so after the other night, my mom talked to me about wearing a pullup during the day for awhile. she wants me to stay dry during the day for 1 week before i go back to reg underwear. im not really off to a good start. ive had at least one day accident each day since. today was awful. Woke up with my usual soaked pullup. i tried to hold but peed myself during class. i changed before my 2nd class and tried to pee at lunchtime but i didnt have to go. i made the mistake of drinking soda during both classes and a refill at lunch. on my way home i had to pee SO bad! i pulled into a store parking lot and ran in. i managed to hold it mostly but i lost it when i was trying to get my pants and pullup down. i soaked my pullup, my pants and shoes and the floor. i changed my clothes in the stall and cleaned up the floor. i finished all the other errands before going home. when i finally got home, over 3 hours later, i was fighting to hold my pee again and dribbling in my pullup. i ran inside almost crying and ran upstairs to the bathroom. i had barely gotten upstairs when i totally flooded my pullup. my mom had just arrived home and i didnt want her to know so i went to the living room to watch tv. she came in and asked me about my day. she then asked if i had stayed dry all day. i lied and said yes. she seemed very happy. after the show, i tried to sneak upstairs to change. my mom said, christa, is ur pullup wet? i said no but she came over and felt and said ur soaked. i started crying and she asked if i had really stayed dry all day. i had to tell her that i had peed all the pullups in my backup and my pants once. she was great about it. she just said, its ok. shower and put on a dr pullup for tonight. we'll try again tomorrow. i hope i do better tomorrow :( autistic or not, im too old for baby diapers during the day.


A couple of stories

Story #1

For most of my life I occasionally get an enema because I sometimes have trouble passing stool and ended up being constipated for a few days. I'm 25 year old now and is living at a small condo my best friend, Karen, and I finally managed to buy recently. We've been best friends since elementary and we both had no problems going to do our business in front of each other. She knows about my bowel problems and she even offered to help administer the enema for me if I needed because she worked as a nurse and knows how to do it.

Anyways, last week, I was getting pretty constipated and was only able to push out a couple of tiny balls of poop here and there on occasions and was kinda gassy. We both agreed it was probably time for me to do it. We decided a while ago that I could do do this type of thing in the bathtub because she could administer it much easier for me, then just release everything and wash it all down the drain after turning out the shower when I'm finished. Anyways, after she had administered about a liter and a half of warm water into me, I just stood there in the tub and just held in for as long as I could while it does it's magic.

The urge was very strong most of the time, but then after 30 minutes, I pressed against my abdomen, then a squirt of brown water with a solid piece of poop shot out of me. I leaned against the wall, spread my butt cheeks as wide as I could, then relaxed my bowels. This small amount of poop water came out, then it was followed by a massive load of poop with a mixture of more poop water. It shot out of me quite violently and I farted a few times. I turned my head a bit to see my current load and said with a joking tone: "Well, at least it's brown lol". She joked that it smells like dirt and laughed a little.

"Maybe that's a good thing" I replied, then I moaned while this second wave of poop violently coming out. I then sighed of relief because I was starting to feel so much better. After several minutes of doing this, I was finally emptied. At this point, I just turned on the shower and just watch all that load go down the drain and it usually take around 5 minutes for it to go down.

Story #2

Last night I was on the toilet doing my business, then suddenly Karen came home from work and begged me to be finished soon on the toilet because she's been holding back a load since the morning. She is very toilet she with everyone other then me. She stood there at the bathroom door, held her stomach and this very loud fart came out of her. She quickly pulled her panties down and said that she couldn't wait.

I immediately hear this crackling noise as this thick turd started to emerge and she had this relief look on her face. "Aaahhhhh..... this feels so good.", she said. She said this had been on her mind for the past 5 hours and was anxious about coming home all that time. After she was finished, she had pushed out a couple of long turds. I tossed her the toilet paper so she could wipe and grabbed some plastic bags so she could scoop up her poop and toss it in the garbage right after.

thx trekkie. ur words r kind and mean alot. im trying harder to put things in perspective and not feel so much like everyone is always staring at me. its hard but im trying. thx again for ur support. :)



I suffered with food poisoning and a bowel blockage last summer,you can thank the hospital I was at for giving me a special medicine that increased my apetite extremely. It took several er visits, a lot of nausea and diaherria, and PAIN! and some antibiotics to cure me and for the longest time they had me on miralax saying it was possibly something I'd take forever to stay regular. Only recently a few months ago on sight of green poo, did I go to er out of fear. A pleasant ER doctor said one thing, eat yogurt. Well a few cups of yogurt and some water, I have been regular without use of miralax! I defently believe in getting a second opnion with doctors, it may change you for the better :) I know it did for me. Blondebeauty.

I ended up in a slightly interesting situation today - I would be interested in knowing what anyone else would do if it happened to them -

I had lectures all morning with no break to pee and had drunk all the water in my bottle. I didn't really have to pee so I went the computer room to get some work done before heading home. I ended up being in there longer than expected and while I was aware that I need to pee I wanted to finish what I was doing so I could head home. Finally I finished my work and was ready to leave, as I was leaving my friend started to ask me some questions about some work, at this point I was really starting to feel the urge to pee but thought I could wait until I got home.
As I walked out the building the cold air hit me and I realised I had underestimated how much I needed to pee but I couldn't really be bothered to go back in so I just headed home, that was a bit of a mistake...
The walk home is about 20 minutes but needing to pee made it feel much longer and every step I took made the need intensify, I really had no idea how much I had to go or else I would have gone when I had the chance! I walk home as fast as I can aware that I'm twisting my legs around a bit to help relieve the urge, I'm not sure how obvious it is that I need to pee so I'm fighting the urge to grab my crotch knowing how obvious that will make it. As I reach the traffic lights and wait for the light to turn green I twist my legs together realising now that I will be lucky even to make it home. I curse myself for not going before I left and wonder how the urge to pee had come on so strongly.
Eventually I make it back to my house and fight with my key to open the door. I get the door open and rush inside. I dump my bag in my room and quickly start to go upstairs to the bathroom. Oh no, my house mate is already in there and by the sound of it she is not just peeing... I sit on the stairs and hope she finishes her poo quickly. I hear the thud of a large log and then her pee starts. I twist my legs together even more as the sound of her peeing makes it even harder for me to hold on. *spurt* I lose a little bit and I feel my pants dampen, I clamp my hands to my crotch and rock backwards and forwards hoping she will please hurry up. Then I hear her turn on the shower and I know I will not make it until she is finished - she definitely doesn't shower quickly. I sit on the stairs holding myself twisted up and wonder what I can do, I know I will not manage to hold my pee in until she finishes her shower and I will not make it back to campus without peeing myself. Another spurt leaks out and I realise I am going to have to do something soon or I am going to have an accident. I head downstairs to my room, and dance around trying to remove my tights and pants without removing my hand from my crotch. I don't remember having been so desperate for a long time (but at least this time I don't need to poo too - unlike last time). Once I had removed my pants I head out into the garden. It's too exposed to just pull down my pants and pee but if I just sit on the edge of the step I can let my pee out and remain covered by my skirt - that's the theory anyway! (I used to use this technique when playing outside when I was little but haven used it for a while.) I sit down and spread my skirt out around me, hoping it isn't too obvious to any neighbours if they happen to be watching. As soon as I remove my hand another spurt leaks out, and then I relax and my pee comes rushing out, I realise my skirt is starting to get wet so I lift it up slightly and continue peeing. It feels so relieving to let go after holding in so much pee!

