Bill said he was desperate for a pee. I casually remarked that at least if he went in his pants it would be warm for a while.

After a bit longer we waited for our fathers to catch up and all sat for a swig of tea and a bar of chocolate. Bill and I sat together on a big rock and quite shortly after sitting down I saw a stream od water running from between Bills legs. He grinned and said it felt great. Our dads were chatting and I joined Bill in wetting my pants. It did feel good. I had not done it in my pants since being at school and somehow now I was eighteen or so and doing it on purpose it seemed rather naughty.

At the end of the day we got back to the car park well ahead of our fathers and sat on a bench in the car park and drank mugs of steamy tea. I let go again and the hot pee surged into my still wet pants, wet from rain and pee. Bill pointed to the toilets and then laughed and started peeing as well.

Driving home I realised that neither of our dads had been for a pee all day, at least not to our knowledge and I reckon they were wet as well. The next day Bill told me he had checked the wash basket indoors and his were not the only yellow stained and smelly underpants in it.

Wetting it seemed was something both Bill and I enjoyed and we began to do it together quite frequently


Last weekend, me and my 3 friends; Cath, Maria and Sophie were getting the train down to London for a weekend.

Cath is tall with Blonde hair and slightly curvy and is 25 years old. Maria is the oldest of us all as she is 31 years old with blonde/brown hair , short height, slim. Sophie is 22, quite tall but not as tall as cath, long brown hair, pretty face, great body with slight hips.

We all met at the train station right after work so we were all wearing dresses/skirts and tights.

After 2 and a half hours on the train, we had all consumed a meal and had had a vodka and I for one was farting as I hadn't done a number 2 for a couple of days. I didn't say anything but I heard Sophie do a little fart also. So far only Maria and I had both been to the toilet for pees.

Suddenly Cath said that she wanted to use the bathrooms in the London train station to freshen her make up and "go to the loo". By the way she said this it meant that it was a poo she was needing. Sophie agreed by saying "I could be doing with the toilet as well". Maria and I both suggested that we all used the toilet on the train which would mean we could do each others make up while someone else was on the toilet. Cath especially agreed to this and off we went.

The 4 of us pilled into the small rounded toilet. there was a toilet itself and a sink plus mirror to the right of it.

we decided that one of us would go on the toilet, two of us would do make-up and one of us would just take our tights off and things.

Cath was first up for the loo. Sophie did her tights and Maria and I did make-up.

Cath reached up her polka dot dress to pull her brown tights to her knees along with her thong. She then rested her thighs on the rather small toilet seat. It was sophie who noticed that the toilet bowl itself was see through! it was just glass. it was some kind of modern decoration but it was disgusting.

Cath said "are you all okay for me to start now?" we assured her yes and cath asked if we could all keep talking just so it wasn't clear to be heard. we all agreed.

Cath started with a short pee which everyone was quiet for. However, she started talking about the weekend when it was obvious that she was pushing out a bit of poo. I saw from the corner of my eye several small bits floating around in the pan.

It was when cath was talking directly to me, part of her mouth raised slightly and her right thigh raised a little as a gassy farty lump of poo dropped from her bum. mid sentence her face went red and she said "sorry".

cath suddenly reached round and pulled off a square of toilet roll. she wiped her front with this before dropping it between her legs into the pan. she then pulled off a few more and leant on to her left thigh and wiped 6 times. she pulled up her thong while seated and just left her tights at her knees as she was going to take them off anyway.

Sophie volunteered to go next. she moved her black puffy skirt out of the way before pulling her pink pants to her ankles.

Cath was bent down at the side of the loo to fix her shoe and she said "wow sophie, im so sorry you had to watch this, did you see up my Bum?" sophie was confused but cath then said "because I'm bending down I can genuinely see your bum up there" sophie jokingly replied with "stand up and stop looking then"

Rather than speaking, a slight hissing sound came from between sophies legs as she peed. Sophie had a very different poo pattern from Cath as she produced a lot of nasty follow through farts but there were only a few tiny balls of poo in the water.

