Hello again. Today, I was at Brooke's house. Another girl from school, Lisa, was there also. She and Brooke are friends, but I don't know her that well. Anyway, we were all in Brooke's room, doing our revision. I started to feel the urge to poo, so I told them I needed a short break to use the loo. They both said they needed a wee as well and a break sounded good. I was a little embarrassed, because I barely knew Lisa, but I said "Oh, uh, well, you two can go first, I actually need a poo."

Lisa went to the en-suite and did a fairly quick wee, then Brooke did the same, and it was my turn. I went in and sat on the toilet. I weed a little bit and then turned my attention to pooing. I barely had to push before my poo started coming out. It was a long one that came out quickly. Then, with a little effort, I pushed out two more shorter pieces that were slower coming out. It was a very messy poo though, and I needed eight wipes to get clean. I flushed and washed my hands, and then came out to get back to doing my revision.

The rest of the time, nothing interesting happened, but when we were all finished, Lisa said she needed the toilet again. She went in the en-suite and shortly after, I heard four quick, heavy splashes. They must have been loud for me to hear them even through the door. She came out just a few minutes later, having done a fast poo.


I'm back

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been able to post for absolutely ages, I've been doing some travelling in my gap year and have been away for a while.
Megan- glad to hear you managed to make it to the station without needing to have a poo on the train.
Jasmin K- hope your friend recovers from her constipation soon, it sounds like a monster poo she had round your house the other night.
Natasha- sorry to hear your constipation is bad at the moment and you've been having to strain to get your poo to come out, I know that feeling well. To be honest I'm lucky if I manage to have a poo more often than every three days myself so I know what its like having to push really hard to pass a fat, dry log. At least the other day when you needed a poo at school you were able to ask to use the toilet as soon as you felt the urge and it wasn't such a struggle as the time before, its really embarrassing if you're on the loo at school pushing out a hard poo and you end up grunting, that used to happen to me sometimes and it was really awkward. As you said, holding it in would probably have been a bad idea as you might have found it alot harder to go later on. I know that it's much better for me if I do my best to use the toilet as soon as I start to want a poo, when I was at school it was fine if I could go for a poo at lunch break but I used to put off going if I felt the need after lunch when I was back in lessons, I take a while to have a poo and it would have been embarrassing being out of class for 15 minutes or more as it would have been pretty obvious what I was doing!! The trouble was it was then even harder to go once I got home.
Anyway, back to my latest story. Today I got up late and lazed around in my nightie and dressing gown. I ate breakfast and then started to feel a small urge for a poo, I realised I hadn't been for a couple of days so I thought I'd better go to the loo straight away, and anyway I was getting quite desperate for a wee. I took off my dressing gown, lifted my nightie and pulled down my orange spotty pants and sat. I started to wee, it hissed and fizzed down into the bowl and I moaned with relief, it felt so good to relax and let it come flooding out! As I was weeing I farted loudly a couple of times and could feel a poo nearly ready to come. After I'd had my wee I stayed sitting and started to push, the poo was soon poking out of my bum. As it began to slide out I could feel it getting wider and I knew I'd need to push even harder so I took a deep breath and bore down, I did a long hard push and couldn't help grunting at the end. I must have kept that up for about 5 minutes, I could feel the log moving out a tiny bit each time and eventually it started to speed up a bit and then it dropped, making a loud plop as it fell into the bowl. I felt another log making its way out and started to push again but luckily that one wasn't as wide and it only needed a few gentle pushes to get it to drop. I sat for a bit longer and felt empty so I took some paper and wiped my bottom, it only took a few wipes to get clean. I flushed and then took off my nightie and pants and had a shower, as I looked in the mirror before getting in the shower I saw I was a bit red in the face from all the pushing but I felt a lot better for having dropped a massive load! Am around for a bit now so will do my best to post an update soon, bye for now!!

To Mina

How was today's sit on the loo? Hopefully full of poop and plops! Sounds like your friends would enjoy this site too.


Last post for a while.

Hi Folks.

I'm away back home today, to brilliant broadband, apart form the fact I can't post to this site...I hope the webmaster can solve this, as I'll bet there are a fair few frustrated 'would be' posters in Little old England.....

I forgot to mention in my last post, that I never saw IBS girl again....I guess she was working as a temp, and moved on.