If you got home desperate to pee (or poo) and your housemate was in the shower what would you do?

I am home this week. I have been peeing a lot. I drink lots of water. My parents go back to work tomorrow. I will be left with a girl in her 20's to watch me.

Zip and Esteban: I would like to be in S. Cal. on a beach.


What come in will come out

To Tlana sorry to hear about your accident

To Linda I'm sorry to hear that but glad it's out, I know when it happen to me sometimes I may feel a couple blood vessels going burst

To Brandon T, my friend hope all is well

To Steven A, I never heard of church camp before but had used a old wooden toilet before when I was younger in Puerto Rico visiting family grandpapi lived on a farm

A question has any one had such a good poop you just wanted stay little bit longer on the toilet, well tonight was the night over at Marcus house in his bathroom just took a shower felt the need for a good poop, so got dress half way waddle to the toilet with my panties down to my ankles and long shirt covering up the rest, start plops within seconds Marcus knock on the door told me someone at the door for me I told him I can't at this moment, so after few minutes sitting I start passing gas and some soft like poop start sliding out feeling great to come out, didn't have to push after ten minutes felt so good to come out, sat little longer, Marcus out of concerned asked if I was okay ya I said just relaxing he laugh and offer to come in to wipe me, I said sure you can, but good luck cause I'm not letting you in evil laugh, so after 20 minutes being in there I wiped four times and flush wash my hands pulled up my panties and rejoined Marcus painting his mom and dad room but before hand slide on some PJ pants on, well take care all


Sleepver when i was younger

My name is Jessica, I'm 19 years old and just a normal college girl but I've been fascinated by bathroom habits and accidents since i was a little kid. But what really got me was when I was 15 at a sleepover with a group of friends. There were 6 of us total at a friends house. Her parents had a finished basement and we got to spend the weekend down there virtually alone from parental interference. We did all the usual stuff like movies and eating and drinking and talking about boys and sex and stuff. Then the next day we got to playing truth or dare. We were having a great time laughing and being stupid and after a while I got dared to pee my pants. I was shocked at first and tried to say no but my friends all pushed and finally I gave in and said ok. So I sat there indian style staring down at my crotch while they cheered me on and I tried but was really hard to let go. They kept egging me on and finally I pushed and let out a squirt, enough to make a small wet spot the size of an egg on my jeans. They all cheered and yelled and told me to do more but i couldn't make myself let go. It was then my turn so I dared the next girl to pee her pants, too. She was in a pair of tight pale blue fabric shorts. She stood up, spread her legs, and we egged her on until finally her crotch turned dark blue and wetness spread down the legs and dribbles down to her feet before she clamped her legs shut and stopped. We were all laughing. She turned around and showed us her butt, too. She gave me a hard time because I had gone so little and she did a lot more. We kept going around the circle doing our truths or dares and I started to feel like I wanted to pee more and felt kind of naughty and as we kept playing I decided to let a little more out to see how it felt. I let go a big spurt and felt my crotch turn hot and wet and looked down as the wet spot spread to the size of a baseball now. My heart was pounding. It was exciting to do something so crazy. It must have been all the sugar we had been eating and drinking but I felt like being stupid. I stood up and told everyone I was going to pee my pants the rest of the way. They didn't believe me but dared me to do it so I stood there, closed my eyes, and finally relaxed until I started peeing full out into my jeans. They cheered as it spread down my legs and we all laughed. I couldn't believe what i was doing but it felt kind of good and exciting. When I finished we took my wet clothes and my other friends too and put them in the washer while we sat with towels wrapped around us until they dried. Ever since then i've been kind of hooked on stories and sometimes wet myself on purpose when i have time alone. Its harder now in college, though.

Dude in distress

To Linda

Glad you were finally able to get it out! The longest I have been is 4-5 days as well. The longest it has ever taken me was about 4 hours total. I spent have of that time pushing and straining as hard as I possibly good. I spent the other two hours totally panicked because. I had about an inch of this massive, rock hard log sticking out and stretching my anus as wide as possible. I leaned over and strained as hard as I could and watched my anus dome out- but when I stopped straining to catch my breath, it went back in. Finally I took my pants off and squatted down and used my fingers to push against my anus and around the perineum. After about a half hour of that- and finally success. I was grunting so loud I was afraid the neighbors could hear me haha



Hi everyone!

How was everyones easter? Mine was great. I became nervous about Mom testing the smoke alarm, so that made me need to go poo. It was a quick, stinky, and semimessy one. I got a nib graduation Furby (old version from the 90's) off of over the weekend that had a stubborn motor aka wouldn't start up at first. I think someone on here said they pee in the bath. I have done this before. I've noticed that when I farted in the bath, it seemed to stink more. I've also had the poops before that have crackled on the way out. I've used portapotties, too. When I was at a camp called Lions World when I was little, I believe I used one there after camping outside. Mostly, the children slept in bunk beds inside (the outside sleeping was once only). Unfortunately, I don't remember what the bathrooms were like. I do however, remember bringing my stuffed doll that I bought from the flea market (I enjoyed sleeping on the top bunk with her). She's the one with lace trim on her shoes that I mentioned owning for about 3 years before in an earlier post. Nowadays, my stuffed bed pal is my big white teddy Big Snuggles.


