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stuck poop

I have a question for those of you who have or who often are at the widest, most difficult part of the stool, the part where you are on the break of crying from the pain and frustration. Do you ever pull/dig it out? Have you ever had some else pull/dig it out for you? Is there a difference between pulling a stuck turd out, and digging it out? If you have been in those kinds of situations, could you please tell the story? I'd love to hear it. P.s. Does anyone hear dream about being constipated and having someone helping them out? I once had a dream where I was really badly constipated and I was crying from the sheer pain due to the wideness, thickness,dryness and everything else that makes a poop unbearably and agonizingly painful. My first grade teacher was holding a bowl full of pistachio nut, the very thing that got me really constipated in real life when I was very young. I had the dream when I was in first grade I think. I've had a few others like it.
Thanks for reading,
Migraine Loverer


In Reply to Kyra

Hi All,

I've been enjoying this forum for a few years and decided to finally post in reponse to Kyra's meesage.

First a little details about me - I'm 33 years old nearly six foot with an athletic build, work professionally as a Director and have long sandy blonde hair.

I enjoy holding my poo in as well for as long as I can now as I LOVE the feeling of the building urgency. I think I've always done this unconsciously but things really kicked off when I was 19 at college.

So after waking up from a big night out as a student I decided to go for a run, nothing major but about a 3 mile run down near the canals close to my student halls.

After waking up I felt like I had to go but decided to hold it in, I was going to need a shower after my run anyway so it wasn't a big deal. After getting dressed in an old t-shirt and grey sweat pants pulled over some peach coloured boy shorts I set out.

After about 10 minutes I was approaching the dirt path through some woods towards the canal, my favoured spot to run in. At this point the running had started to churn my ???? a lot and the pressure to poo was getting very strong.

Running always made me fart and as I was completely alone on the wooded path (as the weather wasn't great) I just let them out loudly. A few times I had to quickly clench as my large poo from several days was close to pushing out into my pants.

A few hundred metres on, and running through the woods I had to stop for a few moments as I realised I was not going to be able to hold my poo in for much longer, but I was too far from the Halls to go back and use the toilet.

As I sat down on a log to help push the poo back up I farted loudly and felt some wetness spread across the seat of my knickers. I knew holding my poo this long was a silly idea.

So looking about I decided to find a bush away from the dirt path to poo outside, and of course as I was about to carefully stand up a lady walking her dog came past. So I had to desperately not let on I really, really had to poop.

After she left I moved way from the path to find a suitable spot but the tree coverage was fairly low, so I could not squat without being seen from the path.

At this point I had to take small steps while clenching to try and not completely fill my pants. I headed down the muddy bank after seeing some dense trees to poo behind and I lost my footing, slipping down.

I tensed up unconciously as I slipped down the hill and felt my ass stratch wide as a large firm warm log quickly filled the back of my knickers.

Slowly getting up I felt the bump in the back of my pants and just felt the urge to leave the area of my embarissment. I made my way to the path along the canal, walking with poo in my pants. I was feeling dizzy with a massive surge of adrenaline on what I had just done.

As I headed back, a single guy walked past me, hurrying in the rain. And I couldn't help but think - 'you have now idea the lady jogger in front of you walking past has just pooed in her knickers.'

I got back and cleaned up and couldn't stop thinking about the whirlwind of feeling I felt holding my poo in before I had an accident. Ever since then I have realised I've always enjoyed holding my poo in until I can have large firm loads on the verge of an accident.

Since then I always love to do it when appropriate and have had more than a few close calls in my business suit when at work and in meetings! Will give you more examples if interested!