I thought she had only just started doing a poo when she stood up slightly to wipe her bum over the pan. she wiped her bum 11 times! probably because her poo just spread all over her bum cheeks. she then quickly did her front once before pulling her underwear up and letting her skirt down and flushing.

Me and Maria were now all done with our make up and cath and Sophie were both now bare-legged and feeling lighter having been on the loo.

We swapped roles now. I agreed with Maria that I would go on the loo next.

I rolled up my short blue dress and pushed my black tights to my knees along with my white knickers. I then sat my bum down onto the visible loo ;/

It was only now that I could appreciate how embarrassing this was. Everyone was talking to me now while I was on the toilet. Not only this but knowing that Maria could see anything I produced was also embarrassing. However Maria did say to me that "its okay I won't look" even although she said this, I knew it was only natural that she would.

I did my poo, wiped and flushed. Maria said she didn't need it that badly and waited until we got there.

dude in distress

To Linda-

I have never had anyone manually assist me, or tell me how much is sticking out. I often just reach down between my legs to see how much is out. And I have never had liquid poop leak out. I'm just very prone to dry HARD stools that take a lot of effort to pass. I do often walk around the house when a large turd pokes out and gets stuck. I don't remove all my clothes but I do occasionally remove my pants so I can stand and squat while having a difficult movement. Do you have any tricks that you use when you are desperate? For me- pushing on the spot above my crack and below the tail bone or pressing on the sides on my anus help during a really painful and difficult crap that has been stuck for a long time.


getting up in the night to poop

It is now 4:31 a.m. About an hour ago I got up to pee, but I had to pass gas as well, so I did; that often helps me to get my pee out. I farted several times while standing to pee; then I went back to bed to get (I hoped) a bit more sleep. But no--I kept having to fart, and the only way to do it sort of quietly was to lie on my back. But the more I farted, the more my rectum felt pressure; so finally I got up again, pulled a small mirror out of my filing cabinet in the computer room, went to the toilet (turning the light on so I could see), and watched myself push out a single classic turd, 9" long and quite thick, probably an inch and a quarter. Relief was immediate--no more full feeling, no more gas. I wiped once, and there was almost nothing on the paper. I folded it over, put my usual dab of Noxzema on it, and wiped again, including thrusting the paper up through my anus into my rectum to clean the anal canal. A very satisfying bowel movement--just very unusual as to time. Anyone else get a midnight urge for a normal b.m.?


Babysitting Philippe

Philippe, who is 7, is flown into our city a few times each year for a visitation with his father, who lives across the street from us. I babysat for Philippe again last week since we were both on spring break and his dad has a very busy job schedule. So a day before Philippe was flown in, I asked his dad for a couple of directions on what to do with him because even though Philippe is a 2nd grader, he cannot independently use the mens room right. At Christmas, he was escorted out of the mens room for misusing the urinal (I wrote about this) and then a few minutes later 3 women criticized him for being in the ladies room with me. Among other things, they said he was too old and should be using the mens room. Well on the second day of his visit, my friend Noah and I took Philippe to a baseball game that was followed by an Easter egg hunt. We bought him a smaller size soda than last time, hoping it would help in him not having to wee as much. It didn't work. About a third of the way into the game, Noah took Philippe down two flights of stairs to where the bathroom was. Luckily, the bathroom had the urinals built into the floor, because Philippe had gotten into trouble on his last visit because he's too small to get his organ high enough to aim into the urinals that are mounted on the wall. But this time also Philippe started to drop his jeans and underwear right out in front of dozens of guys in the room. Noah stopped him and showed him how to use the zipper. He said Philippe went some, but then farted and said he had to do a Number 2. Noah could smell the need.