Post Title (optional) Still a bit constipated!

I forgot to add that it took me just over 2 hours to get my huge load out yesterday afternoon. I was badly constipated and my anus was sore for hours afterwards, even when I went to bed last night. My constipation didn't help my hemarrhoids either because they were bulging out for ages afterwards. And they were bleeding. I didn't do any more poo yesterday and I haven't been at all today either. I can't see myself doing a poo tonight, even though I can feel a load developing in my bowels. So I'm guessing that I'm still a bit constipated but hopefully I can do a poo tomorrow.

I made sure I ate lots of healthy food today, with high fibre and I drank lots of water. I haven't eaten any chocolate today, even though I still have lots in my fridge.

To Bloated Butt, Jasmin K, Dude in Distress, Dominic and anyone else that gets badly constipated like me:

Does anyone ever manually assist you when your having a hard time with pooping?

Does anyone ever watch you while your pooping and let you know how much poop is sticking out of your anus?

Do you ever walk around your house with poo sticking out of your anus, when you are trying to push a hard turd out? (like I have to)

Do you get liquid poo leaking out when your constipated? And do you ever find dried up poo in your knickers?

Do you take most of your clothes off when you are having a long pooping session (like me)?

Are any of you badly constipated right now???

Migraine Loverer

strange poops lately

My poops have been soft lately. Its odd because my poops were often medium sized solid logs. I have been going maybe twice a day instead of once. They haven't been diarrhea per-say but the poop tends to splatter on the edge of the bowl. I don't know what classifies diarrhea from just soft poop since I'm not a doctor of course. It has been happening for a few days now. It could be from all the junk food I'm eating at collage since as many of you know through experience just how hard it can be to eat healthy given the life style a lot of us have to live by to get to our classes and keep a budget.

To Linda: that last few poops you had sound AWFUL! How do/did you manage to get those stools out?! I could never manage to get those kind of monsters out of me!I can really picture you in utter agony! It reminds me of what I went through when I was constipated once. It really captures the feelings and what it feels like to be in that scary and exhausting situation. Have you ever tried digging or pulling a stool like those out by hand? I would have. If you have had a time when you had to pull or dig it out, can you tell the story? I'd really love it. Great story! keep up the great detail! I love the way you write it! I also get turned on by people pooping! your not the only one!

To Dude in Distress: Thanks for responding to my post. I really appreciate it. What was the worst constipation session you ever had? have you ever had someone help you through it somehow? have you ever cried while pooping? if so, can you tell the story?

Thanks for reading and happy pooping to all,
Migraine Loverer

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


c o n s t i p a t e d !!

so I'm constipated since easter sunday!!
Eating lots of fruit especially bananas at the mo
hope it doesn't last too long!
Thank you to Brandon T as always & secretpooper for saying you think my stories are great, lol, glad my stories entertain you!

For now, J xx

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Linda I hope your constipation gets better.

To: Natasha great story it sounds like you had a pretty great poop and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Deies With Crystal as always another great story.

To: Fudged Panties it sounds like you had a pretty rough day.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Esteban - you're right about the beach stalls

Yeah, you are right about the restrooms at the beaches being renovated and replacing the stalls. Just a few I remember from way back:

Mission Beach- a long row of about 10 doorless stalls at one restroom, and 12 in the other. Concrete dividers. It was my first experience seeing someone take a dump. Still a couple of restrooms with out doors around the bay

Santa Barbara - set of about 4 stalls with urinals right in front of them. Used them a few times, but never too busy. Regular plastic partitions.

Santa Barbara Pier - two doorless stalls. The first is a handicapped one and you are quite visible to guys waiting to use the urinal. It was the First time I had someone so me for paper to blow his nose, so he entered my stall and tore some off the roll.

Oceano Dunes - row of about 4 doorless stalls. I think the urinals are as you first walk in and the stalls are next to it. You could look into the mirrors at the sinks and see the guys on the can behind you. Handicapped stall toilet user was very visible to guys at the sink since it was way back in the corner of the large stall.

Pismo Beach - 2 stalls, concrete partitions. Guys waiting in line to use the urinals are in front of the first stall. I was in the second large stall and a surfer came and basically changed into his wet suit right in front of me, technically he inside my stall.

Avila Beach - one restroom had 2 doorless stalls to the right as soon as you walked in. Had to walk past them to get to urinals. Mirrors above sinks in front of the stalls meant there was no privacy even when guys were washing their hands.
- The second restroom had the stalls directly in front of you as you walked in, so there was no way to avoid being seen while on the can.

I think most of these have been remodeled by now. I still have the ones at the park near where I live and use them a few times a month. Most of the times I don't have anyone come in while I'm dumping. But on occasion, I will actually have a conversation with someone while I'm dropping a deuce. And I'm hanging out there next weekend with a buddy of mine who has seen me dump once before. Maybe I will revisit that one again!

Hey, Christa. Loving your stories, though it seems clear they're considerably less fun for you than for the rest of us. If it's not a control issue but being shy about letting others see you going, don't forget that everyone in the world has to go to the bathroom, *and* that people in general pay less attention to us than we think. Your leaving the room escapes most people's attention - and if they did know that you're leaving and exactly what you're leaving to do, it's not horrible or scandalous or anything but something that's as natural as breathing for everyone in the world.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Tlana it sounds like you had a rough day.

To: Secret Pooper it sounds like you had a great poop.

To: Annie sounds like you just made it in time for your 2nd desperate poop.

To: Jemma it sounds like you were beyond desperate and really had to go alot to.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Post Title (optional) EXTREMELY and majorly constipated!!!!

Well I managed to get really backed up yet again! Its been worse than ever! I've been EXTREMELY constipated lately and its been terrible for me. I'm disappointed in myself because I ate way too much chocolate, when I know that it constipates me so badly but I just couldn't resist the temptation. Plus I got very constipated recently after eating lots of chocolate and I promised myself I wouldn't eat too much of it again.

