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Yes I have Hemorrhoids (piles) they get really bad some times,I often have to have a pad in my knickers because of them.
When did you first get Hemorrhoids ? I am not exactly sure when I first got them,I had a swelling poking out from my anus during a particularly bad bout of constipation when I was 10 which dissapeared after a couple of days after I did the poo. I remember that cos I was off school that time with ???? Ache so I could keep going on the toilet, I got an extra couple of days off after I did it for my bum to get better, now I have like a fold of skin that sticks out from my anus and is always there which swells every time I poo also now when I strain really hard the inside of my anus comes out. Even as a younger child my anus used to bleed from straining hard and not just when a hard poo came out.
Were you made to sit on the toilet untill you did something only when you were constipated or was that a daily thing like it was for me?

I never had any meds for constipation I was just given a chocolate bar or something and told to go on the toilet and poo. I suppose I sort of knew back then that chocolate and sweets made me more constipated as every time I ate lots of either of them I got really bad and my poo got really big and hard, It never stopped me eating them though.

I used to get the liquid poo leaking especially when I was younger and also a jelly like lube which I got alot when I wasnt constipated but I was straining hard to make my self poo. I had some special absorbant knickers that had a leak proof lining to wear to school, I also used these when I made it bleed, then when I started high school I used scrunched up toilet paper in my knickers and occasionally sanitary pads if I had one available when it was really bad or leaking liquid poo or bum lube alot, nowadays I wear a sanitary pad after most

I never really though too much about having my mum stood there and her hearing me straining etc.When I was younger I know it was to make sure I stayed sat on the toilet and to make sure I didnt mess about and kept trying to poo, As I got older she came in to see what was happening and then would leave me alone for a while coming back to check on progress and to decide if I had done enough.
Ive never had and Enema, I think knowing that you would get into trouble If you didnt do something made sure you made yourself poo.
My best friend also gets bad constipation alot so we help eachother by giving ???? rubs, or pressing on ???? area whilst you strain etc o being in the bathroom or cubicle with each at school giving encouragment. If you read some of my old posts there are several posts where Ive talked about this sort of thing.

And for xD

See above re helping friends/being helped.
As for turd sise it varies depending on how long Ive been constipated for, often they are lumps or pebbles so hard to say how big, when they are a log its usually knobbly and breaks off as it comes out but there can be several pieces 4,or 6 inches and really fat especially if its been one that was stuck inside my anus where as Ive strained softer poo has gone round it which then hardens and makes it fatter thats when they are logs or turds, when its stuck higher up inside its usually pebbles.
My friend who has been constipated for nearly a week did a poo last night at my house, it took her an hour and it was about 10 inches and solid and just not quite as fat as a coke can, it tore her anus coming out, her anus was still bleding when she went on the toilet in school this morning, I went in with her after I had finished and she did another 2, 8 inch logs, not quite as fat as befor but solid.

Gotta go
Jas K


Post Title (optional) Answer to survey

1. Are you circumcised?
2. Are you from the USA?
3. What types of underwear do you wear?
Normal undies
4. When you sit and poop, do you hold your penis down?
No, not necessary
5. Do you usually stand to pee?
Yes, I do except if I have to pee in the middle of the night. Since one must aim if peeing in a standing position and since I do not want to turn on the light to do so, I just sit on the toilet
6. How old are you?
7. Did you have peeing contests with other boys when you were a kid?
Yes, and often won the distance
8. Do you use urinals?

Snoopy poopy

24 year old girl

I am also just blowen away by toileting anywhere outside inside and into random things to.
1- yes I am
2-yes from Pennsylvania
4-I kinda tuck and fold it between my sack and thigh
5-I always stand to pee unless I'm taking a poop
7-yea to see who could pee the farest, highest and fastest lol we still do sometimes when were drunk lol
8-yea everyday


Response to Dude in Distress / Survey

I haven't posted here in a while, but figured I would.

Lately I've been eating kinda badly so I've been constipated. The other day I tried to poop three times in one day, but nothing happened each time, until finally late at night I got a slight urge and decided I was going to get it out no matter what. I squatted over the toilet to do that--finally got out several hard lumps of dark brown constipated poop. It had been almost three days and I was worried I was gonna get a hemorrhoid from all the pushing that I did.

@Dude in Distress - You sound exactly like me. I'm constipated all the time and I don't really know why, but most of my movements are pretty difficult. I also squat sometimes to help, other times I just sit on the toilet and push it out. And I've definitely had to manually remove it sometimes. Do you use enemas and suppositories ever? Thanks.