So Noah took Philippe around the wall to the other side of the room where all the toilets were vacant. However, he said all had urine splashed onto the seats and one even had a load of poo on the side of the seat. And none of the stalls had toilet paper available to do the needed wipe down of the seat. Noah brought Philippe back up to our seats and told me about the problem. Philippe was definitely smelling and he was grabbing his butt. I quickly made the decision to take him back downstairs, this time to the ladies room. I was practically dragging him because I didn't want an accident to happen. I took him into the first available stall I saw, quickly unbuttoned his jeans, pulled down his underwear and thought he was very slow in seating himself. When I had to start a 3-count in order to get him seated, I found that I was feeling the need to wee. This is normal for me when I get nervous. Then he very slowly backed himself up to and onto the seat. I wasn't sure he was back far enough to avoid dropping on the front of the bowl and his organ was over the front so I had to take his hand and show him how to slide farther back and hold his organ pointed into the bowl. Quickly Philippe dropped three or four pieces and I pointed to the toilet paper and started unrolling some for him. He wiped while seated and dropped them into the bowl. He stood and I asked him to do one more for me. Now I could see that he wasn't really getting the job done. I took a little more paper than he had, had him bend over, and even he was surprised on how much he had missed. I handed him the evidence and told him to toss it into the bowl. He pitched it too far and it slid off the backside of the toilet. I made him reseat himself, reach back and get it, pick it up and then stand and drop it into the toilet. As he went to stand and slide his butt across the seat, there was a screech that his skin made and he seemed to think it was funny. Actually, I thought it was funny, too. But I wouldn't know how to explain it. After that I had to get on Philippe about flushing (and even had to demonstrate for him) and helping him wash his hands. Then we joined Noah back upstairs at the game.

Thank you to the person who told me about the "loo taboo" in Europe. Not so different from here in Asia.

Nothing special to report from me, sorry. When I have interesting thing to tell I'll post again.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Hannah great story it sounds like your cousin really had to go and I bet she felt pretty good afterwards to and it sounds like you had a pretty good poop later on and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Christa good story.

To: Redhead great of stories it sounds like that really did its job in cleaning you out I bet you felt really great afterwards and it sounds like Karen was really desperate and I bet she felt great afterwards and she gave a show as well and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Naomi great story.

To: Jessica first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you and your friends had an interesting time at that sleepover and please post anymore stoires you may have thanks.

To: Bianca great story.

To: Jemma I hope your constipation dosent last to long and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

charm alarm

Hello, everyone!

Hello! I've been lurking around here for a few months now, and I decided to finally make a post to say hello. You can call me Charm. I'm 23 years old with a "curvy" body (okay, I'm just big) and I recently discovered that I have a growing interest in bathroom habits (mostly pooping stories). I've got plenty of stories of my own to share, but right now, I'll just tell you how I'm doing today.

My bowels have always been a bit iffy and ever since I was a kid I've been prone to really bad constipation, but now I'm on a new medication that makes it worse (and my doctor just increased the dosage, so that doesn't help me either). I'd been getting semi-regular over the years but now I feel like I'm regressing back to my childhood problems of having irregular poops!

I think it's been about three days or so since I last pooped, which, compared to the length of time I'd go as a kid without pooping, isn't so bad, but right now it feels really awful. Every time I've tried to go these past few days, all I could push out were tiny little rabbit turds, splashing in the toilet like little hard rocks and giving me no relief at all. But today, things seem to be moving. I just had some pizza rolls about two hours ago, and though I eat them pretty often, they seem to be causing some sort of reaction today, as my stomach feels a little achey. I can feel something shifting downward, filling my rectum, and I've been letting out some pretty stinky pre-poop farts that are popping loudly out of my behind. I think this stuff's ready to come out, finally!

The last time I had a proper poop, I had been constipated before that as well and though the turds that came out eventually weren't very big (not nearly as big as I've had before), they were still very difficult to push out and it felt like they were tearing my ass apart! I was surprised they weren't longer or wider, but they still hurt and it was a real struggle to get everything out. I think I actually grunted a few times while pushing, which usually doesn't happen, and I had to keep a constant sort of pressure on the poop to keep it from going back into me as I tried to rest between pushes. So I'm kind of scared that this one is going to hurt, too. But this full feeling in my bowels is really getting to me and these farts are getting smellier, so I better go soon! I'll let you guys know how it turns out!