So I ate a huge amount of chocolate, including a large Easter egg in one sitting. I wasn't satisfied with that so I ate half a family block of rum and raisin chocolate. After that, I felt bloated and I knew I would be paying for it in the next few days. The next day, I ate even more Easter eggs. I had also been eating a fair amount of bad food, with not much fibre, fruit or ???? and this didn't help me either.
Obviously, I became constipated over the next few days. I was hoping it wouldn't happen but I had eaten so much chocolate, it was inevitable. After 5 days of not pooping, I was well and truly constipated, bloated, lethargic and literally 'full of crap'. I normally don't let myself go for more than 4 days without pooping but this time, I went for 5 days. My housemate went away for the Easter weekend so I had the whole house to myself, which I was very happy about. It meant that I could have a long and laborious pooping session at home. So this morning, I had, extremely, ext difficult time on the toilet!!

I ate lots of high fibre cereal for breakfast, in the hopes that it would help me poop. I waited about an hour but I still wasn't getting the urge to poop. So I walked around the house, fully clothed, doing lots of pushing and straining. I did lots of farts but I still couldn't feel any turds moving down. I took my pants off completely and sat on the toilet. I did even more farts and continued to push and strain. After a few minutes, I heard my anus crackling as it started opening up. A massive turd was stretching it apart and it was burning. I had to keep pushing and straining with all my might to keep the poo moving. After about 15 minutes, my anus had opened up a bit more and I could feel the poo stretching it apart even further. The poo felt gigantic, rock hard, dry and sharp. It was burning my anus. I knew this was going to take a very long time - and that I was in for a very hard time too. I had to close my eyes, screw up my face and push like there was no tomorrow. After another 15 minutes, I needed a rest. I reached down and felt my anus with my fingers. An inch of poo was sticking out and it was extremely dry, like sandpaper. It felt like it had razor blades in it and my anus felt like it was on fire!! I stood up and walked around the lounge room, with no pants on. My bear bottom was in full view (luckily I had all the curtains drawn) with an inch of poo sticking out. I had to waddle around because the poo had stretched my anus apart so much. I stood still in one position in the lounge room, closed my eyes, clenched my fists and really bore down with all my might. I pushed and pushed and pushed. The poo came out a bit more. Then I started grunting "Argggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!" "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!" Hmmmgggggghhhhhhhhh!!!" I got quite loud too. The poo inched out very slowly but at least it was coming out. There wasn't much chance of the poo coming out completely and landing on the floor because it was so hard, dry and well and truly stuck!!

I got back on the toilet and I realised I had now been at this for over an hour. I bore down again and pushed and strained hard. The poo was slowly coming out but it felt like it was getting bigger and bigger, the further it came out. I did some more grunting "Hhhhhhhmmmmmmggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!, arrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!" I was so loud, I hoped the neighbours didn't hear me. Another 20 minutes had passed by and I needed another rest. I felt my anus again and this time, about 6 inches of thick poo was sticking out. I pressed down on my anus with my fingers and pushed and strained as hard as I could, at the same time. The poo came out a bit more while I did that bu.t then went back in slightly when I relaxed. I was SO constipated!!!!!! I didn't know how I was going to get this poo out!! I stood up and went for another walk. I went into the bathroom and stood in the bath. I put my hands against the wall, put my head down, closed my eyes, screwed up my face, squatted slightly and bore down - I said to myself 'Here goes' and strained with all my might. If anyone could have seen me, it would have been a terrible sight - with 6 inches of rock hard, massive turd sticking out of my anus and my big, bear bottom. By this stage, I had also taken most of my clothes off so I was just wearing a bra. I worked so hard at getting the poo out and as it slowly slid out, it touched my legs! I had a huge brown snake coming out of my anus!! I wanted to have a look at the poo sticking out so I got out of the bath and looked at myself in the mirror. I could see the monkey tail between my legs, it was the width of a coke can, dark brown and at least 10 inches long. I couldn't believe how big the poo was!! I got back in the bath to finish my dump. After some more straining, it finally came out!! It landed in the bath in one huge piece! I got a bucket and some tp and loaded the poo into it. I had to break it up a bit so it wouldn't clog the toilet. It was rock hard and stunk to high heaven!! I put my big load into the toilet and flushed it successfully! My anus was so sore after that!!

So as you can all see, I was extremely, extremely, extremely constipated!!!


Post Title (optional) To Dude in Distress

I know what its like having a poo stuck in my anus that won't come out, no matter how hard I try. I've lost count at how many times that has happened to me. It seems like your constipation is as bad as mine. What is the longest time you have spent on the toilet, constipated, trying to do a poo?? For me it was 2 hours. Just this morning, it took me 2 hours to do a poo!!! It was extremely difficult for me!!

Do you ever reach down and press on your anus with your fingers, when you have a poo stuck, to help it come out?? I have to do that a lot. And, are you constipated all the time? I'm backed up most of the time. Do you go for several days without doing a poo? For me, the longest I go is 4 days, although my last bout of constipation I went for 5 days without going. I don't like to leave it longer than 4 days. Plus, I sometimes go every day but I'm still backed up.

I love this site because I can share stuff about my constipation because its so bad. Nobody else knows about how constipated I get, not even my close friends. I can share my stories (and I've got lots of them, being constipated so much) and I love other people commenting on my stories too. I don't know about you but I get a bit turned on reading about other people having struggles with pooping.

Hi all. I see that my last story was posted here about three times. I don't know how that happened, but I guess it doesn't matter. So anyway, I received an acceptance letter from a university a few days ago. That's great, and is one less thing for me to stress about. And hopefully less stress will mean an easier time pooing.

Speaking of which, I was able to do a poo just a bit ago this morning, after not going for three days. We're on holiday from school this week, and I slept in. I woke up, but stayed in bed for a long time. I started farting, long silent ones. I was farting a lot, but I was feeling like I needed to do a poo. I got out of bed, gathered my clothes and went to the bathroom.

I sat on the toilet and weed fiercely, farting a few more times during my wee. Then, I could feel my poo almost ready to come out. A minute or two later, the poo was on its way out. I had to push to get it to keep coming at first, until eventually it was coming on its own. It was a really long poo that didn't make a sound when it snapped off. With only a small push, I let out another poo, which was almost as long.

But then came the hard part. I could feel that I had more poo in me, but it would need a lot of pushing. I gave a few big pushes to get the tip of it out, and kept doing small pushes to keep it moving. It was a thick, dry poo. It fell in the bowl with a big splash. I did one last push to make sure I was done. I was. I didn't bother to wipe, as I had a shower immediately after.