@24-year-old girl - survey answers

1. Are you circumcised? - Yes, I am circumcised
2. Are you from the USA? - I am from the USA
3. What types of underwear do you wear? - I usually wear briefs most often, but sometimes boxer-briefs. I rarely ever wear boxers.
4. When you sit and poop, do you hold your penis down? - I hold my penis down when I poop, since I usually pee at the same time.
5. Do you usually stand to pee? - I usually stand to pee but sometimes I sit if I'm being lazy.
6. How old are you? - I'm 18.
7. Did you have peeing contests with other boys when you were a kid? - Mainly with my twin brother lol, but sometimes with a couple friends.
8. Do you use urinals? - Sometimes, but other times I get "pee shy" and can't pee in them when I try lol.


the problem with being desperate for a poo, stuck in traffic

Firstly thank you to those for their condolences since I lost our baby... very kind, thanks.

on Friday I had an appointment up north at someone's house which meant I needed to drive on a motorway.
I started my journey & 30 mins into it i got the urge for a huge poo. I felt horrid.
An hour in to it I was stuck in traffic at a standstill for ages.
desperate to poo!!
Clenching my buttocks in my seat. It was one of those poos where I couldn't fart either as I was so desperate.
Once we got moving I knew some services nearby & decided I'd have to poo there.
eventually I got parked up in the services & rushed to the loo.
taking my short black skirt & tights & black knickers down, I plonked my buttocks on the seat & immediately let loose a mountain of loose plops. Plop...plop...Plop Plop Plop Plop, ....plop...Plop Plop plop plop plop plop....plop....plop...plop plop! 17 plops, I wiped 5 times & got dressed, refreshed my hair & make up & sprayed my perfume ready to head north on the motorway (still busy but at least I was feeling fresh!) again.
j xx

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Well....can't understand why I can post from home...I hope the webmaster can work something out from the error messages that I have sent, but I'm down at our holiday retreat for a couple of days, and have no probs using the wifi :)
To Brandon sister in law Sandra always comes out of the toilet with a smile when she's had a poo at our house, whenever I've seen her :)
A few days ago, I remembered my first ever toilet experience with a girl...nothing too close, but nice at the time. It was about the same time in my life as the swimming pool toilet experiences...I must have been 12 or 13....
Well....a couple who lived next door but one to us had no children of their own, but regularly had their niece stay with them....she was blonde, shoulder length wavy hair, about my height, just developing a more mature female shape, and VERY pretty....despite being very shy, I got to know her, and we'd mess about together in the back garden, or local park, even went swimming together....her name was Teresa, and I found out she was a couple of months older than me. Well, one day we playing in the garden, knocking a ball back and forth against the wall with a couple of tennis racquets....all very simple and innocent...
Suddenly she stopped, frowned, and held her ????, and said sorry....I have to go toilet....well...those houses had an outside loo, as well as inside bathrooms...dates from when the old places were built.
We were right next to it...she went in, and as she did, looked at me, and said don't if....she might have just as well said come and watch :)
She shut the door. Incidentally, she was wearing white shorts, and a blue and white striped T shirt...something I've never forgotten.
It was very quiet, and I heard her shuffle about as she pulled her shorts down...I wondered if they were around her knees or ankles......I didn't expect to hear what I did...the old fashioned toilet pan was quite high, so this seemed to amplify any noise...the seat was a long way above the water, unlike some American pans I've seen. There was a short but loud pffffmmmmppptttt...followed by PLOP PLOP PLOP, then a very loud tinkling noise as she had a wee. this was followed by a quieter plop plop...straightaway I heard her pull paper off the roll holder, she wiped about 4 times and flushed....
She came out, and glared at me...I hope you weren't listening......then she sort of smiled, and said did you think I was quick? I thought I was quick, and I had to use paper as well.... (her way of saying she had a poo). Then she added...It didn't smell much either....I thought is was a bit weird that she didn't want me to be listening, but gave me a pretty good description of what she had done...sadly I didn't think to go in and find out if she had left much smell or not....She then started to tell me all about her younger sister Angie, who no one would directly follow in the bathroom, as she did such stinky poo's.....she seemed to think it very funny that everyone knew when Angie had been for a poo.....
That was my first realisation that girls actually poo :)

I'll tell you what I've heard in the unisex loo's at work soon.

Best Wishes


Danielle ^_^


Hey, I'm back and I'm going to do a random survey.
1. Do you think farting is funny? It can be but it depends on the situation. Like some sound funny at times.

2. What's your reaction when random people fart in public?
I don't normally have a big reaction unless it was a really big fart, then I'll be like That was Awesome or That one really stinks....