C x


huge poo in the bus station waiting room.

so today I went shopping & got the bus.
having finished my shopping waiting for the bus home I was desperate for a poo. I had such a ???? ache & I hadn't pooed yesterday...
I was clenching my butt in my little mini skirt & was soon touching cloth.
I had to poo in the waiting room.
I went through, locked the door, pulled my skirt & g-string down & plonked my big juicy ass on the seat.
immediately I let loose ... plop-plop-plop!!! ... plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop....plop... plop...plop...plop...plop...plop...... plop-plop-plop-plop.... PLOP!! I wiped my messy butt 5x & flushed leaving loads of skid marks everywhere. Pulling up my g-string & skirt & feeling 1stone lighter!!!
Washed my hands & left.
more soon J xx

Hello again. Today, I was at Brooke's house. Another girl from school, Lisa, was there also. She and Brooke are friends, but I don't know her that well. Anyway, we were all in Brooke's room, doing our revision. I started to feel the urge to poo, so I told them I needed a short break to use the loo. They both said they needed a wee as well and a break sounded good. I was a little embarrassed, because I barely knew Lisa, but I said "Oh, uh, well, you two can go first, I actually need a poo."

Lisa went to the en-suite and did a fairly quick wee, then Brooke did the same, and it was my turn. I went in and sat on the toilet. I weed a little bit and then turned my attention to pooing. I barely had to push before my poo started coming out. It was a long one that came out quickly. Then, with a little effort, I pushed out two more shorter pieces that were slower coming out. It was a very messy poo though, and I needed eight wipes to get clean. I flushed and washed my hands, and then came out to get back to doing my revision.

The rest of the time, nothing interesting happened, but when we were all finished, Lisa said she needed the toilet again. She went in the en-suite and shortly after, I heard four quick, heavy splashes. They must have been loud for me to hear them even through the door. She came out just a few minutes later, having done a fast poo.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Brittany first welcome to the site and great set of stories.

To: SC great story it sounds like that girl gave you a really great show and a great memory as well.

To: Megan as always another great pooping story.

To: George as always another great catch.

These next ones might be repeats cuase my last post hasnt shown up yet.

To: Annie great story about your big curly poop I bet it felt pretty good and I bet you felt good to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma as always another great poop story it sounds like you just made it to toilet with seconds to spare and it sounds like you had a good poop to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Crystal as always another great pooping story it sounds like you really had a good one to I bet you felt pretty good once you were finaly done and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Train Station

Fart Survey

Fart Survey

Hey, I have a fart survey for everyone.

1. Do you think farting is funny? On occasion haha I just think it's a normal thing that people do. Heck, I wish it was as acceptable as burping.

2. What's your reaction when random people fart in public? Ignore it and then ponder it later.

3. Have you ever farted in public before? Yes. I usually do the silent ones if there are a bunch of people around. Sometimes I can get away with the slightly louder ones if I am lucky.

4. What's your longest fart? Haha mine can get pretty beefy so maybe 10 seconds

5. Did you ever fart in class at school before? Probably when I was in kindergarten.

6. What are your and other people's reactions when someone farts in class? Look to see who the culprit was.

7. Based on your opinion, in a relationship, when should couples start farting around each other? When they are mutually comfortable with each other. I would even say three months into dating could be a good time to do that.

8. Based on your opinion, Which gender do you think farts more? Guys or Girls? I think guys fart more. However, I'm a woman and I fart a lot haha

Fart story: I recently passed gas in front of one of my guy friends for the first time. It was funny because he had done it in front of me before so I returned the favor after holding this one in for two hours. We were watching tv and I announced to him that I had to fart. He laughed and said, "Okay, let it rip!" I lifted up a bit and I pushed out a huge, bubbly fart! It had a little bit of a smell to it but not too bad. I told my friend I felt much better and I am pretty sure that I literally blew him away with the magnitude of my fart!

Gas Survey

Felt like doing another one of these!

1.)Are you usually gassy? For the most part, yes. Especially when eating anything with high amounts of sugar.

2.)How often do you pass gas? Probably 14-20

3.)Do you pass gas in public? Yes, but it's usually the silent ones.

4.)What kind of farts do you rip?(long, loud, silent, etc) Most of the time, it's loud and stinky.

5.)What food gives you the most gas? Anything high in sugar does it for me.

6.)Are you embarrassed passing gas? In public, yes. I try not to do it unless I really can't hold it anymore. Around my girlfriends, yes. Guy friends, I'm not embarrassed. And when I'm by myself at home, I am not ashamed. I let it rip and enjoy it.