Now....Karen....Like me, she came in to work an hour or more earlier than anyone else....I did it to miss the rush hour traffic on my 35km journey, she is very athletic, and often has a run around the campus before starting work. She is a statistician, and works in her own office on a corridor just along from where I work on a regualar basis.
Karen is tall, 30ish about 5'9" with an athletic figure, curvy, and has long light brown hair, often tied back in a ponytail. I had also worked out that unlike most women I have met at work, she had pretty regular worktime bowel habits....there is a single unisex loo between our 2 1st floor corridors...there is a coffee area, with male and female loo's just inside my corridor. The plumbing is shared, and sitting in the coffee break area, it was always easy to tell if someone had just used the unisex, as you could hear the cistern filling through the can also hear the loud rattle of the roller towel holder being used.
I already knew that Karen would leave a heavy,warm fruity poo aroma, and plenty of light brown streaks in the bottom of the pan.....I've never been able to understand why folk don't use the loo brush afterwards...I always do.....Anyway, I've had many a satisfying poo straight after Karen, making the best of the pre-warmed seat...she usually spends about 5 minutes on it :)
Well, one morning, just about 8am, I was coming back from the campus shop, and saw Karen walking towards me from the other direction. She was wearing a tracksuit, and carrying a small kit bag, and had very wet hair....I'm guessing she had been for a run, had showered, and was going to change in the privacy of her own office.
She opened the door to the building, and said Hi, with a smile, as I followed her in. I kept a polite distance between us as I followed her upstairs. We were both on the stairs to the second floor, when I noticed an overwhelming smell of poo...Karen had let a silent fart out as I followed her. When we got to second floor, she made a beeline for the unisex. She entered and locked the door. I figured that with no one about, I could wait just outside the door in the little lobby outside. It was dead quiet, and I heard the slight rustle of clothes, and the noise that the loo seat makes when someone's bottom presses it hard against the pan. That toilet pan was quite a high one, being suitable for disabled use, and I know from experience how it amplifies the 'PLOP' noises :)
There was absolute silence for half a minute, then plop.......PLOP-PLOP-PLOP....a few seconds pause and she started to wee....and simultaneously PLOP-PLOP-PLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPPLOP.......Karen as I said is very athletic, and I think with what I heard, she could go for gold in the poo Olympics :)There was a few 10s of seconds silence, a couple of smaller plop plops, and the sound of paper being pulled from the dispenser. At this point, I decided to make myself scarce, and wait in our coffee area. I soon heard the flush, followed by the hand towel. I could see through the glass panel in the door that Karen came out, and with hips swinging, walked in the opposite direction to her office.
As soon as she was out of sight, I was through the door, and in to the toilet that she had vacated. I wasn't disappointed...this was the first time I had heard her in action, and witnessed the was her usual heavy, fruity smell, and some very thick, almost yellow streaks in the pan.
I then dropped my trousers and boxers, and sat down where her nice curvy bottom had warmed the seat, and effortlessly dropped my load. I am not ashamed to say that the experience with Karen had left me a little excited, so I had to attend to that as well.....After I had finished, I walked down Karen's corridor, and glanced in her office...she had now changed, and was wearing a nice summer dress. Wonder what she would have thought if she knew how she had brightened my morning up?
That's all until I get down to our holiday retreat again.

Best Wishes.


Bryan in NYC

to zip

guys like you and esteban are my "heroes" - true shameless shitters who enjoy buddy dumping and aren't afraid of doorless stalls. wish there were more guys like you!

(ps: the true real-life heroes are our first responders and military; i know the real meaning of the word!)

boy from NYC
1. Are you circumcised? Yes.
2. Are you from the USA? Yes.
3. What types of underwear do you wear? briefs.
4. When you sit and poop, do you hold your penis down? Yes.
5. Do you usually stand to pee? Yes.
6. How old are you? 16
7. Did you have peeing contests with other boys when you were a kid? in camp.
8. Do you use urinals? yes.


random accident

Hi I'm Brittany I'm 28, and I have randomly had two pooping accidents in my adult years...the first happened when I was 21 and I just thought of it as an isolated incident but then I had another one last night. Even though they happened so far apart it weirds me out because I don't know many adults who have accidentally pooped their pants more than maybe one time and that one time was due to some illness or extreme circumstances but mine both just kind of happened. So now I'm paranoid about humiliating myself by pooping my pants at a really bad time and location!

When I was 21 I had a night job as a cashier at a drug store to make money during college. One night I was the only cashier there and as I was helping a customer my stomach felt a little uneasy. I was definitely not worried about it because I never had issues making it to the bathroom or anything. So I just ignored it thinking the feeling would ease up and I would go to the bathroom when I got home because I had less than 2 hours left in my shift. But like a minute later my stomach cramped up really bad and I felt scared to move. I knew I needed to get to the bathroom right away, but I had a customer. I squeezed my cheeks together with all my might and started panicking in my head saying "please hold it please hold it please hold it" but I knew even if i didn't have a customer I would still need to wait for my manager to come up front to cover the register and I would still need to make it all the way to the back of the store to the bathroom. So its like my body knew that and just decided it was no use, so in the middle of my transaction I just had a major accident in my was really obvious too. It was noisy...a lot of flatulence and squelching sounds. And it stunk to high heavens immediately... and I made a ridiculous face as it happened.. and turned as red as a tomato... so yeah, there was no way the customer didn't know I just pooped my pants. He seemed extremely uncomfortable and couldn't leave fast enough. When he did I just stood there in shock and disbelief with this horrible hot mushy feeling all over my butt and crotch. It was a really big and soft load and I had tight khakis on so it really squished and spread throughout my yellow panties as it came out. I had to call my manager up and as soon as I saw him I lost it and started crying, and told him I had an accident. He was kind of amused and told me to go get cleaned up and he'd cover the register, and I wanted to die! I waddled all the way to the bathrooms and spent what felt like an eternity cleaning myself up, and I buried my panties in the garbage. It was so gross. My khakis were very lightly stained on the left side of my butt from where a little poop squeezed out of the leg band of my panties but other than that the load was contained in my panties so luckily my khakis were OK to wear. So I went commando for the last little bit of my shift, and I untucked my shirt so it would hang down over my butt to cover the small stain. I'm pretty sure my face didn't stop being red the rest of the night, but my manager was nice enough not to talk about it. He just kept trying not to smile when he looked at me, but I'm glad he resisted the urge to make fun!