3. Have you ever farted in public before?
Yes I have. In stores, school, outside in general.
4. What's your longest fart?
I think my longest fart would be about 5 seconds.
5. Did you ever fart in class at school before?
Yes to that also. I mostly have farted in the hallways or in band but in either case people haven't really heard them.

6. What are your and other people's reactions when someone farts in class? Other people usually laugh or get grossed out at farts. Or make big jokes about it. My friend Grant farted in my Social Studies class and he said that the teacher farted instead. We all laughed at our teacher's reaction to that.

7. Based on your opinion, in a relationship, when should couples start farting around each other? I think whenever the couple feels comfortable with honestly. Some couples are more awkward and others are comfortable with doing anything with each other. But its natural so they should be okay with it.

8. Based on your opinion, Which gender do you think farts more? Guys or Girls? Guys.

9. Do you have any farting stories/experiences that you would like to share? Sometimes I fart near my friend Alex who plays flute with me in band. She is just a friend and I always wonder if she hears them or not. Like they sound loud to me but she never says anything if she hears them or not.
Thank you for the survey. It was a fun survey :D

Dude in distress

To josh

All of my movements are difficult. I have been constipated since I was a kid and doctors don't really know why. I do frequently squat to and it does help. I am usually able to deal with it but every once in a while I will have a particularly large hard stool that takes a lot of effort to pass. This most recent episode was pretty bad. The stool came out about an inch and then wouldn't budge. It stayed stuck there for a good hour and I was becoming frantic because my hole was stretched open for so long it really started to hurt. FINALLY I
managed to manually get things moving. I was exhausted after.


Post Title (optional) To Jasmin K

Thanks for answering my survey questions. It sounds like you had a similar time to me as a child, with bad constipation. I was also badly constipated when I was around 6 or 7 and it lasted for about a year. I was extremely constipated most of the time. Liquid poo came out, past a huge, hard mass of poo in my rectum. I had to wear sanitary pads in my knickers so they didn't get dirty - the liquid poo came out uncontrollably. I had to take medication for my constipation too (I can't remember what it was now).I also remember when I was even younger than that, being constipated a lot. When I was learning to use the toilet, my Mum had a special seat that fitted on the normal toilet, so I could use it. I remember my Mum using a soap enema and sticking it into my anus a few times. And just like you, I was made to sit on the toilet until something came out (when I was really constipated) and it was often for an hour or more. Most of the time I couldn't get anything out in those situations.

I think that is why I'm prone to constipation as an adult because I had it so bad as a kid. When I was in high school, I had a hard time and I was often backed up. I also love chocolate and that makes me constipated. I know I shouldn't eat it at all but sometimes I just can't resist it. And when I eat it, I tend to eat a huge amount.

Do you have hemarrhoids?? I've got them from being constipated so much.


Post Title (optional) Having some trouble with constipation

The last time I posted, I had just got over a bout of constipation and then I managed to get constipated again, straight away!! I went 3 days without pooping but I was able to drop my load at home. As usual, it took me a very long time (nearly 2 hours) on the toilet, to push the poos out. I had been eating lots of chocolate that week, which is why I got constipated so quickly.

Since then, I've been a bit constipated but it hasn't been too bad. I've been eating high fibre cereal every morning for breakfast and drinking lots of water. It has been taking me a bit of time on the toilet (at least 30 minutes each time) but not as bad as before.


Questions for Jasmin K

I found you answers to questions most interesting and I'd like to know how you felt about having your Mum standing there while you were straining? Where there times when you would have liked some privacy? My Mom did much the same thing yours did when I was young (4-6 yrs) There were times when I wished she would go away. I often grunted when I strained and I hated that my Mom heard me, why I don't know.
Also were you given enemas as a kid. That seemed to be my mother's go to method of making me poop if I couldn't on my own.
You also said that sometime you and your friend would help each other when constipated...what exactly did you do for each other?

for jasmin k

Hi, I really like your posts about constipated turds. Could you please share some stories about constipated buddy dumps with your friends? You know, how you help each other out and how big are the turs once you manage to push them out? Thanks, love your stories xD

Sunday, April 06, 2014


Toddler resisting potty training and my loose bowels

Hi all :)Thank you for all the advice about helping my friend potty train her 2 year old son. At first it was going well. She was putting him on the potty every day after his nap and he used it (to pee anyway. He would poop in his diaper later). Lately he has started fighting her on using the potty (flat out refusing to use it and throwing tantrums) so I told her to try again in a few months to see if he will be ready then. No point trying to push him to use it now if all he's going to do is fight her on it and scream/cry. Worst part was, not only did he resist using the potty yesterday (Friday) he also refused to wear a diaper! She told me she put a pair of pants on him and he peed his pants AND had diarrhea in them. You can imagine the mess. Luckily at our place there is hard wood floor, no carpeting. But she hand washes a lot of her clothes so you imagine the mess she will have to clean up. Yuck. For now he will continue to wear diapers. I've given her a bunch of tips on how to potty train her son (from forums. Things like reading him stories, taking him shopping for "big boy" underwear, sticker charts, etc) so we will see how it goes and I will continue to update on his progress.