7.)Do you pass gas around people? Only around family and guy friends.

8.)Have you ever passed gas while talking to someone? Yep! Haha they have never noticed though!

9.) Worst gas you've ever had? Most recently, I came home late from work and decided to have cereal for dinner since I wasn't hungry. An hour later, I was letting out farts very frequently. They were the type of farts where I had to lean to the side and pass because they were so beefy and loud. Eventually, the biggest fart that I let out during that time gave way to a stink and the beginning of a BM. I made sure to get to the bathroom to do my poop there. Not going to lie, it felt good to pass that much gas, even though my room stunk haha

10.) Any misc stories you might have: Another story: Along with the gas, I get loose, stinky poop when I eat high sugar foods. This is the worst when I am at work. Thankfully, I have been able to release in peace when I have had to go. I am just always worried about the stench that I produce afterwards haha

I'm still enjoying farting when no one is around. It's so liberating! Haha

Steven A

To Tyler Plus About Disney World Band Trip

Hey everyone, I got back from DW today and I wanted to tell you how it went but first, I'll respond to Tyler.

To Tyler: I have not tired other sources of fiber but I will when I have the chance to do it. Also, I don't really feel my poop inside me, but I know it's there, I just get urges.

About Disney World: I had a great time at Disney World. The ride down to Disney World was long and it was hard to sleep on the bus but then I found a good position to sleep since I was sitting by myself. We stopped at rest stops every 2-3 hours to use the restrooms and hardly no one used the bus bathrooms but I used them. There was always a long line for the girls' restrooms and a short line for the guys' restrooms. I seemed to go poop more than once a day; 1-2 times a day and one day I went 3 times to poop and so far today only once I went. I think it was all the walking we did witch made my bowels move more than usual. The ride down was the same thing and nothing much different happened. In the hotel room, the occasional guy stuff with the bathrooms happened like stinking up the bathroom and other stuff guys do. So, that's what happened at my Disney World Band Trip. I will go during my senior year because we skip a year and I will have another story with that. I will post again soon.



(OK so I'm new here so cut me some slack. I know this may be weird and gross to you guys but I love shit and piss. I love it. So don't judge me.)

So, since I want my real name to stay private you can simply call me Roxy. I'm about 5ft 10in with black hair.

OK, so when i was 19 I was at a hiking trip with my friends over in Wisconsin. We had picked a pretty deserted place so the only source of using the bathroom was those nasty and small stalls that have spiders, wasps, and the occasional dragonfly. Anyway, after a long first day of hiking and swimming, we where staving. We cooked ourselves some hot dogs and went to sleep. Now, me being overly hungry I had had about ten hot dogs. Well as I lied there, my stomach began giving me the warning signal that I needed to shit and piss. Me, knowing how big my bowel movements are and how nasty the bathrooms are decided to hold it since it didn't seem that bad. I went to sleep finally after deciding on what to do. All I know is I woke up to the worst smell in history, some shitty pants, and a half covered in shit shirt. After the long process of cleaning up and friends laughing I won't forget it, though I'm a little proud now.

So, I was on the bus correct?? I was 21 and coming home from work. Sadly the place I work at is far from where I live and I don't take time (or money) to buy a car. Anyway at work I had eaten four bowls of three bean chili. Well on the bus those three bowls of chili caught up to me, hiving me a nice present of cramps and growling stomach. I still had an half hour before I was at my house so I did my best to hold it. After 15 minuets, with my cramps getting worse and my bowls full, I couldn't hold it much longer. I got off at the next stop and waddled my way, looking for a covered place. I managed to find a small building and I went behind it. As soon as I pulled my pants down and squatted, the shit I had been holding for three hours came spilling out and big and thick logs. As a specially big log began pushing its way out, I began letting out loud grunts and groans. After five minuets or so I finished and turned. Then I began pissing on the big logs of shit, wetting them immensely. I pulled up my panties after I was done deciding to wipe when I returned home. I took a glance at the multiple logs and puddles of piss on the ground and began walking away as if nothing happened. I caught the next bus home, ran inside, and took a nice and long bath.