I haven't thought about that for years. There were only two witnesses and one was a stranger and one didn't tell a soul as far as I know so I got over it. I never really worried about it, it was just a freak thing that could happen to anyone. But I thought of it last night when I had another random accident. This time I was home by myself, waiting for my boyfriend to get home. It was getting late and I was tired but didn't want to go to bed before he got home so I just laid down on the couch. I don't recall feeling like I had to go to the bathroom before I laid down... at some point during my nap I don't know if it was a dream or if I was in a half dozed state where I was barely conscious but I remember feeling the sensation of pooping. I didn't worry about it though because like I said I wasn't totally conscious, it's like my brain convinced me it was just a dream and I went back to sleep.

Next thing I knew my boyfriend Brian was waking me up. "Babe. Babe. Are you OK?" I opened my eyes and was totally confused and out of it, but I could smell something. Smelled like poop obviously. He was looking at me with a funny look and I just stared back at him confused, and he said "uhhh Britt...did you sh*t your pants?" I felt a wave of terror wash over my body and that's when I kind of sat up a little and felt something warm and squishy in the seat of my light green panties and gray leggings. I was practically speechless and still groggy from the nap and I think I just mumbled "I guess." He was just like "well come on and get off the you need anything? Are you feeling OK?" He was sweet to be so concerned, but I just started to feel humiliated as I started to wake up completely and realized that I'd just pooped myself in my sleep at age 28. I told him I was fine and asked him to go away and I started to cry a little and just kept saying I was so embarrassed, and he kind of laughed and said "babe its just me, its OK." And then he left me alone, and I waddled up to the bathroom to take a shower. It was a very similar load to the accident I had while cashiering, in color, consistency and quantity. It was a light brown, with a sort of yellowish hue, and it was like whipped potatoes or something and there was a lot. It was all over my panties and since I was laying down when I had an accident a good amount squeezed out and got on my leggings too, and the stain had seeped through my panties and on my leggings. It looked like a wet stain on my leggings right in the middle of my butt the size of a saucer plate, but my panties were completely stained brown on the outside. After I cleaned myself up and showered I rinsed and hand washed my panties and leggings in the tub before I put them in the washing machine...then I checked my couch and luckily it seems to have avoided damage...even so I sprayed the cushions with Lysol...

So both times it came out of nowhere and I had no control over my bowels. Don't know if its something I ate or whatever, but now I'm legit freaked out that I can suddenly poop my pants at any given moment. Hopefully I'll get over that paranoia and hopefully it won't ever happen again, or if it does I hope its not in front of a lot of people at least..omg I could die just imagining that! The weird thing is I don't have a problem with poop at all or talking about pooping, so I can appreciate this website. I just don't particularly like doing it in my pants beyond my control! Especially because I never had those types of accidents growing up.

Anyway, that's my embarrassing story! Hope you enjoyed. Next time I'll share the details of a few times that I've wet myself, but those stories have what I consider to be reasonable explanations lol.

Bye for now!


Nudist Experience

Well I am an former nudist so i thought i would share this experience with you at one of my first times at the beach. Midway through my stay there I went to the bathroom where I would take my pee. As I sat down I was midstream but a girl walked in. If you don't know bathrooms are large sort of hallways with no doors just toilets but this girl had the courage to sit right next to me and I was shy at first because I had never seen a girl do her business before, or get into a conversation with me while doing it, or do it naked. She was kind of hairy, as we are in France, and she then released a monster in the toilet and made some nice commentary while doing it. Smooth poop rolled out of her and she had said that peppers gave her the worst shits. She farted loudly and let out a sigh of relief. After the fart she started to talk to me while she taking her dump. It was about the nudist beach and about her crap. She asked me some questions about how i became a nudist and all that. Mid-Conversation she released a large fart accompanied by a splash of poop she said that it was fiery. After she was done she wiped in front of me and then flushed. That experience was weird but it was what started a long chain of girls pooping in front of me experiences. I may be able to share more of them later.


Babysitting children of the opposite sex & public toilets

As I've written about before, I do a lot of babysitting and out of all my 8th grade friends, I probably have the largest number of customers and since I do overnight assignments for two or three days at a time during school vacations, I'm getting more work. For example, next week I will have Philippe. He just turned 7. He flies in, I pick him up at the airport, and care for him during the day and his father has him at night and for the holiday. His dad pays me well (actually better than the rest of my customers) but there's a problem. We spend a lot of time away from home out and about, but what bathroom should Philippe use? It was a problem when he visited at Christmas. I was at the airport, with some legal form in an envelop for the flight attendant, and she paged me and brought Philippe to me. She said he had to poo, but was unable to produce. She took him into the toilet during the flight, sat him down, but felt he was too scared to go. I could smell it a bit, just as she was talking to me so I decided to take him to the first bathroom we came to while his luggage was being unloaded. I took him to the entry of the mens bathroom, told him to go into a stall, to get up on the stool and go, and then to carefully wipe and wash his hands. I had to kind of shove him into the entryway. I waited at the entry, listening to a lot of door banging, flushing and water. A little boy, probably about 5, came running out, grabbed his mother who was standing next to me and bragged to her about how he was a big boy now. They high-fived.