As for MY bowels, they're still pretty iffy. I'm still doing massive piles of mushy crap every day (sometimes more than once a day) that stick to the toilet bowl. My bowels seem a bit loose. It's INCREDIBLY hard to clean up afterwards because my BMs are so messy. TP does NOT suffice so I end up having to shower multiple times to get clean. What a pain. Any idea what I can do to make my bowels a bit less loose? I don't want to go back to rock hard turds but I don't want them SO loose and disgusting either. Thanks! I've been tempted to do a panty poop (on purpose) since I haven't done it in years but not with my bowels in its current state. The mess would go EVERYWHERE and the stains would likely NOT come out of my undies. But a nice soft or solid-ish poop, yes.

Some of us Asians squat due to our culture. I was taught to sit and squat on toilets or over them. Some of my schoolmates squatted on the bowl or over it because they had a floor toilet at home.

Hannah: I always wake up with an erection and a full bladder. During the day, when I have to rest my bowels or pee, my penis is erect. My teachers are good and let me leave class without asking.

To you squatters: I saw plenty of it overseas. I have done a few and some boys at my school squat. I used squat toilets and I squatted on regular toilets.


Grams & Skidmarked Underwear

When my grandma visited us recently, as always, she insisted in helping my mom with the housework and chores. Grams did several loads of laundry, one of which was from the hamper in my room which included at least a weeks worth of underwear. Unlike my mom who knows why I have frequent brown skid marks in my underwear, Grams didn't and she asked me why I wasn't wiping good enough. She said I need to take the time to wipe thoroughly and I had to tell her more of the story about the problems of using the bathrooms at school. I gave her the arguments. Some mornings after my bus arrives at school, I have less than 10 minutes to go to the bathroom, get to my locker and then 1st hour. So I'll go in, sit down and luckily my soft poo comes fast. But then I pull down one of those 4x4 inch cut pieces of toilet paper and one or two wipes as I prepare to get off the seat just don't do the job. Often the warning bell rings just after I seat myself and I have to pull up my underwear and jeans and run to class so that I don't get a detention. A few times the small piece of toilet paper doesn't protect me so I get some poo on my fingers or thumb and just stopping to wash my hands has sometimes caused me to be late. Detentions add up. If I am able to get teacher permission and sign out of class, I can sit down and continue my wiping, but by then the skid marks are done. And the time we have between classes is hardly enough to get a full wee in before the warning bell rings.

So in delivering my clean underwear Grams sat me down and lectured me. First, she said I should get up early and have my poo at home. When she was my age (back in like the '50s) she would get up at like 5:30 a.m. for school and she doesn't recall ever pooing at school. Second, she said the bathrooms had those ass-gaskets in each cubicle and she said I am wrong to sit butt down on the actual toilet seat. She and I had our first disagreement over that four years ago when she treated me to a concert on my birthday and she noticed that I seated myself bare butt down on the toilet without any cover on the seat.

I know I'm going to probably start doing my own laundry when Grams visits next time.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Christa great story.

To: Crystal as always another great pooping story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

To: Abby as always another great story and yeah I bet you felt better after getting that monster out of you and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie as always another great story it might be something your eating that causing your poop to be like that.

To: Barbie great accident story.

To: Secret Pooper great story it sounds like you had a major cleanout and I bet you fet pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

24 year old girl

Survey for Men

1. Are you circumcised?
2. Are you from the USA?
3. What types of underwear do you wear?
4. When you sit and poop, do you hold your penis down?
5. Do you usually stand to pee?
6. How old are you?
7. Did you have peeing contests with other boys when you were a kid?
8. Do you use urinals?

This is my first post. I have been fascinated with toileting since I was a little kid. Personally, I prefer circumcised and if guys stand to pee. I have always been jealous of that and think that if you sit down, how are you different from a girl? Please answer my survey. By the way, I am from Indiana.