Mark the Shark

24 year old girl survey response

My response to: 24 year old girl
Survey for Men

1. Are you circumcised? Yes.
2. Are you from the USA? Yes, east coast.
3. What types of underwear do you wear? Boxers. Used to wear briefs as a child but turned towards boxers as a teenager.
4. When you sit and poop, do you hold your penis down? At home, I place my penis at an angle underneath the rim of the toilet seat. In public toilets, I'll hold it down. I'd rather not let my penis touch anything in public bathrooms.
5. Do you usually stand to pee? Yes. I'm a guy. Why sit to only pee?
6. How old are you? 34
7. Did you have peeing contests with other boys when you were a kid? We used to hang out in the woods and pee outside a lot. No real contests. I remember one time playing hide and seek and hiding with a girl. I had to pee so bad, I just whipped it out and started going. The girl was trying to do the appropriate thing by saying she won't look and hiding her face. I wasn't shy and said it was ok to watch, as I had to pee so bad, going in front of a girl was preferable to peeing my pants, which was the only other choice that time.
8. Do you use urinals? I prefer using stalls.


Urgent massive dump

Hiya :) Haven't pooped since 2 days ago but about 20 minutes ago I did. And man did I have to go! I just had lunch a couple of hours ago and just barely finished my coffee before I got the "Gotta go NOW!" feeling so I literally had to rush to the bathroom to avoid shitting my pants. I got my pants down and my butt on the toilet just in time. And of course, reached behind me for the Garfield comic because I figured it was going to take a while. My stomach was hurting quite a bit. It felt full and uncomfortable yesterday but I had no urge to go. Well my bowels definitely unloaded A LOT of shit!

It felt like a massive amount of soft shit came out and a huge pile of mush too. It took about 10 minutes to unload it all. My stomach was hurting a lot so I made sure to sit there and wait in case more needed out. When I was done I wiped my vagina and wiped my butt once because I knew it was going to be a messy one and I would need a shower. Well I was right!

There were about 3 long curlyish poops each about a foot long and a big pile of mush! No wonder my stomach was hurting! I flushed the toilet twice (once to get rid of the poop and again to get rid of the skidmarks) and then showered, redressed and came to write this. Hopefully after this cup of coffee the rest of it will come out. No doubt there will be a LOT. But I'm notorious in my family for my huge dumps lol. I've done poops this big since I was a little girl and I am now turning 28 in June! 5'11" and 190 lbs. Well after this poop I dropped 5 lbs!

Happy pooping!


What come in will come out

Hey everyone, just came home from hospital been in it all week, so had a quite some stories that I remember, so first story happen Tuesday night cause I was rushed to the hospital, complaints of several stomach pains, so on my way the paramedical staff was asking my papi all kinds of stuff, trying tell them I had use bathroom they told me almost there, so got there rushed me in the ER, doctors and nurse, removing my clothing, feeling like okay, so it was appendix bust on me, so they did emergency surgery on me, but while I was in surgery I guess they gave me something knock me out cause I felt empty and my step mom was wipping me, so that's all right now more to come


Hey Bryan in NYC!

Thanks! I definitely enjoy buddy dumping and doorless stalls. Too bad there are fewer and fewer of them around. Funny how I used to be so shy about it when I was younger. I still dump in the doorless stalls at the park near my house, but I don't get too many guys who do the same when I am there. It is just a small window of opportunity, because I don't want to be that creepy guy hanging out in the park restroom! Lol!

I actually like it best when I'm having a conversation with a guy while I'm taking a crap. He's standing there just chatting away and I'm taking care of business. Usually it is with strangers. I remember the time when there was an empty doorless stall at Sears and there was a good looking young guy, probably 20, who was standing in front of it. Waiting for the stall with a door. I asked if he was going to use it and he said no, he was waiting for the other one. He watched me wipe the seat, drop my jeans and briefs and have a seat. He said something about me being brave for using that toilet without a door and I said it was available and I had to go. We talked very briefly for about a minute until the other stall became available and he said have a good day and went into it.