I couldn't help but wondering where Philippe was in the process. On the toilet, legs swinging (he's very nervous and awkward) and about to wipe and jump down? Then a man, about the age of my dad, came out leading Philippe (who was crying) by the hand. He told me I had made a bad decision to let Philippe go in alone. I guess Philippe couldn't find an open toilet, so he went to one of the urinals, dropped his jeans and underwear all the way to the floor, and tried to shoot his wee high enough to get into the urinal bowl. The guy said it was filthy that Philippe partially had his organ on or in the bowl. I didn't know what to say, but I thanked the guy, took the crying Philippe down the hall and into the ladies room. I quickly took him into the first (actually only toilet) available, pulled down his jeans and underwear, lifted him up a little bit so he would feel comfortable on the seat, and tried to comfort him as he started pushing out his poo. I was impressed and he wisely repositioned himself on the seat a couple of times and this added to his output. He seemed to wipe efficiently and I helped him blow his nose and dry his eyes. I took him to a sink directly in front of the stall and told him to wash his hands and wait there for me. I went back into the stall and seated myself for a quick wee. I was only on the toilet for about 30 seconds and when I came out three old women were asking him questions and about why he wasn't in the mens room.

I didn't say anything to Philippe about it, but I don't think there's too many alternatives available to me. What do other parents, especially those with opposite gender children, recommend?


Lost 5 lbs from doing a huge curly poop!

Hiya :) Didn't poop since Monday and felt full (and undies felt kinda tight) but after a couple of cups of coffee I felt an urgent need to go to the toilet about 10 mins ago. I went to the bathroom (with my cat following me lol) and pulled my pants & undies down and reached behind me for the Garfield comic and relaxed. Within a minute a giant soft turd came out with a loud snapping noise. Of course when I wiped it was another messy one so I had to go in the shower again to clean up. As soon as I stood up I looked at what I made (and so did my cat LOL). There was a huge soft curly poop in there, about 2 feet long! I guess that's what happens when you don't go for a few days. :O I flushed the toilet (while my cat stood up and watched the poop go down lol). There were heavy skidmarks in there as usual so I had to flush again. Then I cleaned up in the shower and after I got redressed I weighed myself. I lost 5 lbs! :O Wow! I guess all the fig bars I've been eating over the last couple of days, fruits and vegetables I've been eating and all the coffee I've been drinking has been keeping things soft. Let's hope this keeps up!

Happy pooping!

Tinner- Well, when I say occasionally I mean only very occasionally! It's rare for me to have an accident, but I come close quite often because once I start to need a poo it's usually not long before it is a very urgent need.

John B- Yes, I still talk to Leanne but since we don't live near each other I don't see her very often, sadly. She told me she stopped posting here because she doesn't have much time anymore now that she has a job.

Today I had to travel by train, a journey that lasted a couple of hours. While I was sitting in my seat after about half an hour I started to need a wee quite strongly, and it was clear I would need to go before I arrived because my bladder felt full. I don't much like using toilets on trains because I don't trust the automatic doors on them to stay closed, after they didn't once in the past! I knew I needed to, though, so I got up and headed along the train to the loo. After waiting a minute for a man who got there ahead of me to come out, I went in and shut the door. I hitched up my skirt and lowered my tights and pink knickers to my knees. The train toilet was pretty narrow and it felt like I was perched on it even though I sat squarely on it! I relieved my bladder as I 'perched' on the loo, then wiped and left.

After another hour on the train I was needing to relieve myself again, but this time it was the other thing that I needed to do. I especially don't like doing a poo on a train, so I decided to hold it and wait until I arrived where I could do my business in the station toilets, although I would have to pay there. By the time we arrived I was getting to the point where, if the journey had lasted any longer, I would have given up and used the toilet on the train anyway, because my need was getting very urgent.

As we stopped I joined the queue to get off the train. I was clenching my rear tightly as I walked past the train toilet, which I glanced at longingly! I joined the flood of other people heading for the station toilets. I needed 30p for the privilege of doing my urgent business, but at this stage that sounded like a bargain! It was getting really hard to hold it in as I quickly paid at the turnstile and went in. Luckily there were several empty cubicles and I took one gratefully, locking it behind me. I quickly pulled down my tights and pink knickers, pulled my skirt up around my waist, and plonked myself down on the seat.

Right away my poo began to come out. It was one of those times when most of it comes out in one big long load- I pushed it out for about five seconds before it broke off and I sighed in relief. After that urgent start, I pushed out another two decent sized logs, followed by three or four smaller pieces. I did another short wee and sat for a minute to make sure I was done before wiping and leaving to wash my hands feeling very relieved!


antibiotic not fun

Well hi guys :) . Been awhile I know, but I was very sick and required a strong antibiotic to cure me. Idk if any of you know of cipro , but it takes care of pretty much everything in your body it thinks is bad, as a result, only pooping a few times this week, at first hard big logs, dark green in color. Now a few days after finshing my medicine, and a cup of yogurt or so, my poop is soft and brown again. At first I feared I'd need a laxative after my medicine was over, but so far my body shows no signs of constipation. Go me ! That's all for now. Bye bye.


Survey and Quick Update

1. Are you circumcised?
Yes, for the past 10 years and very glad to be.
2. Are you from the USA?
Yes I am.
3. What types of underwear do you wear?
Briefs and sometimes boxer-briefs. Sometimes, none. Never boxers.
4. When you poop, do you hold your penis down?
Yes, otherwise I would pee everywhere and I pee A LOT when on the
toilet. Before I was circumcised, I wouldn't have to hold it. I
would just make sure the foreskin was in place and hanging over
the bowl.
5. Do stand to pee?
About 98% of the time. I sometimes sit to pee only when I feel
like it or when I am already sitting for other business.
6. How old are you?
7. Did you have peeing contests with other boys when you were a kid?
Yes! I have a few stories (might have posted one years ago). That
will be for another time though.
8. Do you use urinals?
If available, yes.