Well, that's all I have for today. Bye!

christa: I remember wetting my short pants when I was 3-4 and I cried my eyes out. I was at nursery school. It happened in kindergarten, also. Then, once in first grade. I was once with my parents shopping and I spoke up too late. Before, they could find a toilet for me, I wet myself in the middle of the street. I was holding my pants, but it was too great.
Today, I could not wait to get home. I ate lots of asparagus and ham last night at a party. I drank lots of tea, after and ate grapes. My bowels are hard against my spine like rock. I got to the toilet, let down my khaki trousers, blue Hanes briefs to my ankles and just let it run out. It stinked. It was dark brown loose, muddy and I peed. I am peeing all like now. I sat there in case of more. It happens sometimes.
Thank God, I am off from school tomorrow. I wiped myself from behind and flushed.
oldpoop: Sometimes, my bowels will evacuate solid or loose, not all at once, but every so many seconds or minutes. Sometimes solid logs will in pieces all at once. Sometimes, when I think that I am finished, there's piece or 2 or >.

In first grade one morning, the teacher took us to the toilet. Some boys in my class kept me company. I pulled down my red short pants and Spiderman bikini briefs to my ankles, let my feet swing as I sat on the bowl. There were no doors or stalls. The bowls had no seats. I was talking to them, while my stomach poured out loose dark brown chunks. It stopped for a few minutes while I talked with my fellow lads when another wave poured out. One boy said, "Yan got diarrhea." They gave me toilet paper and I wiped myself bet. my legs.

Another afternoon, me and another boy went to the bathroom to pee. I thought. We went to the bowls, dropped our red shorts to our ankles. We were both wearing yellow and white printed unisex briefs. We peed when I felt gas and a fart. I finished peeing or I thought. I turned around and sat on the bowl, farted and pushed out four dark brown logs. My pants and undies were at my ankles and my legs spread. I held my pipe because it was erect from my full bladder. They were long about 12 inches. My friend asked me, "Yan, you didn't know that you had to make doo-doo?" "Nope," I said. I farted again, peed and pushed out 4 more same sized logs. They all splashed in the water. My friend was standing with his pants and underwear down. We were in there for about 10 minutes. He pulled up his pants while I reached for toilet paper to wipe my penis and my rectum. I gave him some so wipe his pipe also. I opened my legs, used one wad for my pipe and and another for my rectum. We flushed our toilets, pulled up our pants, washed our hands and returned to class.

When I was in 3rd grade, I was making hard farts in class, that only I could hear except a boy classmate next to me said, "Yan, go to the toilet." I left the classroom, down the hall to the toilet, undid my belt, let my red shorts and white and red trimmed bikini briefs to my ankles and sat on the bowl. Meanwhile, there was another boy from the neighborhood, my age who recognized me. He was on the toilet next to me with his red shorts and red plaid boxers at his ankles. Soon as I sat, my bowels exploded and poured out thick brown mud and logs, one after the other. Our little behinds still be not cover the openings so we could see each other. He was dropping soft thick brown logs. He said, "I tried to hold it until later, but I almost made in my pants." I told him, "I was farting. I felt it in my rectum." We stinked up the bathroom good. We sat with our legs opened to relax our rectums and let it all run out. It was constant. Then, held his stomach saying, "Oh, my stomach." He dropped more soft muddy logs. I farted hard and dropped two of them and farted again. Then, we held down our penises and each peed. He and I talked and giggled about being boys. As we talked, we took paper, wiped out penis tips, then took a wad, opened our legs and wiped our rectums good. We looked at the paper so that it was clean. Then, we pulled up our underwear and pants and flushed the bowls and returned to classroom. He was a year older than me.

To Andrew

That was a great story about your accident walking back from class. Was this the only time that has happened? I would love to hear more accident stories from you if you have any.

Deiese with Crystal

Hanging with Crystal

Hi, people just want to share a bathroom experience with you all today with Crystal, we went to my church this morning for Easter been asking her for awhile but she finally came, so during last part of service I told her I needed to use toilet she said she did too, so we left went to the ladies restroom, we took stalls next to each other, so I pull down my jeans and thong to my ankles and took a seat, I looked under her stall, see she hiked up her skirt pulled down her bikini to her ankles and place her tp on the seat, and sat down, so I begin to pee a good stream, hear her pee I choose to stay seated see what she'll do notice no flushing, I asked her was she going crap she said no just full of gas to release really bad then she ripped some strong loud farting, then I heard few splashed I said hey I thought, she said she should sense she was there already, so I decided to push some out after 15 minutes we was done, service was over by then well time to go need take care of few things, goodnight all

Fudged Panties

Indian Restaurant

Lisa, Nottingham, United Kingdom.
I went out for an Indian meal last night with my boyfriend, today I was out in the garden clearing up an cutting the grass for the first time this year when I felt the need the pass wind, I thought !!
In less than a split second, it was to late, wet almost liquid shit filled my panties and within a few seconds it was running down my legs.
I quickly crouched down, ( messy ) and tucked my jeans into my socks and then waddled back to the house. I made it to the bathroom unnoticed and locked myself in. I could feel poop all the way down both of my legs, really not good.
I took my shoes off and stood in the shower, then I stripped from the waist up, took off all my jewellery and my watch, by now the smell was so bad. Has I pulled off my socks I noticed a small smudge of poop on the top of one sock, this really was going to be very messy.
I undid my jeans and very carefully stepped out of them, it was bad, very bad there was a large trail of yellow stinking shit running down both of my legs, I turned my jeans inside out they had also got yellow wet shit all the way down both legs,I dropped them on the floor in the shower and then removed my panties, they were fully loaded with wet yellow shit.
after ten minuets of hard work with the shower jet I managed to clean my jeans my panties myself and the shower, I then stuck all of my clothes in the washing machine and no one even knows it happened.
Two hours later it happened again, but the second time I made it to the bathroom but not on to the toilet and it was just my panties that got messed up.
So now in my third pair of clean knickers in one day and it's been at least four hours since my last involuntary B.M.
I really hope it's all over.

Bryan in NYC

Washington square park

Esteban: I'd love to hear more about your adventures in WSP. I found that guys were more willing to shit there than in other bathrooms with stalls but no doors.