A couple of times I've had friends talk to me when I'm dumping. That is a bit more odd, because I see them again, whereas strangers I only see once. These friends have seen me poo, pee, wipe. They have seen me with my fancy colored briefs around my ankles, heard crackles, farts, seen my junk, and poop on the paper and in the bowl. One buddy I hang out with sometimes at festivals watched me poop lat time we were there. If I have the urge to go again (and I probably will), he can watch me again.

I also like Esteban's stories. A man after my own heart, lol!

Post some SF your stories here too, Bryan in NYC!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm actually pooping right now, squatting on my bathroom floor and pooping on the floor. It's uncomfortable for my legs but so liberating when it comes out. My anus is just getting used to the fact that I can poop squatting over the floor again after a week in a hotel. I'm constipated though which is a problem because I have to strain and push over the toilet and then quickly move to the floor when the turd is about to come out.


I'm back

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been able to post for absolutely ages, I've been doing some travelling in my gap year and have been away for a while.
Megan- glad to hear you managed to make it to the station without needing to have a poo on the train.
Jasmin K- hope your friend recovers from her constipation soon, it sounds like a monster poo she had round your house the other night.
Natasha- sorry to hear your constipation is bad at the moment and you've been having to strain to get your poo to come out, I know that feeling well. To be honest I'm lucky if I manage to have a poo more often than every three days myself so I know what its like having to push really hard to pass a fat, dry log. At least the other day when you needed a poo at school you were able to ask to use the toilet as soon as you felt the urge and it wasn't such a struggle as the time before, its really embarrassing if you're on the loo at school pushing out a hard poo and you end up grunting, that used to happen to me sometimes and it was really awkward. As you said, holding it in would probably have been a bad idea as you might have found it alot harder to go later on. I know that it's much better for me if I do my best to use the toilet as soon as I start to want a poo, when I was at school it was fine if I could go for a poo at lunch break but I used to put off going if I felt the need after lunch when I was back in lessons, I take a while to have a poo and it would have been embarrassing being out of class for 15 minutes or more as it would have been pretty obvious what I was doing!! The trouble was it was then even harder to go once I got home.
Anyway, back to my latest story. Today I got up late and lazed around in my nightie and dressing gown. I ate breakfast and then started to feel a small urge for a poo, I realised I hadn't been for a couple of days so I thought I'd better go to the loo straight away, and anyway I was getting quite desperate for a wee. I took off my dressing gown, lifted my nightie and pulled down my orange spotty pants and sat. I started to wee, it hissed and fizzed down into the bowl and I moaned with relief, it felt so good to relax and let it come flooding out! As I was weeing I farted loudly a couple of times and could feel a poo nearly ready to come. After I'd had my wee I stayed sitting and started to push, the poo was soon poking out of my bum. As it began to slide out I could feel it getting wider and I knew I'd need to push even harder so I took a deep breath and bore down, I did a long hard push and couldn't help grunting at the end. I must have kept that up for about 5 minutes, I could feel the log moving out a tiny bit each time and eventually it started to speed up a bit and then it dropped, making a loud plop as it fell into the bowl. I felt another log making its way out and started to push again but luckily that one wasn't as wide and it only needed a few gentle pushes to get it to drop. I sat for a bit longer and felt empty so I took some paper and wiped my bottom, it only took a few wipes to get clean. I flushed and then took off my nightie and pants and had a shower, as I looked in the mirror before getting in the shower I saw I was a bit red in the face from all the pushing but I felt a lot better for having dropped a massive load! Am around for a bit now so will do my best to post an update soon, bye for now!!

Secret Pooper
Hi everyone, I just thought I'd share a LIVE poo with you all. I've got a bit of a bellyache tonight as I've passing a lot of smelly wind since about 7pm tonight. I've just pulled down my denim short skirt and light blue panties and have plonked my bum on the loo. Oooh! My belly feels crampy and bloated and I've just let rip with a few short wet smelly farts and boy do they smell bad lol. Followed by a couple of loose mushy pieces of poo which drop out of my bum ... PLOP! PLOP! PLOP! There's a couple of seconds before I drop more smelly sludge from my bum which all land in the bowl with PLUP! PLUP! PLOP! PLIP-PLIP-PLOP-PLOP! I know I've still got more poo up my bum to drop out because I can feel it easily ... PLOP! PLOP-PLOP-PLIP-PLIP-PLIP-PLOP! Needless to say it is quite smelly in here now I have to say.