I have mostly poop stories, but will save those for the future. I intend to post some soon. Friday, I did, by-far, my biggest log. It was almost 2 inches in diameter and roughly 3 foot coiled up in the toilet. It took roughly 1 minute for it all to come out and it felt so good. I did a lot of small chunks too. It looked like I hadn't gone in days, except I had a movement during my planning period at work.

Like I said, I have more to post, but I am falling asleep as I am posting this. More to come!


24 year old girl survey

1.are you circumcised? Yes

2. from USA? Yes

3. What types of underwear do you wear? Boxer briefs

4. When you sit dto poop, do you hold penis down? No don't need to

5. Do you usually stand to pee? No not at home and if out I find a stall
and sit to pee!

6. How old atre you 70

7. Did you have peeing contests with other boys when you were a kid?
8. Do you use urinals? Sometimes

My thanks to the person who wrote about "the same taboo in the West". Those are my feelings exactly. I really enjoy my motions and am glad that they are big and take long time. Kazuko and Maho too, though Maho often constipated and says motion can be painful. After our trip to hot spring, we began to talk about loo often, and we told Hisae about our experience. She regret she wasn't there, and we promise her to go hot spring again together and do big motion. But I haven't told my friends about this site.

Anyway, thank you. Tomorrow I sit on loo partly naked and listen for frequent plops.

Happy times in the loo and every where to all of you.



to Jasmin K

Hey, how is your own constipation, have you managed to get it out? Wow, that's a giant turd your friend pushed out! Did she squat over the floor while she was pushing it or was she on the toilet? Does she ever use high heels like you to give her more strength to bear down? Thanks for your response xD

kid from nyc
1. Are you circumcised? Yes
2. Are you from the USA? Yes
3. What types of underwear do you wear? briefs, sometimes boxers
4. When you sit and poop, do you hold your penis down? Yes
5. Do you usually stand to pee? Yes
6. How old are you? 16
7. Did you have peeing contests with other boys when you were a kid? at day camp and summer camp.
8. Do you use urinals? Yes


Steven A's Disney World Trip

Hiya Steven; sure sounds like a great trip you've got going there.....never been to'll have to tell us all about it!

About the fiber; I don't think it's bad that you eat those...or even that you seem to pretty much rely on them to help you to poop. I'm glad that's all it takes. You no doubt are a healthy kid and I know that staying regular is important to you. Ever think of other sources for fiber? Maybe you should experiment with different foods and see what effect they have with your BM's....

Sometime maybe you could tell me how it feels to you when you're regular. When I'm constipated I still feel OK....but I know I always feel great after I empty out. Can you feel poop inside of you when you haven't had your daily BM?

And...btw....I think it's perfectly cool for you to respond as you did to the TMI question. It may not be a big deal to others here...but if it makes you uncomfortable to talk about it....then say so....just as you did. Very well said. And; it's not really a poop-forum-related question anyway.


Thursday, April 10, 2014


Another Memory of the single occupancy work toilets.

Well, I'm going to tell one more memory of this area, before telling you about Karen, who worked in the department next to mine, and was a regular early morning user of a single unisex loo between our two departments.
I decided to try something different one Monday morning, and pay a visit around 11am....I knew this would be just after morning coffee for many folk, and there'd certainly be a few ladies needing a wee. One thing I have worked out is that in England, very few ladies seem to go for a poo at work unless they are absolutely desperate. Hearing a lady poo is definitely the exception to the rule, although I have heard some go to the toilet, just to release some very loud farts.....
Anyway, as soon as I entered the lobby where the 3 loo's are, I noticed a very strong poo aroma. It wasn't from the first, male cubicle, but from the second.....the ladies......a very strong meaty/sulphurous smell...and VERY recently produced, as there was still the odd hiss and dribble coming from the concealed cistern, showing it had recently been flushed. Realising I had missed out on that bit of entertainment, I settled in the disabled cubicle for a few minute, and heard high heels approaching...the door to the ladies opened...I heard her say Oh My God....shut the door, and went back the way she came....obviously too stinky....I heard her footsteps going up the stairs, and along the little lobby immediately above me where the next block of identical loo's were. I decided not to wait any longer, but visit at the same time the next day.
I was rather surprised to be met by the same aroma....and just missed the producer again....couldn't see the point in waiting, as I knew no lady would be staying until the air had cleared...I did go and sit in the loo on the next floor up, but apart from a guy and girl going for a quick wee, no other activity.
The next day, I decided to go to the same place again, but a quarter of an hour earlier. No aroma today....I thought the chances of the same woman coming in at the same time for an equally smelly poo were pretty remote, but would wait and see.
Anyway, within the next few minutes, 2 ladies had been and gone....both having urgent sounding wee's...why girls, do you always wait until you are bursting? :)The first woman also let loose a noisy 'machine gun' fart during her wee.....
Everything was quiet for another 5 minutes, then I heard the corridor door open, and rapid, quiet footsteps towards the ladies. The cubicle door was closed quietly, and locked...a slight rustle of clothes...guessed she was wearing a skirt, and the unmistakable sound of bum landing on toilet seat. She started to take a slow, very quiet wee....then I heard a quiet mmmmmmmnnnnfffffff PLOPPLUPLUPLUPLUPLUPPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOP...........the sound of a very bulky, soft bowel movement being released...there was a little pause, then mmmmmmmmnnnnffffffPPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLUPLUPLUPLUPLUPLOP....plop....plop...
This time it sounded more fluid, as though she was having diarrhoea. I thought it was strange that she had to strain slightly to go, but maybe she wanted it over with quickly. the whole process had probably only taken her about 3 minutes...she started wiping...I really had to see who this was.....I'd had a mental image of a chubbly middle aged woman in my mind....funny how I associate certain images with ceratin toilet sounds :)