My older sister Shannon and I are very close with each other. She is 18 and I'm 15 (turning 16 soon). We have used the toilet in front of each other before and even had a random conversation while one of us is on the toilet.

About a couple days ago our parents was going out of town for a bit and at the time, Shannon was very bloated and was gassy. She was also having difficult time passing stool as well. I joked that she should get an enema. We laughed a little, but somehow we actually were considering that she use one. After a little while she decided she was going to try one. We went to the pharmacy to buy this enema kit. As soon as we got home, we kinda fiddled with this kit and looked at the instructions. She wanted to try this out somewhere comfortable, so she wanted to do this on her bed. We filled this 2 quart bag and I helped her administer it. As soon as we were finished with that, she felt so much more bloated and said she has a very huge urge to poop. The instructions said she had to hold it in for a little bit to make this work a little bit so she did.

I tried to keep her mind distracted by chatting with her but after a little while, she started to get off the bed and said she can't take this anymore and walked to the bathroom. But she had to take baby steps because the urge was so much worse when she got up and started walking. Before she made it out of her room, she stood still for a minute pressing her cheeks so hard trying to contain her load. She then tried walking again, but then she stopped again while she made a groan sound. Suddenly this short fart sound that came out, followed by a couple short squirts of brown water came bursting out. She stood there saying that she is worried she is not going to make it without making a big mess. She tried to walk a few more steps and as soon as she made it in the hall way, I hear her bowels a few gurgling sounds. She suddenly stopped, pressed against her lower stomach and stood there, then a few seconds later, a squirt came out. Then a couple more squirts came out and this time a small chunk of poop came out. A few more came out and said: "Oh my god I can't hold it, here it comes!!!", she leaned forward a bit and spread her legs a bit. Suddenly a wave of poop started to shoot out of her like a none stop volcano. She stood there, waves after waves and couldn't stop. As the flow was beginning to slow down, she actually sighed of relief. She said that even though she had made a big mess like she had guessed, at least she felt so much better.

We both started laughing about it because of what happened. After she was finished, we cleaned up the mess which wasn't that hard because there wasn't any carpeting. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this story.


New here-constipation

Hello old, this is my first post. I have just discovered the site, and I am surprised and delighted how open people are here. English is not my mother tongue, so please excuse my mistakes.
As a lifelong constipation sufferer, I can relate most to those who describe their experiences trying to pass a big hard mass. Linda, your stories are nothing but amazing, and your struggles to poop are very much like mine.
My average pooping session takes longer than one hour, sometimes up to two hours. I take off all my clothes and don't sit on the toilet, instead I covered the floor with some tp and squat on it. I put on some loud music because I don't want my neighbors to hear me pushing and grunting. I close my eyes, and push with all my force, it takes ten or fifteen minutes until the log starts to poke out. At that point my anus is already hurting and my hemorrhoids start to bulge out. I go on pushing, with a hand mirror I check the progress, it comes out slowly and painfully, at some point I need to take a rest, I sit on the bathtub rim with an inch or two of poop sticking out of my ass, or take a walk around the house.
At some point I go back to squat and straining again until finally my log comes out, they are like 8-9 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide. My anus hurts a lot and often bleeds, so I don't wipe, instead I put some cream and go to my bedroom and lie on my bed to recover from the efforts.