To Mina

About the "loo taboo." Going to the toilet is an awkward business outside of your house, especially if you need to pass motions. I'm like you in that it takes me at least ten minutes to empty my bottom, time in which many pieces, some large, are pooped into the loo. Your posts have taught me the useful trick of flushing a full bowl and then sitting back down to open my bottom without having to worry as much about clogging. I try to get as much out as possible on each visit to the loo which is healthier, but has turned me into a notorious clogger with hours spent plunging to my credit. The worst thing is being at a friend's house and needing a lengthy BM, only to find out when you've finally emptied that bottom that you've clogged the loo and need to take the shameful walk to ask for a plunger, or that you were so focused on taking care of your business that you forgot to check for toilet paper before getting undressed and sitting down. It seems that I'm particularly unlucky with toilet paper, running into empty rolls at the worst times.

The taboo applies to both men and women here, although moreso to women. Ladies are half-jokingly expected not to poop at all, much less leave a full loo in their wake. Although (and this is true of both sexes) time spent in the bathroom tends to matter more than the amount and size of motions pooped, unless your sit has resulted in a clog. People think that staying for more than three minutes means that you're either sick or touching yourself. No, I'm taking my time because I need to open my bottom 8-15 times to properly finish going, flush in the middle of my number two if I've gone over the water line, plunge if I've clogged the loo, worry about wiping, washing, or drying my bottom... But most of all because I enjoy it. The feeling of sinking into the seat, the first splashes of wee, the unhurried pushing, the time for thinking and reflecting...

Monday, April 21, 2014


My Accident

A couple of weeks ago at school I had my worst accident. Between 2nd and 3rd period I stopped into the nearest restroom to wee. This bathroom is large, has an entry/exit on two sides and about 20 cubicles. During passing periods, sometimes the line extends into the hallways. I had tried to get in after 1st hour, an hour after I had my morning poo. I was within a couple of persons from getting a stall and the next person for the nearest of the doorless stalls. Then the 1-minute warning bell rang and I had to get to class. With one more tardy, I get assigned a 4 hour Saturday morning detention. So I hoped my bladder wouldn't start to hurt any worse. At the end of 2nd hour, I cut through the hallway traffic as 5'3" person can, went around a couple of conversations in the entry doorway and I could see legs with jeans being pulled up from the doorless stall. I placed my eyes on the entry as the girl exited and raced to get in. Once I got into the turn I got bumped hard by a younger girl (I think she's in 5th grade) who I've heard others call Shannon. She had tears in her eyes and said she had to pee. She said she would be fast and some other thank yous as she stood in front of the toilet and quickly pulled her jeans and white underwear down to mid-leg. I was so encouraged!

Then the disaster started. Shannon reached over to the toilet paper holder and started pulling off the pre-cut squares of toilet paper that she stacked in her left hand. Then she started to carefully place them over the seat. For every 3 or 4 she would put on, another would fall off. And her butt wasn't even on the toilet yet. I knew there was no more than 30 seconds before the warning bell would ring. So I said something like OMG--what are you doing? Then the bell rang and she finally seated herself. I saw the door next to us open and I immediately dodged in there. I was in so much pain and could feel wee starting to trickle. A larger burst was coming and my only hope was that I would be seated by that time. It wasn't to be. Just as I yanked at my zipper the dam broke. Because of my panic, I threw myself onto the seat and ended up a little off-center. So I messed the seat too. I started to cry and knew I was in trouble with my 3rd hour teacher. As I sat, I noticed that my underwear was drenched, but that my jeans (luckily they were dark black) could be saved. I used a lot of the toilet paper (I hate those small squares) to clean myself and the front of the seat. Then I stepped outside of my underwear and plopped it on the floor. I pulled my jeans back up. I picked up my underwear and threw it in the trash. I washed my hands and then reported to class. It sure felt different to feel no underwear between my legs. I didn't pay much attention in class because I was thinking about what I wanted to say to Shannon. And after school I got paged to the vice-principal and received my Saturday School assignment card.

Secret Pooper

A really nice satisfying poo ;-)

Hi everyone, I just thought I'd share with you all a nice pooping experience. It was about 7pm tonight (I usually poo at least twice in the day) and round about this time is usually my evening poo. Because today was a bank holiday I didn't wake up until 11am so didn't really have a poo then even though I did have a lovely cup of tea and cereal which I can usually expect a imminent bowel movement straight after but nope nothing. So as there was nothing to do around the house I decided to go back into bed at about 2:15pm and watched a bit of tv and had a lovely sleep for a bit. I remember before I got into bed I passed wind which was my usual smelly SBD variety, needless to say it stunk lol

I woke at around 4:45pm and I could feel that my belly was feeling a bit bloated by now and I went downstairs to make a cup of tea and put my washing on. My belly was seriously beginning to give me signs that I needed a poo and a smelly one and that by the tell tale smell of my farts. As I bending over to put the clothes in the washing machine I passed wind again, but it felt like a wet fart and I was worried that I might have followed through because I had my dark blue panties on and a pair of denim crop pants (and I knew it may show up a dark patch on my shorts) on with my favourite black peep toe wedge mules on which make my legs look sexy. Thankfully I was lucky and I didn't follow through, Phew! It would've been a disaster if I had. Anyway that was like a warning to me I think that I am due for a poo anytime.

I left the machine to start, made a lovely cuppa and just put my feet up on the recliner for a bit and enjoyed my cuppa. Aaaah! Anyway at about 6:45pm after a while of relaxing, having a cuppa and watching tv I got up and checked on my washing and within about 10 minutes I knew that all too familiar URGE had gone up several levels and I kept passing wind which was quite meaty and smelly. There was powerful feeling in my belly now accompanied by a gurling feeling which I knew was a good poo in there waiting to be unleashed into the porcelain wilderness any second now. A couple of moments later I could feel things seriously moving inside and with that I rushed to the loo downstairs, slammed the door, locked it quickly. I noticed at the corner of my eye that there was hardly and loo roll left so I quickly grabbed another roll and a can of Febreeze too lol as I knew I was going to do a smelly poo.