I waited in my usual vantage point, and made a point of walking towards the toilet lobby as she came out. I was surprised to see she was a very petite, slim girl,pretty, with shoulder length brunette hair, probably in her late teens...just the opposite of what I thought. well...the lobby had the same aroma....released from her cubicle as she came out. I just felt then that I had to go and relieve myself in there...the bottom of the pan was coated with sticky looking, almost yellow streaks....I guess the poo girl probably had some sort of IBS, and probably found it pretty embarrassing having to go at work....wonder what she would have thought if she knew she'd brightened my morning up.

Hope you find these recollections interesting or amusing...

Best Wishes


PS I forgot to mention Keith, the London delivery's a relief to know we are not alone with our love of listening :)


More work related tales....and all very true.

Hello again...I'm making the best of a couple of days of being able to post :)

One morning, I had planned to visit the building with my favourite toilets quite early on, but a small job came up that I needed to attend to, so I didn't get there until after 9. This worked out well as it happened...I needed to go No.2 myself...I usually waited until I got to work, as there's nothing like being paid while you're sitting on the loo :)
All 3 toilets were empty, but I decided to pick the disabled access one at the end, this would guarantee that any visiting lady would have to used the ladies designated loo. in the meantime, I had sat down, relaxed, and let quite a large , sloppy poo drop in the pan. I waited a few minutes to make sure I was really done, and had to wipe about 6 times, then flushed. Well, after about 10 minutes, I heard the corridor door bang open, and heavy, trudging footsteps come down the lobby. I thought it must be a bloke, so was surprised when the footsteps came nearer, and the door in to the ladies opened, and was noisily and rapidly slammed shut. I heard a frantic rustling of clothes, and then OW!! OOOOOOW!!!! OUCH!!!...KERPLOPPPPPP........obviously her poor poo hole was being stretched painfully by something that was a little too big for was obviously large and solid, going by the noise it made when it dropped She followed this with a long, loud and hissy wee, and then a couple more plop plops. I was really curious to see who this was, so I washed my hands, and left the loo, just as I heard her start to pull paper off.
I waited in the foyer, and after a couple of minutes, this rather heavily built woman of about late 50s-early 60s appeared, heading for the building exit. I didn't bother going back to find out if she'd left any marks or aroma, as I needed to go and do some work......
Another day around that time, I decided on a late lunchtime visit. Again, I picked the disabled access loo...don't actually think anyone with a disability worked in that building, so I knew I wouldn't inconvenience anyone....anyway it was around 2pm, when I heard the corridor door open, and slow deliberate footsteps in high heels came down the lobby. I wondered if it was Sarah, but it didn't sound quite right. She entered the ladies, and I heard a slight rustle of clothes, and the sound of her sitting down on the toilet seat. There was about 2 minutes of absolute silence, then plop........PLOP.....PERRRLOPPP....PLOP-PLOP.....simultaneously with the last two plops, she started to wee, and pull paper off the roll....Of course, I wanted to see who this was, so I quickly flushed and washed my hands...even though I hadn't used the sounds better if anyone was about :)and waited out in the foyer. I heard her toilet flush, and then the sound of the hand drier. a few seconds later, this stunning tall young lady appeared...about 5'8", slim, with dark blonde long hair in ringlets, about half way down her back...aged about 20-25.....wearing a white blouse, and a knee length skirt. I quickly looked on the photograph board outside her department entrance, and could see here name was Gemma, and she was a secretarial support assistant. I just had to go and take a look where she had just been....there was no one about, so I opened the door, and went in. There was a very strong, fresh, meaty poo smell, and a few browny/yellow marks in the bottom of the toilet bowl. This combined witth the mental image I had of her sitting there, made me feel a little excited to say the least, so I decided to stay and attend to that problem.
One more experience of these toilets, and the next one will be from another work area that sticks in my mind....
Again, and this time a mid afternoon visit, just for something a bit different... I occupied the disabled, and after a while, some soft footsteps came down the lobby, and a lady entered the loo on my right. I heard her undo a belt, and sit down. She started a long, hissy wee....I fully expected her to wipe and flush, but there was dead silence....this lasted for about 10 minutes, and I was getting bored and was just about to leave, when I heard plop.....plop...plopplupplupplupplop......pluplupploppluplupplop...plop....plopppp... a very heavy and long sloppy poo session. I'm guessing she had ???? ache, but needed to wait until her bowels were ready to move of their own accord. She started to wipe, and I left and waited in my usual place.....same pattern....flush....hand drier, and through the corridor doors appeared a 30ish, average height, slightly chubby Afro-Carribean girl. of course, I had the urge to check hers out as well....very strong, spicy, meaty poo aroma....I bet she'd felt real relief after getting rid of that one......