Right I'm done! Boy did that feel good. Time is now 11:10pm and I've been on the loo for a good 20mins but I feel a lot more relieved to say the least. Just gonna have a quick look behind ... Yep as I expected lots of browny/green chunky pieces in the bowl a few smears of poo in the bowl but that's expected I suppose.

I have been comfort eating a bit more lately because of feeling depressed and low recently and this no surprises make me do HUGE smelly BMs. If it's not the comfort eating then it's the crying :,-(. But sometimes eating is easier you know.

Going to tear off some loo roll now and wipe my bum .... It took only 2 wipes and my bum was clean. I got up off the loo, pulled up my denim short skirt and panties and flushed the loo and went to wash my hands.

Before I go a quick few mentions...

To Brandon T: Thank you I'm glad you loved my last story about having a good clear out it certainly was a really good and satisfying poo to just sit and expel. I always love reading your stories too they're fascinating.

To Jemma: Excellent story about your poo at a service station sounds like you really did need to go for a good poo. All your stories are just FANTASTIC. Never get bored of reading them at all.

To Linda: I also love reading your stories they have me gripped to your trials and tribulations with constipation. Keep them coming.

Anyway that's all from me for now, I'm just going to go back to my couch, curl up and enjoy the rest of my claret.

Good night all :-) x


Post Title (optional) To Dude in Distress

I get constipated just like you. I have spent many times on the toilet, struggling to get a poo out, that gets stuck in my anus. I often have an inch of poo poking out, that gets so stuck that I spend over an hour on the toilet, same as you. When I'm having a VERY hard time with constipation, its not unusual for me to spend 2 hours on the toilet. Do you sometimes have to break the poo off when it won't come out, no matter how hard you try?? I hate doing it but occassioanly, it has to be done. Sometimes I have to walk around my house or bedroom, with an inch or 2 of poo sticking out of my anus, that is rock hard and completely stuck. I only do that if my housemate isn't home. Do you do that too??

Please share some of your constipation stories with us. I can relate to being in distress on the toilet, trying everything to get the turds out!


Post Title (optional) To JW and Jasmin K:

To JW: I don't think the special seat on the toilet made any difference to my constipation - I think that even if I had used a potty instead, my constipation still would have been bad. I don't remember using a potty when I was learning to use the toilet, just the special seat on the normal toilet. I definitely remember my Mum shoving soap enemas into my anus though. My Dad is also prone to constipation and he is often backed up. Some of my aunts get badly constipated too. So it runs in the family. I also know that my brother has trouble and one of my nephews has hemarrhoids, like me.

To Jasmin K: I haven't had hemarrhoids for that long, only in the last few years. It was about 3 years ago when I discovered I had them. I was bleeding from my anus so I went to my doctor and she confirmed hemarrhoids. She told me they were quite bad and bulging out. She also told me that I would have skin flaps when they healed - it must be like scar tissue. She also told me that I need to stop straining on the toilet (I know I do too much straining)and stop getting constipated all the time (easier said than done!!) They haven't been too bad lately but my anus still bleeds a bit after I do a poo.

I had a very stressful week and I ate way too much chocolate. I'm now very constipated and I haven't done a poo since Wednesday morning and its Saturday today. My housemate has gone away for the weekend so I have got the toilet (and the whole house) to myself. I'm thinking about sitting on the toilet soon to try for a poo. I will report back after my poo.

I'm actually pooping right now, squatting on my bathroom floor and pooping on the floor. It's uncomfortable for my legs but so liberating when it comes out. My anus is just getting used to the fact that I can poop squatting over the floor again after a week in a hotel. I'm constipated though which is a problem because I have to strain and push over the toilet and then quickly move to the floor when the turd is about to come out.