I just about had enough time to undo the belt on my denim crop pants and my panties and pull them down to my thighs (like I usually do) and to just plonk myself and my bum on the loo. I'd say it was a split seconds timing because I could feel the HUGE brown beast from withing me rushing to my bum like an express train going through the red light and then I could hear it crackle as my bum began to open to this monster, sure enough it just effortlessly dropped out my bum with about 7 soft plops all one after another and the smell!!! Well let's just say that it was quite meaty and a sharp odour but OH MY GOD! Was it an enormous relief or what?! It was all done within a minute and it was totally effortless as it was a bit of a gooey poo which I'm not surprised about as I had quite a bit to eat yesterday including a Chicken Madras last night. It was 7:05pm by now and I was done and I had stunk the loo out with my poo! I quickly had a look behind me to see what I had produced and it was HUGE, lots of healthy brown looking chunks in a heap in the bowl below. Amazingly no smears or marks in the wall of the bowl or any pebble dashing lol I tore off several sheets of loo roll and wiped my bum, the 1st wipe was a very messy one then the 2nd wipe was a bit messy and by the time my 3rd time my bum was totally cleansed of it's chocolatey coating.

I then got up off the loo, pulled up my denim crop pants and panties and turned round and flushed the loo. As soon as I did I grabbed the can of Febreeze and sprayed a bit of it in the air as it was quite smelly and I noticed there were thick brown marks in the bowl. All in all though a very nice poo and one which is good to do and report about.

Just a few shout outs....

To Brandon T: Thank you for liking my last post, yes I definitely did make it to the loo JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME! Lol otherwise it would've been a messy clear up job. I hope you enjoy reading this post too.

To Jemma: As always GREAT post about your poo at the bus station waiting room. Sounds like you made it just in time for it. I do love your stories x

To Linda: Great stories as always love reading them and I hope you are not having such a hard time with constipation lately.

To Claire and Crystal: Brilliant accounts of your bm's keep up the good work.

Right that's it from me for now guys and gals, I hope you have a really lovely Easter break and looking forward to reading your stories.

PS. Long may this site continue it's the BEST!

Hello, this is my first time posting on here. A little about me, I am a 19 year old college student, about 5 foot 8, medium build with short brown hair, clean shaven. Anyway, a couple weeks ago I had woken up late for my first class of the day, which happens to be on the other side of campus from where my dorm is. I already had to poop, but I didn't have time to go, so I figured I could hold it for a while. I threw on some clothes (white Hanes briefs, some jeans, and a red Hollister t-shirt) and headed to class. I made it to class without a problem, but as I was sitting through the lecture, my need to poop became worse by the minute. I should mention now that I don't like using public restrooms and so I avoid them at all costs. When class was finally over, I got up from my desk and started to head back to my dorm. I had an hour before my next class, which gave me more than enough time to poop. However, as I was walking back, my need to poop became really intense, I had to clench my butt to keep the poop from coming out. so I continued to walk with clenched butt cheeks. I'd say I made it about 10 steps before disaster struck. I could not hold it any more, and filled my pants with solid poop. And lots of it.I was actually kind of impressed with my self, even though I had just pooped my pants.So I waddled the rest of the way to my dorm with a gigantic load in my pants. I was worried that some of the poop would fall out onto the ground, but fortunately my briefs held everything in. I made it back to my dorm, cleaned my self up, and changed into some different clothes, and continued on with my day


Bladder Infection

Nearly 3 years ago, I had a bladder enfection. However, I didn't have trouble peeing. It started out with back pain that spread to my upper right side. Although I didn't have trouble peeing, I did however, have to go to the bathroom to throw up during the infection. At the time I noticed something was wrong, I didn't know at first what it was. The pain wasn't extremely intense, but bad enough that I couldn't sleep, and had trouble getting up from a lying position. I went to my GP, and got a urine test done which is how I found out about the bladder infection. The doctor also ordored a cat scan (I think this was to make sure nothing else was going on). Luckily, I didn't have to drink the dye during the scan. As the scan was being done, I felt a little nervous (I hadn't had one before then), but relaxed after some time. I was afraid the machines would be loud, but all I heard was a soft whirr as the x-rays moved around me. By the time the day for the cat scan rolled around, the pain was gone since I was on antibiotics, and had drank cranberry juice.


Post Title (optional) To Dude in Distress

My housemate doesn't know about my constipation issues so she doesn't help me when I'm pooping or manually assist me. So I always go about it alone. Sometimes I wish I could have someone to help me and to massage my stomach. It would be great to have someone to tell me how much poo is sticking out and to manually assist me.

Now onto my last difficult pooping session:

The last time I posted, I was very constipated because I had eaten too much chocolate. I went about 4 days without doing a poo. I was able to use my own toilet at home because my housemate went away for a few days. I spent an hour, pushing and straining with all my might. All I could manage to get out was 2 inches of poo, that got stuck in my anus. I was in distress and didn't know what to do so I had to walk around my house, with just my bra on and 2 inches of poo sticking out of my butt. I spent 20 minutes walking around, feeling so uncomfortable and my anus was burning. I got into the bath and got on my hands and knees. I pushed, strained and grunted loudly. I must have looked a terrible sight, with my bear bum in the air and a rock hard turd sticking out. My hemarrhoids were bulging out and they hurt so bad! I spent 30 minutes at least in the bath, trying so hard to get the turd out. I was EXTREMELY constipated and in dire need for a poo! I stayed on all fours and continued to push. I spent a further 20 minutes trying desperately to squeeze the monster turd out. Finally after more than 2 hours, I pushed the turd out into the bath. It came out in one huge, gigantic piece that was at least 16 inches long!


Diarrhea on Sunday and replies

Hi. Haven't really pooped much in a while. Had a bout of diarrhea on Sunday. Not really sure why, could have been something that upset my stomach. I woke up around 10 am Sunday morning with a stomach ache and an urgent need to poop badly. I ended up having an explosion of diarrhea in the toilet. I stayed home near the bathroom mostly. Did go out for a short time though. I was afraid of pooping my pants though. As soon as we got home my husband had to poop and shortly after we got home I texted him asking him to please hurry. He did and I ran in, pulled down my clothes and had a small explosion in the toilet. That was it for the day. Haven't pooped since.

Mike: Thank you :) My poops do usually stink pretty bad especially if they're really soft and depending on what I eat. I didn't used to enjoy pooping because I suffered from constipation for many years so my poops were painful and I often clogged the toilet. I still get constipated now and then (like now). But I enjoy having soft poops that are easy to come out, particularly if they are big. I appreciate that you like my stories :)

Brandon T: Thank you :) I appreciate your comments and that you like my stories

Dude in distress

For migraine loverer

Your post describes most of my craps. The absolute worst is it comes out about an inch and stops. It won't go back in but it won't come out further. When that happens I squat on the floor and manually remove the stuck stool until I am able to just push the rest out.