What come in will come out

hello everyone, yesterday after trying on my wedding, I felt a very strong surgery to take a poop, so my step mother mother in law and Deiese helped me get out the dress, so once out of it just was undergraments, so my step mom walked in back of me and Deiese walked in front of me and mother in law gave me my skirt so I slipped that back on, went into the ladies restroom with my step mom, she took first stall I took one next to her, quickly lowered my skirt and panties place my butt on the seat immediate my hole open up turds start falling out plop plop plop plop then got a breathe in my step mom start laughing saying I feel sure feel for poor Marcus going spend, hundreds a lone on toilet paper, I said maybe so but atleast it be on toilet paper instead of air freshness, she said whatever you stink too I said ya but not awful lol, she said hold that straining, while I drop a few more felt much better, she asked me what I ate, greens, spinach, wheat pita beard and slice of a Turkey breast and warm cup of carrot and tomato juice, so wiped like 4 times to be on safe side flush, pulled up my panties and skirt washed my hands, knock on her door, I came in rubbing her stomach she felt very poopie, afterwards while rubbing stomach I heard some good splashes, she smiling said thanks, I said no problem left got a phone call from Marcus telling me he love me so after she came out bathroom, I end getting my dress but bought it online, but never knew how panties be different, but nevermind got run errands still, love this site

Hi everyone. I have a story from Friday. It was during gym when I felt a need to do a poo. I hadn't pooed in three days then, and I was afraid that if I didn't go, I'd end up having a rough time pooing later on. So, I asked the teacher if I could go to the toilets and she said yes.

I went to the toilet block and another girl was going in to one of the cubicles. I took the other cubicle. We began weeing at about the same time, and she finished shortly before I did. Then we were both sitting there in silence for a time. I could feel a poo almost ready and was giving it little pushes. Suddenly, the other girl did a loud fart and then there were three quick plops.

My poo was coming out then, as she continued to do several plops and splashes. The poo broke off but right away another poo was on its way out. She finished up and started wiping, while I gently pushed out my second poo. She flushed and left the cubicle and started washing her hands.

After she left the toilets, I stayed and kept pooing. My poo broke off and I was feeling better, but still not fully done. I knew I needed to get back soon though, as I'd been gone for a while. I gave a big strong push and did two short poos, before rolling off toilet roll to wipe. I flushed and washed my hands and left the toilet block.

Well, that's it for my story. Bye!

Mr. Clogs: Come to a Holiness church. I hear them deacons make a lot of noise. You should hear the ladies and the girls. The deacons and deaconesses are not afraid to break wind.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

For the curious skidmark girl:

1. do you wipe each and ever time or most of the time after a toilet pee

Yeah, of course. I make sure i get all the piss, i hate feeling wet in my underwear.

2. how many times on average after a dump

At least four times, but once i counted up to fifteen because i had really messy diarrhoea.

3. has the toilet tissue ever tore or broke when wiping

Yep. It was pretty disgusting feeling it break, but i just got more tp to wipe my ass.

4. ever feel you wiped too much

Sometimes, because the tp outside at work is kinda rough and sometimes hurts my asshole.

5. do you only wipe a few times with same tissue, or fold and go further

I usually just wipe once.

6. how much do you spend on toilet tissue each week and does it last long

A standard roll lasts me maybe two weeks or less, i guess.

7. ever use moist, damp, or formulated toilet tissue wipes and does it really work better

Nope, never used them. They tear too easily!

8. ever been in public restroom and seen flushed toilet tissue especially messy such

Yep, in the bowl. It's pretty disgusting.

9. have your toilet tissue ever clogged the toilet

Yes, though i took a monster dump that day and i think my turd clogged more of it than the toilet paper.

10. ever been in a public restroom and heard someone else wiping after a dump. what did to sound like and times

A couple of times. One time, I had diarrhoea and was trying not to moan, then i heard someone in the next stall groaning loudly while releasing what sounded like a huge gush of watery shit. It only lasted a few minutes, then i heard the toilet roll spinning on the holder. They wiped twice, flushed, and left.



STEVEN: i dont think its bad to have fiber one bars daily if it helps. I use them a lot too because my parents always tell me to eat one because it helps manage my constipation. i also have a lot of raisin bran or high fiber cereal and that seems to make things a little better.

DUDE IN DISTRESS: how often do you have difficult movements? do you ever squat to have a movement? does it help?

Jasmin K

Questions and answers

Hi As Ive not posted for ages I thought I would answer Lindas Constipation survey

What food makes you the most constipated? It seems most things when I am being prone to constipation, when younger it was Dairy products, sweets and chocolate.

When you're constipated, do your poos always get stuck in your anus, when your trying to push them out? Yes they are often stuck and wont come through my Anus no matter how hard I strain

What do you do when that happens? Keep straining. If I dont have the time I just give up. If its poking out I try to draw it back up or break it off. When I was younger and occasionally now that gave me dirty knickers.