What come in will come out

Hello all hope things going with all,

First welcome to all the new posters on here

Had a nice couple pooping times today but only going write my favorite

So this evening while playing video games with Marcus, feeling bit a good time to go poop, so I paused the game, told him I be back , as I got up I farted embarrassing loudly, he looked at me shock, I quickly apologize, he said I know that's unlike you do that stuff on propose , so made my way into the bathroom turn on the blower, lift up my night shirt, poke my stomach seeing what happens it made a gurgling wet farting sound, so I knew then I was going be awhile, so walked over the toilet sat on toilet, spears my legs apart pulled my panties down letting them fall to my feet, felt my hole open up soft poop start coming out, fall into the bowl, more start coming out, after 10 minutes felt empty, flush then farted in mix of them chunks of poop plop out of me so I stay seated, then was done, flush start grabbing roll of tp wipping my butt, feeling very sticky, after 5 wipes, I check flush again, get up pull my panties up, wash my hands, leave bathroom, Marcus hurry gets up goes in bathroom, hear him quickly sit on toilet, I start feeling a rumbling again, so I walk in on him I look away I said sorry honey I need go again, he said, almost done, he then made the same fart, I told him I think we got food poisoning, cause few hours before hand we had this soup for lunch, sure enough it was after he got down, I started pouring liquid poop into the toilet After sitting on toilet, he came in, so we end talking turns about a hour later we was wore out all sweating, end up throwing up, so going lay down now,

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Post Title (optional) Surprise, surprise, constipated again!

After my horrendous pooping session on Monday, I managed to get constipated yet again! I didn't do a poo at all on Tuesday or Wednesday. I was starting to get worried because even though I had only gone 2 days without a poo, I was really, really backed up. For some reason, I seem to get very constipated after only a day or 2 of not pooping.

So I woke up this morning, feeling lethargic and bloated. I was literally full of poo and badly constipated. I went to work feeling so uncomfortable all day. Each time I went to the toilet, I did some gently pushing and straining to get things moving. When I went to the toilet at lunch time for a wee, I let out lots of smelly farts and I stuck a finger up my anus - to feel how high up the poo was. It was up fairly high and I could feel the tip of a massive, rock hard and very dry turd. I decided that I needed to get that monster out after work but I would need to use a public toilet. My housemate was at home and she would be home all weekend.

I finished work early and drove to my favorite public toilets. I made my way to the toilet block and chose the disabled toilet because there is more room for me to move around. I locked the door and pulled my pants off completely. I sat down and relaxed. I did a big wee and lots of farts before my anus started opening up. I had to do lots of pushing, just to get my anus to open up, to be ready for my enormous poo. I continued pushing and straining for what seemed like forever, until my anus started crackling and getting stretched to its limits. The turd was massive and very wide.

It took me 35 minutes to get about half an inch of poo to stick out. I needed a rest so relaxed for a few minutes. Then I gave it all I had and bore down, pushing and straining with all my might. I started grunting too "Hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, arrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!" I didn't realise that some other people had come into the toilet block and they obviously heard me grunting because I heard some muffled laughter. I didn't care and I kept going with my grunting "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" This time, I got even louder. I could hear the girls talking to each other quietly and then I heard one of them say "Geez, someone must be desperate" Another girl replied with "I would never do number twos in a public toilet". I still didn't care what they were saying, I had 2 inches of rock hard poo stuck fast in my anus and I was willing to try absolutely anything to get it out!!!!!!!! I pushed, strained, grunted and did lots of heavy breathing for the next 20 minutes or so. Eventually, the girls left so I had to entire toilet block to myself.

I needed another rest so I relaxed and reached down to feel my progress - I could feel about 4 inches of poo sticking out now but I had already been on the toilet for almost an hour. I pressed down on my anus with my fingers and strained with all my might. It made the poo come out a bit more but when I stopped, it went back into my anus a bit. So then I stood up and stayed in one position while I pushed and strained. I did some more grunting "Arrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I surprised myself at how loud I got but I needed to and it helped. Then I started talking under my breath as I strained "Come on, come on, come out you bastard!!! Come out, come out, come out!!!!" I realised that I was almost yelling. It helped me though because when I reached down to feel my progress again, I had managed to get about 6 inches of poo to stick out. By now, 1 and a half hours had easily passed by. I said to myself "Here goes nothing" and I pushed like I had never pushed before. I could feel the turd slowly inching its way out, getting wider and wider as it came out further.