That's it for now.

Best Wishes



Curly poop and accident close call

Last night when my husband and I got back from the mall (had to pick up dinner stuff and our friend's birthday present) I felt a little uncomfortable down below and was kind of gassy. I thought I started to shit myself on the way home (right as soon as we turned the corner to get to our house) but I asked my husband to check my butt when we got home and I was OK. Was just gas and a sweaty butt I guess. I took the laundry out of the dryer (my clothes) and as I was folding my clothes I farted. Felt kind of wet but ignored it. Just my luck, my friend and her son came downstairs right that minute (while it still stunk) but they didn't say anything about the smell. I was so nervous that I may have had an accident but I played with my friend's 2 year old boy. He is so cute. And our friend had brought down a big container of cupcakes for us that she made. What a sweetie :) It is her birthday in 2 days but the cupcakes were too sweet for her and her son so she gave them to us. So nice! Her and her son just came back from China almost 2 months ago (after being there for 3 months. Her, her husband and her son are permanent residents about to become citizens. My husband met her husband through college being in the same program together a few years ago). Anyway, I'm off topic. I played with her little boy for a little while and when they went upstairs I immediately went to the bathroom to check my pants. I was SO scared there would be a brown stain on my bed and on my light GREY sweats and WHITE undies! But it was a false alarm. Whew! Just sweat, no poop! Lucky me!

I haven't been needing my laxative at all lately since my bowels have been pretty loose. I drink a lot of coffee and water so that seems to keep them loose. Still having the giant piles of cartoon-like poop lol. But today I had a strong urge sometime in the afternoon. I went to the bathroom, pulled down my clothes, reached behind me for the Garfield comic and relaxed. What felt like a bunch of mush came out of me and I was done within a minute or so. I wiped and it was really messy as usual so I knew I had to shower. I stood up to check out what I did.

It was a long curly ish turd. Kinda cool lol. But when I flushed there was still a lot of residue on the toilet bowl. One of those two or three flusher ones or using the toilet brush to clean it. I showered, dried off, put my clothes back on and flushed and that's it.

Mr. Clogs

Comments, survey and short story

Timee: LOL! Thanks. Well I'm heathen now, but should visit sometime. You're right about that. Lets hope they wash their hands. Thanks for the comment.

24 year old girl: I'll respond to your survey below.

1. Are you circumcised? Well I would say so since I don't have the foreskin.

2. Are you from the USA? Yes.

3. What types of underwear do you wear? Briefs, bikinis, rarely wear boxers these days, and thong underwear.

4. When you sit and poop, do you hold your penis down? Yes, because if I don't well there would be pee all over the floor.

5. Do you usually stand to pee? Yes

6. How old are you? 33

7. Did you have peeing contests with other boys when you were a kid? Not that I can recall.

8. Do you use urinals? Yes.

Today I decided to take a dump in a cup today, well it was messy one. I got into position and proceeded to poop in it, well I thought I had the cup positioned right. Nope wrong! Majority of the turds made its way into the cup and some not much ended on the floor. So I had to clean up the mess and finished the rest in the cup. I wiped with some toilet paper, and 3 wet wipe sheets to clean up. I dumped the cup into the toilet and washed the cup out for next time. I must be losing my touch pooping in the cup, I need to practice more. More so to do with pressure on the knees for me.

That's all for now.


Steven A

Disney World Band Trip Is Finally Here!

On Wednesday, I'm going to Disney World with my High School Band. It's my very 1st time going to Disney World and I'm going to have alot of fun. On my way there, everyone including me will be on a coach bus for like 20 to 23 hours with one bathroom for everyone on my bus to use when they have to go. (We have 5 coach buses for all the band students, the chaperones and the auxiliaries. I know, are high school band is pretty big). Me and all the other people going on the trip will experience some "bathroom situations" since will we be on the bus for a long time and it's hard for most people to hold their pee/poop for over 20 hours. I have been one a coach bus before but nothing memorable happened since my last trip on a coach bus wasn't nearly as long as this trip. I will post/share my stories/experiences when I return from Disney World. Stay tuned for a good story everyone!

Steven A

24 Year Old Girl Survey

1. Are you circumcised? - TMI Question For Me

2. Are you from the USA? - Yes

3. What types of underwear do you wear? - Boxers and sometimes I wear Boxer Briefs, but I wear Boxers more often.

4. When you sit and poop, do you hold your penis down? - Yes

5. Do you usually stand to pee? Yes

6. How old are you? 16

7. Did you have peeing contests with other boys when you were a kid? No

8. Do you use urinals? Yes


Question for Linda

Linda you wrote:

> When I was learning to use the toilet, my Mum had a special seat that
> fitted on the normal toilet, so I could use it.

Do you think the seat on the regular toilet helped or made matters worse? My mother had the same kind of arrangement. But I always ask to be put on my potty chair, which was kept in the bathroom long after I was potty trained. I always found that straining on it, particularly after she'd given me an enema, seemed to be much more effective. There were handles on either side of the seat, when the water would start to make the poop come out I'd grab them and bear down, it seemed to help.