Have you always suffered with constipation or has it just been as you got older? Ive always had constipation alot. It was really bad when I was a child - it was most of the time. My mum told me I was a very constipated baby and was constipated during potty training. I remember starting school and always being constipated. I was made to sit on the toilet straining every morning before school for up to an hour, mum standing there telling me to strain harder, and again in the evening when if I didnt do it I got into trouble.

Have you ever needed a manual disimpaction? Not as such, When I was younger Mum would sometimes feel my anus when I was straining checking for the illusive poo, occasionally inserting a finger and wiggling it which sometime brought a poo out.

Have you ever spent an hour or more on the toilet when doing a poo?? Oh yes more than an hour on many occasions, as a child regularly 2 or more hours - I had to stay there untill I did something.

Have you let someone else watch you, while you were struggling to get a poo out, on the toilet? Yes on a lot of occasions especially when I was older when I got in the habit of pooing at school, my best friends came into the cubical with me and also done this at home with a friend watching.
Could they see the poo as it came out? Yes especially if I had my feet and legs raised as this helps it come out.

Do you have close friend that also get constipated? Yes my best frien is often constipated, we help eachother.
Have you ever had a buddy dump with them, while constipated? Sort of, Most mornings we have adjoining stalls at school but also when at each other houses, one on the toilet and 1 squatting on the floor or over the edge of the bath.

Do you have friends who you can openly talk about constipation with and you can go into lots of detail? Yes my best friend.It is also talked about at home as my sister is also constipated alot.
I am open about getting constioated and poo in general

I am actually constipated at the moment 3 days so far - Its a very hard piece and as I strain that jelly like 'lube' drips out of my anus

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kye first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you really got a good cleanout I bet you felt pretty good afterwarda to and please post anymore stoires you may have thanks.

To: tlana as always another great story it sounds like you and Miranda both had good poops and it sounds like that bathroom was pretty busy to and I look forawrd to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha great story about your big poop I bet you felt pretty great once you were done and got those big poops out of you snd I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kyra first welcome to the site and I look forward to reading any stories you have thanks.

To: Tia I hope you have a good poop soon.

To: Timee as always another great story it sounds like you and Carol both had really great poops I bet you both felt really good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bianca great story about your big poop I bet felt good afterwards.

To: Kimberlylez as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and felt pretty good afterward to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

to: Lilliana great story about your big poop it sounds like you had a pretty good cleanout and I bet you felt pretty good and refreshed afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Yesterday I heard agirl poop at the bookstore she went in and sat on the toilet then began peeing then she began to fart and I think I heard a plop or 2 so another good catch.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Still enjoying my squat dumps

I've been squatting on the toilet rim to dump lately, and I really think it helps in the elimination process. I still have to give it a little push to get everything started, but then it's as if I can feel the log just slide right on out. I usually get a good sized one out and then pop out a little bit more. I'm very comfortable in the squatting position. I gotta install one of these actual squatters at home! It is a bit difficult to do it in a public restroom because it looks odd that my feet disappear when I enter the stall. My buddy in Europe says he's already scoped out a few places for me to squat when I come to visit. The only difficulty is making sure I don't pee on my pants or underwear. Now I pull them all the way to my ankles, squat, then tug on my dick to make sure it is pointed down and is below my clothes.

I'm going to a festival at the park with doorless stalls later this month with a buddy of mine. Last year we went and he talked to me while I dropped a load. I'll be sure to eat plenty of fiber this year to make sure I drop a good size pile for him!

I just came back from the gym and had a 2 day load inside me that was dropped off in the first stall. It felt great. I dropped my shorts and briefs down at my ankles, put my heels against the bottom of the bowl, and let 'er rip. Only a few minutes. Of course, did the obligatory wipe from between my legs before standing up to finish the paperwork. Wore my green striped Fruit of the Looms. Great looking briefs to show off under the stall partition.


had an accident today

and im back again. i take some computer courses on thurs and fri at the community college and i had another accident. i always have a harder time in my thurdsay class because its more people and thats hard for me with autism. sometimes i have to sit on my hands so i dont flap and seem too weird. well we were in the middle of class and i suddenly realized i had to pee. i didnt want to ask my professor cuz people stare. so i tried to hold. i kept holding and trying to work. about 30 min before class was over, i dribbled some in my panties and i had to press hard on my vagina to keep my pee in but it didnt really help. my professor finally noticed and she came over to my station and asked if i had to go. i felt embarrassed so i just shook my head no. big mistake! only a minute or 2 later, i dribbled some more. i got up and tried to walk out without anyone noticing but i had to hold so i think everyone thought i was weird. i was dribbling little spurts most of the way to the toilet and when i let go in the stall i barely started to pull down my pants and panties when it was too late. i flooded my clothes and peed all over the floor. when i was done, i cleaned my shoes and the stall as best i could with papertowls and then i called my mom. she came pretty quickly to the bathroom i was in and helped me clean up. then we went home. its been a rough week. i hope i do better tomorrow :/