I was in distress and in dire need for a poo. I was just so backed up but I needed to get this poo out desperately!!! I pushed, strained and grunted continuously for 10 minutes until FINALLY, the gigantic turd came out!!! It was 14 inches long!!! After that, several smaller pieces of poo came out.It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to get my load out.

I drove home and had dinner. I just finished another dump but it came out much easier. I don't know how so much poo built up inside me, after only 2 or 3 days!


Post Title (optional) To Jasmin K and others:

When you were a kid, did you ever try to do a poo outside when you were constipated, so your Mum wouldn't make you sit on the toilet for hours?? My mum used to make me sit on the toilet and she would tell me to stay there until something came out. Most of the time, I could only do a wee so then she would make a soap enema and stick it up my butt. That worked most of the time. Did your Mum use a soap enema when you were constipated as a kid??

Anyway, back to the question, when I was around 6 or 7, I suffered with chronic constipation. I was staying with my grandparents (with my parents and older siblings) and I was extremely constipated. I was so backed up that I had liquid poo leaking out into my knickers several times a day. I remember one day, I was playing outside with my dolls when I felt the urge to do a poo. I went behind a tree and took my pants off. I tried my hardest to do a poo but of course, I was way too constipated to get anything out. So I pulled my pants up and then I felt that familiar warm, wet feeling in my knickers - I had messed up my pants with liquid poo and I couldn't control it. I pulled my pants and knickers down to my ankles because I could feel liquid poo dribbling down my legs. I waddled inside to find my Mum because I needed to get cleaned up. When she saw me, she put me in the bath.

I can also remember my Mum taking me to the doctor because I was so constipated (when I was 6 or 7). The doctor examined me and told my Mum I had beads of liquid poo all around my anus and general bottom area. I was literally full of poo and liquid poo was leaking past my constipated mass.


What come in will come out

Woke up this morning got out the guess bed, went in the bathroom brush my teeth felt I needed to twinkle, so pulled down my panties and sat on toilet, good stream came out, wiped private, flush. wash hands, took my night shirt off, started a bird bath in sink, got down in like 10 minutes, came out bathroom nothing knock on door Marcus dad wanting talk with me told him give me 15 minutes, so went through my stuff slipped on bra and panties, put on a flower skirt and white blouse, white heel sandals, open the door, he came in talk with me about spending father and daughter time together, I said sure, so we headed out, went to a pizza place had lunch talk a good time, so on way back, I notice he was squirming, asked him what's wrong, he laugh he lactose, need toilet bad, I said hey I know a place, he said where, at me in Marcus place,so we drove over there I unlocked it for him he raced by me so fast, poor guy, after 20 minutes of waiting he came out the house, I asked him he felt better, he said yes but don't go in about 25- hour worth of time, we both laugh, he said never seen a girl eat so much but stay slinder, I said it goes other places, so got back, went to my car drove to my classes, so in my second class now, so take care you all

Esteban, thanks for writing me. In Cambodia and Philippines, my schools had toilets with no doors or no stalls and open latrines. It was fun sitting with my fellow lads. We were all ages in those schools.

This morning, I was in my bathroom doing my makeup. I had the door only partway closed. I heard a knock at the door, and it was my 16-year-old cousin, who is staying with us, and she is staying in my room. Anyway, she said, "Can I use the toilet? I need to go number two." I said yes, and she came in, pulled down her pajama bottoms and sat on the toilet.

She peed for a long time and farted a couple of times, and then I heard the crackling of her turd coming out. I continued to do my makeup, and I could see her reflection in the mirror. I could tell by the look on her face that she was having an incredibly relieving poop. She did several large plops while I was in the bathroom. I was done by then, and left her alone to finish in privacy.

I returned to the bathroom a few hours later, now in need of a poop myself. When I opened the toilet lid, I found that my cousin had not flushed. She had left a huge pile of soft poop in the toilet. Taking big dumps seems to run in the family, as both me and my mom do big ones as well. I decided I would just poop on top of her load. I sat down and did a quick, but large poop, consisting of four long sausages. Then I wiped, and flushed down our combined poops.

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