24 Year old girl

Survey for men
1. Are you circumcised? yes
2. Are you from USA? Yes i am from Maryland USA
3. What type of underwear do you wear? Boxers or Briefs
4. When you sit and poop, do you hold your penis down? Yes and NO
5. Do you usually stand to pee? Most of the time
6. How old are you? 53 going to be 54 in 3 days
7. Did you have peeing contest with other boys when you were a kid? No
8. Do you use urinals? Yes
And welcome to Toilet stool


Reply to John

Hi John. Many thanks for your kind words regarding my contributions, although I'm not sure how well deserved they are! I used to post here regularly but, in common with many people I have a lot of pressures on my time nowadays and keeping abreast of what's happening on forums is, to some extent a casualty of that. I'd like to post more though given the opportunity. I hope you're well and staying regular. It's good to see other posters here but especially my fellow countrymen from the UK.

Mystery Poster

To Annie

I would get off of the stool softeners and eat High Fiber Cereal everyday in the morning or for a snack or a Fiber One/Plus Bar in the morning everyday for breakfast if you're in a rush for work. This will help your stools get firm and easy to pass but not messy like now.


To Alex's survey

Hey Alex, thanks for the questions!

1) You mention being "petite" so I was wondering what you are for height and weight? I'm 5'3 and about 110lbs. I'm a vegetarian and a pretty healthy eater though, so I think that helps with my sizable dumps.

2) How often do you have a bowel movement? Do you frequently take large dumps because you go a long time between BM's or do you still drop a lot of poop, despite going frequently (at least once a day or more)? I go every couple of days. I would love to hold it longer to make sure it is as large as possible, but I don't like to get too backed up or have to strain too much. I like when my turds are big but not painful.

3) How long and thick are most of your logs? How many logs do you usually drop? Have you ever calculated the weight of your poop by using one of those small digital scales like the have in the post offices? My logs are usually pretty thick, a few inches at least. I love feeling my hole open up before the turd emerges. I normally push a few times before getting on the toilet even to move the load down. I like to dome my anus in and out to really get the tip right to the edge before I get on the pot and work out the rest.

4) When was the most urgent time you had to move your bowels? Where were you, what were you doing before? There have been a few times after morning coffee that I just can't wait. Especailly if it has been a day or so since my last load, I can feel it buidling up and bursting to get out. I still like to let it move as slowly as possible to feel it stretch me, but sometimes you just gotta push that log out fast. Its kind of a turn on to have an overwhelming need to push and grunt. Usually I like to poop at home, but I'm working up the courage to be a little more vocal out in public restrooms. Maybe someone next to me is interested too :)


the problem with being desperate for a poo, stuck in traffic

Firstly thank you to those for their condolences since I lost our baby... very kind, thanks.

on Friday I had an appointment up north at someone's house which meant I needed to drive on a motorway.
I started my journey & 30 mins into it i got the urge for a huge poo. I felt horrid.
An hour in to it I was stuck in traffic at a standstill for ages.
desperate to poo!!
Clenching my buttocks in my seat. It was one of those poos where I couldn't fart either as I was so desperate.
Once we got moving I knew some services nearby & decided I'd have to poo there.
eventually I got parked up in the services & rushed to the loo.
taking my short black skirt & tights & black knickers down, I plonked my buttocks on the seat & immediately let loose a mountain of loose plops. Plop...plop...Plop Plop Plop Plop, ....plop...Plop Plop plop plop plop plop....plop....plop...plop plop! 17 plops, I wiped 5 times & got dressed, refreshed my hair & make up & sprayed my perfume ready to head north on the motorway (still busy but at least I was feeling fresh!) again.
j xx

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: annie great story I hoe you pooping gets back to normal soon and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tlana great story.

To: Crystal as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds like you and the other girl had really good poops and I bet you both felt prettty good afterwards to.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


What come in will come out

hi everyone, this story take place after church I have been going like 3-4 out of month now that's pretty good for me, but any way hehe so after the service concluded, I casually walked out of the santuray onto the ladies bathroom, so on upon getting in there, strong perfume odor, I guess some don't want to be found out about, but side note we a Hispanic based church who cares. we all eat basically same things lol, so I took first stall locked it, undid my belt and unzip my slacks lower them to my ankles pulled some tp out to blow my noise before I took a seat, but farted real loud that cause a poop head come out like oh oh, hurried sat on down and turd splash in the water and farting some more then began to pee while dropping more poop feeling really good, my papi called me mid section telling me pick up some things before heading home, to young people never debate regardless answer your phone when your parents call you, he continue on asking me how service was maybe he come again, but ended by love you and let you get back pooping, I said love you to okay, so hung up the phone, start dropping some loose stool now, been on toilet like 15 minutes now feeling still bloated farting still chunks start happen rubbing my stomach, called up Marcus really quick leaving him a voicemail telling him not good for me today it has started, but will talk later love you, finally near done flush toilet, start wiping took 8 wipe to be clean flush again, start pulling my slacks up hit out of nowhere with sharp cramps, so pulled down my slacks sat back on toilet hot liquid start gushing out of me, after 3 waves I felt empty got up wiped 4 times and flush pulled up my slacks washed my hands was greeted by the children pastor he like 25, they say he really like me and I believe so too but not interest in him at all, so I looked at my watch notice I was in there for over 30 minutes, so I said I got go but I guess see you later, yes he said that be great, and I left the building got in the car went got things for papi went in my room took a cold bath and played around rest of the day and today still feeling bit raw sputtered some poop not to long ago feeling bloated well that's all bye need toilet now,

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