What come in will come out

Hey all, back again today I took 3 poops but only going tell one story, so I was in the bookstore, looking at the GED book to buy, felt little pressure to go potty sense breakfast felt wanna come out, so grabbed a newspaper head to the ladies, kinda notice this guy was kinda looking at me on my way but kept walking, so get in the ladies notice no stall doors so, I choose to leave, sometimes I don't want be in the open, so I got in my car drove to Taco Bell, went to straight in women bathroom smelled strong poop odor, so I took a stall lower my panties to ankles hiked my skirt and wiped the seat off and place seat cover of it and sat down, start farting tooting, dropping medium logs in the bowl, after feeling empty wiped good and came out wash my hands, left feeling great

To Mina

We have that same taboo in the West, where people are discouraged from spending more than the shortest time possible in the loo. You begin to become self-conscious about it-you don't quite need a BM yet but still force yourself to go if the alternative is having your number two where others might (gasp) find out that you do such a thing. Either that or you hold it to the point where you get constipated and end up having the long sit on the toilet that you tried so desperately to avoid, one significantly less enjoyable than if you had waited to go when and as much as needed. That's another thing: there's so much pressure to not fart, not let any plops be heard, and be done quick enough so people think that you didn't need to do motions that things often have to be cut short and you aren't able to fully empty your bottom. Going is such a relaxing experience, especially when you take the time to get all of the motions out of your bottom, however long that may take. Sitting there partially naked, taking care of intimate personal needs with only your thoughts and the occasional (and hopefully frequent) splash or plop from below your seat on the loo is one of life's true pleasures.

Mr. Clogs


MikeyPee: Thanks for responding to my survey and sharing your story about your experiences going to the bathroom.

Kye: Enjoyed your enema story at the hotel.

Hannah: I do pee in the shower as well while taking a shower. I take a shower in the morning and I constantly peeing from drinking coffee in the morning. No big deal. Yes its quite common for people to do so.

Kyra: Hello and welcome, how do you manage to hold it without the urges?

Tia: I hope the coffee works and the constipation clears up, I know the feeling not able to take a dump.

Althea: I enjoy all your posts, thanks for sharing.

Steven A: Fiber One isn't a bad idea, fiber is good for you and your bowel health.

Timee: Enjoyed your church bathroom post with the woman who your showed where the bathroom was. I enjoy all the details and keep the posts coming. I might have to go back to church again, LOL!

Bianca: WOW! Is all I can say.

That's all for now, keep the posts coming.

--Mr. CLogs

Mr. Clogs

Post from the other day.

This post was from the other day I had to get up in the middle of the night to pee. I usually pee in a cup I keep in my bedroom for my night time trips to the bathroom. So I proceed to pee urine flowing nice and easy making a nice foaming sensation head at the top of the now urine filled cup. I finished, bladder relieved and went back to sleep. I got up in the morning, and dumped the cup out.

Crystal and Deiese

What come in will come out

Hey guys we here to do another survey so just random questions

Deiese what you do on public toilet? I sit directly on the seat no tp or cover just barebottom

Crystal what do you on public toilet? well it depends most time I do sit barebottom but if I'm familiar with the place, at times I would squat or seat cover or tp it all depending

Deiese when was your first time pooping in public? I was 4 going on five my mom was teaching me cause I was going start school soon and I would be going in public

Crystal what about you? I think I was 5 kindergarten they sent us to bathroom

Deiese do you like pooping? mmmmm not really but I love the feeling when I know I need too

Crystal how about you? though I poop a lot most than normal I don't like it, I just look at it has a job something just have to be done regardless

Deiese on a scale 1-10 who you say smells the worse?
that's not fair fine Mike a 8

Who you say Crystal? my step mother 9.5

lol silly but that's all for now guys and girls. Wedding dresses buying time


The turd from hell

I back for another story well anyway I just got home from a big party and I was drunk but by morning I felt a little bad and had to drop a Duse like no one business I started farting then my stomach started to really hurt I went to the crapper but it wasn't working right and I was in pain so I had no choose but use the trash can so I sat over the trash can and dropped three turds there was 12 "long and 4" wide after I dropped the monster turd I felt better