Hi Yan

My favorite was the men's room in Washington Sq Park in NY. 5 toilets, no partitions. It's the subject of many earlier posts in this forum, but it's been torn down. It took a lot of courage for me to take a crap there the first time. But I learned to enjoy it, even one time with a policeman standing there watching me.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mina great story it sounds like you had a pretty good cleanout I bet you felt good afterwards to.

To: Christa it may have something to do with your bladder it may be more sensetive for some reason or something like that.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Saturday, April 19, 2014


dodgy poo at mcdonalds

So yesterday me & my friend Jodie & her son & daughter 7&6, went shopping.
when we finished we went to mcdonalds.
I was bursting for a huge sloppy poo so before I ate my macky dees I went to the loo. Jodie's children came too. I waited outside for her son to finish, meanwhile I was clenching my buttocks in my white skirt, & then me & Jodie's daughter went in the ladies I told her son to go back to his mum. She did her wee first then I said she could go but she insisted she'd wait.
I was so desperate & had such a ???? ache & i was about to make my white skirt brown that I didn't care. I dropped my skirt to my ankles & pulled my white knickers down then crouched down on the seat. Immediately I let loose, crackling out a load of sloppy plops. I had 21 fast crackly loose poos that all fell with a "ploop" 12 initially, a sigh of relief and to rub my aching ????, then the final 9 plooping into the loo, & wiped 6x & flushed it stank & Jodie's daughter asked me if I was ok and feeling better ending her sentence with "that was a lot of plops!!" yes it was!!
We went out to eat our macky dees then went back to Jo's where I had another huge sloppy poo at her apartment...
more soon, J xx

Hey, I saw there are a few farting surveys on here. I've talked about my best friend Clare in previous posts and I decided to get her to do them as it would be fair to say I've heard her fart a few times in the past. I didn't tell her they were for this website, I just told her I'd seen them on the internet somewhere. Clare texted me the answers to these and I put them on here. Its a good job we have unlimited texts! after a little bit of probing, she agreed and found it funny as she knows how random I am. Bear in mind when reading that this is her talking to me.

1. Do you think farting is funny? only when you do it and go all embarrassed.
2. What's your reaction when random people fart in public? I try to move away if I smell a fart in public if its rank.
3. Have you ever farted in public before? well, yes but not often and I really try not to.
4. What's your longest fart? ehh, one of those ones you do after a pee probably.
5. Did you ever fart in class at school before? not sure, maybe at primary school but never at high school
6. What are your and other people's reactions when someone farts in class? embarrassed for them, its just rancid when someone does that
7. Based on your opinion, in a relationship, when should couples start farting around each other? If I had a boyfriend I honestly don't think I could ever fart in front of him and I would hate it if he farted in front of me
8. Based on your opinion, Which gender do you think farts more? Guys or Girls? guys fart more on the whole but having said that girls fart a lot, when we're with the girls we all fart at least once in the night.

1.)Are you usually gassy? ehh, not overly gassy. it all depends on what I've eaten or when I was last at the toilet.
2.)How often do you pass gas? On average maybe 3 times a day but it could be more and there have been days when I've not farted.

3.)Do you pass gas in public? unless I am really desperate and it's hurting me then no. I'll try to go to the toilet if I'm desperate for a fart though.
4.)What kind of farts do you rip?(long, loud, silent, etc)I don't have a specific breed of fart. I think you'd agree that they were loud. I probably do a combination of them all depending where I am, what ive eaten etc.
5.)What food gives you the most gas? indian, I genuinely try not to eat them. Im on the toilet all evening and then farting all night after one haha.
6.)Are you embarrassed passing gas? yes. its not a very lady-like thing to do is it.
7.)Do you pass gas around people? I fart with you all the time. only really close family, friends and a few of my football teammates.
8.)Have you ever passed gas while talking to someone?
9.) Worst gas you've ever had? during some big football matches when I am nervous
10.) Any misc stories you might have: no

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: SC it sounds like Lizzy gave you a great show.

To: Lara great story

To: Hermes great story about Paige she sounds like an interesting girl.

To: Claire and Crystal great stories.

To: Jemma it sounds you just made it to the toilet in time.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Post Title (optional)To Kyra and Clare

Thank you for posting your confessions,I thought for awhile I was the only one who held their poo. I posted a few weeks ago about myself who also is a chronic poo holder. Even while I am typing this message I am holding it back. It is early in the morning here and I often need a poo as soon as I get up. I have chores to do when I get up, such as feed a heap of animals.So generally speaking I hold from the time I rise, for the duration of my chores, morning coffee then breakfast.

I often loose the urge and when it comes shower time and getting dressed I just don't go to the toilet. I try to hold it throughout the day when I am at work . My panties sometimes have skidmarks from holding too long,especially in the morning before I shower. But in my previous post I mentioned that I was working on a Saturday morning, I had just began working there. Well I needed to poo pretty badly the whole time I was there . On my way home it got pretty desperate, I thought for a moment I was going to crap myself in the car. I have done that before, it was awful, but relieving .

Soon as I parked the car in the garage and got out I just lost it. Completely loaded my panties and wet myself as a bonus, joking lol. I always enjoy the immense relief it gives me.

I had better head off to the toilet and do a few things , I can feel the pressure building now.............. Bye all hagd Debbie xx


Post Title (optional)To Claire

Sorry I left the "I" out of your name last time , you are more than welcome to post a few of your experiences . Seems like we have something in common.................Debbie

To the person who asked about today's sit on the loo.

Actually, today was unusual one. Usually, I start with big hard motion which break up into pieces, maybe 4, or 6. But today was very soft motion which fell out of my bottom. I felt very comfortable because my bottom open very wide with no effort, and stayed open about 5 seconds while motion poured out. Then I stayed on loo about 5 minutes and relaxed, and sometimes small motion came out. Then I flushed because the loo was full. Then I sat down again and after about 2 minutes my bottom opened very wide again. And big soft motion came out again. About same size. Then some more little ones and then finished. I used toilet shower, then dried my bottom, then flushed and came out feeling good. About 13 minutes, maybe.

To the person who said about in the West there is same taboo.

Are you man or woman? Because in Japan, and Korea, it's OK that man stay in the loo long time and do a lot of motions. But woman has to finish quickly and do only tiny motion. Only woman. But my parents never say such a thing. They also stay long time.


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