Anatomy student

To Stephen A

Hey, have fun on your band trip! I played trumpet in high school and we traveled via charter bus to Disney land (I think that's the one in FL.)
I was in the 9th grade at the time. This girl sat behind me on the bus, a junior. She missed her boyfriend and I ended up holding her hand for a very long time. It was so stance how I could feel all tge emotions she was feeling from simple contact. She eventually fell asleep.
By now, I had to piss like a racehorse. I made my way to the back of the bus and entered the bathroom. The lock didn't work and the light works in tandem with the lock, so I held my glob with my right hand and my phone with my left to see what I was doing. I leaned against the wall, braced myself with one leg, and used my elbows to hold still. I'm proud to say that I did not miss in pitch black darkness going down the in restate at 60+mph.
Later on the trip, I hung out with katie (the girl I dated that took toilet clogging poops) before we started dating.
My friend Greg was my buddy to ensure I didn't get lost vice versa. We had to stop by the bathrooms and it took like 10 minutes. When he came out he told me he shit a ton of bricks and a quart if blood.
I had loads of fun and several unique expiriences. I hope your trip is as much fun as mine was.
Also, we marched in the Disney parade and I got to wear our brand new uniforms. The old ones smelled like pee due to the urea in sweat and them being dry clean only.


To BlondeBeauty about antibiotics

For many people, the use of strong antibiotics such as Cipro or Amoxicillin leads to diarrhea rather than constipation; I know that is so for me. The antibiotic kills the good bacteria as well as the bad, so the probiotics that usually work in your intestines are gone, leaving a liquid mess inside. Certain types of yogurt have the good probiotics, so as soon as you can eat, have some yogurt to restock your intestines, and soon the diarrhea will be replaced by normal solid stools. For me, what usually brings on constipation is pain killers, especially anything as strong as Percocet, which deadens the nerve endings that normally tell me, "Hey, your rectum is full--time to empty it!"

It is truly a blessing to return to normal b.m.'s after an illness or injury gives either diarrhea or constipation. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of feeling a big solid thick turd leaving your body; one of the private gifts of life.

Old Fart


If it is only twice in 8 years I wouldn't worry about it much. We are raised to believe adults never have accidents. The fact is they do happen. To some more than others. I'm in my later years and have come to believe it is the very rare person that never has an accident. In my later teens I developed IBS. In early twenties I was craping my pants about twice a month. I carried extra matching pants so I could do a quick clean up with no one the wiser. Now I'm down to about 4 time a year. As to your specific "has it ever happened to" question; At age 40 at Seattle Central Community College I was in one of the study areas when a small urge became a sudden need, I was holding tight figuring I'd be OK when suddenly my body took over and suddenly pushed. It was not intentional and my 1st thought was "Why did I do that". I quickly got my daily turn in paper to a classmate and got out of there with only the classmate knowing and she guessed it cause of a prior time when giving her a ride home from school. I just went home.
Another time I had come home from leave while in the service and snuck into my old bedroom and went to sleep till my parents woke up. Early morning I was dreaming when I woke mid dream to a large soft load filling my underwear. Fortunately my parents were still asleep and I was able to get to the shower at the far end of the house and clean up before waking them with perking coffee.
The slight yellow (baby poop) color would indicate that either something you ate or some likely minor bug was affecting you. Unless this starts happening to you far more often you will likely never figure out the cause and I doubt it becoming more common is likely. As for your boss and especially your boyfriend they handled it quite well. In my experience that is not common. Be happy the reactions weren't worse and consider it a nuisance that went down the drain with the load.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Brittany first welcome to the site and great set of stories.

To: SC great story it sounds like that girl gave you a really great show and a great memory as well.

To: Megan as always another great pooping story.

To: George as always another great catch.

These next ones might be repeats cuase my last post hasnt shown up yet.

To: Annie great story about your big curly poop I bet it felt pretty good and I bet you felt good to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma as always another great poop story it sounds like you just made it to toilet with seconds to spare and it sounds like you had a good poop to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Crystal as always another great pooping story it sounds like you really had a good one to I bet you felt pretty good once you were finaly done and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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