Bloated Butt

To Kyra:

I'm so glad others feel the same way I do about massive poops. I LOOOOOOVE the feeling of a huge, thick, dense log stretching me wide as it inches out. Sometimes it can be a bit much, and I have to really grunt and push to plop it out. But I've always had huge BMs and i've always enjoyed them, although ive embarressed myself a few times by clogging toilets, stinking the bathroom up, etc. LOL

I typically go every 2 to 3 days, which is regular for me. But if I want to, i can hold it for 4 or 5 days, maybe even a whole week. But if I do that I run the risk of having a seriously difficult time on the toilet, maybe even completely constipating myself. But I must admit I enjoy the feeling of having a loaded bowel, the heaviness and the pressure in my butt, the building urge to lay a massive brown egg (or an entire clutch of thick, heavy eggs). Its a secret pleasure of mine that I never talk about with anyone in real life, so I like to unload (heheheh) on here.


1. Do you think farting is funny?
no its pretty disgusting, its just something which you have to do

2. What's your reaction when random people fart in public?
its a little bit rude, if I hear someone fart I try to move away as quick as I can.

3. Have you ever farted in public before?
well yes a couple of times but if I ever have to then I try to do it quietly and make sure too many people aren't around. if im constantly farting then I usually know that I need to find a toilet.

Sometimes also, if I am in a crowded place and I need a fart which I know is going to smell, I will go to the toilet and do the fart on the toilet and maybe a quick pee while im there.

4. What's your longest fart?
I think I do some bad ones in my sleep haha

5. Did you ever fart in class at school before?
when I was in primary school I am sure I must have a couple of times but never now.

6. What are your and other people's reactions when someone farts in class?
if its a silent but smelly then its disgusting but if it is a harless loud one then i'll usually giggle

7. Based on your opinion, in a relationship, when should couples start farting around each other?
I've never farted around my previous boyfriends. I don't think I would ever really be comfortable doing that.

8. Based on your opinion, Which gender do you think farts more? Guys or Girls?
guys definitely. in my house, me and my mum very rarely fart but my dad and little brother constantly do it.

9. Do you have any farting stories/experiences that you would like to share?
One time when my brother annoyingly decided that he needed a poo when I was in the shower. I didn't really hear him come in as I was washing my hair. As soon as I had rinsed, I looked round and saw Kieran sitting on the loo. As I saw him I got a fright, gasped and did a big loud high pitched fart. as I was in the shower it smelled really bad.

Bye x


Mushy poop that sticks to the toilet bowl?

Hi all. For the past 2 days I've been having REALLY messy poop again (the ones I've had to shower after because toilet paper doesn't suffice)...but when I flush, it sticks to the toilet bowl! I have to flush up to 3 times and if THAT doesn't work, I have to use the toilet brush and cleaner to clean it off the toilet!

Yesterday I went twice. The first time poor hubby ended up clogging the toilet because I used too much toilet paper. The second time I had to shower and poop went all over the shower floor. When I poop it's really soft stuff that comes out in a soft-serve type pile. Think cartoon dog poop lol. That's exactly what it looks like. I flushed 3 times and it still wouldn't go down and I was too tired to scrub the toilet, so I left it and went to bed. My husband flushed when he went to the bathroom and it FINALLY went down.

And today I've gone once so far. It came out in a pretty big pile and I wiped once and then cleaned myself in the shower because I knew toilet paper just wasn't going to do the job. Again a giant amount of poop was stuck to the toilet bowl.

What is causing this? Both the mushy GIANT piles of poop and the poop sticking to the toilet bowl? It's so weird and such a pain to clean. Both my butt and the toilet bowl lol. I miss the big but soft logs that didn't take me like half an hour to clean up afterwards. Thanks!


More Post.

For Tlana. That was a great story about the rest area, But where was that at? I never been to a rest area like that. I know that there was a rest area In KY on Interstate I 75 that had three stalls in the Mens' room and urinals with no flushers, and on the outside it had a water tower that was shaped like a golf ball and me and my Brother called it a butt. But they tore it down and made an Exit out of it.

And has anyone seen that movie Kick Ass 2 where it had that sick stick scene? Did it look fake to anyone?

Today I felt bloated and my belly was aching like hell. So i sat on the can and tried to poop.

I spent 10 minutes just pushing on my belly and straining. I could feel my butthole opening and really working, but only a few tiny pebbles came out. Finally i felt my ass stretch really wide, and a huge log came out! It was really large. It disappeared under the water and the end of the bowl, and still poked out of the water. At least it made my ???? hurt less.

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